Greetings, and welcome to, Alan Cooperman Record Auctions LLC. We've been conducting quality auctions of 78 rpm records and related music memorabilia for about 30 years now. Our lists contain about 2000 items and are issued 4 times a year. We have a large customer base both in the US and worldwide and are well known for accurate grading, fast and friendly service, and lists of quality material.

Our auction lists consist of more than 2000 78s mostly of the 1920s, 1930s and sometimes the 1940s, plus several hundred other items which include 16" radio transcriptions of interest to music fans and old time radio collectors, paper items, and sometimes books and videos. The scope of our offerings cover 1920s and 1930s jazz, blues, dance band, personality, Edison records, interesting and unusual labels and sometimes vintage country, western swing and ethnic items. We also list better 1940s and even some 1950s material which may include jazz, bebop, traditional jazz revival, and hard to find reissues.

Our 78 offerings consist of an opening section of some "better" material, usually 100 or so jazz, blues, rare personality, hot dance, rare labels or otherwise special items. There are other sections of records sorted either by label, artist, type, or whatever makes the most sense.

Our 16" offerings may include lots of things, from an early Vitaphone disk to radio shows, music recorded by radio library services, disks issued by various US government departments, recorded commercials, acetate air checks, old time radio shows, etc.

Paper material consists of vintage magazines with interest to the music. For those who prefer the 1920s and 1930s, there are vintage radio magazines of all types, Billboard magazines which cover all types of entertainment and others. For the enthusiasts of 1930s- 40s and 50s music there may be Metronome, Downbeat, and similar publications. Also included may be music company catalogs and supplements as well as still photos, interesting sleeves, an occasional record or personality poster, books, autographs and sheet music, etc.

We have access to several 16mm film archives and from time to time offer videos of hard to find musical subjects and rarely seen artists. Please inquire if you have a specific artist or period of interest. We may have it!
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