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Dear Collectors, Here is my latest auction of vintage 78s, 12" & 16" radio transcriptions, and paper material. Closing date is- SUNDAY- JUNE 9, 2019. Winner pays postage and packing at cost. I am looking to purchase quality collections, so please keep me in mind should you hear of anything for sale or wish to sell a collection.

SECTION ONE (all in this section are play graded using a new Stanton 2.7 mil stylus, without processing or equalization, and listed as looks like/plays like, unless looks/plays are the same)


1. Banner 0747- Ben Pollack O- If I Could Be With You (tk 2)/ Imp DO- Because I'm Lonesome E

2. Ba 0750- Ben Pollack O- There's a Wah Wah Girl In Agua Caliente (tk 3)/ Dubin's Dandies- Myrtle E

3. BB 6102- Joe Kennedy Rhythm O- I Never Knew/ Song of the Wanderer E+ both sides HOT San Antonio territory jazz

4. BB 10703- Louis Armstrong O- Mighty River/ When Its Sleepy Time Down South E+N-

5. Br 6292- Cab Calloway O- Strictly Cullud Affair(B take)/ Aw You Dawg E+/EE+ (despite lt grey) hard to find clean, and the rarer B take A side

6. Brunswick unissued vinyl test mx B 12152-B- Boswell Sisters w/ Dorsey Bros O- Sleep(Come On & Take Me) EE+ and a rare second take

7. Br 7440- Duke Ellington O- Admiration/ Merry Go Round E+ beautiful pressing

8. Br unissued vinyl test mx L0375-1- Duke Ellington O- Scattin' At the Cotton Club E+ Dec.1936

9. Champion 15183- Fred Sharp's Royal Cubans- I'll Fly to Hawaii/ Dancing Champions- Don't Take That Black Bottom Away V/V- A side great Brad Gowans

10. Champ 15216- Bill Williams Gang- Georgia Bo Bo/ Fred Sharp's Dixie Players- I'm Looking Over a Four Leaf Clover EE- A side has one groove which skips briefly..great Jelly James/ Brad Gowans

11. Champ 15734- The Charleston Blues Trio- Doodlin' Back V-/VV-..good sound to be had despite wear

12. Columbia 14200- Celestin's Original Tuxedo Jazz O- I'm Satisfied You Love Me/ Give Me Some More looks V-/VV-, plays E

13. Co 14417-D- Jimmy Johnson Band- Fare Thee Honey Blues/ Put Your Mind Right On It looks E-, plays EE+

14. Co 202-D- Fletcher Henderson O- Thats Georgia/ You'll Never Get to Heaven With Those Eyes EE+ rcnap. nice sides w/ Coleman Hawkins, etc

15. Co 1946- Mound City Blue Blowers- Fire House Blues/ Indiana looks EE-, plays EE+ grey

16. Co 2688(BLUE WAX)- Louis Armstrong O- Sweethearts On Parade/ Rockin' Chair E+ beautiful pressing off Okeh masters

17. Co 2826(BLUE WAX)- Ethel Waters w/ O- Harlem On My Mind / Heat Wave (tk 3) looks E-, plays EE+

18. Co 3015(BLUE WAX)- Benny Goodman O- Night Wind/ Clouds E+

19. Co 3018(BLUE WAX)- Benny Goodman O- Singing a Happy Song/ I Was Lucky EE-

20. Co vinyl test mx W-98584-1- Paul Whiteman O- Sweet Sue N- GREAT sound w/ Bix solo

21. Co vinyl test mx BX-11263-A- Bing Crosby w/ Duke Ellington O- St Louis Blues E+N- GREAT sound

22. Co vinyl test mx BX-11264-A- Duke Ellington O- Creole Love Call E+N- GREAT sound

23. De 7005- Georgia Washboard Stompers- Limehouse Blues/ Chinatown, My Chinatown E

24. De 7126- Bumble Bee Slim- Hey Lawdy Mama/ Smoky Mountain Blues EE- light wear

25. De F 2150(ENG)- Spike Hughes O- Doing Things/ Get Happy E

26. De F 2611- Spike Hughes DO- Darktown Strutters Ball/ Blues In My Heart EE+, E+ most

27. De F 2649- Spike Hughes DO- Is There a Place Up There For Me/ Witness E+/E

28. De F 3810- Freddy Johnson Harlemites- Harlem Bound/ Sweet Madness E no US issue

29. Duophone D 4034- The Home Towners- Tiger Rag/ Jo-Anne E+. great sides..A has many solos- Dorseys, etc...B has Smith Ballew vocal..neither side issued in US. Personnel mostly from Whiteman Orch..This record has a store sticker from JP van Bjarkom- Disco Theek..with musical notes, and a Whiteman potato head

30. Duo D 4044- Cross Roads Inn O- Buy, Buy For Baby/ Newport Tuxedo Inn O- Bon Soir Cherie EE+/E...exc A side with Smith Ballew vocal and nice sax solo on this Meyer Davis side- not issued in the US

31. Edison Bell Winner 4356(ENG)- Sissle & Blake- Ukelele Lullaby/ Ukelele Baby E SMALL dig pops 2 gvs A...a rare one by vocalist Noble Sissle and pianist Eubie Blake

32. Gennett 5654- Bix & His Rhythm Jugglers- Toddlin' Blues/ Davenport Blues looks V, plays E- lt scr A/ E-

33. Gennett 6368(Electrobeam)- Hogan Hancock O- You Can Tell Her Anything Under the Sun/ Keep Sweeping the Cobwebs Off the Moon E- beginning to E inside/ EE+ good tpt A...usually something interesting on these Electrobeams!

34. Harmony 993- Sammy Fain- Ain't Misbehavin'/ Liza E+N-

35. Ha 1405- Roy Evans- Willie the Weeper/ Chinatown My Chinatown NN-

36. Lucky- LX-18-20(JAPAN)- 3 record set in album called Twenty Minute Series. Records are all Louis Armstrong master pressed classics as follows: Lucky LX 18- St Louis Blues/ Basin Street Blues, Lucky LX 19- West End Blues/ I'm a Ding Dong Daddy, Lucky LX 20- Knockin' a Jug/ Tiger Rag all EE+ or better. album has quite a few tears as one might expect from something 80-90 years old, but is OK

37. Mac Gregor & Sollie A-3/B-3..Joe Wright Orch- includes Joe Wright p, leader, Ted Black sax, Easton Campbell tpt, Harry Avery tbn, Moering Sisters voc...San Francisco Autumn 1931- Road to Heaven/ Wasted Tears looks E, plays E+ due to laminated pressing. Info on sleeve in George Morrow's writing from his collection..Morrow wrote "this session was arranged by songwriter George Rex to plug his compositions. Harry Avery later became a noted record collector in his own right...autograph collected at Avery's home in Oakland, Ca c 1982"...label is signed by Avery--NICE trumpet and tunes despite the dreary sounding titles. early Mc G Sollie label from San Francisco

38. Master unissued vinyl test mx M-416-1- Duke Ellington O- Azure E+ 1/4 tiny cr nap..April 1937

39. Master vinyl test MX M-380-2- Duke Ellington O w/ Ivie Anderson vo- It's Swell of You E+ Apr '37

40. Mt 13352- Taft Jordan Mob- If the Moon Turns Green/ Night Wind E+ clean West Coast press

41. OK 4906- King Oliver's Jazz Band- Sweet Lovin' Man/ Sobbin' Blues looks V- due to grey, plays E

42. OK 8512- Lonnie Johnson- Sweet Woman You Can't Go Wrong/ St Louis Cyclone Blues looks G, plays E-, then VV+ toward inside

43. OK 40150- Johnny De Droit New Orleans Jazz O- Number Two Blues/ Nobody Knows Blues looks V, plays E-, then VV+ toward inside

44. OK 40649- The Goofus Five- Where'd You Get Those Eyes/ Melody Shieks- Baby Face E-V+ great string of solos A incl Adrian Rollini...plays well!!

45. OK 40895- Sophie Tucker- There's a Cradle In Caroline/ Blue River looks E, plays EE+

46. OK 40899- Sonia Meroff- There Ain't No Land Like Dixieland To Me/ Beth Challis- Gorgeous N- lam nap

47. OK 41138- Goofus Five and Their Orch- My Blackbirds Are Bluebirds Now/ Sonny Boy E+

48. OK 41148- Joe Davis- If You Would Say "I Love You"/ I'm Sorry Sally looks E-, plays E

49. OK 41188- Dorsey Bros O- My Kinda Love/ Sam Lanin O- If I Had You E+. RARE with Bing vocals

50. OK 41262- Kalama's Quartet- Liliu E/ Mauna Kea E+

51. OK 41273- Joe Venuti New Yorkers- I'm In Seventh Heaven/ Little Pal E+

52. OK 41275- Morelli's Bohemians- Joe College/ You Laughed When I Told I Loved U E+/E gd A!!

53. OK 41280- Emmett Miller Georgia Crackers- I Ain't Gonna Give Nobody None of This Jelly Roll/ Right Or Wrong looks EE+, plays E+

54. Ok 41325- Kalama's Quartet- Lei Ana Ika Mokihana/ Hoomau a Hoomau looks E-, pl E+ few lt scrs

55. OK 41326- Frankie Trumbauer O- My Sweeter Than Sweet/ Carolina Club O- He's So Unusual looks E-, plays E

56. OK 41392- Ed Loyd O- The "Free & Easy"/ Arthur Schutt O- It Must Be You E+ great A- Ballew too

57. OK 41410- Jack Pettis O- Bag O' Blues/ Ed Lang O- Bugle Call Rag N-/ V

58. OK 41424- Seger Ellis- Exactly Like You/ I Never Dreamt N-

59. OK 41463- Louis Armstrong Sebastian New Cotton Club O- You're Lucky To Me/ Memories of You looks EE-, plays EE+..just light grey lines, few lt scrs

60. OK 41473- Seger Ellis w/O- You're Driving Me Crazy/ Three Little Words E+

61. OK 41486- Louis Armstrong Sebastian New Cotton Club O- Shine/ Just a Gigolo looks E/E-, plays E+/EE+

62. OK 41573- Wingy Mannone O- Nickel In the Slot/ Swing, Brother, Swing EE+

63. Oriole 2496- Baron Lee Blue Rhythm Boys- Rhythm Spasm/ White Lightning E

64. Pathe 20493(vertical)- Noble Sissle Sizzling Syncopators- Royal Garden Blues/ Loveless Love E+

65. Pat 22103(vert)- Lieut Noble Sissle & Lieut Jim Europe's Hell Fighters Band- When the Bees Make Honey/ C. Creighton Thompson & Europe's Band-Jazz Baby E+

66. Pat 301222(FR)- Billy Arnold O- Walkin' My Baby Back Home/ The Peanut Vendor V+/V- good version A, some jazz content

67. Parlophone PNY 34020- Cyril Merrivale O- I'm Following You/ The Flamingo Melodians- Should I N-

68. PNY 41331- Sparton Syncopators- Sweetheart We Need Each Other/ You're Always In My Arms N- nice A with bright trumpet, sax after vocal

69. Perfect 15634- Baron Lee Blue Rhythm Boys- Doin' the Shake/ Wild Waves E

70. Polydor 809(JAPAN)- Wayne Coleman O- unknown titles written in Japanese E-...A side good upbeat dance tune/ B more sedate--both with Japanese(?) vocals

71. Supertone 9017- The Newtown Pippins- Our Bunglaow of Dreams/ Beautiful E-/V..good sax A

72. Swing 11- Trio de Saxophones Alix Combelle (w/ Django & Jos Reinhardt g, plus bass, dms)- Cascades/ Reflets..looks E-, plays EE+ due to laminated pressing

73. Swing 66- Freddie Johnson O- Frenchie's Blues/ The Blue Room..looks E (lt grey) plays E+

74. Variety vinyl test mx M-418-1- Ivie Anderson Boys From Dixie (Duke Ellington O) The Old Plantation E+ April 1937

75. Velvetone 2477- Sammy Smith's Stompers- Minnie the Moocher/ Blues In My Heart looks VV+, plays E-

76. Victor 21077- Ross De Luxe Syncopators- Baby Stop Teasing Me/ Monia..looks VV-/V-, plays V+.. music shines bright over surface noise

77. Vi 23032- Boyd Senter Senterpedians- Smiles/ Give It To Me Right Away E

78. Vi 23279- Washboard Rhythm Kings- You Salty Dog/ Call of the Freaks VV+

79. Vi 23348- Washboard Rhythm Kings- Just Another Dream of You/ My Silent Love looks E-/E, plays E/EE+

80. Vi 23368- Washboard Rhythm Kings- Somebody Stole Gabriel's Horn/ The Boy In the Boat shade under E

81. Vi 38042- Earl Hines O- Everybody Loves My Baby/ Chicago Rhythm starts VV+/ then V

82. Vi 40033- "Irv" Casper Weymann Five- Why Do I Love You Like I Do/ Blue Moon looks E, plays EE+...some hot passages

83. Vi 20233- Mamie Smith w/ O- Sweet Virginia Blues (tk 2)/ What Have You Done to Make Me Feel This Way(tk 2)..looks V, plays V+..exc accomp

84. Vi 22661- Blanche Calloway Joy Boys- Sugar Blues/ Just a Crazy Song E-

85. Vi 22789- Luis Russell O- Say the Word/ Goin' to Town looks E-/V+, plays E/E-

86. Vi 22919- Roane's Penns- Chinatown, My Chinatown/ When You & I Were Young Maggie looks E-, plays EE+/E-..HI FIDELITY Victor

87. Vi 24083- Williams' Cotton Club O- Red Blues/ I Would Do Anything For You looks VV+, plays E thanks to the great hi fidelity recording by Victor, the grey lines and wear barely sound

88. Vi 24451- Cab Calloway O- Father's Got His Glasses On/ Lady With the Fan EE+

89. Vi 24861- Duke Ellington O- Creole Love Call/ Black & Tan Fantasie E+

90. Vi 25045- Willie Bryant O- Jerry the Junker/ Long About Midnight E+

91. Vi 25129- Willie Bryant O- Long Gone/ Voice of Old Man River E+ poss faint int cr...no affect

92. Vi 36084(12")- Louis Armstrong O- Medley of Armstrong Hits 1/2 E+

93. Vo 1731- Washboard Rhythm Kings- Angeline/ Yes Suh...looks EE-/E-, plays E/EE-

94. Vo 2629(gold lbl)- Clarence Williams O- He's a Colonel From Kentucky/ Jimmy Had a Nickel E+N-

95. Vo 2827(gold lbl)- Joseph Robechaux New Orleans Rhythm Boys- Every Tub/ She Don't Love Me EE+/EE-

96. Vo 2938(gold lbl)- Clarence Williams O- Black Gal/ A Foolish Little Girl Like You EE+

97. Vo 3195- Clarence Williams O- This Is My Sunday Off/ Let Every Day Be Mother's Day looks E-, plays E

98. Vo 3973- Jeter- Pillars "Club Plantation" O- I'll Always be In Love With You/ Make Believe looks E, plays E+...Chicago jazz

99. Vo 5129- Billie Holiday O- Swing! Brother, Swing!/ Our Love Is Different E+

100. Voc/OK unissued vinyl test mx WM-1005-1- Johnny Hodges, Duke Ellington, Billy Taylor- Finesse E+ most, some EE+..unissued from 1939


101. Br 2664- Vic Meyers O- Weary Blues/ Beets & Turnips EE-

102. Br 2848- Castlewood Marimba Band- Hawaiian Ripples/ In Shadowland E+ few lt scuffs nap

103. Br 2852- Harry Snodgrass(piano solo)- Blue Evening Blues/ Dusting the Keys E-

104. Br 3013- Al Jolson w/ Carl Fenton O- Miami/ You Forgot to Remember E-

105. Br 3014- Al Jolson w/ Carl Fenton O- You Flew Away From the Nest/ I'm Sitting On Top of the World E

106. Br 3021- Nick Lucas- Smile a Little Bit/ Forever & Ever With You E+

107. Br 3027- Isham Jones O- Someone Is Keeping Me Out of Your Dreams/ It's the Blues E-/VV+

108. Br 3029- Bennie Krueger O- Don't Be a Fool, Fool/ Hot Coffee E+

109. Br 3033- Carl Fenton O- Song of the Flame/ Cossack Love Song EE-/E

110. Br 3036- Regent Club O- Sleepy Head/ Venetian Isles N-

111. Br 3038- The Blackstone Trio- Je Vous Aime/ Mon Homme E+

112. Br 3044- Bennie Krueger O- Lo-Nah/ As Long As We're In Love N-

113. Br 3045- The Volunteer Firemen- Tie Me to Your Apron Strings Again/ In Your Green Hat V-

114. Br 3050- Frank Munn w/ O- Don't Be Sorry For Me/ Too Many Parties & Too Many Pals E-

115. Br 3270- The Yacht Club Boys- How Could Red Riding Hood/ Every Little While VV+

116. Br 3309- Macy & Smalle- Why Do Ya Roll Those Eyes/ Sing, Katie E+

117. Br 3312- The Merry Makers- Down On the Banks of the Old Yazoo/ Sunny Disposish E+

118. Br 3413- Frank Munn w/ O- The Little White House/ One Alone EE-

119. Br 3415- Vincent Lopez O- Everything's Made For Love/ Song of the Wanderer V 120. Br 3425- Ben Selvin O- Here or There/ Sam, the Old Accordion Man V+

121. Br 3431- Park Lane O- Sweeter Than You/ Sing V

122. Br 3511- Six Jumping Jacks- Just the Same/ I Wonder How I Look When I'm Asleep EE+

123. Br 3582- Six Jumping Jacks- Positively- Absolutely/ There's a Trick In Pickin' a Chicken E

124. Br 3603- The Jumping Jacks- She's Got "It"/ Gonna Get a Girl E+

125. Br 3666- Esther Walker- I Left My Sugar Standing In the Rain/ Good News V-

126. Br 3704- Harry Archer O- Up In the Clouds/ Thinking of You E-

127. Br 3902- Sweet William & Bad Bill- In Chicago/ Still In Chicago(jail) VV+

128. Br 4014- The Hotsy Totsy Gang- Doin' the New Low Down/ Digga Digga Do E

129. Br 4030- Lew Leslie's Blackbirds O- Bandanna Babies/ Magnolia's Wedding Day EE-

130. Br 4211- Jack Parker w/ O- Singapore Sal/ Rosemary VV+

131. Br 4223- Ray Miller O- In a Great Big Way/ Let's Sit & Talk About You EE+

132. Br 4242- Maurine Dyer w/ organ & string quartet- I Love to Telll the Story/ His Eye is On the Sparrow VV-...label has facsimile autograph & inscription from Mary Pickford--"my favorite hymns"

133. Br 4247- Colonial Club O- Oh What a Night to Love/ There's a Four Leaf Clover In My Pocket E

134. Br 4373- Red Nichols Five Pennies- Dinah/ Indiana E-/V+

135. Br 4375- Earl Burtnett Los Angeles Biltmore O- Singin' In the Rain/ Orange Blossom Time EE-

136. Br 4376- Earl Burtnett Los Angeles Biltmore O- I Got a Feelin' For You/ Low Down Rhythm V

137. Br 4436- Al & Pete- On the Alamo/ The Moonlight March E+

138. Br 4439- Dan Russo Oriole O- Why Did You?/ An Old Italian Love Song EE+

139. Br 4443- Abe Lyman California O- Ain't Misbehavin'/ Bashful Baby E+/N- NICE!!

140. Br 4448- Chester Gaylord- Sing a Little Love Song/ Out Where the Moonbeams Are Born E+

141. Br 4472- Bob Haring O- There Was Nothing Else to Do/ Meyer Davis O- That's When I Learned to Love You E/E-

142. Br 4488- Al Goodman O- Lovable & Sweet/ My Dream Memory EE+

143. Br 4726- Al Goodman "Flying High" O- Thank Your Father/ Without Love E-

144. Br 6044- Libby Holman w/ O- Love For Sale/ I'm One of God's Children VV+

145. Br 6120- Bing Crosby- We're You Sincere/ Just One More Chance E+

146. Br 6169- Bing Crosby- Dancing In the Dark/ Star Dust E/V

147. Br 6210- Connie Boswell w/ O- Concentratin'/ Time On My Hands E-

148. Br 6223- Connie Boswell w/ O- You Try Somebody Else/ Should I Be Sorry? E-

149. Br 6272- Cab Calloway O- The Scat Song/ Cabin In the Cotton V+E-

150. Br vinyl test mx B 11772-A- Cliff Edwards- Dream Sweetheart E+ from 1932

151. Br 6325- Abe Lyman California O- Milenberg Joys/ High Society strong E..top sides

152. Br 6352- Jimmy Dorsey- Beebe/ Oodles of Noodles EE-, just a shade under E

153. Br 6362- Adelaide Hall- This Time Its Love/ I'll Never Be the Same E+ NICE!

154. Br 6381- Ray Kavanaugh Vanities O- Along Came Love/ My Darling VV+

155. Br 6405- Connie Boswell w/ O- Me Minus You/ I'll Never Have to Dream Again V+/V

156. Br 6443- Ozzie Nelson O- In the Dim Dim Dawning/ A Little Street Where Old Friends Meet E+

157. Br 6496- Kate Smith- Twenty Million People/ Queen of Lullaby Land EE+ RARE KATE!

158. Br 6498- Ben Bernie O- At the Baby Parade/ The Old Kitchen Kettle V+/V

159. Br 6524- Anson Weeks O w/ Donald Novis- Meet Me In the Gloaming/ Farewell to Arms E+/E

160. Br 6561- Arthur Tracy w/ O- In Old Vienna/ Gypsy Fiddles E+

161. Br 6574- Hal Kemp O- A Heart of Stone/ Living In Doubt VV+

162. Br 6595- Jack Hylton O- Can't We Meet Again/ Little Miss Muffet E-/V

163. Br 6600- Duke Ellington O- Stormy Weather/ Sophisticated Lady E black/silver lbl

**the next three Hal Kemp Brunswicks are on the seldom seen large purple label Canadian issue***

164. Br 6605- Hal Kemp O- I Couldn't Tell Them What to Do/ My Own NN-

165. Br 6616- Hal Kemp O- Shadows On the Swanee/ It Might Have Been a Different Story E+N-

166. Br 6656- Hal Kemp O- Ain't-Cha Glad?/ If You Lived In the Mountains E

167. Br 6646- Duke Ellington O- In the Shade of the Old Apple Tree/ Harlem Speaks EE-

168. Br 6677- Freddy Martin O- My Dancing Lady/ Everything I Have Is Yours V+

169. Br 6682- Duke Ellington O- Mood Indigo/ Black & Tan Fantasy E black/silver lbl

170. Br 6695- Bing Crosby- We'll Make Hay While the Sun Shines/ Temptation (B take) E

171. Br 6727- Anson Weeks O- Sittin' On a Log/ Sittin' Up Waitin' For You E+ couple TINY shellac pops--both top sides

172. Br 6744- Freddy Martin O- Moon About Town/ You're Devastating EE-

173. Br 6914- Ruth Etting- With My Eyes Wide Open I'm Dreaming/ Were Your Ears Burning Baby EE+ rare!

174. Br 6948- Freddy Martin O- I Saw Stars/ Then I'll Be Tired of You E-/V+

175. Br 7413- Hal Kemp O- Restless/ Once Upon a Midnight E

176. Br 7449- Kay Kyser O- Thinking of You/ If My Love Could Talk E+

177. Br 7488- Fred Astaire w/ Leo Reisman O- The Piccolino/ Leo Reisman O- Toddlin' Along With You EE-/EE+

178. Br 7502- Pinky Tomlin w/ O- Sweet/ That's What You Think N-

179. Br 7503- Hal Kemp O- The Gentleman Obviously Doesn't Believe/ So Nice Seeing You Again EE+

180. Br 7509- Hal Kemp O- From the Top of Your Head/ Without a Word of Warning E-

181. Br 7517- Hal Kemp O- Moon With a Hangover/ The Girl I Left Behind Me V+

182. Br 7532- Glen Gray Casa Loma O- China Girl/ Avalon EE+/E+

183. Br 7552- Hal Kemp O- It's Dangerous to Love Like This/ Alone E

184. Br 7555- Kay Kyser O- Don't Bring Lulu/ He's a Devil In His Own Home Town E

185. Br 7575- Leo Reisman O- Can't We Dream a Midsummer's Night Dream/ Begin the Beguine E

186. Br 7595- Freddy Martin O- Everytime I Look At You/ Dancing Feet E+

187. Br 7598- Hudson- De Lange O- Tormented/ It's a Lot of Idle Gossip E-

188. Br 7622- Jimmie Grier O- Swell/ Am I Gonna Have Trouble With You? EE+

189. Br 7627- Duke Ellington O- Love Is Like a Cigarette/ Kissin' My Baby Goodbye E-

190. Br 7645- Benny Goodman O- Basin Street Blues/ Beale Street Blues EE+

191. Br 7652- Jack Teagarden O- Junk Man/ Casa Loma O- Casa Loma Stomp E+ sticker on lbl

192. Br 7671- Orville Knapp O- It's High Time I Got the Low Down On You/ Tonight's the Night V+

193. Br 7681- Hal Kemp O- When I'm With You/ But Definitely E-

194. Br 7698- Art Shaw O- No Regrets/ I Used to Be Above Love EE+

195. Br 7707- Hal Kemp O- A Star Fell Out of Heaven/ Me & the Moon E

196. Br 7711- Hal Kemp O- Sweet Misery of Love/ When Did You Leave Heaven V

197. Br 7756- Cab Calloway O- Frisco Flo/ The Hi De Ho Miracle Man E++

198. Br 7777- Russ Morgan O- I'm In a Dancing Mood/ Someone to Care For Me E+

199. Br 7734- Duke Ellington O- Uptown Downbeat/ In a Jam EE+/E

200. Br 7760- Jimmie Grier O- I-O-U My Heart/ Sitting On the Moon V+/E-

201. Br 7834- Leo Reisman O- The Whistling Boy/ Our Song E

202. Br 7857- Fred Astaire w/ Johnny Green O- Shall We Dance/ Let's Call the Whole Thing Off VV+

203. Br 7858- Bunny Berigan O- Dixieland Shuffle/ Let's Do It E

204. Br 7865- Hal Kemp O- Where Or When/ Johnny One Note EE+

205. Br 7883- Hal Kemp O- A Message From the Man In the Moon/ Tomorrow Is Another Day EE+

206. Br 7907- Art Shaw New Music- I Surrender Dear/ Blue Skies EE+/V

207. Br 7912- Hal Kemp O- The Bride Comes Home/ The Jazz Me Blues E+/E-

208. Br 7936- Art Shaw New Music- How Dry I Am/ Sweet Adeline E sm rcnap

209. Br 7943- Teddy Wilson O- The Hour of Parting/ Coquette E+

210. Br 7949- Bunny Berigan O- I Can't Get Started With You/ Rhythm Saved the World EE-

211. Br 7958- Hal Kemp O- A Heart of Stone/ Got a Date With An Angel E+

212. Br 7976- Art Shaw New Music- Free Wheeling/ Shoot the Likker to Me John Boy VV+

213. Br 7982- Fred Astaire w/ Ray Noble O- A Foggy Day/ I Can't Be Bothered Now E-

214. Br 8063- Duke Ellington O- The New Black & Tan Fantasy/ Stepping Into Swing Society

215. Br 8083- Duke Ellington O- Riding On a Blue Note/ Lost In Meditation N-

216. Br 8088- Red Norvo O- The Week End of a Private Secretary/ Please Be Kind E-/E

217. Br 8099- Duke Ellington O- Braggin' In Brass/ Carnival In Caroline E+/E

218. Br 8108- Duke Ellington O- I Let a Song Go Out of My Heart/ The Gal From Joe's E+

219. Br 8120- Kay Kyser O- Lost & Found/ Two Shadows E-

220. Br 8131- Duke Ellington O- Swingtime In Honolulu/ I'm Slappin' Seventh Avenue E+N-

221. Br 8139- Gene Krupa O- Fare Thee Well, Annie Laurie/ Prelude to a Stomp EE+/E

222. Br 8161- Gene Krupa O- There's Honey On the Moon Tonight/ If It Rains- Who Cares EE+/E+

223. Br 8166- Gene Krupa O- What Goes On Here In My Heart/ Wire Brush Stomp E-/V+

224. Br 8169- Duke Ellington O- Dinah's In a Jam/ You Gave Me the Gate E rcnap

225. Br 8189- Fred Astaire w/ Ray Noble O- I Used to be Color Blind/ Change Partners N-/G digs

226. Br 8190- Fred Astaire w/ Ray Noble O- The Yam/ The Yam Step E

227. Br 8194- Red Norvo O- Wigwammin'/ How Can I Thank You E-

228. Br 8198- Gene Krupa O- Rhythm Jam/ You're Pretty As a Picture E-

229. Br 8201- Kay Kyser O- Love Of My Life/ When the Circus Came to Town EE+/E

230. Br 8204- Duke Ellington O- Lambeth Walk/ Prelude to a Kiss E+N-

231. Br 8205- Gene Krupa O- My Own/ Any Time At All E+

232. Br 8208- Red Norvo Swing Octet- Bughouse/ Blues In E Flat NN-

233. Br 8236- Red Norvo Quartet- In a Mist/ Dance of the Octopus NN-

234. Br 8256- Duke Ellington O- Please Forgive Me/ Prologue to Black & Tan Fantasy E+N-

235. Br 8272- Walter Huston- September Song/ The Scars E-

236. Br 8284- Gene Krupa O- Murdy Purdy/ Bolero At the Savoy E+/V

237. Br 8293- Duke Ellington O- Jazz Potpourri/ Battle of Swing E+

238. Br 8296- Gene Krupa O- Apurksody/ Ta Ra Ra Boom Der E EE+/E

239. Br 8337- Harry James O- Taint What You Do/ Two O Clock Jump EE+

240. Br 8440- Kay Kyser O- In the Merry Old Land of Oz/ If I Only Had a Brain EE-/E

241. Br 8441- Kay Kyser O- Over the Rainbow/ Address Unknown V+

242. Br vinyl test mx LA-1568-B- 1a- Tony Martin w/ Ray Noble O- Just Let Me Look At You E+

243. Br vinyl test mx LA-1654-A- Tony Martin w/ Manny Klein Swing a Hulas- My Sweetheart E+N- good Hawaiian accomp, beautiful sound on this test

244. Br vinyl test mx LA-1689-A- Tony Martin w/ Jerry Joyce O- This May Be the Night E+

245. Br 80226- Al Jazzbo Collins- Three Little Pigs/ Little Red Riding Hood E+


246. Co 8071-F- Atlantic Orch- Die Nachtigal Wz/ Mein Sheine Blum, wz EE-

247. Co 1571(8")- Columbia O- Laughing Water G

248. Co A 1031- Prince's Band- Red Pepper(a spicy rag)/ Andrea Sarto & cho- Spanish Love E+

249. Co A 1102- Dolly Connolly- Oh That Navajo Rag/ Honey Man E

250. Co A 1149- Prince's O- The Gaby Glide/ El Cota(xylophone solo w/ O)- Red Pepper Rag E+

251. Co A 1266- Mike Bernard- Battle of San Juan Hill/ Everybody Two Step E+ piano solos

252. Co A 1313- Mike Bernard- That Peculiar Rag/ Medley of Snyder's Hits E-

253. Co A 1386- Mike Bernard- Tantalizing Tingles/ Medley of Irving Berlin Songs E+ piano solos

254. Co A 1928- Roy Atwell- Its An Awful Thing to Now Know Where You Are/ Some Little Bug Is Going to Find You V

255. Co A 998- Henry Burr- Virginia Lou/ Ada Jones & Walter Van Brunt- That Was Before I Met You V+..Eva Taylor comp A

256. Co A 2418- Handy's Orch of Memphis- A Bunch of Blues/ Moonlight Blues E+

257. Co A 2478- Collins & Harlan- Dark Town Strutters' Ball/ Al Jolson- I'm All Bound Round With the Mason Dixon Line V+

258. Co A 2816- Nora Bayes- Freckles/ Everybody Calls Me Honey E- few lt clx A

259. Co A 3360- Nora Bayes- Just Snap Your Fingers At Care/ Why Worry E

260. Co A 3361- Van & Schenck- I Want to Go to the Land Where the Sweet Daddies Grow/ Al Jolson- O-H-I-O EE+

261. Co A 3514- The Happy Six- Gypsy Blues/ Manhattan Orch- Birds of a Feather E/E- Sissle/Blake tune A

262. Co A 3528- Eddie Elkins O- Ty Tee/ When Buddha Smiles EE+

263. Co A 3532- The Columbians- She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not/ Granny V+ Ed Wynn composer A

264. Co A 3963- Harry C. Browne- De Darktown Jubilee/ Rosy E

265. Co 37-D- Original Memphis 5- More/ She Wouldn't Do What I Asked Her To VV+

266. Co 50-D- Original Memphis 5- Shufflin' Mose/ St Louis Gal E

267. Co 150-D- Riley Puckett- Johnson's Old Grey Mule// Puckett & Tanner- Chicken Don't Roost Too High For Me/ I Don't Love Nobody G

268. Co 186-D- Original Memphis Five- Sioux City Sue/ The Grass Is Always Greener E/E+

269. Co 260-D- Original Memphis 5- Mobile Blues/ How Come You Do Me Like You Do E-

270. Co 352- Van & Schenck- What Do We Get From Boston?/ Ev'rything Is Hotsy Totsy Now E-

271. Co 389- The Dixie Stars- New York Ain't New York Any More/ What Do I Care- My Sweetie Turned Me Down V- many scrs

272. Co 510- Harry Reser's Syncopators- It Must Be Love/ Fond of You E+

273. Co 522- California Ramblers- Then I'll Be Happy/ Show Me the Way to Go Home EE+

274. Co 580- Ruth Etting- Nothing Else to Do/ Let's Talk About My Sweetie E- few lams nap

275. Co 633- Ruth Etting- Could I? I Certainly Could/ So Is Your Old Lady VV+

276. Co 644- Ruth Etting- But I Do- You Know I Do/ Lonesome & Sorry EE+

277. Co 697- Ted Lewis O- My Mamma's In Town/ The New St Louis Blues E+ silver label

278. Co 713- Al Handler Alamo Hotel Cafe O- Mandy/ Cryin' For the Moon VV+

279. Co 722- Ruth Etting- Precious/ Her Bows Are Only Raiinbows V+

280. Co 733- Ed Mc Connell- Elder Bigby's Discourse part 1/2 E+ 2 sm scra A

281. Co 764- Ruth Etting- There's Nothing Sweeter Than a Sweet, Sweet, Sweetie/ Stars VV+

282. Co 770- Ted Lewis O- Tiger Rag/ Blues My Naughty Sweetie Gives to Me E silver label

283. Co 802- Fred Rich O- Do-Do-Do/ Clap Yo Hands E+

284. Co 803- Harry Reser's Syncopators- Fire!/ We'll Have a Kingdom

285. Co 826- Ted Lewis O- Bugle Call Rag/ Ted Lewis w/ Sophie Tucker- Some of These Days EE+

286. Co 827- Ruth Etting- Thinking of You/ Just a Bird's Eye View E-

287. Co 809- George Gewrshwin- Do-Do-Do/ Clap Yo' Hands VV+

288. Co 865- Ruth Etting- There Aint No Maybe In My Baby's Eyes 'Deed I Do V+

289. Co 908- Ruth Etting- Sam the Old Accordion Man/ It All Depends On You V-/V

290. Co 924- Ruth Etting- Hoosier Sweetheart/ Wistful & Blue V

291. Co 951- Mory Leaf- De Sturry From Captain John Smeet With Pumkinhontas/ Sonya E+ Jewish dialect comedy similar to Benny Rubin type vaudeville

292. Co 979- Ruth Etting- Wherever You Go- Whatever You Do/ Dew Dew Dewy Day VV+

293. Co 1038- California Ramblers- Lazy Weather/ Vo Do Do De O Blues V+ few lt scrs, pops

294. Co 1091- Vaughn De Leath & Frank Harris- I'm Gonna Dance Wit de Guy Wot Brung Me/ Just a Little Old School House E+

295. Co 1109- Harry Reser's Syncopators- Ooh! Maybe Its You/ Shaking the Blues Away E-

296. Co 1236- Vaughn De Leath & Franklyn Baur- Up In the Clouds/ Thinking of You EE+

297. Co 1256- Paul Ash O- Mary(What Are You Waiting For?)/ What a Wonderful Wedding E+N- TINY edge lam nap

298. Co 1275- California Ramblers- Mine- All Mine/ Changes EE+ edge lams sound lite 2gvs A

299. Co 1307- Paul Specht O- St Louis Shuffle/ Cornfed! VV+

300. Co 1346- Ted Lewis O- Hello Montreal!/ Laugh, Clown Laugh EE-/E

301. Co 1394- Paul Ash O- You're Wonderful/ Speaking of Love EE+

302. Co 1400- James Melton- When Love Comes Stealing/ La Rosita E

303. Co 1401- Paul Whiteman O- Evening Star/ Last Night I Dreamed You Kissed Me E-

304. Co 1523- Ukulele Ike- Half-Way To Heaven/ It Goes Like This E-

305. Co 1541- Charles Kaley O- I'm Waiting For Ships That Never Come In/ Tracy-Brown O- Joline EE+ solos A

306. Co 1574- California Ramblers- You're Just a Great Big Baby Doll/ Bless You Sister EE-, pl E nice!

307. Co 1592- Cliquot Club Eskimos- Come On Baby/ Avalon Town E-

308. Co 1763- Eddie Walters- Makin Whoopee/ I'm Ka-r-azy For You E+

309. Co 1766- Paul Specht O- On With the Dance/ My Annapolis E

310. Co 1799- Ernie Golden O- She's Got Great Ideas/ That's Her Now! E+ both nice!

311. Co 1811- Milt Shaw Detroiters- Breakway/ Walking With Susie EE-/E-

312. Co 1839- The Mystery Girl- I'd Do Anything For You/ I've Got a Feeling I'm Falling looks VV+, plays E- good accomp on this Helen Kane soundalike

313. Co 1846- Andy Sanella All Star Trio- Evangeline/ Dream Mother V+ lams nap. Hawaiian guitar A

314. Co 1850- Seven Hot Air Men- Gotta Feelin' For You/ Low Down Rhythm E- many solos

315. Co 1855- Larry Siry Hotel Ambassador O- Finding the Long Way Home/ Peace of Mind E+

316. Co 1860- Clayton, Jackson & Durante- Can Broadway Do Without Me?/ So I Ups to Him EE-

317. Co 1866- Lee Morse Blue Grass Boys- I'm Doing What I'm Doing For Love/ He's a Good Man to Have Around EE+ rcnaps

318. Co 1877- Paul Whiteman O- I'm In Seventh Heaven/ Little Pal E

319. Co 1878- Fred Rich O- Why Cant You?/ Used to You E+ nice trumpet solo A

320. Co 1880- The Hudson Singers- I'm Feathering a Nest/ Where the Bab Bab Babboing Brook V+

321. Co 1882- Ted Lewis O- I'm the Medicine Man For the Blues/ Wouldn't It Be Wonderful EE+

322. Co 1883- Ruth Etting- I Want to Meander In the Meadow/ Now I'm In Love V+E-

323. Co 1884- Harry Reser's Syncopators- The Flippety Flop/ The Whoopee Hat Brigade E+

324. Co 1888- Guy Lombardo O- I Get the Blues When It Rains/ Kids Again EE+

325. Co 1890- Paul Specht O- At Close of Day/ Ich Liebe Dich E+

326. Co 1922- Lee Morse Blue Grass Boys- Moanin' Low/ Sweetness VV-

327. Co 1936- Cliquot Club Eskimos- Marianne/ There Must be Somebody Waiting For Me E

328. Co 1937- Ben Selvin O- How Am I To Know?/ I've Waited a Lifetime For You E+

329. Co 1943- Paul Specht O- The World's Greatest Sweetheart Is You/ The Album of My Dreams EE+

330. Co 1948- Willard Robison Deep River O- Beale Street Blues/ Harlem Blues EE+

331. Co 1949- Larry Siry Hotel Ambassador O- It's You/ Somebody Mighty Like You E-

332. Co 1956- Ben Selvin O- Selections fm Hollywood Revue of 1929/ sel fm Broadway Melody EE+

333. Co 1983- Irene Bordoni- I Wonder What Is Really On His Mind?/ My Lover E+

334. Co 2015- James Melton- I'm Only Making Believe/ I'll Still Go On Wanting You N-

335. Co 2035- Eddie Walters- Singin' In the Bathtub/ H'lo Baby E

336. Co 2056- Paul Specht O- I'm Following You!/ I'm Sailing On a Sunbeam E+

337. Co 2067- The Knickerbockers- Why Do U Suppose/ My Man Is On the Make looks V+/V Ballew A

338. Co 2085- George Dewey Washington- Dreary Night/ High Water E+

339. Co 2105- The Columbia Photo Players- Sitting By the Window/ Mona E-

340. Co 2117- The Columbia Photo Players- Leave It That Way/ The Whole Darned Thing's For You E+ nice with solos incl BG

341. Co 2131- The Columbia Photo Players- Sweepin' the Clouds Away/ In My Little Hope Chest EE+ both nice- Smith Ballew vocal A/ female vocal B

342. Co 2132- Fred Rich O- Strike Up the Band/ Send For Me N-...nice trombone--TD?

343. Co 2137- Eddie Walters- 'Leven Thirty Saturday Night/ Me & the Girl Next Door E- hot accomp

344. Co 2160- Merle Johnston Ceco Couriers- So Sympathetic/ Exactly Like You E+ few very lt scuffs. Both good instrumental versions

345. Co 2165- Lee Morse Blue Grass Boys- Sing You Sinners/ Cooking Breakfast For the One I Love E+

346. Co 2186- Rube Bloom Bayou Boys- Mysterious Mose/ Bessie Couldn't Help It E/EE+

347. Co 2187- The Columbia Photo Players- I'm In the Market For You/ My Future Just Passed E- nice with solos incl BG

348. Co 2216- Ruth Etting- I Never Dreamt/ Dancing With tears In My Eyes EE+ or better

349. Co 2218- Rube Bloom Bayou Boys- On Revival Day/ There's a Wah Wah Girl in Agua Caliente E+

350. Co 2219- The Charleston Chasers- Here Comes Emily Brown/ Wasn't It Nice looks VV+, plays E with a few lt scrs

351. Co 2248- Lee Morse Blue Grass Boys- Nobody Cares If I'm Blue/ Little White Lies E+

352. Co 2264- Paul Specht O- What's the Use?/ I Wonder How It Feels EE- long lam B

353. Co 2300- Ruth Etting- If I Could Be With You/ Body & Soul EE+

354. Co 2308- Lee Morse Blue Grass Boys- Just a Little While/ When the Organ Played At Twilight E+

355. Co 2318- Ruth Etting- Laughing At Life/ I'm Yours E+ small lbl stain B

356. Co 2331- California Ramblers- I Love You So Much/ F'r Instance E+ solos & Smith Ballew

357. Co 2339- The Cavaliers- I'm Alone Because I Love You/ Waiting By the Rio Grande E+/E- scrs B

358. Co 2351- California Ramblers- Twenty Swedes Ran Through the Weeds/ The Peanut Vendor E-V+

359. Co 2567- Guy Lombardo O- You Try Somebody Else/ Cuban Love Song E-

360. Co 2569- California Ramblers- Concentratin'/ When I Wore My Daddy's Brown Derby V+/V

361. Co 2635- Ted Lewis O- My Woman/ Somebody Loves You E few lt scrs, lt lam nap

362. Co 2840(BLUE WAX)- Harry Reser O- My Galveston Gal/ You're Gonna Lose Your Gal EE+

363. Co 2864(BLUE WAX)- Emil Velazco Organ Melodists- The Old Spinning Wheel/ In a Monastery Garden EE+

364. Co 2965(BLUE WAX)- Harry Richman w/ O- Say When/ When Love Coemes Swinging Along E+

365. Co 3167- Benny Goodman All Stars- Texas Tea Party/ Dr Heckle & Mr Jibe E+

366. Co 15005- Riley Puckett- Old Black Joe/ When You & I Were Young Maggie EE-

367. Co 15055- Riley Puckett- When I'm Gone You'll Soon Forget/ When You're Gone I Won't Forget V-

368. Co 15095- Riley Puckett & Bob Nichols- My Carolina Home/ Riley Puckett- I'm Drifting Back..E

369. Co 15259- Hugh Cross- You're As Welcome As the Flowers In May/ I Love You Best of All E-/E

370. Co 15478- Hugh Cross & Riley Puckett- Tell Me/ Smiles V

371. Co 35204- Eddy Duchin O- What is This Thing Called Love/ I Must Have One More Kiss VV+

372. Co 35205- Gene Krupa O- My Old Kentucky Home/ Old Black Joe E

373. Co 35212- Matty Malneck O- Then I Wrote the Minuet in G/ Park Avenue Fantasy E+

374. Co 35246- Eddy Duchin O- Honestly/ If What You Say Is True VV+/EE+

375. Co 35255- Eddy Duchin O- Goody Goodbye/ Smarty Pants E-

376. Co 35348- Mildred Bailey- Nobody Know the Trouble I've Seen/ Hold On E

377. Co 35363- Raymond Scott O- Huckleberry Duck/ Just a Gigolo E-

378. Co 35761- Kay Kyser O- I'd Know You Anywhere/ The Bad Humor Man VV+

379. Co 35774- Eddy Duchin O- Down Argentina Way/ Two Dreams Met E+

380. Co 35810- Benny Goodman 6 w/ Count Basie- Wholly Cats/ Royal Garden Blues E+

381. Co 36107- Raymond Scott Quintet- Minuet in Jazz/ Twilight In Turkey E+ laminated pressing

382. Co 36114- Duke Ellington O- Reminiscing In Tempo/ pt 2 E- 1935 masters

383. Co vinyl test mx CO-27859-1- Alec Templeton piano solo- Tea For Two EE+. issued?? Aug 1940

384. Co 36393- The Martins- Just a Little Joint/ The Three B's E+

385. Co 36647- Count Basie O- Its Sand, Man/ Ride On EE-

386. Co 36860- Frank Sinatra- Mighty Lak' a Rose/ White Christmas EE-

387. Co 36868- Frank Sinatra- Cradle Song/ Nancy E+

388. Co 36960- Kay Kyser O- One Zy Two Zy/ There's No One But You E+

389. Co 36967- Benny Goodman O- All the Cats Join In/ BG Sextet- Don't Be a Baby, Baby E+N-

390. Co 36987- Frank Sinatra- From this Day Forward/ Something Old Something New NN-

391. Co 36989- Kay Kyser O- I Love An Old Fashioned Song/ You're the Cause of It All E+

392. Co 36990- Count Basie O- Lazy Lady Blues/ High Tide EE+

393. Co 36992- The Modernaires w/ Paula Kelly- Salute to Glenn Miller/ Juke Box Saturday Night E+

394. Co 36051- Xavier Cugat O w/ Buddy Clark- Chiquita Banana/ South America Take It Away EE-/V+

395. Co 37064- Frank Sinatra- Where Is My Bess?/ Begin the Beguine E+

396. Co 37088- Big Bill- I Feel So Good/ Tell Me Baby E/EE-

397. Co 37091- Benny Goodman O- My Blue Heaven/ Put That Kiss Back Where You Found It E+

398. Co 37164- Big Bill- Cell # 13 Blues/ You Got the Best Go E+

399. Co MJ 27 (37104/37105)- The Little Red Hen, narrated by MGM star Gene Kelly.. 2 record set NN-, original foldout paper jacket E

400. Co 37214- Kay Kyser O- Managua, Nicaragua/ This Is the Beginning of the End E+

401. Co 37231- Frank Sinatra- I Got a Gal I Love/ Thats How Much I Love You E+

402. Co 37251- Frank Sinatra- Why Shouldn't It Happen to Us/ I Want to Thank Your Folks N-

403. Co 37564- Bob Willis Texas Playboys- Punkin' Stomp/ How Can It Be Wrong E+

404. Co 38052- Louis Armstrong O- Black & Blue/ ICGUA But Love E+ stand along issue-not from set OKeh masters

405. Co 38255(promo)- Dinah Shore & Buddy Clark- Easy to Love/ Summertime E+

406. Co 38334- Frank Sinatra- If I Steal a Kiss/ Senorita E+/N

407. Co 38499- Les Brown O- Be Bop Spoken Here/ Put Something In the Pot Boy E+/V+

408. Co 38613(promo)- Frank Sinatra- Mad About You/ On the Island of Stromboli E+

409. Co 38650- Frank Sinatra- Lost In the Stars/ The Old Master Painter E+N-


410. De 5068- Emry Arthur- Ramblin' Hobo Blues/ Don't Get Married V/G

411. De 5158- Milton Brown Brownies- Who's Sorry Now/ Copenhagen V-/V

412. De 5472- Riley Puckett- Gulf Coast Blues/ Take Me Back to My Carolina Home E/E-

413. De 7129- Slim Green w/ O- Shine/ What's the Reason E-/V

414. De 7096- Georgia Washboard Stompers- In the Middle of a Kiss/ Every Little Moment E- but scrs/ E-

415. De 7312- Harlem Hamfats- Jam Jamboree/ It Was Red E-/VV+

416. De 7351- Harlem Hamfats- I'm Cuttin Out/ Down in Shady Lane E/VV+

417. De 7367- Harlem Hamfats- I Love That/ Hoodooin' Woman E

418. De 7644- Alberta Hunter- I'll See You Go/ Chirpin' the Blues E-/VV+ scrs B

419. De 8571- King Cole Trio- This Will Make You Laugh/ Hit the Ramp E

420. De 105- Guy Lombardo O- Have a Little Dream On Me/ I Saw Stars E- scrs

421. De 154- Noble Sissle O- Loveless Love/ The Old Ark Is Moverin' E-/V+

422. De 276- Kate Smith- Stay As Sweet As You Are/ I'm Growing Fonder of You V+ rare Kate

423. De 387- Glen Gray Casa Loma O- Love & a Dime/ My Dance E-/E

424. De 697- Ted Fio Rito O- It's Been So Long/ Let's Face the Music & Dance E/E-

425. De 734- Red Mc Kenzie Rhythm Kings- Moon Rose/ When Love Has Gone E-

426. De 737- Delta Four- Swingin' On the Famous Door/ Farewell Blues E+ flat lbl

427. De 756- Bing Crosby- Lovely Lady/ Would You EE-

428. De 757- Bing Crosby- The Touch of Your Lips/ Twilight On the Trail E/E-

429. De 826- Lew Stone O- Slipping Through My Fingers/ It's Love Again EE-

430. De 849- Benny Fields w/ O- These Foolish Things/ Heaven In My Heart E+ flat lbl

431. De 871- Bing Crosby- I Can't Escape From You/ I'm An Old Cowhand E-

432. De 894- Ted Fio Rio - Never Gonna Dance/ The Night Is Young & You're So Beautiful E+

433. De 905- Bing Crosby- The House Jack Built For Jill/ Shoe Shine Boy EE-

434. De 980- Jimmie Lunceford O- I Cant Escape From You/ Harlem Shout V+

435. De 1021- Mary Williams- Corny Rhythm/ Isabelle E

436. De 1031- Reilly Farley O- Jingle Bells/ Santa Claus Is Coming to Town V+ heavy VINYL pressing on orig shadow Decca label- never seen one like this!

437. De 1036- Ink Spots- Keep Away From My Doorstep/ Stompin' At the Savoy E scarce one!

438. De 1114- Chick Webb O- Love You're Just a Laugh/ There's Frost On the Moon EE-

439. De 1146- Andy Kirk O- Dedicated to You/ Fifty Second Street E-

440. De 1176- Ted Fio Rito O- Hawaiian Hospitality/ Sweet Leilani EE-

441. De 1180- Glen Gray Casa Loma O- Love Is Good For Anything That Ails You/ Was It Rain? E-

442. De 1193- Ted Fio Rito O- Did Anyone Ever Tell You?/ When Love Is Young E

443. De 1228- Count Basie O- Boo Hoo/ The Glory of Love E

444. De 1234- Bing Crosby- My Little Buckaroo/ What Is Love? EE-/E

445. De 1431- Dick Powell- Love Is On the Air Tonight/ You've Got Something There V

446. De 1509- Edgar Hayes Quintet- When You & I Were Young Maggie/ I Know Now EE+

447. De 1523- Woody Herman O- I Double Dare You/ Why Talk About Love? EE-/E+

448. De 1587- Chick Webb O- The Dipsy Doodle/ Midnite In a Madhouse E+ Ella Fitzgerald vocal A

449. De 1772- Willie Bryant O- Neglected/ On the Alamo EE-

450. De 1881- Willie Bryant O- You'll Never Remember & I'll Never Forget/ You're Gonna Lose Your Gal E+

451. De 2023- Dick Robertson O- You Gotta Be a Football Hero/ All American Girl E-/EE-

452. De 2087- Milt Herth Quartet- Home Cookin' Mama With the Fryin' Pan/ Minuet In Jazz EE-/V+

453. De 2480- Louis Armstrong O- West End Blues/ If It's Good E+

454. De 2729- Louis Armstrong O- Shanty Boat On the Mississippi/ Baby Wont You Please Come Home E+ pressing bump sounds

455. De 3227- Vic Shoen O- Hit the Road/ Arabian Nights EE+ A has vocal by composer Don Raye

456. De 3428- Teddy Grace w/ Bud Freeman O- See What the Boys In the Backroom Will Have/ I'm the Lonesomest Gal In Town EE+

457. De 3432- Ink Spots- Jave Jive/ Do I Worry? V

458. De 3463- Teddy Grace w/ Bud Freeman O- Sing/ Gee But I Hate to Go Home Alone E+

459. De 3859- Jimmy Dorsey O- Time Was/ Isle of Pines E+

460. De 3881- Coleman Hawkins w/ Ramblers O- Netcha's Dream/ Honeysuckle Rose EE-

461. De 3963- Jimmy Dorsey O- Jim/ A New Shade of Blue EE+

462. De 3965- Bing Crosby- You're the Moment of a Lifetime/ No Te, Importe Saber E

463. De 3991- Jimmy Dorsey O- Midnight Masquerade/ Wasn't It You? E

464. De 4075- Jimmy Dorsey O- The Spirit's Got Me/ Charleston Alley E+

465. De 4195- Frances Langford w/ O- Blue Tahitian Moon/ April In My Heart EE+

466. De 4277- Jimmy Dorsey O- Always In My Heart/ Last Night I Said a Prayer E/E+

467. De 4288- Jimmy Dorsey O- Jersey Bounce/ My Little Cousin VV+

468. De 4312- Jimmy Dorsey O- Full Moon/ If You Are But a Dream V

469. De 4405- Andy Kirk O- Mc Ghee Special/ Hey Lawdy Mama EE+

470. De 4436- Andy Kirk O- Ride On Ride On/ Unlucky Blues EE+

471. De 11058- Ben Bernie O- It's a Lonesome Old Town/ Au Revoir Pleasant Dreams E+

472. De 18187- Fred Astaire- Since I Kissed My Baby Goodbye/ So Near & Yet So Far E+ uncommon!

473. De 18377- Raymond Scott O- Secret Agent/ Pan American Hot Spot EE+

474. De 18422- Raymond Scott O- Carrier Pigeon/ Careful Conversation At a Diplomatic Function E-/E

475. De 18597- Bing Crosby- Swinging On a Star/ Going My Way E/EE+

476. De 18640- Bing Crosby- Sleigh Ride In July/ Like Someone In Love E+

477. De 18898- Bing Crosby- September Song/ Begin the Beguine E-

478. De 23388- Fred Astaire- If Swing Goes, I Go Too/ This Heart of Mine E+ uncommon!

479. De 23655- Bing Crosby w/ J Dorsey O- The Things We Did Last Summer/ Sweet Lorraine EE+

480. De 23953- Al Jolson- Keep Smiling At Trouble/ All My Love EE+

481. De 23956- Ella Fitzgerald- Flying Home/ Oh, Lady Be Good E+

482. De 24446- Ella Fitzgerald- My Happiness/ Tea Leaves E lt scuffs, scrs nap

483. De 24481- Bing Crosby and Andrews Sisters- A Hundred & Sixty Acres/ At the Flying "W" E

484. De 24536- Danny Kaye- Andrews Sisters- Beatin', Bangin' 'n Scratchin/ Amelia, Cordelia Mc Hugh E+ despite gray

485. De 25420- Milt Herth organ, Joseph Green xylophone- Xylophohia/ Lady of Spain E+

486. De 27047- Ethel Merman w/ Frankie Froeba Gang- Calico Sal/ She's Shimmyin' On the Beach E+

487. De 27084(promo)- Ethel Merman- Ukulele Lady/ Hawaii EE+

488. De 27816- Louis Armstrong- Because of You/ Cold, Cold Heart E+

489. De 28771- Jenks "Tex" Carman- New Waikiki Beach/ Hillbilly Hula EE-

490. De 29355- Kirk Douglas- A Whale of a Tale/ And the Moon Grew Brighter & Brighter E+N-


491. Monarch 4081- Olden Time Minstrels- "A" End Song- Uncle Billy's Dream G

492. Vi 45099- Nora Bayes- Hello Hawaii How Are You?/ When Old Bill Bailey Plays the Ukulele E/E-

493. Vi 45180- Walter C. Kelly- Virginian Judge 1/2 NN-

494. Vi 45419- Edgar Guest- Bread & Gravy & Pretending Not to See// Out Fishin' & the Junk Box E

495. Vi 60133- Margaret Romaine w/ O- The Grey Dove V+

496. Vi 69161- Fanny Lubitsky w/ O- Gait is roond/ Leiba VV+ Yiddish series

497. Vi 78066- Charlie Cohan w/ O- Als Far Gelt/ O Katharina E-/V+ Yiddish series

498. Vi 16091- Victor O- Chicken Chowder/ Sousa's Band- Flying Arrow E-

499. Vi 16710- Arthur Pryor Band- The Minstrel Band/ Collins & Harlan- Lucy-Anna-Lou E

500. Vi 16755- Arthur Pryor Band- Kentucky Kut-Ups/ Vess L. Ossman banjo- Way Down South EE-

501. Vi 17293- Victor Minstrel Co- Mobile Minstrels/ Collins & Harlan- Pickin' Cotton E

502. Vi 17677- Six Brown Brothers- That Moaning Saxophone Rag/ Van Eps Trio- The Original Fox Trot E

503. Vi 17880- Helen Louise- Frank Ferera- On the Beach at Waikiki-medley/ Moe Uhane E

504. Vi 18097- Six Brown Brothers- Pussyfoot March/ Bull Frog Blues E+

505. Vi 18189- Six Brown Brothers- Chicken Walk/ Pietro- San Francisco Souvenir March E-

506. Vi 18307- Willie Weston- Joan of Arc/ For Your Country & My Country EE+

507. Vi 18476- Six Brown Brothers- Chasing the Chickens/ When Aunt Dinah's Daughter Hannah Bangs On That Piano E+

508. Vi 18493- Marion Harris- Mammy's Chocolate Soldier/ Sterling Trio- When You Sing Hush a By E+

509. Vi 18796- Charles Hart- Elliott Shaw- Honolulu Honey/ Sweet Hawaiian Girl of Mine EE-

510. Vi 19040- The Virginians- Whoa Tillie Take Your Time/ You Know You Belong to Somebody Else E

511. Vi 19157- Rosa Henderson w/ Fletcher acc- Low Down Papa/ Struttin' Blues V-

512. Vi 19292- The Virginians- Who's Izzy Is He?/ Scissor Grinder Joe E-

513. Vi 19311- The Duncan Sisters- Aunt Susie's Picnic Day/ Um Um Da Da E

514. Vi 19317- Jean Goldkette O- Cover Me Up With the Sunshine of Virginia/ Benson O- My Dream Moon EE+ sm rcnap

515. Vi 19320- Roy Bargy- Sunshine Capers/ Rufenready E

516. Vi 19352- The Duncan Sisters- Bull Frog Patrol/ Tom Boy Blues E+

517. Vi 19410- Glen Oswald O- Go Your Way & I'll Go Mine/ Oh Peter V+E- Oakland, Ca. rec

518. Vi 19441- Victor Salon O- Aloha Sunset Land/ Chason Bohemienne E

519. Vi 19494- Noble Sissle- Eubie Blake- Dixie Moon/ Manda E+

520. Vi 19504- Ralph Williams Rainbo O- Get Lucky/ Prince of Wails EE-..Chicago rec

521. Vi 19537- Roy Bargy- Jim Jams/ Justin- Tyme E

522. Vi 19569- Paul Whiteman O- Gotta Getta Girl/ Warings- Insufficient Sweetie NN-

523. Vi 19575- Henry Halstead O- Playmates/ Art Hickman O- Twilight E- Oakland, Ca. rec

524. Vi 19579- Henry Halstead O- On the Way to Monterey/ Moonlight & Roses EE+ Oakland, Ca rec

525. Vi 19605- Belle Baker- My Kid/ Shannon Qtet- Please Be Good to My Old Girl EE+

526. Vi 19617- Edwin J. Mc Enelly O- I Like Pie I Like Cake/ Desert Isle E+

527. Vi 19622- Don Clark La Monica Ballroom O- Cheatin' On Me/ Big Bad Bill VV+ Oakland, Ca. rec

528. Vi 19672- Fred Hamm O- Stomp off, Let's Go/ Flag That Train V+

529. Vi 19688- Oliver Naylor O- Sweet Georgia Brown/ Benson Orch of Chicago- Riverboat Shuffle EE-

530. Vi 19734- Art Hickman O- This Time Is the Last Time/ You're the Only One E- Oakland, Ca. rec

531. Vi 19858- Art Landry O- Everybody Stomp!/ The Camel Walk E+

532. Vi 19921- The Brox Sisters- Tie Me To Your Apron Strings Again/ Kentucky's Way of Sayin' Good Mornin' E- sm hlc nap

533. Vi 19987- The Duncan Sisters- Happy Go Lucky Days/ The Kinky Kids Parade EE+

534. Vi 20092- Paul Whiteman O- Bell Hoppin' Blues/ St Louis Blues E

535. Vi 20273- Jean Goldkette O- Sunday/ I'd Rather Be the Girl In Your Arms EE-

536. Vi 20398- Roger Wolfe Kahn O- Tenderly Think of Me/ Tell Me Tonight E+/EE+

537. Vi 20466- Jean Goldkette O- I'm Looking Over a Four Leaf Clover/ RW Kahn O- Yankee Rose VV+

538. Vi 20600- Vaughn De Leath- Song of the Wanderer/ Elliott Shaw- Rock Me To Sleep In An Old Rocking Chair E+N-

539. Vi 20610- Frank Banta piano- Ain't She Sweet/ Russian Lullaby E+

540. Vi 20783- Paul Whiteman's Rhythm Boys- Mississippi Mud/ I Left My Sugar Stading In the Rain// Sweet L'il/ Ain't She Sweet E

541. Vi 20847- Jack Crawford O- Swanee Shore/ Who's That Pretty Baby E+N-

542. Vi 20926- Nat Shilkret O- Zulu Wail/ Jean Goldkette O- Slow River EE+

543. Vi 20981- Jean Goldkette O- Blue River/ Jacques Renard O- When the Morning Glories Wake Up In the Morning EE+

544. Vi 21057- Frank Banta piano- What Do We Do On a Dew Dewy Day/ Are You Thinking of Me Tonight E+

545. Vi 21104- Paul Whiteman's Rhythm Boys- Miss Annabelle Lee/ Four Aristocrats- Everybody Loves My Girl EE+

546. Vi 21224- Johnny Johnson O- Oh Gee Oh Joy/ Say So E+

547. Vi 21226- The Duncan Sisters- Black & Blue Blues/ Lickens E

548. Vi 21258- Coon- Sanders O- Stay Out of the South/ Waring's Penns- Who's Blue Now EE-

549. Vi 21274- Paul Whiteman O- From Monday On/ Mississipi Mud E

550. Vi 21302- Paul Whiteman's Rhythm Boys- What Price Lyrics?/ From Monday On E+

551. Vi 21313- Herman Kenin O- Persian Rug/ Eddie Harkness O- Trees V+ Oakland, Ca rec

552. Vi 21323- Waring's Penns- What Do You Say?/Johnny Hamp O- Oh Look At That Baby EE-

553. Vi 21368- Roger Wolfe Kahn O- Crazy Rhythm/ Imagination E

554. Vi 21507- Roger Wolfe Kahn O- Say "Yes" Today/ Henry Thies O- Don't Wait Till the Lights Are Low EE+

555. Vi 21559- Jack Pettis Pets- Doin' the New Lowdown/ Spanish Dream E-/E

556. Vi 21818- Nat Shilkret O- I Want a Daddy to Cuddle Me/ Because I Know You're Mine E+ Belle vo

557. Vi 21881- Nat Shilkret O- That's Her Now!/ Waring's Penns- That's How I Feel About You E

558. Vi 21858- Ben Pollack O- Futuristic Rhythm/ Let's Sit & Talk About You VV+

559. Vi 21923- Leo Reisman O- Yours Sincerely/ With a Song In My Heart EE-

560. Vi 22065- George Olsen O- If You Believed In Me/ Song of the Moonbeams EE+

561. Vi 22101- Ben Pollack O- Sweetheart We Need Each Other/ You're Always In My Arms E

562. Vi 22115- Leo Reisman O- Doing the Boom Boom/ Look What You've Done to Me E/E+

563. Vi 22123- Coon- Sanders O- Got a Great Big Date With a Little Bitta Girl/ Jean Goldkette O- An Old Italian Love Song E+

564. Vi 22158- Ben Pollack O- You've Made Me Happy Today/ From Now On EE-

565. Vi 22194- Leo Reisman O- My Sweeter Than Sweet/ A Year From Today E+ scuff nap

566. Vi 22219- Johnny Hamp O- Lady Luck/ The High Hatters- Singin' In the Bathtub E/E+

567. Vi 22267- Ben Pollack O- Keep Your Undershirt On/ The High Hatters- What Would I Care E/E+

568. Vi 22269- The Duncan Sisters w/ O- Hoosier Hop/ I'm Following You E+

569. Vi 22303- Boyd Senter Senterpedians- Copenhagen/ Beale Street Blues V+

570. Vi 22304- Coon- Sanders O- We Love Us/ Ted Weems O- Talk of the Town E

571. Vi 22340- Waring's Penns- Looking At You/ Let Me Sing & I'm Happy EE+

572. Vi 22342- Coon- Sanders O- After You've Gone/ The Darktown Strutters' Ball E/E-

573. Vi 22398- Leo Reisman O- I Like to Do Things For You/ Happy Feet E

574. Vi 22462- Johnny Hamp O- Nobody Cares If I'm Blue/ George Olsen O- The Kiss Wz EE-/E

575. Vi 22593- Marlene Dietrich w/ O- Falling In Love Again/ Naughty Lola V+

576. Vi 22638- Johnny Hamp O- Falling In Love Again/ Two Hearts E-

577. Vi 22668- Leo Reisman O- Yours Is My Heart Alone/ Out of Nowhere E few scuffs nap

578. Vi 22708- Waring's Penns- High & Low/ Dancing In the Dark EE+

579. Vi 22795- Bert Lown O- I Can't Get Mississippi Off My Mind/

Johnny Hamp O- I Can't Write the Words EE+

580. Vi 22816- Ted Black O- I'm With You/ Sing Another Chorus Please EE+

581. Vi 22836- Leo Reisman O- White Heat/ Hoops V+ Fred Astaire A/ Fred & Adele B

582. Vi 22848- Vic Salon O- Star Dust/ Dancing In the Dark V

583. Vi 22871- Wayne King O- Too Late/ Save the Last Dance For Me E+

584. Vi 22874(CAN)- Mildred Bailey w/ O- Home/ Too Late E

585. Vi 22978- Waring's Penns- How Am I Doin'/ Rhymes looks E- due to grey, plays E+ due to being one of the loudest Victor hi fidelity recordings....HOT dance A

586. Vi 22979- Coon-Sanders O- On Revival Day/ Wayne King O- Way Down Between Dem Rows EE-

587. Vi 22982- Ted Black O- Ev'ry Time My Heart Beats/ My Lips Want Kisses E+

588. Vi 22983- Jack Denny O- Dream Sweetheart/ Goodnight My Love E-

589. Vi 22998- George Olsen O- Lullaby of the Leaves/ Paul Whiteman O- Voice In the Old Village Choir E

590. Vi 24022- Ray Noble O- The Punter's Lament/ Pick the Winner E+..multi track B for different race outcomes

591. Vi2 4031(CAN)- Buddy Rogers California Collegians- With My Sweetie In the Moonlight/ I Beg Your Pardon Madamoiselle V+

592. Vi 24050- Ted Black O- Rain, Rain Go Away/ In a Shanty In Old Shanty Town looks E- due to grey, plays E+ due to Victor hi fidelity recording

593. Vi 24285- Paul Whiteman O- Look What I've Got/ In the Park in Paree EE-, plays EE+ GREAT A!

594. Vi 24316- Ramona & her grand piano-- Happy As the Day Is Long/ Raisin' the Rent E+/EE+

595. Vi 24365- Paul Whiteman O- Ah But Is It Love/ Are You Makin' Any Money? E

596. Vi 24367- Isham Jones O- Good Luck, Sweetheart/ It Isn't Fair V+

597. Vi 24368- Isham Jones O- Shadows On the Swanee/ Paul Whiteman O- Down the Old Ox Road E+

598. Vi 24395- Isham Jones O- Isn't It Swell to Dream/ Down a Long, Long Road VV+ a rare one!

599. Vi 24428- Leo Reisman O- Not For All the Rice In China/ Supper Time E Clifton Webb vo A

600. Vi 24505- Hoagy Carmichael O- One Morning In May/ Don Bestor O- Armful of Trouble E+ NICE!

601. Vi 24577- Ray Noble O- Tiger Rag/ Japanese Sandman E+

602. Vi 22629- Snooks Memphis Stompers- I'm Happy When You're Happy/ Love Is Like That VV+

603. Vi 24641- Fats Waller Rhythm- Armful O' Sweetness/ I Wish I Were Twins E

604. Vi 24648- Fats Waller Rhythm- A Porter's Love Song to a Chambermaid/ Do Me a Favor E/EE-

605. Vi 24714- Fats Waller Rhythm- Don't Let It Bother You/ Georgia May V+/E-

606. Vi 24737- Fats Waller Rhythm- How Can You Face Me?/ Sweetie Pie E

607. Vi 24742- Fats Waller Rhythm- Let's Pretend There's a Moon/ Serenade For a Wealthy Widow E+

608. Vi 24801- Fats Waller Rhythm- I'm Growing Fonder of You/ Dream Man E

609. Vi 24802- The High Hatters- Don't Ever Leave Me!/ Jack Jackson O- Lonely Feet E

610. Vi 24808- Fats Waller Rhythm- If It Isn't Love/ Believe It Beloved E+

611. Vi 24812- Frankie Trumbauer O- Blue Moon/ Down T'Uncle Bill's V+

612. Vi 24825- Fats Waller Rhythm- Honeysuckle Rose/ Breakin' the Ice E

613. Vi 24853- Fats Waller Rhythm- I Believe In Miracles/ Night Wind E+

614. Vi 24863- Fats Waller Rhythm- You Fit Into the Picture/ I'm a Hundred Percent For You E-

615. Vi 24867- Fats Waller Rhythm- Baby Brown/ I'm a Hundred Percent For You E+ both no vocals

616. Vi 24868- Richard Himber O- Lullaby of Broadway/ Zing Went the Strings of My Heart EE+ tiny pop A clx few gvs

617. Vi 25029- Eddy Duchin O- You're All I Need/ Ev'ry Little Moment E+

618. Vi 25069- Jack Jackson O- What a Little Moonlight Can Do/ Tom Coakley O- East of the Sun E+

619. Vi 25071- Xavier Cugat O- The Cocoanut Pudding Vendor/ Le Tango Du Reve E

620. Vi 25076- Duke Ellington O- Ring Dem Bells/ Three Little Words E+N-

621. Vi 25080- Waring's Penns- Love For Sale/ Dancing In the Dark EE+

622. Vi 25113- Paul Whiteman O- Garden of Weed/ The Duke Insists EE-

623. Vi 25114- Enric Madriguera O- A Sunbonnet Blue & a Yellow Straw Hat/ Nothing Lives Longer Than Love E+N-

624. Vi 25125- Eddy Duchin O- You Are My Lucky Star/ I've Got a Feelin' You're Foolin' E+

625. Vi 25153- Enric Madriguera O- I'd Rather Listen to Your Eyes/ I'd Love to Take Orders From U E+

626. Vi 25165- Beatrice Lillie- A Baby's Best Friend/ Baby Didn't I Know EE+

627. Vi 25189- Richard Himber O- I Feel Like a Feather In the Breeze/ You Hit the Spot EE-

628. Vi 25238- Paul Whiteman O- Dardanella/ Avalon E original issue of these 1928 sides. Bix A

629. Vi 25319- Paul Whiteman O- Nobody's Sweetheart Now/ Stop, Look & Listen E-/E

630. Vi 25401- Ruby Newman O- Sing, Baby Sing/ Make Believe Ball Room EE-

631. Vi 25422- Ray Noble O- Easy to Love/ I've Got You Under My Skin EE+ Bowlly vocs

632. Vi 25461- Benny Goodman O- 'Taint No Use/ Goodnight My Love EE-/E-

633. Vi 25507- Ray Noble O- Slumming On Park Avenue/ I've Got My Love to Keep Me Warm E

634. Vi 25624- Hal Kemp O- It's the Natural Thing to Do/ The Moon Got In My Eyes E-

635. Vi 26289- Paul Robeson- Jes' Mah Song/ No More E+

636. Vi 26666- Tommy Dorsey O- Trade Winds/ Only Forever EE+ few lt scrs. Sinatra voc A

637. Vi 26740- Bea Wain w/ O- I Don't Want to Cry Any More/ Our Love Affair EE+

638. Vi 27204- Sidney Bechet NO Feetwarmers- Blues In Thirds/ One O' Clock Jump E

639. Vi 27227- Paul Robeson- Loch Lomond/ Land Of My Fathers E+

640. Vi 27318- Bill Coleman w/ Django Reinhardt- Bill Coleman Blues/ Dicky Wells Quartet- Dicky Wells Blues E+

641. Vi 27363- Bea Wain w/ O- Afraid to Say Hello/ My Sister & I E-

642. Vi 27445- Bea Wain w/ O- Kiss the Boys Goodbye/ That's How I Got My Start EE-/E+

643. Vi 27485- Sidney Bechet- The Sheik of Araby/ Blues of Bechet E+

644. Vi 27486- Bea Wain w/ O- You Started Something/ Peekaboo to You E/EE+

645. Vi 27574- Sidney Bechet NO Feetwarmers- Swing Parade/ I Know That You Know E+

646. Vi 40194- Vernon Dalhart- Eleven More Months & Ten More Days/ I'll Get Along Somehow E/EE+

647. Vi 20-1530- Tommy Dorsey O- In the Blue of the Evening/ It's Always You EE+ Sinatra vocs

648. Vi 20-2147- Tampa Red- I Oughta Bite You/ I'll Be Up Again Some Day EE-

649. Vi 20-2162- Washboard Sam Washboard Band- Diggin' My Potatoes/ Back Door E+

650. Vi 20-3451- Bobby Clark- Father's Day/ As the Girls Go EE+

651. Vi 20-4019(promo)- Dinah Shore & Buddy Clark- In Your Arms/ A Penny a Kiss E+

652. Vi 20-4281- Duke Ellington O- A Gathering In a Clearing/ Jumpin' Room Only N-

653. Vi 20-4711- Duke Ellington O- Balcony Serenade/ Strange Feeling E+

654. Vi 20-4867- Sauter Finegan O- Rain/ Stop! Sit Down! Relax! Think! E+

655. Vi 20-4866(promo)- Sauter Finegan O- Doodletown Fifers/ Azure-Te N-

656. Vi 20-4873(promo)- The Rockets w/ Hugo Winterhalter O- The Girls Are Marching/ The All Army Team N-

657. Vi 20-4927- Sauter Finegan O- Moonlight On the Ganges/ April In Paris E+

658. Vi 20-6830- Harry Belafonte- Don't Ever Love Me/ Mama Look At Bubu E+N-

659. Vi 25-0087- Barnabas de Geczy O- Voices of Spring/ Luxemburg E+

660. Vi 25-1069- Blanka w/ O- Just One of Those Things/ Easy to Love E-

661. Vi 25-4105- Barnabas von Geczy mit seinem Orch- Wenn du Mich Liebtest/ Fruhlingstag EE+

662. Vi 25-5033(Yiddish series)- Seymour Rechzeit w/ O- Ich Sing/ Belz E+

663. Vi 30-0004(BB series)- Cab Calloway O- Ol' Joe Louis/ Your Voice EE+

664. Vi 34-0748(BB series)- Tampa Red- I Can't Get Along With You/ Memphis Jimmy- Drifting E

665. Vi 420-0035- Glenn Miller O- At Last/ Perfidia E+

666. Vi 420-0037- Glenn Miller O- Blue Evening/ Serenade In Blue E+ light stain small part nap

667. Vi 420-0038- Glenn Miller O- Runnin' Wild/ Bugle Call Rag E+

668. Vi 420-0041- Glenn Miller O- Elmer's Tune/ Johnson Rag E+


669. Vi 2453 (7")- Billy Murray- Up In a Cocoanut Tree V

670. Vi 2580- Haydn Quartet- Down on the Farm VV+

671. Vi 2600- Arthur Pryor's Band- Katy-did V-

672. Vi 2635- Louis H Christie- Blue Bells of Scotland V-

673. Vi 4829 (8")- Rosario Bourdon w/ O- Musical Moments E-

674. Vi 84522(12")- Frequency Record 433 and 1000 cycles at 33 1/3, 1000 & 2300 cycles at 78 rpm// Frequency Record 30 cycles to 10,000 cycles E+...run off groove has etched "Mr. Barton"

675. Vi V-11007- Mihalyka falusi zenekara- Ritka Busa/ Gazd V Gypsy Orch

676. Vi 12041- Corpo Musicale della R. Marina Italiana- All' Armi! All' Armi!/ Giovinezza E

677. Vi 5-81489- Ferdy Kaufmann O- Ich mocht einmal wieder in Grinzing Sein/ Im prater bluh'n wieder die Baume E

678. Vi 22090(ARG)- Rudy Vallee y su Orq- Entonce's Aprendi a Querer/ Un beso Para Recuerdo E-

679. Victor Special Record(for private use only)- mx 46338/9- The Peerless Reproducers- Flapperette/ The Armorers Song/ Among My Souvenirs// Tannahuser/ To a Wild Rose/ In the Hall of the Mountain King V-..has typical 1920s stuffy announcer....black label...from 1928

680. Vi L-16005 Program Transcription- Leo Reisman O- Music From "The Cat & the Fiddle" E

681. Vi L-16009 Program Transcription- Hoagy Carmichael Dance Medley #1..E- in parts, EE- parts a couple of clicks sound but pass. Great stuff with Hoagy and Dick Robertson vocals on Star Dust, In the Still of the Night and Washboard Blues

682. Victor Theatre Use Only T-75- Isham Jones O- It's Winter Again/same E/V+...alternate instumental take to the 1932 side, which is rare in itself. The discography lists it as "experimental recording"..super rarity on orange label-- In 35 years of collecting I've only seen a couple of these.

683. Vi shellac private recording mx BS-77859-1- Roland Young sings Only With You, theme song from His Masters Voice--Broadway show. recorded c. 10/15/33. V+ tiny 1/4" hlc nap

684. Victor D-7A/B- Special Pressing- Not For Sale- Leopold Stowkowski Phila O- Parsifal part 3/ Boston Pops O- Strike Up the Band EE+


685. ARC unissued vinyl test mx LA-254-B- Jack Oakie w/ O- College Rhythm E+ alternate take to rare side...Has hlc from under center- nap...from October 1934

686. Actuelle 020639- Patricola w/ O- When Frances Dances With Me/ I Ain't Gonna Be Nobody's Fool V-

687. Admiral 1008- Bobby Colt w/ Raymond Scott O- Baby Wont U Say You Love Me/ Dig That Coal E

688. Aeolian Vocalion 14065- Aeolian O- Floradora selections/ Aeolian Light Opera Co- Floradora Sextette V-

689. Aeo Voc 14181- Swanee Melodists- Pucker Up & Whistle/ Crooning E-

690. Aeo Voc 14195- Erdody's Penn Hotel O- My Tea Cup Girl/ I Wonder Where My Sweet Daddy's Gone EE-

691. Am Mus 533- Louis Deisele's Band- Basin Street Blues/ Dinah E+

692. Asch 6017- "Pesache" Burstein w/ Harry Lubin p- Fity Die Ritia/ Proshtchai Odessa E+ Yiddish

693. Banner 1236- Six Black Diamonds- Struttin' Jim/ Hot Roasted Peanuts E

694. Ba 1265- Six Black Diamonds- Easy Melody/ Sobbin' Blues E- rcnap

695. Ba 6327- Campus Boys- Kansas City Kitty/ Hollywood DO- Walk Right Into My Heart VV+/E

696. Ba 6435- Hobbs Brothers- Devil's Dream/ Patty On the Telephone V/V+

697. Ba 0514- The Bostonians- Love Made a Gypsy Out of Me/ Imperial DO- It's Not a Secret Anymore V+/E- Smith Ballew A

698. Ba 0530- Frankie Wallace guitar- Dust Pan Blues/ Slu Foot Lou V-

699. Ba 32300- Glenn Cross O- Where the Blue of the Night/ Too Late V+

700. Ba 33234- Mal Hallett O- An Earful of Music/ When My Ship Comes In EE-

701. Ba 33439- Joe Haymes O- The Lady in Red/ To Call You My Own EE-

702. Beacon 5002- Billy Hayes acc by Peter Pan- Blackout Blues/ You Ain't Had No Blues N- orig slve

703. Bell P-153- Original Memphis 5- I Wish I Could Shimmy Like My Sister Kate/ Pacific Coast Bl V-

704. Bell P-168- Original Memphis 5- Chicago, That Toddling Town/ Got to Cool My Doggies Now VV+

705. Bell P-275- Ed Clifford- Where the Lazy Daisies Grow/ Arthur Hall- Mr. Radio Man VV+/E- rare early Cliff Edwards A

706. Bissell-Weisert 100- Bert Shefter p, Fern Sherman harpsichord, Robert Mc Bride English horn-

China Boy/ Sweet Sue E+..rare Chicago label, and unusual jazz trio(to say the least)--chamber jazz!

707. Black & White 782- Red Callender Trio- By the River Ste Marie/ Red Boogie E+

708. BB 5133- Joe Haymes O- Lime House Blues/ Shine On Harvest Moon E

709. BB 5280- Louis Armstrong O- St Louis Blues/ Sweet Sue Just You E+ dog lbl Vi masters

710. BB 5464- Sid Peltyn O- I Ain't Lazy- I'm Just Dreamin'/ I'm Dancing With the Girl of My Dreams V

711. BB 5469- Harold & Hazel- With My Guitar/ Texas E/EE-

712. BB 5533- Red Nichols O- Shine/ Runnin' Wild E-

713. BB 5578- Tom Berwick O- The Memphis Blues/ A Little Church Around the Corner VV+

714. BB 5595- Perry Bechtel O- Beautiful Face Have a Heart/ I Saw Stars V-

715. BB 5802- George Hall O- Singing a Happy Song/ Au Revoir L'amour E-/EE-

716. BB 5985- Reggie Childs O- Lulu's Back In Town/ You Can Be Kissed E+N-

717. BB 6077- California Ramblers- Just We Two/ What a Night, What a Moon, What a Girl E-

718. BB 6082- California Ramblers- The White Star of Sigma Nu/ Bill Stafton O- Love Me Or Leave Me E-

719. BB 6266- George Hall O- I'm Putting All My Eggs In One Basket/ But Where Are You? E+

720. BB 6267- George Hall O- Misty Islands of the Highlands/ The Wheel of the Wagon Is Broken E-

721. BB 6360- Wingy Mannone O- Rhythm Saved the World/ It's No Fun EE+

722. BB 6471- Bob Pope O- Let's Got Hot & Truck/ Swamp Fire/ E-/V

723. BB 6745- Johnny Hamp O- Who's That Knockin' At My Heart/ Smoke Dreams V+

724. BB 7047- Modern Mountaineers-Gettin' That Low Down Swing/ Loud Mouth V-

725. BB 7554- Blue Barron O- Cowboy From Brooklyn/ I'll Dream Tonight E+N-

726. BB 7614- Sidney Bechet NO Feetwarmers- Sweetie Dear/ Maple Leaf Rag E+ 1932 masters

727. BB 7906- Washboard Sam Washboard Band- When My Love Change/ Bucket's Got a Hole In It E-

728. BB 8164- Washboard Rhythm Boys- Nickel For a Pickle/ Sloppy Drunk Blues E

729. BB 8457- Sons of the Ozarks- When Beulah Did the Hula In Missoula/ The Ghost Song E-

730. BB 8524- Lil Green- What Have I Done?/ Romance In the Dark E/EE-

731. BB 8537- Happy Fats & His Rayne-Bo Ramblers- QST Gal/ The Old Ice Man V/E-

732. BB 8562- The Girls of the Golden West- Lonesome Valley Sally/ Two Cowgilrs On Lone Prairie V

733. BB 8596- Riley Puckett- Get Out & Get Under the Moon/ When I'm Back In Tennesee V+/V

734. BB 8727- Washboard Sam Washboard Band- She's Makin' a Fool Out of Me/ Every Tub Stands On It's Own Bottom V/EE-

735. BB 8827- Big Maceo- Texas Blues/ Worried Life Blues E-/G

736. BB 8929- Cecil & Vi- My Darling Wife/ Wont-Cha E-/V

737. BB 10022- Sidney Bechet NO Feetwarmers- I've Found a New Baby/ Shag E+ great 1932 masters

738. BB 10472- Sidney Bechet NO Feetwarmers- I Want You Tonight/ Lay Your Racket E+ 1932 masters

739. BB 11055- The Four King Sisters- Whatcha Know Joe/ Miss Otis Regrets E+

740. BB 11099- The Four King Sisters- Perspicacity/ Where the Mountains Meet the Moon E+N-

741. BB 11299- Glenn Miller O- The Man In the Moon/ Ma Ma Maria E+N-

742. BB 11381- Alvino Rey O- Around & Around She Goes/ Feed That Eagle E/E+

743. BB 30-0822- The Four King Sisters- It's Love-Love-Love/ Mairzy Doats NN-

744. BB 33-0504- Nettles Bros String Band- Beautiful Hawaiian Skies/ When I Go a Courtin My Best Gal V-

745. BB 34-0711- Tampa Red- I Ain't Fur It/ You Gonna Miss Me When I'm Gone E+

746. BB 34-0729- Roosevelt Sykes & his piano- Honeysuckle Rose/ Jiving the Jive E+

747. Broadway 8265- Martin Bros- Will They Deny Me When They're Men/ Don't Marry a Man If He Drinks V

748. Broad 1509- Sig Heller O- Snuggled On Your Shoulder/ Bob Tamms O- Every Time My Heart Beats mostly V+, some V ..with a few scrs, ...scarce dance band issue

749. CP Mac Gregor 1105/6(BLUE WAX)- Sterling Young O- Remember Me?/ uncred Orch w/ vocal trio- It's the Natural Thing to Do E/EE- lam B nap...rare Hollywood label

750. Cameo 309- Ernest Carle's Society O- Grace You're the Ace of Them All/ Victor Leon DO- You Know You Belong to Somebody Else VV+

751. Ca 310- Southern Serenaders- You've Got to See Mamma Ev'ry Night/ Runnin' Wild E-

752. Ca 348- Dixie Daisies- Papa Blues/ Cameo DO- That Red Head Gal E-

753. Ca 588- Varsity 8- Hard Hearted Hannah/ Henry Santrey Cameo O- Blue Eyed Sally EE-

754. Ca 800- The Caroliners- Melancholy Lou/ Lou Gold O- Let's Wander Away E+

755. Ca 914- Dixie Jubilee Singers- Scandalize My Name/ Who Is That Yonder G rcnaps

756. Ca 915- Seven Little Polar Bears- Horses/ Someone Is Losin' Susan V+ rcnap

757. Ca 919- Seven Little Polar Bears- Show That Fellow the Door/ The Caroliners- Its You E-

758. Ca 974- Seven Little Polar Bears- I Wonder What's Become of Joe?/ So Is Your Old Lady V-

759. Ca 1020- Seven Little Polar Bears- That's My Girl/ Varsity 8- She Knows Her Onions G

760. Ca 1058- Seven Little Polar Bears- Where Do You Work a John/ How Could Red Riding Hood EE-/E

761. Ca 9041- The Lumberjacks- Blue Little You/ Bob Haring O- I Faw Down & Go Boom A is mostly E-, some V+ / V+..exc A with Goodman, Teagarden-solos!

762. Capitol 211- Betty Hutton- Doin' It the Hard Way/ What Do U Want to Make Those Eyes At Me For E+

763. Cap 256- The King Cole Trio- Route 66/ Everyone Is Sayin' Hello Again E+

764. Cap 304- The King Cole Trio- The Best Man/ For Sentimental Reasons E+

765. Cap 318 (vinyl)- Alvino Rey O- There Is No Breeze/ Guitar Boogie E+ top vinyl pressing

766. Cap 320- Julia Lee Boy Friends- When a Woman Loves a Man/ Julia's Blues E+

767. Cap 328- The King Cole Trio- That's the Beginning of the End/ But She's My Buddy's Chick NEW

768. Cap 338(vinyl)- Alvino Rey O- Save Your Sorrow/ Among My Souvenirs E+ great vinyl pressing

769. Cap 356- The King Cole Trio- You Should Have Told Me/ I Want to Thank Your Folks E+N-

770. Cap 374- Benny Goodman O- Lonely Moments/ Whistle Blues N-

771. Cap 376- Benny Goodman O- It Takes Time/ Moon Faced- Starry Eyed N-

772. Cap 393- The King Cole Trio- You Don't Learn That In School/ Meet Me At No Special Place N-

773. Cap 394- Benny Goodman O- Fine & Dandy/ The Lonesome Road N-

774. Cap 416- Benny Goodman O- I Want to Be Loved/ Mahzel E+

775. Cap 437- The King Cole Trio- That's What/ Naughty Angeline E-

776. Cap 491(vinyl)- Alvino Rey O- I'm Looking Over a Four Leaf Clover/ Spanish Cavalier E+ clean vinyl

777. Cap 1111- Julia Lee Boy Friends- Don't Come Too Soon/ My Man Stands Out E+

778. Cap 1604- Nellie Lutcher Rhythm- Fine Brown Frame/ Hurry on Down E+

779. Cap 2347- Frances Faye- On a Raft/ My Last Affair N-

780. Cap 2773(promo)- Al Jazzbo Collins- Little Hood Riding Red/ Pee Little Thrigs N- co-composer credit is Colonel Stoopnagle

781. Cap 3260- Frank Sinatra- Love & Marriage/ The Impatient Years E+

782. Cap 15053(vinyl)- Alvino Rey O- Anitra's Boogie/ G String Boogie EE+ clean vinyl pressing

783. Cap 15242- Nick Lucas- Tip Toe Thru the Tulips With Me/ Side By Side E+

784. Cap 15353- Nick Lucas- Don't Gamble With Romance/ Tea Time On the Thames E+

785. Cavalier 825- Nick Lucas- Coquette/ Tear Drops E+N-

786. Cav 826- Nick Lucas- Til the End of Forever/ Lady Be Good E+

787. Centurama Hits 2- Lanny Ross, the Murphy Sisters and Will Lorin O- Centurama/ If You See a Garden V/E- from the Milwaukee Centurama Lakefront Show

788. Challenge 127- Joe Candullo Everglades O- Black Bottom/ Messin' Around V

789. Champion 15055- The Seven Champions- Then I'll Be Happy/ Dick Beeson O- That Certain Party G good, esp. B

790. Ch 15726- George Hamilton piano- Atlanta Rag/ Chimes Blues VV+

791. Ch 15778- Dick Burton O- The Rainbow Man/ Bud Carson O- Now I'm In Love... strong recording.. VV+ some solos

792. Clarion 5107- Wally Edwards O- Sweet Jennie Lee/ Conrad Grey O- Sentimental Baby E-

793. Claxtonola 756- Ferera & Franchini- Dreamy Hawaii/ Honolulu March E- rare Iowa label- top Haw.

794. Cq 7143- Imperial DO- Mississippi Mud/ Original Indiana 5- Moten Stomp E-

795. Cq 7792- Roy Smeck Trio- Down the River of Golden Dreams/ Somewhere In Old Wyoming E+/V both take 2--Smith Ballew vocal A, Hawaiian guitar

796. Cq 8113- Will Osborne O- Hey Young Fella/ Gene's Merrymakers- I Like Mountain Music EE+

797. Cq 8197- Big Bill- Baby I Done Got Wise/ Just a Dream V rcnap

798. Coral 69007/8- Victor Jory- Wild Bill Hickok parts 1-4..E+ ..2 records

799. Cosmopolitan 300- Kai Winding Quintet-I'm Shooting High/ Melvin Moore w/ Kai Winding Quintet- Deep Purple E-

800. Cosmo 7501- Mae West w/ Duke Ellington O- My Old Flame/ Duke Orch- Rockin' Chair E

801. Crown 3003- Buddy Blue Texans- Gee But I'd Like to Make You Happy/ Adrian Schubert O- I'll be Blue Just Thinking of You E- 2" tite cr rep'd...Ballew A

802. Cr 3006- Jack Albin O- I'm Yours/ Maybe It's Love V

803. Cr 3007- San Remo DO- A Peach of a Pair/ Adrian Schubert O- Loving You the Way I Do V+

804. Cr 3074- Johnny & Albert Crockett- My Blue Eyed Girl & I/ Lightnin' Express VV+

805. Cr 3168- Frank Novak O- I'm All Dressed Up With a Broken Heart/ At Your Command E odd stains nap

806. Cr 3232- Buddy Lane O- Carolina's Calling Me/ Home E-

807. Cr 3242- Lou Gold O- Ooh That Kiss/ By the Sycamore Tree VV+

808. Cr 3268- Lou Gold O- Snuggled On Your Shoulder/ Let That Be a Lesson to You G

809. Cr 3337- The High Steppers- In a Shanty In Old Shanty Town/ Night Shall Be Filled w/ Music V

810. Cr 3375- Jack Berger O- Say It Isn't So/ Something In the Night VV+ Charlie Palloy vocal A

811. Cr 3427- Dick Robertson O- Eadie Was a Lady/ I Played Fiddle For the Czar V-

812. Cr 3346- Harold Van Emburgh O- Just Another Dream of You/ If You Were Only Mine VV+

813. Cr 3378- Allan Small O- Pink Elephants/ 'Twas Only a Summer Night's Dream VV+ heat warp

814. Cr 3479- Tommy Tucker O- Two Buck Tim From Timbuctoo/ Tony's Wife E-/VV+

815. Cr 3506- Sam Remo DO- Caminito/ Donde Estas Corazon V

816. Cr 3508- Adrian Schubert O- Hold Your Man/ Dreaming E-

817. Cr 3518- Allan Small O- Blue Roses/ My Moonlight Madonna V-

818. Davis 22- WC Handy O- Loveless Love/ St Louis Blues E

819. Dee Gee 3603- Dizzy Gillespie- Joe Carroll w/ Dizzy Sextet- Sunny Side of the Street/ Oh-Sho-Be-Do-Be E+

820. Diamond 2022- Nick Lucas O- My Blue Heaven/ Everyone Is Looking For the Rainbow EE+

821. Diva 2501- Original Indiana 5- I'm Coming Virginia/ Someday Sweetheart V+

822. Di 2653- University 6- Constantinople/ Ernie Golden O- Just a Night For Meditation V+

823. Di 3101- The Four Aces- Under a Texas Moon/ Mississippi Moon V- Hawaiian guitar accomp

824. Di 3104- Mills Merry Makers- St James Infirmary/ Julie Wintz O- Harmonica Harry V+ good sides...rarely heard Charlie Teagarden vocal A

825. Di 6054- Adelyne Hood- Clementine (the Bargain Queen)/ Song of the Old Ding Dong V FUN!

826. Domino 429- Six Black Dominos- Those Panama Mamas/ Nobody Knows What a Red Head Mama Can Do E+

827. Do 4495- Sam Lanin O- I'm On a Diet of Love/ Mona E- then VV+ some solos

828. Dot 1057- John Maddox Rhytmasters- Dill Pickles/ Sweet Georgia Brown E+

829. Down Home 8- Ralph Sutton- Climax Rag/ Chromatic Rag N- Albany, California label

830. Down Home 9- Ralph Sutton- Frog Legs Rag/ Black & White Rag E+ Albany, California label

831. EDD 51281- California Entertainers- Take Oh Take Those Lips Away/ Dream Daddy E+

832. EDD 51405- Congo Four- Bring Back Those Rock a Bye Baby Days/ Glad Eyes E+

833. EDD 51422- The Blue Ridge Duo (Gene Austin & George Reneau)- Arkansas Traveler/ Little Brown Jug E+ light scr A about 20 sec, rcnap

834. Electradisk 1900- Tom Berwick O- Please/ Isn't It Romantic G

835. Elite 5023- Lang Thompson O- Tangerine/ Miss You E+

836. Emerson 5146 (6")- Emerson Military Band- Carmen March VV+

837. Em 765- Grace Nash & Samuel Ash- Rackety Coo/ Manuel Romain- Trail to Sunset Valley V+

838. Em 778- Marshall Lufsky- Sweet Birdie Polka/ BC Vincent- Sweet Sixteen E

839. Em 791- Gene Rogers- Tennessee Blues/ Morton Harvey- Pretty Baby E

840. Emerson 7107 (7")- Arthur Collins- Two Key Rag/ Van & Schenck- I'ts a Long Time Since I've Been Home V+/V-

841. Em 7109 - Henry Burr- Then You'll Remember Me/ Louise King & Henry Burr- Bachelor Girl & Boy E-

842. Em 7115- John W. Myers- My Dad's Dinner Pail/ Paddy Duffy's Cart E-/W

843. Em 7120- Wilber C. Sweatman clt solo acc by O- My Hawaiian Sunshine/ Emerson Symphony O- The Missouri Wz V

844. Em 7137- Henry Lewis- Love Is a Wonderful Thing/ What Did You Want to Make Those Eyes At Me For E- sm pop/ E

845. Em 7139- Marie Fenton- Keep Your Eye On the Girlie You Love/ William Sloane- Naughty, Naughty, Naughty EE+

846. Em 7159- Franklin Carreau- Gypsy Love Song/ William Sloane- I Never Knew E

847. Em 7178- John W. Myers- War Song Medley/ Ben Linn- You're a Grand Old Flag V+ bite nap

848. Em 7190- Ben Linn- I Ain't Got Nobody Much/ Everybody Loves a Girl Who's Modest EE+

849. Em 7235- Arthur Friedheim piano solo- Liszt Rhapsodie part 1/2 V

850. Em 7252- Harry Evans- America, Here's My Boy/ Sam Ash- Somewhere In France Is Daddy E-

851. Em 7292- George Beaver- My Sweetie/ Harry Evans- Good Bye Dolly Gray VV+

852. Em 7320- Eddie Nelson- Mama's Blues/ Tishimingo Blues V+

853. Em 7336- Henry Lewis- If They Ever Put a Tax On Love/ I'm the Brother of Lily of the Valley EE+

854. Em 7349- Peerless Quartet- Good Bye Barney Boy/ Harry Evans- Off to France E-

855. Em 7381- Harry Evans- You Belong to the USA/ We're All Going Calling On the Kaiser V

856. Em 7476- D. (Bud) Bernie- Johnny's In Town/ After All E-

857. Em 7522- Robert Rice w/ O- Lonesone-That's All/ William Robinson- Some Time It Will Be Love Time EE+

858. Em 7530- Emerson Military Band- New Trix/ The Alcoholic Blues VV+

859. Emerson 10180(10")- Dolly Connolly w/ O- One Loving Caress/ William Robyn w/ O-I Found I Can't Live Without You EE+

860. Em 10320- Arthur Fields w/ O- I'm Saving Up My Dough For Rae & Me/ Fred Hillebrand w/ O- He Always Goes Farther Than Father V+E-

861. Em 10423- Bennie Krueger O- You're the Sweetest Girl in All the World/ Plantation DO- I've Lost My Heart to the Meanest Gal In Town E+

862. Em 10558- Original Memphis 5- Bee's Knees/ Lanin Roseland DO- Rose of the Rio Grande E

863. Em 13242- Abraham Rosenstein w/ Orch- Ziessala/ Sha Sha Der Rebbe Geht VV+

864. Em 3117- Marlborough DO- Idolizing/ Frank Dailey O- Blue Skies V+

865. Fine Arts 101- The Troubadours- Don't Gamble With Romance/ Public Enemy Number 1/2 E- despite grey, scrs--vinyl presing

866. Gala 1- Miss Lee Wiley w/ Max Kaminsky O- Here In My Arms/ Baby's Awake Now V+

867. General 4001- Jelly Roll Morton- Mamie's Blues/ Original Rags E

868. Ge 4002- Jelly Roll Morton- The Naked Dance/ Michigan Water Blues E

869. Ge 4003- Jelly Roll Morton- Buddy Bolden's Blues/ The Crave E

870. Ge 4004- Jelly Roll Morton- Winin' Boy Blues/ Mister Joe E

871. Ge 4005- Jelly Roll Morton- Don't You Leave Me Here/ King Porter Stomp E-/E

872. Gennett 4731- Flo Bert w/ O- All By Myself/ Hortense EE+ rcnap

873. Ge 4762- Ladd's Black Aces- Aunt Hagar's Children's Blues/ Shake It & Break It V-

874. Ge 5349- Bailey's Lucky 7- Steppin' Out/ Maybe E

875. Ge 5361- The Four Musical Minstrels- Say It With a Ukulele/ Before You Go V-/V

876. Ge 5409- Bob Tamm's Million Dollar Riverview O- You'll Find There Isn't Loving Like My Kind/ Joie Lichter's Strand O- I'm In a Fool's Paradise V-

877. Good Time Jazz 44- Wally Rose- Top Liner Rag/ Springtime Rag E+

878. Harmony A 1032(early label- large center hole)- Duet- It's Nice to be Nice to a Girl Like You EE+

879. Harmony 56- The Savannah Six- Hot Aire/ 'Taint Cold V-

880. Ha 58- The Savannah Six- Jacksonville Gal/ Original Indiana 5- Everybody's Doin' the Charleston Now V-

881. Ha 294- Dolly Kay- Rags/ Pretty Little Thing E-

882. Ha 322- Ross Gorman Virginians- Come Day-Go Day/ Sidewalk Blues E

883. Ha 696- Frank Wallace- Swanee Blue Jay/ Drowsy Moonlight E-

884. Ha 706- Gay Ellis(Hanshaw) & her Novelty O- ICGUA But Love/ I Must Have That Man V+E-

885. Ha 776- The Georgians- Glorianna/ Let's Do It EE-

886. Ha 853- Carolina Club O- Guess Who?/ Bert Lown O- My Castle In Spain..Shack In the Lane E+

887. Ha 926- Barney Trimble O- Honey/ Arthur Ross O- Alabammy Snow E

888. Ha 1005- Ted Bartell O- Same Old Moon/ The Georgians- You Want Lovin' E+

889. Harmony 1027(purple label)- Larry Adler w/ O- They All Laughed/ They Can't Take That Away From Me NN-

890. Ha 1047- Julie Wilson & Jerry Wayne- Let's Take An Old Fashioned Walk/ I Love You E+

891. Hit 7022- Johnny Jones O- Ticketyboo/ Moonlight Becomes You E- obscure Ann Ronnell tune A

892. International 174- Maxim Brodyn- A Tane Tzu Got/ In Der Finster EE+ rcnap

893. Israel 100- Yosefa Shocken w/ O- Kinneret/ Paolo Gorin w/ O- Chanita VV+ recorded in Israel

894. Keynote 603- Lester Young Quintet- I Never Knew/ Just You, Just Me E/E+

895. Jazz Man 11- Jelly Rol Morton piano solo- Honky Tonk Music/ Winin' Boy Blues E

896. JM 12- Jelly Roll Morton piano solo- Finger Buster/ Creepy Feeling E+N-

897. Jewel 5756- Society Night Club O- I'm In Love With You/ Willie Creager O- Who Misses My Kisses VV+/V- Smith Ballew vocal A

898. Je 6041- The Clevelanders- How Are You Tonight In Hawaii?/ Cliff Roberts DO- I'll Sing a Love Song E-

899. LMS 157- Enric Madriguera O- I Like the Likes of You/ Should I Be Sweet? E Columbia pressing

900. LMS 167- Frances Maddux- Ho Hum/ Sin-Tax E- laminated pressing with many lams..not bad

901. LMS 178- Jimmy Rogers and his piano- Zing Went the Strings Of My Heart/ Gotta See a Man About His Daughter E+ great pressing

902. LMS 340- Jean Cavall- C'est un Mauvais Garcon/ Tu Sais E+

903. LMS 361- Mabel Mercer- My Man's Gone Now/ Bess, You is My Woman E-/VV+

904. Lakeside 70233- Vess L. Ossman banjo- Coon Band Contest E couple lt clx

905. Lyric 5230- Fred Whitehouse- Palasteena/ Helen Bell Rush- I've Got the Blues For My Old Kentucky Home V-/V+ rcnap..rare Newark, NJ label

906. MGM 10302- Blue Rhythm Band(Getz, Shavers)- Blue Rhythm Jam/ Blue Rhythm Be Bop E+

907. MGM 10514- "Peach Tree" Logan- Rumor 'Bout the Roomer/ Brother In Law You've Got to Go E+

908. MGM 12408- Ernie Kovacs w/ Leroy Holmes Tug Boat 8- Hey Taxi!/ Leroy Holmes Tug Boat 8- Oriental Blues(theme from the Kovacs' show) E+

909. MGM 12350- James Brown as Lt Rip Masters of Rin Tin Tin TV Show- Forward Ho/ Ghost Town N- in original picture sleeve which has edges repaired

910. MGM 30207- Jimmy Durante- It's My Nose's Birthday/ Fugitive From Esquire N-

911. MHR 107/117(Mary Howard Recording)- Ethel Waters- Little Black Boy/ Happiness Is a Thing Called Joe E+

912. Madison 1609- Joe Harrison O- Sister Sally/ Newport Soc O- Horses E/EE+

913. Mad 22002- Maryland Ramblers- If You Want to Find Love/ Manhattan Merrymakers- Send Me a Rose From Ireland E+

914. Mad 50019- Atlanta Merrymakers- Song of India/ Carlton DO- Blue Danube Wz EE-

915. Mad 5091- Madison DO- A Little Lady/ Betty Co Ed E- GOOD tpt B

916. Mad 6000- Tom Smith Melody Masters- Blue Again/ Louisiville Master Players- Virginia E- good A, better B-long string of solos

917. Mad 6004- Majestic DO- Body & Soul/ Merry Collegians- Thats What You Mean to Me EE+/VV+ good A, Hawaiian guitar B

918. Majestic 7259- Lee Wiley w/ Jess Stacy O- But Not For Me/ Memories EE+ rcnap

919. Master 108- Raymond Scott Quintette- Minuet in Jazz/ Twilight In Turkey EE+

920. Ma 111- Raymond Scott Quintet- Powerhouse/ The Toy Trumpet EE+

921. Media 1005- Bobby Roberts- Hucklebuck Mambo/ Yankee Doodle Mambo E- rare Philadelphia label..

922. Melodisc 702(7")- Carolina Syncopators- Dardanella/ National Military Band- Sweetie Dear E tite cr to lbl nap

923. Melotone MS 16064 (Argentina?)- Orquesta de Will Osborne- Sin Un Amor(Without That Gal)/ Lolita Marques con orq- Siempre N-..super rare issue- ealry Melotone on standard blue/silver label. Different arrangement A than would have been on a US issue- never seen this series before!

924. Mt 12098- Milt Shaw O- Walkin' My Baby Back Home/ Running Between the Raindrops EE-

925. Mt 12402- Sleepy Hall Collegians- When You're Gettin' Along With Your Gal/ On the Merry Go Round EE+..a scarce one from the period where ARC would do two versions- one for Perfect and one for Melotone. this rarer Melotone is quite diff from the Perfect which had Bullock- this has Scrappy

926. Mt 12466- Sleepy Hall Collegians- Living In Clover/ Goodnight Vienna E+ Smith Ballew vocs

927. Mt 12692- Art Kahn O- The Gold Diggers Song/ Pettin' In the Park EE-

928. Mt 12862- Adrian Rollini O- Annie Doesn't Live Here Aynmore/ I'd be Telling a Lie E- good w/ BG

929. Mt 12892- Adrian Rollini O- On the Wrong Side of the Fence (tk 1)/ Ol Pappy(tk 2) E- BG, etc

930. Mt 13039- Will Osborne O- With My Eyes Wide Open I'm Dreaming/ Do I Love You? E-

931. Mt 13051- Joe Reichman O- I Only Have Eyes For You/ Try to See It My Way VV+

932. Mt 13127- Bing Crosby- Black Moonlight (tk B)/ Sweet Georgia Brown EE+/EE- lbl dmg

933. Mt 13152- Roy Smeck Quartette- There's Nothing Else to Do(In Ma-la-Ka-Mo-Ka-Lu)/ I've Found A LIttle Grass Skirt V+ nice Hawaiian!

934. Mt 13322- Henry Allen O- Smooth Sailing/ Whose Honey Are You? E/EE-

935. Mt 13348- Will Osborn O- I'm Misunderstood/ So Red the Rose E+

936. Mt 13349- Vincent Rose O- Rhythm of the Rain/ Ev'rything's Been Done Before V+

937. Mt 13353- Harlem Hot Shots- Dust Off That Old Piano/ House Rent Party Day VV+/EE+

938. Mt 35-10-08- Charles Magnante- Tantalizin'/ Nola E

939. Mt 5-11-02- Chick Bullock Levee Loungers- I'd Rather Listen to Your Eyes/ I'd Love to Take Orders From You V+E-

940. Mt 5-11-10- Dick Messner O- Wouldn't I Be a Wonder/ The Oregon Trail E+

941. Mt 5-11-11- Dick Messner O- Rhythm & Romance/ Now You've Got Me Doing It E-

942. Mt 6-06-03- Jack Shilkret O- One Hamburger For Madame/ Robins & Roses EE-/EE+

943. Mt 6-11-04- Dick Mc Donough O- Midnight Blue/ When the Moon Hangs High E

944. Mt 6-12-05- Jerry Freeman O- Alabama Barbecue/ That's What You Mean to Me E+

945. Mt 7-02-04- Dick Mc Donough O- Between the Devil & the Deep Blue Sea/ Daradnella E+ Buddy Clark vocal A

946. Mt 7-04-01- Sterling Young O- One In a Million/ Who's Afraid of Love? EE-/V+

947. Mt 7-04-03- Gene Kardos O- What Will I Tell My Heart/ Boo Hoo VV+

948. Mt 7-04-10- Johnny Johnson O- Too Marvelous For Words/ Just a Quiet Evening EE-

949. Mt 7-04-14- Gene Kardos O- Oh By Jingo/ It Happened Down In Dixieland VV+ some dmg

950. Mt 7-04-19- Bobby Hayes O- Did Anyone Ever Tell You?/ When Love Is Young E+

951. Mt 7-05-01- Sterling Young O- Sweet Heartache/ No More Tears EE-

952. Mt 7-05-03- Gene Kardos O- You Showed Me the Way/ Lady From Mayfair E-

953. Mt 7-05-13- Joe Haymes O- My Little Buckaroo/ The Love Bug Will Bite You V+/E-

954. Mt 7-05-14- Joe Haymes O- Slap That Bass/ Lets Call the Whole Thing Off EE-

955. Mt 7-05-18- Dick Mc Donough O- Shall We Dance/ Beginners Luck EE-

956. Mt 7-05-25- Chick Bullock w/ O- Its Swell of You/ Never In a Million Years E

957. Mt 7-05-28- Gene Kardos O- Wanted/ You Cant Take It With You V-

958. Mt 7-05-51- Hoosier Hot Shots- The Coat and the Pants Do All the Work/ When You Wore a Tulip E-/V

959. Mt 7-09-02- Sterling Young O- Let's Have Another Cigarette/ Roses In December VV+/E-

960. Mercury 1044- Benay Venuta w/ O- Hello My Baby/ When Frances Dances With Me E

961. Mer 8950- Slim Gaillard Int'l Famous O- Babalu(Orooney)/ Sabroso E despite grey

962. Mezzotone 101- Mae West w/ O- That's All Brother That's All/ Imaginary Love EE+ rcnap

963. Montgomery Ward 4998- Ted Russell O- I'm In the Mood For Love/ You Are My Lucky Star EE-/E-

964. Musicraft 354- Dizzy Gillespie All Star Quintette- Shaw Nuff/ Lover Man EE+

965. Mus 392- Artie Shaw O w/ Kitty Kallen- My Heart Belongs to Daddy/ Artie Shaw O- I've Got You Under My Skin EE+

966. Mus 492- Artie Shaw O w/ Mel Torme- It's the Same Old Dream/ I Believe E+

967. Mus 566- The Roaming Philosopher- Conversation With a Mule/ Deck of Cards V+

968. New York Academy of Music- The Art of Playing Tenor Banjo- Lesson 21- Hookaloomis/

Lesson 22- Lullaby// # 23- Innsbruck March/# 24- Dixieland March, March thru Georgia VV+

969. Nocturne 3135- Johnny Fosdick O w/ Anita Boyer- Swingin the Jingle/ Get Hep E+...both ads for Pepsi Cola---A swings the famous Pepsi Cola Hits the Spot jingle/ B side Get Hep with Pepsi Cola

970. OK 2830- Bing Crosby- The Day You Came Along/ Beautiful Girl E+

971. OKeh personal unnumbered. Clayton Fattey's Roycroft Orch- Take, Oh, Take Those Lips Away/ It's Not the First Time You Left Me VV+/V+. a rare one from 1923. Two good peppy instrumentals, this is on the standard red/gold OKeh label, but where the issue number would be, says Fattey Record-A/ Fattey Record-B...any info out there??

972. OK 4054- Billy Murray- Oh What a Little Whopper/ Harvey Hindermyer- I Might Be Your Once In a While E

973. OK 4358- Aileen Stanley w/ O- It Takes a Good Man to Do That/ Mimi VV+

974. OK 4370- Joe Samuels Jazz Band- Pullman Porter Blues/ Oh Boy I've Found the Baby For Me V-

975. OK 4376- Erdody's Hotel Penn O- My Cherry Blossom/ Bennie Krueger O- Sweetheart V+

976. OK 4398- Green Bros Nov Band- Peggy O' Neil/ All By Myself E-

977. OK 4399- Billy Jones w/ O- Molly On a Trolley/ Ma V+

978. OK 4477- Harry Raderman Jazz O- Muscle Shoals Blues/ I've Got My Habits On E-/VV+

979. OK 4655- The Original Six- Sing Song Man/ Jump Steady Blues E

980. OK 4806- Bobby Hackett O- That's How Dreams Should End/ Sunrise Serenade E+/E

981. OK 4822- Billy Jones- You Know You Belong to Somebody Else/ Who's Sorry Now E+

982. OK 4862- Guyon's Paradise O- Louisvile Lou/ Henpecked Blues G

983. OK 4866- Guyon's Paradise O- Ain't Got Nothin Never Had Nothin' Blues/ Blue Diamond DO- Yes We Have No Bananas VV-

984. OK 4883- Guyon's Paradise O- I Never Miss the Sunshine/ Markel's O- Bebe V-

985. OK 40145- Al Bernard- Frank Kamplain- When Dixie Stars Are Playing Peek a Boo/ Al Bernard- Ernest Hare- Eva V

986. OK 40148- Finzels Arcadia O of Detroit- Mandalay/ Lots O' Mama VV+

987. OK 40167- Helen Clark-Bruce Wallace- Memory Lane/ Bruce Wallace-Just a Little Bit of Love V+

988. OK 40180- Ace Brigode O- Follow the Swallow/ Harold Oxley O- I Dont Know Why V-

989. OK 40182- Vincent Lopez O- Come Back to Me/ Bing Bing V

990. OK 40199- Vincent Lopez O- Me & the Boy Friend/ Dreamer of Dreams V-

991. OK 05205- Big Bill- Oh Yes/ Fightin' Little Rooster V-

992. OK 5687- Cab Calloway O- Come On With the "Come On"/ Ghost of a Chance E+

993. OK 5732- Count Basie O- Evenin'/ Moten Swing E/EE+

994. OK 5950- Cab Calloway O- Hot Air/ Levee Lullaby EE-

995. OK 5988- Claude Thornhill O- Love Tales/ Alt Wien EE+/E-

996. OK 6009- Gene Krupa O- Full Dress Hop/ Who EE-

997. OK 6013- Chick Bullock All Star O- Smiles/ It Had to Be You E-

998. OK 6024- Tiny Hill O- Just Like a Bolt From the Blue/ Lovin' Sam E

999. OK 6025- Ginny Simms w/ O- Walkin' By the River/ May I Never Love Again E+

1000. OK 6026- Horace Henderson O- Turkey Special/ Sultan Serenade N-

1001. OK 6027- Les Paul Trio- Where Is Love?/ Swanee River N-

1002. OK 6034- Gene Krupa O- Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy/ The Big Do E/E-

1003. OK 6050- Ginny Simms w/ O- I Know a Secret/ A Stone's Throw From Heaven E+N-

1004. OK 6052- Fred Feibel Quartet- Dapper Dan/ Bye Bye Blues N-

1005. OK 6058- Dick Jurgens O- Blue Echoes/ Corn Silk V+/E

1006. OK 6063- Ray Herbeck O- Breakfast For Two/ Its Sad, But True E+

1007. OK 6071- Count Basie O- Tuesday At Ten/ Undecided Blues E+

1008. OK 6073- Tiny Hill O- Lady of the Evening/ That's My Weakness Now E+

1009. OK 6074- Buddy Clark w/ O- Wheh You Said "Good Bye"/ You Call It Madness E

1010. OK 6106- Gene Krupa O- Wire Brush Stomp/ Hamtramck VV+

1011. OK 6180- Count Basie O- Feedin' the Bean/ I Do Mean You EE+

1012. OK 6222- Gene Krupa O- Green Eyes/ Throwing Pebbles In the Millstream E+

1013. OK 06254- Jean Brady- My Mellow Man/ Knockin' Myself Out E

1014. OK 6341- Cab Calloway O- I See a Million People/ We Go Well Together E+

1015. OK 6573- Les Brown O- Everybody's Making Money But Tchaikovsky/ Hereafter E-/E

1016. OK 06630- Big Bill- She's Gone With the Wind/ Why Should I Spend My Money VV-

1017. OK 6683- Judy Canova- Some One/ Is It True E

1018. OK 6709- Roosevelt Sykes- Sugar Babe Blues/ Training Camp Blues V+/E-

1019. OK 7011(promo)- Billy Barlow w/ O- Put Some Jack in the Jukebox/ The Clock E+

1020. Oriole 1121- Singer & Holton- We All Scream For Ice Cream/ Harry Crane- Ten Cents Worth of Crackers & Ten Cents Worth of Cheese EE-

1021. Or 1409- Roy Smeck Trio- Sonny Boy/ Carson Robison & Frank Evans- On a Blue Lagoon EE+

1022. Or 1618- Roy Smeck Trio- You Are My Beautiful Theme Song/ Wedding of the Painted Doll E

1023. Or 1870- Roy Smeck Trio- Dreamy South Sea Moon/ Have a Little Faith In Me EE-

1024. Or 2208- Ben Pollack O- You Didn't Have to tell Me (tk 3)/ Joe Morgan O- Heartaches V

1025. Or 2512- Ruth Etting- It Was So Beautiful/ I'll Never Be the Same E lbl dmg nap

1026. Or 2623- Own Fallon O- No More Love/ My Darling EE-

1027. Oxford 5598 (8")- Collins & Harlan- Hurrah for Baffin's Bay V-

1028. Oxford 3360- Vess L. Ossman banjo- The Buffalo Rag V

1029. Paramount 33165- Arthur Fields- Bryan Believed In Heaven/

Ernest Davis- Open the Gates of the Temple VV- topical tune A about William Jennings Bryan

1030. Pacific Jazz 603- Harry Babasin Quartet- How About You/ Sanders Meanders E

1031. Pathe 020939- Original Memphis 5- I Never Miss the Sunshine/ That Red Head Gal E-

1032. Pa 021057- Warren Mitchell- Oh Sister Aint That Hot/ I've Got the Yes We Have No Bananas Blues E

1033. Pa 036043- Original Memphis 5- Snuggle Up a Bit/ That Teasin' Squeezin Man Of Mine V

1034. Pa 036151- Original Memphis 5- Choo Choo/ Evening V- Ellington tune A

1035. Pa 32250- Annette Hanshaw- If You See Sally/ Song of the Wanderer V-

1036. Pa 32468- Walter Dalton & his Guitar-A High Silk Hat & a Walking Cane/ Mountains Ain't No Place For Bad Men E

1037. Pa 32498- Walter Dalton & his Guitar- Stay Away From My Chicken House/ Slu Foot Lou E+

1038. Pa 36362- Fred Rich O- Dreaming of a Castle In the Air/ Palace Garden O- Tell Me Again V/V-

1039. Pa 36462- Phil Hughes High Hatters- Animal Crackers/ Joe Candullo O- Jackass Blues VV+

1040. Pa 36807- Phil Hughes High Hatters- Since She Learned to Ride a Horse/ Oh You Have No Idea EE-/E sm rcnaps

1041. Pathe demo 2463/2570- Willard Robison- Deep River Blues/ Deep River O- Darby Hicks American Suite #3 E+N- sm rcnap. beautiful brown/black mix shellac

1042. Penguin 0859- Snub Mosely O- Couldn't You Could/ Blue Memories E+ scuffs nap good jazz on a rare small label from downtown NYC on William St.

1043. Perfect 11276- Hawaiian Islanders- ICGUA But Love/ Sonny Boy E+N-

1044. Pe 11554- Cliff Edwards- Somebody Loves Me/ Little Somebody of Mine EE-

1045. Pe 11564- Cliff Edwards- Oh Lady Be Good/ The Only Only One For Me V+ 1/2" tite cr nap

1046. Pe 11622- Cliff Edwards- For No Good Reason At All/ Who Do You Think I'm Doing It For? VV+

1047. Pe 12134- Cliff Edwards- You're So Cute/ I Can't Get the One I Want E

1048. Pe 12284- Jay C. Flippen Gang- Baby Face/ Sadie Green VV+

1049. Pe 12598- Frankie Wallace- Oh For the Wild & Wooly West/ The Lonesome Cowboy- Eleven More Months & Ten More Days EE+/E

1050. Pe 12824- Dick Robertson w/ O- There's Oceans of Love By the Beautiful Sea/ Holding My Honey's Hand VV+ both good!

1051. Pe 13042- Bing Crosby- After Sundown/ Down the Old Ox Road E-

1052. Pe 14051- Original Memphis 5- I Wish I Could Shimmy Like My Sister Kate/ Got to Cool My Doggies Now V+E-

1053. Pe 14081- Original Memphis 5- Railroad Man/ Great White Way Blues V-/V

1054. Pe 14092- New Synco Jazz Band- Aggravatin' Papa/ Hollywood DO- You've Got to See Mamma Ev'ry Night V+

1055. Pe 14109- Wadsworth Nov DO- Ringtail Blues/ Sensation E+N-

1056. Pe 14234- Southhampton Society O- Keep a Goin'/ Frank Harrison Banjo Band- I Wonder Who's Dancing With You Tonight EE+

1057. Pe 14309- Golden Gate O- Ramblin' Blues/ Port Lodge O- Follow the Swallow E+

1058. Pe 14318- Golden Gate O- Too Tired/ Sing a Little Song E-

1059. Pe 14327- Southhampton Society O- Lucille/ Spain E- rcnap

1060. Pe 14428- The Blues Chasers- Sweet Georgia Brown/ Lou Gold O- Rose of the Moonlight V-

1061. Pe 14558- Original Indiana Five- I'd Rather Be Alone / Phil Hughes O- Thanks For the Buggy Ride E+/E+ about 6 light clx B

1062. Pe 14575- Mike Speciale O- Ev'rything's Gonna Be All Right/ Fred Rich O- A Little Bit Bad E+

1063. Pe 14618- Lou Gold O- Bye Bye Blackbird/ Mal Hallett O- She's a Corn Fed Indiana Girl E+/EE+

1064. Pe 14804- Original Memphis 5- What Do I Care What Somebody Said/ Wistful & Blue V RARE Annette Hanshaw sides

1065. Pe 14958- Phil Hughes High Hatters- Hello Montreal!/ Mississippi Mud EE+/E+

1066. Pe 15041- Deep River O- Ev'rything We Like Alike/ Blue Shadows E

1067. Pe 15659- Cab Calloway O- How Come You Do Me Like You Do/ Swanee Lullaby V+

1068. Pe 15686- Will Osborne O- Please/ Here Lies Love E few scuffs/ E

1069. Pe 15941- Cab Calloway O- Nobody's Sweeteart/ Harlem Holiday E/VV+

1070. Pe 16020- Mal Hallett O- Okay Toots/ An Earful of Music E-/V+

1071. Pe 8-02-06- Bob Pope O- Marie/ Rockin' Chair E

1072. Phono Cut 5150- Colonial DO- Thousand & One Nights/ Everybody Two Step EE+ dig A vert cut

1073. Photo & Sound APS 1127- CIO High Speed/ International Morse V- unusual label from Kearny St in San Francisco

1074. Publix 1058- The Paramounteers- My Love Parade/ Dream Lover E-

Paramount Publix theatre chain label

1075. Pub 2026- The Paramounteers- Just a Little Closer/ So Beats My Heart For You E- Paramount Publix theatre chain label

1076. Puritan 11138- Original Memphis 5- Deedle Deedle Dum/ Frisco Syncos- Keep on Building Castles V-

1077. Radiex 1527- uncred O- I Love You More Each Day/ Was It a Dream E-/VV+ rc 5 gvs B only. decent Sannella A side with Hawaiian guitar

1078. Religious Recording 1621- Rev Wm. Rimson & Cong- Jesus Said It/ Sermon by Rev Wm Rimson- Rivers of Living Water V rare Detroit, Michigan label

1079. Regal 8248- Original Indiana 5- Indiana Shuffle/ Coffee Pot Blues E-

1080. Re 9395- Original Memphis 5- Stop Your Kiddin'/ Bee's Knees E-

1081. Re 9588- Original Memphis 5- Lovey Came Back/ Your Mamma's Gonna Slow You Down V+/EE-

1082. Re 9620- Cliff Edwards- Where the Lazy Daisies Grow/ If You'll Come Back V+

1083. Remington 5072- Strube Orchestral Club- Hungarian Dance #1/ Virginia F Huber- Birds & the

Brook...looks V+, plays about E due to vertical recording. Rare multi colored label by Starr Piano in Richmond, Indiana

1084. Rishell 5426- Charles Ryan w/ O- The Kerry Dance/ James Reed w/ O- Love's Garden of Roses E looks V, but plays E due to vertical cut...rare Williamsport, Pa label

1085. Romeo 396- Eddie Miller DO- Indiana Mud/ Stompin' Fool VV+

1086. Ro 1822- Roy Smeck Trio- By the Fireside/ Dream Sweetheart VV+ sm rcnap

1087. Royal Roost 563- Bernard Pfeiffer Trio- Slow Burn/ Jeepers Creepers E+/E- few scuffs B

1088. RR 567- Bernard Pfeiffer Trio- Tired Blues/ La Vie En Rose EE+

1089. Royale 1876- Richard Himber O- Tennesee Fish Fry/ How Can I Ever Be Alone E/EE+

1090. Sacred 162- Sol Hoopii- Paradise Isle/ Beaufiful King of Kings E+

1091. Sac 163- Sol Hoopii- What a Friend We Have In Jesus/ Aloha Oe E+/EE+

1092. Skylark 538- Lighouse All Stars feat Jim Giuffre- Big Boy 1/2 E+ good w/ Shorty, Shelly

1093. Solo 10-006(promo)- The Silvertones- Just Like the Tree of Lebanon/ He Is My Rock, My Sword, My Shield E+

1094. Special Record - Mr & Mrs CA Blackmore- I'll Go All the Way With Jesus/ For His Love Reached Me G...Homer Rodheaver label- signed by the artist

1095. Speedy Sound Effects 7833- Wagon #1/2 EE+ multi banded efx.. from So Flower St in Los Angeles

1096. Standard A 724- Collins & Harlan- My Wife's Gone to the Country Hurrah! Hurrah! Arthur Collins- That's a Plenty V large center hole

1097. Standard Sound Effects 3260/ 026152- Orchestra Effects- classic orch/ dance orch/ Getting an A from piano, in theatre tune up w/ baton// continuous music box E

1098. Standard Sound Effects 042528/9- Reed Organ themes- Rock of Ages/ Abide With Me// Long, Long Ago/ Home Sweet Home E+

1099. Stardust 1002- Carmen Mc Rae- Wanting You/ A Foggy Day N- scarce NYC label

1100. Sterling 7005- Buddy Clark O- You Are Too Beautiful/ Robert the Roue E despite grey

1101. Subantenna Underground Antenna System (5")- Subantenna Quartet- Subantenna Song/ Annie Laurie V-..RARE early radio promotional item compliments of Cloverleaf Mfg Co on S Canal St in Chicago...A side starts "this is Westinghouse Broadcasting Station KYW..."..pressed on semi flex plastic- like (similar to Flexo)

1102. Supreme 1534- Fletcher Henderson O- Ain't I Losing You/ This is Everything I Prayed For E+N- vinyl pressing- poss the last Fletcher record??

1103. Supertone 32313- Jay C. Flippen Gang- Oh My Operation/ Did You Mean It? V-/VV-

1104. Supertone 9267- Dixie Sacred Singers- How Wonderful Heaven Must Be/ Hamlin Male Quartet- Rock of Ages G

1105. Swing Time 314- Jay Mc Shann- Jeronimo/ Mello Drag E+

1106. Symphonola 4130- George Hamilton Green Nov O- Flufffy Ruffles/ All Star Trio- The Vamp E+

1107. Symph 4293- Cathedral Quartet- Rock of Ages/ Reed Miller & Nevada Van der Veer w/ O- I Love to Tell the Story E- rare Buffalo, NY label

1108. Symphony 21438- Collins & Harlan- Every Little Bit Added to What You've Got Makes Just a Little Bit More V..rare label of unknown origin

1109. Tempo 1266- Brother Bones- Dardanella/ Marie E+

1110. Theatre Record- label reads--Special Theatre Record- from The Lady In Ermine- Arthur Lang O- When Hearts Are Young// from The Gingham Girl- Just As Long as You Have Me and The Twinkle In Your Eye...on sale in the lobby of theatre or at Al Greenstone on W 47th St NYC..E-....looks to be a pasted over label on a Cameo issue..rare nonetheless!

1111. Top Tune 457- Tune Toppers- It's You/ Hereafter E+ rare Ocean City, New Jersey label

1112. Top Tune 466- Tune Toppers- Darlin'/ Misfit Blues E+ as above- NJ label

1113. Triangle 11166- Original Memphis 5- I Wish I Could Shimmy Like My Sister Kate/ Joe Samuels O- When All Your Castles Come Tumbling Down VV+/V+

1114. Tr 11423- Chic Winters O- Nashville Nightingale/ Rose Marie V+

1115. Universal Zonophone 5160(9")- Hager's Orchestra- Cupid's Garden V-

1116. unknown label- Jaroslav Cimera-trombone solo Remembrance of Switzerland/ Thoughts of Love E red on cream colored label- prob 20s?

1117. Variety 503- Mills Blue Rhythm Band- Blue Rhythm Fantasy/ Jungle Madness E-

1118. Var 508- Barry Wood Mellow Melody- September In the Rain/ Melody For Two E+ purple label

1119. Va 557- Dolly Dawn Patrol- Alibi Baby/ The You & Me That Used to Be E+

1120. Var 581- Blue Barron O- I'm Feelin' Like a Million/ Yours & Mine V

1121. Var 606- Sleepy Hall O- Alice Blue Gown/ Lonely Serenade E+

1122. Var 623- George Hall O- Am I In Love?/ Remember Me? E int cr nap

1123. Var 643- Cab Calloway O- She's Tall, Tan & Teriffic/ I'm Always In the Mood For U V+ sm rcnap

1124. Varsity 244- Ray Dorey- Smoke Gets In Your Eyes/ Alan Dale & George Paxton O- More & More E tiny 1/4" cr

1125. Var 8190- Six Men & a Girl- Scratchin the Gravel/ Zonky E+/EE+

1126. Var 8193- Six Men & a Girl- Tea For Two/ Mary Lou Williams Blues EE+

1127. Velvetone 1660- Lou Gold O- ICGUA But Love/ Sweet Lorraine VV+/E-

1128. VT 1734- Annette Hanshaw- High Up On a Hill Top/ Forgetting You E-

1129. VT 1784- Billy Murray- Since the Movies Learned to Talk/ Don't Do That to the Poor Puss Cat VV+

1130. VT 1845- Jack Miller- Broadway Melody/ You Were Meant For Me E-

1131. VT 1896- Arthur Ross O- After Thinking It Over/ Barney Trimble O- Huggable Kissable You E+

1132. VT 1914- Jack Miller- Louise/ I'm Just a Vagabond Lover EE+ lt lam nap

1133. VT 2078- Sammy Fain- Navy Blues/ My Sweeter Than Sweet EE+/E

1134. VT 2086- Hotel Penn Music- 'Taint No Sin/ Nobody's Sweetheart looks V+, plays E HOT!

1135. VT 2173- Frank Auburn O- Singing a Song to the Stars/ Cheer Up E- lam nap

1136. VT 2351- Lloyd Keating O- Say a Little Prayer For Me/ Golden Gate O- Waiting VV+

1137. VT 2434- Phil Hughes O- I Love Louisa/ If You Haven't Got Love V Selvin sides

1138. VT 2441- Lloyd Keating O- Little Hunka Love/ Waiting For the Moon looks EE-, plays EE+ Selvin..nice upbeat A side with trumpet solo

1139. VT 2476- Roy Carroll O- Home/ You Were My Salvation looks EE-/E, plays E/EE+ Selvin/ Venuti

1140. VT 2481- Jerry Fenwyck O- I Wouldn't Change You For the World/ Save the Last Dance For Me looks VV+, plays E- Smith Ballew both sides on this great Selvin w/ Venuti, Goodman, etc solos

1141. VT 2510- D'orsay DO- How Long Will It Last/ Frank Auburn O- Good Night Moon E+

1142. Vocalion 14239- Selvin DO- Tenderly/ Say It With Music E+

1143. Vo 14254- Selvin DO- Mississippi Cradle/ Jockers DO- Song of Love E+

1144. Vo 14388- Yerkes SS Flotilla O- The French Trot/ Sunshine Alley E- cr to lbl

1145. Vo 14393- Chas. Harrison w/ O- Off to Philadelphia In the Morning/ My Wild Irish Rose E

1146. Vo 14394- Bar Harbor Soc O- Are You Playing Fair/ Dancing Fool E-/V+

1147. Vo 14451- Original Memphis 5- The Barking Dog-Woof Woof/ Stop Your Kidding EE-

1148. Vo 14503- Gene Fosdick's Hoosiers- Apple Sauce/ Peggy Dear E+

1149. Vo 14506- Original Memphis 5- Four O' Clock Blues/ Aggravatin' Papa V+

1150. Vo 14676- Isabelle Patricola w/ O- If I Can't Get the Sweetie I Want/ Mamma Goes Where Papa Goes E-

1151. Vo 14669- Isabelle Patricola w/ O- Mamma's Gonna Slow You Down/ Walk, Jenny, Walk E/EE+

1152. Vo 14901- Ben Bernie O- I'm Satisfied/ Tea For Two E-

1153. Vo 14933- The Ambassadors- The Throw Down Blues/ Oh How I Love My Darling VV+

1154. Vo 14979- Ben Bernie O- Titinia/ Oh Katharina! VV-

1155. Vo 15106- Tuxedo O- Angry/ Footloose E

1156. Vo 15161- The Hottentots- Down & Out Blues/ The Camel Walk V Red Nichols and gang

1157. Vo A 5110- Charlie Oaks w/ har & g- A Boy's Best Friend Is His Mother/ Darling Nellie Gray E

1158. Vo 2601(gold)- Ozzie Nelson O- Good Night My Darling/ There's Something About a Soldier V+/V 2" cr

1159. Vo 3070- Wingy Mannone O- I've Got a Feelin' You're Foolin'/ You Are My Lucky Star V/V+

1160. Vo 3134- Wingy Mannone O- The Music Goes Round/ I'm Shooting High V/V-

1161. Vo 3135- Wingy Mannone O- I've Got My Fingers Crossed/ You Let Me Down E-

1162. Vo 3159- Wingy Mannone O- Ol' Man Mose/ Please Believe Me E-

1163. Vo 03256- Sweet Violet Boys- Down By the Old Mill Stream/ Sweet Violets #2 E

1164. Vo 3342- The Dean & His Kids- Zoom Zoom Zoom/ Spreadin' Knowledge Around E/E-

1165. Vo 03437- Casey Bill(the Hawaiian Guitar Wizard)- Stream Line Woman/ You Talk In Your Sleep G-...well worn, but some sound remains

1166. Vo 3553- Mildred Bailey O- Little Joe/ Rockin' Chair E-/EE-

1167. Vo 3668- Erskine Hawkins O- Red Cap/ I Found a New Baby E+

1168. Vo 03683- Hoosier Hot Shots- Runnin' Wild/ Goofus E/V

1169. Vo 3703- Eddie Stone O- Listen My Children & You Shall Hear/ Stanshaw Stomp VV+/E+ HOT B

1170. Vo 03734- Hoosier Hot Shots- Nobody's Sweetheart/ Darktown Strutters Ball V+/V- sm pops

1171. Vo 3759- Bernie Cummins O- Saling Home/ In a Mission By the Sea E few scrs

1172. Vo 3814- Cootie Williams Rug Cutters- Downtown Uproar/ Blue Reverie EE+

1173. Vo 03925- The Kidoodlers- Then I'll Be Happy/ Jamadoodle V+

1174. Vo 3993- Maxine Sullivan w/ O- You Went to My Head/ It's Wonderful E+

1175. Vo 3996- Eddie Stone O- The Campbells Are Swinging/ Mr. Sweeney's Learned to Swing EE-

1176. Vo 4030- Sammy Kaye O- Coffee & Kisses/ Daddy's Boy E+ scuffs nap

1177. Vo 4086- Cootie Williams Rug Cutters- A Lesson In C/ Ol' Man River EE+

1178. Vo 4099- Buster Bailey O- Sloe Jam Fizz/ Planter's Punch E+/EE+

1179. Vo 4101- Eddie Stone O- Smuggler's Nightmare/ The Goblin Band EE-

1180. Vo 4124- Vincent Lopez O- Dust/ The Girl In the Bonnet of Blue E+

1181. Vo 4127- Sammy Kaye O- It's the Dreamer In Me/ If It Rains- Who Cares N-

1182. Vo 4269- Tommy Tucker Time- The Yam/ The Night Is Filled With Music EE-/E

1183. Vo 4412- Frankie Trumbauer O- Way Down Yonder In New Orleans/ Clarinet Marmalade EE+

1184. Vo 4636- Cootie Williams Rug Cutters- Mobile Blues/ Gal-avantin' E+

1185. Vo 4874- Dick Jurgens O- My Last Goodbye/ Rumpel-Stilts-Kin EE+

1186. Vo 4875- Jimmie Lunceford O- What Is This Thing Called Swing/ Ain't She Sweet NN-

1187. Vo 4997- Pete Johnson Boogie Woogie Boys- Baby Look At You/ Cherry Red EE-/ V

1188. Vo 5038- Jan Garber O- Runnin' Down/ After We Say Goodnight EE+

1189. Vo 5046- Del Courtney O- To You Sweetheart, Aloha/ Put That Down In Writing E

1190. Vo 5048- John Kirby O- I May Be Wrong/ Opus 5 E-

1191. Vo 5050- Larry Sothern O- Little Old Band of Gold/ Day In-Day Out EE+/E

1192. Vo 5059- Al Donahue O- Sweet Sorrow/ Shadows E

1193. Vo 5061- Del Courtney O- An Angel In An Unfurnished Room/ A Table In a Corner E

1194. Vo 5063- Dick Jurgens O- When I Climb Down From My Saddle/ Its a Hundred To One E+

1195. Vo 5065- Barry Wood Music- Running Through My Mind/ In An 18th Cent Drawing Room E+

1196. Vo 5072- Ben Bernie O- Goodnight My Beautfiul/ Tomorrow Night E-

1197. Vo 5074- Dick Jurgens O- Lilacs In the Rain/ If I Knew Then E+ one sm pop A

1198. Vo 5077- Drummer Man Johnny Williams Boys- Milenberg Joys/ My Curly- Headed Babby E/EE+

1199. Vo 5114- Jan Garber O- Seventeen/ Bonnie With the Big Blue Eyes E-

1200. Vo 5139- Sonny Burke O- Tea For Two/ The Last Jam Session E+

1201. Vo 5142- George Hall O- If What You Say Is True/ The Donkey Serenade V

1202. Vo 5143- Ray Herbeck O- Here Comes the Night/ I Just Got a Letter E

1203. Vo 5195- Cab Calloway O- I Ain't Gettin' Nowhere Fast/ Jiveformation Please EE-/E

1204. Vo 5198- Bobby Hackett O- I Surrender, Dear/ Ja-Da E-

1205. Vo 5199- Tommy Tucker Time- That Man That Comes Around/ Honestly E+

1206. Vo 05336- Ida Cox All Star Band- Deep Sea Blues/ Death Letter Blues E-

1207. Vo 5448- Rex Stewart O- I'll Come Back For More/ "Fat Stuff" Serenade E

1208. Vo 5491- Tommy Tucker Time- Little Nell's a Big Girl Now/ Too Tired EE+

1209. Vo 5510- Rex Stewart O- San Juan Hill/ Chained to a Dream E+

1210. Vo 5615- Ben Bernie O- It's a Wonderful World/ The Gentleman Needs a Shave E+

1211. white label- Bing Crosby blowups- Serenade In Blue/ Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams E

1212. Zon 369- Bob Roberts w/ O- My Name Is Morgan But it Ain't J.P. VV+ FUN!

1213. Zon 5769- Zon-o-phone Concert Band- Panamericana/ Ente' Acte E sm pop A

FOREIGN LABELS(all British unless noted)

1214. ACO 15171- Isadore Maurice piano- Silence & Fun/ Coaxing the Piano E+

1215. ACO 15190- Isadore Maurice piano- Greenwich Witch/ Breakin' the Piano E+

1216. Aeolian Vocalion R 6100- Kathleen Destourrel w/ O- Weaver of Dreams/ The Piper of Love E+

1217. Arion 2100(GER)- Gesungen von H. Muck- Klapphorn Verse/ Marker Snechsischer Humorist- Wanzenjagd in Finstrer Mitternacht E- edge stain nap

1218. Billy Mayerl Personal Demo Course In Modern Syncopation L-0700/1X E+ few pops in shellac

1219. Blue Star 72(FR)- Rex Stewart O- I Din't Know About You/ Let's Try It E+ laminated pressing

1220. Brilliant-Special 794(GER)- Eugen John w/ O- Ob blonde ob braun ich liebe alle frau'n/ Jelzt mussle die Welt versinken VV+ 1" tite cr nap

1221. Bril Spec 901- Claus Jansen- Frisenlied/ Schleswig Holstein meerumschlungen V-

1222. Broadcast 421(8")- Bidgood's Broadcasters- That's What I Call Heaven/ Breakaway V-

1223. Br 451- Tom Bailey w/ O- This Is Heaven/ Little Pal V

1224. Broadcast Twelve 5039- soloists, full chorus. Orchestra- Sel from Chu Chin Chow 1/2 EE+

1225. Br Tw 5069- Bidgood's Symphonic Dance band- The New Moon 1/2 E-

1226. Br Tw 3213- Blue Mountaineers- I Got Rhythm/ Love You Funny Thing VV+

1227. Br Tw 3250- Blue Mountaineers- We Just Couldn't Say Goodbye/ Sweet 16 & Never Been Kissed V+

1228. Brunswick 01750- Adrian's Ramblers- Keep On Doin' What U'r Doin'/ Get Goin EE+ GOOD JAZZ

1229. Br 01831- Adrian's Ramblers- The Better to Love You With My Dear/ I've Got a Warm Spot In My Heart For YouEE-/E.good jazz sides

1230. Br 01970- Kate Smith w/ O- When My Ship Comes In/ Stay As Sweet As You Are E+ one of her rarer ones, on any label!

1231. Br 02520- Edgar Hayes O- Stompin' At the Renny/ Laughing At Life E

1232. Br 81418(FR)- Edgar Hayes O- Spooky Takes a Holiday/ High, Wide & Handsome V+

1233. Celtic Music Co Ltd 001(CAN)- Colin J Boyd- Domhnull Tailear/ Brochan Lom// Heather On the Hill/ Bonnie Annie/ Cabar Feidh V- rcnaps but close. rare Compo label from Antigonish, Nova Scotia

1234. Cinch 5118- London Orch- Coon Can Rag/ Silverheels V-

1235. Columbia 3490- Frank Tinney- Hello Ernest pt 1/2 E+

1236. Co 4425- Mmes Birse, Ershova & cho w/ O- Gypsy Song/ Berceuse E+ from Chauve Souris

1237. Co 4539- George Gershwin piano solo- Maybe/ Someone to Watch Over Me E

1238. Co 4617- Gertrude Lawrence & Harold French- Do-Do-Do/ Claude Hulbert- Clap Yo Hands VV+

1239. Co 4766- London Radio DO (cond by Sidney Firman)- I Ain't Got Nobody/ Al Starita Kit Kat Band- Headin' For Harlem V-/G

1240. Co 4857- Norah Blaney- The Man I Love/ A Room With a View E+

1241. Co 4941- Sophie Tucker- Stay Out of the South/ There's Something Spanish In My Eyes V no US issue

1242. Co 4995- Sophie Tucker- Conversational Man/ I Know That My Baby Is Cheatin' On Me V- no US issue

1243. Co 5182- The Duncan Sisters- The Prune Song/ The Bull Frog Patrol EE+ rec in UK, no US issue

1244. Co 5228- Ray Starita O- Spread a Little Happiness/ Ev'ry Little Moment E-

1245. Co 5334- Binnie Hale w/ Al Starita Nov O- Spread a Little Happiness/ Binnie Hale & Bobby Howes w/ Al Starita Nov O- I'm a One Man Girl EE+

1246. Co CB 320- Jack Payne BBCDO- I Found You/ The Belle of Barcelona E

1247. Co CB 323- Billy Cotton O- If I Had My Time Over Again/ Now That I Have You E-

1248. Co CB 327- Jack Payne BBCDO- Ain't That the Way It Goes?/ On Glory! VV+

1249. Co CB 330- Billy Cotton O- If You're Really & Truly In Love/ Would You Take Me Back VV+

1250. Co CB 369- Jack Payne BBC DO- Twentieth Century Blues/ Lover Of My Dreams VV+

1251. Co CB 392- Paul Specht O- I Found a Million Dollar Baby/ Sam Lanin O- Sleepytime Down South EE+

1252. Co CB 646- Carroll Gibbons SHO- Dancing Butterfly/ Moths Around the Candle Flame E

1253. Co CB 709- Carroll Gibbons SHO- You're Gonna Lose Your Gal/ Oceans of Time E-

1254. Co CB 773- Carroll Gibbons SHO- Easy Come, Easy Go/ So Help Me V

1255. Co CB 781- Geraldo Gaucho Tango O- Madonna Mine/ Isle of Capri E-

1256. Co D 1464- Dora Labbette & Hubert Eisdell w/ O- The Flower/ The Golden Song EE+

1257. Co DB 330- Jack Morrison w/ O- Gorgonzola/ We Must All Pull Together E

1258. Co DB 486- Elsie Randolph & Jack Buchanan w/ O- Take It Or Leave It/ I Would If I Could E-

1259. Co DB 519- N. Baleiff's Chauve Souris Company- Dark Eyes/ O Tell Me E-

1260. Co DB 1048- Jessie Matthews w. O- One Little Kiss From You/ I'll Stay With You E+

1261. Co DB 1075- Alice Delysia w/ O- Ev'ry Woman Thinks She Wants to Wander/ The Interview E+

1262. Co DB 1263- Carroll Gibbons & John W. Green- You've Got Everything/ Close Your Eyes E-

1263. Co DB 5047- Larry Adler w/ Django, Grapelli, etc- My Melancholy Baby/ Body & Soul V+

1264. Co DF 61(FR)- Lucienne Boyer w/O- Dans La Fumee/ Parlez Moi D' Amour E-

1265. Co DO 1085(AUS)- Bing Crosby- Blue Prelude/ Our Big Love Scene E+ great laminated pressing

1266. Co DO 1094(AUS)- Bing Crosby- We'll Make Hay While the Sun Shines/ Temptation E+ great laminated pressing

1267. Co DO 3178(AUS)- Bing Crosby- You're Getting to Be a Habit With Me/ You've Got Me Crying Again E+ great laminated pressing

1268. Co DV 133- Frank Fox Dance O- Maga Lesz a Vegzetem (blues)/ Frank Fox Tango O- Ugy Szeretenek Hinni Maganak(Tango) EE+ rare Hungarian series

1269. Co FB 1497- Rawicz & Lindauer piano duet- Nola/ Parade of the Tin Soldiers E-

1270. Co FB 1894- Debroy Somers Band- Me & My Girl selection 1/2 E-

1271. Co FB 1982- Flanagan & Allen- Down & Out Blues/ Sending Out An SOS For You E+ tite cr nap

1272. Co FB 2269- Carroll Gibbons SHO- Sunrise Serenade/ My Man E-

1273. Co FB 2288- The Six Swingers- The Ghost of Smoky Joe/ Floogie Walk VV+

1274. Co FB 2297- Mantovanni O- Moon Love/ A Man & His Dream EE-

1275. Co FB 2574- Carroll Gibbons piano- Nobody/ I L-L-Love You So E-

1276. Co FB 2839- Carroll Gibbons piano- Stardust/ When Day Is Done E+

1277. Co FB 2984- Carroll Gibbons piano- Carroll Calls the Tunes #27 1/2 E+

1278. Co FB 3016- Carroll Gibbons piano- Carroll Recalls the Tunes #3 1/2 E+

1279. Co FB 3463- Steve Conway w/ O- For You/ Honey Child E+

1280. Co JL 50(Japan)- unknown Japanese voc w/ O- Whatsa matta U (GREAT Hawaiian accomp)/ unknown Japanese voc w/ O- The Soba Song..diff group E+N- with orig lyric sheet

1281. Co JL 131- unknown Japanese voc w/ O- Take the A Train/ La Vie En Rose E+ great jazz version A with phonetic English vocal trying very much to sound like a scatting Ella Fitzgerald..includes orig lyric booklet with illustration

1282. Co J 1830(Japanese)- Josephine Baker- Lonesome Love Sick Blues/ I Love Dancing EE-

1283. Crown 4 (9")- Bob Hammond O- South American Joe/ I'm So Afraid E-

1284. Cr 175- Mrs. Jack Hylton O- Please Believe Me/ Every Cloud Is Silver Lined V-

1285. Cr 194- Billy Merrin Commanders- Goody Goody/ Those Dreams That Never Came True E-

1286. Cr 212- Swing Rhythm Boys- Is It True What They Say About Dixie?/ Lets Talk About Love EE-

1287. Cr 227- Swing Rhythm Boys- You Can't Pull the Wool Over My Eyes/ Maybe V-

1288. Cr 266- Buddy Barnett O- Why Wait?/ Did I Remember? V

1289. Cr 274- Billy Merrin Commanders- Hello Everybody/ Until the Real Thing Comes Along E/V

1290. Cr 286- Billy Merrin Commanders- Captivating Rhythm/ Bye, Bye Baby E- rcnap

1291. Cr 288- Connecticut Collegians- Sing, Baby, Sing/ Could You Forget E-V+

1292. Cr 303- Billy Merrin Commanders- I'll Sing You 1000 Love Songs/ Take a Ride On a Sunbeam E+

1293. Cr 304- The Rhythm Rascals- When a Lady Meets a Gentleman Down South/ Never Knew the Meaning of Love VV+

1294. Daily Mail Mystery Record 1/2 E- good with various bands in a newspaper contest

1295. De F 2129- The Million Airs- Cocktail In the Wonder Bar/ Another Cocktail in the Wonder Bar V+

1296. De F 2279- Roy Fox O- Lady of Spain/ Reaching For the Moon EE+ Al Bowlly vocals

1297. De F 2576- Edythe Baker- Sweet & Lovely/ Just One More Chance E

1298. De F 2754- Jack Hylton O- Meet Me Tonight In the Cowshed/ Yodle-Odle E

1299. De F 2802- Jack Hylton O- One of Us Was Wrong/ By the Fireside E+

1300. De F 3028- Roy Fox O- It's Always Good Bye/ What Makes You So Adorable V Bowlly voc

1301. De F 3834- Roy Fox O- Sundown In a Little Green Hollow/ Home On the Range E

1302. De F 3839- Lew Stone O- Tiger Rag/ Canadian Capers EE+/E+

1303. De F 5106- Dick Powell w/ O- I'll String Along With You/ Why Do I Dream Those Dreams E

1304. De F 5108- Nat Gonella Trumpet- Troublesome Trumpet/ Moon Country VV+/E-

1305. De F 5124- Roy Fox O- Drowsy Blues/ Jungle Drums E-/V

1306. De F 5223- Ambrose O- Two Hearts On a Tree/ One Night of Love E-

1307. De F 5270- Lew Stone O- Looking For a Little Bit of Blue/ What a Little Moonlight Can Do V+ Bowlly both sides

1308. De F 5282- Ambrose O- Lost in a Fog/ Stars Fell On Alabama EE-

1309. De F 5292- The Street Singer- Your Favourites/ more V+

1310. De F 5293- Ambrose O- Smoke Gets In Your Eyes/ My Old Flame EE+

1311. De F 5301- Ambrose O- Who's Been Polishing the Sun/ I Couldn't Be Mean to You E-V+

1312. De F 5739- Ambrose O- Top Hat, White Tie & Tails/ Isn't This a Lovely Day? EE+

1313. De F 5740- Ambrose O- You Are My Lucky Star/ Broadway Rhythm E-

1314. De F 6056- Jack Harris O- Keep a Twinkle In Your Eye/ Your Heart & Mine E

1315. De F 6811- Lew Stone O- Everyone Must Have a Sweetheart/ Alexander's Ragtime Band E-

1316. De F 7405- Arthur Young & Hatchett's Swingtette feat Stephane Grapelly & Beryl Davis- Lying In the Hay/ Oh Johnny Oh Johnny Oh V

1317. De F 7696- Sid Phillips Quintet- Southern Fried/ Pennsylvania 6-5000 VV+

1318. De F 7888- Sid Phillips Quintet- Hot Time In the Old Town Tonight/ If You Hadn't Gone Away EE-

1319. De F 7951- Bud Flanagan- Its De Lovely/ Frances Day- Underneath the Arches// Frances Day & Bud Flanagan- But In the Morning, No! E-

1320. De F 7972- Sid Phillips Quintet- Royal Garden Blues/ Man About Town E-

1321. De MW 34- Freddy Gardner Messmates- Pardon Me Pretty Baby/ I Cover the Waterfront// Aint She Sweet/ Louise E+ interesting "Music While You Work" series

1322. De 20.687(FR)- Albert de Hollander et son ens- Fiesta De Toros/ Suivez Nous E+..picture lbl

1323. Disco Edizone Genovese 728(ITAL)- Terzeto Marius- Fra Caccieui in sci Zovi/ Un'incontro all' Accaseua V-/VV- colorful label

1324. Eclipse 39 (8")- Biltmore Players- Betty Co-Ed/ When Its Moonlight By the Killarney V/E-

1325. Ecl 62- Connecticut Collegians- We're All Going In For Hiking/ Nursery Fusiliers V-

1326. Ecl 48- Connecticut Collegians- Between the Showers/ When the Guards Are On Parade EE-

1327. Ecl 122- Radio Syncopators- I Left My Heart In Panama/ On a Cold & Frosty Morning E

1328. Ecl 299- Louis Hardy O- Waiting In the Rain/ Happy Go Lucky You & Broken Hearted Me V

1329. Ecl 124- Connecticut Colleg.- Make the Most of the Little You've Got/ Just One More Chance V

1330. Ecl 349- Phil Allen Merrymakers- Pu-leeze Mr Hemingway/ The Goodnight Wz E-

1331. Ecl 435- Connecticut Collegians- Selections from the super film Forty Second St 1/2 V+

1332. Ecl 437- Dan Mc Clintock- Ever Since I Lost You/ Maria My Own V

1333. Ecl 572- Joe Taub Melodians- Blue Mountain Blues/ Dinner At Eight V-

1334. Ecl 713- Donald Peers- Humming Your Glum Times Away/ Little Man You've Had a Busy Day V int cr nap

1335. Edison Bell Radio 902(8")- The Plaza Band- ICGUA But Love/ A Kiss Before the Dawn VV+

1336. EBR 1222- Alfredo Band- Huggable Kissable You/ Carolina Moon EE+

1337. EBR 1297- Radio Rhythm Boys- Tip Toe Thru the Tulips/ Painting the Clouds With Sunshine V+

1338. EBR 1388- Sam Browne w/ O- Dancing With Tears In My Eyes/ Like a Breath of Springtime V

1339. EBR 1407- Radio Melody Boys- Little White Lies/ Adeline E-

1340. EBR 1416- Al Vocale Crooners- Say a Little Prayer For Me/ Waiting For That Thing Called Happiness V-/V rcnap Hawaiian guitar A

1341. EBR 1418- Harry Jacobson- Any Time's the Time To Fall In Love/ Sweeping the Clouds Away E+

1342. Edison Bell Winner A 5619- Howard Flynn O- Five & Twenty Soldiers & a Nurse/ When He Tried to Kiss Her By the Duck Pond V-

1343. Edison Bell Winner W8- Buddy Bradley Rhythm Kings- Trouble In Paradise/ Don't Blame Me V+

1344. EBW W 120- Sleepy Hall Collegians- Long About Midnight/ Love Is Love Anywhere E sm pop/ E- good A side is Ozzie Nelson off of gold Vocalion/ B is diff band

1345. Eldorado DS 115(FR) (8")- Grand Orch- Les Gard de la Marine/ En Amour Il N'est Pas de Grade V

1346. Esta 27432(CZECH)- Emil Kaplanek O- Happy Recollections/ When the Azaleas Bloom EE-

1347. Four In One 2- Ray Starita Ambassadors- The Flies Crawled Up the Window/ I Want to Cling to Ivy// Les Allen Salon String O- Marta/ Mantovanni O- Pagan Moon V/E

1348. Grammophon 1378- Berliner Tanz Symphoniker- Der verliebte Hampelmann/ Sternschnuppen E both fox trots

1349. HMV 120520(CAN)- Musique Militaire, Paris- Veuse(?)/ L'Orch vestris, Paris- Tango Argentine G label reads Berliner Gram O Phone Co Ltd, Montreal

1350. HMV B 1443- Phyllis Monkman & Laddie Cliff- We'll Go to the Church On Sunday/ Conversation E-

1351. HMV B 2666- Jack Smith- Miss Annabelle Lee/ When Day Is Done E+

1352. HMV B 3192- Lilian Davies w/ O- Dear Love, My Love/ Vilia E+

1353. HMV B 3825- Novelty O- Puzzle Record #2 pt 1/2 EE+ Al Bowlly vocs

1354. HMV B 3910- New Mayfair O- Holiday Hits/ more E Al Bowlly vocs

1355. HMV B 3911- New Mayfair O- Bonnie Scotland/ pt 2 E

1356. HMV B 3944- New Mayfair Orch- Tunes of Not So Long Ago- 1921/ 1922 EE+ Al Bowlly vocs

1357. HMV B 3954- Winnie Melville & Derek Oldham- Only One Girl In the World For Me/ Star of My Night V+E-

1358. HMV B 4314- Cicely Courtneidge- Double Damask/ I'll Give Her a Ring EE+

1359. HMV B 4355(AUST)- Jack & Claude Hulbert- Lovin You pt 1/2 E+N-

1360. HMV B 5545- Jack Hylton O- Sunrise/ Ah, Sweet Mystery of Life E-

1361. HMV B 5546- Jack Hylton O- Dreams of Yesterday/ Roll Away, Clouds VV+

1362. HMV B 5547- Jack Hylton O- Paradise Square/ All Mine E

1363. HMV B 5562- NMDO- All By Yourself In the Moonlight/ The Rhythm Band- Down By the Front Door Gate E

1364. HMV B 5563- NMDO- My Ohio Home/ Chloe EE+

1365. HMV B 5565- NMDO- Why is the Bacon So Tough?/ Roses of Yesterday EE-

1366. HMV B 5568- NMDO- Shout Hallelujah Cause I'm Home/ You're In My Heart V+

1367. HMV B 5665- Jack Hylton O- Empty Hours/ Sarah Jane V+

1368. HMV B 5856- NMDO- Sweepin' the Clouds Away/ Anytime's the Time To Fall In Love VV+

1369. HMV B 5891- Jack Hylton O- If Your Kisses Can't Hold the Man You Love/ The First Weekend In June EE-/E

1370. HMV B 5909- Ambrose O- My Baby Just Cares For Me/ A Girl Friend of a Boy Friend of Mine E-

1371. HMV B 5911- NMDO- It Must Be You/ Your Sunny Disposition & Mine V/V+

1372. HMV B 5916- Ambrose O- I Still Get a Thrill Thinking of You/ The Kiss Wz E

1373. HMV B 5917- Jack Hylton O- Somewhere In Old Wyoming/ Soldier On the Shelf E

1374. HMV B 5923- Jack Hylton O- Let's Be Sentimental/ Dancing On the Ceiling E

1375. HMV B 5962- Jack Hylton O- Sweet Jennie Lee/ If You Cant Sing, Whistle V- rcnap

1376. HMV B 5983- NMDO- Time On My Hands/ I'm Glad I Waited E- Bowlly vocals

1377. HMV B 6056- NMDO- Just a Dancing Sweetheart/ There's Something In U'r Eyes E Bowllys

1378. HMV B 6153- Ambrose O- Try to Forget/ She Didn't Say Yes E-

1379. HMV B 6157- Ray Noble O- My Girl Don't Love Me Any More/ With Love In My Heart E hot A/ Bowlly B

1380. HMV B 6167(AUS)- Ray Noble O- Turkish Delight 1/2 E+ great laminated pressing

1381. HMV B 6169(AUS)- Ray Noble O- Back Again to Happy Go Lucky Days/ Dick Turpin's Ride E

1382. HMV B 6237- Ray Noble O- Looking On the Bright Side of Life/ You're More Than All the World To Me EE-/EE+ Al Bowlly vocs

1383. HMV B 6241- Ray Noble O- There's Another Trumpet Playing In the Sky 1/2 E+

1384. HMV B 6243- Ambrose O- We Just Couldn't Say Goodbye/ Song of the Harp E

1385. HMV B 6251- Ray Noble O- Dont Say Goodbye/ You, Just You EE+ Al Bowlly vocs

1386. HMV B 6257- Ambrose O- We're a Couple of Soldiers/ The Old Kitchen Kettle VV+

1387. HMV B 6268- Ray Noble O- The Jug & the Bottle pt 1/2 E+

1388. HMV B 6305- Ray Noble O- A Little Street Where Old Friends Meet/ Just An Echo In the Valley EE+/E+ Bowlly vocs

1389. HMV B 6307- NMDO- Roll Along Kentucky Moon/ Ich Liebe Dich, My Dear E+

1390. HMV B 6344- Ray Noble O- The Village Band/ I'm One of the Lads of Valencia E+ stain nap

1391. HMV B 6349- Leo Reisman O- Stormy Weather/ Don Bestor O- You Must Believe Me E/EE- Arlen vo

1392. HMV B 6381- Ray Noble O- Its Sunday Down In Carolina/ Si Petite EE+

1393. HMV B 6388- Jack Jackson O- With U Here & Me Here/ 'Twixt the Devil & Deep Blue Sea VV+

1394. HMV B 6394- Ray Noble O- Trouble In Paradise/ Mademoiselle E+ Al Bowlly vocs

1395. HMV B 6412- Jack Jackson O- Did My Heart Beat/ Down a Long, Long Road E-

1396. HMV B 6432- Ray Noble O- When You Were the Girl On the Scooter/ La De Da EE- Bowlly A

1397. HMV B 6509- Ray Noble O- I Never Had a Chance/ Its All Forgotten Now EE+ Bowlly vocs

1398. HMV B 8722- Noel Coward- The Stately Homes of England/ Where Are the Songs We Sung E-

1399. HMV B 8750- Paul Robeson- An Eriskay Love Litl/ Song of the Volga Boatmen E+

1400. HMV B 8864- Jack Hulbert & the Rhythm Bros w/ O- If You Want to Dance/ Cicely Courtneidge & Jack Hulbert w/ O- Together Again E+

1401. HMV B 8883- Edith Evans & John Gielgud- The Importance of Being Earnest 1/2 V+

1402. HMV B 8892- Mary Ellis, Olive Gilbert & Ivor Novello w/ O- The Wings of Sleep/ Roma Beaumont w/ Ivor Novello & O- Primrose E+

1403. HMV B 9061- Sidney Bechet NO Feetwarmers- Indian Summer/ Preachin' Blues E+

1404. HMV B 9091- Sidney Bechet NO Feetwarmers- Lay Your Racket/ I Want You Tonight N-

1405. HMV B 9149- Paul Robeson- After the Battle/ David of the White Rock E+

1406. HMV B 9329- Sidney Bechet NO Feetwarmers- Stompy Jones/ Sleepy Time Down South E+

1407. HMV B 9349- Sidney Bechet NO Feetwarmers- Oh Lady Be Good/ Rose Room E+N-

1408. HMV B 9378- Sidney Bechet NO Feetwarmers- Egyptian Fantasy/ Coal Black Shine E+

1409. HMV B 9408- Sidney Bechet NO Feetwarmers- Maple Leaf Rag/ Sweetie Dear E+

1410. HMV B 9457- Harry Hayes O/ Norman Stenfalt w/ Harry Hayes O- Keep Going-Dont Stop 1/2 E+ good jazz!!

1411. HMV B 9471- Harry Hayes sax w/ rhy acc- I'll Close My Eyes/ Cant U Read Bet the Lines E+

1412. HMV B 9490- Anne Ziegler & Webster Booth w/ O- Laugh At Life/ Love Is the Key EE+

1413. HMV B 9495- Jean Cavall w/ O- So Would I/ Si Petitte E+

1414. HMV BD 180- NMDO- Me & the Old Folks/ On Venetian Waters E+

1415. HMV BD 201- NMDO- Look Up & Laugh/ Love Is Everywhere EE-

1416. HMV BD 202- NMDO- We Were So Young/ Smooth Sailing E+

1417. HMV BD 205- NMDO- All For a Shilling a Day/ A Little Dash of Dublin E-

1418. HMV BD 207- Jack Jackson O- Turn Your Face to the Sun/ Red Sails In the Sunset E+

1419. HMV BD 596- Lupino Lane, Teddie St Denis & Co w/ O- The Lambeth Walk part 1/2 EE+ FUN!

1420. HMV BD 5056- The Ballyhooligans- I'm Nuts About Screwy Music/ I Got Rhythm EE+

1421. HMV BD 5058- Roy Fox O- Rose Marie/ Indian Love Call VV+

1422. HMV BD 5059- Roy Fox O- These Foolish Things/ The Touch of Your Lips E-

1423. HMV BD 5064(IND)- Joe Loss O- You Started Me Dreaming/ Spread It Abroad E+

1424. HMV BD 5065- The Balyhooligans- These Foolish Things/ Somebody Stole My Gal E+

1425. HMV BD 5072- Ray Noble O- Where Am I?/ Blazin' the Trail EE- Bowlly vocs

1426. HMV BD 5073(IND)- The Keyboarders- Spanish Quick Step medley/ Military Fox Trot medley E+

1427. HMV BD 5074- The Balyhooligans- Dinah/ Sweet Sue V

1428. HMV BD 5263- Roy Fox O- So Rare/ My Cabin of Dreams E-

1429. HMV BD 5280- Ronnie Munro O- She's My Lovely/ I'm Happy When You're Happy E-

1430. HMV BD 5325- NMDO- Palais Glide medley 1/2 V+

1431. HMV BD 5409- The Ballyhooligans- Harlem Holiday #1/2 V/V+ rcnap

1432. HMV BD 5654- Glenn MIller O- Wonderful One/ Alice Blue Gown E+

1433. HMV BD 6061- Sid Phillips O- Frankie & Johnnie/ Bluin' the Blues E+

1434. HMV EA 993(AUS)- Russ Columbo- You Try Somebody Else/ Sweet & Lovely N- great sound on this laminated pressing

1435. HMV EA 1236- Ray Noble O- Butterflies In the Rain/ I Shall Still Keep Smiling Along E- top laminated pressing w/ Al Bowlly vocs

1436. HMV K 5945(FR)- Marcel Claudel- Shanson di Fortunio/ La Maison Grise E-

1437. HMV K 6398- Orch Brodman Alfaro- Se Va La Vida/ Linyera VV+

1438. Hemmets Harold X 104(SWE)- Einar Waermo- Ar Det Pingst I Ditt Hjarta I Dag?/ Aldrig Jag Glommer VV+

1439. Imperial 2060- Leslie Sarony w/ O- Little Dolly Day Dreams/ I Want to Go to Idaho E

1440. Imp 2579- Ruth Etting- Just One More Chance/ Nevertheless E+N- light clk abt 15 gvs B--not bad

1441. Imp 2609- Jay Wilbur O- This Is the Missus/ Sing a Little Jingle E

1442. Imp 2663- Betty Bolton- The Party's Getting Rough/ The Mocking Bird Went Cuckoo E+

1443. Imperial Broadcast 4011- Eddie Cantor- Over Somebody Else's Shoulder/ The Man On the Flying Trapeze E

1444. Jazz Selection 613(FR)- Eddie "Cleanhead" Vinson O- Somebody Stole My Cherry Red/ Wineola E+

1445. JS 683- Walter "Gil" Fuller O- The Scene Changes/ Mean to Me E+

1446. Kristall 1127(GER)- Emil Roosz O- Die Schone Helena pt 1/2 E-

1447. Longines Symphonette- Songs of the Fighting Allies #3- Australia/ #4 Canada EE+ rare WW2 era Canadian label

1448. Lucky LX10(JAPAN)- Strings In Swing Time- Professor Visits Harlem/ Oriental Stock Exchange E

1449. Metronome J 135(SWE)- Ralph & Bert Bergh twin pianos w/ rhy- Smorgasbord Rag/ Temptation Rag N-

1450. Odeon 45885(ARG)- Oscar Aleman Quinteto de Swing- Negra de Cabello Duro/ Besame Mucho E- good guitar, etc

1451. Od 45991- Barry Moral Orq de Jazz- Palillos/ Fuiste a Bahia? EE- good jazz

1452. Od 26583(GER)- Magda Hain w/ O- Move du fleigst in die Heimat/ Capri- Fischer VV+/V+

1453. Od 272111- Nat Gonella Georgians- Hurdy Gurdy Man/ Toodle oo VV+ rcnap

1454. Melodisc 1103- Sidney Bechet w/ Humphrey Lyttleton O- Some of These Days/ Black & Blue N-

1455. Panachord 25202- Grace Johnston w/ O- Lawd You Made the Night Too Long/ Love You Funny Thing VV+ sm rcnap

1456. Pan 25420- Henry Hall O- Coming Thru the Rye/ Ye Banks & Braes E+ rcnap

1457. Parlophon B 48067(GER)- Lilian Harvey w/ O- Christels Lied/ Willy Fritsch - Heurigen Lied E/E-

1458. Par 80.465(FR)- Orch Hawaiien Gino Bordin- Mon Amour Hawaiien/ Encore Une Valse E+

1459. Par A 6645(AUS)- Ivor Moreton & Dave Kaye- Irving Berlin wz med 1/2 E+

1460. Par F 338- Harry Roy O- Out of the Rag Bag medley 1/2EE+

1461. Par F 410- Ivor Moreton & Dave Kaye pianos- Fox Trot medley/ Quickstep medley E/E-

1462. Par F 1178- Harry Roy Tiger Ragamuffins- Ragging the A.C.E./ Sarawaki E+

1463. Par F 1631- Victor Silvester Ballroom O- Over the Rainbow/ Where Or When E-

1464. Par F 1651- Victor Silvester Ballroom O- So Deep is the Night/ I'm In Love For the Last Time E-

1465. Par F 1698- Harry Roy O- She Had to Go & Lose It At the Astor/ You Made Me Care E-

1466. Par R 1718- Louis Armstrong w/ Buck- Dear Old Southland/ Louis Armstrong O- My Sweet E+

1467. Par F 2413- Joe Daniels Hotshots- The Old Piano Roll Blues/ Dixieland Rag EE+

1468. Par F 2441- Billy Mayerl Rhythm Ensemble- Nola/ Dusky Aristocrat E-

1469. Par F 2495- Ivor Moreton & Dave Kaye (twin pianos w/ rhythm)- Ragtime/ Old Piano Roll Blues E-

1470. Par R 2599- Jack Teagarden O- I Just Couldn't Take It Baby/ Junk Man EE+

1471. Par R 2881- Mezz Mezzrow O- Dissonance/ Swingin' With Mezz N-

1472. Par R 2895- Willie Lewis O- Star Dust/ Benny Goodman O- Night Wind E+

1473. Par R 2903- Gene Krupa O- Wire Brush Stomp/ Rhythm Jam E+

1474. Par R 2906- Harry James Boogie Woogie Trio- Woo Woo/ Boo Woo EE+

1475. Par R 2934- Artie Shaw O- Copenhagen/ Cream Puff E+

1476. Par R 3002- Benny Goodman Sextet- Shine/ The World Is Waiting For the Sunrise E/E+

1477. Par R 3007- Benny Goodman Sextet- I Got Rhythm/ Slipped Disc EE+

1478. Par R 3014- Benny Goodman Sextet- China Boy/ Ain't Misbehavin' E+

1479. Pathe PA 953(FR)- Ray Ventura Collegiens- Vinet Les Bananes/ Mammy Bong looks V+, pl E

1480. Plaza P 107(8")- Ben Fields O- 42nd Street Selection/ pt 2 VV+

1481. Pl P 111- Eddie Walter's Dance O- When I Hold Your Hand/ Good Night But Not Good Bye EE-

1482. Polydor P39(Japan)- Caterina Valente w/ Kurt Edelhagen O- Just You, Just Me/ Istanbul EE+ includes original Japanese/English lyric sheet(torn but readable)

1483. Pol 48130(GER)- Frank Felix w/ Radio Tanzorc Hamburg- Mariandl/ Ja,Ja, Wien ist gut E

1484. Pol 48259- Egon Kaiser Tanz Orc- Gib acht auf den jahngang/ Erhard Bauschke Tanz Orc- Fahr'mich in die ferne mein blonde Matrose E+

1485. Polyphon X 51320 (GER?)- Teddy Peterson Ragtime Band- From Twelfth Street Rag to Tiger Rag/ part 2 EE+

1486. Regal G 8203- Corona DO- Maybe/ There's Nobody Else But You E/E-

1487. Regal Zonophone MR 797- The Cole Bros- Please/ In a Shanty In Old Shanty Town V+

1488. Re Zo MR 1069- Larry Brennan Winter Gardens DO- Lay Your Head On My Shoulder/ Good Night Little Girl of My Dreams E

1489. Re Zo MR 1350- Midnight Minstels- Holiday Tunes Switch 1/2 E+

1490. Re Zo MR 3791- Chappie D'Amato O- Hong Kong Blues/ Lilli' Marlene EE+

1491. Rex 8861- Jack Shilkret O- Shoeshine Boy/ A Little Robin Told Me So V

1492. Rex 8390- Eddie Cantor- An Earful of Music/ Mandy V-

1493. Rex 8415- Carson Robison Pioneers- Hot Time In New Orleans Tonight/ Goin' to the Barn Dance Tonight VV+

1494. Rex 8545- Jack Payne O- Anything Goes/ All Through the Night EE-

1495. Rex 8571- Casani Club O- A Little Dash of Dublin/ Lonely Villa V

1496. Rex 9011- Casani Club O- A Gypsy Who Has Never Been In Love/ All Alone In Vienna V+

1497. Teichiku JS 15025(Japan)- All the Things You Are/ How High the Moon E+ unknown artists- modern jazz instrumentals

1498. Ultraphon Z 11014 (origin?)- Jazz orchestr Ultraphonu- Ja Nem Am Nic/ Oi Inka EE-

1499. Unison 502 (8")- Band of HM Welsh Guards- Review of the Troops/ pt 2 V- rare label

1500. unknown label- Lee Morse Blue Grass Boys- If You Only Knew/ Lonesome Darlin' EE- sleeve says made in early 50s..looks to be a British issue

1501. Victor A 5109(Japan)- Six Joes- September In the Rain/ Perdido E+ incl orig Japanese lyric sheet

1502. Victory 2 (7")- Victory DO- Paprika/ Music Masters- Blue Bird Sing Me a Song E-

1503. Vi 121- Jim Kelleher Piccadilly DO- Breakaway/ Cavalotti Sax 4- Rienzi V+/E- rc 4 gvs B. good A

1504. Vi 139- Victory DO- Button Up Your Overcoat/ Victory Band- Tarantella VV+

1505. Vi 140- Victory DO- Makin' Whoopee/ Captain Kettle VV+

1506. Vi 159- Jim Kelleher Piccadilly DO- Am I Blue?/ Victory DO- Adorable You V+/V-

1507. Vi 177- Jim Kelleher Piccadilly DO- Painting the Clouds With Sunshine/ Harry Macquilty Band- Irish Jigs E+

1508. Vi 252- Aldwych Players- Song of the Dawn/ Jay Wilbur- Dizzy Keys EE+

1509. Vocalion V 1013- Professor Johnson Gospel Singers- Give Me Old Time Religion/ Where Shall I Lie E+

1510. Zonophone 1119 (7")- Bristish Military Band- Whistling Rufus G

1511. Zonophone 1711- Fred Elton piano- Spoons In Ragtime/ Stammering Sam V

1512. Zon 1925- Black Diamonds Band- Splashes/ Uncle Sam VV+/E-

12" and various sizes larger than 10"--Commercial issues--some rare and unusual items here!

1513. American Music V-251- Bunk Johnson's Band- See See Rider/ Tiger Rag E+

1514. Blue Note 2- Albert Ammons piano solo- Boogie Woogie Stomp/ Boogie Woogie Blues EE+

1515. BN 5- Earl Hines piano solo improv- Reminiscing At Blue Note/ The Fathers Getaway E+

1516. BN 6- Improvisation By Port of Harlem 7(Bechet group)- Pounding Heart Blues/ Sidney Bechet Quintet- Summertime E-

1517. BN 44- Sidney Bechet BN Jazz Men- St Louis Blues/ Jazz Me Blues E+ despite lt grey

1518. BN 49- Sidney Bechet BN Jazz Men- Weary Blues/ Salty Dog E+ despite lt grey

1519. Brunswick 30006- Dorothy Jardon w/ O (In Yiddish)- Eili, Eili E

1520. Br 20080- Al Goodman O- "Hold Everything" medley 1/2 VV- Zelma O'Neal & D. Robertson vocs

1521. Brunswick vinyl test mx BX-11416-A- Bing Crosby w/ Victor Young O- Face the Music medley E+ according to discog, this is an unissued take

1522. Br 20120- Anson Weeks O- Strike Me Pink medley pt 1/2 E-/V scrs B

1523. Br 20124- The Radio Rogues- A Radio Party 1/2 E few lt scrs (Amos & Andy, Ben Bernie, Bing Crosby, Kate Smith, Walter Winchell, Rudy Vallee, Burns & Allen, etc. imitations)

1524. Br vinyl test mx TO-1289-1(10 1/2")- etched in lead in groove- sound effect- Cash Register 7-30-36 E lt scrs nap

1525. Co A 5582- Prince's Band- That's a Plenty/ By the Beautiful Sea E+

1526. Co A 6216- Bert Williams- You Can't Do Nothing Till Martin Gets Here/ How? Fried E+

1527. Co E 5143- Josef Rosenblatt- Eili Eili/ Elegle EE+/E+ picture label with boy and mother

1528. Co 50061-D- Charles E. Mack- Elder Eatmore's Sermon On Throwing Stones/ Our Child E

1529. Co 50371-D(BLUE WAX)- Ben Bernie & All the Lads- Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf/ George Olsen O- The Last Round Up looks EE-, plays EE+ lt lam barely sounds 20 sec

1530. Co 758(ENG)- Maisie Gay & Fred Duprez- Just Chatter/ Maidie Hope & Fred Duprez- Henry Comes Home Late V

1531. Co 9067(ENG)- Columbia Vocal Gem Chorus w/ O- Mercenary Mary vocal gems 1/2 E+

1532. Co 9217- Edythe Baker piano solo- The Birth of the Blues/ My Heart Stood Still (w vo.) E

1533. Co DX 348(ENG)- Jessie Matthews & Jack Plant- The Cat & the Fiddle Gems Raymond Newell & Binnie Hale- The Cat & the Fiddle Gems E+

1534. Co DX 1771- Adelaide Hall, Lizbeth Webb, Steve Conway, Bryan Johnson- Vocal Gems from Show Boat 1/2 N-

1535. Co 69193-D- Carroll Gibbons O- Gershwin- King of Rhythm 1/2 E+

1536. Co 55019- Lucienne Boyer- Des Mots Nouveaux/ Je Ne Savais Pas E

1537. Co P-7350-M- Ray Ventura Collegians- I Made This Song For You/ Roses of Picardy E+N- both concert versions, but have swingin parts

1538. Co SW 290(JAPAN)- Bing Crosby w/ Duke Ellington O- St Louis Blues (A take)/ Bing Crosby and Boswell Sisters with Don Redman O- Lawd You Made the Night Too Long N- beautiful laminated pressing in orig sleeve, with original 4 pg lyric sheet and early picture of Bing. Bing page has small corner torn- but no affect on Bing photo

1539. Decca 29226- Bing Crosby- Frances Langford- Louis Armstrong w/ Jimmy Dorsey O- Pennies From Heaven medley 1/2 E+..rarely seen on the red personality series label

1540. Golden V MIlk- 12" Western Electric- lateral cut- 12 commercial spots produced by Ruthrauff & Ryan for Golden State Company, Ltd. c. mid 30s E

1541. HMV 02660- Mr. Raymond Hitchcock- When You Are All Dressed Up & No Place to Go VV+

1542. HMV C 1409- Savoy Orpheans- The Girl Friend selection 1/2 EE-

1543. Emerson 503- Van Eps Banta Trio- La La Lucille medley/ Cario med EE-/EE+ early Gershwin A

1544. Em 13193-XX- Ephraim Duff- Joseph Birenzweig w/ O- Die Goldene Zeir/ Joseph Birenzweig w/ O- A Chazendel Oif Shabes VV+..label describes as Jewish folk songs

1545. Mac Gregor & Sollie shellac test MS-1481-A (10 1/2")- unknown band plays My Sweetheart- label says theme melody- 2 cuts of different performances E cond. Mac Gregor Sollie- Mission St, San Francisco

1546. Mercury 8900-12- Dexter Gordon Quintet- I Found a New Baby/ Rosetta E+ few lt scrs nap

1547. Musicraft Album #2- Night Life in New York- "The Girl With Two Left Feet".. with The Revuers. Sophisticated late 30s-early 40s humor and song in this RARE set with Judy Holliday, Betty Comden, Adolph Green, Leonard Bernstein, etc. This is Judy before she went to Hollywood and became a major star. 3 record set E+ few lt scrs nap. Album clean but light shelf wear in a couple of spots. Album has large picture of the group with a very visible Judy Holliday

1548. Okeh/ Eng Co oversized shellac test mx WA 7509-1C. Sophie Tucker- He's Tall, Dark & Handsome N- recorded in London in 1928, issued on Eng Co, and on US OKeh...but the sound on this is way better

---the following Pathe verticals are play graded as due to the nature of the recording process, may play differently than they look---

1549. Pa 20463(9 3/4")- Noble Sissle- My Vision Girls/ Collins & Harlan- Stop, Look, Listen to the Music of the Band E+

1550. Pa 22257- Sam Ash- I've Found the Girl That I've Been looking For/ Old Fashioned Garden EE+/E

1551. Pa 20018(10 1/2")- Mary Ryan, Gordon Mac Hughes w/ O- Have a Heart/ Ella Wells w/ O- When the Lights Are Low E+ early Kern from Ziegfeld '16

1552. Pa 20019-Campbell & Burr w/ O- My Phantom Girl/ Henry Burr w/ O- My Lady of the Nile E+

1553. Pa 20190- Sherbo's "Castle By the Sea" O- Kahola-Honolulu/ American Republic Band- Hong Kong E/EE-

1554. Pa 20222- Lottie Grooper w/ O- Southern Gals/ Ada Jones w/ O- Six Times Six Is Thirty Six E

1555. Pa 20280- Noble Sissle- That's the Kind of a Baby For Me/ He's Always Hanging Around E+

1556. Pa 20282- American Republic Band- The Darktown Strutter's Ball/ Homeward Bound E- light thump few gvs A

1557. Pa 20367- Irving Gillette w/ O- Hello Central Give Me No Mans Land/ Invincible Four- Just Like Washington Crossed the Delaware VV+

1558. Pa 20445- Louis Winsch- Liza Jane/ Arthur Fields- You'll Find Old Dixie Land In France EE-

1559. Pa 22082- Lieut Jim Europe's Hellfighters Band- Ja Da/ Broadway "Hit" medley E/EE-

1560. Pa 22105- Lieut Jim Europe's Singing Serenaders- Ev'rybody Dat Talks 'Bout Heaven Ain't Goin' There/ Roll Jordan Roll E

1561. Pa 22127- Byron G. Harlan - Katydid Is the Candy Kid/ Arthur Fields- Good Bye Wild Women E

1562. Pa 29001 (11"+)- Borneo Gardiner w/O - Melba Wz/ Il Bacio V

1563. Pa 29241- Campbell & Burr- It Gets Them All/ Henry Burr- City of Dreams EE+

1564. Pa 40009(11"+)- Leonora Sparkes w/ O- Maritana "Scenes That Are Brightest"/ Bohemian Girl " I Dreamt That I Dwelt" E+

1565. Pa 40106- American Regimental Band- Harry Lauder's Favorite Songs/ Highland O- Scottish Country Dances E+

1566. Pa 40157- Joseph Samuels O- How Ya Going to Keep 'Em Down On the Farm/ By the Camp Fire E-/E

1567. Pa 40184- Grand Opera Sextet of Milan- Lucia Di Lammermoor/ Mme Olga Carrara w/ O- La Boheme E

1568. Pa 40213- Waldorf Astoria DO- If a Wish Could Make It So/ That Certain Something V+E-

1569. Pa 50008 (11"+)- Herbert Waterous w/ O- The Indifferent Mariner/ Gypsy Love Song E+ in EXC condition original sleeve

1570. Pa 54026- Claudia Muzio & Kathleen Howard w/ O- Tales of Hoffman "Barcarolle" E+

1571. Rabson's 5- Kitty Carlisle w/ O- How High the Moon/ Too Romantic/ Nothing But You/ The Sky Fell Down// On the Isle of May/ Give a Little Whistle/ Say "Si Si"/ Ev'ry Sunday Afternoon E few lt scfs, scrs. RARE on this small NYC label

1572. Schirmer 5501- Shelia Barrett- The Professional Southern Girl/ The Chorus Girl EE-

1573. Sch 5502- Sheila Barrett- The Socialite Singer/ Make Like Garbo E

1574. Sch 5506- Sheila Barrett- Constructive Criticism/ Mad About the Boy EE+

1575. Victrola 9297- William S. Hart- Pinto Ben/ Lasca EE+/E

1576. Victor 70042- Montgomery & Stone- Gay Paree EE+ light dig 7 gvs passes easily

1577. Vi 35359- Europe's Society O- Down Home Rag/ Too Much Mustard E

1578. Vi 35360- Europe's Society O- Irrestible/ Amapa- Maxixe Bresilien E-

1579. Vi 35372- Europe's Society O- Castle House Rag/ Congratulations E-

1580. Vi 35606- Avon Comedy Four- Ginsberg's Stump Speech/ The Professor's Birthday EE-

1581. Vi 35762- Belle Baker- Eili Eili/ My Yiddish Momme EE+

1582. Vi 35845- Nat Shilkret O w/ Fairchild & Rainger, The Brox Sisters, Frankyn Baur- Ziegfeld Follies medley 1/2 E-...GOOD TUNES!

1583. Vi 35962- Warren Mills Blue Serenaders- St Louis Blues/ Gems from "Blackbirds of 1928" E

1584. Vi 36020- Hall Johnson Negro Choir- Good News/ Standin' In De Need of Prayer/ Religion is a

Fortune// Ezekiel Saw De Wheel/ Swing Low Sweet Chariot/ Keep Yo Hand On the Plow Hold On E

1585. Vi 36050- Paul Whiteman O- Dance selections from Face the Music/ from Hot Cha VV+

1586. Vi 36161- Andre Kostalantez O- Chant of the Weed/ Rumba Fantasy E

1587. Vi 36383- Artie Shaw O- Concerto For Clarinet 1/2 NN-

1588. Vic 6827(RCA VIC)- John Barrymore- Henry VI- Gloucester's Soliloquy/ Hamlet's Soliloquy E+

1589. Vic 12-0238(RCA VIC)- George London- Mr. Lincoln & His Gloves/ Absalom, My Son E+

1590. Vocalion K-05066(ENG)- Clara Butterworth w/ O- The Three Little Girls/ Percy Heming w/ O- I Am Singing, I Your Lover E

MISC. UNUSUAL ITEMS- private issues, radio items, airchecks, acetates, etc.

***the first four came from the collection of a Columbia Records engineer. He had access to some very unusual material. They appear to be pressed onto a lacquer type heavy acetate. Not flimsy like the home made acetates- and not vinyl like LPs, but something more durable. They play at 33 1/3 (unless noted)and are all E+***

1591. The Yacht Club Boys December 1932 & Jan.4, 1933- 4 cuts from these rejected Columbia dates are: Mahatma Gandhi Shut the Door, Spain, Mad-man's Holiday, We All Love to Sing In the Bathtub

1592. Alice Faye- 7 cuts from 1934 & 37. Two unissued on commercial 78 cuts of Nasty Man & Here's the Key to My Heart, plus 5 Brunswick issued takes. E+

1593. Duke Ellington this contains 13 tracks from Street Music- the Beggar's Opera Co. Music by Duke Ellington, lyrics by John Latouche. piano by Duke on these sides which include perf's by Kay Davis, Bill Dillard, Marion Cox, John La Touche. Album cover states " these records are sample melody-lyrics in an unfinished state. They are most positviely not to be used without permission from the producers, nor for any comm purpose under any circumstances" 2 sided

1594. Lee Wiley w/ Bunny Berigan O(78 rpm)- Let's Fly Away. mx 27150. 4/10/40. Label says control test..has a brief breakdown by Bunny on trumpet, then the full performance ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

1595. Musical Varieties prog 3 part 7/9. 12" shellac. c. 1930 produced by Radiocasting Service on W 48th St, NYC, and Byers Recording Lab in the Chrysler Bldg. A side is announced as a new program called Radio Varieties presented and directed by Louis Katzman...Colonial Club O playing Two Guitars/ Serenaders perform Annie Laurie// B side starts with Reis and Dunn accompanied by Cornell (Smelser) on Accordion Joe/ Nell Barnes and the male quartet in Hymn to the Sun. Super fidelity. Perhaps related to Brunswick(?)...E+

1596. Titan Record Studios Beal & Taylor O pgm 3/4..Superb fidelity on this pressing from Titan on Geary St in San Francisco. Sounds like a line recording of a live show as there is an announcer, and piano interludes...Announced are vocalists Marjorie Beatty and Clarence Hayes..Tunes are How's About Tomorrow Night, Tonight Is Mine, Ida, Here Come the British/ flip side, show 4 is Beal and Taylor starting with Malahini Mele, then Moonglow, Christmas Night In Harlem.E+N- BUT---there is a 1/2 moon piece missing on the outside 1" which has been repaired but renders the last 1" unplayable...So Here Come the British and Christmas Night are incomplete. if it were a lesser record, I'd toss it, but what's there is so good, that it is being listed as is..Top recording c. 1933-4

1597. Titan Production Company- Easy Chair- Musical Gems of Yesterday pgm 13/14..EE-..record has male voc acc by Hawaiian guitar. It is dished, but plays on both sides. c. mid 30s. West Coast shellac

1598. Joey Nash w/ Orch singing I've Got You Under My Skin- 10" acetate as broadcast on WEAF radio c. 1935. complete performance with anouncer V+E-. Has a bounce on the record, but plays OK with heavy tracking..Joey was the featured vocalist with Richard Himber's Orch on those great Victor 78s, but am not sure if he is backed by Himber here.

1599. National Broadcasting Co presents Tom Terris Adventure- Algeria. labels read WJZ 8/2/36. Combination of narrative and music..In 4 parts on 2- 12" acetates. may not be complete but theres alot

1600. Mark Warnow Orch w/ vocalist Barry Wood- 10" acetate as broadcast on WABC radio, 7/6/38. Song is There's Not a Moment to Spare. complete performance with announcer--starts V+, ends E

1601. Joey Nash singing Blue Danube- 10" acetate as broadcast on WHN radio on 12/13/38. Joey also has a guest, WHN newsman George H. Cones who likens the song Blue Danube to the clouds of war churning in Europe at that time. complete performance with anouncer E-

1602. Al Bernard's Minstrels- 10" acetate as broadcast on WABC radio on 1/10/40. Song is Neptune- complete performance with anouncer V+

1603. Universal Pictures 12" promo for Buck Privates. The Andrews Sisters sing Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy/ Bounce Me Brother With a Solid Four. Record is on West Coast blue wax and is EE+ with some light lams which do not sound--and has special picture label. The fidelity is incredible as it must be the Universal Pictures Orchestra accompanying the Andrews Sisters as the sound is deep and cavernous.

1604. Twentieth Century Fox TCF 159- Carmen Miranda & voices (w/Orch)- Chattanooga Choo Choo/ I Like to Be Loved By You from Springtime In the Rockies..1942 musical film V+E- scrs, scuffs on this vinyl pressing but sound still bright. 20th Century Fox label

1605. Singin Sam croons We're Never Too Old To Love. unk date. 12" w/ cleanable acetate gunk EE-, should clean up much better

1606. Robert Benchley Report to the Nation (The Treasurer's Report)- 12" live performance on Columbia Reference label..CBS 10/27/45...2 sided 12" acetate about E, some better, some lesser. Considering that he died within a month, he sounds good!. His last performance maybe??

1607. NBC radio- Fitch Bandwagon aircheck acetate (12") 11/25/45- Bob Crosby Orch in a complete live performance of Gravy Train..good trumpet solo! E+

TRANSCRIPTIONS-VERTICAL 12" PLAYING AT 33 1/3 RPM--outstanding high fidelity on all!!

1608. Assoc test mx VLC 0167-1- Bob Crosby O- Thru the Courtesy of Love/ My Kingdom For a Kiss E+ BIG SOUND on these instrumentals

1609. Assoc test mx VLC 0685-1- Joe Reichman O- Love Will Tell/ You Turned the Tables On Me EE+

1610. Assoc test mx 0687-1- Joe Reichman O- Night In Manhattan/ Here's Love In Your Eye E+ GOOD!

1611. Assoc test mx A-1069-1- Russ Morgan O- Yesterdays/ Tip Toe Thru the Tulips/ When the Moon Comes Over the Mountain EE+

1612. Western Electric A-88- Joe Venuti O- Hands Across the Table/ I Struck a Match In the Rain E+ super high fidelity on the early brown flexible material

1613. Western Electric S-55- Larry Bradford O- I'd Love to Take Orders From You/ Take Me Back to My Boots & Saddles/ I Found a Dream/ Hunkadola E+ bright fidelity and 1 good upbeat tune per side on the early harder reddish/brown material

1614. Western Electric S-62- Larry Earl O- Moon Rose/ I'm Shootin' High// B side is mislabeled with the standard Assoc 224 label..BUT is really Suzannah/ Life Begins When You're In Love E+ bright fidelity and great both great sides on the early harder reddish/brown material

1615. Assoc R-26- Joe Venuti O- Confessin'/ When It's Sleepy Time Down South// Gilda Nelson w/ Jimmy Garfield O- Isle of Capri/ Blow Gabriel E+ both top sides..B is Gertrude Niesen with Johnny Green's O

1616. Assoc R 44- Rex Melbourne O- If You Love Me/ St Louis Blues// Medley: Stags At Bay/ Medley: Yours Truly Is Truly Yours/ Kissin My Baby Good Night E+/E good trumpet with big sound on St Louis Blues

1617. Assoc R 12022- Ben Selvin Cocktail O- Ramona/ Ain't Misbehavin'// The Quintones- The Wearing of the Green/ O No John, Oh Suzanna E

1618. Assoc RA 69- Clyde Lucas O- Indian Love Call/ Country Gardens// Audrey Lynn organ solo- L'Amour Toujours L'amour/ Gypsy Love Song E+

1619. Assoc 137- Racimo's Hawaiians' My Little Grass Shack In Kealakekua, Hawaii/ Meleana E// Clyde Lucas O- Mammy Bong/ You Came to My Rescue E+

1620. Assoc 176- Don Moran O(Dick Messner)- Get Happy/ Begin the Beguine// Lawrence Rowland O(Lou Raderman)- Reflections In the Water/ I Surrender Dear/ Pagan Love Song E+...nice Get Happy with big trumpet in high fidelity

1621. Assoc 168- Jack Shaw O- Ida Sweet As Apple Cider/ Chloe// Bernard Levitow O- Carnival Miniatures Suite/ Danse Bohemienne E+

1622. Assoc 258- Ben Selvin O- Have You Ever Been In Heaven?/ Have You Met Miss Jones?// Ruby Newman O- I See Your Face Before Me/ Thrill/ of a Lifetime EE+

1623. Assoc 273- Ruby Newman O- It's Easier Said Than Done/ The One I Love// Hollywood Male Quartet- Shenanigans/ Lola O' Brien, the Irish Hawaiian E

1624. Assoc 277- Henry King O- Gloomy Sunday/ There's Always a Happy Ending//Emil Coleman O- You Never Looked So Beautiful/ I'll Stand By E

1625. Assoc 482- Barney Andrews O- Ebb Tide/ Satan Takes a Holiday// Robert Benjamin O- Once In a While/ Blossoms On Broadway E...sleeve notes say Ben Selvin/ Ozzie Nelson-both good sides

1626. Assoc 524- D'Artega O- Bei Mir Bist Du Schon/ Ziguener// Al Roth O- I Could Use a Break/ Sweet As a Song E-

1627. Assoc 542- The Tune Twisters- I Love to Rhyme/ Popcorn Man/ Swingin' In the Corn// Xavier Cugat O- Inspiration/ Dark Eyes E+

1628. Assoc 572- Ben Selvin Cocktail O- Let's Put Out the Lights/ Two Hearts in 3/4 Time/ Summertime// Anthony Wald Concert O- The Count of Luxembourg E+

1629. Assoc 644- Dick Rogers O- Tishimingo Cake Walk/ Roseland Shuffle// Freddie Rich O- The Star Spangled Banner(2 cuts)/ Emery Deutsch O- Orchestra Tuning Up (2 cuts) E+..nice A!!

1630. Muzak 536- Glen Gray O- Basin St Blues/ Who's Sorry Now// Russ Morgan O- Stella the Belle of the Town/ After All I've Been to You E+

TRANSCRIPTIONS- LATERAL- 16" PLAYING AT 33 1/3 RPM (aurally graded)

1631. acetate air check Hal Kemp for Griffin Shoe Polish- live show part 2 as broadcast 5/1/39, on WABC, part of the CBS network ...Tears From My Inkwell-voc Bob Allen, medley-Just One of Those Things, I'm Yours -vocal Nan Wynn, Temptation, next a segment by newsman Bob Trout- Taken From Life (there is a small audio imperfection in this part only-luckily- brief and no affect on music), Kemp O is back with Hot Lips, then Penny Serenade, and a brief When Summer Is Gone Announced by David Ross. CBS outro E+

1632. acetate air check- Sammy Kaye Orch as broadcast live on ABC from the Astor Roof..on 8/20/45. Second half of show-- (about 15 min) . Incl More Than You Know, You Are Too Beautiful, I'll See You In My Dreams, etc. Has closing announcement and ABC network sig out. E+

1633. AFRS GI Jive #1917/1918- hosted by GI Jill..Bands incl Kay Kyser, Nat King Cole, Peggy Lee, Benny Goodman// Ray Mc Kinley, Martha Tilton, Tex Beneke, Pee Wee Hunt E+

1634. AFRS- Kay Kyser Kollege of Musical Knowledge 154- live show from Corpus Christi, Tx. Music & comedy with Mike Douglas, Georgia Carroll, etc E+

1635. AFRS- Guy Lombardo Show #86 E+

1636. AFRS- One Night Stand 1558 live show with Russ Morgan O from the Biltmore Hotel in NYC E+

1637. Capitol B-44- Jan Garber O- 9 cuts E+ incl Hawaiian War Chant, Over the Rainbow

1638. D&S 138- Ken Baker O/ Nanetta La Salle Tea Time Melodiers- 4 cuts per E+ incl the swingin Jitter Heat A/ Where Have You Been B

1639. D&S 176- Al Golden Monarchs of Rhythm- 8 cuts E+ some scuffs nap. EXC jazz/big band incl Peyton Phrasin', I Do-I Do, Is Ya or Aint'Cha In Love With Me

1640. KBS 185/6- Billy Mc Donald's Highlanders/ Keystone Symph String O- 4 cuts/ 5 cuts E+ incl Hawaii Sing To Me, Doin' It the Lambeth Way A

1641. LW AS 7/15- Charlie Barnet O/ Cote Glee Club - 4 cuts/5 cuts E+ incl Oh Miss Jackson , Victory Walk A

1642. LW AS-149/150- Count Basie O/ Sonny Dunham O- 4 cuts per E..sec B barely sounds top Basie incl Harvard Blues, I'm For It Too/ Dunham incl Disorder At the Border, Three Men On a Riff

1643. LW 363/4- Lang Worth Swing O/ Lang Worth Military Band- 4 cuts/ 5 cuts E incl There Ain't No Rules For Love A

1644. LW 519/520- Fats Waller- 8 cuts E incl Oh Susanna, Oh Dem Golden Slippers

1645. LW 597/598- Jimmie Lunceford O- 8 cuts EE+ incl I'm a Heck of a Guy, There I Go

1646. LW 599/600- Jimmie Lunceford O- 7 cuts E incl Battle Axe, Just You

1647. LW 981/2- Count Basie O- Al Trace O- 4 cuts/ 5 cuts E+ incl Wiggle Woogie, Rockin' the Blues

1648. LW 1041/2- Count Basie O/ Boyd Raeburn O 4 cuts/ 5 cuts E one scr A sds lite. A incl Circus In Rhythm, Tush// B incl Two Spoos In An Igloo

1649. Standard P-119- Will Hudson O- 10 cuts E incl Cheese Cake, Cookie Jar, Glamour Girl

1650. Std P-183- Duke Ellington O- 10 cuts E+ incl Easy Street, Bugle Breaks, Rain Check

1651. Std Q 113- Sol Hoopii's Hawaiians- 8 cuts E+ but aud scr one side- not too bad!..incl Drowsy Waters, Maui Girl, Ipo Hula..early Victor pressing

1652. Std Q-262- Red Norvo Trio- 10 cuts E+ incl Swedish Pastry, C Jam Blues, God Child

1653. Std R-136- Spike Jones City Slickers- 10 cuts E+ incl Camptown Races, The Farmers Daughter

1654. Std Y-130- Jimmy Walsh O/ Harry Bluestone Swing Quartet- 4 cuts per E incl Tomorrow, I Have Room In My Heart A// Let's Stop the Clock, I Won't Believe It B early Victor pressing

1655. Std Z-138- Alvino Rey Singing Guitar & O- 8 cuts E incl Farewell Blues, 12th Street Rag

1656. Std Z-169- Alvino Rey Singing Guitar & O- 8 cuts E incl Tu Hu Wa Hu Wa, Bugle Call Rag

1657. Std U-137- The Bronzemen (Colored Male Qtet)- 8 cuts EE+ incl Hold On, Ain't It a Shame.. early Victor pressing

1658. Std U-222- Kay Starr w/ accomp by Joe Venuti and Les Paul- 10 cuts E+ incl Honeysuckle Rose, Betcha I Getcha.. great accomp!

1659. Std X-59- Harry Bluestone Swing Quintet- 8 cuts E+ incl You Walked Out of the Picture, A Mist Is Over the Moon early Victor pressing

1660. Std Z-129- Anson Weeks O- 8 cuts EE- incl Obstination, Hall of Mtn King early Victor pressing

1661. Std Z-130- Anson Weeks O- 8 cuts E incl Swanee River, Kannenoi-Ostrow early Victor pressing

1662. Std Z-130- Cats 'N Jammers/ Anson Weeks O- 4 cuts per EE- incl great Week End On Mars (a direct steal from Raymond Scott's Powerhouse), Moon Girl A //The Flatterer B early Victor pressing

1663. Std 10- Hollywood Calling- George Fisher Interviews the Stars/ Filmtown Featurettes 4 cuts per E few lt scrs A incl Humphrey Bogart/ Howard Duff/ B incl Gregory Peck

1664. Std 13- Hollywood Calling- George Fisher Interviews the Stars/ Filmtown Featurettes 4 cuts per E few lt scrs...A incl Gloria Grahame and Kirk Douglas/ B incl Barbara Stanwyck

1665. Thesaurus 374- Nathaniel Shilkret O/ John Seagle E+ 4 cuts per incl Poor Little Rich Girl med A

1666. Thes 695- Jan Savitt O- 8 cuts E+ incl Ring Dem Bells, The Paper Picker

1667. Thes 696- Jan Savitt O/ Xavier Cugat O- 4 cuts per E+ despite scr. A incl Good Morning, Vol Vistu Gaily Star/ B incl Agozar, Mi Espana

1668. Thes 736- Vincente Gomez guitarist/ Horace Heidt O- 3 cuts/ 5 cuts E+ incl Andalucia, Romance de Amor A// What's the Matter With Me, After Dark, Oh Johnny Oh B

1669. Thes 933- Horace Heidt O/ Carson Robison Buckaroos- 5 cuts/ 6 cuts E+ incl Caballero From Broadway, Hi Cy, What's Cookin' A// The Railroad Boomer B

1670. Thes 942- Teddy Powell O/ Allen Roth O- 5 cuts per E despite scrs..incl Rendezvous In Rio A/ Some Folks Do B

1671. Thes 1057- Dick Jurgens O/ 5 cuts per EE+ good swing and sweet A incl EXC Bounce Me Brother With a Solid Four A/ Cheerful Little Earful B

1672. Thes 1401- Music Hall Varieties w/ Aileen Stanley/ Red River Dave 5 cuts/ 6 cuts EE+ incl I'm Gonna Dance Wit de Guy Wot Brung Me, Bill Bailey// I'm An Old Cowhand interesting to hear this 1920s star in hi fidelity!

1673. Thes 1507- Tex Beneke/ Knickerbocker 4- 5 cuts/ 6 cuts E+ incl Cherokee, Wishing Star A// My Creole Sue, The Drum B

1674. Thes 1601- Tex Beneke O/ Knickerbocker 4- 5 cuts per E+ incl Warm Kisses In the Cool of the Night, Tenderly A// Sucking Cider Through a Straw, Mr. Moon Man Turn Off the Light B

1675. World Broadcasting -GI Jive #359- Teddy Powell, Vaughn Monroe, Wody Herman, Ambrose EE+

1676. World Broadcasting -GI Jive #380/381-Tommy Dorsey, Paul Whiteman, Ambrose, Woody Herman, Bing Crosby, Russ Morgan, Merry Macs EE+

1677. World Broadcasting -GI Jive #382 Jeri Sullivan, Ambrose, Tommy Dorsey EE+

1678. Ziv- The Wayne King Show LV 31/LV 32 part 2's E+

TRANSCRIPTIONS -VERTICAL 16" PLAYING AT 33 1/3 RPM--outstanding high fidelity on all!! (aurally graded)

1679. Associated test mx AA-1375-1- Will Osborne O- 4 cuts E+ incl Mickey Mouse's Birthday Party, I Was Saying to the Moon, Polly Wolly Doodle, In the Chapel In the Moonlight

1680. Assoc test mx 1463-D1- Fred Rich O- 4 instrumental cuts E+..incl Swing, Swing Mother In Law, Just a Quiet Evening, Whistling Boy, Our Song---BIG sound

1681. Assoc test mx AA-1467-C-2 Arnold Briggs O- 3 cuts E+ (plus one short track X'd out)..GREAT Ozzie Nelson band swings in hi fi with Shirley Lloyd and Ozzie vocs. He Ain't Got Rhythm, Head Over Heels In Love, Poor Robinson Crusoe

1682. Assoc test mx 1586-C-2- Ray Sinatra O with Joey Nash vocals- 4 cuts E+. Great content incl Danger, Love At Work, The Lovliness of You, Afraid to Dream, Please Pardon Us We're In Love E+

1683. Assoc test mx 1907/1910- Richard Himber O- 8 cuts E+ incl Girlfriend of the Whirling Dervish, Lady On the Two Cent Stamp, A Tisket A Tasket, Think It Over. prime Himber

1684. Assoc test mx zz-4142-P-15- 4 Chicks and Chuck- 5 cuts E+ incl Don't Fence Me In, I May Be Wrong. heavy red vinyl

1685. Assoc 60243- Isham Jones O/ Dick Kuhn O- 4 cuts per E+. A includes Let's Dream This One Out, You Walk By/ B includes I'll Take You Home Again Kathleen. Bill Bailey

1686. Assoc 60322- Charlie Spivak O- 5 cuts E+ incl Charlie Horse, Double Header

1687. Assoc 60844- Richard Himber O/ Hank D'Amico Sextet- 4 cuts/ 5 cuts E+ incl She's Funny That Way A/ The Sheik of Araby B

1688. Assoc 60977- Claude Thornhill O- 7 cuts E+ incl Robbin's Nest, Rock a Bye Bay

1689. Assoc 61079- John Kirby O- 7 cuts E+ incl B-Flat Special, Passepied, Dengozo

1690. Assoc 61168- Frankie Masters O- 8 good cuts E+ incl The Big Go By, Dime a Dozen

1691. Assoc 61261- Frankie Masters O- 8 good cuts incl E+ Did You Ever See a Dream Walking, Ain't We Got Fun, Crazy Rhythm

1692. Muzak 1000- Larry Clinton O- 8 cuts E+ incl Down Home Rag, Study In Surrealism, Jump Joe

1693. World 945-952- Dorsey Bros O- I've Got a New Deal In Love, I Believe In Miracles, Climbin' Up the Golden Stairs, Don't Let it Bother You// Diff Orch- Love You Opened My Eyes, Go Into Your Dance (solos), The Little Things You Used to Do and one more..4 cuts per EE+ has slight bounce on this early reddish brown flexible press, but plays fine...both great sides

1694. World 1729-1736. 8 cuts by uncredited swinging band. E...incl Mr. Ghost Goes to Town, I Can't Get Started, I Was Saying to the Moon. maroon semi flex material. EXC sides

1695. World 2329-2336- Vic Fraser O/ classical- 4 cuts A E some EE- with lt scrs/ B side damaged but content unimportant. Top A side with sole jazz solos. Tunes incl True Confession, Mama That Moon Is Here Again, Everything You Said Came True, Every Day's a Holiday..black semi flexible vinyl

1696. World 2793-2800- Lew Adams O- 8 cuts E+ incl What Have You Got That Gets Me, Two Sleepy People, Heart & Soul...has edge damage nap--extra nice late 30s sides

1697. World 3553- 3560- Glen Gray Casa Loma O- 7 cuts E+ incl In the Mood, No Name Jive, Little Brown Jug, Watching the Clock

1698. World 4425-4432- Bob Crosby O- 8 cuts E incl Mark Hop, Nitee Nite--good band!

1699. World 4609-4618- Bob Chester O- 10 cuts E incl Yes Indeed, Sweet One, A Little Bit of Dark

1700. World 5649-5658- Chuck Warren O (Chick Webb)- 10 cuts E...super disk with the great Chick Webb O, and some Ella vocals too all in high fidelity..Tunes incl King Porter Stomp, Stompin' At the Savoy, If Dreams Come True, Big John's Special, Go Harlem, etc

1701. World 5699-5708- Warren Hart O- 10 cuts EE+. likely a pseudonym for a GREAT trumpet player. Some of the brightest trumpet and highest fidelity on any of these. Tunes incl Bugle Call Rag, Organ Grinder's Swing, Cross Country Hop, Mr. Sweeney's Learned to Swing..

1702. World 6879-6888- Glen Gray Casa Loma O- 8 cuts E+ incl Bulldozer, Duration Blues, From the Blue, The Lion & the Mouse

1703. World 6959-6968- Glen Gray Casa Loma O// Charlie Spivak O/ Mel Torme Mel Tones- 3 cuts A/ 2 cuts per B..E+ most, couple E..A incl Featuring the Boys, Two Tickets to Tucson// Spivak incl Dream/ Mel incl Night Must Fall

1704. World 7139-7148- Nat Brandywynne O/ Rudolf Ganz B- 5 cuts A , 3 are E+, 2 are E- but should clean up better/ 2 B incl Homesick That's All, The Blond Sailor A

1705. World 7349-7358- Charlie Spivak O/ Johnny Long O - 5 cuts per EE- incl I Can't Begin to Tell You A/ In the Middle of May B (a couple of Dick Robertson vocs)

1706. World 7729-7738- Les Brown O/ Harry Horlick O- 5 cuts/ 4 cuts EE- incl High on a Windy Trumpet, Lover's Leap A

1707. World 7889-7898- Les Brown O/ Jimmy & Leon Short B- 5 cuts per E- incl Man With a Horn, Route 66 A

1708. World 8069-8078- Les Brown O- 9 cuts EE+ incl The Coffee Song, Land of Dreams (some Doris)

1709. World 8089-8098- Jimmy Dorsey O/ Carmen Cavallaro p & rhy 4 cuts per E/EE- incl One More Kiss A/ O Sole Mio B

1710. World Jam Session 16A/B- Frank Froeba Trio/ ODJB- 6 cuts/ 5 cuts E+ most, a couple EE+ great stuff incl A- Sister Kate, Church Mouse On a Spree/ B incl Fidgety Feet, Clar Marmalade

1711. World Jam Session 18A/B- Bobby Hackett O/ Eddie Heywood O- 4 cuts/ 3 cuts E+..A incl Sweet Georgia Brown, When a Woman Loves a Man, B incl For Victory, Begin the Beguine

1712. World Jam Session 30A/B- Stuff Smith Trio/ Muggsy Spanier O- 4 cuts per EE+ incl The Red Jump, Ghost of a Chance A// Sister Kate, I Found a New Baby B

1713. World Jam Session 31 A/B- Art Tatum Trio/ Muggsy Spanier and Band 5 cuts/ 3 cuts E+ most, a couple EE+...A incl Honeysuckle Rose, Liza/ B incl Sugar, Three Twenty One Blues

1714- World Golden Bantam Revue- Tiny Hill O/ Freddie Fisher O- 6 cuts/ 5 cuts EE- incl Loopin' the Loop, Nobody's Sweetheart A/ Hilda Was a Darn Good Cook, I Killed Myself Because of You B

1715. World 106- Ben Pollack Pick a Rib Boys- 3 cuts incl San, Fidgety Feet/ Jimmy Lytell O- 3 cuts incl Heat Wave// Robert Montgomery recitation E+

1716. World 380- Original Dixieland Jazz Band- 2 cuts incl Ostrich Walk/ Louis Jordan O- 3 cuts incl Up Jumped the Devil// Ken Griffin organ- 3 cuts/ Larry Leader O 3 cuts E+

1717. World 391- Louis Jordan O/ Adrian Rollini Ensemble/ Miff Mole O// Bernie Richards O- 2 cuts per A// 7 B E+ incl Jordan- Let's Make An Effort, Rollini- Chinatown, Mole, Beale St Blues// Bernie-Canadian Sunset, Portuguese Washerwoman

LASTLY- A BUNCH OF LPS... --these are all on the Harlequin label from England and are like new..Some rare material and great Euro Jazz, etc., from noted collections, and John RT Davies transfers.

1718. Har HQ 2010- Jazz & Hot Dance In Argentina 1915-50

1719. Har HQ 2012- Jazz & Hot Dance In Russia 1910-63

1720. Har HQ 2014- Jazz & Hot Dance In Austria 1910-49

1721. Har HQ 2016- Jazz & Hot Dance In Trinidad 1912-39

1722. Har HQ 2017- Jazz & Hot Dance In Finland 1929-50

1723. Har HQ 2018- Jazz & Hot Dance In Martinique 1929-50

1724. Har HQ 2019- Jazz & Hot Dance In Czechoslovakia 1910-46

1725. Har HQ 2020- Jazz & Hot Dance In South Africa 1946-59

1726. Har HQ 2021- Jazz & Hot Dance In Australia 1925-50

1727. Har HQ 2022- Jazz & Hot Dance In the Netherlands 1910-50

1728. Har HQ 2023- Jazz & Hot Dance In Canada 1916-49

1729. Har HQ 2024- Jazz & Hot Dance In Denmark 1909-53

1730. Har HQ 2025- Jazz & Hot Dance From Cuba 1909-37

1731. Har HQ 2027- Jazz & Hot Dance In Belgium 1909-52

1732. Har HQ 2028- Jazz & Hot Dance In Thalland 1956-67

1733. Har HQ 2029- Jazz & Hot Dance In Norway 1920-46

1734. Har HQ 2034- Jazz & Hot Dance From Germany 1925- Alex Hyde

1735. Har HQ 2058- German Propaganda Swing- Charlie & His Orch 1940-1941- vol 1

1736. Har HQ 2059- German Propaganda Swing- Charlie & His Orch 1940-1943- vol 2

1737. Har HQ 2067- German Propaganda Swing- Charlie & His Orch 1939-44- vol 3

1738. Har HQ 2070- Jazz & Hot Dance In Hawaii 1929-45

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For some excellent CD reissues of the music that we all love, please check out musician, friend and fellow collector Bryan Wright's website at Rivermont Records.



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