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Dear Collectors, Here is my latest auction of vintage 78s, 12" & 16" radio transcriptions, and paper material. Closing date is- SUNDAY- FEBRUARY 5, 2023 . Winner pays postage and packing at cost. Thanks!!


1. Black Swan 14117- Ethel Waters w/ Joe Smith Jazz Masters- Jazzin Babies Blues/ Kind Lovin Blues looks V-, plays V

2. Bluebird 5145- Mc Kinneys Cotton Pickers- Cherry/ Put It There E- rcnaps 1928 masters

3. BB 5585- Bennie Moten KC Orch- Blue Room/ Milenberg Joys EE+ buff label masters from 1932

4. BB 6062- Joe Kennedy Rhythm O- Double Trouble/ That's What You Think- looks VV+ just SLIGHTLY steeled, still plays at least E, mostly E+ except on some loud passages. top San Antonio territory jazz

5. BB 6080- Joe Kennedy Rhythm O- Rosetta/ Ill Just On Keep On Dreaming E+ top San Antonio territory jazz

6. BB 6430- Duke Ellington O- East St Louis Toddle oo/ Black Beauty EE+ 1927 sides

7. BB 6471- Bob Pope O- Swamp Fire/ Let's Get Hot & Truck E+/E- North Carolina territory jazz

8. BB 6782- Duke Ellington O- Arabian Lover/ Washington Wobble E+ 1927 sides

9. BB 6969- Tampa Red Chicago 5- You Got to Learn to Do It/ Boots & his Buddies- Sleepy Gal EE-/EE+

10. BB 7241- Boots & His Buddies- Ain't Misbehavin/ Frankie Reynolds O- Oh Lady Be Good E+ NC territory jazz

11. BB 7506- Louis Armstrong O- Sittin' In the Dark/ Hustlin' & Bustlin For Baby E+ hi fidelity 1933 sides

12. BB 7705- King Oliver O- Call of the Freaks/ The Trumpets Prayer EE+ 1929 master pressing

13. BB 7787- Louis Armstrong O- Honey Do/ Honey Don't You Love Me Anymore E+ hi fidelity 1933 sides

14. BB 8201- Jelly Roll Morton Red Hot Peppers- Blue Blood Blues/ Mushmouth Shuffle E+ 1930s sides

15. BB 8549- Johnny Dodds Washboard Band- Bucktown Stomp/ Blue Washboard Stomp E+ 1928 master pressing

16. BB 10022- Sidney Bechet New Orleans Feetwarmers- Shag/ I've Found a New Baby E+ HOT off 1932 masters

17. BB 10044- Boots & His Buddies- San Antonio Tamales/ Tiny Parham O- Blue Island Blues E+ territory jazz A/ 1929 side B

18. BB 10238- Johnny Dodds Trio- Indigo Stomp/ Blue Piano Stomp EE+ one of the rarer ones- 1928/9 masters, A side off a high 23000 series master

19. BB 10239- Johnny Dodds Washboard Band- Bull Fiddle Blues/ Weary City E+ 1928 master pressing

20. BB 10243- Duke Ellington O- Flaming Youth/ Breakfast Dance EE+ 1929 masters

21. BB 10523- Coleman Hawkins O- Body & Soul/ Fine Dinner E+ LT scr B nap. THE CLASSIC ORIGINAL ISSUE

22. Brunswick 7164(lightning bolt)- Speckled Red- Lonesome Mind Blues/ Speckled Reds Blues E+N-

23. Br 3550- Red Nichols 5 Pennies- Alabama Stomp/ Hurricane E+

24. Br 3568- Johnny Dodds Washboard Stompers- Come On and Stomp Stomp Stomp/ After You’ve Gone looks E- plays EE+

25. Br 4112- Hotsy Totsy Gang- I Couldn't If I Wanted To/ Meyer Davis O- My Old Girls My New Girl Now E+ EXC TEA, etc A

26. Br 6038- The Jungle Band(Ellington)- Rockin In Rhythm/ Twelfth Street Rag EE+/E+ Seldom seen on the original Brunswick Warner Bros era label, and clean!

27. Br 6093- The Jungle Band(Ellington)- Creole Rhapsody 1/2 E+ Seldom seen on the original Brunswick Warner Bros era label, and clean!

28. Br 6196- Cab Calloway O- You Rascal You/ Bugle Call Rag EE+ not usually seen clean

29. Br 6473- Cab Calloway O- Gotta Go Places and Do Things/ Sweet Rhythm EE+ Cab records not usually this clean

30. Br 6745- Don Redman O- Got the Jitters/ I Wanna Be Loved looks EE-, plays E hot A

31. Br A 500174(FR)- Duke Ellington O- It Don't Mean a Thing/ Rose Room E+ top master pressing

32. Br 1313(ENG)- Cab Calloway O- The Skat Song/ Cabin in the Cotton E+ hard to find clean- master pressing

33. Br 01775(ENG)- Adrians Ramblers- I Wish I Were Twins/ Why Don't You Practice What You Preach EE+ Solos and NICE Ella Logan vocal A

34. Br 02283(ENG)- Garland Wilson- Shim Sham Drag/ Your Heart & Mine E+ recorded in London, no US issue

35. Carl Lindstrom Gesellschaft mbh- Joe Sullivan piano solos-test mx 265141-2- Little Rock Getaway/ Test mx 265142-2- Onyx Bringdown E+ beautiful laminated shellac test on German label of US Columbia 1933 sides not issued in US

36. Champion 40086- State Street Ramblers- Tiger Moon(Moan)/ Careless Love looks E, plays E+ 1931 sides

37. Champ 50070- Sophisticated Jimmy LaRue- Money Truckin' Blues/ Sweet Violets EE- few lt pops here and there. Cant find any info on this blues singer..

38. Chappelle & Stinnette 5006- Juanita Stinette Chappelle w/ Chappies Hot Dogs- Southland/ Thomas E Chappelle w/ Chappies Hot Dogs- Gee But I Hate to Go Home Along looks V-, plays about V+ Labels are clean on this RARE early black owned record company issue

39. Columbia vinyl test mx Co 27832- James P. Johnson- Worried & Lonesome Blues E+ cant seem to find any info on this in the discographies

40. Co 14042- Bessie Smith- The Bye Bye Blues/ Weeping Willow Blues looks VV+/V+ plays E- rcnap

41. Co 14097- Clara Smith Band- Kitchen Mechanic Blues/ My Two Timing Papa VV+

42. Co 14107- The Gulf Coast 7- Santa Claus Blues/ Keep Your Temper looks E-, plays E+

43. Co 14153- Ethel Waters & Her Jazz O- Ev'rybodys Messin Aroun/ Heebie Jeebies looks V, plays V+

44. Co 14293- Billikin Johnson & Fred Adams- Sun Beam Blues/ Interurban Blues V+ has sm dig A, passes

45. Co 14462- Clara Smith- Tired Of the Way You Do/ Papa Don't I Need You Now looks EE+, plays E+ nice jazz acc

46. Co 14524- Sylvester Palmer- Do It Sloppy/ Broke Man Blues N-

47. Co 14670(BLUE WAX)- The Harlem Footwarmers- Big House Blues/ Sweet Chariot N-

48. Co 51- The Midway DO- Buddy's Habits/ Cotton Pickers Ball E+ both good!

49. Co 1442- Curtis Mosby Dixieland Blue Blowers- Blue Blowers Blues/ Hardee Stomp looks EE-, plays E with a few light scrs

50. Co 1443- Donald Lindley and his Boys- Nothin' Doin'/ Slidin' Around looks E, plays EE+

51. Co 1549- La Veeda DO- Strut Yo Stuff/ I Need Some Lovin' looks VV-, plays V+/EE- good playing copy

52. Co 2415- Charleston Chasers- Basin Street Blues/ Beale Street Blues N- blue label/black shellac

53. Co 2448- Jimmy Johnson O- Just a Crazy Song/ Go Harlem E+N-

54. Co 2558- Jack Teagarden O (BLUE WAX)- You Rascal You/ That's What I Like About You E+N- blue wax, black label, Fats Waller and Jack Teagarden really sound like they are having FUN!

55. Co 2559- Fletcher Henderson O- Sugar/ Blues In My Heart E+

56. Co 2710- Frank Trumbauer O- Business In Q/ I Think Youre a Honey looks E-, EE-, plays E-/E

57. Co 2722(BLUE WAX)- Roger Wolfe Kahn O- It Don't Mean a Thing/ A Shine On Your Shoes E+ Artie Shaw solo

58. Co 2834(BLUE WAX)- Joe Venuti Blue 6- Doin the Uptown Lowdown/ Ben Selvin O- You're My Past, Present & Future looks E, plays EE+

59. Co 2845- Benny Goodman O- Dr Heckle & Mr Jibe/ Texas Tea Party E+ blue label/black shellac

60. Co 2853(BLUE WAX)- Ethel Waters w/ Benny Goodman O- I Just Couldn't Take It Baby/ A Hundred Years From Today E both take 2 and both beautiful performances

61. Co 2879(BLUE WAX)- Ben Pollack O- Swing Out/ Deep Jungle looks EE+, plays E+ has TINY clk first 4 grvs A

62. Co 2910(BLUE WAX)- Ben Pollack O- Alone On the Range/ Henry Hall BBCDO- Play to me Gipsy EE+

63. Co 2923(BLUE WAX)- Benny Goodman O- As Long As I Live/ I Aint Lazy Im Just Dreamin E+

64. Co 3074(BLUE WAX)- Vic Berton O- Devils Kitchen/ Ive Been Waiting All Winter E+

65. Co 3156- Mills Blue Rhythm Band- Balloonacy/ Barrelhouse E+

66. Co 35880- Paul Mares Friars Society O- The Land of Dreams/ Nagasaki N- Stand alone issue, not from set- master pressed off Okeh masters

67. Co 37808- Louis Armstrong O- Star Dust (tk 4)/ Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams (tk 3) E+ Stand alone issue, not from set- master pressed off Okeh 1931 masters

68. Co FB 1065- Mills Blue Rhythm Band- Back Beats/ Spitfire E+ US Columbia masters

69. Crown 81092(CAN)- Southern Night Hawks- Its Tight Like That/ Carl Russell O- Where Has Mammy Gone E-/EE- A side is the great Irving Mills side with Jack Teagarden and Benny Goodman prominent. Unknown take

70. Crown 3180- Connies Inn O- Blue Rhythm/ You Rascal You looks E/V, plays EE+/ V to V- inside. faint sm cr nap

71. Decca 7234- Harlem Hamfats- Weed Smokers Dream/ Little Girl EE+/E+

72. Duophone D 4009- Wabash DO- Sweet Sue/ Melody Makers- Youre a Real Sweetheart V+ TOP jazz A no US issue on this Red Nichols led side

73. Duo D 4019- Tip Top Club O- Down Where the Sun Goes Down/ Home Towners- Coquette E/EE- few lt scrs sound B. nice jazzy side A (Dorseys, etc)/ / good B too with Ballew. No US issues- from 1928

74. Duo D 4030- Cross Roads Inn O- Louisiana/ Park Inn Good Timers- Sweet Dreams looks V+, plays EE- outside to E- inside, no US issue

75. HMV JF 20- The Wanderers- Tiger Rag/ KXYZ Novelty Band- I Found a New Baby E+ top US territory jazz- San Antonio

76. HMV JK 2861(FR?)- Jelly Roll Morton Trio- That’s Like It Ought to Be/ My Little Dixie Home E+ off rare 38601, 1929 sides

77. Harmony 70- The Dixie Stompers(Fletcher Henderson)- Spanish Shawl/ Clap Hands Here Comes Charley looks E-, plays E thanks to laminated pressing

78. Ha 526- The Dixie Stompers(Fletcher Henderson)- Baltimore/ Black Maria looks E-, plays E+ thanks to laminated pressing

79. Lincoln 2843- The Washingtonians- Take It Easy/ Seven Little Polar Bears- Mississippi Mud E Rare early small label Ellington A/ Reser B

80. Melotone 12100- Benny Goodman O- Mine Yesterday, His Today/ 99 Out of a Hundred VV+

81. Mt 12208- Benny Goodman O- What Am I Gonna Do For Lovin'/ Pardon Me Pretty Baby V+

82. Mt 12294- Eddie Lang-Joe Venuti All Star O- After You’ve Gone/ Beale Street Blues E-

83. Odeon ONY 36078- Smith Ballew O- Girl Trouble/ The Whole Darned Things For You E+N- rcnap Both nice sides-some light soloing B

84. Odeon ONY 41302- Smith Ballew w/ O- How Am I To Know?/ Marianne N-

85. OKeh 4253- Mamie Smith Jazz Hounds- Lovin Sam From Alabam/ Don’t Care Blues EE+ good jazz accomp

86. OK 8100- Bennie Moten KC O- Elephant's Wobble/ Crawdad Blues looks VV-, plays G beginning 15 sec, then V+ most

87. OK 8201- Chas Creaths Jazz O Maniacs- Pleasure Mad/ Market Street Blues looks G, plays VV-/V-

88. OK 8592- Clarence Williams O- Mountain City Blues/ Lazy Mama looks E- with lam A nap, plays about E+

89. OK 8599- The Chicago Footwarmers- Get Em Again Blues/ Brush Stomp looks EE+ with a few LIGHT scrs

90. OK 8645- Clarence Williams Nov 4- What Ya Want Me to Do/ In the Bottle Blues looks EE-, plays E/E+

91. OK 8798- Clarence Williams Novelty Band- He Wouldn't Stop Doing It/ Youre Bound to Look Like a Monkey looks EE+, plays E+

92. OK 8800- Louis Armstrong O- Dinah/ Tiger Rag looks V(grey), plays E- thanks to Okeh laminated pressing

93. OK 8946- Lonnie Johnson- Racketeers Blues/ Im Nuts About That Gal N-

94. OK 40762- Joe Venuti-Ed Lang- Sunshine/ Wild Cat E+/EE+ large red label

95. OK 40833- Sam Lanin O- Shes Got It/ Sa-Lu-Ta E+ nice trumpet solo A

96. OK 40861- Boyd Senter w/ Ed. Lang guitar- Sigh & Cry Blues/ I Aint Got Nobody N-

97. OK 40879- Frankie Trumbauer O- Blue River/ There's a Cradle In Caroline looks E-, plays E

98. OK 40966- Frankie Trumbauer O- Crying All Day/ A Good Man Is Hard to Find looks VV+ grey, plays EE+

99. OK 40992- Gotham Troubadours- Sunshine/ Chloe E+ light lam B , barely sounds

100. OK 40996- Billy Hays O- My Miami Moon/ I'm Always Smiling E lt scr- Trumbauer like solo

101. OK 41025- Joe Venuti Blue Four- The Wild Dog/ Dinah EE+

102. OK 41073- Rube Bloom- That Futuristic Rag/ Serenata N-

103. OK 41138- Goofus Five & Their Orch- My Blackbirds Are Bluebirds Now/ Sonny Boy E+/N-

104. OK 41151- Dorsey Bros O- Cross Roads/ Sally of My Dreams looks E-, plays mostly E outside, then E- inside

105. OK 41158- Dorsey Brothers O- Shes Funny That Way/ Milt Shaw O- Where the Shy Little Violets Grow E+N-

106. OK 41162- New York Syncopators- Sweet Dreams/ Dreaming of the Day N-

107. OK 41168- Bud Freeman O- Craze-ology/ Cant Help Lovin Dat Man E+ some light grey nap

108. OK 41174- Gus Arnheim Ambassador Hotel Cocoanut Grove O- Ill Get By/ Avalon Town E+

109. OK 41197- Smith Ballew w/ O- Ill Get By / That’s How I Feel About You EE+

110. OK 41210- Dorsey Brothers O- Button up Your Overcoat/ Mean to Me looks V+/VV+, plays E/E-

111. OK 41219- Harry Reser Jazz Pilots- Down Among the Sugar Cane/ Wedding Bells EE+

112. OK 41261- Lew Bray w/ Sunny Clapp Band O Sunshine- We Cant Use Each other Anymore/ Pagan Love Song EE-/E nice jazz accomp A with LOTS of bass sax

113. OK 41266- Charles W. Hamp- Im In Seventh Heaven/ Little Pal E+N-, jazz accomp A incl bass sax, Ed Lang?

114. OK 41312- Ed Loyd O- Wouldn’t It Be Wonderful/ I May be Wrong EE-

115. OK 41313- Frankie Trumbauer O- Turn On the Heat/ Sunnyside Up looks E, plays E+

116. OK 41334- Lew Bray w/ O- All That Im Asking Is Sympathy/ Lucky Me-Lovable You EE+

117. OK 41350- Louis Armstrong O- After You’ve Gone/ St Louis Blues EE+/E- grey. small red label

118. OK 41375- Louis Armstrong O- Song of the Islands/ Blue Turning Grey Over You E+ some lt grey NAP

119. OK 41400- Arthur Schutt O- Leven Thirty Saturday Night/ Mountain Serenaders- When Its Springtime In the Rockies E+ NICE A

120. OK 41458- Fred Gardner Texas University Troubadours- No Trumps/ Daniels Blues E. from the only session by this San Antonio, Texas band. A side Bix-Tram influenced

121. OK 41482- Fred Rich O- Would You Like to Take a Walk/ Ed Parker O- Wabash Moon N-

122. OK 41538- Louis Armstrong O- You Can Depend On Me/ The Lonesome Road E+

123. OK 41573- Wingy Mannone O- Swing, Brother, Swing/ Nickel in the Slot looks EE+, plays E+

124. OK 41588- The Six Swingers- Hotcha-Razz-Ma-Tazz/ Billy Cotton O- Rhythm Mad E+ Both good sides-interesting to hear A side by another band-so associated with Cab Calloway

125. OK 41571(BLUE WAX)- Chick Webb O- True/ Of It Ain't Love E+ yes, a blue shellac OKeh!

126. OK 41572- Chick Webb O- Blue Minor/ Lonesome Moments looks E-, plays E+/E thanks to laminated pressing

127. Paramount 12044- Ida Cox w/ Lovie Austin Blues Serenaders- Graveyard Dream Blues/ Weary Way Blues looks VV-, plays VV+ good pressing for this label

128. Par 12294- Jimmy O Bryants Famous Original Washboard Band- Steppin On the Gas/ Three J Blues G

129. Par 12381- Ida Cox w/ Lovie Austins Serenaders- Scottle De Doo/ Don’t Blame Me looks VV+(evenly worn grey), plays good E-

130. Par 12402- Priscilla Stewart- Jefferson County/ Biscuit Roller E

131. Parlophone PNY 34111- The Deauville Syncopators- Why Have You Forgotten Waikiki/ So Beats My Heart For You N- long lam NAP. Hawaiian guitar A

132. Par PNY 35135- Flamingo Melodians- Loving You the Way I Do/ Grievin’ E+ has long lam sounds lite A, more B, but very much in the background

133. Par R 2176(ENG)- Frankie Trumbauer O- The Japanese Sandman/ Cryin All Day E+ One of the rare ones- NO US ISSUE on A side, both with BIX

134. Par 22888(FR)- Sparton Syncopators- Ill Still Go On Wanting You/ Arthur Schutt O- Take Everything But You E+ Early issue off US Okeh masters- hot passage A, good B!

135. Pathe 7539- Dixie Jazzers Washboard Band- Black Cat Blues/ Kansas City Shuffle looks G due to grey, plays V

136. Pathe PA 803(FR)- Willie Lewis Entertainers- Rhythm Is Our Business/ Ive Got a Feelin Youre Foolin EE+ despite grey, aud scr B about 6 grooves-passes. A side is the hot one. Benny Carter on these Paris sides

137. Perfect 12292- Miss Annette Hanshaw & the Red Heads- Don’t Take That Black Bottom Away/ Miss Annette Hanshaw- Cherie I Love You EE+ or better GREAT A

138. Pe 14111- Jim Europe Band- Memphis Blues/ That Moaning Trombone V+ outside to V+E- inside

139. Pe 15366- Cab Calloway O- Sweet Jennie Lee/ The Caroliners- Im Happy E+/EE+

140. Pe 15841- Harlem Hot Shots- Black & Tan Fantasy/ Sugar Blues E-/VV+

141. Publix 2015-P- The Paramounteers- Cooking Breakfast For the One I Love/ When Im Looking At You E+ unbilled vocal by Annette Hanshaw A/ instrumental B

142. Regal 8455- Fletcher Henderson O- Sorry (tk 3)/ Fred Rich DO- Dream Kisses E+/EE+

143. Re 9510- Lillian Harris w/ Orig NO Jazz Band- Gulf Coast Blues/ Down Hearted Blues looks V+, plays E/E- few scrs B

144. Royal 32D5/6- Princeton Triangle O- No More(vocal Nick Foran, Midge Wood, Fran Messimer- Nick later to become film star Dick Foran)/ The Equinox O- Strong Talk. E-. GREAT two sided record. I wanted this because of Dick Foran, but the B side is a great jazz band- many solos. Label reads, Royal Broadcasting Syracuse, NY

145. Sondo P 249(FR?)- Orchestre de Danse- Jazz Cocktail/ Blue Moments VV+ good jazz sides

146. Swing 14 (FR)- Bill Coleman O- I Aint Got Nobody/ Baby Wont You Please Come Home E+ w/ Django Reinhardt

147. Sw 23- QHCF(Django & Stephane)- Minors Swing/ Vipers Dream E+

148. Variety vinyl test mx M-251-1- Jan Savitt O- Cross Country Hop E+ vinyl test recorded early 1937

149. Variety vinyl test mx M-251-2- Jan Savitt O- Cross Country Hop E+ vinyl test recorded early 1937 undocumented alternate take

150. Victor 20406- Bennie Moten KC O- Thick Lip Stomp/ Harmony Blues E+

151. Vi 20485- Bennie Moten O- Kansas City Shuffle/ Yazoo Blues looks E-, plays EE-/E

152. Vi 20770- Dixieland Jug Blowers- If You Can't Make It Easy, Get a Job & Go to Work/ When I Stopped Running I Was At Home VV+

153. Vi 20781- Memphis Jug Band- Sunshine Blues/ Im Looking For the Bully of the Town E+

154. Vi 21126- Dixieland Jug Blowers- Youd Better Leave Me Alone, Sweet Papa/ Garden of Joy E+N-

155. Vi 21410- Williamson Beale Street Frolic O- Midnight Frolic Drag/ Scandanavian Stomp E

156. Vi 21739- Bennie Moten KC O- Justrite/ Trouble In Mind looks V due to steeling/ E, plays E- steeling barely aud

157. Vi 22092- Thomas Waller- Ive Got a Feeling Im Falling/ Love Me or Leave Me EE+

158. Vi 22371- Thomas Waller-Bennie Payne duet- After You've Gone/ St Louis Blues EE+

159. Vi 22661- Blanche Calloway O- Just a Crazy Song/ Sugar Blues looks VV+, plays E

160. Vi 22681- King Oliver O- Olga/ Jelly Roll Morton Red Hot Peppers- Blue Blood Blues E/EE+

161. Vi 22736- Blanche Calloway O- Make Me Know It/ Mc Kinneys Cotton Pickers- Wherever Theres a Will Baby E- outside to V+ inside/ EE-

162. Vi 22734- Bennie Moten Kansas City O- I Wish I Could Be Blue/ When Im Alone E+

163. Vi 22749- Henny Hendrickson Louisville Serenaders- Buffalo Rhythm/ On the Beach With You E

164. Vi 22775- Fletcher Henderson O- Sweet Music/ Malindas Wedding Day E+

165. Vi 22812- Julia Garity and her Boys- A Good Man Is Hard To Find/ Boyd Senter Senterpedians- Waterloo E+ GREAT A

166. Vi 24320- Louis Armstrong O- Dusky Stevedore/ St Louis Blues EE+

167. Vi 23001- King Oliver O- Don’t You Think I Love You/ Struggle Buggy looks EE+, plays E+/EE+

167. Vi 23008- Bix Beiderbecke O- Ill Be a Friend With Pleasure (tk 3)/ I Don't Mind Walkin In the Rain EE+

169. Vi 23018- Bix Beiderbecke O- Deep Down South/ Joe Venuti O- Wasting My Love On You EE+

170. Vi 23032- Boyd Senter Senterpedians- Smiles/ Give It to Me Right Away EE+ For animation fans, A side was used as a needle drop soundtrack to the 1934 Willie Whopper cartoon The Good Scout, though the record is 1930

171. Vi 23281- Lizzie Miles- My Man O War/ The Man I Got Aint the Man I Want looks VV+, plays V+ with an edge mark sounds SLIGHTLY A for 10 sec/ B side plays E

172. Vi 23364- Washboard Rhythm Boys- Im Gonna Plays Down By the Ohio/ Say It Isnt So E- most, V+ inside

173. Vi 24059- Washboard Rhythm Boys- Tiger Rag/ Alex Bartha O- Hot Biscuits looks E grey, plays E+ HOT & HI FI

174. Vi 24592- Cab Calloway O- Jitter Bug/ Long About Midnight looks EE-, plays E+

175. Vi 38027- New Orleans Black Birds- Red Head/ Playing the Blues E

176. Vi 38044- Slim & His Hot Boys- Mississippi Stomp/ That’s a Plenty looks E, plays EE+/E

177. Vi 38045- Duke Ellington O- Harlemania/ Japanese Dream E+

178. Vi 38048- Earl Hines O- Have You Ever Felt That Way?/ Bennie Moten O- Sad Man Blues N-

179. Vi 38067- The Missourians- Market Street Stomp/ Missouri Moan E+N-

180. Vi 38079- Duke Ellington O- Cotton Club Stomp/ Arabian Lover looks EE+/E+, plays E+

181. Vi 38096- Earl Hines O- Grand Piano Blues/ Blue Nights looks EE-, plays EE+

182. Vi 38101- King Oliver O- I Want You For Myself/ Sweet Like This EE+/E+

183. Vi 38125- Jelly Roll Morton Red Hot Peppers- Fussy Mabel/ Ponchatrain EE+, plays great E+

184. Vi 40113- Billy Hays O- Ive Got to Have a Mamma Now/ Do You Believe EE- aud scr 20 sec/ E- good solos A

185. Vi 40119- Doc Daugherty O- Because You Love Me Baby/ Baby Girl EE+/EE- has a light heat mark which is SLIGHTLY aud first few grooves A/ a bit more B, still will grade as such and a tough one to find by Doc

186. Vi 40258- Kay Kyser O- Collegiate Fannie/ Hark the Sound of Tar Heel Voices EE- HOT A

187. Vocalion 1000- Sonny Clays Plantation O- Chicago Breakdown/ Plantation Blues looks E- grey, plays E-/E

188. Vo 1148- Johnny Dodds Black Bottom Stompers- Come On & Stomp Stomp Stomp/ After You’ve Gone looks V, plays E/E- to EE- has one scr A barely sounds a couple grooves. Great playing copy. A side better

189. Vo 1189- King Oliver Dixie Syncopators- Tin Roof Blues/ West End Blues looks EE+, plays E+

190. Vo 14740- Fletcher Henderson O- Potomac River Blues/ Old Black Joes Blues E+

191. Vo 14759- Fletcher Henderson- Cotton Pickers Ball/ Lots O Mama E/E-

192. Vo 15394- King Oliver Dixie Syncopators- Deep Henderson/ Jackass Blues looks E, plays EE+ LIGHT scry spot A for just a few brief seconds

193. Vo 1239- Keghouse vocal with Jaybird piano- Canned Heat Blues/ Sock It Blues E+

194. Vo 1697- Alabama Washboard Stompers- Pepper Steak/ You Can Depend On Me E+N- gold on black label

195. Vo 2539- Joseph Robechaux New Orleans Rhythm Boys- King Kong Stomp/ St Louis Blues looks about G+, plays good V+

196. Vo 2540- Joseph Robechaux New Orleans Rhythm Boys- Stormy Weather/ Lazybones EE-/E- aud scr briefly B

197. Vo 2575- Joseph Robechaux New Orleans Rhythm Boys- Forty Second Street/ Ring Dem Bells looks EE+,EE-(grey), plays E+/EE+

198. Vo 2881- Joseph Robechaux New Orleans Rhythm Boys- Just Like a Falling Star/ Sleep Come & Take Me E-/V-

199. Vo 2616- Clarence Williams O- Looka There, Ain't She Pretty/ Swaller Tail Coat looks E-, plays E/E- scr B nap

200. Vo 3195- Clarence Williams O- Let Every Day Be Sweethearts Day/ This is My Sunday Off looks VV+ grey/ EE-, plays E/EE+ (gold on black label)


201. Br 40206- Pilar Arcos con Los Castillians- Volveras/ Besos y Cerezas N-

202. Br 40248- Pilar Arcos con Los Castillians- Currito de la Cruz/ La Novia Ausente E-

203. Br 5011- Isham Jones Rainbo O- So Long Oolong/ La Veeda EE-

204. Br 2151- Bennie Krueger O- How Many Times/ Everybody Step E+

205. Br 2152- Gene Rodemich O- Gypsy Blues/ Fancies EE- Sissle-Blake comp A

206. Br 2371- Margaret Young w/ O- Don't Think Youll Be Missed/

207. Br 2386- Margaret Young- The Bad Little Boys Arent Goody Good/ Counterfeit Bill VV+

208. Br 2611- Al Jolson w/ Isham Jones O- Never Again/ Feeling the Way I Do E- couple pops

209. Br 2620- Phil Ohman & Victor Arden piano duet- Memories medley/ Daisies medley E+ clk 1st gv A

210. Br 2629- Paul Ash O- Wa Wa Waddle Walk/ Driftwood EE+

211. Br 2631- Abe Lyman O- Sweet Little You/ Mandalay NN-

212. Br 2673- Margaret Young- Doodle Doo Doo/ Too Tired VV+/E-

213. Br 2680- Gene Rodemich O- Tia Juana/ Just a Funny Little Tune E+

214. Br 2789- Isham Jones O- Alabamy Bound/ Indian Love Call V Whoa Tillie Take Your Time V

215. Br 2806- Margaret Young- Nobody Knows What a Red Head Mama Can Do/ I Aint Got Nobody to Love V+

216. Br 2835- Carl Fenton O- Titinia/ Oh Katharina! VV+

217. Br 2854- Isham Jones O- River Boat Shuffle/ Swanee Butterfly EE+

218. Br 2866- Ray Miller O- Moonlight & Roses/ Just a Little Drink VV+

219. Br 2992- Ben Bernie O- Sleepy Time Gal/ A Little Bit Bad VV+

220. Br 3075- Harry Philwin- The Memphis Singer- Tootie Baby/ Just Like a Fool E-

221. Br 3170- Ben Bernie O- Reaching For the Moon/ Cherie, I Love You VV+

222. Br 3200- Regent Club O- Ting a Ling/ I Wish I Had My Old Gal Back Again E+

223. Br 3233- Carl Fenton O- Every Little Thing You Do/ Florida, the Moon & You E+

224. Br 3269- The Yacht Club Boys- Oogei, Oogei Oo (The Monkey Song)/ The Vulgar Boatmen EE-

225. Br 3286- Abe Lyman O- Sunday/ Havin Lots of Fun VV+

226. Br 3310- Baur & Shaw- Hello, Aloha How Are You/ Lay Me Down to Sleep In Carolina E-

227. Br 3401- Ben Bernie Hotel Roosevelt O- Wholl Be the One/ Lonely Eyes EE-

228. Br 3442- Ben Bernie Hotel Roosevelt O - My Little Bunch of Happiness/ ICBTUIL w/ Me E-

229. Br 3481- Arden-Ohman O- South Wind/ At Sundown EE+/E

230. Br 3496- Ben Bernie Hotel Roosevelt O- I'm In Love Again/ Following You Around VV+

231. Br 3501- Harry Richman w/ O- What Does It Matter/ It All Depends On You E+ some scrs B lightly aud

232. Br 3513- Park Lane O- You Cant Cry Over My Shoulder/ Youre the One For Me E+

233. Br shellac test mx E 28455- Bernie Cummins O- My Blackbirds Are Bluebirds Now E+ Very nice version on rough edge shellac test with info typed on reverse of a Vocalion label from 1928

234. Br 3517- Vincent Lopez O- Ill Just Go Along/ A Lane In Spain E-/VV+

235. Br 3648- Abe Lyman O- Did You Mean It?/ Charmaine V+

236. Br 3699- Six Jumping Jacks- Here Comes the Show Boat/ Go Home & Tell Your Mother E few scuffs

237. Br 3712- Herman Timberg & Co- Fiddlin' Blues/ Any Time At All V many scrs, BUT a tough one. Plays like a vaudeville performance. The Timberg family associated with various names incl Max Fleischer and The Marx Bros

238. Br 3761- Ben Bernie O- Let's Misbehave/ Changes EE+, simply put, two of the best songs of 1928!

239. Br 3777- Arden-Ohman O- Do-Do-Do/ Clap Yo Hands EE+

240. Br 3850- Nick Lucas- Sunshine/ I Still Love You V+

241. Br 3867- Al Jolson w/ Wm Wirges O- Ol Man River/ Back In Your Own Back Yard E

242. Br 3886- Jack Denny O- Whisper Sweet & Whisper Low/ I Still Love You E-

243. Br 3891- Colonial Club O- Im Always Smiling/ Id Love to Go Around With You V+

244. Br 3916- Bernie Cummins O- Sugar Babe Im Leaving/ My Pet EE+

245. Br 3934- Sandy Mac Farlane w/ O- Im Eighty In the Mornin'/ My Bonnie Hieland Maggie E/EE+

246. Br 3980- Arnold Johnson O- Georgie Porgie/ Bernie Cummins O- Old Man Sunshine EE-

247. Br 4016- Nick Lucas- Someday Somewhere/ Chiquita E-/EE-

248. Br 4171- Nick Lucas- I'll Never Ask For More/ When the World Is At Rest E-

249. Br 4211- Jack Parker w/ O- Singapore Sal/ Rosemary E+

250. Br 4212- Hal Kemp O- My Lucky Star/ You Wouldn’t Fool Me Would You E

251. Br 4214- Nick Lucas- Some Rainy Day/ I'm Telling You E

252. Br 4215- Nick Lucas- Heart of Mine/ Old Timer V+

253. Br 4216- Hal Kemp O- One Kiss/ Louis Katzman O- Lover Come Back to Me E Smith Ballew vocal A

254. Br 4223- Ray Miller O- In a Great Big Way/ Let's Sit & Talk About You E+

255. Br 4255- The Clevelanders- Shout Hallelujah Cause Im Home/ Theres a Place In the Sun For You EE+

256. Br 4286- Red Nichols O- Allahs Holiday/ Roses of Picardy VV+

257. Br 4295- Milton Paisant- Its Tight Like That/ I Want My Rib E

258. Br 4299- Anglo Persians- The Toymakers Dream/ Dance of the paper Dolls EE+

259. Br 4316- Bob Haring O- Bye & Bye Sweetheart/ My Cairo Love EE+ 1 1/2 inch tite cr nap

260. Br 4321- The Captivators- Building a Nest For Mary/ Copley Plaza O- Pagan Love Song

261. Br 4331- Slatz Randall O- Bessie Couldn't Help It/ I Get the Blues When It Rains E+ has half label white sticker with some original pencil writing on both sides which I think signifies the first copy off the stamper(?)

262. Br 4340- Joseph E Howard w/ O- Honeymoon/ Blow the Smoke Away E+ the composer of so many classics

263. Br 4445- Libby Holman- Moanin Low/ Am I Blue VV+

264. Br 4499- Frances Williams w/ O- It's Unanimous Now/ Then You’ve Never Been Blue EE+ or better ---one of my top favorites- great vocal, hot accomp- exc tune---

265. Br 4554- Colonial Club O- My Man Is On the Make/ Why Do You Suppose EE- nice vocal and band

265. Br 4555- Abe Lyman O- I'm Only Making Believe/ Another Night E both good, upbeat A side

266. Br 4574- Carl Fenton O- When You Are Mine/ I Came to You E+

267. Br 4727- Tm Gerun O- Sing You Sinners/ In My Little Hope Chest VV+

268. Br 4735- Ray Miller O- Kiss Me With Your Eyes/ When Its Springtime in the Rockies E-

269. Br 4748- Meyer Davis O- Blue is the Night/ Colonial Club O- Stein Song E/E-

270. Br 4755- Radio All Star Nov O- Mysterious Mose/ Tom Gerun O- Atta Boy EE-

271. Br 4799- Harry Richman w/O- Thank Your Father/ Without Love EE-

272. Br 4823- Jesse Stafford Palace Hotel O- The Whole Darned Things For You/ Dust E+

278. Br 4843- Belle Baker w/ O- Cheer Up/ Im Needin You E+ ---one of my top favorites- great vocal, exc accomp- top tune

279. Br 4852- Bob Haring O- Betty Co-Ed/ I Love You So Much VV+/V+

280. Br 4874- Harper Bros- Moonlight On the Colorado/ When the Organ Played At Twilight E

281. Br 4879- Wendell Hall- Mellow Moon/ Land of the Sunset Dreams E+

282. Br 4909- Isham Jones O- Sweet Jennie Lee/ Good Evenin' EE- clk about 10 gvs A, passes

283. Br 6083- The Boswell Sisters w/ Dorsey Bros- When I Take My Sugar To Tea/ Whatja Do To Me E-

284. Br 6108- Hal Kemp O- Ho Hum/ Moonlight Saving Time E+ best sound on Brunswick when WB owned them

285. Br 6142- Abe Lyman California O- Without That Gal/ At Your Command V+

286. Br 6275- Ben Bernie O- Whos Your Little Who Zis/ Oh What a Thrill V+

287. Br 6287- Bennie Krueger O- Lovable/ Im So In Love EE+

288. Br 6355- Duke Ellington O- Swampy River/ Fast & Furious E- sm label tear

289. Br 6360- The Boswell Sisters- We Just Couldn't Say Goodbye /Old Yazoo E/E- very beginning 10 sec, then E

290. Br 6385- Ben Bernie O- You're Telling Me/ Let's Put Out the Lights EE-

291. Br 6387- Bennie Krueger O- How Can You Say No/ As You Desire Me EE+

292. Br 6402- Casa Loma O- Mighty River/ Why Cant I Find Somebody to Love EE+

293. Br 6406- Bing Crosby- Here Lies Love/ How Deep Is the Ocean EE+

294. Br 6495- Mae West- Easy Rider/ A Guy What Takes His Time E+

295. Br 6587- Mildred Bailey w/ Dorsey Bros O- Theres a Cabin In the Pines/ Lazy Bones VV+

296. Br 6661- Anson Weeks O- You've Got Everything/ I’ll Be Faithful E- San Francisco recorded

297. Br 6685- Anson Weeks O- Give Me Liberty or Give Me Love/ Buckin the Wind E San Francisco recorded

298. Br 6726- Glen Gray Casa Loma O- Dixie Lee/ Tired of It All E+

299. Br 6785- Mills Bros- I Found a New Baby/ Jungle Fever E

300. Br 6801- Duke Ellington O- Yellow Dog Blues/ Tishomingo Blues E-

301. Br 6902- Ted Fio Rito O- King Kamehameha/ Soft Green Seas E+

302. Br 6911- Wingy Mannone O- Strange Blues/ No Calling Card E-

303. Br 6924- Ted Fio Rito O- Thank You For a Lovely Evening/ Hot Dogs & Sasparella E

304. Br 6938- Dorsey Bros O- Annies Cousin Fannie/ Judy EE+ Glenn Miller in band and helps on vocal

305. Br 6940- Wingy Mannone O- Walkin the Streets/ Send Me EE+

306. Br 7340- Ozzie Nelson O- Down T' Uncle Bills/ No No 1000 Times No E+

307. Br 7328- Dick Powell w/ O- Mr & Mrs Is the Name/ Flirtation Walk E+ label scrs

308. Br 7378- Pinky Tomlin w/ O- Sittin Bull & Shine/ Ragtime Cowboy Joe E+

309. Br 7445- Connie Boswell w/ O- Chasing Shadows/ Seein is Believin E+

310. Br 7458- Hal Kemp O- The Jazz Me Blues/ Dodging a Divorcee V+

311. Br 7489- Ted Fio Rito O- You Saved My Life/ A Little Drink, A Little Lock, A LIttle Key E

312. Br 7642- Leo Reisman O- Im a Fool For Loving You/ You Never Looked So Beautiful EE+

313. Br 7648- Kay Kyser O- Ill Bet You Tell That to All the Girls/ Would You EE+/E

314. Br 7651- Ozzie Nelson O- Streamline Strut/ Is It True What They Say About Dixie E-

315. Br 7658- Lud Gluskin O- She Shall Have Music/ My First Thrill E- Buddy Clark vocs

316. Br 7744- Red Norvo O- A Porters Love Song to a Chambermaid/ I Know That You Know EE- Mildred Bailey A

317. Br 7763- Freddy Martin O- It Happened In Chicago/ Scared VV+

318. Br 7796- Gene Raymond w/ O- Twinkle Twinkle Little Star/ Will You E+/E nice esp A from film Hats Off

319. Br 7811- Pinky Tomlin w/ O- A Rhythm For Love/ Im Right Back Where I Started E+/N-

320. Br 7849- Pinky Tomlin- Im Just a Country Boy At Heart/ The Love Bug Will Bite You V

321. Br 7899- Art Shaw New Music- Because I Love You/ All Alone EE+

322. Br 7901- Jimmie Grier O- In Your Own Little Way/ Youre Looking For Romance VV+

323. Br 7945- Hal Kemp O- Dodging a Divorcee/ Serenade For a Wealthy Widow E

324. Br 7981- Horace Heidt Brigadiers- Bugle Call Rag/ Ill Love You In My Dreams E/EE+

325. Br 8000- Raymond Scott Quintet- Dinner Music For a Pack of Hungry Cannibals/ Reckless Night On Board An Ocean Liner NN-

327. Br 8031- Toots Mondello O- Let That be a Lesson To You/ Thanks For the Memory E

328. Br 8075- Horace Heidt O- Guess Right With Horace Heidt 1/2 Stompin' At the Savoy EE+ --no explanation, but Horace wants us to guess which bands he is imitating playing Stompin At the Savoy--

329. Br 8091- Pinky Tomlin- My First Impression of You/ Lost & Found E-/V+

330. Br 8106- Eddy Duchin O- Sissy/ Im In a Happy Frame Of Mind E-

331. Br 8111- Jan Garber O- On a Rainy Day/ In a Little Dutch Kindergarten E

332. Br 8117- Strings In Morgan Manner- Chasing the Mouse/ Flower of Dawn N-

333. Br 8118- Emery Deutsch O- Lovelight In the Starlight/ Stop & Reconsider E+

334. Br 8124- Gene Krupa O- I Know That You Know/ Grandfathers Clock V+/V

335. Br 8150- Teddy Wilson O- If I Were You/ Jungle Love E+

336. Br 8346- Gene Krupa O- My Hands Are Tied/ Variety Is the Spice of Life E-

337. Br 8362- Seger Ellis O- Im a Lucky Devil/ Me & My Candid Camera E- Irene Taylor vocal A

338. Br 8400- Gene Krupa O- Jungle Madness/ You Taught Me To Love Again EE+

339. Br 8404- Raymond Scott Quintet- Boy Scout In Switzerland/ In An 18th Century Drawing Room E+ lt grey nap

340. Br 8437- Mary Healy w/ O- Im Sorry For Myself/ When Winter Comes E+

341. Br 80109- Mildred Bailey & Delta Rhythm Boys- Its So Peaceful In the Country/ Mildred Bailey w/ jazz quartet- Lover Come Back to me E+

342. Br 80111- Jack Teagarden O- Black & Blue/ St James Infirmary E+

343. Br 80112- Jack Teagarden O- Lonely Blues/ Nobody Knows the Trouble Ive Seen E+

344. Br 80113- Jack Teagarden O- Blues Have Got Me/ Blue River E+

345. Br 80234(promo)- Mat Matthews Quintet- Bags Groove/ Nearness of You E+ incl Kenny Clarke


346. Co 3389- Billy Murray- Cheyenne starts V-, goes to V+ for WB cartoon fans, IMPOSSIBLE to hear this without thinking of Yosemite Sam and Bugs in a Western setting. One of Stallings go-to-songs

347. Co A 1532- Billy Watkins- Who Paid the Rent For Mrs Rip Van Winkle/ Peerless Quartet- Follow Up the Brass Band E+

348. Co A 1588- Toots Paka Hawaiian Co- Kamawee/ Ahi Ahi Poakolu E-

349. Co A 1601- Campbell & Burr- California & You/ In the Shadow of the Sycamore E-

350. Co A 1976- Al Jolson- Where Did Robinson Crusoe Go With Friday On Saturday Night/ Anna Chandler- Im Going Way Back Home & Have a Wonderful Time E

351. Co A 2665- Van & Schenck- When Tony Goes Over the Top/ Youll Find Old Dixie In France V

352. Co A 2681- Lewis James- Have a Smile/ Henry Burr- Dont Cry Little Girl Dont Cry E+

353. Co 90-D- Dave Harmon O- Are You Lonely?/ Eileen VV+

354. Co 101-D- Van & Schenck- Down Where the South Begins/ Waitin Around E

355. Co 259-D- Savoy Orpheans- Magic Moments/ Oh Joseph! V+

356. Co 393- Harry Reser O- The Flapper Wife/ Craving V-

357. Co 406- Ted Lewis O- I Miss My Swiss/ Marguerite E-/E

358. Co 409- Harry Reser- Heebie Jeebies/ Ukulele Lady EE- lam sds LITE 30 sec B

359. Co 414- Sam Lanin O- Summer Nights/ If I Had a Girl Like You E

360. Co 665- The Buffalodians- Deep Henderson/ Here Comes Emaline looks E-, plays EE+ exc jazz sides

361. Co 713- Al Handler Alamo Hotel Cafe O- Cryin For the Moon/ Mandy VV+

362. Co 719- The Little Ramblers- My Cuties Due at Two to Two/ And Then I Forget V

363. Co 770(BLUE WAX)- Ted Lewis O- Tiger Rag/ Blues looks EE-/V+ due to grey, plays EE+/EE-

364. Co 793- The Radiolites- If Id Only Believed In You/ Sunday E-/V-

365. Co 826(BLUE WAX)- Ted Lewis O- Some of These Days/ Bugle Call Rag E/E+ interesting pressing- blue wax, silver picture label- no mention of Sophie Tucker A

366. Co 841- Les Stevens O- Where Do You Work-a John?/ Earl Gresh O- Ah Ah Aw Aw V-/V

367. Co 921- Cliquot Club Eskimos- My Sunday Girl/ At Sundown EE+

368. Co 981- Harry Resers Syncopators- Im In Love Again/ What Somebody Said V scrs

369. Co 1012- The Knickerbockers- Rosy Cheeks/ One Summer Night looks EE+/E-grey, plays E+

370. Co 1084- Ted Lewis O- The Darktown Strutters Ball/ Alexanders Ragtime Band E silver pic lbl

371. Co 1104- Ruth Etting- You Don't Like It Not Much/ Im Nobodys Baby EE+/E

372. Co 1108- Fred Rich Hotel Astor O- Good News/ Lucky In Love E

373. Co 1114- Cass Hagan Park Central Hotel O- Varsity Drag/ Radiolites- Dancing Tambourine E nice solos A

374. Co 1180- Don Voorhees O- Clementine/ Eddie Thomas Collegians- Where Is My Meyer? looks V+/EE-, plays E/ EE+

375. Co 1187- Broadway Nitelites-Thou Swell/ My Heart Stood Still E+ long lam barely clicks

376. Co 1197- Ralph Pollock O- An Old Guitar & An Old Refrain/ Why Should I Say Im Sorry E+

377. Co 1221- Van & Schenck- Is She My Girl Friend?/ Theres a Rickety Rackety Shack V+ some scrs

378. Co 1222- Al Lentz O- Ill Think of You/ Cass Hagan Park Central O- Dear On a Night Like This E- rcnap

379. Co 1326- The Radiolites- Rain Or Shine/ Forever & Ever E+

380. Co 1344- Tracy- Brown O- Beautiful/ Chloe V-

381. Co 1380- Roy Evans- Weary Yodelin Blues 1/2 E+

382. Co 1399- Ben Selvin O- Im Afraid of You/ Indian Cradle Song EE+, plays E+

383. Co 1400- James Melton- When Love Comes Stealing/ La Rosita E

384. Co 1412- Ipana Trobadours- Dixie Dawn/ Im Riding to Glory E+ both nice esp A

385. Co 1433- Seger Ellis- Last Night I Dreamed You Kissed Me/ Was It a Dream? E

386. Co 1434- Lee Morse Blue Grass Boys- Lonesome For You/ When I Lost You NN-

387. Co 1440- Francis Craig O- All Day Long/ Dream River V

388. Co 1441- Paul Whiteman O- Because My Baby Don’t Mean Maybe Now/ Just Like a Melody Out of the Sky E

389. Co 1444- Paul Whiteman O- That's My Weakness Now/ T'aint So-Honey Taint So E+

390. Co 1466- Lee Morse Blue Grass Boys- Be Sweet To Me/ Dont Keep Me in the Dark Bright Eyes EE-/E-

391. Co 1506- Leo Reisman O- Old Man Sunshine Little Boy Bluebird/ I Still Belong to You EE+

392. Co 1569- Loho Heen- Aloha Oe E Kuu Lei/ Bina Mossman Glee Club- Niu Hao Hao EE+

393. Co 1574- California Ramblers- Bless You Sister/ Youre a Great Big Baby Doll EE-

394. Co 1595- Ruth Etting- My Blackbirds Are Bluebirds Now/ Youre In Love & Im In Love V+

395. Co 1605- Ben Selvin O- Theres a Rainbow Round../ The Columbians- When Summer Is Gone V

396. Co 1625- Cliquot Club Eskimos- Watching the Clouds Roll By/ Cross Roads looks E scuffs, plays EE+

397. Co 1659- Lee Morse Blue Grass Boys- Lets Do It/ If You Want the Rainbow EE+

398. Co 1679- Guy Lombardo O- Me & the Man In the Moon/ Where the shy Little Violets Grow NEW in orig sleeve Good sides before Guy got too sweet- even has soloing

399. Co 1696- Harry Resers Syncopators- My Troubles Are Over/ Dont Be Like That V-

400. Co 1702- Ben Selvin O- The Song I Love/ Leo Reisman O- The Sun is At My Window, looks E, plays EE+

401. Co 1723- Paul Whiteman O- Cradle of Love/ How About Me? E+ TINY scr B barely aud few gvs

402. Co 1731- Paul Whiteman O- Marianne/ Lover Come Back to Me E+

403. Co 1751- Fred Rich O- Ill Tell the World/ He, She & Me V+/VV+

404. Co 1789- Ted Lewis O- Limehouse Blues/ Roses of Picardy E+ silver picture label

405. Co 1799- Ernie Golden O- That’s Her Now/ She's Got Great Ideas E+ BOTH EXC!

406. Co 1800- Paul Specht O- At Close of Day/ Ich Liebe Dich EE-

407. Co 1815- Ipana Troubadours- I Used to Love Her In the Moonlight/ Building a Nest For Mary E+N- Ballew

408. Co 1860- Clayton, Jackson & Durante- Can Broadway Do Without Me/So I Ups to Him EE+ plays E+

409. Co 1882- Ted Lewis O- Im The Medicine Man For the Blues/ Wouldnt It Be Wonderful EE- pl E

410. Co 1883- Ruth Etting- I Want to Meander In the Meadow/ Now Im In Love E

411. Co 1893- Fred Rich O- Song of the Moonbeams/ Don’t Hang Your Dreams On a Rainbow E Ballew vocs

412. Co 1900- Ben Selvin O- Am I Blue/ My Song of the Nile E- Ballew and solos

413. Co 1908- Ted Wallace Boys- Sweetness/ The Moonlight March E+N- Smith Ballew voc

414. Co 1916- Ted Lewis O- Lewisada Blues/ I Love You E+ rcnap

415. Co 1924- Fred Rich O- Tip Toe Thru the Tulips/ Wishing & Waiting For Love EE+

416. Co 1927- Guy Lombardo O- You Belong to Me, I Belong to You/ Why Did You E-

417. Co 1938- Ted Wallace Campus Boys- Sweethearts Holiday/ Huggable Kissable You EE+ Ballew vocs both

418. Co 1939- Ernie Golden O- Hello Margot!/ Satisfied! EE+

419. Co 1940- The Knickerbockers- Song of the Blues/ Song of Siberia looks V+, plays EE+/E Ballew vocs, solos A

420. Co 1947- Ipana Toubadours- Too Wonderful For Words/ Steppin Along E+

421. Co 1949- Larry Siry Hotel Ambassador O- Its You/ Somebody Mighty Like You E

422. Co 1956- Ben Selvin O- Selections from "The Broadway Melody"/ Selections from "The Hollywood Revue of 1929" E+

423. Co 1958- Ruth Etting- A'int Misbehavin/ At Twilight N-

424. Co 1972- Lee Morse Blue Grass Boys- Sweethearts Holiday/ Love Me EE+

425. Co 1984- Ted Wallace Campus Boys- Campus Capers/ College Days EE+ a few lt spots- probably removable, still EE+, nice sides with Ballew in chorus,much bass slapping and some solos

426. Co 1964- Ben Selvin O- The Web of Love/ Im In Love With You E+N- Smith Ballew vocs

427. Co 2023- Paul Whiteman O- Great Day/ Without a Song looks EE+, plays E+ sm lam A nap

428. Co 2038- Ruth Etting- A Place to Call Home/ More Than You Know VV+

429. Co 2059- Moana O- Imi Au Ia Oe/ Ne Lei O Hawaii looks E, plays E+

430. Co 2089- Guy Lombardo O- Can't You Understand?/ Under a Texas Moon E/EE-

431. Co 2092- The Hot Air-Men- Harlem Madness/ Navy Blues E+, couple brief scrs B sound litely but pass fast

432. Co 2170- Paul Whiteman O- I Like to Do Things For You/ Ragamuffin Romeo EE+ plays E+

433. Co 2172- Ruth Etting- Let Me Sing- And Im Happy/ A Cottage For Sale EE- plays E

434. Co 2176- Robert Simmons w/ O- A Pair of Blue Eyes/ I Feel You Near Me E+/EE+ more rolling R’s than any other record!

435. Co 2236- Ted Wallace Boys- Here Comes the Sun/ Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder EE+

436. Co 2247- Johnny Walker Rollickers- Kitty From Kansas City/ Betty Co-Ed looks EE+, plays E+ NICE A

437. Co 2292- Bert Lown O- I'll Be Blue Just Thinking of You/ Maybe It's Love EE+ potential bite nap

438. Co 2313- Merle Johnstons Saxophone Quartet- It's a Great Life/ Always In All Ways E+

439. Co 2355- Sandy Mc Farlane- Where the Blue Bell Grows/ O Scotland Bonnie Scotland N-

440. Co 2360- Quentin Mcaclean- organ w/ vocal qtet- The Sacred Hour- reverie ½ E+

441. Co 2362- Seger Ellis w/ jazz accomp- Cheerful Little Earful/ I Miss a Little Miss EE+/E+ a few lt pin marks NAP Good jazz accomp A

442. Co 2367- Ben Selvin O- On a Little Balcony In Spain/ Lady Play Your Mandolin EE+ rc up to music but nap. Smith Ballew vocal A

443. Co 2378- Ted Lewis O- Headin For Better Times/ Just a Gigolo EE+ shade under E+

444. Co 2380- Johnny Walker O- Personally I Love You/ Under the Spell of Your Kiss E+N- top Selvin w/ BG solo A

445. Co 2387- Fred Rich O- When You Were the Blossom of Buttercup Lane/ Tie a Little String Around Your Finger looks VV+, plays E- Smith Ballew vocals

446. Co 2421- Ben Selvin O- The One Man Band/ Smile Darn Ya Smile E+ just great- BG and more

447. Co 2479- Smith Ballew O- Under Your Window Tonight/ Makin' Faces At the Man In the Moon E+ One of my faves- combo of perfect arrangement- just peppy enough, some solos and great Ballew vocals

448. Co 2494- Fred Rich O- The Hour of Parting/ As Long As Youre There EE-, light even wear- some solos!

449. Co 2540- The Radiolites- Love Letters In the Sand/ I Don't Know Why looks VV+, plays E- Ballew vocals

450. Co 2592- Ben Selvin O- Oh What a Thrill/ Good Night Moon E- lams A nap

451. Co 2603- Jack Payne BBCDO- Hosanna/ Kiss Me Goodnight E+

452. Co 2604- Ben Selvin O- Was That the Human Thing to Do/ Delishious looks E(grey)/EE+, plays EE+ GREAT A

453. Co 2677- Eddy Duchin Central Park Casino O- The Night When Love Was Born/ You’re Blasé EE-/E

454. Co 2679- The Knickerbockers- The Lady I Love/ All of a Sudden looks E, plays EE+

455. Co 2701- Harry Richman w/O- I Love a Parade/ It Was So Beautiful EE-

456. Co 2731(BLUE WAX)- Ben Selvin O- Young & Healthy/ Youre Getting to Be a Habit With Me looks E-, plays EE+/E

457. Co 2807(BLUE WAX)- Ted Lewis O- Ten Thousand Years Ago/ Little Locket of Long Ago E+ lt grey nap RED HOT A!!!

458. Co 2760(BLUE WAX)- Joe Green Novelty O- I Wake Up Smiling/ The Sidewalk Wz E+

459. Co 2828(BLUE WAX)- Bernie Cummins O- Beautiful Girl/ Im Dancing On a Rainbow E+/ EE+ outside to E inside few lt lams inside B, and label dmg B. A side is best and became somewhat of an MGM standard

460. Co 3103- Joe Venuti O- Twenty Four Hours a Day/ Eeny Meeny Miney Mo V-

461. Co 3045(BLUE WAX)- Univ of California band- University of San Francisco Victory Song/ Come Join the band EE+, San Francisco recorded mx SF-212/214 has grey on loud passages but does not sound

462. Co J 1841(JAPAN)- Emil Coleman O- I Love Gardenias/ Wonder Bar EE+ master press equiv Co 2894 Blue wax

463. Co 2909(BLUE WAX)- Clyde Mc Coy O- Way Down Yonder In New Orleans/ Tear It Down looks EE+ lt lam nap, plays E+

464. Co 2943(BLUE WAX)- Johnny Green O- The Fortune Teller/ Two Cigarettes In the Dark looks E-, plays EE+

465. Co 2967(BLUE WAX)- Lyda Roberti w/ Jimmie Grier O- Take a Number From One to Ten/ College Rhythm E+N- B takes both- just a great record!

466. Co 2974(BLUE WAX)- Paul Pendarvis O- A Little Angel Told Me So/ Ive Got An Invitation to a Dance E nap but aud scr A briefly

467. Co 2979(BLUE WAX)- Ruth Etting- A Needle In a Haystack/ Stay As Sweet As You Are EE+ beginning to E+ for most/ E, rarely heard verse A

468. Co 3113- Jay Randell O- This Is the Kiss of Romance/ When April Comes Again EE+

469. Co 3119- Ross & Sargent- The Lorelei/ Life Begins At Sweet Sixteen E+ obscure Gerswhin tune A

470. Co 15110- Smiths Sacred Singers- Shouting On the Hills/ The Western Gate EE-

471. Co 30154(promo)- Sonny Parker- Tossin & Turnin/ Gamblin Woman N- blues vocal w/ jazz acc

472. Co 35201- Benny Goodman O- Rendezvous Time In Paree/ Comes Love E+

473. Co 35310- Duke Ellington O- Tootin through the Roof/ Grievin E+ original issues with Jimmy Blanton produced by Master Records

474. Co 35353- Duke Ellington O- I never Felt This Way Before/ Weely E+ original issues with Jimmy Blanton produced by Master Records

475. Co 35471- Carol Bruce- The Boy With the Wistful Eyes/ You Don't Know What Love Is E+ from Abbott & Costello film Keep 'Em Flying

476. Co 35565- Raymond Scott O- Four Beat Shuffle/ Birdseed Special E

477. Co 35864- Raymond Scott O- All Around the Christmas Tree/ Happy Birthday to You EE+ one brief clk B

478. Co 35937- Benny Goodman O- Keep My Heart In Your Hand/ I Hear a Rhapsody E+ lt scr B nap

479. Co 35944- Benny Goodman O- This Is New/ Bewitched E+

480. Co 35962- Benny Goodman O- Perfidia/ Let the Door Knob Hitcha EE+

481. Co 35977- Benny Goodman O- Birds of a Feather/ You're Dangerous E+

482. Co 35992- Benny Goodman O- The Mem'ry of a Rose/ Corn Silk E

483. Co 36002- Benny Goodman O- Its Always You/ You Lucky People Yu VV+

484. Co 36012- Benny Goodman O- Lazy River (take 1)/ Oh Look At Me Now EE-

485. Co 36025- Danny Kaye- Tschaikowsky(and other Russians)/ Jenny NN-

486. Co 36042- Danny Kaye- The Princess of Pure Delight/ My Ship E

487. Co 36050- Benny Goodman O- Intermezzo/ Amapola E+

488. Co 36054- Jimmie Lunceford O- Dinah 1/2 E+

489. Co 36067- Benny Goodman O- Take It/ Yours E

490. Co 36090- Raymond Scott O- The Band Played On/ Lets Get Away From It All E

491. Co 36136- Benny Goodman O- Good Evenin', Good Lookin'/ I Found a Million Dollar Baby E+

492. Co 36180- Benny Goodman O- Scarecrow/ Time On My Hands N-

493. Co 36181- Eddy Duchin O- You Started Something/ Lovliness & Love E+

494. Co 36211- Raymond Scott O- Mexican Jumping Bean/ In a Subway Far From Ireland E+

495. Co 36393- The Martins w/ O- Just a Little Joint/ The Three Bs E+

496. Co 37053- Benny Goodman O- I Don't Know Enough About You/ Blue Skies E+N-

497. Co 37077- Benny Goodman O- Pity the Poor Lobster/ Love Doesn't Grown on Trees E+ scuff nap

498. Co 37837- Johnny Hodges O- Rendezvous With Rhythm/ Jeeps Blues E+ 1938 masters

499. Co 38486(promo)- Frank Sinatra- It Happens Every Spring/ The Huckle Buck E+

500. Co 49709/49943(promo)- Helen Ward w/ O- You Brought a New Kind of Love to Me NN- fast version/ slow ver

501. Co 49704/49709(promo)- Helen Ward w/ O- Same Old Moon/ When You Make Love To Me NN-

502. Co 295-N- Carroll Gibbons Boy Friends- With Thee I Swing/ Carroll Gibbons solo- Midnight In Mayfair EE+

503. Co 4588-M(promo)- Ezio Pinza- Give Me Your Hand/ Bali Hai E+

504. C 4000-F- Edith Piaf w/ O- La Vie En Rose/ Un Refrain Courant Dans La Rue EE-


505. Co 1008/10- Granville Walker New York Knights- Living In Dreams/ Tell me Why You Smile Mona Lisa EE-/E- has rcnap which affects about 10 grooves B ONLY. Rarity of unknown origin or purpose. Issued on black on gold Sound On Disc Division Columbia label- recorded by Trans Air Broadcast Corp on Broadway in NY. A side runs longer than 5 minutes and begins, “This Is Granville Walker and his NY Knights recording Living In Dreams- this is not a commercial record” play graded as EE-/E-, even though it looks V due to wear on tight grooves, but laminated Columbia pressing saves the day

506. Co 4037-X- Madriguera Y Sus Notas Magicas- Mama Yo Quiero De Eso/ Mocito Rana EE- A side is a nice moderate tempo fox trot dance tune/ B is a tango on the export 700000 mx series

507. Co 15769(BLUE WAX)- Dan Hornsby Novelty O- Dear Old Girl/ All Alone E lotsa guitar inc Hawaiian- rare series

508. Co A 8846- Charleston Chasers- Aqui Viene Emilia Brown / No Fue Bueno? looks VV-, plays EE- orig sleeve

509. Co M 131(JAPANESE)- Benny Goodman O- Bugle Call Rag/ Ray Noble O- Alexanders Ragtime Band NN- A side the Blue Columbia version/ B, the Brunswick

510. Co 1212018/2211984(JAPAN)- dialogue from Paramount film Unconquered EE+ picture label Paulette Goddard one side/ Gary Cooper the other.

***the next 3 came from a Columbia producers estate- are on acetate, play at 45 rpm- purpose unknown, all E+***

511. Co acetate- Bunny Berigan O- I Cant Get Started With You

512. Co acetate- Charlie Barnet O- Cherokee

513. Co acetate- Hal Kemp O- Got a Date With An Angel


514. De 5003(orig shadow label)- Frank Luther Trio- Its Time to Say Aloha/ Keep a Light In Your Window Tonight E+ Acc inc steel guitar, guitar and bass. RARE early series!

515. De 10101(orig shadow)- Hermanos Chavarria- Enos Enamorados 1/2 E+

516. De 17302- The Atilla acc by Gerald Clark Caribbean Serenaders- Roosevelt In Trinidad/ Out the FireEE-

517. De 5149- Milton Brown Brownies- I'll be Glad When You're Dead You Rascal You/ Taking Off G/V

518. De 5179- Milton Brown Brownies- Crafton Blues/ Darktown Strutters Ball V-

519. De 5211- Milton Brown Brownies- Show Me the Way to Go Home/ If You Can't Get Five Take Two V

520. De 5298- Louisiana Strollers- I'm Looking Over a Four Leaf Clover/ The Unexplained Blues V-

521. De 5331- Freddie Fisher and his Band- Red Hot Mama/ Tiger Rag E

522. De 7186- Oscars Chicago Swingers- I Wonder Whos Boogiein My Woogie/ New Rubbing On the Darned Old Thing EE-/E-

523. De 7218- Harlem Hamfats- New Oh Red/ Move Your Hand V-

524. De 7224- Blue Jay Boys- Tack It Down/ Endurance Stomp V-/G

525. De 7345- Frankie(Half PInt) Jaxon & the Harlem Hamfats- You Certainly Look Good to Me/ She Sends Me V-

526. De 7419- Georgia White- Careless Love/ Strewin Your Mess V-

527. De 7429- Sidney Bechet w/ Noble Sissles Swingsters- Sweet Patootie/ Viper Mad EE+

528. De 7506- Blue Lu Barker w/ Danny Barker Fly Cats- Dont You Make Me High/ He Caught That B&O E

529. De 189- Jack Hylton O- Dinah- A Band That Money Cant Buy(impressions of Arden- Ohman, Louis, Bing, Venuti, Lombardo, TD, etc)/ Ellingtonia EE+ FUN!!

530. De 194- Tiny Bradshaw O- The Darktown Strutters Ball/ Sheik of Araby E

531. De 196- Dorsey Bros O- The Moon Was Yellow/ How Can You Face Me? EE+

532. De 214- Fletchher Henderson O- Happy As the Day Is Long/ Big Johns Special EE+ flat lbl

533. De 249- Dick Mc Intyres Harmony Hawaiians- Malihini Mele/ Hoonanea E couple lt scrs

534. De 271- Johnnie Davis O- You Gotta Give Credit to Love/ Between Showers V+ rcnap

535. De 272- Johnnie Davis O- Take a Number From One to Ten/ College Rhythm V+

536. De 293- Al Bowlly w/ O- If I Had a Million Dollars/ Be Still My Heart EE+ from Bowllys first USA trip. Has the rarely heard verse A.

537. De 469- Dorsey Brothers O- Dese Dem Dose/ Weary Blues EE-

538. De 471- Dick Mc Intyres Harmony Hawaiians- Hilo/ Aloha Oe VV+

539. De 477- Cleo Brown- Boogie Woogie/ Pelican Stomp E+

540. De 483- Chick Webb O- Don't Be That Way/ Its Over Because Were Through EE+/EE-

541. De 504- Bob Howard O- Lulu's Back in Town/ If the Moon Turns Green E-/VV+

542. De 505- Babs & Her Brothers- My Very Good Friend the Milkman/ Lets Swing It E+

543. De 515- Dorsey Bros O- I've Got Your Number/ Tomorrows Another Day E

544. De 565- Phil Harris O- Now You've Got Me Doing It/ Just As Long As the World Goes Round E+

545. De 573- Johnnie Davis O- Truckin'/ Loafin Time EE-/EE+ rcnap

546. De 588- Chick Webb O- Rhythm & Romance/ Moonlight & Magnolias EE+

547. De 598- Bob Howard O- It's Written In the Stars/ Sugar Plum E+

548. De 628- Jimmie Lunceford O- Oh Boy/ Charmaine E

549. De 649- Roy Smeck Serenaders- On Treasure Island/ Moon Over Miami E

550. De 740- The Six Blue Chips- Cheatin Cheech/ Steel Roof EE+

551. De 754- Isham Jones O- Stompin' At the Savoy/ My Melancholy Baby E-

552. De 931- Andy Kirk O- Git/ Steppin Pretty E

553. De 949- Louis Armstrong O- Skeleton In the Closet/ Hurdy Gurdy Man E+

554. De 1046- Andy Kirk O- Bearcat Shuffle/ Lotta Sax Appeal E+

555. De 1085- Andy Kirk O- The Lady Who Swings the Band/ What Will I Tell My Heart E+/E

556. De 1088- Harry Roy O- Dill Pickles/ Rise 'N Shine E-

557. De 1195- Bob Howard O- Youre Just a Little Different/ Spring Cleaning EE+

558. De 1208- Andy Kirk O- Puddin Head Serenade/ Cloudy E+

559. De 1261- Andy Kirk O- In the Groove/ Foolin Myself EE+/E+

560. De 1265- Harry Owens Royal Hawaiian Hotel O- Imi Au Ia Oe/ Hawaii Calls E

561. De 1303- Andy Kirk O- Wednesday Night Hop/ Worried Over You E+

562. De 1311- Dick Powell w/ O- Song of the Marines/ You Can't Run Away From Love Tonight EE+

563. De 1489- Bob Howard O- Beat It Out/ She's Tall, Shes Tan, Shes Terrific E-

564. De 1528- Harry Owens Royal Hawaiian Hotel O- Oni Oni/ An Island Memory E+

565. De 1571- Roy Smeck Serenaders- You're a Sweetheart/ You Took the Words Right Out of My Heart E-

566. De 1698- Bob Howard Boys- if You're a Viper/ Raggedy But Right E

567. De 2222- Paul Whiteman Swing Wing- Jeepers Creepers/ Mutiny In the Nursery E+

568. De 2241- Sol Hoopi Novelty 5- Farewell Blues/ Stack 'O Lee Blues VV+/EE-

569. De 2271- Dick Mc Intyre Harmony Hawaiians- My Little Grass Shack/ Holuku Parade E+

570. De 3048- Dick Mc Intyre Harmony Hawaiians- Lovely Hula Hands/ May Day Is Lei Day in Hawaii EE+

571. De 3457- Al Kealoha Perry Singing Surfriders- Polynesian Love Song/ Hawaiian Cowboy

572. De 3484- Al Kealoha Perry Singing Surfriders- Twilight In Hawaii/ Under a Spreading Cocoanut Tree VV+

573. De 3539- Al Kealoha Perry Singing Surfriders- Honolulu Bundle/ Blue Lei EE+

574. De 3771- Bobby Byrne O- On the Beach At Waikiki/ I Found a Million Dollar Baby E-

575. De 3905- Johnny Long O- Chattanooga Choo Choo/ The Booglie Wooglie Piggy EE+

576. De 4093- Joe Turner w/ Freddie Slack Trio- Goin' to Chicago Blues/ Rocks In My Bed EE+

577. De 4318- Dick Robertson O- Hats Off To MacArthur/ This Time VV+

578. De 18351- Gertrude Niesen- Body & Soul/ Temptation E

579. De 18609- Lucky Millinder O- Hurry, Hurry/ I Cant See For Lookin E+ scr nap

580. De 18779- Lucky Millinder O- All the Time/ Darlin EE+

581. De 23004- Stephane Grapelly Hot 4 w/ Django Reinhardt- Lili Belle May June/ Some of These Days E/EE+

582. De 23078- Harold J Rome- Plaza 6-9423/ Yip Ahoy EE+ fun sides about a man for hire A/ a transplanted New Yorker who yearns to come back B

583. De 27463(promo)- Danny Kaye & Carol Richards w/ O- How Could You Believe Me When I Said I Love You When You Know I've Been a Liar All My Life/ Danny Kaye w/ 4 Hits & a Miss- I Left My Hat In Haiti EE+

584. De 28394(promo)- Louis Armstrong- I Laughed At Love/ Takes Two to Tango EE+ despite grey

585. De 29697(promo)- Al Jolson- When the Red Red Robin Comes…/ I'm Sitting On Top of the World EE+


586. Vi 5787- Peerless Quartet w/ O- That Fussy Rag E+

587. Vi 65336- WBJ Aeko w/ Hawaiian Quintet and Hawaiian stringed instruments- Kawiliwiliwai S.M. Kalawe- w/ Hawaiian Quintet and Hawaiian stringed instruments- Maid of Honolulu E

588. Vi 65342- EK Rose w/ Hawaiian Quintet and Hawaiian stringed instruments- Lei Poni moi/ Hawaiian Quintet and Hawaiian stringed instruments- Ua like no a like E- dig A

589. Vi 16483- Billy Murray and American 4- Casey Jones/ Collins & Harlan- Moonlight In Jungle Land E+ scr A nap

590. Vi 17425- Eddie Morton w/ O- Ever Since You Told Me That you Loved Me (Im a Nut, Im a Nut)/ Ada Jones- Billy Murray- On the Old Front Porch E

591. Vi 17437- That Girl Quartet- When Its Springtime In Virginia/ Elsie baker- I Love You California E+

592. Vi 17441- John Barnes Wells- My Wonderful Dream Girl (from Tik-Tok Man of Oz) (who knew Oz was AN EARLY TIK TOK INFLUENCER!!)/ Helen Clark- Billy Murray- Come On Over Here E-

593. Vi 19824- Paul Robeson- Water Boy/ L'il Gal EE+

594. Vi 20031- Jean Goldkette O- Lonesome & Sorry/ Gimme a Little Kiss E unusual Oakland batwing pressing

595. Vi 20033- Jean Goldkette O- Roses/ Ted Weems O- Love Bound E+, one of the less common issues

596. Vi 20039(CANAD)- Art Landry O- Slippery Elm/ Original Memphis 5- Static Strut EE-

597. Vi 20059- Irving Aaronson Commanders- Ya Gotta Know How to Love/ RW Kahn O- Somebodys Lonely EE+

598. Vi 20273- Jean Goldkette O- Sunday/ I'd Rather Be the Girl In Your Arms EE+ BIX

599. Vi 20291- Jim Miller- Charlie Farrell- Hello Bluebird/ No Wonder Shes a Blushing Bride N-

600. Vi 20397- Gene Austin- I've Got the Girl/ Johnny Marvin- Deed I Do E+

601. Vi 20455- George Olsen O- Wheres That Rainbow/ Blue Skies N-

602. Vi 20472- Jean Goldkette O- Look At the World & Smile/ George Olsen O- Somebody Loves Me E+ BIX

603. Vi 20588- Jean Goldkette O- My Pretty Girl/ Cover Me Up With Sunshine E RED HOT A BIX

604. Vi 20608- Horace Heidt O- Hello Cutie/ Mine E Oakland pressing, San Francisco recording

605. Vi 20679- Paul Whiteman O- Magnolia/ Love & Kisses EE+ lotsa early Bing Crosby

606. Vi 20730- Gene Austin- One Sweet Letter From You/ Yesterday E

607. Vi 20757- Paul Whiteman O- Collette/ Broken Hearted E+N-

608. Vi 20793- Paul Robeson- Deep River/ Im Goin to Tell God All O My Troubles E/EE-

609. Vi 20883- Paul Whiteman O- Five Step/ It Wont Be Long Now EE+

610. Vi 20994- Jean Goldkette O- Clementine/ Jack Crawford O- Baltimore VV+, may clean up better. BIX classic, and unusual error for Victor is the labels are reversed

611. Vi 21116- Marion Harris- The Man I Love/ Did You Mean It? EE+

612. Vi 21148- Coon-Sanders O- Is She My Girl Friend?/ Mine-All Mine EE+

613. Vi 21168- Fanny Brice w/ Orch- My Man (take 12)/ The Song of the Sewing Machine E+

614. Vi 21211- Fanny Brice- Mrs Cohen At the Beach part 1/2 EE+

615. Vi 21338- Paul Whiteman O- When (tk 2)/ Nat Shilkret O- Just a Little Way Away From Home EE+ BIX classic

616. Vi 21389- Paul Whiteman O- My Pet/ Im Afraid of You E few lt scrs nap

617. Vi 21430- Frank Crumit- Down in De Cane Brake/ The Song of the Prune E+N-

618. Vi 21431- Paul Whiteman O- Dancing Shadows/ Nat Shilkret O- Fascinatin Vamp EE+ A side brings me back to my film collecting days as it was part of the soundtrack attached to so many silent 16mm films

619. Vi 21432- Nat Shilkret O- Get Out & Get Under the Moon/ Warings Penns- In the Evening E+/EE+

620. Vi 21436- Walter O Keefe- Gee I'm Marvelous In the Bath-room / Im Looking For a Girl EE+ FUN!!

621. Vi 21437- Ben Pollack O- Sweet Sue-Just You/ Singapore Sorrows E+ great early Goodman

622. Vi 21438- Paul Whiteman O- Louisiana/ Dixie Dawn N- BIX & BING

623. Vi 21684- Helen Kane w/ O- Is There Anything Wrong in That?/ I Wanna Be Loved By You E

624. Vi 21452- George Olsen O- Because My Baby Don't Mean Maybe Now/ Just Like a Melody Out of the Sky NN-

625. Vi 21453- Paul Whiteman O- It Was the Dawn of Love/ BF Goodrich O- Church Bells R Ringing E+ BIX & BING

626. Vi 21772- Nat Shilkret O- Gotta Be Good/ Troubadours- Another Kiss E+

627. Vi 22074- Ben Pollack O- Bashful Baby/ Arden-Ohman O- I've Waited a Lifetime For You EE+/E+

628. Vi 22080- Helen Kane w/ O- Hes So Unusual/ Id Do Anything For You VV+

629. Vi 22089- Ben Pollack O- True Blue Lou/ Coon-Sanders O- The Flippety Flop E+

630. Vi 22123- Coon Sanders O- Got a Great Big Date With a Little Bitta Girl/ Jean Goldkette O- An Old Italian Love Song V+

631. Vi 22124- Johnny Hamp O- Sunny Side Up/ If I Had a Talking Picture of You E

632. Vi 22137- Ted Weems O- Miss Wonderful/ Leo Reisman O- Dance Away the Night EE+ hot dance a

633. Vi 22147- Ben Pollack O- Song of the Blues/ Smith Ballew O- Same Old Moon E+/E- steeling in parts B

634. Vi 22148- Johnny Marvin w/ O- If I Had a Talking Picture of You/ I'm a Dreamer Arent We All EE+

635. Vi 22370- George Olsen O- The Song of the Dawn/ It Happened In Monterey EE+

636. Vi 22476- Henry Thies O- Here Comes Emily Brown/ Havin You Around Is Heaven looks EE-, plays about E+ JUST GREAT!!

637. Vi 22492- Warings Penns- Gee But I'd Like to Make You Happy/ Little White Lies EE+

638. Vi 22597- Havana Novelty O- Mama Ines/ Lady Play Your Mandolin EE+ A side used in the 1933 Ub Iwerks Flip the Frog cartoon- Soda Squirt as a needle drop soundtrack

639. Vi 22627- Arden-Ohman O- I've Got Five Dollars/ Well Be the Same E+

640. Vi 22656- Ted Weems O- My Favorite Band/ Wayne King O- Star Dust VV+

641. Vi 22700- Gus Arnheim O- Thanks to You/ One More Time EE+ early Bing

642. Vi 22710- Nat Shilkret O- What's Keeping My Prince Chaming/ You Cant Stop Me from Loving You EE+ EXC band and EXC vocals by Welcome Lewis

643. Vi 22722- Johnny Hamp O- Look In the Looking Glass/ Nevertheless E-

644. Vi 22851- Gus Arnheim Cocoanut Grove O- There's Nothing Too Good For My Baby (Eddie Cantor unbilled vo)/ Leo Reisman O- Bend Down Sister, with Leo vocal E, has rcnap but close- a rare one and top 2 sided record

645. Vi 22858- Peter Van Steeden O- I Can Sympathize With You/ I'll Always Remember September V

646. Vi 22889- Paul Robeson w/ O- Rockin Chair/ River Stay Way From My Door NEW dealers stock

647. Vi 24002- George Olsen O- Tom Thumbs Drum/ Ambrose O- The Queen Was In the Parlour looks EE- lt grey, plays EE+.

648. Vi 24074- Ruby Newman O- Moonlight Brought Me the Sunshine/ Till Shadows Retire E+

649. Vi 24081- Gene Kardos O- Sing (its good for you)/ Sheltered By the Stars E+ HOT A and Hi Fi

650. Vi 24098- Isham Jones O- Music, Music Everywhere/ And I Still Care looks E, plays EE+ or better GREAT!

651. Vi 24156- Leo Reisman O- Brother Can You Spare a Dime/ Whistling For a Kiss looks E (lt grey), plays about E+ due to hi fidelity recording on the theme song of the Great Depression

652. Vi 24157- Leo Reisman O- Louisiana Hayride/ A Rainy Day looks V+ grey- plays EE+ LOUD HI FI record with composer Arthur Schwartz and the Eva Jessye Choir vocalizing/ Clifton Webb sings B

653. Vi 24170- Arden-Ohman O- Strike Me Pink/ Let's Call It a Day looks E, plays E+ due to remarkable HI FI

654. Vi 24176- Don Bestor O- I'm Sure of Everything But You/ Speak to Me of Love E

655. Vi 24185- Jack Denny Waldorf Astoria O- My River Home/ That's All That matters to Me E+

656. Vi 24186- Warings Penns- And So I Married the Girl/ Well, Well, Well E+ had this record for decades and still do not understand the B side- esp by a composer such as Walter Donaldson- but it’s a good one!

657. Vi 24197- Paul Whiteman O- Rise 'N Shine/ Turn Out the Light E/E+

658. Vi 24225- Don Bestor O- After You/ In Egern By Tegern See E+

659. Vi 24503- Don Bestor O- Inka Dinka Doo/ Masquerading In the Name of Love E

660. Vi 24576- Eddy Duchin O- Why Do I dream Those Dreams/ I'm Lookin' Forward to Goin' Back Home EE+

661. Vi 24624- Ray Noble O- My Hat's On the Side of My Head/ Mademoiselle E few lt clx. Bowlly vocs

662. Vi 25649- Isham Jones O- China Boy/ Dallas Blues E-

663. Vi 24719- Jerry Johnson O- Missouri Misery/ Duke Ellington O- I Met My Waterloo EE+, nice jazz side A with trumpet, seldom heard Duke side too

664. Vi 24738- Fats Waller Rhythm- Mandy/ You're Not the Only Oyster In the Stew EE+/EE- despite grey

665. Vi 24762- An extract from a radio address by President Franklin D Roosevelt On 9/30/34- On the Right of Labor To Organize/ On the Relation of Labor & Capitol E+, rare issue-only seen one other copy- recorded off radio

666. Vi 24772- Noel Coward- World Weary/ Ziegeuner E+N-

667. Vi 24810- Jan Garber O- Mr & Mrs Is the Name/ Its Home E-

668. Vi 24823- Richard Himber O- Autumn In New York/ Flamenco E Joey Nash vocals

669. Vi 24845- Jollly Coburn O- I Was Lucky/ Love Come Take Me E

670. Vi 24886- Richard Himber O- Everythings Been Done Before/ Jan Garber O- Beyond the Shadow of a Doubt E Joey Nash vocal A

671. Vi 25019- Mezz Mezzrow O- Sendin the Vipers/ Apologies EE+

672. Vi 25252- Paul Whiteman O- Wah-Hoo/ What's the Name Of That Song VV+/E+

673. Vi 25270- Paul Whiteman O- Its Got to Be Love/ There's a Small Hotel E

674. Vi 25276- Gene Krupa Swing Band- Swing Is Here/ I Hope Gabriel Likes My Music E+

675. Vi 25362- Paul Robeson- Honey/ Gloomy Sunday V+

676. Vi 25376- Paul Robeson- Ol Man River/ Ah Still Suits Me E

677. Vi 25398- Benny Goodman Quartet- Dinah/ Moon Glow NN- RS lbl

678. Vi 25406- Benny Goodman Trio- Exactly Like You/ Benny Goodman Orch- Love Me Or Leave Me E+ RS lbl

679. Vi 25430- Fats Waller Rhythm- Lounging At the Waldorf/ La De De, La De Da E-

680. Vi 25445- Benny Goodman O- Riffin At the Ritz/ Alexanders Ragtime Band E+N-

681. Vi 25473- Benny Goodman Quartet- My Melancholy Baby/ Sweet Sue- Just You N- RS lbl

682. Vi 25521- Benny Goodman Quartet- Stompin At the Savoy/ Vibraphone Blues E/E+ RS lbl

683. Vi 25535- Lionel Hampton O- Stomp/ Jivin' the Vibres E+ RS lbl

684. Vi 25558- Quintet of the Hot Club of France- Shine/ Nagasaki E

685. Vi 25586- Lionel Hampton O- Rhythm, Rhythm/ China Stomp E+ RS lbl

686. Vi 25592- Lionel Hampton O- On the Sunny Side of the Street/ I Know That You Know E+ RS lbl

687. Vi 25674- Lionel Hampton O- After You've Gone/ Baby Won't You Please Come Home E+

688. Vi 26296- Lionel Hampton O- Big Wig In the Wigwam/ Stand By For Further Announcements EE+ grey nap

689. Vi 26310- Duke Ellington O- Rockin In Rhythm/ No Papa No E despite grey/EE+ ORIGINAL issues from 1931/28 masters

690. Vi 26577- Duke Ellington O(with Jimmy Blanton)- Ko-Ko/ Conga Brave EE+/E

691. Vi 26628- Tommy Dorsey O- Ill Never Smile Again/ Marcheta EE+/E Sinatra classic A

692. Vi 26636- Tommy Dorsey O- Hong Kong Blues/ You Think of Everything E+

693. Vi 26647- New Friends of Rhythm- Heavy Traffic On Canal Street/ Mood In Question EE+ chamber jazz

694. Vi 26677- Duke Ellington O(with Jimmy Blanton)- Blue Goose/ Dusk E+

695. Vi 26731- Duke Ellington O(with Jimmy Blanton)- Sepia Panorama/ Harlem Air Shaft E+/EE+ scr B nap

696. Vi 26762- Artie Shaw Gramercy 5- Keepin Myself For You/ Special Delivery Stomp E+

697. Vi 26763- Artie Shaw Gramercy 5- Cross Your Heart/ Summit Ridge Drive E+

698. Vi 27240- Sidney Bechet New Orleans Feetwarmers- Stompy Jones/ Save It Pretty Mama EE+

699. Vi 27290- Ray Kinney Hawaiian Musical Ambassadors- A Million Moons Over Hawaii/ Hawaii Across the Sea E

700. Vi 27272- Quintet of the Hot Club of France- Swinging With Django/ Paramount Stomp E+

701. Vi 27274- Tommy Dorsey O- Oh Look At Me Now/ You Might Have Belonged to Another E+ Sinatra both

702. Vi 20-4867- Sauter- Finegan O- Stop! Sit Down! Relax/ Rain E+

703. Vi 20-4995- Sauter- Finegan O- Midnight Sleighride/ When Hearts Are Young E+

704. Vi 20-4272(promo)- Buddy Morrow O- How Near to a Queen You Are/ Boogie Woogie March N-

705. RCA X-0008(promo)- San Franzella Quartet- Fantastic Impromptu/ Impossible Motion E+ somewhat like Raymond Scott chamber jazz


706. Vi 40125- Irene Beasley w/ O- Sometimes I Wonder/ Moon Song E, B side not the more well known Kate Smith version. Beasley had her own style

707. Vi 41302(International Series)- Ray Andrade O- My Lovely Hawaiian Maid/ Hapa Haole Hula Girl V+ rcnaps

708. Vi V-6119- Marek Weber O- Wenn Das Worthchen Wenn Nicht War/ Adieu Mein Kleiner Gardeoffizer E+/EE+ Nice fox trot A, both w/ German vocals

709. Vi V-6177- Robert Stolz Symphonie & Jazz Orch- Kamerad wir sind die jugend/ eine Kleiiine Freundschaft Mit Dir looks V, plays EE-, good band sides with German vocal

710. Vi V-44- Giuletta Morino and her Orch- Raquel Torres(MGM Star)/ Pangs of Love E+ cracked to label BUT likely the only copy you will find. Crack is thin and does not sound if you play it right. Can be repaired to inaud. As Groucho said to Raquel in Duck Soup- “I could dance with you till the cows come home”

711. Victor Junior JR 3 (JAPAN)- Jerry Freeman O- Im Dancing On a Rainbow/ Leo Zollo O- The Old Covered Bridge V+ gold on blue Victor scroll label, brown shellac, and Bluebird masters on this odd issue

712. Vi white label personal issue- Major Mize & His Music- The Souths Finest College Dance Band, as written on the label, Victor Discography says Allen Academy Orch of Bryan, Texas, directed by JTH Mize- If This Is Love/ Blue Illusion E with light swish first few seconds A, the E+/ EE+. A RARE one from San Antonio, mx 99436/7 from 1936

713. Vic-BB D9-CB-2351- Reminiscing with Eddie Cantor a Musical Story/ Ralph Flanagan record intros 8 diff N- Very entertaining A side by Eddie with jokes and songs

714. Vi JA 821(JAPAN)- Benny Goodman Quartet- Moon Glow/ Paul Whiteman O- Announcers Blues E+/E(grey), plays E+ orig Japanese sleeve

715. Vi JA 911(JAPAN)- Benny Goodman O- Never Should Have Told You/ You Can Tell She Comes From Dixie E+N- in original Japanese sleeve with BG picture, and has original lyric sheet in English


716. acetate- Tournament label from Pasadena, Ca. La Canada Stompers- Clarinet Marmalade/ High Society E+ Exc trad jazz band from La Canada, California. Heavy acetate-handwritten label

717. Aeolian Vocalion 14170- Ferrera- Franchini & Green- Hawaiian Blues/ Naughty Hawaii E

718. Academy A-102- US Naval Academy DO- Naval Academy Stomp/ Summertime V Rare mid 1930s issue recorded by Albrights Sound, Annapolis, Md. A side is a top swing side with solos/ B is the Gershwin classic. Has that distant sound as if recorded live in a hall, blue on yellow label

719. American Music V-1-Johnny Dodds w/ Tiny Parham- 19th Street Blues/ Careless Love E+

720. Am Mus 4- Lovie Austins Serenaders- In the Alley Blues/ Merry Makers Twine E+

721. AMCO 1272- White Way DO- Easy to Please/ Cosmopolitan DO- Yearning V+ rcnap. obscure label tooks to be in Grey Gull family, A side has a scat vocal

722. Apollo 394- Arnett Cobb O- Big League Blues/ Flower Garden Blues EE+

723. Banner 2067- Ferrera & Franchini- Pua Mohala/ Three O Clock in the Morning E small rcnap

724. Ba 0544- The Clevelanders- Sunny Side Up/ Lou Gold O- Just For Tonight E Ballew vocal A

725. Ba 6549- Helen Richards w/ O- I'm Disappointed In You/ Am I Blue EE+/E nice guitar in band A, good vox too

726. Ba 32949- Adrian Rollini O- On the Wrong Side of the Fence/ Ol Pappy VV+

727. Bell 221/2- Andy Cummings Hawaiian Serenaders- Alekoki/ For You & I EE+

728. Black & White 21- The Spirits of Rhythm- Coquette(Chicken Croquette)/ Suspicious Blues E-

729. B&W 24- The Lions Jazz Band- Bugle Call Rag/ Muskrat Ramble EE+ w/ Kaminsky, Willie the Lion

730. B&W 30- Rod Cless Quartet- (James P, Boze, Pops F)- Make Me a Pallet On the Floor/ I Know That You Know E+

731. BB 5068- Bert Lown O- I Cover the Waterfront/ Mississippi Basin EE-

732. BB 5099- Bert Lown O- Here You Come With Love/ Moonstruck E- few lt scrs, scfs. upbeat HI FI A w/ solos

733. BB 5207- Ernie Holst O- Ain't Cha Glad/ You're My Past, Present & Future EE-

734. BB 5268- Sam Robbins O- Sittin' on a Log/ The Old Spinning Wheel E- good tune A/ pum-pum B

735. BB 5277- Mike Doty O- It's the Irish In Me/ Youre My Thrill EE+ good sides from a 1933 Fox film

736. BB 5309- Bill Scotti O- Temptation/ Orchids In the Moonlight VV+

737. BB 5327- Eliot Everett O- Soliloquy/ Bill Scotti O- La Cumparsita E

738. BB 5348- Enoch Light O- Nothing But the Best/ If I Didn't Care V+

739. BB 5368- Sid Peltyn O- That's Love/ ol Pappy VV+

740. BB 5464- Sid Peltyn O- I Ain't Lazy-I'm Just Dreamin/ Im Dancing With the Girl of My Dreams E-

741. BB 5480- Sam Robbins O- A Bowl of Chop Suey and You-ey/ Is I Gotta Go To School Ma? E- FUN

742. BB 5526- Tom Berwick O- Dames/ Thank You For a Lovely Evening E/EE+ EXC A

743. BB 5551- Anthony Trini Village Barn O- Dilly Dally/ And the Big Bad Wolf Was Dead E+ Faintest hlc nap. nice female vocals on these Wheeler & Woolsey movie tunes

744. BB 5537- Vincent Lopez O- Rolling In Love/ My Hats On the Side of My Head E

745. BB 5582- Emilio Cacares Club Aguila O- Adios Mi Chaparrita/ Alla En Rancho Grande EE+

746. BB 5795- Hal Davis O- You Fit Into the Picture/ I Believe In Miracles E couple light pops GREAT A!

747. BB 6012- Ray Nichols Four Towers O- And Then Some/ A Sweet Beginning Like This E+N-

748. BB 6014- George Hall O- Through the Doorway of Dreams/ Why Dream E-

749. BB 6028- Frank Dailey Meadowbrook O- I Wished On the Moon/ Double Trouble EE+

750. BB 6254- California Ramblers- Sing An Old Fashioned Song/ Gotta Go to Work Again E+ few aud scrs A

751. BB 6398- George Hall O- Small Town Girl/ Apple Dumplin E+

752. BB 6423- Charlie Barnet O- But Definitely/ When Im With You E rcnap

753. BB 6616- Amanda Randolph O- Honey Please Don’t Turn Your Back On Me/ Wingy Mannone O- In the Groove E, light grey nap. EXC jazz sides

754. BB 6646- Jack Pierce Oklahoma Cowboys- Keep On Shining Colorado Moon/ My Home On the Western Plains EE+/E

755. BB 6746- Johnny Hamp O- Mr Ghost Goes to Town/ The Goona Goo E+

756. BB 6859- George Hall O- Blue Hawaii/ Sweet Leilani EE+

757. BB 6967(CANAD BUFF)- Charlie Barnet O- He Walked Right In/ A Sailboat In the Moonlight E+

758. BB 6973- Charlie Barnet O- Love Is a Merry Go Round/ The First Time I Saw You EE+

759. BB 6974- Ozzie Nelson O- Peckin/ Jelly Fish E+

760. BB 7003- Wingy Mannone O- The Image of You/ Life Without You EE-

761. BB 7107- Jesse Crawford O- It's the Natural Thing to Do/ After You V-

762. BB 7118- Bing Crosby- Just a Gigolo/ Russ Columbo- Sweet & Lovely NN- 1931 masters

763. BB 7458- Dean Hudson Florida Clubmen- Alma Mater/ Washington & Lee Swing E+

764. BB 7465- Ozzie Nelson O- Happy Ending/ Joseph E

765. BB 7502- Ozzie Nelson O- Don't Be That Way/ The Black Cat E-/E+

766. BB 7517- Ozzie Nelson O- The Sheik of Araby/ You'll Be Reminded of Me E/EE+

767. BB 7824- Bluebird Military Band- High Society/ St Louis Blues EE+

768. BB 8759- Curly Hicks Taproom Boys- The Old Man Of the Mountain/ Diga Diga Do E Western swing w/ vibraphone

769. BB 8817- Curly Hicks Taproom Boys- Dancing Mallets/ Hungarian Dance #5 E+ Western swing w/ vibraphone

770. BB 10055- Artie Shaw O- Between a Kiss & a Sigh/ Thanks For Everything E+/EE-

771. BB 10068- Charles Kama Moana Hawaiians- Back to Me/ Back to Honolulu EE+

772. BB 10075(Canadian buff)- Artie Shaw O- they Say/ A Room With a View E few lt scrs

773. BB 10079- Artie Shaw O- Say It With a Kiss/ It Took a Million years E+

774. BB 10105- Les Brown O- Harlem Woogie/ You, You, You E James P. Johnson co composer for the ill fated musical Policy Kings (look it up!)

775. BB 10195- Artie Shaw O- If You Ever Change Your Mind/ You Grow Sweeter As the Years Grow By EE+ scr nap

776. BB 10202- Artie Shaw O- One Night Stand/ One Foot In the Groove E+

777. BB 10718- Artie Shaw O- Deep Purple/ Pastel Blue E+

778. BB 10186- Frankie Newton O- Romping/ Minor Jive E+

779. BB 10215- Artie Shaw O- Youre So Indifferent/ Snug As a Bug In a Rug V+/E-

780. BB 10469- Ozzie Nelson O- Who Told You I Cared/ Smarty Pants E

781. BB 10477- Coleman Hawkins O- Meet Doctor Foo/ Shes Funny That Way E+N-

782. BB 10488- Dick Todd w/ O- It's a Hap Hap Happy Day/ The Creaking Old Mill E/E+ A side from Gullivers Travels

783. BB 10499- Ozzie Nelson O- Leanin' On the Ole Top Rail/ Three Foot Skipper Jones E-/EE-

784. BB 10510- Ozzie Nelson O- Heaven in My Arms/ That Lucky Fellow E+

785. BB 10600- Tony Pastor O- The Rhymin Game/ Under the Woo Woo Tree E+, made me laugh out loud- A side is devoted to the craze of shoot the XXX to me XXX, like shoot the talcum to me Malcolm, and so on

786. BB 10626- Ozzie Nelson O- The Man Who Comes Around/ Perfidia E-/EE-

787. BB 10674- Earl Hines O- Number 19/ Boogie Woogie On St Louis Blues EE+/EE-

788. BB 10763- Earl Hines O- Gator Swing/ My Heart Beats For you EE+

789. BB 10765- Don Redman O- Shim-Me-Sha-Wabble/ Chant of the Weed E/E+

790. BB 10893- Glenn Miller O- A Handful For of Stars/ Yesterthoughts EE+

791. BB 10967- Fats Waller Rhythm- Abercrombie Had a Zombie/ Taint Nobodys Biz-Nezz If I Do E

792. BB 11082(CANAD)- Teddy Powell O- Bluebird Boogie Woogie/ That Old Gang of Mine EE+

793. BB 11230- Glenn Miller O- Chattanooga Choo Choo/ I Know Why EE+

794. BB 11341- Benny Carter O- Sunday/ Back Bay Boogie N-

795. BB 11447- Johnny Hodges O- Squatty Roo/ Things Ain't What They Used to Be EE+/VV+

796. BB 11459- Carson Robison w/ O- Mussolinis Letter to Hitler/ Hitlers Reply to Mussolini E+

797. BB 34-0704- Arthur Big Boy Crudup- Mean Old Frisco Blues/ Gonna Follow My Baby looks worn, plays V+ despite heavy gray as is often the case with solo records- not much to distort I guess. Plays nice!

798. Blue Note 505- Art Hodes Chicagoans- Yellow Dog Blues/ Maple Leaf Rag EE+ grey A nap

799. BN 508- Art Hodes Chicagoans- Clark & Randolph/ Therell Be Some Changes Made E+

800. BN 572- Sidney Bechet BN Jazz Men- Shim Me Sha Wabble/ Copenhagen EE+

801. BN 573- Sidney Bechet BN Jazz Men- Sister Kate/ China Boy E+ despite scuffs

802. Capitol 266- Cootie Williams O- When My Baby Left me/ Echoes of Harlem NN-

803. Cap 289- Cootie Williams O- Let's Do the Whole Thing Or Nothing At All/ Wrong Neighborhood E+ vinyl press

804. Cap 314- Cootie Williams O- Ain't Got No Blues Today/ I May Be Easy But Im No Fool EE+

805. Cap 393- The King Cole Trio- You Didn't Learn That In School/ Meet me At No Special Place E+ orig sleeve

806. Cap 57-746(promo)- Chuck Thomas Dixieland Band- My Gee From the Fiji Isles/ Rose of Rio Grande E-

807. Cap DAS 60- Here Comes Colonnas Trolley- starring Jerry Colonna record E+, multi page cartooney paper album E, just light wear

808. Carousel 2501- Jimmy Noone w/ Kid Ory Creole Jazz Band- Mutts Blues/ High Society E+

809. Champion 15191- Fred Sharp Dixie Players- Here Or There/ Have You Forgotten V-/G rcnap

810. Champion 40088- Dick Robertson O- Alone/ If I Should Lose You EE+ Champion only issue(not Decca) in US

811. Cl 5104- Paul Ash Merry Mad Musical Gang- I Got Rhythm/ Ford Britten O- Born to Be Mine E/ E- lam B only Many solos A- top Venuti, Lang and Smith Ballew

812. Cl 5105- Ford Britten O- Let's Leave It That Way/ Rudy Marlow O- Three Little Words E+

813. Cl 5195- Boyd Senter w/ Ed Lang- Wabash Blues/ Harmonica Tim- Mean Low Blues EE-

814. Cl 11502- Lloyd Keating Music- Freddy the Freshman/ Ooh That Kiss V+. BOTH sides depression era gimmicks to try and boost sales- A side is a 5-minute record w hot solos and Dick Robertson vocal. B side is double banded, with longer cut being an instrumental and other just a Smith Ballew vocal version

815. Commodore 502- Bud Freeman Trio- I Got Rhythm/ Eddie Condon Windy City 7- Beat to the Socks E+ early laminated pressing

816. Comm 533- Coleman Hawkins & Rhythm- Dedication/ The Chocolate Dandies- Smack E+

817. Comm 573- Kansas City 6- Three Little Words/ Four O Clock Drag NEW with Lester Young

818. Continental 6000- Cozy Cole All Stars- Look Here/ I Don't Stand a Ghost of a Chance E+

819. Conq 8592- Hoosier Hot Shots- I Like Bananas Because They Have No Bones/ ICGUA But Love E+

820. Coral 61104(promo)- Jane Russell w/ Tony Scott Quintet- Hollywood Red Riding Hood/ Hollywood Cinderella E+ Really fun up to date versions set in California, with topical humor, references and jazz accomp

821. Coronet 106- Jack Sheedys Jazz Band- Muskrat Ramble/ Blues In the Night E+

822. Crescent 3- Kid Ory Jazz Band- Maryland/ Oh Didn’t He Ramble E, int cr under label

823. Crown 3002- Jack Albin O- Youre Driving Me Crazy / Milt Shaw Detroiters- Whats the Use of Living Without Love V+/E

824. Cr 3004- Adrian Schubert O- Always In All Ways/ Sweetheart of My Student Days E+ Frank Luther vocals

825. Cr 3023- Andy Sanella Trio- Moonlight on the Colorado/ Somewhere In Old Wyoming EE- Hawaiian guitars

826. Cr 3060- Lou Gold O- The River & Me/ Would You Like to Take a Walk E-

827. Cr 3112- Lou Gold O- Ho Hum/ Mary Jane EE-

828. Cr 3146- Buddy Blue Texans- Have You Forgotten?/ How The Time Can Fly E- Ballew

829. Cr 3163- Russ Carlson O- It's the Girl/ Hikin Down the Highway V-/V+

830. Cr 3164- Adrian Schubert O- Dancing In the Dark/ Yours Is MY Heart Alone E-

831. Cr 3196- Paul Small Collegians- Who Am I/ Gulity E-

832. Cr 3198- Russ Carlson O- Now That Youre Gone/ Any Corner Is a Cozy Corner V+

833. Cr 3269- Adrian Schubert O- Can't We Talk It Over/ Ill Miss You In the Evening EE+

834. Cr 3270- Marty Golden O- Rain On the Roof/ Kiss By Kiss EE-

835. Cr 3283- Marty Golden O- Love You Funny Thing/ You're the One E

836. Cr 3287- Lou Gold O- Weve Got to Put That Sun Back in the Sky/ Drums In My Heart E-

837. Cr 3299- Harold Van Emburgh O- By a Rippling Stream/ My Mom EE- 2 rcnaps

838. Cr 3313- Roy Smeck Vita Trio- We Will Always Be Sweethearts/ Paradise E+ Hawaiian guitars and Ballew vocs

839. Cr 3318- Adrian Schubert O- Lullaby of the Leaves/ With Summer Coming On E-

840. Cr 3377- Alice Blue Gown DO- I Guess I'll Have to Change My Plan/ Nightfall E-

841. Cr 3379- The Arcadians- And So to Bed/ Rock a Bye Moon EE-

842. Cr 3387- Leo Hannon Broadway Bellhops- Underneath the Harlem Moon/ Lets Put Out the Lights E-

843. Cr 3408- Adrian Schubert O- A Little Street Where Old Friends Meet/ Play Fiddle Play E-

844. Cr 3485- The Golden Bears- The Golddiggers Song/ Shadow Wz VV+

845. DDR 101/2- Sammy Davis Jr w/ O- Gypsy In My Soul/ Who Needs Spring E+ rare--before Sammy was Sammy

846. Diva 2706- Gay Ellis & Her Novelty O- ICGUA But Love/ I Must Have That Man EE+ top Hanshaw sides

847. Di 2961- Tom Clines O- Baby- Oh Where Can You Be/ Sammy Fain- Why Can't You V+

848. Di 3052- Lloyd Keating O- Low Down Rhythm/ Lou Gold O- Piccolo Pete E

849. Di 3064- Rudy Marlow O- Take Everything But You/ NE Yankees- A Little Kiss Each Morning E- instrumental A

850. Di 3107- Sam Lanin O- Gone/ Hangin' on the Garden Gate V+ nice A side w/ clt solo- Razaf-Waller tune

851. Di 3125- Jack Miller w/ New Englanders- The Moon Is Low/ I Love You So VV+/V+ some solos A incl bass sax- Rollini??

852. Di 3182- Frank Auburn O- Swingin' In a Hammock/ Lo-Lo EE-

853. Dixieland Jubilee 213- Kid Ory 6(incl Garland, Buckner)- Savoy Blues/ 12th Street Rag E+

854. Domino 3764- Hollywood DO- Jane, We'll Start Chasing Rainbows Again/ On the Riviera E-/V+

855. Do 4084- Irving Kaufman w/ O- You Can't Walk Back From An Aeroplane/ Go Home & Tell Your Mother E-

856. Do 0237- Roy Smeck- Honolulu Maid/ I Cant Do Without You E

857. Domino 155- Charlie Barnet O- I'm No Angel/ I Want You- I Need You V+ on the rare black on gold label

858. Down Home 8- Ralph Sutton piano- Chromatic Rag/ Climax Rag E+ from Albany, California

859. Duncan Disc- The Fabulous Duncan Sisters- I Never Had a Mammy/ Remembring E+N- Vanity picture label pressing by Oliver Record Co, Oakland, Calif

860. Electradisk 1915- Sid Peltyn O- This Is No Dream/ Out of the Darkness EE-

861. Elect 1923- Sid Peltyn O- Here It Is Monday and Ive Still Got a Dollar/ Jim Harkins O-Play Fiddle Play V+E-

862. Elect 1951- George Hall O- Have You Ever Been Lonely/ In the Valley of the Moon EE-

863. Elect 2052- Dick Robertson O- Swingy Little Thingy/ It's the Talk of the Town V in parts, VV+ in parts

864. Emerson 1034- Emerson Military Band- Tell Me/ Mammy O Mine EE+/E+

865. Emer 1062- Palace Trio- You'll Be Sorry/ Where the Lanterns Grow E

866. Emer 1063- Joseph Samuels & Larry Briers- A Fiddlers Contest/ In & Out E

867. Epic 9050(promo)- Bill Heyer- Take Me Out to the Ballgame/ Lazy Afternoon N-

868. Forty Ninth State 278- Benjamin Rogers at Hawaiian Steel Guitar- Steel Guitar G Boogie/ George Naope w/ Genoa Keawes Hula Maids- Ill See You In Hawaii E+

869. Gennett 6182(electrobeam)- Geo. Osborn O- Hymn to the Sun/ By the Waters of the Minnetonka E/VV+

870. Genn 6678(electrobeam)- Alvin Roehrs Hotel Alms O- Jumping Jack/ High Up On a Hilltop E-

871. Gennett 8126(later lbl)- Walter Thomas Jump Cats- Jumpin' With Judy/ Blues on the Bayou V+

872. Grey Gull 1463- uncred O- My Blue Heaven/ I Found the Best Gal of All E- couple clx B. Hawaiian guitar A

873. GG 1472- Great White Way O- Together We Two/ Paul Bolognese O- Chinky Charleston E+ Hawaiian guitar A/ fun but politically incorrect B

874. GG 1477- Mike Mosiello Hot Peppers- Sporting/ White Way O- Sweetheart of Sigma Chi V- jazz A/ Hawaiian g B

875. GG 1497- uncred O- Carry Me Back to Connemara/ After My Laughter Came Tears E Hawaiian guit A/ banjo B

876. Guild 141- International Sweethearts of Rhythm- Jump Children/ Slightly Frantic V+ female vocal A

877. Guyden 010(promo)- Rosalind Patton & friend- Baby Boogie/ Aint Nothing Wrong With That Baby N- obscure Philadelphia label

878. Harmony 58- Savannah Six- Jacksonville Gal/ Original Indiana 5- Everybodys Doin the Charleston Now VV+

879. Ha 96- The Record Boys- Yodelin' Bill/ Prancin Dancin Yodelin Man EE+

880. Ha 108- Cliff Nazarro- U Ought To See Whats Waiting For Me/ Why Dont U Marry the Girl E-

881. Ha 170- The Harmonians- Lonesome & Sorry/ Betty VV+

882. Ha 268- Dolly Kay- How Could Red Riding Hood?/ It Takes a Good Woman E

883. Ha 294- Dolly Kay- Pretty Little Thing/ Rags E+

884. Ha 321- The Harmonians- There Ain't No Maybe In My Babys Eyes/ Tell Me Tonight V+

885. Ha 330- Tommy Christian O- If You Didn't Know Your Husband & I Didnt Know My Wife/ Sam, the Accordion Man VV+

886. Ha 338- Broadway Bell Hops- Coquette/ If You See Sally E-

887. Ha 362- The Emperors- A Blues Serenade/ Clarinet Marmalade E-

888. Ha 370- WMCA Broadcasters- Coronado Nights/ If Youre In Love Youll Wz E

889. Ha 395- Jane Gray- My Idea of Heaven/ Aint She Sweet V+

890. Ha 411- Dolly Kay- I Havent Told Her-She Hasn’t Told Me/ Fifty Million Frenchmen Cant Be Wrong E rcnap lams

891. Ha 420- Royal Troubadours- I Adore You/ Where the Wild Flowers Grow E-

892. Ha 436- Julie Wintz O- She Dont Wanna/ Vo Do Do De O Blues VV+

893. Ha 555- Harmony Bros- I Scream-You Scream- Ice Cream/ Is She My Girl Friend? E-

894. Ha 644- Broadway Bell Hops- Get Out & Get Under the Moon/ I'd Rather Cry Over You EE-

895. Ha 782- Frank Ferera Hawaiian Trio- Sweet Lei Leuna/ Sonny Boy E few scuffs nap Annette Hanshaw vocals

896. Ha 1050- Kate Smith w/ The Harmonians- I May Be Wrong But I Think Youre Wonderful/ Love E+

897. Ha 1209- Jerry Mason O- I Still Get a Thrill/ Hotel Penn O- Go Home & Tell Your Mother EE+

898. Ha 1369- Frank Ferera Hawaiian Trio- You're My Only Sweetheart/ Love Letters In the Sand EE-

899. Ha 1379- Roy Carroll O-0 Good Night Sweetheart/ Waitin' For a Call From You VV+

900. Ha 6504- Lloyd Keating O/ Dick Robertson vo- Was That the Human Thing to Do/ Just Friends looks V, plays E- 2 tracks per side- a long instrumental, and a shorter vocal

901. Hawaiian 1010/1012- Ed Kenney- Coral Sand/ Momi Jones & Kenney- When Momona Shakes Her Kimona VV+

902. Hollywood Hot Shots 424- Ben Brady O- King Solomon/ Yes Yes Yes Yes EE- fun vocals with good jazz accomp. one of the scarcer HHS records

903. HRS January 1938- Jack Teagarden O- Loveless Love master 1/ master 2 EE+

904. HRS 1032- Billy Kyle Big 8- Contemporary Blues/ HRS Bounce EE+ Hardee, Buster, Trummy, Buddy Rich, etc

905. HRS 1033- Billy Kyle Big 8- Date For Eight/ Ooh Baby You Knock Me Out E+ personnel as above

906. Hula 1005- Don & the Hawaiians- the Cock Eyed Mayor of Kaunakakai/ Lovely Hula Hands E

907. Joe Davis 4500- Roy Smeck Trio- Hilo/ Kalima Wz E

908. KKK 75001- 100% Americans with Orch- The Bright Fiery Cross/ Mystic City V- label worn but rare one

909. Kappa 127- Billy Hamiltons Rag Pickers- Entertainers Rag/ Billys Rag E+

910. Keynote 504- Beatrice Kay- Picket Line Priscilla/ Tony Kraber- Old Paint E+

911. Kicks G-3/4- It May Not Be Love But Its Wonderful/ Joy Stick EE+

912. King 728- Mel Cox Flying X Ranch Boys- Billy Goat Rag/ Starlight Wz E+

913. King 4336- Lonnie Johnson- Confused/ Blues Stay Away From me E+

914. King 4492- Lonnie Johnson- Happy New Year Darling/ Christmas Blues E+

915. King Jazz 140- Mezzrow-Bechet Quintet- De Luxe Stomp/ Gone Away Blues E

916. KJ 141- Mezzrow-Bechet Quintet- Old School/ Bowin the Blues EE+

917. Liberty Music Shop 226- Edgar Fairchild piano- Damsel in Distress medley/ Rosalie medley N-

918. LMS 228- Roy Madison w/ Edgar Fairchild Music- By Myself/ Ive Gone Romantic On You E

919. LMS 233- Johnny Payne piano- Love For Sale/ Country Boy E- rcnaps, not a common one

920. LMS 234- Walter & Bowers- twin pianos- I Married An Angel medley 1/2 E-

921. LMS 283- Lee Wiley w/ Joe Bushkin O- 'S Wonderful/ Sam & Delilah E+

922. LMS 284- Lee Wiley w/ Max Kaminsky O- But Not For Me/ Sweet & Low Down E- some scrs, lam nap

923. LMS 296- Lee Wiley w/ Bunny Berigan Music- Let's Fly Away/ Find Me a Primitive Man E

924. LMS 311- Ethel Waters w/ O- Cabin In the Sky/ Honey In the Honeycomb EE-

925. LMS 322- Joan Edwards piano- Bewitched/ In Our Little Den E

926. LMS 324- James Copp 3- Peaches & Myrtle/ The Rapids E+

927. LMS 349- Pliner & Earle- Time On My Hands & Rise & Shine// Carioca E+

928. Madison 201- The Hometown Boys- Stumbling/ Rocky Mountain Rag E+ Dixieland band-label unknown origin

929. Madison 1615(Grey Gull label)- Southern Melody makers- My Girl Pearl/ St Louis Serenaders- In a Little Spanish Town EE+ NICE A, instrumental with some solos

930. Mad 5034- Jim Anderson- Sunny Side Up/ George French- Youre Always Falling In Love E+ cracked to label

931. Major 5001- Women Screams/ Baby Crying E, sound effects from the Thomas J Valentino library ENJOY!

932. Major 602- Dick Williams w/ O- Cocoanuts/ Susquehanna Transfer N- obscure Van Nuys, California label

933. MGM S 30- Frank Loesser- The Kings New Clothes 1/2 N-, in original cartooney sleeve which is E- slight wear

934. Melotone 12160(CANAD)- Schutt & Cornell piano duet- Canadian Capers/ Flapperette E

935. Mt 12177- Carolina Club O- Sing a Little Jingle/ I Found a Million Dollar Baby E/E- early Hal Kemp before he got his unique sound

936. Mt 12235- The Captivators- I Idolize My Babys Eyes/ River Stay Way From My Door E repeat groove beg A

937. Mt 12667- Genes Merrymakers- Happy Days Are Here Again/ Hollywood DO- The Stein Song looks G, plays V+ with a couple pops A, but the only version of Happy Days I know of from the FDR period

938. Mt 12815- Adrian Rollini O- And So Goodbye/ You've Got Everything E/V

939. Mt 13045- Henry Allen O- I Wish I Were Twins/ I Never Slept a Wink Last Night looks V, plays V+

940. Mt 13061- Roy Smeck O- Hilo March/ Song of the Islands E-

941. Mt 13322- Henry Allen O- Smooth Sailing/ Whose Honey Are You E-/VV+

942. Mt 13365- Taft Jordan O- Louisiana Fairy Tale/ Devil In the Moon E despite a few lt scrs with NAP

943. Mt 13376- Gil Rodin O- Right About Face/ Loves Serenade E-/E+

944. Mt 6-03-05- Joe Haymes O- On the Alamo/ I Love to Ride the Horses EE-

945. Mt 6-04-09- Bob Causer Cornellians- I'm Building Up to An Awful Letdown/ Alone At a Table For Two E+ laminated West Coast pressing

946. Mt 6-08-09- Rudy Vallee O- Rhythm On the range/ Empty Saddles N-

947. Mt 6-12-04- Dick Jurgens O- Easy to Love/ I've Got You Under My Skin V+

948. Mt 6-12-08- Dick Jurgens O- You're Slightly Terrific/ Its Love Im After E+

949. Mt 8-02-07- Gene Kardos O- Bei Mir Bist Du Schon/ The One I Love EE+

950. Mercury 1220- Josephine Baker w/O- Peg De Mon Coeur/ Boneca De Pixe E+

951. Mer 2052- Dinah Washington w/ O- Joy Juice/ I Can't Get Started E+ 2 pressure cracks nap

952. Mer 5169- Bobby True Trio- Jungle Boogie/ Young Mans Blues E+

953. Mer 5189- Eric Robinson Mercury String O- Fiddle Faddle/ Jazz legato N- nice versions of Anderson tunes

954. Mer 5606- Slim Gaillard Peruvians- Laughing In Rhythm/ Soony Roony (Song of Yxabat) E+

955. Mer 5696- Kay Brown w/ O- Bird 'N Butterflies/ Flash In the Pan EE+

956. Mer 5811- Rose Marie w/ O- Ship Ahoy/ You're Not Worth My Tears E+, yes, Baby Rose Marie growed up

957. Modern Hollywood 20-6808- Kay Starr- Ain't Misbehavin/ Good For Nothing Joe NN-

958. Montgomery-Ward 4998- Ted Russell O- I'm In the Mood For Love/ You Are My Lucky Star E-

959. MW M- 4998- Mezz Mezzrow Swing Band- Lost/ A Melody From the Sky E

960. MW 10019- Johnny Messner O- Ain't You Ashamed/ So Long E

961. Muse 189- The Big Four Quartet- Kentucky Babe/ Little Cotton Dolly V+/E-

962. Musicraft 363- Mel Torme & Meltones w/ O- Willow Road/ Theres No One But You E+

963. Mus 373- Georgie Auld O- Honey/ Air Mail Special EE+

964. Mus 374- Georgie Auld O- Co-Pilot/ Stormy Weather E

965. Mus 375- Georgie Auld O- Georgie Porgie/ It Had to be You E

966. Mus 378- Artie Shaw O- Love of My Life/ The Glider E

967. Mus 392- Artie Shaw O- Ive Got You Under My Skin/ My Heart Belongs to Daddy E+

968. Mus 398- Sarah Vaughan- I Can Make You Love Me/ My Kinda Love NEW

969. Mus 464- Duke Ellington O- Beautiful Indians 1/2 E+

970. Mus 484- Duke Ellington O- Trumpet No End/ It Shouldn't Happen to a Dream E+

971. Mus 538- Mel Torme w/ O- But Beautiful/ Night & Day EE+

972. Novelty 1677- Benny Bimbo- I'll Never Get Drunk Again/ Theo Lynn- All On Account Of You E-/EE+

973. OKeh 4581- Blue Diamond DO- Hawaiian Sighs/ Lonesome Lips E-

974. OK 4612- Vincent Lopez O- Stumbling/ Some Sunny Day E

975. OK 4694- The Original Six- The Broadway Strut/ Okeh Syncopators- Sister Kate E-

976. OK 4735- Finzels Detroit O- Stop Your Kiddin/ Im Going to Plant Myself In My Old Plantation Home EE+

977. OK 4777- Markels O- That Barkin Dog/ Tampa Blue Jazz Band- At the Weeping Widows Ball E+N-

978. OK 5910- Frankie Masters O- Taking a Chance On Love/ Cabin In the Sky E

979. OK 5911- Cab Calloway O- Goin Conga/ North of the Mohawk Trail E

980. OK 6034- Gene Krupa O- Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy/ The Big Do E despite lt grey

981. OK 8508- Rev JM Gates assisted by Deacon Leon Davis & Sisters Jordan & Norman- Will the Coffin Be Your Santa Claus?/ Where Will You be Christmas Day? V- a Sermon

982. OK 40806- Will Perry O- Russian Lullaby/ Cest Vous E+N-

983. OK 40974- Seger Ellis w/ O- To-morrow/ After We Kiss E/EE- few pops B, NICE Hawaiian guitar B

984. OK 41077- Seger Elis w/ O-ICGUA But Love/ Don't Keep Me In the Dark Bright Eyes looks V, plays E

985. OK 41362- Seger Ellis- St James Infirmary/ Shine On Harvest Moon E- lt scrs A, longer scr B- not bad overall and good A

986. OK 45310- Simmons Sacred Singers- Work, Sing, Pray/ Swinging Neath the Old Oak trees looks G-, plays V, a few sm digs-pass. Considering what it looks like, it plays WAY better

987. OK 6894- Jimmie Lunceford O- Its Time to Jump & Shout/ Cheatin On Me N-

988. OK 8813(purple label)- Tomas Nonez y su Orq- Charrerias/ Espana Cari EE+ rare series EP matrix prefix

989. Oliver 35- John Kameaaloha Almeida and his Hawaiians- My Yellow Ginger Lei/ Kauai medley V/E Rare label produced in Oakland, California, music recorded in Hawaii

990. Orange 138/9- Charles Civiletti at the console- Ain't Misbehavin/ The Syncopated Clock EE+ rare Orlando, Florida label

991. Or 1281- Bob Green DO- A Pretty Girl a Pretty Tune/ Ted White Collegians- That's My Weakness Now E+

992. Or 1725- Miami Society O- I May Be Wrong/ Bob Green DO- Dreaming EE+

993. Or 1845- Majestic DO- The Man From the South/ Dubins Dandies- Lonely Lady EE-

994. Or 1881- The Clevelanders- Puttin' on the Ritz/ The Home Towners EE- beg to E/ E both good

995. Or 2088- Lou Gold O- My Baby Just Cares For Me/ Harold White O- My Wonderful You EE-/E good solos B

996. Party Record- white label quality shellac pressing- unknown artist starts off with a story about a broken down old whore, and goes from there. E+ mx AMO-2577E, looks like a West Coast pressing

997. Party Record- Barnacle Bill the Sailor- like you’ve never heard it—in a vocal duet between Bill and a “girl”/ Flip is called The Pioneers- begins with station G.I.N- the breath of a nation, and goes from there. Heavy laminated shellac pressing. Quite explicit as these records go

998. Pathe 021045- Jos Samuels O- Dusting the Keys/ Page Mr Paderewski EE-

999. Perfect 11170- Cliff Edwards- Lovey Came Back/ Old Fashioned Love E+

1000. Pe 11315- Roy Smeck Trio- It's Time to Say Aloha/ The Little Things In Life EE-

1001. Pe 11558- Cliff Edwards- It's All the Same to Me/ All Alone E+

1002. Pe 11611- Cliff Edwards w/ Hot Combination- Dreaming of a Castle In the Air/ Cliff Edwards- Behind the Clouds EE-

1003. Pe 12245- Miss Betty Morgan- Don't Be a Fool-You Fool/ After I Say Im Sorry EE- vaudeville type A

1004. Pe 14900- Lou Gold O- How Long Has This Been Goin On/ Golden Gate O- My Heart Stood Still EE- EXC B

1005. Pe 15120- Dan Ritchie O- Good Little Bad Little You/ Sam Lanin O- I'll Never Ask For More E/EE-

1006. Pe 15233- Sam Lanin O- Im Only Making Believe/ Dan Ritchie O- Perhaps E+ some solos both

1007. Pe 15463- Majestic DO- It Looks Like Love/ Greens Nov O- If You Were the Sinner & I Was the Saint EE+ Nice A with a couple trombone solos/ Hawaiian guitar B

1008. Pe 15633- Chick Bullock Levee Loungers- Shine/ I Heard E one of the best ARCs many solos

1009. Pe 15686- Will Osborne O- Please/ Here Lies Love V+

1010. Pe 15690- Ed Loyd O- Just a Little Home For the Old Folks/ Some Day We'll Meet Again VV+ H Lattimore vox

1011. Pe 15709- Art Kahn O- Look Who's Here/ Baby plays E- despite scuffs, scrs. Both nice w/ solos

1012. Pe 15752- Phil Romano O- Hold Me/ You'll Never Get Up to Heaven That Way V+

1013. Pe 15831- Adrian Rollini O- You've Got Everything/ And So Goodbye EE-/E

1014. Pe 16020- Mal Hallett O- An Earful of Music/ Okay Toots E-

1015. Pe 16034- Joe Reichman O- The Object Of My Affection/ Hands Across the Table E/EE+

1016. Pe 5-11-17- Lani Mc Intyres Hawaiians- Sing Me a Song of Hawaii/ Youre the One Rose E/EE+

1017. Pe 7-03-03- Don Redman O- We Dont Know From Nothin'/ Who Wants to Sing My Love Song EE+ Both exc- super swing A w/ Redman vocal/ nice B with Harlan Lattimore vocal

1018. Photo & Sound- Seasons Greetings Christmas 1940 EE- beg to E. fun!-from 153 Kearney St, San Francisco

1019. Puritan 11410- White Brothers & Stendal- Angry/ Red Hot Henry Brown E, vocal trio and piano

1020. Radiotone 25313/4- Del Courtney O- I'm Terribly Lonesome Without You/ Just a Bundle of Dreams E laminated pressing. Joe Martin vocal A. that odd label with music and lyrics by O.B. Clow

1021. Radio 7354/5- Muzzie Marcellino O- Who Goes There/ Midnight Kiss EE+ same description as above

1022. Regal 9133- Newport Society O- Fancies/ Palm Beach Players- Canadian Capers EE-

1023. Romeo 423- Rainbow DO- Ain't That a Grand & Glorious Feeling? Frank Farrell O- Zulu Wail V+

1024. Ro 434- Doe Doe Green & Paul Floyd- Pork & Beans 1/2 E+ faint hlc nap. black dialect humor

1025. Ro 577- Indiana Five- Nobody's Sweetheart/ Where will I Be? EE- GOOD!

1026. Ro 1329- Buddy Blue Texans- I've Made My Mind Up to Fall For Somebody Else/

1027. Ro 1331- The Clevelanders- Singing a Song to the Stars/ Hollywood DO- Forever & Ever & Ever EE- Cliquot Club Eskimos- Leven Thirty Saturday Night EE+ Ballew A, both good sides

1028. Roy Milton Record Co 110- uncred blues singer w/ jazz band- Rainey Day Confession 1/2 EE-, edge dirt nap Cartoon drawn label (2 diff) on this odd issue from Los Angeles

1029. Royale 337- Eliot Everett O- Bell, Bell, My Liberty bell/ Longing For You EE+ despite scuffs. Interesting record in that the vocalist is a copy of Bing Crosby. Wonder if it’s a late Charlie Palloy vocal?

1030. Royale 1787- Rex Irving Boys- Toy Department/ Swing March E. Raymond Scott like, even has Sam Shoobe on bass(likely brother of Raymond Scotts own band member Lou Shoobe)

1031. Roy 1795- Richard Himber O- Whose Theme Song 1/2 E+N-

1032. Roy 1796- Richard Himber O- Swingin' a Dream/ Darn That Dream E+N-

1033. Signature 28114- Barney Bigard 3- Steps Steps Down/ other side mislabeled as same E+

1034. Silvertone 3836- Jack Kaufman w/ banjo and uke- Hi Diddle Diddle/ The Pump Song E

1035. Sil 21520- Smith Bros- Baby Feet Go Pitter Patter/ Irving Kaufman- Highways Are Happy Ways E/V+ lbl tear

1036. SMC 1242- Miguelito Valdes O- Harlem Special/ Summertime E+ grey, scfs nap

1037. Sonora 3029- Saxie Dowell O- Rugged But Right/ She Told Him Emphatically "No"! E

1038. Son 1091- Lani Mc Intyre Aloha Islanders- Moonlight In Hawaii/ Drowsy Waters E+ 2 int cr nap

1039. Souvenir 101- Al Jolson- Du Host a Liebes Punim/ Harry Jolson- One More Song E-

1040. Specialty 307- Camille Howard Trio- You Dont Love Me/ X-Temperaneous Boogie N- orig slv

1041. Sterling 3009- Ace Harris Quartet- Boogie Re Bop/ If I Didn’t Have You E-

1042. Sunset 10056- Red Callender Six- Get Happy/ These Foolish Things EE+

1043. Supertone 9278- Lou Davis- Where Do You Work-a-John/ 50 Million Frenchmen E+

1044. Tempo 888- Robert Clary- Ill Slip Around & Do It In My Dreams Tonight/ Musically laments the location of his seat in the 88th row of the Hollywood Bowl E. interesting sides by this recently deceased performer

1045. The Orient 618- Gul Pembe- Kucuk Nezihe/ Askineyanan- Safiye- sorry if I have trouble with these titles. Interesting mid 1930s issue, recorded in Turkey, pressed by RCA Manufucturing Co (with a VE), for the Armen Vahe Radio-Record Co on Mt Auburn Street in Watertown, Mass. EE-

1046. Tico 10-231- Tito Puente O- Adelle/ The Man From Jamaica looks VV+, plays E-, Tito always good!

1047. Tico 10-240- Tito Puente O- Having a Ball/ Espinita looks VV+, plays E-, Tito always good!

1048. United 164- Gene Ammons O- Jim Dog/ Stairway to the Stars E+

1049. UHCA 35/37- Louis Armstrong O- Knockin a Jug/ ICGUA But Love E+ both master pressed

1050. Van Dyke 71807- Casino Jazzers- Sunny Side Up/ Collegiate Jazzers- My Mothers Lullaby E- 1” cr nap

1051. VD 1825- Merry Collegians- Dreary Nights/ All Star Players- Why VV+/VV-

1052. VD 81860- Sunset Serenaders- A Shady Nook, a Babbling Brook/ Bar Harbor O- A Cottage For Sale E warp nap HAWAIIAN guitar A

1053. Variety 612- Cab Calloway O- Peckin'/ Manhattan Jam E

1054. Var 651- Cab Calloway O- Moon At Sea/ Hi De Ho Romeo E+

1055. Va 654- Sidney Phillips O- Comin Through the Rye/ Annie Laurie EE+

1056. Varsity 8036- Joe Green O- The Wooden Soldier & China Doll/ Tom Thumbs Drum E off 1931 Crown

1057. Var 8147- The Varsity 7- Easy Rider/ It's Tight Like That N-..Carter, Hawk, etc

1058. Var 8247- Louis Prima Gleeby Rhythm O-Percy Have Mercy/ Look Out E+

1059. Var 8402- Griff Williams O- Yum Yum/ The Birth of Passion E

1060. Vega 119- Ross Davis Lincoln Park Carousel(Los Angeles)- Waves Of the Danube/ Always E Fun record recorded live as you can hear crowd noise

1061. Velvetone 1800- Frank Salerno (accordion solo)- Smiling Skies/ Im Sorry Sally E

1062. VT 2029- Sam Lanin O- Campus Capers/ I Don't Want Your Kisses E-

1063. VT 2053- Lloyd Keating O- Turn On the Heat/ R Marlow O- The Woman In the Shoe V+ HOT A

1064. VT 2161- Frank Auburn O- Chinnin & Chattin With May/ Hotel Penn O- Give Yourself a Pat looks EE-/E-, plays EE+/E. NICE A with trumpet solo, etc

1065. VT 2186- Louisiana Collegians- Ro Ro Rollin' Along/ Hotel Penn O- All Through the Night E-

1066. VT 2196- Annette Hanshaw- Nobody Cares If I'm Blue/ Little White Lies looks E-, plays EE+

1067. VT 2265- Ford Britten O- I Hoped That My Dreams Come True/ Golden Gate O- Lady Play Your Mandolin..looks V, plays EE-

1068. VT 2381- Jerry Fenwyck O- Nevertheless/ Louisiana Collegians- Never Let a Day Pass By looks E-, plays E

1069. VT 2397- Jack Miller- Now You're In My Arms/ There Must be a Bright Tomorrow E/EE+

1070. VT 428- Jerry Fenwyck O- Nobody Loves No Baby/ Do the New York looks VV+, plays EE- HOT SOLOS

1071. VT 1626- The Harmonians- Im Afraid of You/ Laugh Clown Laugh E/EE-

1072. VT 1635- Lou Gold O- That’s My Mammy/ Who Wouldn’t Be Blue V+

1073. VT 1644- Broadway Bell Hops- Get Out & Get Under the Moon/ I'd Rather Cry Over You E-/EE-

1074. VT 1653- University 6- CONSTANTINOPLE/ Ernie Golden o- Just a Night For Meditation E/EE+

1075. VT 1654- The Harmonians- One Alone/ Bar Harbor O- The Desert Song VV+/E-

1076. VT 1662- Newport Soc O- Youre a Real Sweetheart/ Just a Little Way From Home EE-

1077. VT 1667- The Harmonians- That's My Weakness Now/ Because My Baby Don't Mean Maybe Now V

1078. VT 1669- Lou Gold O- I Must be Dreaming/ Last Night I Dreamed You Kissed Me V

1079. VT 1673- Bar Harbor Soc O- Dream River/ Memories of France EE-

1080. VT 1690- Golden Gate O- Dusky Stevedore/ Astorites- Blue Grass V+

1081. VT 2119- Rudy Marlow O- Thank Your Father/ Hotel Penn O- When a Woman Loves a Man VV+ Hanshaw B/ scat vocal and solos A

1082. VT 2120- Hotel Penn Music- Once Again Before We Part/ Stein Song EE+/E

1083. VT 2245- Chester Leighton O- Someone Sang a Sweeter Song to Mary/ Rudy Marlow O- Im Alone Because I Love You E- Ballew vocal A

1084. VT 2249- Frank Auburn O- Cheerful Little Earful/ Tommy Christian O- What Good Am I Without You E- EXC A side with Venuti-Lang and other jazz solos, Ballew vocal

1085. VT 2253- Roy Carroll O- Overnight/ Frank Auburn O- Hurt looks V, plays E-

1086. VT 2258- Sam Lanin O- Crying Myself to Sleep/ Tears VV+

1087. VT 2443- Lloyd Keating O- What Is It?/ I Apologize EE+

1088. VT 2479- Lloyd Keating O- Hiding In the Shadows of the Moon/ F Auburn O- I Wonder Whos Under the Moon With You Tonight. looks V-, plays EE-

1089. Vocalion 14253- Bennie Krueger O- Bimini Bay/ Ive Got the Joys EE+

1090. Vo 14388- Yerkes SS Flotilla O- The French Trot/ Sunshine Alley V

1091. Vo 14389- Yerkes SS Flotilla O- Blue/ Bar Harbor O- Say It While Dancing E+

1092. Vo 14405- Ferera & Franchini- Hawaiian Rainbow/ Honolulu Honeymoon EE+/EE-

1093. Vo 14424- Helen Clark w/ O- Baby/ Betsy Lane Shepherd- Calm As the Night E-

1094. Vo 14494- Ben Bernie O- Flower of Araby/ My Buddy E-

1095 Vo 14576- Monroe Silver- Cohen Visits Dr. Coue/ Cohen Visits Tutankhamens Tomb EE- A great combo of vaudeville-ethnic humor and topical references. A side has jokes about every day in every way you're getting better and better/ B side on the 1920s rage of King Tut tomb discovery

1096. Vo 14619- Savoy & Brennan- You Don’t Know the Half of It/ You Must Come Over EE+ Interesting story on these guys from Greenwich Village Follies- one a drag queen- humor ahead of its time

1097. Vo 14894- Austin Wylie O- Eliza/ Morning V+E-

1098. Vo 14982- Ben Selvin O- Peter Pan/ Does My Sweetie Do V scrs/E-

1099. Vo 15173- Ben Bernie O- Find of You/ Tomorrow Mornin E

1100. Vo 15543- Southland Syncopators- A Little Girl- A Little Boy- A Little Kiss/ Kensington Serenaders- Close to Your Heart EE+/EE-

1101. Vo 15675- Dick Powell w/ O- Together/ Coquette VV+

1102. Vo 2691(gold label)- Nye Mayhew O- Baby Take a Bow/ This Is Our Last Night Tog. E nice A, some soloing

1103. Vo 2722(gold label)- Gene Kardos O- All I Do Is Dream of You/ With My Eyes Wide Open..V-

1104. Vo 2748(gold label)- Eddie Jackson O- Try to See It My Way/ I Only Have Eyes 4 U looks V, pl E Ballew vocs

1105. Vo 2924(gold label)- Ted Wilson O- If the Moon Turns Green/ Clouds VV+/V-

1106. Vo 2925(gold label)- Ted Wilson O- I Won''t Dance/ According to the Moonlight EE- scfs B nap

1107. Vo 2933(gold label)- Wingy Mannone O- Im In Love All Over Again/ Youre An Angel E

1108. Vo 2934(gold label)- Wingy Mannone O- Let's Spill the Beans/ About a Quarter to Nine V-

1109. Vo 2944(gold label)- Vic Berton O- Mary Lou/ Lonesome & Sorry E

1110. Vo 3149- Bix Beiderbecke Gang- Sorry/ Since My Best Gal Turned Me Down EE+ 1927 master pressing

1111. Vo 3150- Bix Beiderbecke- In a Mist/ Tram-Bix and Lang- Wringin'' & Twistin' E 1928 Okeh masters

1112. Vo 3171- Wingy Mannone O- Swing, Brother, Swing/ Nickel In the Slot E+

1113. Vo 3190- Putney Dandridge O- Honeysuckle Rose/ Sweet Violets EE+

1114. Vo 3204- Louis Armstrong O- West End Blues/ Got No Blues EE+ few lt scrs nap. 1928 Okeh master press

1115. Vo 03240- Roy Newman Boys- Black & Blue/ 12th Street Rag E-/G HOT Western Swing

1116. Vo 3245- Henry Allen O- Nothings Blue But the Sky/ Tormented E

1117. Vo 3261- Henry Allen O- On the Beach At Bali Bali/ Take My Heart E

1118. Vo 3280- Erskine Hawkins O- I Can't Escape From You/ Until the Real Thing Comes Along EE-

1119. Vo 3292- Henry Allen O- Until Today/ Am I Asking Too Much E/V+

1120. Vo 3306- Henry Allen O- Picture Me Without You/ Ill Sing You 1000 Love Songs EE+/E

1121. Vo 3353- Sharkey & His Sharks of Rhythm- Swing In Swing Out/ Mudhole Blues E-

1122. Vo 3358- Dick Stabile O- Tea On the Terrace/ I Was Saying to the Moon V

1123. Vo 3359- Don Redman O- We Didnt Know From Nothin/ Who Wants To Sing My Love Song E-/VV+

1124. Vo 3367- Mildred Bailey O- Its Love Im After/ For Sentimental Reasons E+

1125. Vo 3379- Earl Hines O- Darkness/ Madhouse E

1126. Vo 3422- Henry Allen O- Lets Put Our Heads Together/ I Adore You EE-

1127. Vo 3467- Earl Hines O- Rhythm Sundae/ ICBTUIL w/ Me E+/EE-

1128. Vo 3476- Vincent Travers O- Love Is Good For Anything That Ails You/ Was It Rain? E+

1129. Vo 3490- Henry Allen O- Good Night My Lucky Day/ Theres a Kitchen Up In Heaven EE-

1130. Vo 3535- Eddie Fitzpatrick O- The Gentleman Awaits/ To a Sweet Pretty Thing E

1131. Vo 3577- Roy Eldridge O- Hecklers Hop/ That Thing E+ light grey nap

1132. Vo 3595- Claude Thornhill O- Gone With the Wind/ Harbor Lights EE+

1133. Vo 03683- Hoosier Hot Shots- Runnin Wild/ Goofus E+

1134. Vo 3749- Bernie Cummins O- Good Bye Jonah/ Dreams For Sale V/V+

1135. Vo 3773- Edgar Hayes O- Manhattan Jam/ Johnny Hodges O- A Sailboat In the Moonlight E+

1136. Vo 3909- Sammy Kaye O- Indiana/ Sometimes Im Happy E/E+

1137. Vo 3961- Midge Williams Jazz Jesters- Good Night Angel/ The Greatest Mistake of My Life E+

1138. Vo 3991- George Hall O- A Gypsy Told M/ Ti-Pi-Tin E-

1139. Vo 4546- The Boswell Sisters w/ Dorsey Bros- Minnie the Moochers Wedding Day/ It Don’t Mean a Thing E+ lt scr nap 1932 Brunswick master pressing

1140. Vo 4652- Hal Kemp O- Got a Date With An Angel/ Pursuin' the Blues E+

1141. Vo 4847- Chick Bullock O- The Tinkle Song/ Time & Time Again E+

1142. Vo 4860- Count Basie O- Miss Thing 1/2 E+

1143. Vo 4942- Edgar Sampson O- Pick Your Own Lick/ Don’t Try Your Jive On Me EE+

1444. Vo 4985- Del Courtney O- An Apple For the Teacher/ Still the Bluebird Sings E+

1145. Vo 5086- Mildred Bailey O- A Ghost of a Chance/ Im Forever Blowing Bubbles E rcnap

1146. Vo 5131- Glenn Miller O- Dipper Mouth Blues/ Doin the Jive E, odd light stain nap. RARE before GM hit it big

1147. Vo 05133- Swift Jewel Cowboys- You Gotta Ho De Do/ Chuck Wagon Swing E good Western Swing

1148. Vo 5262- Will Bradley O- This Changing World/ Swingin a Dream E+

1149. Vo 5268- Mildred Bailey Oxford Greys- Therell Be Some Changes Made/ Prisoner of Love E

1150. Vo 5353- Johnny Hodges O- I Know What You Do/ Dream Blues E+

1151. Vo 5291- Del Courtney O- It Was Written In the Stars/ When Love Beckoned E+

1152. Vo 5354- Del Courtney O- Hawaiian War Chant/ The Singing Hills E+

1153. Vo 5457- Tommy Tucker O- It Happened In Kaloha/ Shake Down the Stars V+

1154. Vo 5532- Six Hits & a Miss & O- Relax/ It Had To Be You VV+/V

1155. White label shellac test mx H&H 504/5- Sid Hoff O- With a Little Bit of You & Me/ Youre So Very Sentimental E-handwritten label of unknown origin. 1940s big band w/ vocals

1156. Zon-o-phone 5320- Zon-o-phone O- Persian Lamb Rag Rustic Dance V-

MARX BROTHERS SONGS ---records of music from their films, various punchlines, and by the Bros and relatives themselves!---

1157. BB 11224- Larry Clinton O- Tenement Symphony/ Comin Thro the Rye E+

1158. Co 391- The Knickerbockers- Collegiate/ Steppin In Society E+

1159. Co 620- Ted Lewis O- The Monkey Doodle Doo/ Drifting & Dreaming V+

1160. De 626- Al Donahue O- Alone/ The Whisper Wz E-

1161. De 1257- Ted Fio Rito O- Blue Venetian Waters/ Tomorrow Is Another Day E

1162. De 2385- Bing Crosby & Andrews Sisters- Go West Young Man/ Tallahassee N

1163. HMV B 8638- Bunny Berigan O- All God's Chillun Got Rhythm/ The Lady From 5th Avenue E+

1164. Harmony 1200- Wally Edwards O- Why Am I So Romantic/ Bye Bye Blues V-

1165. Hit 7004- Chico Marx O- Here You Are/ Sweet Eloise EE+

1166. Lang- Worth VoS 71- Allan Jones w/ Sidney Torch O- 4 cuts on this 8 inch vinyl radio transcription including Cosi-Cosa, which he introduced in A Night At the Opera. E cond

1167. MGM 10535- Marion Hutton- Love Happy/ Toot, Toot, Tootsie Goodbye E lt scuffs,scrs

1168. Regal 8781- The Rounders- When My Dreams Come True/ Ed Lloyd Rhythm Boys- Heigh Ho Everybody V+

1169. Victor 35769 (12 inch Canadian)- Victor Light Opera Co- Gems from Cocoanuts/ from Sunny E+ Hear music that made it to the film, such as The Monkey Doodle Doo, Florida By the Sea and ones that did not such as Lucky Boy, A Little Bungalow

1170. Vi 16663- Peerless Qtet- Come Where My Love Lies Dreaming/ Corinne Morgan- Home Sweet Home EE-

1171. Vi 18941- Gallagher & Shean- Mr Gallagher & Mr Shean 1/2 VV+

1172. Vi 19648- Warings Penns- Collegiate/ Look At Those Eyes E-

1173. Vi 21977- Warings Penns- When My Dreams Come True/ My Sin EE-

1174. Vi 21989- Franklyn Baur w/O- When My Dreams Come True/ Just Another Kiss NEW dealers stock

1175. Vi 25578- Guy Lombardo O- A Message From the Man In the Moon/ Tomorrow Is Another Day E+

1176. Vi 26760- Artie Shaw O- If It's You/ Old Old Castle In Scotland V+E-

1177. RCA Vic 10-1494- Allan Jones- Alone/ Deep In My Heart Dear EE+ scuffs nap

1178. Vo 3546- Vincent Travers O- Tomorrow Is Another Day/ A Message From the Man in the Moon EE+ rcnap

1179. Young Peoples Records 719- Groucho Marx- Funniest Song In the World 1/2 E+


1180. Broadcast Twelve 3001- Sophie Tucker w/ O- Makin Wicki Wacki Down In Waikiki/ What Good Am I Without You EE+ no US issue

1181. Broadcast 344(8 inch)- Bidgoods Broadcasters- Just An Hour of Love/ Sonny Boy E

1182. Broad 370- Bidgoods Broadcasters- Oh What a Night to Love/ Don’t Be Like That EE+

1183. Broad 748 (9 inch)- Bidgoods Good Boys- Whistling In the Dark/ I Found You EE+

1184. Broad 421(8 inch)- Bidgoods Broadcasters- That's What I Call Heaven/ Breakaway EE+

1185. Broad 623- Nat Lewis Dance Band- Sam Sat With Sophie On the Sofa/ Around the Corner E+

1186. Broad 674- Sophie Tucker w/ O- It's a Pleasure/ Make Yourself At Home E-/V+ one of the rarest Sophie records- no US issue and only issued on the 8 inch Broadcast

1187. Co 19590- V. Palaniyandi- Ninayade (Hindustan instrumental)/ H. Don Vincent- Mandolin Gath E/EE-

1188. Co 3969- Fred & Adele Astaire w/ George Gershwin piano- Fascinating Rhythm/ Fred Astaire w/ Gershwin- The Half of It Dearie Blues E+ recorded in London in 1926, no US issue

1189. Co 4886- Piccadilly Players- I Want to Be Alone With Mary Brown/ CONSTANTINOPLE VV+

1190. Co 5635- Jack Payne BBCDO- I've Got a Feeling Im Falling/ Riding On a Camel E

1191. Co 5587- Mr Flotsam & Mr Jetsam- PC Lamb/ The Modern Diver V+/E-

1192. Co CB 358- Jack Payne BBCDO- That's What I Like About You/ Kiss Me Goodnight V+

1193. Co CB 631- Henry Hall BBCDO- Sweep/ You Don’t Understand E- quick step A

1194. Co CB 688- Henry Hall BBCDO- Come Up & See Me Sometime/ Eadie Was a Lady EE-

1195. Co CB 747- Henry Hall BBCDO- Lullaby in Blue/ Madame Will You Walk E-

1196. Co DB 286- Burns & Allen- Dizzy part 1/2 E+ NO US ISSUE

1197. Co DB 1081- Carroll Gibbons Boy Friends- What More Can I Ask/ Carroll Gibbons solo-Fit As a Fiddle EE+

1198. Co DB 1404- Jessie Matthews- When You’ve Got a Little Springtime In Your Heart// Tinkle, Tinkle, Tinkle/ Over My Shoulder EE+

1199. Co DB 1829- Bing Crosby w/ O- Brother Can You Spare a Dime/ Home On the Range E-

1200. Co DF 1071(FR)- Miss Josephine Baker & O- Sans Amour/ Ram-Pam-Pam VV+

1201. Co DF 2307(FR)- Savoy Hotel Orpheans- True Confession/ Please Remember E-

1202. Co DG 646- Lucienne Boyer- Solitude/ Viens Danser Quand Meme E-V+

1203. Co FB 1189- Carroll Gibbons Boy Friends- Top Hat/ The Piccolino EE-

1204. Co FB 1409- Henry Hall BBCDO- Somewhere at Sea/ The Glory of Love E+, A side has gold on blue special label w/ Queen Mary stating the song is the official signature tune of HMS Queen Mary/ B is regular label

1205. Co FB 1459- Carroll Gibbons Boy Friends- You Never Looked So Beautiful/ you EE+

1206. CO FB 1583- Jackie Heller w/ O- Crazy With Love/ Im In a Dancing Mood EE-

1207. Co FB 1697- Carroll Gibbons Boy Friends- Swing High Swing Low- selection/ 23 1/2 Hours Leave selection E

1208. Co FB 1724- Carroll Gibbons Boy Friends- Tomorrow Is Another Day/ I Was Anything But Sentimental EE+

1209. Co FB 1805- Carroll Gibbons Boy Friends- High, Wide & Handsome selection/ You Cant Have Everything selection EE+

1210. Co FB 1842- Carroll Gibbons Savoy Hotel Orph Blossoms On Broadway/ I Still Love to Kiss You Goodnight E-

1211. Co FB 2244- Carroll Gibbons Savoy Hotel Orpheans- Wishing/ Sing My Heart EE-

1212. Co FB 2358- Carroll Gibbons Band- Are You Havin' Any Fun/ In An 18th Century Drawing Room V+

1213. Co FB 2768- Carroll Gibbons piano- Carroll Calls the Tunes 18 part 1/2 EE-

1214. Co FB 3141- Carroll Gibbons & String Quartet- Body & Soul/ I'm Getting Sentimental Over You EE+

1215. Co FB 3173- Carroll Gibbons Savoy Hotel Orpheans- The Moment I Saw You/ Last Night I Had That Dream Again E-

1216. Crown 29 (9 inch)- Mrs. Jack Hylton O-Gosh Ive Got a Broken Heart/ The Wheel of the Wagon Is Broken V-

1217. Cr 136- Billy Merrin O- Look Out For the Sunshine/ A Little Bit Independent VV+

1218. De vinyl master test mx MB 527-2- Ambrose O- My Lucky Star N- rec 10/7/29

1219. De vinyl master test mx MB 535-1- Ambrose O- You Wouldn’t Fool Me Would You N- rec 10/7/29

1220. De F 1815- Spike Hughes DO- Margie/ Poor Butterfly looks E-, plays E/EE- RED HOT A

1221. De F 1816- Spike Hughes O- Kalua/ Dancing Time E-

1222. De F 2582- Roy Fox O- Take It From Me/ You Forgot Your Gloves E+ Bowlly vocals

1223. De F 3004- Spike Hughes DO- Limehouse Blues/ Elegy EE+

1224. De F 3085- Edgar Jackson DB- Sunday/ Poor Butterfly V

1225. De F 3239- Jack Hylton O- Hylton Stomp/ St Louis Blues V+

1226. De F 3245- Roy Fox O- When the Morning Rolls Around/ Linger a Little Longer In the Twilight E

1227. De F 3399- Spike Hughes DO- Dinah/ Doan You Grieve VV+/E RED HOT A

1228. De F 3455- Lew Stone O- Mediterranean Madness/ The World Is So Small E-/EE- Bowlly both

1229. De F 3475- Jack Hylton O- I Wish I Knew a Bigger Word Than Love/ Im Playing With Fire E

1230. De F 3535- Lew Stone O- Oh Mister Moon/ And So I Married the Girl EE+ Bowlly vocals

1231. De F 3583- Spike Hughes Negro O- Someone Stole Gabriels Horn/ Nocturne EE+

1232. De F 3630- Lew Stone O- Isnt It Heavenly/ Let Him Live E Bowlly A

1233. De F 3639- Spike Hughes Negro O- Arabesque/ Fanfare EE+

1234. De F 3717- Spike Hughes Negro O- Firebird/ Donegal Cradle Song E

1235. De F 3953- Lew Stone O- The Call of the Freaks/ Milenberg Joys E+/E

1236. De F 3972- Spike Hughes Negro O- Sweet Sue Just You/ How Come You Do Me Like You Do E/E+

1237. De F 5101- Spike Hughes Negro O- Air In D Flat/ Sweet Sorrow Blues EE+

1238. De F 5114- Roy Fox O- I'll String Along With You/ Fair & Warmer VV+

1239. De F 5115- Roy Fox O- When Tomorrow Comes/ Little Valley in the Mountains EE-

1240. De F 5124- Roy Fox O- Drowsy Blues/ Jungle Drums E/EE-

1241. De F 5282- Ambrose O- Stars Fell On Alabama/ Lost In a Fog EE+

1242. De F 5590- Ambrose O- Fare Thee Well Annabelle/ The Good Green Acres of Home E sm dig A passes

1243. De F 5644- Ambrose O- I Wont Dance/ Lovely to Look At EE+

1244. De F 8505- Miff Ferrie Ferrymen- Jungle Jive/ In a Little Spanish Town E+

1245. De F 8588- Royal Air Force DO- C Jam Blues/ Mission to Moscow E+

1246. De F 8604- QHCF- Nuages/ Loves Melody EE+ with Django Reinhardt

1247. De F 8733- Ted Heath O- On Ilkla-Moor Daht At/ Donegal Cradle Song E+

1248. De F 8767- Ted Heath O- Open the Door Richard/ Them That Has-Gets E+

1249. De F 41010- QHCF- Liza/ Belleville E with Django Reinhardt

1250. De 59.056(FR)- Billy Costello- the original Pop-Eye the Sailor- Nobody's Sweetheart/ Nagasaki E hot band accomp to orig Popeye voice and no US issue on London recorded sides

1251. Eclipse 143 (8 inch)- the Hottentots- What Is That thing?/ Song of Happiness V-

1252. Ecl 152- Connecticut Collegians- Sing a Little Jingle/ Love is Just Like That E 2 inch tite cr nap

1253. Ecl 538- Connecticut Collegians- If I Had Somebody to Love/ Theres No Day Like To-Day EE+

1254. Ecl 682- Connecticut Collegians- Little Dutch Mill/ Whats the Matter With You EE-/EE+

1255. Ecl 539- Connecticut Collegians- I Thank You/ The Last Round Up E+

1256. Ecl 750- Bertini Tower Blackpool O- Hot Punch/ When You've Got a Little Springtime In Your Heart E- cracked to label- repaired. Nice sides. BIG sound for such a small record!

1257. Edison Bell Radio 873 (8 inch)- Harry Hudson Melody Men- That's My Weakness Now/ Bluebird Sing Me a Song E

1258. EBR 1337- The Blue Jays- Sing You Sinners/ Why? E

1259. EBR 1388- Sam Browne w/ O- Dancing With Tears In My Eyes/ Like a Breath of Spring Time E

1260. Edison Bell Winner 5470- Al Bowlly- You Didn't Know the Music/ A Faded Summer Love E+ a rare one

1261. EBW W 61- Leon Belasco Hotel St Moritz O- Sittin On a Backyard Fence/ Shanghai Lil E Off US gold Vocalion- rare on any issue

1262. Electrola EG 3879- Ray Noble O- There's Something In the Air/ Where the Lazy River Flows By E+ Bowllys

1263. Elite M 6408- Adalbert Luter Tanz O- Fahrmich in die Ferne/ Aholl E-

1264. Excelsius 9782 (8 inch)- Aromandi O- Se Voi Preferite/ Paesanella E+ RARE ITALIAN label. A side one step

1265. Filmophone 161- Fentons Rainbows- A Little Love Song/ Kings Horses E/EE+ needle a little heavier tracking as it is a green flexible record, but played all the way through on my turntable

1266. Gramola AM 2154(CZECH)- Jack Hylton O- Shinaniki Da/ I Lift Up My Finger & Say Tweet E+

1267. HMV B 2119- Melville Gideon- You Forgot to Remember/ Ive Fallen In Love With a Voice V+

1268. HMV B 3347- Carroll Gibbons w/ trio- Body & Soul/ Moonbeam Dance EE+

1269. HMV B 3479- New Mayfair O- King of Jazz selection 1/2 E

1270. HMV B 3540- Jack Smith w/ O- You May Not Like It/ Where Can You be EE+

1271. HMV B 3584- Raie Da Costa- Follow a Star medley 1/2 EE+

1272. HMV B 5130- Savoy Havana Band- Im a Little Blackbird Looking For a Bluebird/ Charleston, Charleston, Show Me the Way E few lt scrs, scfs nap

1273. HMV B 5136- Savoy Orpheans- Jig Walk/ Climbing Up the Ladder of Love V+/E

1274. HMV B 5390- Jack Hylton O- Just Once Again/ Remember V+

1275. HMV B 5477- Jack Hylton O- Back to the Heather/ Blue Eyes E-

1276. HMV B 5744- Jack Hylton O- On her Doorstep Last Night/ Jollity Farm E+

1277. HMV B 5856- NMDO- Anytimes the Time To Fall In Love/ Sweepin the Clouds Away E

1278. HMV B 5949- Jack Hylton O- Singing a Song to the Stars/ Under the Roofs of Paris VV+

1279. HMV B 5975- Jack Hylton O- Suppose/ The Silver Toned Chimes of the Angelus E+

1280. HMV B 5976- Jack Hylton O- Clowning the Blues Away/ Wedding Bells Are Ringing For Sally EE-

1281. HMV B 5984- NMDO- Shout For Happiness/ Goodnight Sweetheart VV+ Bowllys HOT A

1282. HMV B 5986- Jack Hylton O- Im Alone Because I Love You/ Songs I Heard At Mothers Knee E+

1283. HMV B 5999- NMDO- We Two/ Lady of Spain E Bowlly vocals

1284. HMV B 6056- NMDO- Theres Something In Your Eyes/ Im Just a Dancing Sweetheart E- Bowlly vocs

1285. HMV B 6076- Jack Hylton O- Song of Happiness/ When the Circus Comes to Town E+

1286. HMV B 6092- Ambrose O- Hows Your Uncle?/ Sweet & Lovely E

1287. HMV B 6117- Ray Noble O- Resolutions For 1932 EE-

1288. HMV B 6143- Ambrose O- Goopy Geer/ Open Up Dem Pearly Gates EE-

1289. HMV B 6173- Ambrose O- What Would You Do?/ One Hour With You V+E-

1290. HMV B 6229- Ambrose O- At Evening/ After Tonight We Say Goodbye E

1291. HMV B 6231- Ambrose O- I Cant Believe It's True/ Masquerade E

1292. HMV B 6235- Ray Noble O- She Was Only Somebodys Daughter/ Aint Ya Comin Out Tonight E+

1293. HMV B 6337- Ray Noble O- Wont You Stay to Tea/ No More Love EE-

1294. HMV B 6372- Ray Noble O- Peter Peter/ One Tiny Tear E-/E

1295. HMV B 7478- Ray Noble O- In a Shelter From a Shower/ One Morning In May E+ Bowlly vocals

1296. HMV B 9339- Buddy Featherstonhaugh Radio Rhythm Club 6- Woo Woo/ Washboard Blues E

1297. HMV B 9383- Buddy Featherstonhaugh Radio Rhythm Club 6- Soft Winds/ It's the Talk of the Town E

1298. HMV BD 179- Jack Jackson O- On the Prom, Prom, Promenade/ I Love You Gypsy VV+

1299. HMV BD 502- New Mayfair O- Rosalie selection 1/2 E+ scuffs nap. one of the scarcer Bowlly items

1300. HMV BD 543- Al Bowlly- Sweet As a Song/ Sweet Someone V+ one of the rarer HMVs

1301. HMV BD 5272- Jack Harris O- Sheep Were In the Meadow/ Oh They're Tough Mighty Tough In the West E

1302. HMV BD 5282- Roy Fox O- It's the Natural Thing to Do/ The Moon Got In My eyes E lt scr B nap

1303. HMV BD 5364- Jack Harris O- Picture Me In Paradise/ Somebodys Thinking of You Tonight EE+

1304. HMV BD 5388- The Ballyhooligans- The Blue Danube Swing/ Black Eyes E+

1305. HMV BD 5440- Jack Hylton O- Stop Beatin Round the Mulberry Bush/ All Ashore V+/E-

1306. HMV BD 5525- Jack Hylton O- The Daughter of Mademoiselle From Armentieres/ Good Luck Until We Meet Again E+

1307. HMV BD 5616- Joe Loss O- Blues Upstairs & Downstairs/ Honky Tonk Train Blues E+

1308. HMV BD 5820- NMDO- I Love to Sing/ Close to You V+

1309. HMV BD 5835- Joe Loss O- Kiss Me/ Paper Doll V+

1310. HMV LBD 5236- Ronnie Munro O- Vieni, Vieni/ Orlando O- Love Is Good For Anything That Ails You EE+ Not sure of origin as it has special record stickers over the top label and is not listed in the Bowlly discog

1311. HMV LBD 5345- Jack Harris O- The Snake Charmer/ Me, Myself & I E+ same special record sticker as above

1312. HMV HN 2120(ITAL)- Italia Vaniglio con orch- Bambina, Non Voglio Sognar(swing)/ Te Voio Ben(slow) EE+ few lt scrs nap due to laminated pressing. A side nice swing tune with female vocal in Italian

1313. Imperial 2154- Buddy Blue Texans- Birmingham Bertha/ Smiling Irish Eyes EE+/VV+ faint hlc nap

1314. Imp 2801- Jack Payne O- Wanderer/ Lets All Sing Like the Birdies Sing V

1315. Jazz Selection JS 537(FR)- Buck Clayton Big Four- Basies Morning Blusicale/ Dawn Dance E+

1316. Kingson 8693- Mr Will Evans- On the Doorstep/ Tin Tacks E scr nap

1317. London 457(promo)- Johnston & Dean- Strange Animules/ Fiddle Dee Dee

1318. Odeon 193991(ARG)- Harry Roy O- Quisiera Enerte Siempre a Mi Lado/ Manana, Mediodia y Noche V

1319. Odeon 194347(CHILE)- Harry Roy O- Dream Man Make Me Dream Some More/ Old Timer EE+

1320. Odeon 31101(GERMAN?)- Harry Roy Stage Show 1/2 E- recorded live

1321. Panachord 25709- Lew Stone O- Nagasaki/ That's a Plenty E both hot

1322. Par F 601- Victor Silvester Ballroom O- Paul Jones 1/2 E+ incl Way Down Yonder in NO, Dancing Time

1323. Par F 2014- Geraldo O- Shoo Shoo Baby/ Take the A Train EE+

1324. Par F 2027- Geraldo O- If I Had Only Known/ Goodnight Wherever You Are E

1325. Par F 2045- Joe Daniels Hot Shots- Don't Be That Way/ Blues In Boogie E+

1326. Par F 2047- Geraldo O- It Could Happen to You/ Spring Will be a Little Late This Year E/EE+

1327. Par F 2064- Geraldo O- More & More/ A Little On the Lonely Side E

1328. Par F 2065- Geraldo O- Sweet Dreams Sweetheart/ Come With Me My Honey E-

1329. Par F 2313- Joe Daniels Hot Shots- At the Jazz Band Ball/ My Blue Heaven E+

1330. Par F 2214- Geraldo O- Open the Door Richard/ Anniversary Song EE+

1331. Par F 2415- Geraldo O- Oh You Sweet One/ The Old Piano Roll Blues EE+

1332. Par R 238- Raie Da Costa- the Parlophone Girl & O- Rag Doll/ Laughing Marionette V+/E-

1333. Par R 3181- Sophie Tucker w/ O- Life Begins At 40/ The Man I Love N- A side not issued in US

1334. Plaza 128 (8 inch)- The Cracker Jacks- You're Getting to be a Habit With Me/ Shuffle Off to Buffalo E Edge gunk nap. NICE versions!

1335. Regal G 8616- Raymond DO- Mariette/ When Love Comes EE+

1336. Regal MR 221- Billy Cotton O- Bessie Couldn't Help It/ The New Tiger Rag EE-

1337. Re MR 307- The Rhythmic Troubadours and vocal by Dick Sullivan w/ p// Bathing In the Sunshine/ When Your Hair Has Turned to Silver- same two performers- V, a rare UK double track record. One is the band version, one the vocal. Similar to US depression era product in the US

1338. Re MR 583- Billy Cotton O- Snap Your Fingers, Clap Your Hands/ Round the Marble Arch E

1339. Re Zo G 9461- Florrie Forde w/ O- Florrie Forde Old Time medley 1/2 E

1340. Re Zo MR 982- Billy Reid London Piano- Accordeon O- Love Songs of the Nile/ In the Valley of the Moon E+

1341. Rex 8117- Primo Scala Accordion Band- Aunt Sally film selection1/2 E+

1342. Rex 8563- Smith Ballew O- I Won't Dance/ Lovely to Look At EE- 1 inch tite cr nap

1343. Rex 8845- Jay Wilbur O- Supposing/ Empty Saddles V+/V

1344. Sonata 98(SWEDEN)- Lapp Lisa w/ O- Lille Hans/ Froken giv mig himiens nummer VV+

1345. Swing 209(FR)- Ladiner-Mezzrow Quintet- Aint Gonna Give Jelly Roll/ Everybody Loves My Baby E+

1346. Telefunken A 2188(GERMAN)- Teddy Stauffer mit seinen Original Teddies- The Moon Is Grinning At Me/ Ive Got You Under My Skin E- nice big band versions with phonetic English vocals

1347. Ultraphone A 643(GERMAN)- Alfred Beres O- Zigeunestraum (Song of the Dawn)/ So war es in Sonssouci(It Happened In Monterey) E few lt scrs. decent versions esp A from King of Jazz

1348. Ultraphone AP 687(FR)- Francis Willy Nesop and his Joyful Fellows Team- Just One More Chance/ A Una Rose VV+ aud scr B, but A is the good side- an instrumental on what is usually a vocal feature and an interesting arrangement too

1349. Ultraphone AP 1504(FR)- Marian Anderson- Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Child/ Heavn Heavn E+/EE+

1350. Victor US vinyl master test mx OB-6476-2- Ray Noble O- Let Me Give My Happiness to You E+ couple light pops on this great Bowlly side

1351. Vi JA 456(JAPAN)- Jack Jackson O Here's to the Maidens medley 1/2 E+

1352. Vogue 107(FR)- Prof J. Earl Hines and Goodwill Singers- Heavenly Highway/ Precious Lord N-

1353. Vogue 114(FR)- Prof J. Earl Hines and Goodwill Singers- Daniel/ Get On Board Little Children N-

1354. Vogue 147(FR)- The Bells of Joy- Let's Talk About Jesus/ Ill Work Lord E+N-

1355. Zon 6275- The Blue Lyres- Say to Yourself I Will Be Happy/ Wanderer E+


1356. Apollo 780- Henry Red Allen O- Bills Downbeat/ Shanty in Old Shanty Town E+

1357. Capitol 206- Coleman Hawkins O- Stuffy/ Its the Talk of the Town NN-

1358. Cap 7-1221- Miles Davis O- Darn That Dream/ Venus de Milo E+ (incl Gerry Mulligan, Lee Konitz)

1359. Capitol 7-1224- Lennie Tristano Sextette- Intuition/ Yesterdays E+N- band incl Lee Konitz

1360. Cap 57-60000- Three Bips & A Bop- Professor Bop/ Capitolizing E+ band incl S Rollins

1361. Cap 57-60003- Lennie Tristano Sextette- Wow/ Crosscurrent EE+/E+ band incl Konitz

1362. Cap 57-60012- Babs Gonzales Orch- Prelude to a Nightmare/ St Louis Blues EE+

1363. Cap 57-60013- Lennie Tristano Sextette- Marionette/ Sax of a Kind E+ Konitz, Marsh, etc

1364. Chance 1153- Conti Condoli w/ Quintet- Flamingo/ Mambo Junior E+ rare Chicago label. With Chubby Jackson

1365. Chord 638- Eddie Getz Quintet- First Attempt/ Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams E/E+

1366. Clef 11094- Charlie Parker Plays South of the Border- Estrellita/ Begin the Beguine NN-

1367. Clef 89053- Nick Esposito O- Cherry/ San Francisco Blues E+ (incl Oscar Peterson, Ray Brown)

1368. Clef 89078- Oscar Peterson Trio- Cheek to Cheek/ Ive Got My Love to Keep Me Warm E+

1369. Clef 89113- Oscar Peterson Trio- Pooper/ Its Easy to Remember NN-

1370. Columbia 38734- Metronome All Stars- Double Date/ No Figs E+ Diz, Getz, Max, etc

1371. Continental 6000- Cozy Cole All Stars- Ghost of a Chance/ Look Here EE+ Hawk in band

1372. Coral 60760- Georgie Auld tenor sax w/ rhy- Blue & Sentimental/ Tenderly E+

1373. Debut 102(promo)- Charles Mingus Quint(Max, etc)- Paris In Blue/

Make Believe(NOT the famous tune- a Mingus original) E few very lt scrs

1374. Decca 4418- Jay Mc Shann O- Get Me On Your Mind/ The Jumpin Blues EE+ early Charlie Parker

1375. Dial 1009- Bill Harris Big 8- Woodchoppers Holiday/ Bill Harris w/ 4- Somebody Loves Me E tite cr, scfs nap

1376. Discovery 101- Phil Moore O- Fugue For Barroom Piano/ Misty Moon E+

1377. Discovery 100- Phil Moore O- Cornucopia/ 125th St. Prophet EE-

1378. Discovery 135- Red Norvo Trio- Night & Day/ Swedish Pastry E+ Farlow & Mingus

1379. Esquire 5-052(EMG)- Cleo Laine w/ Johnny Dankworth 7- Lush Life/ Johnny Dankworth 7 w/ Cleo Laine vo- Mr & Mississippi E+

1380. Esquire 10-028- Dizzy Gillespie Sextet- Round About Midnight/ Howard Mc Ghee & rhy- Thermodynamics E few lt scrs

1381. Fantasy 530- Dave Brubeck Quartet- The Trolley Song/ rehearsal for same E+, fascinating B side label reads Dear Dave: Please forgive us for releasing this but we felt this was too good an example of what happens at one of your recording sessions to withhold from DJs and reviewers. Max & Sol. Hear rehearsing, cutting up, etc

1382. Fran Tone 2004- The Double Quintet(Willie Smith, Emmett Berry, etc)- Prelude to a Kiss/ Louise E

1383. Galaxy 701(promo)- Cal Tjader Trio- Ivy/ Give Me the Simple Life EE+

1384. Gal 702- Cal Tjader Trio- Charleys Quote/ These Foolish Things E+

1385. Gem 15- Effie Smith w/ Darby Hicks Rhy- Ooh What I Dreamed About You/ Darby Hicks Rhythm- Ditty Bag Jump E- small bubble A.. uncommon Hollywood label

1386. Gem 18-Effie Smith w/ Darby Hicks Trio- Wee Baby Brother Blues/ Darby Hicks Rhythm- Gettin Out V-/E sm bubble B

1387. Keynote 625- Chubby Jackson Rhythm- Sams Caravan/ Head Quarters EE+ Manne dms

1388. MGM 11453- Buddy De Franco Trio (Blakey, etc)- Easy Living/ Buddy De Franco Quint- Lady Be Good E+

1389. Manor 1042- Dizzy Gillespie 6 (Byas, Manne, etc)- Good Bait/ I Cant Get Started E-

1390. Mercer 1952- Oscar Pettiford, His Cello & 4- Oscalypso/ Perdido E+ band incl Duke

1391. Mercer 1959- Oscar Pettiford, His Cello & 4- Blues For Blanton/ Take the A Train EE+

1392. Mercury 1062- Lennie Tristano Trio- I Can't Get Started With you/ Out On a Limb E+

1393. Mer 1063- Lennie Tristano Trio- Blue Boy/ I Surrender Dear E+

1394. Mer 1064- Lennie Tristano Trio- Atonement/ Coolin off With Ulanov E+

1395. Mer 2002- Karl Jones w/ Bob Shaffner Harlem Hot Shots- Mitzy/ Trouble In Mind looks E, plays about E+

1396. Mer 3025- Buddy Rich O- Route 66/ the Iggidy Song E+

1397. Mer 5554- Nature Boy & His O- End of Desire/ California E white lbl sample

1398. Mer 8901- Willie Smith Quintet- Not So Bop Blues/ Tea For Two VV+

1399. Mer 8911- Flip Phillips Quartet- Vortex/ Drowsy EE+ despite light grey

1400. Mer 8917- Oscar Peterson & Ray Brown- Debut/ Debut EE+/E

1401. Mer 8918- Flip Phillips Quartet- Blue Room/ Lover EE+ despite light grey

1402. Mer 8919- Flip Phillips Quartet- Don't Take Your Love from me/ Lover Come Back to Me EE+ despite light grey

1403. Mer 8930- Oscan Peterson w/ Major Holley bass- Robbins Nest/ Exactly Like You NN-

1404. Mer 8934- Lester Young O- Neenah/ Three Little Words E+

1405. Mer 8935- Flip Phillips O- Be Be/ Dream a Little Dream of Me EE+ despite light grey

1406. Mer 8936- Ray Brown Trio- Blue Lou/ Song of the Volga Boatmen E+

1407. Mer 8939- Lester Young O- Undercover Girl Blues/ Frenesi E+

1408. Mer 8953- Lester Young O- Thou Swell/ Lets Fall In Love E+

1409. Mer 8966- Chico O Farrill O- Carioca/ Flamingo E+

1410. Mer 8985- Chico O Farrill O- Cuban Blues/ JATAP Mambo E+

1411. Mer 8986- Chico O Farrill O- It Ain't Neccessarily So/ Guess What E+

1412. Mer 8998- Slim Gaillard Southern Fried O- St Louis Blues/ I Know What to Do N-

1413. Mer 89017- Lester Young O- Little Pee Blues/ Jeepers Creepers E+

1414. Mer 89019- Chico O Farrill O- Malaguena/ Peanut Vendor E+

1415. Mer 89021- Illinois Jacquet O- The Cool Rage/ Lean Baby EE+ few lt scrs

1416. Mer 89026- Benny Carter O- Isn't It Romantic/ Key Largo N-

1417. Mer 89035- Johnny Hodges O- Through For the Night/ Latino E+

1418. Mer 89046- Al Hibbler w/ Johnny Hodges O- There Is No Greater Love/ It Must Be True E+

1419. Mer 89047- Anita O Day w/ O- Aint This a Wonderful Day/ Vaya Con Dios E+

1420. Mer 11017- Charlie Parker soloist w/ Machito O- Okiedoke/ Mango Mangue E+

1421. Mer 11022- Charlie Parker O- Passport/ Visa E+

1422. Mer 11068- Charlie Parker w/ Strings- Dancing In the Dark/ Laura E+

1423. Musicraft 354- Dizzy Gillespie AS Quintet- Shaw Nuff/ Diz w/ Sarah Vaughn- Lover Man NEW

1424. Mus 447- Dizzy Gillespie O- Emanon/ Things to Come E/EE+ despite grey

1425. National 9043(promo)- Charlie Ventura Sextet- Eleven Sixty/ Sooth Me E+

1426. Nat 9036- Charlie Ventura Sextet- Synthesis/ Blue Champagne E+

1427. New Jazz 805- Stan Getz Quartet- Mar-cia/ Long Island Sound E/EE+

1428. Norgran 120- Benny Carter w/ Strings- Cocktails For Two/ Bewitched, Bothered & Bewildered N-

1429. Pacific 608- Jake Porter O- Jump Safari/ Opus Five Jakes Jive V+ rare Berkeley California label

1430. Polydor 580052 (FR)- Mintons House Band with Charlie Christian, Thelonoius Monk, Kenny Clark, Joe Guy and Nick Fenton. Stompin At the Savoy part 1/2 E+ considered by some to be the first be bop record- live recording

1431. Polydor 580053 (FR)- Mintons House Band with Charlie Christian, Thelonoius Monk, Kenny Clark, Joe Guy and Nick Fenton. Stompin At the Savoy part 3/ Charlies Choice (In the Hall of the Mountain King) part 1 E+ considered by some to be the first be bop record- live recording

1432. Polydor 580054 (FR)- Mintons House Band with Charlie Christian, Thelonoius Monk, Kenny Clark, Joe Guy and Nick Fenton. Charlies Choice (In the Hall of the Mountain King) part 2/3 E+ considered by some to be the first be bop record- live recording

1433. Prestige 718- Sonny Stitt- Count Every Star/ Nice Work If You Can Get It looks V grey, plays E-/E

1434. Pres 729- Stan Getz Quartet- Too Marvelous For Words/ Stan Getz & Terry Gibbs- Michelle E+

1435. Pres 773(promo) Bennie Green O- Flowing River/ Green Junction E+

1436. Pres 789- New Sounds fm Sweden feat Reinhold Svensson Quint- Flying Home/ I Wished On the Moon E

1437. Pres 794- Annie Ross w/ Teacho Wiltshire O- Twisted/ Annies Lament EE+

1438. RCA Vic 20-3186- Dizzy Gillespie O- Algo Bueno/ Minor Walk E+ despite grey

1439. Royal Roost 538- Stan Getz Quintet- Potters Luck/ Yvette E+

1440. RR 547- Johnny Smith Quintet(Getz, etc)- Tabij/ Moonlight In Vermont EE- improves to E midway

1441. RR 591- Dizzy Gillespie- I Cover the Waterfront/ I Don't Know Why E+ has lightly aud scr B in parts, but bad at all,

1442. Savoy 501- Cozy Cole O- Talk to Me/ Body & Soul N- faint 1 inch cr nap

1443. Sav 509- Johnny Guarnieri AS O- Basie English/ Exercise In Swing E+ Lester, etc

1444. Sav 524- Don Byas Swing Shifters- Free & Easy/ Bass-C-Jam EE+

1445. Sav 550- Coleman Hawkins w/ Cozy Cole AS- On the Sunny Side of the Street/ Stompin' At the Savoy E+

1446. Sav 571- Errol Garner Trio- Somebody Loves Me/ Laura EE-

1447. Sav 574- Don Byas Quintet- Candy/ Byas-a Drink EE+

1448. Sav 927- The Be Bop Boys (Still, Bud Powell, Dorham, etc)- Rays Idea Good Luck E+ despite light grey

1449. Signature 28104- Coleman Hawkins Swing 4- Get Happy/ Crazy Rhythm E/EE+

1450. Super Disc 1006- Don Byas Quartet- One O' Clock Jump/ Three O Clock In the Morning E+

1451. Sunset 10054- Charlie Venturo Sextet- CV Jump/ I Surrender Dear E+N-


1452. Ajax 17065 - Josie Miles & Choo Choo Jazzers- Believe Me Hot Mama/ Viola Mc Coy & Billy Higgins & Choo Choo Jazzers- Keep On Going V-

1453. Ajax 17129- Theodore West- Nobody Knows How I Feel Dis Mornin/ Blues, Just Blues V plays quite a bit better, aud scr near beg A-not bad, passes easily

1454. BB 8302- Jelly Roll Morton Red Hot Peppers- Strokin Away/ Low Gravy E+ from 1930 Victor

1455. BB 10527- Fats Waller Rhythm- It's You Who Taught It To Me/ Youre Lettin the Grass Grow.. EE-/E-

1456. BN 517- Bechet- Nicholas Blue 5- Weary Way Blues/ Quincy Street Stomp EE+

1457. Co A 2419- Handys Orch of Memphis- Livery Stable Blues/ That Jazz Dance E

1458. Co A 3479- Edith Wilson w/ Johnny Dunns Orig Jazz Hounds- Vampin Liza Jane/ Nervous Blues E-/E

1459. Co 1430-D- Doc Cook 14 Doctors of Syncopation- Hum & Strum/ I Got Worry E+

1460. Co 2173- King Nawahiis Hawaiians- Hawaiian Love-Bird/ Under a Texas Moon E+/E-

1461. Co 3079- Red Norvo Swing Octet- Bughouse/ Blues In E Flat E+

1462. Co 4962(ENG)- Sophie Tucker w/ O- My Yiddishe Momme 1/2 EE+ despite grey

1463. Co CB 144- Jack Payne BBCDO- After Your Kiss/ Id Like to Find the Guy That Wrote The Stein Song E+

1464. De 1049- Louis Armstrong w/ Dorsey O- When Ruben Swings the Cuban/ Louis Armstrong O- Red Nose EE+

1465. De 7456- Johnny Temple & Harlem Hamfats- What Is That Smells Like Gravy/ County Jail Blues EE-/V+

1466. De 23067- Quintet Of the Hot Club of France(Django & Stephane, etc)- Night & Day/ Black & White EE+

1467. Diva 2825- Rudy Vallee Ct Yanks- Makin' Whoopee/ If I Had You EE+ plays E+

1468. Harmony 1099- Mills Merry Makers- When Youre Smiling/ Julie Wintz Mayflower O- What Is This Thing Called Love E+ great A w/ Teagarden, etc

1469. Ha 1163- Sammy Fain- Im In the Market For You/ Mia Cara E+N-

1470. Ha 1224- Annette Hanshaw- Body & Soul/ Wasting My Love On You E+N-

1471. Ha 1273- Annette Hanshaw- Youre the One I Care For/ I Hate Myself E+N- BG solo

1472. Ha 1288- Annette Hanshaw- Would You Like to Take a Walk/ Walkin My Baby Back Home E+N- BG solo

1473. Master 131- Duke Ellington O- Caravan/ Azure E+

1474. Musicraft 383- Dizzy Gillespie Sextet- That’s Earl Brother/ Oop Bop Sh Bam EE+

1475. Okeh 4113- Mamie Smith w/ O- That Thing Called Love/ You Cant Keep a Good Man Down E+ has an aud scr near end A for about 5 seconds

1476. OK 4310- Tim Brymn Black Devil O- Wang Wang Blues/ Siren of the Southern sea EE+

1477. OK 4416- Mamie Smith Jazz Band- Daddy Your Mama Is Lonesome For You/ Sax-o-phone Blues E-/EE-

1478. OK 4689- Mamie Smith Jazz Hounds- That Da Da Strain/ Wish That I Could But I Cant Forgive You Blues EE+/E 1 inch tite cr nap

1479. OK 4781- Mamie Smith Jazz Hounds- You’ve Got to See Mamma Every Night/ Im Gonna Get You EE- despite grey

1480. OK 4837- Sophie Tucker w/ O- Vamping Sal/ Down By the River EE+/E

1481. OK 4839- Sophie Tucker w/ O- Old King Tut/ Papa Better Watch Your Step E/EE+

1482. OK 41058- Sophie Tucker- Oh You Have No Idea/ 'Cause I Feel Low Down looks E grey, plays E+

1483. Parlophone R 582(ENG)- Duke Ellington O- Hot & Bothered/ Ellington solo- Swampy River E+ OKeh masters

1484. Par R 3181- Sophie Tucker w/O- Life Begins At Forty/ The Man I Love E+ no US issue A/ OKeh master B

1485. Par R 3321- Boyd Senter w/ Ed Lang- Bad Habits/ New St Louis Blues E+ Okeh masters

1486. Swing 1 (FR)- Coleman Hawkins All Star Jam Band- Honeysuckle Rose/ Crazy Rhythm EE+ light grey, plays E+. Great sides w/ Django Reinhardt

1487. Sw 22- Bill Coleman O- After You've Gone/ Bill Street Blues E+

1488. Variety 552- Noble Sissle O featuring Sidney Bechet- Bandana Days/ Im Just Wild About Harry E+

1489. Var 555- Cootie Williams Rug Cutters- ICBTUIL w/ Me/ Digga Digga Do EE+

1490. Var 556- Ben Pollack O- Peckin/ In a Sentimental Mood EE+/E+

1491. Var 564- Barney Bigard Jazzopators- Solace/ Four & One Half Street E-

1492. Var 565- Joe Marsala Chicagoans- Wolverine Blues/ Jazz Me Blues E+

1493. Var 588- Harry Reser Jumping Jacks- The West Bound Freight/ Hook & Ladder 31 E+

1494. Var 594- Johnny Williams Swing Sextet- Wheres My Sweetie Hiding/ Little Old Lady E+/E

1495. Var 608- Chauncey Morehouse Swing 6- On the Alamo/ Blues In B Flat E+

1496. Var 635- Don Redman O- The Man On the Flying Trapeze/ That Naughty Wz EE-

1497. Vocalion 3302- Henry Allen O- Algiers Stomp/ When Did You Leave Heaven E-

1498. Royale 1753- Quintet of the Hot Club of France- Dinah/ Tiger Rag E+N- Django etc

1499. Roy 1754- Quintet of the Hot Club of France- Oh Lady Be Good/ 52nd Street Boys- That’s a Plenty E+N-

1500. Roy 1778- Alix Combelle w/ QHCF- Crazy Rhythm/ Freddy Taylor w/ QHCF- Blue Drag E+N- Django etc

1501. Roy 1785- Quintet of the Hot Club of France- Swanee River/ Ultrafox E+N-

1502. Roy 1788- QHCF- Confessin/ Smoke Rings E+ Django etc

1503. Roy 1807- Alix Combelle w/ QHCF- The Sheik of Araby/ Your Sweet Smile E+N- Django etc

1504. Voice of the Stars 3 part 1/2(ENG) E+ few lt scrs B incl Bette, Gable, Olivia, Laughton, Shirley, Jessie

1505. Regal Zonophone MR 1452(ENG)- Joe Venuti O- Satans Holiday/ Hells bells & Hallelujah EE+ orig issue

1506. Superior 2617- Max Gilmore Boys- Wabash Moon/ Jack Westbrook O- Don’t Forget Me In Your Dreams E/VV+

1507. Supertone 9370- Hawaiian Serenaders- Loneliness/ Carolina Moon E

1508. Victor 20783- Paul Whiteman Rhythm Boys- Mississippi Mud/ I Left My Sugar// Sweet Lil/ Aint She Sweet EE+

CHRISTMAS SONGS- its days before Christmas as I type this- so am in the spirit, with Christmas songs playing everywhere!

1509. Cap 311- The King Cole Trio- The Christmas Song/ In the Cool of the Evening EE+

1510. Co A 919- Princes Orch- Santa Claus Workshop/ Stell & Schuetze- Christmas Bells E

1511. Co 37174- Les Brown O- When You Trim Your Christmas Tree/ The Christmas Song EE+

1512. Co 38258(promo)- Frank Sinatra- It Came Upon the Midnight Clear/ O Little Town of Bethlehem E+

1513. Co 40317- Rosemary Clooney- A Christmas Present to Santa Claus/ March of the Christmas Toys E+

1514. Coral 61098(promo)- Steve Allen & Ricky Vera- Can I Wait Up For Santa Claus/ How Can Santa Come to Puerto Rico E+

1515. De 3365- Dick Robertson O- Hello, Mister Kringle/ I Want You For Christmas E-/V+ scuffs B

1516. De 16041(promo)- Leroy Anderson O- A Christmas Festival 1/2 E+

1517. De 18429- Bing Crosby- White Christmas/ Let's Start the New Year Right E orig coupling from album set

1518. De 23778- Bing Crosby- White Christmas/ God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen E+ 2nd coupling from album set

1519. De 28342- Bing Crosby-Danny Kaye- Peggy Lee- Trudy Stevens- White Christmas/ Snow E+ from album set

1520. De 28504(promo)- Mervin Shiner- I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus/ Snowy White Snow & Jingle Bells E+

1521. De 40181- Gary, Phillip, Dennis, Lindsay & Bing Crosby- A Crosby Christmas 1/2 E+

1522. Hit 7025- Betty Lou- Jingle Bells/ Silent Night E+ few scuffs nap

1523. MGM 11098- Tex Beneke O- The Santa Claus Parade/ A Rootn Tootn Santa Claus N-

1524. MGM 11623- Billy Eckstine w/ O- Christmas Eve/ What Are You Doing New Years Eve E+

1525. Palda 119- Ferko String Band- Jingle Bells/ White Christmas EE+

1526. Vi 17164- Trinity Choir- Hark the Herald Angels Sing/ Silent Night, Hallowed Night EE+

1527. Vi 26050- Lew White at the organ- Joy to the World/ It Came Upon the Midnight Clear E+

1528. Vi 20-4300- Freddy Martin O- The Night Before Christmas/ Toy Piano Boogie E

1529. RCA Vic 20-5038(promo)- Eddie Fisher- Christmas Day/ That’s What Christmas Means to Me E+

1530. The Story of the Nativity- 3 record set on Major Records from 1947. Starring Walter Hampden with Hester Sondergaard, Roger De Koven, Santos Ortega and Art Carney. 3 record set E+ album some shelf wear. Interesting that Major Records, the Thomas Valentino label did sound effects and musical themes. This is their only venture into a produced show that I am aware of

1531. A Christmas Carol- 4 record set on MGM starring Lionel Barrymore. Original musical score composed & conducted by Sammy Timberg, the man who wrote SO MANY songs for the Max Fleischer cartoons. Records E, album some shelf wear

ACETATES --all 10 inch 10 inch acetate dubs as produced by Al Block. Mr Block had an enormous collection which was donated to Stanford University(?) years ago, but he also made dubs and sold them. Some uncommon and some rare material. all in excellent condition and play at 33 1/3 rpm. Info below read from his labels- is correct most of the time! Quality and completeness vary- but am listing these due to the rarity of the material

1532. Fred Allen- Texaco Star Theatre- CBS Network 5/3/42. guest Oscar Levant. 6 parts on 3 discs

1533. Fred Allen- Texaco Star Theatre- CBS Network 5/24/42. guest Jack Haley. 8 parts on 4 discs

1534. Fred Allen- Texaco Star Theatre- CBS Network 6/28/42. guest Dr. Rockwell. 8 parts on 4 discs

1535. Fred Allen- The Fred Allen Show- 1/16/45. guest Lauritz Melchoir. 4 parts on 2 discs

1536. Dick Powell- The Old Gold Show- CBS Network. w/ Ted Fio Rito O 6/9/34. 8 parts on 4 discs

1537. Chevrolet Musical Moments- CBS Network 1936 pgm #15. Rubinoff O w/ Virginia Rey 2 parts on 1 disc

1538. Ironized Yeast Melodies- NBC Network w/ Whispering Jack Smith 5/3/37. 2 parts on 1 disc

1539. Rudy Vallee- The Fleischmann Hour. NBC Network. 3/21/35. Pierre Frenet, Tom Howard & George Shelton, Earl Hines- well known Negro bandleader, Stewart Sisters. Vallee sings Sweet Music and others. 8 parts on 4 discs

1540. Rudy Vallee- The Sealtest Show- NBC Network 3/14/40. Guest Una Merkel. 4 parts on 2 discs

1541. Al Jolson- Ruby Keeler in Burlesque- Lux Radio Theatre- 5/9/36. 8 parts on 4 discs

1542. Al Jolson- A Living Legend- His Friends Salute Him unknown date. With Al Jolson, Amos & Andy, Jack Benny, Bing Crosby, Eddie Cantor. 6 parts on 3 discs

ACETATES --all 12 inch 12 inch acetate dubs as produced by Al Block. See above for details

1543. Gene Austin and Freddy Martin O The Norge program- 4/11/36 CBS network. NICE show on 2 parts/1 disk With hostess Mary Moderne!

1544. Al Jolson and Victor Young O at opening of NBC Studios Hollywood 12/7/35. Seems like excerpts on 2 parts/1 disk

1545. Ben Selvin O 12/3/35- unsure of source but Hawaiian guitar on Sophisticated Lady, plus I Like the Likes of You, etc

1546. Ben Bernie and All the Lads- Pabst Blue Ribbon Show- 4/6/35. Guests Benny Fields and Blossom Seely 4 parts/2 discs

1547. Majestic Radio presents Majestic Theatre of the Air w/ Lennie Hayton O & others 6/7/32. 2 parts/ 1 disk

1548. Majestic Radio presents Majestic Theatre of the Air w/ Lennie Hayton O & others 8/3/32. 2 parts/ 1 disk

1549. Majestic Radio presents Majestic Theatre of the Air w/ Lennie Hayton O & others 8/18/32. 2 parts/ 1 disk

1550. Tribute to Irving Berlin- CBS network 12/11/37. 15 big parts. Introduced by Walter Winchell, announced by Ted Husing and with songs and guests including- Al Jolson, Eddie Cantor, Irving Berlin, Alice Faye, Sophie Tucker, Ben Bernie, Guy Lombardo, Rudy Vallee, Paul Whiteman, Connie Boswell, Ethel Merman, Tommy Dorsey, Tyrone Power, Daryl F Zanuck, Lew Lehr, Al Goodman O, Lyn Murray. TOPSTUFF HERE!

12 inch RADIO TRANSCRIPTIONS- VERTICAL CUT (PLAY GRADED) ( I use the word bright to describe some of the upbeat tunes, as that’s how theyre described on the label)

1551. Assoc test mx A-353-2- Johnny Green O- medley of Johnny Green hits and bright Music Makes Me EE+

1552. Assoc test mx A 1070-C2- Russ Morgan O- 2 cuts incl The State of My heart, Let's Sing Again EE+

1553. Assoc test mx A 1079-C2- Dick Messner O- 2 cuts incl Ooh I Wanna Have a Little Dance With You EE+

1554. Assoc test mx A 1164-C1- Al Donahue O- 2 cuts incl Organ Grinders Swing w/ solos, Where Theres You Theres Me E

1555. Assoc test mx A-1171-C2- Al Donahue O- 2 cuts incl bright It Ain't Right, and Guess Who E

1556. Assoc test mx A-1172-C2- Al Donahue O- 2 cuts incl Just One of Those Things, I Built a Dream EE+

1557. Assoc test mx A-1197-C2- Jack Shilkret O- 2 cuts E+ incl Ida, Chloe. Some light soloing- semi flex red

1558. Assoc test mx A 1209-C2- Jack Shilkret O- The Continental, She'll be Comin Around the Mountain EE+

1559. Assoc test mx A 1423-C2- Abe Lyman O- Darling Not Without You, Serenade In the Night EE+

1560. Assoc A 289-2- Emil Coleman O- 2 cuts incl Hallelujah E+ on early semi flex red

1561. Assoc A-340-2- Willard Robison Deep River O- 2 cuts E+ incl a NICE Mood Indigo- on early semi flex red

1562, Assoc R1- Leon Bolero O- 4 cuts EE+ incl a bright Lost My Rhythm & medley incl You Do Something to Me

1563. Assoc R 49- Clyde Mc Coy O/ Jack Shaw O- 2 cuts per E+ incl bright Stomping At the Savoy, Embassy Stomp w solos A// Ka-Lu-A B

1564. Assoc A 136- Alfred Duncan O/ Bernard Lewison Concert O- 2 cuts per EE+ nice dance band A incl Too Good to be True, I'll Never Let you Go

1565. Assoc 228- George Gregory O- 2 cuts/ Kerry Scott w/ George Gregory O 3 cuts EE+ incl My Heart Is Keeping Company A// Dinner For One Please James, Moon Over Miami B

1566. Assoc A 243-A- Clyde Lucas O- 5 cuts incl a bright Big Boy Blue w/ solos EE+ despite scuffs

1567. Assoc A 266- Lenny Carson O/ Ben Selvin O- 2 cuts per EE+ inc bright I Cash Clo'es A/ Someday My Prince B

1568. Assoc 282-A- Dick Messner O- 4 cuts E+ incl On the Beach At Bali Bali, Take My Heart, These Foolish Things

1569. Assoc 349- Russ Morrow O/ Craig Lennox O- 2 cuts per EE+ incl Stars & Soft Guitars A/ Begin the Beguine B

12 inch RADIO TRANSCRIPTIONS- LATERAL CUT- SONS OF THE PIONEERS LARGE LOT- extra heavy pressings by Standard Radio in Hollywood. This is a lot of 14 disks from the mid 1930s. sleeve notes say that Roy Rogers is on some. Each disk has 3-4 cuts per side. All are in excellent shape. Will list some interesting titles- some hot, some trad

1570. Sons of the Pioneers lot of 14 disks includes- Alabamy Stomp (HOT!), Pop Eyes Spiritual, Gambler's Blues (St James Infirmary with diff words), Sadie Brown, Open Up Dose Pearly Gates, Cowboy Jack, Tom & Jerry, Climb Up Chillun, The Day I Played Baseball, Shamus O Brien, Hifalutin, Prairie Whing Ding, Pride of the Ball, Railroad Boomer, Black Sheep Blues, Aint We Crazy, Sailors Hornpipe, Outlaw Rag


1571. The American Red Cross 1949 Fund Campaign- The Jack Benny Show/ Phil Harris-Alice Faye Show N-

1572. AFRS- Basic Musical Library 523/4- Red Norvo Group- 2 cuts incl How High the Moon/ Fletcher Henderson – 2 cuts incl King Porter Stomp// Elliott Lawrence O- 2 cuts/ Count Basie O- I cut- My What a Fry E+

1573. Capitol B 69/70- Buddy Cole pipe organ- 9 cuts E incl Out of Space, Yesterdays

1574. Cap B 163/4- Duke Ellington O- 7 cuts EE+ incl Crosstown, Everything Goes, Riff N Drill

1575. Cap B 165/6- Duke Ellington O- 8 cuts E+ incl The Jeep is Jumpin, Perdido, Tip Top Topic, Transblucency

1576. Cap B 215/6- Eddie Le Mar piano & Orch- 10 cuts E+ incl Fine & Dandy, Mind If I Love You

1577. Cap B 245/6- Duke Ellington O- 8 cuts E incl Pretty Woman, Just Squeeze Me, Suddenly It Jumped

1578. Cap B 247/8- Duke Ellington O- 7 cuts E+ incl Double Ruff, In a Jam, The Mooche

1579. Cap B 299/300- Duke Ellington O- 6 cuts E incl One O Clock Jump, Flippant Flurry, the Unbooted Character

1580. Cap C 103/4- Buddy Cole & Joseph Carr- piano duo- 8 cuts EE+ various Broadway medleys- Good News, etc

1581. Cap N-49- Lou Bonnie, the banjo kid/ Hilton Spann honky tonk organ- 6 cuts per E- incl Banjo Boogie A/ Honky Tonk B

1582. CP Mac Gregor Lib # 13- King Cole Trio- 5 cuts E+ incl Miss Thing, Is You is Or Is You Aint My Baby

1583. CP Mac 2116/7- Jan Garber O- 8 cuts EE+ incl Star Dust, Lady Be Good

1584. CP Mac 2253/4- Sterling Young O- 10 cuts EE+ incl Toot That Trumpet, People Like You

1585. CP Mac 2269/70- Freddy Nagel O- 10 cuts E+ incl Frenesi, Madam Will Drop Her Shawl

1586. Dept of State 33/34- Benny Goodman/ Xavier Cugat- 5 cuts per E+ incl One O' Clock Jump, Rachels Dream A

1587. KBS 57/58- Don Meredith O/ Majestics O- 4 good original tunes per E+ incl Get a Load of Rhythm A/ Race Track Blues, There Aint No Tax On Love B

1588. KBS 185/6- Billy Mc Donald O/ Symphonic String O 5 cuts/ 6 cuts E+ Incl Hawaii Sing to Me, Doin' It the Lambeth Way A

1589. KBS 561/2- Teddy Wilson/ Carnival Trio- 6 cuts/ 5 cuts E+ incl Minute Steak, Sunday, Summers End A

1590. KBS 567/8- Broadway Syncopators (incl Teddy Wilson, Jerry Jerome/ Picolo Rhumba Band- 5 cuts per E+ Incl My Gal Sal, No Curfew A// Ali Baba, La Pelota B

1591. KBS 619/20- Teddy Wilson/ Picolo Rhumba Band- 5 cuts per E+ incl Tuesday Jump, Sugar, Afternoon Blues A

1592. KBS 693/4- Teddy Wilson/ Jubilee Singers- 5 cuts per E+ incl Jumpin Off, Lady Be Good A

1593. Lang Worth AS 75/76- Tommy Dorsey O/ Frankie Carle O- 5 cuts ea E incl I'm Getting Sentimental A/ GI Jive B

1594. LW 597/8- Jimmy Lunceford O- 8 cuts EE+ incl Im a Heck of a Guy. State & Tioga Stomp

1595. Mac Gregor 2092/3- Jan Garber O- 7 cuts E+ incl It Happened In Koloha, Oooh What You said

1596. Mac G 2525/2527- Sonny Dunham O/ Skitch Henderson & Charlie La Vere- twin piano- 4 cuts/ 5 cuts E+ Incl Matinee at Meadowbrook, Hold Everything A// Twitterpated, Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater B

1597. March of Dimes- 1949- Benny Goodman O/ Guy Lombardo O E+

1598. MGM Hollywood eporter- Air Trailer for The Courtship of Andy Hardy E+ nice MGM label with Mickey Rooney, Lewis Stone and Donna Reed. Includes Youre Only Young Once, Jive, Dance Invitation, Andy Buys the Dance, etc

1599. Muzak L 388/ X 388- Clyde Lucas O (4 cuts)/ D Artega O- 3 cuts E+. incl Jaywalk, Swing Patrol A// My Silent Love B. never seen a disk like this- one side lateral and one vertical. Thought the labels were incorrect

1600. Muzak- United Fruit Spots- 7 one minute spots on Chiquita Banana- the familiar song. E cond

1601. NBC Thesaurus 245- Harry Reser O/ General Harbord B.. 4 cuts A/ talk B E incl After You've Gone, Ghost of Dinah A

1602. NBC Thesaurus 285- Joe Green O/ Five Minute Mysteries- 4 cuts/ 1 cut E A incl Sister Kate/ Roll On Mississippi/ B is titled Scotchmans Honeymoon

1603. NBC Thesaurus 320- George Hall O/ The Melodeers Quartet EE+ 4 cuts per incl One, Two Button Your Shoe A/ College Rhythm B

1604. NBC Thesaurus 374- Nat Shilkret O/ John Seagle 4 cuts per E+ incl Poor Little Rich Girl med, Head Over Heels In Love A

1605. NBC Thesaurus 393- Nat Shilkret O/ The Master Singers- 4 cuts per E+ incl On Your Toes medley A/ Alone B

1606. NBC Thesaurus 403- The Honeymooners (Grace & Eddie Albert)/ Joey & Chuck 3 cuts/ 1 cut EE+ incl I Was Saying to the Moon, My Blue Heaven A

1607. NBC Thesaurus 492- George Hall O- 8 cuts EE+ incl Rockin the Town, How Many Rhymes Can You Get --have always liked Rockin the Town as the Three Stooges used it in Loco Boy Makes Good, as it was a Columbia tune from Start Cheering--

1608. NBC Thesaurus 519- George Hall O/ The Melodeers Quartet- 4 cuts per EE+ incl Sissy A/ Cable Song B

1609. NBC Thesaurus 574- Blue Barron O/ Fields & Hall Mountaineers- 4 cuts/ 5 cuts E incl The Yam, Garden of the Moon A

1610. NBC Thesaurus 593- Vincent Lopez O/ Vincent Gomez guitar- 4 cuts/3 cuts E- incl nice Miss Hallelujah Brown, Two Sleepy People A/ Recuerdos de la Alhambra B, edge bite affects few grooves B ONLY

1611. NBC Thesaurus 1136- Rhythm Makers (Charlie Barnet)- 8 cuts E incl Call of the Freaks, King Porter Stomp

1612. NBC Thesaurus 1186- The Rhythm Cats/ Russ Morgan O- 4 cuts per E+ incl Sensation Rag At the Jazz Band Ball A/ If I Only Had a Brain B

1613. NBC Thesaurus 1247- Allen Roth O/ Music of Manhattan- 5 cuts per E incl a fun take on Sailors Hornpipe A called Gobs of Rhythm/ Captain Kidd B

1614. NBC Thesaurus 1315- The Jumpin Jacks/ Vincent Lopez O- 4 cuts/ 5 cuts E+ incl Stompin At the Savoy A/ Ashby de la Zooch B

1615. NBC Thesaurus 1367- The Jumpin Jacks/ Music of Manhattan- 4 cuts/ 5 cuts E+ incl Trigger Fantasy A/ Lets Fall In Love B

1616. NBC Thesaurus 1401- Music Hall Varieties (feat Aileen Stanley)/ Red River Dave 5 cuts/ 6 cuts EE+ Incl Im Gonna Dance Wit De Guy Wot Brung Me, Bill Bailey A. good to hear Aileen in hi fidelity

1617. NBC Thesaurus 1548- Jimmy Lytell Delta 8/ Fran Warren w/ Roth O- 5 cuts per E+ incl Muskrat Ramble, Tin Roof Blues A// Temporarily Blue, That Old Feeling B

1618. NBC Thesaurus 1549- Jimmy Lytell 8/ Vincent Lopez O- 5 cuts/ 6 cuts E+ incl High Society, Sugarfoot Stomp A

1619. NBC recording for Institute for Democratic Education- Lest We Forget There Great Americans- John Carradine In the Story of Woodrow Wilson E

1620. Radiotone OBC 3/4 -Gene Kardos O// Muzzy Marcellino O/ Del Courtney O- 4 cuts per E. Odd label from Tacoma, Washington with tunes by OB Clow. Kardos incl A Little After Eight/ Muzzy incl Who Goes There, Del Courtney incl Love, Love Go Away

1621. Sesac N 709/10- Will Bradley Jazz Octet- 10 cuts E+ original in various styles- swing, blues, dixieland, etc incl Melody From Mars, Flat Top Special

1622. Stars On Parade 589/90- Count Basie- Royal Rhythm/ John Ericson- The Return of Joe E+

1623. Standard handwritten #131- Don Allen Music-10 cuts EE+ incl Hawaii & You, Sky Without the Stars

1624. Std A 519-522//539-542- 4 cuts per E..A side is uncred band incl Canadian Capers, Raggin the Scales/ B is Cornhuskers(?) incl Rural Rhythm

1625. Std A 1397- 1404- Frank Trumbauer O- 8 cuts E+ incl Rockin the Town, I Double Dare You --have always liked Rockin the Town as the Three Stooges used it in Loco Boy Makes Good, as it was a Columbia tune from Start Cheering--

1626. Std B 968-971// 908-983- uncredited Jimmie Grier O- 8 cuts E+ incl College Education, So Nice Seeing You

1627. Std P-122- Emery Deutsch O/ Ben Klasen w/ organ- 5 cuts per E incl Dunk a Doughnut, Can It Be Love A

1628. Std P-129- Will Hudson O- 10 cuts EE+ incl Easy Rocker, Deacon Goes a Peekin

1629. Std P-135- Jimmy Walsh O- 10 cuts E+ incl good Bugle Woogie, Clarinet in a Haunted House

1630. Std P-141- Alvino Rey, his singing guitar & Orch- 5 cuts per E incl Alone, Breakfast For Two, Nighty Night

1631. Std P-163- Abe Lyman O- 10 cuts E incl The Indians Threw Rocks At Columbus, Feed Box Freddie. GOOD!

1632. Std Q-124- The Islanders- 8 cuts E incl Kaleponi Hula. Haleiwa Hula, Maidof Honolulu

1633. Std Q-130- The Islanders- 8 cuts E incl Maka Mui, Indebted to You, Pulupe, Be True to Me My Puuwai

1634. Std Q-174- George Barnes octet- 10 cuts E- incl A Good Night For Murder, London bridgework

1635. Std Q-199- Harmony Hawaiians(incl Eddie Bush)- 10 cuts E, incl Maui Girl, Moana Chimes, Malahini Mele

1636. Std Q-212- Joe Schirmer Trio- 10 cuts E+ incl Honky Tonk Train feat Ralph Sutton, Boogie Joys

1637. Std X-12- Eddie Fitzpatrick O/ The Playboys 4 cuts per EE+ incl Big Chief Swing It A/ Life of the Party B

1638. Std X 278- Jimmy Dorsey O- 8 cuts E incl Tangerine, Stop, Look & Listen

1639. Std X-298- Joe Reichman O- 10 cuts E+ incl Sweet Ginger Lei, Lilo Lani, Joe Jumps With Joy

1640. Std Y-123- Freddie Berrens O- 8 cuts incl When a Prince of a Fella Meets a Cinderella, Teachers Pet

1641. Std Y-112- Frank Trumbauer O- 8 cuts E incl Shadows On the Moon , Moments Like This, Lost & Found

1642. Std Y-156- Alvino Rey, singing guitar & Orch- 5 cuts per E incl Swinging On a Singing Guitar, Young Black Joe

1643. Std Z-168- Alvino Rey, his singing guitar & Orch- 5 cuts/ 4 cuts E incl Farewell Blues, Stumbling

1644. Treasury Dept- Guest Star 743-746- Glenn Miller O dir by Ray Mc Kinley/ Susan Reed// Robert Merrill/ Lu Ann Simms E+ nice tunes and chat with Ray Mc Kinley around the time of the Glenn Miller Time tv show

1645. United Recording Lab- Canada Dry Music Spots- 14 diff featuring jazzy cuts based around a specific instrument all playing what I assume is the Canada Dry jingle

1646. United Stated Navy- The Adventures of Babe Ruth episode 11/12 E+

1647. WOR Electrical Transcription- Atlas Prager Musical Spots- 20 different in various themes- Solid Jive, Dixieland, Polka, and some funny although now politically incorrect ethnic ones- Chinese, Tarantella, etc. E cond FUN!

1648. World 17- Adrian Rollini Ensemble/ Dardanelle and her Trio- 6 cuts per E, incl Prepartaion, Satan Takes a Holiday A, C Jam Blues, Gold Braid, It Had to Be You B

1649. World 22- Adrian Rollini Ensemble- 10 cuts E incl I Love to Rhyme, I Got Rhythm, The Big Dipper


1650. Assoc test mx M-1416-C2- Abe Lyman O- 3 cuts, plus 1 x’d out E+ GREAT BIG SOUND- incl You Can tell She Comes From Dixie (nice solo), Trust in Me, Theres Frost On the Moon

1651. Assoc test mx A 1429-C-2- Henry King O- 4 cuts E+ incl Goodnight My Love, Seal It With a Kiss

1652. Assoc test mx AA 1430-C-2- Henry King O- 4 cuts E+ instrumentals incl Goodnight My Love, Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star

1653. Assoc text mx AA 1479-1- Ben Selvin O- 3 cuts w/ Dick Robertson vocals, plus a Casper Reardon harp interlude E+. Incl What Will I Tell My Heart, Supposing, When Poppies Bloom Again by Selvin

1654. Assoc test mx TZ 6080-C-15- Frankie Masters O- 4 cuts E+ incl Harlem Nocturne, The Major & the Minor

1655. Assoc test mx TZ 6908-1B- Buddy Weed- 4 cuts E+ incl 5 O Clock Rush, Winter Moon

1656. Assoc test mx TZ 6909-1C- Buddy Weed- 4 cuts E+ incl Heliotrope, 12th Street Prophet

1657. Assoc 60048- Isham Jones O/ Ray Sinatra O w/ Joey Nash vocals- 4 cuts per E+. GREAT 2 sided disk incl I Wanna Be In Winchells Column A/ True Confession B. labels removed, but it is these 2 top bands

1658. Assoc 60080- Rex Melbourne O/ Al Goodman O- 4 cuts per E+ incl Lambeth Walk A/ For No Rhyme Or reason B

1659. Assoc 60142- Bud Billings Quintet- 8 cuts E+ incl I Was Born 10,000 Years Ago, Billy Boy

1660. Assoc 60216- Johnny Messner O/ Enric Madriguera O- 4 cuts/ 3 cuts E+ incl Moon Over Burma, I Just Wanna Play With You A

1661. Assoc 60389- Ben Selvin O- Shep Fields O- 4 cuts/ 3 cuts E+ incl It Happened In Bagdad A/ Tell It to a Star B

1662. Assoc 60839- Richard Himber O/ Galli Sisters B- 4 cuts/ 5 cuts E+ incl Here I Go Again A/ Man Bites Dog B

1663. Assoc 60843- Richard Himber O/ D Artega O- 4 cuts/ 3 cuts E+ incl Just My Luck A/ My Dog Has Fleas B

1664. Assoc 60873- Richard Himber O/ Jerry Sears O- 4 cuts/ 3 cuts E+ incl Just One of Those Things A/ So Rare B

1665. Assoc 61006- John Kirby O- 8 cuts E+ incl Charlies Prelude, Cutting the Campus, Move Over

1666. Assoc 61145- Frankie Masters O/ Vic Damone w/ O- 6 cuts/ 4 cuts E+ incl Baby It's Cold Outside A/ Soon B

1667. Assoc 61160- Buddy Weed w/ rhy acc/ Silver String Ser.- 4 cuts/ 3 cuts E+ incl Flaperette, Jazz Nocturne A

1668. Assoc 61128- Frankie Masters O/ Dick Jurgens O- 3 cuts/ 4 cuts E+ incl Tutti Flutie A/ Ballin the Jack B

1669. Assoc 61626- Buddy Weed w/ rhy acc/ Jerry Sears O- 4 cuts per E+ incl Why Shouldn't I, A String of Pearls A// Up in the Clouds, Fare Thee Well Annabelle B

1670. Muzak x-351- Jerry Jerome O- 3 cuts/ Ernie Fiorito O- 1 cut// Al Roth O- 4 cuts EE+ incl Get Happy by Jerome

1671. Muzak X-376- Milt Herth trio- 10 cuts EE+ incl Marmaduke the Spook, Copacaboogie

1672. Muzak X-546- Jay Blackton O/ Victor King O 5 cuts/ 6 cuts E+ incl I Got Rhythm A/ Georgia On My Mind B

1673. Muzak X-694- Richard Himber O/ Charles Magnante Quartet- 4 cuts/ 5 cuts E/E- incl Here Lies Love, Moonglow A// Canadian Capers, Huckleberry Duck B

1674. Muzak 1004- Neal Hefti O- 8 cuts E+ incl Button Up Your Overcoat, Somebody Stole My Gal

1675. World 1337-1344- uncredited big band- 8 cuts E+ on flexible red material. Tunes include a nice Am I Gonna Have Trouble With You w/ fem vocal, Ots a Sin to Tell a Lie w/ Dick Robertson vocal, Havana Heaven

1676. World 1689-1696- uncredited big band- 8 cuts EE+ on semi- flexible red material. Tunes include Ridin High, You Turned the Tables On Me, Fancy Meeting You, Love Marches On. Good guy and girl vocals

1677. World 2793-2800- Lew Adams O- 8 cuts EE+ incl Two Sleepy People, Heart & Soul edge dmg nap

1678. World 3833-3840- Jimmy Dorsey O- 8 cuts EE+ incl Flight of the Jitterbug, Dolomite, And So Do I

1679. World 5969-5975- Jimmy Dorsey O- 8 cuts EE+ incl Theyre Either Too Young Or Too Old, My Ideal

1680. World 6649-6658- John Scott Trotter O/ Johnny Long O- 5 cuts per incl Huckleberry Duck A/ Longitude B

1681. World 11099- 11104- Ben Pollack Pick a Rib Boys./ Geri Gallligan Carribean Boys- 5 cuts per E incl Stompin At the Savoy, San Antonio Shout A// Zig Zag, Tabu B

1682. World 367- Art Tatum Trio- 3 cuts incl I Got Rhythm/ Bobby Hackett O- 2 cuts incl Sweet Georgia Brown// Mimi Martell- 3 cuts incl Bye Bye Blues/ Ralph Marterie O- 2 cuts incl Christopher Columbus E+

1683. World Feature- Jam Session 26- Miff Mole Dixieland O/ Red Norvo Sextet- 5 cuts/ 3 cuts EE+ incl At the Jazz Band Ball, How Come You Do Me A// I Surrender Dear, The Man I Love B

1684. World Feature- Jam Session 27- Sam Price Blusicians/ Red Norvo Sextet 4 cuts/ 3 cuts E+ GREAT sides incl That’s Kicks, Boogie Woogie Nation A// Dee Dees Dance, Red Dust B

1685. World Feature- Jam Session 41- Art Hodes Trio/ Red Mc Kenzie & Eddie Condon O- 5 cuts per EE+ incl Sweet Sue, Ugly Chile A// Exactly Like You, Ida B

1686. World Feature- Jam Session 42- Art Hodes Trio/ Eddie Condon O- 5 cuts/4 cuts EE+ incl Really the Blues, Apex Blues A// Somebody Loves Me, Someone to Watch Over Me B


STORAGE ALBUMS- Columbia issued storage albums for Goodman 78s. I have two different versions. Both have BG's name on the spine, and pictures on the front as below. Both in EXC condition, just normal-light shelf wear

1687. Goodman Album 1- pictures BG on one knee playing clarinet

1688. Goodman Album 2- pictures BG on from below clarinet looking up at his face

AUTOGRAPHED CHECKS- from Benny Goodman to various musicians and other payees. The ones to other musicians are doubly signed, as they endorsed them before cashing or depositing

1689. Benny Goodman to Murray Mc Eachern 5/16/55 $247.50--signed by both

1690. Benny Goodman to Vernon Brown 5/16/55 $68.75--signed by both

1691. Benny Goodman to the IRS 7/24/59 $193.71- signed by BG

1692. Benny Goodman to the NY State Income Tax 7/24/59 $84.50- signed by BG

1693. Benny Goodman to the US District Director 10/27/58 $263.39- signed by BG

1694. Benny Goodman to the IRS 7/26/56 $6252.80- signed by BG


PLAYBILL- the classic theatre program/magazine. These generally contain ads for theatre, nightclubs, hotels, cars, liquor, cigarettes, etc. I have found these to be informative and a great insight into what entertainment and life was like at the time. I will list just a few of the highlights in each that may be of interest to music aficionados. All in excellent condition unless noted

1695. Earl Carrol Vanities-9th edition 10/26/31- with Will Mahoney, Lillian Roth, Wm Demarest. Full page back cover w/ Jean Harlow for Lucky Strike, 1/2 page w/pic red Nichols at Park Central, 1/4 page ad for The Nighthawks at Hotel New Yorker (I was thinking Vince Giordano on first glance)- BUT its Coon- Sanders! MINT

1696. Of Thee I Sing- 3/21/32 with Gaxton, Moran and Moore. Display ad for Rhyth-mania with Cab Calloway at Cotton Club, picture ad for Face the Music, Marconi Records, half page with pic Noble Sissle at Park Central. MINT

1697. Brother Rat- 2/8/37 with Eddie Albert and Frank Albertson. Display ads for Cotton Club with Cab Calloway and Bill Robinson, Vincent Lopez at Astor Grill, sexy ad for the Paradise Cabaret Restaurant, Afrique, Durelle Alexander and Senor Wences at the Ritz Carlton. MINT

1698. Helen Hayes in Victoria regina 4/5/37. Full page picture ad with Leslie Howard for Lucky Strike. Great 1/2 page ad for Cotton Club with Duke Ellington, Ethel Waters and Nicholas Bros, sexy ad for Paradise Cabaret Restaurant E

1699. Id Rather Be Right with George M. Cohan 1/10/38. Display ads for Lani Mc Intyre O and The Islanders with Leialoha at Hawaiian Room at Hotel Lexington, Richard Himber at Essex House, 2 page center ad for Benny Goodman at the Madhattan Room, with photos BG, Gene Krupa, sax section with Rollini, and Big Apple Dancers. Several record store ads incl Gramophone Shop, Liberty Music Shop, half page ad for Cotton Club with Cab Calloway and Bill Robinson, full page for Lucky Strike cigarettes with Myrna Loy, 1/2 page Frances Farmer for Clairol

1700. Kiss the Boys Goodbye- 12/19/38. Nice display ad for Cotton Club w/ pix Cab Calloway and Nicholas Bros, also Benny Goodman at the Waldorf, Tommy Dorsey at New Yorker, Ray Kinney O at Hawaiian Room at Hotel Lexington. Ads for Harry Richman, Horace Heidt,, Dwight Fiske, Kay Kyser MINT

1701. Life With Father 9/30/40 with Howard Lindsay and Dorothy Stickney. Display ads for Ray Kinney O with The Aloha Maids at Hawaiian Room at Hotel Lexington, Hildegarde, Eddy Duchin at the Waldorf, AND Judy Garland for a cardigan sweater. MINT

1702. Ziegfeld Follies- 4/4/43- Milton Berle, Ilona Massey. Display ads for Lani Mc Intyre O and The Honolulu Maids at Hawaiian Room at Hotel Lexington, Duke Ellington Orch at Hurricane on Broadway, even Frank Sinatra at Riobamba in 57th street- his first café appearance, also Jimmy Durante, Hildegarde. MINT

1703. The Merry Widow 12/12/43. Display ads for Lani Mc Intyre O and The Honolulu Maids at Hawaiian Room at Hotel Lexington, Paul Robeson in Othello, sexy ad for Mohud Hosiery. Light water mark, overall EXC

1704. Seven Lively Arts- 1/14/45- with Benny Goodman in this Cole Porter musical which had a fairly brief run in late 1944-45. Display ads for Hawaiian Room at Hotel Lexington, sexy ad for Mohud Hosiery. EE+ minor tears


1705. ORIGINAL 6 x 9 inch herald for Mae West in Diamond Lil, from its first run in 1928-29 at the Royale Theatre. Photos on both sides….a startling drama of the underworld!. Crisp condition, over 90 years old

1706. ORIGINAL 6 x 9 inch herald for Bill Robinson and Adelaide Hall in Brown Buddies from its fairly brief run in 1930-31 at the Liberty Theatre. Photos on both sides every song a hit- 20- count them! Crisp condition, 90 years old


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