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Dear Collectors, Here is my latest auction of vintage 78s, 12" & 16" radio transcriptions, and paper material. Closing date is- SUNDAY- JUNE 6, 2021 . Winner pays postage and packing at cost. Thanks!!


1. Ajax 17017(CAN)- Fletcher Henderson O- Im Gonna See You/ Chattanooga looks V+, plays about E rcnap, couple scrs nap. EXC Henderson and Ajax only issue

2. Banner 7248- Mendellos DO- Sunday Afternoon (tk 1)/ Fred Hall Jazz Band- West End Blues E- A by Mendellos Five Gee Gees with Glenn Miller.

3. Ba 1036- Handys Memphis Blues Band- Beale St Blues/ St Louis Blues EE+

4. BB 10186- Frankie Newton O- Romping/ Minor Jive E+ AUTOGRAPHED one side by James P Johnson/ other by Milton Mezz Mezzrow. Strong white ink signatures

5. BB 5585- Bennie Moten KC O- Milenberg Joys/ Blue Room E despite lt grey, 1932 master press

6. BB 6032- Bennie Moten KC O- Motens Swing/ Toby EE+ lbl tear nap, 1932 master press

7. BB 6719- Frank Tanner Rhythm Kings- Death In B Flat/ Bennie Moten KC Orch- The Count E+/EE+ Top San Antonio territory band A/ 1930 master press B

8. BB 7232- Smoky Wood Wood Chips- Keep On Truckin/ Carry Me Back to Virginny looks V-(grey), plays E. One of the best Western Swing records Ive heard- more jazz than Western. Exc trumpet

9. BB 10037- Red Mc Kenzie Mound City Blue Blowers- Hello Lola/ One Hour EE+, 1929 masters

10. BB 10232- Mc Kinneys Cotton Pickers- The Way I Feel Today/ Miss Hannah E+ 1929 masters

11. Br 3245- Savannah Syncopators- Deep Henderson/ Jackass Blues EE+ King Oliver

12. Br 3404- Elgars Creole O- Nightmare/ Brotherly Love E+ has heat mark last 10 sec, barely if at all sounds, so make it 95% E+, 5% EE+

13. Br 3955- Red Nichols 5 Pennies- Therell Come a Time/ Whispering E+

14. Br 4652- Elmer Schoebel Friars Society O- Copenhagen/ Prince of Wails looks VV+, plays E-

15. Br 4712- Jimmy Johnson- What is This Thing Called Love?/ Cryin For the Carolines E+

16. Br 4776- The Jungle Band- Admiration/ Maori EE- scr B nap

17. Br 4957- Loring Red Nichols O- I Got Rhythm/ Embraceable You E+

18. Br 6105- Cab Calloway O- St James Infirmary/ Nobodys Sweetheart E plays E+ due to slightly later black/gold label pressing that is laminated

19. Br 6352- Jimmy Dorsey sax solo w/ O- Oodles of Noodles/ Beebe E

20. Br 6409- Dorsey Bros O- Im Getting Sentimental Over You/ Sing EE+

21. Br 6763- Frank Trumbauer O- Break It Down/ Juba E+

22. Br 8173- Glenn Miller O- Sold American/ Dipper Mouth Blues E+ rare early GM

23. Br 02658(ENG)- Count Basie O- Stop Beatin Round the Mulberry Bush (B take)/ London Bridge Is Falling Down(A take) E due to grey/ E+. rare B take of Stop Beatin not issued in US

24. Cameo 0194- Ten Black Berries- Rent Party Blues(tk 1)/ St James Infirmary(tk 3) EE+ rare clean sm lbl Ellington

25. Century 4023- James P. Johnson pianola ragtime- Charleston/ Monkey Man Wiggle EE+ from piano rolls

26. Champion 40093- Dick Robertson O- Id Rather Lead a Band/ Lets Face the Music & Dance EE+ Great band on this Champion only issue- possible Bunny Berigan

27. Champ 40096- Al Trent O- After You’ve Gone/ I Found a New Baby EE+/E

28. Co 14025- Bessie Smith- Ticket Agent Ease Your Window Down/ Pinchbacks-Take Em Away, looks E-, plays E

29. Co 14137- Bessie Smith w/ Fletcher & Joe Smith- Money Blues/ Hard Drinking Papa E few lt scrs

30. Co 14237- Clarence Williams Jazz Kings- Close Fit Blues/ Dreaming the Hours Away looks V, grey, plays E-V+ sm dig A about 5 grooves- passes easily

31. Co 14247- Johnsons Jazzers- Can I Get It Now?/ Skiddle De Scow E+N-

32. Co 14432- Willie Jackson- Long Time Men/ Corn & Bunion Blues looks E, plays E+

33. Co 15197- Darby & Tarlton- Down In Florida On a Hog/ Birmingham Town looks EE-, plays at least E good country blues

34. Co 605- New Orleans Owls- The Owls Hoot/ Warners Seven Aces- Breakin the Leg E+

35. Co 688- New Orleans Owls- West End Romp/ Tampeekoe looks VV+, plays E

36. Co 1706- Thelma Terry Play Boys- Mamas Gone Good Bye/ Charles Fulcher O-Hey Hey E+

37. Co 2133- Charleston Chasers- Cinderella Brown/ Sing You Sinners E+

38. Co 2511- Ethel Waters- River Stay Way From My Door/ Shine On Harvest Moon E+/E some grey B

39. Co 2747(BLUE WAX)- Claude Hopkins O- Hes a Son of the South/ Canadian Capers looks E, pl EE+ lt lam nap

40. Co 35842- Bessie Smith- At the Christmas Ball/ Preachin the Blues E+, a rare red Co- original issue A from 1925

41. Co 36157- Duke Ellington O- That Rhythm Man/ Mississippi Moan E+/EE+ ORIGINAL ISSUE A, 1929 sides

42. Co CB 741(ENG)- Chick Webb O- Get Together/ On the Sunny Side of the Street E+ despite lt grey

43. Co 20.323(ARG)- Benny Goodman y su O- Ramona/ Mandarina NN- NO US ISSUE A

44. Conqueror 9554- Louis Armstrong O- Dinah/ Tiger Rag E+ some grey on highs on Tiger, but nap. Neat to see such a late master pressing in the original sleeve-gold on purple Cq label

45. Crown 3093- Fletcher Henderson O- Star Dust/ After Youve Gone V+E-, plays well

46. Cr 3383- Joel Shaw O- Tiger Rag/ Clarinet Marmalade E-/E-V+

47. Cr 3423- Joel Shaw O- Reefer Man/ Goin to Town looks V-, plays VV+ HOT, and has the rarely heard verse A

48. De 5581(ENG)- Coleman Hawkins acc the Ramblers- Some of These Days/ After You’ve Gone EE+ no US issue

49. De 42050(ENG)- Coleman Hawkins acc the Ramblers- Hands Across the Table/ I Only Have Eyes For You E no US issue

50. Duophone 4018- The Night Club O- Oh You Have No Idea/ Park inn Good Timers- I Cant Give You Anything But Love V+, original issues recorded by Brunswick in the US in 1928, but only released in UK. Both good

51. Harmony 179- The Dixie Stompers- Hi Diddle Diddle/ Original Indiana Five- So Is Your Old Lady looks E-, plays E

52. Ha 353- The Dixie Stompers- Aint She Sweet/ Snag It E+

53. Ge 5174- Richard M. Jones- Jazzin Babies Blues/ 12th Street Rag looks V+/V, plays E/E-

54. HMV B 6204- Irving Mills Modernists- At the Prom/ Mc Kinneys Cotton Pickers- The Way I Feel Today E- 1929 masters.

55. Ha 505- Arkansas Travellers- Birmingham Breakdown/ I Aint Got Nobody looks V+, plays E

56. Ha 823- Jimmy Mc Hughs Bostonians- In a Great Big Way/ Lets Sit & Talk About You EE+ Goodman, Mc Partland, Teagarden, Pollack, etc

57. Ha 836- Jimmy Mc Hughs Bostonians- The Whoopee Stomp/ Futuristic Rhythm E+ Goodman, Mc Partland, Teagarden, Pollack, etc

58. Ha 993- Sammy Fain- Aint Misbehavin/ Liza E+ great jazz accomp incl Benny Goodman

59. Ha 1127- Georgia Cotton Pickers- Snag It/ Louisiana Bo Bo E-/V+

60. Ha 1346- All Star Rhythm Boys- Pardon Me Pretty Baby/ Little Buttercup looks E, plays EE+ great Venuti/Lang

61. Jewel 5446- Dixie Jazz Band- Dixie Drag/ Jewel DO- I Must Have That Man V/E- A by Mendellos Five Gee Gees with Glenn Miller. The rarer take 1,

62. Melotone 12000- Luis Russell O- I Got Rhythm/ All Star Californians- Cheerful Little Earful E- outside to E inside/ E..the first Melotone and one of the best two sides. Venuti/Lang B

63. Odeon 279621(FR)- Louis Armstrong O- No One Else But You/ Beau Koo Jack E+ contemporary issue to the Okeh, and Okeh like heavy shellac. bright sound!

64. Odeon 165.625(FR)- Ray Ventura Collegians- Louise/ Lover Come Back to me EE- great jazz A- solos

65. OKeh 4757- Thomas Waller- Muscle Shoals Blues/ Birmingham Blues looks V/V+, plays EE-

66. OK 8641- Louis Armstrong Hot Five- Squeeze Me/ Two Deuces looks V with a couple lams, plays E- lams nap

67. OK 4825- Frank Banta- Cliff Hess- Corn On the Cob/ Slipova N- nice ragtime piano duet

68. OK 8672- Clarence Williams Washboard Band- Steamboat Days/ Mississippi Blues looks EE-, plays E+

69. OK 8680- Louis Armstrong Savoy Ballroom 5- Beau Koo Jack/ Mahogany Hall Stomp looks V due to grey, pl EE+

70. OK 8711- Blind Willie Dunn Gin Bottle Four- Guitar Blues/ Blue Guitars looks G-, plays V-, not a bad copy

71. OK 8760- Luis Russell O- Savoy Shout/ Harlem Footwarmers- Lazy Duke E+

72. OK 8181- Clarence Williams Blue Five- Everybody Loves My Baby/ Of All the Wrongs You Done to Me looks VV-, plays V+, with Louis Armstrong

73. OK 40321- Clarence Williams Blue 5- Cake Walking Babies From Home/ Chauncey C. Lee banjo solo w/ p- Banjo Rag looks V, plays E- Louis Armstrong in band

74. OK 40541- Clarence Williams Stompers- Spanish Shawl/ Dinah looks VV-, plays V+

75. OK 40871- Frankie Trumbauer O w/ Bix & Lang- Trumbology/ For No Reason At All In C looks VV+, plays EE-

76. OK 40933- Sam Lanin O- There Must Be Somebody Else/ Royal Music Makers- The Song Is Ended E+N-, nice A

77, OK 40949- Boyd Senter with Eddie Lang and p- The Boss of the Stomps/ Wabash Blues E+

78. OK 41049- Walter Krausgrills Balconades O- Dream Hosue/ Sarita EE+ rcnap. Los Angeles recorded

79. OK 41065- Dorsey Brothers O- Evening Star/ Forgetting You E+N-

80. OK 41074- Billy Hays O- Sweetheart Lane/ Okeh Melodians- My Angel E+

81. OK 41079- Benny Meroff O- Too Busy!/ Sam Lanin O- Darling looks VV+, plays E- bite/rcnap

82. OK 41163- Boyd Senter Original Senterpedians- Original Chinese Blues/ Prickly Heat E+

83. OK 41218- Carolina Club O- Coquette/ Underneath the Russian Moon E+

84. OK 41224- Seger Ellis w/ O- You Just You/ As Long As You Believe In Me E+N-

85. OK 41225- Seger Ellis w/ O- One Moment More With You/ Only For You E+N-

86. OK 41226- Carolina Club O- Honey/ Smith Ballew O- I Kiss Your Hand Madame E+ both good!

87. OK 41229- Carolina Club O- My Castle In Spain is a Shack in the Lane/ Southern Melody Artists- Dear When I Left You looks EE-, plays E+ early Kemp

88. OK 41246- Charles W. Hamp- I Kiss Your Hand Madame/ Good Night E+

89. OK 41249- Sophie Tucker- I Aint Takin Orders From No One/ Hes Tall, Dark & Handsome E+

90. OK 41256- Smith Ballew O- Sposin/ Just Another Kiss EE+ nice A

91..OK 41264- The New York Syncopators- The One That I Love Loves Me/ Now Im In Love E+ Ballew vocs, solos A

92. OK 41304- Smith Ballew O- Cant We Be Friends?/ Royal Music Makers- When the Real Thing Comes Your Way E+N-

93. OK 41313- Frank Trumbauer O- Sunnyside Up/ Turn On the Heat E+

94. OK 41330- Frankie Trumbauer O- Manhattan Rag/ What Wouldnt I Do For That Man looks E-, plays E

95. OK 41332- Carolina Club O- The Worlds Greatest Sweetheart is You/ One Minute of Heaven EE-/E early Kemp

96. OK 41342- Emmett Miller & Phil Pavey w/ Georgia Crackers- The Ghost of the St Louis Blues/ Emmett Miller w/ Georgia Crackers- Sweet Mamma E+N-

97. OK 41357- William Dutton w/ O- Molly/ Cant You Understand E+

98. OK 41350- Louis Armstrong O- St Louis Blues/ After You’ve Gone looks V grey, plays EE+/E rcnaps

99. OK 41352- Smith Ballew O- Charming/ The Shepherd’s Serenade EE+

100. OK 41354- Ed Loyd O- Wrapped In a Red Red Rose/ Put a Little Salt On the Bluebirds Tail E+ Ballew A, Ballew in vocal chorus B, sax solo A, couple lt scrs nap

101. OK 41387- William Dutton & Artie Dunn- Hello Baby/ Cryin For the Carolines E+

102. OK 41394- Smith Ballew O- Where the Golden Daffodils Grow/ Alone With My Dreams looks EE-, plays EE+ solos A

103. OK 41405- Seger Ellis w/ O- What is This Thing Called Love/ Theres Danger In Your Eyes Cherie E+N-

104. OK 41450- Frank Trumbauer O- Choo-Choo/ Bye Bye Blues looks E, plays E+

105. OK 41466- Southern Serenaders- Body & Soul/ Always In All Ways Looks E-, pl EE-

106. OK 41543- Buddy Campbell O- Bend Down Sister/ I Wouldn’t Change U For the World looks E-, pl E/E- hot A

107. OK 41504- Louis Armstrong O- Ill Be Glad When Youre Dead You Rascal You/ Sleepy Time Down So EE- pot rcnap

108. OK 41514- Golden Terrace DO- I Cant Get Mississippi off My Mind/ Sweet & Lovely EE+ nice A w/ solos

109. OK 41537- Ed Parker O- Nows the Time To Fall In Love/ When I Word My Daddys Brown Derby E top A side with solos including Goodman/ B good too with trumpet

110. Olympic 1439- Original Indiana Syncopators- Slow Poke/ Louisville Lou most E, but some steeling on highs

111. Oriole 746- Sadie Green w/ O- St Louis Blues/ Im Savin It All For You V+E-

112. Or 1172- Dixie Jazz Band- Moten Stomp/ My Blue Ridge Mountain Home E-/VV+ solos A!

113. Or 1363- Dixie Jazz band- High Hattin Hattie(tk 1)/ Yankee Ten O- It Goes Like This V+/V A by Mendellos Five Gee Gees with Glenn Miller. Faint hlc nap

114. Panachord 25017(ENG)- Benny Goodman- Thats a Plenty/ Clarinetitis E+ top master pressing off Mt 12073

115. Paramount 12050- Jelly Roll Marton O- Big Foot Ham/ Muddy Water Blues V/V- 3 inch repd ck nap

116. Par 20340- Sammy Stewarts Ten Knights of Syncopation- My Man Rocks Me/ Manda looks V+, plays E- in parts V+ toward inside

117. Pathe X 8519(FR)- Lud Gluskin Versatile Juniors- Oh Oh Oh Ah Ah Ah/ Dites Moi Ma Mere E+

118. Perfect 136- Dixie Jazzers Washboard Band- My Old Daddys Got a Brand New Way to Love/ Memphis Shake looks V, plays E- some steeled section at beg and end, overall plays well

119. Pe 15457- Cab Calloway O- Farewell Blues (tk 1)/ Mood Indigo (tk 2) E-

120. Romeo 374- Viola Mc Coy with p and cornet- Git Goin/ Some Day Youll Come Back to Me E- nice Metcalf tpt

121. Romeo 834- The Lumberjacks- Whoopee Stomp/ Caroliners- Where Shy Little Violets Grow VV- couple lt scrs A/ few more B. GREAT A- many solos, BG, etc

122. Ro 1009- The Cotton Pickers- Hot Heels/ Some of These Days looks VV+, plays E-/V+

123. Ross Stores 11394- Triangle Record O- Stale Bread/ Chic Winters O-Feeling the Way I Do looks VV+, plays E- /EE- 1 inch repd ck, barely clx near beginning. A rare one!

124. Sunset 1088- Wilshire DO- Charleston Charley/ Ill See You In My Dreams V+E-. HOT A, both good

125. Swing 13- Michel Warlop acc by Django Reinhardt- Tea For Two/ Christmas Swing E+ record was dropped and has aud edge lam 10 grvs B only, still one of the rarer issues

126. Sw 203- Rex Stewart Footwarmers(incl Django Reinhardt)- Low Cotton/ Leo Chauliac O- Hot Club Parade E+/EE+ despite grey B

127. Telefunken Elite 16017(SWISS)- Willie Lewis med sit neger-band- Some Of These Days/ Blue Heaven E+ Has a 1 inch repd cr which does not sound on this rare Zurich recording

128. VT 7060- Boyd Senter w/ sax, clt, p and guitar by Ed Lang- I Aint Got Nobody/ Bad Habits looks VV+, plays E

129. VICTOR SPECIAL- Jean Goldkette O- In My Merry Oldsmobile fox trot/ same tune wz E+ with BIX

130. Vi 20179- Thomas Morris Seven Hot Babies- Ham Gravy/ Jackass Blues looks V-, plays strong VV+

131. Vi 21203- Richard M Jones Jazz Wizards- Boar Hog Blues/ Jazzin Baby Blues EE-/E- lt steeling B nap

132. Vi 22749- Henny Hendrickson Louisville Serenaders- Buffalo Rhythm/ On the Beach With You EE+/E just lt wear B. both good sides, hot A

133. Vi 22776- Carolina Dandies- Come Easy Go Easy Love/ When I Can Be With You E+

134. Vi 24078- Paul Whiteman O- San/ Poor Butterfly E/EE+, recorded in 1928 and not issued till here on original scroll label, with BIX

135. Vi 24204- Louis Armstrong O- Youll Wish Youd Never Been Born/ I Hate to Leave You Now EE+

136. Vi 24383- Eddie South O- Mamma Mockingbird/ Nagasaki E+

137. Vi 25045- Willie Bryant O- Long About Midnight/ Jerry the Junker EE+

138. Vi 38042- Earl Hines O- Chicago Rhythm/ Everybody Loves My Baby E+

139. Vi 38045- Duke Ellington O- Harlemania/ Japanese Dream looks E lt grey, plays E+

140. Vi 38050- Fats Waller Buddies- Harlem Fuss/ The Minor Drag looks E-, plays E faint hlc nap

141. Vi 38129- Duke Ellington O- Double Check Stomp/ Jazz Lips looks E, lt grey, plays E+

142. Vi 38139- Hoagy Carmichael O- Barnacle Bill the Sailor/ Rockin Chair EE-

143. Vi 38143- Duke Ellington O- Sweet Jazz O Mine/ Sweet Dreams of Love E-

144. Victor A-1203(JAPAN)- Fletcher Henderson O- Harlem Madness/ Benny Goodman 3- Someday Sweetheart E+

145. Vo 14726- Fletcher Henderson O- Charleston Crazy/ You’ve Got to Get Hot VV+

146. Vo 14828- Fletcher Henderson Club Alabam O- I Dont Know & I Don’t Care/ Strutters Drag E-

147. Vo 1445(gold lbl)- Eddie and Sugar Lous Hotel Tyler O- KWKH Blues/ Yo Yo Blues V- one skip groove B

148. Vo 3294- Teddy Hill O- Passionette/ Uptown Rhapsody E+

149. Vo 03614- Bob Wills Texas Playboys- White Heat/ Bluin the Blues VV-/VV+ HOT A as much jazz as Westerm

150. Vo 3854- Ace Harris Sunset Royal O- Hurly Burly/ Who ? E+ one of only 2 records by this super swing band

SECTION ONE-SUPPLEMENTAL- PERSONAL RECORDS /COLLEGE BANDS ----------all hard to find-some rare- most with jazz content!-----

151. Gennett personal 20103- Chases Collegians- Let Us Be Sweethearts Again/ I’ve a Garden In Sweden V+ outside, improves to EE- as it plays in. gold on purple label with big Chase’s Collegians written on top and under the song title- also reads made for the artist. Both fox trots

152. Co 30-P- Princeton Triangle Club Jazz Band- Join the Navy/ Ships That Pass In the Night looks VV+, plays EE- HOT A

153. Co 31-P- Princeton Triangle Club Jazz Band- Pirate Gold/ Sea of Dreams, looks E-, plays EE- both good!

154. Co 59-P- Princeton Triangle Club Jazz Band- I’ll Build An Igloo For You/ My White Rose looks VV-, plays VV+ both good sides

155. Co 63-P- Princeton Triangle Club Jazz Band- Broke Again/ Indian Moon V-, good A

156. Co 72-P- Barbary Coast O- San/ Wabash Blues looks E-, plays EE-, made for Campion’s College Smoke Shop nice versions both jazz standards

157. Co 93-P- Bolton & Cipriano’s Westchester Biltmore O, Rudy Vallee Leader, made for David Dean Smith at Whitlock’s, New Haven Conn.- You’ll Do It Someday, So Why Not Now/ Sax solo by Rudy Vallee w/p- Kiss Me Again plays E- despite some lt scrs and lt lams, thanks to laminated Columbia pressing. A side is a Vallee standard, recorded for a couple of labels, and even in an early talkie short in 1929

158. Co 100-P- Princeton Triangle Club Jazz Band- Rhythmic Refrain/ Melody Moon E+ GREAT A!!!, solos both

159. Co 170614/5- Princeton Triangle Club Jazz Band- Day After Day Make Time EE+, vocal A side by J.M. Stewart (actor Jimmy Stewart),and HOT B side

160. Co 91412- C & MA Gospel Quintet (Christian and Missionary Alliance) (Colored)- I Am Glad That Jesus Won/ How They crucified My Lord E+, has edge damage about 20 seconds, plays with swish, then clean. Black group

161. W unnumbered- Purple Pirate Orch- Williams College- Tiger Rag/ China Boy VV+. Great sides on rare issue. Purple label with just a BIG W

162. Smith College- Field House Fund- Newt Perrys O- Full of the Devil/ The Smiffenpoofs- Were 39 EE-/E- light lams, a couple dirt spots B nap. NICE A- exc swing band with female vocal and sax solo/ B side full chorus with a college song, with references to the world war situation


163. Br 2082- Zez Confrey piano solo- My Pet/ Kitten On the Keys V+

164. Br 2112- Zez Confrey piano solo- Poor Buttermilk/ You Tell Em Ivories E-

165. Br 2309- Marion Harris w/ Isham Jones O- Im Just Wild About Harry/ My Cradle Melody VV+

166, Br 2310- Marion Harris w/ Isham Jones O- Blue/ Sweet Indiana Home V+

167. Br 2329- Marion Harris w/ O- Carolina In the Morning/ Homesick E+

168. Br shellac test mx 9778- Isham Jones O- Sweet One E+

169. Br 2749- Abe Lyman California O- Cocoanut Trot/ I Want You Back Old Pal VV+

170. Br 2985- Bennie Krueger O- Someones Stolen My Sweet, Sweet Baby/ Lets Wander Away E few lt scuffs

171. Br 3047- The Clevelanders- Rhythm of the Day/ All For You E+

172. Br 3073- Gene Rodemich O- Hot Notes/ Im Lonely Without You E

173. Br 3089- Orchestre Chez Fysher- Everythings Gonna Be All Right/ Always E+

174. Br 3095- Six Jumping Jacks- Masculine Women, Feminine Men/ Hooray For the Irish V+ FUN

175. Br 3285- Abe Lyman O- I Cant Get Over a Girl Like You/ Fleurs D Amour E

176. Br 3346- Bob Emery w/ guitar- Big Brothers Brunswick record 1/2 V+

177. Br 3531- Ben Bernie O- You Know I Love You/ One O Clock Baby V

178. Br 3617- Lee Sims piano solo- Im Coming Virginia/ Me & My Shadow EE+/E

179. Br 3631- Ben Bernie O- Swanee Shore/ Miss Annabelle Lee V+

180. Br 3637- Banjo Buddy- Oh Doris Where Do You Live/ Miss Annabelle Lee EE-

181. Br 3716- Ben Bernie O- Carefree/ There Must be Somebody Else EE+

182. Br 3761- Ben Bernie O- Lets Misbehave/ Changes V- both top sides

183. Br 3798- Libby Holman w/ O- There Aint No Sweet Man Thats Worth the Salt of My Tears/ The Way He Loves Is Just Too Bad V+/E-

184. Br 3912- Al Jolson- My Mammy/ Dirty Hands Dirty Face V+

185. Br 3977- Al Bernard w/ O- Dusky Stevedore/ Taint So Honey Taint So V-

186. Br 4033- Al Jolson- Theres a Rainbow Round My Shoulder/ Sonny Boy E

187. Br 4168- Ben Bernie O- Glad Rag Doll/ I’ll Get By E- sm rcnap

188. Br 4313- Belle Baker- Ill Always Be In Love With You/ Old Fashioned Lady EE-

189. Br 4315(CAN)- Ben Bernie O- I’ve Got a Feeling Im Falling/ I Kiss Your Hand Madame E-

190. Br 4331- Slatz Randall O- Bessie Couldn’t Help It/ I get the Blues When It Rains VV+

191. Br 4347- Colonial Club O- Walking With Susie/ That’s You Baby V+

192. Br 4354- Ben Bernie O- Used to You/ Why Cant You E-

193. Br 4413- Earl Burtnett LA Biltmore Hotel O- That’s What I Call Sweet Music/ Now Im In Love E+ rc close but nap

194. Br 4425- Ray Miller O- You Want Lovin/ Someones Falling In Love E+

195. Br 4445- Libby Holman w/ O- Moanin Low/ Am I Blue? E-

196. Br shellac test mx E 34697- Bob Haring O- Wondring EE-, no label, has info etched in center- office copy info reads #2, so could be an alternate take

197. Br 4704- Bob Haring O- There Will Never Be Another Mary/ Molly E

198. Br 4725- Ben Bernie O- Song of the Bayou/ Black Eyes E

199. Br 4747- Lloyd Huntley Isle of Blues O- Alone In the Rain/ Moanin For You E

200. Br 4848- Colonial Club O- Out of Breath/ I Am Only Human After All V+ rcnap

201. Br 6007- Ben Bernie O- That Little Boy of Mine/ Whistling In the Dark E

202. Br 6071- Hal Kemp O- Little Joe/ Ive Got a Sweet Somebody to Love Me E best sound from Bruns this period

203. Br 6085- Casa Loma O- When I Take My Sugar to Tea/ I Wanna be Around My Baby All the Time E+ some lt grey nap, as above- Brunswick in this period had a crisp sound

204. Br 6109- The Boswell Sisters- Roll On Mississippi/ Shout, Sister, Shout VV+/E-

205. Br 6257- Boswell Sisters acc by Dorsey Bros- Put That Sun Back In the Sky/ Was That the Human Thing to Do EE-, plays E

206. Br 6271- Boswell Sisters acc by Dorsey Bros- Stop the Sun Stop the Moon/ Everybody Loves My Baby E-/VV+

207. Br 6291- Boswell Sisters acc by Dorsey Bros- Therell Be Some Changes Made/ Between the Devil & Deep Blue Sea E-/EE-

208. Br 6311- Casa Loma O- Lazy Day/ Evening E-

209. Br 6335- Boswell Sisters acc by Dorsey Bros- Hand Me Down My Walkin Cane/ Doggone It Ive Done It E- rcnap

210. Br 6341- Anson Weeks O- Strange Interlude/ Love Me Tonight VV+

211. Br 6369- Belle Baler- As Long As Love Lives On/ In a Shanty In Old Shanty Town VV+

212. Br 6408- Freddy Martin O- Someday Well Meet Again/ Forbidden Love VV+

213. Br 6432- Duke Ellington O- Ducky Wucky/ Swing Low E+ seldom seen clean

214. Br shellac test mx B 13003A- Glen Gray Casa Loma O- If You Want to Be Sweethearts E+

215. Br 6457- Roy Fox O- Oh Monah/ The Echo of a Song EE-

216. Br 6462- Nick Lucas- I Called to Say Goodnight/ Till Tomorrow EE-

217. Br 6532- Hal Kemp O- Low Down Upon the Harlem River/ Lovey E

218. Br 6541- Earl Hines O- Cavernism/ Rosetta EE-

219. Br 6547- Ozzie Nelson O- Headin For a Weddin/ Have You Ever Been Lonely EE+ NICE A!!

220. Br 6551- Ozzie Nelson O- Baby Boy/ In the Valley of the Moon E+

221. Br 6554- Victor Young O- Two Tickets to Georgia/ Its Time to Sing Sweet Adeline Again VV+

222. Br 6597- Jimmie Grier O- Moonstruck/ Learn to Croon E+ but has a few pressing dimples that click

223. Br 6607- Duke Ellington O- Bundle of Blues/ Get Yourself a New Broom EE+/V

224. Br 6640- Victor Young O w/ Connie Boswell- Dinner At Eight/ Emperor Jones V+

225. Br 6650- The Boswell Sisters- Thats How Rhythm Was Born/ Sophisticated Lady VV+/V+

226. Br 6663- Bing Crosby- Home On the Range/ The Last Roundup E-

227. Br 6665- Anson Weeks O- Buckin the Wind/ Give Me Liberty or Give Me Love E

228. Br 6765- Gus Armheim O- Dancing In the Moonlight/ Wayne King O- Poor Little Flower E

229. Br 6858- Glen Gray Casa Loma O- The House Is Haunted/ The Champagne Wz E-

230. Br 6861- Ozzie Nelson O- Christmas Night In Harlem/ Dr Heckle & Mr Jibe E

231. Br 6973- Leo Reisman O- A Needle In a Haystack/ The Continental E+

232. Br 7310- Duke Ellington O- Saddest Tale/ Sumpn Bout Rhythm E/E- int cr under lbl(?) nap

233. Br 7315- Ted Fio Rito O- Were You Foolin?/ Blue Moon E-

234. Br 7332- Leo Reisman O- Anything Goes/ I Get a Kick Out of You E+

235. Br 7401- Abe Lyman California O- Rhumbola/ Hasta Manana E+ stain B nap

236. Br 7445- Connie Boswell- Seein Is Believin/ Chasing Shadows VV+

237. Br 7461- Duke Ellington O- Showboat Shuffle/ In a Sentimental Mood E-

238. Br 7495- Don Bestor O- Animal Crackers In My Soup/ The Simple Things In Life EE+ couple lt lams nap

239. Br 7502- Pinky Tomlin w/ Ross Plummer O- That’s What You Think/ Sweet E West Coast pressing

240. Br 7552- Hal Kemp O- Alone/ Its Dangerous to Love Like This EE-/EE+ plays better laminated West Coast press

241. Br 7574- Joe Morrison w/ Harry Jackson O- Lazy Bones Gotta Job Now/ I Lost My Heart E+

242. Br 7601- Hal Kemp O- The Bride Comes Home/ Im Gonna Sit Right Down & Write Myself a Letter EE+

243. Br 7626- Hal Kemp O- The Touch of Your Lips/ Lost E+ top West Coast pressing

244. Br 7627- Duke Ellington O- Kissin My Baby Good Night/ Love Is Like a Cigarette E+ top West Coast pressing

245. Br 7635- Jan Peerce w/ Jack Shilkret O- A Beautiful Lady In Blue/ My Romance N-

246. Br 7643- Leo Reisman O- Every Minute of the Hour/ A Waltz Was Born E+ blue/grey shellac

247. Br 7648- Kay Kyser O- Ill Bet You Tell That to All the Girls/ Would You E+ sm scry spot about 10 sec A

248. Br 7686- Leo Reisman O- Did I Remember/ Stars In My Eyes E+

249. Br 7719- Leo Reisman O- Follow Your Heart/ Magnolias In the Moonlight E

250. Br 7734- Duke Ellington O- Uptown Downbeat/ In a Jam E- although looks EE+

251. Br 7747- Ben Pollack O-Thru the Courtesy of Love/ Now Or Never E+

252. Br 7751- Ben Pollack O-I Couldn’t Be Mad At You/ Im One Step Ahead of My Shadow EE-/E

253. Br 7815- Red Norvo O- A Thousand Dreams of You/ Smoke Dreams E- Mildred vocals

254. Br 7854- Hal Kemp O- On the Isle of Kitchy Mi Boko/ The Love Bug will Bite You EE+/EE-

255. Br 7855- Fred Astaire w/ Johnny Green O- They Cant Take That Away From Me/ Beginners Luck EE-

256. Br 7856- Fred Astaire w/ Johnny Green O- Slap That Bass/ They All Laughed VV+

257. Br 7857- Fred Astaire w/ Johnny Green O- Shall We Dance/ Lets Call the Whole Thing Off EE+

258. Br 7888- Russ Morgan O- The Merry Go Round Broke Down/ Toodle Oo E-, plays E+. Looney Tunes theme

259. Br 7901- Jimmie Grier O- Youre Looking For Romance/ In Your Own Little Way E

260. Br 7914- Art Shaw New Music- Night & Day/ Someday Sweetheart E-

261. Br 7915- Glenn Miller O- I Got Rhythm/ Time On My Hands V

262. Br 7934- Art Shaw New Music- Afraid to Dream/ If You Should Ever Leave EE-

263. Br 7976- Art Shaw New Music- Shoot the Likker to Me John Boy/ Free Wheeling EE+ lt grey nap

264. Br 7983- Fred Astaire w/ O- Nice Work if You Can Get It/ Things Are Looking Up V

265. Br 8029- Duke Ellington O- Dusk In the Desert/ Chatter-Box E/EE- despite grey

266. Br 8037- Russ Morgan O- Bir Mir Bist Du Schon/ I Double Dare You EE-

267. Br 8044- Duke Ellington O- Black Butterfly/ Harmony In Harlem E+/E despite grey

268. Br 8058- Raymond Scott Quintet- War Dance For Wooden Indians/ The Penguin E/EE+ despite grey

269. Br 8079- Ray Noble O feat Tony Martin- I Hadnt Anyone Till You/ The Moon of Mankoora E-

270. Br 8093- Duke Ellington O- Scrounch /If You Were In My Place E+ super clean

271. Br 8099- Duke Ellington O- Braggin’ In Brass/ Carnival In Caroline E+

272. Br 8108- Duke Ellington O- The Gal From Joes/ I Let a Song Go Out of My Heart E+

273. Br 8131- Duke Ellington O- Im Slappin Seventh Avenue/ Swingtime In Honolulu E+

274. Br 8135- Red Norvo O- Says My Heart/ You Leave Me Breathless EE-

275. Br 8144- Raymond Scott Quintet- Happy Farmer/ Egyptian Barn Dance E+

276. Br 8169- Duke Ellington O- Dinahs In a Jam/ You Gave Me the Gate E- to V/ E

277. Br 8189- Fred Astaire w/ Ray Noble O- I Used to be Color Blind/ Change Partners E+ picture label

278. Br 8190- Fred Astaire w/ Ray Noble O- The Yam/ The Yam Step VV+ picture label

279. Br 8200- Duke Ellington O- Love Is Swingtime/ Watermelon Man E

280. Br 8202- Red Norvo O- Jump Jumps Here/ Garden of the Moon EE+

281. Br 8213- Will Hudson O- I Havent Changed a Thing/ Duke Ellington O- Exposition Swing E

282. Br 8227- Red Norvo O- Youre a Sweet Little Headache/ I Have Eyes VV+/V+

283. Br 8370- Jack Teagarden O- The Sheik of Araby/ Persian Rug EE+ or better orig sleeve

284. Br 8371- Seger Ellis O- If Ever a Heart Was In the Right Place/ My Heart Ran Away With My Head E+ brief pop few gvs A

285. Br 8404- Raymond Scott Quintet- Boy Scout In Switzerland/ In An 18th Century Drawing Room E

286. Br 8411- Duke Ellington O- Way Low/ You Can Count On Me E+

287. Br 8441- Horace Heidt O- Over the Rainbow/ Address Unknown EE+ despite grey/ E+

288. Br 8452- Raymond Scott Quintet- Siberian Sleighride/ The Tobacco Auctioneer E despite grey

--------BRUNSWICK SURPLUS------- As I have a pretty large number of the sweet/swing band Brunswicks, and it does not behoove me to list each one separately, I am offering them for sale individually or in a lot at any reasonable price accepted. I will list the three bands by label #. All are at least E, many are NN- as some of them came from dealers stock. If this method works, I may do it in the future on items that fall into a similar category. I am not listing titles, just label #s.

KAY KYSER Brunswick 8114, 8143, 8145, 8197, 8201, 8220, 8225, 8228, 8244, 8258, 8263, 8279, 8301, 8308, 8312, 8317, 8320, 8324, 8328, 8353, 8358, 8377, 8385, 8892, 8415

HORACE HEIDT Brunswick 7916, 7917, 7920, 7981, 8048, 8073, 8092, 8095, 8096, 8108, 8110, 8121, 8129, 8133, 8138, 8179, 8184, 8192, 8203, 8216, 8148, 8157, 8173, 8216, 8305, 8309, 8316, 8329, 8331, 8339, 8360, 8363, 8372, 8379, 8393, 8409, 8414

RUSS MORGAN Brunswick 7672, 7704, 7737, 7758, 7808, 7845, 7866, 7902, 7925, 7931, 7941, 7955, 7959, 8009, 8022, 8032, 8047, 8052, 8066, 8080, 8084, 8097, 8101, 8117, 8119, 8127, 8128


289. Co 3251- Lew Dockstader- Everybody Works But Father E- scratchy spot nap. RARE. Dockstader worked with the young Al Jolson and this song was in the Groucho Marx repertoire

290. Co A 1118- Fred Van Eps banjo solo w/ O- The White Wash Man/ El Cota- xylophone solo w/ O- Black & White V+/V

291. Co A 1291- Gollden & Hughes- Whistling Pete/ Billy Golden- Turkey In De Straw EE-/E

292. Co A 1294- Guido Deiro accordion solo- Everybodys Doing It Now/ Fred Van Eps banjo solo w/ O- Whipped Cream E+

293. Co A 1417- Frad Van Eps banjo solo w/ O- Junk Man Rag/ Morse Medley EE+

294. Co A 1621- Al Jolson- Back to the Carolina You Love/ Revival Day E

295. Co A 1670- Marguerite Farrell- Out of a City of Six Million People/ George O Connor- Im Homesick E

296. Co A 1817- Bert Williams- Indoor Sports/ Im Neutral EE-

297. Co A 1847- Dan W Quinn- Beatrice Fairfax, Tell Me What To Do/ Peerless Quartet- Bounce Me John, Ive Rubber Heels On V/V-

298. Co A 1853- Bert Williams- Never Mo’/ Purpostus EE+

299. Co A 1989- Fred Van Eps banjo solo w/ O- Pearl of the Harem/ The Motor March EE+/E

300. Co A 2820- Van & Schenck- Open Up the Gates To Dixieland/ Adele Rowland- Granny E

301. Co A 3542- The Happy Six- Wimmin Ive Got to Have Em That’s All/ Goodbye Shanghai EE-

302. Co A 3543- Frank Crumit- Sally & Irene & Mary/ Boo Hoo Hoo E-

303 Co A 3594- The Happy Six- Sing Song Man/ The Columbians- By the Sapphire Sea E/VV+

304. Co A 3595- Ray Miller O- Lovey Dove/ Do It Again E

305. Co A 3630- Marion Harris w/ O- Fickle Flo/ Wholl Take My Place V-

306. Co C 4157- Columbia DO- Manila Blues/ Amigo Otra Vez E+

307. Co C 4160- Orquestro Columbia- El Riveirno/ Blanco Y Negro EE+

308. Co C 4187- Jose Moriche- Los Millions D Arlequin/ Princesita La De Los Ojos Azules E+

309. Co E 4896- Kurt Rasquin w/ O- Das Wandern/ Rheinlied VV+

310. Co 352- D- Van & Schenck- Evrything Is Hotsy Totsy Now/ What Do We Get from Boston? EE+

311. Co 689- Howard Lanin O- Lucky Day/ Black Bottom E

312. Co 895- Ted Lewis O- Lily/ Wandering In Dreamland EE+ sm rcnap

313. Co 1037- Al Lentz O- Frankfurter Sandwiches Who Was The Lady? E lt grey nap BOTH FUN

314. Co 1121- Gerald Marks Hotel Tuller O- Polly/ Slow River EE+ or better sm scr B nap, rec in Chicago

315. Co 1161- Hurtado Bros Marimba O- Diane/ Beneath Venetian Skies EE-

316. Co 1162- Van & Schenck- A Lane In Spain/ There Must Be Somebody Else E-

317. Co 1164- Broadway Nitelites- Thinking Of You/ Up In the Clouds EE+/E+

318. Co 1166- Cole Mc Elroy Spanish Ballroom O- Honolulu Blues/ Lonely Nights In Hawaii E-

319. Co 1173- Little Jack Little piano solo- Pretty Pol/ Are You Lonesome Tonight VV+

320. Co 1174- Kitty O Connor- Im Walkin On Air/ Whos That Knockin At My Door VV+/E-

321. Co 1177- Vincent Rose- Jackie Taylor Hollywood O- Blue River/ Did You Mean It EE+ long lam nap, couple lt tix

322. Co 1187- Broadway Nitelites- Thou Swell/ My Heart Stood Still E

323. Co 1225- Don Voorhees O- Worryin/ The Cavaliers- Where In the World E+/E

324. Co 1226- Max Fisher California O- Maybe Ill Baby You/ Lullaby, looks E, plays E+

325. Co 1227- California Ramblers- Make My Cot Where the Cotton Grows/ The Four Aristocrats- I Told Them All About You E+ NICE A with solos

326. Co 1229(BLUE WAX)- The Charleston Chasers- Five Pennies/ Feelin No Pain E+ nice pressing, top sides

327. Co 1252- The Knickerbockers- Waiting For the Rainbow/ Back Where the daisies Grow E+

328. Co 1287- Mal Hallett O- My New York/ The Beggar looks EE+, plays E+

329. Co 1348- Kate Smith- In the Evening/ A Little Smile, a Little Kiss E+

330. Co 1352- Ruth Etting- Say Yes Today/ Ramona E

331. Co 1392- The Whispering Pianist- Gee But Im Blue/ Im Looking For My Old Gal Sal E- rcnap

332. Co 1454- Ruth Etting- Happy Days & Lonely Nights/ Lonely Little Bluebird E/E- scrs B just sd lite. Hawaiian guitar both

333. Co 1504- California Ramblers- Who Wouldn’t Be Blue?/ Adoree E+

334. Co 1523- Ukulele Ike- It Goes Like This/ Halfway to Heaven E light grey/ E+

335. Co 1524- Harry Reser Syncopators- When Eliza Rolls Her Eyes/ What a Night For Spooning V+

336. Co 1563- Ruth Etting- Sonny Boy/ I Still Keep Dreaming Of You E+

337. Co 1599- Garden Dancing Palace O- When Erastus Plays His Old Kazoo/ Earl Burtnett Los Angeles Blltmore Hotel O- My Little Home looks EE+, plays E+ LA recorded

338. Co 1630- Paul Whiteman O- Just a Sweetheart/ Where is the Song of Songs For Me? N- pot rcnap,

339. Co 1663- The Whispering Pianist- The Lamp of Aladdin/ You Cant Take My Memries From me E+

340. Co 1701- Paul Whiteman O- Let’s Do It/ Japanese Mammy E+, heat marks do not sound

341. Co 1799- Ernie Golden O- That’s Her Now/ Shes Got Great Ideas V+ solos

342. Co 1831- Ben Selvin O- The One In the World/ Im Just a Vagabond Lover VV+/VV-

343. Co 1871- Ethel Waters- Second Handed Man/ True Blue Lou EE- despite lt scfs, scrs

344. Co 1873- Art Gillham- Im Still Caring/ You’ve Made My Dreams Come True E

345. Co 1916- Ted Lewis O- Lewisada Blues/ I Love You E+

346. Co 2002- Paul Specht O- Chant of the Jungle/ That Wonderful Something EE-

347. Co 2010- Paul Whiteman O- If I Had a Talking Picture of You/ Im a Dreamer Arent We All looks VV+, plays E/V+

348. Co 2024- Ben Selvin O- Here Am I/ Don’t Ever Leave Me EE+ has a scr/skip groove toward end of B. Ballew vox

349. Co 2026- Vic Meyers Music- Congratulations/ Melancholy looks VV+, plays E repd rcnap both nice sides, get HOT after vocal chorus

350. Co 2037- Lee Morse Blue Grass Boys- To Be Forgotten/ My Fate Is In Your Hands EE- rcnap

351. Co 2043- Fred Rich O- He’s So Unusual/ Dixie Jamboree looks E-, plays EE+ GREAT SIDES, MANY SOLOS

352. Co 2104- Ted Wallace Campus Boys- When You’re Smiling/ What Do I Care E- aud scr light B, solos B,

353. Co 2107- Guy Lombardo O- With You/ Theres Danger In Your Eyes Cherie E+

354. Co 2129- The Knickerbockers- Thank Your Father/ Good For You, Bad For Me E+/ E+ beg, EE+ inside light grey Both excellent- Ballew vocal A, instrumental B

355. Co 2131- Columbia Photo Players- Sweepin the Clouds Away/ In My Little Hope Chest E despite some scrs Good sides with solos. Ballew A/ female vocal B

356. Co 2151- Ted Wallace Campus Boys- Telling It to the Daisies/ Stein Song EE+ some grey. EXC sides with Ballew vocals and hot sax solos both

357. Co 2152- Moana Orch- Dreamy Hula Town/ My Hawaiian Isles E couple lt scrs

358. Co 2181- Ted Lewis O- Dinah/ The Lonesome Road V+

359. Co 2190- Ray West and his Café Ray West O- When the Sun Goes Down/ Love Is Like That E The only sides recorded by this Los Angeles band

360. Co 2225- Lee Morse Blue Grass Boys- Swingin In a Hammock/ Seems to Me E+ BG, Lang, etc accomp

361. Co 2276- Guy Lombardo O- Go Home & Tell Your Mother/ Im Doin That Thing looks E-/EE- grey, plays E+

362. Co 2344- Mickey Alpert O- Were Friends Again/ Hurt EE+ both take 2. good Selvin sides

363. Co 2374- Art Gillham- If Youre Happy Il Be Glad/ Shine On Harvest Moon EE-

364. Co 2470- Ruth Etting- Moonlight Saving Time/ Faithfully Yours E-

365. Co 2490- Frank Parker- Many Happy Returns of the Day/ Come to Me E-

366. Co 2499- Ben Selvin O- Do the New York/ Hikin Down the Highway looks E-, plays E

367. Co 2509- Robert Hood Bowers O- I Cant Write the Words/ I Apologize E+ light grey nap

368. Co 2603(BLUE WAX)- Jack Payne BBCDO- Hosanna/ Kiss Me Goodnight E+

369. Co 2620- Red Mc Kenzie- Theres Something In Your Eyes/ Cant We Talk It Over EE-

370. Co 2625- Eddy Duchin Central Park Casino O- Snuggled On Your Shoulder/ Cant We Talk It Over V-

371. Co 2682- Art Kassel O- Hells Bells/ OK America looks EE+/E, plays E+, both good sides

372. Co 2696- Frances Langford & the Four New Yorkers- Having a Good Time, Wish You Were Here/ I Cant Believe Its True E+

373. Co 2697- RW Kahn O- Sheltered By the Stars/ Another Night Alone E+ lt grey nap

374. Co 2767(BLUE WAX)- Hotel Commodore DO- Hold Me/ Lets Call It a Day EE+

375. Co 2850(BLUE WAX)- Enric Madriguera O- One Minute to One/ I Raised My Hat E

376. Co 2852(BLUE WAX)- Meyer Davis O- Did You Ever See a Dream Walking/ Many Moons Ago E+

377. Co 2905(BLUE WAX)- Ben Pollack O- Here Goes/ The Beat O My Heart E+

378. Co 2906(BLUE WAX)- Ben Pollack O- The Voodoo/ Enric Madriguera O- I Knew You When E+/EE+ lam B nap

379. Co 2929(BLUE WAX)- Ben Pollack O-Sleepy Head/ Night On the Desert VV+/E-

380. Co 2762(BLUE WAX)- Charles Carlisle w/ O- I Envy the Moon/ Farewell to Arms EE+ rep’d lam nap

381. Co 2901(BLUE WAX)- Ben Pollack O- Dancing in the Moonlight/ Ole Mammy Aint Gonna Sing No More V, plays V+

382. Co 2969(BLUE WAX)- Little Jack Little- Stay As Sweet As You Are/ Lets Give Three Cheers For Love EE+ couple sm edge lams nap

383. Co 35852- Fred Astaire- I Aint Hep to That Step/ Poor Mister Chisholm E+ scarce

384. Co 35862- Teddy Wilson O- I Cried For you (Billie Holiday vocal) My Melancholy Baby(Ella Fitzgerald vocal) E

385. Co 35866- Jerry Colonna w/ Orrin Tucker O- The Yogi Who Lost His Will Power/ Orrin Tucker O- The Moon & I E-/EE-

386. Co 35901- Benny Goodman Sextet feat Count Basie (w/ Charlie Christian)- Bennys Bugle/ As Long As I Live E

387. Co 36039- Benny Goodman Sextet feat Count Basie (w/ Charlie Christian)- Breakfast Feud/ I Found a New Baby E+

388. Co 36099- Benny Goodman Sextet (w/ Charlie Christian)- A Smo-o-o-th One/ Good Enough to keep EE+

389. Co 36108- Duke Ellington O- I Let a Song Go Out of My Heart/ The Gal From Joes E+ 1930s Master masters, Original issue of take 1 on A side, the Brunswick used take 2

390. Co 36117- Teddy Wilson O- More Than You Know/ Sugar E+ Billie Holiday vocals

391. Co 36120- Duke Ellington O- Azure/ Caravan E+ 1937 Master masters

392. Co 36288- Raymond Scott New O- Beau Night In Hotchkiss Corner/The Merry Carousel E

393. Co 37586- Billie Holiday O- Am I Blue?/ Long Gone Blues E, original and only issue, lt scrs nap

394. Co 38660(promo)- Pearl Bailey & Jackie Mabley- Saturday Night Fish Fry/ Pearl Bailey- Not Tonight N-

395. Co 39812- Marlene Dietrich & Rosemary Clooney- Too Old to Cut the Mustard/ Good For Nothin E+

396. Co 49277(promo)- Wally Rose piano- Triangle Jazz Blues/ Rooster Rag N-

397. Co 265-M- Orch Raymonde- The Dancing Clock/ Dancing Doll E+

398. Co 282-M- Orch Raymonde- Taming the Tiger (Tiger Rag)/ Orient Express E+

399. Co 403-M- Cecil Broadhurst- Its Great to Be Living Again/ Wise Old Horsey E+

400. Co 14526 -W J Bryan- Mysteries- Excerpts from the Prince of Peace/ Immortality E/ V, clean but scrs B. rare blue on white picture label with inset and facsimile signature of William Jennings Bryan

401. Co 14269- Porter Grainger- the singin piano man- Hes Gone Home/ I Wonder What This New Years Gonna Bring to Me looks E, plays EE+ heat mark nap. INTERESTING B

402. Co 15061- Jane Pickell- Memories/ When They Ring the Golden Bells E-

403. Co 15234- The Spooney Five- Chinese Rag/ My Little Girl G-, but playable country-dance music

404. Co 15547- Travelin Jim Smith with mouth harp and guitar acc- So I Joined the Navy/ Naw! I Dont Wanna Be Rich looks V+/V, plays E/V+ couple lams B clk lite

405. Co 18003-D- Joe Moss O(featured on the Lucky Strike Hour) with vocals by Audrey Marsh & Sammy Fain- Banking On the Weather/ A Great Big Bunch of You// Meet me Tonight In the Cowshed/ When We Ride On the Merry Go Round E+, sm dimple B nap. RARE depression era longer playing issue by Columbia to try and boost sales


406. De 5149- Milton Brown Brownies- Ill be Glad When Youre Dead You Rascal You/ Taking Off V+/E- Top Western swing

407. De 5613- Buddy Jones- Shes Sellin What She Used to Give Away/ Small Town mama #2 V-/V

408. De 6043- Denver Darling & Texas Cowhands- The Devil & Mr Hitler/ 1942 Turkey in the Straw EE- Has partial half moon cr A side barely clx, potential to cr, but holding tight. Great WW2 content on both sides about the Axis powers, Hitler specifically.

409. De 7072- Georgia White- Your Worries Aint Like Mine/ You Done Lost Your Good Thing Now V/G

410. De 7199- Georgia White- I Just Want Your Stingaree/ Black Rider EE+ grey on high notes

411. De 7206- Harlem Hamfats- Sales Tax On It/ You Done Tore Your Playhouse Down G

412. De 7216- George White- Was I Drunk?/ No Second Hand Woman V

413. De 7247- Old Ced Odom & Lil Diamond Hardaway- Break Er Down/ Its Your Yas Yas Yas VV-

414. De 7235- Original St Louis Crackerjacks- Good Old Bosom Bread/ Swing Jackson V+/E- sm rcnap

415. De 7277- Georgia White- Walking the Street/ You Don’t Know My Mind E

416. De 7447- Rosetta Howard & Harlem Hamfats- Harlem Jamboree/ You Got to Go When the Wagon Comes EE+

417. De 7560- Blue Lu Barker with Danny Barker Fly Cats- Youre Going to Leave the Old Home Jim/ I Got Ways Like the Devil E+

418. De 7780- Sam Theard w/ Tiny Parhams Four Aces- Spo-De-O-Dee/ Tiny Parhams Four Aces- Frogtown Blues V+E-

419. De 8502- Art Tatum piano solo- Begin the beguine/ Rosetta V+E-

420. De 8652- Juanita Hall Chorus- Run Lil Chillun/ We Men Are Free Men E+

421. De 106- Ted Lewis O- Two Cigarettes In the Dark/ Tonight Is Mine EE+

422. De 119- Dorsey Bros O- St Louis Blues/ Milenberg Joys E+

423. De 141- Ethel Waters- Give Me a Heart to Sing To/ I Aint Gonna Sin No More (take B) EE- to E later flat label pressing uses rare alternate B take on B side

424. De 158- Fletcher Henderson O- Shanghai Shuffle/ Memphis Blues EE+

425. De 170- Isham Jones O- Out Of Space/ For All We Know EE+/E

426. De 195- Dorsey Bros O- I Couldn’t Be Mean to You/ Lost In a Fog E

427. De 208- Dorsey Bros O- Heat Wave/ Stop, look & Listen E+

428. De 214- Fletcher Henderson O- Big John’s Special/ Happy As the Day Is Long EE+ brief scr A, flat label

429. De 261- Isham Jones O- Why Am I Blue/ With All My Heart VV+

430. De 276- Kate Smith w/ O- Im Growing Fonder of You/ Stay As Sweet As You Are EE+ one of her rarest

431. De 277- Kate Smith w/ O- Lets Give Three Cheers For Love/ College Rhythm E, as above- a tough one!

432. De 297- Dorsey Bros O- Sandman/ Missouri Misery E

433. De 342- Fletcher Henderson O- Rug Cutters Swing/ Wild Party E+ despite lt grey

434. De 348- Dorsey Bros O- I Got a New Deal In Love/ I’m Just a Little Boy Blue E+

435. De 370- Dorsey Bros O- Lullaby of Broadway/ The Words Are In My Heart E+

436. De 400- Bob Howard O- The Ghost of Dinah/ Pardon My Love E-

437. De 407- Bob Howard O- Breakin the Ice/ On the Night of June the Third EE-

438. De 439- Bob Howard O- Ill Never Change/ Stay Out of Love E

439. De 442- Jack Hylton O- Rhapsody In Blue 1/2 E

440. De 443- Isham Jones O- China Boy/ Sweet Sue-Just You E+ flat lbl

441. De 453- Jimmie Lunceford O- Since My Best Gal Turned Me Down/ Black & Tan Fantasie E flat lbl

442. De 460- Bob Howard O- A Porters Love Song/ Evry Day E+

443. De 468- Art Tatum piano solo- After You’ve Gone/ The Shout E+

444. De 476- Dorsey Bros O- Chasing Shadows/ Every Single Little Tingle Of My Heart VV+

445. De 480- Dorsey Bros O- Every Little Movement/ Ill Never Say Never Again Again E-/V+

446. De 481- Jack Hylton O- Shadow Wz/ Waltzing In a Dream E+

447. De 482- Dorsey Bros O- Footloose & Fancy Free/ Youre All I Need VV+/E-

448. De 485- Victor Young O- An Evening In June/ Tell Me That You Love Me E/E-

449. De 489- Victor Young O- You Can Be Kissed/ The Rose In Her Hair E+

450. De 494- Chick Webb O- Are You Here to Stay?/ Love & Kisses E Ella vocal B

451. De 498- Moana Serenaders- The Beauty Hula/ Dick Mc Intyre Harmony Hawaiians- Lets Go For Broke EE+/E

452. De 501- Barbary Coast Orch of Dartmouth- Star Gazing/ Sweet & Slow V+

453. De 505- Babs & Her Brothers- Lets Swing It/ My Very Good Friend the Milkman E flat lbl

454. De 509- Clyde Mc Coy O- Twelfth Street Rag/ Old Fashioned Love E+

455. De 510- Lew Stone O- Canadian Capers/ Tiger Rag E

456. De 514- Maurice Winnick O- One Night In Napoli/ Getting Around & About E+

457. De 516- Dorsey Bros O- Top Hat, White Tie & Tails/ No Strings EE-

458. De 519- Dorsey Bros O- My Very Good Friend the Milkman/ I Couldn’t Believe My Eyes V+

459. De 560- Dorsey Bros O- Tailspin/ Ive Got a Feelin Youre Foolin V+ sm rcnap

460. De 561- Dorsey Bros O- Dipper Mouth/ The Gentleman Obviously Doesnt Believe E+ flat lbl

461. De 580- Louis Armstrong O- You Are My Lucky Star/ La Cucaracha EE+

462. De 648- Louis Armstrong O- On Treasure Island/ Red Sails In the Sunset E- flat lbl

463. De 672- Louis Armstrong O- I Hope Gabriel Likes My Music/ Shoe Shine Boy E-

464. De 676- Joe Sanders O- I Got Love/ Hollywood At Vine V+

465. De 698- Louis Armstrong O- Yes Yes My My/ I’m Putting All My Eggs In One Basket EE+

466. De 713- Isham Jones O- The Day I Let You Get Away/ That Never to Be Forgotten Night V+

467. De 749- Albert Ammons Rhythm Kings- Boogie Woogie Stomp/ Nagasaki E

468. De 764- Jimmy Dorsey O- You/ You Never Looked So Beautiful E-

469. De 800- Duke Ellington O- Chicago/ Harlem Speaks E+ recorded in London

470. De 843- Joe Sanders O- My First Thrill/ These Foolish Things Remind Me of You EE-/VV+

471. De 855- Dick Mc Intyre Harmony Hawaiians- Do the Hula/ Moku Kia Kahi EE-

472. De 866- Louis Armstrong O- Swing That Music/ Thankful E- few scrs/ EE-

473. De 880- Bing Crosby w/ Dick Mc Intyre Harmony Hawaiians- Aloha Oe/ Song of the Islands E+

474. De 882- Jimmy Dorsey O- Stompin At the Savoy/ In a Sentimental Mood E-/VV+ flat lbl

475. De 863- Jessie Mathews w/ O- Got to Dance My Way to Heaven/ I Nearly Let Love Go Slippping E+

476. De 884- Tony Martin w/ O- When Did You Leave Heaven?/ A Star Fell Out of Heaven VV+

477. De 956- Joe Sanders O- Anything Your Little Heart Desires/ I Could Be In Heaven VV+

478. De 1147- Mills Brothers- Pennies From Heaven/ Swing For Sale EE+

479. De 1227- Mills Brothers- Rockin Chair Swing/ The Love Bug Will Bite You E+

480. De 1239- Glenn Miller O- How Am I To Know?/ Moonlight Bay EE+ flat lbl

481. De 1284- Glenn Miller O- Wistful & Blue/ Anytime, Anyday, Anywhere E-V+

482. De 1300- Milt Herth- Put On Your Old Grey Bonnet/ How Come You Do Me Like You Do E+

483. De 1318- Jimmie Lunceford O- The Merry Go Round Broke Down/ Ill See You In My Dreams E+

484. De 1482- Lani Mc Intyre Hawaiians- Lover Come Back to Me/ Only a Rose E rcs nap

485. De 1562- Andrews Sisters- Bei Mir Bist Du Schon/ Nice Work If You Can Get It V+ scarce early one

486. De 1575- Glen Gray Casa Loma O- Bei Mir Bist Du Schon/ Lets Make It a Life-time VV+

487. De 1669- Ella Fitzgerald Savoy 8- Its Wonderful/ I Was Doing All Right EE-

488. De 1719- Green Bros Marimba O- Garland of Old Fashioned Roses/ That Naughty Wz E

489. De 1720- Green Bros Marimba O- Lonesome-Thats All/ I’m Forever Blowing Bubbles E

490. De 1857- Green Bros Marimba O- Underneath the Mellow Moon/ Beautiful Ohio E+ int cr nap

491. De 2202- Ella Fitzgerald Savoy 8- Strictly From Dixie/ Woe Is Me E+

492. De 2332- Jimmy Dorsey O- Its All Yours/ This Is It EE+

493. De 2352- Jimmy Dorsey O- Our Love/ All of Me E+

494. De 2405- Louis Armstrong O- Hear Me Talkin to Ya/ Save It Pretty Mama EE+/E+

495. De 2443- Green Bros Marimba O feat Roy Smeck- Say Youll Be Mine/ Old Fashioned Locket E+

496. De 2451- Ella Fitzgerald Savoy 8- Don’t Worry Bout Me/ Once Is Enough For Me E-

497. De 2481- Ella Fitzgerald Savoy 8- If You Ever Change Your Mind/ If Anything Happened to You V+

498. De 2538- Louis Armstrong O- Savoy Blues/ Me & Brother Bill E+

499. De 2610- Roy Smeck Serenaders- Moon Love/ Prairie Boy V+ few heat marks

500. De 2816- Ella Fitzgerald O- My Wubba Dolly/ Youre Gonna Lose Your Gal V+

501. De 10315(CAN)- Ella Fitzgerald- I Didnt Mean a Word I Said/ I’m Just a Lucky So & So EE+

502. De 18187- Fred Astaire- So Near & Yet So Far/ Since I Kissed My Baby Goodbye E+ scarce!

503. De 18276- Raymond Scott O- Eight Letters In the Mail Box/ Kodachrome EE+ despite grey

504. De 18347- Ella Fitzgerald- Mama Come Home/ All I Need Is You E despite grey

505. De 18605- Ella Fitzgerald- Once Too Often/ Time Alone Will Tell EE-/EE+

506. De 23033- Sophie Tucker- Life Begins At Forty/ No One Man Is Ever Going to Worry Me E

507. De 23098- Django Reinhardt & Stephane Grapelly- If I Had You/ Nocturne NEW

508. De 23391- Billie Holiday- Lover Man/ That Ole Devil Called Love E/EE-

509. De 23496- Ella Fitzgerald w/ Louis Armstrong- You Wont Be Satisfied/ The Frim Fram Sauce V/EE+

510. De 24332- Ella Fitzgerald- My Baby Likes to Be-Bop/ Ive Got a Feeling I’m Falling N-

511. De 24387- Ella Fitzgerald- You Turned the Tables On Me/ How High the Moon E

512. De 24497- Ella Fitzgerald- I Can’t Go On/ Its Too Soon to Know E+

513. De 24773- Ella Fitzgerald- Foolish Tears/ A Man Write a Song E+

514. De 24868- Ella Satchmo Fitzgerald- Basin Street Blues/ Ella Fitzgerald- Im Waitin For the Junkman E+ FUN A

515. De 24958- Ella Fitzgerald- Solid As a Rock/ Sugarfoot Rag E+N-

516. De 25282- Ben Bernie O- Au Revoir Pleasant Dreams/ It’s a Lonesome Old Town E+

517. De 25297- Tony Martin w/ O- My Next Romance/ Fools Rush In N-

518. De 27720- Louis Armstrong- I Get Ideas/ A Kiss To Build a Dream On E+ few scuffs nap

519. De 27901- Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong- Oops!/ Necessary evil E+

520. De 28034- Ella Fitzgerald- What Does It Take/ Lazy Day EE+

521. De 28673(promo)- Jerry Gray O- And the Bull Walked Around Olay/ Tomkins Cove E+ Vocal A side by Thurl Ravenscroft--- aka Tony the Tiger, Grinch narrator, etc

522. De 28688- George Barnes guitar solo- It Must be True/ Fliberty Gibbet NN-


523. Vi 5684- Arthur Pryor Band- Frozen Bill E-

524. Vi 5802- Arthur Pryor Band- Grizzly Bear VV+

525. Vi 45199- Lambert Murphy w/ O- Waiting For the Sun to Come Out/ I Cannot Sleep Without Dreaming of You N- Early George Gershwin, and Ira credited as Arthur Francis

526. Vi 45305- Guy Maier & Lee Pattison twin pianos- Espana Rapsodie/ Waltz- from suite for two pianos E+

527. Vi 45311- Guy Maier & Lee Pattison twin pianos- Rakoczy March/ Scherzo E+

528. Vi 45359- La Goya- La Chula Tanguista/ S.M. el Fox Trot EE+ Spanish voc w/ castanets

529. Vi 16608- Billy Murray w/ O- That Italian Rag/ Will Oakland- Wait Till the Clouds Roll By V

530. Vi 16672- Clarice Vance- Good Bye to Johnnie/ Edward M Favor- Fol the Rol Lol E+ lbl tear

531. Vi 16684- Billy Murray- Harrigan/ Sullivan E+/E Cohan classics

532. Vi 17304- Alan Turner & Male chorus- Maple Leaf Forever/ Sousas Band- Canadian medley march #1 E+

533. Vi 17318- Al Jolson- My Yellow Jacket Girl/ The Spaniard That Blighted My Life E

534. Vi 17340- Victor Military Band- Down Home Rag/ The Horse Trot E+

535. Vi 17357- William H Reitz- Buffalo News March/ Dance California E-

536. Vi 17360- Heidelberg Quartet- Ragtime Regiment Band/ Floating Down the River On the Alabam E/E-

537. Vi 18203- Victor Military Band- Brown Skin/ Listen To This EE+

538. Vi 19379- Art Hickman O- Mandalay/ Vincent Rose O- String Beans E+ Oakland recorded

539. Vi 19398- Vincent Rose O- Helen Gone/ Art Landry O- Rip Saw Blues E Oakland recorded

540. Vi 19454- Aileen Stanley- Somebody Loves Me/ Stanley-Murray- All Alone With You In a little Rendezvous N-

541. Vi 19579- Harry Halstead O-Moonlight & Roses/ On the Way to Monterey E+ Oakland recorded

542. Vi 19705- Frank Banta piano solo- My Sugar/ The Melody That Made You Mine E+

543. Vi 19935- RW Kahn O- A Cup of Coffee, a Sandwich & You/ Song of the Flame EE+

544. Vi 20060- George Olsen O- Hello Aloha How Are You/ Lets Make Up E

545. Vi 20063- Irving Aaronson O- Hi Ho the Merrio/ What Good Is Good Morning N-

546. Vi 20207- Gus Edwards O- Monte Carlo Joys/ Johnny Hamp O- Turkish Towel N- both good

547. Vi 20208- The Happiness Boys- It Wont Be Long Now/ She Knows Her Onions E+

548. Vi 20230- Gus Edwards O- Alabama Stomp/ Ted Weems O- Climbing Up the Ladder of Love E+N- GOOD!

549. Vi 20466- Jean Goldkette O- Im Looking Over a Four Leaf Clover/ RW Kahn- Yankee Rose E Bix of course A

550. Vi 20493- Jean Goldkette O- Sunny Disposish/ RW Kahn O- A Little Birdie Told Me So EE+ Bix A

551. Vi 20573- RW Kahn O- ICBTU in Love w/ Me/ Im Following You Around E+

552. Vi 20994- Jack Crawford O- Baltimore/ Jean Goldkette O- Clementine EE+ BIX B

553. Vi 20996- Nat Shilkret O- Up In the Clouds/ Thinking of You E+

554. Vi 21009- Ted Weems O- Shell Never Find a Fellow Like Me/ From Saturday Night Till Monday Morning EE-/E

555. Vi 21109- Paul Robeson- Lawrence Brown- Witness/ Paul Robeson- I Got a Home In a Dat Rock E+

556. Vi 21305- Coon- Sanders O- Sluefoot/ The Wail E/EE+

557. Vi 21326- RW Kahn O- Shes a Great, Great Girl/ All Star O- I Must Be Dreaming E

558. Vi 21431- Paul Whiteman O- Dancing Shadows/ Nat Shilkret O- Fascinatin’ Vamp E+ ---if anybody else is a 16mm film collector, as I was- you are very familiar with Dancing Shadows. Someone in the deep dark past used it on a loop of silent movie and cartoon background music and it is ingrained in collectors heads

559. Vi 21436- Walter O’ Keefe- Gee! I’m Marvelous In the Bathroom/ I’m Lookin’ For a Girl E+

560. Vi 21437- Ben Pollack O-Singapore Sorrows/ Sweet Sue-Just You E+ BG etc

561. Vi 21471- Tal Henry North Carolinians- Lonesome/ Id Trade My Air Castles For a Love Nest V+ few scrs

562. Vi 21530- Blue Steele O- Beyond the Sunset/ I Knew Id Miss You E+ hot first half A

563. Vi 21673- Nat Shilkret O- California Here I Come/ Hail Hail The Gangs All Here E+

564. Vi 21774- Arden-Ohman O- Ups a Daily/ Will You Remember-Will You Forget E+

565. Vi 21778- Irving Aaronson O- Oh You Sweet Old Whatcha May Call It/ My Scandinavian Gal E+

566. Vi 21779- Gene Austin w/ O- Sonny Boy/ Shes Funny That Way E+

567. Vi 21827- Ben Pollack O- Sentimental Baby/ Then Came the Dawn EE+ BG etc

568. Vi 21835- The High Hatters- Wipin the Pan/ The Spell of the Blues E+ super hot dance A

569. Vi 21890- Henry Thies Hotel Sinton O- Sweet Lisa/ Rose of Mandalay E Cincinnati recording

570. Vi 21941- Ben Pollack O- Louise/ Wait Till You See Ma Cherie VV+/E+

571. Vi 21944- Ben Pollack O- My Kinda Love/ On With the Dance E+ Goodman and gang

572. Vi 21957- Horace Heidt O- Im Ka-razy For You/ The Wedding of the Painted Doll E+ San Francisco rec

573. Vi 22005- Herman Kenin O- Im the Last of the Red Hot Mamas/ Hes a Good Man to Have Around E+ Culver City recordings

574. Vi 22012- Gus Arnheim O- Singin in the Rain/ Your Mother & Mine E+/E

575. Vi 22019- Nat Shilkret O- Broadway Baby Dolls/ Wishing & Waiting For Love EE+ sm rcnap

576. Vi 22049- Sophie Tucker w/ O- Some Of These Days/ Moanin’ Low E despite grey/ E+

577. Vi 22089- Coon- Sanders O- The Flippety Flop/Ben Pollack O- True Blue Lou E+

578. Vi 22147- Ben Pollack O- Song of the Blues/ Smith Ballew O- Same Old Moon EE+

579. Vi 22158- Ben Pollack O- From Now On/ You Made Me Happy Today E+ BG etc, and Ballew vocals

580. Vi 22238- Ted Weems O- The Man From the South E+ rc close but nap

581. Vi 22342- Coon Sanders O- After You’ve Gone/ The Darktown Strutters Ball E+

582. Vi 22346- Coon- Sanders O- Sweepin the Clouds Away/ Phil Spitalny O- Any Times the Time to Fall In Love E-

583. Vi 22354- Bernie Cummins O- On the Sunny Side of the Street/ Exactly Like You E-

584. Vi 22355- Bernie Cummins O- Minnie the Mermaid/ You Will Come Back to Me E great A

585. Vi 22405- Maurice Chevalier- You Brought a New Kind of Love to Me/ Livin in the Sunlight, Lovin in the Moonlight E+, one tiny scr nap. This record might come in handy if you are a stowaway

586. Vi 22411- Ted Weems O- Mysterious Mose/ Slappin the Bass VV+ rcnap. both hot

587. Vi 22419- Rudy Vallee O- Kitty from Kansas City/ If I Had a Girl Like You E

588. Vi 22425- Nat Shilkret O- Dancing With Tears In My Eyes/ Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder EE+

589. Vi 22495- Victor Theramin, Lennington Shewell soloist- Dancing With Tears In My Eyes/ Lover Come Back to Me E-, first time Ive seen a musical instrument get top billing over the artist

590. Vi 22499- Ted Weems O- My Baby Just Cares For Me/ A Girlfriend of a Boyfriend of Mine E HOT DANCE A

591. Vi 22530- George Olsen O- Beyond the Blue Horizon/ Always In All Ways EE+

592. Vi 22533- The High Hatters- Sweet Jennie Lee/ I Don’t Want to Dream N- looks unplayed

593. Vi 22561- Gus Arnheim O- Fool Me Some More/ It Must Be True E+ Oakland pressing, Bing Crosby vocs

594. Vi 22743- Duke Ellington O- Echoes of the Jungle/ Limehouse Blues EE+/EE-

595. Vi 22790- Gene Kardos- Mean Music/ China Boy EE+ plays even better- great hot dance

596. Vi 22840- Gene Kardos O- What Are You Thinkin About Baby/ A Hot Dog, a Blanket & You EE+ GREAT

597. Vi 22850- Cole Mc Elroys Spanish Ballroom O- Cupids Holiday/ Poor Little Gigolette EE+ San Francisco rec

598. Vi 22855- Phil Harris w/ O- Constantly/ When Its Sleepy Time Down South EE+ San Francisco recorded

599. Vi 22863- Gene Kardos O- Down On the Farm/ Sweet Violets looks VV+ grey, plays E

600. Vi 22865- Gene Kardos O- Nows the Time To Fall In Love/ Freddy the Freshman looks E grey, plays EE+ or better due to great Victor recording of that time. HOT TUNES

601. Vi 22920- Gene Kardos O- Glory/ Alexanders Ragtime Band looks E- grey, plays about E+ HOT

602. Vi 22951- Coon Sanders O- Sing a New Song/ Lo & Behold EE+ great fidelity and one of C-S toughest to find

603. Vi 24028- Victor Concert O- Buffoon/ Jazz Nocturne E

604. Vi 24030- Warings Penns- A Picnic For Two/ I Heard Looks V+/V grey, plays E+/EE+ HOT sides, high fidelity

605. Vi 24034- Ray Noble O- Hold My Hand/ The Pied Piper of Hamelin E+ Bowlly both sides

606. Vi 24043- Ruby Newman O- Three Guesses/ I Send My Love With These Roses VV+, plays much better

607. Vi 24062- Warings Penns- The Old Man Of the Mountain/ Old Yazoo looks V due to grey plays almost E+ due to high fidelity recording. GREAT SIDES!

608. Vi 24081- Gene Kardos O- Sheltered By the Stars/ Sing (Its Good For You) looks VV+, plays E-/EE+ HOT B

609. Vi 24097- Paul Whiteman O- I Guess Ill Have to Change My Plan/ Youll Always Be the Same Sweetheart E+

610. Vi 24134- Isham Jones O- Ill Never Have to Dream Again/ Beside The Sunset Trail VV+

611. Vi 24135- Don Bestor O- Sweetheart Hour/ Contented EE+

612. Vi 24141- Paul Whiteman O- Ill Follow You/ How Deep is the Ocean E+ Red Mc Kenzie vocal a

613. Vi 24142- Don Bestor O- Along Came Love/ My Darling E+ NICE A

614. Vi 24174- Jimmie Grier O- Here Lies Love/ Cannot Tell You Why E+

615. Vi 24203- Jack Denny O- Why Cant This Go On Forever/ Hello, Sweetheart, Hello E

616. Vi 24287- Paul Whiteman O- Youll Never Get Up to Heaven That Way/ Ray Noble O- Wheezy Anna E-

617. Vi 24344- Don Bestor O- Moonstruck/ Learn to Croon E+

618. Vi 24326- Don Bestor O- A Fool In Love/ An Orchid to You E+

619. Vi 24510- Eddy Duchin O- Lets Fall In Love/ Love Is Love Anywhere E+

620. Vi 24512- Eddy Duchin O- If I Didn’t Care/ This Little Piggie Went to Market EE-

621. Vi 24514- Paul Whiteman O- My Little Grass Shack/ Its An Old Fashioned World After All E

622. Vi 24515- Paramount Studio O- Raftero/ RKO Studio O- Carioca E

623. Vi 24516- Isham Jones O- Youre My Thrill/ Alice In Wonderland EE+ from the second phase of hi fi recordings- great versions in top sound

624. Vi 24359- Leo Reisman O- Here You Come With Love/ Don’t Blame Me EE+

625. Vi 24419- Leo Reisman O- Savage Serenade/ Dinner At Eight EE+

626. Vi 24422- Don Bestor O- Deep In the Blue/ Tonight May Never Come Again E-

627. Vi 24579- Eddy Duchin O- As Long As I Live/ Ill Wind V+ Harold Arlen vocals

628. Vi 24589- Isham Jones O- Youre Welcome/ Bubbles In the Wine E BIG sound!

629. Vi 24594- Ray Noble O- Who Walks In When I Walk Out/ Jack Jackson O- Play to Me Gipsy E rg lbl HOT A

630. Vi 24595- Isham Jones O- I Hate Myself/ All Mine-Almost looks E- grey, plays EE+ BIG SOUND

631. Vi 24596- Don Bestor O- Little Did I Dream/ Waitin At the Gate For Katy E+

632. Vi 24597- Ramona and the Park Avenue Boys- The Beat O My Heart/ The House Is Haunted E few lt scrs

633. Vi 24603- Ray Noble O- The Sun Is Round the Corner/ Oceans of Time E+ just great Bowllys!

634. Vi 24617- Duke Ellington O- Cocktails For Two/ Live & Love Tonight V+

635. Vi 24628- Isham Jones O- Don’t Let Your Love Go Wrong/ Ridin Around In the Rain, looks VV+, plays EE+ thanks to quality Victor pressing on this LOUD recording!

636. Vi 24703- Raymond Paige O- Talkin’ to Myself/ You’re Nothin But a Nothin EE+

637. Vi 24705- Paul Whiteman O- I Saw Stars/ Im Counting On You E+

638. Vi 24706- Raymond Paige O- Beauty Must Be Loved/ Pop Goes Your Heart E

639. Vi 24708- Fats Waller Rhythm- Then Ill Be Tired of You/ Have a Little Dream On Me E+

640. Vi 24709- Eddy Duchin O- What About Me/ One Night of Love E+

641. Vi 24752- Ray Noble O- Im Telling the World Shes Mine/ How Could I Be Lonely EE+ nice Bowlly sides!

642. Vi 24755- Duke Ellington O- Delta Serenade/ Solitude EE+/E

643. Vi 24766- Cole Porter- Youre the Top/ Thank You So Much Mrs. Loughborough Goodby E-

644. Vi 24772- Noel Coward- World Weary/ Ziguner VV+

645. Vi 24801- Fats Waller Rhythm- Im Growing Fonder of You/ Dream Man E

646. Vi 24826- Fats Waller Rhythm- Honeysuckle Rose/ Breakin the Ice E+ rs lbl

647. Vi 24871- Eddy Duchin O- Lovely to Look At/ I Wont Dance E

648. Vi 24886- Richard Himber O- Evrythings Been Done Before/ Jan Garber O- Beyind the Shadow of a Doubt E-V+

649. Vi 25004- Al Bowlly w/ Ray Noble O- Evrythings Been Done Before/ You Opened My Eyes EE+

650. Vi 25006- Ray Noble O- Driftin Tide/ Experiment EE+ two really nice Bowlly vocals

651. Vi 25015- Fats Waller piano solo- Vipers Drag/ Clothes Line Ballet E+/EE+

652. Vi 25016- Ray Noble O- Time On My Hands/ Goodnight Sweetheart E+ 2 great Bowlly vocs

653. Vi 25076- Duke Ellington O- Ring Dem Bells/ Three Little Words EE-/E-

654. Vi 25080- Warings Penns- Love For Sale/ Dancing In the Dark E+ rg label

655. Vi 25142- Al Bowlly w/ Ray Noble O- Red Sails In the Sunset/ Roll Along Prairie Moon E+ rg label

656. Vi 25175- Fats Waller Rhythm- Georgia Rockin Chair/ Brother Seek & Ye Shall Find EE-

657. Vi 25197- Paul Whiteman O- The Jockey On the Carousel/ I Dream Too Much EE+

658. Vi 25339- Fletcher Henderson O- Grand Terrace Rhythm/ Riffin E+

659. Vi 25376(CANAD)- Paul Robeson-Elisabeth Welch- Ah Still Suits Me/ Paul Robeson- Ol Man River E+

660. Vi 25474- Tommy Dorsey O- That Foolish Feeling/ Where Are You EE-

661. Vi 25483- Fats Waller Rhythm- Swingin Them Jingle Bells/ A Thousand Dreams of You EE-

662. Vi 25562- Bunny Berigan O- You Cant Run Away From Love Tonight/ Cause My Baby Says Its So E

663. Vi 25587- Bunny Berigan O- Im Happy Darling Dancing With You/ The Image of You E- sm pop A

664. Vi 25608- Fats Waller Rhythm- Smarty/ Im Gonna Put You In Your Place VV+ grey

665. Vi 25630- Tommy Dorsey O- Having Wonderful Time/ Stardust On the Moon E despite some lt grey

666. Vi 25633- Hal Kemp O- Am I In Love?/ Remember Me E+

667. Vi 25635- Tommy Dorsey O- You’ve Got Something There/ Have You Got Any Castles Baby EE+

668. Vi 25636- Mezz Mezzrow O- Blues In Disguise/ That’s How I Feel Today E/EE+

669. Vi 25651- Hal Kemp O- Got a Date With An Angel/ Lamplight E+ rcnap

670. Vi 25677- Bunny Berigan O- Mama I Wanna Make Rhythm/ Have You Ever Been In Heaven E

671. Vi 25679- Fats Waller Rhythm- More Power to You/ Youre My Dish E+

672. Vi 25685- Hal Kemp O- Foggy Day In London/ Things Are Looking Up E+

673. Vi 25688- Bunny Berigan O- I Want a New Romance/ Id Love to Play a Love Scene EE+

674. Vi 25718- Hal Kemp O- Powerhouse/ In Dutch With the Duchess EE-

675. Vi 25722- Hal Kemp O- Good Night Angel/ Swingin in the Corn E+

676. Vi 25732- Hal Kemp O- Speak Your Heart/ Take a Tip From the Tulip E+

677. Vi 25753- Fats Waller Rhythm- My First Impression Of You/ Am I In Another World E+

678. Vi 25762- Fats Waller Rhythm- My Window Faces the South/ Why Do Hawaiians Sing Aloha E

679. Vi 25847- Fats Waller Rhythm- The Sheik of Araby/ In the Gloaming E+

680. Vi 25873(CANAD)- Paul Robeson- At Dawning/ Just a Wearyin For You E+

681. Vi 25898- Fats Waller Rhythm- On the Bumpy Road to Love/ We the People EE-

682. Vi 26147- Ray Noble O- Mad About the Boy/ Hugh French- Ross Landon- Johm Gatrell-Kenneth Carten w/ HM Theatre O- The Stately Homes of England E+ Bowlly A

683. Vi 26173- Lionel Hampton O- Don’t be That Way/ Fiddle Diddle E+

684. Vi 26447- Lionel Hampton O- Ive Found a New Baby/ Four Or Five Times N-

685. Vi 26526- Bob Zurke Delta Rhythm Band- Tom Cat On the Keys/ Everybody Step E+

686. Vi 26577- Duke Ellington O- Ko-Ko/ Conga Brava E+ Blanton in band

687. Vi 26578- Quintet of the Hot Club of France/ Georgia On My Mind/ In the Still of the Night E+

688. Vi 26739- Lionel Hampton O- Martin On Every Block/ Charlie Was a Sailor E+

689. Vi 27272- Quintet of the Hot Club of France- Paramount Stomp/ Swinging With Django E+

690. Vi 27406- Duke Ellington & Jimmy Blanton- Body & Soul/ Mr. JB Blues E

691. Vi 27705- Artie Shaw O- Solid Sam/ Make Love to Me E+

692. Vi 27904- Sidney Bechet NO Feetwarmers- Im Coming Virginia/ Georgia Cabin E

693. Vi 216518- Sleepy Hall O- Parisian Blues/ My Little Debutante E- BOTH GOOD- some solos A. obscure tunes on this rare Canadian only issue

694. Vi V-6078- Marek Weber O- In Deinen Augen Liegt Das Herz Von Wien/ Zwie Herzen Im 3/4 Takt E- fox trot A

695. Vi V-6088- Marlene Dietrich w/ O- Ich Bin Von Kopf Fuss Auf Liebe Eingestellt(Falling In Love Again)/ Nimm Dich In Acht Vor Blonden Frauen(Beware of Blonde Women) V+ 1” jagged ck

696. Vi 6122- Irene Eisinger w/ O- Echo Lied/ Mai Lied E/V+ lt scrs B

697. Vi 6208- Fraulein Claire von Bith- German Tales & Dialogues #3/4 V+

698. Vi 30804(scroll)- Don Azpiazu y su O- Lamento Borincano/ La Cachimba De San Juan looks V, plays E, rcnap, ruff spot B sds 10 sec

699. Vi 20-1696- Artie Shaw O- Tabu/ Bedford Drive E+

700. Vi 20-1934- Artie Shaw O- I Cant Get Started With you/ Easy to Love E+

701. Vi 20-1936- Artie Shaw O- Keepin Myself For You/ I Cant Escape from You E+

702. Vi 20-2281- Desi Arnaz O- Tico Tico/ Peanut Vendor E-

703. Vi 20-2249- Tampa Red w/ Big Maceo, etc- Play Proof Woman/ Please Be Careful E+ despite lt grey

704. Vi 20-2432- Tampa Red- New Bad Luck Blues/ Corinne Blues E despite scuffs, grey. Big Maceo B

705. Vi 20-2440- Washboard Sam Washboard Band- Soap & Water Blues/ You Cant Make the Grade E+

706. Vi 20-3278(promo)- Illinois Jacquet O- Jacquet For Jack the Bellboy/ Embryo E+

707. Vi 20-4404- Whitmore & Lowe piano duet- Begin the Beguine/ Third Street Rhumba E+

708. Vi 20-4866(promo)- Sauter-Finegan O- Azure –Te/ Doodletown Fifers E+

709. Vi 20-5471(promo)- Ismael Diaz O- Harlem tepo/ Love In Tenochititlan E+


710. Victor Pict-ur-music 0230- Orchestra- Vanity Fair/ same EE-, from late 1920s- movie scoring music

711. Victor white label mx 68457- label hand written Max Steiner movie theme music EE-, mixture of continuous themes for movie background c. 1932-33. Dramatic and pleasant, Bird of Paradise, Most Dangerous Game type

712. Victor white label mx 68461- label hand written Steiner music EE- as above. Interesting!

713. Vi L-16013(LONG PLAY PROGRAM TRANSCRIPTION 33 1/3)- Isham Jones O- Popular Selections VV+, in an original sleeve, with a couple of tears. includes What Would Happen to Me, A Million Dreams, A Little Street Where Old Friends Meet

714. Vi C9-V8-0035/64- The Best of Glenn Miller- Special Broadcast Collection- Little Brown Jug/ Adios EE- white on yellow GM silhouette label, vinyl press

715. Vi 45-0001- Victor Double feature- Lean Horne & Phil Moore Four- I Want a Little Doggie/ How Long Has This Been Going On E+

716. Vi 45-0002- Victor Double Feature- Tommy Dorsey w/ Duke Ellington O- Tonight I Shall Sleep/ Duke Ellington w/ Tommy Dorsey O- The Minor Goes Muggin EE+


717. American 100- Jane Russell w/ O- The Wrong Kind of Love/ The Gilded Lily E+ rare one by the film star

718. Asch SC 41/2- Andy Razaf with Eubie Blake p- We Are Americans too/ Take It Easy EE+ scuffs nap One brief skip groove A on this rarity. A side is about blacks beings patriotic too/ B side is more of a standard. Great Eubie, who calls out some comments too on B side

719. ARC Theatre Use F 150- Majestic DO- Sing a New Song/ same EE+

720. ARC Theatre Use F 305- Dick Himber Essex House O- Sophisticated Lady/ same EE+

721. ARC Theatre Use F 366- Bob Causer Cornelians- I Saw Stars/ same E

722. ARC Theatre Use F 445- Art Kahn O- Moon Over Miami/ same E/EE-

723. ARC Theatre Use F 450- Art Kahn O- I Don’t Want to Make History/ same E

724. Audiovox 101- Raymond Scott O- Shadow Dance/ Mystery Wz E+

725. Ba 1110- Original Memphis Five- Struttin At the Strutters Ball/ Moulin Rouge O- Vamp Me E+ tiny pop B

726. Ba 1544- Lou Gold O- Everything Is Hotsy Totsy Now/ New Orleans Jazz Band- Some of These Days EE-

727. Ba 1846- Missouri Jazz Band- Sadie Green/ Al Lentz O- Whats the Use of Crying? E GOOD A!

728. Ba 0589- Dorsey Bros O- Beside An Open Fireplace (tk 2)/ Imp DO- Ring Around the Moon E-

729. Ba 32064- Dan Ritchie O- My Love For You/ Harold White O- Overnight E+/EE+

730. Ba 32066- Lou Gold O- Keep a Song In Your Soul/ Majestic DO- Lady Play Your Mandolin EE+

731. Barney Google- Bargoo DO/ Frank Dunn vo w/ O V+. SUPER RARE private issue. Label reads, Read Barney Google and Spark Plug every day and Sunday in The Union

732. Beacon 7005- Derrick Sampson boogie woogie piano solo- KC Boogie Woogie/ Chinese Boogie Woogie E+

733. Bell 378- Sam Lanin O- Five Foot Two Eyes of Blue/ I Wonder Where My Baby Is Tonight VV-

734. BB 5175- Rudy Vallee O- Shame On You/ Love Is the Sweetest Thing E- Alice Faye vocal A

735. BB 5236- Ted Weems O- Doin the Uptown Lowdown/ Buckin the Wind EE- Ive had several copies of this great record over the years, and the B side always plays fair as if the whole pressing run was defective

736. BB 5631- Tom Berwick O- Tea For Two/ Blue Steele O- Mistakes E+ GREAT VERSION A

737. BB 5731- Angelo Ferdinando O- Drifting Along On Dreamy River/ Where Theres Smoke Theres Fire E-/EE-

738. BB 5735- Orch- Buck & Wing advanced/ for beginners E+

739. BB 6501- Louis Armstrong O- Hobo You Cant Ride This Train/ Mississippi Basin E 1932 master press

740. BB 6595- Mc Kinneys Cotton Pickers- Beedle Um Bum/ Selling That Stuff V+ from 1929

741. BB 6727- Duke Ellington O- The Duke Steps Out/ Haunted Nights E despite grey, from 1929

742. BB 6771- Louis Armstrong O- High Society/ I Gotta Right to Sing the Blues E+ lt grey nap. 1933 master press

743. BB 6922- Ted Mack O- Spring Cleaning/ On a Little Dream Ranch V+/E- int cr nap

744. BB 7017- Bob Skyles Skyrockets- the Rhythm King/ The Farmer E-V+

745. BB 7119- Hod Williams O- Williams Swing/ Old King Cole E NC territory jazz

746. BB 7137- Frankie Reynolds O- Chicken On the Apple/ Paradise E-/VV+ NC territory jazz

747. BB 7144- Waikiki Swingsters- The Beach/ Dark Eyed Huia Lou VV+

748. BB 7725- Jelly Roll Morton Red Hot Peppers- Boogaboo/ Shoe Shiners Drag EE+/E 1928 masters

749. BB 7757- Jelly Roll Morton Red Hot Peppers- New Orleans Bump/ Kansas City Stomps V- 1928 masters

750. BB 7768- Earl Hines O- Good Little Bad Little You/ Beau Koo Jack E+ 1928 masters

751. BB 8515- Jelly Roll Morton Peppers- Georgia Swing/ JRM Qtet- Mournful Serenade E+ 1928 masters

752. BB 8549- Johnny Dodds Washboard Band- Blue Washboard Stomp/ Bucktown Stomp E/EE- 1928 masters

753. BB 10035- Eddie De Lange O- Muskat Ramble/ Fats Waller Rhythm- Yacht Club Swing E+

754. BB 10225- Louis Armstrong O- Swing You Cats/ Snowball E+ 1933 masters

755. BB 10243- Duke Ellington O- Breakfast Dance/ Flaming Youth E+ sm pop B 1929 masters

756. BB 10244- Duke Ellington O- Jubilee Stomp/ Got Everything But You E+ 1928 masters

757. BB 10252- Jelly Roll Morton Red Hot Peppers- The Pearls/ Beale Street Blues E+ 1927 sides

758. BB 10286(CANAD)- Glenn Miller O- Little Brown Jug/ Pavanne E+

759. BB 10505- Manny Kleins Hawaiians- Makalapua O Kamakaeha/ Rainbows Over Paradise E+

760. BB 10520- Glenn Miller O- Careless/ Vagabond Dreams E-

761. BB 10835- Earl Hines O- Blue Because of You/ Call Me Happy E+

762. BB 11029- Glenn Miller O- Chapel In the Valley/ Song of the Volga Boatmen EE+

763. BB 11063- Glenn Miller O- I Dreamt I Dwelt In Harlem/ A Stones Throw From Heaven E

764. BB 11110- Glenn Miller O- Sun Valley Jump/ The One I Love E-

765. BB 11135- Glenn Miller O- The Spirit Is Willing/ The Air Minded Executive EE+

766. BB 11163- Glenn Miller O- Boulder Buff/ The Booglie Wooglie Piggy E+

767. BB 11210- Les Hite O- T Bone Blues/ That’s the Lick E-

768. BB 11397- Glenn Miller O- The White Cliffs of Dover/ Were the Couple In the Castle E

769. BB 11432- Earl Hines O- The Earl/ Somehow E+

770. BB 11462- Glenn Miller O- Skylark/ The Story of a Starry Night E

771. BB 10531- Earl Hines O- XYZ/ Riff Medley E dmg next to lbl- no affect at all

772. BB 33-0508- Charles Mitchell O- Mean Mama Blues/ If Its Wrong to Love You EE+/E despite grey

773. Broadcast 417- Ken Griffin organ- Aloha Oe/ Missouri Wz N- red vinyl

774. Broadway 1364- Palace DO- Youll Find the Answer In My Eyes/ Bill Carlson O- The Stein Song V+

775. Br 1428- Checker Box Boys- Its a Lonesome Old Town/ The Peanut Vendor V sleeve says Paramount masters

776. CP Mac Gregor 1919/20- Alvino Rey O w/ Yvonne King vo- Three Little Fishies/ The Moon Is a Silver Dollar E-

777. Cameo 427- Paul Van Loan O- Kitchen Stove/ Ernest Carle O- Stealing to Virginia E

778. Ca 817- Varsity 8- Milenberg Joys/ Cameo DO- Speech! V

779. Ca 832- Varsity 8- Show Me the Way to Go Home/ Cameo DO- Found At Last V/V+

780. Ca 837- Varsity 8- She Doesnt/ Johnson DO- I Never Knew VV+/V+

781. Ca 1044- The Dixie Daisies- Yiddisha Charleston/ Sam Lanin O- Sunday V-

782. Capitol 224- The King Cole Trio- Come to Baby Do/ The Frim Fram Sauce N-

783. Cap 1815(promo)- Nat King Cole w/ O- OK For TV/ I Still See Elisa N- orig sleeve

784. Cap 1893(promo)- Nat King Cole w/ O- Heres to My Lady/ Miss Me N-

785. Cap 2069(promo)- Nat King Cole w/ O- Somewhere Along the Way/ Nat Cole radio station spots N- orig sleeve

786. Cap 2069(promo)- Nat King Cole w/ O- Somewhere Along the Way/ What Does It Take to Make You Take to me N-, orig sleeve

787. Cap 2546(promo)- Duke Ellington O- Bluejean Beguine// Warm Valley E+

788. Cap 2723(promo)- Duke Ellington O- Ultra Deluxe/ Blue Moon E+

789. Cap 3130- Frank Sinatra- Not As a Stranger/ How Could You Do a Thing Like That To Me N-

790. Cap 3218- Frank Sinatra- Fairy Tale/ Same Old Saturday Night N-

791. Cap 3703- Frank Sinatra- So Long, My Love/ Crazy Love E+

792. Cap 3744- Frank Sinatra- Something Wonderful Happens In Summer/ Youre Cheatin Yourself N-

793. Cap 15320- King Cole Trio- That’s a Natural Fact/ Flo & Joe N- orig sleeve

794. Cap 57-716- Nat King Cole Trio- Yes Sir That’s My Baby/ Land of Love E+N- orig sleeve

795. Cap 57-788- Benny Goodman O- Youre Always Here/ Brother Bill E+

796. Cap CT 3355(SO AFR)- Frank Sinatra- If I Had Three Wishes/ Learnin the Blues EE+ few lt scfs nap

797. Century 4000- Cliff Jackson(from piano roll) Hock Shop Blues/ Jelly Roll Morton- Dead Mans Blues E+

798. Challenge 811- Jane Kennedy w/ O- Button Up Your Overcoat/ Dan Hughes w/ O- The Guy Who Invented Whoopee G-

799. Chall 819- Roy Collins O- Why Didnt You Tell Me/ University Boys- My Sin E+ both good. Hawaiian guitar B

800. Champion 15564- Fiddlin Jim Burke- Smoky Row/ Old Zip Coon & medley reels VV+

801. Champ 15740- Alabama Serenaders- Louise/ Rex Gordons Aces- My Kinda Love V+/V plays OK for this label Solos both sides. Tiny Tim like vocal A

802. Champ 40094- Bob Terry O- Its Been So Long/ Sing An Old Fashioned Song E-, Berigan, etc no other US issue

803. Circle J 1050- Albert Ammons piano solo- St Louis Blues/ Cripple Clarence Lofton piano- Had a Dream E+

804. Clarion 1120(20s label)- Frisco Syncopators- Tuck Me To Sleep In My Old Kentucky Home/ Selvin O- April Showers E

805. Clarion 5051- Lloyd Keating O- Whats the Use?/ Louisiana Collegians- Youre Held By the Spell of the Moon EE-/E some soloing B

806. Claxtonola 40252- Billy Jones w/ O- Oh Gee Oh Gosh Oh Golly Im In Love/ Hey! You Want Any Codfish? V+ cracked to lbl, but rare anyway!

807. Clover 1527- Original Memphis 5- No One Knows What Its All About/ The Meanest Blues V-

808. Commodore 509- Kansas City Six- Countless Blues/ I Want a Little Girl E- Lester and band

809. Comm 510- Kansas City Five- I Know That You Know/ Laughing At Life E

810. Comm 511- Kansas City Six- Them There Eyes/ Good Mornin Blues E+ Lester and band

811. Comm 588- Jelly Roll Morton piano solos- Michigan Water Blues/ The Naked Dance E+

812. Comm 590- Jelly Roll Morton piano solo- Winin Boy Blues/ Mister Joe E+ Jelly sings A

813. Conqueror7878- Roy Smeck Trio- When the Moon Comes Over the Mountain (tk 1)/ Shine On Harvest Moon (tk 7) E

814. Cq 8167- Maple City Four- Tiger Rag/ Oh Monah VV+/V+ the entire A side used as soundtrack for the Max Fleischer Betty Boop cartoon- Betty & Grampy

815. Coral 61166- Lee Wiley- The Old Man of the Mountain/ Careless Love E+ in original sleeve

816. Crown 3021- Buddy Blue w/ O- I’ll Be Blue Just thinking of You/ Frank Luther w/ O- What a Fool I’ve Been to Believe In You E- poss Venuti A

817. Cr 3048- The High Steppers- What Good Am I Without You/ I Hate Myself EE+ or better, original sleeve

818. Crown shellac test mx 1778-1-B- Joel Shaw O- Basin Street Blues/ Roy Smeck O- mx 1662-2 Paradise E/ EE+. There are 4 Xs etched onto Shaw side, which only sound lightly. Great A side based on Louis Armstrong version with similar solo. B side has Hawaiian guitar and Ballew vocal. Both top sides in different ways

819. Cr 3389- Charlie Palloy O- Youre Telling Me/ One Little Word Led to Another V/V-

820. Cr 3391- Elmer Feldkamp O- Ill Never Have to Dream Again/ When Mother Played the Organ E-

821. Cr 3393- Adrian Schubert O- Old Time Wzs 1/2 E-

822. Cr 3426- Dell Lampe O- I Called to Say Good Night/ My River Home EE+

823. Cr 3508- Adrian Schubert O- Hold Your Man/ Dreaming V- rcnap

824. Diva 2408- Gus Mulcay- The St Louis Blues/ Farewell Blues V+ mouth harp w/ piano

825. Di 2706- Gay Ellis Novelty O(Annette Hanshaw)- I Must Have That Man/ ICGUA But Love looks V/V-, pl V

826. Di 3012- Annette Hanshaw- Tip Toe Thru the Tulips/ What Wouldnt I Do For That Man V+

827. Domestic 1015 (vert)- F Van Eps-banjo- Darkies Patrol/ P. Peppino- accordion- Espana Wz EE+ blue wax rare Philadelphia label

828. Do 3566- Majestic DO- Brown Eyes Why Are You Blue/ Hollywood DO- Did You Forget V+ lotsa banjo A

829. Do 3568- Sam Lanin DO- Oh Boy What a Girl/ Hollywood DO- Im Knee Deep In Daisies G/V-

830. Do 3630- Newport Society O- A Little Bungalow/ Sam Lanin O- Smile a Little Bit E

831. Do 3806- Al Lentz DO- Give Me a Ukulele/ Irwin Abrams DO- Just a Little Longer E

832. Diva 3169- Juilie Wintz O- After Youve Gone/ Lou Gold O- I Want Someone looks VV+, plays E. hot A

833. Down Home 9- Ralph Sutton piano- Black & White Rag/ Frog Legs Rag N-

834. Edison Diamond Disc 50288- William Smith & Walter K. Kolomoku- Aloha E wz med/ Waipio med E+

835. EDD 51869- Ernest V Stoneman- Wild Bill Jones/ John Henry E+/E

836. Edison Needle Type(thin) 11007- Bob Pierce w/ Arthur Schutt acc- Eat & Grow Thin/ Bob Pierce w/ Harry Merkur piano- Etiquette Blues EE+

837. Edison Needle Type 14018- Hawaiian Troubadours- Just Another Kiss/ Bye & Bye Sweetheart EE+

838. Edison Needle Type 14033- Hotel Commodore Ensemble- Blue Hawaii/ Softly As In a Morning Sunrise Has heat or pressure damage(?) that causes it to play V-, but still seldom seen!

839. Elite 5035- Rex Irving Modern Men of Music- the Acrobat/ Babushka Hop EE+ Raymond Scott soundalike

840. Emerson 10645- Dave Bernie O- Oh Gee Oh Gosh Oh Golly I’m In Love/ Pennsylvania Syncopators- Eddie Steady EE-

841. General 4003- Jelly Roll Morton- The Crave/ Buddy Boldens Blues E+

842. Gen 4005- Jelly Roll Morton- Don’t You Leave Me Here/ King Porter Stomp E

843. Gennett 4979- Baileys Lucky 7 feat Cliff Edwards- Homesick/ Carolina In the Morning EE-/E

844. Ge 5038- Frank Fereras Hawaiian Quintet- After Every Party Just a Breath of Hawaii V+E-

845. Ge 5416- Guy Lombardo O- So This Is Venice/ Cy V- rare early Guy

846. Ge 5447- The Vagabonds- Shine/ Jealous V

847. Gennett Electrobeam Spanish 40195- Tenor Augusto Monterroso w/ O- Adios Illusiones/ Calla Corazon E Rare Spanish series Electrobeam Gennett- Rayco Electrico on the label

848. Globe 1360(a Grey Gull label)- Bostonian Syncopators- Oh Oh Oh What a Night/ Keeping Up With the Jones VV+ good solos both incl a Bix-ian solo A

849. Globe 1435- Claude Lapham O- Restless Mary/ Nesting Time E- both good

850. Good Humor 659/662- Shaking His Bandolero/ It May Not Be Love But Its Wonderful V+ rare San Francisco label on this party record. Label has price of $2.50 which was a lot of $ back then!

851. Good Time Jazz 44- Wally Rose ragtime classics- Top Liner Rag/ Springtime Rag E+

852. Grey Gull 1405- Metro DO- Youre the Kind of a Girl I Can Love/ Paul Bolognese O- In a Little Spanish Town E-

853. GG 1432- Original Dixie Rag Pickers- Ill See You In Kentucky/ uncred O- Russian Lullaby V+ sax solo A

854. GG 1467- Paul Colongese O(Bolognese)- Charmaine/ Orig Dixie Rag Pickers- Ill Be With You Dixie Lou G Hawaiian guitar A

855. GG 1492- Intl DO- Don’t You Remember/ White Way DO- Let a Smile Be Your Umbrellla EE+ Hawaiian guitar A

856. GG 1554- uncred O- ICGUA But Love/ When Youre Dancing Neath the Dixie Moon E+ solos A, Hawaiian guit B

857. GG 1561- uncred O- My Blackbirds Are Bluebirds/ Im a One Man Girl E- both good. Hawaiian guitar A/banjo B

858. GG 1735- uncred O- Huggable Kissable You/ I Wonder Why E- LOTS of marimba B

859. GG 1809- Harmony Syncopators- Dreaming of Me/ Broadway Merrymakers- I Love You Believe Me E-/VV+ 3” cr nap. Hawaiian guitar A

860. GG 1829- White Way Serenaders- Happy Days Are Here Again/ Ginger Ale Sparklers- Needin You V+ Ballew vocal A on a nice version, B side many solos incl Hawaiian guitar

861. GG 2508- Frank Luther w/ O- If I Had a Talking Picture of You/ Jerry White w/ O- Im On My Way Back Home E some light scuffs

862. GG 4179- Al Bernard- That’s Gratitude/ Bill Bailey Wont You Please Come Home EE-

863. Happiness 106- Joey Nash w/ Ted Eddy O- Youre a Real Sweetheart/ Sapphires Qtet w/ Arnold Holop Music- Thats Right EE+ sticker on label. Later Joey Nash record, post Himber, from his own collection

864. Harmony 107- Sally Freeman- I Love My Baby/ Poor Papa EE-

865. Ha 690- Golden Gate O- Dusky Stevedore/ The Astorites- Blue Grass looks E-, lt scrs, plays E

866. Ha 704- Golden Gate O- Cause I Feel Low Down/ Ready For the River E

867. Ha 766- Gay Ellis & Novelty O (Annette Hanshaw)- My Blackbirds Are Bluebirds Now/ If You Want the Rainbow looks VV+, plays E

868. Ha 865- Buddy Golden Michigan Wolverines- Button Up Your Overcoat/ I Want to Be Bad EE-, plays E

869. Ha 875- Arthur Ross O- Ill Tell the World/ Carolina Club O- Oh Baby What a Night V-

870. Ha 999- Kate Smith w/ O- Moanin Low/ Waiting At the End of the Road E+/EE+ couple LIGHT scrs B

871. Ha 1014- Sammy Fain w/ novelty acc- Lovable & Sweet/ Painting the Clouds With Sunshine E+

872. Ha 1045- Golden Gate O- My Sweeter Than Sweet/ Alma Mammy E+

873. Ha 1053- Lloyd Keating O- Turn On the Heat/ Rudy Marlow O- The Woman In the Shoe E+ Sammy Fain vo A

874. Ha 1173- Frank Auburn O- Cheer Up/ Singing a Song to the Stars EE+ heat mark nap

875. Ha 1232- Rudy Marlow O- Three Little Words/ Chester Leighton O- I Am the Words looks V, plays E

876. Ha 1297- Roy Carroll O- You Didn’t Have to Tell Me/ When Your Lover Is Gone EE+

877. Ha 1310- The Harmonians- Im Crazy Bout My Baby/ Lloyd Keating O- Do I Really Deserve It From You looks V-, plays V+, Goodman, etc A

878. Ha 1316- Frank Auburn O- It Looks Like Love/ Golden Gate O- No One But You looks E-/V, plays E/EE- NICE A

879. Ha 1328- Chester Leighton O- Two Little Blue Little Eyes/ Love Is Like That EE- top Selvin w Goodman sax solo

880. Ha 1330- Lloyd Keating O- Sing a Little Jingle/You Cant Stop Me From Lovin You looks V, plays EE+/EE- Exc Venuti-Lang

881. Hickory 1013- Mc Cormack Bros- Banjo Twist/ Red Hen Boogie E+ small Nashville, Tenn label

882. Hit 7021- Arthur Fields w/ O- I Found a Peach In Orange New Jersey/ Theres a Star Spangled Banner Waving Somewhere E-

883. Hit 7023- Arthur Fields w/ O- Der Fuehrers Face/ Gee But Its Great to Meet a Friend E-

884. Hit of the Week 1045- Harlem Hot Chocolates- Sing You Sinners E+ Ellington

885. HOW 1046- Harlem Hot Chocolates- St James Infirmary EE+ light lam nap Ellington

886. Hollywood 506- Sterling Young O- One In a Million/ Whos Afraid of Love EE-, plays E Rare mid 30s black and white on pink label from ARC?. Label reads Hollywood Songs Inc

887. Hot Record Society 19- Earl Hines-Monday Date/ Off Time Blues E+ off QRS

888. HRS 20- Earl Hines- Panther Rag/ Stowaway E+ off QRS

889. International 260- Vincent Lopez O- Kitten On the Keys/ Nola EE+ A side played as boogie!

890. King 15002- Freddie Fisher O- Shnickelbop/ As Long As We Have Water Well Have Soup E/EE+ fun A-combo bop and shtick

891. Jazz Information 11- Bunk Johnson Jazz O- The Thriller Rag/ When I Leave the World Behind E+

892. Jazz Man 11- Jelly Roll Morton piano solo- Winin Boy Blues/ Honky Tonk Music EE+ few lt scrs. recorded in 38

893. Jazz Man 12- Jelly Roll Morton piano solo- Finger Buster/ Creepy Feeling EE+/E+ recorded in 1938

894. Jazz Record 1007- Art Hodes Jazz record 6- Someday Sweetheart/ Wolverine Blues E+

895. Jubilee HH1/2- Nan Blackstones Hush Hush Series- Life On Donkey Island/ Blakstones Secret Passion EE+ cracked to label, but plays quietly

896. King 4422- Bull Moose Jackson- Without Your Love/ Have You No Mercy N-

897. Liberty Music Shop L-157- Enric Madriguera O- I Like the Likes of You/ Should I be Sweet EE+ early issue on top Columbia pressing

898. Mac Gregor & Sollie 313/4- No Other One/ Isnt It a Lovely Day E+ nice trumpet solo A An ARC pressing for M&S, Mission Street, San Francisco

899. M&S 619/ 620- Sterling Young O- Melody From the Sky/ Robins & Roses E+ An ARC pressing on blue shellac for M&S Western Ave, Hollywood

900. Madison 1603- Joe Harrison O- Im Wild/ Castillian Serenaders- Valencia E+/E lbl tear B

901. Mad 1626- Kings DO- Dew Dew Dewy Day/ Cotton Pickers O- Hard Boiled Mama E both good

902. Mad 1630- Perfection Trio- Let a Smile Be Your Umbrella/ Musical Masters- If I Had a Girl Like You E Hawaiian guitar both sides

903. Mad 1637- uncred O w/ vo- Blue Hawaiian Moon/ Together E- lots of Hawaiian guitar A

904. Mad 1639- Hawaiian Players- Blue Hawaiian Moonlight/ Harmony DO- Jeannine I Drm EE- Hawaiian guitar both

905. Mad 1925- John Bennett- My Old New Hampshire Home/ James Rhan- Just tell them That You Saw Me E, few scrs beg B, Hawaiian guitar A

906. Mad 5022- Harry Conway- Now Teach Me To Forget/ Im a Dreamer Arent We All E/E- int hc nap Hawaiian A

907. Mad 5026- Carlton DO- Sunny Side Up/ Melody Hounds- Blue Days Waiting For You E+ solos A incl Hawaiian guitar

908. Mad 5063- Synco Jazzers- Two Red Lips/ Newport DO- Dancing With Tears In My Eyes E+/E Mosiello A

909. Mad 5064- Atlanta Syncopators- Blue & Lonesome/ Newport DO- Springtime In the Rockies V-

910. Mad 5069- Synco Jazzers- Lonesome Me/ Atlanta Merrymakers- If I had a Girl Like You E- brief repeat scr A/ V+

911. Mad 5082- Synco Jazzers- I Love You So Much/ Oceanic DO- I Won’t Be Satisfied V+ Hawaiian guitar A

912. Mad 5092- University Syncopators- Absolutely Marvelous/ Pauls Novelty O- Bye Bye Blues E- most, beg lesser. both good well recorded sides for Madison. rcnap

913. Mad 5099- Ginger Ale and His Sparklers- Needin You/ Cheerful Little Earful E/V some, V+ some A side long string of solos incl Hawaiian guitar

914. Mad 6014- Madison Melody Players- Can’t Leave My Troubles Behind/ Broadway Syncos- Running Between the Raindrops VV-, Hawaiian guitar A

915. Mad 6016- Jean Valentine- Just a Gigolo/ Harry Burke-A Bird In a Gilded Cage E- good version A

916. Mad 50001- Joy Dispensers- Ja Da Blues/ Nashville Jazzers- St Louis Blues E/E- one skip grv B, 2 inch faint cr

917. Mad 50004- Jack Fitz- Ramble No More/ Jack Clark- That Brand New Gal Of Mine E/V+ heat marks nap

918. Mad 50034- Jim Anderson- Sunny Side Up/ George French- Youre Always Falling In Love VV+/V+

919. Majestic 1040- Mildred Bailey w/ O- Penthouse Serenade/ Its a Woman’s Perogative E-

920. Majestic 7258- Lee Wiley w/ Jess Stacy O- Sugar/ Woman Alone With the Blues E+

921. Maj 7259- Lee Wiley w/ Jess Stacy O- But Not For Me/ Memories E+ few lt scuffs nap

922. Master 101- Hudson-De Lange O- Sophisticated Swing/ The Maids Night Off E+

923. Mas 109- Willard Robison Deep River O- Memphis Blues/ My Melancholy Baby EE- rc sds 1 grv B

924. Mas 117- Duke Ellington O- Theres a Lull In My Life/ Its Swell of You E/E- grey nap

925. Mas 131- Duke Ellington O- Caravan/ Azure E+ grey A nap

926. Mercury 11097- Fred Astaire- They All Laughed/ I Used to Be Color Blind EE+ despite scuffs. Astaire label on this Norman Granz produced issue

927. Mer 5180- The Mercury Novelty O- The Whistler & His Dog/ H Schinder O- Choo Choo Train Ride E/E-

928. Mer 8126- Big Bill Broonzy- Five Feet Seven/ I Wonder EE- lt scrs/ EE+

929. Melotone 12204- Sleepy Hall O- How the Time Can Fly/ At Your Command V+ few lt clx

930. Mt 12290- The Texas Drifter- The Prisoners Song/ John Law & the Hobo V+ some scrs B 1/4 inch hlc nap

931. Mt 12531- Chick Bullock Loungers- We Better Get Together Again/ Brother Can You Spare a Dime? V+

932. Mt 12630- Adrian Rollini O- You’ve Got Me Crying Again/ Hustlin & Bustlin For Baby V-

933. Mt 13133- Bing Crosby- Our Big Love Scene/ Little Dutch Mill E

934. Mt 6-04-08- Gene Kardos O- Saddle Your Blues to a Wild Mustang/ I Like That Face Youre Wearing E+ Top West Coast laminated pressing, and super swingin

935. Mt 6-09-51- Hoosier Hot Shots- is It True What They Say About Dixie/ Where Are You Going Honey E+ laminated pressing, Chicago mxs

936. Mt 7-08-03- Joe Haymes O- Got a Pair of New Shoes/ Sun Showers E+

937. Montgomery Ward 504- Clifford Herzer & Jascha Zayde- duo pianists- Rhapsody in Blue 1/2 E- edge gunk nap

938. Musicraft 463- Duke Ellington O- Overture to a Jam Session 1/2 E+

939. Mus 464- Duke Ellington O- Beautiful Indians 1/2 E+

940. Okeh 4428- Shelton Brooks & Co- Darktown Courtroom/ Miller & Lyles- You Cant Come In E

941. OK 4859- Finzels Arcadia O of Detroit- Whos Sorry Now/ Rega DO- Honolulu Nights V+E-

942. OK 40381- Jimmie Joy St Anthony Hotel O- China Girl/ Indian Dawn looks VV+ grey, plays E+ KC recorded

943. OK 40795- Jenkins Sacred Singers- When I See the Blood/ The Glory Land Way looks V, pl E/E- lt scr B

944. OK 40873- Ferera & Paaluhi- Sweet Hawaiian Moonlight/ One, Two, Three, Four looks V, plays E- light aud lam A 20 sec

945. OK 41274- Seger Ellis w/ O- Singin In the Rain/ Your Mother & Mine E- scry spots

946. OK 41429- Smith Ballew w/ O- You Brought a New Kind of Love to Me/ I Love You So Much E- rcnaps, scrs

947. OK 10109- Blas O mit Gefang- Prinz Eugen Marsch/ Andreas Hofer Marsch EE- recorded in Germany, US issue

948. OK 6884(promo)- Red Saunders O- Zekel Zekel/ La Raspa E+ fun A with vocal by The Hambone Kids

949. Oriole 521- Missouri Jazz Band- When a Blonde Makes Up Her Mind/ Billy James DO- Im Sitting On Top of the World E

950. Or 636- Oriole Varsity Ten- I’m Just Wild About Animal Crackers/ Dixie Jazz Band- Look At My Baby E+ rc about 10 grooves B, sounds but plays through. Solos!!

951. Or 1536- Dixie Jazz Band- Pas Old Hat/ Billy James DO- Mean to Me V+ nice A

952. Or 1942- Sam Lanin O- I’m In the Market For You/ Lou Gold O- Longing Just For You beginning E-, then E+ Smith Ballew vocal A

953. Or 2190- Fred Rich O- Blue Again/ Dick Cherwin O- It’s a Lonesome Old Town VV+

954. Paramount 14001(later label)- Johnny Dodds w/ Richard M Jones Wizards- Hot & Ready/ A Low Down Thing E-

955. Para 14020(later label)- Meade Lux Lewis w/ Geo Hannah vo- Molasses Sopper Blues/ Alley Rat Blues E

956. Pathe 22104(VERT)- Lieut Noble Sissle w/ Jim Europes Band- Jazzola/ All of No Mans Land Is Ours VV+/E-

957. Pathe 22473(VERT)- Ferera & Franchini- My Land of Memory/ Hawaiian Paradise E+

958. Pathe 020342- Chattaqua Preachers Quartet- When the Roll Is Called Up Yonder/ The Church in the Wildwood E/EE+

959. Pa 021051- Nathan Glantz O- Hot Roasted Peanuts/ Two Time Dan E-

960. Pat 025128- Cliff Edwards- Nobody Knows What a Red Head Mama Can Do/ Who Takes Care of the Caretakers Daughter E- rcnap

961. Pat 25185- Norton H Payne-recorded at station CKAC, Montreal- grand organ Capitol Theatre Montreal Canada- Id Climb the Highest Mountain/ I Wish I Had My Old Gal Back Again EE-/E splatter wax

962. Pat 032046- Maureen English- My Papa Doesn’t Two Time No Time/ Al Bernard & Ernest Hare- Samuel Johnson EE+

963. Pat 36979- Frank Keyes O- Jericho/ Dan Ritchie O- Louise E-/EE-

964. Perfect 11273- Hawaiian Islanders- Angela Mia/ Jeannine I Dream of Lilac Time E+

965. Pe 11300- Roy Smeck Trio- It Happened In Monterey(tk 3)/ When Its Springtime In the Rockies (tk 2) E-

966. Pe 11633- Cliff Edwards Hot Combination- Sunday/ Meadow Lark E-

967. Pe 11634- Cliff Edwards & Hot Combination- I Never Knew What the Mooonlight Could Do/ Im Tellin the Birds Tellin the Bees How I Love You EE+

968. Pe 11640- Cliff Edwards Hot Combination- Oh Baby Dont We Get Along/ Side By Side VV+/V-

969. Pe 12010- George Roberts w/ O- Who Tied the Can On the Old Dogs Tail/ Ambrose Mander- How Is It By You, By Me Its Fine V+/E-

970. Pe 12102- Al Bernard & Frank Ferera- Me No Speak-a Good English/ Harry Blake- So I Took the $50,000 E Vaudeville type songs

971. Pe 12185- Al Bernard w/ Russell Robinson p acc- Moonlight In Waikiki/ Let me Be the First to Kiss You Good Morning EE+

972. Pe 12613- Chick Bullock w/ O- Laughing My Troubles Away/ Dancing With tears V+/V- clx B. poss Eddie Lang A

973. Pe 14142- Lanins Arcadians- Annabelle/ My Sweetie Went Away E

974. Pe 14170- Golden Gate O- Easy Melody/ Strand Roof O- I Love You EE-

975. Pe 14311- Five Birmingham Babies- Hard Hearted Hannah/ Golden Gate O- Charley My Boy E-

976. Pe 14415- Sam Lanin O- Don’t Bring Lulu/ D Onivas O- Hobby Horse EE+

977. Pe 14538- Sam Lanin O- Spanish Shawl/ Southern Harmonists- That Certain Party E

978. Pe 14583- Nathan Glantz O- Sweet Hawaiian Dreams/ Sam Lanin O- In the Middle of the Night E

979. Pe 14688- Rockaway Ramblers- Never Had/ Lou Gold O- Id Love to Meet that Old Sweetheart of Mine E exc California Ramblers A!!

980. Pe 14690- Rockaway Ramblers- What Could be More Wonderful Than You/ Golden Gate O- What Cha Ma Call It E- sm rcnap, more California Ramblers

981. Pe 14824- Southhampton Soc O- Im In Love Again/ Sometimes Im Happy V/V+ repd dig B

982. Pe 14943- Willard Robison O- How Can I Forget?/ Sam Lanin O- Down South V/VV+

983. Pe 14945- Carolina Club O- Sunshine/ Afraid of You V-

984. Pe 14951- Sam Lanin O- Rain Or Shine/ Forever & Ever VV+

985. Pe 14958- Phil Hughes High Hatters- Hello Montreal/ Mississippi Mud V-/G rcnap

986. Pe 14995- Texas Ten- Old Man Sunshine/ The Louisianans- I Wonder E+ sm pop B (wz side)

987. Pe 15004- California Ramblers- Cause I Feel Low Down/ From Monday On E- both good!

988. Pe 15043- Tuxedo DO- Why Do I Love You Like I Do/ Down Where the Sun Goes Down EE-/E

989. Pe 15058- Casino DO- Shes Wonderful/ Majestic DO- Bon Soir Cherie EE+

990. Pe 15063- Deep River O- Pals, Just Pals/ In Sweetheart Time E-

991. Pe 15208- Mills Merry Makers- Moanin Low/ Majestic DO- Smiling Irish Eyes V-

992. Pe 15210- Frank Keyes O- Used to You/ Yuban Radio O- Since I Found You EE+

993. Pe 15211- Tuxedo DO- Marianne/ Don Voorhees O- Just You Just Me VV+/V-

994. Pe 15216- Dan Ritchie O- Ill Close My Eyes/ La Palina Broadcasters- A Night In May EE+

995. Pe 15402- Sam Lanin O- To Whom It May Concern/ Youre the One I Care For E+

996. Pe 15671- Bob Causer O- Everyone Says I Love You/ Me Minus You VV+ some steeling and pops/ E-

997. Pe 15710- Bob Causer O- Hells Bells/ Sweet Something V+

998. Pe 15716- Chick Bullock Loungers- Darkness On the Delta/ The Way I Feel Tonight VV+

999. Pe 15723- Harold White O- Twenty Million People/ Moon Song V-

1000. Pe 15744- Genes Merrymakers- I Like Mountain Music/ Lets All Sing Like the Birdies Sing E-/VV+

1001. Pe 15848- Gene Kardos O- Did You Ever See a Dream Walking/ Youre Such a Comfort to Me VV+

1002. Pe 35-10-01- Jack Oakie w/ O- Miss Brown to You/ Why Dream VV+ due to steeling 2” tite cr, yet a rare one

1003. Pe 5-11-01- Durelle Alexander w/ O- Animal Crackers In My Soup/ When I Grow Up VV+ lam B

1004. Pe 5-11-12- Henry Biagini O- Georgia Rockin Chair/ Casani Club O- Red Sails In the Sunset VV+

1005. Pe 6-02-04- Eddie Paul Paramount O- Alone/ You Took My Breath Away EE+ West Coast pressing

1006. Pe 8-02-07- Gene Kardos O- Bei Mir Bist Du Schon/ The One I Love VV+

1007. Pennington 1378- Martha Pryor & Golden Gate O- Lazy/ Chas Dale & Golden Gate O- Since Ma Is Playing Ma Jong VV+/V+ rare label made for Bamberger & Co, Newark, NJ, as is below

1008. Penn 1428- Irving Post Carolinians- Follow the Swallow/ Put Away a Little Ray of Sunshine E-

1009. Phono-cut 5169 (VERT)- Colonial O- Home Spun Rag/ Colonial Military Band- Kaiser Friedrich March E rare Boston label

1010. Puritone 1025- Lou Gold O- Come On Baby!/ Barney Trimble O- Roses of Yesterday EE- red label Columbia issue for Straus & Schram, Chicago

1011. Racy Records HS 415- Hollywood Hustlers- The Farmers Daughter/ same E Rare Hollywood label. Label on one side, blank on the other. Sexy image!

1012. Radiex 1434- Cosmo DO- Honolulu Moon/ White Way DO- Buddies In Paris E-/E

1013. Ra 1468- Metro O- Baltimore/ Shilkret trio w/ vo cho- The Memphis Blues VV+ Hawaiian guitar A

1014. Ra 1492- International Nov O- Don’t You Remember/ White Way DO- Let a Smile be Your Umbrella E+ Hawaiian guitar A

1015. Rad 1497- uncred O- After My Laughter Came Tears/ Carry me Back to Connemara V+/E- Hawaiian guitar B

1016. Rad 1540- uncred Orch- Old Man Sunshine/ Sidewalks of NY E- Hawaiian guitar both

1017. Rad 7024- Wabash Trio w/ vo- The Memphis Blues/ Beale Street Blues E despite lt scr. solos!

1018. Radiotone unnumbered- Muzzie Marcellino O- Holding Out For Love/ Im Sharing Heaven With You looks EE-, plays E+ laminated West Coast pressing on this rare label

1019. Rainbow 1005- Mrs Asher & Homer Rodheaver and Bob Matthews- Standin in the Need of Prayer/ Mrs Asher & Homer Rodheaver Heabn E+, 1920s label

1020. Rainbow 240(promo) Jimmy Roma tpt & O- Roma Rhythm/ Roo Roo Roo E+. includes Al Cohn, Kai Winding

1021. Religious Productions 3- Chapel Singers- Follow, I Will Follow Thee/ Weve a Story to tell the Nations E- 2 inch hlc nap, rarely seen Hollywood label from North Gower Street. Recorded by Radio Recorders-looks to be mid 30s?

1022. RP 9- Bill Retts Choristers- More Time Alone/ Take Time to Be Holy// Give Him Your Heart VV+ 2 hlc nap

1023. Regal 8680- Ernie Golden O- Doin the Raccoon/ Come On Baby E-/EE-

1024. Resona 75299- Lanin Roseland O- Snakes Hips/ That Red Head Gal E few lt scrs. rare label

1025. Romeo 961- Vincent Richards O- Pagan Love Song/ Magic Island EE-

1026. Ro 1063- Willard Young O- Tip Toe Thru the Tulips/ Dixie Daisies- Youre All the World To Me VV+/E-

1027. Ro 1100- The Detroiters- Any Old Time/ Eddie Brown O- If I Had a Talking Picture of You EE- both good

1028. Ro 1109- Fred Rich O- Singin In the Rain/ Ernest Carl DO- Just One More Wz w/U Sweetheart EE- solos A

1029. Royale 1787- Rex Irving Boys- Swing March/ Toy Department E+ Raymond Scott soundalike

1030. Roy 1788- Quintet of the Hot Club of France- Confessin/ Smoke Rings N-

1031. Roy 1795- Richard Himber O- Whose Theme Song? 1/2 E+

1032. Roy 1797- Rex irving Boys- Dance Henry/ Theyre Off E+ Raymond Scott soundalike

1033. Roy 1811- Richard Himber O- I Concentrate On You/ Ive Got My Eyes On You E+

1034. Roy 1817- Toots Mondello sax soloist w/ Claude Thornhill p, Nick Fatool d- Heres Your Change/ Burnin Sticks EE+, Trumbauer like

1035. Roy 1842- Rex Irving Boys- Gossip/ Second Avenue Clambake E+ Raymond Scott soundalike

1036. Silvertone 2418- Silvertone DO- They Cant Blame That On Me/ Bar Harbor O- All Alone VV+/V+

1037. Sil 2444- Rialto DO- Madeilne Be Mine/ Bar Harbor O- O Katharina E

1038. Sil 2471- Bar Harbor O- My Name Will Always Be Chickie/ Let It Rain. Let It Pour E

1039. Sil 2580- Sid Terry Collegians- Little Peach/ Majestic DO- Dont Bring Lulu VV+

1040. Sil 2616- Famous Broadway Players- No Wonder/ Majestic DO- Romany Days E

1041. Special 1003-P- Jerome Conrad O- Billie/ Where Was You- Where Was I E- Columbia product- special theatre record for Geo M. Cohans Billie

1042. Splendor 5557- Sestetto Tafarella- Perche Dimenticarmi?/ La Pilabella VV+ rare 20s NY label for Italian market

1043. Strong 5002- Ivan Frank w/ O- Komm mein Leischen-Leischen-Leischen (Come to Me My Lizzie, Lizzie, Lizzie)/ Im Hotel Zur Nachtigall(In the Nightengale Hotel) V rare 20s NY label for German market

--the next three are on the rarely seen gold on black Supertone label, made for Strauss & Schram stores in Chicago--

1044. Supertone 1026- Imperial DO- Oh If I Only Had You/ Im Looking At the World Through Rose Colored Glass E

1045. Spt 1039- Al Lentz O- How Could Red Riding Hood/ Sam Lanin O- Hello Bluebird E- both peppy

1046. Spt 1049- the Badgers- I Love the College Girls/ When I First Met Mary E both good sides

---the next three are on the more usually seen RCA Photophone- Supertone label---

1047. Spt 9493- Ernie Golden O- Just you Just Me/ Same Old Moon-Same Old June E/EE+

1048. Spt 9584- Paulsons Night Hawks- Dont Ever Leave Me/ Jack Stillman O- All That Im Asking Is Sympathy EE-

1049. Spt 9633- Paulsons Night Hawks- Fascinating Devil/ Im Climbing Up On a Rainbow EE-/E- Hawaiian guitar B

1050. Supreme 1442- Paul Bolognese O- Hallelujah/ Cosmo DO- You Cant Tell Any More E- sm digs pass, both good- rarely seen Grey Gull label

1051. Tempo 506- Ben Light at Steinway, Herb Kern, hammond organ, Lloyd Sloop- novachord- Bennys Boogie/ Whispering VV+

1052. Tem 599- Ben Light w/ Tempo trio- Yours/ Liza E+

1053. Tem 600- Ben Light w/ Tempo Qtet- Ill Get By/ It Had to be You E+

1054. Tem 680- Ben Light at the Steinway w/ novachord,b,dms, g- Changes/ Green Eyes E+ fun to hear a 20s classic played modern

1055. Tempo 1206- Ben Light at Steinway w/ 5- Two Melody Rag /Wait Till the Sun Shines Nellie E+

1056. UHCA 3/4- Jungle Kings- Friars Point Shuffle/ Darktown Strutters Ball E+

1057. VD 71751- Memphis Jazzers- Big Cty Blues/ Breakaway VV- both good sides

1058. VD 71785- Louisville Master Players- Dreaming of You/ Vincent Lopez O- If I had a Talking Picture of You E Hawaiian guitar A

1059. Variety 556- Ben Pollack O-Peckin/ In a Sentimental Mood EE-

1060. Var 571- Frankie Newton Uptown Serenaders- I Found a New baby/ Brittwood Stomp V

1061. Var 611- George Hall O- My Cabin of Dreams/ Lovely One EE+

1062. Var 618- Rex Stewart 52nd Street Boys- The Back Room Stomp/ Tea & Trumpets E/EE-

1063. Var 621- Dolly Dawn Patrol- Have You Got Any Castles Baby?/ You’ve Got Something There E+/E-

1064. Var 629- The Gotham Stompers- Alabamy Home/ My Honeys Lovin Arms E

1065. Var 646- Lou Raderman O- I Still Love To Kiss You Goodnight/ Don’t Save Your Love looks G, Plays V+/V-, Joey Nash vocals on this post Himber period record from Joeys collection

1066. Var 655- Barney Bigard Jazzopators- Jazz ala Carte/ Demi Tasse E-

1067. Varsity 8064- Jess Stacy All Stars- Whats New/ Melancholy Mood E+

1068. Var 8110- Toots Mondello O- Sweet Lorraine/ Beyond the Moon N-

1069. Var 8117- Johnny Messner O- She Really Meant to Keep It/ Dick Robertson O- Youve Got Me In the Palm of Your Hands E+, B side off 1932 Crown

1070. Var 8132- Jess Stacy O- ICBTUI Love w/ Me/ Clarinet Bleus E+

1071. Var 8135- Varsity Seven- Save It Pretty Mama/ Scratch My Back EE+/E+ Coleman Hawkins, etc

1072. Var 8140- Jess Stacy O- A Good Man Is Hard to Find/ Hal Bedell O- Harem Party E+

1073. Var 8166- Louis Prima Gleeby Rhythm O- Gleeby Rhythm Is Born/ Sing a Spell E+

1074. Var 8168- Johnny Messner O- In Our Little Part of Town/ A Drink Is What We Need E+

1075. Var 8169- Sonny James O- Looks Like Winter/ The Sweetest Little Lassie E+

1076. Var 8172- Van Alexander O- My My/ Say It EE+

1077. Var 8184- Happy Felton O- Joe Turner Blues/ Lets All Sing Together E+

1078. Var 8190- Six Men & a Girl- Scratchin’ the Gravel/ Zonky E+

1079. Var 8197- Phil Harris O- Faithful Forever/ Careless E-

1080. Var 8202- Jack Teagarden O- Love For Sale/ Wham EE+

1081. Var 8209- Jack Teagarden O- If I Could be With you/ My Melancholy Baby E+

1082. Var 8215- Frank Trumbauer O- Wearing of the Green & Irish Washerwoman/ No Retard E+

1083. Var 8218- Jack Teagarden O- Cant We Talk It Over/ The Blues E+

1084. Var 8223- Frank Trumbauer O- Jimtown Blues/ The Laziest Gal In Town N-

1085. Var 8235- Johnny Messner O- Aint You Ashamed/ So Long E

1086. Var 8236- Frankie Trumbauer presents Rene Faure- Honky Tonk Train Blues/ Little Rock Getaway N-

1087. Var 8262- Rex Irving Boys- Overture Begins At Forte/ Babuskha Hop E+N- Raymond Scott soundalike

1088. Var 8266- Phil Harris O- Just a Whistlin & a Whittlin/ My Kind of Country E/EE+

1089. Var 8301- Griff Williams Stevens Hotel O- How Can I Ever Be Alone ?/ You Gorgeous Dancing Doll V+

1090. Var 8307- Griff Williams O- Oh!/ Down By the Ohio V+

1091. Var 8348- John Ryan O- WPA/ She Was Just a Sailors Sweetheart E

1092. Var 8365- Buster Bailey O- Eccentric Rag/ Pine Tops Boogie Woogie E

1093. Var 8368- Sammy Kaye O- Love Lies/ The World Is In My Arms EE+

1094. Var 8370- Johnny Mc Gee O- In the Hall of the Mountain King/ Anitras Dance NN- good swing versions

1095. Var 8383- John Ryan O- A Bee Gezindt/ The Gentleman Needs a Shave N-

1096. Var 8388- Jack Teagarden O- Wait Till I Catch You In My Dreams/ And So Do I V+

1097. Velvet Tone 1619- Irving Kaufman w/ University 6- Speedy Boy/ Shes the Sweetheart of Six Other Guys EE- plays E

1098. VT 1626- The Harmonians- Im Afraid of You/ Laugh Clown Laugh V+

1099. VT 1638- The Harmonians- Helo Montreal/ Sweet Sue-Just You E-

1100. VT 1660- Lou Gold O- Sweet Lorraine/ ICGUA But Love E some light grey nap

1101. VT 1662- Newport Soc O- Just a Little Way From Home/ Youre a Real Sweetheart EE-

1102. VT 1759- Rudy Vallee Yale Men- Doin the Raccoon/ Bye & Bye Sweetheart E/EE-

1103. VT 1822- Lou Gold O- That’s Her Now/ The Harmonians- Cradle of Love VV+

1104. VT 1859- Annette Hanshaw w/ NE Yanks- Mean to Me/ A Precious Little Thing Called Love looks V-, pl V+

1105. VT 1886- Bar Harbor O- Just An Old Love Affair/ Coquette E-

1106. VT 1888- Joe Candullo O- Till We Meet/ Fashionette V

1107. VT 1889- Perley Stevens O- I Kiss Your Hand Madame/ Old Fashioned Lady EE-

1108. VT 1924- Lou Gold O- That’s You Baby/ Breakaway V+E-

1109. VT 1925- Harmonians- Ive Always Wanted to Call You My sweetheart/ When My Dreams Come true V+

1110. VT 1945- Frank Ferera Hawaiian trio(Annette Hanshaw vo)- Pagan Love Song/ Ua Like No a Like looks E-,pl E

1111. VT 1964- Rudy Marlow O- Id Fall In Love With Me/ Where Are You Dream Girl? E-/V

1112. VT 1987- Barney Trimble O- Bashful Baby/ Gypsy Dream Rose V-

1113. VT 1988- Rudy Marlow O- How Am I To Know?/ Ive Waited a Lifetime For You E-

1114. VT 2012- Annette Hanshaw- What Wouldn’t I Do For That Man/ Tip Toe Thru the Tulips With Me V+/V

1115. VT 2047- Patsy Young(Annette Hanshaw)- I Think Youll Like It/ Hes So Unusual looks VV+, plays E-

1116. VT 2066- Annette Hanshaw & the Three Blue Streaks- If I Had a Talking Picture/ Im a Dreamer Arent We All V/VV+

1117. VT 2081- Lou Gold O- I Was Made to Love You/ Once In a Blue Moon E

1118. VT 2121- Frank Ferera Hawaiian Trio(Hanshaw vocs)- Pale Blue Waters/ Lazy Louisiana Moon looks E-, pl 1119. VT 2133- Lou Gold O- Leven Thirty Saturday Night/ Sam Lanin O- Kiss My With Your Eyes V/V+

1120. VT 2134- Golden Gate O- Telling It to the Daisies/ Reminiscing V-

1121. VT 2136- Hotel Penn Music- Song of the Dawn/ It Happened In Monterey E/EE+

1122. VT 2138- Frank Auburn- Kickin A Hole In the Sky/ Blue is the Night looks EE- grey, plays E+ rcnap

1123. VT 2146- Lloyd Keating O- Im In the Market For You/ Frank Auburn O- Mysterious Mose V+, plays better

1124. VT 2192- Webster Moore High Hatters- Just a Little Closer/ Betty Co-Ed VV+

1125. VT 2216- Kate Smith- Maybe It’s Love/ You’ll Never Know Sweetheart EE-, plays E+

1126. VT 2218- Hotel Penn Music- Maybe Its Love/ Loving You the Way I Do EE+

1127. VT 2226- Chester Leighton O- Body & Soul/ Lloyd Keating O- Im Yours E+ really nice versions

1128. VT 2247- Rudy Vallee & Ct Yankees- You’ll Do It Someday So Why Not Now/ Jim Andrews- Little Darling looks VV+, plays EE-. GOOD Vallee side!

1129. VT 2263- Lou Gold O- Bad Little Girl/ Wally Edwards O- Where Have You Been? E/EE-

1130. VT 2265- Lloyd Keating O- Youre Simply Delish/ Golden Gate O- lady Play Your Mandolin E

1131. VT 2371- Wally Edwards O- Out of Nowhere/ Whisper Your Love looks V+, plays E

1132. VT 2394- Lloyd Keating O- Sweet & Hot/ Golden Gate O- I’d Be Lying looks G, plays VV+/V. both good!

1133. VT 2398- Lloyd Keating O- Under Your Window Tonight-/ Have You Forgotten looks V, plays EE- BG sax solo

1134. VT 2432- Lloyd Keating O- Theres No Depression In Love/ Theres a Time & Place For Everything looks V+, plays EE+ EXC A Goodman, etc

1135. VT 2452- Lou Gold O- Got to Find a Baby to Love/ Jerry Fenwyck O- Blue Kentucky Moon looks V+, plays E. Selvin

1136. Vocalion 14216- Aileen Stanley w/ O- It Takes a Good Man to Do That/ Harmonizers Quartet- Melon Time In Dixieland VV+

1137. Vo 14622- Ben Bernie O- Love Tales/ My Sweetie Went Away EE-

1138. Vo 14909- Ben Selvin O- On the Way to Monterey/ Nancy E

1139. Vo 15198- The Vanderbilt O- Baby/ Lantern of Love EE+ lotsa banjo

1140. Vo 15515- The Ambassadors- Delilah/ Kensington Serenaders- Sam the Old Accordion Man E/EE-

1141. Vo 2691(gold lbl)- Nye Mayhew O- Baby Take a Bow/ This Is Our Last Night Together E-/EE-

1142. Vo 2692(gold lbl)- Nye Mayhew O- Ill String Along With You/ Cocktails For Two V-

1143. Vo 2715(gold lbl)- Eddie Jackson O- The Beat O My Heart/ Ridin Around In the Rain VV+

1144. Vo 2935- Putney Dandridge O- Youre a Heavenly Thing/ Mr Bluebird V/VV+ 1 inch tite cr nap

1145. Vo 3150- Bix Beiderbecke piano solo- In a Mist/ Tram-Bix-Lang- Wringin & Twistin E- OKeh masters

1146. Vo 3169- Stuff Smith Onyx Club Boys- Ise a Muggin/ Isa a Muggin Musical Numbers Game V+/V-

1147. Vo 3378- Mildred Bailey O- Long About Midnight/ More Than You Know EE+ Artie Shaw in band

1148. Vo 3389- Henry Red Allen O- When My Dream Boat Comes Home/ Heres Love In Your Eye E 1” cr nap

1149. Vo 3391- Sid Phillips Rhythm- Sweet Sue- Just You/ My Sweetie Went Away E-

1150. Vo 03394- Bob Wills Texas Playboys- Steel Guitar Rag/ Swing Blues Number 1 V due to grey rcnap. EXC!

1151. Vo 3430- Phil Harris O- Nobody/ Jelly Bean E laminated West Coast pressing

1152. Vo 3439- Red Jessup Melody Makers- Trouble Don’t Like Music/ Moonlight & Shadows E+/EE+, swingin A

1153. Vo 3448- Smith Ballew with Eddie Kay O- Floating On a Bubble/ If My Heart Could Only Talk E, plays better LA matrices, not listed in dance or jazz discogs

1154. Vo 3758- Mildred Bailey O- Right or Wrong/ Loving You E-

1155. Vo 03878- Roy Newman Boys- Everybodys Blues/ When Theres Tears in the Eyes of a Potato VV+/EE+ Western swing

1156. Vo 3911- Isham Jones O- Outside of Paradise/ Shenanigans EE-, plays E niice!

1157. Vo 3934- Sidney Phillips O- Message From Mars/ Swing Patrol E. Raymond Scott soundalike A

1158. Vo 3982- Mildred Bailey O- From the Land of the Sky Blue Water/ Lover Come Back to Me E-

1159. Vo 4016- Mildred Bailey O- I Cant Face the Music/ Don’t Be That Way E-

1160. Vo 4083- Mildred Bailey O- I Let a Song Go Out of My Heart/ Rock It For Me VV+

1161. Vo 4888- Al Donahue O- Moon Love/ To You EE+

1162. Vo 4915- Frankie Masters O- Scatterbrain/ Take Me Out to the Ball Game E

1163. Vo 4919- Tiny Hill O- Doin the Chamberlain/ Aintcha Comin Out V/V-

1164. Vo 5236- Mildred Bailey w/ O- I Shoulda Stood In Bed/ Ive Gone Off the Deep End E/EE+

1165. Vo 5265- Frankie Masters O- All the Things You Are/ That Lucky Fellow E+

1166. Vo 5277- Mildred Bailey w/ O- All the Things You Are/ Blue Rain EE+

1167. Vogue picture record R755- Charlie Shavers Quintet- Serenade to a Pair of Nylons/ Broadjump E+


1168. Blue Star 8(FR)- Charlie Lewis p w/ rhythm- April In Paris/ Some of These Days E laminated press

1169. BS 95- Baby Dodds Trio- Wolverine Blues/ Drum Improvisation number 1 E+ laminated press

1170. BS 188- Sidney Bechet Circle 7- Casbah/ I Got Rhythm NN- laminated pressing

1171. Brilliant Special 11384(GER?)- Schweizer Landler Kapelle- Auf der Kubplanken- Alm/ Im Salzkammergut V+

1172. Broadcast 12 3163- The Manhattan Melodymakers- The Way With Every Sailor/ Neath the Spell of Monte Carlo V+

1173. Brunswick 1256- Bing Crosby- Where the Blue of the Night/ Dancing In the Dark V+/E-

1174. Br 1271- Bing Crosby & Mills Bros- Dinah/ Cant We Talk it Over E+

1175. Br 1498- Bing Crosby w/ Dorsey Bros O- Stay On the Right Side of the Road/ Someone Stole Gabriels Horn VV+

1176. Br 01945- Lee Wiley w/ O- Hands Across the Table/ Ethel Merman- Earful of Music E- rcnaps

1177. Br 01952- Bing Crosby- Love Is Just Around the Corner/ Maybe Im Wrong Again E+N-

1178. Br 02988- Anne Jamison w/O- Looking For a Boy/ Summer Time E-

1179. Br 03108- Milt Herth Trio- Jolly Peter/ Down South E+

1180. Br 03641- Roy Eldridge O- Little Jazz Boogie/ Embraceable You E

1181. Br 03818- Deanna Durbin- The Turntable Song/ You Wanna Keep Your Baby Lookin Right E-/E

1182. Br 03880- Eddie Cantor- Ma/ Margie E+ Odd coupling Decca master A/ US Brunswick B, both good sides in different ways

1183. Br 82767- Kurt Edelhagen O- Linger Awhile/ Kiss Me E+ original sleeve

1184. Cinecord 021-uncred O- Fare Thee Well Annabelle/ Sweet Music EE- rare label theatre use

1185. Columbia 5165- Ray Starita Ambassador O- Shout Hallelujah Cause Im Home/ Youre In My Heart E- one ruff grv beginning A passes quickly

1186. Co CB 326- Ted Raph O- Please Dont Talk About me When Im Gone/ Dream a Little Dream of Me EE+/E+ Nice sides off US Columbia. Ballew vocals

1187. Co CB 522- RW Kahn O- Sheltered By the Stars/ Youve Got Me In the Palm of Your hand E-

1188. Co CB 674- Henry Hall BBCDO- Making Conversation/ I Took My Harp to a Party V+

1189. Co CB 726- New Music of Reginald Forsythe- Berceuse For An Unwanted Child/ Garden of Weed E+

1190. Co DB 286- Burns & Allen- Dizzy part 1/2 E, no US issue, recorded in London

1191. Co DB 1469- Les Allen w/ O- I Saw Stars/ Old Faithful E

1192. Co FB 1549- Scott Wood Six Swingers- Harlem/ Organ Grinders Swing V-

1193. Co DB 1779- Gertrude Niesen w/ O- Rhythm Is My Romeo/ What Is Romance? E+, only issue UK rec

1194. Co DB 2009- Bing Crosby- Love, You Funny Thing/ The Day You Came Along E+

1195. Co DB 2019- Bing Crosby- Just An Echo In the Valley/ Ill Follow You E+

1196. Co FB 1342- Henry Hall BBCDO- Alone At a Table For Two/ Lovely Lady E/E+ sm rcnap

1197. Co DV 1053(AUSTRIA)- Paula Wessley und Hans Jaray w/ O- Ich war so gern einmal verliebt/ Wersagt den das? Ich denk mirs halt E

1198. Co DV 1117(AUSTRIA)- Harry Sandauer O- Ich freu nich wenn de Sonne lacht/ Schade kleine frau E+ both nice fox trots

1199. Currys 134- Curry Jazz Band- Wana/ Fate V..nice black on yellow label is clean

1200. Daily Mail Mystery Record 1/2 E/E+

1201. Decca F 2867- Roy Fox O- Kiss By Kiss/ Goodnight Moon EE+ Bowlly vocs

1202. De F 2938- Jack Hylton O- With all My Love & Kisses/Auf Wiedersehn my Dear E+

1203. De F 3243- Roy Fox O- Love Me Tonight/ Were a Couple of Soldiers EE+

1204. De F 3695- Al Bowlly w/ O- Night & Day/ Love Locked Out E

1205. De F 5270- Lew Stone O- What a Little Moonlight Can Do/ Looking For a Little Bit of Blue E Bowlly both

1206. De F 6795- Lew Stone O- Now It Can Be Told/ On the Sentimental Side E- Bowlly vocs

1207. De F 7063- Bebe Daniels & Ben Lyon- Little Sir Echo/ Bebe Daniels- The Masquerade is Over E

1208. De F 7163- Leonard Feather AS Band- Feather Bed Blues/ Twelve Bar Stampede EE+/E

1209. De F 7180- Charlie Kunz piano solo- Kunz revival 10 pt 1/2 EE+

1210. De F 7490- Lew Stone O- It’s a Blue World/ Too Romantic EE-/VV+

1211. De F 7613- Arthur Young & Hatchetts Swingtette- Rumple- Stilts-Kin/ I Hear Bluebirds E

1212. De F 9158- Mark White presents The Jazz Club- Barefoot Blues/ Dixie EE+

1213. De F MU 60338- Count Basie O- Honeysuckle Rose/ Good Morning Blues E+ picture label of Basie

1214. De FJ 10803- Vic Lewis O- Intermission Rock/ Natal E+N-

1215. De M 32272(HOLLAND)- Orch of the Dutch Swing College- Tin Roof Blues/ Thats a Plenty EE- grey nap

1216. De M 32958- Orch of the Dutch Swing College- Stealin the Blues/ High Society looks VV+, pl E- grey nap

1217. Dominion A 27- Seven Little Polar Bears- Mississippi Mud/ Deauville DO- Sunshine EE+

1218. Duophone D 4032- Bert Firman O- All By Yourself In the Moonlight/ Heaven For Two E-

1219. Eclipse 836 (8 inch)- The Philadelphians- Who Made Little Boy Blue/ Sweet Dreams of You EE+

1220. Edison Bell Radio 890 (8 inch)- Alfredo Band- Lila/ My Angel V+

1221. Edison Bell Winner 3756- Hawaiian Quartette- Hawaiian Rainbow/ Rio Nights E

1222. EBW 4819- Harry Hudsons M Men- Is Everybody Happy Now/ Im Away From the World VV+

1223. EBW 1515- Deauville O- Goodnight Sweetheart/ Were You Sincere? EE+

1224. EBW W 119- Owen Fallon Californians- True/ Ridin Around In the Rain V notes written on lead out groove state B side is an unissued in US Jimmie Grier

1225. Esquire 10-110- Wild Bills Stompers w/ Bertha Chippie Hill- Baby Wont You Please Come Home/ Wild Bills Stompers- Eccentric N-

1226. Esq 10-221- Vic Lewis American Jazzmen (Hackett, Zutty, Condon, etc)- Keep Smiling At trouble/ Sugar E+

1227. Grand 1006(GER)- Popular Swing O- Sing, Sing, Sing/ Moonlight V

1228. Guardsman 2062- Casino DO- It Made Me Happy When You made Me Cry/

1229. HMV B 1289- Walter Jefferies- The Old Nig*er/ Coal Black Mammy EE+

1230. HMV B 2720- Noel Coward- Dance Little Lady/ Try to Learn to Love E+

1231. HMV B 2733- Gracie Fields w/ O- My Blue Heaven/ Because I Love You E+

1232. HMV B 5474- Jack Hylton O- Sunshine/ Ramona V+ scrs

1233. HMV B 5604- NMDO- Up With the Lark/ Misery Farm E/E-

1234. HMV B 5819- NMDO- Crazy Feet/ Youve Got to be Modernistic EE- both good!

1235. HMV B 5887- Jack Hylton O- Our Jacks Back/ Little White Lies V-/V+

1236. HMV B 5889- Jack Hylton O- Adeline/ Dancing With tears In My Eyes E+

1237. HMV B 5893- NMDO- Ive Got a Feeling/ Say a Little Prayer For Me V+ lbl tears

1238. 238V B 5943- Jack Hylton O- Sing Something Simple/ Never Swat a Fly E-/E

1239. HMV B 5946- Ambrose O- Im Doing That Thing/ My Sunshine Came On a Rainy Day E

1240. HMV B 5957- NMDO- Make Yourself a Happiness Pie/ One Heavenly Night E early Bowlly A

1241. HMV B 5983- New Mayfair DO- Im Glad I Waited/ Time On My Hands E, Bowlly both

1242. HMV B 6010- NMDO- Sunshine & Shadows/ Fiesta V- scrs Bowlly both

1243. HMV B 6075- Ambrose O- If They Ever Had An Income Tax On Love/ The Queen Was In the Parlour EE+

1244. HMV B 6147- Ray Noble O- Its Great to be In Love/ Blues In My Heart E-/E, Bowlly both sides

1245. HMV B 6157- Ray Noble O- With Love In My Heart/ My Girl Dont Love Me Any More E- Bowlly A

1246. HMV B 6219- Ray Noble O- Please Dont Mention It/ Pagan Moon EE+/E+ Bowlly both sides

1247. HMV B 6251- Ray Noble O- Dont Say Goodbye/ You, Just You EE+ Bowlly both sides

1248. HMV B 6337- Ray Noble O- No More Love/ Wont You Stay To Tea E/EE-

1249. HMV B 6394- Ray Noble O- Trouble In Paradise/ Mademoiselle V+ Bowlly both

1250. HMV B 6432- Ray Noble O- When You Were the Girl On the Scooter/ La Di Da Di Da E+ Bowlly A

1251. HMV B 6459- Ray Noble O- Have a Heart/ Its Time to Say Goodnight EE+

1252. HMV B 6499- Ray Noble O- Hold My Hand/ Nasty Man EE+/E both good. Bowlly A

1253. HMV B 8010- Paul Robeson- Lazy Bones/ Carry Me Back to Green Pastures EE+/E

1254. HMV B 8068- Cicely Courtneidge- My Wild Cat/ The Winds In the West E+

1255. HMV B 8136- Evelyn Laye w/ O- Near & Yet So Far/ Brave Hearts EE-

1256. HMV B 8162- Jack Hulbert w/ O- Keep Tempo/ My Last Years Girl EE-

1257. HMV B 8668- Paul Robeson- All Through the Night/ Still Night, Holy Night E+

1258. HMV B 9219- Jelly Roll Morton NO Jazzmen- West End Blues/ Climax Rag E+

1259. HMV B 9281- Paul Robeson- Love At My Heart/ Now Sleeps the Crimson Petal E+

1260. HMV BD 143- Jack Hylton O- I Believe In MIracles/ She Wore a Little Jacket of Blue E

1261. HMV BD 291- Jack Jackson O- Everythings In Rhythm With My Heart/ Say the Word & Its Yours E-

1262. HMV BD 323- Frances Day- Swing/ Me & My Dog EE+

1263. HMV BD 474- Ronnie Munro O- Hide & Seek selection 1/2 VV+

1264. HMV BD 940- Quentin Reynolds Dear Doctor....1/2 E+

1265. HMV BD 941- Quentin Reynolds Dear Doctor....3/4 E+

1266. HMV BD 1287- Ken Mc Intosh his sax and Orch- Stop Sit Down Relax Think/ It Aint Necessarily So V

1267. HMV BD 5011- Roy Fox O- Love Is a Dancing Thing/ Dangerous You EE+

1268. HMV BD 5042- Roy Fox O- Life Begins When Youre In Love/ I feel Like a Feather In the breeze EE+

1269. HMV BD 5255- Jack Hylton O- Gangway/ Moon or No Moon V+

1270. HMV BD 5366- Roy Fox O- Goodnight Angel/ My Heaven On Earth VV+/E

1271. HMV BD 5427- Geraldo O- Heart & Soul/ When Mother Nature Sings Her Lullaby E-V+ Bowlly

1272. HMV BD 5438- Geraldo O- Colorado Sunset/ Is That the Way to Treat a Sweetheart E- Bowllys

1273. HMV BD 5463- Geraldo O- Park Parade/ Lambeth Way E

1274. HMV BD 5482- Geraldo O- Begin the Beguine/ Little Sir Echo E

1275. HMV BD 5914- Joe Loss O- Gotta Be This Or That/ Skyliner EE+

1276. HMV EA 1230 (AUST)- Ray Noble O- Thats What Life Is Made Of/ All Over Italy E+ laminated pressing

1277. HMV GW 239(ITAL)- Giuseppe Marzari, comico genovese- A Canzon DO Scrocco/ Abbandonato! E-

1278. HMV HN 320(ITALIAN)- Danielle Serra w/ O- Dallago Al Millione 1/2 E

1279. HMV HN 333- Danielle Serra w/ O- Napoli, Tutta Luce/ Parole D Amore V+/E

1280. HMV HN 762- Danielle Serra w/ O- Rintocchi/ Gina Allilli Olivieri- Io Sciupo Il Mio Amore EE+

1281. HMV HN 961- Danielle Serra e Coro w/ O- Ho Un Buco Nella Tasda/ valzer Della Fisarmonica VV+ scrs

1282. HMV JK 2209(FR)- Earl Hines O- Boogie Woogie On St Louis Blues/ Number 19 EE+

1283. HMV JK 2242(FR)- Earl Hines O- Blue Because of You/ Call me Happy E

1284. HMV K 7938(FR)- Teddy Hill O- My Marie/ Where Is the Sun E+ top laminated pressing

1285. Imp 2154- Buddy Blue Texans- Birmingham Bertha/ Smiling Irish Eyes E, good A with Ballew both

1286. Imp 2287- Chick Bullock w/O- Im In the Market For You/ Pat O’ Dell w/ O- Just Like In a Story Book E+

1287. Jazz Club Francais 132- Jazz Club American Hot Band- Red Light/ You, Youre Driving Me Crazy E+ great laminated pressing

1288. Jazz Selection 512(FR)- Earl Hines piano solo- Stow Away/ Chimes Blues N- great pressing

1289. John Bull 40451- Mr Fred Vernon w/ O- Call Round Any Old Time/ Hang Out the front Door Key VV+

1290. Kristall 7112(GERMAN)- Die 4 Lustgen Jungers- Blaaue mutze blaue Jacke, blaue Hose/ Schon bluhn die Heckenrosen E

1291. Kristal 21184(HOLLAND)- Ruth Etting w/ O- Youve Got Me Crying Again/ Hold Me E+N-

1292. Lindstrom A 4299(GER)- The Red Hotters- Oh Heinrich/ Melody Sheiks- Indian Nights V/E-

1293. Lucky S-24(JAPAN)- Fred Astaire- Puttin On the Ritz/ Duke Ellington O- In the Shade of the Old Apple Tree E+

1294. Lucky 60019(JAPAN)- The Boswell Sisters- Alexanders Ragtime Band/ Dinah V+

1295. Lucky 60441- Russ Morgan O- Will U Remember Tomorrow Tonight/ Ten Little Miles From Town E..has original English/Japanese lyric sheet

1296. Lucky Strike 24209(CAN)- Savoy O- Its Time to Make Love/ Blue Jacket O- Constantinople V+ nice trumpet A

1297. Nixa NY 7022- The Adrian Dante Accordion O- Jamaican Rumba/ The dance of the Rose Maidens EE+

1298. Od 194569(ARG)- Harry Roy O- Uv Been Taking Lessons In Love/ Goody Goody EE- lam nap

1299. Od 31936(GER)- Harry James- Estrellita/ A Little Bit of Heaven E+

1300. Odeon A 241067- Lilian Harvey & Willy Fritsch w/ O- Eine Liebelei so nehenbei/ Kind, Sein Mund Musik V+ scr B sounds light. Fox trot A in German

1301. Pacific JF 5089(FR)- Camille Sauvage O- I Should Care/ La Chanson Du Camping looks NEW, plays E with inherent grit, still exc swing

1302. Pac JF 6002(FR)- Camille Sauvage O- Air Mail Special/ Etrange Voyage looks NEW, plays E as above-swings!

1303. Pathe 752(FR)- Ray Ventura Collegians- Les Trois Mandarins/ Chez Moi E+ two tiny clx A

1304. Parlophone F 149- Nat Gonella O- Breakin the Ice/ Rhythm Is Our Business E

1305. Par F 158- Harry Roy O- Were Were U On the Night of June the Third/ Jubilation Rag EE-/E-

1306. Par F 167- Gerry Moore- Old Man Harlem/ Fox Trot med E+

1307. Par F 282- Harry Roys Tiger Ragamuffins- Gershwin fox trot med 1/2 EE-

1308. Par F 378- The Krakajax- If Harlem Came to Mayfair/ Limehouse Blues VV+ clean but scry

1309. Par F 391- Harry Roys Tiger- Ragamuffins- Fox Trot med pt 1/2 V+

1310. Par F 395- Maurice Winnick O- Alone/ The Sunset Trail EE+

1311. Par F 483- Harry Roy O- Margie/ Avalon E-

1312. Par F 484- Harry Roy Tiger Ragamuffins- That’s a Plenty/ Someday Sweetheart E+

1313. Par F 500- Harry Roy O- Oh You Sweet Thing/ Shine E-

1314. Par F 505- Ivor Moreton & Dave Kaye pianos w/ b,g- Fox trot medley 1/2 E-

1315. Par F 543- Harry Roy O- Knock, Knock Whos There/ Oh My Goodness E+

1316. Par F 544- Harry Roy O- Spanish Jake/ A Gift From Heaven E-

1317. Par F 545- Harry Roy O- Breakfast In Harlem/ A Heard a Song In a Taxi EE+

1318. Par F 588- Harry Roy O- Sarah, the Sergeant Majors Daughter/ Ill Never Let You Go EE+

1319. Par F 589- Harry Roy Tiger Ragamuffins- I Left My Sugar Standing In the Rain/ Ive Found a New Baby EE+

1320. Par F 642- Ivor Moreton & Dave Kaye pianos w/ b,g- Fox trot medley 1/2 E-

1321. Par F 759- Leslie Hutchinson- Broken Hearted Clown/ I Need You V+

1322. Par F 772- Harry Roy O- When the Trumpet Started Crooning/ Julietta V+

1323. Par F 778- Harry Roy O- The Love Bug Will Bite You/ Lets Swing It E-

1324. Par F 1122- Joe Daniels Hot Shots- Knees Up Mother Brown/ The Oldest Swinger In Harlem V

1325. Par F 1643- Phyllis Robins w/ O- Its a Hap Hap Happy Day/ Goodnight Children Everywhere E+

1326. Par F 1700- Harry Roy Tiger Ragamuffins- Put That Down In Writing/ Rose Room E

1327. Par F 1767- Ivor Moreton & Dave Kaye w/ b,dms- Tin Pan Alley medley 29 pt 1/2 E-

1328. Par F 1846- Ivor Moreton & Dave Kaye- Tin Pan Alley med #36 pt 1/2 EE-

1329. Par F 1860- Geraldo O- Daddy/ My Sister & I E-

1330. Par F 1974- Geraldo O- Move It Over/ Whispering Grass EE+/E+

1331. Par F 1996- Geraldo O- In the Blue of the Evening/ Sunday, Monday or Always E/EE-

1332. Par F 2003- Geraldo O- Walkin By the River/ The Dancer At the Fair E

1333. Par F 2012- Geraldo O- It Cant Be Wrong/ Number Something Far a Way Lane EE-

1334. Par F 2038- Joe Daniels Hot Shots- Alone As Two Peas/ Shandy E-

1335. Par F 2215- Oscar Rabin O- Moonlight Serenade/ Hamps Boogie Woogie E+

1336. Par F 2550- Tommy Rogers O- Any Old Rag/ Sentimental Journey E+

1337. Par RO 20190- Richard Tauber- Castles In the Moon/ Tales From the Vienna Woods E+

1338. Par RO 20230- Richard Tauber- Night & Day/ Let Me Love You Tonight EE+

1339. Par RO 20256- Richard Tauber- Once There Lived a Lady Fair/ Love Lost For Ever More E

1340. Par RO 20503- Richard Tauber- The Blue Danube/ Whisperings of the Vienna Woods E+

1341. Par RO 20507- Richard Tauber- Laughter & Weeping/ The Question E+

1342. Perfect P 392- Perfect D- Barbara/ Leonora V-

1343. Philips PB 254- Benny Goodman O- Stardust/ Caravan EE- despite scuffs from 1938-9 jazz concert #2

1344. Polydor 15233(JAPAN)- Carl Brisson w/ O- Fatal Fascination/ Change Your Mind E+

1345. Polydor 24354(GER)- Ilja Livschakoff DO- Fur Alle!- schlager-potpourri 1/2 E+

1346. Pol 24356- Ilja Livschakoff DO- Kamerad wir sind die Jugend/ Ich mocht einmal wieder verliebt sein E+

1347. Pol 24646- Harry Hiller TO- Wir stellen uns vor!- schlager-potpourri 1/2 E+

1348. Polyphon XS 50570(GERMAN)- Teddy Petersen og hans O- Hvis jeg var em Stjerne/ Calle Schewens Vals Looks V+/V, plays E on swingin A side- good fox trot with German vocal and solos

1349. Prestophone V 1010 (AUSTRALIA)- Frank Coughlan Trocadero O- Life Without Love/ Embrace E Nice looking label which my research says only 30 or so records were issued

1350. Regal G 8924- Raymond DO- Am I All to You?/ Ting a Ling E-

1351. Re MR 496- Jack Payne BBCDO- Rhythmatitis/ Over the Clouds E+ despite grey- both FAST!!

1352. Re MR 727- Anona Winn w/ O- The Night When Love Was Born/ While We Danced At the Mardi Gras E

1353. Regal Zonophone MR 918- Billy Cotton O- Shuffle Off to Buffalo/ Youre Getting to Be a Habit w/ Me E+

1354. Re Zo MR 1176- Jack Mackintosh- Harry Mortimer cornet duet- The Swallows Serenade/ Gentle Zephyr EE+

1355. Re Zo MR 1265- Scott Wood O- Swaller Tail Coat/ Carioca E/EE-

1356. Re Zo MR 1413- Billy Cotton O- The Third Tiger/ St Louis Blues E-/V+

1357. Re Zo MR 1540- Reginald Dixon organ solo- Dixonland #4 part 1/2 E+

1358. Re Zo MR 1567- The Six Swingers- Hot Pie #1 pt 1/2 E

1359. Re Zo MR 1621- The Six Swingers- Swing, Brother, Swing/ Streamline Strut E

1360. Re Zo MR 1861- Arthur Young & the Youngsters- A Bouquet For Cole Porter 1/2 E+

1361. Re Zo MR 1868- The Little Ramblers- Cotton/ Truckin E-/VV+

1362. Re Zo MR 2781- Wally Bishop O- My Day/ Lets Sail to Dreamland E

1363. Rex 8058- Big Bass Sambo- Goodnight Little Girl of My Dreams/ John Hare- The Last Round Up V US ARC mxs

1364. Rex 8547- Casani Club O- Chasing Shadows/ Shadows In the Moonlight E-

1365. Rex 8558- Gracie Fields- Life Is a Song- The Words Are In My Heart- Lullaby of Broadway// Im Ninety Nine Today EE+

1366. Rex 8640- Casani Club O- Without a Word of Warning/ From the Top of Your Head E-

1367. Rex 8853- Ruth Etting- Take My Heart/ It’s a Sin to Tell a Lie V+ UK recorded, no US issue

1368. Rex 8881- Ruth Etting- Holiday Sweetheart/ Wholl Buy My Song of Love E+, UK recorded, no US issue

1369. Rex 8901- Jay Wilbur O- A Fine Romance/ The Way You Look Tonight V+/V

1370. Rex 8944- Casani Club O- Who Loves You/ Have You Forgotten So Soon E-

1371. Rex 9166- Gracie Fields- Little Old Lady/ The First Time I Saw You EE-

1372. Rex 9326- Billy Cotton Band- Merrily We Roll Along/ Mama I Wanna Make Rhythm E+

1373. Rex 9713- Oscar Rabin O- Scatter-Brain/ Whos Taking You Hone Tonight E

1374. Rex 9878- George Formby- Chinese Laundry Blues/ My Ukulele VV+

1375. Royal Disques 723- Earl Hines Trio- Honeysuckle Rose/ Earl Hines and vo- Singing’ For My French Brothers E+N-, great pressing!

1376. Tono SP 4196(DENMARK)- That’s My Home- Matadorerne Freddy Albeck/ Just a Kid Named Joe- Matadorerne Ingelise Rune, nice vocs with 1942 band EE+/E scr B nap

1377. Vocalion S 245- Babe Hines w/ Skeets Tolbert Gentlemen of Swing- This is the End/ I’ve Lost My Head Over You E+, possibly from Decca Sepia Series

1378. Vogue 113(FR)- Smith Jubilee Singers- Jesus/ Nobody Knows the Trouble Ive Seen E+N-

1379. Winner 4198- Pavilion Players- Oh, Mabel/ Honest & Truly V-


1380. Aladdin 167- Lightnin Hopkins- Katie Man Blues/ That Mean Old Twister plays E+ despite grey

1381. Apollo 764- Illinois Jacquet All Stars- Shes Funny That Way/ 12 Minutes to Go E+N-

1382. Ap 769- Illinois Jacquet All Stars- Robbins Nest/ Jacquet Mood E+

1383. Atlantic 966- Dizzy Gillespie O- Love Is Here to Stay/ This is Happiness E despite lt scuffs, scrs on this vinyl pressing. Diz rarely seen on Atlantic

1384. Atlas 143- Luke Jones O- Say Hello to Miss Brown/ Boogieology EE+/EE- despite grey faint hlc B not an issue

1385. Atomic 215- Slim Gaillard Quartette- Atomic Cocktail/ Yep Roc Heresay E

1386. Ato 226- Dodo Marmarosa Trio- Dodos Blues/ I Surrender Dear E

1387. BN 509- Pigmeat Alamo Markham with Oliver Rev Mesheux Blue Six- Youve Been a Good,Old Wagon/ See See Rider E+ includes T Benford, I Crosby, J Shirley, etc

1388. Capitol mx 4093/4- white label promo- What Is This Thing Called Bop? 1/2 EE+. FUN and interesting, narration with music

1389. Cap 7-1224- Lennie Tristano Sextet- Intuition/ Yesterdays E+N- incl Konitz, Marsh, B Bauer

1390. Cap 15039- Metronome All Stars- Leap Here/ Metronome Riff E+ incl Dizzy, Nat, Buddy Rich

1391. Cap 15083- Red Norvo Nine- Holyridge Drive/ Under a Blanket of Blue E+ vinyl, incl Benny Carter

1392. Cap 57-60001- Dave Lambert bop vocal and rhythm- Hawaiian War Chant/ Always E+N-

1393. Cap 57-60013- Lennie Tristano Sextet- Marionette/ Six of a Kind E+ incl Konitz, Marsh, B Bauer

1394. Cap 57-60014- Dave Lambert bop vocal and rhythm- Beban Cubop/ When the Red Red Robin E+N-

1395. Clef 89067- Buddy de Franco Qtet- Show Eyes/ Autumn In New York E-

1396. Clef 89090- Stan Getz Quintet- Cool Mix/ Rustic Hop E despite some grey

1397. Clef 89093- Louis Bellson O- Caxton Hall Swing/ Phalanges E+

1398. Clef 89111- Flip Phillips O- Singin In the Rain/ Im Putting All My Eggs In One Basket E+

1399. Comet T 100- Jack Mc Vea All Stars- BB Boogie/ HP Boogie E+

1400. Continental 6005- Trummie Young AL(incl Bird and Diz)- Sorta KInda/ Seventh Avenue E+

1401. Cont 6013- Clyde Hart AS (incl Bird & Diz)- Whats the Matter Now/ Thats the Blues EE+ rcnap

1402. Debut 106- Max Roach Sextet- Glow Worm/ Sfax looks V scuffs, scrs plays EE+

1403. Decca 8559- Jay Mc Shann O- Hootie Blues/ Jay Mc Shann piano- Confessin the Blues looks VV+, plays E- Charlie Parker first session, 2nd tune recorded

1404. De 8570- Jay Mc Shann O- Swingmatism/ Jay piano w/b,dms- Vine Street Boogie E+ Charlie Parkers first commercial record

1405. De 4387- Jay Mc Shann O- Sepian Stomp/ Lonely Boy Blues E one of the rarer early Charlie Parker

1406. De 4418- Jay Mc Shann O- The Jumpin Blues/ Get Me On You Mind VV-/ E-most, V on some highs. from Charlie Parker third session-one of the rarer ones!

1407. Decca 28311(promo)- Coleman Hawkins sax solo w/O- Spellbound/ Midnight Sun E+

1408. De Luxe 2000- Billy Eckstein w/ AS Band- I Stay In the Mood For You/ Good Jelly Blues E+ Band includes Dizzy, Killian, Wardell, Pettiford, etc

1409. Dial 751- Don Byas tenor sax solo- These Foolish Things/ Don Byas O- I Surrender Dear N-

1410. Dial 1008- Tempo Jazz Men (incl Diz)- Confirmation/ Ralph Burns Quintet E a Bishop pressing

1411. Dial 1009- Bill Harris Big 8- Woodchoppers Holiday/ Bill Harris w/ 4- Somebody Loves Me EE+

1412. Dial 1015- Charlie Parker Sextet- Quasimodo/ Cool Blues V+ scrs

1413. Dial 1023- Don Byas Quintet- Humoresque/ Stormy Weather looks VV+, plays EE- few lt scrs

1414. Dial 1043- Charlie Parker Quintet- Drifitng On a Reed/ The Gypsy E+ Miles & Max A

1415. Dial 1044- Arne Domnerus Band- Deep Purple/ Carrdier E+

1416. Discovery 103- George Shearing Quintet- Life With Feather/ Moon Over Miami EE+

1417. Disc 105- George Shearing Quintet- Bebops Fables/ Midnight On Cloud 69 EE+

1418. Discovery Intl Series 1731- Rolf Ericson Swingin Swedes- The Nearness of You/ Strike Up the Band NN-

1419. EmArcy 16011- Med Flory- Three Times Around/ No Thanks E+ label has a sticker which is rubber stamped DR JIVE, wonder who that was!

1420. Empire 502- Kurt Edelhagen O- Interlude/ Empire Bounce E

1421. Excelsior 104/5- King Cole Trio- Pitchin Up a Boogie/ Im Lost E+

1422. Exc 106/7- King Cole Trio- Lets Spring One/ Beautiful Moons Ago EE- lt scrs barely sound

1423. Fantasy 517- Dave Brubeck Quartet- Crazy Chris/ Somebody Loves Me plays E+ despite a few surface scrs

1424. Galaxy 704- Vido Musso Sextet- Cuttin the Nut/ Come Back to Sorrento EE+/E Gil Barrios & Cal Tjader in band

1425. Guild 1003- Dizzy Gillespie 5 (incl Bird)- Salt Peanuts/ Hot House E despite grey

1426. HRS 1024- Buck Clayton Big 4- Its Dizzy/ Dawn Dance E looks E-, plays E with Tiny Grimes, etc

1427. Jade 703- Wardell Gray Quartet- Light Grey/ The Toup looks E- (light grey few scrs), plays E+ Aptly, the light grey on these 2 sides do not affect play- RARE small NYC label

1428. Juke Box 100- The Sepia Tones- Boogie #1/ Sophisticated Blues E-EE- despite grey. Rare small LA label

1429. Keynote 605- Sextet w/ Dinah Washington- Homeward Bound/ Evil Gal Blues E+

1430. Key 609- Coleman Hawkins Quintet- S Wonderful/ I Only Have Eyes For You E+

1431. Key 610- Coleman Hawkins Quintet- Bean At the Met/ Im In the Mood For Love E some scuffs

1432. Key 616- Chubby Jackson Sextet- Northwest Passage/ Cryin Sands EE+

1433. MGM 10690- Billy Eckstine & Sarah Vaughan- Youre All I Need/ Dedicated to You EE+

1434. MGM 293(UK)- George Shearing Quintet- Ill Remember April/ Jumping With Symphony Sid E+/EE+

1435. Majestic 9004- Slim Gaillard O- Santa Monica Jump/ Slim Gaillard Trio- That Aint Right E+

1436. Manor 1034- Oscar Pettiford AS (with Diz and Byas)- Somethin For You/ Empty Bed Blues pt 2 E lt scrs

1437. Manor 5000- Dizzy Gillespie 5- Be Bop/ Salted Peanuts E+

1438. Man 1036- Coleman Hawkins AS- Memories of You/ Step On It E+

1439. Melodisc 1004- George Dukes & Duchess- Cherokee/ Slowing Down the Blues E+N-

1440. Mercury 8916- Tommy Turk O- Encore/ Two By Four EE-

1441. Mer 8934- Lester Young O- Three Little Words/ Neenah EE+ despite grey

1442. Mer 8963- Lester Young O- Lets Fall In Love/ Thou Swell E+

1443. Mer 8969- Bill Harris O- Bill Not Phil/ Youre Blasé E+

1444. Mer 8990- Gene Krupa Trio- Fines Idea/ Perdido E+

1445. Mer 8992- Lester Young O Deed I Do/ In a Little Spanish Town EE+

1446. Mer 11058- Charlie Parker O- Bloomdido/ Melancholy Baby EE+ despite grey

1447. Mer 10068- Charlie Parker with Strings- Dancing In the Dark/ Laura E+

1448. Mer 89027- Lester Young Quintet- Therell Never Be Another You/ Almost Like Being In Love E+ few lt scrs nap

1449. Mercer 1964- Joe Roland, his Vibes & His Boppin Strings- Half Nelson/ Sally Is Gone E-/E obscure & good--

1450. Musicraft 383- Dizzy Gillespie Sextet- Oop Bop Sh Bam/ That’s Earl Brother E+ few TINY scrs nap

1451. New Jazz 825- Chubby Jackson O- Flying the Coop/ I May Be Wrong EE+

1452. NJ 829- Stan Getz Quartet- The Lady in Red/ My Old Flame VV+

1453. Norgran 107- Dizzy Gillespie- Stan Getz Quintet- Talk of the Town 1/2 E+

1454. Prestige 836(promo)- Chubby Jackson O- (the Apple) New York/ Why Not E+ tiny clk B sds lite few gvs

1455. Prestige 838- Thelonious Monk Trio- Tinkle Tinkle/ These Foolish Things E+

1456. Royal Roost 573- Johnny Smith Quintet- Vilia/ Stars fell On Alabama looks V, plays E-/V+ lbl tear

1457. RR 624- Ivy Schulman with The Bowties & Ray Ellis O- Rock Pretty Baby/ The Bowties- Ever Since I Can Remember E+ despite scuffs. Unusual issue on this label- rock/pop

1458. Savoy 538- Slam Stewart, Errol Garner- Jumpin At the Deuces/ Laff Slam Slam E+ in scarce original sleeve

1459. Sav 550- Coleman Hawkins w/ Cozy Cole AS- Stompin At the Savoy/ On the Sunny Side of the Street EE+/E

1460. Sav 551- Lester Young & rhythm section- Lesters Savoy Jump/ I Don’t Stand a Ghost of a Chance E+

1461. Sav 552- Don Byas Quintet- What Do You Want With My Heart/ Dons Idea N-

1462. Sav 628- Don Byas Quartet- Old Folks/ London Donnie E-

1463. Sav 652- Charley Parker(the way the label spelled it)- with Miles, Max & Bud- Buzzy/ Donna Lee E few lt scuffs

1464. Sav 701- Errol Garner w/ rhy- Love Walked In/ I Surrender Dear E+ vinyl press

1465. Session 10-010- Ben Webster Quartet- I Surrender Dear/ Perdido E+

1466. Sterling 106- Roy Eldridge O- Pluckin the Bass/ Im Getting Sentimental Over You E+ couple lt scuffs RARE lbl

1467. Supreme 1545- Jimmy Witherspoon vo w/ Septet- Skid Row Blues/ How Long E+ Rare Los Angeles label- blues series. Acc incl Jay Mc Shann and Pete Mc Shann

1468. Vi 20-2745- Leslie Scott w/ Coleman Hawkins Quntet- Under a Blanket of Blue/ You Were Meant For Me NN-

1469. Vi 20-3361- Metronome All Stars- Victory Ball/ Overtime E+ despite couple scrs. Diz, Bird, Miles, Fats


1470. Banner 2042- Maurice Schwartz- A Chazen a Shiker 1/2 E

1471. Co E 1952- Kantor A Karnol w/ cho- Teweinu/ Shoma Koleninu E-

1472. Co E 2699- Josef Rosenblatt- Shoifer Shel Moshlach/ Die Nievial V+/E-

1473. Co E 3143- Columbia Band- Zion March/ Ishkabibi (I Should Worry) EE- sm pop A

1474. Co E 3175- Joseph Feldman w/ O- Hoinig Shabos/ Mein Wabel Mirke E

1475. Co E 3234- Anna Hoffman w/ O- A Kind un a Heim/ Die Mame E-

1476. Co E 3671- Yiddisher O- Biem Rebens Sideh/ Sadegarer Chased’l E - store label from 159 E. Houston St, NYC

1477. Co E 4070- Cantor Joseph Rosenblatt- Rochel Mevakeh Al Boneho/ Oshamnu Mikol Om E+

1478. Co E 4258- K Juvelier w/ O- A Mensh zoi men zein/ Al Tashlicheinu E- rcnap

1479. Co E 4636- Mishka Ziganoff (accordion solo)- Bessarabia Doina/ Kollon Dance EE-/E-

1480. Co E 4787- Abe Schwartz O- Briderlach ahelm/ By dis thoiern fun bels Hamikdosh E-

1481. Co E 4903- William Schwartz w/ O- Yehuda bas Zion/ Der morgen shteren E-

1482. Co E 4904- Morris Goldstein w/ O- S Is shoin ferfallen/ Der yold is mich mekane E

1483. Co E 7052- Sam Silverbush & Co- Bris Mileh/ Die fier kashes V-

1484. Co E 7401- Joseph Frankels Instrumental Sextet- Geloibt is Gott/ Feryemert E

1485. Co E 7553- Abraham Moskowitz- Hit die Hagode nor die Kneidiech/ Die Greene Cousine E/EE-

1486. Co E 7937- Ludwig Satz comic talking & singing- V I can’t translate the titles!

1487. Co E 9083- Gus Goldstein, Clara Gold & Co w/ O- Yente hot a good time in Coney Island/ Yes We Have No Bananas EE-

1488- De Luxe 1109- Jennie Goldstein w/O- Three Hotel Keepers/ Gin EE+ despite grey

1489. Vi 45204- Cantor Josef Rosenblatt- Achenu kol Beth Israel tell 1/2 E-

1490. Vi 45496- Cantor Mordechay Hershman w/ O—Min Ametzar/ Owinu Maikenu E

1491. Vi 16280- Victor DO- Russian Kossack(Jewish Dance)/ Chris Chapman- One Heart One Mind E

1492. Vi 63835- Frau Pepi Litmann- Geht in Schul jeden Scahbbes/ In a Simmer Tug a heissen V

1493. Vi 65156- Prager & Juvelier- Die Schwie/ Von die Zweigen die Fidelach V+

1494. Vi 73401- Joe Feldman w/ O- Gamzele Toive/ Tzigans Liedele EE-

1495. Zion 200- Sam Berg- Home Again In Israel/ Hebrew Lessons E rcnap and edge dmg nap

ACETATES, ODD PRESSINGS, BROADCASTS, MISC (in approx. chronological order, all 10 inch unless noted)

1496. United Sound Systems- Irene Wziat- Ill Take Dictation From You/ Earl Bettinger and the Monogram Men-We Are the Monogram Men//Sarah Ksigian- In the Still of the Day/ Earl Bettinger- Id Like to be a Daisy V+ odd issue from USS in Detroit, Michigan c. 1930. Dark blue label says program transcription.

1497. acetate- Bing Crosby- Dream House, When I Take My Sugar To Tea, Beside a Shady Nook from soundtrack E

1498. Johnny Green O- aircheck(?) unknown date in 1935. Label reads Because you Might Say Yes(Lets Hold Hands) Johnny intros the side and says from the forthcoming production Fools Rush In. V+. could be an aircheck or a private recording. He did record Lets Hold Hands for Columbia Royal Blue in 1935, but this is different

1499. Andre Kostalanetz O- Chesterfield Program. Airchecked from WABC 2/27/35- Opening announcement by David Ross, and the opening theme, Its Somebodys Birthday/ flip Lily Pons singing The Night Was Made For Love, plus a Chesterfield commercial. EE- on my player, but looks clean so should play better with diff stylus

1500. Andre Kostalanetz- as above, same show, etc- medley- incl Blue Moon, Believe It Beloved, etc/ flip Lili Ons- Plaisir D Amour

1501. Wally Smaus and his Casa de Les O- Shoe Shine Boy/ On the Alamo E/E- c. 1936- very nice band with muted trumpet solo A. on acetate but has a Marsh Laboratories, Chicago label

1502. Ozzie Nelson Orch featuring Shirley Lloyd- You’re Giving Me a Song and a Dance/ Mr Pagannini, as airchecked from WJZ in NY, November 8 and 13th 1936. EE+ has announcer and applause. NICE!

1503. NBC Studios Tour Souvenir- 6 inch flexible vinyl like. A side NBCs Message To You, recorded by RCA Victor Home recording at NBC Studios Radio City/ flip is Souvenir of Your Own Voice, and is hand dated 12/4/37. A side talks about equipment you’ve just seen- transmitters, microphones, etc, and is a thinly disguised sales pitch for RCA home receivers. Hard to grade it as it needs a wide stylus, but with a 2.7 can get content out of it. INTERESTING!

1504. Russ Morgan O- Cotton Pickers Congregation as airchecked from WEAF in NY, 9/13/38. Big band, big chorus and good trumpet/ I Wonder What My Shadow Thinks of Me- unknown male voc with jazzy small group accomp from WEAF, 9/11/38 E+/EE+

1505. Paul Whiteman O- Pavanne by Morton Gould as broadcast on WABC in NY 7/1/39/ Jack Harris O- Heaven In the Pines EE+. A side has spoken intro by Whiteman and audience applause/ B prob 78 dub

1506. Schaefer Beer Program aircheck, WEAF in NY, June 1, 1939. Good big band plays The Lady’s in Love With You, announcer says from the film Some Like It Hot. With vocal group. Plays V but crisp, may clean up better

1507. white label- Bing Crosby- A Personal Recording- Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams/ Look Out For Jimmy Valentine E-, 1/2 “ cr repaired, nap. Unusual pressing of these out takes, with printed label

1508. Phil Harris O- Minnie the Mermaid/ Row Row Rosie dated 12/15/39 E. on orange Va Co label, FL Cook Los Angeles. Not sure of source but sounds live

1509. Cliff Edwards- Another Night Like This as airchecked from WJZ, 12/27/46 E+ Cliff was always good!

1510. Party Record- plays at 33 1/3, 7 cuts in total. Titles include Big Dick, Uncle Toms Cabin, Strawberry Road, etc. VERY explicit, some cuts include men and women E cond..one cut mentions flappers, but I think content is more 1930s


1511. Associated test mx A 313-2- Andre Kostalanetz Orch & Cho- Mississippi medley (from movie) EE+

1512. Assoc test mx A 1245-C2- Mel Wainwright O- 3 instrumentals incl My Day Begins & Ends With You EE+

1513. Assoc test mx A 1247-C2- Mel Wainwright O- 3 instrumentals incl When Im With You EE+

1514. Assoc test mx A 1251-C2- Ray Sinatra O- 2 instrumentals incl The Color of Your Eyes EE+

1515. Assoc test mx A 1270-C2- Ben Selvin Cocktail O- 3 cuts incl Lets Put Out the Lights, Summertime EE+

1516. Assoc test mx A 1657-C2- Ray Sinatra O with Joey Nash vocals- Roses In Dec., So Many Memories EE+

1517. Assoc test mx A 1658- C2- Ray Sinatra O- 2 instrumentals- Yankee Doodle Band, The Things I Want EE+

1518. Assoc text mx A 1684-C2- Ozzie Nelson O w/ Shirley Lloyd vocs- Solitude, Hallelujah EE+

1519. Assoc text mx AA 1737-C2- Ruby Newman O- Hitched My Wagon to a Star, Silhouetted In Moonllte EE+

1520. Assoc R 48-A- Gilda Nielson w/ Jimmy Garfield O-(Gertrude Niesen w/ Johnny Green)- Temptation/ Hotcha- cha// Clyde Mc Coy O- Shoe Shine Boy, Doing the Prom EE+ both good sides!

1521. Assoc A 107- Edmund Clair O(Emil Coleman)- Would You, A Little Robin Told Me So/ Misha Zenda O EE+

1522. Assoc 137-A- Racimos Hawaiians- My Little Grass Shack, Leleana E// Clyde Lucas O- Mammy Bong, You Came to My Rescue EE+

1523. Assoc A 139- Clyde Lucas O- Goofus, Darktown Strutters/ Be Some Changes Made//Audrey Lynn organ EE+

1524. Assoc 163-A- George Gregory O(Glen Gray O)- For You, Little Man With the Hammer// Johnny Green- med- I Kiss Your Hand Madame, Tea For Two, plus Mile a Minute EE+

1525. Assoc A 266- Ben Selvin Cocktail O- Some Day My Prince Will Come, One Song// Larry Clinton O- The Big Dipper, I Cash Cloes EE+

1526. Assoc A 271- Clyde Lucas O- Sapphire, Bye Bye Blues// Ben Selvin Cocktail O- April Showers, Did Your Mother Come From Ireland EE+

1527. Assoc A 272- Ruby Newman O- Whistle While You Work, Sunday In the Park// Ben Selvin O- My First Impression of You, With a Smile & a Song EE+

1528. Assoc 284- Arthur Deane O- 4 cuts- Afterglow, Mary Had a Little Lamb, The scene Changes, Lazy Wx EE+

1529. Assoc 335- Ray Sinatra O- It Can Happen to You, When the Moon Hangs High// Lon Gladstone O wz EE+


1530.. acetate live broadcast- Bob Strong O, live on Mutual Network 9/2/44 from Glen Island Casino in New Rochelle, NY. Good swing band with male and female vocals. All announcements, etc intact . Some tunes incl Move It Mr.Miller, Boogie Woogie Jamboree, Tea For Two, GI Jive- 4 parts on 2 disks. E+ has one small gunk spot on side one sounds lite for 15 sec, should be cleanable

1531. acetate- local NYC radio- Ted Brown hosts a game show- The Phrase That Pays. Not a complete show- runs about 12-15 min but has somewhat obnoxious host Ted, a couple of contestants, studio organ and commercial for Colgate Chlorophyll Toothpaste. Ted Brown was a radio personality who worked at several stations in New York City including WMGM, WNEW, and WNBC during the 1950s and 1960s, the golden age of AM radio. EE+

1532. acetate- the Bing Crosby Show 3/9/49-guest Phil Harris- made by Radio Recorders in Hollywood E+

1533. acetate- Bing Crosby General Electric Show 2/19/53. In 2 parts E+. guests Joe Venuti & Joanne Gilbert. Made by Radio Recorders in Hollywood

1534. acetate- Hollywood Palace 11/26/66- Bing Crosby, Dorothy Lamour, Bill Dana, Vicki Carr// Hollywood Palace 2/15/67- Bing Crosby, Ella Fitzgerald, Phil Harris, Alice Faye. Commercials cut, music intact E+

1535. acetate- Hollywood Palace- 12/20/67. Christmas Show with Bing Crosby & family, King Sisters, Lous Nye. On 2 sides, seems like commercials are cut, but music content intact E+

---sound alike bands---the next are unknown bands which sound like name bands, thinly disguised by using the same initials as the name bands- hi fidelity acetates of unknown origin

1536. acetate P-16-A- Dave Eilers O (sounds like Duke Ellington)- 3 cuts N- incl Main Stem, Perdido, Do Nothing Till

1537. acetate P-20-A- Tommy Hearn O (sounds like Ted Heath)- 4 cuts N- incl Hot Toddy, Kings Cross Climax

1538. AFRS- Basic Music Library 235/6- Meredith Willson O- Radio Suite 1st movement- George & Gracie, 3rd movement- Fibber Mc Gee & Molly//B side David Rose O E+ interesting A!

1539. AFRS- BML P-361-2- Jess Stacy O- 2 cuts incl Paper Moon w/ Lee Wiley vo/ Tony Pastor O- 2 cuts incl Jose Gonzales// Sammy Kaye O- 4 cuts incl Gotta Be This or That E cond

1540. AFRS- BML P-371-2- Bing Crosby with John Scott Trotter O- medley from Paris Honeymoon/ medley from The Star Maker// Carmen Cavallero piano w/ Trotter O- 4 cuts incl a Poet plays Boogie Woogie EE+ Good content- Bing is live here

1541. AFRS- Command Performance #292- Rudy Vallee, Dorothy Patrick, Sweeney & March. Comedy & music E+

1542. AFRS- Hollywood Music Hall 161 in 2 parts E+ Lucille Norman with guest Harry Babbitt

1543. AFRS- Hollywood Music Hall 210 in 2 parts E+ Lucille Norman with guest Rafael Mendez

1544. AFRS- Phil Harris- Alice Faye Show #28, with Walter Tetley and others. Top comedy & music EE+ cond

1545. AFRS- Christmas Shows- Phil Harris- Alice Faye Show/ Jack Benny Show- on 2 discs- disc 1 has both part 1s, disc 2 has both part 2s, so lot of 2 disks on this. Top comedy and music from the golden age of radio E+

1546. AFRS- Remember 89/90- Hosted by Fred Mac Murray. Hits from 1932 and 1933 incl Fred Rich, Ray Noble with Al Bowlly, Art Tatum, Paul Whiteman E-

1547. AFRS- Spoltight Bands 723/ Supper Club 111- top live shows with Charlie Barnet A/ Marion Hutton & others B

1548. AFRS- To the Rear March- Christmas Show part 1/2- opened by Mel Blanc in his Porky Pig voice, includes Fred Allen Players, Jack Carson and his nephews search for Jacks kiddie record in a store. REALLY FUNNY STUFF. Lastly Frank Sinatra talks of the hliday season and sings When Day Is Done. Plays E-V+ some scrs, but you can hear through, and top content. One label missing

1549. AFRTS- Americas Popular Music part 2/ Boston Symphony part 2- Benny Goodman from Carnegie Hall Concert tribute show- Bei Mir Bist Du Schon, China Boy, Sing, Sing, Sing EE+

1550. CP Mac Gregor LB 2096/7- Ray Pearl O- 10 cuts E+ originals from 1937 incl When You Wish Upon a Star, Do I Love You?, How High the Moon. Nice band

1551. Capitol B-117- Gene Krupa O- 7 cuts E+ incl Calling Dr. Gillespie. Hodge Podge, Begin the Beguine

1552. Cap B-233- Gene Krupa O- 6 cuts E+ incl Easy Street, Its Up to You, Bugle Call Rag

1553. Cap B 159/60- King Cole Trio- 9 cuts inc Cole Slaw, But Shes My Buddys Chick E+ light scr aud-not bad at all

1554. Cap B 467-8- King Cole Trio- 9 cuts incl Peaches, Calico Sal, Ooh Kickeroni E+

1555. Cap E-1- Danny Kuaana Islanders- 9 cuts E+ incl Lani In Kauai, My Tane, Kahuna Nui

1556. Dept of State- American Jazz 35/36- Count Basie O/ Woody Herman O with Red Norvo. 5 cuts per E cond Incl Wild Bill Boogie, Queer Street A// Igor, Igor, Steps B

1557. Easter Seal Campaign 1959- Garry Moore’s Easter Seal Bandstand- Ray mc Kinley & Glenn Miller O/ Benny Goodman O. 3 cuts per E cond incl Mine, Movin Along A// Obsession, Balkan Mixed Grill B

1558. GI Jive 339, on World Broadcasting green lateral issue- Artie Shaw- Georgia On My Mind, Bing Crosby- Moonlight Becomes You, Benny Goodman Roll Em, more EE-

1559. GI Jive- 1951-2 AFRS- Benny Goodman, TD, Red Norvo 8// BG You Turned the Tables On me from 40s, then 30s, Bing and Andrews Sisters- Dont Fence Me In , more E-

1560. GI Jive 1601-2- AFRS- Tex Beneke, Gene Krupa, Peggy Lee, Stan Kenton, etc V+

1561. GI Jive- 1947-8 AFRS- Red Nichols, Tony Martin, Tex Beneke O, more// Benny Goodman, Tex Beneke, Tony Martin E-

1562. GI Jive- 1933-4 AFRS- Benny Goodman- 5 cuts incl 1935 Dixieland Band// Kenton, Peggy Lee, etc E-

1563. Keystone Broadcasting System KBS 249/50- Don Meredith O/ Herb Jeffrey w/ O- 4 cuts per E+. Top swing big band A incl Get a Load of Rhythm/ The Spitn Image of You/ B incl Storm Clouds, Blue Mood

1564. KBS 335/6- Erwin Yeo and Sunset Island Trio/ Vic Berton Artistic Swing- 6 cuts/ 4 cuts E+. BOTH GOOD. Hawaiian A incl Samoa, Sweetheart In Old Hawaii// Streamlined Horsecar, Take Five B Nice Hawaiian and the great drummer Vic Berton in some rare later work

1565. KBS 637/8- Jerry Jerome O/ Star Gazers & Master Singers- 5 cuts per E+ incl Everybody Loves My Baby, My Baby, Just the Other Day A/ spirituals B

1566. KBS 663/4- Jerry Jerome O/ Keystone Rhythmeers- 5 cuts per E+ incl Arent You Kinda Glad We Did, Sooner Or Later A// Rhumba Rebop, Subtle Harmonics B

1567. KBS 686/6- Jerry Jerome O / Keystone Qtet- 5 cuts per E+, one cut A crossed out but plays fine. Incl My Heart is a Hobo A

1568. Lang-Worth 513-4- The Rhythm Five- 8 cuts E+ vibes in band incl Ghost Town, Susie, Cake & Jam, Drifting

1569. LW 671/2- Claude Thornhill O- 4 cuts per E. big sound incl Portrait of a Guinea Farm, Moonrise

1570. LW 1203/4- Blue Barron O/ Al Trace O- 4 cuts/ 5 cuts E+ incl 22 Steps From the Corner (both bands), Wherever Theres Me Theres You A// Hey Mama B

1571. Mac Gregor- California National Guard pres Sextet From Hunger 1/2 E+ incl Thats a Plenty, Jazz Band Ball

1572. NBC Thesaurus 289- Rhythm Makers O (Bunny Berigan O with Artie Shaw)- 8 cuts E+ incl On Your Toes, San Francisco, Did I Remember, I Can Pull a Rabbit GREAT BAND!

1573. NBC Thesaurus 496- Rhythm Makers O (Artie Shaw O)- 8 cuts E+ incl SOS, Black & Blue, Fee Fi Fo Fum, Free Wheeling. HAS a 2 inch CRACK- but does not affect play

1574. NBC Thesaurus 611- Will Osborne O/ Gray Gordon O- 4 cuts per E+ incl Julius Caesar, My Heart belongs to Daddy A// Jeepers Creepers, Girlfriend of the Whirling Dervish B

1575. NBC Thesaurus 656- Jan Savitt O/ Harry Horlick O- 4 cuts per EE+ incl big sound on And the Angels Sing, Girl Behind the Venetian Blind A

1576. NBC Thesaurus 680- Charlie Barnet O- 8 cuts E+ incl Rug Cutter, In a Mizz, Cherokee, Aintcha Comin Out

1577. NBC Thesaurus 691- Rhythm Makers O (Les Brown)/ Russ Morgan O- 4 cuts per E+ incl Jumpin Jive, My Love For You A/ Over the Rainbow, Merry Old Land of Oz B

1578. NBC Thesaurus 726- Reggie Childs O4 cuts/ Vincente Gomez guitar 3 cuts E. incl good Dont You Put the Bee On Me A/ Albaicin B, one cut on Gomez has tape on it but may be removable. Great guitar!

1579. NBC Thesaurus 735- Russ Morgan O/ Fields & Hall Mountaineers- 4 cuts/ 5 cuts E+ incl Careless, So Long A

1580. NBC Thesaurus 822- Russ Morgan O- 9 cuts E incl Trade Winds, I Hear Music

1581. NBC Thesaurus 1304- Norman Cloutier O/ Music Hall Varieties 5 cuts per V+ incl Ka-Lu-A, When were Alone A

1582. NBC Thesaurus 1502- Tex Beneke O/ Music hall varieties. 5 cuts per E+ A incl Little Brown Jug, Kalamazoo

1583- Radio Div- Coordinator of Inter American Affairs- Lets Be Neighbors- Music of the other Americas #3, EE+ 9 cuts by Emilio Tuero and Jenaro Salinas RCA Victor pressing

1584. Sesac N 206- Morden Organ Rhythms by ARLO- 14 cuts E+ incl Play Boy, Minuet Bounce, Dizzy Busy Bee

1585. Sesac N 901/2- Eddie Safranski O- 5 cuts per E+ incl Oh Me Oh My, Thoroughfare, Manhattan Madhouse

1586. Sesac N 903/4- Eddie Safranski O- 5 cuts per E+ incl Scutter Botch, Nevada Hop. Breezy, Doodle Bug

1587. Sesac N 1011- Elliott Lawrence Septet- 12 cuts E, incl Pinky, Garden of the Moon, Knock

1588. Standard A 506-514- uncred, but Gene Austin A/ male & female voc duet w/small group B 5 cuts per E Both good - Austin incl New Orleans, Riverside Drive, B incl My Very Good Friend the Milkman, Aint Misbehavin

1589. Std P 113- Buddy Cole piano & Orch/ Don Allen O- 5 cuts per E, incl I Look At You A/ Horn Power B early RCA

1590. Std P 150- Jack Teagarden O 10 cuts E+ incl Made Up My Mind, Chicks is Wonderful

1591. Std P 159- Abe Lyman O- 10 cuts E+ incl Swing Tonic, Sunset Near Vine

1592. Std P 189- Ray Noble O/ Don Allen O- 5 cuts per E, incl Wilshire Wobble A, Heavenly Isnt It B, early RCA

1593. Std Q 129- Art Tatum piano- 8 cuts E incl Judy, Body & Soul, Cant We be Friends, early RCA pressing

1594. Std Q 130- The Islanders(Hawaiian group)- 8 cuts E+ incl Pulupe, Drowsy Waters, Maka Mui early RCA press

1595. Std Q 131- The Islanders(Hawaiian group)- 8 cuts E+ incl Hula Girl, Ginger Lei, Maui Girl early RCA press

1596. Std Q 126- Art Tatum piano- 8 cuts E+ incl Happy Feet, Runnin Wild, Royal Garden Blues, early RCA pressing

1597. Std Q 163- Dick Mc Intyre Harmony Hawaiians- 10 cuts E, incl Lani Kuu Ipo, Aloha Wind, Sands of Waikiki

1598. Std Q 166- Dick Mc Intyre Harmony Hawaiians- 10 cuts E, incl Aloha Tears, Lani Kai, Honeymoon Island

1599. Std Q 171- Dick Mc Intyre Harmony Hawaiians- 10 cuts E, incl Pele E Chant, Luana, Ill Do the Hula For You

1600. Std Q 234- Harmony Hawaiians- 10 cuts E+ inc Paradise Music, When Sam Goes Back to Samo, Lani In Kauai

1601. Std Q 276- Vernon Alley Quartet- 9 cuts E+ incl Undecided, Manteca, Focus- good modern jazz

1602. Std U 194- The Kings Men- 10 cuts EE+ incl Lydia the tattooed Lady, Old Man Of the Mountain, I Love Hilda, Katy Did, Katy Didn’t. some diff lyrics that Groucho uses on Lydia, also on Old Man of the Mountain

1603. Std X 41- Frank Trumbauer O- 8 cuts E+ incl Taboo, Hometown, Hillbilly From 10th Ave E+ early RCA pressing

1604. Std X 69- Jimmy Walsh O/ Thre Kings Jesters 4 cuts per E+/EE+ incl Louisiana Annie, What Do You Know About Love A// Tom, Tom the Pipers Son, They Say B. good band A/ swing vocals B, early RCA pressing

1605. Std Y 122- Freddie Berrens O- 8 cuts EE+ incl The Yam, My Best Wishes early RCA pressing

1606. Std Y 124- Freddie Berrens O- 8 cuts incl Cotton Pickers Congregation, Cute Little Hat Check Girl, early RCA

1607. Std Y 140- Dancin With Anson Weeks O/ Pauline & Her Perils- 4 cuts per EE+ incl Roller Skating On a Rainbow, Aintcha Comin Out A// Crazy Rhythm, Dont Let That Moon Get Away B- early RCA Victor pressing

1608. Std X 311- Jerry Gray O- 10 cuts E+ incl Tell Me, Vampin, A Pair of Trumpets

1609. Standard Hollywood Calling- George Fisher Interviews the Stars/ Filmtown Featurettes pgms 1-4- 4 cuts per E incl Ida Lupino, Jay Livingston- Ray Evans A//Claudette Colbert, Betty Grable B

1610. Std as above pgms 17-20- 4 cuts per E, incl Shelley Winters, Humphrey Bogart A// Rhonda Fleming, V Mature

1611. Std as above pgms 73-76- 4 cuts per E incl Herbert Marshall, Van Heflin A// Joan Fontaine b

1612. Std as above pgms 125-8- 4 cuts E incl Vivian Blaine, Richard Benedict A// Fiery Hair, Fiery Temper B

1613. Std as above pgms 133-136- 4 cuts per EE+ incl Kevin Mc Carthy, Frederic March A// Going Hollywood B

1614. Std as above pgms 141-144- 4 cuts per EE+, incl George Brent, Raymond Burr, George Cukor A, War of the Worlds, Inside Hollywood B

1615. Standing Room Only starring Hugh Herbert- audition show. EXC comedy and music with Martha Tilton, Kent Rogers, a familiar Warner Brothers cartoon voice who was killed in 1944, so that dates this disk!.. Parts A&B, recorded at Radio Recorders in Hollywood EE+

1616. Treasury Dept- Treasury Star Parade 162/3- The Goldbergs starring Gertrude Berg/ Bobby Sherwood O. E cond. Hosted by Vincent Price- special Goldbergs skit with all the familiar characters written just for this disk, plus plea from Gertrude to do your part. B side good Sherwood tunes

1617. USMC- Bob Crosby All Stars 17/18- includes Song of the Islands, My Baby Just Cares For Me E+

1618. VA- Heres to Vets 354/5- Bob Crosby/ Jan Garber incl Savoy Blues. Song of the Islands, E+ some aud scrs (not on Song of the Islands!)

1619. War Dept- Special Service Div- Downbeat pgm 54 part 1/2 with Cab Calloway E+ GREAT fun as Cab spouts lots of jive talk and plays records incl Trickeration, Bugle Call Rag, Minnie the Moocher, St James Infirmary, St Louis Blues, Old Geechee River Lullaby and more

1620. World 11- Vibraphonia- Adrian Rollini Ensemble/ Carl Kress w/ vibe group- 6 cuts/ 5 cuts, most E, some E- top sides incl Gliding Ghost, Jitters A// Palasteena, I’ve Found a New Baby B

1621. World 18- Vibraphonia- Adrian Rollini Ensemble/ Dardanelle Trio- 5 cuts/ 6 cuts E incl One More Dream, Bewildered A// Battle Axe, Head Work B


1622. Assoc test mx AA-1374-C2- Will Osborne O- 4 instrumentals EE+ incl Youve Got Something, One, Two, Button Your Shoe

1623. Associated test mx AA-1400-C2- Ray Noble O with Al Bowlly vocals 4 cuts EE+. Incl Theres Something In the Air, You Were There, Now, Little Old Lady. BOWLLY SIMPLY THE BEST

1624. Assoc test mx AA 1422-C2- Teddy Powell O- 4 exc cuts from 1936 E+ incl Sensation, Stay On the Right Side of the Road

1625. Assoc test mx AA 1448-C2- Ben Selvin O- 4 exc cuts E+ incl Slumming On Park Ave, Gee But You’re Swell all 4 cuts instrumentals

1626. Assoc test mx 1598-C1- Franklyn Roberts O(Fred Rich?)- 4 cuts E incl Crazy Rhythm, I Know That You Know

1627. Assoc test mx 1670-C1- Alice Corbett vocal and piano- 4 cuts E+ incl Touched In the Head, Shoutin In That Amen Corner, Everyones Out, Im Gonna Put You In Your Place

1628. Assoc test mx AA 1673 C2/ 1871-C1- Henry King O/ Sammy Liner- 4 cuts per E+ incl You & I Know, Good Bye Jonah A// Say It With Music, School Days B

1629. Assoc test mx ZZ 2367 D1/ 2371 D1- Johnny Messner O/ Ernie Fiorito O- 4 cuts per E+ incl Devil May Care, Boog It A// Make Believe Island, Fools Rush In B

1630. Assoc(?) test TZ-6480-1A- Buddy Weed- 5 cuts E+ incl Don’t Blame Me, You’re Mine You

1631. Assoc 10037- Lenny Carson O(Larry Clinton)- 8 cuts E+ top sides incl Foo To You, Sad, Sad Story, Naturally. Lbl dmg

1632. Assoc 60053- Isham Jones O/ Roy Nugent O- 4 cuts per E+ incl Tin Roof Blues, Queen Isabella A// I’ve Hitched My Wagon to a Star, I See Your Face Before Me B

1633. Assoc 60853- Richard Himber O/ Elliott Lawrence O- 4 cuts per E+ incl Alone Together, I Get a Kick Out of You A// Indiana, Someone To Watch Over Me B

1634. Assoc 60125- Teddy Powell O/ Terry Snyder Trio- 4 cuts/ 5 cuts E+ incl Oh You Crazy Moon, Am I Proud A// You Meet the Nicest People In Your Dreams, What Goes On Behind Your Eyes B

1635. Assoc 60379- Lou Breese O 8 cuts + one by Johnny Messner E+ incl Rollin Rhythm, Jolly Jumpin Jeep

1636. Assoc 60397- Lou Breese O/ Russ Morgan O- 5 cuts/ 4 cuts E+ incl keep Em Smiling A/ Poor You B

1637. Assoc 60537- John Kirby O- 8 cuts E+ incl Dukes Idea, It Feels So Good, Shoo, Shoo Baby

1638. Assoc 60594- Charles Magnante accordion ensemble/ Ray Bloch O- 4 cuts per E incl Halli Hallo Halli A/ In An 18th Century Drawing Room B, label missing B

1639. Assoc 61105- Eddie Condon O/ Enric Madriguera O- 4 cuts per E+ incl Ja Da feat Bobby Hackett, Muskrat Ramble// Tabu, Adios B

1640. Assoc 61131- The Dixielanders/ George Wright organ solo 4 cuts per E+ incl 12th St Rag, Temptation Rag A// April Showers, My Romance B

1641. Assoc 61162- Frankie Masters O/ The Dixielanders- 4 cuts per E+ incl Boulevard Bounce, Mine A// Eccentric, Jeepers Creepers B

1642. World 113-120- uncred Orch- sleeve says Ben Armstrong O- 8 cuts E. one of the earliest and best includes Varsity Drag, My Darling, St Louis Blues, I Know That You Know

1643. World 2145-2152- uncred sweet band(Henry King?)- 8 cuts EE+ incl See Some More of Samoa, Little Fraternity Pin

1644. World test mx 2125-2128- Henry King O- 4 cuts EE- incl Have You Got Any Castles, Love Is On the Air

1645. World 2729-2736- Bob Halsey O(Richard Himber) 4 cuts EE+. Top sides incl 2 vocals by Bea Wain & 2 by Stuart Allen, incl Theres No Place Like Your Arms, You Never Know, How Can We Be Wrong/ flip college band

1646. World 3273-3280- Reed Murray O- 8 cuts EE+ incl The Merry Old Land of Oz, Dong Dong the Witch Is Dead, Aint Cha Comin Out, Man With the Mandolin

1647. World 4153-4160- Bob Chester O- 8 cuts E- incl Cuban Boogie Woogie, Flinging a Wing Ding

1648. World 6289- 6298- Charlie Barnet O/ Ralph Ginsburgh O- 4 cuts/ 5 cuts E+ incl Blue Moon, Baby Wont You Please Come Home A//. Ay-Ay-Ay B

1649. World 6449-6458- Jimmy Dorsey O/ Charles Wolcott O- 4 cuts per EE+ incl Its a Crying Shame, This I Love Above All A

1650. World 7159-7168- Duke Ellington O/ Johnny Long O- 4 cuts per E- incl Kissing Bug, Every Hour On the Hour A//Junior, Fishin For the Moon B

1651. World 7249-7258- Les Brown O/ Phil Ohman O- 5 cuts/ 4 cuts E+ incl Thats For Me, Paper Moon A// Scotch & Soda, March of the Ducks B

1652. World 7289-7298- Johnny Long 5 cuts incl Love Is Such a Crazy Thing/ Woody Herman O- 2 cuts incl As Long As I Live// Jerry Wald O- 2 cuts incl Goin Home E+

1653. World 7559-7567- Les Brown O 5 cuts// Glen Gray O/ Charlie Spivak O- 2 cuts per EE+ incl Leap Frog, Moon On My Pillow A/ Gray- Sitting On a Third Rail/ Spivak- Take Me In Your Arms

1654. World Jam Session 29A/B- Charlie Shavers Quartet/ Stuff Smith trio- 4 cuts/ 5 cuts E+ incl On the Spot/ Rose Room A// Bugle Call Rag, Minuet In Swing B

RARITIES- ONE OF A KIND ITEMS ----this last group came from the collection of a Columbia Records producer/engineer---


1655. Raymond Scott 16 inch glass transcription. 4 takes- 2 complete, 2 breakdowns of an unknown song. Label is handwritten and dated 12/13/44. Song sounds Ellington-like with a prominent muted trumpet. I posted a clip to a couple of Raymond Scott Facebook groups and even they couldn’t identify it. Perhaps a previously unknown RS tune. Either way, there are 4 takes of it- and it plays like new!- one sided (its NOT When Cootie Left the Duke)

1656. Raymond Scott 16 inch glass transcription. 3 takes on an unknown song. Label is handwritten and dated 12/13/44. Song sounds Basie -like with a prominent piano, which is thought to be Johnny Guarnieri playing like Basie. One breakdown take, and two complete takes. Flip side is Toonerville Trolley- 2 different takes. Perhaps a previously unknown RS session. plays like new!- two sided. (its NOT Mr. Basie Goes to Washington)

12 inch STUDIO LACQUERS- high quality discs, not your usual acetates! ---these are in the original Columbia sleeves and have SUPERB noiseless audio quality- some great stuff including alternate takes---


1657. Will Bradley O- mx 26547-A- So Far So Good. Recorded 2/20/40. swingin w/ solos & vocal by Carlotta Dale/ flip side is O Sole Mio unknown take same session, has a couple of clicks B only

1658. Will Bradley O- mx 26547-B So Far So Good. Recorded 2/20/40. swingin w/ solos & vocal by Carlotta Dale. This is an unissued take, and flip side is yet another take- breakdown after the vocal with studio chatter

1659. Claude Thornhill O- mx 31414-1. Autumn Nocturne. Recorded 10/6/41. Beautiful sound better than any 78

1660. Claude Thornhill O- mx 31414-?. Autumn Nocturne. Recorded 10/6/41. Written on sleeve is NG, and etched in the lead in is 414-3. As only take 1 was issued, I presume this is take 3, unissued, but do not guarantee it. Flip is Where Has My Little Dog Gone, unknown take.

1661. Joe Sullivan Cafe Society O- mx 26503-A- I Cant Give You Anything But Love. Recorded 2/9/40. Info etched in lead in WCO-26503-A/ flip side has NO information but is an alternate take. Great band with Ed Anderson trumpet, Benny Morton tbn, Edmond Hall, Danny Polo, Joe Turner vocal and of course Joe Sullivan piano v

WESTERN SWING ---some of the best in Western Swing- all Dallas recorded- alternate takes as confirmed by discographer--

1662. South- Light Crust Doughboys- mx DAL-1070-2, recorded 4/26/40, issued take. Flip is same tune, unknown take, but likely as alternate as it is physically Xd out, causing only slight annoyance!

1663. Polecat Stomp- Leon Pappy Self and his Blue Ridge Playboys- mx DAL-1087-2, issued take. Flip is same tune, unknown take, but likely as alternate as it is physically X’d out, causing only slight annoyance!

1664. Sluefoot On the Levee- Light Crust Doughboys, mx DAL-1193-2. 2/27/41 confirmed alternate take

1665. Alamo Rag- Adolph Hofner San Antonians, mx DAL-1196-2. 2/28/41- confirmed alternate take

1666. Jitterbug Katy- Ocie Stockard & His Wanderers- mx DAL-1241-2- confirmed alternate take

1667. Honky Tonk Shuffle- Light Crust Doughboys- mx DAL-1194-2- confirmed alternate take

1668. South Texas Swing-Adolph Hofner San Antonians- mx DAL-1195-2- confirmed alternate take

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