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Dear Collectors, Here is my latest auction of vintage 78s, 12" & 16" radio transcriptions, and paper material. Closing date is- SUNDAY- OCTOBER 21, 2018. Winner pays postage and packing at cost. I am looking to purchase quality collections, so please keep me in mind should you hear of anything for sale or wish to sell a collection.

SECTION ONE (all in this section are play graded using a new Stanton 2.7 mil stylus, without processing or equalization, and listed as looks like/plays like, unless looks/plays are the same)


1. Banner 6449- Campus Boys- Ain't Misbehavin'/ Dubin's Dandies- Adorable You N-...once you get past the vocal on A, some decent solos, and a rarely seen near mint Banner

2. Brunswick 6885- Ethel Waters- Come Up & See Me Sometime/ You've Seen Harlem At Its Best E+

3. Br 6935- Don Redman O- You Told Me But Half the Story/ Lonely Cabin E-

4. Br 7885- Carl Kress & Dick Mc Donough- Heat Wave/ Chicken a la Swing E+ top laminated copy

5. Columbia 1728- Andrew Aiona's Novelty Four- Hula Girl/ Keko...looks EE-, plays E.. .more jazz than Hawaiian

6. Co 1933- Ethel Waters- Waiting At the End of the Road/ Trav'lin' All Alone E+

7. Co 2558- Jack Teagarden O- That's What I Like About You/ You Rascal You looks V+, V-, plays E/V

8. Co 2897(BLUE WAX)- Frank Trumbauer O- Cinderella's Wedding Day/ Bass Drum Dan EE-

9. Co 2947(BLUE WAX)- Benny Goodman Music Hall O- It Happens to the Best of Friends/ Take My Word EE+

10. Co 3044(BLUE WAX)- Mills Blue Rhythm Band- Dancing Dogs/ Brown Sugar Mine looks E, plays mostly EE+

11. Co 3067(BLUE WAX)- Russ Morgan O- Sliphorn Sam/ Phantom Fantasy E+ light grey nap

12. Co 3162- Mills Blue Rhythm Band- Big John's Special/ Callin' Your Bluff E+

13. Co 14193- Clarence Williams Jazz Kings- Gravier Street Blues/ Candy Lips looks V, plays E-

14. Co 14287- Clarence Williams Jazz Kings- Close Fit Blues/ Dreaming the Hours Away E+

15. Co 14380- Ethel Waters w/ James P. Johnson- Get Up Off Your Knees/ Do What You Did Last Night E+

16. Co 14427- Bessie Smith- You've Got to Give Me Some/ I'm Wild About That Thing EE+

17. Co 2481- Ethel Waters- You Can't Stop Me From Lovin' You/ Without That Gal E+N-

18. Gennett 3048- Josephine Beatty w/ Red Onion Jazz Babies- Everybody Loves My Baby/ Kitty Irwin w/ piano & clarinet- Copenhagen E, few very light scry spots..great Louis Armstrong A

19. Gennett 6863(electrobeam)- The University O- What a Day/ Harry Pollack O- My Sin E+N- 2" tite cr nap-barely visible..some inherent grain, but E+N-

20. HMV JF 20- The Wanderers- Tiger Rag/ KXYZ Novelty Band- I Found a New Baby E+ top US territory jazz

21. Melotone 12005- The Captivators- Sweet Jennie Lee/ A Girl Friend of a Boy Friend of Mine E+ super clean!

22. Mt 12205- Benny Goodman O- You Can't Stop Me From Lovin' You/ Slow But Sure E few grooves EE-

23. Mt 12304- Annette Hanshaw w/ O- Twenty Million People/ Moon Song EE+ or better--hard to find clean copy

24. Mt 12513- Jack Bland Rhythmakers- Someone Stole Gabriel's Horn/ Who Stole the Lock E+

25. Mt 12551- Annette Hanshaw w/ O- I'm Sure of Everything But You/ Fit As a Fiddle EE+ or better--hard to find clean copy

26. Odeon ONY 41273- Miff Mole Molers- Birmingham Bertha/ Moanin' Low E+

27. OKeh 4169- Mamie Smith Jazz Hounds- It's Right Here For You/ Crazy Blues V+/E-

28. OK 8108- Sara Martin- Clarence Williams- I'm Cert'ny Gonna See 'Bout That/ Squabbling Blues E+N-

29. OK 8242- Bennie Moten Kansas City O- 18th Street Strut/ Things Seem So Blue to Me looks G, plays VV+

30. OK 8535- Louis Armstrong Hot 5- Hotter Than That Savoy Blues looks E-/V+..plays EE-/V+

31. OK 8592- Clarence Williams O- Lazy Mama/ Mountain City Blues looks V, plays E- outside, VV+ toward inside

32. OK 8623- Duke Ellington O- The Mooche/ Hot & Bothered looks VV+/VV-, plays E..grey nap

33. OK 8657- Louis Armstrong Savoy Ballroom 5- Save It Pretty Mama/ St James Infirmary looks V+/VV+, plays EE-/E-

34. OK 8839- Lonnie Johnson & Violet Green- Don't Wear It Out/ You Had Too Much looks EE-, plays EE+

35. OK 40500- The Goofus Five- Clap Hands Here Comes Charlie/ I Wonder Where My Baby Is Tonight EE-/E

36. OK 40559- Jack Glassner Colonial Inn O- Hot Coffee/ I Love My Baby E/EE- Truetone w/ solos

37. OK 40614- Okeh Syncopators- Jig Walk/ Vick Meyers O- I'd Rather Be Alone E- nice Truetone sides..Ellington tune A

38. OK 40784- Miff Mole Molers- Darktown Strutters Ball/ A Hot Time In the Old Town E-

39. OK 40817- The Goofus Five- Arkansas Blues/ The Wang Wang Blues E+

40. OK 40822(large red lbl)- Frankie Trumbauer O- Riverboat Shuffle/ Ostrich Walk looks VV+, pl E

41. OK 40833- Sam Lanin O- She's Got "It"/ Sa-lu-ta! E+ nice trumpet!!

42. OK 40836- Boyd Senter w/ Ed Lang- Beale St Blues/ Not Maybe E+N-

43. OK 40945- Justin Ring's Okeh O- Away Down South In Heaven/ Among My Souvenirs E

44. OK 40965- The New York Syncopators- Mary(What Are You Waiting For)/ Cobble-stones N-

45. OK 40972- Justin Ring's Okeh O- My Ohio Home/ The Sunrise looks E-, plays E both good

46. OK 40996- Billy Hays O- My Miami Moon/ I'm Always Smiling looks VV+, plays EE-/E Trumbauer like solo

47. OK 41077- Seger Ellis w/ O- ICGUA But Love/ Dont Keep Me In the Dark Bright Eyes EE+

48. OK 41113- Goofus Five & Their Orch- All of the Time/ Vaniteaser E+

49. OK 41153- Miff Mole Molers- Wild Oat Joe/ You're the Cream In My Coffee E+

50. OK 41238- Smith Ballew w/ O- I've Got a Feeling I'm Falling/ A Garden In the Rain N-

51. OK 41240- Carolina Club O- I'll Always Be In Love With You/ Smith Ballew O- Lady Divine E/E+

52. OK 41274- Seger Ellis w/ O- Singin' In the Rain/ Your Mother & Mine E+

53. OK 41320- Joe Venuti New Yorkers- That Wonderful Something/ Chant of the Jungle looks E, plays EE+

54. OK 41336- Carolina Club O- Glory to Georgia/ Memories E+ lt lam A nap

55. OK 41337- Carolina Club O- Carolina/ How I'll Miss You (When the Summer is Gone) E

56. OK 41349- Seger Ellis- Have a Little Faith In Me/ A Little Kiss Each Morning E+

57. OK 41365- Smith Ballew O- Funny Dear What Love Can Do/ The Language of Love E+

58. OK 41372- Tommy Bohn's Penn-Sirens O- Amos 'N Andy/ The Perfect Song looks E-, plays E+ GREAT A!!

59. OK 41377- Emmett Miller Georgia Crackers- The Pickaninnies Paradise/ The Blues Singer E+N- sm rim mark nap-good solos

60. OK 41399- Ed Loyd O- A Pair of Blue Eyes/ I Feel You Near Me E+ Ballew both sides

61. OK 41419- William Dutton w/ O- Sing a Little Theme Song/ It Happened In Monterey E+N-

62. OK 41445- Miff Mole Molers- After You've Gone/ Shim Me Sha Wabble E+

63. OK 41518- Buddy Campbell O- Guilty/ I Apologize E+

64. OK 41524- Buddy Campbell O- Little Mary Brown/ Time On My Hands looks EE+, plays E+

65. Paramount 12549- Will Ezell- Barrel House Man/ West Coast Rag looks V-, pl EE-/V+ to EE-

66. Paramount 20616- Charles Pierce's O- Nobody's Sweetheart/ Harry's Melody Men- Stayin' Home Nights E+ heat marks DO NOT sound----great A side!--B not bad either

67. Parlophone PNY 34064- Hal Laska O- When the Little Red Roses/ Gotham Collegians- The More I Am In Love With You EE+/E+ solos A

68. Parl PNY 34096- Flamingo Melodians- Where Can You Be?/ Sam Nash O- My Love E-

69. Par PNY 41310- Joe Curran Band- Sophomore Prom/ I Life Up My Finger & Say Tweet E+

70. Pathe 036042- Henderson's "Club Alabam" O- Old Black Joe's Blues/ 31st Street Blues V+/EE-

71. Perfect 12444- Annette Hanshaw Sizzling Syncos- We Love It/ Get Out & Get Under the Moon VV+

72. Swing 3- Dicky Wells O- Hot Club Blues/ I've Found a New Baby E+

73. Victor Special Record- Jean Goldkette O- In My Merry Oldsmobile ft/ wz VV- at beg, impr to V

74. Vi 20946- Bennie Moten Kansas City O- Baby Dear/ 12th Street Rag VV+/VV-

75. Vi 21262- Blue Steele O- Washington & Lee Swing/ Where Has My Old Gang Gone? E+ HOT SOLOS BOTH SIDES

76. Vi 21703- Duke Ellington O- East St Louis Toddle-Oo/ Got Everything But You E+

77. Vi 22681- King Oliver O- Olga/ Jelly Roll Morton Red Hot Peppers- Blue Blood Blues E/EE+

78. Vi 22734- Bennie Moten Kansas City O- I Wish I Could Be Blue/ When I'm Alone E+

79. Vi 22775- Fletcher Henderson O- Sweet Music/ Malinda's Wedding Day E+

80. Vi 22815- Luis Russell O- Freakish Blues/ Snooks Memphis Ramblers- Japanese Sandman looks V+E-, plays EE-

81. Vi 24200- Louis Armstrong O- Hobo You Cant Ride This Train/ That's My Home EE-

82. Vi 24405- Tinsley's Washboard Band- Shoutin' In That Amen Corner/ I Would If I Could But I Can't E

83. Vi 23000- Mc Kinney's Cotton Pickers- Okay Baby/ I Want a Little Girl E/EE+

84. Vi 23001- King Oliver O- Struggle Buggy/ Dont You Think I Love You? E-

85. Vi 23004- Jelly Roll Morton Red Hot Peppers- Mushmouth Shuffle/ I'm Looking For a Little Boy Blue Bird E+

86. Vi 23011- King Oliver O- Passing Time With Me/ What's the Use of Living Without Love E+

87. Vi 23019- Jelly Roll Morton Red Hot Peppers- That'll Never Do/ Fickle Fay Creep looks VV+, plays E/EE-

88. Vi 38070- Paul Howard's Quality Serenaders- Over Night Blues/ Charlie's Idea EE+

89. Vi 38012- Bennie Moten KC O- Hot Water Blues/ Slow Motion EE+

90. Vi 38090- King Oliver O- Too Late/ What Do You Want Me to Do EE+ or better SUPER light scr A nap

91. Vocalion 14859- Fletcher Henderson O- Hard Hearted Hannah/ The Gouge of Armour Avenue E

92. Vo 14892- Fletcher Henderson O- Forsaken Blues/ Cold Mammas E+

93. Vo15078- Sonny Clay's Plantation O- Bogloosa Blues/ Jambled Blues E+/EE+

94. Vo 15165- Perry Bradford's Jazz Phools- I Ain't Gonna Play No Second Fiddle/ Lucy Long mostly E, some EE-.. a couple very light scrs..RARE Louis Armstrong item!

95. Vo 15701- Charlie Davis O- When/ The Drag EE- GREAT sides!

96. Vo 1587- Alabama Washboard Serenaders- Who Stole the Lock/ Rockin' Chair E-

97. Vo 2583(gold lbl)- Fletcher Henderson O- Queer Notions/ Can You Take It? E+/VV+

98. Vo 2610- Joseph Robechaux New Orleans Rhythm Boys- After Me the Sun Goes Down/ Why Should I Cry For You E-

99. Vo 2759(gold lbl)- Clarence Williams O- I'm Gonna Wash My Sins Away/ Let's Have a Showdown E+

100. Vo 2805(gold lbl)- Clarence Williams O- Ain't Gonna Give You None of My Jelly Roll/ Sugar Blues E-/VV+


101. Br 2144- Selvin O- Love Will Find a Way(Sissle-Blake comp)/ One Kiss EE+

102. Br 2308- Harry Reser banjo w/ O- Pickins/ Crazy Jo' N-

103. Br 2724- Ray Miller O- Doodle Doo-Doo/ Adoring You EE+/E

104. Br 2763- Al Jolson w/ Carl Fenton O- Hello Tucky/ Trouble's a Bubble E+

105. Br 2962- Abe Lyman O- Want a Little Lovin'/ Normandy E-

106. Br 3109- Six Jumping Jacks- I'm Gonna Let the Bumble Bee Be/ Horses EE+

107. Br 3216- Six Jumping Jacks- I'm Just Wild About Animal Crackers/ The Pump Song E/EE+

108. Br 3256- Andy Sanella & Bill Wirges(Hawaiian guitar & p)- Love's Old Sweet Song/ A Dream E

109. Br 3511- Six Jumping Jacks- I Wonder How I Look When I'm Asleep/ Just the Same V+

110. Br 3540- Carter's O- Missouri Wz/ Kiss Me Again V

111. Br 3541- Carter's O- Mighty Lak a Rose/ Let Me Call You Sweetheart E-

112. Br 3542- Carter's O- Till We Meet Again/ Beautiful Ohio EE+

113. Br 3586- Ernie Golden O- Let's Make Believe/ Somebody & Me VV+

114. Br 3589- Fess Williams Royal Flush O- Alligator Crawl/ Ozark Blues V-

115. Br 3592- Ohman-Arden O- Me & My Shadow/ Broken Hearted EE+

116. Br 3595- Kenn Sisson O- Blue Heaven/ Bamboola VV+

117. Br 3597- Red Nichols 5 Pennies- Mean Dog Blues/ Cornfed EE+

118. Br 3600- Frank Black O- Its a Million to One You're In Love/ Under the Moon V+

119. Br 3602- Nick Lucas- Broken Hearted/ Sing Me a Baby Song EE+

120. Br 3603- Six Jumping Jacks- She's Got "It"/ Gonna Get a Girl V+

121. Br 3623- Six Jumping Jacks- She's Just What the Doctor Ordered/ I'm Gonna Dance Wit De Guy Wot Brung Me E-

122. Br 3633- Vincent Lopez O- Someday You'll Say OK/ Just a Memory VV+

123. Br 3648- Abe Lyman O- Did You Mean It?/ Charmaine EE+

124. Br 3657- Frank Black O- The Best Things In Life Are Free/ The Varsity Drag EE-/E

125. Br 3657(ENG)- Harry Reser banjo w/ p- Tamiami Trail/ An Island Made For Two E

126. Br 3676- Ray Miller O- Blue Baby/ Yep! Long About June V-

127. Br 3677- Ray Miller O- I Ain't Got Nobody/ Weary Blues V

128. Br 3684- Nick Lucas- Blue Heaven/ Among My Souvenirs EE-

129. Br 3719- Al Jolson w/ Wirges O- Blue River/ Mother of Mine, I Still Have You E/EE+

130. Br 3821- Harry Reser banjo w/ p- Frosted Chocolate/ When the Robert E. Lee Comes to Town EE+/E

131. Br 3828- Ray Miller O- My Honey's Lovin' Arms/ Sorry V

132. Br 3838- Colonial Club O- Beautiful/ I'll Think of You VV+

133. Br 3856- Six Jumping Jacks- Oh Look At That Baby/ Get Em In a Rumble Seat E-/V

134. Br 3859- Kenn Sisson O- When/ Wings E

135. Br 3860- Vaughn De Leath- Bluebird Sing Me a Song/ After My Laughter Came Tears V+

136. Br 3862- Herbert Gordon O- Coquette/ My Rainbow V+

137. Br 3863- Hal Kemp O- She's a Great, Great Girl/ Collegiana V

138. Br 3864- Zelma O Neal- Varsity Drag/ Can't Help Loviin Dat Man EE-

139. Br 3876- Six Jumping Jacks- Hey Hey Hazel/ I Do Not Choose to Run V-

140. Br 3865- Banjo Buddy w/ O- Let's Misbehave/ Lila EE- GREAT A!!

141. Br 3870- Harold "Scrappy" Lambert w/ O- I'm Winging Home/ Ramona VV+

142. Br 3888- Jules Herbuveaux O- What Do You Say/ Forevermore E-

143. Br 3900- Charley Straight O- Sweet Sue- Just You/ Sentimental Baby E

144. Br 3912- Al Jolson w/ Abe Lyman California O- My Mammy/ Dirty Hands- Dirty Face E+N-

145. Br 3940- Six Jumping Jacks- Etiquette Blues/ Constantinople E+/EE+

146. Br 3945- Charley Straight O- Too Busy/ Just a Night For Meditation VV+

147. Br 4026- Charley Straight O- Do You Don't You/ Waiting & Dreaming V-

148. Br 4086- Belle Baker- My Man/ That's How I Feel About You E+

149. Br 4385- Ben Bernie O- Please Let Me Dream In Your Arms/ Here We Are VV+

150. Br 4418- Nick Lucas- Tip Toe Thru the Tulips Wiht Me/ Painting the Clouds With Sunshine N-

151. Br 4445- Libby Holman w/ O- Moanin' Low/ Am I Blue? E

152. Br 4635- June Pursell w/ O- Never Say Die/ The Album of My Dreams N-

153. Br 4663- Marion Harris- Nobody's Using It Now/ Funny Dear What Love Can Do N-

154. Br 4681- Marion Harris- Nobody's Sweetheart/ My Fate Is In Your Hands E+

155. Br 4733- George K. Arthur w/ O- Why Leave Me/ Have a Little Faith In Me EE+ scarce by this early movie actor

156. Br A 8936(FR)- Harry Reser banjo w/ p- Cracker Jack/ Flaperette E+N-

157. Br shellac test- etched mx E 36820- Victor Young O- Espana E-... etched center where label would go- rough edge test

158. Br shellac test- etched mx E 32831- Louis Katzman O- Prince Charming E- etched center where label would go- rough edge test

159. Br 6095- Abe Lyman California O- Oh How I Miss You/ To Whisper Dear I Love You E-

160. Br 6158- Abe Lyman California O- You Can't Stop Me From Lovin' You/ I Cant Get Mississippi off My Mind E-

161. Br 6198- Red Nichols 5 Pennies- Oh Peter/ Honolulu Blues E

162. Br 6301(Canadian)- Ben Bernie O- Holding My Honey's Hand/ I Cant Forget E+ great A side on large purple label Canadian issue

163. Br 6330- Mills Brothers- St Louis Blues/ Sweet Sue V-

164. Br 6380- Abe Lyman O- Riddle Me This/ How Do You Do It? V+

165. Br 6413- Ozzie Nelson O- This Is No Dream/ Take Me In Your Arms E-

166. Br 6424- Cab Calloway O- Harlem Holiday/ I've Got the World On a String V

167. Br 6488- Eddy Duchin O- You Are the Song/ I'd Write a Song E+

168. Br 6526- Ted Fio Rito O- Linger a Little Longer In the Twilight/ Anson Weeks- A Tree Was a Tree E+ San Fran A side

169. Br 6605- Hal Kemp O- I Couldn't Tell Them What to Do/ My Own E-

170. Br 6651- Victor Young O- Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf/ The Last Round Up EE-

171. Br 6743- Eddie Condon O- Home Cooking/ The Eel E

172. Br 6744- Freddy Martin O- You're Devastating/ Moon About Town VV+ rcnap

173. Br 6751- Gus Arnheim O- Goin' to Heaven On a Mule/ Don't Say Goodnight EE+ Los Angeles

174. Br 6896- Leo Reisman O- With My Eyes Wide Open I'm Dreaming/ Do I Love You VV+

175. Br 6903- Leo Reisman O- Night On the Desert/ Tonight Is Mine E

176. Br 6909- Guy Lombardo O- My Old Flame/ The Lights Are Low- The Music Is Sweet E-

177. Br 6915- Jack Hylton O- Along Came Sally selection 1/2 V+

178. Br 6925- Hal Kemp O- I Don't Want to Love You/ Why Not? V+ few clx B

179. Br 6963- Leo Reisman O- Don't Let it Bother You/ When He Comes Home to Me EE-/E

180. Br 6973- Leo Reisman O- The Continental/ A Needle In a Haystack E

181. Br 6980- Leo Reisman O- Talkin' To Myself/ Lost In a Fog EE-

182. Br test mx C-884-2/ 885-3- Duke Ellington O- Farewell Blues/ Let's Have a Jubilee E+ dub of unissued 1935 sides

183. Br 7441- Johnny Green O- A Mile a Minute/ Carefree E-/E+

184. Br 7442- Ozzie Nelson O- Every Little Moment/ Ninon E+

185. Br 7446- Ted Fio Rito O- You're All I Need/ Love Song of Tahiti E+/E- West Coast laminated press

186. Br 7449- Kay Kyser O- If My Love Could Talk/ Thinking of You E/E-

187. Br 7454- The Boswell Sisters- Way Back Home/ Every Little Moment VV+

188. Br 7455- Johnny Green O- How Can I Hold You Close Enough?/ Love Me Forever V+/V-

189. Br 7464- Ozzie Nelson O- And Then Some/ Is It Just a Summer Romance? E+ lam nap on this top West Coast press

190. Br 7485- Ozzie Nelson O- Double Trouble/ I Wished On the Moon E+ West Coast laminated press

191. Br 7486- Fred Astaire w/ Leo Reisman O- Cheek to Cheek/ No Strings EE+ West Coast laminated press

192. Br 7488- Fred Astaire w/ Leo Reisman O- The Piccolino/ / Leo Reisman O- Toddlin' Along With You EE+ West Coast laminated press

193. Br 7548- Ozzie Nelson O- At a Little Church Affair/ Oregon Trail E+ West Coast laminated pr

194. Br 7575- Leo Reisman O- Begin the Beguine/ Can't We Dream a Midsummer Night's Dream EE-

195. Br 7584- Leo Reisman O- I Wanna Woo/ A Beautiful Lady in Blue EE- West Coast pressing

196. Br 7609- Fred Astaire w/ Johnny Green O- Lets Face the Music & Dance/ Let Youself Go E+

197. Br 7562- Leo Reisman O- It Ain't Neccessarily So/ I Got Plenty o' Nuttin' E+ light surf scr nap

198. Br 7627- Duke Ellington O- Love Is Like a Cigarette/ Kissin' My Baby Goodnight E+ choice West Coast laminated press

199. Br 7649- Orville Knapp O- Robins & Roses/ Everything Stops For Tea E/EE+

200. Br 7666- Louis Prima New Orleans Gang- Dinah/ Lazy River E+N-...great laminated copy

201. Br 7676- Nat Brandywynne O- Take My Heart/ These Foolish Things EE+/E+ Buddy Clark A

202. Br 7718- Fred Astaire w/ Johnny Green O- Never Gonna Dance/ Bojangles of Harlem E+

203. Br 7783- Hal Kemp O- One Never Knows- Does One?/ Goodnight My Love NN- looks unplayed

204. Br 7818- Gertrude Niesen- Top of the Town/ Blame It On the Rumba EE- West Coast pressing

205. Br 7828- Hudson- De Lange O- Love Song of a Half Wit 1/2 EE-

206. Br 7831- Leo Reisman O- Too Marvelous For Words/ Just a Quiet Evening EE+

207. Br 7835- Art Shaw New Music- Moonlight & Shadows/ No More Tears EE+ lbl dmg

208. Br 7856- Fred Astaire w/ Johnny Green O- They All Laughed/ Slap That Bass V

209. Br 7918- Russ Morgan O- Moonlight On the Ganges/ Farewell Blues E

210. Br 7919- Gus Arnheim O- So Rare/ Dancing Under the Stars V+

211. Br 7921- Russ Morgan O- I Wouldn't Change You For the World/ Night Over Shanghai E/EE+

212. Br 7925- Russ Morgan O- Ragging the Scale/ Lights Out E

213. Br 7933- Gus Arnheim O- All You Want to Do Is Dance/ My Cabin of Dreams E

214. Br 7935- Jan Garber O- That Old Feeling/ Born to Love EE+

215. Br 7936- Art Shaw New Music- How Dry I Am/ Sweet Adeline E+

216. Br 7942- Art Shaw New Music- Please Pardon Us, We're In Love/ Am I In Love? EE+

217. Br 7947- Art Shaw New Music- The Blues-A/B E-

218. Br 7973- Teddy Wilson Quartet- Just a Mood pt 1/2 EE+

219. Br 8007- Hudson- De Lange O- Popcorn Man/ Goin' Haywire EE-

220. Br 8009- Russ Morgan O- True Confession/ Farewell My Love E/EE-

221. Br 8020- Joe Usifer O- The Jockey On the Carousel/ In the Hall of the Mountain King EE+

222. Br 8022- Russ Morgan O- I'm Laughing Up My Sleeve/ How Many Rhymes Can You Get E

223. Br 8023- Hudson- De Lange O- Rockin' the Town/ My Heaven On Earth E+

224. Br 8025- Teddy Wilson piano solo- Betw the Devil & the Deep Blue Sea/ Don't Blame Me EE+

225. Br 8076- Ray Noble O- You Couldn't Be Cuter/ Just Let Me Look At You EE- Tony Martin vocs West Coast pressing

226. Br 8094- Toots Mondello O- I Love You Just Because/ Let Me Day Dream EE+

227. Br 8242- Bix Beiderbecke O- Rhythm King/ Somebody Stole My Gal E+ Okeh masters

228. Br 8327- Harry James O- Sweet Georgia Brown/ Ciribiribin E+N-

229. Br 8328- Kay Kyser O- Are There Any More At Home Like You?/ I Want My Share of Love NN-

230. Br 8329- Horace Heidt O- The Masqueade Is Over/ How Strange E+

231. Br 8331- Horace Heidt O- Rainbow Valley/ I Long to Belong to You E+

232. Br 8332- Sidney Phillips O- Hullabaloo/ Voodoo E+

233. Br 8339- Horace Heidt O- I'm Building a Sailboat of Dreams/ Red Skies In the Night NN-

234. Br 8340- Gene Krupa O- Some Like It Hot/ The Lady's In Love With You EE+

235. Br 8343- Horace Heidt O- That Sentimental Sandwich/ Strange Enchantment NN-

236. Br 15201- Giacomo Rimini- Hamlet Act II/ The Jewels of the Madonna Act II E+

237. Br 80228(promo)- Steve Allen- Cinderella/ Goldilocks and the Three Bears NN-


238. Co E 3231(Hebrew-Jewish series)- David Medoff w/ O- Fio Wiegel Bias in (unreadable)/ A Grass fin der Heim V-/V

239. Co E 3369- K. Juvelier w/ O- Tate, Mame Taere/ sheloi osany yishu E

240. Co E 4258- K. Juvelier w/ O- A mensch zol men sein/ Al Tashlicheinu E-

241. Co E 4767- Abe Schwartz's O- Briderlach aheim/ By die tholern fun Beis Hamikdesh E-

242. Co E 7983- David Medoff w/ O- Dom Robbin's Bal- Angoleh/ Lenin & Trotsky V

243. Co 8132-F(Jewish series)- Irving Grossman w/ O- Dos Yiddel fun der South/ Ich vel shtendig gedeiken deine olgen fun E-

244. Co 14006-F(Italian series)- G. de Rosalia e Co.- Nofrio e lo Serevano/ Nofrio Studia L'Inglese E

245. Co 14158-F- Coppia Ruby De Russo- I Miss My Swiss/ Il Sacrestano e La Paesana EE- or better

246. Co 14163-F- De Rosalia & Co- Norfio Dallo Speziale/ La Terza Telefonata Di Norfrio E few lt scrs nap

247. Co 2013-X- Arcos Y Pulido w/ Mexican accomp- La Higurita/ Pilar Arcops w/ Orch- El Clakson EE-, plays E

248. Co 2100-X- Maria Luisa Escobar w/ Orch- El Rosal Enferno/ Eres Tu E/VV+

249. Co 3155- Vess L. Ossman banjo w/ O- Yankee Land V-

250. Co 3529- Vess L. Ossman banjo w/ O- Popularity V-

251. Co 3423- Bert Williams- Nobody VV- early black & white Grand Prize lbl

252. Co A 582- Josie Sadler- Come & Hear the Orchestra/ Jas F Harrison- I've Lost My Heart But I Don't Care V+

253. Co A 587- Banjo solo- Invincible Eagle March/ Stehl, Lufsky & Surth- The Herd Girl's Dream E+

254. Co A 901- Prince's Band- Porcupine Rag/ I'm Alabama Bound EE+

255. Co A 1417- Fred Van Eps- Junk Man Rag/ Morse medley VV+ few scrs

256. Co A 2179- Fred Van Eps banjo w/ O- Southern med/ Harry C. Browne- Balm of Gilead E+/E

257. Co A 2577- Mike Bernard piano solo- They Were All Out of Step But Jim/ Blaze Away E+

258. Co A 2780- Van & Schenck- Mandy/ Irving & Jack Kaufman- I'll Be Happy When the Preacher Makes You Mine E/E-

259. Co A 2781- Campbell & Burr- Hawaiian Lullaby/ Dreamy Alabama E+

260. Co A 2785- Nora Bayes- In Miami/ Jerry E+

261. Co A 2856- Carl Seville & Jack Geddes (Hawaiian guitar duet)- Hawaiian Hours I Spent With You/ Cinderella VV-

262. Co A 3427- Van & Schenck- Wang Wang Blues/ Ain't You Coming Out Malinda EE+

263. Co A 3565- Leona Williams & Dixie Band- Decatur Street Blues/ Cruel Daddy Blues V

264. Co 2066-X- Qrquestra De Ray Miller- Los Soldados Dorados/ Banda Municipal- Patria E+ rare series

265. Co 504- Ted Lewis O- Just Around the Corner/ While We Danced Till Dawn E+

266. Co 521- Phil Baker- Ann & Her Little Sedan/ Big Butter & Egg Man E- rcnap

267. Co 609- Ipana Troubadours- Good Night/ Only You & Lonely Me E+

268. Co 631- Ross Gorman O- Cherie I Love You/ Valencia E+

269. Co 733- Ed Mc Connell- Elder Bigby's Discourse pt 1/2 looks EE-, plays E+

270. Co 767- Leo Reisman O- Dont Be Angry With Me/ That Night In Araby VV+

271. Co 810- Kate Smith- The Little White House/ Mary Dear V+ lam nap

272. Co 881- Don Voorhees O- Who Do You Love?/ Muddy Water E+/E

273. Co 949- Sol Hoopii Novelty Trio- Song of the Islands/ King's Serenade EE+

274. Co 966- Cass Hagan Hotel Manger O- Sometimes I'm Happy/ Hallelujah E+ scr A sds super light few gvs

275. Co 1047- Al Handler Hotel Davis O- There's a Trick In Pickin' a Chicken/ Magnolia looks E-, plays E..good sides

276. Co 1049- Gerald Marks Hotel Tuller O- I'd Walk a Million Miles/ Dawn of Tomrorrow EE- bit better/ E

277. Co 1058- Leo Reisman O- Pleading/ I Adore You E+

278. Co 1078- Don Voorhees O- Fantasy on St Louis Blues 1/2 E+

279. Co 1127- Roy Smeck & Art Kahn- Banjokes/ The Ghost of the Banjo E+

280. Co 1166- Cole Mc Elroy Spanish Ballroom O- Honolulu Blues/ Lonely Nights In Hawaii V..Los Angeles recorded

281. Co 1204- Rudy Wiedoeft saxophone solo w/p- Serenade/ Llewellyn Wz E-

282. Co 1212- Leo Reisman O- What'll You Do/ Ipana Troubadours- There's One Little Girl Who Loves Me EE+

283. Co 1216- Jackie Souders O- Pale Moon/ Thais E- lams

284. Co 1235- Max Fisher California O- Is She My Girl Friend?/ Fred Rich O- I Fell Head Over Heels In Love E-

285. Co 1244- Harry Reser's Syncopators- We All Scream For Ice Cream/ When the Robert E Lee Comes to Town E+

286. Co 1300- Charles Kaley O- Just Love Me/ Daisy Belle E-

287. Co 1309- Vincent Rose- Jackie Taylor Hollywood O- In My Little Dream House On the Hill/ Lonely Little Silhouette EE+ couple scrs nap

288. Co 1396- Emerson Gil O- That's What I Call Keen/ Will You Be Sorry VV+

289. Co 1408- Emerson Gill O- Ready For the River/ My Blue Ridge Mountain Home EE-

290. Co 1537- Harry Reser banjo w/ p- The Cat & the Dog/ Fair & Warmer E despite few scuffs

291. Co 1544- Francis Craig O- Coon-Tail/ Red Rose EE-/EE+ good sides..recorded in Atlanta

292. Co 1586- Ipana Troubadours- I Can't Make Her Happy/ Heartbroken & Lonely E+ nice sides w/ Ballew vocals

293. Co 1595- Ruth Etting- My Blackbirds Are Bluebirds Now/ You're In Love & I'm In Love V+

294. Co 1636- Guy Lombardo O- My Blackbirds Are Bluebirds Now/ My Old Girl My New Girl Now E

295. Co 1640- James Melton- Ceasing to Care/ Where Is the Song of Songs For Me E

296. Co 1680- Ruth Etting- I'm Bringing a Red, Red Rose/ Love Me Or Leave Me V

297. Co 1711- James Melton- My Tonia/ The Song I Love E

298. Co 1731- Paul Whiteman O- Marianne/ Lover Come Back to Me EE-

299. Co 1761- Harry Reser's Syncopators- Kansas City Kitty/ I'm Wild About Horns On Automobiles...EE-

300. Co 1822- Paul Whiteman O- Reaching For Someone/ When My Dreams Come True EE-

301. Co 1830- Ruth Etting- The One In the World/ I'm Walkin' Around In a Dream VV+

302. Co 1895- Pearce Bros- Al & Cal- Barnacle Bill, the Sailor/ If I Give Up the Saxophone NN-

303. Co 1927- Guy Lombardo O- Why Did You?/ You Belong to Me, I Belong to You E+

304. Co 1934- Roy Evans- Lonesome Yodelin' Blues/ pt 2 N-

305. Co 1935- Green Bros Novelty Marimba Band- Underneath the Blue Hawaiian Skies/ Sweet Hawaiian Dream Girl EE+

306. Co 1936- Cliquot Club Eskimos- Marianne/ There Must Be Somebody Waiting For Me E+

307. Co 1937- Ben Selvin O- I've Waited a Lifetime For You/ How Am I To Know? N-

308. Co 1939- Ernie Golden O- Hello Margot!/ Satisfied! EE+

309. Co 1940- The Knickerbockers- Song of the Blues/ Song of Siberia EE+ some solos Smith Ballew vocs both

310. Co 1943- Paul Specht O- The World's Greatest Sweetheart is You/

The Album of My Dreams E- few scrs A

311. Co 1947- Ipana Toubadours- Too Wonderful For Words/ Steppin' Along E+

312. Co 1948- Willard Robison Deep River O- Harlem Blues/ Beale Street Blues EE+

313. Co 1949- Larry Siry Hotel Ambassador O- It's You/ Somebody Mighty Like You E

314. Co 1956- Ben Selvin O- Selections from "The Broadway Melody"/ Selections from "The Hollywood Revue of 1929" E+

315. Co 1958- Ruth Etting- Ain't Misbehavin'/ At Twilight N-

316. Co 1964- Ben Selvin O- The Web of Love/ I'm In Love With You E+N- Smith Ballew vocs

317. Co 2038- Ruth Etting- A Place to Call Home/ More Than You Know VV+

318. Co 2062- Guy Lombardo O- Crying For the Carolines/ Have a Little Faith In Me EE+

319. Co 2088- Ted Lewis O- Harmonica Harry/ You've Got That Thing E- few scrs A

320. Co 2089- Guy Lombardo O- Cant You Understand?/ Under a Texas Moon E/EE-

321. Co 2116- Ben Selvin O- Happy Days Are Here Again/ The One Girl E-

322. Co 2216- Ruth Etting- Dancing With Tears In My Eyes/ I Never Dreamt E-

323. Co 2236- Ted Wallace Boys- Here Comes the Sun/ Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder EE+

324. Co 2280- Ruth Etting- Don't Tell Her/ The Kiss Wz E

325. Co 2318- Ruth Etting- I'm Yours/ Laughing At Life V rcnap

326. Co 2362- Seger Ellis- Cheerful Little Earful/ I Miss a Little Miss E- lam nap..good jazz accomp!!

327. Co 2368- Ipana Troubadours- I'm So Afraid of You/ The Wind In the Willows E-

328. Co 2377- Ruth Etting- Reacing For the Moon/ Overnight V

329. Co 2387- Fred Rich O- When You Were the Blossom of Buttercup Lane/ Tie a Little String Around Your Finger looks VV+, plays E- Smith Ballew vocals

330. Co 2416- Emerson Gill O- We'll Be the Same/ I've Got Five Dollars looks V, plays EE-

331. Co 2460- Evlyn Howard- Jones- piano solos- Mazurka-wz/ Wz- Toccata EE-

332. Co 2491- Paul Whiteman O- Choo- Choo/ Ben Selvin O- Sing Another Chorus Please looks EE-, plays E+ both great!

333. Co 2505- Ruth Etting- I'm Good For Nothing But Love/ I'm Falling In Love V

334. Co 2512- Myra Hess piano solos- Vogel Als Prophet/ Cradle Song EE+

335. Co 2585- Ben Selvin O- All of Me/ I Found You E few light scuffs

336. Co 2592- Ben Selvin O- Oh What a Thrill/ Good Night Moon E- lams A nap

337. Co 2701- Harry Richman- I Love a Parade/ It Was So Beautiful EE+ despite grey

338. Co 2731(BLUE WAX)- Ben Selvin O- Young & Healthy/ You're Getting to Be a Habit With Me looks E-, plays EE+/E

339. Co 2807(BLUE WAX)- Ted Lewis O- Ten Thousand Years Ago/ Little Locket of Long Ago E+ lt grey nap RED HOT A!!!

340. Co 3103- Joe Venuti O- Twenty Four Hours a Day/ Eeny Meeny Miney Mo V-

341. Co 14129- Bessie Smith- What's the Matter Now?/ I Want Ev'ry Bit of It..looks V, plays EE-

342. Co 15110- Smith's Sacred Singers- Shouting On the Hills/ The Western Gate EE-

343. Co 35201- Benny Goodman O- Rendezvous Time In Paree/ Comes Love E+

344. Co 35248- Kay Kyser O- What's New?/ Hello Mr Kringle E

345. Co 35303- Orrin Tucker O- Many Dreams Ago/ Twilight Interlude E-

346. Co 35328- Orrin Tucker O- Pinch Me/ Would Ja Mind E+

347. Co 35344- Orrin Tucker O- You'd Be Surprised/ Little Girl E-

348. Co 35452- Orrin Tucker O- Where Do I Go From You?/ Not Yet E+

349. Co 35565- Raymond Scott O- Four Beat Shuffle/ Birdseed Special E

350. Co 35864- Raymond Scott O- All Around the Christmas Tree/ Happy Birthday to You EE+ one brief clk B

351. Co 36042- Danny Kaye- The Princess of Pure Delight/ My Ship E

352. Co 36090- Raymond Scott O- The Band Played On/ Let's Get Away From It All E

353. Co 36025- Danny Kaye- Tschaikowsky(and other Russians)/ Jenny NN-

354. Co 36103- Raymond Scott O- Just a Little Bit South of No Carolina/ In the Hush of Night EE+

355. Co 36211- Raymond Scott O- Mexican Jumping Bean/ In a Subway Far From Ireland E+

356. Co 36393- The Martins w/ O- Just a Little Joint/ The Three B's E+

357. Co 35471- Carol Bruce- The Boy With the Wistful Eyes/ You Don't Know What Love Is E+ from Abbott & Costello film

358. Co 36686- Kate Smith- If I Had My Way/ Embraceable You E

359. Co 36759- Kate Smith- Don't Fence Me In/ There Goes That Song Again E

360. Co 36783- Kate Smith- Just a Prayer Away/ All of My Life EE+

361. Co 36807- Kate Smith- Question & Answer/ Can't You Read Between the Lines E+

362. Co 36821- Kate Smith- And There You Are/ Say It Over Again E

363. Co 36839- Kate Smith- Some Sunday Morning/ Dearest Darling EE+

364. Co 36950- Kate Smith- Seems Like Old Times/ I Wish I Had a Wishing Ring V+

365. Co 36991- Kate Smith- And Then I Looked At You/ Pretending E+

366. Co 37837- Johnny Hodges O- Rendezvous With Rhythm/ Jeep's Blues E+ 1938 masters

367. Co 38212- Gene Krupa O- Green Eyes/ Lover E+/E rcnap, lam nap

368. Co 38214- Gene Krupa Jazz Trio- Stompin At the Savoy/ Body & Soul E+

369. Co 38412(promo)- Herb Jeffries- Bewildered/ Girls Were Made to Take Care of Boys E+

370. Co 38486(promo)- Frank Sinatra- It Happens Every Spring/ The Huckle Buck E+

371. Co 39632(promo)- Kay Kyser O- Why Dont We Do This More Often/ You & I E+

372. Co 38645(promo)- Nelson Eddy- Whooopee Ti Yo Yo/ Mule Train E+

373. Co 4588-M(promo)- Ezio Pinza- Give Me Your Hand/ Bali Ha'i E+


374. De 5298- Louisiana Strollers- I'm Looking Over a Four Leaf Clover/ The Unexplained Blues V-

375. De 5331- Freddie Fisher and his Band- Red Hot Mama/ Tiger Rag E

376. De 7052- Birmingham Serenaders- Black Gal Blues/ Papa De Da Da looks V/E-..pl V+/EE- aud clx pass A..exc sides!

377. De 7186- Oscar's Chicago Swingers- I Wonder Who's Boogiein' My Woogie/ New Rubbing On the Darned Old Thing EE-/E-

378. De 7218- Harlem Hamfats- New Oh Red/ Move Your Hand V-

379. De 7226- Dick Barrow w/ Dot Scott's Rhythm Band- Down At the Cabin Inn/ Jimmy Strange- Yas Yas Yas VV+/VV-

380. De 7239- Bumble Bee Slim- Santa Claus Bring Me a New Woman/ Christmas & No Santa Claus V- 2" cr clx lite

381. De 7506- Blue Lu Barker w/ Danny Barker Fly Cats- Dont You Make Me High/ He Caught That B&O E

382. De 8559- Babe Wallace w/ Skeets Tolbert O- Git It/ Lazy Gal Blues V-/EE-

383. De 8598- Al Cooper's Savoy Sultans- Boats/ Fish For Supper V-/V

384. De 8616- Buddy Johnson Band- Without the One You Love/ Deep Down in the Miz E

385. De 8645- Louis Jordan Tympany 5- Whats the Use of Gettin' Sober/ The Chicks I Pick Are Slender & Tender & Tall E+

386. De 140- Ethel Waters w/ O- Miss Otis Regrets/ Moonglow EE-

387. De 205- Frank Crumit w/ O- Harry Von Tilzer medley 1/2 EE-

388. De 327- Isham Jones O- Believe It Beloved/ The Wz of Love E+

389. De 336- Glen Gray O- Here Comes Cookie/ My Heart is An Open Book E+

390. De 345- Decca All Star Revue(Bob Crosby, Kay Weber, Johnnie Davis, Bob Howard, etc)- You're the Top 1/2 E warp nap

391. De 370- Dorsey Bros O- Lullaby of Broadway/ The Words Are In My Heart EE+ slight warp nap

392. De 401- New Orleans Rhythm Kings- No Lovers Allowed/ Baby Brown EE-

393. De 411- Jack Hylton O- Some Of These Days/ Kashmiri Song E+

394. De 412- Orville Knapp O- You Opened My Eyes/ I'm Misunderstood E+

395. De 481- Jack Hylton O- Shadow Wz/ Waltzing In a Dream E+/EE+

396. De 503- Jimmie Lunceford O- Runnin' Wild/ Four Or Five Times EE-/E

397. De 561- Dorsey Bros O- Dipper Mouth/ The Gentleman Obviously Doesn't Believe EE+

398. De 565- Phil Harris O- Now You've Got Me Doing It/ Just As Long As the World Goes Round & Round E+ warp nap

399. De 577- Earl Hines O- Rock & Rye/ Wolverine Blues EE-

400. De 585- Guy Lombardo O- Red Sails In the Sunset/ Madonna Mia E+

401. De 588- Chick Webb O- Moonlight & Magnolias/ Rhythm & Romance E+ Ella Fitzgerald B

402. De 616- Bing Crosby- Red Sails In the Sunset/ Boots & Saddles E+

403. De 622- Louis Armstrong O- Falling In Love With You/ Old Man Mose E-

404. De 623- Louis Armstrong O- I'm Shootin' High/ I've Got My Fingers Crossed E

405. De 638- Ginger Rogers w/ O- Don't Mention Love to Me/ Ginger Rogers & Johnny Mercer w/ O- Eeny Meeny Miney Mo E+ RARE!

406. De 643- Ray Kinney w/ Dick Mc Intyre's Harmony Hawaiians- Ka Mea U'i/ My Hula Lady E-

407. De 644- Dick Mc Intyre's Harmony Hawaiians- Paahana/ Palolo E+/V

408. De 680- Mae Questel- The Music Goes Round & Around/ The Broken Record E top jazz accomp to the Betty Boop girl

409. De 768- Jimmy Dorsey O- Is It True What they Say About Dixie/ Welcome Stranger E-/E

410. De 776- Jimmy Dorsey O- Sing Sing Sing/ Robins & Roses VV+

411. De 782- Jimmy Dorsey O w/ Seger Ellis- It's No Fun/ Moonrise On the Lowlands V+

412. De 873- Jimmy Dorsey O- Ah Woo, Ah Woo To You/ There's No Substitute For You E-

413. De 1062- Ella Fitzgerald Savoy 8- Organ Grinder's Swing/ Shine E+N-

414. De 1040- Jimmy Dorsey O- Dorsey Dervish/ Serenade to Nobody in Particular E

415. De 1068- Dick Powell- All's Fair In Love & War/ Let's Put Our Heads Together E-/E

416. De 1088- Jimmy Dorsey O- Chicken Reel/ Funiculi Funicula EE+

417. De 1239- Glenn Miller O- How Am I To Know?/ Moonlight Bay V flat lbl

418. De 1284- Glenn Miller O- Wistful & Blue/ Anytime, Anyday, Anywhere E one small pop ticks light 5 gvs A...a scarce one- on original label

419. De 1339- Ella Fitzgerald Savoy 8- Deep In the Heart of the South/ All Over Nothing At All V+

420. De 1347- Louis Armstrong O- Red Cap/ Public Melody Number One E+/E

421. De 1353- Louis Armstrong O- Cuban Pete/ She's the Daughter of a Planter From Havana EE+/E

422. De 1363- Count Basie O- John's Idea/ One O' Clock Jump EE+

423. De 1369- Louis Armstrong O- Sun Showers/ Yours & Mine E-

424. De 1406- Ambrose O- Lord & Lady Whoozis/ Gangway E+

425. De 1443- Lennie Hayton O- Once In a While/ The Morning After E+

426. De 1451- Bing Crosby- I Still Love To Kiss You Goodnight/ Remember Me? E+

427. De 1495- Louis Armstrong & Mills Bros- In the Shade of the Old Apple Tree/ Mills Bros- Since We Fell Out of Love E-/E

428. De 1562- Andrews Sisters- Nice Work If You Can Get It/ Bei Mir Bist Du Schon EE+ warp nap

429. De 1880- Count Basie O- Swinging the Blues/ Sent For You Yesterday EE+

430. De 1913- Louis Armstrong O- Jonah & the Whale/ Shadrack E+/EE+

431. De 2044- Ink Spots- Brown Gal/ Pork Chops & Gravy EE-/EE+

432. De 2314- Harry Owens Royal Hawaiians- It Happened On the Island of Hawaii/ Ukulele Lady E-

433. De 2523- Jimmy Dorsey O- Show Your Linen Miss Richardson/ All I Remember Is You EE+

434. De 2536- Jimmy Dorsey O- This Is No Dream/ Romance E-/E

435. De 2553- Jimmy Dorsey O- I Poured My Heart Into a Song/ An Old Fashioned Tune Is Always New E

436. De 2554- Jimmy Dorsey O- Back to Back/ Especially For You E-

437. De 2653- Bert Shefter O- A Toast to Paganini's Ghost/ Wig Wag EE+ Raymond Scott like

438. De 2660- Louis Prima O- If I Could Be WithUOne Hour Tonight/ A Good Man Is Hard to Find E+

439. De 2739- Jan Savitt O- Vol Vistu Gaily Star/ Twilight Interlude EE+

440. De 2763- Bob Crosby O- What Used to Was Used to Was/ Lilacs In the Rain EE+ Teddy Grace vocal A

441. De 2974- Mae Questel(Betty Boop)- Oh Gee Oh Gosh Oh Golly I'm In Love/ You'd Be Surprised VV+

442. De 3043- Erskine Butterfield Blue Boys- Inconvenience/ Darn That Dream E+

443. De 3152- Jimmy Dorsey O- Boog It/ Six Lessons From Madame La Zonga EE+

444. De 3209- Erskine Butterfield O- Your Feets Too Big/ Whats Cookin? E-/EE-

445. De 3236- Ella Fitzgerald O- Jubilee Swing/ Take It From the Top E/EE+

446. De 3260- Lou Holden Disciples of Rhythm- The Maid With a Slight Swiss Accent/ Ferryboat Serenade V Raymond Scott sound-alike

447. De 3281- Lou Holden Disciples of Rhythm- A Windy Day On the Outer Drive/ The Lion & the Mouse E- Raymond Scott sound-alike

448. De 3491- Andy Kirk O- When I Saw You/ Little Miss' E

449. De 3644- Bing Crosby- De Camptown Races/ Dolores EE+

450. De 3689- Bing Crosby & Connie Boswell- Tea For Two/ Yes Indeed E

451. De 3771- Bobby Byrne O- On the Beach At Waikiki/ I Found a Million Dollar Baby E-

452. De 3905- Johnny Long O- Chattanooga Choo Choo/ The Booglie Wooglie Piggy EE+

453. De 4027- Bob Crosby O- From One Love to Another/ I'm Trusting In You E+

454. De 4093- Joe Turner w/ Freddie Slack Trio- Goin' to Chicago Blues/ Rocks In My Bed E-

455. De 4123- Jimmy Dorsey O- Ev'rything I Love/ Tangerine E/EE-

456. De 4132- Jimmy Dorsey O- I Remember You/ If You Build a Better Mousetrap E

457. De 4194- Ink Spots- Shout, Brother, Shout/ It Isn't a Dream Anymore EE+

458. De 4242- Terry Shand O- Just One Girl/ I'm Sorry That We Said Goodbye EE+

459. De 4303- Ink Spots- Don't Leave Now/ Foo-Gee EE-

460. De 4381- Andy Kirk O- Worried Life Blues/ Boogie Woogie Cocktail E-

461. De 18157- Julia Sanderson- The Girl With the Brogue/ They Didn't Believe Me N-

462. De 18264- Raymond Scott O- Caterpillar Creep/ Symphony Under the Stars EE-

463. De 18377- Raymond Scott O- Pan American Hot Spot/ Secret Agent EE+

464. De 18545- Jimmy Dorsey O- I'll Find You/ Only a Rose E+

465. De 18647- Jimmy Dorsey O- Don't You Know I Care/ More & More E+

466. De 18711- Ink Spots- I'd Climb the Highest Mountain/ Thoughtless E

467. De 23033- Sophie Tucker- No One Man Is Ever Going to Worry Me/ Life Begins At Forty E+

468. De 23641- Andrews Sisters- The House of Blue Lights/ A Man Is a Brother to a Mule E

469. De 23824- Andrews Sisters- My Dearest Uncle Sam/ Lullaby of Broadway EE+

470. De 23940- Danny Kaye & Andrews Sisters- Bread & Butter Woman/ Civilization EE-

471. De 23950- Danny Kaye- I Got a Song/ Bloop Bleep E+

472. De 23956- Ella Fitzgerald w/ O- Oh, Lady Be Good!/ Flying Home NN-

473. De 23976- Andrews Sisters- The Turntable Song/ The Lady From 29 Palms E

474. De 24192- Ink Spots- Home Is Where the Heart Is/ Sincerely Yours NN-

475. De 24551- Billie Holiday- Girls Were Made to Take Care of Boys/ Weep No More EE+

476. De 24726- Billlie Holiday- Ain't Nobodys Business If I Do/ Baby Get Lost E-

477. De 24751(promo)- Louis Armstrong O- Maybe It's Because/ I'll Keep the Lovelight Burning E+

478. De 24870- Artie Shaw Gramercy 5- There Must be Somethin' Bettter Than Love/ Nothin' For Nothin' EE+

479. De 24889- Artie Shaw O- Mucho De Nada/ Orinoco E+ despite gray

480. De 24945- Danny Kaye- A Paper Full of Fish & Chips/ Confidentially E+ despite gray

481. De 25148- Bing Crosby & Johnny Mercer- On Behalf of Visiting Firemen/ Mr Meadowlark EE+

482. De 27748- Danny Kaye, Jimmy Durante, Jane Wyman & Groucho Marx- Black Strap Molasses/ How D'Ye Do & Shake Hands EE+

483. De 27934(promo)- Bing Crosby- At Last! At Last!/ The Isle of Innisfree EE-

484. De 27996(promo)- Ink Spots- All My Life/ Honest & Truly E+

485. De 28043- Danny Kaye- You're For Me, Mimi/ Mademoiselle De Paree E+

486. De 28190(promo)- Trudy Richards w/ Artie Shaw O- I May Hate Myself In the Morning/ I Waited a Little Too Long E+

487. De 28692- Donald O' Connor- I'm Walking Behind You/ Crash! E+

488. De 29647- Jeri Southern- What Do You See In Her/ An Occasional Man E+ despite grey

489. De 29783- Marlon Brando & Jean Simmons- I'll Know// A Woman In Love NN-

490. De 48060- Buddy Johnson O- You Can't Tell Who's Lovin' Who/ Serves Me Right N-

491. De 48076- Buddy Johnson O- Far Cry/ Li'l Dog NN-

492. De 48088- Buddy Johnson O- U Had Better Change Your Ways/ I Dont Care Who Knows NN-


493. Vi 64655- Fritz Kreisler- Poor Butterfly E+

494. Vi 65349- Hawaiian Quintette- Aiaihea/ Kumukahi E-

495. Vi 4541- Vess L. Ossman w/ O- Peter Piper V-

496. Vi 16049- Billy Murray & Haydn Quartet- Budweiser's a Friend of Mine/ Billy Murray- So What's the Use E

497. Vi 16667- Fred Van Eps banjo solo w/ p- Bunch of Rags/ Plantation Trio- Dixie Girl March- EE+

498. Vi 17155- Conway's Band- Ephraim Jones medley/ Moonight Bay medley E-

499. Vi 17168- Fred Van Eps w/ O- Black Diamond Rag/ William H Reitz- Irish & Scotch Melodies E

500. Vi 17308- Van Eps Trio- Florida Rag/ William H Reitz- La Kraquette E+

501. Vi 17321- Charles Harrison w/ O- I Hear You Calling Me/ A Dream E+

502. Vi 18102- Billy Murray w/ O- When You Drop Off at Cairo, Illinois/ Pretty Baby E+

503. Vi 18203- Victor Military Band- Brown Skin/ Listen to This E- Clarence Williams, Piron comp A

504. Vi 18372- Harold Veo's O- "The Zoo Step"/ Dont Leave Me Daddy VV+

505. Vi 18414- Shannon Four w/ O- Hail Hail the Gang's All Here/ American Qtet- Bring Back the Kaiser to Me E+

506. Vi 18427- Elizabeth Spencer w/ Shannon Four w/ O- Sweet Little Buttercup/ Peerless Qtet- Homeward Bound E

507. Vi 18450- Sgt Markel's O- Sweet Emalina, My Gal/ Earl Fuller O- While the Incense Is Burning E

508. Vi 18731- Edna Brown- Charles Harrison- Look For the Silver Lining/ Helen Clark- Charles Hart- Wandering Home E-

509. Vi 18989- Sam Moore- Horace Davis- My Old Hawaiian Home/ Isle of Sweethearts E

510. Vi 19109- Tennesee Ten- Taint Nobody Bizness If I Do/Waiting For the Evenin' Mail EE+

511. Vi 19233- Piron's New Orleans O- New Orleans Wiggle/ Mamma's Gone, Good-bye E-

512. Vi 19255- Piron's New Orleans O- Do-Oodle Oom/ West Indies Blues V+

513. Vi 19406- Henry Halstead O- Sweet Little You/ Art Hickman O- If I Stay Away Too Long From Carolina EE+ Oakland rec

514. Vi 19497- Barney Rapp O- Because They All Love You/ George Olsen O- The Slave of Love E

515. Vi 19515- Vicnent Rose Montmartre O- Since You've Been Gone/ I Don't Know Why I Love You E+ Oakland recorded

516. Vi 19579- Henry Halstead O- Moonlight & Roses/ On the Way to Monterey V+ Oakland rec

517. Vi 19600- Coon- Sanders O- Some of These Days/ Jean Goldkette O- It's the Blues E

518. Vi 19646- Piron's New Orleans O- Do Just As I Say/ Red Man Blues V-

519. Vi 19689- Benson O- Riverboat Shuffle/ Oliver Naylor O- Sweet Georgie Brown E few lt scrs A

520. Vi 19803- Phil Romano O- I'm Goin' Out if Lizzie Comes In/ Keep On Croonin a Tune E-V+

521. Vi 19808- RW Kahn O- Bam Bam Bammy Shore/ Look Who's Here EE-

522. Vi 19834- George Olsen O- Just a Little Thing Called Rhythm/ Whitey Kaufman O- Paddlin' Madelin' Home EE-/E-

523. Vi 19887- Shannon Qtet w/ O- Carry Me Back to Old Virginny/ Peerless Qtet- Darling Nellie Gray E+

524. Vi 20061- Henry Halstead O- Give Me To- Day/ The Roses Brought Me You E+ Los Ang rec

525. Vi 20062- Henry Halstead O- Dream of Love & You/ If I Were King V+ Los Angeles rec

526. Vi 20163- Gladys Rice- Franklyn Baur- The Girl is You & the Boy Is Me/ Two Little Bluebirds N-

527. Vi 20205- Henry Burr- I Found a Million Dollar Baby/ Burr- Stanley- I Want a Pardon For Daddy E ..the more obscure original version of A side, not as familiar as the 1930s version

528. Vi 20268- Goldkette O- There's a Little White House On a Little Green Hill/ Just a Bird's Eye View of My Old Kentucky Home E

529. Vi 20437- Nat Shilkret O- I Know That You Know/ Waring's Penns- Like He Loves Me E+

530. Vi 20456- Nat Shilkret O- Look Up & Smile/ When Day Is Done E+

531. Vi 20467- Waring's Penns- Hello Swanee Hello/ Since I Found You E

532. Vi 20491- Jean Goldkette O- A Lane In Spain/ BF Goodrich O- If All the Stars Were Pretty Babies E+N-

533. Vi 20493- Jean Goldkette O- Sunny Disposish/ RW Kahn O- A Little Birdie Told Me So EE+

534. Vi 20588- Jean Goldkette O- My Pretty Girl/ Cover Me Up With Sunshine E+

535. Vi 20633- Art Hickman O- The Winding Trail/ Roses For Remembrance V San Francisco rec

536. Vi 20685- Eddie Harkness O- Which Is Which & Who Is Who/ Art Hickman O- I Still Believe In You V both San Fran

537. Vi 20725- Kenin's Multinomah Hotel O- All I Want Is You/ Pretty Little Thing V..Portland rec

538. Vi 20981- Jean Goldkette O- Blue River/ Jacques Renard O- When the Morning Glories Wake Up In the Morning E-

539. Vi 21240- Paul Whiteman O- Back In Your Own Backyard/ Sunshine E+

540. Vi 21312- Horace Heidt O- I Still Love You/ Every Evening V+/E- Oakland, Ca. recorded

541. Vi 21335- Horace Heidt O- Cuddle Up a Little Closer Lovey Mine/ I Love You Truly E- Oakland, Ca. recorded

542. Vi 21340- Lee Lykins w/ O- If I Should Lose You/ Dream House EE+ couple scrs A nap Oakland, Ca. recorded

543. Vi 21417- Kane's Hawaiians- Alekoki/ Lulu E V+

544. Vi 21424- Hilo Orch- My Bird of Paradise/ Lou'siana Lullaby E+

545. Vi 21437- Ben Pollack O- Singapore Sorrows/ Sweet Sue- Just You E-

546. Vi 21462- Henry Thies O- That's My Mammy/ When You're Smiling E..Cincinnati recorded

547. Vi 21464- Paul Whiteman O- Sugar/ There Aint No Sweet Man That's Worth the Salt of My Tears EE+

548. Vi 21465- Hilo Hawaiian O- Kawaihau Wz/ My Hula Love E-

549. Vi 21639- Irene Beasley w/ O- If I Could Just Stop Dreaming/ Missin' My Pal VV+

550. Vi 21889- Jean Goldkette O- Take a Good Look At Mine/ Ya Comin Up To Night, Huh? E-

551. Vi 21922- Chick Endor- Good Little, Bad Little You/ Love Me or Leave Me E-

552. Vi 21964- Charles King w/ O- Broadway Melody/ The Wedding of the Painted Doll E

553. Vi 21993- Sophie Tucker- I'm Doing What I'm Doing For Love/ I'm Feathering a Nest E

554. Vi 21994- Sophie Tucker- I'm the Last of the Red Hot Mamas/ He's a Good Man to Have Around VV+

555. Vi 22114- Leo Reisman O- Gay Love/ Arden-Ohman O- Love Your Spell is Everywhere E-

556. Vi 22126- Welcome Lewis w/ O- The Right Kind of Man/ I'm Only Making Believe EE+

557. Vi 22195- Horace Heidt O- Turn On the Heat/ Nat Shilkret O- Georgia Pines EE-

558. Vi 22197- All Star O- Deep In the Arms of Love/ I'll Close My Eyes to the Rest of the World E+

559. Vi 22215- Ted Weems O- Sophomore Prom/ Charles Dornberger O- Campus Capers EE-

560. Vi 22235- Welcome Lewis w/ O- Look What You've Done to Me/ Love Made a Gypsy Out of Me E+

561. Vi 22297- Welcome Lewis w/ O- A Darn Fool Woman Like Me/ Watching My Dreams Go By E

562. Vi 22310- Fanny Brice w/ O- When a Woman Loves a Man/ Cooking Breakfast For the One I Love E

563. Vi 22453- Leo Reisman O- Cheer Up/ Swingin' In a Hammock EE-

564. Vi 22531- Leo Reisman O- Love Is Like a Song/ Say "Oui" Cherie E-

565. Vi 22593- Marlene Dietrich w/ O- Naughty Lola/ Falling In Love Again E+ NICE!!

566. Vi 22605- Leo Reisman O- He's Not Worth Your Tears/ Hurt EE+

567. Vi 22506- Leo Reisman O- I'm Alone Because I Love You/ Just a Gigolo E-

568. Vi 22696- Leo Reisman O- Cant You Read Bewteen the Lines/ Bert Lown O- Let Me Hum a Hymn to Her Tonight EE+

569. Vi 22698- Connie's Inn O- Moan You Moaners/ Roll On Mississippi Roll On V

570. Vi 22746- Leo Reisman O- Without That Gal/ When the Moon Comes Over the Mountain E-

571. Vi 22755- Leo Reisman O- I Love Louisa/ New Sun In the Sky V+ Fred Astaire vocals

572. Vi 22794- Leo Reisman O- Have a Heart/ To-Night Or Never EE+

573. Vi 22827- Paul Whiteman O- Old Playmate/ A Faded Summer Love E+

574. Vi 22855- Phil Harris w/ O- When Its Sleepy Time Down South/ Constantly V+ West Coast pressing

575. Vi 22869- Leo Reisman O- She Didn't Say "Yes"/ The Night Was Made For Love EE-

576. Vi 22870- Leo Reisman O- Try to Forget/ Paul Whiteman O- Dance of the Little Dutch Dolls E

577. Vi 22950(CAN)- Coon- Sanders O- Let That Be a Lesson to You/ What a Life! EE-

578. Vi 22954- Leo Reisman O- I'm So In Love/ Lovable V

579. Vi 22980- Wayne King O- Deep In Your Eyes/ When the Sun Goes Down on a Little Prairie Town EE+ lbl tear

580. Vi 23549- Jimmie Rodgers w/ O- My Blue Eyed Jane/ Jimmie the Kid G-

581. Vi 40043- Bud Billings- Barnacle Bill, the Sailor/ How to Make Love E+

582. Vi 24104- Paul Whiteman O- Kamennoi- Ostrow/ Marche Slave E+

583. Vi 24157- Leo Reisman O- Louisiana Hayride/ A Rainy Day V+/E-...probably the loudest record made by Victor, and the closest to being on Broadway in 1931...vocal by Arthur Schwartz and Eve Jessye Choir/ Clifton Webb B

584. Vi 24183- Jack Denny O- I've Told Every Little Star/ The Song Is You EE- rcnap

585. Vi 24239- Waring's Penns- medley from "Flying Colors" 1/2 E-...one of the rarest 24000s-- includes songs not on single 78s incl Smokin' Reefers, Two Faced Woman, etc

586. Vi 24255- Isham Jones O- You've Got Me Crying Again/ Honestly E- sm rcnap

587. Vi 24268- Ramona & her grand piano- Tony's Wife/ Roy Bargy & Ramona w/ clt, tpt- What Have We Got to Lose V+/E-

588. Vi 24312- Leo Reisman O- My Temptation/ Love Songs of the Nile E Fred Astaire vocal A

589. Vi 24325- Eddie Duchin O- I Cover the Waterfront/ Isn't It Heavenly EE+

590. Vi 24364- Paul Whiteman O- Marching Along Together/ My Moonlight Madonna E

591. Vi 24366- Isham Jones O- Louisville Lady/ I Couldn't Tell Them What to Do EE+

592. Vi 24394- Isham Jones O- Aint-cha Glad?/ Don Bestor O- I Want to Ring Bells E+

593. Vi 24399- Leo Reisman O- Honeymoon Hotel/ By a Waterfall EE+

594. Vi 24418- Leo Reisman O- Easter Parade/ How's Chances EE-/E rg lbl. Clifton Webb vocs

595. Vi 24454- Gertrude Niesen w/ Isham Jones O- Jealousy/ Smoke Gets In Your Eyes E+

596. Vi 24455- Paul Whiteman O- Smoke Gets In Your Eyes/ Something Had to Happen EE-

597. Vi 24496- Isham Jones O- Got the Jitters/ Sittin on a Log V

598. Vi 24504- Don Bestor O- Keep on Doin' What You're Doin'/ Tired of It All E

599. Vi 24514- Paul Whiteman O- My Little Grass Shack In Kealakekua, Hawaii/ It's An Old Fashioned World After All EE+

600. Vi 24517- Paul Whiteman O- If I Love Again/ Wagon Wheels E

601. Vi 24597- Ramona & Park Ave Boys- The House Is Haunted/ The Beat O' My Heart EE- to E

602. Vi 24633- Isham Jones O- I've Got a Warm Spot In My Heart For You/ Little Man You've Had a Busy Day E

603. Vi 24650- Cab Calloway O- Margie/ Emaline VV+

604. Vi 24669- Jimmie Lunceford O- Swingin Uptown/ Remember When EE-

605. Vi 24717- Gloria Grafton w/ O- Two Cigarettes In the Dark/ Lost In a Fog E+

606. Vi 24756- Richard Himber O- What a Difference a Day Made/ Must We Say Goodnight So Soon E Joey Nash vocs

607. Vi 24769- Paul Whiteman O- You're the Top/ I Get a Kick Out of You E

608. Vi 24860- Paul Whiteman O- If the Moon Turns Green/ I'm Keeping Those Keepsakes You Gave Me E+

609. Vi 24887- Paul Whiteman O- Would There Be Love?/ Let's Spill the Beans EE+

610. Vi 24894- Ruby Newman O- About a Quarter to Nine/ Little Picture Playhouse In My Heart E+

611. Vi 25004- Al Bowlly w/ Ray Noble O- U Opened My Eyes/ Everything's Been Done Before EE-

612. Vi 25150- Paul Whiteman O- New O'leans/ Sugar Plum E-

613. Vi 25158- Eleanor Powell w/ Tommy Dorsey O- I've Got a Feelin' You're Foolin/ You Are My Lucky Star VV+

614. Vi 25194- Fats Waller Rhythm- Somebody Stole My Gal/ Sugar Blues E+N-

615. Vi 25196- Fats Waller Rhythm- A Little Bit Independent/ Sweet Thing E+N-

616. Vi 25201- Tommy Dorsey O- If I Had Rhythm In My Nursery Rhymes/ The Music Goes Round E

617. Vi 25222- Fats Waller Rhythm- When Somebody Thinks You're Wonderful/ You Stayed Away Too Long E+

618. Vi 25253- Fats Waller Rhythm- West Wind/ Sing An Old Fashioned Song NN-

619. Vi 25255- Fats Waller Rhythm- That Never To Be Forgotten Night/ Oooh Looka There Aint She Pretty E+

620. Vi 25261- Victor DO- Moon Winks/ Cake Walk EE+ online info says this is George Hall O--never knew he made a Victor

621. Vi 25270- Paul Whiteman O- It's Got to Be Love/ There's a Small Hotel E-

622. Vi 25351- Benny Goodman O- These Foolish Things/ In a Sentimental Mood E+N- sl warp nap

623. Vi 25356- Paul Whiteman O- Afterglow/ On Your Toes E

624. Vi 25467- Tommy Dorsey O- After You've Gone/ Benny Goodman O- Bugle Call Rag NN-

625. Vi 25514- Eddy Duchin O- Love Is Good For Anything That Ails You/ Moonlight & Shadows NN-

626. Vi 25523- Tommy Dorsey O- Marie/ Song of India EE+

627. Vi 25538- Richard Himber O- Blue Hawaii/ Was It Rain? E+

628. Vi 25562- Bunny Berigan O- 'Cause My Baby Says It's So/ You Can't Run Away From Love Tonight E-

629. Vi 25613- Bunny Berigan O- Let's Have Another Cigarette/ Roses In December E-/EE-

630. Vi 25635- Tommy Dorsey O- U've Got Something There/ Have U Got Any Castles Baby EE-/E-

631. Vi 25645- Richard Himber O- So Many Memories/ Till the Clock Strikes Three E+

632. Vi 25646- Bunny Berigan O- Turn On That Red Hot Heat/ Let 'Er Go E despite grey

633. Vi 25648- Tommy Dorsey O- You & I Know/ Good Bye Jonah E-

634. Vi 25649- Tommy Dorsey O- If You Were Someone Else/ An Old Flame Never Dies EE-

635. Vi 25671- Fats Waller Rhythm- I'm Always In the Mood For You/ She's Tall, She's Tan, She's Teriffic E+

636. Vi 25683- Benny Goodman O- Bob White/ Minnie the Moocher's Wedding Day E+

637. Vi 25695- Tommy Dorsey O- You're a Sweetheart/ Nice Work If You Can Get It E+

638. Vi 25698- Leo Reisman O- Close/ Rosalie V+

639. Vi 25707- Larry Clinton O- The Campbells Are Swingin/ Abba Dabba EE+

640. Vi 25715- Leo Reisman O- Let's Give Love Another Chance/ This Never Happened Before E

641. Vi 25732- Hal Kemp O- Take a Tip From the Tulip/ Speak Your Heart E+/EE+

642. Vi 25734- Jack Harris O- Toy Trumpet/ Larry Clinton O- Snake Charmer E/EE-

643. Vi 25772- Larry Wagner Rhythmasters- Hearts Without Flowers/ Sneakin' a Sleep E- very Raymond Scott like

644. Vi 25790- Leo Reisman O- Love Walked In/ The Moon of Mankoora E/E+

645. Vi 25855- Hal Kemp O- In Any Language/ Where In the World E+

646. Vi 25864- Fats Waller Rhythm- How Can I?/ Jealous of Me E+

647. Vi 25877- Bunny Berigan O- Tonight Will Live/ And So Forth EE-

648. Vi 26265- Hal Kemp O- Let There Be Love/ Begone E

649. Vi 26393- Lionel Hampton O- One Sweet Letter From You/ Early Session Hop E+/E lbl tear B

650. Vi 26429- Tommy Dorsey O- Easy Does It/ Am I Proud? E+

651. Vi 26455- Sammy Kaye O- When You Wish Upon a Star/ Turn on the Old Music Box E+

652. Vi 26464- Sammy Kaye O- Pretty Baby/ Baby Face E+

653. Vi 26593- Tommy Dorsey O- Devil May Care/ Fools Rush In EE+

654. Vi 26596- Tommy Dorsey O- Its a Lovely Day Tomorrow/ You're Lonely & I'm Lonely E Sinatra both

655. Vi 26758- Leo Reisman O- Such Stuff As Dreams Are Made Of/ I Want to Live V

656. Vi 26761- Tommy Dorsey O- Shadows On the Sand/ You're Breaking My Heart All Over Again E+ Sinatra both

657. Vi 26764- Tommy Dorsey O- When You Awake/ Two Dreams Met EE+/E Sinatra A

658. Vi 27249- Tommy Dorsey O- Swing High/ Swing Time Up In Harlem E+

659. Vi 27258- Bunny Berigan O- Peg O' My Heart/ Night Song E

660. Vi 27421- Tommy Dorsey O- Yes Indeed!/ Will You Still Be Mine E/E+

661. Vi 27749- Tommy Dorsey O- How About You?/ Winter Weather E+ Sinatra A

662. Vi 20-1870- Big Maceo- Big Road Blues/ Won't Be a Fool No More E+

663. Vi 20-1890- Lonnie Johnson- Somebody's Got to Go/ My Love Is Down E+N-

664. Vi 20-2280(promo)- Desi Arnaz O- Babalu/ Brazil E+

665. Vi 20-2282(promo)- Desi Arnaz O- Cuban Pete/ Green Eyes E+

666. Vi 20-2301- Phil Harris O- George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Ulysses S Robert E Lee/ I'm So Right Tonight E+

667. Vi 20-2703- Little Eddie Boyd & his Boogie Band- Rosa Lee Swing/ Blue Monday Blues E some lt scuffs

668. Vi 20-2724- Tommy Dorsey O- Starlight Rendezvous/ My Gal Is Mine Once More E+

669. Vi 20-2758- Tommy Dorsey O- Farewell to Arms/ I May Be Wrong V+

670. Vi 20-2827(promo)- Desi Arnaz O- Rumba Rumbero/ In Santiago, Chile NEW-

671. Vi 20-2862(promo)- Tony Martin- Its You or No One/ It's Magic NN-

672. Vi 20-2914(promo)- Tony Martin- If I Had You/ Music From Beyond the Moon E+

673. Vi 20-3061- Tommy Dorsey O- After Hour Stuff/ Until EE+

674. Vi 20-3186- Dizzy Gillespie O- Minor Walk/ Algo Bueno E despite grey

675. Vi 20-3236- Tommy Dorsey O- U Know What Trouble Is Baby/ You Can Never Shake Love E+

676. Vi 20-3424(promo)- Eve Young- A Cockeyed Optimist/ Happy Talk NN-

677. Vi 20-3450(promo)- Tommy Dorsey O- Aint'cha Glad I Love You/ The Continental V+

678. Vi 20-4477(promo)- Tony Martin- At Last At Last/ Make With the Music N-

679. Vi 20-4758(promo)- Tony Martin- Where Did the Night Go/ Padam..Padam..NN-

680. Vi 20-4866- Sauter- Finegan O- Azure-Te/ Doodletown Fifers E+

681. Vi 20-4867- Sauter- Finegan O- Stop! Sit Down! Relax! Think!/ Rain E+

682. Vi 20-4927- Sauter- Finegan O- Moonlight On the Ganges/ April in Paris E+

683. Vi 20-4995- Sauter- Finegan O- When Hearts Are Young/ Midnight Sleighride E+

684. Vi 20-5099(promo)- Homer & Jethro- Settin' the Woods On Fire #2/ Screwball's Love Song E+

685. Vi 20-5214(promo)- Homer & Jethro- Don't Let the Stars Get In Your Eyeballs/ Unhappy Day E+

686. Vi 20-5280(promo)- Homer & Jethro- Pore Ol' Koo-liger/ That Hound Dog In the Window N-

687. Vi 30-0014(promo)- Main Street String Band- Music Goes Round & Around/ Charley My Boy N-

688. Vi 30-0015(promo)- Main Street String Band- Wedding Bells Will Soon Be Ringin'/ Looking At the World Thru Rose Colored Glasses N-


689. Vi 41302- Ray Andrade O- My Lovely Hawaiian Maid/ Hapa Haole Hula Girl V- rcnaps

690. Vi 46955- Cia Dramatica Victor- Batalla de Granditas pt 1/2 E- on 3 color label (red, white, green) Mexican flag colors

691. Vi 1886- Budapest String Quartet & Benny Goodman- Quintet For Clarinet & Strings E+

692. Vi DL 5-A-B (33 1/3 rpm program transcription)- Victor Artists Party/ Victor Music Festival E despite few scuffs

693. Vi L-4501- Victor Salon Group (33 1/3 rpm program transcription)- Victor Herbert Melodies- Suite #1 pt 3/4 V+

694. Vi L-16005- Leo Reisman O (33 1/3 rpm program transcription)- The Cat & the Fiddle EE+

695. Vi L-24006- Civic Light Opera Co & Orch (33 1/3 rpm program trans)- The Mikado pt 3/4 VV+

696. Vi 64230- Yeast Foamers Orch- The Yeast Foamers March/ Chauncey Parsons- In the Gloaming NEW gold on cream colored Victor label for the Northwestern Yeast Co in Chicago

697. Vi V-9055- Molly Picon w/ O- Yiddish/ Abi Gesind EE+

698. Vi D3-PB-317/320- The Elastic Four- Mood Indigo/ Down By the Old Mill Stream E gold on white Victrolac or vinyl press

699. Vi D3-PB-319/321- The Elastic Four- Peggy O' Neil/ When the Maple Leaves Were falling EE+ as above

700. Vi D2-VB-0012/0042- The Best of Glenn Miller- Broadcast release in New Sound- American Patrol/ Song of the Volga Boatmen E+ vinyl pressing with yellow label

701. Vi EO-CB-6000- Mindy Carson w/ O- I Want a Television Christmas (a world of magic all my own) EE- gold on red lbl

702. X 0018- Geri Galian Carribean Rhythm Boys- Tara Lara/ Slaughter On Tenth Avenue E+


703. Actuelle 020533- Ernest Hare- Jabberwocky/ Down Yonder V-

704. Act 020619- Casino DO- Canadian Capers/ South Sea Isles E

705. Aladdin 200- Lester Young Sextet- Jumping at the Woodside/ One O Clock Jump E-

706. American Music 515- Dink's Good Time Music- Grace & Beauty/ Stomp de Lowdown E+

707. Am Mus- Charles Thompson- Derby Stomp/ The Lily Rag EE+ few lt scrs nap

708. Am Mus 528- Charles Thompson- Delmar Rag/ Lingering Blues E+

709. American Record 1004- Don Byas Quartet- Dark Eyes/ Laura E+

710. Apollo 377- Rabob Tarrant w/ Jack Mc Vea All Stars- Opus Boogie/ Blues This Morning V

711. Ap 769- Illinois Jacquet AS- Robbins' Next/ Jacquet Moon EE- Mingus bass

712. Atlantic 1111- Ivory Joe Hunter- You Can't Stop This Rocking & Rolling/ Since I Met You Baby EE+ despite scuffs

713. Atlas KC 100- King Cole Trio- My Lips Remember Your Kisses/ F.S.T. E+

714. Banner 1152- Sam Lanin DO- Railroad Man/ Ivy VV+/E- sm rcnap

715. Ba 1200- Missouri Jazz Hounds- Oh Harold/ Yes We Have No Bananas E-

716. Ba 1242- Hollywood DO- Oh! Min/ Slow Poke E

717. Ba 1249- Majestic DO- What Do You Do Sunday, Mary/ I Love You V

718. Ba 1328- Cliff Edwards- If You'll Come Back/ Where the Lazy Daisies Grow V

719. Ba 1349- Six Black Diamonds- Nobody's Sweetheart/ Josephine, the Meanest Gal In Town E-

720. Ba 1618- New Orleans Jazz Band- The Camel Walk/ Perry's Hot Dogs- Milenberg Joys E+

721. Ba 1621- Missouri Jazz Band- Stomp Off Lets Go/ Newport Soc O- Paddlin' Madelin Back Home V-

722. Ba 1649- Billy Jones & Ernest Hare- That Certain Party/ Show Me the Way to Go Home VV+

723. Ba 1799- Missouri Jazz Band- My Cutey's Due at Two to Two/ Imperial Do- Oh If I Only Had You EE+ or better

724. Ba 6358- Kentucky Grasshoppers- Sweet Liza/ Sam Lanin O- Dance of the Paper Dolls VV+/V.Irving Mills O A

725. Ba 33097- Roy Smeck O- Hilo March/ Song of the Islands E-

726. Ba 32377- Lou Gold O- Rain On the Roof/ Kiss Me Goodnight E-

727. Ba 32425- Chick Bullock Loungers- Hello Gorgeous/ Dixie V-

728. Ba 32959- Roy Smeck 4- Coffee In the Morning/ Smoke Gets In Your Eyes V- scrs/ VV-

729. Ba 33053- Eddie Elkins O- Easy Come, Easy Go/ I Ain't Lazy- I'm Just Dreamin' EE-

730. Ba 33229- Bob Causer O- Irresistible/ We're You Foolin'? EE-

731. Ba 33251- Vincent Rose O- Let's Give Three Cheers For Love/ Stay As Sweet As You Are E-/V

732. Banner 2048(later label)- Myron Cohen- Partners/ Shortages E/E+

733. Bell S-100- Reed Miller- Little Grey House In the West/ Maria Cardinelli- At Dawning V- early lbl

734. Bell LKS 110- George Kainapau w/ George Archer Pagans- Mauka Kea/ Hilo Hanakahi E+ rcnap

735. Bell LKS 508- Napua Stevens- My Hawaiian Souvenirs/ Beyond the Reef VV+

736. Bell 1023(vinyl)- Artie Shaw Gramercy Five- That Old Feeling/ Besame Mucho E..later lbl

737. Bluebird 5026- The Madhatters- Called to Say Goodnight/ Just An Echo In the Valley E-

738. BB 5157- Beverly & Jimmy Long- The Old Folks Back Home/ Buddy V

739. BB 5178- Joe Haymes O- I Never Knew I Could Love Anybody/ Bill Scotti O- Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf E

740. BB 5190- Dick Sanford Trio- When the Bible Was the Best Book In the Land/ When We Sang In the Choir Together V

741. BB 5218- Bee Sharp O- Heat Wave/ Supper Time VV+

742. BB 5237- Barney Rapp O- When Shall We Meet Again/ And So Goodbye E-/VV+

743. BB 5250- Barney Rapp O- Build a Little Home/ No More Love E-

744. BB 5631- Tom Berwick O- Tea For Two/ Blue Steele O- Mistakes E- sm rcnap..nice A

745. BB 5793- Hal Davis O- Throwin' Stones At the Sun/ Becuase of Once Upon a Time E- good!

746. BB 5864- George Hall O- Everything's Been Done Before/ Hi Diddle Dee Dum VV+

747. BB 5886- Jack Shilkret O- Two Heads Against the Moon/ Flowers For Madame EE+ tiny hlc nap

748. BB 5890- Bill Barry O- You Opened My Eyes/ You're a Heavenly Thing V/V-

749. BB 5892- Jimmie Rodgers- I've Ranged, I've Roamed & I've Travelled/ Why Did You Give Me Your Love G

750. BB 6097- Peggy Johnson O- She Jumped On Her Pushbike & Pedalled Away/ If You Cant Get Five Take Two E+

751. BB 6252- Ted Wallace Swing Kings- Goody Goody/ Alone At a Table For Two E-

752. BB 6254- The California Ramblers- Gotta Go To Work Again/ Sing An Old Fashioned Song E

753. BB 6362- Willie Bryant O- Is It True What They Say About Dixie/ Moonrise On the Lowlands V+/E

754. BB 6413- Chicago Rhythm Kings- Where There's You There's Me/ Ted Weems O- The Old Kitchen Kettle V-

755. BB 6432- Charlie Barnet O- Long Ago & Far Away/ Where Is My Heart E/EE-

756. BB 6454- Bob Pope O- Take My Heart/ Let's Sing Again V+E- NC recorded

757. BB 6488- Charlie Barnet O- When Did You Leave Heaven/ A Star Fell Out of Heaven E/E-

758. BB 6502- Bob Pope O- On the Alamo/ When My Baby Smiles At Me E-/V

759. BB 6594- Charlie Barnet O- It's Love I'm After/ You Do the Darndest Things E/V

760. BB 6797- Dolly Dawn Patrol- The Meanest Thing U Ever Did Was Kiss Me/ How Could You E-

761. BB 6973- Charlie Barnet O- Love Is a Merry Go Round/ The First Time I Saw You E-

762. BB 6975- Charlie Barnet O- In Your Own Little Way/ You're Looking For Romance E

763. BB 7069- Rudy Vallee O- Don't Play With Fire/ Vieni..Vieni E+

764. BB 7078- Rudy Vallee O- The Old Sow Song/ With Her Head Tucked Underneath Her Arm N-

765. BB 7092- Bob Skyles Skyrockets- We're Not the Hoosier Hot Shots/ The Lavender Cowboy E/E- FUN A!!

766. BB 7101- Phil Napoleon's Emperor's- Mean to Me/ My Kinda Love E+ 1929 masters

767. BB 7107- Jesse Crawford O- It's the Natural Thing to Do/ After You V

768. BB 7108- Hod Williams O- My Secret Love Affair/ Little Fraternity Pin NN-

769. BB 7117- Jesse Crawford O- On With the Dance/ Love Is On the Air Tonight V/V-

770. BB 7377- Abe Lyman O- Smoke From a Chimney/ Two Dreams Get Together E+N-

771. BB 7578- Abe Lyman O- When the Stars Go to Sleep/ It's the Dreamer In Me E+

772. BB 7726- Ozzie Nelson O- Maple Leaf Rag/ Yes Suh! E-

773. BB 7825- Ozzie Nelson O- At Long Last Love/ Forget If You Can E/E+

774. BB 7943- Arthur Smith & his Dixie Liners- In the Pines/ Why Should I Wonder? E-

775. BB 9031- Sonny Boy Williamson- Ground-Hog Blues/ Broken Heart Blues E-

776. BB 10061- Don Redman O- Down Home Rag/ Margie E+

777. BB 10066- Tito & His Swingtette- Atmosphere/ Stuff & Things E-

778. BB 10077- Dick Todd w/ O- Medley of Gus Edwards Hits/ pt 2 E-

779. BB 10085- Mezz Mezzrow O- Comin' On With the Come On pt 1/2 E+

780. BB 10088- Mezz Mezzrow O- Revolutionary Blues/ Gettin' Together E+

781. BB 10089- Mezz Mezzrow O- Really the Blues/ When You & I Were Young Maggie E+

782. BB 10113- Boots & His Buddies- Lonesome Road Stomp/ Remember EE+/E+

783. BB 10126- Artie Shaw O- Rosalie/ Lover, Come Back to Me EE+

784. BB 10137- Van Alexander O- Oh! I'm Evil/ Honey Bunny Boo E

785. BB 10139- Glenn Miller O- How I'd Like to Be With You In Bermuda/ Shut-Eye EE+/E

786. BB 10180- Ozzie Nelson O- Sing a Song of Sunbeams/ That Sly Old Gentleman EE+/E+

787. BB 10186- Frankie Newton O- Minor Jive/ Romping E+

788. BB 10187- Ozzie Nelson O- Red Skies In the Night/ Little Skipper E+

789. BB 10229- Glenn Miller O- This Lady's In Love With You/ My Last Goodbye E despite grey

790. BB 10233- Ozzie Nelson O- Wave a Stick Blues/ Ever So Quiet E+/EE+

791. BB 10286- Glenn Miller O- Pavanne/ Little Brown Jug EE+

792. BB 10292- Erskine Hawkins O- Swingin' On Lenox Avenue/ No Soap E-

793. BB 10330- Van Alexander O- The Jumpin' Jive/ Ragtime Cowboy Joe E

794. BB 10362- Bob Hamilton Trio- In An 18th Century Drawing Room/ Dinner Music For a Pack of Hungry Cannibals E+

795. BB 10367- Vincent Lopez O- If I Only Had a Brain/ The Jitterbug E+

796. BB 10385- Artie Shaw O- Serenade to a Savage/ Traffic Jam EE+

797. BB 10464- Abe Lyman O- All In Favor Say "Aye"/ Honestly EE+

798. BB 10467- Earl Hines O- Me & Columbus/ After All I've Been to You E

799. BB 10505- Manny Klein's Hawaiians- Makalapua O Kamakaeha/ Rainbows Over Paradise VV+

800. BB 10615- Don Redman O- About Rip Van Winkle/ You Ain't Nowhere EE+

801. BB 10649- Bob Chester O- You Little Heart Breaker You/ The Octave Jump E-/VV+

802. BB 10652- Ford Leary O- On Revival Day/ Hong Kong Blues E+

803. BB 10660- The Four King Sisters- Chop Fooey/ Sometimes I'm Happy EE+

804. BB 10726- Tommy Dorsey O- East of the Sun/ Head On My Pillow E+ Sinatra vocs

805. BB 10745- Glenn Miller O- The Nearness of You/ Mister Meadowlark E-

806. BB 10764- The Four King Sisters- Poi, My Boy Will Make a Man Out of You/ On Behalf of the Visiting Firemen E+/E

807. BB 10765- Don Redman O- Shim Me Sha Wabble/ Chant of the Weed E+N-

808. BB 10779- Fats Waller Rhythm- You Run Your Mouth, I'll Run My Business/ Too Tired E

809. BB 10804- T. Dorsey Family- Friendship/ Charlie Barnet O- The Wrong Idea E+/EE+

810. BB 10834- The Four King Sisters- Fifteen Minute Intermission/ The Call of the Canyon E+

811. BB 10836- Larry Clinton O- Shades of Twilight/ Bolero In Blue EE+

812. BB 10843- Abe Lyman O- The World Is In My Arms/ There's a Great Day Coming Manana E

813. BB 10858- Fats Waller Rhythm- Swinga-dilla-Street/ Fats Waller's Original E Flat Blues VV+

814. BB 10904- Bob Chester O- Buzz Buzz Buzz/ May I Never Love Again EE+

815. BB 10916- Bob Chester O- Talkin' to My Heart/ Old, Old Castle In Scotland E-/E

816. BB 10956- New Orleans Rhythm Kings- She's Cryin For Me/ Everybody Loves Somebody Blues E-V+ orig issue alt tks

817. BB 10964- Bob Chester O- Flinging a Whing Ding/ I'm In a Lovable Mood Tonight EE+

818. BB 10995- Billy Murray- I'd Feel At Home If They'd Let Me Join the Army/ 'Twas Only An Irishman's Dream V

819. BB 11006- Harry's Tavern Band- Duck Soup/ Sax-a-Fun E

820. BB 11071- Bob Chester O- Beau Night In Hotchkiss Corners/ I Could Write a Book E+

821. BB 11043- Bob Chester O- My Ship/ Bewitched N-

822. BB 11294- Magnante's Accordion Band- Halli-Hallo-Halli/ Clarinet Polka EE+

823. BB 11353- Alvino Rey O- Santa Claus Is Comin' to Town/ Jingle Bells E-/VV+

824. BB 11385- Nancy Walker w/ O- What Do You Think I Am?/ A Little Joint With a Juke Box EE+

825. BB 30-0837- Hal Mc Intyre O- Saturday Night/ My Funny Valentine EE-

826. BB 34-0708- Lonnie Johnson- Rambler's Blues/ Fly Right, Baby E+

827. BB 34-0710- Washboard Sam Washboard Band- I Get the Blues At Bedtime/ I Laid My Cards On the Table NN-

828. BB 34-0716- Tommy Mc Clennan- Shake It Up & Go/ I Love My Baby G-/V+

829. BB 34-0743- Big Maceo- Chicago Breakdown/ Winter Time Blues V-

830. Cameo 769- Dixie Daisies- Fritz Is On the Fritz/ Lou Gold O- I Miss My Swiss EE- bump sds few gvs A..good tpt!

831. Ca 844- The Happiness Boys- Smile a Little Bit/ Show Me the Way to Go Home V-

832. Ca 1068- Peggy Britton- I Could Stand a Little Lovin'/ Don't Take That Black Bottom Away VV+/V..Peggy English

833. Ca 9202- Society Night Club O- Mistakes/ Regent Club O- My Dear VV+

834. Ca 9204- Dixie Daisies- It Took a Lot of Blue/ The Detroiters- Am I Blue V+E-

835. Capitol 326- Jesse Price w/ O- Sweet Man Blues/ Sleepy Baby Blues EE-

836. Cap 1184- Stan Kenton O w/ Nat King Cole- Jam-Bo/ Nat King Cole with Stan Kenton O- Orange Colored Sky E+

837. Cap 1961- Mickey Katz O- Herring Boats/ Sin E+ few scuffs nap

838. Cap 3702- Nat King Cole- China Gate/ When Rock & Roll Came to Trinidad E+

839. Cap 15026- Johnny Mercer & The King Cole Trio- My Baby Likes to Be Bop/ You Cant Make Money Dreamin E+

840. Cap 15033- T Bone Walker- I Got a Break Baby/ Mean Old World E+

841. Cap 15114- The Starlighters w/ O- Maria From Bahia/ Night & Day E+

842. Cap 7-1713- Maynard Ferguson w/ O- What's New?/ The Hot Canary E-

843. Cap 57-607- Nick Lucas- Bye Bye Blackbird/ Don't Call Me Sweetheart Anymore N-

844. Cap 57-672- Jack Carson- Give Me a Song With a Beautiful Melody/ That Was a Big Fat Lie E+

845. Cavalier 826- Nick Lucas, his guitar & quintet- Lady Be Good/ Til the End of Forever NN-

846. Champion 15576- Rex Gordon's Aces- Talkin to Myself/ Champion Dance Kings- Sonny Boy EE- NICE A!

847. Chance 3010- Eddie Bracken- Just One of Those Things/ The Night Is Young EE- Chicago label w/ the movie star

848. Clarion 5009- Louisiana Collegians- Walking Through a Field of Daisies/ Rudy Marlow O- She'll be Comin' Round the Mountain E+/EE+ lt scr B..some good solos B!

849. Cl 5081- Billy "Uke" Carpenter- My Baby Just Cares For Me/ Don't Make Me Laugh E-V+

850. Cl 5213- Louisiana Collegians- It Ain't No Fault of Mine/ Rumba O- The Peanut Vendor E+/EE+

851. Cl 5420- Roy Carroll O- Bend Down Sister/ By the Sycamore Tree looks VV+, plays EE+ great BG..Ballew ..Ben Selvins

852. Cl 5466- Bar Harbor Soc O- When Nobody Else Is Around/ D'orsay DO- Kiss Me Goodnight V- aud scr A

853. Cl 11501- Lloyd Keating O- Why Did It Have to be Me/ I Cant Write the Words// An Evening In Caroline/ Lucille V rcnap...5 minute record Ben Selvin

854. Clef 8925- Santo Dixieland Jazz Band- Basin Street Blues/ Twelfth Street Rag E+

855. Cl 11034- Slim Gaillard & Bam Brown- Opera In Vout- Recitative e Finale/ Presto Con Stomp N-

856. Cl 11049- Lester Young Trio- Somebody Loves Me/ I Cover the Waterfront E+

857. Cl 89101- Count Basie Sextet- Count's Organ Blues/ Basie Beat E

858. Cl 89105- Gene Krupa Sextet- Midget/ Showcase E+

859. Cl 89112- Count Basie O- Basie Goes Wess/ Softly With Feeling E+

860. Cl 89119- Gene Krupa Sextet- Meddle My Minor/ Windy E+

861. Cl 89149- Count Basie O- Every Day 1/2 E+/E

862. Cocktail Party Songs 303- Paul Wynn- Tattooed Lady/ Noses Run In My Family V+

863. Conqueror 7312- Billy Murray- The Ladies/ Frank Luther- Barnacle Bill the Sailor G

864. Cq 7395- The Aristocrats- I've Got a Feeling I'm Falling/ I Get the Blues When It Rains V+ clk A passes Hawaiian g both

865. Cq 8171- Nye Mayhew O- It Isn't Fair/ Phil Romano O- Hold Me V

866. Cq 8901- Chick Bullock Loungers- Blossoms On Broadway/ UCan't Stop Me From Dreamin' V+

867. Cq 9515- Tommy Reynolds O- Pipe Dreams/ Now You Know E-

868. Cq 9556- Art Shaw New Music- A Pretty Girl Is Like a Melody/ My Blue Heaven E

869. Coral 60039- Ben Pollack O- Song of the Islands/ Looking At the World Thru Rose Colored Glasses E+N-

870. Cor 61115(promo)- Tex Beneke O- Chattanooga Choo Choo/ Cimarron E+

871. Cor 61115- Buddy Hackett- The Chinese Waiter/ The Diet E+

872. Cor 61594- Buddy Hackett- Chinese Rock & Egg Roll/ Ting Me a Tong E+

873. Cor 61792- Steve Lawrence- Pum Pa Lum/ Party Doll N-

874. Crown 3002- Jack Albin O- You're Driving Me Crazy/ Milt Shaw's Detroiters- Whats the Use of Living Without Love E+

875. Cr 3068- Buddy Blue Texans- Tie a Little String Around Your Finger/ Running Between the Raindrops EE- Smith Ballew vo

876. Cr 3098- Jack Albin O- Smile Darn Ya Smile/ Dream a Little Dream of Me EE+...B side has 2 big digs..A side OK

877. Cr 3153- Adrian Schubert O- Just One More Chance/ Al Lack City Radiolians- As Long As You're There G

878. Cr 3274- Adrian Schubert O- By the Fireside/ Paradise E/EE-

879. Cr 3289- Robert Simmons w/O- Somebody Loves You/ Auf Wiedersehn My Dear V

880. Cr 3305- Seville Rumba Band- Green Eyes/ The Song of a Slave E

881. Cr 3347- Russ Carlson O- Please Handle With Care/ You're Blase V

882. Cr 3350- Adrian Schubert O- As You Desire Me/ Now You've Got Me Worryin' For You E+

883. Cr 3359- Adrian Schubert O- The Lady I Love/ Mardi Gras V-

884. Cr 3375- Jack Berger O- Something In the Night/ Say It Isn't So V+ Chalrie Palloy vocal B/ Jan Peerce A

885. Cr 3387- Leo Hannon Broadway Bellhops- Underneath the Harlem Moon/ Let's Put Out the Lights E-

886. Cr 3393- Adrian Schubert O- Old Time Wzs 1/2V+

887. Cr 3407- San Remo DO- I'm Sure of Everything But You/ Sweet Muchacha V+/VV+

888. Cr 3435- Jerry Baker O- Sittin By the Fire With You/ At the Baby Parade E-/VV+

889. Cr 3481- Elmer Feldkamp O- Stormy Weather/ Me & That Old Gang of Mine EE+

890. Cr 3510- Elmer Feldkamp O- Under a Blanket of Blue/ Morning, Noon, & Night E+

891. Crown personal unnumbered- Bill Borden O- Jazzometry V...rare one sided Crown, label autographed by Bill Borden

892. Crystalette 615- Bob Zerke piano solo- Body & Soul/ Workin' My Way E-

893. De Luxe 2001- Billy Eckstine O(w/ Dizzy Gillespie)- Blowing the Blues Away/ If That's the Way You Feel E+

894. De Luxe 2002- Billy Eckstine O(w/ Dizzy Gillespie)- Opus X/ The Real thing Happened to Me E+

895. De Luxe 2003- Billy Eckstine O(w/ Dizzy Gillespie?)- I'll Wait & Pray/ I Want to Talk About You E+ Sarah Vaughan A

896. Diva 2510- Oriignal Indiana Five- Clementine/ University Six- Zulu Wail V-

897. Di 2882- Walter Cummins- Coquette/ Underneath the Russian Moon E+ lam B nap

898. Di 3086- Hotel Penn Music- Taint No Sin/ Nobody's Sweetheart V rcnaps..hot w/ Sammy Fain vocs

899. Di 3136- Hotel Penn Music- It Happened In Monterrey/ Song of the Dawn E-

900. Di 3195- Frank Auburn O- Nobody Cares If I'm Blue/ Gee But I'd Like to Make You Happy EE-, plays E

901. Duke 113- Freddie Green & KC 7- I'm In the Mood For Love/ Sugar Hips E-

902. Domino 4620- Majestic DO- Why Have You Forgotten Waikiki?/ Sam Lanin O- Its Easy to Fall In Love EE-

903. Edison Diamond Disk 50258- Peerless Qtet- The Pussy Cat Rag/ Premier Qtet- Moonlight Bay E+ first few gvs slite noise- cleanable?

904. EDD 50350- Collins & Harlan- All Aboard For Chinatown/ Billy Murray- I Can Dance With Everybody But My Wife E

905. EDD 50404- Waikiki Hawaiian O- Waielae medley(take A)/ Louise & Ferera- Kamehameha March(take A-1) E

906. EDD 50404- Waikiki Hawaiian O- Waielae medley(take B)/ Louise & Ferera- Kamehameha March(take A-XX-5-14) EE+

907. EDD 50406- Helen Louise & Frank Ferera- My Sweet Sweeting Wz/ Waikiki Hawaiian O- Aloha Sunset Land E

908. EDD 50455- Waikiki Hawaiian O- One, Two, Three, Four med/ Ford Hawaiians- Ellis March E

909. EDD 50623- Waikiki Hawaiian O- Hawaiian Breezes/ Imperial Marimba Band- Marche Lorraine E

910. EDD 50820- Bernard & Hare- Ain't You Coming Out Malinda/ Golden & Heins- Aunt Phoebe's Wedding Day E few clx B

911. EDD 50932- Lanin O- Lola Lo- Hawaiian Fox trot/ Club De Vingt O- Jimmy EE+/E..sm rcnap

912. EDD 51219- Bailey & Kent- Say It With a Ukulele/ Walter Scanlan- Marcheta E+ rcnap B

913. EDD 51235- Billy Jones & Ernest Hare- That Old Gang of Mine/ That's a Lot of Bunk E+

914. EDD 51401- Signor Lou Chiha "Friscoe"- Aloha Oe/ Gypsy Love Song E+

915. EDD 51442- Golden Gate O- I've a Garden In Sweden/ Southern Rose E/ V first few gvs, then E

916. EDD 51455- Meadowbrook DO- Me & The Boy Friend/ Polla's Clover Garden O- Nightingale EE+ label dmg A

917. EDD 51458- Dave Harman O- Prince of Wails/ Nancy EE+/ E- 1st 2 gvs, then EE+

918. EDD 51896- Ross Gorman O- Hawaiian Rose/ You're Burnin' Me Up E/EE-

919. EDD 51966- Vaughn De Leath- It Made Me Happy When You Made Me Cry/ Positively- Absolutely E+

920. EDD 51987- Golden Gate O- Sidewalk Blues/ Stockholm Stomp EE+

921. EDD 52014- Golden Gate O- Hallelujah!/ Yes She Do-No She Don't E..label missing B

922. EDD 52099- Winegar's Penn Boys- Ooh Maybe Its You/ Al Lynn's O- Marvelous E/EE- part lbl missing B

923. EDD 52113- Palakiko's Hawaiian O- South Sea Isles/ Hawaiian Rose E+

924. EDD 52164- Golden Gate O- Make My Cot Where the Cot Cot Cotton Grows/ For My Baby E+ NICE!

925. EDD 52181- Golden Gate O- Mine-All Mine/ The Pay Off EE- in parts, E- in parts

926. EDD 80514- The Homestead Trio- Aloha Sunset Land/ Criterion Qtet- When the Corn Is Waving E+

927. Edison 11003- (needle cut)- Murray Kellner O- What a Pity/ Fidgets E+

928. Elite 5008- Ina Ray Hutton O- Ev'rything I Love/ You Made Me Love You E- Ina Ray vocal B

929. Emerson 12138- Orchestra Del Symphony Theatre- Una Notte A Coney Island/ Il Canto Della Sirena VV+ aud clk B

930. Emerson 13205- Aaron Lebedeff w/ O- Sis Gefonfet/ Kavkass E-

931. Forty Ninth State 135- George Noope & June Lette w/ Joe Keawe's Harmony Hawaiians- Sophisticated Hula/ Leilehua VV+

932. Fraad 5414 (vert cut)- Fraad Dance Band- Pretty Baby/ Louise & Ferera- Kilima Wz V/V+ RARE NYC label

933. Gala 2- Miss Lee Wiley w/ Max Kaminsky O- I've Got Five Dollars/ Glad to Be Unhappy E+

934. Gem 3429- Dell Lampe O- It's Within Your Power/ Street of Dreams V+/E- rare Crown related label

935. Gennett 3112- Original Indiana Five- Indiana Stomp/ Red Hot Henry Brown V-

936. Ge 4859- Ray Miller O- Georgia/ Canary Isle VV+

937. Ge 7578 (vert cut)- John W. Dodd- Good Night Little Girl Good Night/ A Banjo Song E

938. Ge 7641 (vert cut)Arthur Hall- Hello I've Been Looking For You/ Liberty Bell VV+/E lbl dmg B

939. Ge 9049- Pamby Dick- accordion solo- De'il Amang Th' Tailors/ Flowers of Edinboro V-

940. Ge 10088(green lbl- Irish series?)- Henry Mueller w/ O- Somewhere In the World/ A Kiss In the Dark EE+

941. General 1703- Jelly Roll Morton Seven- Sweet Substitute/ Panama NN-

942. Grammophone Concert Record GC 9381-(manuf by Grammophone Co, Ltd and sister companies)Mr. Charles Capper- Il Bacio- Arditi V

943. Grammophone Concert Record VM 4247(made by Victor Talking Machine Co, Camden USA for sale in UK)- Collins & Harlan- Whoa Bill! G

944. Grey Gull L-1063- Tom Carey O- The Hula Blues/ The Krulee O- Marimba EE+

945. Grey Gull 1587- uncred Orch w/ voc- Sweethearts On Parade/ How Long Have You Waited E+ Hawaiian guitar A

946. Harmograph 215- Harmograph DO- Georgette/ It's Up to You E- rare St Louis label

947. Harmograph 1067- Ike- Heart Breakin Creole Rose/ Old Shanghai E/EE- rare Ukulele Ike- Cliff Edwards issue

948. Harmony 20- Ben Smith w/ May Singhi Breen ukulele- You Gave All Your Kisses to Somebody Else/ What a Life E

949. Ha 47- Original Indiana Five- I'm Gonna Hang Around My Sugar/ Everybody Stomp looks E, plays E+

950. Ha 155- University 6- Georgianna/ Manhattan Dance Makers- Horses E-

951. Ha 236- Jane Gray- Looking At the World Thru Rose Colored Glasses/ I Don't Wanna E

952. Ha 251- The Astorites- Hugs & Kisses/ Black Bottom V+

953. Ha 260- Joe Candullo Everglades O- Susie's "Feller"/ I've Got the Girl V

954. Ha 306- Honey Duke & His Uke- Thinking of U/ It Made Me Happy When You Made Me Cry EE+

955. Ha 329- Jane Gray- He's the Last Word/ There Ain't No Maybe In My Baby's Eyes EE+

956. Ha 449- Dolly Kay- I Ain't That Kind of a Baby/ Magnolia EE+

957. Ha 499- Jack Kaufman- You Can't Walk Back From An Aeroplane/ Get Away, Old Man, Get Away E+N-

958. Ha 699- Musical Comedy O- Watch My Baby Walk/ Blue Shadows E+

959. Ha 738- Jerome Conrad O- Etiquette Blues/ When Sweet Susie Goes Steppin' By E few scfs nap

960. Ha 777- Arthur Ross Westerners- Won't You Tell Me Hon/ Gypsy E-

961. Ha 1009- Teddy Joyce Penn Stage Recorders- Collegiate Sam/ Gotta Feelin' For You V

962. Ha 1020- Rudy Marlow O- Sunny Side Up/ Dance Away the Night EE-

963. Ha 1110- Hotel Penn Music- Puttin on the Ritz/ With You E+

964. Ha 1145- Lloyd Keating O- My Future Just Passed/ Across the Breakfast Table looks EE-, plays E some solos

965. Ha 1161- Frank Auburn O- Chinnin' & Chattin' With May/ Hotel Penn O- Give Yourself a Pat On the Back E-

966. Ha 1176- Golden Gate O- Into My Heart/ You're the Sweetest Girl This Side of Heaven E-

967. Ha 1379- Roy Carroll O- Waitin From a Call From You/ Goodnight Sweetheart EE+ nice Selvin sides!

968. Hawaiian H-4- Ed Kenney- Coral Sand/ When Momona Shakes Her Kimona VV+

969. Hit 7023- Arthur Field's O- Der Fuehrer's Face/ Gee But It's Great to Meet a Friend V/E

970. Hollywood 1157- Archie Harrod- De Negro's Got to Go/ Ole Mistus V+ RARE California label!

971. Hollywood Hot Shots 424- Bob Brandy O- King Solomon/ Yes Yes Yes Yes E fun party record!

972. HRS January 1938- Jack Teagarden O- Loveless Love master 1/2 EE+/E+

973. Keynote 504- Beatrice Kay- Picket Line Priscilla/ Tony Kraber- Old Paint EE+

974. Kicks G-3- It May Not Be Love But Its Wonderful/ Joy Stick E+ fun party record "adults only"

975. King 4336- Lonnie Johnson- Blues Stay Away From Me/ Confused E+N-

976. King 4492- Lonnie Johnson- Happy New Year Darling/ Gatemouth Moore- Christmas Blues E+

977. King 4511- Earl Bostic O- Lover Come Back to Me/ The Moon Is Low N-

978. King 4536- Earl Bostic O- Linger Awhile/ Velvet Sunset N-

979. La Belle AL 5097- Jazz Band- Je Ne Sais Papa/ My Little Bimbo Down On the Bamboo Isle E-

980. Lincoln 2652- The Troubadours- St Louis Blues/ The Rangers- it All Depends On You VV+

981. L'Insuperable 5002- Romani & Pantano- Valentino/ Flavia V..rare colorful label clean.from NYC

982. London L 1028(ENG)- Josh White- On Top of Old Smoky/ Black Girl E+

983. Lyric 4143- Kalaao Hawaiian O- Kilina/ Yakka Hula Hickey Dula E

984. MGM 1071- Annette Hanshaw- True Blue Lou/ The Capitolians- The Flippety Flop looks E-, plays E. scarce issue for theatre lobby sale...1929 label

985. MGM 10309- Slim Gaillard Trio- A Ghost of a Chance/ Down By the Station NEW

986. MGM 10535(40s lbl) (promo)- Marion Hutton w/ O- Love Happy/ same E good record from Marx Brothers movie

987. Manor 1015- Deek Watson & His Brown Dots- You're a Heartache to Me/ Just In Case You Change Your Mind VV+

988. Man 1026- Deek Watson & His Brown Dots- Satchelmouth Baby/ Surrender EE+

989. Man 1152- Savannah Churchill & the Four Tunes- How Could I Know/ It's Raining Down In Sunshine Lane E+

990. Master 101- Duke Ellington O- The New East St Louis Toodle-O/ I've Got to be a Rug Cutter EE+

991. Ma 123- Duke Ellington O- Scattin At the Kit Kat/ The New Birmingham Breakdown E+/EE+

992. Melotone 12806- Herb Gordon O- Night Owl/ Its Only a Paper Moon VV+

993. Mt 12807- Joe Venuti O- Gather Lip Rouge While You May/ I Want to Ring Bells EE+

994. Mt 12814- Dick Robertson O- Man On the Flying Trapeze 1/2 EE+ fun!!... laminated green label

995. Mt 6-01-02- Chick Bullock Levee Loungers- Who?/ Whispering N-/EE+ top West Coast pressing

996. Mercury 8040- Albert Ammons Rhythm Kings- Kilroy Boogie/ Twelfth Street Boogie E+

997. Mer 8075(promo)- Albert Ammons Rhythm Kings- Ammons Stomp/ The Clipper N-

998. Mer 8100- Albert Ammons Rhythm Kings- Baltimore Breakdown/ In a Little Spanish Town E

999. Mer 8051- Eddie Vinson O- Gonna Send You Back Where I Got You From/ Luxury Tax Blues V

1000. Mer 8067- Eddie Vinson O- Wandering Mind Blues/ Ol Man Blues E

1001. Mer 70534- Sarah Vaughan- How Important Can It Be/ Waltzing Down the Aisle E+

1002. Mer 89042(promo)- Stan Getz Quintet- Tis Autumn/ Lover Come Back to Me E+

1003. Mezzo Tone 100- Mae West- Come Up & See Me Sometime/ Frankie & Johnny VV+

1004. Montgomery Ward 4473- Grinnell Giggers- fiddle, guitar, banjo- Ruth's Rag/ Giggers Wz G/V-

1005. Musicraft 249- Josh White- Hard Time Blues/ Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday NN-

1006. Mus 409- Artie Shaw O The Hornet/ How Deep is the Ocean E

1007. Mus 412- Artie Shaw O Changing My Tune/ For You, For Me, For Everyone EE-

1008. Mus 428- Artie Shaw O- Anniversary Song/ Artie Shaw O w/ Mel Torme- Guilty E+

1009. Mus 441- Artie Shaw O w/ Mel Torme- They Can't Convince Me/ And So To Bed E+

1010. Mus 492- Artie Shaw O w/ Mel Torme- It's the Same Old Dream/ I Believe EE+

1011. Mus 15072- Georgie Auld O- A Hundred Years From Today/ Route 66 E..few lt scrs. vinyl press. Sarah Vaughan A

1012. Montgomery Ward 1015- Roy Smeck Hawaiian O- Gambler's Blues/ Frankie & Johnnie E+/EE+

1013. MW 8109- Jimmie Rodgers- Waiting For a Train/ Daddy & Home V+

1014. MW 10049- Will Osborne O- Between 18th & 19th on Chestnut/ Hungry For a Rhapsody EE+

1015. National 9052- Billy Eckstine O (w/ Dizzy Gillespie?)- Cool Breeze/ You're My Everything E+

1016. Odeon 20056- Harry Rose- Anna In Indiana/ Lewis James- Oh Me Oh My VV+.. rare one by Vitaphone star Harry of "Frankfurter Sandwiches" fame

1017. OKeh 4090- Rega DO- Oh By Jingo/ Venetian Moon EE+

1018. OK 4212- Harry Raderman Jazz O- Sweet Cuban Love/ Lanin O- Grieving For You E+

1019. OK 4457- Rega DO- Sweet Lady/ We Never Grow Old E-

1020. OK 4694- The Original Six- The Broadway Strut/ Okeh Syncopators- Sister Kate E bite to edge but nap

1021. OK 4737- Guyon's Paradise O- I'm Through/ Lost V-/V

1022. OK 4753- Herbert Berger's St Louis Club O- Trot Along/ The Fuzzy Wuzzy Bird V/VV- (Clarence M. Jones comp A)

1023. OK 4809- Clay Custer (piano solo)- The Rocks/ Chopiano E

1024. OK 4812- Harry Reser (banjo solo) w/ Banta acc- Sugar Blues/ Vincent Lopez O- Aggravatin' Papa V-

1025. OK 4842- George Kelly Original Six- That Red Head Gal/ Blue Diamond DO- Come On Home VV+

1026. OK 4866- Guyon's Paradise O- I've Got the Aint Got Nothin', Never Had Nothin' Blues/ Blue Diamond DO- Yes! We Have No Bananas E-/E-V+

1027. OK 4869- Vincent Lopez O- Beside a Babbling Brook/ Blue Hoosier Blues V+

1028. OK 4881- Vincent Lopez O- Swingin' Down the Lane/ When You're Near E-

1029. OK 4199- Sammy Kaye O- Sweet Georgia Brown/ My Blue Heaven E

1030. OK 5275- Tiny Hill O- Auld Lang Syne/ I'll Keep on Loving You E+

1031. OK 05693- Gene Autry- Blue Hawaii/ Were You Sincere V+/VV+

1032. OK 5804- Cab Calloway O- Are You Hep to the Jive/ Sunset E

1033. OK 6210- Gene Krupa O- Let Me Off Uptown/ Flamingo E+

1034. OK 6284- Coleman Hawkins O- Passin It Around/ Rocky Comfort E+

1035. OK 6391- Cab Caloway O- St James Infirmary/ You Are the One In My Heart E-

1036. OK 6405- Ida Cox All Star O(Red Allen)- Last Mile Blues/ I Can't Quit That Man EE+

1037. OK 6728- Gene Autry/ Don't Fence Me In/ Gonna Build a Big Fence Around Texas E+

1038. OK 40059- Vincent Lopez O- Arabiana/ Waltz Me to Sleep in Your Arms VV+/V+

1039. OK 40065- Emerson Gill O- Mobile Blues/ On Saturday Night E-

1040. OK 40092- Harry Reser(banjo solo) w/ p- Easy Goin'/ Lolly Pops E+N-

1041. OK 40152- Vincent Lopez O- In a Little Rendezvous/ I Can't Get the One I Want V/V-

1042. OK 40111- The Lanin O- Oh Baby/ Big Boy! E-

1043. OK 40804- Les Reis- Positively- Absolutely/ Yes She Do EE+

1044. OK 40943- Ferera & Paaluhi- Charmaine!/ La Golondrina E Hawaiian instrumental

1045. OK 6746- Spade Cooley O- Forgive Me One More Time/ I've Taken All I'm Gonna Take From You E-

1046. Or 605- Dixie Jazz Band- On the Puppy's Tail/ Oriole DO- Could I? I Certainly Could VV+/V

1047. Or 637- Dixie Jazz Band- Oh Sister/ Oriole Varsity Ten- When the Red Red Robin E both good!

1048. Or 1275- Dixie Jazz Band- Mississippi Mud/ Somebody's Making a Fuss Over Somebody VV+

1049. Or 1457- Dixie Jazz Band- You Please Me/

The Yankee Ten O- I'd Rather Be Blue Over You E some solos

1050. Or 2311- Ruth Etting- Just One More Chance/ Have You Forgotten? V

1051. Or 2549- Will Osborne O- Three's a Crowd/ Sweethearts Forever EE+ but few pops B

1052. Or 6-04-08- Gene Kardos O- I Like That Face You're Wearing/ Saddle Your Blues to a Wild Mustang EE+ both hot!

1053. Or 6-10-06- Johnny Johnson O- You Turned the Tables On Me/ Sing, Baby, Sing V+

1054. Paramount 575- Little Georgia Porgie(Breakfast Food Baby of the Air)- The Pal That is Always True/ The Crow Song VV+....vocal w/ guitar definitely an obscure Paramount..a few lbl scrs B. ..any info on this record??

1055. Par 4003- Milton Charles- Moonlight & Roses/ Just a Worryin For You V+

1056. Par 20002- Benny Selvin Nov O- Peggy/ My Isle of Golden Dreams E-

1057. Par 20009- All Star Trio- I'll See You In C-U-B-A/ When My Baby Smiles At Me E

1058. Par 20161- Original Memphis 5- I Wish I Could Shimmy Like My Sister Kate/ Struttin at the Strutters' Ball VV-/V-

1059. Par 33003- Master Saxophone Sextette- Rainy Day Blues/ J.C. Beck's O- Aloma E

1060. Par 30046(vert cut)- Yerkes Jazzarimba Band- Calicoco/ Original Saxo Jazz Band- Indianola V+

1061. Par 30067(vert)- Louise & Ferera- Hawaiian Hula medley/ Kilima Wz E beginning, E- inside/ E- beg, V inside

1062. Paramount Radio Recording A-3131/3- Dorothy Lamour- Would You/ Bing Crosby- Welcome to My Dreams EE+/V+

1063. Pathe (or Paramount) vert test mx 20609A- Ferera & Franchini- Hawaiian Chimes E-

1064. Pat 22361(vert)- Joseph Howard- Whistle a Song/ Robert Bruce- All That I Want Is You E.. few scrs nap due to vert cut

1065. Pathe 22423(vert)- The Harmonizers- I Know the Reason Why/ Sidney Phillips- When I See All the Loving They Waste On Babies EE+

1066. Pathe 020916- Elite DO- Saw Mill River Road/ S Lanin Arcadia O- Sweet One E+N-

1067. Pa 025145- Miss Lee Morse & Blue Grass Boys- Ukulele Lady/ Blue Wz EE- improves to EE+/ V+ improves to E

1068. Pa 25174- Miss Lee Morse & Blue Grass Boys- Tentin' Down In Tennesee/ Poor Papa V

1069. Pa 036177- Glenwood Marimba Band- When Its Love Time In Hawaii/ Dreamer of Dreams E-

1070. Personal 33166- J.A. Hultman- Stridssang Pa Harmageddon/ Du Lilla Fagel V Columbia Graphophone product

1071. Personal 33174- J.A. Hultman- Nar Hela Jorden Sover/ Han Ar Likadan I Dag EE-

1072. Personal 91340- J. A. Hultman- En Duende Yngling I Frammande Land/ Jag Ser Jerusalem I Morgonljus EE-

1073. Personal 43-P- Hollis Davenny & Gertrude Lang- Song of Love E+ label autographed by Hollis

1074. Personal 114-P- Princeton Triangle Club Jazz Band- Everybody & You/ You Know Who E- V+/V+ EXC sides & electric

1075. Perfect 11330- Roy Smeck Trio- Save the Last Dance For Me/ Home E-

1076. Pe 12219- Happiness Boys- Pardon Me While I Laugh/ How's Your Folks & My Folks E/E-

1077. Pe 12771- Ruth Etting- Home/ All of Me E

1078. Pe 14057- Golden Gate O- Why Should I Cry Over You/ Sweet Indiana Home E+

1079. Pe 14079- Golden Gate O- Bees Knees/ Don Parker's Western Melody Boys- Dumbell E

1080. Pe 14132- Original Memphis Five- Memphis Glide/ Golden Gate O- Yes We Have No Bananas E

1081. Pe 14330- Mike Speciale O- Eliza/ Lanin's Arcadians- I Want to See My Tennesee E+N-

1082. Pe 14635- Five Birmingham Babies- Remember the Night/ Sam Lanin O- That's Why I Love You E-...Rollini comp A

1083. Pe 15355- The Clevelanders- Why Am I So Romantic?/ Always In All Ways EE-/V+ int cr B only

1084. Pe 15604- Eddie Lane Hotel Mc Alpin O- A Great Big Bunch of You/ Sharing V-

1085. Pe 14642- Joe Candullo Everglades O- I Wish You Were Jealous of Me/ Marylou EE-

1086. Pe 14656- Lou Gold O- Lucky Day/ Black Bottom EE-

1087. Pe 14923- Deep River O- My Ohio Home/ Sam Lanin O- Somebody Lied About Me E

1088. Pe 14952- Carolina Club O- You'd Rather Forget Than Forgive/ Willard Robison O- Luscious E-/VV+

1089. Pe 14972- Willard Robison O- Rag Doll/ Carolina Club O- Just Across the Street From Heaven V+

1090. Pe 15008- Phil Hughes High Hatters- Cliquot/ Lanin's Arcadians- Because My Baby Don't Mean Maybe Now E

1091. Pe 15146- Ten Freshmen- The One That I Love Loves Me/ Van's Hotel Mc Alpin O- Coquette E-

1092. Pe 15281- The Clevelanders- Puttin on the Ritz/ With You EE+ or better

1093. Pe 15282- Sam Lanin O- What Is This Thing Called Love/ Imperial DO- Sweetheart EE-

1094. Pe 15283- Missouri Jazz Band- Sing You Sinners/The Clevelanders- In My Little Hope Chest V-

1095. Pe 15666- Will Osborne O- Moon/ Music Music Everywhere E/EE+

1096. Pe 15868- Willie Farmer Simplon Club O- Let's Fall In Love/ Love Is Love Anywhere E/EE+ sm pop B

1097. Pe 15950- Joe Reichman O- Try To See It My Way/ I Only Have Eyes For You V

1098. Pe 16080- Henry Allen O- Smooth Sailing/ Whose Honey Are You? VV+

1099. Pe 350904- Joe Reichman O- I Wished On the Moon/ Why Dream E- int cr nap. West Coast pressing

1100. Pe 6-08-10- Joe Reichman O- But Definitely/ When I'm With You E

1101. Pe 6-10-12- Joe Reichman O- Me & the Moon/ I Got Plenty O Nuttin V

1102. Pe 7-04-14- Gene Kardos O- It Happened Down in Dixieland/ Oh By Jingo V+/VV+

1103. Prestige 712- Stan Getz- My Old Flame/ The Lady in Red E

1104. Publix 2021-P- The Publix Ten- Montana Call/ Jack Miller & Publix 10- The Moon Is Low E- rare movie theatre label..1930

1105. Puretone 11319- Ralph Wells sax solo acc by J. Russell Robinson- A Million Years/ The World Is Waiting For the Sunrise E+N-

1106. Puretone 1034- Frank Guarente O- Sweethearts On Parade/ Harmonians- My Annapolis V+ lt lams nap

1107. Puritan 11116- California Ramblers- California/ Frisco Syncopators- Pick Me Up & Lay Me Down in Dear Old Dixie V+

1108. Pur 11139- Original Memphis 5- Deedle Deedle Dum/ Buzz Mirandy E-

1109. Pur 11192- Memphis 5- Four O Clock Blues/ Haunting Blues EE-

1110. Pur 11281- Memphis 5- St Louis Gal/ Back O' Town Blues E-

1111. Pur 11293- Alhambra Serenaders- Pal O' My Dreams/ A Perfect Kiss E-

1112. Pur 11305- Al Bernard acc by Frank Ferera- Me No Speaka Good English/ It Aint Gonna Rain No Mo E-

1113. Pur 11341- Boyd Senter- Mobile Blues/ Vernon Dalhart w/ uke- Go Long Mule EE-/E

1114. Queen 4110- Robbie Kirk O- Let's Go Upstairs/ Where Is Your Husband At? E- party record

1115. Radiex 4212- Al Bernard- I'm a Jonah Man/ Times Am a Gettin Hard EE+

1116. Regal 953- Billy Lenox- Little Crumbs of Happiness/ George Lenox- When the Autumn Leaves Begin to Fall VV+

1117. Re 977- Palokiki Palo- Mahina Malamalamala/ Toots Paka Hawaiian Co- Puu O Hulu EE- to E

1118. Re 8514- Spencer's DO- Tin- Ear/ Sam Lanin O- Coquette V+

1119. Re 9473- Pavillion Royal DO- On Hawaiian Shores/ Beside a Babbling Brook VV+

1120. Re 10037- Buddy Blue Texans- College Campus/ Karl Radlach O- Around the Corner E- Smith Ballew A

1121. Reissue 3- Ezra Howlett Shelton- Dearest Darling/ Jelly Roll Morton- London Blues E..off Rialto/ Autograph

1122. Rhythm Recordings 386- Saunders King- SK Blues 1/2 E..small San Francisco label from 1942

1123. Rhythm Records for the guitar- Farewell to Thee/ Song of the Islands E scuffs nap. Hawaiian

1124. Rishell 5469- Harvey Hindermyer- I Feel Lonesome Sometimes/ Sam Ash- There's a Million

Reasons Why I Shouldn't Kiss U But I Can't Think of One E..obscure vertical Williamsport. Pa. lbl

1125. Romeo 519- Razaf-Johnson- Two Watermelon Seeds 1/2 V

1126. Ro 1719- Eddie Kirkeby O- There's Nothing Too Good For My Baby/ Now That I Need You You're Gone EE- great A!

1127. Savoy 509- Johnny Guarnieri All Stars(incl Lester Young)- Basie English/ Exercise In Swing E

1128. Sa 551- Lester Young w/ rhy- Lester's Savoy Jump/ I Don't Stand a Ghost of a Chance E

1129. Sa 555- Johnny Guarnieri Trio- Firebird/ Hangover E

1130. Sa 560- Herbie Fields Swingsters- How Herbie Feels/ Jumpin For Savoy EE+

1131. Sa 568- Johnny Mehegan Quartet- Lullaby In Rhythm/ April In Paris E-

1132. Sa 571- Erroll Garner w/ trio- Laura/ Somebody Loves Me EE-

1133. Sa 577- Erroll Garner w/ trio- Star Dust/ Back Home Again In Indiana EE+

1134. Sa 630- Kenny Watts Brooklyn Buddies (vocal by Redd Foxx)- Let's Wiggle a Little Woogie/ Lucky Guy V

1135. Signature 12003- Victor Jory w/ O- David & Goliath pt 1/4 EE-

1136. Sig 12004 Victor Jory w/ O- David & Goliath pt 2/3 E-

1137. Silvertone 2391- Southern Serenaders- Oh, Baby! / Where the Lazy Daisies Grow VV+/V

1138. Special Record- 1001-P- Bar Harbor Society O- Desert Song/ One Alone from Desert Song V- theatre lobby sale only..1920s

1139. Star 2004- Band- Boston Commandery March V+

1140. St 2023- Cornet duet w/ Band acc- Ida & Dot Polka E-

1141. St 2065- Band- Whistling Minstrel E-V+

1142. St 2235- Tenor w/ O- I've Got My Fingers Crossed You Can't Touch Me V

1143. St 2237- Baritone solo w/ O- Jessamine E-

1144. St 2254- Bass solo w/ O- The Sweetest Flower That Blows VV-

1145. St 2287- Tenor solo w/ O- All Through the Night V

1146. Sun 1046- Sara Gingold- A Brivele Die Mammen/ Hulyat Hulyat Kinderlach EE-/E- some scrs near end B

1147. Sun 1049- Herman Yablokoff- Der Dishwasher/ Git Mir Op Mein Hartz E-/VV+

1148. Sunset 1075- The Californiacs- Moonlight & Roses/ Yearning E- rare West Coast lbl

1149. Supertone 9329- Virginia Lee w/ O- Don't Hold Everything/ A Bunglaow, a Radio, & You V/E-

1150. Tennesee 845- Del Wood & Mr/ Goon (bones)- Waiting For the Robert E. Lee/ Listen to That Band N-

1151. Tikva 1014- HJ Sachs & the Tikvaleers w/ Sam Musiker clt- Wedding Dances- Frailachs Doinas/ Shers EE-

1152. Turntable HF-1- Rosy Mc Hargue's Ragtimers- Sweet Georgia Brown/ Till We Meet Again// Davenport Blues/ Singin the Blues NN- in original descriptive sleeve

1153. Turn HF-4- Rosy Mc Hargue's Ragtimers- Palasteena/ Jazzin' the Blues// Basin St Blues/ Rosy's Hangover NN- orig slv

1154. Triangle 11299- Knickerbocker Quartette- That Old Gang of Mine/ Frank Bessinger- A Million Years E

1155. Van Dyke 81834- Big Town Jazzers- You're Gonna Be Mine/ Shadyside Serenaders- My Love Parade E/V+ real nice A- long string of solos incl Hawaiian guitar/ Smith Ballew vocal B

1156. VD 81848- Jamaica DO- In My Dreams/ All Star Troubs- Hangin' On Garden Gate VV+ rcnap

1157. Variety 585- Jan Savitt Top Hatters- Cross Country Hop/ Yonkel Doodle Goes Steppin' E+

1158. Var 626- Barney Bigard Jazzopators-Spoonge Cake & Spinach/ Moonlight Fiesta E-

1159. Va 640- Zeke Manners Swing Billies- Blow the Whistle/ Organ Grinder's Swing VV+

1160. Var 658- Frank Dailey O- Purple Wood/ Frank Marks O- Quicksands E+

1161. Varsity 8001- Eugene's Tsigane O- Two Guitars/ Black Eyes EE-

1162. Var 8288- John Ryan O- The Spaghetti Song/ My Brudda Sylvest V+ fun!!

1163. Velvetone 1915- Annette Hanshaw- the One In the World/ I've Got a Feeling I'm Falling E-

1164. VT 2057- Golden Gate O- Lucky Me- Lovable You/ There Will Never Be Another Mary V+

1165. VT 2158- The Four Aces- vocal w/ Hawaiian guitar accomp- the Song Without a Name/

I Never Dreamt E

1166. VT 2199- Lloyd Keating O- Whats the Use?/ Wonder E-

1167. Vocalion 1429(in Yiddish)- Morris Goldstein w/ O- Die Orienne Cusiene/ Chicken V+

1168. Vo 13020- Aaron Lebedeff w/ Perez Sandler O- Kavkaz/ Oi Vet Er Krigen Geshmisen EE-

1169. Vo 13028- Aaron Lebedeff- Die Nur Die Alein/ A Heim In Palestina E-/EE-

1170. Vo 13030- Aaron Lebedeff- Jum Jum/ Der Kosherer Korben vV+

1171. Vo 13038- Aaron Lebedeff- Sorg Nit Mama/ Yukel Mit Ukulele G+

1172. Vo 14300- Californian Ramblers- My Mammy Knows/ Eddie Leonard Blues E+

1173. Vo 14337- Ferera & Franchini- Drowsy Waters/ Aloha Oe E+

1174. Vo 14436- California Ramblers- Lonesome Mamma Blues// I Wish I Could Shimmy Like My Sister Kate EE+/E

1175. Vo 14559- Ernest Hare w/ Selvin O- Down By the River/ Beale St. Mamma E-

1176. Vo 15122- Keystone Serenaders- Ev'rything Is Hotsy Totsy Now/ Where Can I Find You E+

1177. Vo 15132- Peggy English w/ O- Give Me Just a Little Bit of Your Love/ Sweet Man E+

1178. Vo 15136- Harry Reser banjo solo w/ Bill Wirges p- Heebie Jeebies/ Oh Boy What a Girl VV+

1179. Vo 15338- Roy Smeck & Carson Robison- Tough Pickin'/ Twilight Echoes V-

1180. Vo 2766- Don Walker O- And I Still Do/ For All We Know V+

1181. Vo 3146- Art Karle Boys- I Feel Like a Feather In the Breeze/ Moon Over Miami EE+..good Newton, Mezz, etc

1182. Vo 3235- Mal Hallett O- Let's Sing Again/ The Glory of Love E

1183. Vo 3276- Billie Holliday O- No Regrets/ Did I Remember E/E-

1184. Vo 03371- Roy Newman Boys- Hot Dog Stomp/ Wonderful One V- HOT Western Swing Jazz

1185. Vo 3533- Phil Harris O- Jammin'/ That's Southern Hospitality E+ West Coast pressing

1186. Vo 4345- Mildred Bailey O- Love Is Where You Find It/ I Used to be Color Blind E-

1187. Vo 4834- Billie Holiday O- Why Do I Always Depend On You/ You're Too Lovely to Last looks V, plays E with sm scuffy spot/ E-

1188. Vo 04866- Roy Newman Boys- Texas Stomp/ Everybody's Trying to Be My Baby E-/VV+ HOT Western Swing Jazz

1189. Vo 05000- The Hi Flyers- Let's Spend the Night In Hwaii/ That's Why I Sigh & Cry V

1190. Vogue 5049(FR?)- Josh White- I Want You & I Need You/ No: 12 Train N

1191. Vo 5051- Josh White- I Got a Head Like a Rock/ St James Infirmary N

1192. White Label- 205- The Stenographer/ The Heirs E+ plain white label party record marked "for adults only"

1193. Young Peoples 1/2- Jazz Band- told by Canada Lee/ B side has Teddy Wilson, Buck Clayton, etc E+

FOREIGN LABELS(all British unless noted)

1194. Blue Star 64(FR)- Rex Stewart O- Jug Blues/ At the Barclay's Club E+N- nice laminated press

1195. Broadcast Twelve 3228- Blue Mountaineers- Bahama Mama/ If You Were Only Mine V+E-

1196. Brunswick 104- Helen Morgan- When I Discover My Man/ Me & My Shadow EE- her first records from 1927, rec in London- no US issue

1197. Br 110- Helen Morgan- Just Like a Butterfly/ You Remind Me of a Naughty Springtime Cuckoo E faint int cr nap session mate to above- no US issue

1198. Br 01968- Helen Morgan- Song of a Dreamer/ It's Home E scarce issue from 1934

1199. Br 02125- Jack Buchanan & Ethel Stewart w/ O- From One Minute to Another/ Jack Buchanan- Everything Stops For Tea E+

1200. Br A 81280(FR)- Art Shaw New Music- I Surrender Dear/ Someday Sweetheart E+/EE+

1201. Cinecord 08- Billy Merrin O- Lookie Lookie Lookie Here Comes Cookie/ Let Me Sing You to Sleep w/ a Love Song E-

1202. Columbia 3230- Percival Mackey(piano solo)- My Pet/ Greenwitch Witch E+ scr B

1203. Co 3286- Ambrose Embassy Club O- Dearest/ When Will I Know? E-

1204. Co 3663- Percival Mackey piano solo- Tea For Two/ I Want to be Happy EE+ tiny clk A

1205. Co 4037- Rudy Wiedoeft sax solo w/ Oscar Levant p- Sax-o-Phun/ La Cinquantine EE+ UK only issue

1206. Co 4077- Buddy Lee w/ Gilt Edged Four- Everything's Gonna Be All Right/ Who'd be Blue E/E-

1207. Co 4721- Fred Rich O- Polly/ Dawn of Tomorrow E-EE-..rarely seen UK only issue

1208. Co 4786- Fred Rich O- The Man I Love/ Dolly Dimples E rarely seen UK only issue

1209. Co 5180- Ruth Etting- I Still Keep Dreaming of You/ Sonny Boy V+

1210. Co 5330- Ted Lewis Band- Limehouse Blues/ Allah's Holiday EE+ surf scfs nap

1211. Co 5360- Jack Payne BBC DO- I Faw Down & Go Boom/ A Dicky Bird Told Me So VV+/E-

1212. Co 5389- Ted Lewis Band- When the Curtain Comes Down/ Russian Lullaby E

1213. Co 5646- Rudy Starita xylophone solo w/ Len Fillis, Van Phillips & Sid Bright- Lonesome Little Doll/ Ragamuffin EE+

1214. Co CB 154- Jack Payne BBCDO- My Baby Just Cares For Me/ I'll Still Belong to You V

1215. Co CB 175- Jack Payne BBCDO- You're the One/ Underneath the Spanish Stars V

1216. Co CB 223- Billy Cotton Band- Is That Religion?/ Makin' Wicky Wacky Down In Wakiki V-

1217. Co CB 224- Percival Mackey Band- I Lost My Gal Again/ Reaching For the Moon V- scrs

1218. Co CB 228- Jack Payne BBC DO- Choo Choo/ On a Little Balcony In Spain VV+

1219. Co CB 232- Jack Payne BBC DO- Between the Devil.../ Sing Holly, Go Whistle Hey Hey V/V-

1220. Co CB 318- Jack Payne BBCDO- Love For Sale/ Springtime Reminds Me of You E+ but couple aud clx A

1221. Co CB 425- Savoy Hotel Orpheans- Sweetheart/ Whistling Wz E

1222. Co CB 430- New BBC DO- The Blue of the Night/ Songs That Are Old Live Forever EE+

1223. Co CB 431- Henry Hall BBCDO- By the Sycamore Tree/ Gettin' Sentimental EE+

1224. Co CB 447- Savoy Hotel Orpheans- Rain On the Roof/ Auf Wiedersehn My Dear E+

1225. Co CB 563- Debroy Somers Band- Her Name Is Mary/ Roll Along Kentucky Moon EE+/E+

1226. Co DB 409- Ruth Etting- I'm Yours/ Laughing At Life E

1227. Co DB 484- Jack Buchannan w/ London Hippodrome O- Night Time/ Stand Up & Sing V+

1228. Co DB 485- Elsie Randolph & Jack Buchannan w/ London Hippodrome O- Its Not You/ There's Always Tomorrow V+ scrs A

1229. Co DB 486- Elsie Randolph & Jack Buchannan w/ London Hippodrome O- Take It Or Leave It/ Jack Buchannan w/ London Hippodrome O- I Would If I Could E- lt scrs

1230. Co DB 546- Ruth Etting- Out of Nowhere/ Were You Sincere? V+

1231. Co DB 639- Billy Mayerl piano solo- You Cant Stop Me From Lovin' You/ The Match Parade E

1232. Co DB 709- Kate Smith- You Call It Madness/ I Dont Know Why E scr A nap

1233. Co CB 723- George Olsen O- In Other Words We're Through/ This Little Piggie VV+

1234. Co DB 923- Flanagan & Allen- The New M.P. pt 1/2 EE-

1235. Co DB 1507- Harold Williams w/ p- In An Old Fashioned Town/ If I Might Come To You E-

1236. Co DB 1450- The Western Bros- Play the Game You Cads/ After All That E special design lbl

1237. Co DB 1728- Harry Richman w/ O- Your Broadway & My Broadway/ Shake Hands With a Millionaire E EXC sides, and no US issue on these- UK recorded

1238. Co DB 1845- Bing Crosby- Some of These Days/ Shine (w/ Mills Bros) E-

1239. Co DB 1845- Bing Crosby- Some of These Days/ w/ Mills Bros- Shine EE+

1240. Co DB 1881- Bing Crosby- After Sundown/ Sweet Georgia Brown E+

1241. Co DB 2000- Bing Crosby- Give Me a Heart to Sing To/ Once In a Blue Moon E

1242. Co DB 2027- Bing Crosby with Guy Lombardo O- Young & Healthy/ w/ O- Lazy Day E+

1243. Co DB 2035- Bing Crosby- Cant We Be Friends/ Gay Love EE+

1244. Co DB 2036- Bing Crosby- I Kiss Your Hand Madame/ Till We Meet E+

1245. Co FB 1062- The Masqueraders- The House Where I Was Born/ The Paper Hat Brigade VV+

1246. Co FB 1138- Carroll Gibbons & Harry Jacobson piano duet- The Man From Follies Bergere/ Mississippi medleys E+

1247. Co FB 1174- Elsie & Doris Waters- London Pride pt 1/2 EE+

1248. Co FB 1250- Henry Hall BBCDO- The Morning After/ Sugar Plum E

1249. Co FB 1279- Carroll Gibbons Boy Friends- Thanks a Million selection/ Coronado selection E+

1250. Co FB 1438- Billy Mayerl(piano solo)- Billy Mayer's Own Selection 1/2 EE+

1251. Co FB 1477- Louis Levy Gaumont British Symphony- The Great Ziegfeld selection 1/2 E+

1252. Co FB 1621- Billy Mayerl(piano solo)- Sweet Nothings/ Jasmine E+

1253. Co FB 2933- Jimmy Leach New Organolians- The Sheik of Araby/ Star Dust E+

1254. Co FB 3546- The Three Shadows w/ Paul Adam Music- Dry Bones/ Paul Adam Mayfair Music-In the Chapel of San Remo E/EE+

1255. Co DO-3084(AUST)- George Trevare O- I'm Going Back Next Christmas/ Sandra EE+

1256. Co DF 3152(FR)- Edith Piaf- La Vie En Rose/ Un Refrain Chanson Dans La Rue V/V+

1257. Co JX 254(JAPAN)- Millicent Phillips w/ O- You're Pretty As a Picture/ My Own E+

1258. Co M 138(JAPAN)- Teddy Wilson O- In the Mood/ Carroll Gibbons SHO- Sunrise Serenade EE-/E-

1259. Decca F 2684- Jack Hylton O- I Don't Know Why/ Me E+

1260. De F 2768- Jack Hylton O- Sunshine & Roses/ Flame of Desire E+

1261. De F 2915- Ray Ventura O- St Louis Blues/ St James Infirmary E

1262. De F 3093- Roy Fox O- Marta/ One More Affair E- Al Bowlly vocals

1263. De F 3094- Roy Fox O- Wherever You Are/ Just Another Dream of You E Bowlly vocs

1264. De F 3101- The Blue Racketeers- Business in F/ Business in Q E-

1265. De F 3827- Adrian Rollini O- Sitting On a Backyard Fence/ Savage Serenade E+

1266. De F 3884- Lew Stone O- Gosh I Must Be Falling In Love/ Lullaby In Blue V/V+ Bowlly vocs

1267. De F 3906- Lew Stone O- Vamp Till Ready/ Serenade For a Wealthy Widow E+ Bowlly A

1268. De F 3953- Lew Stone O- The Call of the Freaks/ Milenberg Joys EE+

1269. De F 5212- Roy Fox O- I Saw Stars/ Old Faithful E

1270. De F 5213- Roy Fox O- Soon/ Out In the Cold Again E-

1271. De F 5222- Jack Fulton w/ O- Two Cigarettes In the Dark/ One Night of Love E-

1272. De F 5320- Douglas Byng- Naughty Nellie Gwyn/ I'm a Tree EE+

1273. De F 5391- Roy Fox O- What a Difference a Day Made/ Roll Along Covered Wagon EE-

1274. De F 5506- Maurice Winnick O- Getting Around & About/ Old Timer VV+

1275. De F 5559- Ambrose O- In the Merry Month of May/ The Girl With the Dreamy Eyes E-

1276. De F 5590- Ambrose O- Fare Thee Well Annabelle/ The Good Green Acres of Home EE+

1277. De F 5609- Ambrose O- Way Back Home/ Portrait of a Lady V-/E+

1278. De F 5766- Roy Fox O- In the Middle of a Kiss/ I Wished On the Moon EE-/E-

1279. De F 6857- Dick Robertson O- Chinese Laundry Blues/ Hi Yo Silver! E-

1280. De F 10231- The Duchess- John Peel Rag/ Hometown Shout EE+

1281. De F 10280- Billy Cotton Band- Kitchen Rag/ Voulez Vous Promenade E

1282. De M 416- Edythe Baker- When We're Alone/ Hot- Cha selection E-

1283. Edison Bell Winner 4647- Phil Russell banjo solo w/ p- The Savoy Rag/ Take Your Pick E

1284. EBW 5415- Deauville Dance Band- Magic Notes/ Tom Thumb's Drum VV+

1285. Electrola EG 376(GER)- Jack Smith- I'm Knee Deep in Daisies/ Feelin' Kind o' Blue E

1286. Esquire 10-230- Vic Lewis American Jazzmen(Hackett, Zutty, etc)- Early Rising Blues/ New York Blues E+

1287. HMV AM 3364(CZECH)- NMDO- One Heavenly Night/ Rudy Vallee O- You're Driving Me Crazy E

1288. HMV HE 2170(FR)- Barnabas Von Geczy O- Herbstgold/ Ueber die Prarie E+

1289. HMV K 5295(FR)- Jack Hylton O- Hallelujah!/ Sometimes I'm Happy VV+

1290. HMV K 6375- Comedian Harmonists- Les Gars De La Marine/ Quand La Brise Vagabond V+

1291. HMV B 2118- Jack Hylton O- Mercenary Mary/ You Forgot to Remember E-/V+

1292. HMV B 3031- Carroll Gibbons piano w/ O- Shes Funny That Way/ Wake Up & Dream med V+

1293. HMV B 3479- New Mayfair O- King of Jazz selection 1/2 E-

1294. HMV B 3686- Maurice Chevalier w/ Jack Hylton O- Maurice Chevalier medley 1/2 E

1295. HMV B 3875- New Mayfair O- A Musical Comedy Switch/ more E-

1296. HMV B 4110- Mildred Bailey w/ O- Concentratin'/ Georgia On My Mind E+

1297. HMV B 4188- NMDO- One Hour With You medley pt 1/2 EE-/E- Bowlly

1298. HMV B 5110- Jack Hylton O- Poor Papa/ I'd Climb the Highest Mountain E-

1299. HMV B 5451- Jack Hylton O- Plenty O Sunshine/ Together EE-

1300. HMV B 5525- Jack Hylton O- Glow Worm/ I'm Sorry E-/E

1301. HMV B 5563- NMDO- My Ohio Home/ Chloe EE-

1302. HMV B 5568- NMDO- Shout Hallelujah Cause I'm Home/ You're In My Heart EE- to E

1303. HMV B 5632- New Mayfair DO- Ragamuffin/ Deep Hollow V+/VV-

1304. HMV B 5639- New Mayfair DO- Halfway to Heaven/ Mia Bella Rosa V+

1305. HMV B 5644- New Mayfair DO- Thats How I Feel About You/ Hello, Sunshine E-/V

1306. HMV B 5695- Jack Hylton O- I Want to be Bad / You Wouldn't Fool Me Would You E+/E-

1307. HMV B 5697- Jack Hylton O- This Is Heaven/ Pagan Love Song E/VV+

1308. HMV B 5771- Jack Hylton O- Lucky Me- Lovable You/ Happy Days Are Here Again VV+

1309. HMV B 5824- Ambrose O- I'm In the Market For You/ Just Like In a Story Book E-

1310. HMV B 5826- New Mayfair DO- High Society Blues/ Eleanor E+ chip sds 1 grv A- passes

1311. HMV B 5827- NMDO- Harmony Heaven/ We'll Build a Little World of Our Own E+

1312. HMV B 5838- Jack Hylton O- Song of the Dawn/ It Happened In Monterey E rcnap

1313. HMV B 5839- Jack Hylton O- Why?/ Cross Your Fingers medley V

1314. HMV B 5847- Ambrose O- 'Leven Thirty Saturday Night/ I'm Telling the World About You E-

1315. HMV B 5850- Jack Hylton O- Here Comes Emily Brown/ Cheer Up & Smile VV+

1316. HMV B 5956- NMDO- Sunny Days/ I'll Be Good Because of You V-/V Bowllys

1317. HMV B 5957- NMDO- Make Yourself a Happiness Pie/ One Heavenly Night V-

1318. HMV B 6089- NMDO- Savoy Hunting medley/ Savoy Community medley EE+

1319. HMV B 6090- NMDO- Rhymes pt 1/2 E+

1320. HMV B 6091- NMDO- Down Sunnyside Lane/ This is the Day of Days V/V+ Bowlly

1321. HMV B 6180- Ambrose O- The Turning of the Tide/ Dream Sweetheart V

1322. HMV B 6192- Ray Noble O- Dreams That Dont Grow Old/ Nat Shilkret O- By Special Permission of the Copyright Owner E Al Bowlly A scarce!

1323. HMV B 6291-Paul Howard O- New Kinda Blues/ Jean Calloway O- Sadie the Shaker E/V+

1324. HMV B 6407- Ray Noble O- Happy & Contented/ Love Locked Out E/E- Al Bowlly vocs

1325. HMV B 6448(IND)- Jack Jackson O- Faint Harmony/ Play to Me Gipsy V/V+

1326. HMV B 6463- Ray Noble O- Over On the Sunny Side/ In Town Tonight E Bowlly

1327. HMV B 6469- Ray Noble O- Spin a Little Web of Dreams/ Wagon Wheels EE+ Bowlly voc

1328. HMV B 6477- Ray Noble O- You Oughta Be In Pictures/ You Have Taken My Heart E+ Bowlly

1329. HMV B 6503- Ray Noble O- I'll String Along With You/ Fair & Warmer E-/E Bowlly vocs

1330. HMV B 8280- New Mayfair O- Memories of Horatio Nicholls pt 1/2 E

1331. HMV B 8397- Adrian Rollini Tap Room Gang- Nagasaki/ Jazz O' Jazz E

1332. HMV B 9185- Barney Bigard O- Charlie the Chulo/ A Lull At Dawn E+

1333. HMV BD 236- Jack Hylton O- When the Rain Comes Rolling Down/ Lonely Villa E+

1334. HMV BD 5131- The Ballyhooligans- Ragging the Rag medley pt 3/4 E

1335. HMV BD 5139- Ronnie Munro DO- Who Loves You/ Foolish Heart E+

1336. HMV BD 5140- Ronnie Munro- I Dream of San Marino/ Let Me Dream of Havana V+

1337. HMV BD 5142- Jack Hylton O- Did You Mean It/ Have You Forgotten So Soon E/EE+

1338. HMV BD 5143- Jack Hylton O- When a Woman Smiles/ Goodbye Little Dream Goodbye E+

1339. HMV BD 5148- Roy Fox O- Crazy With Love/ Magnolias In the Moonlight EE+

1340. HMV BD 5152- Ray Noble O- There's Something In the Air/ Where the Lazy River Goes By E- Al Bowlly both

1341. HMV BD 5164- Jack Hylton O- On Your Toes/ There's a Small Hotel EE-

1342. HMV BD 5168- The Ballyhooligans- San/ In a Shanty In Old Shanty Town E+

1343. HMV BD 5197- Ray Noble O- Bugle Call Rag/ Dinah E/EE+ both good!!

1344. HMV BD 5203- Henry Jacques with his Correct Dance Tempo O- I Need You/ The Eyes of the World Are On You E-

1345. HMV BD 5206- Henry Jacques with his Correct Dance Tempo O- Goodnight My Love/ Sentimental Fool EE+

1346. Imperial 1727- Buddy Rose DO- My Girl's Fine & Dandy/ I'm In Love w/ Sheila O' Shay V

1347. Imp 1805- Imperial DO- The Doll Dance/ Forgive Me V+/V

1348. Imp 1821- The Crichton Lyricals- Souvenirs/ She Dont Wanna V

1349. Imp 2262- Ian Heriot- Duncan Gray/ My Ain Wee Hoose E-/E+

1350. Imp 2264- Hollywood DO- I'm Following You/ The Stein Song E/E-

1351. Imp 2333- Elsie Carlisle w/ O- He's My Secret Passion/ I Wonder What's Really On His Mind V+E-

1352. Imp 2410- Buddy Blue Texans- Here Comes the Sun/ San Remo DO- Wedding Bells Are Ringing For Sally E/EE- Ballew vocal A off US Crown

1353. Imp 2579- Ruth Etting- Nevertheless/ Just One More Chance EE-

1354. Imp 2601- Ruth Etting- Have You Forgotten?/ Me! EE-

1355. Imp 2652- Ruth Etting- Home/ All of Me VV+

1356. Imp 2666- Jack Payne Band- By the Sycamore Tree/ An Ev'ning In Caroline E-

1357. Imp 2684- Morton Downey- Snuggled On Your Shoulder/ Auf Weidersehn EE+ US ARC

1358. Imp 2708- Jack Payne Band- Where the Blue of the Night/ Voice In Old Village Choir E-

1359. Imp 2769- Ruth Etting- Happy Go Lucky You/ It Was So Beautiful EE+

1360. Imp 2834- Jack Payne O- A Boy & a Girl Were Dancing/ Play Fiddle Play V

1361. Imp 2850- Jack Payne O- The Lord Mayor's Show/ Have You Ever Been Lonely EE-

1362. Imp 2873- Jack Payne O- When the Wild Roses Bloom/ Stormy Weather EE-/V+

1363. Hed-Arzi 772(ISRAEL)- Kol Israel O- Debka Gilboa/ Harmonica VV+

1364. Lewis's Long Life Record L-98- Art Willis Band- Sitting On a Stile With Mary/ Bertram Band- Home James & Dont Spare the Horses E- RARE 8" disk

1365. London 200- Sam Browne- Heartbreaker/ More Than Ever Before N-

1366. Lon 228- Sam Browne- Mister Miracle Man/ The Hukilau Song N-

1367. Lon 235- Sam Browne- Snuggled On Your Shoulder/ In Time to Come N-

1368. Lon 143- Sam Browne- Thoughtless/ Feathery Feelin' N-

1369. Lon 165- Sam Browne- I Never Loved Anyone/ The Old Postman N-

1370. Lon 395- Sam Browne- Words/ One Has My Name N-

1371. Lucky 5056(JAPAN)- Anson Weeks California O- Lonely Feet/ We Were So Young V

1372. Mayfair G 2011- Palermo House Band- Lady Play Mandolin/ On a Little Balcony In Spain V+

1373. MGM 172- Judy Garland & Peter Lawford- A Fella With An Umbrella/ J Garland w/ Fred Astaire- Easter Parade EE+

1374. Odeon O-11888(GER)- Harry Roy O- Ohne dich ist die ganze Welt fur mich ohne Sonne/ My Darling E

1375. Operaphone 9039(CAN)- Saxi Holtsworth Harmony Hounds- Bow Wow/ Raderman's Nov O- Railroad Blues V-

1376. Paramount 2551(AUSTRALIA)- Roy Rolls Redheads- Dream River/ Good Night E- 2" tite cr nap. colorful rare lbl

1377. Parlophone unnumbered- Souvenir of Selfridge's- Parlophone Laughing Record #2/ Massed Military Bands- Entry of the Gladiators E/E-

1378. Par A 7569(AUST)- Harry Roy Band- Kiss Me Hello/ Southpaw Special EE+ heavy laminated Australian pressing

1379. Par F 316- Harry Roy's Tiger Ragamuffins- Fox Trot medley pt 1/2 V-

1380. Par F 321- Maurice Winnick O- I Wished On the Moon/ The Sweetest Music This Side of Heaven E+

1381. Par F 338- Harry Roy O- Out of the Rag Bag medley pt 1/2 E

1382. Par F 403- Gerry Moore piano solo- If Its True/ I've Got My Fingers Crossed EE+

1383. Par F 406- Joe Paradise Music- Whispering/ Moonglow E+

1384. Par F 410- Ivor Moreton & Dave Kaye twin pianos- Quickstep medley/ Fox Trot med E-

1385. Par F 418- The Krakajax- Tap Your Tootsies/ Celebratin' V- scrs

1386. Par F 550- Ivor Moreton & Dave Kaye- Dolls medley 1/2 EE+

1387. Par F 788- Harry Roy's Tiger Ragamuffins- Harlem/ Roy Club Rag E

1388. Par F 850- Harry Roy O- I've Got My Love to Keep Me Warm/ This Year's Kisses EE+

1389. Par F 851- Harry Roy O- You're Laughing At Me/ Slumming On Park Ave V+/V

1390. Par F 932- Harry Roy O- Harry Roy Stage Show pt 3/4 E

1391. Par F 934- Harry Roy O- You Cant Stop Me From Dreaming/ That Old Feeling EE+/E+

1392. Par R 474- Frank Braidwood & Ranch House Syncopators- Pals, Just Pals/ Tell Me More About Love V+

1393. Par R 639- Leslie Hutchinson p- With a Song In My Heart/ The Little Things You Do EE+

1394. Par R 1521- Harry Roy O- You've Got Me Crying Again/ Something Came & Got Me In the Spring E-

1395. Par R 1646- Harry Roy O- Night & Day/ Saying Goodbye to Love E+

1396. Par R 1677- Harry Roy O- Black Panther/ The Cage In the Window E

1397. Par R 1771- Harry Roy Tiger Ragamuffins- Farewell Blues/ You Rascal You/ Muddy Waters// Shine/ My Sweetie Went Away/ Sweet Jennie Lee EE+ few lt scrs

1398. Par R 2110- Red Norvo Swing Septet- Tomboy/ With All My Heart & Soul E/E+

1399. Par R 2146- Bessie Smith- Gimme a Pigfoot/ Take Me For a Buggy Ride NN-

1400. Par R 2210- Bud Freeman Windy City 5- Tillie's Downtown Now/ The Buzzard E+

1401. Par R 2224- Gene Krupa Chicagoans- Blues of Israel/ Three Little Words N-

1402. Par R 2599- Jack Teagarden O- Junk Man/ I Just Couldn't Take It Baby E+

1403. Par R 2622- Mildred Bailey O- My Melancholy Baby/ The Lonesome Road N-

1404. Par R 2675- Mildred Bailey O- I Cried For You/ Begin the Beguine NN-

1405. Par R 2750- Gene Krupa O- Drummin' Man/ Tuxedo Junction E+

1406. Par R 3042- Artie Shaw O- I've Got You Under My Skin/ Anniversary Song E

1407. Par R 3067- Artie Shaw O- Its the Same Old Dream/ They Can't Convince Me E+

1408. Par R 3083- Vic Lewis O- When Your Lover Has Gone/ Laura E/E+

1409. Par R 3183- Vic Lewis O- West Indian Ritual/ Sunday Girl E-

1410. Par R 3771- Joe Daniels Jazz Group- Jazz Me Blues/ Nobody Knows You When You're Down & Out EE+

1411. Par R 3773- Jack Parnell O- Fuller Bounce/ Dragnet NN-

1412. Par R 3944- Jack Parnell O- Trip to Mars/ Sky Blue Shirt & a Rainbow Tie E

1413. Par R 4083- Jack Parnell O- When the Saints Go Marching In/ Twilight In Turkey EE-

1414. Phoenix 08- Imperial Gardens Band & Warwick Green- Alexander's Ragtime Band/ Hitchy Koo V+/V

1415. Phonola 4293(CAN)- Al Bernard- She's Always Singin' the Blues/ Ernest Hare- To Follow You I'll Not Consent VV+/V obscure Canadian label from Kitchener, Ontario

1416. Plaza 108 (8")- Ben Fields Band- You've Got Me Crying Again/ Ida V steeled

1417. Pl 111- Eddie Walters Dance Band- When I Hold Your Hand/ Good Night But Not Good Bye V

1418. Pl 119- Eddie Walters Dance Band- She's My Pet/ All Over Italy V-

1419. Pl 120- Eddie Walters Dance Band- About This Time Next Week/ Rock a Bye Moon E-

1420. Pl 123- Plaza Dance Band- Hold Me/ Our Billy Boy V

1421. Pl 127- Tony Miller Band- Everything's Fine With Me/ Darkness On the Delta E/EE- lt steeling in parts

1422. Polydor 24478(GER)- Paul Godwin DO- Pass' auf das Gluck schwebt dutch dein Zimmer/ Wer weint heut aus Liebe Tranen? NN-

1423. Poly 24499- Ilya Livschakoff DO- Wenn du von mir nichts wissen wilst!/ Willst du nacht was Liebes mir sagen? NN-

1424. Poly 25164- Paul Godwin DO- Ja, die Polizei, die hat de schonsten Manner/ Der Weg zu dir ist nie zu weit NN-

1425. Polydor A-210(Japan)- Ambrose O- Ambrose's Tiger Rag/ The Last Round Up EE-

1426. Poly 12028(Japan)- Jimmy Dorsey O- Listen to the Mocking Bird/ Mills Bros- Limehouse Blues E+ top pressing

1427. Poly 15234(Japan)- Jessie Mathews- Say the Word & Its Yours/ I Can Wiggle My Ears E+

1428. Polyphon X 51800(DENMARK?)- Buster Larsen w/ Henry Hagemann O- Alabama Rag/ Onkel Fra Minnesota E+

1429. Radiodisque R 8139-(recorded in Europe, made in USA)- E. Scneidewind Musette O- Rosamunde/ Am Abend Auf Der Heide E+

1430. Radio R 8176- Wolf Bros & B Ette O- Hamborger Jungs/ De Hamburger Deern E+

1431. Radio R 8206- Kate Kuehl & accordeon- Original Von Der Wasserkante/ Eine Seefahrt, Die Ist Lustig EE+

1432. Radio R 8255- Kurt Muelhardt w/ quartette & O- Die Dorfmusik/ Schulze, Lehman, Meier E scuffs nap

1433. Radio R 8336- A Lutter O w/ vo- Den Schonen Frauen/ Warum Willst Du Mir Dein herz Nicht Schenken? E+

1434. Radio R 8339- Ernest Baebler w/ qtet & O- Die Alte Spieluhr/ A Luter O tenor & melodists- Das Alte Spinnrad E+

1435. Regal G 9037- Raymond Dance Band- My Blue Heaven/ There's One Little Girl Who Loves Me E

1436. Re G 9238- Hal Swain's Cafe Royal Band- What a Wonderful Wedding That Will Be/ All By Yourself In the Moonlight V

1437. Re G 9335- Jack Mackintosh cornet solo w/ band- Silver Shower/ Facilita EE+/E+

1438. Re G 9398- Jack Mackintosh cornet solo w/ band- Carnival of Venice/ Zelda EE-

1439. Re MR 83- Billy Cotton Band- A Night of Happiness/ I'm In the Market For You VV+

1440. Re MR 458- Ruth Etting- Guilty/ A Faded Summer Love E

1441. Re MR 658- Billy Cotton Band- She Was Only Somebody's Daughter pt 1/2 E-V+

1442. Re MR 659- Midnight Minstrels- Happy Go Lucky You/ Masquerade E

1443. Re MR 675- Billy Cotton Band- We Just Couldn't Say Goodbye/ Listen to the German Band V+/VV+

1444. Re MR 680- Billy Cotton Band- Old Man of the Mountain/ Aint Ya Coming Out Tonight E

1445. Regal Zonophone MR 751- Harry Mortimer cornet solo w/ Foden's Motor Works Band- Tom & Kitty- Feline Pranks/ A Day In the Alps V+

1446. Re Zo MR 769- Ambrose O- Pu-leeze Mr. Hemingway/ Till Tomorrow VV+

1447. Re Zo MR 770- Ambrose O- Please/ Here Lies Love VV+ scrs

1448. Re Zo MR 801- Ambrose O- Try a Little Tenderness/ I'll Never Have to Dream Again E-

1449. Re Zo MR 802- Billy Cotton Band- Lying In the Hay/ When You Hear Fritz Play Twiddly Bits EE-

1450. Re Zo MR 824- Billy Reid & London Piano Accordeon Band- Play Fiddle Play/ Zigeuner E+

1451. Re Zo MR 868- Billy Cotton Band- Happy Times/ Here's Health to the Foreign Legion E-

1452. Re Zo MR 1356- Angelo Ferdinando O- All I Do Is Dream of You/ Ted Hanson O- With My Eyes Wide Open I'm Dreaming E-/V

1453. Re Zo MR 1621- The Six Swingers- Swing, Brothers, Swing/ Streamline Strut E

1454. Re Zo MR 1688- Billy Cotton Band- New Jig Rhythm/ Temptation Rag E BOTH GOOD!!

1455. Re Zo MR 1694- Jack Wilson piano solo- Dizzy Fingers- Dizzy Keys pt 1/2 EE-

1456. Re Zo MR 1825- Jack Wilson piano solo- Raindrops medley/ Dancing Dolls medley E-

1457. Re Zo MR 2008- Scott Wood Swingers- I'd Love to Take Orders From You/ You're An Eyeful of Heaven V+

1458. Re Zo G 24220(AUST)- Fats Waller Rhythm- You Meet the Nicest People In Your Dreams/ Honey Hush E+ top press

1459. Rex 8905- Gracie Fields & Sandy Powell- Gracie's & Sandy's Party pt 1/2 E- FUN!

1460. Rex 9078- Billy Cotton Band- Sweet Leilani/ The Merry Go Round Broke Down V+ brief clx A

1461. Rex 9188- Jay Wilbur O- Whispers In the Dark/ Little Old Lady V

1462. Rex 9248- Jay Wilbur O- Little Drummer Boy/ Once In a While EE+

1463. Rex 9282- Billy Cotton Band- The Spelling Bee Song/ I'm Knitting a Singlet For Cecil V+/V+E-

1464. Rex 10,060- Jay Wilbur's Serenaders- Pavanne/ Intermezzo E

1465. Scala 828- Mr. Stanley Kirkby- Virginia Lee/ Mr. Victor Norbury- Its a Long, Long Trail E/EE- despite dull surface

1466. Starr Gennett 4655(CAN)- William Bryant- Mary/ The Rosary V-

1467. Starr Gennett 11043- Mons Cloerec Maupas- Je N'ai Que Toi/ Viens Pres De Moi VV+

1468. Sterling 91246(CAN)- All Star Collegians- Now's the Time to Fall In Love/ Shes So Nice V

1469. Ster 281532- Dan Ritchie O- On the Sing Song Highway to Happiness/ Dick Cherwin O- Little Spanish Dancer G

1470. Telefunken A 2014(GERMAN)- Peter Kreuder O w/ Greta Keller & Peter Igelhoff vo-

Aus dem Tagebuch der Dame/ 2 E+

1471. Tele A 2226(SWISS- or GERMAN)- Grosses Striechorchestra- Sudrich der Alpen 1/4 E

1472. Tele A 2445(GER)- Fud Candrix und O- All You Want to Do Is Dance/ Lover Come Back to Me E- heat mk sds lite B

1473. The Winner- Stanley Kirkby- Take Me Back to Old Blightey/ Three Hundred Sixty Five Days G

1474. Tono SSP 3022(SWE?)- Reinhold Svensson- 12th Street Rag/ Tiger Rag E+

1475. Trusound T9- Eddy Walli's DB- This Is the Day of Days/ What a Fool I've Been E but bounces in parts..may be able to be tracked heavy to play through. Gorgeous flexible picture disc from 1931. One side in yellow with married couple, one side in blue with guy smoking on a park bench

1476. Victor A-1068(JAPAN)- Tommy Dorsey Clambake 7- Alibi Baby/ Twilight In Turkey EE- laminated pressing

1477. Vi A-1082- Glenn Miller O- Anvil Chorus 1/2 E+ top laminated pressing

1478. Vi A-1182- Tommy Dorsey Clambake 7- If You Should Ever Leave/ Posin' E laminated press

1479. Vi A-1183- Tommy Dorsey Clambake 7- Stardust On the Moon/ Having a Wonderful Time EE+ laminated pressing

1480. Zonophone 6139- Sam Browne- Darkietown/ Good Evening E-

1481. Zo 6219- Sam Browne- Moon/ Love Me Tonight E few lt scuffs

1482. Zo 6247- The Blue Lyres- Old Kitchen Kettle/ While We Danced At the Mardi Gras EE+

1483. Zon 6249- Syd Lipton O- Lets Put Out the Lights/ We're a Couple of Soldiers My Baby & Me E+

TRANSCRIPTIONS-VERTICAL 12" PLAYING AT 33 1/3 RPM--outstanding high fidelity on all!!

1484. Associated test mx VLC-0173-1- Bob Crosby O- You On My Mind/ Talking Through My Heart E+ super high fidelity- Kay Weber vocal B

1485. Assoc test mx A1238-C2- Mark Warnow O- Summertime/ Farewell Blues/ After You've Gone E at begining, E+ 2nd two tunes.

1486. Assoc test mx A1747-C-2- Ben Selvin O- When the Organ Played Oh Promise Me/ Don't Cry Sweetheart E+

1487. Assoc/World?? S-2104- Phil Marley O- Like Me a Little Bit Less/ Honeymoon Hotel EE+ vocal Kay Costello on that early red flexible material--plays with a bounce, but with finger pressure on the stylus, plays fine--and both top sides

1488. Assoc 53- Freddy Bergin O- Dark Eyes/ Here It Is Monday// Leon Bolero O- Lost My Rhythm, plus one tune "X'd" out E+ swingy version of Here It Is Monday on this depression era tune

1489. Assoc/Muzak M-120- Ben Selvin Cocktail O- Monopoly/ When I'm With You EE+

1490. Assoc 198- Freddie Rich O- He Ain't Got Rhythm/ The Goona Goo/ Reginald Norman O- Turkey in the Straw/ Mr Bluebird E+ NICE A some solos

1491. Assoc 268- De Costa O(D'Artega O)- There's a New Moon Over the Old Mill/ Two Dreams Got Together// Ben Selvin Cocktail O- Outside of Paradise/ The Greatest Mistake of My Life EE+.. A side w/ Joey Nash vocs

1492. Assoc 283- Lou Raderman O- One Rainy Afternoon/ These Foolish Things/ There's Always a Happy Ending//Arthur Deane O- Take My Heart/ When I'm With You E

1493. Assoc 341- Racimo's Hawaiians- When Did You Leave Heaven/ Malanai Anu Ka Makani/ Craig Lennox O(Clyde Lucas)- Love What Are You Doing To My Heart/ Over a Bowl of Suki Yaki E+ FUN B...with lyrics rhyming "a boy from Hackensack-i" and Suki Yaki

1494. Assoc 343- Craig Lennox O- Congo Rhythm/ Doin' the Suzi Q/ Assoc Male Qtet- Old Man Noah/ Blue Eyes/ Great Day E top A side- fun lyrics A

1495. Assoc 368- Walter Remsen O(Willard Robison O)- Peaceful Valley/ Way Down Yonder In New Orleans/ Alexander's Rag Time Band// Carlos Magenti- La Golondrina/ Wz Mirage E... NICE A...Venuti on Alexanders

1496. Assoc 370- Walter Remsen O- Let's Swing It/ Honeysuckle Rose// Believe Me If all Those Endearing Young Charms EE+ both good A...lots of xylophone on Honeysuckle Rose

1497. Muzak/ Assoc 455- Russ Morgan O- If You Love Me/ St Louis Blues// Medley- Stags At Bay/ Medley Yours Truly Is Truly Yours/ Kissin My Baby Goodnight EE+ NICE ST LOUIS BLUES--trumpet and other solos

1498. Assoc 469- Racimo's Hawaiians- Yakka Hula Hickey Dula/ My Luau Girl/ My Hawaiian Maid// Ray Sinatra O- Kashmiri Song/ Let's Put Out the Lights/ Rio Rita E+

1499. Assoc 474- Emery Deutsch O- Formal Night In Harlem/ Caravan// Franklyn Roberts O- Blue Moon/ Midnight In Mayfair E good swinging A

1500. Assoc 486- Ben Selvin O- Farewell My Love/ The Mission By the Sea// I'll Take Romance/ I Want the World to Know EE+

1501. Assoc 618- Buddy Clark w/ Nov Orch- Because of You/ Mexicali Rose// Buddy Sheppard O- Last Night the Nightingale Woke Me/ Lullaby E+

1502. Assoc 621- Nat Brandywynne O(Buddy Clark vocs)- My Ship/ This Is New/ Mayfair Soc O E+

1503. Assoc 12,011- Clyde Mc Coy O- Stomping At the Savoy/ Embassy Stomp// Sam Lanin O- Lady of the Evening/ Cecile Wz E+ GREAT A w/ solos


beginning with unknown bands- acetate recordings in super hi fidelity, with pseudonym bands using the same initials as the original. They sound like well known big bands with the same repertoire, sound, etc. Whoever these guys are, they are good!

1504. Arnold Sharpe O- P-25 A- 3 cuts N-..Frenesi, Moonglow, Nightmare- (Artie Shaw soundalike)

1505. Lorin Brooks O- P- 25-B- 4 cuts N-..Lovers Leap, I've Got My Love to Keep Me Warm, Coffee Time, Leap Frog(Les Brown soundalike)

1506. Lorin Brooks O- P- 26-A- 3 cuts N- Sentimental Journey, Doncha Go Way Mad, Twilight Time (Les Brown soundalike)

1507. Lorin Brooks O- P- 26-B- 3 cuts N- incl Stompin At the Savoy, Blue Moon, Bizet Had His Day (Les Brown soundalike) -----------------------------------------------------------------------------

next--- bands unknown to me on red vinyl in super hi fidelity... will give all info I have..Whoever they are they are super swinging- with bop elements on some cuts. Dont know if these were ever made available on transcription or are tests

1508. Theselius- P-87 A/B- 4 cuts per- N- incl Cool & Cosy, Brewin', Havana Morn, Swingin Thirds// Just Lonely, Kreta, Laugh or Cry, Sabbath Blues

1509. unknown artists-P-93 A/B- 3 cuts per side- no song titles or band names listed. NN-

1510. Lesage Orch- P-94 A/B, mx TL 7601/2- 3 cuts per NN-..Rain, China, Snowflake, First Nite, Free Blues, Finders

1511. Keating Orch- P 95 A/B, mx TL 7603/4- 3 cuts/ 2 cuts NN-.. Hampden Roars, Thistle Swing, Loch Ness Monster, Down South Blues, Kiltie

1512. Johnny Keating O- P 96 A/B.. mx TL 7605/6- 2 cuts per NN-...Lachanacudan Local, Tam O' Shanter, Headin' North, Double Scotch (info on Keating available on line) -----------------------------------------------------------------------------

1513. acetate- Gus Haenschen Stroh program. aircheck 12/31/40. etched into acetate reads NEFF Radio, 106HA/B..seems to be complete show w/ Stroh Beer comm's. Midwest origin. Tunes incl Lady In Red, Broadway Rhythm, plus others EE+ could use light cleaning

1514. acetate- NBC- Here's Luck 8/12/46- complete in 2 parts on aluminum discs. Complete show from the golden age of OTR (old time radio)..funny stuff with goofy characters E+

1515. acetate- ABC- Bing Crosby- Philco Radio Time- 1/15/47. part one-with guest Al Jolson EE- to E appears to be an original aluminum disc w/ American Broadcasting Co label

1516. acetate- NBC label(typed info says ABC)- alumininum Goodyear Program 2/2/47- on 2 disks- complete show EE+ +..has some white acetate residue which a knowledgable collector can clean.

1517. acetate- NBC original aluminum. Chesterfield Supper Club as aired 8/6/47 from 7P- 715P Tex Beneke Orch- Tex and the Glenn Miller O on this top live show play Moonlight Serenade theme, Pigeon Toed, ABC medley incl Summertime, also How Can I Say I Love You.. Chesterfield commercials, and concludes with NBC sign off. Complete show in about E+..has some white acetate residue which I'm sure a knowledgable collector can clean.

1518. acetate- unknown source- Bozo the Clown Under the Sea..EE- at beg to EE+. sounds like Pinto Colvig as Bozo...white label w/ red printing

1519. A&R Recording- Winston Cigarettes Announcements #37- 10 diff cuts E few lt scrs. "Winston tastes good like a cigarette should"

1520. AFRS- Hollywood Music Hall #122- Lucille Norman/ piano..incl Hawaiian isles med A.. E cond

1521. American Red Cross- You Were There #119/#120- Volunteers starring June Foray/ Nursing Service starring Betty Lou Gerson E+...Favorite cartoon voice June Foray A(Rocky the Flying Squirrel, Witch Hazel of WB fame..etc), and her real voice sounds like Nell from Dudley Do Right

1522. Cap A-69- Alvino Rey/ Hal Derwin 4 cuts/ 5 cuts E..incl Stanley Steamer, Yes, Yes Honey A/ How Soon, A Fellow Needs a Girl... B lbl dmg

1523. Cap B-157/8- King Cole Trio- 8 cuts E+ incl Lester Leaps In, Just You, Just Me

1524. Cap B-183- Alvino Rey, steel guitar & rhythm- 8 cuts E+ incl Song of the Islands, Drifting & Dreaming, Star Dust, Dream, etc

1525. Cap Z-147- Alvino Rey, his Singing Guitar & Orch- 10 cuts E..incl Accidentally On Purpose, The Moon Wont Talk, I Give You My Word

1526. Cap Z-148- Alvino Rey, his Singing Guitar & Orch- 10 cuts EE+ incl Loafin On a Lazy Day, Walkin' On Air, Row Your Boat

1527. Cap Z-261- Alvino Rey, his Singing Guitar & Orch- 9 cuts EE+ incl I've Got a Date With a Gate, So You're the One

1528. Columbia Eletcrical Transcription- "War Town" pgm 1/2...pgm 1 "Sergeant Joe" narrated by Ralph Bellamy with Edmond O' Brien and Alice Frost// pgm 2- "Larry Finds a Dad" narrated by Ralph Bellamy with Skippy Homeier E+N-

1529. Davis & Schwegler 42/3- Vido Musso O- 8 swingin cuts with vocals and inst. E+

1530. Keystone Broadcasting System 127/8- Bill Clifton piano solo/ Kay Reed organ solo 5 cuts per E+ incl Red Shadows, a Minor Melancholy A/ Ronda Alla Turka, Grandfather's Clock B

1531. Lang-Worth AS 245/6- Dean Hudson O/ Joan Brooks w/ O- 6 cuts/ 5 cuts E+ incl Moon Over Miami/ I Found a New Baby A// My Blue Heaven, At Sundown B

1532. LW AS-419- Tony Pastor w/ Rosemary Clooney & Clooney Sisters)/ Air Lane Trio- 4 cuts per E+..incl Gonna Get a Girl, Don't Worry Bout Strangers A// My Little Girl, Mickey B

1533. LW 599/600- Jimmy Lunceford O- 7 cuts EE+ incl Just You, Battle Axe, Isn't That Everything

1534. LW 605/6- John Kirby O w/ Maxine Sullivan vox- 10 cuts E+ great content incl Arabian Nighmare, Haydn Gets Hep, Raggle Taggle, The Lass With the Delicate Air

1535. LW 944- Cliff Edwards "Ukulele Ike"/ Cote Glee Club 4 cuts per EE+ GREAT Ike incl Minnie My Mountain Moocher, Paper Doll// B incl This Time, This Is the Army Mr Jones

1536. MGM Radio Attractions- The Adventures of Maisie- 2 complete shows on 2 disks- one has pgm 1 pt 1, pgm 2 pt 1/ other has pgm 1 part 2, pgm 2 part 2... Ann Sothern stars with Howard Mc Near, Lurene Tuttle, Donald Woods and others E+

1537. Mac Gregor LB 533- Sterling Young O/ Golden State Band- 4 cuts per E+..A side is from Mac Gregor Sollie original 78s of 1936-7 incl Goodnight My Love, Trust In Me/ B is military band

1538. Mac Gregor LB 630- Sterling Young O/ Music ala Carter- 4 cuts per E+ incl A Melody From the Sky A/ 'S the Blue Kind of Blues B A side is from Mac Gregor Sollie original 78s of 1936-7

1539. Mac Gregor- King Cole Court- series A pgm 3/4..Guest Anita O' Day/ Larry Stewart E+..great 14+ minute programs featuring the King Cole Trio with above guests

1540. NBC Orthacoustic- USMC- Woody Herman presents Music You Like- incl Artie Shaw- Begin the Beguine, Lionel Hampton O- Muskat Ramble, Bing Crosby & Andrews Sisters- Don't Fence Me In, Guy Lombardo- Humoresque, Woody Herman- Caldonia..more E condition..2 sided A/B

1541. Radiotone OBC 1/2-- Del Courtney O/ Gene Kardos O- 8 cuts(one is "X'd out)..EE-..a rare issue by O.B. Clow of Tacoma Washington..Original tunes incl a great People Say I'm Crazy with Bea Wain vocal..mx's CLOW-1/ OBC-2..Other tunes incl Help Me to Forget, Just a Bundle of Dreams

1542. Sesac H-1/2- Modern Hawaiians..13 cuts E+..great Hawaiian incl Ta Ua, Aloha Land, The Girl At Waikiki, Tahiti Sweetie, Sleepy Stars In Hawaii

1543. Standard A 559-567- Gene Austin/ Latin Orch- 4 cuts/ 5 cuts E+ incl Sleepy Time Gal, Voodoo Drums, Some of These Days A// Noche Criolla, Hasta Manana B

1544. Std A 1317-1323- The Islanders- 8 cuts E+ top Hawaiian incl Pua Mamane, Alekoki, Hawaiian Chant, Hui E, Nanu Kauai

1545. Std A- 1365-1372- Tommy Tucker O- 8 cuts E incl a swingin Swing Is Here to Sway & The Big Apple

1546. Std A 1405-1412- Frank Trumbauer O/ Concert O- 4 cuts per E+ incl Tiger Rag Fantasy(feat Mannie Klein tpt), Big Butter & Egg Man A/ March of the Giants B

1547. Std P-110- King Cole Trio/ Don Allen O- 6 cuts/ 5 cuts EE+ incl Off the Beam, 1-2-3-4 A// What Good's the Moon B

1548. Std Q-191- Art Tatum- 10 cuts E..incl Paper Moon, Mean to Me, If I Could Be With You

1549. Std R-103- Carol Lee w/ Henry King O- 8 cuts EE+ incl You Do the Darndest Things Baby, Easy to Love

1550. Std R-131- Cindy Walker w/ Spike Jones City Slickers- 10 cuts E incl I Don't Trust the Men/ He Knew All the Answers

1551. Std R-141- Spike Jones City Slickers- 10 cuts E+ incl John Scotter Trot/ St-St-St-Stella

1552. Std R-143- Spike Jones City Slickers/ Cindy Walker w/ Spike- 5 cuts per E..incl Moanin' Low A/ Gonna Stomp Them City Slickers Down B

1553. Std X-67- Lennie Conn Quartet- 8 cuts E incl Peelin' the Peach, Stictly Formal

1554. Std X-159- Hal Mc Intyre O- 10 cuts E..incl swinging Frog Hop, & Milkman Keep Those Bottles Quiet

1555. Std X-303- Tommy Dorsey O- 10 cuts N-..incl Mean to Me/ I Let a Song Go Out of My Heart

1556. Std Y-127- Jimmy Walsh O- 8 cuts E..top band sides incl Jeepers Creepers, You're Gonna See a Lot of Me, Kisses For Christmas, I'm Madly In Love With You

1557. Std Y-128- Jimmy Walsh O- 4 cuts/ Harry Bluestone violin with Bobby Sherwood guitar 4 cuts E/E+..top band sides A incl I Go For That, After Looking At You// B great violin guitar duets obviously Venuti-Lang inspired- Kiddin' On the Strings, I Never Knew, Am I Blue, Exactly Like You

1558. Std Y-129- Jimmy Walsh O- 8 cuts EE+..top band sides incl Thanks For Everything, Muskat Ramble, Most Gentlemen Don't Like Love, White Shadows

1559. Std Y-145- Pinky Tomlin O- 8 cuts E..incl a surprisingly swinging One O Clock Jump & Swingin' the Blues

1560. Std Y-157- Eddie Fitzpatrick O- 12 cuts E+ incl Say It, My My, Let There Be Love

1561. Std Hollywood Calling #16.. George Fisher Interviews the Stars- incl Bill Demarest, Sarah Churchill, Vincent Price, Evelyn Keyes // George Fisher's Filmtown Featurettes- incl Oscars, Are Women Smarter Than Men? ....E+

1562. Std Hollywood Calling #24- George Fisher Interviews the Stars- incl Albert Dekker, Debbie Reynolds, others// George Fisher's Filmtown Featurettes- Alan Ladd, Ruth Hussey, etc E+/E few scrs B

1563. Std Hollywood Calling #25- George Fisher Interviews the Stars- incl Cornel Wilde, Joel Mc Crea, J. Carroll Naish, Mona Freeman // George Fisher's Filmtown Featurettes- Irene Dunne, Danny Thomas etc E few lt scrs

1564. Thesaurus 818- Richard Leibert- organist/ Russ Morgan O- 5 cuts per E+ incl I've Got Five Dollars A/ Crosstown, One Look At You B

1565. Thes 946- Charlie Barnet O/ the Four Belles- 5 cuts/ 6 cuts E+ incl Wings Over Manhattan , Wild Mab, Little Dip A// G'Bye Now B

1566. Thes 953- Lukewela's Royal Hawaiians/ Sammy Kaye O- 5 cuts per E+ incl Syncopated Hula Rhythm, Lullaby of the Surf A/ Hut Sut Song, Swing & Sway Blues B

1567. Thes 1153- The Rhythm Makers- Benny Goodman/ Jimmy Dorsey(?)- 4 cuts per EE+. the best BG band from 1935 on A side incl Down South Camp Meetin', ICGUA But Love, Mood Indigo/ Soph Lady, Dardanella// flip has a Helen O Connell vocal on Just For a Thrill, plus instrumentals on I Surrender Dear, Shine On Harvest Moon and Bugle Call Rag

1568. Thes 1216- Sammy Kaye O- 10 cuts E+ incl Hawaiian War Chant. One O Clock Jump

1569. Thes 1346- Richard Leibert organist/ The Jumpin' Jacks- 5 cuts per E+ incl Wedding March A/ Song of the Islands, Three Little Words B

1570. Thes 1362- Music Hall Varieties O featuring Irving Kaufman/ Music of Manhattan. 5 cuts per E+ incl Alexander's Ragtime Band/ Waiting For the Robert E. Lee A// I Saw Stars, Night & Day B interesting to hear this pioneer of the early days of recording in hi fidelity

1571. Thes 1399- Jumpin' Jacks/ Vincent Lopez O- 6 cuts/ 4 cuts EE+..incl We're In the Money A/ Begin the Beguine B

1572. Thes 1421- Jumpin' Jacks/ Allen Roth O- 5 cuts/ 6 cuts EE+ incl Shadow Shuffle, With Plenty of Money & You A// Alexander's Ragtime Band B

1573. Thes 1426- Music of Manhattan- direction of Norman Cloutier w/ Louise Carlyle & Willard Young duets// Allen Roth Orch & cho- 5 cuts per E+ incl Honey, Singin in the Rain A/ Got Any Gum Chum, Jump Jim Crew B

1574. Thes 1501- Tex Beneke O/ Music of Manhattan- 5 cuts per E+ incl In the Mood, String of Pearls A// Fiddle Dee Dee B

1575. Thes 1568- Ray Mc Kinley O/ Frank Black Singing Americans- 5 cuts/ 4 cuts E..incl Pete's Cafe, Red Silk Stockings A// September Song, Go Down Moses B

1576. Thes 1652- Eddie Fisher/ Wayne King O- 5 cuts per EE+ incl Pennies From Heaven, Just One More Chance A// In the Still of the Night B

1577. Thes 1716- Tex Beneke O/ Freddy Martin O- 5 cuts per E+...incl A- Wonder Why, Would I Love You/ B- Minute Boogie, Mexican Holiday

1578. Thes 1788- Norman Cloutier O/ Wayne King O- 4 cuts/ 5 cuts E+ incl Sweet Leilani, As Time Goes By A// April Showers, My Silent Love B

1579. Treasury Dept- Guest Star 115/116- Buddy Clark &Margaret Whiting/ Jane Froman E

1580. Treasury Dept- Guest Star- 431/2- Benny Goodman O/ Eileen Barton E+

1581. War Dept- Special Service Division- Command Performance- Series H-18, pgm 72. GREAT show with Fred Mac Murray, Jimmy Lunceford O, Skinny Ennis, Gene Austin, Phil Harris, Alice Faye, Jerry Colonna, Bea Benadaret, Ken Carpenter EE+..

1582. War Dept- Yank Swing Session with Martin Block pgm 51 A/B- E+ incl Artie Shaw- Begin the Beguine, Charlie Barnet- Things Aint What They Used to Be, Benny Goodman- Why Dont You Do Right, Count Basie- 920 Special..plain label, handwritten info

1583. War Dept- Yank Swing Session with Martin Block pgm 53 A/B- N- incl Tommy Dorsey- Marie, Duke Ellington- Dont Get Around Much Anymore, Jimmy Dorsey- Blue Skies, Harry James- One O Clock Jump, Gracie Fields- Biggest Aspidastra, Erskine Hawkins- Shipyard Blues, more

1584. Works Progress Administration- presents Los Angeles Dance Band pgm #40..mx PMS 97495 E+...4 top tunes incl Somebody Stole My Gal, Lights Out, Play Fiddle Play, Is She My Baby, Well I'll Say..nice looking gold on black RCA Victor label

1585. Works Progress Administration- presents Los Angeles Dance Band pgm #45..mx PMS 97501 E+..4 top tunes incl Stompin' Aroun, Alone, the Words Are In My Heart, Lost. black/gold RCA lbl

1586. Works Progress Administration- presents Los Angeles Dance Band pgm #47..mx PMS 97502 EE+ despite light scrs. 4 top tunes incl You, Moon Melody, Tell Me That You Love Me Tonight, I'm Gonna Sit Right Down & Write Myself a Letter..nice looking gold on black RCA Victor label

TRANSCRIPTIONS -VERTICAL 16" PLAYING AT 33 1/3 RPM--outstanding high fidelity on all!!

--beginning with safety acetates--These were cut at the recording session as safeties, and immediate reference copies. Interesting look into a recording session!----

1587. acetate- World Transcription safety acetate. mx ZZ-2761/ 2762 C..Top big swing band sides begin with No Foolin', 4 breakdown takes and one complete of After the Storm(?),// one breakdown and one complete take of a sweet tune, 2 complete takes Hey Sit Down Bud...great stuff!

1588. acetate- World Transcription safety acetate. mx ZZ-2763 D1/D2. unknown Big Band with male vocal..Begins with a complete take of Two Hearts Thats Pass In the Night, Everything Happens to Me, breakdown take unknown, Embraceable You// flip one instrumental cut. E+N-

1589. acetate- World Transcription safety acetate. mx ZZ-4735-C. unknown big band begins with a swingin hot instrumental..then a breakdown take, and complete take of Just Say That I'm a Friend of Yours(?)

1590. Associated test mx 1590-C-2- Ben Selvin Dance O- 4 cuts E..incl Good Mornin', The Shag, The Merry Go Round Broke Down, Harbor Lights..nice band!

1591. Assoc test mx M 1598- C-1- Franklyn Roberts O(Freddie Rich)- 4 cuts dated 6/30/37 E cond.. incl Crazy Rhythm, I Know That You Know, There's Something About a Soldier, Lady of Spain

1592. Assoc test mx M 1602- C-1- Franklyn Roberts O(Freddie Rich)- 4 cuts dated 6/30/37 E cond.. incl Kitchy Mi Koko Isle, Peckin', Dancing Under the Stars, So Rare (last 2 w/ Joey Nash vocs)

1593. Assoc test mx A 1622-2- Ray Sinatra O- 4 cuts E+ incl 'Cause My Baby Says Its So, You Can't Have Everything, My Cabin of Dreams, Til The Clock Strikes Three(both w/ Joey Nash vocs)

1594. Assoc test mx A 1624-2- Clyde Lucas O- 4 cuts E+ good swingin band incl Swingin With the Jug, Stop You're Breakin' My Heart, Hawaiian Hospitality, Dancing Under the Stars

1595. Assoc test mx ZZ-3856-P5- Art Kassel O- 4 cuts/ Ted Fio Rito O- 1 cut- incl Kassel-Hells Bells, Somebody Stole My Gal/ Fio Rito- Take 'Er Down

1596. Assoc test mx ZZ-5485-P3- Don Bestor O- 5 cuts E+...incl Contented, Something Sort of Grandish..

1597. Assoc 6012- Ozzie Nelson O/ Johnny Messner O- 4 cuts per E+.. Top Ozzie Nelson includes hot A Study In Brown, Gee But Its Great to Meet a Friend/ B incl Hold Tight, U Asked For It- U Got It

1598. Assoc 6021- Teddy Powell O/ Johnny Messner O- 3 cuts per E+..great Powell incl Jamaica Jam, Ease On Down/ B incl Johnny's Messin Around

1599. Assoc 60028- Teddy Powell O/ Don Cossack Choir- 4 cuts per E+..Top Powell band incl Sensation, Stay On the Right Side of the Road, etc

1600. Assoc 60134- Thomas "Fats Waller" Orch/ Thomas "Fats" Waller// Ben Selvin Cocktail O- 3 cuts Fats O, one Fats solo/ 4 Selvin O. EE+, but does have a lightly aud scr both sides- which does not detract much from the enjoyment of the great music- A has I'm Crazy Bout My Baby, The Spider & the Fly, After You've Gone, and solo on Tea For Two/ B incl Eleanor, Orchids In the Moonlight

1601. Assoc 60148- Johnny Messner O/ Mitchell Ayres O- 4 cuts per E+..A side all tunes from Gullivers Travels/ B side incl tunes from Du Barry Was a Lady

1602. Assoc 60217- Larry Clinton O/ D'Artega O- 4 cuts per E+ good A incl Study In Surrealism, Ten Mile Hop// B incl Do You Want to Know Why, A Handful of Stars

1603. Assoc 60227- 4 Chicks & Chuck- 9 cuts E+ incl Don't Fence Me In, Dance With a Dolly, I Know That You Know, The General Jumped At Dawn

1604. Assoc 60354- Ben Selvin O/ Mayfair Soc O//unknown Orch(lbl missing)..E..1 cut Selvin-You Made Me Love You/ 2 Mayfair//4 unknown big band w/ female vocal incl I Got It Bad and That Aint Good

1605. Assoc 60532- Abe Lyman O- 9 cuts EE+ incl good African Hop, One For My Baby

1606. Assoc 60813- Erroll Garner- 8 top sides E+..incl Loot to Boot, Erroll's Bounce, Sweet Lorraine

1607. Assoc 61124- Buddy Weed piano w/ rhy// Alfredo Antonini O- 5 cuts/ 4 cuts E+.. all good jazz A incl Song of the Islands, Raggin' the Scale, Gonna Get a Girl

1608. Muzak X-83- Eddie Bush's Hawaiians- 7 cuts E+ incl Kuu Ipi, The Hawaiian Vamp, Kuu Lei

1609. Muzak X-84- Eddie Bush's Hawaiians- 8 cuts E+ incl Fair Hawaii, Soft Green Seas, Palolo

1610. Muzak X-313- Paradise Islanders/ Al Roth O- 5 cuts per E..incl Koni Au I Ka Wai, Estrellita A// Sweet Madness, Marie B

1611. Muzak X-350- Jerry Jerome O/ Al Roth O- 5 cuts/ 4 cuts E...incl Song of the Islands, All of Me A/ Sunrise Serenade, Creole Days B

1612. Muzak X-420- Ben Selvin O/ Freddie Rich O- 5 cuts/ 4 cuts E incl Selvin- Good Mornin', Suddenly Its Spring// Rich- Crazy Rhythm, I Know That You Know

1613. World 105-112- 8 great sides E+ from 1933 by this band Arden-Ohman(?) in super hi fidelity-- tunes are Fascinating Rhythm, You're An Old Smoothie, Orchids In the Moonlight, Hallelujah, I Got Rhythm, Night & Day, I've Told Every Little Star, S' Wonderful..Pressed on that flexible reddish-brown material

1614. World 129-136- unknown Orch/ Tango Orch- 4 cuts per EE+..A side incl Without That Certain Thing, You're Gonna Lose Your Gal, You're My Past, Present & Future/ B incl Adios, The Peanut Vendor

1615. World 300-1457-1464. 8 cuts by unknown band E. Good tunes with female vocals, and Dick Robertson vocals incl Funny Little Carousel, Believe It Or Not, I Can't Escape From You, You Can't Pull the Wool Over My Eyes..on that flexible reddish-brown material

1616. World 300- 1977-1984- 8 cuts by an unknown band EE+ some with Patty Norman vocs. Swingin sides incl Jamboree, Lets Call the Whole Thing Off, Scattin at the Kit Kat, I'm Bubbling Over..on semi flexible black vinyl

1617. World 2169-2176-1984- 8 cuts by an unknown band EE+..Some excellent big band swing with solos incl Muskrat Ramble. Stardust on the Moon, Jazz Me Blues, Exactly Like You. Some sides have male vocs..the instrumentals really swing..on semi flexible black vinyl

1618. World 300- 2577-2584- Vic Fraser O- 8 cuts E+ incl Lovelight In the Starlight, Where In the World, Isn't It Wonderful, I Let a Song Go Out Of My Heart

1619. World 3281-3288- Carl Kress Swing Quartet/ Reed Murray O- 4 cuts per E.. Top jazz A incl Sposin', Get Happy/ B incl Over the Rainbow, Oh You Crazy Moon

1620. World 3329-3336- Glen Gray Casa Loma O 8 cuts E..incl Sassin the Boss, Clementine

1621. World 5209-5218- Charlie Spivak O 9 cuts EE+ incl White Christmas, At Last, He's My Guy


1622. Edison Diamond Disks- lot of 115+.. various artists, genres of music, etc. most E or better

1623. Lot of 25 Victor catalogs---most in excellent condition, some lesser---as follows: 1913-May & Nov, 1914- May, 1915- May & Nov, 1916- May & Nov, 1917- May, 1918- May, 1919, 1920, 1921, 1923, 1924, 1925, 1926, 1928, 1929, 1930, unknown 1931-32 or 33(??), 1934, 1936, 1938, 1939, 1940-41

1624. The Record Changer- approximately 65 issues incl some dupes..late 1940s-mid 1950s..most in excellent condition.

1625. Record Research magazine- approx 250 issues incl some dupes 1960s-1980s..most in excellent condition

1626. Victor Red Seal Classical Suppplements- over 100 inc dupes, mostly 1930s-some into the 40s and 50s..Most of the 30s have pictures on front including Toscanini, Gershwin, Stokowski..Some even cross over and the regular scroll/black label issues. Most E+

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