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Dear Collectors, Here is my latest auction of vintage 78s, 12" & 16" radio transcriptions, and paper material. Closing date is- SUNDAY- FEBRUARY 23, 2020. Winner pays postage and packing at cost. I am looking to purchase quality collections, so please keep me in mind should you hear of anything for sale or wish to sell a collection.

SECTION ONE (all in this section are play graded using a new Stanton 2.7 mil stylus, without processing or equalization, and listed as looks like/plays like, unless looks/plays are the same)


1. Apex 8250(CANADIAN)- Fletcher Henderson- Charley, My Boy (take 2) / Six Black Diamonds- My Papa Doesnt Two Time No Time E mostly, some EE-

2. Broadway 8025- The Three Cheers (string novelty)- My Cuteys Due at Two to Two/ Oh What a Marvelous Gal E, obscure sides and group with vocal

3. BB 6144- Bernard Addison Rhythm- Lovely Liza Lee/ Little Ramblers- Everything Is Okey Dokey E+ First 15 sec A has slight noise

4. BB 6287- Locke Bros Rhythm O- Betty Dupre/ Dont You Tear My Clothes E- NC territory jazz

5. BB 6690- Frank Tanner O- Sailor Man Rhythm/ Chicago Rhythm Kings- The Boston Tea Party E+/EE+ Top San Antonio territory band A

6. BB 7005- Tiny Parham O- Blue Island Blues/ Boots & his Buddies- San Antonio Tamales E+/E- Master press from 1929 A/ San Antonio territory jazz B

7. BB 7757- Jelly Roll Morton Red Hot Peppers- New Orleans Bump/ Kansas City Stomps E+ 1928-9 master pressing

8. BB 10258- Jelly Roll Morton Trio- Mr. Jelly Lord/ Wolverine Blues E+/EE+ 1927 masters

9. Brunswick 6105- Cab Calloway O- St James Infirmary/ Nobodys Sweetheart EE+ hard to find clean

10. Br 6174- Bernard Addison Rhythm- Toledo Shuffle/ I Cant Dance E-

11. Br 6435- Cab Calloway O- Wah-Dee-Dah/ Dixie Doorway E-

12. Br 7411- Cab Calloway O- Avalon/ Moonlight Rhapsody E+

13. Br 7685- Cab Calloway O- When Youre Smiling/ Are you In Love With Me EE+

14. Br unissued vinyl test mx M-770-1- Duke Ellington O- If You Were In My Place E+ 2/24/28

15. Br vinyl test mx M-770-2- Duke Ellington O- If You Were In My Place E+ 2/24/28

16. Br 127(ENG)- Fred Elizalde Music- Dont Bring Me Posies/ Souvenirs mostly E, a bit EE-

17. Br 147- Fred Elizalde Music- Dixie/ Tiger Rag VV+

18. Cameo 433- Lucille Hegamin & Dixie Daisies- Sam Jones Blues/ Saint Louis Gal V+ faint int cr nap

19. Champion 15308- The Palmetto Night Club O- Darktown Shuffle/ Wally Spencer O- Swamp Blues VV- improves to V, G few grvs, then improves to V

20. Ch 40025- Blythes Blue Boys (State Street Ramblers)- Endurance Stomp/ Pleasure Mad EE+ light wear on highs due to grey/ E+N-

21. Clarion 5390- Annette Hanshaw- I Dont Know Why/ Guilty looks E-, plays EE+ but for one clk A. Beautiful sides and nice accomp incl Benny Goodman

22. Columbia A 4001- Bessie Smith- Graveyard Dream Blues/ Jail House Blues EE+/EE-

23. Co 14093- Ethel Waters- Go Back Where You Stayed Last Night/ Down Home Blues EE+

24. Co 14106- Doc Dasher- Evolution Mama/ West Palm Beach Blues looks EE-, plays EE+ sm rcnap..few lt scrs nap

25. Co 14132- Ethel Waters- Refrigeratin Papa/ Throw Dirt In Your Face looks VV+, plays EE- scarce!

26. Co 14189- Martha Copeland- On Decoration Day/ Fortune teller Blues E+ 2 bites close but nap Nice trumpet accomp

27. Co 14402- Le Roys Dallas Band- Tampa Shout/ Going Away Blues VV+ highs worn/ E-

28. Co 14417- Jimmy Johnson O- Put Your Mind Right On It/ Fare Thee Honey Blues looks V-, Plays V+

29. Co 14422- Clarence Williams Jazz Kings- Mountain City Blues/ Breeze looks E-/EE- due to grey which does not sound, so plays E+

30. Co 99- Pirons New Orleans O- Bright Star Blues/ Ghost of the Blues looks VV+, plays E

31. Co 202- Fletcher Henderson O- Youll Never Get to Heaven With Those Eyes/ Thats Georgia E

32. Co 228-D- Fletcher Henderson O- Manda/ Go Long Mule A- most E, some EE-/ B most E, some E- With Louis Armstrong

33. Co 545- Parentis Liberty Syncopators- Midnight Papa/ Cabaret Echoes.. looks E-, plays EE+

34. Co 836- Parentis Liberty Syncopators- Up Jumped the Devil/ New Crazy Blues looks V, plays E-/E-

35. Co 1191- Curtis Mosby Dixieland Blue Blowers- Weary Stomp/ In My Dreams looks EE+, pl E+

36. Co 1192- Curtis Mosby Dixieland Blue Blowers- Whoop Em Up Blues/ Tiger Stomp looks E, plays E+

37. Co 1264- Parentis Liberty Syncopators- African Echoes/ Weary Blues looks V/V+, plays E- wear on highs/ E

38. Co 1442- Curtis Mosby Dixieland Blue Blowers- Hardee Stomp/ Blue Blowers Blues looks EE-, plays E lam A nap

39. Co 1548- Tony Parentis New Orleanians- In the Dungeon/ When You & I Were Pals looks VV+, plays E

40. Co 1769(BLUE WAX)- Annette Hanshaw- You Wouldnt Fool Me Would You/ Lover Come Back to Me E+

41. Co 2856(BLUE WAX)- Benny Goodman O- Your Mothers Son In Law/ Tappin the Barrel E+ Great copy of Billie Holidays first record

42. Co 2879(BLUE WAX)- Ben Pollack O- Swing Out/ Deep Jungle E+

43. Co 2898(BLUE WAX)- Benny Carter Harlem Club O- Devils Holiday/ Symphony In Riffs looks EE+, plays E+

44. Co 2926(BLUE WAX)- Chick Webb Savoy O- Stompin At the Savoy/ Why Should I Beg For Love E+

45. Co 3026(BLUE WAX)- Red Norvo Swing Octet- With All My Heart & Soul/ The Night Is Blue E+

46. Co 3071(BLUE WAX)- Mills Blue Rhythm Band- Harlem Heat/ Theres Rhythm In Harlem looks E, lt grey, plays E+

47. Co 3079(BLUE WAX)- Red Norvo Swing Octet- Bughouse/ Blues In E Flat N-

48. Co 3105(BLUE WAX)- Joe Venuti & Russ Morgan- Black Satin/ Red Velvet E+..West Coast pressing

49. Co CB 612(ENG)- Eddie Langs Blue 5- Jig Saw Puzzle Blues/ Joe Venuti & Eddie Langs Blue 5- Raggin the Scale EE+

50. Co DO-1302 (AUS)- Benny Goodman O- Nitwit Serenade/ Bugle Call Rag E+ top laminated pressing

51. Co JX 194(JAPAN)- Louis Armstrong O- You Rascal You/ Knee Drops E+N- master pressed Has original English lyric sheet with Louis picture for You Rascal, with the rarely seen written lyrics(some get lost in the translation), plus orig Japanese Columbia sleeve with pix Lucienne Boyer, Carlos Gardel, Richard Tauber, etc

52. Co shellac test mx CA-14048-1(ENG)- New Music of Reginald Forsythe- Serenade For a Wealthy Widow E+..10/14/33

53. Co shellac test mx CA-14049-1(ENG)- New Music of Reginald Forsythe- Angry Jungle E+..10/14/33

54. Co vinyl test mx COW-16599- New Music of Reginald Forsythe -The Greener the Grass E+ 1/23/35

55. Co vinyl test mx CO-16600-2- New Music of Reginald Forsythe –Dodging a Divorcee E+ 6/23/35

56. Crown 3107- Fletcher Henderson O- Tiger Rag/ Somebody Stole My Gal V/VV-

57. Decca 5348- Kirk & Sam Mc Gee- Browns Ferry Blues/ Railroad Blues E-

58. De F 1876- Jimmy Dorsey w/ Spike Hughes Three Blind Mice- Im Just Wild About Harry/ After Youve Gone E+ UK only issue

59. De F 3085- Edgar Jackson O- Sunday/ Poor Butterfly EE+

60. De F 6142- Jimmy Dorsey w/ Spike Hughes Three Blind Mice- St Louis Blues/ Tiger Rag E+ UK only

61. De F 6502- Coleman Hawkins w/ The Ramblers- I Wanna Go Back to Harlem/ Something Is Gonna Give Me Away E..no US Issue

62. Domino 308- Dixie Jazz Hounds- Lots O Mamma/ She Wouldnt Do What I Asked Her To VV+

63. Duophone D 4005(ENG)- Harry Paul O- Ten Little Miles From Town/ Wabash DO- My Ohio Home E- both EXC sides recorded in NY in 1928 for UK only issue

64. Gennett/ Champion master pressed vinyl test mx 13686- State Street Ramblers- My Baby/ mx 13691A- Tack It Down N- ...one of the master pressed tests produced by John RT Davies in quantities of less than 100 copies. fantastic sound!

65. Gennett/ Champion master pressed vinyl test mx 17828- State Street Ramblers- Wild Man Stomp/ Mx 17629- Stomp Your Stuff N- ...one of the master pressed tests produced by John RT Davies in quantities of less than 100 copies. fantastic sound!

66. Ge 5395- Bernie Cummins Toadstool Inn O- Ida/ Home Folks Blues E Great band- not the same as the 1930s dance ork

67. Harmony 55- The Jim Dandies- Charleston Geechie Dance/ Shake That thing looks E-, plays EE+/E

68. Ha 829- Dot Dare(Annette Hanshaw)- I Faw Down & Go Boom/ Dont Be Like That EE+

69. Marconi Bros MB 101- Frances Williams- Slightly Indiscreet/ I Shot the Works EE-, plays E Very risque songs by the great Frances Williams who recorded very little but was big in Broadway, nightclubs and film.. Only record that Ive heard of on this label. Has nothing to do with the early 1900s Marconi label. This is from the Marconi Bros store on Madison Ave in NYC

70. Odeon ONY 36107- Ray Seeley O- Can I Help It?/ Youre the Sweetest Girl This Side of Heaven E+ rcnap..NICE bouncy A with solo

71. Oriole 1371- Dixie Jazz Band- West End Blues/ Cool Papa E one brief skip B top versions

72. OKeh 8060- Sara Martin w/ Clarence Williams- Michigan Water Blues/ Keeps On a Rainin clean E-

73. OK 8073- Eva Taylor & Clarence Williams Blue Five- Do It a Long Time Papa/ Barefoot Blues Looks V+/V, plays E-/VV+

74. OK 8261- Louis Armstrong Hot 5- Gut Bucket Blues/ Yes! Im In the Barrel looks G, pl V rcnap

75. OK 8503- Louis Armstrong Hot 5- Potato Head Blues/ Put Em Down Blues looks G, plays VV+

76. OK 8592- Clarence Williams O- Mountain City Blues/ Lazy Mama looks V, plays E

77. OK 8623- Duke Ellington O- Hot & Bothered/ The Mooche looks V+ grey lines, plays EE+

78. OK 8755- Great Day New Orleans Singers (directors Jimmy Johnson & Clarence Williams)- Youve Got to Be Modernistic/ Shout On looks E-, plays E/E-, has piano too- must be a rare one!

79. OK 8808- Jack Purvis O- Dismal Dan/ Be Bo Bo looks E-, plays EE+

80. OK 40257- Frankie Quartell Melody Boys- Heart Broken Strain/ The Lanin O- Honest & Truly looks G, plays V+..has rcnap A/ rc5gvs B only

81. OK 40258- Frankie Quartell Melody Boys- Prince of Wails/ Okeh Syncopators- Doo Wacka Doo looks V-, plays E- to V+ inside/ VV+

82. OK 40631(TRUETONE)- Alma Rotter w/ p- I Found a Round About Way to Heaven/ Im leaving U N-

83. OK 40822- Frank Trumbauer O- Riverboat Shuffle/ Ostrich Walk looks E-, plays EE+ or better

84. OK 40951- Mark Fisher- Everywhere You Go/ A Shady Tree E+N-

85. OK 40952- Seger Ellis w/ O- It Was Only a Sun Shower/ Among My Souvenirs N-

86. OK 40953- Billy Hays O- Marianette/ Theres a Rickety Rackety Shack E+

87. OK 40959- Mike Markels Soc O- We Two/ Dawn E+N-

88. OK 40965- New York Syncopators- Mary(What Are You Waiting For?)/ Cobblestones E+ Both good A features a Bing like vocal, and Whiteman like sound

89. OK 41036- Chas. W. Hamp- We Love It/ The Wobbly Walk E+ couple tiny lams nap. NICE B w/ orch

90. OK 41076- Joe Venuti Blue 4-The Man From the South/ Pretty Trix E+

91. OK 41091- Ted Wallace O- Theres Something Spanish In Your Eyes/ Billy Hays O- Why? Looks E, plays E+

92. OK 41138- The Goofus Five & their Orch- My Blackbirds Are Bluebirds Now/ Sonny Boy E+

93. OK 41178- Tom Dorsey- Its Right Here For you/ Tiger Rag looks E+/EE+, plays E+

94. OK 41216- Southern Melody Artists- Some Sweet Day/ When the World Is At Rest E+ Lt scr B sds LITE about 10 sec, Some nice jazz passages both sides-Ballew in chorus

95. OK 41220- Dorsey Bros O- Ill Never Ask For More/ The Goofus Five O- Deep Night E+ Ballew both

96. OK 41259- The Travelers- Am I Blue?/ Ed Loyd O- the One In the World E+

97. OK 41321- Seger Ellis w/ Orch- If I Had a Talking Picture of You/ Im a Dreamer Arent We All E+N- Nice accomp esp A

98. OK 41325- Kalamas Quartet- Hoomau a Hoomau/ Lei Ana Ika Mokihana looks E- lt scrs, plays EE+

99. OK 41383- Sam Lanin O- Cooking Breakfast For the One I Love/ When Im Looking At You E+ One of the best Hanshaw sides A/ Ballew voc B

100. OK 41392- Ed Loyd O- The Free & Easy/ Arthur Schutt O- It Must be You E+ great A!!

101. OK 41322- Kalamas Quartet- That Aloha Wz/ When the Sun Goes Down EE-

102. OK 41326- Frankie Trumbauer O- My Sweeter Than Sweet/ Carolina Cub O- Hes So Unusual E+

103. OK 41359- Arthur Schutt O- Crying For the Carolines/ Have a Little Faith In Me E+

104. OK 41386- Carolina Club O- Glory to Georgia/ Memories N-

105. OK 41394- Smith Ballew O- Alone With My Dreams/ Where the Golden Daffodils Grow E mostly, some EE-

106. OK 41404- Jack Purvis- Mental Strain At Dawn/ Copyin Louis E+

107. OK 41448- Louis Armstrong O- If I Could be With You/ Confessin looks E-, plays EE+

108. OK 41493- Golden Terrace DO- Dream a Little Dream of Me/ Whistling In the Dark N-

109. OK 41498(BLUE LABEL)- Louis Armstrong O- When Your Lover Has Gone/ Blue Again E+

110. OK 41512- Golden Terrace DO- I Love You In the Same Sweet Way/ The Kiss That Youve Forgotten E+

111. OK 41527- Buddy Campbell O- Lucille/ Charlie Cadet E+ good Selvin sides

112. OK 41531- Cloverdale Country Club O- Cuban Love Song/ tell Me With a Love Song E+

113. OK 41586- Joe Venuti O- Fiddlesticks/ Goblin Market looks E, plays E+

114. Parlophone PNY 34119- Tom Barker O- Whats the Use?/ Flamingo Melodians- I Dont Mind Walking In the Rain E+ great Trumbauer side A

115. Par PNY 41300- Joe Curran Band- Go to Bed/ Dance Away the Night EE+

116. Par PNY 41303- Royal Music Makers- My Lover/ There Must Be Somebody Waiting For Me N-

117. Par R 204(ENG)- Roof Garden Orch & Singers- Shes a Great, Great Girl/ Thats My Weakness Now EE+ few lt scrs B. early heavy Okeh like pressing. BOTH GOOD

118. Pathe Actuelle 021059- Mary Jackson w/ F.H. Henderson Jr piano- I Dont Le No One Man Worry Me/ Liza Jacksons Got Better Bread than Old Sally Lee-a hair under E, may play better with a wash

119. Perfect 15481- Harlem Hot Shots- Sugar Blues/ Black & Tan Fantasy E-/EE-

120. Swing 42(FR)- Bill Coleman acc by Django Reinhardt- Bill Coleman Blues/ Bill Coleman w/ Quartet- Indiana E+ some light grey B does not sound due to top laminated pressing

121. Sw 213- Oscar Aleman Trio- Just a Little Swing/ Dear Old Southland E+

122. Sw 262- Claude Luter Jazz O- Careless Love Blues/ Pimlico E+

123. Puritone 1058- The Dixie Stompers- Variety Stomp/ The St. Louis Blues EE-

124. Variety vinyl test mx M-252-1- Jan Savitt O- Beale Street Blues.. E+N- rejected, never issued

125. Variety vinyl test mx M-583-1- Charlie Barnet O- Emperor Jones E+N- unissued and GREAT!

126. Varsity 6068- Bat (the Humming Bird)- Humming Blues/ Slow Drag EE+

127. Velvetone 2314- Annette Hanshaw- Walkin My Baby Back Home/ Ever Since Time Began looks VV+, plays E- some V+ nice copy of one of her rarest. Good jazz accomp

128. Victor 19111- Ethel Ridley w/ Bradfords Jazz Phools- Memphis, Tennessee/ If Anybody Here Wants a Real Kind Mamma E

129. Vi 21119- Bennie Moten KC O- Pass Out Lightly/ Ding Dong Blues E- wear on highs

130. Vi 21410- Williamson Beale Street Frolic O- Scandanavian Stomp/ Midnight Frolic Drag EE+/E Heavy label dmg B only---no affect on playing

131. Vi 22298- King Oliver O- St James Infirmary/ When Youre Smiling EE-/E

132. Vi 22719- Washboard Rhythm Boys- Every Man For Himself/ A Porters Love Song V+E-

133. Vi 22735- Eubie Blake O- My Blue Days Blew Over/ Little Girl E+

134. Vi 22779- Snooks Memphis Ramblers- Sweet Georgia Brown/ Some Other Time E-/EE-

135. Vi 24343- Eddie South O- Gotta Go/ My Oh My E

136. Vi 23029- King Oliver O- I Cant Stop Loving You/ Im Lonesome Sweetheart EE+/E+

137. Vi 23283- Washboard Rhythm Boys- Please tell me/ Who Stole the Lock EE+

138. Vi 23364- Washboard Rhythm Boys - Im Gonna Play Down By the Ohio/ Say It Isnt So EE+ or better

139. Vi 38039- King Oliver O- The Trumpets Prayer/ Call of the Freaks E-/V+

140. Vi 38049- King Oliver O- Can I Tell You?/ My Good Man Sam EE-

141. Vi 38070- Paul Howards Quality Serenaders- Over Night Blues/ Charlies Idea E+

142. Vi 38072- Bennie Moten KC O- Lets Get it/ Motens Blues looks E-, plays E

143. Vi 38101- King Oliver O- Sweet Like This/ I Want You Just Myself looks V+, plays E to E-

144. Vi 38130- Duke Ellington O- I Was Made to Love You/ My Gal Is Good For Nothing But Love E+

145. Vi 38521- King Oliver O- Ive Got That Thing/ Freakish Light Blues VV+/V+

146. Vocalion 14635- Rosa Henderson w/ Fletcher Henderson- Where/ Down South Blues E

147. Vo 1296- Jimmie Noone Apex Club O- Birmingham Bertha/ Am I Blue? VV-

148. Vo 1586(gold label)- Alabama Washboard Stompers- I Want a Little Girl/ Youre Lucky to Me E

149. Vo 2887(gold label)- Buster Bailey Seven Chocolate Dandies- Shanghai Shuffle/ Call of the Delta EE+/E

150. Vo 03199- Lil Johnson- Press My Button/ Get Em From the Peanut Man E+


151. Br 192(lightning bolt)- Frank & James Mc Cravy- Jacobs Ladder/ I Want to Go There V+

152. Br 194- Frank & James Mc Cravy- When They Ring Golden Bells/ Will the Circle be Unbroken E+

153. Br 2318- Marion Harris- Dixie Highway/ Brother In Law Dan E

154. Br 2434- Marion Harris w/ O- Two Time Dan/ That red Head Gal EE-

155. Br 2455- Gene Rodemich O- Wolverine Blues/ When June Comes Along With a Song E+

156. Br 2504- Lyman California Ambassador Hotel O- Weary Weasel/ Before You Go EE+

156. Br 2507- The Cotton Pickers- Shufflin Mose/ Just Hot E

158. Br 2519- Bennie Krueger O- Tell Me Radio/ Savannah E+

159. Br 2640- Carl Fenton O- I Want to Be Happy/ No No Nanette medley EE-/E

160. Br 2665- Abe Lyman California O- I Dont Know Why/ Patsy E+

161. Br 2666- Ray Miller O- Please/ Charleston Cabin E-

162. Br 2672- Marion Harris- Go, Emmaline/ Wanted Someone to Love E+

163. Br 2780- Abe Lyman California O- Youre the Certain Someone/ Sallys Got the Blues EE-/E-

164. Br 2852- Harry Snodgrass piano solo- Dusting the Keys/ Blue Evening Blues E+

165. Br 2991- Ben Bernie O- Headin For Louisville/ Lonesomest Girl in Town EE+

166. Br 3316- Abe Lyman California O- 12th Street Rag/ New St Louis Blues E

167. Br 3399- Harry Archer O- There Aint No Maybe In My Babys Eyes/ When Day Is Done EE+

168. Br 3412- The Six Jumping Jacks- The Coat and the Pants Do All the Work and the Vest Gets All the Gravy/ Cock-a-Doodle Im Off My Noodle, My Babys Back EE+ GOOD!!

169. Br 3553- Al Bernard w/ Carl Fenton O- Memphis Blues/ hesitation Blues EE+

170. Br 3582- Six Jumping Jacks- Positively Absolutely/ Theres a Trick In Pickin a Chicken V+/VV+

171. Br 3597(AUS)- Red Nichols 5 Pennies- Cornfed/ Mean Dog Blues VV+/E-

172. Br 3605- Abe Lyman California O- Theres One Little Girl Who Loves Me/ Baby Feet Go Pitter E/V+

173. Br 3615- Abe Lyman California O- Bye Bye Pretty Baby/ Just Another Day Wasted Away E

174. Br 3627- Red Nichols Five Pennies- Riverboat Shuffle/ Eccentric VV+

175. Br 3633- Vincent Lopez O- Someday Youll Say OK/ Just a Memory E-

176. Br 3750- Bernie Cummins O- Funny Face/ S Wonderful EE+

177. Br 3775- Al Jolson- Golden Gate/ Four Walls E-V+

178. Br 3814- Herb Wiedoeft O- Traianon/ Maybe Youll be the One To Care E+

179. Br 3953- Ben Bernie O- Because My Baby Dont Mean Maybe Now/ Just Like a Melody Out of the Sky E-

180. Br 4002- Vincent Lopez O- Lonely Little Bluebird/ Blue Grass E-

181. Br 4042- Ben Bernie O- Cannon Ball Rag/ Hindustan E-

182. Br 4170- Jack Denny O- The Sun Is At My Window/ My Mothers Eyes E

183. Br 4308- The Captivators(Red Nichols)- I Used to Love her In the Moonlight/ Im marching Home To You EE+

184. Br 4377- Earl Burtnett O- Nobody But You/ Your Mother & Mine E+

185. Br 4383- Al Goodman O- Ive Made a Habit of You/ or What Have You V

186. Br 4423- Abe Lyman O- Suzanna/ Junior EE-/E

187. Br 4506- Libby Holman w/ O- I May Be Wrong/ Cant We be Friends? EE-/V+ scrs B

188. Br 4554- Colonial Club O- Why Do You Suppose?/ My Man Is On the Make V+ GOOD!

189. Br 4558- Belle Baker- Take Everything But You/ Im walking With the Moonbeams E-

190. Br 4591- The Captivators(Red Nichols)- Somebody to Love Me/ Get Happy E+

191. Br 4607- Earl Burtnett O- Red Hot Rhythm/ At Last Im In Love VV+

192. Br 4618- Earl Burtnett O- Look What Youve Done to Me/ Meyer Davis O- My Fate Is In Your Hands E-

193. Br 4624- Belle Baker- Love/ Wanting You E-

194. Br 4656- The A&P Gypsies- South Sea Rose/ Only the Girl E+

195. Br 4670- Al & Pete- Forget Your Yesterdays/ At Nesting Time E+

196. Br 4707- Ben Bernie O- Shes Such a Comfort to Me/ What Is This Thing Called Love? E-

197. Br 4714- Belle Baker- Cryin For the Carolines/ Just Cant Be Bothered With Me E

198. Br 1021(ENG)- Ben Bernie O- You Brought a New Kind of Love to Me/ Livin In the Sunlight E+ Equiv to US Br 4767

199. Br 4833- Lew White w/ marimba and steel guitar- Down the River of Golden Dreams/ California Sunshine E-

200. Br 4881- Earl Burtnett O- I Wonder How It Feels/ Little White Lies EE- couple lt clx

201. Br 4927- Earl Burtnett O- Just a Little Dance Mamselle/ Sweetheart Of My Student Days E+

202. Br 4957- Loring Red Nichols O- I Got Rhythm/ Embraceable You V+

203. Br 6016- Marion Harris w/ O- Blue Again/ Hes My Secret Passion V+/E- a rare one!

204. Br 6018- Ozzie Nelson O- Fall In Love With Me/ Truly V

205. Br 6044- Libby Holman w/ O- Love For Sale/ Im One of Gods Children E

206. Br 6063- Ben Bernie O- One More Time/ When Your Lover Has Gone VV+

207. Br 6064- Tom Gerun O- If You Should Ever Need Me/ By My Side E+

208. Br 6070- Loring Red Nichols O- Were You Sincere?/ Teardrops & Kisses EE+/E

209. Br 6083- Boswell Sisters w/ Dorsey Bros O- When I Take My Sugar To tea/ What Ja Do To Me V

210. Br 6165- Ben Bernie O- Life Is Just a Bowl of Cherries/ This is the Missus V

211. Br 6167- Gloria Swanson w/ O- If You Havent Got Love/ Come to Me VV+ RARE!

212. Br 6171- Jesse Stafford O- Hows Your Uncle/ Begging For Love EE+ From that brief period where Brunswicks sounded GREAT, recording wise

213. Br 6193- The New Yorkers- Chances Are/ Ben Bernie O- A Faded Summer Love E-/V

214. Br 6197- Mills Bros- Nobodys Sweetheart/ Tiger Rag VV+

215. Br 6222- Bennie Krueger O- Shes So Nice/ Why Did It Have to be Me EE-/E- rcnap..GOOD!!

216. Br 6250- Ben Bernie O- Cant We Talk It Over/ The Wooden Soldier & the China Doll V-

217. Br 6278- Mills Bros- Goodbye Blues/ Rockin Chair V+

218. Br 6269- Mills Bros- I Heard/ Howm I Doin Hey Hey E- 1/4 inch hlc nap

219. Br 6305- Mills Bros- Chinatown-My Chinatown/ Loveless Love E- rcnap

220. Br 6306- Bing Crosby w/ Isham Jones O- Lazy Day/ Happy Go Lucky You E+ hard to find clean

221. Br master pressed vinyl test mx B-11773-A- Cliff Edwards w/ O- A Great Big Bunch of You E+

222. Br master pressed vinyl test mx B-11774-A- Cliff Edwards w/ O- All of a Sudden E+

223. Br 6340- Cab Calloway O- Reefer Man/ You Gotta Ho De Ho vV-

224. Br 6385- Ben Bernie O- Youre telling Me/ Lets Put Out the Lights V/V-

225. Br 6414- Bing Crosby- Brother, Can You Spare a Dime?/ Lets Put Out the Lights E- Rarely seen unofficial theme song of the Great Depression

226. Br master pressed vinyl test mx B-12760-A- Al Jolson- The Cantor (In Hebrew) E+ rec 12/20/32

227. Br 6507- Borrah Minnevitch Harmonica Rascals- The Ghost Walk/ Rhapsody in Blue VV+

228. Br 6596- The Boswell Sisters w/ The Dorsey Bros- The Gold Diggers Song/ Its Sunday Down in Caroline EE+/E

229. Br 6625- the Boswell Sisters- Stop That Putting It On/ Swanee Mammy EE+

230. Br 6638- Duke Ellington O- Jive Stomp/ Im Satisfied EE+/V-

231. Br 6653- Guy Lombardo O- Shanghai Lil/ By a Waterfall V+/V

232. Br 6775- Glen Gray O- A Hundred Years From Today/ Carolina EE- one of the best with Lee Wiley vocal A/ Connie Boswell B

233. Br 6796- Ozzie Nelson O- I Hate Myself/ Poor Girl E-

234. Br 6798- The Boswell Sisters w/ the Dorsey Bros- I Hate Myself/ You Oughta Be In Pictures E+

234. Br 6946- Anson Weeks O- And I Still Do/ The Breeze V+

235. Br 6953- Bing Crosby- Give Me a Heart to Sing To/ Im Hummin, Im Whistlin, Im Singin E-

236. Br 6965- Anson Weeks O- My Whole Day Is Spoiled/ Sweetie Pie V+

237. Br 6980- Leo Reisman O- Talkin to Myself/ Lost In a Fog EE+

238. Br 7302- The Boswell Sisters w/ Jimmie Grier O- Rock & Roll/ If I had a Million $ EE+

239. Br 7330- Anson Weeks O- The Animal Trainer/ Im a Specialist E+ small pop A

240. Br 7331- Leo Reisman O- When You Love Only One/ You & the Night & the Music E+/EE+

241. Br 7334- Freddy Martin O- Im Growing Fonder of you/ Just a Fair Weather Friend E+

242. Br 7408- Walter O Keefe w/ O- The Gamblers Wife/ Father Put the Cow Away N-

243. Br 7413- Hal Kemp O- Restless/ Once Upon a Midnight E

244. Br 7429- Hal Kemp O- Youre An Angel/ Im In Love All Over Again V+

245. Br 7434- Hal Kemp O- What Would You Do Mister Moon/ The Image of You E label tear B

246. Br 7493- Hal Kemp O- Youre So Darned Charming/ Page Miss Glory E-

247. Br 7513- Frances Langford w/ O- Speaking Confidentially/ Im In the Mood For Love E

248. Br 7555- Kay Kyser O- Hes a Devil In His Own Town/ Dont bring Lulu E- some scrs

249. Br 7589- Hal Kemp O- Moonburn/ My Heart & I EE+

250. Br 7614- Leo Reisman O- Wah Hoo/ Yours Truly Is Truly Yours E few lt scfs nap

251. Br 7630- Hal Kemp O- Desire/ Gloomy Sunday E+

252. Br 7636- Hal Kemp O- Ise a Muggin/ I Dont Want to Make History EE+/E+

253. Br 7637- Russ Morgan O- Its a Sin to Tell a Lie/ The Hills of Old Wyomin E+ warp NAP West Coast laminated pressing

254. Br 7648- Kay Kyser O- I Bet you tell That to All the Girls/ Would You E laminated pressing

255. Br 7727- Hudson- DeLange O- What the Heart Believes/ Looking Down At the Stars E-V+

256. Br 7812- Hal Kemp O- This Years Kisses/ Youre Laughing At Me E-

257. Br 7839- Jan Garber O- Sweet Leilani/ In a Little Hula Heaven E+ syrf scr nap

258. Br 7840- Teddy Wilson O- My Last Affair/ You Showed Me the Way V/V- Billie Holiday vocs

259. Br 7846- Kay Kyser O- Blues/ Who EE+

260. Br 7849- Pinky Tomlin w/ Joe Haymes O- The Love Bug will Bite You/ Im Just a Country Boy E+

261. Br 7854- Hal Kemp O- The Isle of Kitchy Mi Boko/ The Love Bug Will Bite You EE-

262. Br 7860- Alice Faye w/ O- Its Swell of You/ Never In a Million Years EE-

263. Br 7868- Red Norvo O- Liza/ I Would Do Anything For You EE-

264. Br 7876- Alice Faye w/ O- Theres a Lull In My Life/ Wake Up & Live V+

265. Br 7900- Gus Arnheim O- The Image of You/ Im Happy Darling, Dancing With You E

266. Br 7904- Gus Arnheim O- Exactly Like You/ Schuberts Serenade E

267. Br 7907- Art Shaw New Music- I Surrender Dear/ Blue Skies E

268. Br 7910- Russ Morgan O- Whispers In the Dark/ Stop Youre Breakin My Heart E

269. Br 7911- Teddy Wilson O- Easy Living/ Foolin Myself VV+ Billie Holiday vocs

270. Br 7927- Horace Heidt O- Its the Natural Thing to Do/ The Moon Got In My Eyes E

271. Br 8010- Art Shaw New Music- Just you, Just me/ Im Yours EE+

272. Br 8012- Joe Rines O- Have You met Miss Jones?/ Youre a Sweetheart E-

273. Br 8019- Art Shaw New Music- Monsoon/ Free For All E/E-

274. Br 8029- Duke Ellington O- Chatter Box/ Dusk In the desert E

275. Br 8076- Ray Noble O feat Tony Martin- Just Let Me Look At You/ You Couldnt Be Cuter EE-

276. Br 8079- Ray Noble O feat Tony Martin- The Moon of Mankoora/ I Hadnt Anyone Till You E

277. Br 8082- Pinky Tomlin w/ O- Home Town/ Shenanigans E-

278. Br 8090- Hudson-De Lange O- I Never Knew/ I Know That You Know E+

279. Br 8099- Duke Ellington O- Braggin In Brass/ Carnival In Caroline V+

280. Br 8122- Chauncey Morehouse O feat the NGoma drums- Mazi-Pani/ Chauncey Morehouse O- Plastered In Paris EE+ similar to Raymond Scott B

281. Br 8153- Ray Noble O feat Tony Martin- Now It Can Be Told/ My Walking Stick E-

282. Br 8158- Emery Deutsch O- I Married An Angel/ A Twinkle in Your Eye

283. Br 8190- Fred Astaire w/ Ray Noble O- The Yam/ The Yam Step E clean picture label

284. Br 8213- Will Hudson O- I Havent Changed a Thing/ Duke Ellington O- Exposition Swing E- lt lams

285. Br 8241- Duke Ellington O- The Mooche/ Baby When You Aint There E/E+

286. Br 8246- Gene Krupa O- Tell Me With Your Kisses/ Love Doesnt grow On Trees E+

287. Br 8271- Phil Lang O- The Hare & the Hounds/ Promenade EE- Raymond Scott like!

288. Br 8276- Phil Lang O- The Jitteroo/ I Cant Say It Too Many Times ..looks E-, plays E+

289. Br 8297- Duke Ellington O- Slap Happy/ Blue Light EE-/E+

290. Br 8341- Clarence Profit trio- Therell Be Some Changes Made/ Tea For two EE-

291. Br 8397- Jack teagarden O- I Gotta Right to Sing the Blues/ Yankee Doodle E

292. Br 8438- Teddy Wilson O- The Man I Love/ Jumpin For Joy EE-

293. Br 8076- Ray Noble O- Just Let Me Look At You/ You Couldnt Be Cuter E/V-

294. Br 8088- Red Norvo O- Please Be Kind/ The Weekend of a Private Secretary E

295. Br 8143- Kay Kyser O- Dont Drop a Slug In a Slot/ Sunrise In Siam E

296. Br 8149- Kay Kyser O- So You Left Me For the Leader of a Swing Band/ Music, Maestro Pls EE-

297. Br 8182- Red Norvo O- Put Your Heart In a Song/ The Sunny Side of Things EE+ Mildred vocs

298. Br 8199- Teddy Wilson O- A Tisket A Tasket/ Now It Can Be Told V-/EE+

299. Br 8252- Eddy Duchin O- From Now On/ Get Out of Town EE+

300. Br 8272- Walter Huston- September Song/ The Scars V+/V

301. Br 8290- Seger Ellis O- A Room With a View/ Your Eyes Are Bigger Than Your Heart E/EE+ ------Irene Taylor vocal B------


302. Co 80159- Pablo Casals- Would God I Were the Tender Apple Blossom E+

303. Co E 996(ITALIAN)- Falco- Una Gara Musicale- Scena Militaire a Tripoli/ Sulla Nave Ospedale E-

304. Co E 4085- I Quattro Sicilaini- Buon Tempo/ Speranze Peroute EE-

305. Co E- 4194(SWISS)- Schweizer Aelpler O- Basler Landler/ Auf Dem Blauen Genfersee EE-/E-

306. Co E-7020(NEAPOLITAN)- Teresa De Matienzo w/ O- Rosina/ Al Tramonto EE-

307. Co A 1496- Peerless Quartette- Buffalo Baby Rag/ Collins & Harlan- Camp Meeting Band V+

308. Co A 1814- Helen Louise & Frank Ferera- Medley of Hawaiian wzs/ My Old Kentucky Home E-

309. Co A 2016- Frank Ferera & Anthony Franchini- Drowsy Waters/ Hawaiian medley E-/V

310. Co A 2405- Louise, Ferera & Greenus- Valse Bleue/ La Paloma V-

311. Co A 2743- Kalaluki Hawaiian O- Beautiful Ohio/ Till We Meet Again E-

312. Co A 2916- Frank Ferera & Anthony Franchini- Hawaiian Smiles/ Louise, Ferera & Greenus- In the Heart of Hawaii EE+

313. Co A 2922- Harry C. Browne & Peerless Qtet- Razors In the Air/ Hi Jenny Ho Jenny Johnson E

314. Co A 2936- Columbia Band- Fourth of July 1920/ Fourth of July 1880 EE+

315. Co A 2940- Frank Crumit- Ive Got the Profiteering Blues/ Al Jolson- Some Beautiful Morning V+

316. Co A 2968- Marion Harris- Oh Judge(He Treats Me Mean)/ He Done Me Wrong E+

317. Co A 2970- Art Hickman O- A Young Mans Fancy/ In the Gloaming EE-

318. Co A 2972- Art Hickman O- Tell Me Little Gypsy/ La Veeda N-

319. Co A 2975- Paul Biese Trio- In the Land of Rice & tea/ Idol Eyes V+

320. Co A 2976- Van & Schenck- I Love the Land of Old Black Joe/ So This Is Paris! E-/EE-

321. Co A 2979- Bert Williams- Lonesome Alimony Blues/ Save a Little Dram For Me EE+

322. Co A 2980- Nora Bayes- Sally Green/ The Argentines, Portuguese & Greeks EE+

323. Co A 3316- Frank Ferera & Anthony Franchini- Honolulu Bay/ Romola EE-

324. Co A 3475- Frank Crumit- Youre Just the Type For a Bungalow/ Sweet Lady V

325. Co A 3478- Joe Schenck- Sally, Wont You Come Back?/ Chas Harrison- Learn to Smile E+

326. Co A 3500- Al Jolson- April Showers/ Vernon Dalhart- Weep No More My Mammy E+

327. Co A 3513- Al Jolson- Yoo- Hoo/ Broadway Quartette- Georgia Rose EE+/E+

328. Co A 3588- Al Jolson- Oogie Oogie Wa Wa/ Hart Sisters- Little Red Schoolhouse E/E+

329. Co A 3754- Eddie Cantor- He Loves It/ Sophie(I Go So Far With Sophie) EE-

330. Co 21-D- Fereras Hawaiian Inst Quintet- Aloha Oe/ One, Two, Three, Four V

331. Co 140-D- Eddie Cantor- Monkey Doodle/ Oh Papa! EE+

332. Co 370- Willie Howard- Let it Rain/ The Barber of Seville VV+ plays E lt aud lam B 2 inch

333. Co 392- The Manhattan dance Makers- Hold Me In Your Arms/ Let Me Linger Longer V

334. Co 492- Frank Ferera- My Hawaiian Evenin Star/ Drowsy Moon VV+

335. Co 505- The Whispering Pianist- Im Sitting On Top of the World/ Youre More Than a Pal to Me E-

336. Co 911- Kate Smith & Charleston Chasers- One Sweet Letter From You/ Im Gonna Meet My Sweetie V scrs A

337. Co 934- Earl Burtnett LA Biltmore Hotel O- If I Hadnt you/ Doll Dance E/E-

338. Co 947- Harold Leonard Waldorf Astoria O- Mine/ Roses For Remembrance EE+

339. Co 949- Sol Hoopis Novelty trio- Kings Serenade/ Song of the Islands V+

340. Co 962- The Artist Ensemble- Blue Skies/ Tonight You Belong to Me V+

341. Co 995- Ruth Etting- My Man/ After Youve Gone VV+

342. Co 1052- Ruth Etting- At Sundown/ Sing Me a Baby Song E-

343. Co 1075- Ruth Etting- Just Once Again/ Swanee Home VV+

344. Co 1087- Harry Resers Syncopators- Swanee Shore/ Meet Me In the Moonlight E/EE+

345. Co 1088- The Knickerbockers- Miss Annabelle Lee/ Roam On My Little Gypsy Sweetheart looks V/EE+, plays E-/E+

346. Co 1136- Eddie Thomas Collegians- You Only Want Me When Youre Lonesome/ Cavaliers- After Ive Called You Sweetheart VV+/V lam B

347. Co 1154- The Knickerbockers- Marvelous/ Sugar V scr B

348. Co 1161- Hurtado bros Marimba O- Diane/ Beneath Venetian Skies V+

349. Co 1162- Van & Schenck- There Must Be Somebody Else/ A Lane In Spain E

350. Co 1164- Broadway Nitelites- Up In the Clouds/ Thinking of you E+

351. Co 1165- Frank Ellis Hotel St Francis O- Song of the Islands/ Baby Feet Go Pitter Patter looks EE-, plays E, recorded in San Francsico

352. Co 1172- Carl Haworth w/ banjo acc- You Sing That Song to Somebody Else/ Up In the Clouds EE+

353. Co 1173- Little Jack Little- Are You Lonesome Tonight? (vocal w/ piano)/ Pretty Pol (piano solo) E

354. Co 1174- Kitty O Connor (the girl baritone)- Whos That- Knockin At My Door/ Im Walkin On Air looks E-, plays EE+

355. Co 1176- Cass Hagan park Central Hotel O- My lady/ Cavaliers- Two Loving Arms E+

356. Co 1177- Vincent Rose- Jackie Taylor Hollywood O- Did you mean It?/ Blue River E-

357. Co 1178- The Singing Sophomores- Im Coming Virginia/ Just a Memory V+

358. Co 1187- Broadway Nitelites- Thou Swell/ My Heart Stood Still V

359. Co 1255- Kenneth Sargent- Four Walls/ Lonely In a Crowd E aud clx A

360. Co 1274- Ben Selvin O- Well Have a New Home/ When Youre With Somebody Else VV+

361. Co 1278- Harold Leonard O- Blue Baby/ Four Aristocrats- Our Bungalow of Dreams N-

362. Co 1281- Cliquot Club Esk- Gee But Im Glad Im Home/ Henrys Made a Lady Out of Lizzie E+

363. Co 1319- The Whispering Pianist- Who Gives You All Your Kisses?/ Silver Haired Sweetheart E

364. Co 1371- Charles W. Hamp- Masquerade/ Dream House E

365. Co 1391- Ted Lewis Band- Oh Baby/ Start the Band VV-

366. Co 1427- Ukulele Ike- Anything You Say/ Just Like a Melody Out of the Sky V

367. Co 1503- The Lions Quartet- I See My Love at the Window/ Calliope// Vere Is Mein Leetle Dog Gone E+

368. Co 1514- Ukulele Ike- Chiquita/ All of the Time E

369. Co 1515- Henry Burr- Out of the Dawn/ Sweetheart Lane E+

370. Co 1516- Vic Meyers Music- Blow the Smoke Away/ Estrellita EE- needle drop sds brief

371. Co 1520- Pete Woolery- Moonlight Madness/ If You Dont Love me E+

372. Co 1522- Charles TP Ulm, AFC- The Southern Cross Transpacific Flight 1/2 E+

373. Co 1523- Ukulele Ike- It Goes Like This/ Half-Way to Heaven EE+ rcnap

374. Co 1526- George Mc Murphey O- Trumpet Sobs/ Alice Blue Gown E+ Los Angeles recorded

375. Co 1529- Cole Me Elroy Spanish Ball Room O- Moonlight O the Lagoon/ Night Time Is Love Time E+ Los Angeles recorded

376. Co 1530- Vic Meyers Music- Nobodys Sweetheart/ Ada E+ oddly B side is jazzier!

377. Co 1531- Paul Ash O- Ten Little Miles From Town/ Out of the Dawn VV+/V+

378. Co 1532- Thelma Terry O- Starlight & Tulips/ Guy Lombardo O- I Love You truly E+ faint needle drop from Lombardo side nap

379. Co 1533- Oscar Grogan- Youre the One/ For Old Times Sake EE-

380. Co 1534- The Diplomats- Doin the New Low Down/ Diga Diga Doo V+

381. Co 1538- Ben Selvin O- Lady Whippoorwill/ Right Out of Heaven V-

382. Co 1547- New Orleans Owls- The New Twister/ Thats a Plenty V-/VV+ rcnap. plays decently!

383. Co 1553- Paul Whiteman O- Blue Night/ Roses of Yesterday EE+

384. Co 1554- Joe Browning- Im a Reformer/ Hallelujah V+ scrs/E-

385. Co 1555- The Columbians- If You See Sally/ That Old Sweetheart Of Mine EE+/E+

386. Co 1561- Leo Reisman O- Vaniteaser/ Once In a Lifetime VV+

387. Co 1592- Cliquot Club Eskimos- Come On Baby!/ Avalon Town NN- looks unplayed

388. Co 1619- The Whispering Pianist- Chinatown, My Chinatown/ Just For Tonight EE+

389. Co 1633- Constance Mering & Muriel Pollock twin piano w/ trumpet- Ups a Daisy/ Hot! EE-

390. Co 1661- The Knickerbockers- Im Walking Between the Raindrops/ Buy Buy For Baby EE+

391. Co 1679- Guy Lombardo O- Where the Shy Little Violets Grow/ Me & the Man In the Moon V+/E-

392. Co 1682- Leo Reisman O- Along Came Sweetness/ A Love tale of Alsace Lorraine V+

393. Co 1693- Ben Selvin O- A Room With a View/ Dance Little Lady N- Ballew in chorus, some soloing

394. Co 1697- Roy Evans- The New St. Louis Blues/ My Old Lady Blues EE-/E

395. Co 1710- Ed Lowry- Thats How I Feel About You/ I Want a "Yes" Girl E

396. Co 1713- Fred Rich O- As Long As We Are In Love/ Lets Sit & Talk About You V

397. Co 1780- The Knickerbockers- Nobodys Fault But Your Own/ Leo Reisman O- The Wedding Of the Painted Doll E- Eddie Walters vo A

398. Co 1791- Ted Wallace Boys- Sweet Seventeen/ My Kinda Love V-

399. Co 1812- Annette Hanshaw- Thats You Baby/ Big City Blues looks V, plays VV+

400. Co 1830- Ruth Etting- The One In the World/ Im Walkin Around In a Dream VV+

401. Co 1860- Clayton, Jackson and Durante- So I Ups to Him/ Can Broadway Do Without Me E-, plays E…rc sounds 2 gvs beg A

402. Co 1873- Art Gillham- You made My Dreams Come true/ Im Still Caring EE+

403. Co 1916- Ted Lewis O- Lewisada Blues/ I Love You E+

404. Co 1967- Ted Fio Rito O- On Candle-Light Lane/ Then Youve Never Been Blue E lt scuffs anp

405. Co 2003- The Knickerbockers- from Now On/ Youve Made Me Happy Today EE- Ballew, solos A

406. Co 2006- Ipana Troubadours- My Strongest Weakness Is You/ My Sweeter Than Sweet EE+ Ballew and solos

407. Co 2017- Guy Lombardo O- A Little Kiss Each Morning/ My Fate Is In Your Hands E+

408. Co 2046- Ted Wallace Campus Boys- Love Aint Nothin But the Blues/ Lucky Me Lovable You VV+ Clean copy but worn on highs..Ballew vocs both

409. Co 2048- The Columbia Photo Players- Take Everything But You/ Love Made a Gypsy Out of Me looks E-, plays E

410. Co 2067- The Knickerbockers- My Man Is On the Make/ Why Do You Suppose? E+ Ballew B, solos

411. Co 2093- Will Osborne O- There Will Never be Another Mary/ The Language of Love V+E-

412. Co 2201- Johnny Walker O- Give Yourself a Pat On the Back/ The Mug Song VV+

413. Co 2287- Ben Selvin O- Dixiana/ Im Yours V+

414. Co 2311- Ted Lewis O- Homemade Sunshine/ Laughing At Life EE+/E+ despite lt grey

415. Co 2319- Guy Lombardo O- Babys Birthday Party/ Ukulele Moon E-/E

416. Co 2332- Joe Green Marimba Band- My Missouri Home/ Drifting On to Avalon looks EE-, plays EE+ Smith Ballew vocs

417. Co 2378- Ted Lewis O- Just a Gigolo/ Headin For Better Times E despite lt grey

418. Co 2454- Ruth Etting- Out of Nowhere/ Say a Little Prayer For Me E+

419. Co 2525- Frank Parker- Life Is Just a Bowl of Cherries/ Sweet & Lovely EE-/E-

420. Co 2557- Ruth Etting- Goodnight Sweetheart/ A Faded Summer Love EE- few lt clx B

421. Co 2591- The Knickerbockers- Whos Your Little Who-Zis/ With Love In My Heart VV+/E-

422. Co 2598- The Knickerbockers- Of Thee I Sing/ Who Cares? Looks E-, plays E some soloing

423. Co 2698(BLUE WAX)- Savoy Hotel Orpheans- The Cat & the Fiddle gems pt 1/2 E/EE+

424. Co 2712- Debroy Somers O- Good Night, Vienna/ The Voice In the Old Village Choir EE+ lams nap

425. Co 2743(BLUE WAX)- Art Kassel O- Chewing Gum/ Henry Hall O- When the Morning Rolls Around E+

426. Co 2831(BLUE WAX)- Emil Coleman O- Let Em Eat Cake/ Mine E-

427. Co 2885(BLUE WAX)- Enric Madriguera O- Orchids In the Moonlight/ Carioca EE+

428. Co 2952(BLUE WAX)- Lud Gluskin O- La Cucaracha/ The Continental EE-

429. Co 2957(BLUE WAX)- Ted Weems O- Talkin To Myself/ Blue Sky Avenue looks E, plays E+

430. Co 2965(BLUE WAX)- Harry Richman w/ O- Say When/ When Love Comes Swinging Along looks E-, plays EE+

431. Co 3036(BLUE WAX)- Henry King O- The Martinique/ Tell Me That You Love Me E+

432. Columbia- Philco Demonstration Record 9-A/B- Raymond Scott/ Gene Autry EE- Specially recorded sides made for Philco. Columbia Red label reads in part This record is to be used only for demonstrating the Philco Photo Electric reproducer in retail stores Raymond Scott O plays excerpts from Pretty Little Petticoat and Huckleberry Duck, and Raymond is interviewed about how amazing the Philco is/ Gene Autry sings Back In the Saddle Again and talks about the Philco, the closes with Blueberry Hill.

433. Columbia- Philco Demonstration Record 10 A/B- Eddy Duchin/ Enric Madriguera EE-/V+ As above-Eddy and Enric talk about the Philco and Eddy plays My Twilight Dream and A Lovely Love Affair-Enric plays Adios and Pan American Way

434. Co unissued shellac test mx WB-24297-A- Alec Wilder group- Whistlers Father N- EXC chamber jazz Mr. Avakians copy from 3/31/39

435. Co 35301- Benny Goodman O- Lets Dance/ Boy Meets Horn E+

436. Co 35371- Jerry Colonna w/ O- I Love Life/ My Mother Was a Lady EE+

437. Co 35595- Alec Templeton piano solo- Redwoods At Bohemian Grove/ Griegs In the Groove E

438. Co 35778- Kate Smith w/ O- A Nightingale Sang In Berkeley Square/ Two Dreams Met E

439. Co 35815- Fred Astaire w/ O- Love Of My Life/ Me & the Ghost Upstairs EE+/E+ West Coast pressing RARE!

440. Co 36193- Eddie South o- Stompin At the Savoy/ Oh Lady be Good E+ original issue

441. Co 36718- Xavier Cugat O- Amor/ Let Me Love You Tonight V+

442. Co 36737- Teddy Wilson O- Out of Nowhere/ Youre My Favorite Memory E+

443. Co 36752- Xavier Cugat O- Prisionero Del Mar/ Eco E-

444. Co 36759- Kate Smith w/ O- There Goes That Song Again/ Dont Fence Me In EE-

445. Co 36955- Benny Goodman O- Its the Talk of the Town/ Swing Angel E+

446. Co 37088- Big Bill Chicago Five- Tell Me Baby/ I Feel So Good E+

447. Co 38045- Frank Sinatra- My Cousin Louella/ Whatll I Do N-

448. Co 38169(promo)- Kay Kyser O- Evelyn/ Bride & Groom Polka E+

449. Co 38546- Buddy Clark w/ O- Song of Surrender/ Youre Breaking My Heart E+

450. Co 38871(promo)- Tony Pastor O- Miles Standish/ The Major & the Minor E+

451. Co 39812(promo)- Marlene Dietrich & Rosemary Clooney- Too Old To Cut the Mustard/ Good For Nothin E+

452. Co 40170(promo)- Jo Stafford & Liberace- April & You/ Indiscretion E+

453. Co 40242- Art Carney- Va Va Va Voom/ Song of the Sewer N-

454. Co C354(CANADIAN)- Gene Krupa O- Flamingo/ Let me off Uptown E

455. Co C734- Gene Krupa O- Hamtramck/ Wire Brush Stomp EE+/EE-

456. Co 399-M- Todd Duncan w/ Drury Lane Theatre O- Drums/ River God E+

457. Co 30172(promo)- Johnnie Lee & the Eboniares- You Cant Lose a Broken Heart/ Dolores Parker- My Sweet Hunk O Trash E+.. from Sugar Hill, James P. Johnson co composer

458. Co 30173(promo)- Monette Moore, the Eboniares and cast- Peace, Sister, Peace/ Monette Moore

and cast- Keep Em Guessing E+ rare from Sugar Hill, James P. Johnson co composer


459. De 5233- Milton Brown Brownies- An Old Water Mill By a Waterfall/ The Wz U Saved E

460. De 5239- Milton Brown Brownies- Ill String Along With you/ The Sweetheart of Sigma Chi E

461. De 5661- Shelton Bros- Ace In the Hole/ Im Savin Saturday Night For You V+/V

462. De 7613- Ollie Shepard Kentucky Boys- Outdoors Blues/ My drifting Blood Blues N-

463. De 7629- Ollie Shepard Kentucky Boys- Jelly Roll/ Sweetest thing Born E+

464. De 7650- Ikey Robinson Windy City 5- A Minor Stomp/ Sunshine E+

465. De 7663- Harry Freddie Shayne- Lonesome Man Blues/ Original Mr. Freddie Blues E+

466. De 8577- Art Tatum Band- Rock Me Mama/ Lucille E/EE-

467. Decca white label shellac private issue mx 9852-A- Nan Blakstone- Stardust EE-

468. De 101- Bing Crosby- Let Me Call You Sweetheart/ Someday Sweetheart EE+ flat lbl D tk/E tk

469. De 115- Dorsey Bros O- Long May We Love/ Im Gettin Sentimental Over You N-

470. De 208- Dorsey Brothers O- Stop, Look & Listen/ Heat Wave EE-

471. De 209- Roy Fox O- Aloha Beloved/ Its All Forgotten Now E

472. De 234- Ethel Waters- Youre Going to Leave the Old Home Jim/ Dinah E

473. De 240- Ted Lewis Band- Sweetie Pie/ Ill Close My Eyes to Everyone Else E-/EE-

474. De 261- Isham Jones O- Why Am I Blue?/ Be Still My Heart EE+/E-

475. De 288- Kate Smith w/ O- The Continental/ When My Ship Comes In V/E-

476. De 293- Al Bowlly- If I Had a Million Dollars/ Be Still My Heart EE- his rarest US side

477. De 309- Bing Crosby- Maybe Im Wrong Again/ With every Breath I Take VV+

478. De 312- Glen Gray O- Blue Moon/ Where Theres Smoke Theres Fire EE+/E+

479. De 352- Glen Gray O- Fare Thee Well Annabelle/ In a Blue & Pensive Mood E

480. De 370- Dorsey Brothers O- Lullaby of Broadway/ The Words Are In My Heart EE-/E

481. De 403- Alfredo Brito Hotel Biltmore O- The Magic of you/ Beneath the Curtain of the Night E

482. De 476- Dorsey Brothers O- Chasing Shadows/ Every Single Little Tingle of My Heart EE+/E+

483. De 519- Dorsey Brothers O- My Very Good Friend-the Milkman/ I Couldnt Believe My Eyes EE-

484. De 543- Bing Crosby- I Wished On the Moon/ Two For Tonight E flat lbl

485. De 554- Orville Knapp O- Accent On Youth/ The Girl I Left Behind Me V+/E-

486. De 555- Fletcher Henderson O- Liza/ Hotter Than Ell E+

487. De 575- Connie Boswell- You Are My Lucky Star/ Ive Got a Feelin Youre Foolin VV+/E-

488. De 610- Isham Jones O- Darling/ Dont Mention Love to Me E+

489. De 622- Louis Armstrong O- Falling In Love With you/ Old Man Mose E flat lbl

490. De 626- Al Donahue O- Alone/ The Winter Wz E+

491. De 629- Bob Crosby O- A Little Bit Independent/ No other One E+

492. De 632- Cleo Brown- When Hollywood Goes Black & Tan/ When VV+/V

493. De 633- Bob Crosby O- Eeny Meeny Miney Mo/ One Night In Monte Carlo EE+

494. De 634- Babs & Her Brothers- When a Great Love Comes Along/ A Little Bit Independent E-

495. De 648- Louis Armstrong O- On Treasure Island/ Red Sails In the Sunset E-/V

496. De 655- Jimmy Dorsey O- Tap Dancers Nightmare/ Washington Grays EE- label tear

497. De 754- Isham Jones O- Stompin At the Savoy/ Melancholy Baby V+ flat lbl

498. De 757- Bing Crosby-Twilight On the Trail/ The Touch of Your Lips E/EE-

499. De 768- Jimmy Dorsey O- Welcome Stranger/ It Is True What They Say About Dixie E

500. De 787- Adrian Rollini O- Lessons In Love/ Tap Room Swing EE-

501. De 791- Bing Crosby-Robins & Roses/ Well Rest At the End of the Trail E-

502. De 797- Louis Armstrong O- I Come From a Musical Family/ Somebody Stole My Break E+

503. De 807- Adrian Rollini O- Swing Low/ Stuff, Etc EE+

504. De 808- Jimmy Dorsey O- I Love to Sing-a/ Taint No Use E

505. De 820- Ted Weems O- Lets Sing Again/ You Can\t Pull the Wool Over My Eyes E

506. De 866- Louis Armstrong O- Swing That Music/ Thankful EE-

507. De 895- Ted Weems O- Bye Bye Baby/ Until Today E+

508. De 907- Dixie Lee Crosby & Bing- The Way U Look Tonight/ A Fine Romance E/EE-

509. De 941- Jimmy Dorsey O- Parade of the Milk Bottle Caps/ Dont Look Now E-/E

510. De 947- Bing Crosby- Pennies from Heaven/ Lets Call a Heart a Heart V+

511. De 949- Louis Armstrong O- the Skeleton in the Closet/ Hurdy Gurdy Man VV+/V+

512. De 950- Jimmy Dorsey O- Lets Call a Heart a Heart/ So Do I E-

513. De 957- Tony Martin- Youre Slightly Terrific/ Its Love Im After E-

514. De 975- Albert Ammons Rhythm Kings- Mile Or Mo Bird Rag/ Early Mornin Blues E-

515. De 1174- Lani Mc Intyre Hawaiians- Moonlight & Shadows/ Beautiful Kahana VV+

516. De 1200- Jimmy Dorsey O- Jamboree/ Hollywood Pastime E+

517. De 1203- Jimmy Dorsey O- Slap That Bass/ They cant take That Away From Me E few lt scrs

518. De 1256- Jimmy Dorsey O- All Gods Chillun Got Rhythm/ Mutiny In the Brass Section E-

519. De 1290- Frank Victor & Harry Volpe- Pagan Fantasy/ Swingin the Scale E+

520. De 1416- Edgar Hayes O- Laughing At Life/ Stompin At the Savoy E/EE+

521. De 1446- Count Basie O- Good Morning Blues/ Our Love Was Meant to Be EE+

522. De 1499- Roy Smeck Serenaders- Better Luck Next Time/ I Still Love to Kiss U Goodnight E-

523. De 1527- Edgar Hayes O- Queen Isabella/ Old King Cole VV+

524. De 1558- Frances Langford- Silhouetted in the Moonlight/ Cant Teach My Old Heart New Tricks E+

525. De 1562- Andrews Sisters- Nice Work If You Can Get It/ Bei Mir Bist Du Schon E-/V

526. De 1685- Harry Roy O- Dinner Music From a Pack of Hungry Cannibals/ Dixie After Dark E

527. De 1807- Kenny Baker w/ O- Sing a Song of Harvest/ Just let Me Look At You E+

528. De 1809- Jimmy Dorsey O- If You Were In My Place/ I Let a Song Go Out of My Heart EE+

529. De 1812- Jimmie Grier O- Isle of Capri/ A Stranger In Paree E-

530. De 1899- Chick Webb O- Azure/ Im Just a Jitterbug V+E- Ella Fitzgerald vo B

531. De 1911- Ray Kinney Hawaiians- Kings Serenade/ Old Plantation EE-

532. De 1913- Louis Armstrong- Jonah & the Whale/ Shadrack E

533. De 1940- Edgar Hayes O- Barbary Coast Blues/ Meet the Band E+

534. De 2023- Dick Robertson O- All American Girl/ You Gotta Be a Football HeroV+

535. De 2029- Mills Brothers- Just a Kid Named Joe/ Funiculi, Funicula EE+

536. De 2042- Louis Armstrong O- Aint Misbehavin/ ICGUA but Love VV+

537. De 2123- Bing Crosby- Old Folks/ My reverie E-

538. De 2147- Bing Crosby- You Must Have Been a Beautiful Baby/ Summer Time E

539. De 2148- Chick Webb O- Ella/ I Found My Yellow Basket EE+ Ella Fitzgerald vocals

540. De 2150- Bob Crosby O- Two Sleepy People/ Wait till My Heart Finds Out E

541. De 2447- Bing Crosby- Im Building a Sailboat of Dreams/ Down by the Old Mill Stream E+

542. De 2501- Harry Roy O- Lil Liza Jane/ San Sue Strut E+/V-

543. De 2511- Freddie Fisher O- My Pony Boy/ Horsey Keep Your Tail Up E+

544. De 2541- Dick Robertson O- Maybe/ Aint Cha Cominut E+/EE+

545. De 2568- Bob Hope & Shirley Ross- Penthouse Serenade/ The Ladys In Love With You E+N-

546. De 2584- Bert Shefter O- Deserted Desert/ Farmer in a Dellemma V+..Raymond Scott sound a like

547. De 2632- Milt Herth Trio-The Spider & the Fly/ Everybody Loves My Baby EE+

548. De 2804- Mills Brothers- Asleep In the Deep/ Meet Me Tonight In Dreamland E+ aud scuffs B

549. De 2818- Milt Herth Trio-Church Mouse On a Spree/ Scatter Brain VV+

550. De 2907- Milt Herth Trio-Boy Scout In Switzerland/ Peach tree Street E- Raymond Scott tune A

551. De 2964- Milt Herth Trio- The Monkeys Have No Tails In Pago Pago/ At a Georgia Camp Meeting E-

552. De 2967- Arthur Tracy- Marta/ Faithful Forever E+

553. De 3066- Shirley Ross w/ O- Nothing But You/ It Never Entered My Mind EE+

554. De 3067- Shirley Ross w/ O- Evry Sunday Afternoon/ From Another World EE+

555. De 3257- Bing Crosby- Im Waiting For Ships That Never Come In/ Cynthia E

556. De 3350- Andy Kirk O- Midnight Stroll/ No Greater Love EE-/E

557. De 3423- Bing Crosby- You Made Me Love You/ Do You Ever Think of Me E+

558. De 3619- Andy Kirk O- A Dream Dropped In/ Is It a Sin E+

559. De 3647- Jimmy Dorsey O- Turn Left/ Turn Right EE+

560. De 3663- Andy Kirk O- Ring Dem Bells/ Cuban Boogie Woogie E-/VV+

561. De 3664- Milt Herth Trio- Hoity Toity/ Down Home Rag EE+

562. De 3698- Jimmy Dorsey O- Green Eyes/ Maria Elena EE+/E+

563. De 3704- Milt Herth Trio- Corn Silk/ Anvil Chorus EE-

564. De 3721- Jimmy Dorsey O- Man, Thats Groovy/ Au Reet E+

565. De 3737- Jimmy Dorsey Once & For All/ The things I Love E-

566. De 3740- Milt Herth Trio- Play, Play Tina/ Toy Piano Minuet E-

567. De 3772- Jimmy Dorsey O- Aurora/ Bar Babble E+

568. De 3775- Jimmy Dorsey O- All Alone & Lonely/ Blue Champagne E+

569. De 3859- Jimmy Dorsey O- Time Was/ Isle of Pines V/E+

570. De 4122- Jimmy Dorsey O- Arthur Murray taught Me dancing In a Hurry/ Not Mine V+/E

571. De 18597- Bing Crosby- Swinging On a Star/ Going My Way E+

572. De 18701- Evelyn Knight- The Lass with the delicate Air/ Grandfathers Clock E

573. De 18713- Ella Fitzgerald-Bennys Coming Home On Saturday/ A Kiss Goodnight E+ warp nap

574. De 18842- Kenny Baker- I Left My Heart At the Stage Door Canteen/ Im Getting Tired So I Can Sleep EE+

575. De 20050- Megan Thomas, Hardy Williamson, Robert Howes w/ O- Heres a How De Do/ Elsie James, Robert Howe, Arthur Ward w/ O- The Criminal Creed E+ sm rcanp

576. De 24824(promo)- Bing Crosby- The Little grey House/ Stay Well E+N-

577. De 24958- Ella Fitzgerald- Solid As a Rock/ Sugarfoot Rag E+ warp nap

578. De 25006- Milt Herth trio- Toy Trumpet/ In An 18th Century Drawing Room E+

579. De 25069- Jimmy Dorsey O- All of Me/ Body & Soul E

580. De 25354- Ella Fitzgerald-The darktown Strutters Ball/ SHINE E+

581. De 24741(promo)- Ink Spots- Land of Love/ Echoes E+

582. De 27009(promo)- Artie Shaw O- Hes Gone Away/ Foggy Foggy Dew EE+

583. De 27056(promo)- Artie Shaw O- The Continental/ Ill Remember April EE+

584. De 27102(promo)- Ink Spots- I Was Dancing with Someone/ Sometime E+

585. De 27111- Bing Crosby- I Cross My Fingers/ La Vie En Rose EE+/E+

586. De 27595(promo)- Bing Crosby- here Ends the rainbow/ With This Ring I Thee Wed E+N-

587. De 27631(promo)- Bing Crosby & Andrews Sisters- The Yodeling Ghost/ Black Ball Ferry Line E+N-

588. De 28552(promo)- Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong- Would You Like to Take a Walk/ Who Walks In When I Walk Out E+N-

589. De 28707(promo)- Ella Fitzgerald- Angel Eyes/ Nowhere Guy E+N- warp nap

590. De 28762(promo)- Ella Fitzgerald- When the Hands of the Clock Pray At Midnight/ Crying In the Chapel E+N- warp nap

591. De 28827(promo)- Jerry Colonna- Hey, Barmaid!/ Im a Love you EE+

592. De 28924(promo)- Fletcher Peck Trio- The Guy With the Voodoo!/ Im a Fool For Beans E+

593. De 29008- Ella Fitzgerald-Somebody Bad Stole De Wedding Bell/ Melancholy Me E+ despite grey A warp nap

594. De 48035- Christine Chatman O- Bootin the Boogie/ The Boogie Woogie Girl E+


595. Vi 1263- Haydn Quartet- Old Black Joe VV+

596. Monarch 1644- Metropolitan O- Ping Pong- a Characteristic Pastime V

597. Vi 1834- An Evening with the Minstrels #1 Ethiopian Carnival of Melody V

598. Vi 16463- American Quartet- Medley of Negro Songs/ Murry K. Hill- A Talk on Married Life VV+

599. Vi 16834- Arthur Pryor O-A Rhinewine Rag/ American Quartet w/ O- Some Of These days EE+

600. Vi 16876- Walter Van Brunt w/ O- That Railroad Rag/ Collins & Harlan- Clara Jenkins Tea E-/EE- clk B

601. Vi 17138- Arthur Pryor Band- The Red Rose Rag/ Victor Military Band- Round the World EE-

602. Vi 17318- Al Jolson- The Spaniard That Blighted My Life/ My Yellow Jacket Girl EE-

603. Vi 18125- Avon Comedy Four- Gila, Galah, Galoo/ MJ O Connell- Old Bill Baker E-

604. Vi 18235- Collins & Harlan- That Funny Jas Band From Dixieland/ American Quartet- The Honolulu Hicki Boola Boo EE+

605. Vi 18431- Princess Watahwaso w/p, flute- A Sioux Serenade/ By the Waters of the Minnetonka E+

606. Vi 18577- SM Kalawe Hawaiian Quint & string instruments- Kuu Home/ Hawaiian Quintette & stringed instruments- Aloha Oe EE-/E

607. Vi 18580- Toots Paka Hawaiian troupe- Kaowe ake Kai/ Lei Loke o Kawika E

608. Vi 18581- Toots Paka Hawaiian troupe- Ninipo/ Kamawe E

609. Vi 18582-- Toots Paka Hawaiian troupe- Rain Tuahine/ Toots Paka Medley EE+

610. Vi 18644- Al Bernard w/ O- Bell Hop Blues/ You Know What I Mean V+

611. Vi 19360- Charles Dornberger O- Tropical Palms/ Thats the Tune E

612. Vi 19436- Belle Baker w/ O- Hard Hearted Hannah/ Sweet Little You E

613. Vi 19527- The Duncan Sisters- Cross-Word Puzzle Blues/ Mean Cicero Blues E+

614. Vi 19633- Charles Dornberger O- Oh That Sweet in Suite 16/ George Olsen O- Those Panama Mamas E-

615. Vi 19672- Fred Hamm O- Flag That Train/ Stomp Off, Lets Go EE-

616. Vi 20473(CAN)- Irving Aaronson O- Crazy Words- Crazy Tune/ I Never See Maggie Alone EE+

617. Vi 20686- Ben Black O- Rosa Lee/ Eddie Harkness Hotel Mark Hopkins O- Gonna Get a Girl G ..San Francisco recorded

618. Vi 20688- Art Hickman O- Ill Just Go Along/ Henry Halstead O- Pal of My Lonesome Hours EE-/E- A side recorded at Clift Hotel, San Francisco/ B side in Los Angeles

619. Vi 20970- Phil Baker- At the Theatre pt 1/2 EE+

620. Vi 21309- California Humming Birds- Shes a Great, Great Girl/ I Just Roll Along NN-

621. Vi 21310- Horace Heidt O- Golden Gate/ What a Wonderful Wedding That Will Be E+ Oakland rec

622. Vi 21312- Horace Heidt O- I Still Love You/ Every Evening EE+ Oakland, Cal. Rec

623. Vi 21313- Herman Kenin O- Persian Rug/ Eddie Harkness O- Trees E+ Oakland rec

624. Vi 21315- Paul Whiteman O- Ma Belle/ March of the Musketeers EE+

625. Vi 21744- Nat Shilkret O- My Varsity Girl Ill Cling to you/ BlossomsThat Bloom In the Moonlight EE+

626. Vi 21763- Sam Kuu West Harmony Boys- Minnehaha/ Drowsy Waters V

627. Vi 21831- Eddie Cantor w/ O- Makin Whoopee/ Hungry Women E+

628. Vi 21921- Leo Reisman O- Thats What I Call Heaven/ Mean to Me E+

629. Vi 21927- Leo Reisman O- Thats You Baby/ Walking with Susie EE+

630. Vi 21932(JAPAN)- Lupe Velez w/ O- Mi Amado/ Where Is the Song of Songs For Me E+

631. Vi 21965- Charles King w/ O- You Were Meant For Me/ Love Boat E

632. Vi 21995- Sophie Tucker- I Dont Want to Get This/ Thats What I Call Sweet Music E+

633. Vi 22079(CANAD)- Gloria Swanson w/ O- Serenade/ Love E+

634. Vi 22114- Leo Reisman O- Gay Love/ Arden-Ohman O-Love Your Spell Is Everywhere E

635. Vi 22115- Leo Reisman O- Doing the Boom Boom/ Look What Youve Done to Me EE+

636. Vi 22119- Amos & Andy- Is Everybody In Your Family As Dumb As You Is 1/2 NN-

637. Vi 22113- Johnny Marvin w/ O- Tip Toe Thru the Tulips/ Painting the Clouds With Sunshine VV+

638. Vi 22123- Coon-Sanders O- Got a Great Big Date With a Little Bitta Girl/ Jean Goldkette O- An Old Italian Love Song EE-/E-

639. Vi 22125- Johnny Marvin w/ O- Same Old Moon- Same Old June/ True Blue Lou EE+

640. Vi 22330- Frank Luther w/ O- The Moon Is Low/ What is This Thing Called Love E/EE-

641. Vi 22260- Johnny Johnson O- Thats Why Im Jealous of You/ Kiss Me My Sweetheart E+

642. Vi 22290- The High Hatters- Keepin Myself For You/ Nat Shilkret O- Blue Is the Night E+ NICE A

643. Vi 22292- Warings Penns- Tea For Two/ I Want to Be Happy EE+

644. Vi 22299- Gene Austin w/ O- St James Infirmary/ After Youve Gone E+

645. Vi 22323- Frank Crumit w/ O- And Then He Took Up Golf/ Donald the Dub E+

646. Vi 22330- Frank Luther w/ O- The Moon Is Low/ What is This Thing Called Love? N-

647. Vi 22334- Hilo Hawaiian O- Lazy Louisiana Moon/ Nat Shilkret O- Alone With My Dreams VV+ scrs

648. Vi 22346- Warings Penns- Thank Your father/ Good For you- Bad For Me E+

649. Vi 22388- Grace Hayes w/ O- I Like to Do Things For You/ My Lover EE+ from King of Jazz

650. Vi 22425- Bernie Cummins O- Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder/ Nat Shilkret- Dancing With Tears In My Eyes E

651. Vi 22428- Grace Hayes w/ O- Exactly Like You/ On the Sunny Side of the Street VV+

652. Vi 22532- Helen Morgan w/ O- Body & Soul/ Something to remember You By V+

653. Vi 22548- Leroy Shield Victor Hollywood o- Sing Song Girl/ Song of the Big Trail EE+ Great A side by the GREAT LEROY SHIELD, the man responsible for so much of the music in Hal Roach- Laurel & Hardy, Our Gang, etc short subjects. B side has vocal by Bud Jamison, the SAME one who was in the majority of the Three Stooges- Curly era shorts. The only record issued under Shields name as a bandleader

654. Vi 22582- Bert Lown O- And Then Your Lips Met Mine/ Youre Simply Delish E-

655. Vi 22602- Bert Lown O- Lonesome Lover/ Havana Nov O- Little Spanish Dancer E- good Rollini A

656. Vi 22703- The High Hatters- Moonlight Saving Time/ Boy Oh Boy Ive Got It Bad VV+

657. Vi 22704- Snooks Memphis Ramblers- You Dont Need Glasses/ Building a Home For You V+

658. Vi 22708- Warings Penns- High & Low/ Dancing In the Dark E

659. Vi 22722- Johnny Hamp O- Look In the Looking Glass/ Nevertheless EE- great A!

660. Vi 22726- Arden-Ohman O- Do the New York/ Here We Are In Love V+/E-

661. Vi 22745- Novelty Orch- Puzzle Record part 1/2 E+..fun with Al Bowlly voc

662. Vi 22746- Leo Reisman O- Without That Gal/ When the Moon Comes Over the Mountain E-

663. Vi 22751- Rudy Vallee O- Makin Faces At the Man In the Moon/ Hikin Down the Highway E

664. Vi 22752- Rudy Vallee O- Pardon Me Pretty Baby/ Many Happy Returns of the day EE-

665. Vi 22754- Bert Lown O- The First Girl I Met/ The Troubadours- When the Clock Strikes Twelve E-

666. Vi 22755- Leo Reisman O- New Sun In the Sky/ I Love Louisa E/E- Fred Astaire vocals

667. Vi 22757- Leo Reisman O- Take It From Me/ Its the Girl E- Lee Wiley vocal A/ Reisman vo B

668. Vi 22784- Rudy Vallee O- The Thrill Is Gone/ My Song E- some scrs

669. Vi 22801- Russ Columbo w/ O- I Dont Know Why/ Guilty V+E-

670. Vi 22805- Bert Lown O- Lets Drift Away On Dreamers Bay/ The Troubadours- Now That I Need You, Youre Gone E+

671. Vi 22808- The High Hatters- Singin the Blues/ Its the Darndest Thing E

672. Vi 22817- Wayne King O- Guilty/ I Dont Know Why V+

673. Vi 22818- Arden-Ohman O- Youre My Everything/ Ooh That Kiss V+ Froos-Luther duet B

674. Vi 22820- Wayne King O- My Moonlight Rosary/ Blue Kentucky Moon EE-

675. Vi 22822- Ted Weems O- Oh Monah/ I Love to hear a Military Band V- Label has a stamp/sticker with logo from the 1933 A Century of Progress Worlds Fair

676. Vi 22827- Paul Whiteman O- A Faded Summer Love/ Old Playmate N-

677. Vi 22879- Paul Whiteman O- All of Me/ By the Sycamore Tree EE+

678. Vi 22822- Paul Whiteman O- A Rose & a Kiss/ I Dont Suppose E-

678. Vi 22918- Gene Kardos O- Fate Introduced Me to You/ I Wouldnt Change you For the World E-

680. Vi 22968- George Olsen O- Theres Nothing the Matter With Me/ Say V+E- plays better on this hi fi recording with Ethel Shutta vocal A

681. Vi 22970- Jimmie Grier- Bob Voyage to Your Ship of Dreams/ Ive paid For Love EE-

682. Vi 22977- Wayne King O- When the Lights Are Soft & Low/ A Moment In the Dark E/EE+

683. Vi 24087- Bert Lown O- Im Yours For Tonight/ Over the Weekend V

684. Vi 24183- Jack Denny O- Ive Told Every Little Star/ The Song Is You E-

685. Vi 24213- Isham Jones O- Why Cant This Night Go On Forever/ Jack Denny O- Im Playing With Fire EE+

686. Vi 24220- George Olsen O- The Girl in the Little Green Hat/ My Fraternity Pin E- HI FI!

687. Vi 24287- Paul Whiteman O- Youll Never Get Up to heaven That Way/ Ray Noble O- Wheezy Anna EE-

688. Vi 24297- Ray Noble O- Lyin In the Hay/ Wanderer E+

689. Vi 24298- Isham Jones O- Just Born to be Lonesome/ Blue Prelude EE+ gouge near end of B side

690. Vi 24299- The High Hatters- Medley of drinking Songs fox trot/ same wz EE-/E+

691. Vi 24301- The High Hatters- Easy Rider/ A Guy What Takes His Time E+..a GREAT two sided movie tune record in hi fidelity with vocals by Peggy English

692. Vi 24302- Ray Noble O- Rock Your Cares Away/ Ted Weems O- Pan Handle Pete looks V+, plays E+ due to great recording quality on these 24300s-Bowlly A/ peppy Weems

693. Vi 24309- Marek Weber O- Tonight/ Zigeuner You Have Stolen My Heart EE- faint intcr nap

694. Vi 24312- Leo Reisman O- My temptation/ Love Songs of the Nile EE- Fred Astaire vocal A

695. Vi 24347- Ray Noble O- Let Me Give My Happiness to You/ Three Wishes E+ EXC sides w/ Bowlly

696. Vi 24389- Paul Whiteman presents Ramona- Come Up & See Me Sometime/ You Excite Me E-

697. Vi 24438- Jan Garber O- Hopelessly in Love with You/ Ive An Evening For Sale E

698. Vi 24454- Gertrude Niesen w/ Isham Jones O- Jealousy/ w/ Ray Sinatra O- Smoke Gets In Your Eyes E-

699. Vi 24459- Rudy Vallee O- Flying Down to Rio/ Orchids In the Moonlight EE- rg lbl

700. Vi 24461- Eddy Duchin O- After Sundown/ La Cumparsita EE+

701. Vi 24499- Isham Jones O- Blue Prelude/ London Mayfair O- Lady of Spain E+ rg lbl

702. Vi 24502- Jan Garber O- Odds & Ends/ In other Words Were Through E+

703. Vi 24510- Eddy Duchin O- Lets Fall in Love/ Love Is Love Anywhere E-

704. Vi 24598- Paul Whiteman presents Ramona- Broadways Gone Hill-Billy/ Were Out of the Red E+

705. Vi 24603- Ray Noble O- Oceans of Time/ The Sun Is Round the Corner E+ EXC sides w/ Bowlly

706. Vi 24606- Isham Jones O- Its Funny to Everyone But Me/ I Aint Lazy, Im Just Dreamin EE+

707. Vi 24613- Eddy Duchin- Ive Had My Moments/ Riptide E+ few clx B

708. Vi 24626- Harry Sosnick O- Fool That I Am/ No More Heartaches No More Tears E+

709. Vi 24657- Ray Noble O- The Very thought of You/ Ill be Good Because of You E Bowllys

710. Vi 24668- Paul Whiteman O- feat Frank Trumbauer- Tail Spin/ G Blues EE+

711. Vi 24670- Paul Whiteman O- I Saw You dancing In My Dreams/ Born to Be Kissed E

712. Vi 24693- Don Bestor O- Let Me Call You Mine/ The Prize Wz E-

713. Vi 24690- Cab Calloway O- Hotcha Razz Ma Tazz/ Moonglow looks E-, plays EE+

714. Vi 24698- Don Bestor O- Ooh You Miser You/ Moon of Desire E

715. Vi 24703- Raymond Paige O- Youre Nothin But a Nothin/ Talkin to Myself E GOOD!!

716. Vi 24709- Eddy Duchin O- What About Me?/ One Night of Love V+

717. Vi 24710- Jerry Johnson O- Two Cigarettes In the Dark/ Im In Love VV+

718. Vi 24711- Ray Noble O- What Now?/ Henry King O- Give Me a Heart to Sing To EE+/E+ Bowlly A

719. Vi 24764- Richard Himber O- Say When/ When Love Comes Swinging Along E-

720. Vi 24766- Cole Porter- Youre the Top/ Thank You So Much Mrs. Lowsborough Goodby VV+

721. Vi 24800- Eddy Duchin O- Here Is My Heart/ Water Under the bridge EE-

722. Vi 24825- Cole Porter- Anything Goes/ Two Little Babes In the Woods VV+

723. Vi 24829- Richard Himber O- Dawn/ Dancing with My Shadow EE- Joey Nash vocs

724. Vi 24852- Paul Whiteman O- Serenade For a Wealthy Widow/ Deep Forest E-

725. Vi 24863- Fats Waller Rhythm- You Fit Into the Picture/ Im a Hundred Percent For you E-

726. Vi 24868- Richard Himber O- Zing! Went the Strings of My Heart/ Lullaby of Broadway EE+ Joey Nash vocals

727. Vi 24872- Ray Noble O- Experiment/ Its Bad For Me E+ EXC sides w/ Bowlly

728. Vi 24885- Paul Whiteman O- Itchola/ Jan Garber O- Love & a Dime EE+

729. Vi 25006- Ray Noble O- Experiment/ Driftin Tide EE+ Al Bowlly vocals

730. Vi 25027- Fats Waller Rhythm- Whose Honey Are You? /Whats the Reason E- non vocal takes

731. Vi 25044- Fats Waller Rhythm- Youve Been Taking Lessons In Love/ Im Gonna Sit Right Down & Write Myself a Letter EE+

732. Vi 25124- Richard Himber O- Broadway Rhythm/ On a Sunday Afternoon V+

733. Vi 25135- Paul Whiteman O-Me & Marie/ A Picture of Me Without you EE-

734. Vi 25198- Paul Whiteman O- I Got Love/ Im the Echo EE+

735. Vi 25217- Tommy Dorsey O- I Picked a Flower the Color of Your Eyes/ Please Believe Me E-

736. Vi 25234- Rudy Vallee O- He Wooed Her/ I Can Wiggle My Ears E+

737. Vi 25236- Tommy Dorsey O- Im Gettin Sentimental Over You/ Ive Got a Note EE- rg lbl

738. Vi 25237- Xavier Cugat O- A Street in Old Seville/ Para Vigo Me Voy E rg lbl

739. Vi 25240- Ray Noble O- If You Love Me/ We Saw the Sea E+ Bowlly A

740. Vi 25265- Paul Whiteman O- Awake In a Dream/ Jack Hylton O- Everything Stops For Tea V+

741. Vi 25266- Fats Waller Rhythm- The Panic Is On/ Sugar Rose E+

742. Vi 25297- Fletcher Henderson O- Moonrise On the Lowlands/ Im a Fool For Loving You E

743. Vi 25298- Richard Himber O- Ive Got a Heavy Date/ Would You E+ warp nap

744. Vi 25399- Jolly Coburn O- It Can Happen to You/ Fancy Meeting You E

745. Vi 25401- Ruby Newman O- Make Believe Ball Room/ Sing Baby Sing E-

746. Vi 25404- Paul Whiteman O- Announcers Blues/ Joe Loss O- Madam Ah La Marquise Ah E+

747. Vi 25420- Nick La Rocca ODJB- Did You Mean It?/ Who Loves You? E+

748. Vi 25461- Benny Goodman O- Goodnight My Love/ Take Another Guess EE+

749. Vi 25457- Richard Himber O-Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star/ Where Have You Been All My Life EE+

750. Vi 27508- Tommy Dorsey O- Neiani/ This Love of Mine E few scrs Sinatra vocs

751. Vi 27531- Duke Ellington O- I Got It Bad/ Chocolate Shake EE-

752. Vi 27532- Tommy Dorsey O- Free For All/ You & I E/E- Sinatra

753. Vi 25584- Richard Himber O- Blue Venetian Waters/ Joe Loss O- Cuban Pete E+

754. Vi 27591- Tommy Dorsey O- Pale Moon/ Hallelujah EE+ Sinatra A

755. Vi 25623- Tommy Dorsey O- Allegheny Al/ The Things I Want E+

756. Vi 25710- Emilio Caceres Trio- Humoresque In swing Time/ I Got rhythm EE+ despite lt grey

757. Vi 25742- Richard Himber Essex House O- I Live the Life I Love/ Thrill of a Lifetime E-

758. Vi 25774- Tommy Dorsey O- More Than Ever/ Annie Laurie EE+

759. Vi 25842- Leo Reisman O- Spring Is Here/ Ill tell the Man In the Street E Felix Knight vocs

760. Vi 25851- Guy Lombardo O- Ride, Tenderfoot, Ride/ I Love You With All My Heart E+

761. Vi 25859- Leo Reisman O- When They Played the Polka/ Theres Rain In My Eyes NN- Vocals by Felix Knight, of Laurel and Hardys Babes In Toyland

762. Vi 25871- Benny Goodman O- Big John Special/ The Flat Foot Floogie NN-

763. Vi 25880- Benny Goodman O- Wrappin It Up/ My Melancholy Baby EE-

764. Vi 25888- Richard Himber O- Ill Still Be Loving You/ When Mother Nature Sings E+

765. Vi 26022- Joseph Rines O- From Alpha to Omega/ For No Rhyme or Reason V+

766. Vi 26038- Hal Kemp O- FDR Jones/ My heart Is Unemployed E-/E

767. Vi 26101- Richard Himber O- Minuet in Jazz/ War Dance For Wooden Indians E+ interesting take on Raymond Scott tunes

768. Vi 26108- Larry Clinton O- Jeepers Creepers/ The Devil With the Devil E+

769. Vi 26109- Emilio Caceres Trio- Runnin Wild/ Emilio Caceres O-Jig In G V+

770. Vi 26370- Tommy Dorsey Clambake 7- Shoot the Sherbet to Me Herbert/ Alla En El Rancho Grande E+

771. Vi 26640- Sidney Bechet NO Feetwarmers- Wild Man Blues/ Shake It & Break It V+

772. Vi 26663- Sidney Bechet NO Feetwarmers- Nobody Knows the Way I Feels Dis Mornin/ Old Man Blues E+

773. Vi 26746- Sidney Bechet NO Feetwarmers- Blues For You, Johnny/ Aint Misbehavin E

774. Vi 26758- Leo Reisman O- Such Stuff As Dreams Are Made Of/ I Want to Live E+

775. Vi 26790- Artie Shaw O- Love of My Life/ A Handful of Stars E+

776. Vi 27240- Sidney Bechet NO Feetwarmers- Save It Pretty Mama/ Stompy Jones EE+/E

777. Vi 27337- Sidney Bechet NO Feetwarmers- Egyptian Fantasy/ Slippin & Slidin E-

778. Vi 27341- Lionel Hampton O- Open House/ Bogo Jo EE+

779. Vi 27611- Tommy Dorsey O- A Sinner Kissed An Angel/ Two In Love E+ Sinatra vocals

780. Vi 27663- Sidney Bechet NO Feetwarmers- Laughin in Rhythm/ Rip Up the Joint EE+/E

781. Vi 27838- Artie Shaw O- Deuces Wild/ To a Broadway Rose EE+

782. Vi 27869- Tommy Dorsey O- Ill Take Tallulah/ Not So Quiet Please E+

783. Vi 27895- Artie Shaw O- St James Infirmary Blues pt 1/2 EE+

784. Vi 27904- Sidney Bechet NO Feetwarmers-Im Coming Virginia/ Georgia Cabin EE+

785. Vi 20-2424- Tex Beneke & the Miller O- Too Late/ I Have But One Heart E

786. Vi 20-2432- Tampa Red- Corrine Blues/ New Bad Luck Blues E despite grey

787. Vi 20-2468- Tommy Dorsey O- L-L-L-L-A/ The Old Chaperon EE-

788. Vi 20-2592- Spike Jones City Slickers- People Are Funnier Than Anybody/ My Old Flame E

789. Vi 20-2892- Illinois Jacquet O- Try Me One More Time/ Jet Propulsion E+

790. Vi 20-3516(promo)- Spike Jones describes the instruments used in Dance of the Hours/ Spike Jones City Slickers- Dance of the Hours EE-. FUN A

791. Vi 20-5453- Eddie Fisher- Many Times/ Just To Be With you E despite grey

792. Vi 20-5552- Eddie Fisher- Oh My Papa/ Until You Say Goodbye EE+ despite grey

793. Vi 20-5871- Eddie Fisher- Count Your Blessings/ Fanny EE+

794. Vi 20-6529- Eddie Fisher- Sweet Heartaches/ On the Street Where You Live E despite grey

795. Vi 20-3766- Gene Krupa Chicago Jazz- My Scandinavian Baby/ Bonapartes Retreat E+

796. Victor Program Transcription L-12026- Leo Reisman O- Stormy Weather/ Happy As the Day Is Long VV+, Harold Arlen vocal

797. Victor Program Transcription L-16000- Wayne King O- Popular Selections E+

798. Victor Program Transcription L-16005- Leo Reisman O- The Cat & the Fiddle EE-, closer to E

799. Victor Program Transcription L-24000- Victor Salon O- Salon Suite 1 pt 1/2 E-

800. Vi Higher Fidelity Demo Record D-18- Lionel Hampton O- On the Sunny Side of the Street/ Wayne King O- Josephine E sm rcnap.. brown on buff label

801. Vi Higher Fidelity Demo Record D-21- Jeanette Mac Donald-Nelson Eddy- Indian Love Call Boston Pops O- Espana Rapsodie E-, brown on buff label

802. Vi 72616(ITALIAN SERIES)- Gioacchino Magni- Come Pioveva/ Marietta EE-

803. Vi 72656- Eduardo Migliaccio- Il Riservista pt 1/2 E+

804. Vi 72704- The Four Sicilians- Il Ritorno Dei Soldati/ Viva Orlando E

805. Vi 72802- Flora Dyson- Lua de Mel/ Eterna Cancao EE-

806. Vi 72982- Giegliemo Voccia- Ncopp a llonna/ Napulita, Cantammo E+

807. Vi 72946- Vincenzo Esposito- Alfredo Cibelli- I Pescatori/ Vieni Sul Mar! E+

808. Vi 73063- Coppia De Nunzio- Pachianella/ Margaret Gentille- Arthur De Nunzio- Miez e Grade E+

809. Vi 73435- Irene Veneroni- Le Rose Rosse/ Torna al Paesello VV+

810. Vi 73426(POLISH SERIES)- Iris & Stefan Bandrowski- Oj ta Marys!/ Krakowiacy E-

811. Vi 73132(PORTUGUESE SERIES)- Manuel Carvalho- Fado de ciume/ Amor da guitarra E-

812. Vi 73171 (??SERIES)- Orq Max Dolin- Si llego a besarte/ La Golondrina E

813. Vi 73193- Orq Max Dolin- El telefono a larga distancia/ Cielito Lindo EE+

814. Vi 6119(GERMAN SERIES)- Marek Weber O- Wenn Das Wortchen Wenn Nicht War/ Adieu, Mein Kleiner Gardeoffizier E but gouge B

815. Vi 6120- Erik Wirl mit dem Orch des Metropol Theatre- Ja Dort Im Liebhardtstal/ Wien Du Stadt Der Lieder EE+

816. Vi 120812(CANADIAN)- Tommy Hadley & Company- The Dis-orderly Room pt 1/2 EE+ no US issue

817. Vi JA 838(JAPAN)- Benny Goodman O- Youre Giving Me a Song and a Dance/ When a Lady Meets

a Gentleman Down South E+ with original English lyric sheet (in an original Japanese Victor sleeve with Tommy Dorseys picture on it)

818. Vi A 1231(JAPAN)- Jack Teagarden All Star Band- Ise a Muggin pt 1/2 N- beautiful pressing

819. Vi DJ 531- The Tommy Dorsey Story Set to Music narrated by Johnny Victor (story teller on the RCA Victor Sunday Radio Show)/ Tommy Dorsey O- Until E+..interesting side A with excerpts from Marie, Im Getting Sentimental Over You and others (with Johnny Victor sounding a lot like Warren William)

820. Vi 34387(BRAZIL)- Sylvio Caldas and Victor Brasil O- Na Mao Direita/Florisbella E+

821. Vi V-81- Hawaiian orchestra- White Birds/ The Road to Paradise E+ rarely seen series

822. Vi V-710- Glahe Musette O- Beer Barrel-Polka/ Hot Pretzels E+ slight warp nap

823. Victor 1326(red seal)- Sergei Rachmaninoff piano - Spinning Song/ Prelude in C Sharp Minor EE-

824. Vi (red seal)- Yvonne Printemps- Noel Coward- Conversation Piece act 1 part 1/2 E+

825. Victrola 4053- Dolores Del Rio w/ O- Ramona/ Ya Ya Cavendo E+


826. acetate- party record- Ragged But Right EE-..unknown female vocal with jazz accomp . Risque lyrics

827. acetate- party record- Laziest Gal In Town EE-..unknown female vocal with jazz accomp . Risque lyric

828. Actuelle(Pathe) 11447- Willard Robison O- Where the Wild Wild Flowers Grow/ At Sundown E-

829. Advance Publishing Co HT 162/3- The Hapa-Haoles- Aloha Ia No o Maui Maui Hula/ Annie Kerr and her Trio- Hawaii Im yearning E despite grey-top laminated pressing

830. American Music 515- Dinks Good Time Music- Stomp De Lowdown/ Grace & Beauty

831. Am Mus 523- Dinks Good Time Music- Rag Bag Rag/ Yeah Man E+

832. Am Mus 525- Dink Johnson- Jelly Roll Blues/ Indian Rag E+

833. Am Mus 526- Dink Johnson- Frisco Dreams/ Dinks Blues E+

834. Am Mus 532- Original Creole Stompers- Baby Wont You Please Come Home/ B-Flat Blues E lt scuffs nap

835. Am Mus 537- Louis Delisles O- Black Cat On the Fence/ Clarinet Marmalade E+

836. ARC Theatre Use F 335- Cliff Roberts O- Ill String Along With You/ same VV- ¼ inch hlc nap

837. ARC Theatre Use F 360- Bob Causer O- Straight From the Shoulder/ same V-

838. ARC Theatre Use F 372- Larry Funk O- When Youre In Love/ same V

839. ARC vinyl master pressed test mx LA-1010- Cliff Edwards- The Hunkadola E+ 2/27/35

840. ARC vinyl master pressed test mx LA-1011- Cliff Edwards- I Was Born Too Late E+ 2/27/35

841. Aeolian Vocalion 22019- Colin O More w/ O- Hosanna/ The Palms E

842. Alpha 1001- Elsa Miranda w/ O- Chiquita Banana/ Theres Still a Little Time EE+ tite 1 inch cr nap

843. Autograph 5001- Milton Charles- I Never Knew/ Lantern of Love EE-/E rare label clean

844. Banner 1087- Majestic DO- Jen Ai Marre/ Eddie Davis O- My Cradle Memory E-

845. Ba 1776- The Buffalodians- Baby Face/ Missouri Jazz Band- My Pal Jerry E

846. Ba 6508- Irving Kaufman O- St Louis Blues/ Fred Rich O- Piccolo Pete V+

847. Ba 7097- Roy Smeck & Art Kahn- Itching Fingers/ Roy Smeck- My Ohio Home VV+

848. Ba 0544- The Clevelanders- Sunny Side Up/ Lou Gold O- Just For Tonight V Ballew A

849. Ba 32603- Ed Loyd O- Some Day Well Meet Again/ Just a Little Home For the Old Folks clean EE-

850. Ba 32897- Earl Harlan O- After Sundown/ Our Big Love Scene E

851. Ba 32937- Will Osborne O- Like Me a Little Bit Less/ Inka Dinka Doo E-

852. Ba 32946- Todd Rollins O- Jimmy had a Nickel/ Roll Out of Bed With a Smile E+ in orig sleeve

853. Ba 33031- Albert Taylor O- Stand Up & Cheer/ Were Out of the Red VV+

854. Ba 33033- Charles Barnet O- Emaline/ I Lost Another Sweetheart V-/V

855. Ba 33352- Kel Murray O- Clouds/ Things Might Have Been So Different EE+

856. Belda Mysto Magic- The Wizard Record- 105- Frank Hubbell O w/ the Sparkettes- What Will It Play?/ more E+ obscure label- puzzle record- plays different tunes

857. Bell P-30- Bell DO- Honolulu Eyes/ Moulin Rouge O- Margie V-

858. Black & White 401- Gerald Wilson O- Et-Ta/ Pensive Melody E

859. B&W 403- Gerald Wilson O- The Moors/ The saint E despite grey

860. B&W 777- Gerald Wilson O- Pammy/ Cruisin With Cab E despite grey/EE+

861. B&W 778- Gerald Wilson O- Warm Mood/ One O Clock Jump EE+

862. Bluebird 5097- Rudy Vallee O- On the Air/ My Moonlight Madonna E-..GREAT A SIDE!!

863. BB 5437- Dave Harman O- Live & Love Tonight/ Cocktails For Two V

864. BB 5631- Tom Berwick O- Tea For Two/ Blue Steele O- Mistakes E+ EXC A w/ solos

865. BB 5496- Jimmie Davis- Arabella Blues/ The Shotgun Wedding E-/VV+

866. BB 5646- Angelo Ferdinando O- Talkin to Myself/ Blue Sky Avenue E+

867. BB 5951- Kay Kyser O- Collegiate Fanny/ Hark the Sound of Tar Heel Voices EE- to E HOT A from 1929

868. BB 6030- Frank Dailey Meadowbrook O- Isnt It a Lovely Day/ Cheek to Cheek E-

869. BB 6097- Peggy Johnson O- If You Can get Five Take Two/ She Jumped On Her Pushbike and Pedaled Away EE- risque sides from 1934

870. BB 6382- Dolly Dawn Patrol- You Cant Pull the wool Over My Eyes/ Cabin In the Sky VV+

871. BB 6664- Frank Dailey Meadowbrook O- Lets Put Our Heads Together/ With Plenty of Money & You E-/V-

872. BB 6722- Dick Stabile O- A Thousand Dreams of You/ Goodnight medley EE+

873. BB 6780- Tempo King Kings of tempo- Swing High- Swing Low/ Floating On a Bubble E-

874. BB 6802- George Hall O- The Whistling Boy/ One Kiss In a Million E/EE-

875. BB 7084- Jimmy Ray O- Sticks & Stones/ Shame On You EE+

876. BB 7137- Frankie Reynolds O- Chicken On the Apple/ Paradise EE-..just light wear

877. BB 7160- Dixieland Swingsters- Fiddleobia/ Love Me or Leave Me EE+ despite grey Great territory jazz from North Carolina

878. BB 7256- Ozzie Nelson O- Once In a While/ Queen Isabella E+/E-

879. BB 7258- Dixieland Swingsters- Nagasaki/ Blue Skies E

880. BB 7297- Jimmie Revard Oklahoma Playboys- She Is My Gal/ Hal Davis O- The Night She Cried In My beer E+ slight warp nap

881. BB 7317- Al Bowlly O- Half Moon On the Hudson/ Sweet As a Song E- US recorded

882. BB 7332- Al Bowlly O- Sweet Stranger/ I Can Dream Can I E US recorded

883. BB 7431- Jimmie Livingston O- Clover Blossoms/ Just a Simple Melody EE+

884. BB 7479- Frank Dailey O- Toy Trumpet/ In Bad With Sinbad EE-

885. BB 7491- Frank Dailey o- Sissy/ By the Shalimar V+

886. BB 7670- Jan Savitt O- When Twilight Comes/ Fol-Da-Rol-Dol-Dol E+

887. BB 10391- Earl Hines O- G.T. Stomp/ Indiana VV+

888. BB 10507- Glenn Miller O- Oh Johnny/ Ciribiribin E-/E

889. BB 10520- Glenn Miller O- Careless/ Vagabond Dreams EE+

890. BB 10536- Glenn Miller O- Its a Blue World/ Faithful to you E/EE+

891. BB 10987- Bob Chester O- Somebody Stole My Gal/ Im Always Chasing Rainbows E+N-

892. BB 11012- Vic Blue w/ O- Memories For Sale/ Wise Guy E+

893. BB 11133- Herman Chittison piano solo- The Man I Love/ Flamingo E+

894. BB 11251- Dolly Dawn patrol- Slowpoke/ Fancy MeetinYou E

895. BB 11280- Bob Chester O- You betcha My Life/ You Cant Get Lovin E+

896. BB 11304- Bob Chester O- The Wind Blows Free/ B-I-Bi E+N-

897. BB 11388- Bob Chester O- A Nickel to My Name/ Not a Care In the World E+N-

898. BB 11586- Spike Jones City Slickers- Der Fuehrers Face/

I Wanna Go Back to West Virginia E- few scrs

899. Bornand Music Box record Co 301- On a Sunday Afternoon/ Home Sweet Home E+ 1 inch hlc nap Rare label from Pelham, NY

900. Broadway 1293- Earl Lee Songsters- Tip Toe Thru the Tulips/ painting the Clouds With Sunshine E Solid versions!....solo A, Smith Ballew in vocal trio both sides..in original sleeve

901. Cameo 212- Cameo DO- Good-Bye Shanghai/ Just a Little Love Song E

902. Ca 217- Arthur Langes O- Cutie/ Velvetone DO- While Miami Dreams E+

903. Ca 596- Malie & Little- Because They All Love You/ Bernard & Robinson- Let My Home Be Your Home E+.. few surf scrs nap. Rare composer recording A side

904. Ca 9233- Varsity 8- What Do We Get From Boston?/ Freddie Rich o- Piccolo Pete E

905. Capitol CAS 3116- Fanny Brice As Baby Snooks- Cleanliness/ Good & Bad EE+ despite light grey, scuffs..In original colorful picture sleeve with is E-, some wear, creases, still clean. Its BOZO approved!

906. Cap CAS 3120- Jerry Lewis- The Noisy Eater E.. In original colorful picture sleeve with is E-, some wear, creases, side split-- still clean, other voices include Billy Bletcher

907. Cap 945(promo)- Ray Anthony O- Little Peach From East Orange/ Why E+

908. Cap 1663(promo)- Nat King Cole Trio- Nature Boy/ For All We Know N-

909. Cap 2389(promo)- Nat King Cole- Blue gardenia/ Cant I E+

910. Cap 2773(promo)- Al Jazzbo Collins- Little Hood Riding Red/ Pee Little thrigs E+

911. Castle HF 21/22- Lee Stafford piano- Heliotrope Boquet/ Winter Garden Rag E+

912. Champion 15766- Carson Robison- How to Make Love/ Jack of All Trades V

913. Champion 40107- Ken Kenny O- Whats the Name of That Song/ You Started Me Dreaming VV+/V+ only issue of these sides by Red Norvo Orchestra

914. Chess 1570- Larry Liggett- Juniors Mambo/ Jumping at the Woodside Mambo E+ despite grey

915. Clarion 5015- Kate Smith- Dancing With Tears In My Eyes/ Dont Let Me Hold You Baby Mine looks V, plays V+

916. Cl 5106- Jack Miller- Three Little Words/ Someone Sang a Sweeter Song to Mary E+N-..int lam nap

917. Cleartone P-109- Cleartone DO- Kalua/ Smilin E- scarce label

918. Cocktail Hour by Nino- Rudy Timfield piano- I Concentrate On You/ Just One of Those Things// Selections from Brigadoon E..RARE private NYC label which reads compliments of Ninos, 10 East 52nd Street, NY, label has champagne glass, conjures up a 1940s RKO film noir to me!

919. Cocktail Hour by Nino- Rudy Timfield piano- Romance- Out of Nowhere, More Than You Know// Die Fledermaus- Happiness, Look Me Over Once, Wz Theme EE+ as above. Obscure!

920. Commodore 509- Kansas City 6- I Want a Little Girl/ Countless Blues EE- plays better laminated

921. Comm 518- Willie the Lion Smith- What Is There To Say?/ Tea For Two E+N- beautiful laminated pressing on these piano solos

922. Comm 527- Billie Holiday O- Yesterdays/ I Gotta Right to Sing the Blues V

923. Connorized 3002- Merry Melody Men- Pucker Up & whistle/ Harry Raderman O- I Found a Rose In the Devils Garden V-

924. Conn 3035- Connorized Jazzers- Ive Got to Have My Daddy Blues/ Baileys Lucky 7- Wimmin V

925. Continental 10001- Slam Stewart Quintet-The Voice of the Turtle/ Time On My Hands V

926. Cont 10002-Slam Stewart Quintet- On the Upside Looking Down/ A Bell For Norvo EE+

927. Cont 10003- Johnny Guarnieri w/ Norvo, Billy Taylor, etc- Honeysuckle Rose/ Slam Stewart Quintet- Jingle Bells VV+

928. Conqueror 7792- Roy Smeck Trio- Down the River of Golden Dreams/ Somewhere In Old Wyoming V+, Both take 2, Smith Ballew vocals

929. Cq 9481- Frankie Masters O- Irene/ Alice Blue Gown E

930. Coral 60096(promo)- Milt Herth Trio- Pretty Girl/ The Last Mile Home E+

931. Cor 61089- Mel Torme w/ Neal Hefti O- Blue Skies/ Oo-Ya-Ya E+

932. Creole 21- Skillet Dick Frying Pans- Jelly Bean Rag/ Rock & Gravel E

933. Crown 3002- Jack Albin Hotel Pa. DO- Youre Driving Me Crazy/ Milt Shaw Detroiters- Whats the Use of Living Without Love E

934. Cr 3005- Milt Shaw Detroiters- My Baby Just Cares For Me/ Dont Tell Her Whats Happened to Me EE+ rare early issue and clean

935. Cr 3008- Buddy Blue Texans- Here Comes the Sun/ Body & Soul V+

936. Cr 3012- Lloyd Newton Varsity Eleven- I Got Rhythm/ Jack Albin O- Cheerful Little Earful V+/VV+

937. Cr 3063- Lou Gold O- Walkin My Baby Back Home/ Im So Afraid of You EE-

938. Cr 3199- Joe Green Marimba Band- La Rosita/ El Choclo E+

939. Cr 3206- Adrian Schubert O- Im With You/ Goodnight Sweetheart E

940. Cr 3227- Smith Ballew O- You Try Somebody Else/ Im For You 100% V-/E-

941. Cr 3240- Dick Robertson O- Concentratin On You/ Nows the Time to Fall In Love EE+ NICE!

942. Cr 3241- Lou Gold O- This is My Love Song/ All of Me E-..someone taped over 2 skips B, so consider it unplayable, but listed as it is a rarely seen long playing Crown

943. Cr 3272- Charlie Lawman O- Strangers/ too Many Tears V-

944. Cr 3455- Sam Ross Silvertown O- Ive Got the World On a String/ Theres a New Day Comin EE-

945. Cr 3458- Sam Ross Silvertown O-Going Going Gone/ Strike Me Pink E. GOOD!

946. Cr 3485- The Golden Bears- The Goldiggers Song/ Shadow Wz VV+

947. Crystalette 620- Charlie Venturo Sextet- I Dont Know Why/ Charlie Boy E+

948. Crys 639- Charlie Ventura O- Through With Love/ I Wrote a Letter to the Man In the Moon E+

949. DDR 101- Sammy Davis Jr- Who Needs Spring/ Gypsy in My Soul E+ rare early issue by Sammy

950. Discovery 112- Calvin Jackson piano solo- Prelude in C Sharp Minor/ I Cant get Started EE+

951. Diva 2528- The Astorites- Among My Souvenirs/ Brown- Morris O- Rose of Monterey V

952. Domino 3769- Missouri Jazz Band- She Belongs to Me/ Sam Lanin O- And Then I Forget E

953. Do 4080- Jack Pettis O- Candied Sweets/ Markels O- Let a Smile Be Your Umbrella E-V+..good A!

954. Edison Diamond Disk 50468- Premier Qtet- The Darktown Strutters Ball/ Billy Murray- They Simply Go Wild Over Me E+

955. Electradisk 2105- Bee Sharp O- Not For All the Rice In China/ Easter parade V-

956. Emerson 10122- George Hamilton Green- xylo solo w/ O- Chromatic Fox Trot/ The Imperial Three- Mid the Pyramids V..Clarence M Jones composer B

957. Em 10123- Selvin O- Yellow Dog Blues/ In Shadowland E

958. Emerson 9102(9 inch)- Jack & Phil Kaufman- The Pickaninnys Paradise/ George Gordon- Im Glad I Can Make You Cry G

959. Famous 5002- Famous Marimba Band- On Miami Shore/ I Might Be Your Once In a While E+

960. Gala 1014- Nan Blakstone- A Ladys a Lady No Matter What Cooks/ Riding Academy EE-

961. Gala 1020- Nan Blakstone w/ O- Laziest Gal In Town/ The Elevator Song VV+

962. Gennett Christmas Greetings- Sidney Smith- Andy Gumps Holiday Greeting/ Criterion Male Qtet w/ O- Jingle Bells V+

963. Gennett Personal- Gypsy Simon Smith- The harbor of Peace/ Mothers Prayer E..rare early-mid 20s

964. Gennett 10087- Viola Ellis w/ O- Ben Bolt/ O promise Me VV+ green label

965. Ge 3204- The Southerners- That Certain party/ Baileys Lucky 7- I Love My Baby V+/V

966. Ge 4751- Bennie Krueger O- Beale Street Blues/ The St. Louis Blues V+

967. Ge 4868- Baileys Lucky 7- California/ Carolina Rolling Stone EE-

968. Ge 5441- Young & Clark w/ O- Forget Me Not/ John Young w/ O- Youre In Love with Everyone E

969. Gilt Edge 529- Jim Wynns Bobalibans- Lost Woman Blues/ Juke Box Jumps the Blues EE+

970. Gilt 5058- Rocky Bill Ford- Blowing Suds off My Beer/ What Would You Do E+

971. Gotham 105- Tony Scott Down Beat Club Septet- Ten Lessons With Timothy/ All Too Soon E+ Sarah Vaughn voc B. B. Bopstein on trumpet, old tram on trombone

972. Gramophone Shop 1003- Beatrice Lillie- He Was a Gentleman/ Im a Campfire Girl E+

973. Grey Gull 1334- Big City Six- Everythings Gonna be All Right/ Olympic DO- Someone Waits For Me E..B side is a good jazz side!

974. GG 1405- uncred O w/ vo- In a Little Spanish Town/

Youre the Kind of a Girl I Can Love/ V+/G

975. GG 2204- Mr X w/ O- In a Pasadena Garden/ Ben Lichtfield O- Sometime EE+

976. Harmony 98- Lou Gold O- Sweet & Low Down/ Ernie Golden O- Who E+

977. Ha 160- University 6- Sittin Around/ What a Man V+E-

978. Ha 447- The Harmonians- You Dont Like It Not Much/ Westerners- I Aint That Kind of a Baby V

979. Ha 464- Jane Gray- Miss Annabelle Lee/ Are You Happy? E lt scuffs, etc nap

980. Ha 658- Harmony bros w/ sax & p- Happy Days & Lonely Nights/ In the Evening NN-

981. Ha 672- Musical Comedy O- Do I Hear You Saying I Love you/ You Toon Advantage of Me V

982. Ha 844- Carolina Club O- Dream Train/ Jerome Conrad O- Wedding Bells E/EE-

983. Ha 897- The Four Aces w/ Hawaiian guitar accomp- Blue Hawaii/ Honey VV+

984. Ha 961- Tom Clines O feat Jack Carney- Baby-Oh Where Can You Be/ Sammy Fain- Why Canou looks EE+, plays E+

985. Ha 1065- Sam Lanin O- ImFollowing You/ Hoosier Hop E-

986. Ha 1069- Kate Smith acc by Harmonians- Chant of the Jungle/ That Wonderful Something V

987. Ha 1308- The Harmonians- If You Should Ever Need Me/ Oh Donna Clara E-

988. Ha 1342- Jerry Fenwyck O- Makin Faces At the Man in the Moon/ Just One More Chance E rcnap

Good Selvin sides with BG, etc

989. Haven 801- Eddie Davis Quintet- Surgery/ Athletes Foot E+ rare small label

990. Hav 804- Ben Webster Quintet- Doctor Keets/ Park & Tilford Blues E+

991. Hav 805- Ben Webster Quintet- Frog & Mule/ Spang E+

992. Hollywood 501- Jack Shilkret O- Hidden Valley/ Tell Me Why E Buddy Clark vocal Rare ARC theatre only label from Universal and Grand National films

993. Ideal 5002- G Milano w/ Ideal O- A Morte E Sacco E Vanzetti/ E De Renzis w/ O- I Martiri Dun Ideale V-, plays well some scrs, couple rcnaps--rare early electric label from NY, w/store sticker from A. Cavalli & Co, 255 Columbus Ave, San Francisco

994. INCO 2005- Richard Himber O-Darn That Dream/ Charles Baum O- Do I Love You E-

995. International record Collectors Club 501-4-A/B- Viola Allen- Twelfth Night Act 2, Scene 2/ The Winters Tale- Trial of Queen Hermoine Act 3, secne 2 E+..recorded in 1940 by this famous Shakespearean actress..label is hand signed and numbered by Miss Allen, with her photo

996. John Ryan Record 302- John Ryan O- Have You Heard What Happened to Susie/ The Hope Song VV+ FUN!

997. Keynote 201- Red Army Choir of the USSR- If War Breaks Out Tomorrow/ Tachanka VV+

998. Key 604- Lester Young Quartet- Sometimes Im happy/ Afternoon of a Basie-Ite E+

999. Key 631- Manny Klein O- Bei Mir Bist Du Schoen/ At Sundown V+

1000. Key 648- Arnold Ross Quartet- Stairway to the Stars/ Bye Bye Blues V+

1001. Liberty Music Shop 153- Marion Chase singing & Playing- Should I Be Sweet?/ April In Paris E The only LMS I know of issued in multiple takes. This is B side, tk 1/A side, tk 2

1002. LMS 162- Jimmie Daniels w/ p- Music In My Heart/ Miss Otis Regrets EE-

1003. LMS 167- Frances Maddux & her baby grand- Ho Hum/ Frances Maddux Play Boys-Sin Tax EE+

1004. LMS 175- Frances Maddux Play Boys- April Woman/ Sixty Second Romance EE-

1005. LMS 177- Teddy Lynch w/ Richard Lewine & Will Irwin piano- Medley from Fools Rush In part 1 and 2 NN-

1006. LMS 185- Lewine & Lewis pianos- Ive Got It Again/ Cause You Wont Play House// I Know That You Know/ Ive Got a Crush On You NN-

1007. LMS 203- Fairchild & Carroll- Youve Got Something/ Its De-Lovely// Ridin High/ Red, Hot, & Blue V+E-

1008. LMS 210- Ramona & her grand piano- Long As You Got Your Health/ The Ozarks Are Callin Me Home E+

1009. LMS 216- Fairchild & Carroll- Johnny One Note/ Where or When// Babes In Arms/ I Wish I Were In Love Again E+N-

1010. LMS 256- Ethel Merman w/ Al Goodman O- Ill Pay the Check/ A Lady Needs a Change E

1011. LMS 281- Lee Wiley w/ Max Kaminsky O- How Long Has This Been Going On?/ Lee Wiley w/ Joe Bushkin O- My One & Only E+

1012. LMS 282- Lee Wiley w/ organ by Maurice(Fats Waller)- Someone to Watch Over Me/ w/ Max Kaminsky O- Ive Got a Crush On You EE+/EE-

1013. LMS 283- Lee Wiley w/ Joe Bushkin O- SWonderful/ Sam & Delilah E

1014. LMS 284- Lee Wiley w/ Max Kaminsky O- But Not For Me/ Sweet & Low Down E+/E

1015. LMS 285- Richard Haydn presents Mr. Edwin Carp In Fish Mimicry 1/2 E-

1016. LMS 298- Great Keller w/ O- I Thought of Going Somewhere/ Whos to Blame E+N-

1017. Lisn 124- Creole Gayno w/ Art Hodes Quartet- Top & Bottom Blues/ Graveyard Love Blues N- obscure NY label

1018. Luniverse 101- Buchanan & Goodman- The Flying Saucer pt 1/2 E+ despite grey..FUNNY!!!`

1019. MGM 1079(20s label)- The Capitolians- Marianne/ Blondy V late 20s MGM movie theatre label

1020. MGM 531- Frank & Lynn Loesser- The Inch Worm/ Frank Loesser- The Ugly Duckling E+

1021. MGM 10614- Margaret Phelan w/O- Why Dont We Do This More Often/ I Like a Man Around the House EE+

1022. MGM 30742- Dizzy Gillespies Cool Jazz Stars- How High the Moon/

Jimmy Mc Partland Hot Jazz Stars- How High the Moon E+ GOOD diff styles, same tune

1023. CP Mac Gregor 1334- Gaylord Carter organ- Bei Mir Bist Du Schon/ Bob White EE+ FUN!!

1024. Majestic 1215- Judy Canova w/ O- Never Trust a Man/ No Letter Today E+ despite grey/ bite nap

1025. Maj 7258- Lee Wiley w/ Jess Stacy O- Sugar/ Woman Alone With the Blues E+ despite grey

1026. Master 120- Mario Braggioti O- Revolt of the Yes Men/ None But the Lonely Heart V+ faint 1/4 inch hlc nap

1027. Ma 124- Duke Ellington O- The Lady Who Couldnt be Kissed/ You Cant Run Away From Love Tonight EE+/E

1028. Ma 136- Raymond Scott Quintet- Reckless Night On Board An Ocean Liner/ Dinner Music For a Pack of Hungry Cannibals E+/EE-

1029. Melotone 12121- Sleepy Hall Collegians- Elizabeth/ Oh Donna Clara E Smith Ballew vocs

1030. Mt 12274- Joe Green Ambassadors- To Have and Hold You in My Arms/ Ill See You Later In Slumberland E-

1031. Mt 12455- Ralph Bennett Aces- Dont Tell a Soul/ Im Yours For Tonight V- Ballew/Luther vocs

1032. Mt 12498- Art Kahn O- Lets Put Out the Lights/ Ill Never Have to Dream Again VV+ Luther vo B

1033. Mt 12639- Cab Calloway O- Some Of these Days/ Is That Religion E-

1034. Mt 12692- Art Kahn O- Pettin In the Park/ The Gold Diggers Song E

1035. Mt 12839- Joe Venuti O- Build a Little Home/ No More Love EE+

1036. Mt 12885- Adrian Rollini O- I Raised My Hat/ Sittin On a Log V

1037. Mt 13269- Marimba Novelty O- Little Thoughts/ In An Old Log Cabin EE+

1038. Mt 13284- Will Osborne O- London on a Rainy Night/ Sweethearts In Paradise EE+

1039. Mt 13287- Joe Haymes O- New Deal In Love/ My Hearts in the Right Place E+

1040. Mt 13325- Hoosier Hot Shots- Hoosier Stomp/ Oakville Twister E

1041. Mt 13436- Will Osborne O- You Can Be Kissed/ Sweet & Slow VV+

1042. Mt 6-04-10- Freddy Ellis O- Whats the Name of That Song/ Its Great To Be In Love Again E-

1043. Mt 6-08-03- Clyde Mc Coy O- The Nightmare/ Creole Love Call EE+

1044. Mt 6-09-08- Dick Mc Donough O- Way Down Yonder In New Orleans/ Dear Old Southland E+

1045. Mt 6-11-06- Jack Shilkret O- My Kingdom For a Kiss/ The One Rose EE+/VV+

1046. Mt 7-02-11- Jack Shilkret O- Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star/ Theres a Silver Moon On the Golden Gate EE+

1047. Mt 7-05-02- Dick Mc Donough O- The Mood That Im in/ Henry Dankers O- Ive Got Rain In My Eyes E-

1048. Mt 7-06-14- Dick Mc Donough O- All Gods Chillun Got Rhythm/ Henry Dankers O- Formal Night In Harlem V+

1049. Mt 8-02-06- Bob Pope O- Rockin Chair/ Marie EE+

1050. Mt 8-02-07- Gene Kardos O- Bei Mir Bist Du Schon/ The One I Love EE-/E

1051. Mt 8-02-12- Joel Shaw O- Hawaii Calls/ Down Where the Trade Winds Blow E+

1052. Mt 8-03-01- Gene Kardos O- Sweet As a Song/ Half Moon On the Hudson EE+/E+

1053. Mt 8-03-03- Bob Causer O- My Heart Is Taking Lessons/ On the Sentimental Side EE-

1054. Melva 8002- St Louis Jazz O- Canadian Capers/ Sallees Nov O- Moon Riuver Wz VV- Super rare 1920s label from Brooklyn, New York

1055. Mercury 70872- Lonnie Donegan Skiffle Group- Stewball/ Lost John E+ despite grey

1056. Modern Music 101- Hadda Brooks- Blusen the Boogie/ Swingin the Boogie EE+

1057. Montgomery Ward 4245- Gene Autry- Rheumatism Blues/ Wild Cat Mamma VV+ master pressed off Victor 23630/23642

1058. MW 7520- Les Brown O- Boogie Woogie/ Star Dust E+

1059. MW 8045- Tex Fletcher Lonely Cowboys- My Ole Dog & Me/ Wondering VV+

1060. Musicraft 310- Lead Belly- Yellow Gal/ When the Boys Were On the Western Plain E-

1061. Mus 389- Artie Shaw O- Night & Day/ Artie w/ Mel Torme- Get Out of Town V+

1062. Mus 409- Artie Shaw O- The Hornet/ How Deep is the Ocean EE- super faint 1/2 inch hlc nap

1063. Mus 492- Artie Shaw O w/ Mel Torme- Its the Same Old Dream/ I Believe E+

1064. Mus 558- Mel Torme w/ O- Little White Lies/ Gone With the Wind N-

1065. National Music Lovers 1034- Music Lovers DO- Carolina Mammy/ Carolina In the Morning V-

1066. NML 1035- Music Lovers DO- I Love Me/ Master Melody Makers- Bambalina E-

1067. NML 1036- Manhattan Musicians- Red Moon/ Mellow Moon VV+

1068. NML 1099- Master Melody makers- Hes a New Kind of Man/ Manhattan Musicians- I Cant Get the One I Want E- Fletcher Henderson O B

1069. NML 1101- Master Melody Makers- Some Day Youll Miss Me/ Manhattan Musicians- Med of Old Time Wzs E-

1070. New Disc 10013- Betty Johnson w/ O- I Want Eddie Fisher For Christmas/ Show Me E lt scrs

1071. OKeh 4044- Sam Ash - Oh What a Pal Was Mary/ Bless My Swanee River Home E

1072. OK 4072- George H. Green xylophone w/ O- Hot Foot/ All Star Trio- Dont You Remember Those School Days E-

1073. OK 4409- Aileen Stanley w/O- I Want My Mammy/ Billy Jones w/ O- Tuck Me to Sleep In My old Kentucky Home E

1074. OK 4509- Anthony Franchini- One, two, three, Four/ Ferera-Franchini- Pua Carnation VV+

1075. OK 4596- Okeh Trio w/ Larry Briers piano, Harry Reser banjo- Kitten on the Keys/ Okeh trio w/ Nathan Glantz sax- One Sweet Smile V+

1076. OK 4629- Natzys Biltmore O- Gee But I Hate to Go Home Alone/ Rega DO- Oh Sing-a-loo V

1077. OK 4694- The Original Six- The Broadway Strut/ Okeh Syncopators- Sister Kate EE-

1078. OK 4773- Tampa Blue Jazz Band- Loose Feet/ Four O Clock Blues looks E, light grey, plays EE+

1079. OK 4821- Markels O- Blue Eyes/ Georgia Cabin Door EE+

1080. OK 4899- Willie Eckstein piano solo- Chimes/ Love Sends a Little Gift of Roses E+N-

1081. OK 4953- The Yellow Jackets- Where Niagra Falls/ Easy Melody E-

1082. OK 4985- Finzels Arcadia O- Stealing to Virginia/ Calling V+/V-

1083. OK 40043- Finzels Arcadia O of Detroit- Keep a Goin/ Im Going to Wander V/VV+

1084. OK 40072- Okeh Syncopators- Nobodys Sweetheart/ Why Did I Kiss That Girl G

1085. OK 40082- Unique Trio- Sundown In Birdland/ Fallen leaf E+

1086. OK 40084- The Lanin O- Innocent Eyes/ It had to Be You V+

1087. OK 40103- National Male Qtet acc by Harry Reser- You Cant Take Me Away From Dixie/ Billy Jones- Ernest Hare- If I Stay Away Too Long From Carolina E

1088. OK 40134- Harold Oxley Post Lodge O- Step Henrietta/ Burning Kisses E/E+

1089. OK 40159- Elinor Remick Warren piano solo- Rigaudon/ Humoreske E+

1090. OK 40203- Al Bernard w/ O- Blue Eyed Sally/ Let Your Home Be My Home EE-

1091. OK 40226- Vincent Lopez O- Southern Rose/ All Alone EE+/E+

1092. OK 40236- Arkansaw Travelers- Those Panama Mamas/ Copenhagen E-/V+

1093. OK 40264- Arcadia Peacock O of St Louis- Spring Has Come/ Ah Ah Archie E+

1094. OK 40266- Vincent Lopez O- Dear One/ Will You remember Me V

1095. OK 40279- The Melody Sheiks- Tokio Blues/ Tell Her In the Springtime VV+

1096. OK 40283- Vincent Rizzo Hotel Sylvania O- The Only Only One/ Markels O- Show Me the Way V-

1097. OK 40413- Okeh Syncopators- Arabella/ Dont bring Lulu V-

1098. OK 40534- The Red Hotters- Then Ill be Happy/ The Goofus Five- That Certain Party V/V-

1099. OK 40681- The Yellow Jackets- Ting a Ling/ Falling In Love With You V+

1100. OK 40709- Harry Resers Jazz Pilots- Susies Feller/ Lanin Mel Sheiks- Rose Colored Glasses VV+

1101. OK 41099- Arthur Sealy- Lonely Little Bluebird/ Chiquita looks EE-, plays E+..just a very few lt scrs

1102. OK 41314- Richard Jordon pipe organ - Love(Your Spell Is Everywhere)/ How Am I To Know N-

1103. OK 41502- Vic Lewis- Say Hello to the Folks Back Home/ There Must Be a Bright Tomorrow looks EE-, plays E+ with just a very few lt scrs

1104. OK master pressed vinyl test mx C-4013-1- Tiny Hill O- I hear You Knockin E+

1105. OK 4499- Bobby Hackett O- Blue & Disillusioned/ Poor Butterfly N-

1106. OK 4565- Bobby Hackett O- Doin the New Low Down/ A Ghost of a Chance N-

1107. OK 4959- Vincent Lopez O- I Love you/ What Do You Do Sunday, Mary? E-/EE-

1108. OK 5731- Cab Calloway O- Papas In Bed With His britches On/ Calling All bars E+

1109. OK 5734- Al Kavelin O- I Give You My Word/ Willie, Willie, Willie E+

1110. OK 5830- Ina Ray Hutton O- Gotta Have Your Love/ A Handful of Stars E- couple lams nap

1111. OK 6187- Gene Krupa O- I Take to You/ Where You Are E+

1112. OK 6198- Gene Krupa O- Siren Serenade/ Dont Cry, Cherie E-

1113. OK 6210- Gene Krupa O- Flamingo/ Let Me Off Uptown E+

1114. OK 6222- Gene Krupa O- Green Eyes/ Throwing Pebbles In the Millstream E+

1115. OK 6380- Ina Ray Hutton O- Nobodys Sweetheart/ Back in Your Own Backyard E despite grey lines. Ina Ray sings A

1116. OK 6393- Dick Rogers O- $21 a Day-Once a Month/ Dixie Girl VV+

1117. OK 6400- Gene Krupa O- Watch the Birdie/ Amour V-/EE+

1118. OK 6438- Gene Krupa O- Come Be My Love/ The walls Keep Talking E

1119. OK 6441- Dick Rogers O- My Foolish Heart & I/ If I Could Only Play a Concertina EE-

1120. OK 6724- Big Bill & Chicago Five- Im Woke Up Now/ Bag Acting Woman E+/E

1121. OK 7050- The Treniers- Who Put the Ungh in the Mambo/ Get Out of the Car EE+ despite grey

1122. Olympic 1427- Mike Loscalzo O- Dearest/ You Know You Belong to Somebody Else G

1123. Oriole 128- Cosmopolitan Players- Lackarose/ I Love You E-

1124. Or 1476- Dixie Jazz Band- Shes My Sweet Patootie/ Miami Soc O- A Precious Little Thing Called Love V+/VV_

1125. Or 1509- Ted White O- You Were Meant For Me/ Billy James DO- Dixieanna E

1126. Or 1525- Tennessee Happy Boys- Love Me a Little Bit Every Day/ Oriole DO- Some Sweet Day V

1127. Or 1549- University Boys- Honey/ Roy Collins DO- Why Didnt You Tell Me V+/E-

1128. Or 1598- Bob Green DO- Sure Enough Blues/ Yankee Ten o- Am I Blue? VV+

1129. Or 2366- Glenn Cross O- Where the Blue of the Night/ Too Late VV+

1130. Or 2568- Bob Causer O- Youre Telling Me/ All American Girl EE-

1131. Or 3135- Chick Bullock Loungers- Im Livin In a Great Big Way/ About a Quarter to Nine E- nice A

1132. Oxford 4117- Orchestra- Black & White- ragtime two step EE+ brief clk

1133. Pacific Jazz EX 101- Experiments In Percussion pt 1/2 - timbalas, buangas, cymbals EE- Produced for Drum City, Santa Monica Blvd, Hollywood, Ca

1134. Publix 2020- The Paramounteers- Livin In the Sunlight/ You Brought a New Kind of Love to Me V+/E- nice looking Paramount Publix label for this record sold in movie theatres

1135. Party Record Co 11- Carol Chapelle w/ Vincent Catanese O- Duchess Dubinsky/ My Lovin Conductor V-

1136. Pathe 20458(vertical)- Jack Norworth- Im On Strike/ Ten Little Bottles E+ few lt scrs A barely aud

1137. Pa 020741- Irving & Jack Kaufman- Mr. Gallagher & Mr. Shean/ Irving Kaufman- When you & I Were Young Maggie Blues V-/V

1138. Pa 22320- Tuxedo Syncopators- Afghanistan/ When My Baby Smiles At Me EE+

1139. Pa 22335- Jack Norworth- Its Hard to Settle Down to Civiian Life Once More/ Argentines, Portuguese & Greeks E+

1140. Pathe 25180- Norton H. Payne grand organ Capitol, theatre, Montreal (recorded with assistance of station CKAC, Montreal- Always/ Moonlight & Roses. E- splatter wax-has bite affecting about 5 grooves each side. Perhaps the most interesting thing about this is the store label attached, which is from The Cats Meow Music Shop on Hollywood Blvd in California

1141. Pa 36465- Stillmans Orioles- Come On and Do Your Red Hot Business/ Palace Gardens O- Breezin Along With the Breeze E splatter wax

1142. Perfect 11300- Roy Smeck Trio- It Happened In Monterey/ When Its Springtime In the Rockies E-

1143. Pe 11568- Cliff Edwards- Will You remember Me/ D. Onivas O- Tell Me You Love Me E+

1144. Pe 11583- Cliff Edwards- Im a Hard to get Can Be Had Papa Looking For a Can Be Had Hard to Get Girl/ Paddlin Madelin Home E

1145. Pe 11620- Cliff Edwards- Lo Do Dode O/ When the Red Red Robin..E+

1146. Pe 11622- Cliff Edwards- For No Good Reason At All/ Who Do You Think Im Doing It For? E+

1147. Pe 12185- Al Bernard acc by Russell Robinson- Moonlight In Waikiki/ Let Me be the First to Kiss You Good Morning VV+ 2 inch cr

1148. Pe 12553- Carson Robison Trio- Why Did I Get Married/ Left My Gal In the Mountains E-/G

1149. Pe 12667- Gene Autry- The Yodeling Hobo/ Hes In the jail House Now #2 E sm bite nap

1150. Pe 12719- Dick Robertson w/ O- Lets Get Friendly/ One Night Alone With you V+

1151. Pe 12785- Carson Robison Trio- Prosperity Is Just Around Which Corner/ What Are You Squawkin About V+/V-

1152. Pe 14035- Golden Gate O- Dancing Fool/ Pharoah Land EE-/V+

1153. Pe 14045- Golden Gate O- Blue/ Spencer Adams O- I Wish I Knew V-

1154. Pe 14721- Golden Gate O- Dont Take That Black Bottom Away/ Joe Candullo O- Stampede EE-

1155. Pe 14813- D. Onivas O- Take Me Along/ Willard Robison O- Just Like a Butterfly E/E-

1156. Pe 14839- Newport DO- You Dont Like It Not Much/ Just Once Again G

1157. Pe 14855- Vans Half Moon Hotel O- Barbara/ Golden Gate O- Its Too Late Now EE+

1158. Pe 14904- Levee Loungers- Theres a Rickety Rackety Shack/ Tin Pan Parade E+

1159. Pe 14959- Miami Melodists- Little Log Cabin of Dreams/ Floridians- Bluebird Sing Me a Song E

1160. Pe 15516- Vic Irwin O- This Is the Missus/ Life Is Just a Bowl of Cherries E

1161. Pe 15523- Vincent Rose O- I Idolize My Babys Eyes/ Tonight or Never E/EE-

1162. Pe 15604- Eddie Lame Hotel Mc Alpin O- A Great Big Bunch of You/ Sharing VV+

1163. Pe 15675- Cliff Martin O- Ill Follow You/ Waiting E

1164. Pe 15679- Will Osborne O- What Would Happen to Me/ Beside the Sunset Trail EE+

1165. Pe 15702- Ed Loyd O- Fit As a Fiddle/ Ah But Ive learned E- few scrs B

1166. Pe 15706- Cliff Martin O- What a Perfect Combination/ In the Dim Dim Dawning VV+ 1 inch ck nap Good A with Dick Robertson vo/ Pinkie Pearl B

1167. Pe 15817- Adrian Rolllini O- Sittin On a Backyard fence/ By a Waterfall E- clk A sds few gvs

1168. Pe 15850- Joe Green Novelty O- Lullaby Lady/ Paradise Lane EE+ couple lt scrs

1169. Pe 15906- Van Eps DO- Shadows of Love/ True E-

1170. Pe 7-08-03- Joe Haymes O- Sun Showers/ Got a Pair of New Shoes E

1171. Puritan 11145- Society Syncopators- You Can Have Him I Dont Want Him/ Hot Lips VV-

1172. Radiex 1751- Memphis Jazzers- Big City Blues/ Wow Wow Blues V-

1173. Rad 4211- Comedy by Baxley- Andy Goes a Hunting/ Baxley & Thompson- Andy Gets Learnin V due to lousy GG surface, fun black dialect humor ala Amos & Andy

1174. Ragtime Records 1050- Bob Scobey O- Wang Wang Blues/ How Come You Do Me Like You Do E/E+..Small label from Melody Sales, 369 Sixth Street, San Francisco

1175. Rational Rhythm Records 3/4- adapted for the New Rational Typewriting, 1923 by Gregg Publishing G looks like an Okeh pressing

1176. Regal 8740- Imperial DO- Button Up Your Overcoat/ Tom Gott O- I Want to Be Bad VV+

1177. Re 9380- Roy Collins O- Lovin Sam/ Samuels O- To-morrow V/V-

1178. Re 9398- Roy Collins O- Lost/ Sam Lanin O- Who Did You Fool After All E+

1179. Re 9750- Langdon Bros- Perfect Day/ On the Road to Mandalay EE+ Hawaiian guitars

1180. Re 233- Ruth Etting w/ O- Lazy Day/ With Summer Coming On E-/EE- rare issue!

1181. Regina R 143- Meistersinger Quartet- Es Ist Ein Ros entsprungen Weihnachtsleid/ Max Garrison- Valentins Gebet Aus Faust E+ ..rare label from Philadelphia, Pa

1182. Remick J6- Ada Jones & Walter Van Brunt- Im Glad Im a Boy/ Arthur Collins- Alexander Jones E/EE+

1183. Rich-Tone 7104- White Bros O- Gypsy Blues/ Jazz Harmonizers- How Many Times VV+ Rare 1920s Chicago label

1184. Romeo 433- Benny Rubin- Thanksgiving Day/ Foot-ball EE- comedy monologue

1185. Ro 434- Doe-Doe Green & Paul Floyd- Pork & Beans- nonsense #1/#2 E black dialect humor

1186. Ro 515- Seven Little Polar Bears- Our Bungalow of Dreams/ George Hall O- Will We Meet Again E+

1187. Ro 519- Razaf- Johnson- Two Watermelon Seeds pt 1/2 E black dialect humor by these composers

1188. Ro 520- The Crooning Cavaliers- Rollin Home/ Marjorie Harcum- The Song Is Ended V

1189. Ro 525- Sam Lanin O- An Old Guitar & An Old refrain/ Society Night Club O- A Forgotten Melody E

1190. Ro 526- Sam Lanin O- Let a Smile Be Your Umbrella/ Goodrich Broadcasters- My Melancholy Baby E/E-

1191. Ro 759- The Caroliners- It Goes Like This/ Paul Mills Merry Makers- Im Talking About My Wonderful Gal VV+

1192 Ro 761- Sam Lanin O- Love Affairs/ Broadway Broadcasters- I Still Belong to You E+ 1 inch hlc nap

1193. Ro 764- Lou Gold O- Sweet Kentucky Lou/ Al Alberts O- Flower of Love E

1194. Ro 766- Paul Mills Merry Makers- Youre Just a Little Bit of Everything I Love/ Sam Lanin O- Avalon Town V

1195. Ro 1270(electrographic lbl)- Frank & James Mc Cravy- The Better Home/ Will the Circle be Unbroken E-

1196. Ro 1584- Jack Berger Hotel Astor O- Falling In Love Again/ All On Account of Your Kisses EE+

1197. Ro 1374- Cliquot Club Esk- Little White Lies/ Ernie Golden O- My Little Butterfly E few bumps B

1198. Ro 2325(electrographic lbl)- The Royal Castillians- In the Madness of the Rumba/ La Cucaracha V

1199. Royale 1765- Marian Anderson- Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Child/ Heavn Heavn E-

1200. Roy 1795- Richard Himber O-Whose Theme Song 1/2 E+ but aud scuff A only

1201. Roy 1797- Rex Irving Boys- Dance, Henry/ Theyre Off EE+ Raymond Scott soundalike

1202. Roy 1842- Rex Irving Boys- Gossip/ Second Avenue Clambake EE+ Raymond Scott soundalike

1203. Roy 1845- Rex Irving Boys- Elegy to a Jitterbug/ The Acrobat EE+ Raymond Scott soundalike

1204. Roy 1877- Richard Himber O-On the Old Park Bench/ Clear Out of This World E

1205. Royal Roost 523- Georgie Auld Quintet- Air Mail Special/ Out of Nowhere E few lt scrs, scfs

1206. Sacred 100- Far East Broadcasting Co Gospel Rec O- Rescue the Perishing/ Let the Lower Lights Be Burning E

1207. Savoy 846(promo)- Kai Winding All Stars- I Could Write a Book/ Carioca E+N-

1208. Sa 4086- Famous Ward Singers- Im So Glad/ I Feel the Holy Spirit NN-

1209. Sa 5538- Brownie Mc Ghee- Auto Mechanic Blues/ Country Boy Boogie E+/V-

1210. Seva WG 603/4- Basil Fomeen O feat Walter Gonsalves drums- Abelha Brineando/Voce Nao Quer V+ some scrs. Obscure label of unknown origin

1211. Sherman Recording Service- Farewell Message of King Edward VIII 12/11/36 pt 1 and 2 EE+ lt scr

1212. Silvertone 25051- Creagers Rhythm Kings- Hallelujah!/ Sometimes Im Happy E-

1213. Sil 3265- Manhattan Dance O- Horses/ University 6- Georgianna E

1214. Skatin Toon 963- Blue Bird of Happiness/ I Confess V..made for skating rinks

1215. Special Editions 5007- Duke Ellington O- Jubilesta/ Moonlight Fiesta E+ orig issue from 1937/1935

1216. Spoken Word 203- Leslie Howard- A Serious Obstacle/ Guy Robertson- What Did You Say? E- Rare spoken sides from The Daggett Studio on West 72nd St NYC

1217. Stork 1010- Georgie Price w/ O- Fosh-Nosh-Kit/ Georgie Price w/ Betty Johnston- Who Do You Love I Hope E..later issue by this vaudevillian

1218. Sun 1045- Sara Gingold- Vus Geven Is Geven/ Lommir Zich Iberbeten VV+

1219. Sunset 1133- Carlyle Stevensons El Patio O- Thanks For the Buggy Ride/ Owen Fallon Californians- If You Hadnt Gone Away V- rare California label

1220. Supertone 1370- Paul Bolognese O- Barcelona/ Cotton Blossom O- I Wonder Who the Fool Is Now EE+/E+..a rare issue on the Chicago based Straus & Schram label..brown wax, blue lbl

1221. Supertone 9345- Fred Chess Merrymakers- I Faw Down & Go Boom/ A Precious Little Thing Called Love V/VV+. gold on black Sears label

1222. Spt 9008- Van & His O- Im Looking Over a Four Leaf Clover/ Just Another Day Wasted Away VV+ sm rcanp..good sides..Sears lbl

1223. Spt 9458- Sam Lanin O- Im In Seventh Heaven/ Used to You EE- EXC sides w/ Ballew vocs Yet another label variation- this one RCA Photophone

1224. Spt 9629- Sam Lanin O- Thank Your Father/ Alone With My Dreams V- RCA Photophone label

1225. Spt S 2118- Homer Rodheaver- Throw Out the Life Life/ Perry Bros- In the Garden EE+ Yet another label variation- this one Brunswick Radio Corp

1226. Symphonola 4443- Native Hawaiian Troupe- Flower of Hawaii/ Thru the Night EE-/E

1227. Symphonola 467(9 inch)- Military Band- Chinese Jazz/ Hindustan VV+

1228. Triangle 11141- Original Memphis 5- Im Going Away to Wear You off My Mind/ Majestic DO- Parade of the wooden Soldiers E-/V+

1229. Tri 11276- Ferera & Franchini- La Paloma/ O Sole Mio EE- Hawaiian guitar duet

1230. Tri 11351- Metropolitan DO- Mona Vanna/ Forget Me Not Means Remember Me G

1231. Tri 11384- Frisco Syncopators- Oh Baby/ I Cant Get the One I Want V+

1232. Tri 11423- Chic Winters O- Nashville Nightingale/ Rose Marie E- rc, sm hlc nap

1233. Twentieth Century Fox 6801- studio issued white label- Don Ameche and ensemble w/ O- Easter Parade from Alexanders Ragtime Band looks V+, but high quality Laminated shellac Allied pressing plays E

1234. Universal 704- Instrumental Trio(piano, guitar, bass)- Crumpus Rumpus/ Blue & Lonely w/ vo E Rare label of unknown origin, reads Hollywood/ San Francisco..diff than the following Universal

1235. Universal UR 8623/4- Bill Russo Experiment in Jazz- Stairway to the Stars/ For Roger E+

1236. Univ UR 8624/5- Bill Russo Experiment in Jazz- Lonely Town/ Orion EE+

1237. Van Dyke 84302- C.A.J. Parmentier- Moonlight, Night & You/ Cryin For the Carolines

1238. Variety 5016(mid 20s label)- Hotel Mc Alpin O- Hello Swanee Hello/ Campus Octette- Precious V+

1239. Variety 506- (mid 30s label)- Jan Savitt O- Ill never Tell You I Love You/ How Could You? E-, 3 inch ck

1240. Var 524 Red Nichols O- Never In a Million Years/ Wake Up & Live V

1241. Var 542- Jan Savitt O- Supposing/ Lets Play Geography E-

1242. Var 603- California Ramblers- Swingin Down to Rio/ Chris & His Gang E+N-

1243. Var 625- Red Nichols O- Twilight In Turkey/ Cream Puff EE+

1244. Varsity 6017- Eubie Blake O- River Stay Way From My Door/ Life Is Just a Bowl of Cherries E- off 1931 Crown

1245. Var 8125- Lennie Hayton O- The Starlit Hour/ At the Balalaika E-

1246. Var 8126- Van Alexander O- Oh What a Lovely Dream/ I Want to Wrap You Up VV+

1247. Var 8149- Tommy Tucker O- Would Ja Mind/ Youre Letting the Grass Grow Under Your Feet V+

1248. Var 8167- George Olsen O- She Broke His Heart of Oak/ Woodpecker E+

1249. Var 8176- George Olsen O- Darn Clever These Chinee/ Horses EE+

1250. Var 8185- Lang Thompson O- Row, Row, Row/ Last Night On the Back Porch EE+

1251. Var 8204- Phil Harris O- The Rhumba Jumps/ I Wanna Be a Brat E+

1252. Var 8211- Rudy Vallee O- Lazy Rolls the Rio Grande/ Whiffenpoof Song E-

1253. Var 8225- Frankie Trumbauer O- Walkin the Dog/ Not On the First Nite EE+/V

1254. Var 8242- Stuff Smith O- Crescendo in Drums/ Ive Got You Under My Skin E/E-

1255. Var 8274- Rudy Vallee O- When Yuba Plays the Rhumba/ Kitty From Kansas City V

1256. Var 8295- Rudy Vallee O- Adios/ Pourquoi EE+

1257. Var 8386- Rex Irving O- Bull Fight Bull-ero/ Soft Ahoe Scottische VV+ similar to Raymond Scott

1258. Velvetone 2520- Dick Mulliner O- Cant We Talk It Over/ Dancing On the Ceiling looks V+ grey, plays EE+..nice Selvins

1259. Vocalion 14503- Gene Fosdicks Hoosiers- Apple Sauce/ Peggy Dear EE-

1260. Vo 14544- Selvins O- Down Among the Sleepy Hills of Tennesee/ Dont Be Too Sure E

1261. Vo 14552- Albert E. Short Tivoli Syncos- Dreams of India/ Down In Sweetheart Town V+

1262. Vo 14508- Selvins DO- Wonderful One/ Mellow Moon EE+

1263. Vo 14510- Bar Harbor Society O- Dearest/ Sweet One E/EE-

1264. Vo 14524- Ferrera Trio- Mari Mari/ O Sole Mio VV+ rcnap

1265. Vo 14554- Albert E Short Tivoli Syncopators- Wolverine Blues/ Liza E- GOOD A

1266. Vo 14707- Frank Banta & Cliff Hess piano duet- Shake Ur Feet/ Covered Wagon Days E-

1267. Vo 14710- Irving Kaufman w/O- Why Dont My Dreams Come True/ Dear Old Lady EE-

1268. Vo 15021- The Castillians- Amor, Amor/ La Guardia Blanca E-

1269. Vo 15027- Ben Bernie O- Cheatin On Me/ All Aboard For Heaven E+

1270. Vo 15080- Ben Bernie O- Yes Sir Thats My Baby/ Collegiate EE-

1271. Vo 15409- Al Goerings Collegians- Precious/ Baby Face V-

1272. Vo 15449- Miami Marimba O- In a Little Spanish Town/ Blame It On the Waltz E-

1273. Vo 15489- Frivolity Club O- I Never Knew What the Moonlight Could Do/ Some Day V-

1274. Vo 15524- The Bostonians- Moonbeam! Kiss Her For Me/ Vanderbilt O- Yankee Rose E

1275. Vo 15739- Frank Sylvano w/ O- Im Sorry Sally/ When Summer Is Gone E-

1276. Vo 15757- Charles C. Locke- Shes Funny That Way/ If I Had My Way N-

1277. Vo 15776- Univ of California Band- Medley of U Cal College Songs/ Lights Out E+

1278. Vo 15883- Al Goering Collegians- You Know I Love You/ The Ambassadors- Wide Open Spaces V-

1279. Vo 5227- Frank Luther- The Song of the Prune/ Down In De Cane Break E

1280. Vo 5490(gold lbl)- Glen Fox & Joe Wilson- vocal w/ guitar & mandolin- My Dixie Home/ When Its Lamp Lightin Time In the Valley E+/EE+

1281. Vo 25008- Dick Himber Essex House O- It Isnt Fair/ It Might Have Been a Different Story V-

1282. Vo 2537(gold lbl)- Dick Himber O- Sophisticated Lady/ Smoke Rings G-

1283. Vo 2652(gold lbl)- Eddie Jackson O- Dancing In the Moonlight/ Little Dutch Mill VV+

1284. Vo 2870- Bing Crosby- Thanks/ The Day You Came Along VV+ blue lbl

1285. Vo 2934- Wingy Mannone O- About a Quarter to Nine/ Lets Spill the Beans E

1286. Vo master pressed vinyl test mx 14143-4- Cliff Edwards- Its Only a Paper Moon E+ According to the entertainment discography, this is an unissued (and unknown) take

1287. Vo 3236- Mal Hallett O- Swing Fever/ Mary Lou V

1288. Vo 3278- Mal Hallett O- The Boston Tea party/ Sweet Misery of Love E

1289. Vo 3388- Louis Prima New Orleans Gang- The Goose Hangs High/ Mr. Ghost Goes to Town VV+

1290. Vo 3555- Eddie Stone O- A Study In Brown/ Satan Takes a Holiday E

1291. Vo 3573- Ray Beagle & His Hounds of Music- It Goes to Your Feet/ Peckin E- nice swing sides with solos. who is this band??

1292. Vo 3583- Phil Harris O- The Groove Song/ Constantly E+ top West Coast pressing

1293. Vo 3606- Nye Mayhew O- When?/ Dancing Under the Stars EE+/E

1294. Vo 3607- Henry Red Allen O- Till the Clock Strikes Three/ The Millers Daughter Mariane E

1295. Vo 3629- Sammy Kaye O- Smarty/ Moonlight On the Highway E

1296. Vo 3640- Sammy Kaye OI Wouldnt Change You For the World/ Make a Wish V

1297. Vo 3656- Sammy Kaye O- So You Wont Sing/ If I Can Count On You E

1298. Vo 3688- Sammy Kaye O- What Makes You So Sweet/ Well Ride the Tide Together EE+

1299. Vo 3885- Maxine Sullivan w/ O- Darling Nellie Gray/ The Folks Who Live On the Hill E+/EE+

1300. Vo 3898- Red Mc Kenzie O- Georgianna/ Youre Out of this World V+E- plays better laminated

1301. Vo 3920- Isham Jones O- I Double Dare You/ More Than Ever E

1302. Vo 3982- Mildred Bailey O- From the Land of the Sky Blue Water/ Lover Come Back to me E

1303. Vo 4008- Earl Hines O- Please Be Kind/ Good Night Sweet Dreams Good Night EE+

1304. Vo 4031- Tommy Tucker O- I Hadnt Anyone till You/ Yes, There Aint No Moonlight EE+

1305. Vo 4043- Bobby Snyder O- Its Easier Said Than Done/ At a Perfume Counter E/V

1306. Vo 4227- Buddy Rogers Famous Swing Band- Meet the Beat Of My Heart/ Figaro E

1307. Vo 4474- Mildred Bailey O- My Melancholy Baby/ The Lonesome Road EE-

1308. Vo 4651- Al Kavelin O- I Long to belong to You/ Blue Italian Waters EE+

1309. Vo 4713- Casa Loma O- Under a Blanket of Blue/ Its the Talk of the Town E- Bruns mstrs

1310. Vo 4738- Red Norvo O- Toadie Toddle/ Therell Never Be Another You E-

1311. Vo 4747- Count Basie O- Baby Dont Tell On Me/ Rock a Bye Basie EE-

1312. Vo 4749- Mildred Bailey O- Loves a Necessary Thing/ I Can Read Between the Lines EE-

1313. Vo 4764- Chick Bullock Levee Loungers- I Never Knew Heaven Could Speak/ Somebody Nobody Knows EE-/E

1314. Vo 4768- Jimmy Johnson O- After Tonight/ Harlem Woogie E

1315. Vo 4859- Ginny Simms O- All I Remember Is You/ Im In Love With the Honorable Mr So & So EE+

1316. Vo 4942- Edgar Sampson O- Dont Try Your Jive On Me/ Pick Your Own Lick EE+/E

1317. Vo 5265- Frankie Masters O- That Lucky Fellow/ All the Things You Are EE+

1318. Vo 5316- Frankie Masters O- What Evry Young Girl Should Know/ Holy Smoke E/V+

1319. Vo 5416- Dick Jurgens O- A Little Boy & a Little Girl/ Whats the Matter With Me! E

1320. Vo 5543- Tommy Tucker Time- You Darlin/ Aint You Ashamed? E+/E

1321. Vo 5544- Ray Herbeck O- In Old Hawaii/ Highways Are Happy Ways V+E-

1322. VOX 16072- Marlene Dietrich- Peter/ Jonny E+

1323. VOX 16073- Marlene Dietrich- Mein Blondes Baby/ Allein In Einer Grossen Stadt EE+

1324. Wards Trail Blazer 108- Trail Blazers Brass Band- Ah Sweet Mystery of Life/

Medley of Victor Herbert Wzs V- rare short lived Columbia family label

FOREIGN LABELS (all British unless noted)

1325. Apex 605(CANADIAN)- Willie Eckstein piano solo- A Musical Massacre/ Kitten On the Keys E+

1326. Blue Star 157(FR)- Illinois Jacquet All Stars- Blow Illinois Blow/ Illinois Blows the Blues N-

1327. Bunswickr 01555- Connie Boswell w/ O- I Cover the waterfront/ Under a Blanket of Blue E

1328. Br 01895- Connie Boswell w/ Jimmie grier O- Lost In a Fog/ isnt It a Shame E+

1329. Br 02276- Milt Herth organ solo- Stompin At the Savoy/ Basin Street Blues E+

1330. Br 02294- Milt Herth organ solo- Swamp Fire/ Twelfth Street Rag E+

1331. Br 03532- Milt Herth trio- Sleepy Town Train/ I Wanna Go Back to West Virginia E+

1332. Br 03562- Sleepy John Estes- Drop Down Mama/ Married Woman Blues E

1333. Br 03749- Josh White- Strange Fruit/ The House of the Risin Sun N-

1334. Br 04530- Judy Garland- Youll Never Walk Alone/ Smilin Through E+

1335. Cetra AC 3155(ITALIAN)- Carla Boni- Gino Latilla Angelini & O- Rendimi E Baci/ I Giorni Pili belli E

1336. Cet DC 6407- Nono Nipote w/ O- Zampugnaro/ Nnammurato/ Napule Nun More E-

1337. Cet DC 6531- Tonina Torrielli, G. Stellari & O- Te Vojo Ben/ Anema E Core EE-

1338. Cet DC 6638- Antonio Vasquez, Armando Fragna & O- Povera Fogila/ Eva EE-/E

1339. Cat DC 6655- Clara Jaione, Armando Fragna & O- La Leggenda Del Cavallino/ Un Americana a Roma E-

1340. Columbia Double Face D-277- Frank Reade w/ O- Theres No Home Like the old Home/ Put That Record On Again Daddy G

1341. Co 3219- Harold Willoughby piano solo- You Tell Em Ivories/ Coaxing the Piano E+

1342. Co 3530- Binnie Hale & Seymour Beard w/ Theatre O- Tea For Two/ I Want to Be Happy V

1343. Co 3926- Billy Mayerl piano solo- Piano Exaggerations- Loose Elbows/ Antiquiary EE+

1344. Co 4115- Billy Mayerl piano solo- Piano Exaggerations- Jack in the Box/ Sleepy Piano V+

1345. Co 4153- The Denza Dance Band- Black Bottom/ A Night of Love V/E- rcnap

1346. Co 4676- Billy Mayerl piano solo- Puppets Suite #1/2- Golliwog/ Judy EE-/E

1347. Co 4676- Billy Mayerl piano solo- Puppets Suite #3- Punch/ Chop Sticks E

1348. Co 4715- June & Jack Hulbert w/ Adelphi Theatre O- Ill Say to You/ June Hulbert & chorus w/ O- Ladies Are Running Wild E-/VV+

1349. Co 4783- Billy Mayerl piano solo- Hollyhock/ Marigold V-

1350. Co 4932- Jack Payne BBC DO- Sunny Skies/ Sweetheart I Adore You V/VV+

1351. Co 4962- Sophie Tucker w/ O- My Yiddishe Momma pt 1(English)/ pt 2(Yiddish) E+ NO US ISSUE

1352. Co 4975- Billy Mayerl piano solo- Three Miniatures In Syncopation E-

1353. Co 5154- Billy Mayerl piano solo- Honky Tonk/ Rag Doll E+

1354. Co 5307- The Piccadilly Players(Starita) w/ vo- Up In the Clouds/ Thinking of You E

1355. Co 5614- Nora Blaney- When My Dreams Come True/ Yet You Forgot EE-

1356. Co D 2026(FR)- Maurice Chevalier w/ O- Quand On Est Tout Seul/ Dites-Moi Ma Mere N-

1357. Co NOT FOR SALE mx CA 12099- introducing the Savoy Hotel Orpheans..looks E- due to scrs, but Inaudible due to great laminated pressing, so E+. Announcer introduces members of the band as they play including Rudy Starita, Carroll Gibbons and Hugo Rignold. Cream colored label

1358. Co CB 87- Paul Whiteman O- I Like to Do Things For you/ Song of the dawn E-

1359. Co CB 228- Jack Payne BBC DO- Choo Choo/ On a Little Balcony In Spain VV+

1360. Co CB 272- Jack Payne BBC DO- It Would Be Wonderful/ White Horse Inn E-

1361. Co CB 410- Savoy Hotel Orpheans- Helen pt 1/2 E+

1362. Co DB 518- N. Balieffs Chauve-Souris Company- Russian Popular Songs/ Gipsy Caravan E+

1363. Co DB 622- Terrance Casey organ solo- Song Hits 1/2 E+ incl Moonlight Saving, Got the Bench

1364. Co DB 798- Adolphe Menjou- Two White Arms Len Fillis- Hawaiian guitar solo w/ O- Goodnight Vienna E- rcnap..the ONLY Adolphe record

1365. Co DB 815- Heddle Nash w/ O- If I Am Dreaming/ The Shepherds Song E+

1366. Co DB 1151- Joe Green Novelty O- Stay Out of My Dreams/ Love Songs of the Nile E+

1367. Co DB 1152- Carroll Gibbons Boy Friends- A Bed Time Story piano medley(incl Look What Ive Got)/ You Are Too Beautiful E

1368. Co DB 1262- John W. Green playing his own compositions. He Wrote Body & Soul- piano medley pt 1/2....incl Body & Soul/ Im Yours, Waterfront, etc V few clx

1369. Co DB 1634- Fred Astaire- We Saw the Sea/ Im Putting All My Eggs In One Basket E

1370. Co DB 1670- Jean Sablon w/ O- Why Do You Pass Me By?/ La Chanson Des Rues E+

1371. Co DB 1901- Bing Crosby- Youve Got Me Crying Again/ Youre Getting to Be a Habit With Me E+

1372. Co DB 1971- Bing Crosby- Paradise/ Bing & Mills Bros- My Honeys Lovin Arms EE+

1373. Co DB 2010- Mills Bros- Fiddlin Joe/ Jungle fever E+

1374. Co DB 2160- Rawicz & Landauer piano duet- Snowflakes/ Serenade E+

1375. Co DB 2208- Bing Crosby- Lets Put Out the Lights/ Lets Try Again E+

1376. Co DF 1506- Jean Sablon w/ Andre Ekyan, Django Reinhardt & piano- Je Sais Que Vous Etes Jolie/ Par Correspondence E. nice accomp!

1377. Co FB 1336- Louis Levy Gaumont British Symphony- Where Theres You Theres Me/ Youre Sweeter Than I Thought You Were E BIG SOUND!!

1378. Co FB 2814- Ted Lewis O- Moonlight Madness Then You Were Gone/ Good Night E+ US mxs

1379. Co FB 2143- Flanagan & Allen w/ Munro O- Nice People/ The Umbrella Man E+

1380. Co CC 1414(ITALIAN)- Howard Jacobs O- The Lambeth Walk/ Mel Rose E La Sua Banda- Cry, Baby, Cry E scrs B, some litely aud. Nice sides!

1381. Co M 59(JAPAN)- Henry Hall BBC DO- Speak to me of Love/ Blue Moon E+

---the next group of Japanese Columbia feature traditional music played on Japanese instruments, some with vocals. They are post war, laminated pressings all in at least EE+ or better. I cannot translate the titles, but will list by label #..(photos of labels on request)

1382. Co 100702, unknown musicians and titles

1383. Co 100703, unknown musicians and titles

1384. Co 100704, unknown musicians and titles

1385. Co 100705, unknown musicians and titles

1386. Co 100706, unknown musicians and titles

1387. Co 100707, unknown musicians and titles

1388. Co 100708, unknown musicians and titles

1389. Co 100709, unknown musicians and titles

1390. Co 100710, unknown musicians and titles

1391. Co 100711, unknown musicians and titles

1392. Co 100712, unknown musicians and titles

1393. Co 100713, unknown musicians and titles

1394. Crown 81161(CANAD)- Southern Night Hawks- Mating Time/ Pierrot Syncopators- Piccolo Pete V-

1395. Decca master pressed vinyl test mx MB 201-3- Ambrose O- Mean to Me E+ great side from 1930

1396. Decca M 118- Ambrose O- Body & Soul/ Punch & Judy Show E-

1397. Decca F 1540- Philip Lewis O- Tiger Rag/ Orange Blossom Time E+ BOTH GOOD!

1398. De F 2367- The Blue Lyres- Pardon Me, Pretty Baby/ Moonlight Saving Time E+

1399. De F 2368- The Blue Lyres- Ho Hum!/ Were You Sincere? E/EE+

1400. De F 2582- Roy Fox O- Take It From Me/ You Forgot Your Gloves E+ Bowlly voc

1401. De M 1196 (AUSTRALIA)- Arthur Lally O- Weve Got the Moon & Sixpence/ Is I In Love I Is? E Bowlly vocs both..equiv to Eng De F 3066

1402. De F 3063- Roy Fox O- Minnie the Moochers Wedding Day/ Foy Fox Commentary E Label has white sticker signed -To Syd-all the best- Roy Fox

1403. De F 3181- Roy Fox O- All of a Sudden/ the Old Man of the MountainE- bite nap Bowlly vocs

1404. De F 3185- Jack Hylton O- The Younger Generation/ Mad About the Boy EE-/E

1405. De F 3194- Al Bowlly w/ O- Love Is the Sweetest Thing/ Ill Do My Best to Make You Happy E

1406. De F 3313- Lew Stone O- My Woman/ Junk Man Blues VV+ Bowlly voc, lbl tear

1407. De F 3314- Lew Stone O- Ill Never Be the Same/ Balloons E-/V+ Bowlly A

1408. De F 3322- Roy Fox O- Roy Fox Chooses (in Dance Rhythm) 1/2 EE-

1409. De F 3345- Lew Stone O- Youll Always be the same Sweetheart/ Lets All Sing Like the Birdies E/E- Bowlly voc

1410. De F 3370- Roy Fox O- Just An Echo In the valley/ A Little Street Where Old Friends Meet E-/E

1411. De F 3372- Lew Stone O- Lying In the Hay/ ich Liebe Dick My Dear E/EE+ Bowlly vocs

1412. De F 3395- Jack Hylton O- Ill Never Have to Dream Again/ Just a Little Home For the Old Folks E+

1413. De F 3425- Jack Hylton O- Take Me Away From the River/ Old Father Thames V-

1414. De F 3719- Phyllis Clare w/ O- I Want a Fair & Square Man/ Aint She the Dainty? EE+

1415. De F 3759- Carl Brisson w/ O- thanks/ Prince of Arcadia EE-/E

1416. De F 5106- Dick Powell w/ O- Ill String Along With You/ Why Do I Dream Those Dreams E/EE-

1417. De F 5451- Gordon Little- Lonely Heart/ Easter Parade EE+ sm rcnaps

1418. De F 5501- Joe Morrison w/ O- Me Without You/ A Little Angel Told Me So EE-

1419. De F 5508- Roy Fox O- Cherokee/ A Street in Old Seville V+/V

1420. De F 5550- Ambrose O- Ive Got a Note/ Ambroses Tiger Rag V

1421. De F 5558- Ambrose O- Lullaby of Broadway/ The Words Are In My Heart V-

1422. De F 6368- Charlie Kunz piano solo- Charlie Kunz Piano medley # D2 pt 1/2 EE+

1423. De F 6640- Greta Keller- Thanks For the Memory/ Once In a While E+N-

1424. De F 6741- Eddie Cantor w/ Ambrose O- Says My Heart/ Little Lady Make believe// Lambeth Walk EE+ one tiny pop each side. No US issue

---the next group of Quintet of the Hot Club of France are not the ones that usually turn up---

1425. De F 6899- QHCF- Them There Eyes/ Swing From Paris V+

1426. De F 7100- QHCF- Time On My Hands/ I Wonder Where My Baby Is Tonight V+

1427. De F 7133- QHCF- Twelfth Year/ Japanese sandman V+

1428. De F 7132- Adelaide Hall- Transatlantic Lullaby/ I Get Along Without You Very Well E+

1429. De F 7140- Dont Worry Bout Me/ Undecided VV+

1430. De F 8568- The Squadronaires- Mission To Moscow/ C Jam Blues E+

1431. De F 8634- Ambrose O- Oh What It Seemed to Be/ Strange Music E+

1432. De F 8877- Mantovanni O- The red Sombrero/ Dance of the Eighth Veil EE+

1433. De F 9066- Gracie Fields w/ O- Papa, Wont You Dance With me/ Honey Child E

1434. De F 9235- Anton Karas- zither solo- The Harry Lime Theme/ Cafe Mozart Wz E+

1435. De F 49124- Lys Assia w/ O- O Mein Papa/ Ponylied E+

1436. De 55.001(FR)- Leo Marjane w/ Ambrose O- Mlle Hortesia/ Bambi Bamba E-/E+

1437. Eclipse 258 (8 inch)- The Hottentots- I Got Rhythm/ Loving Them All E+ solos

1438. Ecl 290- Jack Grose Metropole Players- Take a Chance On Me/ I Beg Your Pardon Mad. V+

1439. Ecl 291- Jack Grose Metro Pl- Oh This Wonderful Love/ Sweet 16 & Never Been Kissed E

1440. Ecl 359- Phil Allen Merrymakers- Evryone Says I Love You/ Sentimental Moon EE-

1441. Ecl 402- Syd Roy RKOlians- Young & Healthy/ Sing the Song of Happiness E

1442. Ecl 420- Syd Roy RKOlians- What a Perfect Combination/ Neath the Weeping Willow Tree V+/E+

1443. Ecl 440- Syd Roy RKOlians- She Believed In Safety First/ Something Came & Got Me In the Spring

1444. Ecl 451- Syd Roy RKOlians- Cupid Was In Clover When I Met You/ When My Pomeranian..E-/EE-

1445. Ecl 879- Harry Leader O- What a Little Moonlight Can Do/ Arent You Pleased When Youre Happy VV+

1446. Edison Bell 498- R.G. Knowles- label reads pound symbol,s,d/ Pins V- early green lbl

1447. Edison Bell Radio 870 (8 inch)- Harry Hudsons Merry MenTwilight Dreams E- 1/4 inch hlcnap

1448. EBR 1482- Radio Rhythm Boys- Ten Cents a Dance/ Lady of Spain VV-

1449. Edison Bell Winner 4853- Beth Challis- Thats My Mammy/ Because My Baby Dont Mean Maybe Now E+

1450. EBW 5275- Cicely Courtneidge Plonks Her Guitar/ Plonks again E+

1451. EBW 5359- Deauville Dance Band- Im Happy When Youre Happy/ Cherie, Cest Vous V-

1452. Electrola EG 216(GER)- Ferdy Kauffman O- Standchen/ Nur Wer Die Sehnsucht Kennt EE+

1453. El 2895(GER)- Raie Da Costa piano solo- The Wedding of Mr. Mickey Mouse/ I Cover the Waterfront V+ scr B

1454. El EG 2013- NMDO- Any Times the Time To Fall In Love/ Jack Hylton O- Amy E+

1455. Elite Special 17017(FR?)- Das Elite Filmorch dir by Theo Nordhaus- Mama sagt, ich darf nicht kussen/ Das Elite Filmorch dir by W. Schmidt- gentner- Was hast du nur aus meinem Herzen gemacht? Starts VV+, goes to E, A side says Charleston arrangement, but it is definitely from the swing era-Good side/ B is a wz

1456. Esquire 10-269- Joe Holiday Amazing Rhythm- This Is Happiness/ Mighty Like a Rose EE-/E

1457. Italdisc CGD 54033 (ITALIAN)- Compl. Zampognaro F LLI Bruzzese- La Pastorale/ Gianni Arnone, Compl. Zampognaro F LLI Bruzzese- Tu Scendi Dalle Stelle E

1458. Fonit 15055- Giacomo Rondinella con Marcello de Martino e O- Nun Me Stanco E Te Guarda/ Buonasera Allegria EE+

1459. Fon 15570- Giacomo Rondinella con Eros Sciorelli & O- Casetta In Canada/ Corde Della Mia Chiarra E

1460. Fon 15575- Giacomo Rondinella con Eros Sciorelli & O- Cancello Tra Le Rose/ Un Filo Di Speranza EE-

1461. Fon 15855- Giacomo Rondinella - Eros Sciorelli & O- Piccerella Piccere/ Cantiano Le Canzonette E

1462. Fon 15870- Nino Taranto- Le Suonate De Sofia/ Girotondo Internazionale EE-

1463. Fon 15911- Lauro Raffo con Eros Sciorelli & O- Piazza Navona/ Se Torna E

1464. Guardsman 2101- The Rovers Dance Band- Zulu Wail/ Sa-Lu-Ta E-/V+

1465. HMV B 1441- Melville Gideon- Wild Men of Borneo/ Ghost of a Chance E

1466. HMV B 1725- Stanley Holloway- London Town/ Golfing Love EE+

1467. HMV B 2269- Melville Gideon- Pirates Lullaby/ The tale of the Guinea Pig E+

1468. HMV B 2322- H. Perrella & R Turner-piano duet- Nola/ Kitten On the Keys E+N-

1469. HMV B 2358- Melville Gideon- Thank the Moon/ Lindy Lou E

1470. HMV B 2428- Melville Gideon- I Realised/ Each Little Day E+

1471. HMV B 2848- Morton Downey w/ O- paradise Isle/ For Old Times Sake EE+

1472. HMV B 3182- Edgar Fairchild & Ronert Lindholm piano duet- Follow Through medley 1/2 E

1473. HMV B 3480- Maurice Chevalier- All I Want Is Just One Girl/ Sweepin the Clouds Away E+

1474. HMV B 3736- NMDO- Irving Berlin Wz med 1/2 E+

1475. HMV B 3946- Oscar Denes & Lizzi Waldmuller w/ O- vocal duet in German- Mausie/ Mama E+

1476. HMV B 5574- Jack Hylton O- A Hundred Years From Now/ Laughing Marionette E-/EE-

1477. HMV B 5722- Jack Hylton O- Tip Toe Thru the Tulips/ Painting the Clouds With Sunshine E

1478. HMV B 5742- Jack Hylton O- Piccolo Pete/ Youre My Silver Lining of Love EE+

1479. HMV B 5753- Gus Arnheim O- Now Im In Love/ Rudy Vallee- Thats When I Learned to Love U E

1480. HMV B 6000- Ambrose O- Would You Like to Take a Walk/ The Wz U Saved For Me EE+

1481. HMV B 6056- NMDO- Theres Something In Your Eyes/ Just a Dancing Sweetheart E- lt scrs Bowllys

1482. HMV B 6059- Jack Hylton O- Aint That The Way It Goes/ Little Old Church in the Valley E+

1483. HMV B 6061- Ambrose O- You Cant Stop Me From Loving You/ Just One More Chance E

1484. HMV B 6064- Jack Hylton O- Time Will Tell/ I Believe In You E+

1485. HMV B 6071- Jack Hylton O- You Are My Hearts Delight/ Changing of the Guard E-/V+

1486. HMV B 6249- Ray Noble O- Song of the Bells/ Marching Along Together E/VV+ Bowlly voc

1487. HMV B 6250- Ray Noble O- Rock Your Cares Away/ Bedtime Story V+ Bowlly voc

1488. HMV B 6261- Ambrose O- I Guess Ill Have to Change My Plan/ Lets Put Out the Lights E

1489. HMV B 6266- Ray Noble O- Less Than the Dust/ Temple Bells E-/V+

1490. HMV B 6267- Ray Noble O- Blue Danube/ Kashmiri Song EE+

1491. HMV B 6268- Ray Noble O- The Jug & the Bottle 1/2 E+

1492. HMV B 6318- NMDO- Poor Me, Poor You/ Play, Fiddle, Play E+ Bowlly voc

1493. HMV B 6505- Isham Jones O- Ridin Around In the Rain/ Raymond Paige O- Love Thy Neighbor V+

1494. HMV B 8017- Tom Jones & Orch- Fairy Tale/ In the Shadows E+

1495. HMV B 8369- Noel Coward w/ O- We Were So Young/ Mrs. Worthington EE+

1496. HMV B 8458- Barnabas Von Geczy O- Poem/ Malaca E+

1497. HMV B 8629- QHCF- Exactly Like You/ In a Sentimental Mood E-

1498. HMV B 9946- Norman Warwick, Colin Kemball & Peter Tuddenham w/ Theatre O- Three Juvenile Delinquents/ Noel Coward w/ Cambridge Theatre O- Josephine E/E+

1499. HMV BD 200- Jack Hylton 0- I Wont Dance/ Lovely to Look At E+

1500. HMV BD 233- Belle Baker w/ O- The Continental/ Stay As Sweet As You Are V+ clk B no US

1501. HMV BD 257- Florence Desmond- A British Mothers Big Flight/ Mae Time V

1502. HMV BD 1008- Hutch w/ O- Jealousy/ Stardust E

1503. HMV BD 1264- The Two Pats piano duet w/ b and d- Is a Great Feeling film medley/ part 2 E+

1504. HMV BD 5003- NMDO- Dont Stand In the Doorway/ The Never To Be Forgotten Melody E+

1505. HMV BD 5005- Jack Hylton O- Schoolboy Howlers pt 1/2 E+

1506. HMV BD 5013- The ballyhooligans- Tiger Rag/ Bugle Call Rag EE-

1507. HMV BD 5023(IND)- Jack Hylton O- The Leader of the Band/ The Darling of the Guards E

1508. HMV BD 5024(IND)- Jack Hylton O- Sailing Along On a Carpet of Clouds/ Moanin Minnie E

1509. HMV BD 5041- the ballyhooligans- Nobodys Sweetheart/ Whispering EE+

1510. HMV BD 5042(IND)- Roy Fox O- Life begins When Youre In Love/ I Feel Like a Feather In the Breeze E

1511. HMV BD 5094- The Ballyhooligans- Raggin the Scale/ Canadian Capers E+

1512. HMV BD 5102(IND)- Jack Hylton O- Free/ The Fleets In Port Again EE+

1513. HMV BD 5106- The Ballyhooligans- American Tour- quick step med pt 1/2 EE+

1514. HMV EA 1547(AUS)- Ray Noble O- Way Down Yonder In New Orleans/ Lets Swing It EE- top laminated pressing of US band with Glenn Miller, etc plays E

1515. HMV EG 6130- Barnabas Von Geczy O- Dont Worry/ Adua March EE+

1516. HMV EG 6201- Barnabas Von Geczy O- Wiegenlied/ Menuett In D-Dur E+

1517. HMV EG 6205- Marika Rokk und Rudi Schuricke w/ O- Potpourri Aus Dem Tonfilm "Gasparone"/ 2 EE+

1518. HMV EG 6255- Barnabas Von Geczy O-Es Leuchten Die Sterne/ Heut Hab Ich Das Gluck Gefunden E+

1519. HMV EG 6256- Barnabas Von Geczy O- Liebe Hochverhrte Grossmama/ Das Ist Berlin E+

1520. HMV EG 6259- Barnabas Von Geczy O- Fruhlingstag/ Wenn Du Mich Liebtest E+

1521. HMV IP 272- Barnabas Von Geczy O- Forget It & Smile/ Puszta E+

1522. HMV IP 305- Barnabas Von Geczy O- Pony/ Ragamuffin E+

1523. HMV K-5850(FR)- Marek Weber O- Serenade Chonoise/ Dense Des Lanternes Japonaises EE+

1524. HMV K-6723- Don Azpiazu O- Cachimba De San Juan/ Lamento Boriqueno E

1525. HMV K- 7298- Fred Addison O- A La Casa Loma// Addison O w/ vo- Aves Les Pompiers E+ EXC A side similar to Casa Loma O- big swing sound w solos

1526. HMV K- 9035- Doris Marnier w/ O- On N Prend Pas Un Homme Avec Un Fusil/ Ca Vient Tout Naturellement E+

1527. HMV X 4953- Bunny Berigan O- All Gods Chillun Got Rhythm/ Benny Goodman O- Peckin EE+

1528. HMV 12100(Victor- CANADIAN)- Puzzle Record- God Bless the Prince of Wales, Hearts of Oak, Coronation March, The British Grenadiers, God Save the King, Rule Britania E few lt scrs. RARE puzzle record!

1529. HMV 216143(Victor- CANADIAN)- Harry Raderman Nov O- Make that Trombone Laugh/ Deenah G rcnap..possible Canadian only issue

1530. Homochord 637- Homochord DO- Mandalay/ Worried E-

1531. Imperial A 6065(GERMAN?)- Billy Cotton band- A Nice Cup of tea/ At the balalaika VV+ Odd label- purple/ gold..German issue??

1532. Jazz Selection 518(FR)- Illinois Jacquet O- Jacquet Mood/ Robbin Nest E

1533. JS 605- Russell Jacquet All Star O- Bongo Blues/ Kings Spinner E few lt scrs

1534. Loiseau-Lyre OL5 (FR)- Trio DAnches de Paris- Pieces En trio De J. Ibert part 1045/6 N-

1535. London 342- Gracie Fields w/ O- Blue Bird of Happiness/ Green Up Time E-

1536. Lon 463(promo)- Vera Lynn & Anne Shelton- Lets harmonize/ Anne Shelton- Hollywood Square Dance E+

1537. Lon 513- Charlie Spivak O- Baby Wont You Please Come Home/ Dont Cry Joe N-

1538. Lon 590- Ted Heath Music- Move/ Euphoria E+

1539. Lon 763(promo) Charlie Spivak O- Three Little Words/ Friendly Star N-

1540. Lon 902- Ted Heath Music- Colonel Bogey/ My Very Good Friend the Milkman E+

1541. Lucky 60258(JAPAN)- Virginia Bruce w/ O- Ive Got You Under My Skin/ Easy to Love EE+ rare on any label!

1542. Lucky 60334- the Rhythm Wreckers- Red Headed Music Maker/ Blue Yodel #1 E+ good jazz w/ Fazola, etc, as is next

1543. Lucky 60355- The Rhythm Wreckers- Marie/ September In the Rain E

1544. Metronome B 610(SWEDEN)- Delta Rhythm Boys w/ Andrew Burmans O- En Rod Liten Stuga/ Flotlarkarlek N-

1545. Metropole 1121- Billy Cottons London Savannah Band- ICGUA But Love/ Where Have You Been All My Life? E-

1546. Microphone 22115(CANADA)- Erdman O- Im Just Wild About Animal Crackers/ Thats Why I Love You V

1547. Nippon Mercury 312- The Big Four- How High the Moon/ S Wonderful E+ Great Japanese swing/bop from this group in original picture sleeve (one small tear), picture label

1548. Nippon Mercury 321- The Big Four- Cottontail/ Flamingo E+ Great Japanese swing/bop from this group..as above, sleeve not as good

1549. Odeon 282.200(FR)- Lily Fayol w/ O- On N Prend Pas Un Homme Avec Un Fusil/ Ca Vient Tout Naturellement E+

1550. Od 282.201(FR)- Marcel Merkes w/ O- Une Fille Est Passee/ Cest Marvelleux E+

1551. Pacific 90.010(FR)- Claude Luter O- Canal Street Blues/ Oh Didnt He Ramble E

1552. Panachord 25790- Bill Airey Smith O- East of the Sun/ Dinner For One Please James V+

the next two original shellac tests are great Hot Club of France sound-alikes with violinist Hugo Rignold doing his best Stephane Grapelli-dont know if these were issued

1552. Parlophone shellac test pressing mx CE7283-1- Hugo Rignold violin w/ small O- Calling All Keys EE-

1554. Par shellac test mx CE 7284-1- Hugo Rignold violin solo w/ small O- Poor Butterfly E-

1555. Par F 158- Harry Roy O- Were Were You On the Night of June the Third/ Jubilation Rag V

1556. Par F 161- Nat Gonella Georgians- Nagasaki/ Tiger Rag E/EE-

1557. Par F 178- Harry Roys Tiger ragamuffins- Fox Trot medley pt 1/2 E/EE-

1558. Par F 188- Harry Roy O- Fare Thee Well Annabelle/ The Dixieland Band E-

1559. Par F 174- Harry Roy O- Tavern In the Town/ Comin thro the Rye EE+

1560. Par F 1603- Harry Roy O- Follow the White Line/ My Heart Belongs to Daddy E+

1561. Par F 1605- Jack Warner w/ O- Somebodys Asked Me/ I Didnt Orter Eat It E

1562. Par F 1620- Harry Roy O- Its a Hap Hap Happy Day/ Bella Bambina EE+

1563. Par F 1623- Jack Warner w/ O- Boom/ If a Grey Haired Lady Says "Hows Yer Father" E-

1564. Par F 1650- Harry Roy O- Rosita/ You Never Miss the Old Faces E-

1565. Par R 102- Roof Garden O- Nebraska/ Westward Bound E+ despite grey..Noble Sissle co-composer

1566. Par R 345- Harry Saville piano solo- Who Did- You Did!/ Happy Go Lucky V+/E

1567. Par R 805- Leslie Hutchinson piano- My Description of You/ Okay Baby E-

1568. Par R 1771- Harry Roy Tiger Ragamuffins- Farewell Blues/ You Rascal You/ Muddy Waters// Shine/ My Sweetie Went Away/ Sweet Jenny Lee V+/EE-

1569. Pathe PA 2214(FR)- Emile Carrare et son ens- Swinging On a Styar/ Long Ago EE- to E rc sounds 4 grooves b only, but passes. GOOD accordion led swing band

1570. Phoenix 077- Warwick Green w/ O- Some Boy/ Popsy Wopsy V+

1571. Piccadilly 846- Ruth Etting- Have You Forgotten?/ Just One More Chance E+

1572. Plaza P 145(8 inch)- Eddie Walters DO- Reflections In the Water/ Come Closer E-

1573. Pl P 181- Art Willis O- Sweet Georgia/ Roaming VV+ sm rcnap

1574. Pl 208- Willie Freeman DO- High Steppers/ Without That Certain Thing VV+/ V scrs b

1575. Polydor 25056(GER)- Ufa Jazz O- Mir ist innerlich, mir ist auBerlich/ Wie hab ich nur leben konnen ohne dich? E+ decent fox trot A/ wz B

1576. Regal G 6574- Alexander Mc Credie- The Lea Rig/ The Scottish Emigrant V

1577. Re G 8541- Corona DO- Ida, I Do/ Im Sitting On Top of the World E+

1578. Re G 8559- Raymond Dance Band- Why Do Short Men Like Tall Girls?/ Valencia VV+

1579. Re G 9452- Midnight Minstrels- Painting the Clouds With Sunshine/ Tip Toe Thru Tulips V-

1580. Regal Zonophone G 22429(AUS)- Billy Cotton O- Blue Moon/ Rain VV+

1581. Re Zo G 23455- Jim Davidson ABC DO- Marmalade/ Annie Laurie E-V+

1582. Re Zo G 24335- the Modernists- the Last Time I Saw Paris/ Kay Kyser O- From Alpha to Omega E

1583. Re MR 638- Billy Cotton Band- Sing a New Song/ The Clouds Will Soon Roll By V/V+

1584. Re MR 641- Jack Macintosh cornet solo- Bride of the Waves/ Sounds from the Hudson E+

1585. Re MR 653- Billy Cotton Band- I Heard/ They All Start Whistling Mary E-/V+

1586. Re MR 733- Billy Reid London Piano-acc Band- Moonlight On the River/ Happy Go Lucky You NN-

1587. Re MR 735- Billy Reid London Piano-acc Band- Tell Me Tonight/ Lizst, Chopin & Mendelsohn NN-

1588. Re Zo MR 739- Billy Cotton O- Rock Your Cares Away/ Nightfall EE+

1589. Re Zo MR 1234- Voice of the Stars pt 1/2..EE+ inc Laurel & Hardy, Mae West, Harlow, etc

1590. Re Zo MR 1261- Billy Cotton O- So Shy/ Lullaby In Blue E-/EE-

1591. Re Zo MR 1413- Billy Cotton O- The Third Tiger/ St Louis Blues E+

1592. Re Zo MR 1414- Billy Cotton O- Ive Had My Moments/ Love In Bloom E+

1593. Re Zo MR 1561- Lew Stone Band- I Aint Got Nobody/ Solitude EE+

1594. Re Zo MR 1562- Billy Cotton Band- Were Just Simple Folk/ Roll Along Covered Wagon E

1595. Re Zo MR 1598- Billy Cotton Band- Im Gonna Wash My Hands of You/ Old Mammy Mine V-

1596. Re Zo MR 1603- Meyer Davis O- Hows Chances/ Lonely Heart E+ Blue Co mxs

1597. Re Zo MR 1623- Billy Cotton Band- Pop Eye, the Sailor Man/ My Girl Dont Love Me G

1598. Re Zo MR 1717- Mack Rogers O- Im Goin Shoppin With You/ The Words Are In My Heart E+/EE+ scrB

1599. Re Zo MR 1723- June Clyde w/ O- Anything Goes/ Youre the Top EE+

1600. Re Zo MR 2010- Joe Kennedy Rhythm- Rosetta/ California Ramblers- Heres to Romance E (despite grey)/E+..Both US Bluebird master presses---A side San Antonio territory band

1601. Re Zo MR 2722- Voice of the Stars pt 1/ 2 EE+ incl Blondell, Muni, Joan Crawford, Bogart, etc

1602. Salabert SS 997(FR)- M. Raoul Labis O- Les Airs Salabert- La disque du concours Salabert 1932- Successes of Today/ Yesterday V+

1603. Rex 8852- Ruth Etting w/ O- You/ Its Love Again E+ English recording, no US issue

1604. Starr Gennett 9212(CANADIAN)- Specialty O- Three O Clock In the Morning/ Moon River E

1605. Starr Gennett 9276(CAN)- Husk O Hares Super O of Chicago- Night/ Clover Blossom Blues N-

1606. The Bell 388(6 inch)- That Certain Party/ The Whistling Scot E- int cr nap

1607. The Twin 3022- Florrie Fode- Girls of the Clogs & Shawl/ Yip I Adee I Aye V-

1608. Vocalion 500- Fred Astaire- Bojangles of Harlem/ A Fine Romance V+

1609. Vo 501- Fred Astaire- Pick Yourself Up/ Never Gonna Dance EE-

1610. Vo 502- Fred Astaire- The Way You Look Tonight/ The Wz In Swing Time EE-

1611. Zon 1816- Tom Foy- All through tblack Horse/ Ahm disgusted E label says English patter

1612. Zon 6152- The Blue Lyres- Please Dont Mention It/ Leven Pounds of Heaven EE+

1613. Zon 6163- The Blue Lyres- My Silent Love/ If You Were Only Mine EE+


1614. BB 5121- Masters Hawaiians- After Youve Gone/ Hot Hula Lips V

1615. BB 5191- Masters Hawaiians- I Like Mountain Music/ Floating Down a River V bite nap

1616. BB 5295- Jim & Bob(the Genial Hawaiians)- Chimes/ Taps E+

1617. BB 7144- Waikiki Swingsters- The Beach/ Dark Eyed Hula Lou V-/VV+

1618. BB 11182- Johnny Kaonohi Pineapple Native Islanders- Hawaii Nei/ Meleana E E-

1619. Br 2076- Frank Ferera- Anthony Franchini- Dreamy Hawaii/ Wailana Wz E+

1620. Br 4067- Randolphs Royal Hawaiians- St Louis Blues/ When you Come Back to Me V+

1621. Br 55002- Johnny Nobles Hawaiians- Hola E Pae/ Kokohi EE-

1622. Br 55007- Johnny Nobles Hawaiians- Drifting/ Maid of Honolulu EE-

1623. Br 55059- Johnny Nobles Hawaiians- Hawaii/ Na Lei EE+

1624. Challenge 381- Royal Hawaiian trio- Hilo Hawaiian March/ Wailuka Serenaders- Kawaiuhu Wz E-

1625. Ch 917- Kulas Hawaiians- Im Going Back to Waikiki/ Naomi of Aloha Land E-, clean but inherent surface noise

1626. Columbia 931- Sol Hoopiis Novelty Trio- breeze/ Most of All I Want Your Love EE+/E+

1627. Co 3142-D- Sol K. Bright Holly-waiians- My Paakiki Wahine/ Oni Aka Moku EE-

1628. Co 4914-X(BLUE WAX)- Coral islanders- Na Lei/ Kauoha EE- despite what looks like surface rumbles, it plays without issues due to the laminated pressing

1629. Co 26255-F- Columbias Hawaiiorkester- Du Ar Min Langtans Paradis/ Flickorna I Honolulu V+E-

1630. Diva 3010- The Four Aces- Mississippi Moon/ Under a texas Moon V+

1631. Dominion A 2563(ENG)- Honolulu Sereanders- Tip Toe Thru the Tulips/ Singin In the Rain VV+

1632. Gennett 5146- Palakiko Palas Hawaiian Serenaders- Trying to Forget/ Roll Along Missouri E

1633. Imperial 22117(GERMAN?)- Kilima Hawaiians- Hei, Hei, Meisjelief/ Sarina, een kind uit de dessa E/E+

1634. Montgomery Ward 4358- King Nawahi Hawaiians- I Want to Dream By the Old Mill Stream/ When the Moon Comes Over the Mountain E+, master pressed off Victor 23538

1635. Odeon 165495(FR)- Kalamas Quartette- Wahine Ui/ Mama E E+ few TINY clx B, pass easy

1636. OK 4382- Ferera & Franchini- Hawaiian Hotel/ Honolulu Rag VV+

1637. OK 4423- Sam Moore & Horace Davis- Tuck Me to Sleep in My Old Kentucky Home/ Wang Wang Blues VV+

1638. OK 4556- Frank Ferera- Anthony Franchini- Waikiki Mermaid/ Malana Nnu Ka a Kakani V+

1639. OK 4786- Ferera & Franchini- Kawaihau/ Mahina Malamalamala V

1640. OK 28067(electric Greek series)- Hawaiian Guitars- Ah Mari/ I Paloma E+

1641. OK 40441- Kimo Kalohi- Meleana E/ Kawaihau Wz VV+

1642. OK 41068- Kalamas Quartette- On the Beach At Waikiki/ Aloha Oe EE+ scuff B anp

1643. OK 41108- Bina Mossmans Glee Club- Kuu Lei Mokihana/ Aloha Oe E Kuu Lei E-

1644. OK 41234- Tubize Royal Hawaiian O- Down By the Old Cherry orchard/ Moonlight In Hawaii E

1645. OK 41323- Kalamas Quartet- Ka Makani Kali Aloha/ Kalamaula E- few scrs B sd lite

1646. Operaphone 1069(8 inch)- Smith & Kiano, Hawaiian Singing Guitars- Waikiki Rag med/ Hauoli E vertical cut

1647. Parlophone R 1614(ENG)- Kanui & Lula- Oua, Oua/ Tomi, Tomi E+

1648. Paramount 22077- Alice Leslie w/ Hawaiian Guitars- Hawaiian Blues/ Harold Clark- Birds of a feather E+

1649. Par 30059- Louise & Ferera- Honolulu March/ Blondell Sax Quartet- La Paloma E+ vertical cut

1650. Philips 79.408(FR)- (TAHITIAN)- Pierre & Colette Landry- Eiaha Hama E Au Vahine Tamure-Te/ Pora Pore No Porapora Rahi E- dig B audible

1651. Silvertone 2030- Toots Paka Troupe- Sweet Hawaiian Moonlight/ Kohala March EE-

1652. Sil 2035- Toots Paka Troupe- Maui Girl/ On the Beach At Waikiki VV+

1653. Supertone 9370- Hawaiian Serenaders- Carolina Moon/ Loneliness EE+

1654. Velvetone 1931- The Four Aces- Broadway Melody/ When My Dreams Come True V+/.E-

1655. Victor 65338- SM Kaiwe & Hawaiian Quintet- Maid of Honolulu/ WBJ Aeko w/ Hawaiian Quintet- Kawiliwiliwai E

1656. Vi 65348- Hawaiian Quintet- Aloha Oe/ SM Kaiawe w/ Hawaiian Quint- Kuu Home E

1657. Vi 65972- Toots Paka Hawaiian Troupe- Ninipo/ Kamawe V

1658. Vi 67027- Toots Paka Hawaiian Troupe- Toota Paka medley/ Rain Tuahine E-/V+

1659. Vi 67136- Toots Paka Hawaiian Troupe- Hoo Manao oe a Hiki oe/ Kai Malino V-

1660. Vi 17807- Pale K. Lua & David K Kalli- Minehaha medley wz/ Indiana March EE-

1661. Vi 17859- Pale K. Lua & David K Kalli - Happy Heinie March/ Maid of Honolulu EE+

1662. Vi 17863- Pale K. Lua & David K Kalli- My Hula Love/ Kawaihau Wz E-

1663. Vi 18132- Rene Dietrich- Horace Wright w/ Louise & Ferera- My Luau Girl/ On Beach at Waikiki E

1664. Vi 18171- Rene Dietrich- Horace Wright w/ Louise & Ferera-My Own Iona/ Sterling trio- My Lonely Lola Lo(In Hawaii) E+

1665. Vi 18583- Toots Paka Hawaiian Troupe- He Lei No Kaiulani/ Lei Aloha V+

1666. Vi 21018- Price-Prosser-Teasley- Meet Me In Hawaii/ Wabash Blues VV+

1667. Vi 21130- Honolulu Serenaders- Honolulu Stomp/ Mele of Hawaii VV+

1668. Vi 21415- Holoua Trio- Lei Ilima/ Sam West Harmony Boys- Huehue, Huehue E+

1669. Vi 21556- Kanes Hawaiians- Na Lei O Hawaii/ Sam Ku West harmony Boys- Sunkist Hawaii EE-

1670. Vi 22334- Hilo Hawaiian O- Lazy Louisiana Moon/ Nat Shilkret O- Alone With My Dreams VV+

1671. Vi 22946- Mike Hanapi & Ilima Islanders- Song of the Islands/ Lei E Hula E


1672. Clef 89596- Charlie Parker O- Night & Day/ I Cant get Started E+N-

1673. Cl 89589- Charlie Parker w/ Strings- Lover/ Stella By Starlight E+ lt grey nap

1674. Continental 6005- Trummie Young All Stars- Sorta Kinda/ Seventh Avenue EE+ with Bird & Diz

1675. Cont 6013- Clyde Harts All Stars- Whats the Matter Now/ Thats the Blues E..rcnap.. w/ Bird & Diz

1676. Dial 758- Dexter Gordon O- Bikini/ Teddy Edwards O- Blues In Teddys Flat EE+ lt grey B nap

1677. Dial 1007- Charlie Parker- Lover Man/ Howard Mc Ghee Quintet (w/ Bird)- Be- Bop EE+ despite grey

1678. Dial 1008- Tempo Jazz Men (Dizzy, etc)- Confirmation/ Ralph Burns Quintet(Chaloff)- DIAL-ogue EE+ few lt scuffs, scrs DO NOT SOUND, a Bishop pressing

1679. Guild 1002- Dizzy Gillespie Quintet(w/ Bird)- Shaw Nuff/ Lover Man E+

1680. Majestic 9004- Slim Gaillard O- Santa Monica Jump/ Slim Gaillard Trio- That Aint Right E+ Dodo A

1681. Manor 1042- Dizzy Gillespie Sextet- Good Bait/ I Cant Get Started E+/EE+

1682. Manor 5000- Dizzy Gillespie Sextet- Be- Bop/ Salted Peanuts E+

1683. Mercury 11068- Charlie Parker w/ Strings- Laura/ Dancing In the Dark E+

1684. Merc 11103- Charlie parker Quintet- Swedish Schnapps/ Si Si E+

1685. Musicraft 383- Dizzy Gillespie Sextet (w/ Sonny Stitt)- Oop-Bop-Sh-Bam/ Thats Earl Brother EE+

1686. New Jazz 825- Chubby Jackson O (w/ Gerry Mulligan, Zoot Sims)- Flying the Coop/ I May be Wrong E couple light scratches, sm pressing bump DO NOT SOUND

1687. New Jazz 827- Lee Konitz Quintet- Palo Alto/ You Go to My Head E+ scuffs nap

1688. Norgran 107- Dizzy Gillespie- Stan Getz Quintet- Talk of the Town 1/2 E+

1689. Prestige 733- Sonny Stitt Quartet- Imagination/ Cherokee E+ scuffs, edge bump nap

1690. Pres 744- James Moody O- Embraceable You/ James Moody vs Lars Guilin- Two Fathers E

1691. Pres 826(promo)- Sonny Stitt Quartet- Nevertheless/ Jeepers Creepers EE+ some lt grey nap

1692. Pres 858(promo)- Eddie Jefferson, Seldon Powell tenor- Stop Walkin Start Talkin/

Strictly Instrumental E/EE+

1693. Royal Roost 584- Sonny Stitt- Pink Satin/ Loose Walk E+ lt grey nap

1694. Savoy 626- Don Byas Quartet- St Louis Blues/ September Song E+ lt grey nap

1695. Sav 900- The Be Bop Boys (Navarro, Bud Powell)- Webb City part 1/2 EE+

1696. Sav 905- Teddy Reigs All Stars- O Go Mo/ Eb-Pob E

1697. Sav 910- Illinois Jacquet O- Jacquet & Coat/ Jacquet in the Box E/EE+

MISC- ACETATES, AIRCHECKS, ODD PRESSINGS, ETC (all 10 inch unless noted), roughly in chronological order

1698. Bing Crosby- Mack Sennett short subject songs- In My Hideaway/ Between the Devil & the Deep Blue Sea/ Loveable// Auf Weidersehn/ Every Time My Heart Beats- shellac pressing EE+..1931

1699. Bing Crosby- Mack Sennett short subject songs/ Paramount feature songs..My Silent Love/ Auf Wiedersehn, Everytime My Heart Beats/ Boo,Boo,Boo// Where the Blue of the Night/ Buckin the Wind E+ plays at 33 1/3 from 1931-1933

1700. Rudy Vallee Fleischmann Hour acetate partial dub c. late 1932- as follows: 12 inch- 2 sided. Vallee and Alice Faye duet on Youre On Old Smoothie. Faye then sings Shuffle Off to Buffalo- next is Alice Faye singing Young & Healthy from 42nd Street, then Ooh Im Thinking from Strike Me Pink. Not sure when these were made

1701. Sydney Nesbitt & Ed Smalle sing and play Do You Or Dont You (Love Me), on this original acetate w/ small band- Dated 5/9/36..overall V, some plays better, most V, still a good tune and one of a kind

1702. Alice Faye/ Ethel Merman- acetates- Rose of Washington Square- 3 sides / Alexanders Ragtime Band- side 4 .unknown origin, but because of the high fidelity I would guess these are studio disks, or quality dubs of-Side one reads Alice Faye vocal, Rose of Washington Square chor, orch/ side 2 reads dance routines/ side 3 reads Alice Faye vocal Rose of Washington Square, chor, orch, but is different than the first side./ side 4 reads Ethel Merman Heat Wave, and you can hear the studio downbeat countdown. E cond. 2 rec set

1702A Bing Crosby blowups- 12 inch shellac pressing of Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams, followed by Jimmy Valentine EE+, both the out takes with cursing, etc, unusual to see it in this format

1703. newscast..as broadcast live on WMBO, Auburn, NY on 7/7/41, at 10:15 AM . LOTS of WW2 news..London bombers on German industrial centers, Russia, Nazis, Minsk, red army, Bialystock. Fighting in Ecuador. News from Washington D.C., etc.// flip side are a bunch of local commercials. E condition, heavy acetate

1704. Cab Calloway Orch- Cherokee..complete performance of longer than 4 1/2 minutes as broadcast on WABC radio 12:30 AM, 8/1/43..flip side is historically significant speech by NYC mayor Fiorello La Guardia regarding the famous Harlem riots which began the same day as the Calloway broadcast, Sunday 8/1/43. Label reads WABC 1AM-Second disc reads WOR 115AM, 8/1/43..more by La Guardia on the riots with a Dr. Smith and Dr. Yergan, I assume Harlem residents/ flip of this side is more by La Guardia on WOR, label reads 1030PM Monday 8/2/43. Not sure if the speech is complete, but there is a lot there. He appeals for calm and promises an investigation, not much different than things sound in todays climate!. The end of this side has 2 musical excerpts by a big band- possibly Calloway again. Calloway sides are E+, La Guardia has minimal surface noise, about E. home recording on cardboard type substance, similar to the 1940s Hit of the Weeks (NOT the 1930s)..Two records in this lot, interesting musically AND historically!

1705. Kirby Walker live acetate aircheck on WAAT in Newark, New Jersey, 8/17/45. Kirby, a jazz and blues vocalist performs Tennessee Jones with his own piano. Complete 12 inch w/ announcer too

1706. Alvino Rey O- 12 inch acetate aircheck as broadcast live from the Terrace Room in Newark, NJ (perhaps station WAAT?), on 5/14/46...label reads Bumble (Boogie) continued, Sepulveda/ flip is closing theme Blue Ray, and announcer sig out. Plays about E, but should clean up better

1707. The Battle at Thunderblow: The Great Crepitation Contest of 1946.. a comedy record of mysterious origins that gives a play-by-play account of an international farting contest between Lord Windesmear and challenger Paul Boomer..2, 12 inch heavy vinyl 78s- no labels, EE-

1708. Ted Weems specially recorded intros for Roberts Record Room, a music show on WAAT in Newark in the 1940s. Two takes on a 7 inch acetate. E cond

1709. Count Basie specially recorded intro/ outro for Roberts Record Room, a music show on WAAT in Newark in the 1940s. 7 inch acetate. E+ cond

1710. Ted Weems/ Sam Donahue specially recorded intro/ outro for Roberts Record Room, a music show on WAAT in Newark in the 1940s.. 10 inch acetate. E cond

1711. Ray Mc Kinley specially recorded intro(2 takes)/ outro for Roberts Record Room, a music show on WAAT in Newark in the 1940s.. 10 inch acetate. E cond. Special lyrics by Ray

1712. Georgie Price- original acetate aircheck off of NBC TV- Summer of 1948-A side is Thats Florida/ Your Home Town// B side is Gus Edwards medley. Has white acetate substance, but can be cleaned, Still plays E+ once the white stuff is worn away. Cant imagine many tv airchecks exist from 48. 33 1/3 rpm

1713. Major Records 5058- Musical Bridges- 6 diff// Eerie Mysterious theme/ Furtive Mysterious E+ all played on the organ, produced by Thomas J Valentino

1714. Major Records 5060. Heralds- Musical Announcements- 5 diff// Dramatic Pathos/ Wistful Reverie E+, all played on the organ, produced by Thomas J Valentino

1715. Save the Children Foundation PSAs- 8 diff about 1 min ea incl Kim Novak, Tony Randall, Eli Wallach, Celeste Holm, Jason Robards Jr, Zachary Scott, Fredric March and Melvyn Douglas ..33 1/3 E

1716. 4 C Bread Crumb commercials- acetate for radio..Two- 4 C commercials..jingle and guitar. FUN/ flip side reads Chazen Senders Bar Mitzvah instructions and sounds like Hebrew..long B side! , plus second record of more Bar Mitzvah(?) material..all in Hebrew E cond

1717. Victory Is Peace- NBC Olympic Theme Music XI Winter Games, Sapporo Japan- 1972. Composed and performed by John Denver, Taffy Nivert and Bill Danoff. Vinyl 33 1/3 E+

OTHER RADIO- LARGE LOT OF ACETATES 1718. 10 inch acetates, BIG lot of nearly 400 acetates..mostly airchecks from the 1940s and a few from the early 1950s, (also some dubs of records, etc.) These were well recorded off the radio with various stars and shows. If you are into OTR, 1940s music and content, etc, this will be a lot of fun to explore. Very likely to be some one of a kind material and some great finds, as well as some incomplete and run of the mill material. I enjoyed spot checking a few dozen of them. I removed any that I saw damaged, but a few may have slipped through. Among the MANY stars and shows at random are: Eddy Duchin, Break the Bank, Stop the Music, Jerry Wayne, Hildegarde (many interesting guests), Family Hour, Jack Smith, Hires Sunday Party, We the People, Electric Hour, Phil Spitalny, Philco Show, Sophie Tucker, Paul Whiteman, Meredith Willson, Bert Parks, Robert Q. Lewis, Bob Crosby, 1940 in Review w/ Gabriel Heatter, FDR, Bing Crosby, It Pays to be Ignorant, Mortimer Snerd, Fred Allen, Peggy Lee, Shep Fields, Three Suns, Glen Gray O, Nat Hentoff, Bob Hope, Joe Venuti..and way more-This lot will provide hours and hours of fun and perhaps great discoveries

LPS (33 1/3 rpm)

1719. Raymond Scott Orchestra- This Time With Strings- Coral CRL 57174(promo) NN-. hi fidelity versions by Raymond of classics including Powerhouse, Boy Scout In Switzerland, Twilight In Turkey, Toy Trumpet, Pretty Little Petticoat, Huckleberry Duck, etc. 10 tunes in all, and a sexy cover picture

1720. Boris Karloff- Tales of Mystery & Imagination- Cricket Records CR 32..some scrs, skips, etc, and cover has seen better days, but cool pix of Boris on cover..and a rare one

1721. Sing Along With Jack- Hit Songs from the New Frontier with Chuck Mc Cann. Colpix US 1000 (promo) E+, album jacket E----from 1963 with the ironic, Oh Bury Me Not, I Dream of Jackie With the Bouffant Hair, Go Away Dixie Land, Im Called Little Caroline, etc…fun imitations of the JFK gang.

1722. Its That Time Again- 2 record set- Columbia House 2P-6159.. NN- from 1974 with 78 rpm record labels on jacket, includes Miss Brown to You by Jack Oakie, Wake Up & Live by Alice Faye, plus Whiteman, Cass Hagan, Reser, Selvin, Etting, Redman, Cliff Edwards, Dick Powell, Boswell Sisters, Sammy Fain, The Big Aces, etc.. 27-37

1723. Its That Time Again- Columbia House 1P-6160. NN- from 1974 incl Moon of Mankoora by Dorothy Lamour, Youll Have to swing It byt Martha Raye, plus Dolly, Duchin, Nichols, Mildred, Rochester, Harry James, etc 38-42

1724. Merritt 23- Teddy Wilson- The Complete School For Pianists Recordings 1938-9-15 cuts NN-

1725. Earle Warren and the Counts Men- MR 5312- NN- from 1985 incl Woodside, Swingin the Blues, etc

1726. Paul Curry presents the Friends of Fats- Golden Crest Records CR-3070, Huntington Station, NY. Rare small label issue with Al Casey, Al Hall etc. 12 cuts NN- incl I Heard, Pardon Me Pretty Baby, Truckin

1727. Groucho Marx- Jerry Colonna- Ace of Hearts AH 103- . 6 cuts per E+ incl Hooray For Captain Spaulding, Dr. Hackenbush, Fathers Day, Go West Young Man// Colonna- Sweet Adeline, Youre My Everything

1728. Ethel Merman- the Disco Album A&M SP 4775- E+..from 1979 incl I Got Rhythm, I Get a Kick Out of You

1729. Eddie Jackson- a study in Hi Fidelity Sound. Audo Fidelity AFLP 1909. EE+ from 1959. 12 cuts incl Bill Bailey, Robert E. Lee, After Youve Gone, etc. AND my vote for the scariest cover picture ever!!

1730. Oer the Ramparts We Watched- the story of our National Anthem- narrated by Arthur Godfrey, featuring Buster Crabbe. Produced for US Rubber (the familiar logo associated with Keds sneakers) NN-

1731. Beware of Greeks Bearing Gifts- Musicor 3173- cover drawing of Jackie and Aristotle Onassis from 1968..E+ Starring Susan Anspach & Joe Silver..good political satire of its time. Cover are by Mad Magazine Mort Drucker

1732. Laurel & Hardy Naturally High- Douglas 10..prouced in 1970 with cooperation of Hal Roach Studios- features Lazy Moon, Trail of the Lonesome Pine, Going Down to Dixie, etc..orig dialogue and songs from the 30s


SONS OF THE PIONEERS- these are mid 30s made by Standard Radio, pressed on a heavy material..sleeve notes state that Roy Rogers is on some of these..6 cuts per disk.. (I will list one from each side, full titles upon request).GOOD early country music

1733. Sons of the Pioneers C/D- incl Way Out There/ Belle of Baltimore EE-

1734. Sons of the Pioneers Y/Z- incl Abdul Abulbul Amir/ My Pretty Quadroon EE-

1735. Sons of the Pioneers 15/16- incl Follow the Stream/ Blues I E-

1736. Sons of the Pioneers 19/20- incl Some Folks/ Dixie EE-

1737. Sons of the Pioneers 21/22- incl Tenting Tonight/ Travelin With the Sun E-

1738. Sons of the Pioneers 25/26- incl Gamblers Blues/ Ninety & Nine EE-

1739. Sons of the Pioneers 31/32 (7 cuts)- incl Buglers Blues(Bugle Call Rag)/ I Need Thee EE-

1740. Sons of the Pioneers 33/34- incl Oh, Lemuel/ Ring Ring De Banjo E

TRANSCRIPTIONS -VERTICAL 12" PLAYING AT 33 1/3 RPM--outstanding high fidelity on all!! (aurally graded)

1741. Assoc A-476- Irene Beasley acc by Isham Jones O- Solitude, ICGUA But Love E+ Early red semi flexible pressing

1742. Assoc test SS 8054-5- unknown Orch- Blame It on My Youth/ Because of Once Upon a Time E+ Has tiny crack in the heavy red semi flex thats sounds lite 20 sec. Beautiful fidelity on this!

1743. Assoc test mx A 1238-C2- Mark Warnow O- 3 cuts E+ incl After Youve Gone, Farewell Blues

1744. Assoc text mx A 1250-C2- Ray Sinatra O- 2 cuts E+ incl Im An Old Cowhand(with the seldom heard verse), and The Color Of Your Eyes

1745. Assoc test mx A 1301-C2- Ben Selvin Cocktail O- 2 tunes E+ incl You Came to My Rescue, Heres Love In Your Eye

1746. Assoc test mx VLC- 0191-A- Ray Sinatra O- Hey! What Did the Blue Jay Say, Picture Me Without You E+

1747. Assoc test VLC 0692-1- Joe Reichman O- 2 cuts incl Boy Meets Girl, I Want the Whole World To Love You E+ nice first tune (both NON vocal)

1748. Assoc test VLC 0693-1- Joe Reichman O- 2 cuts incl Boy Meets Girl, I Want the Whole World To Love You E+ nice first tune (both with vocals)

1749. Assoc test VLC 0695-1- Joe Reichman O- 2 cuts- incl Now Or Never, Running a Temperature E+

1750. Assoc test VLC 0697-1- Joe Reichman O- 3 cuts incl Take Me Out to the Ballgame, While There Is Love E+

1751. Assoc 207/Muzak 319(one label on each side)- James Dalton O/ Charles Magnante accordion- 2 tunes per E+..great A incl The Stuff Is here & Its Mellow, Wolverine Blues/ B incl Tantalizing

1752. Assoc 219- Harvey Tweed O(Tommy Dorsey O)/ Leon Bolero O- 2 cuts per E+ incl How Do I Rate With You A/ Is there Someone Lovlier Than You B

1753. Assoc 236- Russ Morrow O- Goody Goody/ medley- Linger Awhile/ Stumbling// Lights Out/ After Dark E+

1754. Assoc 251- Harvey Tweed (Tommy Dorsey)O- Dont Mention Love to Me/ With All My Heart/ Joe Venuti(??) violin w/ guitar- 2 unknown hot novelties as label is missing E+ Both sides nice, but Venuti(??) is great here

1755. Assoc 262- Ben Selvin Cocktail O/ Ruby Newman O- 2 tunes per incl Miles Apart A/ Wz Lives On B

1756. Assoc 264- Emil Coleman O/ Alexander Karlin O- 2 tunes A incl Youre Devastating/ Smoke Gets In Your Eyes/ B is Sweet Music medley incl Fare Thee Well Annabelle E+

1757. Assoc 283- Arthur Deane O/ Lou Raderman O- 2 cuts/ 3 cuts E+ incl When Im With You A/ These Foolish Things/ Theres Always A Happy Ending B

1758. Assoc 469- Racimos Hawaiians/ Ray Sinatra O- 3 cuts per EE+ incl My Luau Girl, My Hawaiian Maid A/ Lets Put Out the Lights, Rio Rita B

1759. Assoc 477- Craig Lennox O/ Ray Sinatra O- 2 cuts per E+..great A incl Nero, All Gods Chillun Got Rhythm (incl the rarely heard verse)// B incl Can I Forget You with Joey Nash vocal, also Allegheny Al

1760. Assoc 494- Bob Fallon O- Theres a Home In Wyomin/ Smile E+..both good Peter de Rose tunes Early red semi flex pressing

1761. Muzak 552- Emil Coleman O/ Clyde Mc Coy O- 2 cuts per E+ incl But Where Are You A/ The Juba B

TRANSCRIPTIONS- LATERAL- 16" PLAYING AT 33 1/3 RPM (aurally graded)

1762. Paramount Movie Parade #19 (typed on label, reads Paramount On Parade, etched in the shellac)- 15 minute shellac pressing from 1934 for promotion of Death Takes a Holiday with Frederick March, Evelyn Venable, Kent Taylor, Guy Standing, Katherine Alexander, and Gail Patrick with Nat Finston O. Begins with a rousing, America Here We Are with Art Jarrett sound a like- composer Sam Coslow singing, and ends with an instrumental of the same E+, great stuff for film/radio fans

1763. acetate- 14 inch unknown band. Label ready NBC Dance Time- Was That the Human Thing to Do E+, sounds like a broadcast or transcription recording as there is a piano interlude after, so not a 78 issue dub, any ideas??

1764. acetate- radio- Jack Smith Oxydol Show- unknown date, but complete with Martha Tilton as guest. Tunes includes Jack Smith- Little Jack Frost, Get Lost, Senora, Senorita, Martha- The Night Has 1000 Eyes, etc, Has commercials, CBS network outro/ flip is Heres to Vets with Kate Smith incl Sioux City Sue, Strange Love E+

1765. acetate- unknown- P-25-A- this record was made with a sound a like band to a popular big band, using the same initials as the real leader. In this case, Arnold Sharpe O is the Artie Shaw pseudonym. Professionally made on heavy acetate, great sound and top band. Tunes are Frenesi, Moonglow, Nightmare E+

1766. acetate- The Family Theatre hosted by Charles Boyer, starring Ethel Barrymore..story is The Passion of our Lord..broadcast the Thursday before Easter on 4/3/47. Complete show- announcer states, KHJ, Los Angeles over the Mutual Broadcasting System

1767. AFRS Basic Music Library P-33/4- Benny Carter O- 8 cuts E..incl Sleep, Midnight, Fish Fry. Looks to be original sides unique to this transcription

1768. AFRS- BML 233/4- Duke Ellington O with Art Tatum and Lawrence Brown..3 cuts A incl ICGUA But Love, Tea For Two, long Black, brown & Beige B..E-

1769. AFRS SP 255/6- Rebner & Saidenberg twin pianos/ Woody Herman O. 4 cuts A- all Gershwin incl Liza, Clap Yo Hands, That Certain Feeling/ B side is Woody Herman O conducted by Igor Stravisnky- Ebony Conceeto E cond

1770. AFRS SP 257/8- Rebner & Saidenberg twin pianos/ Woody Herman O. 4 cuts A- all Gershwin incl Rhapsody in Blue, Someone to Watch Over Me, Embraceable You/ B is Summer Sequence E cond

1771. AFRS- Hollywood Music Hall #87- with Lucille Norman- EE- tunes incl Temptation, You Do Something to Me

1772. AFRS- Kollege of Musical Knowledge 92- Phil Harris fills in for Kay Kyser with King Sisters, Kay Kysers O..good live show E cond

1773. AFRS- One Night Stand 451- Bob Strong O, E+- from Glen Island Casino. Tunes include Swingin On a Star, Ill Remember April (from one of my favorite films, Phantom Lady, and in many others)

1774. AFRS- One Night Stand 490- Esquires 2nd All American Jazz Concert 1/17/45, E+ Fantastic live show with Benny Goodman, Mildred Bailey, Bea Lillie and Jack Benny, Edmond Hall, Oscar Pettiford, Coleman Hawkins, Buck Clayton..

1775. AFRS- One Night Stand #1957- Benny Goodman O, E..from the Palladium in Hollywood incl Undercurrent Blues, Clarinade, Shishkabop

1776. AFRS- Personal Album 45/46- Bing Crosby/ Rosemary Lane EE+..incl Lets Start the New Year Right, Moonlight Becomes You, Marys a Grand Old Name, El Rancho Grande// Rosemary sings- I Love the Blues, Why Dont You Fall In Love With Me, Hes My Guy, Buckle Down Winsocki

1777. Capitol B-63/64- Paul Weston O- 9 cuts E+ incl Happy As the Day Is Long, Theres a Small Hotel

1778. Cap B-158- Nat King Cole Trio- 8 cuts, most E+, some EE+..incl Lester Leaps In, Just You, Just Me

1779. Cap B-215/6- Eddie La Mar p and Orch- 10 cuts E+ incl Fine & Dandy, Honey, You Do Something to Me

1780. Cap B-315/6- Paul Weston O- 9 cuts EE- incl Stella By Starlight, Hands Across the Table

1781. Cap N-5/6 Del Porter Sweet Potato Tooters- 8 cuts E+ incl My Pretty Girl, Hi Neighbor, Louisiana Hayride

1782. Cap N-7/8 Del Porter Sweet Potato Tooters- 10 cuts E+ incl The Girl With the Broomhandle Legs, Big Bad Bill From the Badlands, Foolish Facts, What Kind of a Noise Annoys an Oyster

1783. CP Mac Gregor BMI-6- Red Nichols Five Pennies/ Henry King O- 4 cuts per E+ incl The Penny Jumps A/ Ill Remember Suzanne B

1784. CP Mac BM! 24- Red Nichols Five Pennies/ Don Swan O- 4 cuts per E+ incl Frenesi, All the Cats Join In A/ Vem Vem B

1785. CP Mac LB 271- Jimmy Grier O/ Dick Peterson Vibra Tones- 4 cuts per E+/E..incl One-Zy Two-Zy, Welcome to My Dream A/ Rose Room, Stardust B

1786. Christmas Seal Sale 1954- The Eddie Fisher Show/ The Guy Lombardo Show E

1787. Davis & Schwegler 44/45- Vido Musso O/ The Majestics (Orch)- 4 cuts per EE- incl The Pie Eyed Piper A/ Heavenly Daze B

1788. Keystone Broadcasting 105/6- Jackie Kahaner Hawaiians/ Keystone Rhythmeers- 5 cuts per E+ Incl Hilo Hop, Hilo March, Drifting to Paradise A/ Blues In Marys Flat, Harmony Grits B

1789. KBS 203/4- Jackie Kahaner Hawaiians/ Keystone Rhythmeers- 5 cuts/ 4 cuts E+ Incl Dream of Aloha, Hawaiian Luau A/ Ive Got a Blonde In My Eye B

1790. Lang Worth 269/70- Clarence Williams Swing Band/ Lang Worth Hillbillies- 4 cuts/5 cuts E+ Incl Lazy Swing, Do You Call Dat Religion A/ Clementine B

1791. LW 521/2- Fats Waller Swinging With a Steinway/ Bob Hamilton Trio- Hammond organ- 4 cuts/ 5 cuts E..incl Ah So Pure, Lucia di Lammamore A/ A Loch Lomond Spree B

1792. LW 635/636- Gene Krupa -Ace Drummer Man & Orch..vocs: Anita O Day..9 cuts E+ incl Drum Boogie, Alreet, Siren Serenade, Full Dress Hop, Drummers Band, etc.. GREAT!

1793. Mac Gregor LB 599/600- Sterling Young O/ Silver Strings- 4 cuts/ 5 cuts E+ incl Too Marvelous For Words, One In a Million A/ September In the Rain B

1794. Mac G LB 629/30- Sterling Young O/ Music ala Carter, 4 cuts per E+ incl A Melody From the Sky, The Scene Changes A/ I Wish I Knew the Name B

1795. Mac G LIB 743- Eddie Skrivanek O/ Hollywood Radio City Symphony- 5 cuts/ 3 cuts E+ incl Sugarfoot Rag A

1796. Sesac N-455- Richard Maltby O- 10 originals, E+, incl Witch Doctor, Wrong Number

1797. Ses N-711- Will; Bradley Jazz octet- 10 original E+, incl Ritzy Riffin, Stompin With Selma

1798. Ses N-816- Lou Stein Jazz Sextet- 10 originals E+, incl Real Gone & Diggin Dixie

1799. Ses N-854- Lou Stein Jazz sextet- 10 originals E, incl Saturday Shuffle, Hot Fudge Sundae

1800. Ses N-951- Eddie Safranski Quintet- 12 originals E+ incl Coffee Break, Marbles

1801. Sister Elizabeth Kenny Foundation- 1954 Fund Appeal- Your Rhythm Revue- Eddie Fisher/ Lena Horne E+

1802. Standard P-110- King Cole Trio/ Don Allen O- 6 cuts/ 5 cuts EE+ incl Off the Beam, Slew Foot Joe A/ What Goods the Moon B

1803. Std R-121- Gene Austin w/ Candy & Coco 8 cuts EE+ incl Rootin Tootin Shootin Man From Texas, One Sweet Letter From You

1804. Std R-122- Gene Austin w/ Candy & Coco 8 cuts E..incl Muddy Water, Dear Old Southland

1805. Std R-141- Spike Jones City Slickers- 10 cuts E+ incl John Scotter Trot, Water Lou

1806. Std Q-177- George Barnes Octette- 9 cuts EE- good Raymond Scott-like quirky original tunes incl Private Life of a Vulture, Blondie Buys a Bonnet, Jumpin Jack

1807. Std Q-203- Eddie South, the Dark Angel of the Fiddle- 10 cuts, mostly E incl Dr Groove, Tabu

1808. Std Q-208- All Star Sextet (Teddy Wilson, Norvo, Shavers, Remo, etc)- 10 cuts E+ incl China Boy, Stompin At the Savoy, GREAT!

1809. Std Q-210- All Star Sextet (Teddy Wilson, Norvo, Shavers, Remo, Palmieri, etc)- 8 cuts E+ incl Undecided, Speculation

1810. Std Q-257- Cy Coleman at the piano- 11 cuts E+..incl If I Only Had a Brain, Love For Sale

1811. Std X 68- the Kings Jesters- 8 cuts E..top swing vocals and accomp on Miss Hallelujah Brown, Swingin the Nursery Rhymes, Wacky Dust, Two Sleepy People, etc

1812. Std X-86- Jimmy Walsh O- 8 cuts EE- incl Boom, Two Nickels For a Dime

1813. Std X-91- Jack Stacys Octet/ The Sportsmen- 4 cuts per, E-, incl Lets Make It Good A/ The Snake Charmer B

1814. Std Y-112- Frank Trumbauer O- 8 great cuts E+ incl Dont Be that Way/ This Time Its Real

1815. Std Z-169- Alvino Rey, singing guitar & Orch- 8 cuts mostly E incl Ta Hu Hu Wai, American Patrol

1816. Std X-303- Tommy Dorsey O- 10 cuts E+ incl Ive Got a Crush On You, Mean to Me

1817. Std X-332- Tommy Dorsey O- 9 cuts E+ incl Chlo-e, Hollywood Hat, Opus #2

1818. Std X-334- Tommy Dorsey O- 9 cuts E+ incl At the Fat Mans, Song of India, Two Beats On a Bat

1819. Std Z-133- Dancin With Anson Weeks O- 8 cuts E+ incl Song of India, Kammenoi Ostrow

1820. Thesaurus 245- Harry Reser O/ General Harbord- 4 cuts A/ Memorial Day Talk B EE+ Top Reser incl The Ghost of Dinah, After Youve Gone, Aint She Sweet

1821. Thes 385- Rhythm Makers O(Artie Shaw)/ Mary Lewis- 4 cuts/ 3 cuts E+ incl All Dressed Up and No Place to Go/ The Blues A

1822. Thesaurus 549- Rhythm Makers O(Artie Shaw)/ Xavier Cugat O- 4 cuts per EE+ Great sides incl Artie Shaw on the Raymond Scott tune Power House and Call of the Freaks, Xavier Cugat does Dawn of a New Day, the theme of the 1939 NY Worlds Fair

1823. Thes 816- The Tune Twisters/ Richard Leibert, organ- 6 cuts/ 5 cuts E+..top swing vocals on Dont Let It Bother You, College Swing A/ organ incl All through the Night B

1824. Thes 946- Charlie Barnet O/ The Four Belles- 5 cuts/ 6 cuts E+. Top swing by CB on Wings Over Manhattan, Little Dip, Wild Mab, B side good female vocs on GBye Now, You Betcha My Life, etc

1825. Thes 1068- The Islanders/ Sourwood Mountain Boys- 5 cuts per E+ Luana, Tutasi, Nani Honolulu A

1826. Thes 1153- The Rhythm Makers(Jimmy Dorsey O?)- 8 cuts EE+ incl Down South Camp Meetin, Just For a Thrill, Bugle Call Rag

1827. Thes 1318- Novatime trio/ Richard Leibert, organ- 5 cuts per E..incl Tahiti My Tahiti, The Parrot A

1828. Thes 1346- The Jumpin Jacks/ Richard Leibert, organ- 5 cuts per EE+ incl Song of the Islands, Three Little Words A/ Wedding March B

1829. Thes 1652- Eddie Fisher/ Wayne King O- 5 cuts per E+ incl Pennies From Heaven A

1830. USAF- Mahnattan Melodies 189/190- Benny Goodman/ Chris Connor E+

1831. Vets Admin- Heres to Vets 40/41- Abbott & Costello/ Lum & Abner E few lt scrs. TOP SHOWS

1832. World 533(lateral)- Alvin Keleolani Royal Hawaiians/ Red Norvo/ Norma Zimmer- E+ 5 cuts A incl Kauiokalani, Ke Kali Nei Au/ Norvo(2 cuts)- Clydes Blues/ The Man I Love

TRANSCRIPTIONS -VERTICAL 16 inch PLAYING AT 33 1/3 RPM--outstanding high fidelity on all!! (aurally graded)

First, couple of safety acetates were cut at the time of recording, and are complete versions of the sessions. Rare insight into a transcription recording session as these disks were there!

1833. Assoc acetate safety- mx ZZ 3914-C1/ - ZZ 3915-C1 Teddy Wilson jazz group- excellent jazz group with TW on piano, plus clt, tbn, tpt, etc Begins with complete Stompin At the Savoy, The Sheik of Araby, and a breakdown take of Indiana// Flip begins with clean take of Indiana, then 2 breakdown takes of Embraceable You(?), plus a complete take of Embraceable You.. A side is E+/ B side has light break in the acetate which clicks for about 20 sec but plays through fine on 1st tune(Indiana), then is EE+, GREAT JAZZ

1834. Assoc acetate safety- mx ZZ 4819-C1/ - ZZ 4820-C1- unknown big band jazz. EXC group with many solos(trumpet, sax,clarinet etc)-First side has 2 tunes, one complete and one breakdown version of each// B side has 4 takes of I Cried 4 you- 3 complete, one breakdown-each different!. EE+

1835. Assoc test mx AA 1479-1- Ben Selvin O- 3 cuts, plus one Casper Reardon harp interlude to finish the disk..EE+, Selvin incl What will I Tell My heart, Supposing, Dick Robertson vocals

1836. Assoc test mx ZZ-2622- Nat Brandywynne O- 4 cuts E+ incl Cabin In the Sky, Im In the Mood For Love

1837. Assoc test mx ZZ- 2720- Nat Brandywynne O- 4 cuts E+ incl Youre the Top, Alone Together one lightly aud scr..not bad

1838. Assoc test mx TZ-6079-P7- Frankie Masters O- 4 cuts E+ incl Easy On the Ears, Mr Sears & Roebuck

1839. Assoc 10009- Clyde Mc Coy O/ Ben Selvin Cocktail O- 4 cuts per E+ incl The Goona Goo, Big Boy Blue A/ When My Dreamboat Comes Home, Timber B

1840. Assoc 60082- Rex Melbourne O/ Will Osborne O- 4 cuts per E+. top sides incl What Have You Got That Gets Me(good tpt), When a Prince of a Fella Meets a Cinderella A/ FDR Jones, Two Sleepy People B

1841. Assoc 60305- Dick Rogers O/ Blue Barron O- 4 cuts/ 3 cuts E+ incl hot Youre the Only One In the World, Moondown A// Its So Peaceful In the Country B

1842. Assoc 60587- Jerry Wayne w/ Freddie Rich O(2 cuts), with Ernie Fiorito (2 cuts)// Landt Trio- 5 cuts E..incl But Not For Me (w/Freddie Rich), My Melancholy Baby (w/ Fiorito)// The Hotcake Song B

1843. Assoc 60631- Abe Lyman O/ Bob Hannon w/ O- 4 cuts/ 5 cuts E+ incl Hot Chestnuts A/ Ill See You In My Dreams B

1844. Assoc 61121- Buddy Weed piano solo w/ rhythm acc/ Alfredo Antonini O- 5 cuts/ 4 cuts E+ incl Song of the Islands, Ragging the Scale, Yesterdays A

1845. Assoc 61130- The Dixielanders/ Elliot Lawrence O- 4 cuts/ 3 cuts E+..great trad jazz in hi fi includes Copenhagen, Shine, Sister Kate/ B incl Walter Winchell Rhumba

1846. Assoc 61131- The Dixielanders/ George Wright organ- 4 cuts per E+..great trad jazz in hi fi includes Temptation Rag, 12th Street Rag/ B incl April Showers, My Romance

1847. Assoc 61135- The Dixielanders/ Hank DAmico Setxtet- 4 cuts/ 5 cuts E+..great trad jazz in hi fi includes South Rampart Street, Some of These Days A/ Goofy Groove, Fine & Dandy B

1848. Assoc 61250- Frankie Masters O- 8 cuts E+ incl High on the List, Rainbow Gal

1849. Muzak X-83- Eddie Bushs Hawaiians- 8 cuts E+ incl Kuu Ipi, Wai O Minehaha, The Hawaiian Vamp

1850. Muzak X-275- Racimos Hawaiians/ Al Roth O- 4 cuts/ 5 cuts V+..incl On the Beach At Bali Blai, Song of the Islands A// Easy to Love, Stumbling B

1851. Muzak X-313- Paradise Islanders/ Al Roth O- 5 cuts per E-/EE- incl Estrellita, Aloha Oe A/ Sweet Madness B

1852. Muzak X-463- Sacasas Latin American O- 6 cuts E..incl Sol Tropilica, Sonar, Fue En El Africa

1853. Muzak X-504- Hal Aloma Quintet- 9 cuts some E, some EE-. Top Hawaiian incl Little Brown Gal, Mama I Want a Hawaiian Guitar, Mauna Kea, Oka-le-Maluna

1854. Muzak X 694- Richard Himber O/ Charles Magnante Quartet- 4 cuts/ 5 cuts EE-/E- Incl Here Lies Love, Lost In a Fog A/ Huckleberry Duck, Brazil B

1855. Muzak X 702- Hank DAmico Sextet/ Ted Dale O- 5 cuts/ 3 cuts E..incl Diga Diga Do A/ Jockey On Carousel B

1856. World 1377-1344- 8 cuts by unknown big band EE+ incl Am I Gonna Have Trouble With You (f- voc), Please Believe Me..some have Dick Robertson vocs -early reddish brown flexible press

1857. World 1481-1488- 8 cuts by unknown big band EE- incl Afterglow, The House Jack Built For Jill, Love Went Up In Smoke, rendezvous With a Dream, early reddish brown flexible press

1858. World 2169-2176- unknown big band/jazz band- 8 cuts E+..incl Muskrat Ramble, Stardust On the Moon, Exactly Like You, Jazz Me Blues. One of the best Ive heard- band can play great jazz and sweet..all in top hi fi. dark brown semi flex pressing

1859. World 2177-2184- 8 cuts by unknown big jazz band..mostly EE+ despite surface scrs, a couple toward the edge E-..Great tunes and super swing incl Old Man Moon.. dark brown semi flex pressing

1860. World 2577- 2584- 8 cuts E+..sticker on label says Vic Fraser O. Crisp sides incl Where In the World, Lovelight In the Starlight, I Let a Song Go Out of My Heart, black semi flex pressing

1861. World 2457-2464- Peggy Anderson piano solos/ James Landry vocs 4 cuts per EE-. Nice A incl Between the devil medley and Hooray For What medley

1862. World 2945-2952- unknown sweet band/ marching band- 4 cuts per E+ incl Thanks For Everything A, maroon semi flexible pressing

1863. World 3473-3480- Jimmy Dorsey O- 8 cuts E..incl Do It Again, Major & Minor Stomp, Cherokee

1864. World 3969-3976- Ohman & Arden piano- 8 cuts E- incl Ive Still Got My Health, Lets be Buddies, Youre Nearer, I Want to Live

1865. World 4017-4024- Richard Himber O- 8 cuts, some EE-, some V+E-..incl La Paloma, Romance, March of the Dwarfs-maroon semi flexible pressing

1866. World 5969-5978- Jimmy Dorsey O- 8 cuts, mostly E+..incl Theyre Either Too Young Or Too Old, Star Eyes, My Ideal

1867. World 6699- 6708- Jimmy Dorsey O// Charlie Barnet O/ Carmen Cavallaro O- 4 cuts/ 2 per EE- Incl Jumpin Jehosphat Dorsey/ You Always Hurt the One You Love Barnet

1868. World 7219-7228- Duke Ellington O/ Mitch Ayres O- 4 cuts per EE+, incl Ultra Blue A/ West End Blues B

1869. World 7399-7348- Andrews Sisters w/ Guy Lombardo O- 2 cuts/ Guy Lombardo O- 2 cuts// Frank Luther with Jesse Crawford organ- Twas the Night Before Christmas E+ ---good all around with Andrews singing Money is the Root of All Evil and Johnny Fedora/ Guy- Seems Like Old Times, and good Xmas side B

1870. World 7489-7498- Charlie Spivak O- 9 cuts E..incl Mexico City, Arkansas, Star Dust, Daisy Chain

1871. World 8499-8505- John Gart Trio/ Bob Eberly w/ John gart trio- 5 cuts per EE-/E..incl Whos Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf, A Kiss In the dark A/ Stella By Starlight B

1872. World 8579-8588- Milt Herth Trio/ Russ Morgan O- 5 cuts per E+ incl This Years Kisses A/ Far Away Island B

1873. World 8789-8798- Arthur Smith Quartet/ Russ Morgan O- 5 cuts per E+ ---great guitar led jazz A incl Blue Boogie, Guitar Jump/ B incl Donkey Serenade

1874. World 331- Eddie Bush Society Islanders/ Robert Blair at the organ..7 cuts per E+..incl Ualani, Ill See You In Hawaii, Mapuana, Kukuna Oka La A/ religious tunes B

1875. World 337- Alvin Kaleolani Royal Hawaiians/ Bobby Hackett O- 6 cuts/ 5 cuts E+..incl E Mau, Maui Chimes, Kuu Home Kaimana Hila A// Jada, But Not For Me B

1876. World 433- Jimmie Lunceford O/ Duke Ellington O- 3 tunes per// Tony Osborne 40 Players (5 tunes) E+..incl For Dancers Only (Lunceford)/ Honeysuckle Rose (Duke)

1877. World Jam Session 26 A/B- Miff Mole Dixieland O/ Red Norvo Sextet- 5 cuts/ 3 cuts EE+ incl At the Jazz Band Ball, Ballin the Jack A// The Man I Love, I Surrender Dear B

PAPER STUFF, all in excellent condition unless noted.

1878. Metronome Yearbook 1955- 100 pgs. Crisp and clean but for some cover wear near spine. pix &/or articles on Mingus, Bud, Basie, Billie, Sarah, Clifford, Dizzy, etc. ads incl Buddy Rich, Paul Desmond

1879. Metronome Yearbook 1957- 132 pgs- pix &/ or articles- Anita, Sinatra, Basie, Chet, Giuffre, Dinah, Zoot, Clifford, ads include Max, Buddy, Krupa, Cozy, etc

1880. Metronome Yearbook 1958- 132 pgs- pix &/ or articles- Miles, Lester, Bird, Lennie, Papa Celestin, Max, Dizzy, Jay & Kai, Getz, Hawk, etc

1881. Downbeat Yearbook 1960- 136 pgs- pix &/ or articles, Lenny Bruce, Ella, Gerry, Lambert, Hendricks, Ross, Billie, Pres, Sonny, Louis, Roy, Hackett, ads w/ Louis, Clark Terry, Sweets, etc

1882. Downbeat Yearbook 1969- 100 pgs- pix &/or articles- Bud Powell, Duke, Bechet, Coltrane, Ornette, Basie, Rollins, Hawk, Roy, Bunny, ads incl Max Roach, Buddy Rich etc.

1883. Nat King Cole concert program- about 20 pgs, unknown date. Great pix of Nat King Cole and other pix June Christy, Frank Sinatra, Eddie Fisher, Cal Tjader, etc

1884. Guy Lombardo and his Royal Canadians program c. 1950. About 20 pgs. Many pix and info on Guy plus pix Frank Sinatra, Irving Berlin, Andrews Sisters, Phil Harris & Alice faye, Tommy Dorsey, etc

1885. RCA Victor Record Revue, April 1950..16 pgs. Pix WC Handy, Duke, Gershwin, Edward G, Burt Lancaster

1886. British Dance Bands On Record 1911-1945- Forbes & Rust. Nearly 1400 pages. THE source of info on the great British bands..Paper has yellowed as does on every copy of this due to the paper. Dust jacket included

1887. The Chicago Musical Instrument Co catalog/book . 280 pages undated, but c. late 1920s. great resource for pictures and info on vintage instruments. Some in color..Everything from accordions, clarinets, trumpets, string instruments- ukuleles, banjos, guitars, mandolins, drums, saxophones, etc. 8x11 thick softcover. Great stuff!

1888. Standard Transcription Catalog. Unknown number of pages, but several hundred. Unknown date, but prob 1940s. Hardbound looseleaf type. A treasure trove of info including issue #, artist name, composer, copyright info, music type, song titles. Includes Duke Ellington, Harmony Hawaiians, Spike Jones, All Star Sextet, Spade Cooley, Alvino Rey, Eddie South, Les Paul, Paul Page Hawaiians, Jack Teagarden,Skinnay Ennis, Anita Ellis, WAY more. Overall excellent- some wear, but this company issued item is probably quite rare!

1889. Variety Radio Directory 1938-39- over 1400 pages- hardcover. EVERYTHING you want to know about radio, music, songs, performers, stations, equipment, advertisers. LOTS of info, trade ads, etc..Some trade ads incl Benny Godman on Swing School, Cecil B. De Mille, Jack Benny, Lew Lehr, Eddie Cantor, Ferde Grofe, Edward G. Robinson in Big Town on CBS, Raymond Paige, , Eddy Duchin, Sisters of the Skillet, Leo Reisman, Tyrone Power, Lifebuoy with Al Jolson, Guy Lombardo, even Arthur Q. Bryan

1890. Radio Annual 1946- issued by Radio Daily. over 1000 pages- hardcover. EVERYTHING you want to know about radio (and some early TV)- performers, stations, equipment, advertisers. Trade ads incl Milton Berle, Ed (Archie) Gardner, CBS color tv(in 1946!), Robert Q. Lewis, Harlow Wilcox, Bud Collyer, Ben Grauer, Anita Ellis, Joan Edwards, Roy Bargy, Dick Leibert, Amanda Randolph, Mel Blanc, Eddie Anderson, even Arthur Q Bryan

1891. Radio Daily/ Television Daily 1958 Radio/TV Annual Yearbook- over 1350 pages- hardcover. EVERYTHING you want to know about radio and TV- performers, stations, equipment, advertisers. Trade ads incl Dennis James, Perry Como, Gene Vincent, Joe Franklin, Jack Sterling, Lanny Ross, Johnny Mercer, Claude Kirschner (without Clowny), Bud Collyer, Fred Scott, Jim Lowe, Art Ford, Ted Brown, Chris Schenkel, early Jonathan Winters, etc


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16" transcription sleeves.The paper sleeves are mostly World, Associated and Ziv company sleeves. All are in excellent used condition..Some may have a sticker here or there, or a stock number from the old radio station where they came from. .75 cents each plus postage in lots of 50


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