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Dear Collectors, Here is my latest auction of vintage 78s, 12" & 16" radio transcriptions, and paper material. Closing date is- SUNDAY- FEBRUARY 25, 2018. Winner pays postage and packing at cost. I am looking to purchase quality collections, so please keep me in mind should you hear of anything for sale or wish to sell a collection.

SECTION ONE (all in this section are play graded using a new Stanton 2.7 mil stylus, without processing or equalization, and listed as looks like/plays like, unless looks/plays are the same)


1. Banner 1457- Fletcher Henderson O- One of These Days/ Missouri Jazz Band- Where's My Sweetie Hiding EE+..SMALL pop near beg A...light int cr nap.. Neither affects the great extended Louis Armstrong solo

2. Bluebird shellac test mx BS 85530-1- Amos- Tell Me What Its About E-V+...3" repd ck barely sds etched in shellac 2/27/35..race BB

3. Black Swan 2034- Henderson's DO- Shake It & Break It/ Aunt Hagar's Children's Blues looks V, plays EE-

4. Brunswick 7058- Jabbo Smith Rhythm Aces- Little Willie Blues/ Sleepytime Blues V+/E- hang up groove B only

5. Br 4863- Andy Kirk O- Once Or Twice/ Mary's Idea E in parts E- in parts

6. Br 6046- Savannah Syncopators- Honey That Reminds Me/ Who's Blue looks VV+, plays V+E-

7. Br 6127- Andy Kirk O- Saturday/ Sophomore E+

8. Br 7550- Teddy Wilson O- Yankee Doodle Never Went to Town/ Twenty Four Hours A Day EE+ or better..top West Coast pressing. Billie Holiday vocals

9. Br 120- Fred Elizalde Music- Stomp Your Feet/ Clarinet Marmalade E

10. Br 147- Fred Elizalde Hot Music- Dixie/ Tiger Rag looks VV+/V+, plays V+/E-

11. Champion 15420- Malcolm Webb O- One Night In Havana/ Friday Night E first few grooves than EE+...FAINT 1/4" hlc nap. SUPER RARE Hoagy Carmichael Orch

12. Columbia 1868- Sonny Greer Memphis Men- Saturday Night Function/ Beggars Blues E+N-

13. Co 2589- Dorsey Brothers O- Why Did It Have to Be Me/ Joe Venuti Rhythm Boys- The Wolf Wobble looks EE+, plays E+

14. Co 2706(BLUE WAX)- The Three Keys- Somebody Loses- Somebody Wins/ Mood Indigo E-

15. Co 2802(BLUE WAX)- Jack Teagarden Chicagoans- Shake Your Hips/ Someone Stole Gabriel's Horn EE+

16. Co 2920(BLUE WAX)- Chick Webb Savoy O- I Can't Dance, I Got Ants In My Pants/ Imagination E+

17. Co 2994(BLUE WAX)- Mills Blue Rhythm Band- Keep the Rhythm Going/ Solitude E+

18. Co 3015- Benny Goodman O- Clouds/ Night Wind E+

19. Co 3152- Frank Froeba Swing Band- Whatcha Gonna Do When There Aint No Swing?/ It All Begins & Ends With You EE+

20. Co 14402- Le Roy's Dallas Band- Tampa Shout/ Going Away Blues E+

21. Co 14502- Jimmy Johnson & Clarence Williams piano duet- How Could I Be Blue/ I've Found a New Baby E+

22. Co 14565- Ethel Waters- Georgia Blues/ I Like the Way He Does It E+

23. Decca F 2373(ENG)- Spike Hughes DO- Joshua Fit De Battle ob Jericho/ Roll Jordan E+ HOT A

24. Domino 3613- Fletcher Henderson O- Sleepy Time Gal/ Eddie Peabody O- Dont Wake Me Up Let Me Dream EE- after one quick thump near beg A

25. Emerson 10434- Eubie Blake- Sounds of Africa/ Baltimore Buzz EE+

26. Flexo 311(New Flexo)- Joseph Gish O- Milenberg Joys/ You Are Just a Vision EE- great jazz content A// Goldkette/ Quicksell tune B. could use a very light extra weight for the first few grooves, then plays normally...With just light finger pressure, it plays through the beginning fine

27. Gennett 3342- Duke Ellington Washingtonians- Animal Crackers/ L'il Farina looks V-, plays V+/VV+ scr beg A sds briefly

28. Ge 5402- The Happy Harmonists(Hitch's Happy Harmonists)- Ethiopian Nightmare/ Baptistown Crawl looks V+, plays EE-

29. Ge 5453- Wolverine O- Copenhagen/ Oh Baby looks V- plays E-/VV+, sm rcnap

30. Harmony 101- Original Indiana Five- Pensacola/ I'd Rather Be Alone E+ few lt scuffs nap

31. Ha 153- The Dixie Stompers- Black Horse Stomp/ Nervous Charlie Stomp looks V+, plays EE-, mostly E

32. Ha 432- Original Indiana Five- One Sweet Letter From You/ Play It Red E+ sm rcnap

33. Ha 459- Original Indiana Five- Struttin' Jerry/ Stompin' Fool E+N-

34. Ha 526- The Dixie Stompers- Baltimore/ Black Maria VV+

35. Ha 860- Arthur Schutt- Rambling In Rhythm/ Jack In the Box E+ lt scr A nap

36. Odeon ONY 36120- Hotel Penn Music- So Beats My Heart For You/ My Heart Belongs to the Girl Who Belongs to Somebody Else E+

37. Od ONY 36134- Hotel Penn Music- My Bluebird Was Caught In the Rain/ Sing Something Simple E+

38. OKeh 8261- Louis Armstrong Hot 5- Yes I'm In the Barrel/ Gut Bucket Blues looks G, plays V toward outside, V- toward inside

39. OK 4885- Harry Raderman's Jazz O- Wolverine Blues/ Tin Roof Blues E

40. OK 8763- Clarence Williams O- I've Found a New Baby/ Left Alone With the Blues E+

41. OK 8798- Clarence Williams Novelty Band- You're Bound to Look Like a Monkey When You Get Old/ He Wouldn't Stop Doing It E+ few scuffs nap

42. OK 40310- Sigler's Birmingham Merrymakers- I Love Her/ Step It looks V-, plays V+ Atlanta

43. OK 40474- The Goofus 5- Sweet Man/ Okeh Syncos- Oh Lovey Be Mine looks E-, plays E

44. OK 40543- The Red Hotters- What Did I Tell Ya?/ Smile a Little Bit NN- MINT TRUETONE

45. OK 40570- The Red Hotters- Love Bound/ Looking For a Boy NN- MINT TRUETONE

46. OK 40635- The Jazz Pilots- Yea Alabama/ O! Davidson NN- MINT TRUETONE

47. OK 40700- Harry Raderman's Red Hotters- I'm Going to Park Myself In Your Arms/ Arkansas Travelers- Give Me a Ukulele and a Ukulele Baby MINT TRUETONE

48. OK 40707- Harry Reser's Jazz Pilots- Fire!/ Sam Lanin's Melody Sheiks- Here Comes Fatima NN- MINT TRUETONE

49. OK 41030- Bix Beiderbecke Gang- Thou Swell/ Somebody Stole My Gal E+ sm red lbl

50. OK 41151- Dorsey Bros O- Cross Roads/ Sally of My Dreams E+

51. OK 41159- Sam Lanin O- Sweethearts On Parade/ Everybody Loves You EE+

52. OK 41162- New York Syncopators- Sweet Dreams/ Dreaming of the Day E+

53. OK 41252- Frankie Trumbauer O- Gotta Feelin' For You/ Nobody But You E+ few scuffs nap

54. OK 41256- Smith Ballew O- S'posin'/ Just Another Kiss NN- nice A w/ sax solo, good accomp

55. OK 41310- Fred "Sugar" Hall Sugar Babes- Sophomore Prom/ I Lift Up My Finger & Say Tweet Tweet E+

56. OK 41313- Frankie Trumbauer O- Turn On the Heat/ Sunnyside Up E+ one lt scr A sds brief few gvs

57. OK 41394- Smith Ballew O- Where the Golden Daffodils Grow/ Alone With My Dreams E

58. OK 41432- Joe Venuti Blue 4- Ragging the Scale/ Put & Take E+

59. OK 41435- Ed Loyd O- I've Got My Eye On You/ Just a Little Closer E+ solos A

60. OK 41436- Seger Ellis w/ O- Swingin In a Hammock/ Old New England Moon E+

61. OK 41439- Emmett Miller & His Georgia Crackers- That's the Good Old Sunny South/ God's River E+

62. OK 41444- The Three Boswell Sisters- My Future Just Passed/ Heebie Jeebies N-

63. OK 41449- The Mariners Trio w/guitar- Dont Mind Walking In the Rain/ Just a Little Dance Mamselle E+ nice guitar acc- (Lang?)

64. OK 41469- Joe Venuti Blue 4- I've Found a New Baby/ Sweet Sue- Just You E+

65. OK 41478- Louis Armstrong O- You're Driving Me Crazy (C take)/ The Peanut Vendor (B take) looks V, plays E- ....the much rarer C take on A side (West Coast pressing?)

66. OK 41503- Buddy Campbell O- One More Time/ Let's Get Friendly looks EE-, plays E+ thanks to the great Okeh pressing!

67. OK 41534- Louis Armstrong O- I Got Rhythm/ Chinatown My Chinatown looks E with a few scrs, plays about E+ scrs do not sound

68. OK 41558- Buddy Campbell O- Soft Lights & Sweet Music/ By the Fireside E+ few lt scrs nap

69. OK 45165- Giddens Sisters- Alseep In Jesus/ Where We'll Never Grow Old E+ couple lt aud scr

70. OK 45281- Blue Ridge Sacred Singers- The Wonderful Day of Judgment/ Crossing the Bar E+

71. Paramount 12093- Alberta Hunter & Elkins-Payne Jubilee Quartette- If the Rest of the World Don't Want You/ Old Fashioned Love strong E-

72. Par 12304- James Blythe- Jimmie Blues/ Fat Meat & Greens looks V+, plays about E

73. Par 12370- Jimmy Blythe- Lovin's Been Here & Gone to the Mecca Flat/ Mr. Freddie Blues looks V+, plays about E

74. Par PNY 34176- Earl Marlow O- Hello Beautiful/ George Wells O- Heartaches E+

75. Par R 183(ENG)- Esther White w/ Tampa Blue pianist- I Still Remember-Do You?/ Tampa Blue 5 with their singer Chloe E+ lt scr A nap. Okeh master on early purple UK issue

76. Pathe 036168- Five Birmingham Babies- Go Emmaline/ Original Memphis 5- Mama's Boy E/E+

77. Pennington 1384- Pennington O- I Cant Get the One I Want (take 1)/ Oh Baby E- rare Fletcher Henderson issue A with solos

78. Perfect 14110- Jim Europe's Band- Clarinet Marmalade/ Russian Rag E-

79. Swing 6- Dicky Wells O- Bugle Call Rag/ Between the Devil & Deep Blue Sea looks E, plays E+ due to great laminated pressing...Django in band

80. Sw 43- Michel Warlop O- Organ Grinders Swing/ Michel Warlop Trio- Sweet Sue E+ Django both

81. Victor 20357- Thomas Waller- Lenox Avenue Blues/ St Louis Blues N-

82. Vi 20182- Savoy Bearcats- Nightmare/ Senegalese Stomp looks VV+, plays E-

83. Vi 20460- Savoy Bearcats- Hot Notes/ Stampede looks E plays EE+ scr B nap

84. Vi 20776- Thomas Waller w/ Morris's Hot Babies- Savannah Blues/ Won't U Take Me Home VV+

85. Vi 21760- Mart Britt O- Goose Creek-Stomp/ Only An Angel E+ HOT A

86. Vi 24059- Alex Bartha O- Hot Biscuits/ Washboard Rhythm Boys- Tiger Rag EE+/E some wear on highs B as is common with these hot hi fi recordings

87. Vi 24812- Frankie Trumbauer O- Down T'Uncle Bill's/ Blue Moon E+

88. Vi 38066- Joe Steele O- Coal Yard Shuffle/ Top & Bottom EE+

89. Vi 38067- The Missourians- Market Street Stomp/ Missouri Moan EE+ or better

90. Vi 38070- Paul Howard's Quality Serenaders- Over Night Blues/ Charlie's Idea E+

91. Vi 38083- Coon- Sanders O- Louder & Funnier/ Smiling Skies looks V/V+, plays E-/EE-

92. Vi 38117- Cecil Scott O- Springfield Stomp/ Bright Boy Blues E+

93. Vi 38122- Paul Howard's Quality Serenaders- Quality Shout/ Stuff E+

94. Vocalion 14689- Viola Mc Coy- Mistreatin Daddy/ Wish I Had You EE+

95. Vo 14709- Hazel Meyers acc by Fletcher Henderson & Joe Smith- Awful Moanin Blues/ He's Never Gonna Throw Me Down V+E-

96. Vo 14800- Fletcher Henderson Club Alabam O- Tea Pot Dome Blues/ Mobile Blues N-

97. Vo 14977- Mc Kenzie's Candy Kids- Panama/ When My Sugar Walks Down the Street E or better

98. Vo 14978- Mc Kenzie's Candy Kids- Stretch It Boy/ Best Black E+/EE+

99. Vo 2638- Ruben "River" Reeves River Boys- Screws, Nuts & Bolts/ Yellow Five E+

100. Vocalion shellac test mx C 1986-1- Lovin' Sam- Spo-De-O-De E- many lams nap. 11" test


101. Br 2152- Gene Rodemich O- Fancies/ Gypsy Blues E+

102. Br 2159- Gene Rodemich O- Just Like a Rainbow/ Cry Baby Blues EE-

103. Br 2259- Carl Fenton O- Georgia/ Black Eyed Blues E

104. Br 2290- Gene Rodemich O- Broken Hearted Blues/ Bamboo Bay EE-

105. Br 2299- Gene Rodemich O- Nobody Loves Me Now/ Whenever You're Lonesome E

106. Br 2434- Marion Harris- Two Time Dan/ That Red Head Gal E- some scrs

107. Br 2443- Marion Harris- Waitin' For the Evenin Mail/ Who's Sorry Now EE-

108. Br 2608- Keller Sisters & Lynch w/ O- In the Evening/ What'll I Do EE-

109. Br 2653- Keller Sisters & Lynch w/ O- Where the Dreamy Wabash Flows/ Morning E+

110. Br 2681- Ray Miller O- Red Hot Mama/ Bagdad NN-

111. Br 2894- Isham Jones O- Danger/ Bennie Krueger O- By the Light of the Stars E

112. Br 2961- Nick Lucas- Brown Eyes Why Are You Blue/ If You Hadn't Gone Away E+

113. Br 2962- Abe Lyman O- Want a Little Lovin'/ Normandy EE-

114. Br 2963- Isham Jones O- Oh Boy, What a Girl/ Remember EE-

115. Br 2976- Herb Wiedoeft O- Sugar Plum/ Promenade Walk E- faint 1/2" ck nap

116. Br 2999- Ernie Golden O- Just Around the Corner/ Five Foot Two, Eyes of Blue E+N-

117. Br 3041- The Volunteer Firemen- Keep Your Skirts Down Mary Ann/ In My Gondola EE-

118. Br 3183- Al Jolson w/ C.Fenton O- If I Knew I'd Find You/ I Wish I Had My Old Gal Back Again NN-

119. Br 3222- Al Jolson w/ C.Fenton O- When the Red Red Robin/ Here I Am NN- looks unplayed

120. Br 3224- Charley Straight O- Deep Henderson/ Hobo's Prayer EE+

121. Br 3301- Ben Selvin O- She Knows Her Onions/ Any Ice Today Lady? E+

122. Br 3323- Bennie Krueger O- No One But You Knows How to Love/ Gone Again Gal VV+

123. Br 3324- Charley Straight O- Tell Me Tonight/ Whats the Use of Crying VV+

124. Br 3328- Ray Miller O- Mercy Percy/ Cause I Love You V+

125. Br 3344- Harold Leonard O- Climbing Up the Ladder of Love/ Hugs & Kisses E

126. Br 3345- Harry Archer O- Get a Load of This/ Twinkle Twinkle E-/EE-

127. Br 3573- Vincent Lopez O- Just Like a Butterfly/ Baby Mine EE+

128. Br 3582- Six Jumping Jacks- There's a Trick In Pickin' a Chicken/ Positively- Absolutely E

129. Br 3606- Jules Herbuveaux O- I'm Coming Virginia/ Meet Me In the Moonlight EE+ or better

130. Br 3640- Harry Archer O- Roam On My Little Gypsy Sweetheart/ You Sing That Song to Somebody Else V+

131. Br 3682- Royal Hawaiians- Dreaming Alone In Hawaii/ The Waikiki Blues E- rcnap

132. Br 3685- Isham Jones O- Together We Two/ What'll You Do E+

133. Br 3687- Harry Archer O- Roses Understand/ Molly Malone E

134. Br 3688- Ernest Hare- Night Before Christmas/ Criterion Quartet- De Sandman E

135. Br 3710- Sweet William & Bad Bill- In New York/ Still In New York V+

136. Br 3719- Al Jolson w/ Wirges O- Blue River/ Mother of Mine I Still Have You VV+

137. Br 3755- William F Wirges O- Dear On a Night Like This/ On the Vagabond Trail E

138. Br 3769- Freddie Rose- Mary(What Are You Waiting For)/ The Voice of the Southland E

139. Br 3772- Bernie Cummins O- When You're With Somebody Else/ Lonely Melody E

140. Br 3775- Al Jolson w/ Wirges O- Golden Gate/ Four Walls E+

141. Br 3804- Harry Archer O- Oh Gee Oh Joy/ Say So EE+

142. Br 3819- Radio Franks- Rain/ Mary Ann E+

143. Br 3812- Herb Wiedoeft O- Golden Gate/ Rose Room EE-

144. Br 3821- Harry Reser- When the Robert E Lee Comes To Town/ Frosted Chocolate E+

145. Br 3827- Herb Gordon O- Thou Swell/ The Sunrise E-

146. Br 3828- Ray Miller O- My Honey's Lovin' Arms/ Sorry E-

147. Br 3856- Six Jumping Jacks- Get 'Em In a Rumble Seat/ Oh Look At That Baby EE-

148. Br 3867- Al Jolson w/ Wirges O- Back In Your Own Backyard/ Ol Man River E

149. Br 3890- Harry Richman- I'm Riding to Glory/ That's My Mammy E-

150. Br 3899- Charley Straight O- That's What I Call Keen/ Persian Rug E+N-

151. Br 3920- Ed Smalle & Dick Robertson- Collegiana/ Hum & Strum V+/VV+

152. Br 4046- "Biff" Hoffman w/ Orch- You Tell Me Your Dream/ ICGUAB Love E-

153. Br 4090- Dick Robertson w/ O- She's Wonderful/ Oh! Is She Mad At Me? E-

154. Br 4341- Dick Robertson w/ O- I Kiss Your Hand Madame/ Peace of Mind E+

155. Br 4349- Colonial Club O- Hittin' the Ceiling/ Sing a Little Love Song V+

156. Br 4353- Ben Bernie O- Seventh Heaven/ Little Pal VV+

157. Br 4446- The Cotton Pickers- Moanin Low(Libby Holman vo)/ Al Goodman O- After Thinking It Over E-/E

158. Br 4503- Frances Williams w/ O- Bottoms Up/ Bigger & Better Than Ever V

159. Br 4507- Ben Bernie O- Satisfied!/ There's Too Many Eyes E-

160. Br 4628- Tom Gerun O- My Love Parade/ Dream Lover E+

161. Br 4637- Dick Robertson w/ O- That Wonderful Something/ Little By Little E-

162. Br 4654- Chic Scoggin Pla Mor O- If I Could Write a Song/ She Chills Me EE- Kansas City territory band

163. Br 4659- Jesse Stafford O- A Bundle of Old Love Letters/ The Woman In the Shoe E

164. Br 4828- Noah Beery with Vitaphone Orch- The Whip/ One Little Drink EE+

165. Br 4907- Isham Jones O- My Baby Just Cares For Me/ Dont Tell Her E some scuffs. EXC A

166. Br 4942- Tom Gerun O- What a Fool I've Been/ After All You're All I'm After E+

167. Br 4971- Tom Gerun O- Cheerful Little Earful/ My Love For You EE- well done sides!

168. Br 6118- Loring Nichols O- You Don't Know What You're Doin'/ Love Is Like That EE+

169. Br 6124- Casa Loma O- Just a Blue Eyed Blonde/ I Wanna Sing About You E+ EXC!

170. Br 6133- Red Nichols 5 Pennies- You Rascal You/ Just a Crazy Song VV+

171. Br 6138- Loring Nichols O- Little Girl/ Slow But Sure EE-/V+

172. Br 6150- Casa Loma O- Help Yourself to Happiness/ Do the New York E GREAT sides!

173. Br 6193- The New Yorkers- Chances Are/ Ben Bernie O- A Faded Summer Love E

174. Br 6197- Mills Brothers- Tiger Rag/ Nobody's Sweetheart EE+

175. Br 6208- Abe Lyman California O- Ooh That Kiss/ You're My Everything E

176. Br 6226- Bing Crobsy- I'm Sorry, Dear/ Where the Blue of the Night EE- clean

177. Br 6259- Bing Crobsy- How Long Will It Last?/ Starlight E- few ruff gvs B

178. Br 6266- Red Nichols 5 Pennies- Sweet Sue/ Clarinet Marmalade V+

179. Br 6269- Mills Brothers- How Am I Doin' Hey Hey/ I Heard E

180. Br 6278- Mills Brothers- Rockin' Chair/ Good Bye Blues E+

181. Br 6304- Slatz Randall O- Hello Gorgeous/ My Mom EE+ great A/..sm scr B

182. Br 6305- Mills Brothers- Chinatown My Chinatown/ Loveless Love E-

183. Br 6317- Duke Ellington O- Baby When You Aint There/ Moon Over Dixie EE+

184. Br 01540(ENG)- Duke Ellington O- Black & Tan Fantasy/ Slippery Horn E master pressed

185. Br 01673(ENG)- Cab Calloway O- St Louis Blues/ Minnie the Moocher's Wedding Day EE+ master pressed

186. Br 6330- Mills Brothers- St Louis Blues/ Sweet Sue Just You EE-

187. Br 6334- Bennie Krueger O- Come & Sit Beside the Sea/ You've Got Me In the Palm Of Your Hand E+

188. Br 6372- Ozzie Nelson O- Got You Where I Want You/ Say It Isn't So V

189. Br 6377- Mills Brothers- It Don't Mean a Thing/ Coney Island Washboard V+

190. Br 6411- The Three Keys- Fit As a Fiddle/ Nagasaki VV-

191. Br 6413- Ozzie Nelson O- Take Me In Your Arms/ This Is No Dream EE-

192. Br 6416- Hal Kemp O- Ah But I've Learned/ Wintergreen For President E+

193. Br 6417- Guy Lombardo O- Just Because You're You/ No More Love E+ scuffs nap

194. Br 6419- Hal Kemp O- You'll Get By/ 'Long About Sundown E

195. Br 6422- Ted Fio Rito O- Willow Weep For Me/ More Beautiful Than Ever EE-

196. Br 6423- The Three Keys- Wah Dee Dah/ Basin Street Blues EE+

197. Br 6456- Ethel Merman- Eadie Was a Lady pt 1/2 NN- looks unplayed

198. Br 6471- Hal Kemp O- Shuffle Off to Buffalo/ Forty Second Street E-

199. Br 6476- Eddy Duchin O- My Cousin In Milwaukee/ Isn't It a Pity? EE-

200. Br 6480- Bing Crosby- Try a Little Tenderness/ I'm Playing With Fire EE+

201. Br 6495- Mae West- Easy Rider/ A Guy What Takes His Time E+

202. Br 6515- Bing Crosby- You've Got Me Crying Again/ What Do I Care Its Home E

203. Br 6522- The Three Keys- I Would Do Anything For You/ That Doggone Dog Of Mine E

204. Br 6560- Don Redman O- That Blue Eyed Baby From Memphis/ Sophisticated Lady E/EE-

205. Br 6589- Victor Young O- I've Got to Pass Your House/ Isn't It Heavenly VV+

206. Br 6592- Connie Boswell- I Couldn't Tell Them What to Do/ I Cover the Waterfront NN-

207. Br 6594- Bing Crosby w/ Jimmie Grier O- Moonstruck/ Learn to Croon VV+

208. Br 6599- Bing Crosby w/ Jimmie Grier O- I've Got to Sing a Torch Song/ Shadow Wz VV+

209. Br 6607- Duke Ellington O- Get Yourself a New Broom/ Bundle of Blues EE+/E

210. Br 6610- Bing Crosby w/ Jimmie Grier O- I've Got to Pass Your House/ There's a Cabin In the Pines VV+/V+

211. Br 6623- Bing Crosby w/ Jimmie Grier O- I Would If I Could But I Can't/ My Love V-

212. Br 6635- Bing Crosby w/ Isham Jones O- Sweet Georgia Brown/ Some of These Days V

213. Br 6638- Duke Ellington O- Jive Stomp/ I'm Satisfied V+/V-

214. Br 6639- Anson Weeks O- The Man On The Flying Trapeze 1/2 E

215. Br 6643- Bing Crosby w/ Jimmie Grier O- Thanks/ Black Moonlight E-

216. Br 6644- Bing Crosby w/ Jimmie Grier O- The Day You Came Along/ I Guess It Had to Be That Way VV+

217. Br 6646- Duke Ellington O- Harlem Speaks/ In the Shade of the Old Apple Tree V/E

218. Br 6647- Glen Gray Casa Loma O- Savage Serenade/ Weep No More My Baby EE-/E

219. Br 6663- Bing Crosby w/ Lennie Hayton O- The Last Round Up/ Home On the Range E-

220. Br 6675- Mae West w/ O- I Found a New Way to Go To Town/ I'm No Angel EE+/E+

221. Br 6688- Jay Whidden O- Good Morning Glory/ I Wanna Meander With Miranda E LA sound!

222. Br 6689- Jay Whidden O- Many Moons Ago/ You're Such a Comfort to Me E-V+ LA sound

223. Br 6690- Freddy Martin O- In a One Room Flat/ Its Oh, Its Ah Its Wonderful E

224. Br 6721- Leo Reisman O- Suddenly/ What Is There to Say? E+

225. Br 6727- Anson Weeks O- Sittin' Up Waitin' For You/ Sittin' On a Log EE+ San Fran sound!

226. Br 6742- Leo Reisman O- I Just Couldn't Take It Baby/ Your Mother's Son In Law E+

227. Br 6768- Sol Hoopii Novelty Quartette- Hula Girl/ Weave a Lei-Flower Lei E/V

228. Br 6785- Mills Brothers- Jungle Fever/ I Found a New Baby E+ aud scr B

229. Br 6800- Glen Gray O- I Got Rhythm/ Ol' Man River E+

230. Br 6928- Ted Fio Rito O- We Went Hunting/ Crickets In the Grass EE- fun A from W&W pix

231. Br 6983- Anson Weeks Calif O- I Couldn't Be Mean to You/ Glen Gray O- How Can You Face Me? EE+

232. Br 7332- Leo Reisman O- I Get a Kick Out of You/ Anything Goes E-

233. Br 7340- Ozzie Nelson O- Down T'Uncle Bill's/ No No A Thousand Times No VV+

234. Br 9868(FR)- Ozzie Nelson O- Tiger Rag/ The Whisper Song EE+

235. Br 7344- Freddy Martin O- Where There's Smoke- There's Fire/ Isle of Capri E- West Coast pr

236. Br 7351- Hal Kemp O- I Woke Up Too Soon/ In a Blue & Pensive Mood E

237. Br 7355- Jimmie Grier O-(Pinky Tomlin vo) Whats the Reason/ Pinky Tomlin w/ Jimmie Grier O- Dont Be Afraid to Tell Your Mother EE+

238. Br 7363- Connie Boswell- Blue Moon/ Clouds NN- looks unplayed

239. Br 7386- Cab Calloway O- Keep That Hi De Hi In Your Soul/ Good Sauce From the Gravy Bowl E-

240. Br 7440- Duke Ellington O- Admiration/ Merry Go Round E/EE-

241. Br 7454- The Boswell Sisters- Every Little Moment/ Way Back Home NN-

242. Br 7486- Fred Astaire w/ Leo Reisman O- No Strings/ Cheek to Cheek E-

243. Br 7527- Jacques Renard O- I'd Rather Listen to Your Eyes/ I'd Love to Take Orders From You V+ unusual to see Ballew/Bullock on Brunswick

244. Br 7582- Leo Reisman O- Somebody Ought to Be Told/ I Built a Dream One Day E West Coast pressing

245. Br 7609- Fred Astaire & Johnny Green O- We Saw the Sea/ I'm Putting All My Eggs In One Basket E-

246. Br 7625- Duke Ellington O- No Greater Love/ Isn't Love the Strangest Thing EE-/E

247. Br 7642- Leo Reisman O- I'm a Fool For Loving You/ You Never Looked So Beautiful E+

248. Br 7643- Leo Reisman O- Every Minute of the Hour/ A Wz Was Born..E grey-blue shellac West Coast pressing

249. Br 7648- Kay Kyser O- I'll Bet You Tell That to All the Girls/ Would You EE-

250. Br 7764- Ben Pollack O- Jim Town Blues/ Song of the Islands EE- small pop B

251. Br 7796- Gene Raymond w/ O- Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star/ Will You? V

252. Br 7825- Alice Faye w/ O- This Year's Kisses/ Slumming On Park Avenue NN- looks unplayed

253. Br 7849- Pinky Tomlin w/ Joe Haymes O- The Love Bug Will Bite You/ I'm Just a Country Boy At Heart E

254. Br 7989- Duke Ellington O- The New East St Louis Toodle O/ I've Got to be a Rug Cutter EE-

255. Br 7993- The Raymond Scott Quintet- Powerhouse/ The Toy Trumpet E+

256. Br 8058- Raymond Scott Quintet- War Dance For Wooden Indians/ The Penguin EE+

257. Br 8063- Duke Ellington O- The New Black & Tan Fantasy/ Stepping Into Swing Society VV+

258. Br 8189- Fred Astaire w/ Ray Noble O- Change Partners/ I Used to Be Color Blind E+ lams nap

259. Br 8405- Duke Ellington O- In a Mizz/ Cotton Club Stomp V+/V

260. Br 8407- Enric Madriguera O- Taboo/ Orchids In the Moonlight EE-

261. Br 8411- Duke Ellington O- You Can Count On Me/ Way Low V+/V

262. Br 8468- The Charioteers- Swing Low, Sweet Chariot/ All God's Chillun Got Shoes NEW

263. Br 15200(gold lbl)- John Charles Thomas- Rolling Down to Rio/ Nichavo! E

264. Br 55073- Sol Hoopii Novelty Quartet- I Want Somebody to Love Me/ Under the Tropical Moon EE-/E- faint 1" cr nap

265. Br 80109- Mildred Bailey w/ 4- Lover Come Back to Me/ Mildred Bailey with Delta Rhythm Boys- Its So Peaceful In the Country E+ heavy vinyl press


266. Co 654- Baritone solo- Always VV+

267. Co 726- Baritone solo- When the Hawthorne Blooms Again V-

268. Co 745- Spanish Song- Romanza El Juramente E-

269. Co 761- Vocal solo in Spanish- Campanas de Carreon E

270. Co 846- Tenor solo- For All Eternity V

271. Co 876- Tenor solo- Mister Dooley G few pops

272. Co 934- Tenor solo- I'm Going to Live Anyhow Till I Die V+

273. Co 935- Tenor solo- I'll Be Your Rainbeau V

274. Co 939- Baritone & Tenor duet- Jerry Murphy Is a Friend of Mine V+

275. Co A 800- Collns & Harlan- Cubanola Glide/ Ada Jones- Oh What I Know About You E-

276. Co A 801- Bert Williams- The Mississippi Stoker/ Collins & Harlan- That Mesmerizing Mendelssohn Tune E

277. Co A 915- Bert Williams- I'll Lend You Anything/ Constantly E+

278. Co A 1149- El Cota(xylophone solo)- Red Pepper Rag/ Prince's O- The Gaby Glide E

279. Co A 1150- Prince's Band- King Chanticleer/ Byron G Harlan- They Gotta Quit Kickin' My Dawg Around VV+

280. Co A 1671- Al Jolson- Sister Susie's Sewing Shirts For Soldiers/ When the Grown up Ladies Act Like Babies EE+

281. Co A 1822- Howard Kopp- The Ragtime Drummer/ The Mascot of the Troop E+

282. Co A 1853- Bert Williams- Never Mo'/ Purpostus EE+

283. Co A 1855- Weber & Fields- The Restaurant Scene/ Trust Scene EE-

284. Co A 1909- Bert Williams- Samuel/ Everybody V

285. Co A 1963- Dolly Connolly- Sweet Cider Time When You Were Mine/ Campbell & Burr- Give a Little Credit to Your Dad E-

286. Co A 2056- Orville Harrold- You're the Best Little Mother That God Ever Made/ My Wonderful Love For Thee E

287. Co A 2078- Bert Williams- The Lee Family/ I'm Gone Before I Go E-

288. Co A 2082- Grace Nash & MJ O' Connell- Love Is Just a Lottery/ Marguerite Farrell- Come On & Baby Me E+

289. Co A 2241- Howard Kopp & Frank Banta- Money Blues/ Calico Rag E+N-

290. Co A 2296- Al Jolson- Tillie Titwillow/ Collins & Harlan- Lily of the Valley E+

291. Co A 2438- Bert Williams- Twenty Years/ No Place Like Home E+

292. Co A 2630- Van & Schenck- Ragtime Moses Oldtime Bomboshay/ They Were All Out of Step But Jim V+/E+

293. Co A 2634- Yerkes American Mamimbaphone O- Tishomingo Blues/ Hear Dem Bells E

294. Co A 2649- Earl Fuller O- Russian Rag/ Howdy E/EE-

295. Co A 2652- Bert Williams- When I Return/ Oh Death Where Is Thy Sting EE+

296. Co A 2765- Irving Kaufman- Oh Oh Oh Those Landlords/ Billy Murray- And He'd Say Oo La La Wee Wee E- rc 3 gvs B only

297. Co A 2942- Van & Schenck- All the Boys Love Mary// Harry Fox- Way Down Barcelona Way E-

298. Co A 3360- Nora Bayes- Just Snap Your Fingers At Care/ Why Worry E-

299. Co A 3614- Van & Schenck- Sweet Indiana Home/ California E

300. Co A 3705- Al Jolson- Toot, Toot, Tootsie Goodbye/ Frank Crumit- True Blue Sam E+

301. Co A 3800- Frank Westphal piano solo- Coaxing the Piano/ You Tell 'Em Ivories E-

302. Co A 3835- Leona Williams Dixie Band- If Your Man Is Like My Man/ Teasin Squeezin Man VV+

303. Co A 3905- Van & Schenck- Trot Along/ That Red Head Gal V+/V

304. Co A 3972- Ted Lewis O- 12th Street Rag/ Beale Street Blues V+

305. Co 22- Art Kahn O- Foolish Child/ Frank Westphal O- Oh Sister Aint That Hot E+

306. Co 104- Art Kahn O- Blue Evening Blues/ Paul Spehct O- I'm All Broken Up Over You E-

307. Co 248- The Little Ramblers- Those Panama Mamas/ Prince of Wails E-

308. Co 275- The Dixie Stars- Let Me Be the First To Kiss You Good Morning/ Blue Eyed Sally E-

309. Co 276- Harry Reser's Syncopators- Blue Eyed Sally/ Underneath a Sunny Sky E

310. Co 336- Warners 7 Aces- The Blues Have Got Me/ Art Kahn O- Who Told You E-

311. Co 341- Ace Brigode 14 Virginians- What a Smile Can Do/ When I Think of You V

312. Co 398- Ace Brigode 14 Vir- Yes Sir, That's My Baby/ Bourne & Ellis- If You Knew Susie V-

313. Co 427- Alexander Gray w/ O- What a World This Would Be/ Remembering You E+

314. Co 477- Ace Brigode 14 Virginians- Why Aren't Yez Eatin' More Oranges?/ Normandy V-

315. Co 528- Ipana Troubadours- Mysterious Eyes/ Jig Walk E-V+

316. Co 546- Donald Lindley- Sweet Stuff/ Trumpet Blues V

317. Co 571- Paul Ash O- But I Do- You Know I Do/ Always E-/VV+

318. Co 613- Blossom Seeley- I Found a Round About Way to Heaven/ Spanish Shawl V-

319. Co 680- Ipana Troubadours- Kitty's Kisses/ Step On the Blues V

320. Co 693- Earl Gresh Gangplank O- Scatter Your Smiles/ Tenderly EE+

321. Co 694- Paul Ash O- Her Beaus Are Only Rainbows/ Looking At the World Thru Rose Colored Glasses E-

322. Co 696- Ipana Troubadours- Baby Face/ Why Do You Want to Know Why? EE-

323. Co 752- Warner's 7 Aces- Hangin' Around/ Who'd Be Blue V

324. Co 769- Art Kahn O- Hooldle Dee Doo Dee Doodoo/ I Ant Got Nobody EE-

325. Co 770- Ted Lewis O- Tiger Rag/ Blues E+ just the lightest wear on highs..

326. Co 774- Harry Reser's Syncopators- Oh How I Love Bulgarians/ Susie's "Feller" EE+

327. Co 790- Don Clark Los Angeles Biltmore Hotel O- Just One More Kiss/ When You Wz E-

328. Co 794- Cole Mc Elroy's Spanish Ball Room Band- Who's Arms Are You In Tonight/ Meadow Lark E+...nice Los Angeles sound!

329. Co 803- Harry Reser's Syncopators- Fire!/ We'll Have a Kingdom N-

330. Co 809- George Gershwin- Do-Do-Do/ Clap Yo Hands EE+ ruff start few gvs B

331. Co 811- The Radiolites- There's a Little White House/ I'd Love to Call You My Sweetheart VV+

332. Co 819- Paul Specht O- Thinking of You/ It Made Me Happy When You Made Me Cry EE+

333. Co 827- Ruth Etting- Thinking of You/ Just a Bird's Eye View E

334. Co 829- Ipana Troubadours- I Know That You Know/ Sweeter Than You NN- pressing bump about 15 sec barely aud

335. Co 871- Fred Rich O- Crazy Words- Crazy Tune/ High High Up In the Hills E

336. Co 823- The Georgians- Frisco Bay/ My Baby's Back E+ hot sides w/ solos

337. Co 912- Cliquot Club Eskimos- You & Love You & Me/ Look At the World & Smile E+N-

338. Co 921- Cliquot Club Eskimos- My Sunday Girl/ At Sundown EE-/E-

339. Co 944- Paul Ash O- Beddle Um Bo/ Shanghai Dream Man looks about EE-, plays E+ NICE!

340. Co 959- Cole Mc Elroy's Spanish Ballroom O- Cuddle Closer/ That Haunting Wz E-

341. Co 1088- The Knickerbockers- Miss Annabelle Lee/ Roam On My Little Gypsy Sweet..V+/E-

342. Co 1108- Fred Rich O- Good News/ Lucky In Love EE+ or better

343. Co 1131- Ideal Serenaders- Dawning/ A Shady Tree E+

344. Co 1187- Broadway Nitelites- Thou Swell/ My Heart Stood Still E

345. Co 1254- Ukulele Ike- Losing You/ After My Laughter Came Tears EE+

346. Co 1302- Van & Schenck- Away Down South In Heaven/ You Can Tell Her Anything Under the Sun E-

347. Co 1314- California Ramblers- Singapore Sorrows/ What Do You Say? E sm rcnap solos!

348. Co 1334- Jan Garber O- Back In Your Own Backyard/ Golden Gate E+ very light grey nap

349. Co 1445- Cliquot Club Eskimos- Too Busy!/ Beautiful Face Have a Heart EE+

350. Co 1628- Guy Lombardo O- Sweethearts On Parade/ Thats How I Feel About You E

351. Co 1652- Moran & Mack- Two Black Crows In Hades pt 1/2 E+

352. Co 1680- Ruth Etting- Love Me Or Leave Me/ I'm Bringing a Red Red Rose EE-

353. Co 1741- Brownagle O- Helen/ A Night of Memories V

354. Co 1748- The Knickerbockers- That's the Good Old Sunny South/ Who Wouldn't Be Jealous of You? E+

355. Co 1751- Ben Selvin O- He, She & Me/ I'll Tell the World E+ rcnap

356. Co 1775- Emil Velazco- A Perfect Day/ The Rosary V+

357. Co 1777- George Dewey Washington- The Sun Is At My Window/ I'm Marching Home to U E+

358. Co 1778- Fred Rich O- Yours Sincerely/ I Kiss Your Hand Madame E+N-

359. Co 1779- Ipana Troubadours- Wake Up Chillun Wake Up/ Old Fashoned Lady VV+

360. Co 1789- Ted Lewis O- Limehouse Blues/ Roses of Picardy E

361. Co 1815- Ipana Troubadours- Building a Nest For Mary/ I Used to Love Here In the Moonlight N- both nice sides with Smith Ballew vocals and some soloing

362. Co 1833- Ted Wallace Campus Boys- Jericho/ I've Got a Feeling I'm Falling E-

363. Co 1838- Fred Rich O- Nobody But You/ Singin' In the Rain E-

364. Co 1849- Leo Reisman O- An Eye-ful of You/ Kiddies Kabaret VV+

365. Co 1850- The Seven Hot Air Men- Gotta Feelin' For You/ Low Down Rhythm V+E-

366. Co 1853- James Melton- With a Song In My Heart/ Pagan Love Song E-

367. Co 1862- Paul Whiteman O- S'posin'/ Laughing Marionette EE+

368. Co 1866- Lee Morse Blue Grass Boys- He's a Good Man to Have Around/ I'm Doing What I'm Doing For Love VV+

369. Co 1867- Guy Lombardo- Here We Are/ This Is Heaven EE+/E+

370. Co 1882- Ted Lewis O- I'm the Medicine Man For the Blues/ Wouldn't It Be Wonderful EE+

371. Co 1884- Harry Reser's Syncopators- The Whoopee Hat Brigade/ The Flippity Flop VV+

372. Co 1893- Fred Rich O- Dont Hang Your Dreams On a Rainbow/ Song of the Moonbeams V+

373. Co 1901- The Knickerbockers- I'd Fall In Love With Me/ Where Are You Dream Girl VV+

374. Co 1938- Ted Wallace Campus Boys- Huggable Kissable You/ Sweetheart's Holiday E-

375. Co 2010- Paul Whiteman O- If I Had a Talking Picture of You/ I'm a Dreramer V+

376. Co 2047- Paul Whiteman O- A Bundle of Old Love Letters/ Should I EE+/E

377. Co 2052- Ipana Troubadours- Alone In the Rain/ Molly E+N- Smith Ballew vocals

378. Co 2077- Ben Selvin O- Why?/ Cross Your Fingers E+N- Bix-y trumpet solo B

379. Co 2099- Fred Rich O- What Is This Thing Called Love?/ What Would I Care? E beginning to V+/ EE+ nice solos B!!

380. Co 2133- Charleston Chasers- Cinderella Brown/ Sing You Sinners V+

381. Co 2134- Frank Luther & Carson Robison- Smoky Mountain Bill/ His Old Cornet E+N- light thump barely sounds few gvs

382. Co 2147- Ipana Troubadours- Hangin' On the Garden Gate/ I Never Dreamt E-V+

383. Co 2197- Ben Selvin O- You Darlin'/ Kiss Me With Your Eyes E few lt scrs/ E+

384. Co 2216- Ruth Etting- I Never Dreamt/ Dancing With Tears In My Eyes E+

385. Co 2217- Ted Lewis O- The Yellow Dog Blues/ Sobbin' Blues E+ two of his best!

386. Co 2277- Paul Whiteman O- New Tiger Rag/ Nola VV+/V- scrs B

387. Co 2345- Ben Selvin O- The Song of the Fool/ Who's Calling You Sweetheart Tonight EE+ couple lt lams, scrs nap. HOT solos B Dorsey Bros

388. Co 2369- Will Osborne O- Just You Alone/ Let Me Call You Sweetheart E-

389. Co 2375- Eddie Wittstein O- Will You Wait a Year Or Two/ Twilight Dreams N- very nice A side with Smith Ballew vocal---cannot find any info in the Rust books!

390. Co 2405- The Radiolites- I'm Happy When You're Happy/ Were You Sincere? V+E-

391. Co 2450- Teddy Raph O- Ev'rything Thats Nice Belongs to You/ Dream a Little Dream of Me E+ top band with Smith Ballew vocals both

392. Co 2471- Ted Wallace Boys- Star Dust/ Have You Forgotten V-

393. Co 2548- Ipana Troubadours- Cant You See/ You Didn't Know the Music E

394. Co 2549- Ted Wallace Boys- Waitin' For a Call From You/ Who Am I? VV+

395. Co 2653- Roger Wolfe Kahn O- Lazy Day/ My Silent Love VV+

396. Co 2654- Ben Selvin O- Whistle & Blow Your Blues Away/ Lullaby of the Leaves looks V+, plays EE+...

397. Co 2761(BLUE WAX)- Phil Harris Cocoanut Grove O- Hi Ho Lack a Day What Have We Got to

Lose/ You've Got Me Crying Again V

398. Co 2766(BLUE WAX)- Phil Harris Cocoanut Grove O- How's About It/ Was My Face Red E/E+

399. Co 2851(BLUE WAX)- Ferde Grofe O- Cinderella's Fella/ Temptation E-

400. Co 2905(BLUE WAX)- Ben Pollack O- Here Goes/ The Beat Of My Heart EE-

401. Co 2922(BLUE WAX)- Earl Burtnett O- She Reminds Me of You/ Neighbors E+

402. Co 3060(BLUE WAX)- The New Music of Reginald Forsythe- The Melancholy Clown/ The Greener the Grass EE- few lt lams ...Benny Goodman in band

403. Co 3108- Little Jack Little O- I'm Shooting High/ Lights Out E/EE-

404. Co 3167- Benny Goodman O- Texas Tea Party/ Dr. Heckle & Mr Jibe E- blue/yellow All Star lbl

405. Co 3168- Benny Goodman O- I Gotta Right to Sing the Blues/ Aint Cha Glad? EE+ blue/yellow All Star label

406. Co G-4081-M(BLUE WAX)- Richard Tauber- Im Herbst/ Uber Nacht E+

407. Co 14234- Slim Henderson & John Mason(the Ace & Deuce of Spades)- Argufying 1/2 EE-

408. Co 14425- Blind Willie Johnson- Keep Your Lamp Trimmed & Burning/ Lord I Just Can't Keep From Crying V+ some steeling

409. Co 14474- Rev J.C. Burnett- I Dont Want No Trouble At the River/ You Are Sleeping In a Dangerous Time E+

410. Co 14498- Rev A.A. Gundy- Let Him Up/ While the Bloods Running Warm In Your Veins N-

411. Co 14517- Rev J.C. Burnett & His Gospel Singers- Put Your Trust In Jesus/ Sit Down Servant E+

412. Co 15090- Smith's Sacred Singers- Pictures From Life's Other Side/ Where We'll Never Grow Old E despite grey/ E+

413. Co 15037- Vernon Dalhart- The John T Scopes Trial/ The Santa Barbara Earthquake E+

414. Co 35222- Kay Kyser- The Last Two Weeks In July/ For Tonight E

415. Co 36678- Frank Sinatra- Close to You/ You'll Never Know EE-

416. Co 36791- Frank Sinatra- I Should Care/ When Your Lover Has Gone NN-

417. Co 36807- Kate Smith- Question & Answer/ Can't You Read Between the Lines E+

418. Co 36820- Frank Sinatra- Homesick- That's All/ A Friend of Yours E+

419. Co 36825- Frank Sinatra- If I Loved You/ You'll Never Walk Alone E+

420. Co 36830- Frank Sinatra- The Charm of You/ I Fall In Love Too Easily E+

421. Co 36871- Kate Smith- Just a Little Fond Affection/ Tumbling Tumbleweeds E+

422. Co 36905- Frank Sinatra- Oh What It Seemed to Be/ Day By Day E+

423. Co 36987- Frank Sinatra- Something Old Something New/ From This Day Forward EE+

424. Co 36991- Kate Smith- And Then I Looked At You/ Pretending N-

425. Co 37089- Frank Sinatra- The Coffee Song/ The Things We Did Last Summer E

426. Co 37161- Frank Sinatra- Among My Souvenirs/ September Song E+

427. Co 38089(promo)- I'll Make Up For Ev'rything/ For Every Man There's a Woman E+

428. Co 38192(promo)- Frank Sinatra- A Fella With An Umbrella/ It Only Happens When I Dance With You E+

429. Co 38650- Frank Sinatra- Lost In the Stars/ The Old Master Painter EE+

430. Co 38708- Frank Sinatra- Chattanooga Shoe Shine Boy/ God's Country E

431. Co 39812- Marlene Dietrich & Rosemary Clooney- Too Old to Cut the Mustard/ Good For Nothin' EE+/E despite light grey

432. Co 37883- Frank Sinatra- So Far/ A Fellow Needs a Girl E+

433. Co 38210(promo)- Frank Sinatra- S'posin'/ Nature Boy E+

434. Co 38456(promo)- Frank Sinatra- Night After Night/ The Right Girl For Me E+

435. Co 38830(promo)- Abe Burrows- Lopin' Along/ Sweet Memories E+

436. Co 39998- Jimmy Boyd- Rosemary Clooney- Dennis the Menace/ Little Josey E-

437. Co 40042(promo)- Broc Peters- 900 Miles/ I Love You NN-

438. Co 40132(promo)- Broc Peters- You Made Me Love You/ The Wonder of Wonderful You NN-

439. Co 40227(promo)- Broc Peters- Wave Bye Bye, John/ Make Me a Present of You NN-

440. Co 40993- Johnny Mathis- Chances Are/ The Twelfth of Never NEW

441. Co 43573(promo)- Harold Lang- You Mustn't Kick It Around/ Vivienne Segal- What is a Man E+

442. Co C 133(CANAD)- George Formby & his ukulele- They Can't Fool Me/ It's In the Air E

443. Co MJV 150- Gene Autry- Merry Christmas to You All/ The Night Before Christmas(In Texas That Is)..record V, original colorful picture sleeve EE+


444. De 5178- Sons of the Pioneers- Cajon Stomp/ Kilocycle Stomp EE-

445. De 7245- Harlem Hamfats- Bad Luck Man/ I Feel Like a Millionaire E

446. De 7634- The Three Riffs- Its a Killer Mr Miller/ Ace In the Hole EE-

447. De 8540- Al Cooper's Savoy Sultans- See What I Mean?/ Norfolk Ferry VV+/E-

448. De 8613- Pete Brown Band- Mound Bayou/ Unlucky Woman E+

449. De 8627- Louis Jordan Tympany 5- Small Town Boy/ Mama Mama Blues E-/VV+

450. De 14(later issue)- Dick Robertson O- All American Girl/ You Gotta Be a Football Hero V

451. De 101- Bing Crosby- Let Me Call You Sweetheart (tk D)/ Someday Sweetheart(tk E) E-/V+ the rarer issue on this flat label from Bing's first Decca session

452. De 106- Ted Lewis O- Two Cigarettes In the Dark/ Tonight Is Mine E

453. De 107- Ted Lewis O- White Heat/ Jazznocracy EE-/E

454. De 129- Jimmie Lunceford O- Unsophisticated Sue/ Sophisticated Lady EE-

455. De 130- Jimmie Lunceford O- Miss Otis Regrets/ Nana EE-

456. De 219- Isham Jones O- If We Should Ever Meet Again/ Where the Arrow Point to Home V

457. De 229- New Orleans Rhythm Kings- Ostrich Walk/ Original Dixieland One Step EE+

458. De 236- Tiny Bradshaw O- I'm a Ding Dong Daddy/ Ol' Man River V+

459. De 245- Bing Crosby- Two Cigarettes In the Dark/ The Sweetheart Wz E-

460. De 272- Johnnie Davis O- College Rhythm/ Take a Number From One to Ten EE+ GREAT!

461. De 300- Isham Jones O- Four Or Five Times/ Jimtown Blues E+

462. De 307- Guy Lombardo O- With Every Breath I Take/ June In January E+

463. De 323- Duke Ellington O- Hyde Park/ Ain't Misbehavin' E+

464. De 504- Bob Howard O- If the Moon Turns Green/ Lulu's Back In Town E-

465. De 549- Guy Lombardo O- Cheek to Cheek/ Broadway Rhythm E+

466. De 576- Jimmie Lunceford O- Thunder/ Babs EE-/E

467. De 579- Louis Armstrong O- I'm In the Mood For Love/ Got a Bran' New Suit E+

468. De 585- Guy Lombardo O- Red Sails In the Sunset/ Madonna Mia E+

469. De 610- Isham Jones O- Don't Mention Love to Me/ Darling E-

470. De 620- Clyde Mc Coy O- Basin Street Blues/ I'm Gonna Play In the Varsity Band EE+

471. De 624- Joe Venuti Blue 4- Mellow as a Cello/ Nothing But Notes E

472. De 627- Bob Howard O- Give Me a Break Baby/ Its Funny What a Kiss Can Do EE-

473. De 665- Al Donahue O- Please Believe Me/ Too Much Imagination E+

474. De 667- Red Mc Kenzie Rhythm Kings- Sing An Old Fashioned Song/ I'm Building Up to An Awful Let Down EE+

475. De 691- Red Norvo Swing Sextet- Decca Stomp/ Gramercy Square E

476. De 693- Jan Garber O- Love Came Out of the Night/ A Little Rendezvous In Honolulu EE+

477. De 747- Connie Boswell Swing Band- Mama Dont Allow It/ The Panic Is On EE+

478. De 800- Duke Ellington O- Chicago/ Harlem Speaks E

479. De 817- Ink Spots- Your Feet's Too Big/ 'Taint Nobody's Biz-ness If I Do E

480. De 840- Connie Boswell w/ Bob Crosby O- Swing Me a Lullaby/ You Can Call It Swing E+

481. De 843- Joe Sanders O- There Foolish Things/ My First Thrill VV+

482. De 847- Noble Sissle O- Rhythm Of the Broadway Moon/ I Take You V+/EE+

483. De 849- Benny Fields- Heaven In My Heart/ These Foolish Things E+ flat lbl

484. De 850- Joe Sanders O- I'm One Step Ahead of My Shadow/ I'll Never Let You Go VV+

485. De 852- Victor Young O- Donald Duck/ You're Not the Kind E+

486. De 854- Roy Smeck Serenaders- Its a Sin to Tell a Lie/ On the Beach At Bali Bali EE-

487. De 863- Jessie Matthews- I Nearly Let Love Go Slipping Through My Fingers/ Got to Dance My Way to Heaven EE- int cr under lbl nap

488. De 950- Jimmy Dorsey O- Let's Call a Heart a Heart/ So Do I E

489. De 1066- Joe Paradise O- Mood Indigo/ I've Got the World On a String E+

490. De 1105- Abe Lyman O- Wanted/ Love & Learn E+

491. De 1109- Clyde Mc Coy O- The Goona Goo/ When You're Smiling E-

492. De 1112- Roy Smeck Serenaders- Trust In Me/ On a Little Bamboo Bridge EE-

493. De 1115- Chick Webb O- Love Marches On/ Gee But You're Swell EE+

494. De 1119- Abe Lyman O- A Thousand Dreams of You/ Trust in Me E+

495. De 1211- Glen Gray O- Never In a Million years/ There's a Lull In My Life E-

496. De 1219- Jimmie Lunceford O- Honest & Truly/ Muddy Water E/VV+

497. De 1224- Ray Kinney w/ Andy Iona Islanders- Tropic Love/ The Palm Trees Sing Aloha V+

498. De 1239- Glenn Miller O- Moonlight Bay/ How Am I To Know? E

499. De 1251- Ink Spots- Let's Call the Whole Thing Off/ Slap That Bass V+

500. De 1252- Count Basie O- Exactly Like You/ Boogie Woogie E

501. De 1303- Andy Kirk O- Wednesday Night Hop/ Worried Over You E

502. De 1313- Joe Daniels Hot Shots- Careless Love/ Who? EE-

503. De 1373(CANAD)- Art Tatum- Liza(D take)/ I Would Do Anything For You E

504. De 1472- Sophie Tucker- The Lady is a Tramp/ Some of These Days E-

505. De 1479- Roy Smeck Serenaders- Limehouse Blues/ Bugle Call Rag VV+

506. De 1488- Ben Pollack Pick a Rib Boys- I'm In My Glory/ The Snake Charmer E+

507. De 1579- Andy Kirk O- In My Wildest Dreams/ A Mellow Bit of Rhythm E/VV+

508. De 1622- Roy Smeck Serenaders- Smoke From a Chimney/ Sweet As a Song E+

509. De 1682- Count Basie O- Blues In the Dark/ Georgianna E+ one of the scarcer ones

510. De 1750- Roy Smeck Serenaders- There's a New Moon Over the Old Mill/ Love Walked In E-

511. De 1799- Jimmy Dorsey O- Popcorn Man/ Cowboy From Brooklyn EE+

512. De 1800- Milt Herth Quartet- Flat Foot Floogie/ Looney Little Tooney E/E+

513. De 1840- Chick Webb O- A Tisket a Tasket/ Liza V

514. De 1845- Bing Crosby w/ Harry Owens Royal Hawaiian Hotel O- Sweet Hawaiian Chimes/ Little Angel E

515. De 1846- Ella Fitzgerald Savoy 8- Saving Myself For You/ We Can't Go On This Way E

516. De 1894- Chick Webb O- Pack Up Your Sins & Go to the Devil/ Everybody Step EE+ Ella vocs

517. De 2002- Jimmy Dorsey O- The Yam/ Change Partners E

518. De 2021- Chick Webb O- Wacky Dust/ Spinnin' the Webb E/E+ Ella vocal A

519. De 2051- Carl "Deacon" Moore & O- Evolution Mama/ Waiting For the Evenin Mail E

520. De 2100- Roy Smeck Serenaders- You're the Only Star/ Is That the Way to Treat A Sweeth..E

521. De 2110- Ted Lewis O- Wear a Hat With a Silver Lining/ Three O Clock In the Morning E+

522. De 2183- Carl Deacon Moore & O- A Woman Gets Tired/ Nobody Knows Where She's Gone V+

523. De 2122- Count Basie O- Dark Rapture/ Jumpin At the Woodside E-

524. De 2222- Paul Whiteman Swing Wing- Mutiny In the Nursery/ Jeepers Creepers E+

525. De 2225- Will Osborne O- Anywhere I Hang My Hat/ Just a Kid Named Joe E+

526. De 2226- Andy Kirk O- Jump Jack Jump/ Ghost of Love EE+/ E+

527. De 2326- Andy Kirk O- Mary;s Idea/ Honey E-

528. De 2483- Andy Kirk O- Floyd's Guitar Blues/ Twinklin' E

529. De 2553- Jimmy Dorsey O- I Poured My Heart Into a Song/ An Old Fashioned Tune Always Is New E

530. De 2554- Jimmy Dorsey O- Back to Back/ Especially For You E/EE-

531. De 2567- Jimmy Dorsey O- Whisper While We Dance/ Stairway to the Stars E/EE-

532. De 2577- Jimmy Dorsey O- Is It Possible?/ Rendezvous Time In Paree E

533. De 2579- Jimmy Dorsey O- Begone/ The Lamp Is Low E+

534. De 2619- Harry Roy O- Down Home Rag/ King Porter Stomp E+

535. De 2693- Joan Edwards w/ Paul Whiteman O- How Deep is the Ocean/ Russian Lullaby EE+

536. De 2723- Andy Kirk O- Dunkin' a Doughnut/ Then I'll Be Happy E+

537. De 2731- Roy Smeck Serenaders- South of the Border/ Out of Port E/V-

538. De 2754- Ray Kinney Hawaiians- Till We Meet Again/ Let the Rest of the World Go By V

539. De 2787- Jose Moran O- Mexiconga/ South American Way E+

540. De 2788- Tony Martin- Does Your Heart Beat For Me?/ South of the Border EE-/E

541. De 2790- Ink Spots- My Prayer/ Give Her My Love E-

542. De 2841- Ink Spots- I Don't Want to Set the World On Fire/ Bless You EE+

543. De 3005- Ella Fitzgerald O- I'm Not Complainin'/ Whats the Matter With Me V-

544. De 3014- Arthur Godfrey w/ O- I'd Give a Million Tomorrows/ Lay My Head Beneath a Rose E+

545. De 3058- Harry Owens Royal Hawaiian O- Rhythm of the Islands/ It Happened In Kaloha E+/E-

546. De 3136- Terry Shand O- Ain't We Got Fun/ I Need Lovin' E+

547. De 3195- Ink Spots- What Can I Do/ When the Swallows Come Back to Capistrano E+

548. De 3198- Jimmy Dorsey O- Contrasts/ Perfidia E

549. De 3388- Bing Crosby- Legend of Old California/ Prairieland Lullaby E-

550. De 3797(Canad)- Bing Crosby w/ Dick Mc Intyre Harmony Hawaiians- Aloha Kuu Ipo Aloha/ Bing Crosby w/ Paradise Island Trio- Paradise Isle EE+

551. De 3934- Lawrence Welk O- Back Home In Illinois/ You're My Darling E

552. De 4094- Andrews Sisters- For All We Know/ Chattanooga Choo Choo E

553. De 4354- Gene Austin- Jeannine/ Ramona EE-/E

554. De 14594(promo)- "Jersey Joe" Walcott & Marie Knight- Have Faith/ Say a Little Prayer E+ rare one by World's Heavyweight Boxing champ

555. De 18264- Raymond Scott O- Caterpillar Creep/ Symphony Under the Stars E

556. De 18276- Raymond Scott O- Eight Letters In the Mail Box/ Kodachrome E

557. De 23060- Millie Weitz w/ Harold J Rome & Baldwin Bergersen p- Nobody Makes a Pass At Me/ Kay Weber & Sonny Schuyler same accomp- One Big Union For Two E/EE-

558. De 23447- Judy Canova- Stars & Stripes On Iwo Jima/ You Don't Have to Say You're Sorry E+

559. De 23510- Bing Crosby- We'll Gather Lilacs/ I'll Be Yours EE+/E+

560. De 23686- Bing Crosby- When You Make Love to Me/ It Could Happen to You E+

561. De 23907- Hal Aloma Hawaiians- Paalau Wz/ Uheuhene EE-

562. De 23908 Hal Aloma Hawaiians- Mi Nei/ Beautiful Kahana E-

563. De 24295- Bing Crosby- My Girl's An Irish Girl/ Galway Bay E+

564. De 24433- Bing Crosby- A Fella With An Umbrella/ Blue Shadows On the Trail E

565. De 24450- Milt Herth Trio- Twelfth Street Rag/ Four Knights w/ Billy Kyle Trio- Walkin' With My Shadow E+ vinyl

566. De 24508- Bing Crosby- Far Away Places/ A Bluebird Singing In My Heart E

567. De 24520(promo)- Peter Lind Hayes- Life Gits Tee-Jus Dont It?/ That Certain Party N- vinyl

568. De 24532- Bing Crosby- Tarra Ta Lara Ta Lar/ Far Away Places E+

569. De 24570(promo)- Peter Lind Hayes- Johnny Get Your Girl/ I Got a Gal In Galveston N- vinyl

570. De 24628(promo)- Hildegarde- It's a Big Wide Wonderful World/ Oh My Darling N- vinyl

571. De 24649(promo)- Ted Lewis O- Home Town/ Sing a Little Love Song For Your Baby E+ vinyl

572. De 24709- Bing Crosby- Top O' the Morning/ You're In Love With Someone E+ vinyl

573. De 24932- Danny Kaye- Wilhelmina/ C'est Si Bon E+

574. De 24933- Ink Spots- My Reward/ You Left me Everything But You N-

575. De 25189- Guy Lombardo O- Hawaiian Paradise/ The Moon of Mankoora E+

576. De 25424- Bing Crosby- Do You Ever Think of Me/ Guy Lombardo O- Five Foot Two Eyes of Blue N- top vinyl pressing--odd coupling!

577. De 27050(promo)- Danny Kaye- The Handout Song/ The Wreck of the Old 97 EE+

578. De 27063(promo)- Ray Bolger- You Can't Take It With You/ Francie E+ rcnap vinyl press

579. De 27212- Louis Armstrong & Louis Jordan- You Rascal You/ Life Is So Peculiar E+ rcnap

580. De 27350- Danny Kaye- The Thing/ The Little White Duck EE+

581. De 27843(promo)- Tommy Dorsey O- With All My Heart & Soul/ Solitaire N-

582. De 28204(promo)- Jane Wyman- Checkin' My Heart/ He's Just Crazy For Me NN-

583. De 28366(promo)- Tommy Dorsey O- This Is the Beginning of the End/ You Could Make Me Smile Again N-

584. De 28425(promo)- Tommy Dorsey O- Sentimental Serenade/ I'm Goin' Home N-

585. De 28684(promo)- Tommy Dorsey O- Sentimental Me/ I'm Gettin' Sentimental Over You E+

586. De 40201- Leroy Anderson- The Syncopated Clock/ The Waltzing Cat E few scrs B


587. Vi 1834- Victor Minstrel Co- An Evening With the Minstrels E+

588. Vi 45369- Will Rogers- Nominates Henry Ford For Pres./ Tells Traffic Chiefs How to Direct EE+

589. Vi 16042- Victor Minstrels #14/ Collins & Harlan- Oh, Oh Miss Lucy Ella E

590. Vi 16231- Cantor Meisels Ohab Zedek Choir- Ishtabach/ Kdushu VV+

591. Vi 16258- The Christy Minstrels 3/ Billy Murray- Man Without a Woman VV+

592. Vi 16763- Victor Minstrel Co- An Evening With the Minstrels #8/9 EE+

593. Vi 16876- Walter Van Brunt- That Railroad Rag/ Collins & Harlan- Clara Jenkins Tea E-

594. Vi 16894- Gene Greene w/ O- Go Back/ Dublin Daisies E few lt scrs nap

595. Vi 17000- Billy Murray & American Qtet- Oh That Navajo Rag/ Harry Mac Donough- Down By the Old Mill Stream EE+/E-

596. Vi 17100- Arthur Collins- The Ghost of the Banjo Coon/ Golden & Hughes- Aunt Mandy EE-

597. Vi 17119- Al Jolson- That Lovin' Traumerei/ Billy Murray- Lucia Sextette Burlesque V-

598. Vi 17585- Victor Military Band- Swanee Ripples Rag/ Sympathy Wz E-/V+

599. Vi 17744- Cantor G. Sirota- W'nemar Loi hibit ohoja/ Weseeraw olecho E- Hebrew

600. Vi 17745- Cantor G. Sirota- Kawokores Rohe Adre/ Eil molei rachmim E- Hebrew.. stain B aud

601. Vi 17756- Samuel Gardner- My Old Kentucky Home/ Annie Laurie E-

602. Vi 17864- Irene West Royal Hawaiians- Meleana/ Ainahau VV+

603. Vi 17867- Toots Paka Hawaiian Troupe- Ko Maka Palupanu/ Poli Pumahana V

604. Vi 17875- Peerless Qtet- In Blinky, Winky, Chinky Chinatown/ In Alabama Dear w/ You V+

605. Vi 17904- Peerless 4- When Old Bill Bailey Plays the Ukulele/ Alagazam E+N-

606. Vi 17907- Toots Paka Hawaiian Troupe- Hoo Mau/ Liaika Wai Mapuna EE+

607. Vi 18060- Imperial Russian Balalaika Court O- On the Wings of Song/ Rememberance of Gatshina E+

608. Vi 18069- Helen Louise- Frank Ferera- Hawaiian Hula medley/ Song to Hawaii EE-

609. Vi 18394- Earl Fuller Famous Jazz Band- Lil Liza Jane/ Coon Band Contest E

610. Vi 18610- American Quartet- Dixie Is Dixie Once More/ Billy Murray- All He'd Say Is Oo La La Wee Wee E+.

611. Vi 18675- All Star Trio- Hy'n Dry/ All Star E+

612. Vi 18699- All Star Trio- Old Man Jazz/ Selvin Novelty O- Dance-O-Mania E

613. Vi 18989- Sam Moore- Horace Davis- Isle of Sweethearts/ My Old Hawaiian Home E-

614. Vi 19088- Ferera- Franchini- Hawaiian Nights/ Bright Moon E+

615. Vi 19154- Eddie Hunter- w/ Lucky Roberts p- I Got/ Eddie Hunter w/O- Complainin E+

616. Vi 19233- Piron's New Orleans O- New Orleans Wiggle/ Mamma's Gone, Good-bye E

617. Vi 19247- Eddie Hunter- Alex Rogers w/ Lucky Roberts p- Bootleggers Ball/ I'm Done E+

618. Vi 19260- Warren B. Patterson- Nicholas A. Barbarito- Hawaiian med. / Hawaiian melodies V+

619. Vi 19261- Georgie Price w/ O- I'm Goin' South/ California Here I Come EE+

620. Vi 19287- The Manhattan Merrymakers- Ted Morse medley/ Ted Weems O- My Gal Sal EE+

621. Vi 19292- The Virginians- Scissor Grinder Joe/ Who's Izzy Is He E+N-

622. Vi 19308- Jean Goldkette O- Where the Lazy Daisies Grow/ In the Evening E+

623. Vi 19340- The Happiness Boys- Oh Eva/ Hard Boiled Rose E-

624. Vi 19359- Eddie Hunter w/ Lucky Roberts p- Mamie/ Hard Times E+N-

625. Vi 19569- Paul Whiteman O- Gotta Getta Girl/ Warings Penns- Insufficient Sweetie EE+

626. Vi 19591- Alika- Hawaiian trio- Hello Hilo/ Hot Tamale Molly E- scarce West Coast issue

627. Vi 19600- Jean Goldkette O- It's the Blues/ Coon Sanders O- Some of These Days N-

628. Vi 19611- Glen Oswald O- If It Wasn't For You I Wouldn't Be Crying Now/ I Aint Got Nobody to Love E+ Oakland sides

629. Vi 19654- Georgie Price w/ O- Isn't She the Sweetest Thing/ Swanee Butterfly E-

630. Vi 19695- Victor Salon O- I'll See You In My Dreams/ Montmartre Rose E

631. Vi 19703- Victor Salon O- Ay, Ay, Ay/ Eternal Secret E

632. Vi 19986- Charles Correll & Freeman Gosden- All I Want to Do/ Lets Talk About My Sweetie EE+

633. Vi 19988- Edwin J Mc Enelly O- Moonlight In Mandalay/ Don Bestor O- Say Mister Have You Met Rosie's Sister E+

634. Vi 20015- Coon Sanders O- Sittin' Around/ Russo & Fiorito O- Nothing Else to Do But Sit..E+

635. Vi 20032- Sam 'n Henry- Sam 'n Henry at the Dentist/ Sam Phoning His Sweetheart Liza E+

636. Vi 20274- Greta Woodson w/ Leroy Shield p- There's a Little White House On a Little Green

Hill/ I'd Love to Call You My Sweetheart G..pretty worn, but a scarce one recorded in Chicago

637. Vi 20375- Sam 'n Henry- Sam 'n Henry Rolling the Bones/ Sam 'n Henry Buying Insurance V

638. Vi 20725- Kenin's Muliinomah Hotel O- All I Want Is U/ Pretty Little Thing VV+ Portland, Or. rec

639. Vi 20788- Sam 'n Henry- Sam's Big Night/ The Morning After E+

640. Vi 20836- Blind Alfred Reed- Walking In the Way With Jesus/ The Wreck of the Virginian V+

641. Vi 20885- Paul Whiteman O- Shaking the Blues Away/ Ooh Maybe Its You NEW dealers stock

642. Vi 21150- Jean Goldkette O- Just a Little Kiss From a Little Miss/ So Tired E+ Hoagy vo B

643. Vi 21154- Edwin Mc Enelly O- What Are We Waiting For?/ Troubadours- Who Gives You All Your Kisses? E+

644. Vi 21244- Uncle Eck Dunford- The Taffy Pulling Party/ Sleeping Late NN-

645. Vi 21274- Paul Whiteman O- From Monday On/ Mississippi Mud E+

646. Vi 21313- Herman Kenin Muliinomah Hotel O- Persian Rug/ Eddie Harkness O- Trees E+ Oakland recorded

647. Vi 21333- Waring's Penns- Hello Montreal!/ Lila E-V+ rcnap

648. Vi 21381- Robert Olsen- I'm Writing You This Little Melody/ I Still Love You E+ Oakland recorded- Anson Weeks composer A, Leroy Shield in accompaniment

649. Vi 21557- Helen Kane- That's My Weakness Now/ Get Out & Get Under the Moon E/EE+

650. Vi 21570- Lee Lykins w/p- My Dream Girl/ Lee Lykins w/ O- Where the Silvery Colorado Wends Its Way E+...Oakland Calif recording w/ Leroy Shield on piano

651. Vi 21608- Amos and Andy- The Presidential Election 1/2 E+

652. Vi 21732- Edwin J Mc Enelly O- All of the Time/ Jo Anne E

653. Vi 21767- Ted Weems O- You're the Cream In My Coffee/ Anything Your Heart Desires E-

654. Vi 21786- Irving Aaronson O- I'll Get By/ Edwin J Mc Enelly O- Sleep Baby Sleep E

655. Vi 21818- Nat Shilkret O- I Want a Daddy to Cuddle Me/ Because I Know You're Mine EE+ Belle Mann vocals

656. Vi 21852- George Jessel- When the Curtain Comes Down/ My Mother's Eyes E+

657. Vi 21861- Warings Penns- Button Up Your Overcoat/ My Lucky Star NN-

658. Vi 21862- Eddie Cantor- Eddie Cantor's Automobile Horn Song/ I Faw Down & Go Boom EE+

659. Vi 21886- Nat Shilkret O- Broadway Melody/ You Were Meant For Me E

660. Vi 21902- Shilkret Rhyth-Melodists- Sweet Nothing/ Arden-Ohman piano duet- Fashionette NN-

661. Vi 21932- Lupe Velez w/ O- Mi Amado/ Where Is the Song of Songs For Me? E+

662. Vi 21970- Victor Salon O- Pearl O' Mine/ Chinese Lullaby E+

663. Vi 21971- Ben's Bad Boys- Yellow Dog Blues/ Wang Wang Blues E-

664. Vi 21995- Sophie Tucker w/ O- I Don't Want to Get Thin/ That's What I Call Sweet Music NN-

665. Vi 22292- Waring's Penns- Tea For Two/ I Want to Be Happy E+ rcnap

666. Vi 22346- Coon- Sanders O- Sweepin' the Clouds Away/ Phil Spitalny O- Any Times the Time to Fall In Love V+

667. Vi 22392- George Olsen O- The Moon Is Low/ Montana Call E/E+

668. Vi 22396- Gene & Glenn- Searching For You In My Dreams/ The Toy Town Admiral E+

669. Vi 22397- Helen Kane- Thank Your Father/ I'd Go Barefoot All Winter Long V+

670. Vi 22398- Leo Reisman O- I Like to Do Things For You/ Happy Feet E from "King of Jazz"

671. Vi 22460- Henry Thies O- June Kisses/ Under Vesuvian Skies E

672. Vi 22461- Henry Thies O- Sharing/ My Sweetheart Serenade V+

673. Vi 22472- Nat Shilkret O- Dixiana/ Mr & Mrs Sippi E+

674. Vi 22491- The Happiness Boys- Going Abroad/ In London V

675. Vi 22773- Rudy Vallee O- As Time Goes By/ Begging For Love E-

676. Vi 22755- Leo Reisman O- New Sun In the Sky/ I Love Louisa E hlc nap

677. Vi 22792- Gene Kardos O- Red Headed Baby/ Waiting For the Moon VV+

678. Vi 22808- Knute Rockne Talks to His Team/ Notre Dame Victory March E-/V

679. Vi 22813- Snooks Memphis Ramblers- The Cutest Kid In Town/ Kissable Baby EE- both good!

680. Vi 22818- Arden-Ohman O- Ooh! That Kiss/ You're My Everything E Sylvia Froos voc duet A

681. Vi 22830- Lofner-Harris St Francis Hotel O- I Got the Ritz From the One I Love/ I'm Sorry Dear E-

682. Vi 22832- Lofner-Harris St Francis Hotel O- Big "C" March/ Hail to California EE+

683. Vi 22843- Gene Kardos O- You've Got to Sell It/ Peter & Paul looks VV+, plays strong E-

684. Vi 22853- Gus Arnheim Cocoanut Grove O- Put Your Little Arms Around Me/ Lies E

685. Vi 22855- Phil Harris w/ O- When Its Sleepy Time Down South/ Constantly E-

686. Vi 22856- Leo Reisman O- That's Why Darkies Were Born/ Peter Van Steeden O- Hiding In the Shadows of the Moon E

687. Vi 22893- Arden-Ohman O- Who's Your Little Who Zis?/ Ambrose O- I Found You EE-/E Sylvia Froos vocal A

688. Vi 22913- Leo Reisman O- Stepping Into Love/ Paul Whiteman O- Tango Americano E Harold Arlen vocal A

689. Vi 22918- Gene Kardos O- Fate Introduced Me to You/ I Wouldn't Change You For the World E+N-

690. Vi 22939- Waring's Penn's- On a Roof In Manhattan/ I Say Its Spinach EE-

691. Vi 24098- Isham Jones O- And I Still Care/ Music Music Everywhere V+/E-

692. Vi 24145- Ethel Merman w/ O- Satan's Li'l Lamb/ I Gotta Right to Sing the Blues V+

693. Vi 24132- Leo Reisman O- Riddle Me This/ How Do You Do It EE+

694. Vi 24139- George Olsen O- It's Gonna Be You/ Please EE- great hi fi recording

695. Vi 24142- Don Bestor O- My Darling/ Along Came Love V+ rcnap

696. Vi 24253- Don Bestor O- Forty Second Street/ Shuffle Off to Buffalo E+...one of my favorite's- A side done like a mini movie...and in super hi fidelity!

697. Vi 24262- Leo Reisman O- Maybe I Love U Too Much/ Stormy Weather EE+ Astaire/Arlen vox

698. Vi 24312- Leo Reisman O- My Temptation/ Love Songs of the Nile VV+ Fred Astaire vocal A

699. Vi 24314- Ray Noble O- Brighter Than the Sun/ What More Can I Ask EE+ HOT Bowlly A

700. Vi 24359- Leo Reisman O- Here You Come With Love/ Don't Blame Me EE+

701. Vi 24362- Leo Reisman O- Give All Your Love to Me/ Louisiana Lullaby EE+

702. Vi 24389- Ramona piano w/ clt, tpt- You Excite Me/ Come Up & See Me Sometime EE-

703. Vi 24390- Don Bestor O- Swingy Little Thingy/ Time to Go V

704. Vi 24398- Leo Reisman O- Me For You Forever/ Sweet Madness E+

705. Vi 24417- Leo Reisman O- The Day You Came Along/ Thanks E

706. Vi 24421- Isham Jones O- That Dallas Man/ I Want You- I Need You E-V+ BIG SOUND

707. Vi 24428- Leo Reisman O- Not For All the Rice In China/ Supper Time EE+

708. Vi 24429- Leo Reisman O- Mine/ Let Em Eat Cake EE+

709. Vi 24435- Gertrude Niesen w/ Isham Jomes O- Supper Time/ Harlem On My Mind E/EE-

710. Vi 24449(CAN)- Enrique Bryon Cuban O- Triguenita/ Lagrimas Negras E

711. Vi 24479- Eddy Duchin O- One Hundred Years From Today/ I Just Couldn't Take It Baby E

712. Vi 24480- Tom Coakley Palace Hotel O- Good Morning Glory/ Many Moons Ago V

713. Vi 24505- Hoagy Carmichael O- One Morning In May/ Don Bestor O- Armful of Trouble EE- faint int cr from under lbl nap

714. Vi 24582- Isham Jones O- Over Somebody Else's Shoulder/ Neighbors E

715. Vi 24606- Isham Jones O- It's Funny To Everyone But Me/ I Aint Lazy, I'm Just Dreamin E

716. Vi 24701- Isham Jones O- Georgia Jubilee/ The Blue Room EE- BIG SOUND!

717. Vi 22826- Russ Columbo- Good Night Sweetheart/ Time On My Hands E+

718. Vi 24849- Al Bowlly w/ Ray Noble O- Blue Moon/ In a Blue & Pensive Mood EE+

719. Vi 24855- Al Bowlly w/ Ray Noble O- You & the Night & the Music/ A Little White Gardenia E

720. Vi 25022- Paul Whiteman O- Now I'm a Lady/ Way Back Home E+/E

721. Vi 25023- Paul Whiteman O- Ninon/ Someone I Love E

722. Vi 25027- Fats Waller Rhythm- What's the Reason/ Whose Honey Are You E- non vocal takes

723. Vi 25044- Fats Waller Rhythm- I'm Gonna Sit Right Down & Write Myself a Letter/ You've Been taking Lessons In Love E+

724. Vi 25069- Jack Jackson O- What a Little Moonlight Can Do/ Tom Coakley O- East of the Sun E+

725. Vi 25109- Rudy Vallee O- Page Miss Glory/ Plain Old Me VV+

726. Vi 25173- Eleanor Powell w/ TD O- That's Not Cricket/ Got a Bran New Suit E

727. Vi 25190- Ray Noble O- I'm the Fellow Who Loves You/ Life Begins At Sweet 16 E+ Bowlly A

728. Vi 25191- Tommy Dorsey O- Alone/ Two Hearts Carved On a Lonesome Pine E+

729. Vi 25235- Richard Himber O- Cling to Me/ So This Is Heaven E-

730. Vi 25375- Fletcher Henderson O- Shoe Shine Boy/ Sing, Sing, Sing V

731. Vi 25420- Nick La Rocca & ODJB- Who Loves You?/ Did You Mean It? E-

732. Vi 25441- Richard Himber O- You're Everything Sweet/ In the Chapel In the Moonlight E+

733. Vi 25442- Bennny Goodman O- Organ Grinder's Swing/ Peter Piper E

734. Vi 25443- Richard Himber O- Thru the Courtesy of Love/ Wintertime Dreams E+

735. Vi 25445- Benny Goodman O- Riffin' At the Ritz/ Alexander's Ragtime Band EE+

736. Vi 25491- Fats Waller Rhythm- I Adore You/ A Rhyme For Love EE+

737. Vi 25589- Eddy Duchin O- A Star Is Born/ Ten O Clock Town E- Buddy Clark vocals

738. Vi 25723- Larry Wagner Rhythmasters- Autopsy On Schubert/ Two Dukes On a Pier V

739. Vi 25760- Kate Smith w/ O- You're a Sweetheart/ When the Moon Comes Over the Mountain E+

740. Vi 26146- Richard Himber O- The Parade of the Bands part 3/4 EE+

741. Vi 26205- Joan Crawford w/ Nat Finston O- It's All So New To Me/ I'm In Love With the Honorable Mr So & So NN-...only issued record by this film star

742. Vi 27224- Wayne King O- Song of the Islands/ The Wz U Saved For Me E+

743. Vi 27234- Ray Kinney Hawaiian Musical Ambassadors- Ke Ka Upu/ Analani E ...E scry spot A

744. Vi 27305- Collins H. Driggs novachord- Song of the Islands/ Parade of the Wooden Soldiers E+

745. Vi 23036- Duke Ellington O- Sam & Delilah/ The Bluejeans- Bidin' My Time E-

746. Vi 1896- Marian Anderson- Trampin'/ I Know Lord Laid His Hands On Me E+

747. Vi 2032- Marian Anderson- There's No Hidin' Place Down Dere/ Ev'ry Time I Feel De Spirit// Deep River E+

748. Vi DJ 818(promo)- Phil Harris O- St James Infirmary/ The Old Master Painter N-

749. Vi 20-4750(promo)- Phil Harris O- Under the Lamp Post/ Potato Chips N-

750. Vi 20-4927(promo)- Sauter- Finegan O- Moonlight On the Ganges/ April In Paris E+

751. Vi 20-4995(promo)- Sauter- Finegan O- When Hearts Are Young/ Midnight Sleighride E+

752. Vi 20-5065(promo)- Sauter- Finegan O- Love Is a Simple Thing/ Nina Never Knew E+N-

753. Vi 20-5359(promo)- Sauter- Finegan O- "O"/ The Moon Is Blue E+

754. Vi 20-5720(promo)- Sauter- Finegan O- Science Fiction/ The Thundisbreak E+N-

755. Vi 20-6538- Perez Prado O- Hawaiian War Chant/ Cuban Rock E+

756. Vi E3-VB 0689(promo)- Sauter- Finegan O- Child's Play 1/2 E+N-

757. Vi E3-VB 0691(promo)- Sauter- Finegan O- Horse Play 1/2 E+N-


758. Vi 300- Gene Tunney's Health Excercises 1,2,3,4/// Talk On Excercise & Health EE-...blue/gold scroll label

759. Vi 301- Gene Tunney's Health Excercises 5,6,7,8///9,10,11,12 E...blue/gold scroll label

760. Vi 16005- Program Transcription- Leo Reisman O- Gems from The Cat & the Fiddle EE+

761. Victor white label one sided vinyl- Phil Harris O- Thats What I Like About the South E- few gvs, then EE+...white label autographed "Good Luck, Phil Harris"...

762. Vi 423-0047- Orq Casino de la Playa- Cuando Vuelvas a Quererme NN- Spanish lbl reads Cuba


763. acetate- Dooley Wilson & Earl Robinson- Free & Equal Blues 1/2 E-...grooves look tight, so may play better if you have different styli to try as it looks clean. I tried it w/ my 78 stylus. According to the internet, Yip Harburg wrote the lyrics

764. Abbey 3024- Brother Blues & His Back Room Boys- Pete's Boogie/ Day Break E+

765. Allied 5009(promo)- Rosy Mc Hargue's Ragtimers- Don't Bring Me Posies/ They Gotta Quit Kickin' My Dawg Aroun' E+ orange vinyl

766. American Music 516- Dink's Good Time Music- So Diff'rent Blues/ Take Your Time E+

767. Am Mus 524- Dink Johnson- The Stella Blues/ Las Vegas Stomp EE+

768. Apollo 1022- Luis Russell O- I've Got a Gal (Whose Love Comes COD)/ 1280 Jive E

769. Asch 346- The Union Boys- Music For Political Action- UAW-CIO/ A Dollar Aint a Dollar Anymore VV+ 2 sm rcnaps

770. Atlantic 858- Tiny Grimes Quintet- That Old Black Magic/ Profoundly Blue NN-

771. Atlas 100- KIng Cole Trio- My Lips Remember Your Kisses/ F.S.T. EE+

772. At 106- King Cole Trio- Got a Penny/ Let's Pretend EE+

773. Atomic 221- Ray Linn's Hollywood Swing Stars- Blop Blah/ The Mad Monk E+

774. Autograph 102- Gene & Francesca- Kretchma/ Turtle Dove/ Cantonese Counting Song EE- int cr nap label of unknown origin...NOT the 1920s autograph label

775. Bang 500- Bruce Raeburn- The Mailman With the Longest Route In Town/ The Mating Call E+ fun party record!

776. Banner 1974- Radio Red- Down Kentucky Way/ Aint She Sweet? EE+/E-

777. Ba 0689- Karl Radlach O- Mysterious Mose/ Willie Creager O- I Want You To Know E faint 1/2 moon cr nap

778. Ba 32226- Colonial Club O- Pardon Me Pretty Baby/ When Yuba Plays the Rhumba.. E 2" cr

779. Ba 32295- Cab Calloway O- Stardust/ You Cant Stop Me From Lovin You E-/VV+

780. Ba 32398- Ruth Etting- Love You Funny Thing/ Cant We Talk It Over? VV+ 1/2 hlc nap

781. Ba 6-03-12- Eddie Paul Paramount O- Suzannah/ Life Begins When You're In Love VV+ rcnap

782. Bel Tone 754- Slim Gaillard Trio & Wini Beatty- That Aint Right Baby/ Early Morning Boogie E+

783. Biltmore 1012- Bix Beiderbecke w/ Jean Goldkette O- In My Merry Oldsmobile 1/2 E+/EE+

784. Bilt 1022- Glenn Miller O- Moonlight On the Ganges/ A Blues Serenade E

785. Blue 114- Billy MItchell- Shopping Basket Mama/ Let Me Play With Your Yo Yo E+ scfs nap rare LA label

786. Bluebird 5014- Little Jack Little- The Grass Is Gettin' Greener All the Time/ Hold Me E-

787. BB 5055- Jack Berger O- Isn't This a Night For Love/ Love Songs of the Nile E-

788. BB 5081- Jimmie Rodgers- Down the Old Road to Home/ Miss the Mississippi & U V-

789. BB 5121- Masters Hawaiians- Hot Hula Lips/ After You've Gone VV+

790. BB 5152- Sonny South O- My Own/ I Couldn't Tell Them What to Do V

791. BB 5171- Rudy Vallee O- Honeymoon Hotel/ By a Waterfall E+ Alice Faye vocal A

792. BB 5175- Rudy Vallee O- Shame On You/ Love Is the Sweetest Thing EE+ Alice Faye vo A

793. BB 5176- Vincent Travers Hotel Walton O- Song of the Islands/ Franquita Serenade E-

794. BB 5182- Rudy Vallee O- Happy Boy, Happy Girl/ Empty Days N- nice A and MINT copy!

795. BB 5210- Allan Lane O- That Dallas Man/ I Want You- I Need You E-

796. BB 5211- Allan Lane O- The Man On the Flying Trapeze 1/2 E-

797. BB 5253- Harlem Hot Shots(Joe Haymes)- Can It Be the End of Love?/ My Galveston Gal E-

798. BB 5280- Louis Armstrong O- Sweet Sue- Just You/ St Louis Blues E-

799. BB 5292- Ted Weems O- I Guess It Had to be That Way/ Reggie Childs O- One Minute to One V

800. BB 5367- Mike Doty O- Poppin' the Cork/ Carolina EE-/EE+ EXC esp A--Joe Haymes(?)

801. BB 5369- Radio Rascals O- Extra!!/ Whats Good For the Goose EE- heat mark beginning sounds very lightly...HOT A side!

802. BB 5416- Al MItchell O- The House Is Haunted/ I'm Lookin' Forward to Goin' Back Home E+N-

803. BB 5416- Richard Himber O- When a Woman Loves a Man/ A Thousand Good Nights VV+

804. BB 5421- Richard Himber O- Its Psychological/ Ending With a Kiss EE+ Joey Nash vocals

805. BB 5438- Dave Harman O- Marahuana/ I'll String Along With You V+

806. BB 5439- Herman Waldman O- Out For No Good/ Fair & Warmer VV+

807. BB 5457- Angelo Ferdinando O- Dream of Me Darling/ Play to Me Gypsy EE+

808. BB 5480- Sam Robbins O- A Bowl of Chop Suey & You-ey/ Is I Gotta Go to School Ma? EE- great A side from the obscure Ben Bernie Paramount film Shoot the Works

809. BB 5545- Wilf Carter- The Round Up In the Fall/ Take Me Back to Old Montana E/E+

810. BB 6277- Whistlin' Rufus- Sleepin' By Myself/ Sweet Jelly Rollin' E-

811. BB 6285- Bob Pope O- Breakin' in a Pair of Shoes/ Wah Hoo EE+ int cr nap

812. BB 6299- Bob Pope Hotel Charlotte O- That Never To Be Forgotten Night/ That Lovely Night In Budapest E+ one of the scarcer issues by this North Carolina territory band

813. BB 6625- Willie (Red) Newman- St Louis Blues/ Shine On Harvest Moon V+

814. BB 7241- Boots & His Buddies- Ain't Misbehavin'/ Frank reynolds O- Oh Lady Be Good E

815. BB 7646- Frank Dailey O- Great Camp Meetin' Ground/ I Wish I Was the Willow E/E+

816. BB 10613- Johnny Kaonohi Pineapple Native Islanders- The Moon of Mankoora/ Na Alu EE+

817. BB 10623- Sidney Bechet NO Feetwarmers- Preachin' Blues/ Indian Summer E+

818. BB 10657- Glenn Miller O- Polka Dots & Moonbeams/ What's the Matter With Me E+

819. BB 10675- Johnny Kaonohi Pineapple Islanders- Hano Hano Hanalei/ Kalua Skies EE+/E-

820. BB 10797- Johnny Kaonohi Pineapple Isl.- Hooheno Keia No Beauty/ Palms of Paradise EE+

821. BB 10839- Johnny Kaonohi Pineapple Native Islanders- Tomi Tomi/ Kuu Home E+

822. BB 11106- Johnny Kaonohi Pineapple Native Islanders- Fair Hawaii/ Kokohi EE+

823. BB 11315- Glenn Miller O- Says Who? Says You, Says I!/ This Time the Dream's On Me E+

824. BB 11397- Glenn Miller O- We're the Couple In the Castle/ The White Cliffs of Dover E-

825. BB 11401- Glenn Miller O- Happy In Love/ Moonlight Cocktail E

826. Broadway 11230- Melody Dance Players- Barney Google/ Frisco Synco's Aint Love a Wonderful Thing EE-

827. Broadway 1151- The Red Jackets- Sunshine/ What a Wonderful Wedding That Will Be V- 1" cr

828. Br 1303- Dexter's Dare Devils- You're All the World to Me/ Midnight Ramblers- You Made Me Love You VV+

829. Br 1307- Ed Valland O- If You Believed In Me/ Just You Just Me E-

830. Cameo 395- Frank Williams- My Girl Uses Minerlava/ Arthur Baldwin- Oh Gee Oh Gosh Oh Golly I'm In Love EE- FUN!

831. Ca 985- Broadway Broadcasters- Black Bottom/ The Birth of the Blues EE+/E+ clean!

832. Ca 8247- Klein's Serenading Shoemakers- Nobody Cares/ Sam Lanin O- That's My Weakness Now VV+/V

833. Ca 9041- The Lumberjacks- Blue Little You/ Bob Haring O- I Faw Down & Go Boom E-

834. Ca 9160- Dixie Daisies- Wake Up Chill'un Wake Up/ Harry Salter O- We Were In the Moonlight VV+

835. Ca 9166- Ernest Carl DO- We Can Live On Love/ Freddie Rich O- When My Dreams Come True VV+

836. Capitol 394- Benny Goodman Quintet- Fine & Dandy/ BG 4- The Lonesome Road E+ vinyl

837. Cap 862- Mickey Katz O- Music! Music! Music!/ The Wedding Samba E+

838. Cap 1244(promo)- Peggy Lee- Life Is So Peculiar/ Once In a Lifetime E+

839. Cap 1711- Stan Freberg- That's My Boy/ I've Got You Under My Skin E

840. Cap 3103- The Banjo Boys- Kvi-v-vi-vi-vitt/ Hey Mr. Banjo NN- scuff nap

841. Cap 10118- Peggy Lee- Why Don't You Do Right/ ICGUA But Love E+ vinyl pressing

842. Cap 15000- Johnny Mercer & King Cole Trio- Save Bones For Henry Jones/ Harmony E+ vinyl

843. Cap 15022- Peggy Lee- Manana/ All Dressed Up With a Broken Heart E+

844. Cap 15030- Benny Goodman O- Beyond the Sea/ BG O w/ Peggy Lee- For Every Man There's a Woman E+ vinyl pressing few lt scrs nap

845. Cap 15033- T Bone Walker- Mean Old World/ I Got a Break, Baby E- some scrs

846. Cap 15036- The King Cole Trio- I've Only Myself to Blame/ The Geek E+ vinyl pressing

847. Cap 15349- Peggy Lee & Dean Martin- You Was/ Peggy Lee- Someone Like You N-

848. Cap 40071- Joe Lutcher's Jump Band- Bebop Blues/ Shuffle Woogie E+

849. Cap 3190- Jerry Lewis- The Nagger. record and original colorul picture sleeve E-

850. Cap CAS 3194- El Torito the Little Bull- musical themes adapted from Bizet's Carmen- narrated by Don Wilson- in original picture sleeeve. record and sleeve E-

851. Century 4007- Mutt Carey New Yorkers- The Entertainer/ Joplin's Sensation N-

852. Champion 15014- Honolulu Trio- Isle of Paradise/ Ferera & Franchini- Drowsy Waters VV+

853. Champ 15181- Fred Sharp Royal Cubans- Toreador/ In a Little Spanish Town E-/V

854. Champ 15664- Jerry Ellis w/ guitar & accord. A Gay Caballero/ Mrs Murphy's Chowder E+

855. Clarion 5128- Milt Coleman w/ uke, p- I'm Tickled Pink With a Blue Eyed Baby/ Jack Miller- Will You Love Me Forever VV+/E=

856. Cl 5262- Roy Carroll O- You Didn't Have to Tell Me/ The Sweetest Dreams of All.. looks EE-, pl E

857. Cl 5274- Ford Britten O- Just One Dream/ Oh Donna Clara looks E, plays EE+

858. Cl 5277- Frank Auburn O- When I Take My Sugar To Tea/ Jerry Mason O- Charming to Me looks VV+, plays EE- solos A

859. Cl 5393- Roy Carroll O- Waitin' For a Call From You/ Good Night Sweetheart looks VV+, plays E-...nice Goodman solo

860. Claxtonola 40354- Southland Dance Aces- Morning! Won't You Ever Come Around/ Anyway the Wind Blows G- 1" cr but rare lbl!

861. Cleartone P 110- Cleartone DO- Blue Danube Blues/ Frisco Syncopators- Everybody Step V

862. Clear P 113- Frisco Syncos- Wabash Blues/ Cleartone DO- When the Sun Goes Down G-

863. Concert 75273- Harry Tully- Alice, Where Art Thou Going G+ scarce early lbl

864. Concert 75275- Harry Tully- Cheer Up, Mary V-

865. Concert 75356- Miss Ada Jones- The Dear Old Moon V-

866. Conqueror 7807- Louis Katzman O- Have You Forgotten/ Come to Me E-

867. Cq 7792- Roy Smeck Trio- Somewhere In Old Wyoming/ Down the River of Golden Dreams V

868. Cq 9539- Phil Harris O- The Darktown Strutters Ball/ Casa Loma O- Alexanders Ragtime Band V+/V

869. Crown 3156- Carson Robison Trio- When Its Night Time In Nevada/ When the Moon Comes Over the Mountain V-

870. Cr 3166- Tommy Gott O- I Cant Write the Words/ I Love Louisa VV+

871. Cr 3256- Paul Small O- Of Thee I Sing/ Auf Wiedersehn My Dear E+ long playing

872. Cr 3303- Adrian Schubert O- When the Lights Are Soft & Low/ Gosh Darn! V-

873. Cr 3314- The High Steppers- Is I In Love? I Is/ Crazy People V- lbl dmg

874. Cr 3320- Sam Remo DO- Amapola/ The Masked One V

875. Cr 3330- Russ Carlson O- In My Hide-Away/ Hummin to Myself EE-

876. Cr 3375- Jack Berger O- Say It Isn't So/ Something In the Night E

877. Cr 3409- Frank Novak O- More Beautiful Than Ever/ I've Told Every Little Star G

878. Cr 3456- Goodrich Cavaliers- You're An Old Smoothie/ Paramount Grill O- Farewell to Arms V+

879. Cr 3499- Tommy Tucker Californians- A Fool In Love/ You, the Moon & Me V+

880. Cr 3504- Allan Small O- I've Got to Pass Your House/ Gypsy Fiddles V-

881. Crown (40s lbl)- 1/2- D-Day Broadcast from English Channel by George Hicks pt 1/2 E+ red vinyl

882. D&S (Davis & Schwegler) 287- Al Golden O- Said the Robin/ Words Fail Me E scuffs nap rare 78 issue by this company known primarily for transcriptions

883. Dial 751- Don Byas O- I Surrender Dear/ Don Byas solo- These Foolish Things E few lt scfs

884. Diva 2485- Jane Gray- There Aint No Land Like Dixieland To Me/ Dawning E+

885. Di 2597- The Melody Man- Now I Want Be Blue/ After My Laughter Came Tears V+

886. Di 2829- Dot Dare- I Faw Down & Go Boom!/ Dont Be Like That E+ Annette Hanshaw

887. Di 2904- Sammy Fain- What Didja Wanna Make Me Love You For/ The Things That Were Made For Love E-

888. Di 2947- Golden Gate O- Painting the Clouds With Sunshine/ Tip Toe Thru The Tulips EE+ rcnap...hlc nap

889. Di 3086- Hotel Penn Music- Nobody's Sweetheart/ Taint No Sin To Dance Around In Your Bones E despite lt grey Sammy Fain vocals..HOT STUFF

890. Dixie 1024- Joe Dowling O w/ vo- Where Are You Sweetheart?/ When My Baby Is With Me Again EE+ label of unknown origin

891. Domino 3523- Ernie Golden O- Collegiate/ Missouri Jazz Band- Steppin In Society E-

892. Do 3528- Missouri Jazz Band- The Farmer Took Another Load Away/ Hollywood DO- Seminola E

893. Do 3542- Imperial DO- Let Me Linger Longer In Your Arms/ Ernie Golden O- Got No Time E

894. Do 3566- Majestic DO- Brown Eyes Why Are You Blue/ Hollywood DO- Did You Forget EE-

895. Do 3587- Hollywood DO- Do You Care/ Imperial DO- Normandy E

896. Do 3593- Hollywood DO- Sentimental Me/ Sam Lanin O- Fond of You E-

897. Do 3611- Eddie Peabody Band- Freshie/ Lou Gold O- No Man's Mamma E-/E

898. Do 3619- The Radio Franks- I'm Sitting On Top of the World/ I Never Knew EE-

899. Do 3621- Arthur Fields w/ O- Steppin' Fool/ Down By the Winegar Woiks E/E-

900. Do 3772- Joe Candullo O- Black Bottom/ Messin' Around EE-

901. Dot 15045- Johnny Maddox- In the Mood/ By the Light of the Silvery Moon E+N-

902. Echoes 1- Brun Campbell- Grandpa Stomps/ 12th At Rag E+N- rare Los Angeles label

903. Edison Diamond Disk 50374- Collins & Harlan- When That Little Yellow Fellow Plays Piano (Hannah Plays Banjo)/ Golden & Marlowe- A Love Sick Coon E+

904. EDD 51033- Palakiko Hawaiian O- My Old Hawaiian Home/ Imperial Marimba O- Eleanor E

905. EDD 51089- Fred Van Eps banjo solo- Lonesome Mama Blues/ Frolic of the Coons E+

906. EDD 51164- Charlie Kerr O- No One Loves You Better Than Your Ma Double My/ Bang! (on your tambourine) E+

907. EDD 51168- Atlantic DO- Oh Harold/ Jazz O Harmonists- The Cat's Whiskers E

908. EDD 51327- The Merry Sparklers- Take a Little One Step/ Atlantic DO- From One Till Two E+

909. EDD 52001- The Dennis Sisters w/ Dan Dougherty p- St Louis Gal/ That Little Old Shack E+

910. EDD 52247- The Ventriloquist & His Dummy- Phil and "Jerry" act 3/4 E+ light scr barely sounds few secs

911. EDD 52539- Helen Clark & Walter Scanlan- A Precious Little Thing Called Love/ When the World Is At Rest E+

912. Electradisk 2049- Al & Pete- We're the Boys From IOU/ Whistlin' In the Corn V+

913. Electric Recording Labs NYC- Personal- My Mother's Evening Prayer by Bill Trace, W. Fort Lee, NJ E+....odd issue gold on purple label with handwritten personal info

914. Em Arcy 16003- Leon Sash- Leon the Lion/ Package For Peggy E+

915. Emerson 1026- Louisiana Five- Dixie Blues/ Thunderbolt V

916. Em 1073- Watson Sisters- Just Leave It To Me/ Fanny Watson- Everybody's Crazy Over Dixie V/V-

917. Em 10169- George Hamilton Green xylophone solo- Triplets/ George Hamilton Green Novelty O Alabama Moon E-

918. Em 10287- Al Bernard w/ O- Hot Tamale Mollie/ Al Bernard & Ernie Hare- Henry Jones Your Honeymoon Is Over EE-

919. Em 10428- Fred Hillebrand w/ O- Ma/ Kill 'Em With Kindness E-

920. Em 10725- Memphis Five- Lots O' Mama/ Mindin' My Business V-

921. Em 13225- Abraham Moskowitz- Schlechte Tzieten/ Dudky Brat V+

922. Empire 6002- Charles Hart w/ O- Who'll Take the Place of Mary/ Charles Hart & Elliott Shaw- Hiawatha's Melody of Love V+ rare Chicago label

923. Excelsior 125- Gerald Wilson O- Puerto Rican Breakdown/ Top of the Hill E

924. Exc 128- Gerald Wilson O- Just Give Me a Man/ Just One of Those Things E+

925. Exc 207- King Cole Trio- Let's Spring One/ Beautiful Moons Ago E/EE+

926. Famous 3125- Original Memphis 5- Those Longing For You Blues/ Lonesome Mama Blues V

927. Flint 5001/4- Larry Fotine O- Tell Tale/ Sorry For You V scarce label

928. General 1704- Jelly Roll Morton Seven- Big Lip Blues/ Good Old New York E-/V

929. Gen 1717- Joe Marsala Delta 4- Wandering Man Blues/ Salta Mama Blues EE+

930. Gen 4002- Jelly Roll Morton- Michigan Water Blues/ The Naked Dance E+

931. Gen 4005- Jelly Roll Morton- King Porter Stomp/ Dont You Leave Me Here E+N-

932. Gennett 3060- Original Indiana 5- Seminola/ Everything Is Hotsy Totsy Now V+

933. Genn 4751- Bennie Krueger O- The St Louis Blues/ Beale Street Blues VV+

934. Genn 4938- Ladd's Black Aces- Sister Kate/ You Can Have Him- I Dont Want Him E+

935. Genn 4975- Bailey's Lucky 7- Tomorrow/ No Wonder I'm Lonesome V

936. Genn 4995- Ladd's Black Aces- Stop Your Kidding/ Yankee Doodle Blues E-

937. Genn 4997- Jos Samuels Master Players- Those Star Spangled Nights In Dixieland/ All Muddled Up EE+

938. Genn 5009- Friar's Society O- Eccentric/ Husk O Hare Super O- San G

939. Gold Star 668- Little Son Jackson- Gambling Blues/ Homeless Blues G

940. Grey Gull- 1045- Jos Samuels Music Masters- Toodles/ Bennie Krueger O- Bright Eyes EE+

941. Harmony 179- Dixie Stompers- Hi Diddle Diddle/ Original Indiana 5- So Is Your Old Lady E Fletcher Henderson Orch A

942. Ha 192- Irving Kaufman w/ O- There Are Two Sides to Every Story/ Somebody's Lonely E+

943. Ha 193- Seven Wild Men- I'm Just Wild About Animal Crackers/ The Lunatic's Lullaby V

944. Ha 197- Dixie Stompers- Static Strut/ Hard to Get Gertie E- Fletcher Henderson O

945. Ha 198- The Harmonians- Thats Why I Love You/ Where'd You Get Those Eyes? EE-

946. Ha 259- Honey Duke & His Uke- Mary Lou/ Pretty Cinderella EE+/E+

947. Ha 534- University 6- Is She My Girl Friend?/ The Beggar V few clx A

948. Ha 549- WMCA Broadcasters- Rain/ Lou Gold O- Plenty of Sunshine V

949. HL 1- Al Haig Sextet- Pinch Bottle/ Earless Engineering E- beg, impr to EE+.. RARE small NYC label by Harry Lim. Band includes Stan Getz, Potter, Haynes

950. Hub 3036- Tab Smith O- Too Late/ Easy Street E+

951. Jewel 5026- Bob Green DO- I'm Hungry For Hungary and You/ Tennessee Happy Boys- Just Like a Butterfly V/V-

952. Juke Box 506- The Bailey Swing Group- Pine Top's Boogie Woogie/ Eccentric Rag E-

953. King 15152(promo)- George Wright organ solo- Espana Cani/ Blue Moon E+ sol nap

954. Liberty Music Shop 165- Jane Winton & George Houston- Nothing Was Ever Like This/ Jane Winton- Gypsy E+

955. LMS 174- Lucienne Boyer w/ O- Parle Moi D'autre Chose/ J'ai Laisse Mon Coeur E-

956. LMS 189- Beatrice Lillie- Paree/ Mother Told Me So EE+

957. LMS 191- Ramona & her grand piano- Love Is a Dancing Thing/ There's a Boat Dat's Leavin' Soon For New York E+

958. LMS 194- Ramona & her grand piano- Too Good For the Average Man/ The Heart Is Quicker Than the Eye EE+

959. LMS 228- Roy Madison- By Myself/ I've Gone Romantic On You EE+ lams nap

960. LMS 235- Audrey Christie w/ Walter Bowers O- At the Roxy Music Hall/ How to Win Friends & Influence People E-

961. LMS 236- Wynn Murray w/ O- Did You Ever Get Stung/ A Twinkle In Your Eye EE-

962. LMS 246- Cy Walter O- You Have Cast Your Shadow On the Sea/ Far Away V+

963. LMS 250- Beatrice Lillie- I Hate Spring/ Weary of It All E-

964. LMS 251- Beatrice Lillie w/ Hugh French- Three White Feathers/ Get Yourself a Geisha EE-

965. LMS 253- Greta Keller- Never Again/ I Get Along Without You Very Well V-

966. LMS 293- Cy Walter- Nothing But You/ From Another World// Ev'ry Sunday Afternoon. It Never Entered My Mind VV+

967. Linden 98- Freeman Clark piano- Medley of Rags/ Four Beers Joe E+ lt scr nap rare Seattle, Washington label

968. Lyric 6109- James Devlin w/ O- Little Grey Home In the West/ Charles Mc Grath- Sing Me to Sleep E colorful early label

969. Ly 7102- Mario Rodolfi w/ O- Una Furtiva Lagrima/ E Lucevan Le Stelle EE+

970. MGM 1010-P- Jack Hart w/ Lanin O- Broadway Melody/ You Were Meant For Me V one of the rare late 1920s MGM-Loew's theatre labels- the multi color variety--label very clean!

971. MGM 1080-P- The Capitolians- Until the End/ I Don't Want Your Kisses VV+ one of the rare late 1920s MGM-Loew's theatre labels- the gold on black variety

972. Madison 1610- Henry Gray- When We Were Sweethearts Coming Thru the Rye/ vocal-You Gotta See About That VV+/E-...unknown artist B side- label printed blank

973. Mad 1620- Universal DO- Pepper Blues/ Harmony DO- It Made Me Happy When You Made Me Cry VV+/V..some hot stuff A

974. Mad 50021- Billy Dalton- Can I Be Sure Its Love/ Dave Sanborn- Eva E/V tite cr to lbl Hawaiian guitar A

975. Mad 50025- Carlton DO- Gee Its Great to Build a Nest/ Frisco Players- Happy Days Are Here Again V+/VV+ Hawaiian guitar A

976. Manhattan 469- Banjo solo- Rusty Rags medley E- scarce early label

977. Mercury 5677- Sophie Tucker- Mister Segal/ Horse Playing Poppa EE-

978. Mer 89001- Illinois Jacquet O- Somewhere Along the Way/ Port of Rico EE+

979. Melotone 12162- Dick Robertson O- Ho Hum!/ Moonlight Saving Time VV+

980. Mt 12376- Carolina Club O- Goofus/ Why Don't You Get Lost? E+ light heat mark nap dime store label rarely seen in this condition

981. Mt 12938- Todd Rollins O- Get Goin'/ Fare Thee Well to Harlem V

982. Mt 13040- Will Osborne O- Lazy Day In the Sun/ Ridin' Around In the Rain EE+ lt heat B nap

983. Mt 13069- Irving Conn O- The Very Thought Of You/ As Far As I'm Concerned EE+

984. Mt 13129- Bing Crosby- We're a Couple of Soldiers My Baby & Me/ Once In a Blue Moon V

985. Mt 13419- Will Osborne O- Get Rhythm In Your Feet/ If You Want My Heart E-

986. Mt 13450- Will Osborne O- I Couldn't Believe My Eyes/ Is It Just a Summer Romance EE-

987. Mt 7-03-10- Chick Bullock Loungers- You're Laughing At Me/ This Year's Kisses E+

988. Montgomery Ward 8034- Gene Autry- Texas Blues/ Train Whistle Blues V-

989. MW 8065- Charlie Wilson Hayloft Boys- Shelven Rock/ Cuttin' At the Point E-/V+

990. Musicraft 367- Slam Stewart Quartet- Doctor Foo/ Oh Me, Oh My, Oh Gosh E+ heavy vinyl

991. Mus 389- Artie Shaw O w/ Mel Torme- Get Out of Town/ Night & Day E+ sm rcnap

992. Mus 394- Georgie Auld O- You're Blase/ Mo Mo EE+ Sarah Vaughn A

993. Mus 498- Sarah Vaughan w/ Georgie Auld O- You're Blase/ 100 Years From Today EE+

994. Mus 503- Sarah Vaughan- I Dont Stand a Ghost of a Chance/ I Cover the Waterfront E

995. Mus 504- Sarah Vaughan- Tenderly/ Dont Blame Me E gritty

996. Mus 512- Artie Shaw O- The Glider/ When You're Around E+ FAINT hlc nap

997. Mus 525- Sarah Vaughan- Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Child/ The Lord's Prayer N-

998. Mus 539- Sarah Vaughan- Love Me Or Leave Me/ Gentleman Friend E+

999. Mus 533- Sarah Vaughan- I Feel So Smoochie/ Trouble Is a Man E+

1000. Mus 552- Sarah Vaughan- The One I Love Belongs To Somebody Else/ What a Difference a Day Made EE+

1001. Music Box 250- Special Release from the 1943 Junior Show- Joan Davis- This Starry Night/

Meekay Kramer- And She Wears the Wellesley Blue// Joan Davis- Wellesley's Turning Co-Ed// Jean Edmunds, Mary Langdon- A Thing of the Past E. rare vanity press by Music Box in Wellesley

1002. New York Academy of Music- The Art of Playing the Hawaiian Guitar- by Robert Yap- Lesson 22/24 E+ incl Wailana Wz/ Endearing Young Charms

1003. NML 1057- Music Lovers DO- An Orange Grove In California/ Arcady E-

1004. NML 1059- Master Melody Makers- Linger Awhile/ NMLDO- When Its Night Time In Italy..V

1005. NML 1060- Manhattan Musicians- Mama Loves Papa, Papa Loves Mama/ David Harris & Thomas Edwards- I'm Sitting Pretty In a Pretty Little City E-/VV+

1006. NML 1075- David Harris- Who's Izzy Is He/ Edward Stone- Its a Man Every Time Its a Man V

1007. NML 1090- Master Melody Makers- There's Yes In Your Eyes/ Manhattan Musicians- Limehouse Blues E-

1008. OK 4075- Watson Sisters w/ O- Send Me Jim// Fannie Watson w/ O- Never Let No One Man Worry Your Mind E

1009. OK 4421- Damon's Orch- Canadian Capers/ Markel's O- Dixie V/VV+

1010. OK 4477- Harry Raderman's Jazz O- Muscle Shoals Blues/ I've Got My Habits On E+

1011. OK 4485- Tampa Blue Jazz Band- Sax-O-Phoney Blues/ Torrid Dora EE+

1012. OK 4487- Markel's O- Snow Flakes/ I Wonder Who E+

1013. OK 4546- The Original Six- She's a Mean Job/ Angel Child E-

1014. OK 4682- Shelton Brooks- Collecting Rents/ The Chicken Thieves VV+

1015. OK 4899- Willie Eckstein- Chimes/ Love Sends a Little Gift of Roses E+ piano solos

1016. OK 9365(electric)- Hawaiian Guitarre Duetto- Mari Mari/ La Paloma E lt lam A... Italian series?

1017. OK 40076- Willie Eckstein- Dizzy Fingers/ Fine Feathers EE-

1018. OK 40251- Jimmie Joy's St Anthony's Hotel O- Milenburg Joys/ Mama Will Be Gone looks G, plays E-..Dallas recorded

1019. OK 40373- Miller & Lyles- The Three Halves/ Forty Below EE+

1020. OK 40659- Johnny Marvin (ukulele ace)- Who Wouldn't/ No Foolin' E TRUETONE

1021. OK 40662- Al Campbell & Jack Kaufman- My Cutey's Due at Two to Two Today/ Out In the New Mown Hay E+ TRUETONE

1022. OK 5813- Sonny Burke O- Jimmie Meets the Count/ Blue Sonata E

1023. OK 5989- Sonny Burke O- Minor De Luxe/ Jumpin' Salty E

1024. OK 6325- Phil Harris O- Nobody/ Woodman, Woodman, Spare That Tree E

1025. OK 6411- Gene Krupa O- Stop the Red Light's On/ Who Can I Turn To E+

1026. OK 6705- Big Bill- What's Wrong With Me/ Night Watchman Blues E. E- on some light grey

1027. Olympic 19103- Percy Hemus w/ O- The Bohemian Girl act 2, scene 4. V+ long rep'd crack

1028. Oriole 116- Ferera & Franchini- One-Two-Three-Four/ Broadway Music Maters- Sittin In a Corner EE+/E

1029. Or 1998- Ben Pollack O- If I Could Be With You (tk 2)/ Imp DO- Because I'm Lonesome V

1030. Or 1499- Hawaiian Srenaders- Sweethearts On Parade/ Roy Smeck Trio- Carolina Moon VV+

1031. Or 6-03-09- Alice Faye- I've Got My Fingers Crossed/ I Love to Ride the Horses EE+

1032. Palda 2002- Fats Fuller & the Dunce Caps- Dont Bring Lulu/ Hysterical Boogie E some scuffs rare small Philadelphia label..says "sepia series"

1033. Paramount PNS 91/92- Shirley Ross- Kiss Me With Your Eyes/ Paramount Recording O- Kiss Me With Your Eyes E sm pop A...rare movie promo from 1939 Paramount film

1034. Pathe 032117- Mc Carthy Sisters acc by Arthur Johnston p- Who/ Cant Your Friend Get a Friend For Me V

1035. Pathe 20010(vertical cut)- Justice Lewis w/ O- Meet Me In Havana, Anna/ Arthur Collins w/ O- Never Let the Same Bee Sting You Twice E

1036. Pathe 02170(lateral)- Original Indiana 5- Mean Mean Mamma/ Stavin' Change V

1037. Pa 21217- Eddie Peabody banjo solo w/ nov acc- Piccolo Pete/ Lovable & Sweet E-

1038. Pa 22287- Joseph Samuels O- Come Along to Honeymoon Town/ Nicholas Orlando O- Goodnight Dearie E+

1039. Pa 22362- Fred Whitehouse w/ O- Oh By Jingo, Oh By Gee/ Billy Murray w/ O- Profiteering Blues E+

1040. Pa 22367- Webb's Novelty Entertainers- Old Man Jazz/ Whose Baby Are You E

1041. Pa 22417- Joseph Samuels- Medley of Country Jigs/ Medley of Country Reels E+

1042. Pa 32308- Willard Robison and his piano- Blue River/ Deep Elm EE+/E+ scr A nap

1043. Pa 36967- Harold White O- My Sugar & Me/ Frank Keyes O- I'm Marching Home to You V-

1044. Perfect 11104- Wm. Eckstein piano solo- Coaxing the Piano/ Knice & Knifty E tiny clk A pass

1045. Pe 11228- Russell Hunting- Casey As a Fortune Teller/ Casey Taking the Census E

1046. Pe 11556- Cliff Edwards- Charley My Boy/ I Wonder What's Become of Sally E/E+

1047. Pe 12152- Cliff Edwards- Somebody Loves Me/ Little Somebody of Mine EE-

1048. Pe 12167- Cliff Edwards- My Best Girl/ He's the Hottest Man In Town E+

1049. Pe 12275- Jay C Flippen Gang- Lucky Day/ Hard to Get Gertie VV+

1050. Pe 12297- Jay C Flippen Gang- She Knows Her Onions/ How Could Red Riding Hood V+E-

1051. Pe 12373- Jay C Flippen Gang- I Aint Got Nobody/ An' Furthermore EE+ lt steeling nap

1052. Pe 12392- Jay C Flippen Gang- Did You Mean It?/ Oh My Operation E+ grey B nap

1053. Pe 12597- Billy Murray & Walter Scanlan- Amos n Andy/ Radio Imps- Song of the Condemned V+

1054. Pe 12661- Chick Bullock w/ O- Sweet Jennie Lee/ I Need You So V/EE+

1055. Pe 12843- Cab Calloway, Roy Smeck, Chick Bullock- Git Along// Morton Downey, Annette Hanshaw, Singin Sam, Will Osborne- Say It Isn't So V+

1056. Pe 12862- Gene Austin w/ O- A Little Street Where Old Friends Meet/ Just a Little Home For the Old Folks E/E- some scrs B

1057. Pe 12916- Morton Downey w/ O- Isn't It Heavenly/ Sweetheart Darlin' E

1058. Pe 13025- Nick Lucas w/ O- For All We Know/ Moon Glow EE+

1059. Pe 14193- Golden Gate O- Linger Awhile/ Lanin O- Take Oh Take Those Lips Away EE+

1060. Pe 14358- Glenwood Marimba Band- When It's Love Time In Hawaii/ Dreamer of Dreams E+

1061. Pe 14362- Carolina Club O- Everybody Loves My Baby But My Baby Don't Love Nobody But Me/ Bye Bye Baby EE-

1062. Pe 14353- Nathan Glantz O- Ask Her/ Lou Gold O- Indian Love Calls E+

1063. Pe 14371- Samuels Jazz O- Nobody Knows What a Red Head Mama Can Do/ Big Bad Bill E

1064. Pe 15029- Tuxedo DO- Don't Keep Me In the Dark Bright Eyes/ Phil Hughes High Hatters- Half Way to Heaven EE+

1065. Pe 15254- Adrian Schubert O- Dream Lover/ You're Always In My Arms E 1/2" cr nap Ballews

1066. Pe 15536- Johnny Marvin O- A Faded Summer Love/ Lucille E few lt edge cks nap, thump B

1067. Pe 15550- All Star Collegians- Now's the Time To Fall In Love/ She's Do Nice E

1068. Pe 16074- Todd Rollins O- I Was Lucky/ Singing a Happy Song E-

1069. Personal W 170561-1/ 170562-2- Hotchkiss School DO- San/ Love For Sale E few lt lams nap

thump(maybe caused by needle drop) sounds A 20 sec/ B 10 sec, but passes. Interesting sides!

1070. Publicity Broadcast Service 497- Musical Revelries- ARC O w/ Dick Robertson vo- While We Danced At the Mardi Gras VV+..rare label "for broadcast purposes only"

1071. Puritan 11102- California Ramblers- All That I Need Is You/ Granny EE+/E

1072. Rainbow 1001- Homer Rodheaver- Safe In Arms of Jesus/ I Walk With the King V sm dig/ V-

1073. Rain Sacred 1012- Mel Trotter's Quartet- Beloved Now We Are the Sons of God/ What Did He Do? V/E tite cr to lbl nap..extra colorful rainbow design label

1074. Rain 1050- Homer Rodheaver w/ O- Spelling Love/ Happiness V+

1075. Rainbow disc jockey souvenir issue- Eddie Miller w/rhy- honky tonk hit parade- incl Chicago/ Toot Toot Tootsie and 8 more. red vinyl N-...

1076. Recorded in Hollywood 142- Scat Man Crothers w/ Red Callender 6- Papa/ Red Callender 6- Till I Wz Again With You EE+

1077. Regal 110- Lew White pipe organ w/ Munn vo- Goodnight Sweetheart/ Trees V+ rc, sm hlc nap

1078. Re 8089- Joe Candullo O- Deep Henderson/ Jackass Blues V+

1079. Re 8947- Buddy Blue Texans- Romance/ Molly E+ Smith Ballew voc

1080. Re 9216- Jack Norworth w/ O- A Sleepy Little Village/ People Like Us EE+

1081. Re 10189- Lou Gold O- Yours & Mine/ Joe Green Marimba O- You Promised That You'd Be Mine E+..dime store label rarely seen in this condition

1082. Re 10326- Joe Morgan O- Smile Darn Ya Smile/ Eddie Kirkeby O- Teardrops & Kisses E-

1083. Resona 75407- Del Palmer w/ O- The Grass Is Always Greener/ Harmony 4 w/ O- Hinky Dinky Parlay Vous V cracked to label BUT in original sleeve with great graphics, sleeve is E- with wear & tear on sides and is one of the nicest designs of the era

1084. Rex 5373(vertical)- John Charles Thomas w/ O- Somewhere a Voice Is Calling/ Inez Barbour w/ O- Kiss Wz EE+/

1085. Ro 452- Jack Kaufman- Since Henry Ford Apologized to Me/ Wy-Lets VV+

1086. Ro 1578- Jack Berger O- Would You Like to Take a Walk/ Society Night Club O- The Waltz You Saved For Me VV+

1087. Ro 1580- Sam Lanin O- Walkin My Baby Back Home/ 99 Out of 100 Want to Be Loved E+ unusually clean for a dime store disk

1088. Ro 1581- Dick Cherwin O- Got the Bench Got the Park/ Cliquot Club Eskimos- I'm So Afraid of You V-

1089. Ro 1583- Andy Sanella O- Running Between the Raindrops/ Please Don't Talk About Me When I'm Gone E+/EE+ despite grey B

1090. Ro 1588- Majestic DO- By the River Sainte Marie/ Broken Hearted Wz E

1091. Ro 1600- Majestic DO- Dream a Little Dream of Me/ Sam Lanin O- Were You Sincere E-

1092. Ro 1605- Majestic DO- By My Side/ Out of Nowhere EE+/E

1093. Ro 1611- Ben Alley w/ O- When Your Lover Has Gone/ Rocky Mountain Lullaby

1094. Ro 1614- Eddie Lane O- Whistling In the Dark/ Lou Gold O- That Little Boy of Mine E

1095. Ro 1859- Dick Robertson O- One Day In May/ Three Guesses V/VV-

1096. Ro 2501- Morton Downey w/ O- Would There Be Love/ The Words Are In My Heart V/V-

1097. Royal Seal 268- Carl Halgren w/ Sven Eric acc- Da Reser Jad Med Klara Till Sahara(I'll Take

Clara Till Sahara)/ Sag Det I Toner(Say It With Music) E+ 1920s label from NY must be for export

1098. Royale 1876- Richard Himber O- How Can I Ever Be Alone/ Tennesee Fish Fry EE+

1099. Savoy 969- Kai Winding All Stars- Speak Low/ The Boy Next Door E+N-

1100. Score 4004- Howard Mc Ghee O- Lifestream/ Mop Mop E rare Hollywood label

1101. Seeburg 1036- Novelty Instr Group- How High the Moon/ Talk of the Town E+ great jazz. magenta heavy vinyl

1102. See 1119- Pop Concert O- My Romance/ How Deep is the Ocean EE+ lime green heavy vinyl

1103. See 1264- Pop Concert O- So In Love/ I've Told Every Little Star E+ aqua heavy vinyl

1104. See 1272- Dance O- Love For Sale/ Melody E+ nice big band...magenta heavy vinyl

1105. Silvertone 1254- F Banta & D Grupp- Upright & Grand/ Prudy EE+/E+ nice piano duet

1106. Sil 32309- Fred Rich Hotel Astor O- Gimme a Little Kiss Will Ya Huh?/ Could I? I Certainly Could V/V-

1107. Sil 4016- Washington Kentucky Quartet- I Will Be Da(Negro Spiritual)/

Throw Way Dem Ole Shoes E rcnap

1108. Sisk unnumbered- Monahan Post Band- Armistice Day Forever/ Berry J Sisk- Armistice Day Message E- rare label from Sioux City Iowa 1922...Labels are clean

1109. Solo Art 12001- Albert Ammons- Boogie Woogie/ Mecca Flat Blues EE+

1110. Sonora 1091- Lani Mc Intyre Aloha Islanders- Drowsy Waters/ Moonlight In Hawaii E/EE-

1111. Son 2000- Roy Smeck Music Men- Steel Guitar Rag/ Charmaine E+

1112. Special unnumbered- Horace Erwin- Some Day He'll Make It Plain/ Somebody's Here With An Aching Heart E+N- Rodheaver Record Comapny- nice label!

1113. Spotlite 507- Rosalind Page w/ New Yorkers- Careless Hands/ Bud Brees w/ Bob Martin O- Red Roses For a Blue lady V label of unknown origin

1114. Symphonola 4387- Ferera & Franchini- Honolulu Rag/ Sweet Hawaiian Girl of Mine E-

1115. Symphony 21599- Vess L. Ossman banjo solo- Sousa Swing VV+ scarce early lbl

1116. Tempo 634- Bobby Maxwell swing harp + drums, violin & Allan Reuss guitar- Spaghetti Rag/ St Louis Blues E+N-

1117. Tem 920- Herb Kern hammond organ- Lili Marlene/ Herb Kern hammond, Tom Menoli novachord- Oh What It Seemed To Be E+

1118. Tem 952- Herb Kern hammond organ, Lloyd Sloop novachord- Smoke Gets In Your Eyes/ Paper Doll EE+

1119. Tem 1232- Mel Henke- In a Mist/ Little Rock Getaway N-

1120. TNT 6007- Barber Shop Discord/ Mrs. Lapedas E FUN!!

1121. Triangle 11356- Al Bernard & Frank Ferera- It Aint Gonna Rain No Mo/ Billy West & Schubert's O- Hula Lu V+/VV+ Hawaiian guitar

1122. United H.D.&C. Record Company 514- Russian Tenor- Aris(Gypsy Baron Strauss) V unusual early NY label has picture of girl's head with wings in a Star of David

1123. University of Vermont 77764- University of Vermont Band- Cotton Babes E- few scrs

1124. Variety 550- Frankie Newton Uptown Serenaders- Cause My Baby Says Its So/ There's No Two Ways About It E Slim Gaillard vocs

1125. Var 601- Billy Hicks Sizzling Siz- Fade Out/ Joe the Bomber E-

1126. Var 604- Lucky Millinder Mills Blue Rhythm Band- The Lucky Swing/ The Image of You EE-

1127. Var 620- Midge Williams Jazz Jesters- That Old Feeling/ I Know Now E

1128. Var 630- The Three Peppers- Serenade In the Night/ If I Had My Way E-

1129. Var 631- Clyde Lucas California Dons- Big Apple/ Song of the Samovar V/VV+

1130. Var 635- Don Redman O- The Man On the Flying Trapeze/ That Naughty Wz E-/EE+

1131. Var 663- George Hall O- You're My Dish/ More Power to You V-

1132. Var 665- Frank Dailey O- Everything You Said Came True/ Something to Sing About E

1133. Var 668- Buster Bailey Rhythm Busters- Dizzy Debutante/ Afternoon In Africa E

1134. Varsity 5077- Slim Summerville Band- Two Buck Tim From Timbuctoo/ I Cant Remember E early 30s Crown sides

1135. Var 8162- WC Handy O- Loveless Love/ Way Down Where the South Begins EE+

1136. Var 8179- Varsity Seven- Shake It & Break It/ A Pretty Girl Is Like a Melody EE+

1137. Var 8183- Johnny Messner O- You'd Be Surprised/ Ah!........ E-

1138. Var 8202- Jack Teagarden O- Love For Sale/ What E+

1139. Var 8218- Jack Teagarden O- Cant We Talk It Over/ The Blues E+

1140. Var 8219- Johnny Messner O- Charming Little Faker/ Ooh What You Said EE- sm rcnap

1141. Var 8223- Frank Trumbauer O- Jimtown Blues/ The Laziest Gal In Town E

1142. Var 8327- Rudy Vallee w/ O- Let's Do It 1/2 E+

1143. Var 8405- Willie (the Lion) Smith- Sidney Bechet O- Sous Les Palmiers/ Rosa E+

1144. VT 1810- Joey Ray- I'll Never Ask For More/ There's a Place In the Sun For You E-/V+

1145. VT 1910- Annette Hanshasw w/ New Englanders- My Sin/ I Get the Blues When It Rains E

1146. VT 1943- Sammy Fain- To Be In Love/ What a Day EE-/E- scr B NAP...nice accomp!

1147. VT 1993- Sammy Fain- Ain't Misbehavin'/ Liza V+ exc jazz accomp

1148. VT 2014- Sammy Fain- Painting the Clouds With Sunshine/ Lovable & Sweet E/EE- good!

1149. VT 2053- Lloyd Keating O- Turn On the Heat/ Rudy Marlow O- The Woman In the Shoe EE+ nice A with Sammy Fain vocal

1150. VT 2385- Chester Leighton O- Now You're In My Arms/ Star Dust EE- nice Selvin sides w/ Smith Ballew vocs

1151. VT 2387- Roy Carroll O- Roll On Mississipi/ Moonlight Saving Time looks V+, plays E HOT A

1152. VT 2402- Roy Carroll O- One More Time/ Let's Get Friendly looks V+, plays E HOT A BG,etc

1153. VT 2408- Jack Whitney O- You Forgot Your Gloves/ Falling In Love looks VV+, pl EE- Selvin

1154. VT 2420- Frank Auburn O- The Hour of Parting/ Hikin' Down the Highway looks V+, plays E

1155. VT 2421- Roy Carroll O- Its the Girl/ I Cant Write the Words VV+ few clx A pass

1156. VT 2463- Hotel Commodore O- Lucille/ Time On My Hands looks V+, plays EE- Selvin

1157. Vitaphone 10041- William Halley- Sit Down You're Rocking the Boat/ Vitaphone Quartette- Way Down South EE-/E rare Canadian label...."life like sound-not living & breathing, but the same"

1158. Vo 14619- Savoy & Brennan- You Must Come Over/ You Dont Know the Half of It EE-

1159. Vo 14681- The Ambassadors- What Do You Do Sunday, Mary/ Bar Harbor O- I Love You E+

1160. Vo 14829- The Ambassadors- Ukulele Blues/ Maytime E+ ukulele by May S. Breen A

1161. Vo 14851- Ben Selvin O- San/ The Ambassadors- Pleasure Mad E+

1162. Vo 14853- Ben Selvin O- Charlie, My Boy/ Red Hot Mamma E-

1163. Vo 14974- Tuxedo O(Harry Reser)- Ain't My Baby Grand/ My Gal Dont Love Me Any More N-

1164. Vo 15107- Night Club O- Some Day We'll Meet Again/ My Sugar G

1165. Vo 15142- Norman Clark w/ Eddie Lang guitar- Sleepy Time Gal/ Lonesomest Gal In Town V+

1166. Vo 2642(gold)- Ozzie Nelson O- Whats Good For the Goose/ Mister Magician V

1167. Vo 2671(gold)- Arthur Tracy- Let's Fall In Love/ Little Dutch Mill E

1168. Vo 2868- Bing Crosby- Blue Prelude/ We'll Make Hay While the Sun Shines EE+

1169. Vo 3419- Phil Harris O- Where the Lazy River Goes By/ You Can Tell She Comes From Dixie E few lt scfs nap

1170. Vo 3421- Enoch Light O- Summer Night/ The Little House That Love Built V+

1171. Vo 3499- Isham Jones O- Now You're Talking My Language/ It Must Be Love EE-

1172. Vo 3583- Phil Harris O- The Groove Song/ Constantly E+

1173. Vo 3746- Sammy Kaye O- After You/ If You Were Someone Else EE+

1174. Vo 3861- Sammy Kaye O- Have You Met Miss Jones?/ A Strange Lonliness E+

1175. Vo 3871- Sammy Kaye O- Terrific/ True Confession E+

1176. Vo 3863- Bert Block O- I'd Love to Play a Love Scene/ I Want a New Romance V+

1177. Vo 3935- Ace Harris O- Rhyhm Bout Town/ One Little Word Led to Another EE-/E

1178. Vo 3946- Bob Sylvester O- I See Your Face Before Me/ Down Where the Trade Winds Blow E

1179. Vo 3948- Johnny Hodges O- My Day/ Silvery Moon & Garden Sands E+

1180. Vo 3961- Midge Williams Jazz Jesters- The Greatest Mistake of My Life/ Good Night Angel V-

1181. Vo 3970- Cab Calloway O- One Big Union For Two/ Doing the Reactionary E+N-

1182. Vo 4047- Bobby Hackett O- If Dreams Come True/ At the Jazz Band Ball E

1183. Vo 4057- The Four Squires- Aren't the Funies Funny?/ The Prisoner's Song E-

1184. Vo 4068- Maxine Sullivan w/ O- A Brown Bird Singing/ Speak to Me of Love N-

1185. Vo 4522- Bing Crosby w/ Dorsey Bros O- Somebody Stole Gabriel's Horn/ Stay On the Right Side of the Road EE+

1186. Vo 4653- John Kirby O- Dawn On the Desert/ The Turf E+/EE+

1187. Vo 4927- Jerry Kruger O- Rain Rain Go Away/ Summertime E+..Lester & Buck in accomp

1188. Vo 5200- Adrian Rollini Trio- Moonglow/ Pavanne E

1189. Vo 5476(gold lbl)- Bradley Kincaid- Picture From Life's Other Side/ The Red River Valley V-/V+

1190. Vo 5510- Buster Bailey O- Chained to a Dream/ San Juan Hill E

1191. Vo 5604- Tommy Reynolds O- The Sailor With the Navy Blue Eyes/ I Bought a Wooden Whistle V+

1192. Vo 5621- Adrian Rollini Trio- Dardanella// ICBTU In Love w/ Me// ICGUA But Love E-

1193. Vogue 1029(promo)- Ernie Andrews w/ Benny Carter O- Make Me a Present of You/ Don't Lead Me On E+ scarce Hollywood label

1194. Zonophone 219- Billy Murray w/ O- My Irish Molly o V-

1195. Zon 5068- Ed King(xylophone solo w/ O- Mr. Black Man/ Celia Polka E-/EE- faint hlc nap

1196. Zon 5320 Zon-o-phone O- Persian Lamb Rag / Rustic Dance V

FOREIGN LABELS(all British unless noted)

1197. Apex 8318(CANAD)- Nathan Glantz O- I Want to Be Happy/ Oh Lady Be Good E

1198. Ap 41259- Irving Kaufman w/O- Beyond the Blue Horizon/ I'm Yours E

1199. Ariel 1042- James Kirk- Laughing Water/ Whispering Willows E

1200. Broadcast Twelve 3250- Blue Mountaineers- Sweet Sixteen & Never Been Kissed/ We Just Couldn't Say Goodbye EE+

1201. Brunswick 1134- Schutt & Cornell- Flaperette/ Canadian Capers E piano duet

1202. Br 1484- Ambrose O- Butterflies In the Rain/ Pale Volga Moon E+N-

1203. Br 02961- Frances Langford- Blue Moon/ I'm In the Mood For Love E+

1204. Br 03040- The Ink Spots- Bless You/ Thoughtless EE-

1205. Br 04770- Louis Jordan O- Three Handed Woman/ Louis Jordan Tympany 5- Is My Pop In There E+

1206. Br 05071- Marie Knight & the Nightingales- The Old Rugged Cross/ Satisfied With Jesus E+

1207. Br 05274(picture label)- Jimmy Dorsey O- Time Was/ Tropical Magic VV+

1208. Brunswick 5091(CAN)- Peerless Quartet- Ghost of the Ukulele/ Musical Sam From Alabam E- edge dmg nap. large green label w/ gold printing

1209. Co 3294- Havana Band at Savoy Hotel- Yes We Have No Bananas/ Tell Me With a Melody EE-

1210. Co 3334- Harry F Reser banjo solo- Symphanola/ Page- Paderewski EE- no US issue

1211. Co 3797- Harry Reser banjo solo- Heebe Jeebes/ Ukulele Lady E+ scrB clx lite 20 sec

1212. Co 3926- Billy Mayerl piano solo- Piano Exaggerations #1/2- Loose Elbows/ Antiquary E-

1213. Co 3964- Percival Mackey Band- I'd Rather Charleston With You/ The Half of It Dearie Blues E

1214. Co 4101- Percival Mackey Band- D'Ye Love Me?/ Two Little Bluebirds E

1215. Co 4440- Bobby Howes & cho w/ O- You've Got to Fit Your Step/ Cicely Debenham & Bobby Howes- You'll Miss My Dancing V+

1216. Co 4943- Ray Starita Ambassadors- I Call You Sugar/ Blue Eyes E+

1217. Co 5006- Paul Whiteman O- Thats My Weakness Now/ PW's Rhythm Boys- Wa Da Da E+

1218. Co 5064- Sophie Tucker w/ O- Aren't Women Wondeful?/ He Hadn't Up Till Yesterday E/E+ recorded in London with no US issue

1219. Co CB 1- Jack Payne BBCDO- Dream Star of Araby/ Maggie's Cold E+

1220. Co CB 143- Jack Payne BBCDO- That's Where the South Begins/ Adeline E-

1221. Co CB 144- Jack Payne BBCDO- After Your Kiss/ I'm Like to Find The Guy Who Wrote the Stein Song EE+ few clx A

1222. Co CB 621- Debroy Somers O- Its the Band/ When the King Goes By E/EE-

1223. Co CB 680- Henry Hall BBC DO- I Was In the Mood/ Snowball E+

1224. Co CB 687- Henry Hall BBC DO- I'm Hitching My Wagon to You/ La Di Da Di Da EE+

1225. Co CB 699- Henry Hall BBC DO- Did You Ever See a Dream Walking?/ On a Steamer Coming Over E-

1226. Co CB 672- Henry Hall BBC DO- Thanks/ The Day You Came Along E+

1227. Co CB 394- Savoy Hotel Orpheans- A Faded Summer Love/ I Don't Know Why E+

1228. Co DB 453- Marion Harris w/ O- Would You Like to Take a Walk?/ My Canary Has Circles Under His Eyes E+ no US issue

1229. Co CB 589- Henry Hall BBCDO- Maybe I Love You Too Much/ Farewell to Arms E+

1230. Co CB 620- Carroll Gibbons Savoy Hotel Orpheans- You're Mine, You/ Something Came & Got Me In the Spring E+

1231. Co CB 717- Henry Hall BBCDO- Faint Harmony/ Unless E

1232. Co DB 286- Burns & Allen- Dizzy part 1/2 V+ no US issue

1233. Co DB 899- Carroll Gibbons BF's- Cabin In the Cotton/ Ooh That Kiss E+ 1234. Co DB 1309- Carroll Gibbons & Johnny Green piano duet w/ BF's- Aint She the Dainty/ I Want a Fair & Square Man E+

1235. Co DF 2030- Lucienne Boyer w/ O- Traversee/ Parle-Moi de Toi EE+

1236. Co FB 1130- Jack Buchanan w/ O- I Think I Can/ One Good Tune Deserves Another E+N-

1237. Co FB 1280- Henry Hall BBC DO- Got a Bran New Suit/ Love Is a Dancing Thing EE-/E

1238. Co FB 1357- Harry Leader O- My Sweetie Went Away/ Smoke Rings EE-

1239. Co FB 1724- Carroll Gibbons BF's- Tomorrow Is Another Day/ I Was Anything But Sentimental E+

1240. Co FB 2373- Carroll Gibbons O- Chatterbox/ It's a Lovely Day Tomorrow EE-

1241. Co FB 2457- Carroll Gibbons w/p- Too Romantic/ I Was Watching a Man Paint a Fence E

1242. Co FB 2514- Carroll Gibbons w/p- I'm Nobody's Baby/ Until You Fall In Love E-

1243. Co FB 2515- Carroll Gibbons- Carroll Calls the Tunes #6 pt 1/2 E

1244. Co FB 2532- Carroll Gibbons- Carroll Calls the Tunes #7 pt 1/2 VV+

1245. Co FB 2544- Nat Gonella New Georgians- In the Mood/ At the Woodchopper's Ball E

1246. Co FB 2576- Binnie Hale w/ O- No No Nanette medley/ Room Five Hundred & Four EE+

1247. Co FB 3029- Felix Mendelssohn Hawaiian Serenaders- Romantic Wzs #3 pt 1/2 EE+

1248. Co FB 3280- Felix Mendelssohn Hawaiian Serenaders- Farewell Blues/ Caravan E-

1249. Co DF 2516(FR)- Lucienne Boyer w/ O- Embrasse-Moi/ Je T'aime EE-

1250. Co DW 4228(GER)- Lucienne Boyer w/ O- Fais Semblant de M'aimer/ Diter moi "Je vous aime" E-

1251. Co M 143(JAPAN)- Pola Negri w/ O- Kommt Das Gluck Nicht Heut, Dann Kommt Es Morgen/ Tango Notturno E+

1252. Co M 205- Benny Goodman Sextet- Liza/ These Foolish Things E+N- picture label BG

1253. Co M 573- Lucienne Boyer w/ O- L'Hotel du Clair De Lune/ Le Tango Des Filles NN-

1254. Co J 2442(JAPAN)- Marta Eggerth w/ Kunstler O- Ich Sing' Mein Lied Heut Nur Fur Dich/ War Es Dein Lacheln E

1255. Co J 2946- Heinz Sandauer O- Fox Trot medley 1/2 N- 1/2 moon lam sds A 10 sec.

1256. De F 2259- Spike Hughes DO- Some of These Days/ Moon Love EE+/EE-

1257. De F 2574- Roy Fox O- Looking For You/ Song of Happiness E Bowlly vocals

1258. De F 2796- Jack Hylton O- Home/ My Heart Is Bluer Than Your Eyes Cherie E-

1259. De F 3051- Rudy Starita(xylophone solo)- Rudy's Rambles/ Teddy Bear's Picnic E+

1260. De F 3109- Jack Hylton O- A Great Big Bunch of You/ The Clouds Will Soon Roll By EE+

1261. De F 3313- Lew Stone O- Junk Man Blues/ My Woman E+ Bowlly

1262. De F 3321- Lew Stone O- Melodious Flashes 1/2 E

1263. De F 3322- Roy Fox Chooses(in Dance Rhythm) 1/2 E+

1264. De F 3331- Roy Fox O- Dreaming/ Wanderer E

1265. De F 3345- Lew Stone O- You'll Always Be the Same Sweetheart/ Lets All Sing Like the Birdies Sing E- Bowlly

1266. De F 3370- Roy Fox O- Just An Echo In the Valley/ A Little Street Wehre Old Friends Meet E

1267. De F 3372- Lew Stone O- Ich Liebe Dich My Dear/ Lying In the Hay EE+ Bowlly

1268. De F 3498- Edythe Baker piano- Willow Weep For Me/ Young & Healthy E-/VV+

1269. De F 3513- Evelyn Laye w/ O- Butterfly Song/ Evelyn Laye & George Baker- A Glass of Golden Bubbles E+

1270. De F 3521- Zaidee Jackson- Mediterranean Madness/ I've Got the Wrong Man E sm lbl tear

1271. De F 3767- Jack Hylton O- Some of These Days/ Black & Blue Rhythm V+/E clx B

1272. De F 3806- Jack Hylton O- Honeymoon Hotel/ By a Waterfall E-

1273. De F 5681- Charles Buddy Rogers Band- I Hate to Say Goodnight/ The Valparaiso EE+ no US issue

1274. De F 5704- Roy Fox O- Cotton/ Truckin' E/E-

1275. De F 5709- Arthur Young Youngsters- Bundle of Blues pt 1/2 E

1276. De F 5783- Lew Stone O- St Louis Blues/ Etude V+/E-

1277. De F 7651- Bebe Daniels w/ O- If I Only Had Wings/ Sierra Sue EE-/E

1278. De F 7926- Royal Air Force DO- Down Forget Me Not Lane/ Beneath the Lights of Home E-

1279. De F 8084- Bebe Daniels w/O- Swing Bugler/ There's Something About That Town E

1280. De F 8091- Bebe Daniels & Ben Lyon w/ O- Elmer's Tune/ Bebe Daniels-The White Cliffs of Dover E

1281. De F 8142- Royal Air Force DO- Ringle Dingle/ South Rampart Street Parade E

1282. De J1- Decca Album of Jam Music #1 directed by Teddy Wilson- Coquette/ The Hour of Parting E (BG, Krupa, Harry, etc)

1283. Domino 21435(CANAD)- Domino DO- Get Out & Get Under the Moon/ Plaza DO- Ten Cents Worth of Crackers & Ten Cents Worth of Cheese V+

1284. Dom 31002- Metropolitan DO- There's a Rainbow Round my Shoulder/ Hew Sterling O- Sleep Baby Sleep V

1285. Edison Bell Winner 4591- Phil Russell banjo solo w/ p- Get Goin'/ Banjomania E

1286. EBW 4671- Diplomat Novelty O- Doll Dance/ South Wind EE+

1287. EBW 4991- Scalia Salon O- Dear Love 1/2 V+

1288. EBW 4879- Beth Challis w/ Orch- Crazy Rhythm/ Where Have You Been All My Life?

1289. Electrola white label shellac test mx BL-5139-2..Austin Egen O- The Man I Love V+ couple light clx near beginning. VERY interesting record begins w/ chorus sung in German, then a very Tram inspired c melody sax solo, & ends up with a different vocalist in English. Recorded 3/12/29

1290. Esquire 10-203- Johnny Dankworth 7- Stompin' At the Savoy/ MYOB N-

1291. Esq 10-204- Norman Burns Quintet- Stars Fell On Alabama/ Nearing Shearing E lt grey

1292. Gramola B 2295- Melville Gideon- I Shall Remember Your Kisses/ Rolling Stones EE-

1293. Guardsman 178- HM Irish Guards Band- Temptation Rag/ Policeman's Holiday E

1294. Guards 1431- New Jersey DO- Upright & Grand/ When You & I Were Dancing VV+/E-

1295. HMV 14647 (schallplatte grammophon)- Carl Grunow xylophone w/ O- Komm mein Schtz wir trinken ein Likorchen/ Herrgott am bluhenden Neckarstrand EE-

1296. HMV B 3686(AUS)- Maurice Chevalier w/ Jack Hylton O- Maurice Chevalier medley 1/2 EE+

1297. HMV B 8109(IND)- Jack Buchanan & Elsie Randolph w/ O- Oceans of Time/ Who Do You Think You Are? EE-/E

1298. HMV B 1973- Savoy Orpheans- Me & the Boy Friend/ Where's My Sweetie Hiding E-

1299. HMV B 2142- Melville Gideon- Funny Little Tune/ The Longest Day V+

1300. HMV B 2378- Melville Gideon & Doris Bentley- Who/ Sunny EE-

1301. HMV B 2863- Jack Smith- 'S Wonderful/ My One & Only EE+ sm scr B

1302. HMV B 2962- Jack Smith- I'm Crazy Over You/ Sally of My Dreams E

1303. HMV B 4005- Jack Buchanan w/ O- Alone With My Dreams/ You Forgot Your Gloves E+

1304. HMV B 4101- Gracie Fields- Home/ He Forgot to Come Back E+

1305. HMV B 4332- Jack & Claude Hulbert- The Hulbert Bros in Chicago 1/2 E

1306. HMV B 4432- Rex Allan piano solo- Look What You've Done/ Young & Healthy E

1307. HMV B 5374- Savoy Orpheans- Varsity Yale Blues/ Just a Memory V/VV+

1308. HMV B 5401- Savoy Orpheans- She Don't Wanna/ In a Japanese Garden E

1309. HMV B 5621- Jack Hylton O- Looking At You/ What is This Thing Called LoveVV+

1310. HMV B 5847- Ambrose O- I'm Telling the World About You/ Leven Thirty Saturday Night V/V+

1311. HMV B 5879- Jack Hylton O- Great Day/ Without a Song EE+

1312. HMV B 5886- NMDO- Sitting On a Rainbow/ My Angel Mother E-

1313. HMV B 5889- Jack Hylton O- Adeline/ Dancing With Tears In My Eyes E-

1314. HMV B 5890- Jack Hylton O- A Californian Serenade/ That Night In Venice E/E-

1315. HMV B 5891- Jack Hylton O- If Your Kisses Can't Hold the Man You Love/ The First Weekend In June E-

1316. HMV B 5892- Jack Hylton O- There's a Good Time Coming/ Over the Garden Wall VV+/E

1317. HMV B 6011- NMDO- You're Twice As Nice As the Girl in My Dreams/ Thats Somerset E

1318. HMV B 6088- New Mayfair DO- Speedboat Bill/ The Haunted House E

1319. HMV B 6090- New Mayfair DO- Rhymes pt 1/2 V+

1320. HMV B 6098- NMDO- Got a Date With An Angel/ For the Love of Mike VV+

1321. HMV B 6118- Ray Noble O- I Was True/ One Little Quarrel EE-/E

1322. HMV B 6125- Ambrose O- You're Blase/ Mona Lisa N-

1323. HMV B 6219- Ray Noble O- Please Don't Mention It/ Pagan Moon E/E+

1324. HMV B 6257- Ambrose O- We're a Couple of Soldiers/ The Old Kitchen Kettle VV+

1325. HMV B 6260- Ambrose O- Moon/ Tell Me Tonight V

1326. HMV B 6316- Ray Noble O- Butterflies In the Rain/ Wheezy Anna EE- Bowlly

1327. HMV B 6325- Ray Noble O- The Moment I Saw You/ There's Something About a Soldier E/V-

1328. HMV B 6347- Ray Noble O- Maybe I Love You Too Much/ It's Within Your Power E

1329. HMV B 6348- Ray Noble O- Waltzing In a Dream/ The Old Spinning Wheel E

1330. HMV B 6358- Ray Noble O- When My Little Pomeranian Met Your Little Pekinese/ Don't Be Late In the Morning E

1331. HMV B 6370- Ray Noble O- Two Buck Tim From Timbuctoo/ You're Mine, You EE-/V+ steel B

1332. HMV B 6393- Jack Jackson O- Whistling Under the Moon/ Ding Dong Ding EE+

1333. HMV B 6411- Ray Noble O- I Was In the Mood/ Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf E Bowlly A

1334. HMV B 6458- Jack Jackson O- Dixie Lee/ Lullaby In Blue EE+

1335. HMV B 6482- Ray Noble O- Little Dutch Mill/ The Very Thought of You E/EE- Bowlly

1336. HMV B 6505- Isham Jones O- Ridin' Around In the Rain/ Raymond Paige O- Love Thy Neighbor E-/E int cr under lab nap

1337. HMV B 8222- Florence Desmond w/ O- Be Yourself/ Kiss Me, Dear EE-

1338. HMV B 8364- NMDO- The Big Broadcast of 1936 selection 1/2 E+

1339. HMV B 8986- Jean Sablon w/ Wal-Berg O- The Cab/ Paris You Have Not Changed EE+

1340. HMV B 9010- Paul Robeson- She Is Far From the Land/ Jerusalem N-

1341. HMV B 9355- Irving Berlin- This Is the Army Mr. Jones/ My British Buddy EE+ no US issue

1342. HMV B 9955- Phil Harris O- So Tall a Tree/ You Cant Make Love With a Cold E+

1343. HMV BD 102(IND)- Jack Jackson O- That's the Way I Like to Hear You Talk/ Eddie Duchin O- Dust On the Moon EE+ lt scr B

1344. HMV BD 178- Jack Jackson O- My Heart Jumped Over the Moon/ Little Golden Locket E+N-

1345. HMV BD 201- New Mayfair DO- Love Is Everywhere/ Look Up & Laugh E+N-

1346. HMV BD 203(IND)- Jack Hylton O- South American Joe/ Love Me For Ever EE+

1347. HMV BD 576- Reginald Forsythe & Arthur Young piano duet- St Louis Blues/ Tiger Rag E+

1348. HMV BD 5398- Fats Waller Continental Rhythm- A Tisket a Tasket/ Music Maestro Please EE+ a rare one, recorded in London with no US issue

1349. HMV BD 5592- Ken Snakehips Johnson West Indian O- It Was a Lover & His Lass/ Blow, Blow Thou Winter Wind E a scarce Bowlly item

1350. HMV BD 5807- Joe Loss O- I've Heard that Song Before/ Why Say "Goodbye" EE+

1351. HMV BD 6156- Sid Phillips O- Pi-Ann-a Rag/ Way Down Yonder in New Orleans E+

1352. HMV BD 6178- Sid Phillips O- Honky Tonk Rag/ You Turned the Tables on Me E+

1353. HMV EG 3229- Barnabas Von Geczy O- Minutewalzer/ Fantasie Uber Goddard's Berceuse N-

1354. HMV ED 3291- Barnabas Von Geczy O- Down In the Lobau/ Out There In the Wachau N-

1355. HMV EG 3301- Barnabas Von Geczy O- Valentina/ Der Onkel Hat's Ja N- Carioca foxtrots

1356. HMV EG 3510- Barnabas Von Geczy O- Im Chambre Separee Aus Der Opernball/ Poem N-

1357. HMV FB 1651- Louis Levy Gaumont British Symphony- There's That Look In Your Eyes Again/Lookin' Around Corners For You E+

1358. HMV FB 1627- Henry Hall BBC DO- The Goona Goo/ One, Two, Button Your Shoe EE+/E+

1359. Homochord 294- Homochord DO- Canadian Capers/ Arkansas Blues V+E-

1360. Imperial 1627- Teddy Brown Cafe de Paris O- So Is Your Old Lady/ What Good Is Good Morning E+N-

1361. Imp 1820- The Crichton Lyricals- Where Oh Where Do I Live/ Somebody Said E-/EE-

1362. Imp 2310- Sam Lanin O- Exactly Like You/ Cliquot Club Eskimos- On the Sunny Side of the Street E+

1363. Imp 2408- Lloyd Newton O- Sweet Jennie Lee/ Jack Albin O- You're Driving Me Crazy EE-/EE+

1364. Imp 2559- Jay Wilbur O- What Are You Thinkin About Baby?/ Please Don't Talk About Me When I'm Gone V+/VV+

1365. Imp 2707- Jack Payne O- Good Evening/ Auf Wiedersehn E-

1366. Imp 2888- Ed Loyd O- Hold Me/ I Cover the Waterfront EE-

1367. Imp 2919- Jack Payne O- Dinner At Eight/ Its the Talk of the Town E

1368. Japanese label unknown N78- c. mid 40s- 387th Infantry- The Melody Makers w/ Ray "Tiny" Clauson- I've Got a Woman (actually She's Funny That Way)/ Stardust E..good big band

1369. Japanese label unknown N80- c. mid 40s- 387th Infantry- The Melody Makers w/ Joe Hogan vocal- In My Solitude(Solitude)/ Toto E ..good big band

1370. Jazz Selection JS 709(FR)- Mezzrow- Bechet Quintet- Jelly Roll/ Gone Away Blues NN-

1371. Kristal 21184(NETH)- Ruth Etting- You've Got Me Crying Again/ Hold Me E+ top master press of ARC sides

1372. Lucky 60151(JAPAN)- Art Shaw O- Love & Learn/ Sugar Foot Stomp E+ great laminated pressing

1373. Luc 60285- The Boswell Sisters w/ Dorsey Bros O- Minnie the Moocher's Wedding Day/ Song of Surrender N- great laminated pressing

1374. Luc 60449- Art Shaw O- Fee Fi Fo Fum/ Sweet Lorraine EE+ great laminated pressing

1375. London 1338(promo)- The Duchess- Kitten On the Keys/ Ragging the Scale E+

1376. Mead & Fields unnumbered- Record & Christmas Crackers- Military Band- HMS Pinafore sel 1/2 E- RARE British label

1377. Metronome 135(SWE)- Ralph & Bert Berg- Smorgasbord Rag/ Temptation Rag E

1378. Met 288- Alice Babs w/ Harry Arnold O- Min Van Spiken/ Alice Babs w/ Jergen Ingmann guitar- Bella Musica E RARE!

1379. Odeon 0803- Band of HM Granadier Guards- The Sunshine Girl selection/ pt 2 E-

1380. Parlophone A 6056(AUS)- Harry Roy's Tiger Ragamuffins- Rockin Chair/ Georgia/ Lazy Day// Harry Roy O- the Spring Didn't Mean a Thing to Me E-

1381. Par A 6516- Harry Roy's Tiger Ragamuffins- Thats a Plenty/ Someday SweetheartE-

1382. Par F 115- Harry Roy's Tiger Ragamuffins- Fox Trot med #3 /4 EE+

1383. Par F 413- Harry Roy O- My Girl's a Rhythm Fan/ Heart of Gold EE-

1384. Par F 882- Victor Silvester Ballroom O- On the Avenue sel/ So Rare EE-

1385. Par F 1057- Harry Roy O- You're a Sweetheart/ My, Myself & I E/EE-

1386. Par F 2458- Joe Daniels Jazz Group- At a Georgia Camp Meeting/ Washington & Lee Sw E+

1387. Par R 827- Stuart Ross & Joe Sargent- Never Swat a Fly/ Go Home & Tell Your Mother E+

1388. Par R 1761- Harry Roy O- We Like a Gay Song/ Dixie Lee E-

1389. Par R 1762- Harry Roy O- My Last Year's Gal/ Bom Di Bom E-

1390. Par R 1770- Harry Roy O- Ol Pappy/ Oh Mother, Mother E+

1391. Par R 1969- Harry Roy O- When a St Louis Woman Comes Down to New Orleans/ Smoke Gets In Your Eyes EE-

1392. Par R 2189- Freddy Gardner sax solo/ Rhythm Section both for Japanese Sandman E

1393. Par R 2582- Teddy Wilson O- A Tisket a Tasket/ Now It Can Be Told E+

1394. Par R 2770- Benny Goodman Sextet- Six Appeal/ There Foolish Things E+

1395. Par R 3534- Raie Da Costa piano solo- Dainty Miss/ Polly V

1396. Phoenix 062- Warwick Green w/ O- That Chiming Rag/ Long & Green w/ O- The Ragtime Goblin Man EE-

1397. Pic 128- Tony Young's Ramblers- Lila/ Bohemian Band- Thats My Weakness Now E

1398. Pol 22970- Paul Godwin O- Haute tanz ich nur mit dir/ Zwei rote Lippen und ein roter Tarragona E

1399. Pol 24354(GER)- Ilja Livschkoff O- Fur Alle! 1/2 N-

1400. Pol 24356- Ilja Livschkoff O- Kamerad wir sind die Jugend/ Ich mocht einmal wieder verliebt sein N-

1401. Pol 24376- Paul Godwin O- O wie schon ist dein Mund wenn er "ja" sagt/ Leo Monosson w/ Paul Godwin O- Die Frau, die man libebt N-

1402. Pol 24397- Ilja Livschkoff O- Oft hab ich vom Gluck getraumt/ Du bist das liebste E+ NICE medium fox trot B

1403. Pol 24646- Harry Hiller O- Wir stellen uns vorl 1/2 N-

1404. Popular P720- H. Cove & W. Thompson w/ O- Are You From Dixie?/ Down Home In Tennesee V-..described as a rag duet

1405. Prestophone unnumbered(AUST)- Frank Coughlin & the Trocodero O- Life Without Love/ Embrace EE- RARE Australian label, only a handful of issues

1406. Regal MR 561- Billy Cotton O- Cant We Talk It Over/ Lawd You Made the Night Too Long E-

1407. Re MR 638- Billy Cotton O- The Clouds Will Soon Roll By/ Sing a New Song EE- rcnap

1408. Re Zo G 22615(AUS)- Billy Cotton O- Ev'ry Single Little Tingle of My Heart/ I'll Never Say Never Again E/EE+ despite grey on this top laminated pressing

1409. Re Zo G 24536- George Formby- Swing It George part 1/2 E+ lamintaed pressing

1410. Re Zo MR 1062- Billy Cotton O- Waiting For the Robert E Lee/ Alexander's Ragtime Band E+

1411. Re Zo MR 1126- Billy Cotton O- Dardanella/ A Garden In Italy E+

1412. Re Zo MR 1257- Billy Cotton O- Coffee In the Morning/ Wagon Wheels E+

1413. Re Zo MR 1424- Billy Cotton Band- Lets All Go to the Music Hall/ Whistle My Love E

1414. Re Zo MR 1448- Billy Cotton Band- Yes Sir I Love Your Daughter/ Kiss Me Dear V+

1415. Re Zo MR 1602- Val Rosing w/ O- The Object of My Affection/ I've Got An Invitation to a Dance E+

1416. Re Zo MR 1621- The Six Swingers- Swing, Brothers, Swing/ Streamline Strut E-

1417. Re Zo MR 1771- The Six Swingers- Rhythm Is Our Business/ Star Dust E+ lt scr nap

1418. Re Zo MR 2028- Billy Cotton O- Doin' the New Low Down/ After You've Gone E+

1419. Re Zo MR 2068- Gracie Fields w/ O- The Clatter of the Clogs/ A Little Love, a Little Kiss EE-

1420. Re Zo MR 2399- George Formby- The Window Cleaer(#2)/ The Lancashire Toreador E-

1421. Re Zo MR 2517- Jack Daly w/ O- Shake Hands With a Millionaire/ Let's Be Sweethearts Over Again E+

1422. Re Zo MR 2890- George Formby- Rhythm In the Alpahbet/ Our Sergeant Major E-

1423. Re Zo MR 3455- Gene Autry w/ String Band- That Little Kid Sister of Mine/ You Waited Too Long VV+

1424. Rex 8001- Jay Wilbvur O- I Cover the Waterfront/ Sweetheart Darlin' E+

1425. Rex 8005- Ed Lloyd O- Pettin In the Park/ Remember My Forgotten Man EE- US ARC mxs

1426. Rex 8072- Jay Wilbur O- We'll All Go Riding On a Rainbow/ The Wind's In the West V/E

1427. Rex 8574- Cliff Edwards- I Got Shoes- You Got Shoesies/ It's An Old Southern Custom VV+

1428. Rex 9836- Billy Cotton Band- Meet the Sun Half Way/ Little Curly Hair In a High Chair E

1429. Sterling 281444(CANAD)- Willie Creager O- Mandarin Serenade/ Lou Gold O- My Baby Just Cares For Me V

1430. Sterno 183- Radnor's Merrymakers- Jericho/ Sleepy Valley E

1431. Swing 223(FR)- Louis Armstrong Hot 7- Blues For Yesterday/ I Want a Little Girl E+

1432. Telefunken(Capitol) 80051(GER)- Art Van Damme 5- Ectasy/ Limehouse Blues EE-

1433. Tel(Cap) 80088(GER)- Stan Hasselgard All Star 6- I'll Never Be the Same/ Sweet & Hot Mop E

1434. Tel(Cap) 8017- Lennie Tristano 6- Crosscurrent/ Marionette E

1435. The Winner 2079- Jack Charman- The Cubanola Glide/ Charman & Carr- There's No One to Harmonize VV+

1436. Tono(SWE?) 8049/50- Reinhold Svensson- 12th Street Rag/ Tiger Rag E+

1437. Victor 40045(JAPAN)- Victor Gay Quintet- The Blues/ Kiko's Special E+ looks to be a laminated Japanese Victor with Japanese musicians...good jazz!

1438. Vic 40664(JAPAN)- unknown vocalists w/ big band. mid 40s colorful label EE-/V+ to V inside

1439. Winner 3795- Pavillion Players- Kitten On the Keys/ Down Old Virginia Way E+

1440. Zonophone 2945- Al Siegel- Wipin the Ivories/ Classicanna E piano solos

1441. Zon 5501- Arcadians DO- Singing In the Rain/ Valparaiso E rc 6 gvs B only

1442. Zo 6091- The Blue Lyres- Goopy Gear/ Open Up Dem Pearly Gates EE+

***the next group are Japanese Victor laminated master pressings of top swing era sides. Great sound on these!***

1443. Vi A 1044- Glenn Miller O- In the Mood/ I Want to Be Happy EE+/E+

1444. Vi A 1157- Glenn Miller O- Blue Orchids/ Baby Me E+ in original sleeve w/ original lyric sheet in Japanese and English

1445. Vi A 1158- Glenn Miller O- My Player(Prayer)/ Indian Summer E+ in original sleeve

1446. Vi A 1159- Glenn Miller O- When You Wish Upon a Star/ The Gaucho Serenade E+ in original sleeve w/ original lyric sheet in Japanese and English

1447. Vi A 1165- Glenn Miller O- Blue Moonlight/ Pagan Love Song E+/ EE+

1448. Vi A 1261- Fats Waller Rhythm- Brother Seek & Ye Shall Find/ Georgia Rocking Chair EE+

1449. Vi A 1398- Glenn Miller O- Sold American/ Tommy Dorsey O- Washboard Blues E+

1450. Vi A 1415- Glenn Miller O- Kalamazoo/ Pennsylvania Six-Five Thousand E+ in original sleeve w/ original lyric sheet in Japanese and English

1451. Vi A 1482- Glenn Miller O- Johnson Rag/ Adios E+ in original sleeve w/ original lyric sheet in Japanese and English

1452. Vi LM-24- Glenn Miller O- Adios/ Pennsylvania Six-Five Thousand E+ colorful picture label and matching original sleeve featuring band instruments


1453. Gilbert & Sullivan- The Pirates of Penzance- Victrola 9607- 9617- 11 record set E+N-. Embossed album has light wear- records are super clean with various artists. Recorded in Europe under the direction of Rupert D'Oyly Carte

1454. Gilbert & Sullivan- The Yeomen of the Guard- HMV D 1549-1559- 11 record set E+N-. Embossed album has light wear- records are super clean with various artists. Recorded in Europe under the direction of Rupert D'Oyly Carte

1455. Yvonne Printemps & Sacha Guitry- selections from their repertoire.. Victrola 4181-2/ 9643-5.. 5 record set, 2-10" and 3-12" E+ album E- with spine damage

1456. Motion Picture Relief Fund radio program in presentation album. 4 records/ 7 sides Screen Guild Show..March 9, 1941. Stars Joan Bennett, Fibber Mc Gee & Molly, Gary Cooper, Edward Arnold, Frances Langford, Roger Pryor, and Oscar Bradley O. Special label- recorded by Radio Recorders in Hollywood for proposed rest home for the motion picture industry. Presented by Gulf Oil, produced by Young & Rubicam. Beautiful laminated pressings are E+N-, album E+

1457. Rudolf Friml In Person- Highlights From Operettas- Schirmer #2. 5 record set E+, album EE+

1458. Rudolf Friml In Person- Moods & Fancies- Schirmer #3. 5 record set E+, album E

1459. Rudolf Friml- Music from The Vagabond King, Rose Marie, Firefly and others. Victor C9. 5 records E+, album E

1460. Gems From Jerome Kern Musical Shows- Victor C31- 6 record set EE+ as is album

1461. Casper Reardon- Young Man With a Harp with Dana Suesse and Chauncey Morehouse. Schirmer #8.. 2 record set E+, album EE+

1462. The Progress of the War. Broadcast Speeches by the PM Winston Churchill. Vol 3. HMV 364- Mar 1941-Aug 1941. 8 record set w/ pic lbls Churchill E+.Album EE+, small part corner missing

1463. Alice In Wonderland starring Eva Le Gallienne, Margaret Webster, Bambi Linn & members of the original NY production. Victor K 13. 6 record set E+. album EE+

1464. Jazz At the Philharmonic Vol 3- 2 record set E as is album..Disc 2003-4- . Sweet Georgia Brown & Crazy Rhythm each in 2 parts played by Dizzy Gillespie, Willie Smith, Lester Young, etc

1465. Sholom Aleichem's Tales From the Old Country as told by Howard Da Silva- Decca DU5. 2 record set..Records E+, album EE+

1466. A Symphonic Portrait of Cole Porter- arranged and conducted by Guy Luypaerts. Capitol ECD 158- 3 record set E+, album EE+



1467. Associated test mx 1237-C2- Mel Wainwright O- Me & the Moon/ Its Got to Be Love Mark Warnow O w/ Valerie Vaughn vocs(Virginia Verrill) E+ NICE

1468. Assoc test mx 1248-C2- Ray Sinatra O- You're Not the Kind/ Knock, Knock, Who's There E+ vocs. big sound! and solos B- clt and trumpet

1469. Assoc test mx A 1419-C2- Abe Lyman O- Gone/ Timber E+ no vocs

1470. Assoc test mx A 1583- C1- Emil Coleman O- Your Broadway & My Broadway/ Sun Showers E+

1471. Assoc test mx A 1559-2- Emery Deutsch O- Turn Off the Moon/ The Love Bug Will Bite You / When Two Love Each Other E+ NICE LOVE BUG no vocs 1st 2/ vocs 3

1472. Assoc test mx A 1751-C1- Ben Selvin O- Goldmine In the Sky/ Miles Apart E+

1473. Assoc 191- Joe Venuti O- Medley of Hoagy Carmichael Tunes (incl vocal duet by Venuti-Louis Prima on Rockin Chair)// Bud Birmingham Buckaroos- Big Rock Candy Mountain/ Red Wing/ Bum Song EE+ couple lt scrs, esp on B. GREAT FIDELITY!!

1474. Assoc 204- James Dalton O(Jimmy Dorsey)- I'm On a See Saw/ You're What the Doctor Ordered(vocs)// Simply Grand (4m- vocal)/ The Peanut Vendor(no vo) E+

1475. Assoc 205- James Dalton O(Jimmy Dorsey)- I Wish I We're Aladdin/ Someone Stole Gabriel's Horn(vocs-hot B! with solos)// It Never Dawned On Me(voc)/ Three Little Words(hot B- w/ solos) E

1476. Assoc 234- The Tune Twisters w/ guitar acc- I Haven't Got a Hat/ Congratulate Me/ By the Great Horn Spoon// Ben Selvin Cocktail O- In a Little Spanish Town/ Charmaine E+

1477. Assoc 237- Rex Melbourne O(Russ Morgan)- Stella(the Belle O' the Town)/ After All I've Been to You(male vo)// Dont Say a Word-Just Dance(male vo)/ Hawaiian Paradise E+

1478. Assoc 274- Russ Morrow O- Cross Patch/ Us On a Bus// Would You/ Small Town Girl E

1479. Assoc 277- Emil Coleman O- You Never Looked So beautiful/ I'll Stand By// Henry King O- Gloomy Sunday/ There's Always a Happy Ending EE-

1480. Assoc 362- Jimmy Garfield O(Johnny Green)- Sweet Music/ Ev'ry Day// Walter Remsen O- Sweet & Low/ The Old Oaken Bucket EE+

1481. Assoc 463- Franklyn Roberts O(Fred Rich)/ Assoc Male Quartet- 3 cuts per EE+ incl Smile Darn Ya Smile A/ Little Yaller Gal B

1482. Assoc 483- Franklyn Roberts O/ Alexander Karlin O- 2 cuts per E- incl Alabamy Bound A

1483. Assoc 487- Robert Benjamin O- 4 cuts EE- incl NICE Bob White..also In the Still of the Night

1484. Assoc 588- Freddie Rich O- Canadian Capers/ Mountain Greenery/ Anything Goes// Maximillian, His Violin & Orch- Symph #5 In C MInor/ #6 in B Minor E+ GREAT A with solos on Mtn Greenery

1485. Assoc 12022- The Quintones w/ p,g, tpt, str bass- The Wearing of the Green/ Oh No John/ Oh Susanna// Ben Selvin Cocktail O- Ramona/ Aint Misbehavin' E+

1486. Assoc 12,036- Freddie Rich O- Blue Moon/ Midnight In Mayfair (extra long Blue Moon, 4:35.)// George Shackley Concert O- Bird Songs At Eventide/ Oh Promise Me E+

1487. Muzak 390- Ben Selvin DO- In the Mission By the Sea/ Sweet Varsity Sue EE+


1488. AFRS- Roy Shield & Co replacing Fred Waring #531. 2 sided show E+. Begins and ends with an orchestra led by the great Leroy playing "You Are the One I Love", in a lush arrangement. A tune familiar to fans of Hal Roach, Laurel and Hardy, Our Gang, Thelma Todd , Charley Chase, etc..One of Shield's background themes that we all know. Famously played in the L&H short Blotto when the boys find out they've been drinking cold tea instead of liquor

1489. AFRS Basic Music Library P-83- Benny Goodman O// Goodman/ Bob Chester/ Paul Martin 4 cuts per E+..A side incl 4 by BG incl Henderson Stomp, Dinah/ B incl Chester- Octave Jump

1490. AFRS Jubilee Christmas Show 1948- great show incl Dizzy Gillespie O, Benny Goodman Quintet, Kay Starr, Lionel Hampton Sextet, Stan Kenton O, Toni Harper E+ despite some scuffs. Appears to be a live show as there are a couple of miscues. Two parts runs abt 30 min

1491. Christmas Seal Sale 1954- The Eddie Fisher Show style C/ The Guy Lombardo Show style C

1492. Columbia- Conciertos de Musica Popluar 13/14- Desda at Town Hall Nueva York E+ top live jazz from Eddie Condon O- Spanish series with Spanish language announcer

1493. KBS 79/80- Jerry's Keystone Kats- 10 cuts E+ incl Carnegie Boogie, Yankee Doodle

1494. KBS 89/90- Jerry's Keystone Kats/ Vicki Marsh. 5 cuts per E+ incl Corny Drumbosis A

1495. KBS 105/6- Jackie Kahaner Hawaiians/ Keystone Rhythmeers- 5 cuts per E+ incl Hilo Hop, Mahola Pua A// Blues In Mary's Flat, Harmony Grits B

1496. KBS 203/4- Jackie Kahaner Hawaiians/ Elias Breeskin O- 5 cuts/ 4 cuts E+ incl Maui Girl, Hawaiian Luau A// I've Got a Blonde In my Eye B E+

1497. KBS 235/6- The Uptowners/ Al Clauser Oklahoma Outlaws. 5 cuts per E+ incl Aloha Oe A, The Old Maid Song B

1498. Lang Worth AS- 149/50- Count Basie O/ Sonny Dunham O- 4 cuts per E+ incl I'm Fer It Too A// Disorder At the Border B

1499. LW 551/2- Fats Waller/ Bob Hamilton Trio- 4 cuts/ 5 cuts E+ incl Ah So Pure, Then You'll Remember Me A/ Loch Lomond Spree, Griegianna B

1500. Muzak safety acetate. These were cut at the recording session as safeties, and immediate reference copies..Grease pencil reads Muzak Frankie Masters Disc 104- 4 cuts E+ incl Similian/ 2 takes(1 breakdown) Marie Teresa, Minor Mischief..has some acetate gunk nap

1501. Muzak safety acetate. These were cut at the recording session as safeties, and immediate reference copies..Grease pencil reads Muzak Frankie Masters Disc 106- 2 cuts E+ incl Major & Minor, Sears & Roebuck....has some acetate gunk nap

1502. Sesac H 3/4- Modern Hawaiians- 13 cuts E+ incl Waipio, South Sea Island Town, Beautiful Hilo

1503. Sesac H 7/8- Modern Hawaiians- 12 cuts E+ incl Sweet Talk, Hale Kanu Ma Rosa, Mahelani

1504. Sister Elizabeth Kenny- 1954 Fund Appeal- Your Rhythm Revue- Eddie Fisher/ Lena Horne E+

1505. Std Q 111- Sol Hoopii's Hawaiians- 8 cuts EE+ incl Iniki Malle, Makelapua, Hawaii Nei

1506. Std Q 112- Sol Hoopii's Hawaiians- 8 cuts E incl My Hawaiian Queen, Palolo, Wahini Ui

1507. Std Q 203- Eddie South the dark angel of the fiddle, and trio- 10 cuts EE- incl Dr. Groove, Tabu

1508. Std Q 205- Eddie South dark angel of the fiddle, and trio- 9 cuts EE- incl Mad Monk, Hejri Kati

1509. Std Q 207- The Harmony Hawaiians- 12 cuts E incl Hapa Haole Baby/ Hula Hula Hula

1510. Std Q 115- The Islanders- 8 cuts E+ incl Hui E, Pua Mamane, Uhe Uhe Ne

1511. Std Q 198- The Harmony Hawaians(incl Eddie Bush)- 10 cuts EE+..incl Sweet Island Music, South Sea Breeze, Moon of Paradise, Rolling Sea

1512. Std Q 233- The Harmony Hawaians- 10 cuts EE+ incl Kewalo Chimes, My Hawaiian Queen

1513. Std Q 268- Walter Gross piano- 8 cuts E+..incl In a Mist, A Night From the Jersey Shore

1514. Std R 111- Gene Austin w/ Candy & Coco- 8 cuts E..incl Git Along, The Two of Us

1515. Std R 121- Gene Austin w/ Candy & Coco- 8 cuts EE+ incl I'm Coming Home, Forgive Me

1516. Std U 137- The Bronzemen(colored male quartet). 8 cuts EE+ incl Good News, Aint I a Shame

1517. Std U 173- The Chariotters- 10 cuts E+ incl Swing Madness, Daddy

1518. Std U 217- The Chariotters- 10 cuts E+ incl Runnin' Wild, Mairzy Doats

1519. Std X 68- The King's Jesters- 8 cuts some E, some EE- incl Wacky Dust, Miss Hallelujah Brown

1520. Std X 80- Jimmy Walsh O- 8 cuts some E and EE+ incl Corn Pickin, I Long to Belong to You

1521. Std X 86- Jimmy Walsh O- 8 cuts some E and EE+ incl Boom, Two Nickels for a Dime

1522. Std X 98- The Serenaders- 8 cuts EE+ incl Out of Port/ Why Did You Leave Me

1523. Std Y 161- Gus Arnheim O- 10 cuts some E some EE- incl Busy As a Bee, Thats For Me

1524. Std Z 119- Frank Trumbauer O- 8 cuts some E, some EE+. incl In a Mist, Bouncing Ball

1525. Std Z 120- Frank Trumbauer O- 8 cuts some E, some EE+. incl Television, Dipper Mouth Blues

1526. Std Z 168- Alvino Rey, singing guitar & Orch- 8 cuts E..incl Farewell Blues, Over the Waves

1527. Std Z 169- Alvino Rey, singing guitar & Orch- 8 cuts E..incl Hawaiian war Chant, Bugle Call Rag

1528. Thesaurus 124- Rhythm Makers O(Benny Goodman)- 8 cuts-E.. the classics incl Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea, Sometimes I'm Happy, Wrappin It Up

1529. Thes 142- Green Brothers O- 8 cuts E+ incl Flaperette, Raggedy Ann

1530. Thes 175- Green Bros O/ Samuel Kissel violin solos- 4 cuts per E incl Got a Bran New Suit A

1531. Thes 212- Rudolf Friml Jr O- 8 cuts EE- (may clean up better due to plasticizer present)- Tunes incl Mama Don't Allow It, So This Is Heaven, It's Been So Long. NICE BAND!

1532. Thes 245- Harry Reser O/ General Harbord B.. 4 cuts A/ talk B EE+ incl After You've Gone, Ghost of Dinah A

1533. Thes 251- Harry Reser O/ The Dreamers- 4 cuts per..most E a bit EE-..incl I Dont Know Your Name A/ Aunt Dinah's Quilting Party B

1534. Thes 549- Rhythm Makers O(Artie Shaw)/ Xavier Cugat O- 4 cuts per E+ incl Powerhouse, Call of the Freaks A/ Dawn of a New Day B(the theme song of the 1939 NY World's Fair)

1535. Thes 620- Jan Savitt O/ Xavier Cugat O. 4 cuts per E+ incl Quaker City Jazz A/ Vareda Trop B

1536. Thes 736- Vincent Gomez guitar/ Russ Morgan O- 3 cuts/ 5 cuts E+ incl Andalucia A/ After Dark B

***the next two are interesting to hear these pioneers of the early days of recording in hi fidelity!***

1537. Thes 1401- Music Hall Varieties O featuring Aileen Stanley/ Red River Dave. 5 cuts/ 6 cuts EE+ incl I'm Gonna Dance Wit De Guy Wot Brung Me, Bill Bailey A/ I'm An Old Cowhand B

1538. Thes 1410- Music Hall Varieties O featuring Irving Kaufman/ Music of Manhattan. 6 cuts/ 5 cuts E+...incl Bedelia, I Want a Girl A/ You Oughta Be In Pictures B

1539. Thes 1462- George Wright hammond organ/ Novatime Trio- 8 cuts per EE+..incl Red Sails In the Sunset, Scatterbrain A// Aloha Nui Loa, Oahu, Beyond the Sea B

1540. Thes 1465- George Wright hammond organ/ Wz fest O- 7 cuts A E incl Ghost of a Chance, To You Sweetheart Aloha, Love Walked In, Caravan A

1541. Thes 1652- Eddie Fisher/ Wayne King O- 5 cuts per E+ incl Pennies From Heaven, Just One More Chance A// In the Still of the Night/ Neath the Southern Moon B

1542. Towers of London- The Gracie Fields Programme #1 E+

1543. United Transcription Service series B-8 (Chicago label)- 5 tunes from 1935 E+ interesting sides with solos and Tune Twisters(?) vocals incl About A Quarter to Nine, Zing Went the Strings, She's a Latin From Manhattan

1544. USAF- Manhattan Melodies 189/190- Benny Goodman/ Chris Connor E+ top jazz!! Goodman starts with Sing, Sing, Sing, ends with One O Clock Jump and others

1545. USAF- Manhattan Melodies 229/230- J.J. Johnson Quintet/ Elliott Lawrence E+ top jazz A


1546. Associated test mx AA 1365- C11- Freddy Rich O w/ Buddy Clark vocs- 4 cuts E+ To Mary With Love, Pennies From Heaven, Its Love I'm After, You Do the Darndest Things Baby

1547. Assoc test mx AA 1400-C2- Ray Noble O with Al Bowlly vocals. 4 cuts E+..You may have heard these tunes before, but not in this quality!-- Now, Little Old Lady, There's Something In the Air, You Were There

1548. Assoc 6007- D'Artega O/ Ben Selvin O- 4 cuts per E+ incl fun Flat Foot Floogee, Small Fry A/ Where or When, Where is the Sun B

1549. Assoc 60280- Bob Windsor O/ Clyde Lucas O- 4 cuts per E+..incl G'bye Now A/ We're All Americans B

1550. Assoc 60305- Dick Rogers O/ Blue Barron O- 4 cuts/ 3 cuts E+ incl Jumpin In a Minor Key A/ I Guess I'll Have to Dream the Rest B

1551. Assoc 60484- Freddie Rich O/ D' Artega O- 4 cuts per E+..just about the deepest fidelity I've heard on ANY of these vertical cuts. A side Includes a great version of the rarely recorded Dawn of a New Day (the theme song of the 1939 NY World's Fair), and B side includes Octoroon with vocal by Edward Platt (the chief from Get Smart)

1552. Assoc 60984- Charles Magnante Quartet/ George Towne O- 5 cuts per E+ incl St Louis Blues, Espana Cani A// Sunny Disposish, Take All B

1553. World 881-887- sleeve says Victor Young O- 8 cuts EE+ sweet and hot tunes incl Happy As the Day Is Long, Dream a Little Dream of Me, My Blue Heaven early flexible red press

1554. World 1337-1344- sleeve says Russ Morgan- 8 cuts EE+. super fidelity..some vocals by Dick Robertson and a female vocalist including Am I Gonna Have Trouble With You, Havana Heave So This Is Heaven, Its a Sin to Tell a Lie..early flexible red press

1555. World 1345-1352- sleeve says Richard Himber O- 8 cuts E...Incl Tormented(notes say possibly Bunny Berigan), The Touch of Your Lips, Would You. early flexible red press

1556. World 1353-1360- Sleeve says Larry Bradford O/ Richard Himber O- 4 cuts per E+ incl There's a Small Hotel, A Melody From the Sky A// I Don't Want to Make History/ No Greater Love B both exc bands early flexible red press

1557. World 1681- 1688- The Three Merry Men/ Larry Earl O- 4 cuts per E..incl One Man Band A/ All's Fair In Love & War, T'aint Good B

1558. World 2177-2184- 8 cuts some E, some EE-..GREAT unknown swing band..tunes incl Old Man Moon, Someday Sweetheart, In the Still of the Night

1559. World 2753-2760- Jimmy Russell O(Joe Rines)- 8 cuts EE- incl If I Loved You More, Summer Souvenirs....Interesting vibraphone sounds like Rollini to me(??)

1560. World 4619-4628- Les Brown O- 10 cuts E (one scr on Mexican Hat Dance)- good tunes incl Joltin Joe Di Maggio, Song of the Ofay, Any Bonds Today

1561. World 4425- 4432- Bob Crosby O- 8 cuts E- incl Mark Hop, Nitee Nite, If This be Love

1562. World 4609-4618- Bob Chester O- 10 cuts EE- incl Jim, Yes Indeed, Two In Love

1563. World 6089-6098- Machito Afro Cubnas/ Lawrence Welk O- 5 cuts per EE- incl Son Con Son A/ Yankee Doodle Jr B

1564. World 6629-6638- Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs/ Lani Mc Intyre Hawaiians- 4 cuts/ 5 cuts EE-/E..incl The Washing Song/ Some Day My Price A// Lovely Hula Hands, Aloha Hawaii Aloha B

1565. World 7489-7498- Charlie Spivak O- 9 cuts EE- incl Mexico City, Stardust, Arkansas

1566. World test Eddie Duchin O- (C 8229 A2W Am.Rec Co etched in heavy vinyl run off). 5 cuts incl 3 takes A Fool & His Honey(2 complete, one breakdown), and 2 takes of You Grow Sweeter E-..Same material as the 4/6/39 Chicago session for Brunswick. Any info out there?? Insight into a recording session with the breakdowns

1567. World test Eddie Duchin O- (C 8230 A2W Am.Rec Co etched in heavy vinyl run off). 5 cuts incl one complete Stormy Weather, and 4 takes of Stardust(2 complete, 2 breakdown) E-. Same material as the 4/6/39 Chicago session for Brunswick. Any info out there?? Insight into a recording session with the breakdowns

1568. World test mx ZZ-2622- P7- Nat Brandywynne O- 4 cuts E+ incl I'm In the Mood For Love, Taking a Chance On Love

1569. World test mx ZZ-2720-P9- Nat Brandywynne O- 4 cuts E+ incl You're the Top, Alone Together

1570. World test mx ZZ-2773/4- The Charioteers- 7 cuts E+ incl I've Got swing For Sale, Nobody's Sweetheart, Glory Road

1571. acetate- World Transcription safety acetate. mx ZZ-3745-CC/ ZZ-3746-C These were cut at the recording session as safeties, and immediate reference copies. Sleeve says Georgie Auld O- 4 cuts unknown instrumental/ flip is 2 diff takes Stompin At the Savoy E+ unreal fidelity!.

1572. World 312- Alvin Kaleolani Royal Hawaiians/ The Daydreamers// Les Brown O/ Eddy Howard O 2 cuts/ 4 cuts// 3 cust per E+ incl Keehialani / Lets Fall In Love A// Flyin' Home/ Barbering Bizet B

1573. World 331- Eddie Bush Society Islanders/ Robert Blair organ- 7 cuts per E+...incl Ualani, Mapuana, Kona Kai A// More About Jesus, Come Holy Spirit B

1574. World 384- Roy Eldridge O/ Miff Mole O/ Adrian Rollini Ens// Cass County Boys/ Ted Heath O- E+ ...2 cuts per A incl Roy-I Cant Get Started , Miff- Barnyard Blues- Rollini- Hawaiian War Chant

1575. World 371- Louis Jordan O/ Jess Stacy trio// themes B. 3 cuts per A E+ incl Jordan- Ham On Rye, Late For Rehearsal// Jess- After You've Gone/ Sister Kate

1576. World 433- Jimmie Lunceford O/ Duke Ellington O// Tony Osborne 40 Players- 3 cuts per A E+ incl Lunceford- For Dancers Only, Charmaine/ Ellington- Somebody Loves Me, Honeysuckle Rose


RECORD COMPANY CATALOG SUPPLEMENTS- all in EXC shape unless noted (most a bit better, some a bit less)..I will list just some of the pictures--all have corresponding record information

1577. Brunswick (ENG)- Oct 1938- 4 pg booklet w/ pix Bing crosby in Dr Rhythm. big promo for A Tisket a Tasket, also lists Judy Garland, Ella, Ink Spots, Boswells, Andrews Sisters

1578. Bruns- Dec 1938- 6 pg booket w/ pix Bing- also lists Garland, Mills Bros, Duke, Deanna, Boswell, Andrews Sisters, Coleman Hawkins, Jimmie Noone, Bob Howard

1579. Columbia 40 pg booklet Jan 1919- lists Hawaiian, comic, dance, band, children, opera, war, sacred, etc

1580. Columbia (ENG) July 1935- 8 pg booklet w/ pix Hildegarde(2 diff), Larry Adler, Buchanana

1581. Decca #15(ENG). 4 pg foldout c. 1936- cover pix Ambrose...lists Bowlly, Hylton, Formby, etc

1582. De 1/36- 6 pg foldout pix Bing, Dick Powell, Grace Moore..light water, o/w EE+

1583. De 7/36- 6 pg foldout- pix Bing, Jessie Matthews- light water, pencil, o/w E

1584. Edison Diamond Disk supp 55. 12 pg booklet lists up to 50300s, 83000s

1585. HMV(ENG) Aug 1929- 8 pg booklet lists Shilkret, Vallee, Austin, Marvin, etc

1586. HMV Oct 1929- nice 30 pg booklet. cover pic Sophie Tucker in Honky Tonk. Lists NMDO, Jack Hylton, etc

1587. HMV Jan 1931- 8 pg booklet..nice cover pic Gracie Fields..lists Duke, NMDO, Hylton, Ambrose

1588. HMV Feb 1933- 16 pg booklet- extra nice w/ pix King George V, Gloria Swanson, Don Bestor, Ray Noble, Gracie, Crumit, Hulberts, etc

1589. HMV Aug 1933- 20 pg bklt- several pix Gracie Fields, also Raie Da Costa..lists Noble, Jackson, Louis, Duke, Mc Kinneys, Ambrose, Whiteman

1590. HMV Nov 1933- 32 pg booklet extra nice w/ pix Fred Astaire, Raie Da Costa, Caruso, Hulbert, Gertrude Lawrence, Crumit...great listings too

1591. HMV Dec 1933- 48 pg booklet- pix Red Allen, Ray Noble, Caruso, Jack Jackson, Leo Reisman, Paul Robeson, Gracie, Fred Astaire, Marek Weber, Buchanan, Gertrude, etc. lotsa listings

1592. Imperial Broadcast #12(ENG)- 4 pg booklet incl Sophie Tucker, eddie Cantor

1593. Master March '37- 2 fg flyer incl Duke, Hudson De Lange, Raymond Scott, Robison, etc

1594. Melotone Oct '31- 6 pg foldout incl dance, Hawaiian, old time, etc some folds, tears, pencil V+

1595. Mt July '33- 4 pg foldout incl Hawaiian, race, dance, hot dance, old time, etc.

1596. Mt Sep '33- 4 pg foldout incl race, dance, hot dance, old time, etc.

1597. Mt Aug '35- 8 pg foldout incl race Hawaiian, Calloway, blues, Mills, Bing a bit worn E-

1598. Mt Sep '35- 4 pg foldout incl Hawaiian, pop, race, hot dance, colored

1599. Mt Nov '35- 4 pg foldout incl Hawaiian, pop, race, hot dance, colored folds, lt tears V+

1600. Mt July '37- 4 pg foldout incl Hawaiian, race, dance, old time

1601. Okeh & Vocalion 8/40- 8 pg foldout- pix- Horace Henderson, Bigard, Welk, etc pencil mks E+

1602. Okeh & Vocalion 11/40- 12 pg foldout- pix Basie, Cab, Aurty, Tommy Tucker, Krupa

1603. Okeh & Vocalion 12/40- 12 pg foldout- pix Cab, Krupa, Jack Leonard, Autry, Masters, Herbeck

1604. Okeh & Vocalion 1/41- 12 pg foldout- pix Basie, Autry, Ginny, Krupa, Masters

1605. Okeh Apr 1941- 8 pg foldout feat Bob Wills- pix Wills, Hank Penny, Hoosiers, Massey, etc..tears on creases, o/w E

1606. Pacific Jazz summer 1955- lists 10 & 12" Lps- Chet, Gerry, Shank, etc

1607. Variety Sept 1937- 6 page foldout incl Calloway, Nichols, Redman, Mills Blue, etc, some tears E-

1608. Velvetone March 1932 #1- 2 pg flyer incl Selvins galore, Kate, etc, folds and tears

1609. Victor 4 pg booklet 10/5/23. pix Benson O, Billy Murray, Henry Burr, Will Rogers, Heifetz

1610. Vi 4 pg booklet 11/2/23- pix Benson O, Eddie Hunter in blackface, Elliott Shaw, Burr

1611. Vi 4 pg booklet 11/9/23- pix Paul & Mrs. Whiteman, Billy Murray, Kreisler, Mc Cormack

1612. Vi 4 pg booklet 11/16/23- pix Paul Whiteman O in UK, Garber-Davis O, Dalhart, Peerless Qtet

1613. Vi 4 pg booklet 11/30/23- pix Warings Penns, Eck Robertson, Henry C Gillibrand, Chas Hart

1614. Vi 4 pg booklet 12/7/23- pix Caruso, Barney Rapp O, Benson O, Billy Murray

1615. Vi 4 pg booklet 12/14/23- pix Paul Whiteman O, Warings Penns w/ Douglas Fairbanks, Moss & Frye in blackface, Lewis James & Elliott Shaw

1616. Vi 4 pg booklet- 12/21/23- pix David H Silverman O, Peerless Qtet, Mc Cormack

1617. Vi 4 pg booklet- 12/28/23- pix Jack Chapman O, Brooke Johns, Irene Bordoni

1618. Vi 4 pg booklet- 1/4/24- pix Paul Whiteman, Duncan Sisters, Kreisler

1619. Vi 4 pg booklet- 1/11/24- pix Ted Weems O, Paul Whiteman driving, Rudy W, Jane Green, Will Rogers

1620. Vi Apr '30- 24 pg booklet- pix Cummins, L Joy, Olsen, Fanny Brice, J. Marvin, Maurice Chevalier & Jeanette Mac Donald, nice!

1621. Vi Aug '30- 24 pg booklet- pix Blue Steele, Chas Lindbergh, Duncan Sisters, Reisman. tops!

1622. Vi Feb '30- 4 pg foldout incl pix Weems, Reisman, John Boles, Jeanette Mac Donald

1623. Vi Mar '30- 4 pg foldout incl pix Revelers, Duncan Sisters, Vallee

1624. Vi Jan '31- 8 pg foldout incl pix Maureen O' Sullivan in Just Imagine. highlights Mc Kinneys

1625. Vi Feb '31- 8 pg foldout incl pix Marlene Dietrich, Crumit, Lown, Vallee..lists 23000 hot dance

1626. Vi Mar '31- 8 pg foldout incl pix Charles King, Reisman, Lown, Austin. lists 23000 hot dance

1627. Vi May '31- 4 pg foldout incl pix Busse, W King, Austin..lists 23000, 22600 hot dance

1628. Vi Jun '31- 4 pg foldout incl pix Marvin, Waring, Aspiazu..lists hot dance 22600's

1629. Vi Dec '31- 40 pg booklet w/ pix- Columbo, Whiteman, Weems, incl hot dance 22800's

1630. Vi May '32- 4 pg foldout - pix from "Face the Music"..lists LPs, 22900s, 23000

1631. Vi Apr '34- 10 pg foldout incl pix Ray Noble..lists 24000's incl Lunceford, Bestor, Duchin

1632. Vocalion Oct 35- 4 pg booklet incl Race, pop, hot dance, novelty, etc tears, folds, etc V+

1633. Voc unknown date- 6 pg booklet incl Race, pop, hot dance, novelty, etc tears, folds, etc V+..lists 3400s & 3500s, & 03400s, 03500s, E-

1634. Voc March 1936- 6 pg foldout incl hot dance- Louis, Bix, Venuti, Red Allen, Webb, race- Bumble Bee, Patton, Memphis Jug, etc...plus popular, etc. crisp!

1635. Voc Aug 1938- 12 pg booklet, extensive race, dance, pop, some Hawaiian, hot string

1636. Voc Nov 1938- 6 pg foldout incl Hawaiian, race, swing, hot string, country, dance

1637. Voc Apr 1939- 20 pg booklet, extensive race, dance, pop, hot string, country..light water o/w E

1638. Voc Aug 1939- 4 pg booklet lists pop, novelty, race, folk, country. stain in center, o/w EE+

1639. Voc 40 pg catalog up to 9/39- extensive listings and pix Billie Holiday(never seen this particular shot), Hodges, Lunceford, Norvo, John Kirby, lists include Hawaiian, dance, pop, etc light water E


1640. In the Groove with Victor Records 20 page booklet on heavy stock. c. late 30s. Pictures, personnel, record info, etc on Bunny Berigan, Larry Clinton, Tommy Dorsey, Benny Goodman, Hal Kemp, Fats Waller. Plus a section on the Bix Beiderbecke Memorial Album. E+ but cover split at seam and loose

1641. Jazzways- 1946 Vol 1, #1. 122 page "yearbook of hot music". Great articles, ads and photos. Pix include Goodman, Tatum, Dizzy, Hawk, Basie, Louis, Duke, St Cyr, Artie Shaw, Krupa, Cootie, Billie, Slam Stewart, Teddy Wilson, Hackett, Pee Wee, Lee Wiley, many more. Lots of New Orleans history as it relates to jazz..Most pictures are unique to this magazine, and some are in color. Great ads from the record companies, etc. Contents E+..covers somewhat worn, still EE-

1642. Radio- colorful cover on this 32 page booklet from pre 1930 as it refers to KDKA in 1920 as being less than 10 years earlier. Explains radio, radio waves, microphone, tubes & even television which is says will be here soon. Great ads from Nervine..Has original rubber stamp fm Walgreens. E+

1643. A Collection of Jewish Melodies as featured by Joseph Cherniavsky and his Yiddish American Jazz Band. Music folio of 12 tunes incl Der Yiddisher March, Hebrew Melody and Chasadim Un Misnagdim, plus large photo of the band on cover..EXC condition, light wear..from 1926

1644. Django Reinhardt Albun Souvenir. Music folio with picture of Django on the cover. Music for Daphne, Nuages, Swing Guitar, Djangology, Tears, etc E+....prob from 1950s

1645. Louis Armstrong and his Concert Group- Satchmo the Great- large 24 page program. MANY pictures of Louis and his associates, plus articles, etc. Great stuff E+

1646. Paul Whiteman and his Company- An All Gershwin Concert- large 14 page program c. later 1940s. Many pictures of Pops and his associates, plus articles, etc..E+ some cover scuffs

1647. Paul Whiteman and his Greater Concert Orchestra in their second Transcontinental Tour. 1925-1926 season. Program-22 pgs with photos, articles, ads. EE+ cover edge wear and loose

1648. Radio Guide 1935 Mikeroscope log book. 136 pages of photos and bios on top radio stars of the day incl Bing Crosby, Connie Boswell, Annette Hanshaw, Richard Himber, Leah Ray, Joe Penner, Ruth Etting, Eddie Cantor, Kate Smith, Jack Benny, Ben Bernie, more

1649. Chicago Musical Instrument Co catalog 1930. 200 + page hardcover book with fantastic content and illustrations of vintage instruments of all types--Especially nice is the Hawaiian guitar section, and color pages devoted to the Roy Smeck guitars, with Roy himself pictured, and the Johnny Marvin prefoessional tenor ukulele, with Johnny pictured. Everything band from megaphones to saxophones, mutes, saxes, harmonicas, brass, etc. Contents near mint. inside cover has pencil notations, and cover has a couple sticky spots

1650. Ukulele Ike's Comic Song Book for the Ukulele. Classic blackface cover with checkerboard border from 1924. Songs include, It's the Wimmen, Hard Luck Blues, Dont Be a Chump, etc EE+



1651. Husk O' Hare Orchestra- c.1928. great shot of the whole 11 piece band with inscription- "for my good friend Mr. Herbert F. Richter, with best wishes "Husk" O' Hare". Glossy finish has some edge tears, some dirt and one small corner missing..still a nice piece and would look great in a frame. Larger sized photos like this are much harder to come by!

AUTOGRAPHED 8 X 10'S- this next group were signed to "Eddie & Fannie" Cavanaugh in the early 1930s..They must have been promoters or owned a theatre or other venue. Guaranteed authentic signatures. All in excellent condition. Never seen ANY of these photos elsewhere

1652. Blanche Calloway- matte finish. full body shot. nice inscription

1653. Frankie Marvin- matte finish. Classic post with guitar

1654. Elmo Tanner- glossy- nice inscription on this waist up portrait

1655. Ethel Shutta- glossy of Ethel in a fur by a piano- almost full body

1656. Don Bestor- glossy sitting in chair w/ cigarette- nice inscription!

1657. Clyde Mc Coy- matte finish head and shoulders looking left. Dated 8/16/33

1658. Muzzy Marcellino- matte finish. waist up..nice inscription

AUTOGRAPHED 8 X 10'S- this next group were signed to Paul (Bankson?) I would guess c.1932. Guaranteed authentic signatures..All in excellent condition

1659. Ozzie Nelson- Ozzie in jacket and tie from waist up. Inscription

1660. Eddy Duchin- Eddie in head and shoulders. MCA portrait reads Central Park Casino O

1661. Charlie Agnew- nice inscription is smeared, but still one of the scarcer signatures. head & shoulders pose

1662. Henry Busse- nice inscription on this MCA portrait head and shoulders

1662. Anson Weeks- MCA portrait of Anson looking to the left

1663. Wayne King- MCA portrait of Wayne w/ a pipe and tweed suit. waist up

1664. Jan Garber- this one from a different group shows Garber and full band at NBC with a box mike. with the NBC logo on it. Signed on the back "cheers or cheerio to Riva, Jan Garber '35"

PHOTOS- 8x10s

1665. Vaught and Teaters Springfield Serenaders. 8x10 original glossy of this 8 piece band c. 1920s. Instruments and spring suspended microphone in photo

1666. Eddie South on violin and his band around a CBS microphone c early 1930s. original 8x10 matte finish photo. Has gunk on the back fromm being mounted at one time. no affect photo

1667. Hoagy Carmichael O- 1928..8x10 glossy says taken at Victor studios. from the Duncan Scheidt collection..Has some stickum on the back- no affect on photo

1668. Cab Calloway Orchestra- 1931...8x10 glossy of the band from the Duncan Scheidt collection


RADIO DIGEST- large, well produced monthlies with articles, pictures, reviews, great ads, etc. Tends to concentrate on some of the lesser known names as well as stars. All in E cond--some +, some -

1669. Radio Digest- Summer 1931- articles & or pix on BA Rolfe, sound effects men, Julia Sanderson & Frank Crumit, early shot Agnes Moorehead, Bebe daniels, great full page pic Mae Questel, Tuneful Topics by Rudy Vallee, plus Irene Beasley, Harry Von Zell,

1670. Radio Digest- October 1931. pretty color cover Dorothy Knapp, NBC "television girl"!!. Long article and full page pic on Smith Ballew, fascinating article on radio worlds fair which will have continuous television featuring 600 performers (in 1931!!). Nice article and pix Frank Luther & Zora Layman, also one on Kate Smith. Beautiful full page sepia photos of Irene Taylor, Brox Sisters, Jane Green, Bing Crosby, Mr & Mrs Vallee, etc. Full page photo and article on "The Valentino of Song"- Russ Columbo, who's decked out as a sheik. Much more including Vallee song reviews

1671. Radio Digest- Nov 1931- pix +/or articles on Lew Conrad, Abe Lyman, Vaughn De Leath, Bing and Kate, early tv on CBS, early pic Wini Shaw, Connie Boswell, Vallee reviews, etc. Great full page back cover in full color with Jean Harlow for Lucky Strike.

1672. Radio Digest- Dec 1931- Mills Bros, Myrt & Marge. rare pic Stoopnagle w/ Bing Crosby, early tv at CBS, Vallee song reviews, lotsa other pix, articles

1673. Radio Digest- Feb 1932. color cover Sylvia Sidney. Articles/pix on Jacques Renard, losing weight incl revealing pix of Sylvia Froos, Guy Lombardo, Harry Reser & Cliquot Club Esk, Satellites From the Court of King Paul- singers, etc who made it on their own. Great full page back cover in full color with Jean Harlow for Lucky Strike.

1674. Radio Digest- March 1932- nice full page pix of my old friend Sylvia Froos, large pix Irene Taylor, also Jane Froman. Items on Bernie Cummins, Johnny Hamp, Herbie Kay lots more

1675. Radio Digest June 1932- full pg pic- Ruth Etting, also Ramona, Stoopnagle, Vallee, Bordoni

1676. Radio Digest Dec. 1932. Pretty color cover of singer Jane Vance. Pix & or articles on Paul Whiteman, Ferde Grofe, Jack Denny, May Singhi Breen & Peter De Rose, Ted Weems O, Kate Smith, Mildred Bailey, very early shot Dorothy Lamour with Herbie Kay, etc New song reviews by Rudy Vallee in column "Tuneful Topics" including "Please" and "Brother Can You Spare a Dime".

1677. Radio Digest- March 1933- articles & pix- Winchell, Charlie Chan on radio, Gertrude Niesen, Clyde Doerr, Deane Janis, the Boswells, Rudys song reviews, and more

RADIO INDEX- 70 page TV Guide sized mag out of Cleveland

1678. Radio Index- March 1932. . Seldom seen pictures of Bing Crosby, Scrappy Lambert, Sylvia Froos, Ben Bernie, George Olsen, Ethel Shutta, Art Jarrett, articles, schedules, etc E condition inside, cover bit worn EE-

RADIO STARS- the classic radio magazine. Lots of pictures, articles, ads -covers by Earl Christy

1679. Radio Stars October 1935- full page color cover Virginia Verrill. Full page ad Big Broadcast 1936 with pix- Bing, Ray Noble Orch, Bill Robinson, Jack Oakie, Amos & Andy, Lyda Roberti, Ethel Merman, etc. Full page pic Niela Goodelle, also The Pickens Sisters, Jack Benny, Stoopnagle & Budd with Fred Waring and the Lane Sisters. Also Lennie Hayton, Gogo DeLys, Kay Thompson, Bing, Ray Noble, Tom Coakley, Ramona, much more

1680. Radio Stars December 1935- beautiful color cover Helen Hayes- articles &/or pix- Annette Hanshaw, Ruth Etting, Paul Whiteman, Fred Astaire, Lennie Hayton, Boswells, much more

1681. Radio Stars- July 1937. beauftiful color cover Gladys Swarthout. Full pg ad featuring Dionne Quints. Article w/ several pix Shirley Ross-also Tony Martin and one on Eddie Cantor. Other articles w/ pix- Edgar Bergen-Charlie Mc Carthy, Molasses & January. Other pix- Kate Smith, Jack Benny, Stoopnagle & Budd, Leith Stevens, Edythe Wright, Hal Kemp, many more

1682. Radio Stars- Aug 1937- color cover Burns & Allen- full pg ad Broadway Melody 1938, pix- Bergen & Mc Carthy, Tim & Irene(future Granny Clampett), WC Fields, Bing & Dixie Lee, hot Ina Ray Hutton in bathing suit, Bert Lahr, Martha Raye, Shirley Ross, Fred Allen, Tommy Dorsey on his farm

1683. Radio Stars- October 1938- Very interesting article with pix on transcribed radio programs. Nice photo spread of bandleaders on their night off- Olsen & Shutta, Nye Mayhew, Guy Lombardo, Tommy Dorsey, etc. Also-the most unusual people in radio, fall preview with many pix including Al Jolson, Kate Smith, Eddie Cantor, Bob Hope, Jack Benny, etc. Big photo spread on Eddie Duchin. Photo spread- "Between Broadcasts"-what stars do in off time. Other pix- Judy Starr, Abe Lyman, Bob Allen & Hal Kemp, much more-

RADIO VARIETIES- "radio's intimate magazine". Published in Chicago..lots of obscure pictures, artciles, ads, etc. All in excellent condition--more or less.

1684. Radio Varieties- Oct. 1939- Pix incl BG (several), Nat Shilkret, Haggart, Bauduc, Eddie Miller, Connie Boswell, Martha Raye, Carmen Miranda, Bergen & Mc Carthy, Robert Benchley, Fred Allen, Grouch Club, Information Please, etc

1685. Radio Varieties- Nov 1939- Pix incl Mary Noble Backstage Wife, Bergen & Mc Carthy, Don Ameche & Dorothy Lamour, Orson Welles of Campbell Playhouse, Mighty Allen Art Players, Baby Snooks, plus beauties of the bandstand incl Judy Garland..Sexy pic of Gay Seabrook of Hal Roach- Our Gang fame---(Spanky's mother!)

1686. Radio Varieties- Dec 1939- Pix incl Col Stoopnagle, Lew Lehr, Milton Berle & Jay C Flippen, Arthur Q. Bryan (Elmer Fudd). Orson Welles, Kate Smith, Virginia Verrill, The Shadow, Gangbusters, Rosemary Lane, Barbara Stanwyck, Ginger Rogers, Carole Lombard, more

1687. Radio Varieties- Jan 1940- Pix include Texaco Star Theatre, Honey & Alexander blackface characters, Your Family & Mine, Jack Benny, Green Hornet, more

1688. Radio Varieties- April 1940- Pix include Aldrich Family, Janet Blair(of Hal Kemp Orch), Burns & Allen, Bergen & Mc Carthy, Durelle Alexander, James Cagney, Paulette Goddard, etc

1689. Radio Varieties- May 1940- Pix incl Guy Lombardo and bros., Ethel Merman, Charles Laughton, Fanny Brice, Bette Davis, Ann Sheridan, Mighty Allen Art Players, CB De Mille & Lux radio, etc

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