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Dear Collectors, Here is my latest auction of vintage 78s, 12" & 16" radio transcriptions, and paper material. Closing date is- SUNDAY- JUNE 10, 2018. Winner pays postage and packing at cost. I am looking to purchase quality collections, so please keep me in mind should you hear of anything for sale or wish to sell a collection.

SECTION ONE (all in this section are play graded using a new Stanton 2.7 mil stylus, without processing or equalization, and listed as looks like/plays like, unless looks/plays are the same)


1. Banner 6214- Mendello's DO- Dixie Drag/ Sam Lanin O- I Must Have That Man E+ NICE A w/ Glenn Miller, etc

2. Black Swan 2016- Four Harmony Kings- Ain't It a Shame/ Goodnight Angeline looks V, plays V+

3. Bluebird 6918- Clarence Williams Washboard Band- Top of the Town/ More Than That V+

4. BB 6932- Clarence Williams Washboard Band- Wanted/ Cryin' Mood E/EE-

5. BB 6690- Frank Tanner Rhythm Kings- Sailor Man Rhythm/ Chicago Rhythm Kings- The Boston Tea Party E+

6. Brunswick 7137- Speckled Red- House Dance Blues/ Bob Call- 31 Blues E-/ gouge B..A side OK

7. Br 3664- Clarence Williams Blue 5 Orch- Baltimore/ Five Harmaniacs- Carolina Bound V+

8. Br 6129- Andy Kirk O- Dallas Blues/ Noble Sissle O- Basement Blues E

9. Br 127(ENG)- Fred Elizalde Music- Souvenirs/ Don't Bring Me Posies E

10. Br 02329(ENG)- Fred Elizalde solo- She's a Great Great Girl/ Way Down Yonder in NO E+

11. Co A 3950- James P. Johnson piano solo- Worried & Lonesome Blues/ Weeping Blues EE+

12. Co 99-D- Piron's New Orleans O- Bright Star Blues/ Ghost of the Blues looks VV+, plays E-

13. Co 476-Halfway House DO- Maple Leaf Rag/ Let Me Call You Sweetheart looks VV+, pl E

14. Co 953- Duke Ellington Washingtonians- Hop Head/ East St Louis Toodle-O E+

15. Co 1913- Fletcher Henderson O- Blazin'/ The Wang Wang Blues E+/EE+

16. Co 2829(BLUE WAX)- Williams Jug Band- Chizzlin' Sam/ Dicky Wells Shim Shammers- Baby Are You Satisfied E+ scr nap

17. Co 2892(BLUE WAX)- Benny Goodman O- Junk Man/ Ol' Pappy EE+ both take 2

18. Co 2963(BLUE WAX)- Mills Blue Rhythm Band- Let's Have a Jubilee/ Out of a Dream EE+ improves to E+..edge lam nap

19. Co 3020- Mills Blue Rhythm Band- Back Beats/ Spitfire E+

20. Co 3167- Benny Goodman All Stars- Texas Tea Party/ Dr. Heckle & Mr. Jibe E+ blue/yellow lbl

21. Co 14359- Roy Evans- Jazzbo Dan & His Yodelin' Band/ Syncopated Yodelin' Man EE+ rcnap

22. Co 14399- Bessie Smith- You Ought to Be Ashamed/ Poor Man's Blues EE-

23. Co 14451- Bessie Smith- Nobody Knows You When You're Down & Out/ Take It Back E+N-

24. Co 14623- Howard Joyner- I Wanna Sing About You/ I'm Thru With Love E+

25. Co 14651- Ora Alexander- Rider Needs a Fast Horse/ I'm Wild About My Patootie E+ despite lt grey

26. Co 14106- "Doc" Dasher- West Palm Beach Blues/ Evolution Mama E, a tiny bit EE- sm rcnap

27. Co 35842- Bessie Smith- At the Christmas Ball/ Preachin' the Blues E+ seldom seen master pressed stand alone issue-not from set--- A side recorded 1925 and only released here

28. Crown 3016- Gil Rodin O- If I Could Be With You/ Frank Novak O- Betty Co-Ed E- wear on highs

29. Decca 7025- Lovin Sam Theard w/p & bjo- Rubbin' On the Darned Old Thing/ Lovin Sam w/ Bank's Chesterfield O- That Rhythm Gal EE+/E+

30. De 7217- Stella Johnson & Dorothy Scott's Rhythm Boys- Hot Nuts Swing/ Don't Come Over E despite grey

31. Emerson 9150 (9")- Louisiana 5- Orange Blossom Rag/ Heart Sickness Blues E+N-

32. Gennett 5608- Perley Breed Sheppard Colonia O- Where's My Sweetie Hiding/ Tell Me Dreamy Eyes E-/E..Gowans, etc

33. Melotone 12551- Annette Hanshaw- Fit As a Fiddle/ I'm Sure of Everything But You E

34. Mt 6-03-55- Big Bill- Bricks In My Pillow/ Ash-Hauler E+N-

35. Odeon 165642(FR) Louisville Rhythm Kings- In a Great Big Way/ Let's Sit & Talk About You E+ great Benny Goodman & gang on this Okeh like master press

36. Odeon ONY 36068(US)- Hotel Penn Music- Ragamuffin Romeo/ Sam Lanin O- Santiago loks E, plays EE+

37. OK 8440- Clarence Williams Washboard 4- Candy Lips/ Nobody But E+

38. OK 8535- Louis Armstrong Hot 5- Savoy Blues/ Hotter Than That EE-/E-

39. OK 8544- New Orleans Lucky Seven- Goose Pimples/ Royal Garden Blues V/V+ BIX

40. OK 8566- Louis Armstrong Hot 5- Struttin' With Some Barbecue/ Once In a While looks V, plays mostly E, some EE-

41. OK 8656- Luis Russell O- The Call of the Freaks/ It's Tight Like That E+

42. OK 8734- Luis Russell O- The (New) Call of the Freaks/ Jersey Lightning looks EE+(grey) pl E+

43. OK 8782- Jack Purvis O- Poor Richard/ Down Georgia Way E+

44. OK 8836- The Harlem Footwarmers- Big House Blues/ Rocky Mountain Blues E+ rare Duke!

45. OK 40021- Piron's New Orleans O- Bouncing Around/ Kiss Me Sweet looks E-, plays E

46. OK 40380- The Red Hotters- Ev'rything Is Hotsy Totsy Now/ Oh Heinrich E+N-

47. OK 40517- Arcadian Serenaders- Angry/ You Gotta Know How E+ St Louis band GREAT! early Bose, etc

48. OK 40778- Ted Wallace O- The Cat/ Oh, Lizzie looks E, plays E+..some solos

49. OK 40938- Russell Gray O- Sugar/ The Texans- Did You Mean It? looks EE-, plays EE+ -----A side Trumbauer Orch with Bix--------------

50. OK 40920- Mike Markel's O- Manhattan Mary/ My Lady E+

51. OK 40923- Bix Beiderbecke Gang- At the Jazz Band Ball/ The Jazz Me Blues lks EE+, pl E+

52. OK 40931- Rube Bloom piano solo- Sapphire/ My Blue Heaven E+

53. OK 40948- Irwin Abrams Hotel Manger O- I Feel At Home With You/ My Heart Stood Still E+N-

54. OK 41031- Sam Lanin O- Sweet Sue- Just You/ In My Boquet of Memories E+

55. OK 41110- The Goofus Five & Orch- Right Or Wrong/ Mamma's Grown Young Papa's Grown Old looks EE+, plays E+

56. OK 41138- The Goofus Five & Orch- My Blackbirds Are Bluebirds Now/ Sonny Boy E+

57. OK 41162- The New York Syncopators- Dreaming of the Day/ Sweet Dreams looks E, pl EE+

58. OK 41197- Smith Ballew w/ O- I'll Get By/ That's How I Feel About You E+

59. OK 41264- The New York Syncopators- Now I'm In Love/ The One That I Love Loves Me E+ Smith Ballew vocs..some soloing

60. OK 41313- Frankie Trumbauer O- Sunnyside Up/ Turn On the Heat E+

61. OK 41408- Carolina Club O- Can't You Heah Me Callin' Caroline/ Dr Eugene Ormandy O- The Verdict Is Life E-

62. OK 41469- Joe Venuti Blue 4- Sweet Sue- Just You/ I've Found a New Baby looks E, pl EE+

63. OK 41471- The Travelers- Fine & Dandy/ I Can't Make a Man E+ two fantastic sides!

64. OK 41585- Coleman Hawkins O- Jamaica Shout/ Heartbreak Blues E+

65. Oriole 625- Dixie Jazz Band(Perry's Hot Dogs)- Junk Bucket Blues/ Roy Collins O- Show That Fellow the Door E/EE-

66. Paramount 12210- Monette Moore w/ James Blythe- Friendless Blues/ Monette Moore w/ James Cassino, Wyatt Houston- Rocking Chair Blues G

67. Par 20222- California Ramblers- Red Head Gal/ Lanin's Southern Ser.- Aunt Hagar's Blues E

68. Para 20264- Charley Straight O- Bathing Beauty Blues/ Arkansas Mule E+

69. Parlophone 34025(US)- Earl Marlow O- There's Danger In Your Eyes, Cherie/ Cyril Merrivale O- Have a Little Faith in Me E+N-...Ballew, good sax solo A

70. Par PNY 34175(US)- Albert Mason O- 99 Out of 100 Want to Be Loved/ It's a Lonesome Old Town looks E, plays E+

71. Pathe 20326(vertical)- Eubie Blake Trio- Hungarian Rag/ American Jubilee E+

72. Pa 20705(vert)- Lavinia Turner w/ James P. Johnson- Watch Me Go/ You Never Miss a Good Thing Till Its Gone mostly E..some EE-,

73. Pa 22087(vert)- Lieut Jim Europe's Hell Fighters Band- St Louis Blues/ Russian Rag E+

74. Pa 020928(lateral)- Jim Europe's Band- Clarinet Marmalade/ Russian Rag EE+

75. Regal 8129- Joe Jordan's Ten Sharps & Flats- Old Folks Shuffle/ Morocco Blues V at very beg, improves to E/ E- at beg, improves to E for most

76. Re 9682- Fletcher Henderson O- I Cant Get the One I Want (tk 2)/ Six Black Diamonds- Charleston Cabin EE-

77. Rich-tone 7015- The Jazz Harmonists- Wimmin/ White Bros O- I'm Just Too Mean to Cry E+ rare Chicago label in mint cond../ sleeve notes say Lucky 7 & Ladd's Black Aces pseudonymns

78. Starr Gennett 9313(CAN)- Husk O' Hare's Super Orch of Chicago- You Gave Me Your Heart/ Friar's Society O- Panama E+

79. Swing 14- Bill Coleman O- I Ain't Got Nobody/ Baby Won't You Please Come Home E+ Django

80. Sw 23- Quintet du Hot Club de France- Viper's Dream/ Minor's Swing E+

81. Sw 203- Rex Stewart O- Low Cotton/ Hot Club Parade EE+ some grey nap. Django A side

82. Victor 19123- James P Johnson piano solo- You Can't Do What My Last Man Did/ Bleeding Hearted Blues E

83. Vi 19494- Noble Sissle- Eubie Blake- Dixie Moon/ Manda E

84. Vi 21203- Richard M. Jones Jazz Wizards- Boar Hog Blues/ Jazzin' Baby Blues looks VV+/VV-, plays E-/VV+ wear on highs due to some steeling

85. Vi 21553- Tiny Parham O- Cuckoo Blues/ Head Hunters Dream EE-/E-

86. Vi 22776- Carolina Dandies- Come Easy, Go Easy Love/ When I Can Be With You E+ sm lbl tear B

87. Vi 22811- Mc Kinney's Cotton Pickers- Do You Believe In Love At Sight?/ Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams E+

88. Vi 23039- King Oliver O- I'm Lonesome Sweetheart/ I Can't Stop Loving U looks V, plays V+E-

89. Vi 38138- Bubber Miley Mileage Makers- Without You Emaline/ I Lost My Gal From Memphis E scr A nap

90. Vi 38139- Hoagy Carmichael O- Barnacle Bill the Sailor/ Rockin' Chair EE+/E+

91. Vocalion 14726- Fletcher Henderson O- You've Got to Get Hot/ Charleston Crazy VV-

92. Vo 02613(gold lbl)- Hunter & Jenkins- Meat Cuttin' Blues/ Lollypop E+

93. Vo 03048- Papa Charlie Jackson- You Put It In, I'll Take It Out/ If I Got What You Want E+N-

94. Vo 03243- Lonnie Johnson & Victoria Spivey- Toothache Blues part 1/2 E+

95. Vo 03260- Victoria Spivey & Lonnie Johnson- Furniture Man Blues part 1/2 E+

96. Vo 03366- Victoria Spivey & her Chicago Four- I Ain't Gonna Let You See Santa Claus/ Any Kind a Man E+N-

97. Vo 03375- Ham Gravy- Jesse James Blues/ Mama Don't Allow It #2 E+N-

98. Vo 03395- Midnight Ramblers/ State Street Swingers- Out With the Wrong Woman/ Rattlesnake Daddy E+

99. Vo 03397- Lil Johnson- I'll Take You to the Cleaners/ Crazy About My Rider E+.. clk B sounds 5 grooves, but passes with no problem

100. Vo 03428- Lil Johnson- New Shave 'em Dry/ Grandpa Said "Let's Susie Q" E+N-


101. Br 5012- Isham Jones Rainbo O- Jean/ Sahara Rose EE-

102. Br 2067- Green Bros Novelty Band- Caresses/ Rosie E

103. Br 2081- Rudy Wiedoeft's Californians- Na Jo/ Humming E

104. Br 2109- Bennie Krueger O- Ain't We Got Fun/ Dangerous Blues E-

105. Br 2130- Bennie Krueger O- Saturday/ All By Myself EE+

106. Br 2382- The Cotton Pickers- Loose Feet/ Runnin' Wild E-

107. Br 2418- The Cotton Pickers- Snakes' Hips/ I Never Miss the Sunshine EE-

108. Br 2436- The Cotton Pickers- When Will the Sun Shine For Me/ Down By the River VV+

109. Br 2461- The Cotton Pickers- The Duck's Quack/ My Sweetie Went Away E-

110. Br 2486- The Cotton Pickers- Back O Town Blues/ Rampart Street Blues E+/EE+

111. Br 2490- The Cotton Pickers- Walk, Jenny, Walk/ Mama Goes Where Papa Goes V

112. Br 2592- Fletcher Henderson O- Sud Bustin' Blues/ War Horse Mama V+

113. Br 2629- Paul Ash O- Wa Wa Waddle Walk/ Driftwood E-

114. Br 2678- Isham Jones O- Get Lucky/ Some Other Day, Some Other Girl V+/E-

115. Br 2690- Carl Fenton O- Rock a Bye My Baby Blues/ Dreamer of Dreams EE-/E

116. Br 2752- Oriole O- Copenhagen/ My Rose Marie V+

117. Br 2796- Abe Lyman O- Could You Care For Me/ Something Tells Me That One Is You E+

118. Br 2807- Marion Harris- Does My Sweetie Do- And How/ I Can't Realize E+ sm rcnap

119. Br 2824- Gene Rodemich O- How Come You Do Me Like You Do/ One Stolen Kiss EE-

120. Br 2964- Paul Ash O- Bam Bam Bamy Shore/ Look Who's Here E+

121. Br 3001- The Cotton Pickers- What Did I Tell Ya/ Fallin' Down EE+

122. Br 3197- Victor Arden- Phil Ohman O- The Blue Room/ The Girl Friend E

123. Br 3406- Fletcher Henderson O- Hot Mustard/ Clarinet Marmalade VV+/E-

124. Br 3481- Victor Arden- Phil Ohman O- South Wind/ At Sundown VV+

125. Br 3511- Six Jumping Jacks- Just the Same/ I Wonder How I Look When I'm Asleep V

126. Br 3557- Jules Herbuveaux O- Where the Wild Flowers Grow/ You Dont Like It Not Much E

127. Br 3595- Kenn Sisson O- Blue Heaven/ Bamboola EE-

128. Br 3604- Ernie Golden O- Just Once Again/ No Wonder I'm Happy EE-

129. Br 3631- Ben Bernie O- Miss Annabelle Lee/ Swanee Shore V

130. Br 3657- Frank Black O- The Varsity Drag/ The Best Things In Life Are Free E-

131. Br 3699- Six Jumping Jacks- Here Comes the Show Boat/ Go Home & Tell Your Mother V

132. Br 3722- Bernie Cummins O- Where the Cot Cotton Grows/ Everybody Loves My Girl V+

133. Br 3756- Frank Black O- Away Down South In Heaven/ There's a Rickety Rackety Shack EE+

134. Br 3911- Abe Lyman O- Bluebird Sing Me a Song/ Driftwood VV+

135. Br 3925- Nick Lucas- It Must Be Love/ I Can't Do Without You E+

136. Br 3926- Scrappy Lambert- Ready For the River/ My Angel E+

137. Br 3927- Vincent Lopez O- Blue Bird Why Don't You Call On Me?/ My Angel EE+

138. Br 3931- Eddy Thomas- I'm Tired of Making Believe/ Remember Me to Mary E+

139. Br 3932- Vaughn De Leath- Sorry For Me/ I'm Away Fm the World When I'm Away From U N-

140. Br 3940- Six Jumping Jacks- Constantinople/ Etiquette Blues V-

141. Br 3944- Charley Straight O- From Midnight Till Dawn/ Last Night I Dreamed You Kissed Me E-

142. Br 3964- Abe Lyman Sharps & Flats- Weary Weasel/ San E-

143. Br 4048- Jesse Stafford O- Shine/ Cinderella Blues E+

144. Br 4070- Jesse Stafford Palace Hotel O- I Need Sympathy/ I'm Writing UThis Little Melody EE-

145. Br 4126- June Pursell- Happy Days & Lonely Nights/ High Up On a Hill Top NN-

146. Br 4129- Jesse Stafford Palace Hotel O- Glorianna/ Doin' the Raccoon EE+

147. Br 4172- Lawrence Salerno w/ O- La Rosita/ Querida EE+/E+

148. Br 4198(CAN)- Jesse Stafford Palace Hotel O- You'll Never Know/ The Spell of the Blues E+

149. Br 4204- Ben Bernie O- I Want to Be Bad/ Button Up Your Overcoat VV+ Zelma O Neal A

150. Br 4249- Jesse Stafford Palace Hotel O- Kewpie/ A Precious Little Thing Called Love V+E-

151. Br 4250- Jesse Stafford Palace Hotel O- All a Twitter/ I Wanna Go Places & Do Things V+

152. Br 4284- Ben Bernie O- Till We Meet/ Coquette E+

153. Br 4288- Bob Haring O- Fioretta/ Dream Boat NN-

154. Br 4290- Dick Robertson- Wedding Bells/ Dream Mother NN-

155. Br 4296- Frank Luther & Carson Robison- The Utah Trail/ Goin' Back to Texas V

156. Br 4297- The Thematics O- Lady Divine/ Giovanna NN-

157. Br 4340- Joseph E Howard- Honeymoon/ Blow the Smoke Away EE-

158. Br 4486- Colonial Club O- If You Believed In Me/ My Song of the Nile E+N-

159. Br 4525- Jesse Stafford O- Steppin' Along/ Too Wonderful For Words EE+

160. Br 4555- Abe Lyman O- I'm Only Making Believe/ Another Night EE-

161. Br 4630- Jesse Stafford Palace Hotel O- I'm Sailing On a Sunbeam/ I'm Following U V+ rcnap

162. Br 4739- Colonial Club O- I'm On a Diet of Love/ We'll Build a Little World Of Our Own V-

163. Br 4756- Earl Burtnett O- Song of the Dawn/ Regent Club O- It Happened In Monterey E+

164. Br 4768- Dick Robertson w/ O- A Cottage For Sale/ Reminiscing E- some scrs

165. Br 4804- Abe Lyman O- This Is Love/ Live & Love Today E-V+

166. Br 4818- Jesse Stafford Palace Hotel O- Tonight/ Anchors Aweigh EE-

167. Br 4823- Jesse Stafford Palace Hotel O- The Whole Darned Things For You/ Dust EE+

168. Br 4829- Tom Clines O- Around the Corner/ Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder E

169. Br 4845- Louisiana Rhythm Kings- Swanee/ Meanest Kind O' Blues E

170. Br 4856- Isham Jones O- Stardust/ Trees EE+ top laminated pressing

171. Br A 8848(FR)- Ben Bernie O- Liza Lee/ Tomorrow Is Another Day E- equiv to Br 4899

172. Br 4914- Isham Jones O- In My Heart It's You/ I'll Be Blue Just Thinking of You V

173. Br 6014- Loring "Red" Nichols O- When Kentucky Bids the World Good Morning/Blue Again V

174. Br 6059- Earl Burtnett LA Biltmore Hotel O- Imagine/ I've Found What I Wanted In You EE+

175. Br 6162- Connie Boswell- I'm All Dressed Up With a Broken Heart/ What is It? VV+

176. Br 6380- Abe Lyman O- Riddle Me This/ How Do You Do It V

177. Br 6425- Eddy Duchin O- I've Told Ev'ry Little Star/ The Song Is You EE+

178. Br 6442- Boswell Sisters w/ Dorsey Bros- Minnie the Moocher's Wedding Day/ It Dont Mean a Thing VV+

179. Br 500174(FR)- Duke Ellington O- It Dont Mean a Thing/ Rose Room E+ master pressing

180. Br 6447- Ozzie Nelson O- What a Perfect Combination/ Look What You've Done EE-

181. Br 6544- Greta Keller- Lover/ Maybe I Love You Too Much E+

182. Br 6594- Bing Crosby w/ Jimmie Grier O- Moonstruck/ Learn to Croon E few lt scuffs

183. Br 6602- Casa Loma O- The River's Takin Care of Me/ Trouble In Paradise E+

184. Br 6604- Anson Weeks O- Louisville Lady/ It's Not a Secret Anymore V-

185. Br 6605- Hal Kemp O- I Couldn't Tell Them What To Do/ My Own EE+

186. Br 6707- Hal Kemp O- One Minute to One/ Don't You Remember Me EE+

187. Br 6726- Casa Loma O- Dixie Lee/ Tired of It All E-

188. Br 6730- Anson Weeks O- Memphis By Morning/ Throw Another Log On the Fire E-

189. Br 6737- Freddy Martin O- I Cant Forgive Myself/ If I Love Again V+

190. Br 6864- Claude Hopkins O- Three Little Words/ My Gal Sal EE+

191. Br 6898- Chick Webb O- Heebie Jeebie/ I'm Left With the Blues In My Heart E/EE-

192. Br 6927- Glen Gray Casa Loma O- Long May We Love/ I Never Had a Chance E+

193. Br 6930- Freddy Martin O- Born to Be Kissed/ Rolling In Love E/EE+

194. Br 6931- Victor Young O- The Very Thought of You/ Sleepy Head EE-/V

195. Br 6932- Glen Gray Casa Loma O- I Never Slept a Wink Last Night/ Jungle Fever EE+ couple of light pops

196. Br 6951- The Boswell Sisters- The Lonesome Road/ Goin' Home VV+

197. Br 6987- Duke Ellington O- Moonglow/ Solitude EE-

198. Br 6989- Anson Weeks O- An Earful of Music/ Your Head On My Shoulder EE+ lt scrs/ E+

199. Br 6992- Cab Calloway O- Chinese Rhythm/ Weakness V+

200. Br 6994- Grace Moore w/ O- Ciribiribin/ One Night of Love E+

201. Br 6998- Freddy Martin O- What a Difference a Day Made/ Be Still My Heart EE-/E-

202. Br 6999- Ozzie Nelson O- You're Not the Only Oyster In the Stew/ Its Dark On Observatory Hill E+

203. Br 01895(ENG)- Connie Boswell w/ Jimmie Grier O- Lost in a Fog/ Isn't It a Shame EE+ 2" crnap

204. Br 01926(ENG)- The Boswell Sisters- Dinah/ Connie Boswell w/ O- Blue Moon EE+ beautiful master pressing!!

205. Br 7304- Leo Reisman O- Nevermore/ I'll Follow My Secret Heart E pot fl B Lew Conrad vo A

206. Br 7308- Jimmie Grier O- The Object of My Affection(Pinky Tomlin vo)/ Somebody's Birthday EE+ black/silver lbl

207. Br 7309- Freddy Martin O- Water Under the Bridge/ Must We Say Goodnight So Soon EE+

208. Br 7310- Duke Ellington O- Saddest Tale/ Sump'n 'Bout Rhythm EE-

209. Br 7311- Ted Fio Rito O- Too Beautiful For Words/ When You're In Love E

210. Br 7314- Lanny Ross w/ N Finston Paramount O- Water Und the Bridge/ The World Is Mine E

211. Br 7351- Hal Kemp O- In a Blue & Pensive Mood/ I Woke Up Too Soon E-

212. Br 7491- Ethel Merman w/ O- The Lady In Red/ Its the Animal In Me VV+ lam clx super lt. very briefly--West Coast pressing

213. Br 7494- Freddy Martin O- Broken Hearted Troubadour/ Puppchen EE+ West Coast press

214. Br 7495- Don Bestor O- The Simple Things In Life/ Animal Crackers In My Soup E-

215. Br 7507- Ted Fio Rito O- Kalua Lullaby/ Roll Along Prairie Moon V+/V-

216. Br 7509- Hal Kemp O- Without a Word of Warning/ From the Top of Your Head V+/VV+

217. Br 7514- Duke Ellington O- Accent On Youth/ Truckin' E-

218. Br 7516- Don Bestor O- You Are My Lucky Star/ On a Sunday Afternoon VV+

219. Br 7518- Anson Weeks O- It Looks Like An Early Fall/ Something to Remember E

220. Br 7548- Ozzie Nelson O- The Oregon Trail/ At a Little Church Affair EE-

221. Br 7559- Freddy Martin O- A Little Bit Independent/ One Night In Monte Carlo E-

222. Br 7566- Hal Kemp O- Life Begins At Sweet Sixteen/ I'm the Fellow Who Loves You EE+

223. Br 7624- Leo Reisman O- It's Great to Be In Love Again/ That Never to be Forgotten Night E+

224. Br 7640- Teddy Wilson O- All My Life/ Christopher Columbus E+

225, Br 7660- Louis Prima Gang- Cross Patch/ Swing Me a Lullaby EE+/E+

226. Br 7678- Nat Brandywynne O- Long Ago & Far Away/ Where Is My Heart E+ Buddy Clark vocs

227. Br 7709- Louis Prima Gang- Confessin'/ Let's Have Fun E

228. Br 7715- Hudson De Lange O- Mr. Ghost Goes to Town/ Mint Julep E+

229. Br 7740- Louis Prima Gang- Let's Get Together & Swing/ The Stars Know E+

230. Br 7766- Hal Kemp O- I Was Saying to the Moon/ On a Typical Tropical Night EE+

231. Br 7806- Art Shaw O- Cream Puff/ Sobbin' Blues E/EE-

232. Br 7868- Red Norvo O- Liza/ I Would Do Anything For You E-

233. Br 7892- Johnny Green & Dave Terry p- medley of Shall We Dance selections 1/2 EE+

234. Br 7934- Art Shaw O- If You Should Ever Leave/ Afraid to Dream V+

235. Br 7956- Jan Garber O- Love Or Infatuation/ Make a Wish EE+ sm rcnap

236. Br 7959- Russ Morgan O- Getting Some Fun Out of Life/ So Many Memories E

237. Br 7960- Teddy Wilson O- You Brought a New Kind of Love to Me/ If I Had You E-

238. Br 7993- Raymond Scott Quintette- Powerhouse/ The Toy Trumpet E+

239. Br 7996- Hudson- De Lange O- Stardust/ Bugle Call Rag E+

240. Br 8037- Russ Morgan O- Bei Mir Bist Du Schon/ I Double Dare You E/EE+

241. Br 8040- Hudson- De Lange O- College Widow/ Error In the News E

242. Br 8043- Horace Heidt O- Sweet As a Song/ Half Moon On the Hudson E+

243. Br 8045- Freddy Martin O- Down Where the Trade Winds Blow/ I See Your Face Before Me E-

244. Br 8063- Duke Ellington O- The New Black & Tan Fantasy/ Stepping Into Swing Society EE+ few lt clx

245. Br 8069- Red Norvo O- Always & Always/ It's Wonderful EE+ Mildred Bailey vocs

246. Br 8088- Red Norvo O- The Weekend of a Private Secretary/ Please Be Kind E- Mildred vocs

247. Br 8089- Red Norvo O- There's a Boy In Harlem/ How Can You Forget? E+ Mildred voc A

248. Br 8102- Jan Garber O- Romance In the Dark/ I Love to Whistle E+ West Coast pressing

249. Br 8103- Red Norvo O- Tea Time/ Jeannine E-

250. Br 8104- Jan Garber O- I Simply Adore You/ Good Night Sweet Dreams E- rcnap

251. Br 8108- Duke Ellington O- I Let a Song Go Out of My Heart/ The Gal From Joe's E+

252. Br 8110- Horace Heidt O- Lovelight In the Starlight/ Where Have We Met Before E

253. Br 8111- Jan Garber O- On a Rainy Day/ In a Little Dutch Kindergarten EE- West Coast pr

254. Br 8112- Teddy Wilson O- Moments Like This/ I Cant Face the Music V+

255. Br 8115- Eddy Duchin O- Moonshine Over Kentucky/ Isnt It Wonderful, Isnt It Swell EE+

256. Br 8117- Russ Morgan Strings- Chasing the Mouse/ Flower of Dawn VV+

257. Br 8119- Russ Morgan O- Ten Little Miles From Town/ Will You Remem. Tonight Tomorrow E-

258. Br 8174- Duke Ellington O- La De Doody Doo/ The Stevedore's Serenade E

259. Br 8176- Jan Garber O- When Twilight Comes/ The Same Sweet You E-

260. Br 8217- Jan Garber O- That Week In Paris/ A Mist Is Over the Moon E+/EE+

261. Br 8257- Horace Heidt O- Sing For Your Supper/ This Can't Be Love EE-

262. Br 8273- Horace Heidt O- I Had to Do It/ Loveland In the Wintertime E+

263. Br 8332- Sidney Phillips O- Hullabaloo/ Voodoo V+

264. Br 8344- Duke Ellington O- Pussy Willow/ Subtle Lament E lbl tear B

265. Br 8355- Harry James O- Got No Time/ And the Angels Sing VV+

266. Br 8365- Duke Ellington O- Something to Live For/ Portrait of the Lion E

267. Br 8366- Harry James O- King Porter's Stomp/ Indiana EE+

268. Br 8373- Jack Teagarden O- If It's Good/ Class Will Tell E/E+

269. Br 8384- Sidney Phillips O- Wedding of a Sophisticated Dutch Doll/ Music For You E-

270. Br 8393- Horace Heidt O- Back to Back/ I Poured My Heart Into a Song E+

271. Br 8435- Jack Teagarden O- The Little Man Who Wasn't There/ You Know E+

272. Br 8440- Kay Kyser O- The Merry Old Land of Oz/ If I Only Had a Brain E lbl tear B

273. Br 8454- Jack Teagarden O- Blues to the Dole/ Puttin' & Takin' EE+

274. Br 40214- Los Floridians- Anoche a Las Dos/ Noches De Colon E+

275. Br 40218- Los Floridians- Siempre Sufriendo/ Tus Besos Fueron Mios E+

276. Br 55001- Johnny Noble's Hawaiians- Na Lei O Hawaii/ Beautiful Kahana VV+

277. Br 80109- Mildred Bailey w/ 4- Lover Come Back to Me/

Mildred Bailey with Delta Rhythm Boys- Its So Peaceful In the Country E+ heavy vinyl press


278. Co 33003-D- Rosa Ponselle & Male Qtet- Little Alabama Coon/ Rosa Ponselle- Rose of My Heart EE+

279. Co A 896- Collins & Harlan- Swingin' in De Sky/ Byron C Harlan- Sweet Italian Love V lams B

280. Co A 2519- Al Jolson- 'N Everything/ Sterling 3- When You Play Witht he Heart of a Girl EE-/E

281. Co A 2588- Van & Schenck- In the Good Old Irish Way/ My Marie EE-

282. Co A 2607- Paulist Choristers of Chicago- Nearer My God To Thee/ Adeste Fidelis VV+

283. Co A 2617- Arthur Fields- Oh How I Hate to Get Up In the Morning/ Let's Bury the Hatchet VV+

284. Co A 2966- Van & Schenck- After U Get What U Want U Don't Want It/ You Tell Em E/E-

285. Co A 2976- Van & Schenck- So This Is Paris/ In the Land of Old Black Joe VV+

286. Co A 3339- Bert Williams- You'll Never Need a Doctor No More/ Eve Cost Adam One Bone EE-

287. Co A 3624- Eddie Cantor- I'm Hungry For Beautiful Girls/ I Love Her- She Loves Me E-

288. Co A 3817- Paul Specht O- When You & I Were Young Maggie Blues/ My Buddy EE-

289. Co A 3902- The Georgians- Barney Google/ Old King Tut EE-/E

290. Co A 3987- The Georgians- Lond of Cotton Blues/ Mamma Loves Papa E+

291. Co 170-D- Ted Lewis O- Barnyard Blues/ There'll Be Some Changes Made V+

292. Co 234- Eddie Cantor- How I Love That Girl/ Jones & Hare- Everything Has Got My Goat V

293. Co 424- Earl Gresh Gangplank O- Row Row Rosie/ She Was Just a Sailor's Sweetheart E-

294. Co 439- Ted Lewis O- Milenberg Joys/ Tin Roof Blues V+

295. Co 457- Eddie Cantor- Oh Boy, What a Girl/ Jones & Hare- Pardon Me While I Laugh EE-/E-

296. Co 667- Ted Lewis O- Where'd You Get Those Eyes?/ That's Why I Love You E/EE+

297. Co 683- Henry Ford's Old Fashioned DO- The Varsonienne/ Circle Medley Wz EE-

298. Co 689- Howard Lanin O- Black Bottom/ Lucky Day E+

299. Co 690- Fred Rich & Alan Moran piano duet w/ vo- Barcelona/ Valencia E-/E

300. Co 692- Ruth Etting- I Ain't Got Nobody/ That's Why I Love You V

301. Co 750- Johnny Marvin of Honeymoon Lane Co- Jersey Walk/ Half a Moon V+

302. Co 757- Fred Rich O- I'm Lonely Without You/ Pretty Cinderella EE+

303. Co 768- Mary Haynes- Down At Our Beauty Shop/ Cry Little Girl Just Cry E

304. Co 809- George Gershwin piano solo- Do-Do-Do/ Clap Yo Hands E+N-

305. Co 812- George Gershwin piano solo- Someone To Watch Over Me/ Maybe EE-

306. Co 830- Art Kahn O- He's the Last Word/ Hello Swanee Hello EE-

307. Co 853- Paul Specht O- Here or There/ Harry Reser's Syncopators- Je Taime Means ILove U E

308. Co 900- Fred Rich O- It All Depends On You/ Somebody Else E/E-

309. Co 925- Kitty O' Connor- the Girl Baritone- Have You Forgotten?/ Who Could Be More Wonderful Than You VV+

310. Co 973- Leo Reisman O- Red Lips Kiss My Blues Away/ Collette E/EE+

311. Co 1020- Johnny Marvin- Me & My Shadow/ Charles Kaley- My Sunday Girl E-/EE-

312. Co 1117- Paul Specht O- Barbara/ Who's That Pretty Baby? looks EE-, plays EE+

313. Co 1130- Seger Ellis- Here Am I Broken Hearted/ Kiss & Make Up E+

314. Co 1239- Seger Ellis- Girl of My Dreams/ I'll Think of You E

315. Co 1286- Oscar Grogan- Somebody Lied About Me/ Who Knows? V+

316. Co 1288- Ruth Etting- Back In Your Own Back Yard/ When You're With Somebody Else E+

317. Co 1290- Seger Ellis- Where In the World/ Beautiful E

318. Co 1307- Paul Specht O- St Louis Shuffle/ Cornfed! VV+/V

319. Co 1351- Leo Reisman O- Ma Belle/ March of the Musketeers V+/V-

320. Co 1361- Earl Burtnett LA Biltmore Hotel O- Stay Out of the South/ Sweet Sue V

321. Co 1364- Guy Lombardo O- Japansy/ Forevermore EE-

322. Co 1408- Emerson Gill Bamboo Garden O- Ready For the River/ Charles Kaley O- My Blue Ridge Mountain Home E+

323. Co 1421- Kitty O' Connor- the Girl Baritone- There's Something About a Rose/ Forgetting U E-

324. Co 1428- Ted Lewis O- I Ain't Got Nobody/ A Good Man Is Hard to Find EE+

325. Co 1553- Paul Whiteman O- Blue Night/ Roses of Yesterday EE+ but few scrs

326. Co 1656- Ted Lewis O- Wear a Hat With a Silver Lining/ She's Funny That Way EE+ or better

327. Co 1679- Guy Lombardo O- Where the Shy Little Violets Grow/ Me & the Man In the Moon EE+/E+

328. Co 1682- Leo Reisman O- Along Came Sweetness/ A Love Tale of Alsace Lorraine E/EE-

329. Co 1702- Ben Selvin O- The Song I Love/ Leo Reisman O- The Sun Is At My Window EE+/E+

330. Co 1738- Broadway Nitelites- You Were Meant For Me/ Broadway Melody EE-

331. Co 1869- Ukulele Ike- Singin' In the Rain/ Orange Blossom Time E

332. Co 1870- Pete Woolery- My Heart Is Bluer Than Your Eyes/ Am I A Passing Fancy EE+

333. Co 1871- Ethel Waters- True Blue Lou/ Second Handed Man V

334. Co 1874- Dave Bernie O- Where the Bab Bab Babling Brook/ I Want to Meander In the Meadow EE+

335. Co 1875- Ben Selvin O- Miss You/ Junior EE- rcnap edge lam nap. Ballew vocs

336. Co 1903- Ipana Troubadours- Liza/ Do What You Do! E+ top sides w/ Ballew vocs

337. Co 1907- Ukulele Ike- Hang On to Me/ Just You, Just Me E+

338. Co 1908- Ted Wallace Boys- Sweetness/ The Moonlight March E+ Ballew in vocal trio

339. Co 1909- Ed Lowry- Ev'ry Day Away From You/ Through E-

340. Co 1911- Charles Hackett- I Look Into Your Garden/ The World Is Waiting For the Sunrise E-

341. Co 1914- Eddie Walters- Won'tcha?/ I'd Fall In Love With Me E+

342. Co 1919- Art Gillham- True Blue/ Two Little Rooms EE+

343. Co 2018- Knickerbockers- Painting the Clouds With Sunshine/ Anson Weeks O- Pals Forever EE-/E- scr B sds very lite

344. Co 2023- Paul Whiteman O- Great Day/ Without a Song EE-

345. Co 2057- Ted Wallace Boys- Sittin' On a Doorstep/ You Came, I Saw, You Conquered Me EE+ two nice sides with Smith Ballew vocals

346. Co 2088- Ted Lewis O- Harmonica Harry/ You've Got That Thing V+

347. Co 2143- Charles Buddy Rogers- Sweepin the Clouds Away/ Any Time's the Time To Fall In Love VV+

348. Co 2185- Paul Specht O- Into My Heart/ Santiago EE+

349. Co 2206- Ben Selvin O- Dancing With Tears In My Eyes/ When Its Springtime In the Rockies E/EE- Ruth Etting vocal A

350. Co 2256- Columbia Photo Players- Live & Love Today/ Just a Little Closer E+

351. Co 2285- The Columbia Photo Players- I'm Learning a lot From You/ One More Wz EE+

352. Co 2291- Art Gillham- Good Evenin'/ I'm Drifting Back to Dreamland E+..BG, Klein, etc A

353. Co 2312- Ben Selvin O- Just a Little While/ Loving You E+ Smith Ballew vocs

354. Co 2313- Merle Johnston Sax Qtet- Always In All Ways/ It's a Great Life EE+ Ballew vocs

355. Co 2365- Lee Morse Blue Grass Boys- The Little Things In Life/ Tears V-

356. Co 2392- The Happy Chappies- When You Think A Whole Lot About Someone/ Wonder Valley VV+

357. Co 2404- Johnny Walker O- Walkin' My Baby Back Home/ When Your Lover Has Gone EE- Benny Goodman solo, etc

358. Co 2462- Paul Tremaine O- When Gabriel Blows Dat Horn/ I Wanna Sing About You EE-

359. Co 2482- Teddy Raph O- I Found a Million Dollar Baby/ Wrap Your troubles In Dreams EE+/E+

360. Co 2563- Kate Smith- That's Why Darkies Were Born/ Tell Me With a Love Song E+/N-

361. Co 2605- Kate Smith- Twenty One Years/ In the Baggage Coach Ahead VV+ a RARE Kate

362. Co 2662- Roger Wolfe Kahn O- There I Go Dreaming Again/ Tell Me Why You Smile Mona Lisa looks EE-, plays EE+.lt scr beg A few sces only

363. Co 2814(blue wax)- Fran Frey O- Gather Lip Rouge While You May/ Be Careful lks E, pl EE+

364. Co 2844(blue wax)- Bernie Cummins O- I Guess It Had to Be That Way/ Ben Selvin O- My Dancing Lady E+N-

365. Co 2971(blue wax)- Lucienne Boyer w/ O- Is It the Singer or the Song?/ Hands Across the Table E+

366. Co 2995(blue wax)- Harry Richman w/ O- With Every Breath I Take/ June In January E+

367. Co 3122(blue wax)- Carlos Molina O- A Moment In the Dark/ Thinking of You EE-

368. Co 3123(blue wax)- Lucienne Boyer- It's a Thrill All Over Again/ I Found a Bit of Paris In the Heart of Old New York EE+ sm rcnap

369. Co 3999-X- Madriguera Y Sus Notas Magicas- Piel Roja/ Para Que Me Voy a Lamentar E despite scuffs...RARE export series..194608 A, 703138 B..c. 1929..NICE dance sides esp A

370. Co 4000-X- Madriguera Y Sus Notas Magicas- Rosa Roja De Amor/ Aprullo Militar EE- lt lams nap..as above, 703000 mx series

371. Co 14080- Fred Longshaw- Tomato Sauce (tk 2)/ Chili Pepper(tk 1) E+

372. Co 14080- Fred Longshaw- Tomato Sauce (tk 3)/ Chili Pepper(tk 3) E

373. Co 14089- Calvin P. Dixon(Black Billy Sunday)- Dry Bones In the Valley 1/2 E+

374. Co 14401- Homer Smith- I Can Weep But Never Grow Weary/ Pilgrim's Journey N-

375. Co 14394- Rev W.M. Mosley- Jesus Will Make It All Right/ The Comforter Has Come NN-

376. Co 15094- Dock Walsh w/ banjo- In the Pines/ Going Back to Jericho E+

377. Co 15396- The Thrasher Family- Reapers, Be True/ My Savior's Love E

378. Co 35206- Jack Teagarden O- Aunt Hagar's Blues/ I Swung the Election E+

379. Co 35448- Count Basie O- Louisiana/ Easy Does It E

380. Co 36109- Benny Goodman O- Bugle Call Rag/ The Dixieland Band E+ mid 1930s mxs

381. Co 36120- Duke Ellington O- Azure/ Caravan E+ 1930s mxs

382. Co 36289- Fletcher Henderson O- A Pixie From Dixie/ We Go Well Together E+

383. Co 36774- Frank Sinatra- I Begged Her/ What Makes the Sunset? E+

384. Co 36791- Frank Sinatra- When Your Lover Has Gone/ I Should Care E+

385. Co 36797- Frank Sinatra- There's No You/ Dream EE-

386. Co 36830- Frank Sinatra- I Fall In Love Too Easily/ The Charm of You E

387. Co 36868- Frank Sinatra- Nancy/ Cradle Song E+

388. Co 36918- Frank Sinatra- I Don't Know Why/ You Go to My Head EE+

389. Co 36919- Frank Sinatra- A Ghost of a Chance/ These Foolish Things E+

390. Co 37288- Frank Sinatra- It's the Same Old Dream/ The Brooklyn Bridge EE+

391. Co 37343- Frank Sinatra- Mam'sells/ Stella By Starlight E+

392. Co 37554- Frank Sinatra- I Have But One Heart/ Aintcha Ever Comin' Back E+

393. Co 37818- Maxine Sullivan O- I'm Coming Virginia/ Loch Lomond E+

394. Co 38363- Duke Ellington O- Sultry Serenade/ Do Nothing Till You Hear From Me E+

395. Co 38512(promo)- Sarah Vaughan- While You Are Gone/ Tonight I Shall Sleep N-

396. Co 38550- Frank Sinatra- It All Depends On You/ I Only Have Eyes For You E+

397. Co 38950- Duke Ellington O- Cowboy Rhumba/ How High the Moon E+

398. Co 39559(promo)- Sarah Vaughan- Make Believe/ That Lucky Old Sun N-

399. Co 39494(promo)- Sarah Vaughan- Out O' Breath/ After Hours E+

400. Co 39541(promo)- Stan Freeman harpsichord w/ trio- The Blue Room/ Perdido E+

401. Co 39635- Tony Bennett- Silly Dreamer/ Since My Love Has Gone E+

402. Co 39719(promo)- Sarah Vaughan- Corner to Corner/ If Someone Had Told Me E+

403. Co 39815- (promo)- Tony Bennett- You Could Make Me Smile Again/ Roses of Yesterday E+

404. Co 39866(promo)- Tony Bennett- Anywhere I Wander/ Stay Where You Are E+

405. Co 39888(promo)- Erroll Garner- Summertime/ Whats New E+

406. Co 39910(promo)- Tony Bennett- Congratulations To Someone/ Take Me E

407. Co 39932(promo)- Sarah Vaughan- A Lover's Quarrel/ I Confess E+

408. Co 39963(promo)- Sarah Vaughan- A Blues Serenade/ Spring Will Be a Little Late E+

409. Co 40004(promo)- Tony Bennett- Someone Turned the Moon Upside Down/ I'll Go E+

410. Co 40048(promo)- Tony Bennett- Here Comes That Heartache Again/ Rags to Riches E+

411. Co 205-M- Lucienne Boyer- Dans La Fumee/ Parlez Moi D'Amour EE+ aud clx B

412. Co 418-M- Mario Lorenzi & Sidney Torch- harp & organ- Rendezvous/ The Swan NN-

413. Columbia Archive Series 3- Al Jolson- The Cantor/ Victor Young- Hebrew Chant V+ '33 masters


414. De 5028- Frank Luther & Zora Layman- I'll Be With You When the Roses Bloom Again/ The Bright Sherman Valley E-/EE-

415. De 5171- Dixie Demons- Shine/ Old Fashioned Love E-

416. De 7104- Slim Green w/ O- With Every Breath I Take/ Cocktails For Two E

417. De 7201- Oscar's Chicago Swingers- Try Some of That/ My Gal's Been Foolin' Me VV+/E-

418. De 7206- Harlem Hamfats- You Done Tore Your Playhouse Down/ Sales Tax On It V/V+E-

419. De 7218- Harlem Hamfats- Move Your Hand/ New Oh Red! V/V+

420. De 7234- Harlem Hamfats- Weed Smoker's Dream/ Little Girl EE+

421. De 7245- Harlem Hamfats- Bad Luck Man/ I Feel Like a Millionaire EE-

422. De 8505- Sam Price Texas Blusicians- How Bout That Mess/ Oh Red E- few scrs

423. De 8585- Boyce's Harlem Serenaders- Long About Three In the Morning/ Get In the Groove V-

424. De 153- Noble Sissle Int'l O- Polka Dot Rag/ Under the Creole Moon E

425. De 155- Art Tatum- Emaline/ Moonglow E

426. De 193- Glen Gray O- You're a Builder Upper/ Judy N-

427. De 315- Orville Knapp O- If You Love Me, Say So/ Naturally EE+

428. De 322- Lee Wiley w/ O- Hands Across the Table/ I'll Follow My Secret Heart E a rare one!

429. De 379- Glen Gray O- The Little Man With the Hammer/ Who's Sorry Now E+

430. De 389- Earl Hines O- Rhythm Lullaby/ Disappointed In Love E+

431. De 337- Earl Hines O- Rosetta/ Copenhagen E+

432. De 457- Ambrose O- Lament For Congo/ Dodging a Divorcee E+

433. De 617- Bing Crosby- Moonburn/ On Treasure Island EE+

434. De 729- Andy Kirk O- Christopher Columbus/ Froggy Bottom E

435. De 741- Art Tatum- I Aint Got Nobody/ When a Woman Loves a Man E-

436. De 761- Jan Garber O- Honolulu Stars & Hawaiian Guitars/ Melody From the Sky E

437. De 773- Ambrose O- Why Was I Born/ Don't You Ever Fall In Love EE+/E+

438. De 774- Henry Busse O- On the Alamo/ When Day Is Done EE+

439. De 1141- Count Basie O- Honeysuckle Rose/ Roseland Shuffle EE+

440. De 1201- Bing Crosby- The One Rose/ Sentimental & Melancholy E

441. De 1216- Louis Armstrong w/ Andy Iona Islanders- On a Little Bamboo Bridge/ Hawaiian Hospitality EE- flat lbl

442. De 1239- Glenn Miller O- Moonlight Bay/ How Am I To Know E

443. De 1259- Ruth Etting- A Message From the Man In the Moon/ On a Little Dream Ranch VV+

444. De 1279- Stuff Smith Onyx Club Boys- Twilight In Turkey/ Onyx Club Spree VV+

445. De 1339- Ella Fitzgerald Savoy 8- Deep In the Heart of the South/ All Over Nothing At All E

446. De 1370- Bob Crosby O- You Can't Have Everything/ The Lovliness of You E-/E

447. De 1422- Andy Kirk O- Better Luck Next Time/ I Went to a Gypsy E+

448. De 1431- Dick Powell- Love Is On the Air Tonight/ You've Got Something There EE+

449. De 1596- Ella Fitzgerald 8- Bei Mir Bist Du Schon/ It's My Turn Now E

450. De 1624- Wallace Sisters- He's Just a False Alarm/ Pork & Beans EE-

451. De 1631- Freddie Rich O- I'm Wishing/ Whistle While You Work E+

452. De 1632- Freddie Rich O- Heigh Ho/ Someday My Prince Will Come EE+

453. De 1649- Bing Crosby- This Is My Night to Dream/ The Moon of Mankoora E

454. De 1698- Bob Howard O- If You're a Viper/ Raggedy But Right E-

455. De 1712- Jabbo Smith O- Absolutely/ How Can Cupid Be So Stupid V

456. De 1731- Ink Spots- Yes Suh!/ Don't Let Old Age Creep Up On You EE-

457. De 1772- Willie Bryant O- Neglected/ On the Alamo E-

458. De 1806- Ella Fitzgerald 8- This Time It's Real/ You Can't Be Mine E/EE+

459. De 1811- Ruby Newman O- When the Played the Polka/ The Girl in the Bonnet of Blue E-

460. De 1812- Jimmie Grier O- Isle of Capri/ A Stranger In Paree E+

461. De 1821- Pinky Tomlin- Smiles/ The Old Oaken Bucket E+

462. De 1839- Woody Herman O- Saving Myself For You/ Carolina In the Morning E+

463. De 1967- Ella Fitzgerald 8- If You Only Knew/ What Do You Know About Love E

464. De 1980- Jabbo Smith O- Rhythm In Spain/ More Rain More Rest E+

465. De 2020- Ted Weems O- Heartaches/ Juliana E+

466. De 2021- Chick Webb O- Wacky Dust/ Spinnin' the Webb E Ella vocal A

467. De 2057- Ben Pollack O- Rose Colored Glasses/ After You've Gone E+

468. De 2110- Ted Lewis O- Wear a Hat With a Silver Lining/ Three O Clock In the Morning E+/V-

469. De 2204- Andy Kirk O- Messa Stomp/ Bless You My Dear EE-

470. De 2213- Jimmy Dorsey O- A Room With a View/ Kinda Lonesome E+

471. De 2227- Milt Herth Quartet- Jump Jump's Here/ Goblins In the Steeple E-

472. De 2257- Bing Crosby- The Lonesome Road/ Just a Kid Named Joe E+

473. De 2293- Jimmy Dorsey O- Let's Stop the Clock/ The Masquerade Is Over EE+/EE-

474. De 2295- Jimmy Dorsey O- Deep Purple/ Fate E/E+

475. De 2650- Jimmy Dorsey O- A Man & His Dream/ Go Fly a Kite E

476. De 2653- Bert Shefter O- A Toast to Paganini's Ghost/ Wig Wag E+

477. De 2656- Bob Crosby O- Over the Rainbow/ You & Your Love V+

478. De 2702- Jimmy Dorsey O- Its Funny To Everyone But Me/ One Sweet Letter From You EE-

479. De 2721- Ella Fitzgerald O- My Last Goodbye/ Heart of Mine E-

480. De 2735- Jimmy Dorsey O- Body & Soul/ Dixieland Detour E

481. De 2925- Jimmy Dorsey O- Now You Know/ Do It Again E+

482. De 3299- Bing Crosby w/ Dick Mc Intyre Harmony Hawaiians- A Song of Old Hawaii/ Trade Winds E+

483. De 3435- Jimmy Dorsey O- The Bad Humor Man/ You've Got Me This Way E-

484. De 3446- Jimmy Dorsey O- A Handful of Stars/ Falling Leaves VV+

485. De 3450- Bing Crosby- You Are the One/ Please E few scfs

486. De 3462- Dick Robertson O- Connie's Got Connections In Connecticut/ Mickey VV+

487. De 3484- Al Kealoha Perry Surfriders- Twilight In Hawaii/ Under a Spreading Cocoanut Tree E-

488. De 3644- Bing Crosby- De Camptown Races/ Dolores E+/V+

489. De 3662- Dick Powell- Where the Morning Glories Twine Around the Door/ I Wonder How the Old Folks Are At Home E

490. De 3965- Bing Crosby- You're the Moment of a Lifetime/ No Te Importe Saber E

491. De 3971- Bing Crosby- The Whistler's Mother In Law/ I Ain't Got Nobody E

492. De 3995- Lawrence Welk O- Dawn/ Noche De Ronda E

493. De 400- Bing Crosby- Dream Girl of Pi K A/ The Sweetheart of Sigma Chi EE+

494. De 11004- Ida James w/ Ellis Larkins Trio- I Wont Say I Will But I Wont/ You Must Be Blind EE+/E+

495. De 18377- Raymond Scott O- Secret Agent/ Pan American Hot Spot E despite grey

496. De 18422- Raymond Scott O- Careful Conversation At a Diplomatic Function/ Carrier Pigeon E/EE+ despite grey

497. De 18479- Glen Gray O- Don't Get Around Much Anymore/ Dont Do It Darling EE+/E

498. De 18571- Jimmy Dorsey O- They're Either Too Young Or Too Old/ Star Eyes E-/VV+

499. De 18581- Andrews Sisters- Sing a Tropical Song/ There'll Be a Jubilee EE-

500. De 18709- Jimmy Dorsey O- He Didn't Ask Me/ If You Only Knew E+

501. De 18716- Jimmy Dorsey O- Come To Baby Do/ Autumn Serenade E+ few pops B

502. De 18861- Leo Reisman O- I Got Lost In His Arms/ I Got the Sun In the Morning E

503. De 21152(Spanish series)- Elvira Rios w/ O- Time On My Hands/ I'll Never Smile Again E-

504. De 23395- Mary Martin- Lucky to Be Me/ Lonely Town E+

505. De 23482- Bing Crosby- The Sweetest Story Ever Told/ Mighty Lak a Rose E+ int cr undr lbl

506. De 23547- Bing Crosby- Hasta Manana/ Siboney E+

507. De 23714- Al Jolson- Anniversary Song/ Avalon E+

508. De 23954- Bing Crosby- The Old Chaperone/ I Do, Do, Do Like You E/E-

509. De 23860- Andrews Sisters- His Feet Too Big For De Bed/ Jack, Jack, Jack EE-

510. De 24137- Larry Adler w/ John Kirby O- Creole Love Call/ Malaguena EE+

511. De 24248- Lionel Hampton O- Hamp's Got a Duke/ Gone Again E+

512. De 24471- Bing Crosby- Love Thy Neighbor/ I'd Love to Live In Loveland E+

513. De 24564(promo)- Ted Lewis O- Pal-ing Around With You/ The Little Old Church In Valley N-

514. De 24649(promo)- Ted Lewis O- Sing a Little Love Song For Your Baby/ Home Town E+

515. De 24946- Lionel Hampton O- Hamp's Gumbo/ Sad Feeling E+

516. De 29248- Ethel Merman- Ray Bolger- The Lake Song/ Ethel Merman- Jimmy Durante- A Husband- A Wife E+

517. De 29499- Crazy Otto- in the Mood/ My Melancholy Baby E

518. De 40201- Leroy Anderson Pops O- The Syncopated Clock/ The Waltzing Cat EE-

519. De 40206- Alfred Drake- The World Is Mine/ Till the Sands of the Desert Grow Cold E/EE+

520. De DU 40065- Ray Bolger- Once In Love With Amy/ R Bolger & A McLerie- Make a Miracle N-


521. Monarch 1826- An Evening With the Minstrels #4- Ebony Emperors of Melody V

522. Vi 5632- Admiral Robley D. Evans- Farewell Adress to the Navy E-

523. Victrola 4248- Henry Ainley- Hamlet- To Be Or Not to Be/ Oh That This Too Too Solid Flesh E+

524. Vi 45094- Kitty Cheatham- Dixie Land/ I'se Gwine Back to Dixie E+/N-

525. Vi 16069- Arthur Pryor's Band- Moon Winks/ Marsovia Wzs EE-

526. Vi 16818- Billy Murray & cho w/ O- Honey Boy/ Arthur Pryor O- Sweetmeats E

527. Vi 16821- Arthur Pryor's Band- The King of Rags/ Murray-Dudley- The Whistling Coon EE-

528. Vi 16912- Frank Burbeck- The Fall of Wolsey/ Hamlet's Soliloquy E-

529. Vi 17033- Fred Van Eps- The Lobsters' Promenade/ Red Pepper- a Spicy Rag E

530. Vi 17163- Frank Burbeck- Shylock's Rebuke/ The Seven Ages of Man EE+

531. Vi 17253- May Irwin w/ O- May Irwin's Frog Song/ Clarice Vance- I'm Wise E+N-

532. Vi 17271- Victor Military Band- Everybody Two Step/ Robert E. Lee medley E+

533. Vi 17292- Victor Military Band- Gertrude Hoffman Glide/ Too Much Mustard E+

534. Vi 18023- Rhoda Bernard- Cohen Owes Me $97/ Nat'an E-

535. Vi 18258- Van & Schenck- For Me & My Gal/ Dance & Grow Thin E+

536. Vi 18310- Six Brown Brothers- My Fox Trot Girl/ For Me & My Gal E-

537. Vi 18413- Van & Schenck- I Dont Want to Get Well/ Byron G. Harlan- Long Boy E-

538. Vi 18748- Billy Murray- My Old New Jersey Home/ Monroe Silver- Rebecca E+

539. Vi 19199- Irene Bordoni- So This Is Love/ I Wont Say I Will EE+

540. Vi 19206- The Duncan Sisters- I Never Had a Mammy/ Rememb'ring E sm rcnap

541. Vi 19212- Ted Weems O- Somebody Stole My Gal/ Covered Wagon Days E

542. Vi 19221- Aileen Stanley- Billy Murray- Big Hearted Bennie/ B. Murray- Not Here- Not There E

543. Vi 19380- Waring's Penns- June Night/ Int'l Nov O- Only You E+

544. Vi 19436- Belle Baker- Sweet Little You/ Hard Hearted Hannah E-

545. Vi 19510- The Brox Sisters- Mandy Make Up Your Mind/ Red Hot Mamma E-

546. Vi 19605- Belle Baker- My Kid/ Shannon Quartet- Please Be Good to My Old Girl E-

547. Vi 19616- Roger Wolfe Kahn O- Hot Hot Hottentot/ Yearning E+

548. Vi 19632- International Nov O- Florida/ Me Neenyah E scr A

549. Vi 19688- Benson Orch of Chicago- Riverboat Shuffle/ Oliver Naylor O- Sweet Georgia Brown E

550. Vi 19751- Don Bestor O- Charleston Baby of Mine/ Summer Nights E-

551. Vi 19782- Busse's Buzzards- Milenberg Joys/ Red Hot Henry Brown E

552. Vi 20015- Coon Sanders O- Sittin' Around/ Russo Fiorito O- Nothing Else to Do But Sit..E-

553. Vi 20039- Original Memphis 5- Tampeekoe/ Static Strut E

554. Vi 20232- The Brox Sisters- Lay Me Down to Sleep In Carolina/ I'm Lonely Without You V+E-

555. Vi 20486- Frank Crumit- Sunny Disposish/ My Lady EE+

556. Vi 20846- Ted Weems O- Miss Annabelle Lee/ Barbara EE+

557. Vi 20874- Paul Whiteman O- Broadway/ Manhattan Mary E-V+

558. Vi 20883- Paul Whiteman O- Five Step/ It Wont Be Long E+

559. Vi 20885- Paul Whiteman O- Ooh Maybe Its You/ Shaking the Blues Away E-

560. Vi 20971- Blue Steele O- Sugar Babe I'm Leavin/ Girl of My Dreams I Love You VV+

561. Vi 21022- Harry Jans- Harold Whalen- Well Well Well/ Just a Couple o Good Guys Gone X E

562. Vi 21103- Paul Whiteman O- Mary/ Changes E-

563. Vi 21119- Paul Whiteman O- Sensation Stomp/ Whiteman Stomp EE+

564. Vi 21148- Coon- Sanders O- Is She My Girl Friend/ Mine- All Mine E+

565. Vi 21218- Paul Whiteman O- Make Believe/ Ol Man River E+

566. Vi 21314- Herman Kenin Multnomah Hotel O- Rose Room/ Rose of Monterey E- Oakland rec

567. Vi 21326- All Star O- I Must Be Dreaming/ RW Kahn O- She's a Great Great Girl V+

568. Vi 21436- Walter O Keefe- Gee I'm Marvelous In the Bathroom/ I'm Lookin' For a Girl E+

569. Vi 21462- Henry Thies O- That's My Mammy/ When You're Smiling EE-

570. Vi 21501(CANAD)- Coon- Sanders O- Oh You Have No Idea/ Ready For the River E-

571. Vi 21647- Sam-ku West- Old Black Joe/ The Rosary E

572. Vi 21836- Waring's Penns- Glorianna/ A Love Tale of Alsace Lorraine E+

573. Vi 21862- Eddie Cantor w/ O- I Faw Down & Go Boom/ Eddie's Automobile Horn Song VV+

574. Vi 21944- Ben Pollack O- On With the Dance/ My Kinda Love E+

575. Vi 21945- Hazel Gertrude Kinscella piano- Golliwogg's Cake Walk/ The Hurdy Gurdy Man/ The Little Shepherd E

576. Vi 21956- Horace Heidt Californians- Stairway of Dreams/ Ploddin' Along V+/VV+

577. Vi 21957- Horace Heidt Californians- I'm Ka-razy For You/ Wedding of the Painted Doll E/E-

578. Vi 21988- Morton Downey w/ O- This Is Heaven/ There's the One For Me E+N-

579. Vi 22000- Henry Halstead Hotel St Francis O- Tear Drops/ One Moment More With You E+ recorded in Hollywood

580. Vi 22079- Gloria Swanson w/ O- Serenade/ Love E

581. Vi 22151- Chick Endor w/ O- It's Unanimous Now/ That's Where You Come In VV+

582. Vi 22199- Helen Morgan- Why Was I Born?/ Dont Ever Leave Me! E+

583. Vi 22215- Ted Weems O- Sophomore Prom/ Charles Dornberger O- Campus Capers EE+

584. Vi 22217- Jackie Taylor's O- A Night of Happiness/ Sitting By the Window E Culver City rec

585. Vi 22218- The High Hatters- Hoosier Hop/ I'm Following You E

586. Vi 22219- The High Hatters- Singin' In the Bathtub/ Johnny Hamp O- Lady Luck EE+

587. Vi 22244- Leo Reisman O- You Do Something to Me/ You've Got That Thing E

588. Vi 22265- The Tietge Sisters- The Church in the Wildwood/ Speak Lord, We Hear E-

589. Vi 22297- Welcome Lewis w/ O- Watching My Dreams Go By/ Darn Fool Woman Like Me E+

590. Vi 22340- Warings Penns- Let Me Sing & I'm Happy/ Looking at You EE+

591. Vi 22342- Coon- Sanders O- The Darktown Strutters' Ball/ After You've Gone EE+ or better

592. Vi 22378- Maurice Chevalier- Sweepin the Clouds Away/ All I Want Is Just One V+

593. Vi 22473- Rudy Vallee O- Violet/ Friends// Betty Co-Ed E/EE-

594. Vi 22500- Jackie Taylor O- We're On the Highway to Heaven/ When Love Comes In the Moonlight E+ Boswell Sisters vocal A

595. Vi 22560- Rudy Vallee O- Stolen Moments/ Sweetheart of My Student Days EE+

596. Vi 22598- Waring's Penns- Love For Sale/ Where Have You Been? V+

597. Vi 22802- Russ Columbo- You Call It Madness/ Sweet & Lovely E-

598. Vi 22822- Ted Weems O- Oh, Monah/ I Love to Hear a Military Band E+

599. Vi 22840- Gene Kardos O- A Hot Dog, a Blanket & You/ What Are You Thinkin' About Baby E+...NICE hot dance/jazz

600. Vi 22871- Wayne King O- Save the Last Dance For Me/ Too Late E+

601. Vi 22876- Paul Whiteman O- My Goodbye to You/ Gettin' Sentimental EE+ Mildred Bailey A

602. Vi 22894- Nat Shilkret O- I Thank You, Mr Moon/ Warings- Where the Blue of the Night EE-

603. Vi 22904- Leo Reisman O- Someday I'll Find You/ Paradise EE-

604. Vi 22910(ARG)- Victor Arden- Phil Ohman O- Cuando Estamos Solos(When We're Alone)/ Leo Reisman O- Cuanto Durara(How Long Will It Last) E

605. Vi 22911- Victor Arden- Phil Ohman O- Who Cares?/ Of Thee I Sing E-

606. Vi 24009- The New Yorkers O- Crazy People/ Who Beside Me E-

607. Vi 24045- Russ Columbo O- Just Another Dream of You/ Living In Dreams E-

608. Vi 24047- Leo Reisman O- The Night When Love Was Born/ If You Were Only Mine E-

609. Vi 24061- Gus Arnheim O- You've Got Me In the Palm of Your Hand/ Evening E-

610. Vi 24064- Ray Noble O- Living In Clover/ Goodnight Vienna E+ Bowlly vocs

611. Vi 24140- Paul Whiteman O- Lets Put Out the Lights/ You're Telling Me E

612. Vi 24151- Joe Rines O- Underneath the Harlem Moon/ Save a Rainy Day For Me EE- NICE!

613. Vi 24157- Leo Reisman O w/ Arthur Schwartz & Eve Jessye choir- Louisiana Hayride/

Leo Reisman- A Rainy Day(Clifton Webb vo) E perhaps the best HI FI recording Victor made

614. Vi 24176- Don Bestor O- I'm Sure of Everything But You/ Speak to Me of Love E+

615. Vi 24206- Victor Arden- Phil Ohman O- My Cousin In Milwaukee/ Isn't It a Pity? E+ NICE!!

616. Vi 24213- Isham Jones O- Why Can't This Night Go On Forever/ Jack Denny O- I'm Playing With Fire E+

617. Vi 24253- Don Bestor O- Forty Second Street/ Shuffle Off to Buffalo EE- A side done like a mini movie...and in super hi fidelity!

618. Vi 24260- Roy Bargy & Ramona- My Cousin In Milwaukee/ A Penny For Your Thoughts VV+

619. Vi 24263- Don Bestor O- Close to My Heart/ New Mayfair O- Try a Little Tenderness EE- 1/4"cr

620. Vi 24269- Leo Reisman O- Falling Star/ The Whisper Wz E

621. Vi 24338- Glen Gray Casa Loma O- Lazy Bones/ Sophisticated Lady VV+

622. Vi 24368- Isham Jones O- Shadows On the Swanee/ Paul Whiteman O- Down the Old Ox Road E

623. Vi 24499- Isham Jones O- Blue Prelude/ London Mayfair DO- Lady of Spain E rg lbl

624. Vi 24521- Duke Ellington O- Blue Feeling/ Stompy Jones EE+/EE-

625. Vi 24555- Ray Noble O- My Song Goes Round the World/ Song Without Words E+ Bowllys

626. Vi 24556- Ray Noble O- Peter Peter/ Don Bestor O- Whats Good For the Goose Is Good For the Gander E great Noble side

627. Vi 24574- Paul Whiteman O feat Frank Trumbauer- Sun Spots/ The Bouncing Ball EE+

628. Vi 24575- Ray Noble O- You Ought To See Sally On Sunday/ On a Steamer Comin' Over EE+ Bowlly vocs

629. Vi 24576- Eddy Duchin O- Why Do I Dream Those Dreams/ I'm Lookin' Forward to Goin' Back Home V+

630. Vi 24671- Duke Ellington O- Cocktails For Two/ Live & Love Tonight E+ rg lbl

631. Vi 24634- Jan Garber O- Why Don't You Practice What You Preach/ Hello Again EE+

632. Vi 24636- Jan Garber O- My Dear/ Jack Jackson O- Because It's Love E-

633. Vi 24640- Gene Austin w/ O- My Melancholy Baby/ After You've Gone E

634. Vi 24714- Fats Waller Rhythm- Don't Let It Bother You/ Georgia May EE+

635. Vi 24745- Richard Himber O- Stars Fell On Alabama/ If I Had a Million Dollars VV+ Nash vocs

636. Vi 24888- Fats Waller Rhythm- Oh Suzanna Dust Off That Old Pianna/ I Aint Got Nobody EE+

637. Vi 25027- Adrian Tap Room Gang- Weather Man/ Got a Need For You E+

638. Vi 25037- Richard Himber O- Give a Broken Heart a Break/ Footloose & Fancyfree V

639. Vi 25076- Duke Ellington O- Three Little Words/ Ring Dem Bells E+

640. Vi 25179- Richard Himber O- Thunder Over Paradise/ If I Should Lose You EE+

641. Vi 25243- Richard Himber O- I'd Rather Lead a Band/ Get Thee Behind Me Satan E+

642. Vi 25252- Paul Whiteman O- Wah Hoo/ What's the Name of That Song E+

643. Vi 25263- Gene Krupa O- Mutiny in the Parlor/ I'm Gonna Clap My Hands EE+

644. Vi 25264- Eddy Duchin O- Welcome Stranger/ Love Is Like a Cigarette V+

645. Vi 25277- Ray Noble O- The Touch Of Your Lips/ Yours Truly Is Truly Yours EE+

646. Vi 25313- Rudy Vallee O- Is It True What They Say About Dixie/ Ray Noble O- The Moment I Saw You EE+

647. Vi 25315- Fats Waller Rhythm- Cross Patch/ Cabin In the Sky EE-

648. Vi 25316- Benny Goodman O- The Glory of Love/ You Can't Pull the Wool Over My Eyes E-

649. Vi 25319- Paul Whiteman O- Stop!, Look & Listen/ Nobody's Sweetheart EE+

650. Vi 25504- Ray Noble O- Long As You Got Your Health/ To Love You & To Lose You E-

651. Vi 25507- Ray Noble O- Slumming On Park Avenue/ I've Got My Love to Keep Me Warm E-

652. Vi 25514- Eddy Duchin O- Moonlight & Shadows/ Love Is Good For Anything That Ails You E-

653. Vi 25609- Bunny Berigan O- All God's Chillun Got Rhythm/ The Lady From 5th Avenue E-

654. VI 26099- Benny Goodman O- Sing For Your Supper/ This Cant Be Love E+

655. Vi 26416- Hal Kemp O- It's My Turn Now/ The Little Red Fox E/E-

656. Vi 26536- Duke Ellington O- Morning Glory/ Jack the Bear

657. Vi 26563- Artie Shaw O- Gloomy Sunday/ Don't Fall Asleep EE+

658. Vi 26628- Tommy Dorsey O- I'll Never Smile Again/ Marcheta EE+/EE- Sinatra A

659. Vi 26653- Tommy Dorsey O- Where Do U Keep Your Heart/ All This & Heaven Too E- Sinatras

660. Vi 26666- Tommy Dorsey O- Trade Winds/ Only Forever EE- Frank Sinatra A

661. Vi 26731- Duke Ellington O- Sepia Panorama/ Harlem Air Shaft E/EE+

662. Vi 26796- Duke Ellington O- The Flaming Sword/ Warm Valley E

663. Vi 27362- Artie Shaw O- Marinela/ I Cover the Waterfront E..Wm Grant Still co-composer A

664. Vi 27380- Duke Ellington O- Take the "A" Train/ Sidewalks of New York E

665. Vi 27531(CAN)- Duke Ellington O- I Got It Bad & That Aint Good/ Chocolate Shake E

666. Vi 27638- Tommy Dorsey O- The Sunshine Of Your Smile/ Embraceable You E+ Sinatra A

667. Vi 27746- Artie Shaw O- I Dont Want to Walk Without You/ Someone's Rockin My Dreamboat EE+ sm rcnap

668. Vi 27779- Artie Shaw O- Not Mine/ Absent Minded Moon E+ sm scry spot A

669. Vi 22-0048- Arthur "Big Boy" Crudup- Hoodoo Lady Blues/ Tired of Worry EE-

670. Vi 22-0099- Piano Red- Red's Boogie/ Rockin' With Red E+ lt clk 3 gvs A

671. Vi 20-2375- Spike Jones City Slickers- Pop Corn Sack/ One Hour E+

672. Vi 20-2758- Tommy Dorsey O- I May Be Wrong/ Farewell to Arms E-

673. Vi 20-2779- Tommy Dorsey O- Evelyn/ The Miracle of the Bells EE+/EE-

674. Vi 20-2852(promo)- Tommy Dorsey O- Mississippi Mud/ On the Painted Desert E+

675. Vi 20-2904(promo)- Tommy Dorsey O- Let Me Call You Sweetheart/ Walk It Off E+

676. Vi 20-3201- Washboard Sam Washboard Band- You Know How I Feel/ Dollar Is Your Best Friend E+

677. Vi 20-3450- Tommy Dorsey O- Aint'cha Glad I Love You/ The Continental E+

678. Vi 20-3492- Tommy Dorsey O- Dream Of You/ Pussy Willow E+

679. Vi 20-3523- Tommy Dorsey O- Dry Bones/ Summertime E+

680. Vi 20-3588(promo)- Tommy Dorsey O- Hollywood Hat/ Shake That Tree E+

681. Vi 20-3791- Tommy Dorsey O- Way Down Yonder In New Orleans/ Tiger Rag E+

682. Vi 20-5320(promo)- Spike Jones City Slickers- Three Little Fishies/ A Din Skal a Min Skal E+

683. Vi 20-5742(promo)- Spike Jones City Slickers- Secret Love/ I'm In the Mood For Love E+

684. Vi DJ 925(promo)- Count Basie O- Mine Too/ Solid As a Rock N-

685. Vi 4053- Dolores Del Rio w/ O- Ya Va Cayendo/ Ramona EE-

686. Vi 4497- Hall Johnson Choir- I Know a City Called Heaven/ I Got a Mule E+


687. Vi L-16010- Program Transcription- Jesse Crawford- Music from The Student Prince E- long scr

688. Vi L-16022- Program Transcription- Don Bestor O- Dance medley EE-

689. Vi L-4507- Pgm Trans- Victor Salon Group- Victor Herbert Melodies- suite 2, part 3/4 EE+

690. Vi 23556- Carson Robison- Wolf at the Door/ Bud Billings Trio- Settin' By the Fire E+

691. Vi 23616- Dick Robertson- Mary & Mother/ Twenty One Years EE+

692. Vi 23643- Dick Robertson- Waiting/ Fifty Years Repentin' EE+

693. Vi 23647- Dick Robertson- My Carolina Home/ The New Twenty One Years E+

694. Vi 40056- Billy Hays O- Sweet Virginia Rose/ My Sugar & Me G

695. Vi 40057- Bud Billings- The Wanderer's Warning/ Will the Angels Play Their Harps For Me E+

696. Vi 40064- Vernon Dalhart- Fiddler Joe/ Summer Time In Old Kentucky G

697. Vi 40074- Frank & James Mc Cravy- Trundle Bed/ Old Fashioned Photograph of Mother E

698. Vi 40087- Billy Hays O- Sittin' & Whitlin'/ Bay Rum Song VV+

699. Vi 40088- Bud & Joe Billings- Sleepy Rio Grande/ When Its Springtime In the Rockies E-

700. Vi 40101- Peg Moreland- He Never Came Back/ Harry Mc Clintock- Aint We Crazy? VV+/V+

701. Vi 40102- Bud & Joe Billings- Barnacle Bill the Sailor #2/ Left My Gal In the Mountains E-

702. Vi 40122- Radio Mac- If I Had My Druthers/ Hobo's Spring Song E-


703. Ace 150- George Washington Band- I'll Turn Square For You/ Open the Door Richard E obscure LA California label- label has black caricatures

704. Aeolian Vocalion 12127- Nanette Flack w/ O- Kiss Me Again/ Song of the Soul E scuffs nap

705. American 100- Jane Russell w/ O- The Wrong Kind of Love/ The Gilded Lily E+ RARE issue

706. ARC Theatre Use Only F 366- Bob Causer Cornelians- I Saw Stars/ same E

707. Bab's 6402- Babs Gonzales Int'l Jazz Men- Sugar Ray/ Cool Whalin' V-

708. Banner 1907- Jack Pettis O- Stockholm Stomp/ Sam Lanin O- Sam the Old Accordion Man V+ 1/2" repd ck nap

709. Ba 6031- Missouri Jazz Band- 12th Street Rag/ Original Indiana 5- Rarin' to Go G

711. Ba 6316- Carolina Collegians- Wedding Bells/ Willie Creager O- Nita My Juanita E- Kemp A

712. Ba 33439- Joe Haymes O- To Call You My Own/ The Lady In Red EE+/V-

713. Barney Google unnumbered- Bargoo DO- Novelty Fox Trot/ Frank Dunn- Comedy Song V super rare issue on the Barney Google label says "read Barney Google & Spark Plug every day and Sunday in The Union"

714. Black & White 766- Jack Mc Vea Door Openers- Bartender Boogie/ House Party Boogie E+

715. B&W 792- Jack Mc Vea All Stars- Open the Door Richard/ Lonesome Blues E+

716. B&W 828- Jack Mc Vea Door Openers- Richard Gets Hitched/ The Key's In the Mailbox E+

717. BB 5175- Rudy Vallee O- Shame On You(Alice Faye vocal)/ Love Is the Sweetest Thing E-

718. BB 5233- Jerry Freeman O- Hush My Mouth/ Dark Clouds E-

719. BB 5309(CAN)- Bill Scotti O- Keep Young & Beautiful/ Orchids In the Moonlight VV+/E-

720. BB 5374- Totem Lodge O- You Nasty Man/ Six Women V

721. BB 5442- Vincent Lopez O- Stairways/ Ridin' Around In the Rain E+

722. BB 5537- Vincent Lopez O- My Hat's On the Side of My Head/ Rolling In Love EE+

723. BB 5995- Frank Dailey Meadowbrook O- Rhythm Is Our Business/ Time Will Tell EE-

724. BB 6504- Charlie Barnet O- Bye Bye Baby/ Make Believe Ballroom EE-/V

725. BB 7920- Tom Dickey Show Boys- Fifteen Dollars a Week/ It Makes No Difference Now E-/V

726. BB 7980- Tom Dickey Show Boys- I Wish You Well/ This Crazy Thing E

727. BB 10075(CANAD buff)- Artie Shaw O- They Say/ A Room With a View EE+

728. BB 10523- Coleman Hawkins O- Body & Soul/ Fine Dinner EE+

729. BB 10556- Abe Lyman O- Princess Poo Poo Ly Has Plenty Pa Pa Ya/ Ho Punchinello E

730. BB 30-0810- The Four Vagabonds- Rosie the Riveter/ I Had the Craziest Dream EE-

731. BB 30-0818- Spike Jones City Slickers- The Wild Women/ Hotcha Cornia V+

732. BB 34-0709- Jazz Gillum- Deep Water Blues/ I Couldn't Help It E/EE-

733. BB 34-0721- Roosevelt Sykes- I Wonder/ Mellow Queen VV+/E-

734. Blue Note 534- Babs' 3 Bips & a Bop- Stomping At the Savoy/ Oop-Pop-a Da V+

735. Broadway 1253- Dexter's Dare Devils- A Precious Little Thing Called Love/ The Badgers- If I Had You V

736. Br 1429- Joe Gumin O- Lonesome Lover/ Just a Gigolo V+/VV+

737. Cameo 995- Broadway Broadcasters- High Fever/ Barcelona E

738. Ca 9165- Cliff Roberts O- I've Got a Feeling I'm Falling/ Al Alberts O- I'm Longing to Belong to Someone EE-

739. Cap 462- Benny Goodman 6- Baby Have You Got a Little Love to Spare/ Hi Ya Sophia E+

740. Cap 1356(promo)- Stan Freberg- John & Marsha/ Ragtime Dan E+

741. Cap 2069(promo)- Nat King Cole- What Does It Take to Make You Take to Me/ Somewhere Along the Way E+

742. Cap 2159(promo)- Mickey Katz O- The Downtown Strutters Ball/ A Schmo is a Schmo E+

743. Cap 2596(promo)- Stan Freberg- Little Blue Riding Hood/ St George & the Dragonet E+

744. Cap 2677(promo)- Stan Freberg- A Dear John & Marsha Letter/ C'est Si Bon E+

745. Cap 15409- Benny Goodman O- Undercurrent/ Ma Belle Marguerite E+

746. Cap 57-733- Benny Goodman O- Chicago/ Back In Your Own Back Yard E+N-

747. Cap 57-758- Benny Goodman O- Egg Head/ Why Don't We Do This More Often E+N-

748. Champion 15001- The Dixie Boys- I'm Gonna Charleston Back to Charleston/ Ted Marshall O- Headin' For Home E both nice sides w/ solos

749. Ch 15242- Ted Marshall O- America First, Last & Always/ Georgia Collegians- Doll Dance VV+

750. Champion 40090- Bob Terry O- Moonburn/ My Heart & I VV+ no other US issue

751. Coleman 104- The Frantic Four- The Huck-a- Bop/ A Huffin An a Puffin E+ obscure Newark, NJ label

752. Commodore 512- The Kansas City Six- Pagin' the Devil/ Way Down Yonder In New Orleans NN- sleeve mark nap...great Lester Young

753. Com 609- Albert Ammons Rhythm Kings- Groovin' the Blues/ The Breaks E+

754. Com 617- Albert Ammons solo- The Boogie Rocks/ Albert's Special Boogie E+

755. Cq 7592- Caron Robison 3- Naw I Don't Wanna Be Rich/ Frankie Wallace and his guitar- Hobo Bill's Last Ride V+ sm rcnap

756. Cq 7798- Peek's Male Quartette- Oh I Want to See Him/ Going Down the Valley E

757. Cq 7979- Welling & Mc Ghee- The Beautiful Garden of Prayer/ Sweet Hour of Prayer EE+/E+

758. Cq 8246- Gene Autry- When Jimmie Rodgers Said Good Bye/ Good Luck Old Pal V-/V+

759. Cq 9314- Frankie Masters O- I Didn't Know What Time It Was/ Ginny Simms O- Melancholy Lullaby E-

760. Cq 9615- Gene Krupa O- Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy/ High On a Windy Hill EE+

761. Count 106- Maty's Boys- That's a Plenty/ Dixie Danny E+ label of unknown origin

762. Crown 3091- Jack Albin O- I'm Crazy Bout My Baby/ You Said It EE+/E+

763. Cr 3131- Embassy DO- Faithfully Yours/ Bubbling Over With Love G

764. Cr 3179- High Steppers- There's No Other Girl/ How's Your Uncle? V-

765. Cr 3207- Adrian Schubert O- The Cute Little Things You Do/ Kiss Me Goodnight E+ Ballew vo

766. Cr 3228- Smith Ballew O- When I Wore My Daddy's Brown Derby/ Cuban Love Song E- rcnap

767. Cr test mx 1778-1-B- Joel Shaw O- Basin Street Blues/ mx 1662-2- Roy Smeck O- Paradise

EE-/E despite scrs A....GREAT Louis like trumpet A../ Lots of Hawaiian guitar/ Smith Ballew B

768. Cr 3258- Arthur Schutt O- How Long Will It Last?/ Was That the Human Thing to Do V+

769. Cr 3380- Allan Small O- Moon/ I Only Found You For Somebody Else EE+

770. Cr 3482- Walter Feldkamp O- Hold Me/ The Grass Is Getting Greener E-

771. DDR 101- Sammy Davis Jr- Who Needs Spring/ Gypsy In My Soul E+ rare early Sammy

772. Derby 828- Jaye P. Morgan w/ O- Wasted Tears/ Just a Gigolo E

773. De 843- Jaye P. Morgan w/ O- Don't Tell Him/ Ring Telephone Ring E+

774. De 855- Jaye P. Morgan w/ O- Baby Don't Do It/ I Ain't Got the Man E+

775. Dial 1007- Charlie Parker w/ 4- Lover Man/ Howard Mc Ghee Quintet- Be Bop E- Parker both

776. Diamond 2018- Nick Lucas & O- Coax Me a Little Bit/ If I Had My Way EE+

777. Diva 2571- Victor Irwin O- 'S Wonderful/ Lady of Havana V+

778. Di 3034- The Harmonians- Aren't We All/ The Georgians- If I Had a Talking Picture of You E

779. Di 3160- Hotel Pennsylvania O- Girl Trouble/ Dust V+E- sm pop B

780. Do 3524- New Orleans Jazz Band- My Sweet Louise (tk 1)/ Bar Harbor O- Are You Sorry EE- rcnap

781. Do 4009- California Ramblers- Someday Sweetheart/ Harry Reser's Rounders- You Sang That Song to Somebody Else E- sm pop A, rcnap B

782. Do 4295- Carolina Collegians- Before the Rain (tk 2)/ Lover Come Back to Me V- early Kemp

783. Do 152(gold lbl)- Joe Venuti O- I Want to Ring Bells/ Gather Lip Rouge While You May V-/G-

784. Edison Diamond Disk 50116- NY Military Band- Black & White Rag/ National Promenade Band- My Little Persian Rose E+

785. EDD 51422- The Blue Ridge Duo (Gene Austin & G Reneau)- Arkansas Traveller/ Little Brown Jug E+

786. EDD 52515- Golden Gate O- I'll Get By/ I Loved You Then EE+/E replaced label A

787. Emerson 1017- George Cordon w/ O- Kentucky Dream/ Arthur Fields- Mickey E

788. Em 1071- Eddie Cantor- You Don't Need the Wine to Have a Wonderful Time/ Don't Put a Tax On Beautiful Girls VV+

789. Em 9165- Emerson Xylo-Phiends- Sensation/ Louisiana 5- That Shanghai Melody V

790. Em 10102- Eddie Cantor- You'd Be Surprised/ I Used to Call Her Baby E- sm clk B

791. Em 10263- Eddie Cantor- When I See All the Loving They Waste On Babies/ Dixie Made Us Jazz Band Mad E

792. Em 10324- Arthur Fields w/ O- My Mammy/ Irving Kaufman w/ O- O-Hi-O EE-

793. Em 10662- Benny Davis w/O- Sweet Henry/ No No Nora EE-

794. Em 10758- Glantz O- Shine/ Pennsylvania Syncos- Never Again E

795. General 4003- Jelly Roll Morton- The Crave/ Buddy Bolden's Blues EE-

796. Gen 4005- Jelly Roll Morton- King Porter Stomp/ Dont You Leave Me Here E

797. Gennett 3140- Bailey's Lucky 7- The Baby Looks Like Me/ Travis Carlton O- Dreaming of Tomorrow V-

798. Ge 3233- Bailey's Lucky 7- Sweet Child/ Stillman Club O- Where Were You Then E-

799. Ge 4873- Arthur Fields w/ O- Some Sunny Day/ Sam Ash w/ O- My Machree's Lullaby E

800. Ge 5180- Biltmore Hotel O- Electric Girl/ Joe Thomas Saxotette- Annabelle VV+

801. Ge 5615- Marion Mc Kay O- Doo Wacka Doo/ Honest & Truly V+E-

802. Gennett personal unnumbered- Banjosaxo O(Harrisburg, Pa.)- When Will I Know/ Dearest VV-

803. Ge 6094(electrobeam)- Carroll & Grady- I'm Saving Saturday Night For You/ Shanghai Honeymoon VV+

804. Grey Gull 1566- uncred Orch- In Your Big Brown Eyes/ There's a Rainbow Round My Shoulder EE+ good solos and unusually clean for a GG

805. GG 2087- Thomas & West w/ O- You Remind Me Of My Mother/ Mr "X" w/ O- Till My Luck Comes Rolling Along EE+

806. GG 2328- Arthur Fields- Side By Side/ In a Garden Rare V+/V

807. GG 2338- Arthur Fields- Lindy, Lindy, How I'd Like to Be You/ Al Bernard- No No Positively No V-

808. GG 2366- Arthur Fields- My Blue Heaven/ William Lewis- Back of Every Cloud E edge warp B bounces few grooves. Hawaiian guitar both sides

809. GG 2407- Arthur Fields- Dear Old Pal of Yesterday/ John Ryan- Girl of My Dreams E- Hawaiian guitar A

810. GG 2457- Joseph Frye- Will You Always Be the Same Sweet Girl/ Arthur Fields- The Song I Love E+

811. GG 4054- Ferera & Franchini- Wailiana Wz/ Three O Clock In the Morning EE-/E few clx B

812. Harmony 264- Tommy Christian O- How Could Red Riding Hood/ Elsie Shultz En Heim E-

813. Ha 607- Lou Rademan O- Why Do I Love You?/ Ol Man River VV+

814. Ha 787- Frank Guarente O- Sweethearts On Parade/ Harmonians- My Annapolis E-

815. Ha 794- Louisiana Collegians- Makin'; Whoopee/ Love Dreams EE-

816. Ha 909- Ray Nichols O- I've Got a Feeling I'm Falling/ Harmonians- Heigh Ho Everybody E+

817. Ha 1251- Chester Leighton O- Someone Sang a Sweeter Song to Mary/ L Keating O- You're Driving Me Crazy looks VV+, plays EE- Smith Ballew vocal A

818. Ha 1269- Frank Auburn O- Would You Like to Take a Walk/ I'm So Afraid of You looks E-, plays E..some solos

819. Ha 1306- Frank Auburn O- Rockin' Chair/ The Wz U Saved For Me NN-

820. Ha 1310- The Harmonians- I'm Crazy 'Bout My Baby/ L Keating O- Do I Really Deserve It From You looks EE-, plays E./.LOTS of BG, etc

821. Ha 1317- Golden Gate O- I'd be Lying/ Ho Hum looks EE+, plays E+

822. Ha 1327- F Auburn O- My Cradle Sweetheart/ Faithfully Yours VV+/V-

823. Ha 1379- Roy Carroll O- Waitin' For a Call From You/ Good Night Sweetheart looks V, pl E-

824. Ha 5016- Harry C. Browne- Jordan Am a Hard Road to Travel/ De Gospel Train Am Comin E-/E

825. Holywood Hot Shots L 0340- Cliff Edwards- Down Behind the Counter At Nicks/ The Hollywood Hooters- Rattlesnake Mc Gee VV+ rc sds lite 2 gvs. A RARE one!

826. Jamboree 904- Don Byas AS Quintet- My Melancholy Baby/ Once In a While EE+

827. Jazz Ltd- Sidney Bechet 6- Maryland, My Maryland/ Careless Love E+

828. Jewel 5412- Dixie Jazz Band- West End Blues/ Sunday Afternoon V+/VV+

829. Joe Davis 7120- 5 Red Caps- Words Can't Explain/ I Learned a Lesson I'll Never Forget E-

830. JD 7170- Una Mae Carlisle- T'aint Yours/ Without You Baby EE-

831. JD 7171- Una Mae Carlisle- You Gotta Take Your Time/ I Like It Cause I Love It E-

832. JD 8250- Coleman Hawkins Quartet- Flyin' Hawk/ Driftin' On a Reed E+ Monk on piano

833. Jubilee 3526- Happy Lewis- Mae Questel- Romeo & Juliet 1/2 E+

834. Key 603- Lester Young Quartet- I Never Knew/ Just You, Just Me NN- sleeve mark nap

835. Key 604- Lester Young Quartet- Sometimes I'm Happy/ Afternoon of a Basie-ite NEW

836. King 4589- Lucky Millinder O- When I Gave You My Love/ Old Spice E+N-

837. Liberty Music Shop 153- Marion Chase- April in Paris/ Should I Be Sweet? V+

838. LMS 154- Dorothy Norman, Jack Munroe & Frank Ross- Saving For a Rainy Day/ You've Got to Admit V+

839. LMS 155- Freddy Martin O- April In Paris/ Tu Sais VV+

840. LMS 214- Fairchild & Carroll and Orch.- All At Once/ My Funny Valentine E+

841. LMS 215- Teddy Lynch w/ Fairchild & Carroll & Orc.- The Lady is a Tramp/ Way Out West E-

842. LMS 225- Fairchild & Carroll- Rogers & Hart Cavalcade/ more E-

843. LMS 230- Edgar Fairchild p- Please Be Kind, Thanks For the Memory, I Can Dream Cant I// Love Walked In, Spring Again, I Was Doing All Right E+ lams nap

844. LMS 236- Wynn Murray w/ Walter Bowers O- A Twinkle In Your Eye/

Did You Ever Get Stung E+N-

845. LMS 250- Beatrice Lillie- I Hate Spring/ Weary Of It All EE-

846. Lincoln 3004- Mississippi Music Makers- If You Want the Rainbow/ Lumberjacks- Spanish Dream E/EE+

847. Linden 36- Freeman Clark piano- St Louis Blues/ Tumbling E+ scarce Seattle label

848. London 657- Cab Calloway O- La Mucura/ Pero Que Jelengue E+

849. Madison 1646- Musical Masters- Don't You Remember/ Southern DO- Carolina Moon E-

850. Mad 1652- Southern DO- Honey/ St Louis Serenaders- Gee There Aint No Justice E banjo A

851. Mad 6000- Madison DO- Three Little Words/ Cosmo DO- Wonderful One EE+ Hawaiian guitar

852. Mad 6009- Louisville Master Players- Virginia/ Tom Smith Melody Masters- Blue Again E

853. Majestic 7194- The 5 De Marco Sisters w/ Bud Freeman O- Chiquita Banana/ I Dont Know Why E-

854. Major Records 5012- Calliope- Royal Decree/ Street piano Hurdy Gurdy- El Toreador EE-

855. Master 112- Hudson-De Lange O- Wake Up & Live/ Never In a Million Years E

856. Ma 123- Duke Ellington O- Scattin' At the Kit Kat/ The New Birmingham Breakdown EE+

857. Ma 125- Hudson De Lange O- Bugle Call Rag/ Stardust V-

858. Ma 134- Helene Daniels w/ Nat Brusiloff O- St Louis Blues/ Rockin Chair E+

859. Melotone 12030- Doris Robbins w/ O- He's My Secret Passion/ He's Not Worth Your Tears EE-

860. Mt 12147- Ed Loyd O- Whistling In the Dark/ Mary Jane E+ faint int cr from under lbl nap

861. Mt 12361- Ed Loyd O- In My Hide-Away/ Happy Go Lucky You EE- Smith Ballew A

862. Mt 12363- Owen Fallow O- If I Had My Way 'Bout My Sweetie/ Crazy People EE-

863. Mt 12410- Art Kahn O- You've Got Me In the Palm of Your Hand/ If You Were Only Mine EE-

864. Mt 12512- Owen Fallon O- A Little Street Where Old Friends Meet/ Take Me In Your Arms E-

865. Mt 12594- Albert Taylor O- Try a Little Tenderness/ If You Dont Want to be Sweethearts E-/E

866. Mt 12756- Adrian Rollini O- I've Gotta Get Up & Go to Work/ Ah But It Is Love? E-

867. Mt 13314- Russ Morgan O- I'm Goin' Shoppin' With You/ The Words Are In My Heart E-

868. Mt 13419- Will Osborne O- Get Rhythm In Your Feet/ If You Want My Heart VV+

869. Mt 6-10-12- Joe Reichman O- I Got Plenty O Nuttin'/ Me & the Moon E/E-

870. Mt 7-02-14- Jack Shilkret O- I Love You From Coast to Coast/ Hey, Babe, Hey V+/V

871. Mt 7-05-04- Henry Dankers O- Swing Swing Mother In Law/ I'd Be a Fool Again VV+/E-

872. MGM 1084-P(20s label)- The Capitolians- That Wonderful Something/ Chant of the Jungle E- movie theatre lobby record from 1929-30

873. MGM 10102- Hal Mc Intyre O- It Happened In Hawaii/ The Donkey Serenade E+

874. MGM 50016- Fred Astaire & Ginger Rogers- My One & Only Highland Fling/ Fred Astaire- You'd Be Hard to Replace E

875. MGM 235(ENG)- George Shearing Quintet- Bop, Look & Listen/ September In the Rain NN-

876. MGM 270- George Shearing w/ rhy- You Are Too Beautfiul/ Good to the Last Bop N-

877. MGM 293- George Shearing Quintet- Jumping With Symphony Sid/ I'll Remember April N-

878. Mercury 5392- Eileen Barton w/ O- Poco, Loco In the Coco/ If I Knew You Were Comin' I'd Have Baked a Cake E despite grey

879. Mer 8901- Johnny Hodges O- Duke's Blues 1/2 E+

880. Mer 8937- Johnny Hodges O- Something to Pat Your Foot To/ Rabbit's Blues E+

881. Mer 8954- Johnny Hodges O- Globetrotter/ Gentle Breeze E+

882. Mer 8961- Johnny Hodges O- Sideways/ A Pound of Blues E+ scr B

883. Mer 8977- Johnny Hodges O- Below the Azores/ Who's Excited EE+

884. Mer 8990- Gene Krupa Trio- Fine's Idea/ Perdido E

885. Mer 8991- Johnny Hodges O- Tea For Two/ Rosanne E+

886. Mer 70469- Sarah Vaughan- Make Yourself Comfortable/ Idle Gossip E/E+ some grey nap

887. Mer 70595- Sarah Vaughan- Oh Yeah/ Whatever Lola Wants E some grey

888. Montgomery Ward 7586- Military Band- That's a Plenty/ All Collegians Band- Illinois Loyalty E/E+

889. Mus 320- Herman Chittison Trio w/ Thelma Carpenter- All of My Life/ I Should Care E/EE-

890. Mus 15022- Joan Brooks- Let Me Love You Tonight/ A Litttle On the Lonely Side EE+

891. Mus 15023- Joan Brooks- I Think About You/ Waiting EE+

892. Mus 15030- Joan Brooks- If You Were the Only Boy In the World/ Someday Sweetheart E-

893. National 9077- Charlie Ventura O- Deed I Do/ Pennies From Heaven E+N- Jackie & Roy voc A

894. Nat 9087- Charlie Ventura O- FYI/ AM-PM Song N- Jackie & Roy vocal A

895. OK 4164- Rudy Wiedoeft Palace Trio- Scandal Walk/ Rega DO- A Young Man's Fancy VV+

896. OK 4180- All Star Trio- Bow Wow/ Green Bros Nov O- The Blacksmith Rag V

897. OK 4193- Conway's Band- The Teddy Bear's Picnic/ March of the Toys V+

898. OK 4211- Rega DO- Margie/ Rudy Wiedoeft Palace Trio- Coral Sea E-

899. OK 4317- Frank Kennedy & Co- Mutt & Jeff In a Shooting Gallery/ Bringing Up Father In the League of Wives E+ rarely seen comic strip related record

900. OK 4517- Byron G. Harlan- Uncle Josh At the Circus/ Uncle Josh Buys An Automobile NN-

901. OK 4821- Markel's O- Blue Eyes/ Georgia Cabin Door E

902. OK 5912- Buddy Clark- Let's Be Buddies/ I'd Know You Anywhere E+

903. OK 6442- Anita Boyer- Make Love to Me/ 'Tis Autumn E+N-

904. OK 8017- Brown & Terry Jazzola Boys- Down By the Old Swimming Hole/ Saxophone Blues E-/V+ decent early jazz

905. OK 40017- Olga Steck- Swanee River Blues/ Aileen Stanley- I'm Sitting Pretty In a Pretty Little City EE+....Olga Steck's only record---read about her on line---interesting life!

906. OK 40170- The Lanin O- Somebody Loves Me/ Bagdad VV+

907. OK 40387- Melody Sheiks- Florida/ Steppin' In Society E-

908. OK 40493- Okeh Syncopators- Footloose/ Everybody's Doin' the Charleston Now EE+/E

909. OK 40569- The Jazz Pilots- Thanks For the Buggy Ride/ You Ought to See Whats Waiting For Me V

910. OK 40612- Buster Johnson's Pickaninnies- No More Worryin'/ Sweet Little Mammy EE-/E-V+ two good sides on this Truetone

911. OK 40928- Seger Ellis- My Blue Heaven/ Did You Mean It V

912. OK 41103- Seger Ellis- Out of the Dawn/ Chiquita V+

913. OK 41119- Seger Ellis- Sentimental Baby/ Beggars of Life VV+

914. OK 41321- Seger Ellis- I'm a Dreamer Aren't We All/ If I Had a Talking Picture of You V

915. OK 03173- Bob Wills Texas Playboys- I Can't Be Satisfied/ Wang Wang Blues EE-

916. OK 3809- Barney Bigard Jazzopators- Stompy Jones/ Caravan E

917. OK 5962- Dick Jurgens O- Melody/ The Last Time I Saw Paris EE+

918. OK 5975- Jack Leonard w/ O- Love Of My Life/ I Should Have Known You Years Ago E

919. OK 5977- Dolly Dawn Patrol- I Could Kiss You For That/ How Come E+

920. OK 5979- Adrian Rollini Trio- Isle of Capri/ The Girl With the Light Blue Hair EE+

921. OK 5986- Frankie Masters O- Walkin' By the River/ Sunset At Sea E-/EE-

922. OK 5988- Claude Thornhill O- Love Tales/ Alt Wien E-

923. OK 5998- Frankie Masters O- Let's Dream This One Out/ I Should Have Known You Years Ago E+

924. OK 6003- Chuck Foster O- All I Desire/ Spring Fever NN-

925. OK 6010- Count Basie O- Volcano/ Rocking the Blues E

926. OK 6012- Al Donahue O- Keep An Eye On Your Heart/ With a Twist of the Wrist E+

927. OK 6071- Count Basie O- Undecided Blues/ Tuesday At Ten E/EE+

928. OK 6122- Count Basie O- Beau Brummel/ I'll Forget E/E+

929. OK 6180- Count Basie O- Feedin' the Bean/ I Do Mean You EE+

930. OK 6221- Count Basie O- Down, Down, Down/ You Betcha My Life E

931. OK 6279- Frankie Masters O- Harbor of Dreams/ Blue Champagne E+

932. OK 6322- Frankie Masters O- Under Blue Canadian Skies/ The Wind Blows Free E+

933. OK 6342- Frankie Masters O- I'd Love You Again/ Saturday Nite E+N-

934. OK 6626- Count Basie O- Blue Shadows & White Gardenias/ 'Ay Now! E

935. OK 6651- Big Bill Chicago 5- Hard Hearted Woman/ I'm Gonna Move to the Outskirts E+/EE+

936. Oriole 7-04-04- Sterling Young O- Slumming On Park Ave/ I've Got My Love to Keep Me Warm E+

937. Oxford 19896- Panama Exposition March VV+

938. Pathe 021033- Casino DO- Lou'siana/ Don Parker O- Love E-

939. Pat 036078- Fry's Million Dollar Pier O- My Saturday Evening Girl/ If I Stay Away Too Long From Carolina NN-

940. Pathe(vert)- 22413- Marion Evelyn Cox- Ma Curly Headed Babby/ The Arrow & the Song E+

941. Perfect 12119- Cliff Edwards- Who's the Meanest Gal In Town, Josephine/ Red Hot Mamma E/EE-

942. Pe 12256- The Ponce Sisters- Ev'rything's Gonna Be All Right/ I Found a Round About Way to Heaven EE+

943. Pe 12666- Vee Lawnhurst- Body & Soul/ Irving Kaufman- Dream Girl of Mine V+

944. Pe 12739- Ruth Etting- Just One More Chance/ Have You Forgotten? EE+

945. Pe 12843- Cab Calloway O, Roy Smeck, Chick Bullock- Git Along// Will Osborne O- Annette Hanshaw, Morton Downey, Singin' Sam- Say It Isn't So EE+

946. Pe 14309- Golden Gate O- Ramblin' Blues/ Post Lodge O- Follow the Swallow V+

947. Pe 14335- John Sylvester O- Temperamental Papa/ I Wanna Jazz Some More EE-

948. Pe 14339- Harl Smith O- Bring Back Those Rock a Bye Baby Days/ Rose Marie EE-

949. Pe 14352- Southhampton Society O- Everything You Do/ Oh Peter! E+

950. Pe 14392- Hollywood DO- King Porter Stomp/ Hot Hot Hottentot E

951. Pe 14476- Nathan Glantz O- Charleston Baby of Mine/ Lou Gold O- I'm Gonna Charleston Back to Charleston EE+

952. Pe 14499- Golden Gate O- Desdemona/ Southhampton Soc O- Brown Eyes Why Are U Blue E+/E sm rcnap B

953. Pe 14512- John Sylvester O- Everybody's Doin' the Charleston Now/ I'm Going Out if Lizzie Comes In VV+

954. Pe 14687- Happy Hour O- Blue Hawaiian Moonligt/ And Then I Forget E few scuffs

955. Pe 14726- Sam Lanin O- Sunday/ Lee Morse Blue Grass Boys- Look Up & Smile EE-

956. Pe 14816- Deep River O- 12th Street Rag/ Peck-Horn Blues E-

957. Pe 14821- Lou Gold O- Magnolia/ Deep River O- Harlem Blues VV+/V+

958. Pe 14921- Harry Reser O- When the Robert E Lee Comes to Town/

Our Bungalow of Dreams V+

959. Pe 15030- Levee Loungers- Crazy Rhythm/ Deep River O- Jumping Jack V-

960. Pe 15325- Ben Pollack O- There's a Wah Wah Girl In Agua Caliente (tk 2)/ If I Could Be With You (tk 3) E- edge bite nap

961. Pe 15364- Cliff Roberts DO- Loving You the Way I Do/ Lou Gold O- Body & Soul V+

962. Pe 15493- Dick Cherwin O- As Long As You're There/ I'm Keepin' Company V+

963. Pe 15504- Billy Artz O- Parkin' In the Moonlight/ I'm All Dressed Up w/ a Broken Heart EE-

964. Pe 15541- Cab Calloway O- Somebody Stole My Gal (tk 1)/ You Dog (tk 7) EE-

965. Pe 15789- Earl Harlan O- Smoke Rings/ Sophisticated Lady EE+/E

966. Pe 15890- Bob Causer O- Why Do I Dream Those Dreams/ Don't Say Goodnight V+

967. Pe 15927- Todd Rollins O- Moon Country/ Christmas Night In Harlem E-

968. Pe 15945- Smith Ballew O- On Accounta I Love You/ I've Got You On Top of My List E-

969. Pe 8-02-10- Isham Jones O- There's a Gold Mine In the Sky/ Thanks For the Memory V+/E-

970. Phono Cut 5111(vertical cut)- Colonial O- The Night Alarm E

971. Prestige 876- Miles Davis Cool Wailers- Out of the Blue 1/2 looks V, plays E-

972. Pres 902- Miles Davis Quartet- Miles Ahead/ When Lights Are Low looks V, plays EE+/E

973. Publix 1058-P- The Paramounteers- My Love Parade/ Dream Lover E movie theatre lobby record from 1929-30

974. Puritan 11244- Frisco Syncopators- Henpecked Blues/ Buddy's Habits EE+ or better

975. Pur 11461- Jimmy Johnnston's Rebels- I Wonder What's Become of Joe/ Arthur Hall w/ O- I Am Going Back to Home Sweet Home V+

976. Queen 4101- Chubby Jackson 6- I Gotcha Covered/ Popsie E-

977. Racy Records HS 415- Hollywood Hucksters- The Farmer's Daughter/ same EE- good jazz accomp..sexy label

978. Radiex 1268- Pcific Coast Players- The Rabbit Hop/ University DO- Cheatin' On Me V+/VV+

979. Regal 8077- Chic Nelson Collegians- I'm Walking Around In Circles/ Missouri Jazz Band- That's Why I Love You EE-/E

980. Romeo 267- The California Humming Birds/ When the Red Red Robin/ What Are We Waiting For VV+

981. Ro 271- Plantation Players- That's My Girl/ Me Too E-/VV+

982. Ro 273- The Ramblers- Precious/ Green's Vibraphone DO- Trail of Dreams V

983. Ro 277- Sam Lanin O- Give Me a Ukulele & a Ukulele Baby/ Just a Bird's Eye View E-

984. Ro 278- The Sweet Sisters- Mary Lou/ Smith Brothers- Pretty Birdie EE+

985. Ro 285- Eddie Miller DO- Usen't You Used to Be My Sweetie?/ Romeo DO- For My Sweetheart VV+

986. Ro 290- Eddie Miller DO- I'll Fly to Hawaii/ Henri Frisco O- I'd Love to Call You My Sweetheart EE-/E

987. Ro 291- The Roving Romeos- If My Baby Cooks/ Hofbrau O- Elsie Shultz En Heim V

988. Ro 905- Sam Lanin O- Mean to Me/ Bob Finley O- Nobody's Baby But Mine EE-

989. Ro 1336- Royal Marimba O- Dancing With Tears In My Eyes/ Willie Creager O- Drifting Down the Stream E few light scrs. Ballew voc A

990. Ro 1337- Cliquot Club Eskimos- Ro Ro Rolling Along/ Willie Creager O- Moonlight On the Rio Grande E-/EE+

991. Ro 1338- Reg Henderson O- I Still Remember/ Buddy Blue Texans- Confessin' VV+/E-

992. Ro 1351- Chick Bullock w/ O- If I Had a Girl Like You/ The Lewis Trio- Tell Me U Care EE-

993. Ro 1352- George Beaver w/ O- I Lost My Gal From Memphis/ Chick Bullock w/ O- Label Me COD Tennessee V-/E-

994. Ro 1354- Chick Bullock w/ O- Somebody's Gonna Get You/ You Brought a New Kind of Love to Me VV+

995. Ro 1360- Lou Gold O- Dancing In a Trance/ Hollywood DO- I Love You So Much E

996. Ro 1362- Dubin's Dandies- Just a Song About You/ Lou Gold O- Swingin' In a Hammock EE-

997. Ro 1364- Ben Pollack O- There's a Wah Wah Girl In Agua Caliente(tk 3)/ Dubin's Dandies- Myrtle(My Turtle Dove) EE-

998. Ro 1374- Cliquot Club Eskimos- Little White Lies/ Ernie Golden O- My Little Butterfly E/E-

999. Royale 1786- Johnny Green O- The Wind At My Window/ I Shoulda Stood In Bed E-

1000. Roy 1807- Quintte of the Hot Club of France- The Sheik of Araby/ Your Sweet Smile EE+

1001. Roy 1812- Richard Himber O- I Happen To Be In Love/ Between You & I E+

1002. Roy 1846- Johnny Green O- How High the Moon/ A House With a Little Red Barn E

1003. Sav 539- Earl Warren O- Circus In Rhythm/ Tush NEW

1004. Sav 572- Buck Ram All Stars- Twilight In Terehan/ Swing Street NN-

1005. Schirmer 501- Billie Haywood & Cliff Allen- Love Fell In/ My Last Affair V

1006. Seeburg 1239- Pop Concert O- Anniversary Song/ Rosita V+/E deep blue vinyl

1007. See 1255- Concert piano team- An American In Paris/ La Valse E bright green vinyl

1008. See 2003- Pop Concert O- Time On My Hands/ Two Cigarettes In the Dark E- bright red

1009. Sig 28105- James P. Johnson piano solo- Blueberry Rhyme/ Blues For Fats EE-

1010. Silvertone 2103- Monroe Silver- Cohen on His Honeymoon/ Cohen's Wedding E+N-

1011. Sil 2331- Southern Syncopators- When Its Night Time In Italy/ Mama Goes Where Papa Goes V+

1012. Sil 3199- Cal Stewart & Ada Jones- Uncle Josh & Aunt Nancy On a Visit to New York/ Cal Stewart- Uncle Josh At the Opera E+ rcnap

1013. Sil 5107- Deikman DO- No Wonder I'm Happy/ Reynolds DO- What Do We Do Dewy Day V

1014. Solo Art 12001- Albert Ammons piano solo- Mecca Flat Blues/ Boogie Woogie E+N-

1015. Special Record 1012-P- Arthur Ross Westerners- My Lucky Star/ You Wouldn't Fool Me Would You V+...theatre lobby record for Follow Thru

1016. Supreme 1357- Cotton Blossom O- He Aint Done Right By Nell/ White Way DO- Give Us a Hug EE+ ruff start B few gvs

1017. Sup 1393- Olympic DO- Me Too/ Bostonian Syncopators- Dizzy Lizzie EE+ gd tpt A

1018. Supertone 9127- Byron Holland- Possum Supper at Darktown Church/ Uncle Josh At the Dentist VV+/E-

1019. Van Dyke 7804- Bar Harbor O- Thinking of You Always/ Miss You E..Mosiello A/ Ballew B

1020. Variety 5015- Mobile Melody Men- Where Do You Work-a John?/ Midnight Broadcasters- I've Got the Girl VV+

1021. Var 502- Red Nichols O- Let's Call the Whole Thing Off/ They All Laughed E+

1022. Var 507- Barney Rapp New Englanders- Fifty Second Street/ My Little Buckaroo E

1023. Var 538- Harold Stern O- My Room/ Vienna Dreams E+N-

1024. Var 545- Red Nichols O- Love's Old Sweet Song/ Troublesome Trumpet E+

1025. Var 570- Community Swing Band- The Big Three medley/ Lets All Sing Like the Birdies N-

1026. Var 581- Blue Barron O- Yours & Mine/ I'm Feelin' Like a Million EE+

1027. Var 589- Red Mc Kenzie O- The Trouble With Me Is You/ I Cried For You NN-

1028. Var 595- Red Nichols O- Humoresque/ O Sole Mio E+/N-

1029. Var 656- Phil Napoleon Emperors of Rhythm- Love Me/ Blue Bayou EE+/E+

1030. Var 669- Phil Napoleon Emperors of Rhythm- That's a Plenty/ Swing Patrol V

1031. Varsity 8081- Stuff Smith O- My Blue Heaven/ My Thoughts E+N-

1032. Var 8242- Stuff Smith O- I've Got You Under My Skin/ Crescendo in Drums E+

1033. Vt 2086- Hotel Penn Music- Nobody's Sweetheart/ Dance Around In Your Bones EE- HOT!

1034. Vt 2146- L Keating O- I'm In the Market For You/ Mysterious Mose looks E-, plays E

1035. Vt 2173- Frank Auburn O- Cheer Up/ Singing a Song to the Stars EE-

1036. Vt 2175- Rudy Marlow O- Leave It That Way/ Frank Auburn O- Promises V+

1037. Vt 2388- L Keating O- Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams/ I Wanna Sing About You looks VV+, plays EE-/E- Selvin

1038. Vt 2404- Frank Auburn O- I Found a Million $ Baby/ In the Merry Month of Maybe looks V-/E-, plays VV+/E- nice Selvins

1039. Vt 2415- C Leighton O- Without That Gal/ On the Beach With You looks V-, plays VV+ Selvin

1040. Vt 2417- J Fenwyck O- Makin' Faces At the Man In the Moon/ Just One More Chance looks VV+, plays E-/EE- Selvins

1041. Vt 2466- D'Orsay DO- Tell Me With a Love Song/ Cuban Love Song V+E- Selvin

1042. Vt 10508- Bar Harbor O voc by Dick Robertson- Somebody Loves You/ Love You Funny Thing looks V-, plays E- double track 5 minute record

1043. Vo 14224- Frank Bacon- The Bee Story/ In the Reno Divorce Court EE+

1044. Vo 14381- Joseph Feldman w/ O- El Shaday/ Ich Bin Und Bleib a Yid V+ in Hebrew or Yiddish

1045. Vo 14576- Monroe Silver- Cohen Visits Dr. Coue/ Cohen Visits Tutankhamen's Tomb V-

1046. Vo 14584- Ben Bernie O- Gone/ Beside a Babbling Brook EE+/EE-

1047. Vo 14384- The California Ramblers- Nobody Lied/ Hot Lips V+/E- rcnap

1048. Vo 14386- Emil Coleman O- Georgette/ Who'll Take My Place EE+

1049. Vo 15055- Miami Marimba Band- Dreamy Carolina Moon/ Only a Weaver of Dreams E

1050. Vo 15073- Ukulele Hughes- I Miss My Swiss/ The Farmer Took Another Load Away V

1051. Vo 15258- Bel Selvin O- Tentin' Down In Tennesee/ After I Say I'm Sorry E-

1052. Vo 15403- Palmer House O(Jules Herbuveaux)- Someone Is Losin' Susan/ Mary Lou E/EE-

1053. Vo 15660- Miami Marimba Band- Gypsy Love Song/ Ramona E-

1054. Vo 2558(gold)- Ozzie Nelson O- Just a Year Ago Tonight/ I'll be Faithful E

1055. Vo 2691(gold)- Nye Mayhew O- Baby Take a Bow/ This Is Our Last Night Together VV+/E-

1056. Vo 2692(gold)- Nye Mayhew O- I'll String Along With You/ Cocktails For Two VV+

1057. Vo 3225- Bunny Berigan O- I Can't Get Started/ Rhythm Saved the World E+ (blue/gold lbl)

1058. Vo 3236- Mal Hallett O- Mary Lou/ Swing Fever E+

1059. Vo 3389- Henry "Red" Allen O- Here's Love In Your Eye/ When My Dream Boat Comes Home EE+/VV+

1060. Vo 3430- Phil Harris O- Nobody/ Jelly Bean E+ West Coast pressing

1061. Vo 3655- The Rhythm Maniacs- Pagan Love Song/ Somebody Stole My Gal E despite grey

1062. Vo 03683- Hoosier Hot Shots- Goofus/ Runnin' Wild EE+

1063. Vo 3851- Bernie Cummins O- Everything You Said Came True/ I Told Santa Claus to Bring Me You V

1064. Vo 3862- Isham Jones O- I Wanna Be In Winchell's Column/ Sweet Someone EE-

1065. Vo 3872- Isham Jones O- Mama That Moon Is Here Again/ You Took the Words Right Out of My Heart E

1066. Vo 3874- Dolly Dawn Patrol- You're a Sweetheart/ Let's Pitch a Little Woo E

1067. Vo 3875- Red Mc Kenzie O- Farewell My Love/ Sail Along, Silv'ry Moon E-/V+

1068. Vo 3876- Jerry Colonna w/ Rhythm Wreckers- Hector the Garbage Collector/ You're My Everything EE+

1069. Vo 3898- Red Mc Kenzie O- You're Out of This World/ Georgianna E/E-

1070. Vo 3908- Dolly Dawn Dawn Patrol- Two Dreams Got Together/ Bei Mir Bist Du Schon EE+/EE-

1071. Vo 3910- Isham Jones O- Thanks For the Memory/ There's a Gold Mine In the Sky EE- dig B

1072. Vo 3911- Isham Jones O- Shenanigans/ Outside of Paradise EE-

1073. Vo 3933- Dolly Dawn Dawn Patrol- The One I Love/ Melody Farm E

1074. Vo 03940- The Saddle Tramps- Hold Them Critters Down/ I Dont Care What You Used to Be E- Dallas mxs

1075. Vo 3982- Mildred Bailey O- From the Land of the Sky Blue Water/ Lover Come Back to Me EE+

1076. Vo 4032- Earl Hines O- Jezebel/ Dominck Swing EE-

1077. Vo 4045- Cab Calloway O- We're Breaking Up a Lovely Affair/ Skrontch E

1078. Vo 4057- The Four Squires- Aren't the Funnies Funny?/ The Prisoner's Song VV+

1079. Vo 4058- Buddy Rogers O- Lovelight In the Starlight/ This Time Its Real EE-/E

1080. Vo 4059- Bert Block O- Lost & Found/ I Love to Whistle V+

1081. Vo 4062- Leonard Feather English Swynge Band- Clementine/ Jammin the Wz E-

1082. Vo 4069- Bert Block O- Something Tells Me/ Who Do You Think I Saw Last Night E+

1083. Vo 4071- Buddy Rogers Swing Band- Moonshine Over Kentucky/ Little Lady Make Believe E+

1084. Vo 4163- Slim & Slam- Oh Lady Be Good/ 8, 9, and 10 VV+

1085. Vo 4284- Lawrence Welk O- Colorado Sunset/ There's a Far Away Look In Your Eyes E-/EE+

1086. Vo 4408- Buddy Rogers O- While a Cigarette Was Burning/ You Cant Be Mine EE-

1087. Vo 4437- Cab Calloway O- At the Clam Bake Carnival/ Jive VV+

1088. Vo 4509- Dolly Dawn Patrol- I Found My yellow Basket/ Where Has My Little Dog Gone V+/E

1089. Vo 4632- Mildred Bailey O- Blame It On My Last Affair/ What Shall I Say? NN-

1090. Vo 4654- Red Nichols 5 Pennies- Ida Sweet As Apple Cider/ Feelin' No Pain E

1091. Vo 4708- Mildred Bailey O- It's Summertime Along the Swanee/ Taint What You Do E

1092. Vo 4713- Casa Loma O- Its the Talk of the Town/ Under a Blanket of Blue E

1093. Vo 4748- Count Basie- If I Could Be With You/ Taxi War Dance V

1094. Vo 4766- George Hall O- At a Little Hot Dog Stand/ Only When You're In My Arms EE+

1095. Vo 4784- Count Basie O- If I Didn't Care/ And the Angels Sing EE-/E

1096. Vo 4789- Al Kavelin O- If I Were Sure of You/ Little Genius EE-

1097. Vo 4803- Jack Jenny O- Got No Time/ What More Can I Give You? EE-

1098. Vo 4905- Cab Calloway O- Afraid of Love/ Long Long Ago V+ scf, scr nap

1099. Vo 4943- Ben Bernie O- Drummers Day/ Scotland's Burning EE- Johnny Blowers featured on drums A side- Bernie/ Bailey Sisters vocal.

1100. Vo 4993- Al Donahue O- Oh! You Crazy Moon/ This Heart of Mine V-/V+

1101. Vo 5051- Glenn Miller O- I Got Rhythm/ Sleepy Time Gal V+

1102. Vo 5060- Tiny Hill O- Doodle Doo Doo/ Dream Girl V+

1103. Vo 5182- Will Bradley O- I Thought About You/ Speaking of Heaven EE-

1104. Vo 5195- Cab Calloway O- I Aint Gettin' Nowhere Fast/ Jiveformation Please V+

1105. Vo 5304- Jack Jenney O- Cuban Boogie Woogie/ Stardust E-

1106. Vo 5355- Jack Jenny O- I Walk Alone/ City Night E

1107. Vo 5364- Cab Calloway O- Do It Again/ Sincere Love E/EE-

1108. Vo 5445- Tiny Hill O- Mickey/ Please Dont Talk About Me When I'm Gone EE-

1109. Vo 5545- Jack Jenney O- Since You Came Into My Dreams/ If You Knew Susie EE-

1110. Vo 5583- Chick Bullock O- You're Lonely & I'm Lonely/ It's a Lovely Day Tomorrow E-

1111. Vo 5615- Ben Bernie O- It's a Wonderful World/ The Gentleman Needs a Shave E+

1112. Wendell Wilkie- has a personal message for every American 1/2 EE+

1113. Zon 75- Billy Murray- Yankee Doodle Boy G-

1114. Zon 127- Zon-o-phone Concert Band- Frisco March G+

1115. Zon 155- Zon-o-phone Concert Band- Narcissus V

1116. Zon 158- Hager's O- Bell Gavotte V-

1117. Zon 167- JF Harrison- Loves Sorrow E-

1118. Zon 181- Zon-o-phone Concert Band- Overture Freischutz G

1119. Zon 189- Collins & Harlan w/ O- Come Along Little Girl Come Along V-

1120. Zon 193- Byron G Harlan w/ O- I've Set My Heart On You G

1121. Zon 197- Pete La Mar w/ O- Sleep Baby Sleep V-

FOREIGN LABELS(all British unless noted)


1122. Capitol Z-375- Frank Sinatra w/ Nelson Riddle O- Not As a Stranger/ How Could You Do a Thing Like That to Me N- ..in original Japanese Capitol sleeve with photos Kay Starr, Les & Mary, Tennesee Ernie, Kenton & Garber..also has 4 page illustrated booklet w/ scene from film Not As a Stranger w/ pix Sinatra, Robert Mitchum and Olivia De Havilland, + Eng, Japanese lyrics

1123. Col M 131- Benny Goodman O- Bugle Call Rag/ Ray Noble O- Alexander's Ragtime Band N-..odd coupling with BG's 1934 Bugle Call, and '38 Noble..in Japanese Polydor sleeve

1124. Polydor 15373- Louis Armstrong w/ the Polynesians- On a Cocoanut Island/ To You Sweetheart Aloha NN-..beautiful velvety pressing in orig Japanese Polydor sleeve, w/ lyric sheet

1125. Vi JA 821- Paul Whiteman O- Announcer's Blues/ Benny Goodman Quartet- Moon Glow E+/N- couple lt scrs A nap..in orig Japanese Victor sleeve

1126. Vi JA 911- Benny Goodman O- Never Should Have Told You/ You Can tell She Comes From Dixie N-..beautiful pressing in original Japanese Victor sleeve w/ picture BG, and lyric sheet

1127. Vi JA 990- Bert Shefter Rhythm Octet- SOS/ Locomotive E+..in original Japanese Victor sleeve...Victor's answer to the Raymond Scott Quintet

1128. Vi JA 1280- Benny Goodman O- Can't Teach My Old Heart New Tricks/ Benny Goodman Trio Silhouetted In the Moonlight(tk 2) N-....discog says only take 1 was issued, so it this an alternate?..aside from that, comes with great 4 page booklet featuring Hollywood Hotel--cover one of the famous stills of BG and band, back cover has BG playing, and lyrics in English & Japanese

1129. Billy Mayerl Personal Demonstration Course In Modern Syncopation- record 3 pt 1/2 E-/VV+

1130. Br 1485- Ambrose O- Body & Soul/ Chansonette EE+/E

1131. Br 01605- Ambrose O- Memories of the May Fair pt 1/2 EE-

1132. Br 01722- Aileen Stanley w/ O- Aileen Stanley Song Successes pt 1/2 V clx NO US ISS

1133. Br 82399(GER)- Chubby Jackson & his Fifth Dimensional group- Lemon Drop/ Boomsie N- in original sleeve with cartoon caricatures of black musicians

1134. Br 82472- Roy Eldridge O- Fish Market/ Lover Come Back to me N- in original sleeve with cartoon caricatures of black musicians

1135. Br 82483- Duke Ellington O- Ain't Misbehavin'/ Hyde Park N- in original sleeve with cartoon caricatures of black musicians

1136. Br 82485- Fletcher Henderson O- Big John's Special/ Limehouse Blues N-

1137. Br 82506- Benny Carter O- My Buddy/ Lazy Afternoon N- in original sleeve with cartoon caricatures of black musicians..no US issue

1138. Citizen Record 3051- Vernon Royce- In Other Words/ I Stopped, I Looked, I Listened V+ rare early label

1139. Columbia 3407- Melville Gideon- Spare a Little Love/ Alouette The Skylark E

1140. Co 3509- Melville Gideon- Crinoline Gown/ Leave a Lot of Time For Love E+ ck to lbl barely sounds thanks to laminated pressing

1141. Co 5679- Ray Starita O- She's So Unusual/ Ben Selvin O- Sunnyside Up EE-/VV+

1142. Co DF 2108- Carroll Gibbons & Savoy Hotel Orpheans- The Night Is Young & Your So Beautiful/ Seal It With a Kiss EE-

1143. Co DO-781- The Rondoliers & Their Piano Pals- Long, Long Ago/ The Little Brown Jug// Love's Old Sweet Song/ The Bull Dog & the Bull Frog V rare "longer playing" record

1144. Co 4519-BX(BRAZIL)- Henry Hall BBC DO- The Music Goes Round & Around/ Every Minute of the Hour V+/E-

1145. Co M 73(JAPANESE)- Joe Daniels Hit Shots- Chinatown My Chinatown/ In the Shade of the Old Apple Tree E

1146. Co JX 269(JAPANESE)- Nat Gonella w/ O(incl Benny Carter, Buster Bailey, etc)- You Must Have Been a Beautiful Baby/ I Must See Annie Tonight VV+ HOT!!

1147. Co CB 27- The Four Bright Sparks- Miss Wonderful/ Handsome Gigolo V+

1148. Co CB 33- Coastal DO- When I Am House Keeping For You/ Cavaliers- Romance V+ NICE A!

1149. Co CB 49- Debroy Somers Band- Talkie Tunes- medley wz pt 1/2 V/E-

1150. Co CB 62- Jack Payne BBC DO- Moonshine Is Better Than Sunshine/ Stein Song EE+

1151. Co CB 70- Ray Starita O- Happy Days medley Fox Trot pt 1/2 V+E-

1152. Co CB 107- Jack Payne BBC DO- With My Guitar & You/ Shoo the Hoodoo Away V+/V

1153. Co CB 114- Jack Payne BBC DO- Beware of Love/ Give Me Back My Heart EE-

1154. Co CB 118- Ray Starita Band- I've Got a Feeling/ I Dont Wanna Go Home V

1155. Co CB 131- Jack Payne BBC DO- Under the Sweetheart Tree/ Tiddle Iddle Umpum VV+

1156. Co CB 132- Jack Payne BBC DO- Over the Garden Wall/ There's a Good Time Coming EE+

1157. Co CB 144- Jack Payne BBC DO- After Your Kiss/ I'd Like to Find the Guy Who Wrote The Stein Song EE+

1158. Co CB 148- Buckingham String Players- So Beats My Heart For You/ The Cavaliers- The Kiss Wz EE+/EE-

1159. Co CB 167- Jack Payne BBC DO- In the Cool of the Evening/ Dear! Dear! E- clk A

1160. Co CB 312- Jack Payne BBC DO- Lazy Day/ When the Moon Comes Over the Mountain E+

1161. Co CB 355- Jack Payne BBC DO- What Are You Thinkin' About Baby/ Song of Happiness VV+

1162. Co CB 363- Debroy Somers Band- Got a Date With An Angel/ Who Do You Love? E-/EE- few clx A, rcnap

1163. Co CB 364- Jack Payne BBC DO- My Sunshine Is You/ My Heart Is Where the Mohawk Flows V+ lbl scrs

1164. Co CB 368- Jack Payne BBC DO- Dance Medley #1 pt 1/2 VV+

1165. Co CB 517- Carroll Gibbons & Savoy Hotel Orpheans- On a Dreamy Afternoon/ Moonlight On the River EE+

1166. Co CB 524- Rudy Vallee O- Say It Isn't So/ Lets Put Out the Lights E- master pressed off US Columbia

1167. Co CB 525- Carroll Gibbons & Savoy Hotel Orpheans- On the Air/ My Romance E nice A!!

1168. Co CB 370- Jack Payne BBC DO- I LIke a Little Girl Like That/ Heartaches VV+/E- tape on label B

1169. Co CB 371- Jack Payne BBC DO- Tunes of the Times Dance medley #2 pt 1/2 V

1170. Co CB 374- Billy Cotton Band- Give Me Your Affection Honey/ Its the Girl V+/VV+

1171. Co CB 505- Henry Hall BBC DO- Lets All Dance the Polka/ I Beg Your Pardon, Madamoiselle EE-/E

1172. Co CB 510- Savoy Hotel Oprheans- The Old Man of the Mountain/ Love Me Tonight V+/E

1173. Co CB 511- Savoy Hotel Orpheans- Looking On the Bright Side/ After Tonight We Say Goodbye VV+ digs A

1174. Co CB 512- Geraldo's Gaucho Tango O- Marta/ Nothing But a Lie VV+

1175. Co CB 743- Henry Hall BBCDO- Wild Ride/ East Wind E+

1176. Co CB 783- Geraldo Sweet Music- My Song For You/ Just a Poor Street Singer E

1177. Co CB 788- The Masqueraders- Not For All the Rice In China/ Meyer Davis O- Heat Wave E+ B side mastered off US Blue Columbia

1178. Co CB 789- The Masqueraders- Dreaming a Dream/ Sitting Beside of You V

1179. Co CB 790- Henry Hall BBC DO- I Bought Myself a Bottle of Ink/ Little Church Around the Corner EE+

1180. Co CB 791- Henry Hall BBC DO- Yes Sir, I Love Your Daughter/ Have a Little Dream On Me V+/EE-

1181. Co DB 1389- Debroy Somers Band- June- Rhythmic Paraphrase/ Tannhauser- Rhythmic Paraphrase V

1182. Co DB 1397- Carroll Gibbons & Boy Friends- Love Is Love Anywhere/ Lets Fall In Love EE+

1183. Co DB 1398- Carroll Gibbons & Boy Friends- Were Not Dressing selection pt 1/2 E

1184. Co DB 1408- Geraldo O- Evergreen film songs selection pt 1/2 VV+ scrs

1185. Co DB 1419- Billy Mayerl piano solo- Billy Mayerl's Savoy Havana Memories pt 1/2 EE+

1186. Co DB 1829- Bing Crosby- Brother Can You Spare a Dime/ Home On the Range E-/ VV+

1187. Co DB 1971- Bing Crosby (with The Mills Bros) My Honey's Lovin' Arms/ Paradise EE+

1188. Co DB 2000- Bing Crosby- Give Me a Heart to Sing To/ Once In a Blue Moon E+

1189. Co DB 2036- Bing Crosby- I Kiss Your Hand Madame/ Till We Meet E+

1190. Co DB 2037- Bing Crosby- Baby, Oh Where Can You Be/ My Kinda Love E+

1191. Co DB 2043- Bing Crosby- Good Night Lovely Little Lady/ Ridin' Around In the Rain N-

1192. Co DB 2059- Bing Crosby- Love Thy Neighbor/ May I EE+

1193. Co DB 2068- Bing Crosby- Did You Ever See a Dream Walking/ I'm Hummin'-I'm Whistlin'-I'm Singin' E+

1194. Co DB 2137- Bing Crosby- Starlight/ I Guess It Had to Be That Way E-

1195. Co DB 2153- Bing Crosby- Lets Spend An Evening At Home/ Some Day We'll Meet Again E+

1196. Co DB 2208- Bing Crosby- Lets Try Again/ Lets Put Out the Lights EE+

1197. Co DB 3009- Noel Coward w/ Cafe de Paris O- Cabaret medley 1/2 EE+

1198. Co DB 3078- Noel Coward w/ Cafe de Paris O- I Like America/ Why Does Love Get in the Way E+

1199. Co DB 30230(IND)- Bing Crosby- Some Day We'll Meet Again/ Lets Spend An Evening At Home EE+

1200. Co DB 30225(IND)- Bing Crosby- Linger a Little Longer In the Twilight/ Our Big Love Scene E+ beautiful pressing!

1201. Co FB 1028- Henry Hall BBC DO- Lets Have a Jubilee/ Oh! Fred E+ GOOD!!

1202. Co FB 1653- Henry Hall BBC DO- Love Me a Little Today/ A Nice Cup of Tea VV+

1203. Co FB 1654- Carroll Gibbons Savoy Hotel Orpheans- Seal It With a Kiss/ The Night Is Young & You're So Beautiful V+/E-

1204. Co FB 1885- Carroll Gibbons SHO- Bei Mir Bist Du Schoen/ Its a Long Way to Your Heart E-

1205. Co FB 1893- Carroll Gibbons Boy friends- I Double Dare You/ Have You Got Any Castles EE+

1206. Co FB 1903- The Six Swingers- S.O.S./ The Snake Charmer V+

1207. Co FB 2221- Carroll Gibbons & Boy Friends- Moonlight & Roses/ Birth of the Blues E-

1208. Co FB 2247- The Six Keyboards- Radio Recollections pt 1/2 EE-

1209. Co FB 2264- Carroll Gibbons Boy Friends- East Side of Heaven film medley pt 1/2 EE+

1210. Co FB 2269- Carroll Gibbons Savoy Hotel Orpheans- My Man/ Sunrise Serenade E/EE-

1211. Co FB 2275- The Six Swingers- That Sly Old Gentleman/ Wish Me Luck E-/V+

1212. Co FB 2339- Carroll Gibbons Band- Lets Make Memories Tonight/ Comes Love EE-

1213. Co FB 2933- Jimmy Leach & New "Organolians"- Star Dust/ Sheik of Araby E/E-

1214. Co P11(CANAD)- Prince's Military Band- Land of the Maple G+ colorful special label

1215. Co J 1919(JAPAN)- Bing Crosby- After Sundown/ Temptation EE+ beautiful laminated press

1216. Co J 2513(JAPAN)- Henry Hall BBCDO- The Glory of Love/ This'll Make You Whistle EE+

1217. Co M 98(JAPAN)- Bing Crosby- The Last Roundup/ Home On the Range V+ laminated

1218. Co M 99(JAPAN)- Bing Crosby- Temptation/ Good Night Sweetheart E- laminated press

1219. Crown 48(9")- Ben Hammond O- I Wont Dance/ Sing Something Swingy V+ scrs A

1220. Cr 61- Mrs. Jack Hylton Band- I'll Never Say "Never Again" Again/ Plain Mary Jane E

1221. Cr 79- Mrs. Jack Hylton Band- You Are My Lucky Star/ I'm Singing a Song of Love V

1222. Cr 149- Mrs. Jack Hylton Band- Why Did She Fall For the Leader of the Band/ Heaven V+

1223. Crown 81203(CANAD)- Matty Crawford O- If I Had a Talking Picture of You/ Buddy Murray O- If I Only Loved You a Little Bit Less EE+

1224. Cr 91172- Ruth Etting- Cigarettes, Cigars/ Shine On Harvest Moon V

1225. De M 118- Ambrose O- Body & Soul/ Punch & Judy Show E+

1226. De F 2649- Spike Hughes DO- Is There a Place Up There For Me/ Witness EE-/VV+ NICE!

1227. De F 2666- Jack Hytlon O- Carry On/ For the Sake of Days Gone By VV+

1228. De F 2672- Jack Hytlon O- Oh! What a Night/ Tom Thumb's Drum E-/ VV+ lt steeling

1229. De F 2686- Gene Austin & O- Maybe Its the Moon/ Who Am I? E US ARC mxs

1230. De F 2699- Jack Hytlon O- I'll Always Be Dreaming of You/ Under the Spell of the Wz E

1231. De F 2701- Jack Hytlon O- Life Is Just a Bowl of Cherries/ Song of Happiness V/V-

1232. De F 2704- Arthur Lally O- All Change For Happiness/ Sooner or Later E-V+ 2" cr nap

1233. De F 2824- Jack Hylton O- Open Up Dem Pearly Gates/ In the Jailhouse Now V+

1234. De F 2834- Roy Fox Band- Minnie the Moocher/ Kicking the Gong Around VV+ Bowllys

1235. De F 2839- Roy Fox Band- Concentratin'/ Corinne Corinna E- Al Bowlly A

1236. De F 3216(French)- Jack Hylton O- Goodbye Blues/ Same Old Moon E-

1237. De F 3243- Roy Fox Band- Love Me Tonight/ We're a Couple of Soldiers E-/V+

1238. De F 3245- Roy Fox Band- When the Morning Rolls Around/ Linger a Little Longer In the Twilight V/V+

1239. De F 3257- Alex Taylor at Wurlitzer Organ- Granada Theatre, Tooting- Masquerade/ Same Old Moon V+ couple lt clx

1240. De F 3270- Lew Stone Band- I Cant Write the Words/ Lets Put Out the Lights E-/E Al Bowlly both sides

1241. De F 3563- Spike Hughes Negro O- Someone Stole Gabriel's Horn/ Nocturne E+

1242. De F 3650- Buddy Featherstoneaugh O- When Buddha Smiles/ The Sheik of Araby E

1243. De F 3696- Elsie Carlisle w/ O- Its the Talk of the Town/ Snowball EE-

1244. De F 3722- Lew Stone Band- The Day You Came Along/ Thanks E Al Bowlly both

1245. De F 3723- The Bands That Matter- Jack Hylton, Roy Fox, Lew Stone, Ambrose- Dont Blame Me/ Isnt It Heavenly// Lazybones/ Lets Call It a Day E-

1246. De F 3727- Roy Fox Band- You Ought to See Sally On Sunday/ The Winds In the West E/EE-

1247. De F 3742- Al Bowlly w/ O- Lover, Come Back to Me/ Fancy Our Meeting E-

1248. De F 3743- Jack Hylton O- T'aint/ There's a Home In Wyomin' VV+

1249. De F 3760- Roy Fox Band- Wheezy Anna's Wedding Day/ The Cage In the Window E+

1250. De F 3826- Lew Stone O- So Shy/ Dark Clouds E/E- Bowlly vocals

1251. De F 3918- Fred Hartley O- Mr. Whittington selection pt 1/2 E

1252. De F 3942- Lew Stone O- Because Its Love/ In a Shelter From a Shower V+ Bowllys

1253. De F 3953- Lew Stone O- The Call of the Freaks/ Milenberg Joys E-

1254. De F 3990- Elsie Carlisle w/ O- The Show Is Over/ Little Man You've Had a Busy Day EE+

1255. De F 5114- Roy Fox O- I'll String Along With You/ Fair & Warmer E-

1256. De F 4243- Lew Stone O- Speak Easy/ Faster & Faster EE-/E

1257. De F 5245- Ambrose O- Then I'll Be Tired of You/ Tina E-

1258. De F 5393- Ambrose O- Snowman/ My Kid's a Crooner EE+

1259. De F 6104- Ambrose O- On Your Toes/ There's a Small Hotel V/V+

1260. De F 6141- Ambrose O- Organ Grinder's Swing/ Wood & Ivory E- rcnap

1261. De F 6146- Raymond Baird-sax solo- Star Dust/ All Through a Song On the Air E+

1262. De F 6170- Ambrose O- Hick Stomp/ Swinganola E-

1263. De F 6282- Ambrose O- Tarantula/ Champagne Cocktail E

1264. De F 6447- Ambrose O- I've Got My Love to Keep Me Warm/ This Years Kisses VV+

1265. De F 6783- Greta Keller- Lamplight/ Music, Maestro, Please EE-

1266. De F 7574- Bebe Daniels- Imagination/ I Cant Love You Any More E

1267. De F 9456- Harry Gold Pieces of Eight- Long John Stomp/ Smokey Mokes EE-

1268. De F 41009- Harry Roy O- Barrel House Boogie/ Steppin Out at Midnight E

1269. Decca Y 5806(Australian) (with Dick Mc Intyre's Harmony Hawaiians)- I'm Drifting Back to Dreamland/ The Singing Sands of Alamosa EE- beautiful heavy laminated pressing

1270. De 60.254(FR)- Lucky Millinder O- Begging For Love/ Let it Roll NN-

1271. Dominion A 219- Honolulu Serenaders- The Love Song/ The Pagan Love Song E-

1272. Guardsman 1208- Guardsman DO- Dapper Dan/ Stumbling G+

1273. HMV B 4001- New Mayfair DO- Twentieth Century Blues/ Noel Coward- Lover of My Dreams E+ Al Bowlly vocal A

1274. HMV B 4208- New Mayfair O- Songs Everybody Is Singing pt 1/2 E+ faint int cr undr lbl

1275. HMV B 4225- Ray De Costa & Ray Noble- Wherever You Are/ Raie De Costa- Nola EE-

1276. HMV B 4270- Noel Coward w/ O- Something to Do With Spring/ The Party's Over Now EE- few lt scrs nap

1277. HMV B 4318- New Mayfair O- Happy Memories selection pt 1/2 E

1278. HMV B 4323- New Mayfair DO- Once Upon a Time selection pt 1/2 E+

1279. HMV B 4398- Jack Buchanan w/ O- Yes Mr. Brown/ Leave a Little For Me EE-/E

1280. HMV B 5100- Savoy Orpheans- Helloa Aloha, How Are You?/ The Day That I Met You EE-/E

1281. HMV B 5118- Savoy Orpheans- Buy Bananas/ Savoy Havana O- Petrushka VV+

1282. HMV B 5131- Jack Hylton O- Shake a Little Shoulder/ Just a Kiss V+

1283. HMV B 5132- Jack Hylton O- Two Little Bluebirds/ By the Tamarisk V+/E-

1284. HMV B 5267- Jack Hylton O- I'm Looking Over a Four Leaf Clover/ Shalimar E-/E

1285. HMV B 5473- Jack Hylton O- Sweetheart, I'm Dreaming of You/ I Never Dreamt E

1286. HMV B 5474- Jack Hylton O- Sunshine/ Ramona E-

1287. HMV B 5530- Jack Hylton O- My Inspiration Is You/ In Old Vienna E-

1288. HMV B 5539- Jack Hylton O- Sweet Ukulele Maid/ Underneath the Blue E scr A nap

1289. HMV B 5542- Jack Hylton O- I Think of What You Used to Think of Me/ Forty Seven Ginger Haired Sailors E/V+

1290. HMV B 5720- Jack Hylton O- If You Were Mine/ My Song of the Nile E-

1291. HMV B 5704- Jack Hylton O- Lovable & Sweet/ My Dream Memory VV-

1292. HMV B 5707- Jack Hylton O- I'm Perfectly Satisfied/ If I Had My Way V/VV+

1293. HMV B 5836- Jack Hylton O- Oh! What a Silly Place to Kiss a Girl/ Amy VV+ rcnap

1294. HMV B 5890- Jack Hylton O- A Californian Serenade/ That Night In Venice E-/V+

1295. HMV B 5984(FR)- NMDO- Shout For Happiness/ Goodnight Sweetheart VV+

1296. HMV B 5985- Jack Hylton O- She's a Very Good Friend of a Friend of Mine/ Reaching For the Moon E+

1297. HMV B 5997- Jack Hylton O- It Would Be Wonderful/ Your Eyes EE-

1298. HMV B 6000- Ambrose O- Would You Liek to Take a Walk/ The Wz U Saved For Me V

1299. HMV B 6068- Ambrose O- For You/ Me E

1300. HMV B 6069- Jack Hylton O- Would You Take Me Back Again/ Jolly Good Company VV+

1301. HMV B 6070- Jack Hylton O- Sitting At a Table Laid For Two/ Today I Feel So Happy E+N-

1302. HMV B 6080- Ambrose O- You Forgot Your Gloves/ Kiss Me Goodnight E+

1303. HMV B 6249- Ray Noble O- Marching Along Together/ Song of the Bells V+/E-

1304. HMV B 6268- Ray Noble O- The Jug & the Bottle 1/2 E

1305. HMV B 6269- Ray Noble O- Old Moore's Almanac 1/2 EE-/E

1306. HMV B 6306- Ray Noble O- Wanderer/ Lying In the Hay V/VV+ Al Bowlly vocs both

1307. HMV B 6320- NMDO- Sweetheart/ Can't We Meet Again E+

1308. HMV B 6337- Ray Noble O- Won't You Stay to Tea?/ No More Love EE-

1309. HMV B 6344- Ray Noble O- I'm One of the Lads of Valencia/ The Village Band V Bowlly A

1311. HMV B 8414- Noel Coward- We We're Dancing/ Parisian Pierrot V

1312. HMV B 8598- Quintet of the Hot Club of France- Body & Soul/ A Little Love, a Little Kiss E+

1313. HMV B 8669- Quintet of the Hot Club of France- When Day Is Done/ Solitude E+

1314. HMV JK 2049(FR)- Quintet of the Hot Club of France- Ain't Misbehavin'/ Hot Lips EE+

1315. HMV B 8675- Bobby Howes- She's My Lovely/ Hide & Seek medley E+

1316. HMV B 9738- Anne Ziegler & Webster Booth w/ O- Love's Last Word Is Spoken/ Hear My Song Violetta E+

1317. HMV BD 109- Jack Jackson O- Meet Me Down Beside the Singing Waters/ My Heart Was Sleeping E

1318. HMV BD 112- NMDO- What a Difference a Day Made/ Roll Along Covered Wagon E+

1319. HMV BD 174- NMDO- I've Got a Note/ Rudy Vallee O- On the Good Ship Lollypop E-/VV+

1320. HMV BD 176- Teddy Joyce O- I'll Take the South/ Rehearsing a Lullaby E+N-

1321. HMV BD 5040- Fats Waller Rhythm- When Somebody Thinks You're Wonderful/ Dinah E+

1322. HMV BD 5077- Fats Waller Rhythm- All My Life/ Cabin In the Sky E+

---------------the next two are among the rarer ones recorded in London- no US issue-----------

1323. HMV BD 5398- Fats Waller Continental Rhythm- A Tisket a Tasket/ Music, Maestro Please EE-

1324. HMV BD 5415- Fats Waller Continental Rhythm- Dont Try Your Jive On Me/ Aint Misbehavin E+

1325. HMV BD 5413- Jack Hylton O- Alexander's Ragtime Band/ Now It Can Be Told E-

1326. HMV BD 5129- The Four Stars- Take My Heart/ One Rainy Afternoon E+

1327. HMV BD 5654- Glenn Miller O- Alice Blue Gown/ Wonderful One EE-/E

1328. Imperial 2294- Sam Lanin O- Whippoorwill/ Lou Gold O- Springtime In the Rockies E+

1329. Imp 2338- Dixie Marimba Players- Moonlight On the Colorado/ Ben Pollack O- Rollin' Down the River(tk 1) VV+ brief clk B

1330. Imp 2410- Buddy Blue Texans- Here Comes the Sun/ San Remo DO- Wedding Bells Are Ringing For Sally EE-

1331. Imp 2447- Jay Wilbur O- Between the Devil & the Deep Blue Sea/ Under the Roofs of Paris EE-

1332. Imp 2532- Elsie Carlisle- Pardon Me Pretty Baby/ Poor Kid EE- aud clx B

1333. Imp 2654- Jay Wilbur Band- Good Night, Little Girl, Good Night/ By the Fireside E-

1334. Imp 2684- Morton Downey- Auf Weidersehn My Dear/ Snuggled On Your Shoulder E+

1335. Maric 5003(FR)- Henry Segers joue George Gershwin/ Jerome Kern V+

1336. Metronome B 544(SWE)- Roy Eldridge Sextet- The Heat's On/ School Days E+

1337. Odeon 12964(BRAZIL)- Carmen Miranda w/ O- Adeus Batucada/ Quando En Penso Na Bahia E...a rare one!

1338. Odeon X 288.928(Brazilan)- Bing Crosby- Blue Shadows On the Trail/ A Fella With An Umbrella VV+

1339. Par E 5049- The Original Six/ Markel's O- I'll Be In My Dixie Home Again To-morrow E- early large red label, Okeh like pressing

1340. Par F 178- Harry Roy Tiger Ragamuffins- Fox Trot medley 1/2 E-/V+

1341. Par F 223- Harry Roy O- Love & a Dime/ Cowboy In Manhattan EE+

1342. Par F 277- Leslie Hutchinson p w/ O- Wake!/ Two Tired Eyes VV+

1343. Par F 280- Harry Roy O- Sweet & Slow/ Dont Be Afraid to Tell Your Mother E+N-

1344. Par F 283- Nat Gonella O- The Ghost of Dinah/ Truckin' E+

1345. Par F 1479- Harry Roy O- That Sly Old Gentleman/ Aintcha Comin Out? E+

1346. Par F 2491- Ivor Moreton & Dave Kaye- Rag medley 1/2 E

1347. Par R 714- Frankie Trumbauer O- I Like That/ Seger Ellis piano- Shivery Stomp EE+

1348. Par R 1238- Havana Marimba Band- Somebody Loves U/ Five Minutes to Twelve EE-

1349. Par R 1356- Duke of Harlem & His Flunnkies- Comin' 'nd Going/ The Charleston Chasers- Basin Street Blues E+

1350. Par R 1478- Fletcher Henderson O- Sweet & Hot/ King Carter O- Blues In My Heart E+

1351. Par R 1535- Duke Ellington O- Blues of the Vagabond/ Syncopated Shuffle E+N-

1352. Par R 1549- Duke Ellington O- What Can a Poor Fellow Do/ Lazy Duke N-

1353. Par R 1591- Louis Armstrong O- Tight Like That/ Star Dust E+

1354. Par R 1615- Harlem Footwarmers- Sweet Chariot/ Duke Ellington O- The Mooche E+N-

1355. Par R 1793- Bessie Smith w/ O- Do Your Duty/ I'm Down In the Dumps E+N-

1356. Par R 1882- Frankie Trumbauer O- Bless You Sister/ Luis Russell O- Feeling the Spirit E

1357. Par R 2006- Joe Sullivan- Little Rock Getaway/ Onyx Breakdown E+

1358. Par R 2042- Louis Armstrong O- Exactly Like You/ Home E+/EE+

1359. Par R 2066- Louis Armstrong O- Beau Koo Jack/ Indian Cradle Song E+

1360. Par R 2083- Claude Hopkins O- California/ Joe Venuti O- Vibraphonia E+

1361. Par R 2097- Frankie Trumbauer O- There'll Come a Time/ Mississippi Mud E+

1362. Par R 2151- Arthur Young 4- Blind Man's Buff/ Aint Misbehavin' E

1363. Par R 2152- Lew Davis 5- I Never Knew/ Swing Me Sweetly E+

1364. Par R 2268- Gene Krupa Chicagoans- The Last Round Up/ Jazz Me Blues E+ ORIG issue

1365. Par R 2280- Phil Green & George Elliott- ICBTUIL w/ Me/ Basin Street Blues E+

1366. Par R 2580- Bix Beiderbecke O- Royal Garden Blues/ Jazz Me Blues E

1367. Par R 2813- Duke Ellington O- Baby When You Aint There/ It Dont Mean a Thing NN-

1368. Par R 3022- Benny Goodman Sextet- Just One of Those Things/ Tiger Rag E+

1369. Re MR 539- Sydney Kyte O- Sweetheart/ Whistling Wz EE+/E

1370. Re MR 541- Billy Cotton O- You Rascal You/ Goofus VV+

1371. Re Zo MR 545- Jack Payne BBCDO- My Pretty Flowers/ Dance of the Little Dutch Dolls E-/V

1372. Re Zo MR 1222- Billy Merrin O- Everything I Have Is Yours/ Unless E+

1373. Re Zo MR 1417- Joe Loss O- Over My Shoulder/ When You've Got a Little Springtime E-

1374. Re Zo MR 1423- Billy Cotton O- Not For All the Rice In China/ Heat Wave E-

1375. Re Zo MR 1450- Billy Cotton O- Judy/ My Song For You EE-

1376. Re Zo MR 1453- Joe Loss O- Out In the Cold Again/ I Love You Very Much Madame VV+

1377. Re Zo MR 1458- Billy Cotton O- I Saw Stars/ Two Cigarettes In the Dark EE-

1378. Re Zo MR 1473- Lew Stone O- He Didn't Even Say Goodbye/ Long May We Love EE-

1379. Re Zo MR 1568- Arthur Young Youngsters- a Bouquet For George Gershwin 1/2 E+

1380. Re Zo MR 1708- Lew Stone O- Zing! Went the Strings of My Heart/ Serenade E+

1381. Re Zo MR 1717- Mack Rogers O- I'm Goin' Shoppin' With You/ The Words Are In My Heart EE+

1382. Re Zo MR 1786- Lew Stone O- Red Sails In the Sunset/ The Hilly Billy Band E

1383. Re Zo MR 1793- Gracie Fields- Anna From Annacapresi/ w/ Tommy Fields- Love Is Ev'rywhere E

1384. Re Zo MR 2263- Joe Loss O- You've Got to Blow Your Own Trumpet/ When Did You Leave Heaven EE-

1385. Re Zo MR 3218- Joe Loss O- When Penelope Prim Passes By/ Somewhere At Sea E-/E

1386. Re Zo MR 3200- Joe Loss O- We'll Meet Again/ Somewhere In France With You E-

1387. Re Zo MR 3243- Joe Loss O- In the Mood/ At the Woodchopper's Ball E+

1388. Re Zo MR 3262- Joe Loss O- A Little Rain Must Fall/ A Small Cafe By Notre Dame E

1389. Re Zo G 24286(AUS)- Wally Bishop O- Sing Me a Song of Home Sweet Home/ Goodnight My Beautiful EE+

1390. Re Zo G 24938- Fats Waller Rhythm- Got No Time/ Anita E+ beautiful laminated press

1391. Rex 8067- Harry Mortimer- A Day In the Alps/ Somewhere a Voice Is Calling EE+

1392. Rex 8179- Jack Payne O- Tiger Rag/ Lazy Rhythm EE-/E

1393. Rex 8267- Georgie Price- I Never Had a Chance/ Chick Bullock- All I Do Is Dream of You EE-

1394. Rex 8350- Jack Payne O- What a Little Moonlight Can Do/ Dont You Cry When We Say Goodbye EE+

1395. Rex 8437- Jack Payne O- Maybe I'm Wrong Again/ Back to Those Happy Days EE-

1396. Rex 8738- Jack Payne O- When April Comes Again/ With All My Heart EE-

1397. Rex 8775- Jay Wilbur O- Celebratin'/ The Touch of Your Lips E-/EE-

1398. Rex 8787- Jay Wilbur O- We Saw the Sea/ But Where Are You V+

1399. Rex 8812- Casini Club O- A Melody From the Sky/ Robins & Roses E/E-

1400. Rex 8874- Jack Payne O- Everybody Dance/ When the Poppies Bloom Again E+

1401. Rex 9366- Reginald Dixon organ- Dixon Hits #23 pt 1/2 E

1402. Rex 9405- Billy Cotton O- Ragtime medley 1/2 E

1403. Rex 9434- Adele England- How To Dance The Chestnut Tree/ Ivor Kirchin O- The Chestnut Tree EE+/V

1404. Rex 9726- Billy Cotton O- Scatter Brain/ Safe In My Heart E-

1405. Sirena Grand M 30350(RUSS)- Two Rags- Ragging the Baby to Sleep/ Ragtime Goblin Man VV- rare issue!

1406. St 1218- Syd Lipton New Grosvenor House O- Two Buck Tim From Tumbuctoo/ In the Valley of the Moon E HOT A

1407. St 1228- Oscar Rabin O- Shuffle Off to Buffalo/ You're Getting to Be a Habit With Me E- clx

1408. St 1574- New Grosvenor House O- Getting Round & About/ Dancing With My Shadow E/E+

1409. Telefunken(Cupol series) 15050- Stig Holm 4- Maple Leaf Rag/ The Old Piano Roll Blues N-

1410. Tri Ergon TE 5784(GER)- Berliner Liedertafel- Burschen heraus/ Gaudeamus igitur E+

1411. Victor JA 1167(JAPAN)- Jack Jackson O- Sailing Home With the Tide/ In a Little English Inn E-/V+

1412. Vocalion 517- Charlie Kunz- Around the Shows pt 1/2 E

1413. Vo S 124- Artie Shaw New Music- The Blues 1/2 EE-

1414. Zonophone 2167- Jack Hylton Jazz O- Billy/ Wang Wang Blues E-/E

1415. Zo 6215- Syd Lipton O- Linger a Little Longer In the Twilight/ When the Morning Rolls Around EE-

SMALLS- records of various sizes less than 10". Some rare items here from a collection that specialized in ragtime, also early Broadway, personalities, jazz, a picture record, etc

1416. Casa Loma Picture Record- Casa Loma Stomp/ I Love You(?) E- front has picture Casa Loma O/ back reads compliments of Casa Loma O, exclusive Brunswick Recording Artists, and is autographed To Edna, warmest regards, Casa Loma Boys, Mel Jenssen--also signed by Pee Wee Hunt and Joe Hostetter (signatures kind of light)

1417. Edison Bell Radio 809(ENG)- Harry Hudson Melody Men- Hallelujah/ Dancing Tambourine EE+

1418. EBR 820- Harry Hudson Melody Men- Polly/ Dainty Miss VV+

1419. EBR 850- Harry Hudson Melody Men- Miss Annabelle Lee/ Ramona E- NICE A!

1420. EBR 870- Harry Hudson Melody Men- Stay Out of the South/ Twilight Dreams E/E- NICE A!

1421. EBR 1345- Radio Melody Boys- Leven Thirty Saturday Night/ Stein Song EE-/E- hot A

1422. Eclipse SC41(ENG)- Terry Harrison banjo solo- Dixieland Memories/ Banjo Memories VV+

1423. Emerson 780- Van Epps Trio- Sparkling Trot/ Emerson Military Band- The Globe Trot E

1424. Emer 7119- Avon Comedy Four- Gila, Galah, Galoo/ Samuel Ash w/ O- Flora Bella EE+

1425. Emer 7140- Gene Greene- Chinese Blues/ Arthur Collins w/ O- Empraham's Jazbo Band V-

1426. Emer 7168- Ben Linn w/ O- Mr. Patrick Henry Must Have Been a Married Man/ Sylvia Jason- Just the Kind of a Girl EE+ tiny edge cr nap

1427. Emer 7171- Browning & Hughes- The Tale of the Coat/ Nat Wills- No News or What Killed the Dog EE+

1428. Emer 7268- Emerson Military Band- Livery Stable Blues/ Henry Lewis- Someday Somebody's Gonna Get You V-/E+ original sleeve

1429. Harvard Disc Record 1431- orchestra- Dixieland March VV+

1430. Little Marvel 1170(ENG)- Syncopated Rag- piano solo/ Ol' Man River vocal V

1431. Little Wonder 9- band- 20th Century Rag VV+ int cr nap

1432. LW 91- Baritone solo- At the Mississippi Cabaret VV+

1433. LW 183- band- Jelly Roll VV+

1434. LW 293- piano- Les Copeland's Rag V

1435. LW 390- Band- Zig Zag VV+

1436. LW 501- guitar duet- Southern Blues V+

1437. LW 668- Band- Spooky Spooks V

1438. LW 791- tenor duet- The Story Book Ball VV+

1439. LW 1556- tenor & baritione duet- Cry Baby Blues E-

1440. Majestic 141(vert)- Orchestra- Babes In the Woods/ Des Blondes E-..plays well due to vertical

1441. Operaphone 1034(vert)- Band- Mr. Thomas Cat/ My Maryland V

1442. Oxford 16055- Louisville Lou- baritone solo w/ piano VV+

1443. Ox 16088- banjo solo w/ piano- Peaceful Henry E-V+

1444. Paroket 42- Van Eps Banjo O- The Smiler/ Poor Little Butterfly V/V-

1445. Victor 1900- Len Spencer- C-H-I-C-K-E-N- Dat's de way to Spell Chicken V-

1446. Vi 4916- Chris Chapman w/ O- St Louis Rag VV+

1447. Victor scroll 232- Frank Luther- Sneezles// It's Very Very Funny/ In the Dark V-

1448. Youngster 101(recorded by Grey Gull for Children)- Mr. Ernest Hare- Old King Cole/ Tom Tom the Piper's Son E ckd to lbl..in original colorful picture sleeve

1449. Youngster 104- Mr. Kennedy- Old Mother Goose/ Uncle Lewis- Sing a Song of Sixpence E in original colorful picture sleeve

10" ALBUM SETS- some unusual personality, ethnic, jazz, and real oddball items!

1450. Be Bop- RCA Vic P 226- includes Dizzy Gillespie, Coleman Hawkins, Kenny Clarke. 4 rec set EE+ to E+, album E+

1451. Cinevision Talkies- Hooray For Hollywood. great color cover and inside cover illustrations. set contains 1 record which accompanies 15- 35mm slides for a tour around Hollwyood. Unfortunately, the record is cracked to the label, but still plays. Great looking set, and a rare one!. c mid 1940s

1452. Cole Porter's Let's Face It- featuring Mary Jane Walsh. Liberty Music Shop 3 record set N-, album E

1453. Cuban Rhythms- Musicraft N4- Hotel Nacional O, Havana, Cuba. 4 record set EE+, album E-

1454. Don Byas- (Saxophone Improvisations of) Savoy S 505. 4 records E+, alb E, sm tape repair

1455. Eddie Condon and Band- Jazz ala Carte- Commodore CR 12- w/ Max Kaminsky, Pee Wee Russell, etc. 3 record set E+, album EE+....uncommon as a set

1456. Eddie South- the Dark Angel of the Violin. Pilotone 122- 4 record set EE+, album E- with tape repairs

1457. Frances Faye- International Record Co. 4 record set E+, album E

1458. Frank Chase Saxophone Choir- Gala 2. Three record set N-, album E+

1459. French Art Songs- sung by Maggie Teyte- Victor M 895- 3 record set E+, album EE+

1460. Funnybone Alley- Musical for American Children by Alfred Kreymborg and Elie Seigmeister. (w/ Tom Glazer, etc)...Disc F 606. 3 record set and album about E+

1461. Hebrew Cantorals- Stinson S 609. only 2 of 3 records(1 missing) EE+, album E

1462. Irish Songs- Pat O' Brien- Variety V 103- 3 record set E+, album E

1463. Jewish Holiday Dances & Songs (Corinne Crochem's Collection of)..Vox 192.. Cover mentions Leonard Bernstein among others. 3 records EE+ and E+, album E

1464. Josh White- Chain Gang- Co C-22- 4 record set E+, album EE-

1465. Lennie Tristano Trio- Keynote 147. 3 record set E+, album EE+

1466. Miguelito Valdes, album of Cuban rhythms, with Machito Afro- Cubans. De 344. 3 record set E to E-, album EE-

1467. Negro Spirituals sung by Dorothy Maynor. RCA Victor M 879- 4 record set and album E+

1468. Palestinian Dances & Song- (Corinne Crochem's Collection of) Vox 191. 3 record set EE+ and E+, album E+

1469. Pee Wee the Piccolo- Victor Y 322- 2 record set E+, album EE+ cartoon cover

1470. Ruth Wallis Record Party- De Luxe 86(labels read Miltone). 3 record set of fun and risque humor. Records EE+ as is album

1471. Spike Jones presents for the kiddies- The Nutcracker Suite. RCA Vic P 143. 3 record set E+, album EE+

1472. Sydney Greenstreet- The Cask of Amontillado by Edgar Allan Poe- Decca 479- 2 record set E+, album about EE+

1473. Tenor Sax Album Vo 2- Savoy S-502- includes Lester, Hawk, Webster, Byas. 4 records E+N. album E+

1474. Walt Disney's Dumbo recorded directly from the soundtrack. Vic P-101. 3 record set E+, album EE+..cartoon cover



1475. Associated test mx A-1249-C2- Ray Sinatra O- You're Not the Kind/ Knock, Knock, Whos There E+ super B, with TONS of solos!

1476. Assoc test mx 1421-1- Abe Lyman O- 5 fanfares, plus Auld Lang Syne E

1477. Assoc test mx A-1593-1- Ben Selvin O- Whispers In the Dark(vo)/ Stop You're Breaking My Heart(no vo) E+ GREAT B!!!

1478. Assoc test mx AA 1737-C2- Ruby Newman O- I've Hitched My Wagon to a Star/ Silhouetted In the Moonlight EE+

1479. Assoc S-61- Larry Earl O- Its Been So Long/ Cling to Me(vocals by Jean Bolton)// I've Got Plenty O' Nuttin'/ I Dont Know Your Name EE+.early red pressing

1480. Assoc 73- Vivian Vail w/ Michael Wayne O(Vera Van or Virginia Verrill w/ Mark Warnow O)- Its Delightful to Be Married/ Michael Wayne O- Digga Digga Do/ When My Baby Smiles At Me// Henry King O- My Heart Stood Still/ Someday I'll Find You(no vocs) E+

1481. Assoc 141- Joe Venuti O- After You've Gone/ Hokus Pokus// Carson Robison- Oh, Susannah/ Spain/ Goin' Home/ Camp Town Races E+

1482. Assoc 163- George Gregory O(Glen Gray O)- For You/ Little Man With the Hammer// Johnny Green Orch- medley- I Kiss Your Hand Madame/ Tea For Two// A Mile a Minute EE-

1483. Assoc 180- Ramon Lorenzo O(Enric Madriguera?)- medley- Lullaby of Broadway/ Lovely to Look At/ I'll be Following In Your Footsteps// Rodeo Range Ramblers- The Last Roundup/ Home On the Range E

1484. Assoc 222- Clyde Mc Coy O- Black & Tan Fantasy/ The Jazz Me Blues// Sugar Blues/ I've Found a New Baby E..top fidelity

1485. Assoc 232- Brad Collins O(Bob Crosby)- At the Codfish Ball, Summertime, What's the Name of That Song// Saddle Your Blues to a Wild Mustang/ Green Fields & Bluebirds E+ great A side

1486. Assoc 236- Russ Morrow O(Russ Morgan)- Goody Goody/ medley- Linger Awhile/ Stumbling// Lights Out/ After Dark EE+ good Goody Goody!

1487. Assoc 238- Brad Collins O(Bob Crosby)- Time On My Handy/ Savoy Blues// Russ Morgan- If I Should Lose You/ Lost E+..extra nice trumpet on Savoy Blues

1488. Assoc 251- Harvey Tweed O(Tommy Dorsey)- Don't Mention Love to Me/ With All My Heart// Al Duffy Novelty Trio- Kiddin On the Fiddle/ Messin Around E

1489. Assoc 256- Robert Saunders O- I've Got My Heart Set On You (extra long 4 minutes)(vo)/The Dipsy Doodle(nice clt solo)// Ruby Newman O- Who Knows(vo)/ I'd Rather Be Right E

1490. Assoc 267- Emil Coleman O- Zing Went the Strings of My Heart/ Fare Thee Well Annabelle/ Rhythm In My Hair// Be Careful Young Lady/ Clouds EE+

1491. Assoc 284- Arthur Deane O- Afterglow/ Mary Had a Little Lamb// The Scene Changes/ Lazy Weather EE+

1492. Assoc 332- Ray Sinatra O- Midnight Blue/ Dream Awhile// Graig Lennox O- Say Si Si/ Close to Me EE+/E

1493. Assoc 475- Franklyn Roberts O(Fred Rich)- The Image of You/ Easy Living)both w/ Joey Nash vocals)// Emil Coleman O- Cuban Pete/ The Miller's Daughter Marianne EE+

1494. Assoc(Muzak) 550- Isham Jones O- My Dance/ Sugar// Al Donahue O- Je Vous Adore/ Take My Heart E...great Isham in hi fi

LATERAL 16" PLAYING AT 33 1/3 RPM (some of these MAY have light surface scrs, scfs..but do to the nature of the strong materials used in the pressing, DO NOT SOUND..Where there was a doubt, I played them,and graded them aurally)

beginning with unknown acetate recordings in super hi fidelity, with pseudonym bands meant to sound like big names--these 2 are "Arnold Sharpe", obviously meant to sound like Artie Shaw Orch with the same repertoire, sound, etc. Whoever these guys are, they are good!

1495. Arnold Sharpe O- P-24 A- 4 tunes N- incl Begin the Beguine, Dancing In the Dark, Cross Your Heart, Temptation

1496. Arnold Sharpe O- P-24-B- 3 tunes N- incl When the Quail Come Back, S'Wonderful, Stardust

1497. AFRS- Basic Music Library 33/34- Benny Carter- 8 cuts E+ incl Honeysuckle Rose, Ill Wind

1498. AFRS- Jubilee 291- top show E+ including Woody Herman, Jack Teagarden, Joey Preston, Dodo Marmarosa, Wardell Gray, Jesse Price, Howard Mc Ghee, etc

1499. AFRS- One Night Stand 479- Bob Stong O E+..from the Glen Island Casino

1500. AFRS- Sammy Kaye's Serenade Room 11/12 EE+

1501. AFRS- Sammy Kaye's Serenade Room 13/14 EE+

1502. AFRS- Sammy Kaye's Serenade Room 19/20 EE+

1503. Capitol B-119- Gene Krupa- 8 cuts E incl Leave Us Leap, Tea For Two

1504. Capitol B-121- Gene Krupa- 8 cuts E incl King Porter Stomp, Blue Lou

1505. Davis & Schwegler 34/35- Vido Musso O- 8 cuts E- incl Jig a Jive, So What, The Ghost of U

1506. D&S 44/45- Vido Musso O/ The Majestics Orch- 4 cuts per E incl The Pie Eyed Piper A/ Heavenly Daze B

1507. D&S 58/9- Ben Pollack O- 8 cuts EE+ incl Stoppin at the Motel, Lost Without Love label worn

1508. Dept of State-USA- Office of Int't info- American Jazz- Woody Herman O/ Small Jazz Groups- 3 cuts/ 4 cuts EE-..incl Lemon Drop/ I Got It Bad A// Bobby Hackett- Ja Da, Teddy Wilson, Buddy Rich- Runnn Wild, etc B

1509. Lang Worth 269/70- Clarence Williams Swing Band/ LW Hillbillies- 4 cuts per E incl Jericho A

1510. LW 437/8- Clarence Williams Swing Band/ Rolo Hudson DO- 4 cuts per E..incl Step On It A/ It Takes a Ray Of Moonlight B

1511. LW 1065/6- Sammy Kaye O/ Tommy Dorsey O- 7 cuts/ 1 cut E+ incl Hawaiian Sunset, Sho Nuff (Kaye)/ Minor Goes a Muggin (Dorsey)

1512. LW 1269/70- Frankie Masters O/ Ziggy Elman O- E- 4 cuts per incl Opus 3, A/ Hub Je De Bee B

1513. LW AS 648- Milton Charles organist/ Johnny Thompson baritone- 4 cuts per E incl Moon Over Miami A, Melody From the Sky A// Two Sleepy People B

1514. National Guard- Lets Go to Town 87/88- Sauter Finnegan O w/ Betty Madigan E+

1515. Standard P-194- Ozzie Nelson O/ Will Osborne O- 5 cuts per E incls Cutting Classes A/ Londonderry Air B

1516. Std Q-106- Black & White(two pianos)- 8 cuts EE- incl Pop Goes the Weasel, London Bridge

1517. Std Q-114- Sol Hoopii's Hawaiians/ The Islanders 3 cuts/ 4 cuts E incl Meleana E' A/ Liliu E B...A side has 1 cut- Hawaiian Wz cut "X'd" out- still plays OK, but with light ticks

1518. Std Q-120- Frankie Trumbauer Swing 7/ The Islanders- 4 cuts per E..incl Home Life of the Smorf A/ My Hawaii B

1519. Std Q 134- Eddie Bush Quartet- 8 cuts E... incl Kehaulani, Lani Kai

1520. Std Q-140- Art Tatum piano solos- 8 cuts E despite lt scrs incl Fine & Dandy, All God's Chillun Got Rhythm, Sweet Emalina My Gal...(sm bite nap)

1521. Std Q-162- Dick Mc Intyre Harmony Hawaiians- 10 cuts E Maui Chant, Ai Ka Kou

1522. Std Q-166- Dick Mc Intyre Harmony Hawaiians- 10 cuts E incl Palm Trees, Lani Kai

1523. Std Q-167- Dick Mc Intyre Harmony Hawaiians- 10 cuts E incl My Lei Nani, South of Honolulu

1524. Std Q 185- Eddie Bush Quartet- 10 cuts E.. incl Do As the Natives Do, Hapa Haoli Baby

1525. Std Q-177- George Barnes Octette- 9 cuts incl Jumpin' Jack/ Misty Morn E+

1526. Std Q-190- Art Tatum piano- 10 cuts E despite lt scrs incl Crazy Rhythm, Limehouse Blues

1527. Std Q-215- Ruth Berman, Swing Harpist- 10 cuts E- incl Crazy Rhythm, I Surrender Dear

1528. Std Q-261- Red Norvo Trio 10 cuts E incl Sweet Georgia Brown, This Can't Be Love

1529. Std Q-262- Red Norvo Trio- 10 cuts E incl Move, Swedish Pastry, C Jam Blues

1530. Std R-122- Gene Austin w/ Candy & Coco- 8 cuts E.. incl Muddy Water, Stardust

1531. Std S-168- Paul Carlson pipe organist- 10 cuts incl Fur Elise, Tango in D E

1532. Std S-172- Collins Driggs hammond organ- 10 cuts- Dizzy Fingers, Red Sails In the Sunset E

1533. Std S-176- Ken Wright at the WKY organ- 10 cuts incl Street of Dreams, The Very Thought of You E+

1534. Std S-177- Ken Wright at the WKY organ- 8 cuts incl My Melancholy Baby/ My Blue Heaven E one light scr on 1 cut

1535. Std S-178 Collins Driggs hammond organ- 10 cuts incl Tiger Rag, Ol' Man River EE-

1536. Std S-179- Ken Wright at the WKY organ- 8 cuts incl Sleepy Time Gal/ Makin Whoopee E

1537. Std S-182- Paul Carlson pipe organist- 9 cuts incl Sing, Smile, Slumber/ Scarf Dance E

1538. Std T-295- Theodore Saidenberg & Edward Rebner piano duet- 9 cuts E+ incl Golliwog's Cake Walk, Scaramouche

1539. Std X-86- Jimmy Walsh O- 8 cuts EE+ incl Class Will Tell, And the Angels Sing

1540. Std X-101- Anson Weeks O- 8 cuts E..incl I've Got My Eye On You, When Buddha Smiles

1541. Std X-102- Anson Weeks O/ The Serenaders- 4 cuts per E incl Let's Disappear A/ Hawaii Sang Me to Sleep B

1542. Std X-197- Eddie Miller O- 10 cuts E+ incl Song of the Islands, My Monday Date

1543. Std Y-112- Frank Trumbauer O- 8 cuts E+ incl great Don't Be That Way, Lost & Found

1544. Std Y-156- Alvino Rey, guitar & Orch- 10 cuts E- incl A Bee Gezindt, Tuxedo Junction

1545. Std Y-160- Eddie Fitzpatrick O- 12 cuts E- incl Eleanor I Adore You, Louisiana Purchase

1546. Std Z-104- Jimmie Grier O- 8 cuts E despite scrs. Incl Play It, Ragging the Scale, Dr Heckle & Mr Jibe, Rhythm Is Our Business, Canadian Capers

1547. Std Z-110- Henry King O- 8 cuts E incl Begin the Beguine, Night & Day, Mine

1548. Std Z-115- Seger Ellis O- 8 cuts E despite scrs, scfs. incl Irene Taylor on Sleepy Time Down

1549. Std Z-169- Alvino Rey, guitar & Orch- 8 cuts E..incl Bugle Call Rag, Tu Ha Wa Ha Wai

1550. Std Z-192- Jack Teagarden Trombone & O- 10 cuts incl The Blues, Boogie Woogie E

1551. Std Z-213- Spike Jones Other Orchestra- 8 cuts incl F Bob O Lee Bop/ Laura EE+

1552. Std Z-214- Spike Jones Other O- 9 cuts incl Young Man w/ a French Horn/ Spike Rocks the Troc EE+

1553. Std SRR-2104/5- Pokey the Christmas Elf pt 1/2 complete E+

1554. Std 2239/40- The Christmas That Almost Never Was pt 1/2 complete E+

1555. Std Hollywood Calling #17- George Fisher Interviews the Stars- incl Eleanor Parker, Charles Laughton, Gale Storm// George Fisher's Filmtown Featurettes- Joan Crawford, etc E few lt scrs

1556. Std Hollywood Calling #22- George Fisher Interviews the Stars- incl Nancy Olson and Robert Preston// George Fisher's Filmtown Featurettes- Hedy Lamarr & Fred Astaire E stain 1 cut nap

1557. Std Hollywood Calling #23- George Fisher Interviews the Stars- incl Claire Trevor and Miriam Hopkins// George Fisher's Filmtown Featurettes- Susan Hayward, etc, etc EE-

1558. Std Hollywood Calling #30- George Fisher Interviews the Stars- incl Frank Lovejoy, Sam Jaffe// George Fisher's Filmtown Featurettes- Van Heflin- movie Fan EE+

1559. Thesaurus 365- Nathaniel Shilkret O/ Richard Leibert(organ)- 4 cuts/ 2 cuts E+ incl Ooh That Kiss, You're the Top A/ The Palms B

1560. Thes 385- Rhythm Makers(Artie Shaw O)/ Mary Lewis- 4 cuts/ 3 cuts E+ incl The Blues, All Dressed Up & No Place to Go/ Deep River B

1561. Thes 655- Jan Savitt O/ Harry Horlick O- 4 cuts per E..incl Three Little Fishies A

1562. Thes 677- Gray Gordon O- 8 cuts EE+ incl Rumple-Stilts-Kin, South American Way

1563. Thes 681- Charlie Barnet O/ John Seagle- 5 cuts/ 4 cuts E+ incl Make Believe Ball Room A

1564. Thes 816- The Tune Twisters/ Richard Leibert(organ)- 5 cuts per E+ incl College Swing, From A to Z in Novelty A/ Memories B

1565. Thes 1068- The Islanders/ Sourwood Mtn Boys- 5 cuts per E+ Nani Honolulu A, Tempest B

1566. Thes 1545- Ray Mc Kinley O/ Fran Warren 5 cuts per E+ incl Jimminy Cricket, Lullaby In Rhythm A/ Moon of Mankoora, The Man I Love B

1567. Thes 1571- Tex Beneke O/ Concert Hall O- 5 cuts/ 4 cuts E+ incl Riverboat Shuffle A

1568. Thes 1631- Tex Beneke O/ Jingles- 4 cuts A E+ incl Orange Colored Sky

1569. Thes 1723- Wayne King O/ Joe E Howard Quartet- 5 cuts/ 6 cuts EE+ incl In the Mood A/ classic vaudeville type stuff B incl The Umpire Is the Most Unhappy Man

1570. Thes 1766- Tex Beneke O/ US Army Band- 5 cuts per E+ incl What's New A/ Lady In Red B

1571. US Treasury Dept 403/ 404- Louis Armstrong/ Fred Waring E+

1572. Veterans Adm- Here's to Vets 432/3- Billy May & Ima Sumac/ Buddy Morrow E+


1573. Assoc text mx AA 1375-1- Will Osborne O- 4 cuts E dated 5/19/37 incl Mickey Mouse's Birthday Party, I Was Saying to the Moon, Polly Wolly Doodle

1574. Assoc test mx M 1495-C2- Russ Morgan O w/ Three Mullin Sisters- 4 cuts E+ dated 5/19/37. Includes Just a Quiet Evening, Boo Hoo, Moonlight & Shadows, Sentimental & Melancholy

1575. Assoc text mx AA 1479-1- Ben Selvin O- 3 cuts, plus a harp interlude by Casper Reardon E+ incl Supposing, When the Poppies Bloom, What Will I Tell My Heart. Vocals by Dick Robertson

1576. Assoc test mx AA-1482-C2- Ben Selvin O- 4 cuts E+. GREAT tunes incl How Could You, Try Tappin', My Little Buckaroo, You Can't Take It With You..vox by Dick Robertson & 3 Ambassadors

1577. Assoc 10009- Clyde Mc Coy O/ Ben Selvin Cocktail O- 4 cuts per E+ incl The Goona Goo, Big Boy Blue A// Timber, The Sunshine of Your Smile B

1578. Assoc 60053- Isham Jones O/ Roy Nugent O- 4 cuts per E+..GREAT Isham incl Tin Roof Blues, Can't Help Lovin Dat Man, Misty Moonlight, Queen Isabella/ B incl I've Hitched My Wagon to a Star

1579. Assoc 60911- John Kirby O/ Fred Rich O/ Sammy Liner O..4 tunes A// 5 Freddie/ 1 Liner E+ top jazz A incl JK Special, Stompin at the Zombie/ Rich incl Blow Gabriel, Smile Darn Ya

1580. Assoc 60983- Claude Thornhill O/ Hank D'Amico Sextet- 4 cuts/ e cuts E+ incl Puttin' & Takin' A/ Moten Swing B

1581. Assoc 61221- Frankie Masters O/ Deep River Boys 4 cuts/ 5 cuts E+ incl Hold Me, I Like the Likes of You A/ Apple Blossom Time, Sister Kate, Mean to Me B...both sides GOOD!

1582. Muzak X-275- Racimo's Hawaiians/ Al Roth O- 4 cuts/ 5 cuts E- incl Song of the Islands, King's Serenade A// Easy to Love, Stumbling B

1583. Muz X-503- Hal Aloma Quintet- 8 cuts E+ incl Hula Blues, Mokehana

1584. Muz X-694- Richard Himber O/ Charles Magnante Quartet- 4 cuts/ 5 cuts E incl Here Lies Love, Lost In a Fog A/ Manhattan Serenade/ Canadian Capers B

1585. Muz X- 973- Frankie Masters O- 7 cuts E+ incl Coquette, Caribe, Rose Room

1586. Muz W-977- Jimmy Lytell O- 8 cuts E+ incl Jockey on the Carousel, Zing Went the Strings

1587. Muz X-1000- Larry Clinton O- 8 cuts E+ incl Study In Surrealism/ Jump Joe

1588. World unknown band- 1049-1052- 4 cuts per E+..TOP A side from 1935 includes Curly Top, Young Ideas, You're One In a Million, Get Rhythm In Your Feet instrumentals all/ B side Cowboy

1589. World unknown band- 1321-1328- 4 cuts per E+... A side incl Broadway Rhythm, Diga Diga Do/ B side is classical style...early flexible red press...nice versions A from 1935

1590. World 800-4629-4638- Trio Flores Del Rio- 10 cuts E..incl El Bandolero, Tu Castigo

1591. World 800-8789-8798- Arthur Smith Quartet/ Russ Morgan O- 5 cuts per E+ incl Guitar Jump, Blue Boogie A// Just One of Those Things, Donkey Serenade B

1592. World 106- Ben Pollack Pick a Rib Boys/ Jimmy Lytell O// Robert Montgomery recitations 3 cuts per A incl San, Tin Roof Blues- Pollack/ Heatwave- Lytell/ 6 cuts Montgomery

1593. World 148- Raymond Massey reading from the Bible// Ray Block O/ Three Suns N-

1594. World 177- Muggsy Spanier Dixieland Band// Mimi Benzell/ Dick Haymes- 6 cuts// 3 ea E+ top jazz A incl Sister Kate, Rosetta, St Louis Blues

1595. World 275- His Wonders to Perform- a Christmas Play w/ Dorothy Lamour. 2 parts E+ complete

1596. World 337- Alvin Kaleolani Royal Hawaiians/ Bobby Hackett O- 6 cuts/ 5 cuts E+ incl My Island Love Song, E Mau A// Jada, Exactly Like You B

1597. World 339- Ken Griffin hammond organ/ Hank Thompson O- 7 cuts/ 6 cuts E+ incl Aint She Sweet, All of Me A/ Red Skin Gal B

1598. World 456- Duke Ellington O/ Eddy Howard O// World Concert O- 3 cuts per A E+ incl It Dont Mean a Thing, Johnny Come Lately- Duke/ Way Down Yonder in NO- Eddy

1599. World 533- Alvin Kaleolani Royal Hawaiians// Red Norvo/ Norma Zimmer- 5 cuts// 2 cuts/ 3 cuts E+ incl Ke Kali Nei Au, Kauiokani A/ Clyde's Blues B

1600. World 7339-7348/ Christmas Special..E+ Nice disk has Andrews Sisters & Guy Lombardo A/ B side has special Christmas label for Frank Luther w/ Jesse Crawford at the organ in 'Twas the Night before Christmas

1601. World 10049- 10058- Jimmy Lytell O/ Dave Rose O- 5 cuts/ 4 cuts E..incl Georgia On My Mind, Say It With Music A// March of the Pretzels B

1602. acetate- World Transcription safety acetate. mx ZZ-3920-C. These were cut at the recording session as safeties, and immediate reference copies. This one has two tunes by a great small jazz band. Tunes are Rose Room and Lady Be Good. Piano sounds like Teddy Wilson--also has trumpet, clarinet, trombone, drums, and bass E+N-..great fidelity and content.

1603. acetate- World Transcription safety acetate. mx ZZ-4723-C/ ZZ-4724-C. These were cut at the recording session as safeties, and immediate reference copies. unknown Big Band..Begins with a complete take of You're Clear Out of This World....then complete This Can't Be Love, and a breakdown, then complete take of Gotta Be This Or That with female vocal//flip has one cut--female vocal on The Wish I Wish Tonight(?).. E+N- Interesting look into a transcription recording session!

1604. acetate- World Transcription safety acetate. mx ZZ-4733-C/ ZZ-4734-C. These were cut at the recording session as safeties, and immediate reference copies. unknown Big Band..Begins with a breakdown take, then a complete take of On the Atchison, Topeka, & Santa Fe..Next is a breakdown take, then complete take of Any Old Time...complete take of Till the End of Time// flip side starts with breakdown, then complete take of My Lonely Love(?), other breakdowns and complete tunes fill it out E+N-...Interesting look into a transcription recording session!


STILLS- many of these are originals. Others from the Frank Driggs, or Duncan Scheidt archives, and will be so noted by (FD), or (DS)..all 8x10 glossy, in excellent condition unless noted.

1605. Fats Waller- c. early 30s- chest up in bowler hat with autograph and inscription printed in(DS)

1606. Fats Waller- portrait within the photo- from early 1920s with piano rolls and lamp on a table. Unknown source

1607. Duke Ellington- c.1940s(?)- original Associated Booking promo portrait

1608. Eddie Peabody. c early 30s, original portrait from Maurice Seymour. Eddie holding his banjo like a weapon with a crazed look on his face!

1609. Nick Lucas- original CBS radio waist up with Nick, guitar and early microphone (tape on rev)

1610. Paul Whiteman- original Maurice Seymour portrait c. 1940s- hand signed, although signature is light- Sincerely Paul Whiteman

1611. Paul Whiteman- full band c. later 1920s with the preprinted autograph. Familiar pose. With Tram and Bix(??) in band. Has rubber stamp on back credit Hugh Turner in California

1612. unknown black female alto sax player pictured waist up w/ sax in hand. original from c .???.

1613. same sax player as above in inset with other artists on a poster incl Willie Lewis, Dinah Washington, Lady Bird, Celeste, Ray Sneed, bottom trimmed to image- original from ??

1614. Rita Rio- orginal Consolidated Radio Artists pic from c 1940. caption reads Rita Rio and her NBC All Girl orch

1615. Joe Sanders- original MCA portrait c. mid 30s(?)

1616. Ben Pollack O- full band from the 1929 Vitaphone short- BG, Tea, Bauduc in band. Has rubber stamp on back credit Hugh Turner in California

1617. Jean Goldkette O- famous shot of band w/ Nipper, & facsimile autographs incl Bix,Tram (DS)

1618. Bix Beiderbecke's cornet- back reads Bix's 1927 Vincent Bach trumpet(cornet) (DS)

1619. Frank Trumbauer w/ bass(or baritone) sax, surrounded by 9 other musicians incl Bix(DS)

1620. Luis Russell O. c 1932 Philadelphia. Full band standing outside of theatre. Back has some personnel noted- Red Allen, Albert Nicholas, Bill Coleman, Luis Russell (FD)

1621. Duke Ellington Orch on stage. nice original from unknown source c. 1940 with Johnny Hodges, Ben Webster(?), Juan Tizol, Sonny Greer and others in band

1622. Miami Lucky "7" Orch. original 7x11 matte of the band posing with c. mid 20s-early 30s cars

1623. Jelly Roll Morton- full body at the piano, looking straight/slightly right. familiar pose(DS)

1624. Jelly Roll Morton- full body at the piano, looking at the keyboard. familiar pose(DS)

1625. Jelly Roll Morton- full body with baton, and preprinted caption. familiar pose(DS)


RCA VICTOR IN THE GROOVE- contains rarely seen photos, gig locations, new releases, articles. All in E+ condition, about 12 pgs ea.

1626. Jan 1947- cover Tex Beneke. Inside pix- Hawk, Manne, Milt, Byas, multiple Dizzy, Fats, + article on his last records, more

1627. Mar 1947- cover Freddy Martin. Inside pix Basie, Desi, BG, Bob Hope, Beneke, Langford, Three Suns, Bill Boyd, more

1628. Apr 1947. cover Wayne King. Inside pix Leslie Scott, Milton Berle, Boyd, Basie, W Page and Jo Jones, Tilton, Torme, NK Cole, Spade Cooley, Pee Wee King. article on Calloway film

1629. Mat 1948- cover Tommy Dorsey. Inside pix TD, Beryl Davis, Louis (Armstrong and Prima), Basie at home, Paul Whiteman, Roy Rogers, etc

1630. Oct 1948- cover Jack Lathrop & Eve Young. Inside pix Bud Hulick (of Stoopnagle & Budd fame of yore), TD, Louis, Dizzy, Basie, Bechet, Beneke, Roy Rogers, Delta Rhythm Boys, more

RCA VICTOR PICTURE RECORD REVIEW- larger format contain pictures, articles, record reviews- about 16 pages each all E+

1631. Feb 1951- cover Glenn Miller, Benny Goodman, Bunny Berigan, Fritz Kreisler, Caruso, etc. Inside Louis, Kemp, Duke, Bunny, Columbo, Crosby, Hawk, BG, Hines, Artie Shaw, Fats, GM, Krupa, plus TV and movies..one sm tear on the back cover

1632. Mar 1951- cover Eddie Fisher, Helen Traubel and others. Inside pix Como, Krupa, Harris & Faye. From film, Astaire & Miranda, Joan Fontaine, Your Show of Shows TV

1633. Apr 1951- cover Tony Martin, Spike Jones, Robert Merrill, etc. Inside pix Fran Warren, Jack Haley on TV, Sinatra, Spike Jones, Gloria Swanson and Tallulah

1634. Mar 1952- cover Robert Merrill & Dinah Shore. Inside pix Dorothy Loudon, Tex Williams, TD, Spike Jones, from movies- Betty Hutton, Lana Turner, Snow White

1635. Apr 1953- cover Dinah Shore. Inside pix from lotsa movies- Peggy Lee, Virginia Mayo, Bette Davis, Peter Pan, etc

78 QUARTERLY- the class magazine of our hobby. Great articles, lavish illustrations..all in in excellent to like new condition

1636. issue #6- Schlitz Jug Band cover. Inside inside Paramount, QRS, Champion, etc

1637. issue #7. Gennett Recording Lab truck cover. inside Paramount, QRS, Champion, etc

1638. issue #8- Skip James(?) cover. Inside inside Paramount, QRS, Champion, etc

1639. issue #9- Henry Sims and Muddy Waters cover. inside Paramount, QRS, Champion, etc

1640. issue #11- Black Patti cover, and content- fantastic Issue!

SOUNDS & FURY- rarely seen mid 60s jazz magazine- photos, articles, ads.

1641. Feb 1965- 66 pages. cover Max Roach..pix Mary Lou Williams, Lester, Byas, Andy Kirk, Jelly Roll, Roy, JJ, Jimmy Heath, Shorter, Cohn, article by Ralph Berton, etc . ads from Blue Note, E+

1642. Oct 1965- 60 pages. articles &/or pix Newport '65, Dizzy, Sinatra, Buddy, Jo Jones, Roy Haynes, Coltrane, Jacquet, Speed Webb, etc..early RCA Victor Vintage series ad. more E+

1643. Dec 1965- 66 pages, pix Jackie Mc Lean, Lee Morgan, Nina Simone, Jimmy Mc Griff, Dizzy, Anita O' Day, Miles, Mingus, Getz..articles Ziggy Elman, Son House, Hamp. Ads for LPs, etc E+

1644. June 1966- 66 pages..ads from Verve, back cover for the History of Jazz LP sets on Columbia, also Blue Note, etc. Record reviews. Pix & or articles on Duke, Lena, Thad Jones and Mel Lewis, article by Ralph Berton, etc E+


1645. Oct 1962- Vol1, #1. well produced 28 pager with articles by Dan Morgenstern, Duke Ellington, Otis Ferguson on Bix, Listening w/ Louis Armstrong, ads, pix, jazz quiz, etc. E+


1646. Mar 1957- 70 pages. Vol 1, #1. articles, ads, pix include Billie, Lil Hardin, Sarah, Chris Connor, Hackett, Bud Powell, Blakey, Benny, Shavers, etc. good stuff! E+

1647. July 1957- 70 pages. pix Miles, Louis(lots), full page BG in color, Mulligan, Tea, etc E+


1648. Metronome Yearbook 1953- 96 big pages. NICE big pix- Bird, Billie, Hawk, Meade Lux Lewis, Roy, Duke, Sonny, more. Plus candids, ads, articles, etc E, light wear

1649. Metronome Yearbook 1956- 130 big pages. pix Bird, Louis, Gerry, Miles, MJQ, Sinatra, Mort Sahl, Chaloff, Garner, etc. ads for records, instruments, articles, etc. E light wear

RADIO MAGAZINES--generally contain photos, ads, articles, reviews, etc..EXC cond unless noted

1650. Whats On the Air August 1930- articles & or pix on Leonard Joy, Larry Funk, Rosario Bourdon, Ted Healy, Buck & Bubbles, Baby Rose Marie, more

1651. Whats On the Air September 1930- cover Julia Sanderson-- inside California Melodies incl Raymond Paige, CBS' floating shipboard studio at Atlantic City, Lown, Ozzie, Tremaine, etc.

1652. Whats on the Air February 1931- beautiful color cover Jeanette Mac Donald- inside Weber & Fields, Brox Sisters, Revelers, etc.

1653. Radio Digest- Feb 1932. color cover Sylvia Sidney. Articles/pix on Jacques Renard, losing weight incl revealing pix of Sylvia Froos, Guy Lombardo, Harry Reser & Cliquot Club Esk, Satellites From the Court of King Paul- singers, etc who made it on their own. Great full page back cover in full cover with Jean Harlow for Lucky Strike. Plus more!!

1654. Radio Digest April 1932- pix & or articles on- Leo Reisman, Doris Robins, Ferde Grofe, Frank Luther,Olsen & Shutta, great "guess the bandleader" contest, Art Jarrett, even Husk O Hare!

1655. Radio Digest June 1932- full pg pic- Ruth Etting, also Ramona, Stoopnagle, Vallee, Bordoni, EE- lt water

1656. Radio Stars Feb 1934. Color cover of Gracie Allen- also articles and pix on Whiteman, Peggy Healy, nice pix-article on Connie Boswell, Durante, Cantor, Jolson, Jessel, Etting, great pix-article on Cab Calloway, also nice spread on behind the scenes at radio wonderland-NBC. VG-EXC cond- staple stains inside, no affect on content

1657. Radio Stars Aug 1937- color cover Burns & Allen. Inside Mrs Bing Crosby, Babe Ruth, Dick Foran, Sisters of the Skillet, etc

1658. Radio Stars Nov 1937- great color cover Tyrone Power.. Inside Alice Faye, Johnny Green, Tommy Dorsey, Jack Haley, etc..

1659. Radio Mirror Oct 1937- color cover Ozzie & Harriet and young Dave Nelson. Inside Kay Kyser, Frances Langford, etc. EXC but some paper loss back cover


1660. Concert program- Jazz For Moderns- Nov 14, 1957. Univ of Illinois at Urbana. Large program with photos and text on the stars- Miles Davis, Gerry Mulligan, George Shearing, Chico Hamilton, etc. Also includes unused ticket for the show!. E+

1661. Concert program- Tommy Dorsey O at DHS Kintner Gym In Decatur, Il., Pix TD, and local ads. autographed by Ziggy Elman, Abe Most, Dorothy Claire, others EXC, few paper clip marks

1662. Concert program- Louis Armstrong All Stars, Woody Herman Third Herd at Univ of Illinois at Urbana 3/28/56. Large sized program with many pictures and articles on Louis & Woody E cond

1663. Concert program- Norman Granz' JATP- 16th National Tour. large sized program with full page pix of Granz, Ella Fitzgerald, Oscar Peterson, Buddy Rich, Gene Krupa, Ray Brown, Illinois Jacquet, Herb Ellis, Flip Phillips, Dizzy Gillespie, Roy Eldridge, others..plus more pix include Lester Young, Ben Webster..plus articles, ads, etc. Great stuff! EE+


AUTOGRAPHED CHECKS- from Benny Goodman to various musicians and other payees. The ones to other musicians are doubly signed, as they endorsed them before cashing or depositing

1664. Benny Goodman to Nate Kazabier 5/16/55 $41.25--signed by both

1665. Benny Goodman to Murray Mc Eachern 5/16/55 $247.50--signed by both

1666. Benny Goodman to Vernon Brown 5/16/55 $68.75--signed by both

1667. Benny Goodman to Rock Rimmon Country Club 3/9/55 $500, signed by BG

1668. Benny Goodman to the IRS 7/24/59 $193.71- signed by BG

1669. Benny Goodman to the NY State Income Tax 7/24/59 $84.50- signed by BG

1670. Benny Goodman to the US District Director 10/27/58 $263.39- signed by BG

1671. Benny Goodman to the IRS 7/26/56 $6252.80- signed by BG


1672. Who's Who On the Air(1930). 34 pages- 10"x7" issued by Ludwig Baumann, a small chain of stores in New York that sold radios, etc. Photos and mini bios on Kate Smith, Shutt & Cornell, Amos & Andy, Ohman & Arden, Jones & Hare, Breen & De Rose, early pic Ginger Rogers, The Revellers, Show Boat cast, Vallee, Lopez, Whiteman, Cummins, many more. E+

1673. Radio Guide 1935 Mikeroscope log book. 136 pages of photos and bios on top radio stars of the day incl Bing Crosby, Connie Boswell, Annette Hanshaw, Richard Himber, Leah Ray, Joe Penner, Ruth Etting, Eddie Cantor, Kate Smith, Jack Benny, Ben Bernie, more E+

1674. Crosby On Record 1926-1950 (1950)..well produced 100+ pg guide to Bing. Published by Mello Music in SF, written by Edward Mello & Tom Mc Bride. Has a number of photos, and chapters incl Bing Originals, Bing with Whiteman, with various orch's, Paul Whiteman's Rhythm Boys, Bing w/ Duke, Arnheim, etc, Bing on Brunswick, Bing on Decca, Decca blue, black, red and purple labels. Bing originals issued in foreign countries, Reissues, English Brunswicks, V Discs, special releases, etc. Exhaustive for its time- Cover loose, o/w E+

1675. Arrangement- Loch Lomond, Victor 25717- Benny Goodman photo E+

1676. 100 Hot breaks for alto saxophone by Jimmy Dorsey. says 1926, but obviously a later prtg E

1677. 50 Hot alto sax licks as played and endorsed by Benny Carter(1940)- pic Benny on cover E+

1678. The Wirelsss Age- March 1924. 98 pages on early radio incl pix, articles, ads. Many photos of Edwin Armstrong. great content about young radio. E--some water staining, still decent

1679. Television News Jul-Aug 1931. about 70 pages of early tv content incl Nipkow disks, color tv, oddities in tv, The Jenkins New York station. Fascinating content for a broadcast engineer like me!

1680. Chicago Musical Instrument Co catalog c late 20s- early 30s. 200 + page hardcover book with fantastic content and illustrations of vintage instruments of all types--some in color. Everything band from megaphones to saxophones, guitars, ukes, mutes, saxes, harmonicas, brass, etc. Contents clean. inside cover has pencil notations, and cover light fold- a few page tears. Overall EE+

OTHER 1920S AND 1930S MAGAZINES- although not directly record related, I like these as they give you a feel of what it was like in the period that we enjoy! Generally feature ads, articles, photos, cartoons, etc..all in excellent condition (some bit less, most better) unless noted

BALLYHOO- humor early 30s style!

1681. Ballyhoo August 1931- vol 1, number 1. cover states "a new humorous magazine", back cover says "kept fresh by cellophane"- and its in the original 1931 cellophane. Seems to have not been stored properly as the spine is curled a bit- but still unopened, should have no affect on contents

1682. Ballyhoo Jan 1932

1683. Ballyhoo March 1932

1684. Ballyhoo June 1932

1685. Ballyhoo August 1932


1686. New Yorker Sep 30, 1933

1687. New Yorker Dec 23, 1933

1688. New Yorker Feb 24, 1934

1689. New Yorker May 26, 1934

1690. New Yorker Sep 11, 1937


1691. Life Apr 28, 1927- great John Held Jr cover

1692. Life May 24, 1926


1693. Judge magazine Dec 13, 1930- great Christmas cover

1694. College Humor- July 1933..great Jefferson Machamer cover of sexy beach women


NEW YORK AMUSEMENTS- BROADWAY'S THEATRE GUIDE. these were giveaways at hotels, etc and have listings of shows, movies, etc...plus photos and articles on the same. Gives an idea of the richness of entertainment in NYC in the 1930s!

1695. NY Amusements 10/29/33. cover Peggy Conklin in The Pursuit of Happiness. also pix Paul Muni, Munchausen, etc..Ad for Paul Whiteman O at the Winter Garden, much more. E++ 16 pgs

1696. NY Amusements 2/17/30. cover Minna Gombell in Nancy's Private Affair. Other pix a young Spencer Tracy in The Last Mile, Frieda Inescourt, Katharine Cornell, plus ads for June Moon, Clark & Mc Cullough In Strike Up the Band, the Village Grove Nut Club, plus movies- Harry Richman in Puttin On the Ritz, W. Lightner in She Couldn't Say No, and Lon Chaney in Phantom EE+ 40 pgs

1697. NY Amusements 10/7/29- cover Jane Cowl in Jenny. Pix Alice Brady, Jack Donahue, etc. Ads for Connies Hot Chocolates, Ted Healy in a Night In Venice, Helen Morgan in Applause, etc 40 pgs E+

1698. NY Amusements 2/16/31. cover Gina Malo In the Gang's All Here. Picture ad w/ Ted Healy in The Gang's All Here, other ads for Savoy Ballroom, Chaplin in City Lights, WC Fields in Ballyhoo, The New Yorkers, plus Night Clubbing w/ Jerry Wald mentions Calloway and Ellington. 32 pgs E+

1699. NY Amusements 1/29/39- cover Claire Luce in Of Mice and Men- back cover Alice Faye. plus film and show reviews, etc..16 pgs

1700. This Week in New York- Oct 25 to 31, 1931. similar to above but more generic tourist stuff. Full page pic Empire State Bldg, & Chrysler Bldg, + books, sports, shops, movies, theatre 26 pgs

1701. Official Metropolitan Guide- 9/9/28. 50 pages of all things NY. films, shows, hotels, restaurants, attractions, etc. Shows include Mae West in Diamond Lil, WC Fields In Earl Carroll's Vanities, Blackbirds of 1928, Good News, etc. Movies include Wings, The Terror, etc EE+

1702. Gotham Life- 10/5/30- 54 pages with everything NY- movies, shows, art, books, restaurants, etc. Pix include Marion Harris, Fifi D'orsay, etc. Shows incl The Last Mile, Once In a Lifetime, Brown Buddies, etc. back cover in color for films- Whoopee, What a Widow, Monte Carlo EE+

1703. Paramount Theatre Program- week of 9/8/28- small 8 pager but colorful cover and describes stage show w/ Ginger Rogers and Paul Ash O, Jackie Coogan in person, and film Heart to Heart E+

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