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Dear Collectors, Here is my latest auction of vintage 78s, 12" & 16" radio transcriptions, and paper material. Closing date is- SUNDAY- NOVEMBER 5, 2017. Winner pays postage and packing at cost. I am looking to purchase quality collections, so please keep me in mind should you hear of anything for sale or wish to sell a collection.

SECTION ONE (all in this section are play graded using a new Stanton 2.7 mil stylus, without processing or equalization, and listed as looks like/plays like, unless looks/plays are the same)


1. Bluebird 6353- Tampa Red & Chicago Five- Let's Get Drunk & Truck/ Maybe Its Someone Else You Love EE+ or better

2. BB 6719- Frank Tanner Rhythm Kings- Death In B Flat/ Bennie Moten KC O- The Count E+

3. Brunswick 3460- Fletcher Henderson O- Have It Ready/ Stockholm Stomp strong EE-

4. Br 3596- Fess Williams Royal Flush O- Razor Edge/ Number Ten EE+ light heat nap

5. Br 4181- Monk Hazel O- Sizzling the Blues/ High Society looks VV+, plays E-

6. Br 4492- The Jungle Band- Jungle Jamboree/ Black & Blue EE-/V+

7. Br 4620- Bob Effros w/ Frank Signorelli- Sweet & Hot/ Tin Ear E+

8. Br 4964(CAN)- "Banjo" Ikey Robinson & His Bull Fiddle Band- My Four Reasons/ Rock Me Mama..looks V, plays V+/V B side has wear on highs...

9. Br 8319- Teddy Wilson O- More Than You Know/ Sugar E few lt scrs Billie Holiday vocs

10. Br 164(ENG)- Fred Elizalde Hot Music- Sugar Step/ Arkansas mostly E+, some EE+..Rollini

11. Br 177- Fred Elizalde Hot Music- Darktown Strutter's Ball/ Somebody Stole My Gal looks V, plays V+, part E-..Rollini

12. Br 202- Fred Elizalde Music- Crazy Rhythm/ Laughing Marionette..mostly E, a bit EE- great Rollini bass sax!

13. Chapelle & Stinette 5001- Wonderful Baby O' Mine/ Twinkle Little Star V-/V 1" tite cr still a super rare label and record..only a few issues on this pioneering black owned lbl

14. Columbia A 3834- Irene Gibbons(Eva Taylor) w/ Jazz Band- That Da Da Strain/ Irene Gibbons w/ Clarence Williams- Last Go Round Blues EE-

15. Co 14094- Original Jazz Hounds- I Ain't Gonna Play No Second Fiddle/ Slow Down E lt scr nap

16. Co 14102- Maggie Jones Jazzers- Never Tell a Woman Friend/ Single Woman Blues EE- couple of lams sound lite first 1/2 A

17. Co 14170- Ethel Waters- I'm Coming Virginia/ He Brought Joy to My Soul E-/VV+

18. Co 14247- Johnson's Jazzers- Skiddle De Scow/ Can I Get It Now? NEW-

19. Co 14340- Georgie Bias w/ p- Sentimental Baby/ I've Been Trying to Forget You But You're Forever On My Mind E- E loud grooves beg B...good jazz piano accomp to this vocalist who sang with Mc Kinney's Cotton Pickers

20. Co 14365(BLUE WAX)- Ethel Waters- West End Blues/ Organ Grinder Blues E

21. Co 14366- Sonny Porter- Deck Hand Blues/ How Long-How Long Blues E+N-

22. Co 14415- Mary Dixon- Daddy You Got Everything/ You Can't Sleep in My Bed EE-/E

23. Co 14432- Willie Jackson- Corn & Bunion Blues/ Long Time Men E few lt scfs

24. Co 14458- Ethel Waters- Long Lean Lanky Mama/ Better Keep Your Eye On Your Man EE+ or better

25. Co 292- Fletcher Henderson O- Bye & Bye/ Play Me Slow (tk3) looks E, plays EE+ LOUIS!

26. Co 1041- The Halfway House DO- Snookum/ I Belongs to You E+N- GREAT!

27. Co 1735- Clarence Williams' Jazz Kings- If You Like Me Like I Like You/ Have You Ever Felt That Way looks V+ rcnap...plays EE-

28. Co 2876(BLUE WAX)- Joe Sullivan- Gin Mill Blues/ Honeysuckle Rose E+N-

29. Co 2925(BLUE WAX)- Buck of Buck & Bubbles- Old Fashioned Love/ Joe Sullivan- Onyx Breakdown E+N-

30. Crown 3319- Joel Shaw O- Dinah/ The Darktown Strutters' Ball E..hard to find clean!

31. Gennett 3408- Gowan's Rhapsody Makers- I'll Fly to Hawaii/ Lieut Felix Fernando O- Where the Red Red Roses Grow VV+ evenly worn

32. Gennett 6311(electrobeam)- Hoagy Carmichael & His Pals- One Night In Havana/ Stardust looks VV+, plays EE- A...slightly better B

33. HMV BD 193- Eddie South O- Gotta Go/ My! Oh My! E+

34. Harmony 4- The Southern Serenaders- I Miss My Swiss/ Manhattan Dance Makers- Steppin In Society looks V, plays VV+..great Louis Armstrong solo A

35. Ha 387- Original Indiana Five- The Chant/ Stockholm Stomp looks EE-, plays EE+

36. OKeh 4805- Eva Taylor w/ Clarence Williams acc- 12th Street Rag/ Down Hearted Blues E+

37. OK 4906- King Oliver Jazz Band- Sweet Lovin' Man/ Sobbin' Blues VV- first few grooves, improves to E/EE- for most, then V+ at end

38. OK 8042- Lavinia Turner- Dont Cut Off Your Nose to Spite Your Face/ How Can I Be Your Sweet Mama When You Are Daddy to Somebody Else V+..plays mostly better, but wear on highs

39. OK 8585- Eva Taylor w/ O- Back In Your Own Back Yard/ Chloe looks V+, plays EE-/ V few grooves beg B, then improves to EE-..nice accomp too!

40. OK 8604- Clarence Williams- Wildflower Rag/ Organ Grinder Blues looks E, plays EE+

41. OK 40189- Piron's New Orleans O- Sittin' On the Curbstone Blues/ Lou'siana Swing E

42. OK 40442- The Goofus 5- I'm Gonna Charleston Back to Charleston/ Fred "Sugar" Hall Sugar Babies- She's Drivin' Me Wild EE-

43. OK 40474- The Goofus 5- Sweet Man/ Okeh Syncos- Oh Lovey Be Mine looks E-, plays E

44. OK 40822(large red lbl)- Frankie Trumbauer O- Riverboat Shuffle/ Ostrich Walk looks VV+, plays E

45. OK 40967- Benny Meroff O- Lonely Melody/ When You're With Somebody Else E+ nice bouncy A

46. OK 41159- Sam Lanin O- Sweethearts On Parade/ Everybody Loves You looks EE+, plays E+

47. OK 41177- Goofus 5 Orch- Rambling Wreck From Georgia Tech/ Alma Mater E+

48. OK 41189- Louisville Rhythm Kings- In a Great Big Way/ Let's Sit & Talk About You EE+ has some heat marks, light scr which DOES NOT sound(thanks for the great pressing OKeh!) ....solos including Benny Goodman

49. OK 41209(large black lbl)- Frankie Trumbauer O- Rasiin' the Roof/ Futuristic Rhythm looks E light lam, plays E+

50. OK 41260- The Travelers- Breakaway/ Baby- Oh Where Can You Be E+

51. OK 41300- Dr. Eugene Ormandy's O- Go to Bed/ Dance Away the Night E+N-

52. OK 41341- Smith Ballew O- My Love Parade/ Dream Lover E+N- rcnap

53. OK 41369- Fred "Sugar" Hall Sugar Babies- 'Taint No Sin/ Harmonica Harry E+ nice solos!

54. OK 41373- Casa Loma O- Anytime's the Time to Fall In Love/ Sweepin' the Clouds Away...EE+ even grey on surface- does not sound at all!....another great OKeh pressing

55. OK 41396- Seger Ellis- Should I/ Under a Texas Moon E+N-

56. OK 41413- Seger Ellis w/ O- Montana Call/ The Moon is Low E+

57. OK 41571- Chick Webb O- If It Ain't Love/ True E+

58. Oriole 745- Sadie Green w/ O- St Louis Blues/ Gladys White w/ O- I'm Savin' It All For You E to EE-/VV+

59. Paramount 12681- Blind Blake- South Bound Rag/ Steel Mills Blues ...looks G plays V then V- on A/ G on B side

60. Parlophone PNY 24006- Joe Curran Band- Take Everything But You/ If I'm Dreaming looks EE-, plays EE+ just the slightest wear---rare 490000 mx series

61. Par PNY 34044- Kyrle Bell O- Sing You Sinners/ Albert Mason O- Mona E+

62. Par PNY 41300- Joe Curran O- Go to Bed/ Dance Away the Night E+

63. Parlophone R 1201(UK)- Fred Elizalde Music- Singapore Sorrows/ Nobody's Sweetheart E- most V+ toward inside....great Rollini

64. Pathe Actuelle 021059- Mary Jackson w/ Fletcher Henderson - I Don't Let No One Man Worry Me/ Liza Jackson's Got Better Bread Than Old Sally Lee EE+

65. Perfect 15325- Ben Pollack O- There's a Wah Wah Girl In Agua Caliente/ If I Could Be With You EE-/E-

66. Pe 15361- Jack Teagarden O- You're Simply Delish/ Clevelanders- Peach of a Pair E despite some grey

67. Pe 15363- Jack Teagarden O- Son of the Sun/ Majestic DO- On the Rainbow Trail E+

68. Pe 15366- Cab Calloway O- Sweet Jennie Lee/ The Caroliners- I'm Happy E

69. Swing 21- Stephane Grappely acc by Django Reinhardt- I've Found a New Baby/ Alabamy Bound E+

70. Sw 27- Dicky Wells O(incl Django, Bill Coleman)- Japanese Sandman/ Trio de Trumpets(incl Django and others) I Got Rhythm E+

71. Sw 31- Eddie South acc by Django Reinhardt- Somebody Loves Me/ ICBTUIL w/ Me E+N-

72. Victor 21137- Duke Ellington O- Creole Love Call/ Black & Tan Fantasie E-

73. Vi 21199- Bennie Moten KC Orch- Ding Dong Blues/ Pass Out Lightly E- in parts, E in parts

74. Vi 21260- Irving Aaronson O- Let's Misbehave(take 2)/ An Furthermore (take 1) EE- FAINT int hlc nap...This is a previously undocumented take 2 on Lets Misbehave. Take 4 was issued on 78, take 3 was issued on the Victor Vintage LP...and after looking at as many copies I could find of this scarce record, this is the only copy of take 2...B side is the rarer take 1, but 1 and 2 are documented as being issued on B..The A side found a new life in Woody Allen's film repertoire!

75. Vi 22640- Blanche Calloway Joy Boys- Casey Jones/ Mc Kinney's Cotton Pickers- Talk to Me E

76. Vi 22641- Blanche Calloway Joy Boys-I Need Lovin'/ There's Rhythm In the River EE+

77. Vi 22680- Bennie Moten KC Orch- I Wanna Be Around My Baby All the Time/ Ya Got Love looks EE-, plays EE+

78. Vi 22733- Blanche Calloway Joy Boys- It Looks Like Susie/ Without That Gal E/EE-

79. Vi 22735- Eubie Blake O- My Blue Days Blew Over/ Little Girl E+N-

80. Vi 22749- Henny Hendrickson Louisville Serenaders- Buffalo Rhythm/ On the Beach With You EE-

81. Vi 22776- Carolina Dandies- Come Easy, Go Easy Love/ When I Cant Be With You looks EE-, plays E

82. Vi 22841- Eddie Deas Boston Brownies- Jes' Shufflin'/ Signs On the Highway E+ great A!

83. Vi 22896- Julia Gerrity Boys- Sittin' On a Rubbish Can Blanche Calloway Joy Boys- Blue Memories looks E-/V+, plays E/VV+

84. Vi 22955- Fletcher Henderson O- I Wanna Count Sheep/ Strangers E+

85. Vi 38023- EC Cobb Corn-Eaters- Barrel House Stomp/ Transatlantic Stomp looks VV+, plays E-

86. Vi 38044- Slim & His Hot Boys- Mississippi Stomp/ That's a Plenty VV+

87. Vi 38081- Bennie Moten KC Orch- That's What I'm Talking About/ Teriffic Stomp E-

88. Vi 38102- Mc Kinney's Cotton Pickers- Miss Hannah/ The Way I Feel Today EE+

89. Vi 38104- Bennie Moten KC Orch- That Certain Motion/ Rite Tite E+

90. Vi 38115- Duke Ellington O- Breakfast Dance/ March of the Hoodlums E sticker on lbl

91. Vi 38132- Bennie Moten KC Orch- When Life Seems So Blue/ Just Say It's Me EE+

92. Vi 38568- Thomas "Fats" Waller- My Fate Is In Your Hands/ Turn On the Heat E+

93. Vi 40056- Billy Hays O- My Sugar & Me/ Sweet Virginia Rose E+

94. Vocalion 15078- Sonny Clay's Plantation O- Bogloosa Blues/ Jambled Blues E+/EE+

95. Vo 15174- Fletcher Henderson O- Hay Foot Straw Foot/ Peaceful Valley...looks E-, plays E

96. Vo 15478- Elgar's Creole O- Brotherly Love/ Nightmare EE-..clean!

97. Vo 2583(gold lbl)- Fletcher Henderson O- Queer Notions/ Can You Take It? E+/VV+

98. Vo 2759(gold lbl)- Clarence Williams O- I'm Gonna Wash My Sins Away/ Let's Have a Showdown E+

99. Vo 2805(gold lbl)- Clarence Williams O- Ain't Gonna Give You None of My Jelly Roll/ Sugar Blues E-/VV+

100. Vo 2926(gold lbl)- Bobby Gordon O- The Lady From St Paul/ Loveless Love E+..rare! by this obscure LA band


101. Br 40019- Isa Kremer- Russian Ballade/ Gypsy Song E- in Russian

102. Br 2671- Al Jolson w/ Carl Fenton O- Follow the Swallow/ I Wonder What's Become of Sally E+N-

103. Br 2611- Al Jolson w/ Isham Jones O- Never Again/ Feeling the Way I Do NN-

104. Br 2639- Abe Lyman O- If You Do What You Do/ Jealous E/E+

105. Br 2727- Tom Lewis- Old Time Minstrel Scene/ His First After Dinner Speech EE-/E

106. Br 2743- Al Jolson w/ Ray Miller O- I'm Gonna Tramp, Tramp, Tramp/ All Alone E+N-

107. Br 2790- Carl Fenton O- Lady Be Good/ Fascinating Rhythm EE+

108. Br 2831- Castlewood Marimba Band- Hawaiian Memories/ A Wz In the Moonlight N- 2" cr

109. Br 2836- Marion Harris- When You & I Were Seventeen/ No One E

110. Br 2936- Bennie Krueger O- Yes Sir Thats My Baby/ If I Had a Girl Like You E-

111. Br 3003- Harry Archer O- It Must Be Love/ I Was Blue E+N-

112. Br 3056- Virginia Rea & Franklyn Baur- D'Ye Love Me/ Bye & Bye E

113. Br 3112- Isham Jones O- One of Those Things/ Monte Carlo VV+

114. Br 3196- Al Jolson w/ Fenton O- Tonight's My Night With Baby/ At Peace With the World E/E+

115. Br 3222- Al Jolson w/ Carl Fenton O- Here I Am/ When the Red Red Robin Comes Bob Bobbin..E+

116. Br 3013- Al Jolson w/ Carl Fenton O- Miami/ You Forgot to Remember E+

117. Br 3324- Charley Straight O- Whats the Use of Crying/ Tell Me Tonight E-

118. Br 3344- Harold Leonard O- Hugs & Kisses/ Climbing Up the Ladder of Love EE+

119. Br 3431- Park Lane O- Sweeter Than You/ Sing E

120. Br 3482- Chester Gaylord- Just the Same/ That's My Hap Hap Happiness E-V+

121. Br 3483- Regent Club O- Consolation/ That Saxophone Wz V+

122. Br 3384- The A&P Gypsies- Only One Night/ Frasquita E-

123. Br 3485- Harry Reser- Calling/ Collette V

124. Br 3489- Lew White- It All Depends On You/ Trail of Dreams N-

125. Br 3496- Ben Bernie O- Following You Around/ I'm In Love Again VV+

126. Br 3501- Harry Richman- It All Depends On You/ What Does It Matter EE+ or better

127. Br 3507- Wendell Hall w/ O- Yesterday/ Down Kentucky Way V+/VV+

128. Br 3639- Ben Selvin O- Ooh Maybe Its You/ Shaking the Blues Away E

129. Br 3654- Jimmy Hussey- Since Henry Ford Apologized to Me/ Rose of the Studios EE+ FUN!

130. Br 3657- Frank Black O- The Varsity Drag/ The Best Things In Life Are Free EE+

131. Br 3712- Herman Timberg & Co- Fiddlin' Blues/ Any Time At All EE-..scarce only record by this vaudevillian, actor and songwriter who had an interesting connection to the Marx Brothers

132. Br 3771- Ben Bernie O- The Man I Love/ Dream Kisses E-

133. Br 3779- Frank & James Mc Cravy- Will the Circle Be Unbroken/ When Ring Golden Bells E+

134. Br 3901- Abe Lyman O- The Varsity Drag/ Good News E+

135. Br 3902- Sweet William and Bad Bill- In Chicago/ In Chicago(Jail) E-

136. Br 3914- Arnold Johnson O- Get Your Man/ What's the Reason E+

137. Br 3948- Chester Gaylord- I Don't Care/ Happy Go Lucky Lane E+

138. Br 4053- Arrowhead Inn O- Moonlight Madness/ Broken Hearted Baby E lt steeling

139. Br 4062- Miniature Concert O- Punchinello/ Yesterthoughts E-

140. Br 4064- Herbert Gordon O- If You Want the Rainbow/ Jo Anne VV-

141. Br 4069- Carter's Orch- Good Night/ I Tore Up Your Picture When You Said Good Bye E+

142. Br 4071- Fredric Fradkin Fiddlers- A Little Love, A Little Kiss/ Jalousie EE+

143. Br 4072- Chester Gaylord- You're In Love & I'm In Love/ Here's That Party Now In Person V

144. Br 4078- Hal Kemp O- High Up On a Hill Top/ Washington & Lee Swing E/V+E-

145. Br 4079- Eddy Thomas w/ O- Just Because Its You/ The First Kiss EE+

146. Br 4080- Arnold Johnson O- Thats How I Feel About You/ Memories of France V+

147. Br 4084- Arnold Johnson O- You're In Love & I'm In Love/ Was It Love? VV+ sol nap

148. Br 4085- Ben Bernie O- It Goes Like This/ Rhythm King VV+

149. Br 4204- Ben Bernie O O- I Want to be Bad/ Button Up Your Overcoat VV+ Zelma O Neal A

150. Br 4207- Zelma O' Neal w/ Al Goodman "Follow Thru" O- I Want to be Bad/ Button Up Your Overcoat E

151. Br 4210- Louis Katzman O- Lover Come Back to Me/ One Kiss E+

152. Br 4250- Jesse Stafford O- I'm All a Twitter/ I Wanna Go Places & Do Things VV+ ctr hole repd nap

153. Br 4289- Jay C. Flippen w/ O- Out Where the Blue Begins/ You're Just a Little Bit of Everything I Love E+

154. Br 4330- Zelma O Neal w/ Al Goodman O- What Didja Wanna Make Me Love You For?/ Do Something V

155. Br 4335- Frank & James Mc Cravy- A Bird In a Gilded Cage/ Sweet Adeline VV+

156. Br 4338- Earl Burtnett's Biltmore Trio- May Day Is Lei Day In Hawaii/ Across the Sea VV+

157. Br 4339- Lee Sims- Caressing You/ If I Had You E+ sm needle run A nap

158. Br 4340- Joseph E Howard w/ O- Honeymoon/ Blow the Smoke Away EE+ or better. the famous composer sings!

159. Br 4358- Arnold Johnston O- Radio Impressions/ Municipal Band- Cuckoo Wz E+

160. Br 4452- Arnold Johnston O- Dont Hang Your Dreams On a Rainbow/ Colonial Club O- Song of the Moonbeams EE-

161. Br 4499- Frances Williams w/ O- Its Unanimous Now/ Then U've Never Been Blue EE- GREAT!

162. Br 4506- Libby Holman w/ O- I May Be Wrong/ Can't We Be Friends? E+

163. Br 4570- Libby Holman w/ O- Why Was I Born/ Here Am I EE-

164. Br 4591- The Captivators- Get Happy/ Somebody to Love Me V+/V

165. Br 4621- Colonial Club O- Why?/ Its You I Love VV+

166. Br 4674- Irving Mills Hotsy Totsy Gang- My Little Honey & Me/ Hal Kemp O- H'lo Baby VV+ rcnap

167. Br 4726- Al Goodman O- Thank Your Father/ Without Love VV+

168. Br 4735- Ray Miller O- Kiss Me With Your Eyes/ When Its Springtime In the Rockies EE-/E-

169. Br 4806- Marion Harris- You Do Something To Me/ Wasn't It Nice? E

170. Br 4836- J. Harold Murray w/ O- Smile Legionnaire/ Beware of Love E+

171. Br 4941- Tom Clines O- Whats the Use of Living Without Love/ Passing Time With Me V

172. Br 4944- Red Nichols 5 Pennies- Sweet Georgia Brown/ By the Shalimar V-

173. Br 6070- Loring Red Nichols O- Teardrops & Kisses/ Were You Sincere? VV+

174. Br 6095- Abe Lyman O- Oh How I Miss You/ To Whisper Dear I Love You EE+

175. Br 6099- Regent Club O- Beautiful Love/ After the Dance V+

176. Br 6114- Jack Denny O- Stories/ Nevertheless EE- brief clk A

177. Br 6125- Abe Lyman O- Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams/ Just One More Chance VV+

178. Br 6165- Ben Bernie O- This Is the Missus/ Life Is Just a Bowl of Cherries E scarce!- good tpt

179. Br 6182- Zito's Tango O- My Only Love/ Tell Me EE-

180. Br 6183- Jacques Renard O- What Is It?/ Who Am I? V

181. Br 6184- Mildred Bailey w/ O- Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams/ You Call It Madness EE+/E

182. Br 6189- Ben Bernie O- You Call It Madness/ I'm With You E-

183. Br 6190- Mildred Bailey w/ Casa Loma O- When Its Sleepy Time Down South/ Blues In My Heart E-

184. Br 6281- Victor Young O- There I Go Dreaming Again/ You Can Make My Life a Bed of Roses E Smith Ballew vocal A

185. Br 6381- Ray Kavanaugh Vanities O- Along Came Love/ My Darling EE+

186. Br 6444- Abe Lyman O- Rise 'N Shine/ Turn Out the Light VV-

187. Br 6631- Freddy Martin O- Shame On You/ Bless Your Heart E

188. Br 6634- Guy Lombardo O- Tomorrow(My Honey's Comin' Home)/ Time To Go E

189. Br 6682- Duke Ellington O- Black & Tan Fantasy/ Mood Indigo E

190. Br 6693- Gus Arnheim O- Love Passes Me By/ Summer Is Over V-

191. Br 6696- Bing Crosby- We're a Couple of Soldiers My Baby & Me/ Our Big Love Scene E/EE-

192. Br 6703- Hal Kemp O- Puddin' Head Jones/ My Old Man V

193. Br 6713- Guy Lombardo O- Did You Ever See a Dream Walking?/ I Raised My Hat EE+

194. Br 6728- The Nephews- My Old Man/ I'll be Ready When the Great Day Comes E+ RARE!

195. Br 6761- Ruth Etting- Keep Romance Alive/ Tired of It All E scarce!

196. Br 6895- Jay Whidden O- Somebody Cares For You/ Dream of Me Darling Tonight E San Fran

197. Br 6941- Leo Reisman O- You're a Builder Upper/ What Can You Say In a Love Song V+ composer Harold Arlen vocals, as on the next one

198. Br 6942- Leo Reisman O- Fun to Be Fooled/ Shoein' the Mare EE+/E

199. Br 7316- Freddy Martin O- Blame It On My Youth/ Winter Wonderland E+

200. Br 7342- Ethel Merman w/ Johnny Green O- I Get a Kick Out of You/ You're the Top EE+

201. Br 7348- The Boswell Sisters w/ Jimmie Grier O- Its Written All Over Your Face/ The Object Of My Affection V scrs

202. Br 7391- Helen Morgan w/ Jimmie Grier O- Winter Over Night/ I See Two Lovers V rcnap

203. Br 7551- Mezz Mezzrow O- Dissonance/ Free Love E-

204. Br 7671- Orville Knapp O- Its High Time I Go tthe Low Down On You/ Tonight's the Night E-

205. Br 7725- Marlene Dietrich w/ O- Assez/ Moi, Je M' Ennuie EE-

206. Br 7765- Virginia Bruce w/ Eddie Ward MGM O- Easy to Love/ I've Got U Under My Skin EE+

207. Br 7769- Hal Kemp O- Alls Fair In Love & War/ With Plenty of Money & You V+

208. Br 7772- Nat Brandywynne O- Never Should Have Told You/ Chapel In the Moonlight E/EE-

209. Br 7774- Nat Brandywynne O- Under Your Spell/ Tea On the Terrace E

210. Br 7775- Hal Kemp O- An Apple a Day/ Something Has Happened to Me V+

211. Br 7776- Russ Morgan O- Summer Night/ Better Get Off Your High Horse E/EE+

212. Br 7777- Russ Morgan O- I'm In a Dancing Mood/ Someone to Care For Me EE+

213. Br 7778- Art Shaw New O- There's Something In the Air/ Take Another Guess V+/EE+

214. Br 7780- Hal Kemp O- Got a Date w/ An Angel/ You Dont Love Right E+ sm scry patch B

215. Br 7782- Anthony Martin w/ O- There's Something In the Air/ Where Lazy River Goes By V

216. Br 7785- Hudson-De Lange O- I'll Never Tell You I Love You/ Remember When E-

217. Br 7787- Art Shaw O- Love & Learn/ Moon Face EE-/EE+

218. Br 7792- Leo Reisman O- Now/ Little Old Lady VV+/EE-

219. Br 7793- Kay Kyser O- Gone/ I Love You From Coast to Coast E+

220. Br 7798- Leo Reisman O- You Were There/ Play Orchestra Play E+

221. Br 7799- Russ Morgan O- Gee! But You're Swell/ Timber EE-/EE+

222. Br 7800- Jan Garber O- the Night Is Young & U're So Beautiful/ Lookin' Around Corners E+

223. Br 7802- Jimmie Grier- Who's That Knockin' At My Heart/ Let's Dance & Dream EE-/E-

224. Br 7803- Russ Morgan O- The Little House That Love Built/ The One Rose E+

225. Br 7804- Jan Garber O- Dear Diary/ Sereande In the Night E/V

226. Br 7806- Art Shaw O- Cream Puff/ Sobbin' Blues EE+

227. Br 7807- Jan Garber O- Dont Give a Good Gosh Darn/ There's a Ranch In the Sky EE+

228. Br 7834- Leo Reisman O- The Whistling Boy/ Our Song E+

229. Br 7837- Gertrude Niesen w/ O- Jamboree/ Where Are You EE-

230. Br 7907- Art Shaw New Music- I Surrender Dear/ Blue Skies E+

231. Br 7942- Art Shaw New Music- Am I In Love?/ Please Pardon Us We're In Love E-/V+

232. Br 7991- Hudson- De Lange O- The Maid's Night Off/ Sophisticated Swing EE-

233. Br 7993- Raymond Scott Quintette- Powerhouse/ The Toy Trumpet EE+

234. Br 8067- Harry James O- Song of the Wanderer/ Texas Chatter E+

235. Br 8126- Kay Kyser O- Havin' Myself a Time/ That Feeling Is Gone EE-/E+

236. Br 8128- Russ Morgan O- Sophisticated Swing/ Diga Diga Doo EE-/E-

237. Br 8133- Horace Heidt- Cathedral In the Pines/ The Girl In the Bonnet of Blue EE+

238. Br 8134- Jan Garber O- So LIttle Time/ Daddy's Boy E couple lt pops

239. Br 8135- Red Norvo O- You Leave Me Breathless/ Says My Heart E

240. Br 8139- Gene Krupa- Prelude to a Stomp/ Fare Thee Well Annie Laurie E+N-

241. Br 8140- Eddy Duchin O- I Wanna Go Back to Bali/ A Stranger In Paree VV+/EE+

242. Br 8141- Teddy Wilson O- I'll Dream Tonight / You Go to My Head EE+/EE-

243. Br 8143- Kay Kyser O- Sunrise In Siam/ Dont Drop a Nickel In the Slot E+/E-

244. Br 8145- Red Norvo O- Daydreaming/ Savin' Myself For You E/EE- sol nap

245. Br 8146- Jan Garber O- There's a Village In a Valley/ Kiss Me Good-Night E+

246. Br 8148- Horace Heidt- When They Played the Polka/ I'll Still Be Loving You EE+

247. Br 8149- Kay Kyser O- So You Left Me For the Leader of a Swing Band/ Music Maestro VV+

248. Br 8150- Teddy Wilson O- Jungle Love/ If I Were You EE-

249. Br 8151- Jan Garber O- Somewhere With Somebody Else/ When the Stars Go to Sleep E

250. Br 8161- Gene Krupa O- If It Rains-Who Cares/ There's Honey On the Moon Tonight V+

251. Br 8219- Eddy Duchin O- How Long Can Love Keep Laughing?/ My Heart Is Unemployed EE+

252. Br 8242- Bix Beiderbecke Gang- Somebody Stole My Gal/ Rhythm King E+ OKeh master press

253. Br 8272- Walter Huston- September Song/ The Scars EE+

254. Br 8396- Matty Malneck O- Souvenir/ Flight Of the Bumble Bee E+

255. Br 85018(gold lbl)- Marlene Dietrich w/ O- Wo Ist Der Mann?/ Ja, So Bin Ich E+

256. Br 85022(gold lbl)- Madeleine Grey w/ Maurice Ravel piano- Trois Chants Hebraiques 1/2 EE+


257. Co 3413- George Alexander- I Want What I Want When I Want It V

258. Co 3906- Collins & Harlan- Cohan's Rag Babe V- 3" lam

259. Co 78356- Hulda Lashanska- Lullaby E

260. Co A 801- Bert Williams- The Mississippi Stoker/ Collins & Harlan- That Mesmerizing Mendelssohn Tune VV+

261. Co A 1043- Frederick Bowers- I Love the Girls From A to Z/ Columbia Qtet- Look Out For Jimmy Valentine E+

262. Co A 1125- Collins & Harlan- You've Got Me Hypnotized/ Princes band- Defenders of the Flag E

263. Co A 1141- Charles Harrison & Col Quartet- Take Me Back to the Garden of Love/ Columbia Quartet- Its a Long Lane That Has No Turning E

264. Co A 1410- Chauncey Olcott- Dream Girl of Mine/ Too Ra Loo Ra Loo Ral E

265. Co A 1437- Collins & Harlan- Down In Monkeyville/ Peerless Qtet- At that Midnight Masquerade V+

266. Co A 1441- Peerless Qtet- There's Ragtime In the Air/ H Burr & C Moister- Girl In Gingham Gown E

267. Co A 1495- Ada Jones & Henry Burr- Where Can I Meet You Tonight/ Prince's O- Medley of Irving Berlin Hits EE+

268. Co A 1909- Bert Williams- Samuel/ Everybody EE+

269. Co A 1734- Thomas Mills(xylophone solo)- Flower Girl/ Carnival Maid E-/EE-

270. Co A 1770- Rose Bryant & Henry Burr- If We Cant Be the Same Old Sweethearts../ Columbia Qtet- Down Among the Sheltering Palms EE-

271. Co A 1778- Aida De Marion & Karl Jorn- Du, Du Liegst Mir Im Herzen/ Freut Euch Des Lebens EE- German folksongs- "autographed" in wax

272. Co A 1813- George Barrere w/ Barrere Ens.- Canzonetta/ The Gondoliers E- flute solos

273. Co A 2730- Columbia Saxophone Sextet- Chong(He Come From Hong Kong)/ Waiting EE- thin lam type cr nap

274. Co A 1925- Peerless Qtet- The Ghost of the Terrible Blues/ Marguerite Farrell- Oh, Oh, Oh He's Breaking My Heart E+

275. Co A 1973- Fannie Brice- I Don't Know Whether to Do It or Not/ Rhoda Bernard- Nathan E

276. Co A 2027- Oscar Shaw- Michael & His Motor-cycle/ Anna Chandler- Gootmon Is a Hootman Now E

277. Co A 2077- Helen Louise, Frank Ferera & Sam Kainoa- Waiu Luilui George Kalaluhi's Hawaiians- Kalaluhi's Hawaiian medley of Hulas E-/E

278. Co A 2092- Joe Weber & Lew Fields- Baseball Game/ The Marriage Market Scene E

279. Co A 2122- Fannie Brice- If We Could Only Take Her Word 1/2 EE+

280. Co A 2368- Louise, Ferera & Greenus- Smiles Then Kisses/ Hawaiian Echoes EE-

281. Co A 2404- Charles "Chic" Sale- Mr Lem Underdunk- Leading Horner of the Silver Cornet Band/ Mr. Lem Underdunk's Sleigh Riding Party E

282. Co A 2413- Burr & Campbell- My Rose of Waikiki/ Hello, Aloha, Hello V

283. Co A 2419- Handy's Orch of Memphis- That "Jazz" Dance/ Livery Stable Blues E

284. Co A 2425- Samuel Ash- Smile & Show Your Dimple/ Irving Kaufman- Hello Wisconsin EE+ seldom seen original version of Easter Parade A--same tune, different lyrics

285. Co A 2652- Bert Williams- O Death Where Is Thy Sting/ When I Return EE+

286. Co A 2741- Jockers DO- Yama Yama Blues/ Tears(of Love) EE-

287. Co A 2742- Louisville 5 Jazz O- Yelping Hound Blues/ Just Another Good Man.. VV+

288. Co A 2744- Campbell & Burr- I'm Going to Climb the Blue Ridge Mtns/ Sterling Trio- Friends EE+

289. Co A 2750- Bert Williams- It's Nobody's Business But My Own/ Everybody Wants a Key to My Cellar E+

290. Co A 2752- Wilbur Sweatman's Orig Jazz Band- I'll Say She Does/ Lucille VV+/V+

291. Co A 2786- Charles Harrison w/ O- Waiting/ Henry Burr- Oh What a Pal Was Mary E+

292. Co A 2845- Charles Harrison- My Love Song, My Roses & You/ Campbell & Burr- Hand In Hand Again E

293. Co A 2893- Campbell & Burr- Hawaiian Hours With You/ Beautiful Hawaiian Love V+

294. Co A 2900- Prince's O- Smoky Mokes/ Happy Days In Dixie E-/V+

295. Co A 2915- Frank Crumit- What a Day That'll Be/ Peerless 4- Jean V+

296. Co A 2921- Nora Bayes- Without You/ Patches E+

297. Co A 2940- Al Jolson- Some Beautiful Morning/ Frank Crumit- I've Got the Profiteering Blues E/EE+

298. Co A 2941- Bert Williams- Ten Little Bottles/ Unlucky Blues EE+/E+

299. Co A 2946- Al Jolson- In Sweet September/ Frank Crumit- Early In the Morning E

300. Co A 2980- Nora Bayes- Sally Green/ The Argentines, Portuguese & Greeks NN-

301. Co A 3316- Ferera & Franchini- Honolulu Bay/ Romola V+/E-

302. Co A 3356- Bert Williams- My Last Dollar/ I'm Gonna Quit Saturday EE+

303. Co A 3418- Mary Stafford Jazz Band- Strut Miss Lizzie/ If You Dont Want Me Send Me to Ma V

304. Co A 3453- Ted Lewis O- Second Hand Rose/ Sally, Wont You Come Back E+

305. Co A 3508- Bert Williams- Unexpectedly/ Brother Low Down EE+

306. Co A 3554- California Ramblers- Bob Wow Blues/ Smilin' EE+

307. Co A 3606- Hart Sisters- Honey Lu/ Shannon Four- Wake Up Little Girl U're Just Dreaming E+

308. Co A 3624- Eddie Cantor- I'm Hungry For Beautiful Girls/ I Love Her- She Loves Me NN- long aud scr B side only

309. Co A 3651- Frank Crumit- Pinkie "The Flapper Song"/ By the Riverside E-

310. Co A 3754- Eddie Cantor- He Loves It/ Sophie (I Go So Far With Sophie..) E/EE-

311. Co A 3825- The Georgians- Loose Feet/ Aggravatin' Papa E+

312. Co A 3887- Van & Schenck- My Old Ramshackle Shack/ Beside a Babbling Brook E

313. Co A 3940- Eddie Elkins O- Mad/ Love Tales EE-

314. Co E 1469- Juraj Devic Zagreb- Jurek Cmok O Americi/ Prizor U Gostioni E+ Croatian

315. Co E 1470- Juraj Devic Zagreb- O Ti Osel Stari/ Tatadara Tatadara E Croatian

316. Co E 1827- Karakteristicni del Proizajanje gosp Danila- Kohn Na Balkanu/ Cirkus Zawatta E+ Slovenian

317. Co E 1952- Kantor A Karniol w/ cho- Shoma Koleninu/ Tewienu V+ lams A Hebrew hyms

318. Co E 2352- Hansi Fuhrer w/ O- Tauch Nur An/ Uber Berg Und Tal E+ German

319. Co E 7937- Ludwig Satz- comic talking & singing- unknown titles in Jewish VV+

320. Co 8099-F- Peisachke Burstein w/ O- Hop, Meid Meidele/ Yes Sir, Ze Is Mein Kalleh E despite grey...B side is fun version of Yes Sir, Thats My Baby

321. Co 8128-F- Jennie Goldstein w/ O- Ich bin a Mame/ Vu iz mein kind? E+ Jewish folksongs

322. Co 12168-F- Frank Ferera O- Honolulu Lou/ Just a Lei of Roses N-..rc B only sds 1 groove- easily passes. Super rare electric Hawaiian on 190000 mx export series

323. Co 154-M- Percy Grainger- Country Gardens/ Shepherds Hey E+N-

324. Co 79-D- Lewis James w/ O- Mr. Radio Man/ Al Jolson- mr Radio Man E- lbl dmg B

325. Co 111-D- Art Kahn O- Glad/ There's Nobody Else But You E+

326. Co 131-D- Columbia Novelty O- Why Did I Kiss That Girl/ Oh, Baby! E

327. Co 158-D- Jay C. Flippen- Darktown Broadcasting 1/2 E/EE-

328. Co 159-D- Jay C. Flippen- Often/ Something Tells Me U Are Going Far Away From Here EE+

329. Co 319-D Harry Reser's Syncopators- When You Do What You Do/ Yearning V

330. Co 332- Billy Jones & Ernest Hare- Sweet Onion Time/ Billy Jones- O Katharina! EE+/E

331. Co 340- California Ramblers- Just a Little Drink/ Dromedary VV+

332. Co 341- Ace Brigode 14 Virginians- What a Smile Can Do/ When I Think of You VV+

333. Co 343- The Whispering Pianist(Art Gillham)- Second Hand Love/ Hesitation Blues E+

334. Co 344- Manhattan Dancemakers- Moonlight & Roses/ Golden Memories E+N-

335. Co 348- Associated Glee Clubs of America- Discovery/ A Plainsman's Song VV+

336. Co 350- Patrick Gaffney- Green Grows the Rushes Oh/ Jerry Daly's Hornpipe V-

337. Co 398- Ace Brigode 14 Virginians-Yes Sir, Thats My Baby Bourne & Ellis(piano duet)- If You Knew Susie VV+

338. Co 410- Jones & Hare- I Miss My Swiss/ Collegiate E/ E-V+

339. Co 422- The Knickerbockers- Manhattan/ Sentimental Me E nice tpt A

340. Co 763- Mary Haynes- Down At Our New Beauty Shop/ Cry Little Girl Just Cry E+

341. Co 800- California Ramblers- My Baby Knows How/ Here Comes Fatima VV+

342. Co 824- Don Clark Los Angeles Biltmore Hotel O- I've Got the Girl/ Idolizing E-V+ BING's first!

343. Co 835- Don Voorhees Earl Carroll Vanities O- One Alone/ The Riff Song E-

344. Co 881- Don Voorhees O- Who Do You Love?/ Muddy Water E/EE-

345. Co 954- Don Voorhees O- Dancing the Devil Away/ The Columbians- That Little Something EE+

346. Co 1026- Cliquot Club Eskimos- Honolulu Moon/ The Columbians- Me & My Shadow E+

347. Co 1088- The Knickerbockers- Miss Annabelle Lee/ Roam On My Little Gypsy Sweetheart E-

348. Co 1103- The Little Ramblers- Swamp Blues/ Play It Red V-

349. Co 1111- South Sea Islanders- Song of Hawaii/ Hawaiian Hula Medley EE+/E

350. Co 1176- Cass Hagan Park Central O- My Lady/ Two Loving Arms E+ sm scr B

351. Co 1185- Ed Lowry- ICBTUIL w/ Me/ She Don't Wanna E+

352. Co 1273- Paul Specht O- Let a Smile Be Your Umbrella/ The Grass Grows Greener EE-

353. Co 1293- Kitty O' Connor- We'll Have a New Home/ Lullaby EE+/E+

354. Co 1423- The Nifty Three- From Midnight Till Dawn/ Sleepy Town E+N-

355. Co 1451- Guy Lombardo O- The Cannon Ball/ I'm More Than Satisfied EE+ plays E+ HOT!

356. Co 1476- Edna Thomas- Were You Dere?/ Swing Low Sweet Chariot E+

357. Co 1591- The Nifty Three- Anything Your Heart Desires/ Dog-Gone E+

358. Co 1641- The Diplomats- Come On & Let's Make Whoopee/ Oh You Sweet Old Watcha May Call It E+

359. Co 1929- Moran & Mack- Foolishments/ Esau Buck EE+

360. Co 1978- Ed Lowry- If I Had a Talking Picture of You/ I'm a Dreamer Arent We All E/EE-

361. Co 1988- Will Osborne O- Same Old Moon/ Perhaps E+N-

362. Co 2027- Irene Bordoni- Just An Hour of Love/ Believe Me E+

363. Co 2286- Guy Lombardo O- I Still Get a Thrill/ Mamselle EE-

364. Co 2292- Bert Lown O- Maybe Its Love/ I'll Be Blue Just Thinking of You E-V+

365. Co 2297- Paul Whiteman O- Body & Soul/ Something to Remember You By EE-

366. Co 2475- Guy Lombardo O- Without That Gal/ How the Time Can Fly E-

367. Co 2505- Ruth Etting- I'm Good For Nothing But Love/ I'm Falling In Love E+ sm aud scry spot A

368. Co 2548- Ipana Troubadours- You Didn't Know the Music/ Can't You See E+N-

369. Co 2563- Kate Smith- That's Why Darkies Were Born/ Tell Me With a Love Song E-

370. Co 2708- Freddy Martin O- Three On a Match/ Nightfall EE+/E+

371. Co 2714- Rudy Vallee O- Three's a Crowd/ Say It Isn't So V+

372. Co 2847(BLUE WAX)- Emil Coleman O- You're Devastating/ I'll Be Hard to Handle E-V+

373. Co 2905(BLUE WAX)- Ben Pollack O- Here Goes/ The Beat Of My Heart E+

374. Co 2906(BLUE WAX)- Ben Pollack O- The Voodoo/ Enric Madriguera O- I Knew U When EE+

375. Co 2990(BLUE WAX)- Phil Regan w/ Jimmie Grier O- We Were So Young/ Molly O Donahue EE+

376. Co 2997(BLUE WAX)- Lud Gluskin O- Dancing With My Darling/ Tia Juana E Buddy Clark vocs

377. Co 3002(BLUE WAX)- Johnny Green O- Let's Hold Hands/ Love Come Take Me N-

378. Co 3022(BLUE WAX)- Johnny Green O- I Won't Dance/ Lovely to Look At VV+

379. Co 3100- Herbie Kay O- A Little Bit Independent/ Remember Last Night E

380. Co 14346- Rev H.R.Tomlin- You Can Tell the World About This/ Lord I Just Can't Help But Crying N-

381. Co 14423- Deacon W.H. Gallamore- Hell Is God's Chain Gang/ Hide Me Over In the Rock of Ages E+N-

382. Co 14469- Rev W.M. Mosley- If You Follow Jesus/ Rev T.E. Weeks- You Better Let That Liar Alone E+N-

383. Co 14521- Rev Joe Lenley- Let Us Therefore Come/ Lord Who Shall Abide In Thy Tabernacle E+N-

384. Co 15218- Al Craver- Little Marian Parker/ Where Is My Mama? VV+/V

385. Co 230-M(BLUE WAX)- Lucienne Boyer w/ O- Parle Moi D'Autre Choise/ J'ai Laisse Mon Coeur NN-

386. Co 231-M(BLUE WAX)- Lucienne Boyer w/ O- Fais Semblant De M'aimer/ C'est Pas La Peine E+ 2 tiny edge lams nap

387. Co 2360-X- Orquestra de jazz "Nilo"- Rusticanella/ Fox de los Besos E- lt scrs. rare export ser

388. Co 239-M- Hildegarde w/ O- Beaucoup/ Un Amour Come Le Notee E+N-

389. Co 241-M- Lucienne Boyer w/ O- D'Amour En Amour/ La Voyageuse E+

390. Co 250-M- Lucienne Boyer w/ O- Ta Main/ Moi Ami Le Vent E+

391. Co 270-M- Hildegarde w/ Wirges O- I Wanna Go to the Zoo/ Goodnight My Love E

392. Co 287-M- Lucienne Boyer- Mon Petie Lit D'enfant/ Depart E+/N-

393. Co-1 (Archive Series)- Al Jolson w/ Guy Lombardo O- Rock a Bye Your Baby/ April Showers E+ master pressed off 1932 Brunswicks

394. Co 35206- Jack Teagarden O- I Swung the Election/ Aunt Hagar's Blues E+

395. Co 35233- Jack Teagarden O- Hawaii Sang Me To Sleep/ Two Blind Loves E+

396. Co 35224- Jack Teagarden O- I'm Takin' My Time With You/ I Wanna Hat With Cherries E+

397. Co 35235- Mary Jane Walsh w/ O- Love Never Went to College/ I Like to Recognize the Tune E-

398. Co 35243- Ella Logan w/ O- Waikiki/ Goodnight My Beautiful V+

399. Co 35245- Jack Teagarden O- Stop Kicking My Heart Around/ At Least You Could Say Hello EE+

400. Co 35305- Martha Raye w/ O- Jeanie With the Light Brown Hair/ Yesterdays NN-

401. Co 35578- Virginia O' Brien- Clear Out of This World/ Two in a Taxi V-

402. Co 35632- Virginia O' Brien- Spring/ I'm An Old Jitterbug EE-

403. Co 36141- Alberto Vila w/ Lud Gluskin O- Sympatica/ Amarilla EE-

404. Co 36257- Ella Logan- Take Me Out to the Ball Game/ The Mountains O' Mourne EE+

405. Co 36288- Raymond Scott O- Beau Night In Hotchkiss Corners/ The Merry Carousel EE+

406. Co 36480- The Martins w/ O- Watch the Birdie/ Skip to My Lou E+

407. Co 36595- Mary Martin w/ Horace Heidt O- Pound Your table Polka/ The Mem'ry of This Dance E

408. Co 36684- Benny Goodman O- Solo Flight/ The World Is Waiting For the Sunrise EE+

409. Co 36774- Frank Sinatra- I Begged Her/ What Makes the Sunset? NN-

410. Co 36768- Gene Krupa O- I'll Remember Suzanne/ I Walked In E+

411. Co 36784- Gene Krupa O- Cry & Cry Alone/ I Should Care E+

412. Co 36951- Les Brown O- The Frim Fram Sauce/ In the Moon Mist E+

413. Co 36962- Frank Sinatra- Two Hearts Are Better Than One/ All Through the Day E+

414. Co 36993- Cab Calloway O- Afternoon Moon/ A Blue Serge Suit With a Belt In the Back EE+/E

415. Co 37048- Frank Sinatra- How Cute Can You Be?/ Five Minutes More E+/EE+

416. Co 37089- Frank Sinatra- The Coffee Song/ The Things We Did Last Summer E+

417. Co 37193- Frank Sinatra- This is the Night/ Hush a Bye Island EE+

418. Co 37589- Gene Krupa O- Disk Jockey Jump/ Gene's Boogie E+

419. Co 37590- Mary Ann Mc Call- On Time/ Money Is Honey N-

420. Co 37966- Frank Sinatra- The Dum Dot Song/ It All Came True E+

421. Co 37968- Gene Krupa O- Please Don't Play Number Six Tonight/ I May Be Wrong E+

422. Co 38052- Louis Armstrong O- Black & Blue/ ICGUA But Love NEW stand alone issue masters

423. Co 38393- Frank Sinatra- No Orchids For My Lady/ Why Can't You Behave N

424. Co 38616- Cab Calloway O- Dawn Time/ All At Once NN- a scarce later Cab Columbia

425. Co 38734- Metronome All Stars- Double Date/ No Figs E+N- incl Dizzy, Getz, etc

426. Co 38790- Jane Russell, Frank Sinatra & Modernaires- Kisses & Tears/ Frank Sinatra & Mondernaires- When the Sun Goes Down N-

427. Co 38803- Tony Pastor O- Breakfast At Seven/ Choc'late Ice Cream Cone NEW

428. Co 39787- Frank Sinatra- Tenessee Newsboy/ Luna Rossa N-


429. Co 26134- Benny Goodman Sextet- Stardust/ Gilly NN-

430. Co 35234- Benny Goodman Sextet- Liza/ Slipped Disc NN-

431. De 38045- Frank Sinatra- My Cousin Louella/ What'll I Do E+

432. Co 38131- Mary Ann Mc Call- I Want a Big Butter & Egg Man/ Trouble Is a Man E+

433. Co 38194- Xavier Cugat O- On An Island With You/ Charisse E+

434. Co 38417- Frank Sinatra- When is Sometime?/ If You Stub Your Toe On the Moon E+N-

435. Co 38558- Xavier Cugat O w/ Buddy Clark- Thrill Me/ Nocturnal Chaperon E+

436. Co 38871- Tony Pastor O- Miles Standish/ The Major & the Minor NN-

437. Co 39366- Ken Griffin organ w/ Steel Guitar- Red Sails In the Sunset/ Ken Griffin- Syncopated Clock N-

438. Co 39564- Benny Goodman O- King Porter Stomp/ Farewell Blues N-

439. Co 47009- Joe Bushkin Trio- Dinah/ Ol Man River N-


440. De 7085- Whistling Bob Howe & Frankie Griggs- The Hottest Stuff In Town/ The Coldest Stuff In Town E despite grey

441. De 7086- Willie Smith & his Cubs- Sitting At the Table Opposite You/ Breeze EE-

442. De 7106- Gladys Palmer w/ O- In the Middle of a Kiss/ I'm Livin' in a Great Big Way E+

443. De 7107- Gladys Palmer w/ O- Get Thee Behind Me Satan/ Trees E+ flat lbl

444. De 7226- Jimmy Strange- Yas Yas Yas/ Dick Barrow w/ Dot Scott's Rhythm Band- Down At the Cabin Inn V/VV+

445. De 7499- Al Cooper's Savoy Sultans- Jump Steady/ Rhythm Doctor Man EE-

446. De 7502- Al Cooper's Sultans- Jeep's Blues/ You Never Miss the Water Till the Well Runs Dry E

447. De 7739- Lil Armstrong Dixielanders- Sixth Street/ My Secret Flame V+

448. De 8660- Christine Chatman O- Hurry, Hurry/ Naptown Boogie E+

449. De 101- Bing Crosby- Someday Sweetheart (tk E)/ Let Me Call You Sweetheart(tk D) E- the rarer issue on this flat label from Bing's first Decca session

450. De 119- Dorsey Bros O- St Louis Blues/ Milenberg Joys E flat blb

451. De 145- Lucy Monroe- My Hero/ Italian Street Song E/E+

452. De 163- Muriel Pollock & Vee Lawnhurst- Narcissus/ Nola E+

453. De 169- Isham Jones O- Pardon My Southern Accent/ I Never Had a Chance V

454. De 170- Isham Jones O- Out of Space/ For All We Know E

455. De 193- Dorsey Bros O- Judy/ You're a Builder Upper EE+

456. De 194- Tiny Bradshaw O- The Sheik of Araby/ The Darktown Strutters Ball E

457. De 195- Dorsey Bros O- I Couldn't Be Mean to You/ Lost In a Fog EE-

458. De 203- Jesse Crawford- Song of the Islands/ Aloha Oe E+ flat lbl

459. De 206- Dorsey Bros O- Out In the Cold Again/ Day Dreams V+/E-

460. De 241- Ted Lewis O- My Old Flame/ Isn't It a Shame EE+ scarce!

461. De 259- Dorsey Bros O- Okay Toots/ When My Ship Comes In VV+

462. De 274- Guy Lombardo O- Stay As Sweet As You Are/ The Sweetheart Wz EE+

463. De 283- Dorsey Bros O- What a Diff'rence a Day Made/ What Can You Say In a Love Song E-

464. De 376- Dorsey Bros O- Night Wind/ Dinah E+

465. De 408- Winifred Shaw w/ O- Lullaby of Broadway/ I'm Goin' Shopppin' With You E- rc10gr A

466. De 475- Frank Crumit- There's No One With Endurance(Like the Man Who Sells Insurance)/

Whoa Josephine E+ flat lbl

467. De 480- Dorsey Bros O- I'll Never Say Never Again Again/ Every Little Moment VV+ flat lbl

468. De 482- Dorsey Bros O- You're All I Need/ Footloose & Fancy Free E

469. De 564- Phil Harris O- I'd Rather Listen To Your Eyes/ I'd Love to Take Orders From You E+

470. De 565- Phil Harris O- Just As Long As the World Goes Round/ Now You've Got Me Doing It E-

471. De 569- Isham Jones O- Dallas Blues/ Blue Lament EE+

472. De 572- Jimmie Lunceford O- If I Had Rhythm In My Nursery Rhymes/ Call It Anything E

473. De 573- Johnnie Davis O- Truckin'/ Loafin' Time V

474. De 580- Louis Armstrong O- You Are My Lucky Star/ La Cucaracha EE- faint int hlc nap

475. De 600- Joe Sullivan- Little Rock Getaway/ Just Strolling E+

476. De 710- Jane Froman w/ O- Please Believe Me/ But Where Are You? V/V+

477. De 795- Cleo Brown- Latch On/ Slow Poke E/EE-

478. De 817- Ink Spots- Your Feets Too Big/ Taint Nobodys Bizness If I Do EE-

479. De 832- Mae Questel(the Betty Boop Girl)- You've Gotta Eat Your Spinach Baby/ Oh My Goodness V+

480. De 848- Judy Garland- Stompin' At the Savoy/ Swing Mr. Charlie E GREAT!

481. De 892- Dixie Lee Crosby w/ O- Until the Real Thing Comes Along/

When a Lady Meets a Gentleman Down South E

482. De 907- Dixie Lee Crosby & Bing Crosby- A Fine Romance/ The Way You Look Tonight EE-

483. De 940- Frances Langford- Swingin the Jinx Away/ Easy to Love E+

484. De 945- Dick Mc Intyre Harmony Hawaiians- Leilani/ Liliu E EE-/E

485. De 952- Joe Sanders O- You're Slightly Terrific/ You Do the Darndest Things Baby EE+

486. De 1146- Andy Kirk O- Fifty Second Street/ Dedicated To You E-

487. De 1180- Glen Gray O- Love Is Good For Anything That Ails You/ Was It Rain E-

488. De 1185- Bing Crosby- What Will I Tell My Heart/ Too Marvelous For Words E-

489. De 1186- Bing Crosby- Moonlight & Shadows/ I Never Realized E

490. De 1205- Bob Howard O- Me Myself & I/ You Can't Take It With You E+

491. De 1251- Ink Spots- Slap That Bass/ Let's Call the Whole Thing Off E- rcnap

492. De 1305- Ambrose O- Jingle of the Jungle/ Swinganola E

493. De 1309- Freddie Fisher O- Tiger Rag/ Red Hot Mama E

494. De 1537- Freddie Fisher O- Washboard Man/ Listen to the Mocking Bird E-/E

495. De 1538- Count Basie O- Let Me Dream/ Time Out EE-/E

496. De 1624- Wallace Sisters- He's Just a False Alarm/ Pork & Beans E+

497. De 1648- Bing Crosby- On the Sentimental Side/ My Heart Is Taking Lessons E

498. De 1649- Bing Crosby- The Moon of Mankoora/ This Is My Night to Dream E-

499. De 1749- Frank Crumit & Al Duffy 4- Sunday in the Park/ Girl With the Paint On Her Face E+

500. De 1782- Dick Powell- In My Little Red Book/ The Girl In the Bonnet of Blue E

501. De 1789- Ink Spots- That Cat Is High/ Oh Red E+

502. De 1832- Gene Austin- In a Mellow Mood/ Music Maestro Please E+

503. De 1840- Chick Webb O- Liza/ A Tisket a Tasket E+/EE+

504. De 1842- Louis Armstrong O- Something Tells Me/ Love Walked In EE+

505. De 1846- Ella Fitzgerald Savoy 8- We Can't Go On This Way/ Saving Myself For You EE+

506. De 1847- Dick Robertson O- Ferdinand the Bull/ Mr Wu- Chinese Laundry Blues V+

507. De 1863- Mal Hallett O- Its the Little Things That Count/ You & Me EE+

508. De 1868- Milt Herth 4- Egyptian Ella/ Shoot the Likker to Me, John Boy EE+

509. De 1869- Bob Howard O- Toodle Oo/ In My Miz EE+

510. De 1870- Ink Spots- When the Sun Goes Down/ I Wish You the Best of Everything E-

511. De 2368- Ray Kinney Hawaiians- Its Time to Say Aloha/ Hula Lullaby E+

512. De 2389- Chick Webb O- Chew Chew Chew Chew/ Its Slumbertime Along the Swanee V+ Ella

513. De 2413- Bing Crosby- S'posin'/ And the Angels Sing EE-

514. De 2468- Chick Webb O- Have Mercy/ I'm Up a Tree EE+/V+

515. De 2943- Roy Smeck Serenaders- Faithful Forever/ This Changing World EE+

516. De 2999- Bing Crosby- Just One More Chance/ Sweet Potato Piper E lt scrs

517. De 3064- Bing Crosby- The Singing Hills/ Devil May Care E+

518. De 3098- Bing Crosby- I Dream of Jeanie/ The Girl With the Pigtails In Her Hair EE+

519. De 3450- Bing Crosby- Please/ You Are the One E-

520. De 3614- Bing Crosby- When Day Is Done/ Chapel In the Valley E+

521. De 3807- Jimmie Lunceford O- Chocolate/ Battle Axe E+

522. De 3882(CANAD)- Count Basie O- Blue & Sentimental/ You Can Depend On Me E

523. De 4154- Maxine Sullivan w/ O- St Louis Blues/ My Blue Heaven E+

524. De 18298- Martha Raye- Pig Foot Pete/ Three Little Sisters E despite grey

525. De 18649- Bing Crosby- More & More/ Strange Music E+N-

526. De 18720- Bing Crosby- Aren't You Glad You're You/ In the Land of Beginning Again NN-

527. De 23510- Bing Crosby- We'll Gather Lilacs/ I'll Be Yours NN-

528. De 23741- Louis Jordan Tympany 5- Let the Good Times Roll/ Aint Nobody Here.. Chickens E

529. De 23933- Hoagy Carmichael- Dont Forget to Say "No" Baby/ Old Man Harlem E+

530. De 24299- Hoagy Carmichael- Gonna Get a Girl/ That Feathery Feeling E+

531. De 24551- Billie Holiday- Weep No More/ Girls Were Made to Take Care of Boys E+N-

532. De 24743- Josephine Premice and Calypso Rhythm Boys- I Go Siesta/ Sweetie Joe E+

533. De 24979- Andrews Sisters & Carmen MIranda- Ca- Room' Pa Pa/ Yipsee-I-O E+

534. De 25394- Louis Jordan Tympany 5- Saxa- Woogie/ Pinetop's Boogie Woogie E+

535. De 27540- Hoagy Carmichael- My Resistance Is Low/ Sacramento E+

536. De 27691- Tommy Dorsey O- Everything I Have Is Yours/ I Fall In Love With You Ev'ry Day E+

537. De 27748- Danny Kaye- Jimmy Durante- Jane Wyman- Groucho Marx- How D'Ye Do & Shake Hands/ Black Strap Molasses E+

538. De 28375- Ella Fitzgerald- Trying/ My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean NEW

539. De 48194- Sister Rosetta Tharpe & Marie Knight- I Shall Know Him/ I Was Healed E

540. De 88195- Robert Q Lewis w/ O- Noisy Norbert 1/2 E-


541. De 14562- Morton Downey- Goodnight Sweet Jesus/ Take My Hand, Precious Lord E+

542. De 24693- Ink Spots- You're Breaking My Heart/ Who Do You Know In Heaven NN-

543. De 27463- Danny Kaye & Carol Richards- How Could You Believe Me When I Said I Love You

When You Know I've Been a Liar All My Life/ Danny Kaye- I Left My Hat In Haiti E+

544. De 28414- Frank Froeba Boys- Herman Kept Playin' Away/ Since My Best Gal Turned Me Down E+

545. De 28833- Dinning Sisters- Keep Your Promise Willie Thomas/ As Long As Im Dreaming N-

546. De 29183- Ernie Kovacs w/ Tony De Simone Trio- Hot Cakes & Sausage/ Tony De Simone Trio- Oriental Blues-(Ernie Kovacs theme) E+ FUN!

547. De 46327- Mack Mc Cray Melody Macs- Just One More Beer/ Thats a Horse of a Diff Color E+


548. Vi 45108- Nora Bayes- Cheer Up! Eat & Grow Thin/ Ragging the Songs Mother Used to Sing E

549. Vi 45157- Lambert Murphy w/ O- I Can Always Find a Little Sunshine in the YMCA/ Reinald Werrenrath- The American Come! E+

550. Vi 45201- Olive Kline w/ O- The Japanese Sandman/ Old Fashioned Garden E

551. Vi 60013- Nora Bayes- Has Anybody Here Seen Kelly? E some light grey

552. Vi 60045- George M. Cohan- I Want to Hear a Yankee Doodle Tune E

553. Vi 60090- Elsie Janis- Fascinating Base-Ball Slide EE-

554. Vi 63827- Oberkantor S. Kwartin- I kum purkon/ Mi scheberach E in Hebrew

555. Vi 65338- SM Kaiawe & Hawaiian 5- Maid of Honolulu/ WBJ Acko w/ Haw 5-Kawiliwiliwai VV+

556. Vi 65342- EK Rose & Hawaiian Quintet- Lei poni moi/ Hawaiian Quintet- Ua like no a like E+

557. Vi 65343- EK Rose w/ Hawaiian Quintet & Hawaiian stringed instruments- Sweet Lei Lehua/ Hawaiian 5 w/ Hawaiian stringed instruments- Honolulu Tom Boy E+

558. Vi 65344- EK Rose w/ Hawaiian Quintet & Hawaiian str inst- My Honolulu Hula Girl/ Hawaiian Quintet- One-Two-Three- Four E+

559. Vi 65345- SM Kaiawe w/ Hawaiian str instr- Mauna Kea/ Hawaiian Quintet- Wailae E+

560. Vi 65347- Ben. Wainole w/ Hawaiian Quintet- Kokohi/ Hawaiian Quintet- Hawaii ponoi E+

561. Vi 65348- SM Kaiawe & Hawaiian 5 w/ Hawaiian str instr- Kuu Home/ Hawaiian Quintet- Aloha Oe E

562. Vi 72111- Joe Feldman w/ O- Shabis/ Shik Mir a Brivele E-

563. Vi 72291- Simon Paskal- ich bin a Yidel fron der lite/ A Chaver in Leben E-/EE- Yiddish

564. Vi 72492- Anna Hoffman- Jacob Jacobs- Fish off Shabbis/ Der Italiner E-

565. Vi 16172- Jones & Spencer- Coming Home From Coney Isle/ Jones & Murray- Wouldn't You Like to Have Me For a Sweetheart E

566. Vi 16488- Vess L. Ossman- banjo- Four Little Blackberries/ Mose Tapeiro- First Kiss Wz E+

567. Vi 16661- Edwin M. Whitney- The Darky & the Boys/ Nat M. Wills- Old Oaken Bucket E-

568. Vi 16937- Collins & Harlan- The MIssissippi Dippy Dip/ Arthur Collins- Steamboat Bill EE+

569. Vi 17037- Al Jolson- Rum Tum Tiddle/ That Haunting Melody EE-/E

570. Vi 17219- That Girl Quartet- Rosalie/ Lyric Quartet- Temple Bells E-

571. Vi 17367- Peerless Quartet- San Francisco Bound/ My Turkish Opal E

572. Vi 17461- Nat M. Wills- If a Table at Rector's Could Talk/ New York, Whats the Matter with You EE-/E

573. Vi 17509- Charles W. Harrison- A Little Love, a Little Kiss/ Olive Kline- Isle D' Amour E-/VV+

574. Vi 17710- Pale K. Lua- David K. Kalli- Honolulu March/ Kohala March VV+

575. Vi 17592- Vess L. Ossman bjo w/ O- Universal/ Good Scout EE+

576. Vi 17915- Al Jolson- Asleep in the Deep/ Nat M. Wills- A New Cure For Drinking VV-

577. Vi 17930- Harry Macdonough & cho- That Hula Hula/ Billy Murray & cho- When I Get Back to the USA E- pot rcnap..and rcnap B

578. Vi 18104- Harry Macdonough- I Left Her On the Beach At Honolulu/ Alice Green- Raymond Dixon- Have a Heart E+

579. Vi 18258- Van & Schenck- Dance & Grow Thin/ For Me & My GalE+

580. Vi 18269- Van & Schenck- Far Away in Honolulu/ There's Something Nice About the South E+

581. Vi 18398- Marion Harris- When I Hear That Jazz Band Play/ Collins & Harlan- Lily of Valley E

582. Vi 18409- Charles Hart- Somehwere In France Is the Lily/ Elizabeth Spencer- My Sweetheart Is Somewhere In France E

583. Vi 18441- Louis(sic) James & Shannon 4- All Aboard For Home Sweet Home/ Geoffrey O Hara- Send Me a Curl EE-

584. Vi 18508- Charles Harrison- Dreaming of Home Sweet Home/ Charles Hart-Elliott Shaw- Rose of No Man's Land E-

585. Vi 18623- Charles Harrison- Girl of Mine/ John Steel- Give Me a Smile & Kiss E

586. Vi 18688- Billy Murray- Ed Smalle- Dardanella Blues/ Peerless Quartet- Swanee E+

587. Vi 18698- Benson O- My Little Bimbo/ Chili Bean E+

588. Vi 18717- ODJB- Palasteena/ Margie E

589. Vi 18757- Benson O- Ain't We Got Fun/ Scandanavia EE-/E-

590. Vi 19078- S.S. Leviathan O- Down By the River/ Tut- Anhh- Amen E+

591. Vi 19142- Shannon Quartet- By the Watermelon Vine/ Louisiana Lou E+

592. Vi 19185- Paul Whiteman O- Swanee River Blues/ Shake Your Feet E+

593. Vi 19187- Paul Whiteman O- Raggedy Ann/ In Love With Love EE+

594. Vi 19255- Piron's New Orleans O- West Indies Blues/ Do Doodle Oom VV+

595. Vi 19267- Paul Whiteman O- California Here I Come/ Why Did I Kiss That Girl E+

596. Vi 19302- Hilo Hawaiian O- Sad Hawaiian Sea/ Hula Hula Dream Girl E

597. Vi 19318- Benson Orch- Back in Hackensack, New Jersey/ Doodle Doo Doo E+

598. Vi 19323- S.S. Leviathan O- Arabianna/ The Little Wooden Whistle Wouldn't Whistle E

599. Vi 19357- Coon Sanders O- There's No One Just Like U/ Why Don't My Dreams Come True E

600. Vi 19469- Frank Crunit- Oh Didn't It Rain/ No One Knows What Its All About E-

601. Vi 19531- Mitchell Bros- Too Tired/ High Tone Mama Of Mine EE+

602. Vi 19554- Dan Gregory O- Then You'll Know You're In Love/ Warings- Annie Dear E+

603. Vi 19589- Green Bros Marimba O- Down Hawaii Way/ When Its Love Time In Hawaii E

604. Vi 19680- Georgie Price- All Aboard For Heaven/ American Quartet- Alabamy Bound E

605. Vi 19686- Hilo Hawaiian O- In the Heart of Hawaii/ My Honolulu Dream Girl E+

606. Vi 19687- Jane Green w/ O- We're Back Together Again/ Got No Time E+

607. Vi 19688- Oliver Naylor O- Sweet Georgia Brown/ Benson O- Riverboat Shuffle E/EE-

608. Vi 19768- Charles Dornberger O- Way Down In My Heart/ Warings Penns- Syncopatin Sal EE+

609. Vi 19777- Frank Crumit- I'm Goin' From the Cottonfield/ The Parlor Is a Pleasant Place to Sit In Sunday Night E

610. Vi 20128- Shannon Quartet- Maggie Murphy's Home/ The Sidewalks of New York E

611. Vi 20133- Ted Weems O- Oh If I Ony Had You/ Seattle Harmony Kings- How Many Times E-

612. Vi 20208- The Happiness Boys- She Knows Her Onions/ It Wont Be Long Now VV+

613. Vi 20390- Coon- Sanders O- Brainstorm/ My Baby Knows How EE+

614. Vi 20627- Paul Whiteman O- Pretty Lips/ Side By Side E/EE-

615. Vi 20751- Paul Whiteman O- I'm Coming Virginia/ Just Once Again E-

616. Vi 20783- Paul Whiteman Rhythm Boys- Mississippi Mud/ I Left My Sugar// Sweet Lil/ Aint She Sweet E-

617. Vi 20874- Paul Whiteman O- Manhattan Mary/ Broadway E+

618. Vi 20882- Paul Whiteman O- The Calinda/ Nat Shilkret O- Baby's Blue E

619. Vi 20883- Paul Whiteman O- It Wont Be Long Now/ Five Step E

620. Vi 21039- Jack Smith- The Best Things In Life Are Free/ Revelers-The Varsity Drag EE+

621. Vi 21068- Blue Steele O- Let's Forgive & Forget/ I'm Drifting Back to Dreamland E+

622. Vi 21099- Warings Penns- Wobaly Walk/ I Scream You Scream..Ice Cream EE+/E+

623. Vi 21120- Honolulu Serenaders- Honolulu Stomp/ Mele of Hawaii E+

624. Vi 21150- Jean Goldkette O- Just a Little Kiss From a Little Miss/ So Tired E+

625. Vi 21168- Fanny Brice- The Song of the Sewing Machine/ My Man E lt scf B

626. Vi 21173- Jack Crawford O- Kiss & Make Up/ Ted Weems O- Everybody Loves My Girl EE+

627. Vi 21211- Fanny Brice- Mrs Cohen At the Beach 1/2 E

628. Vi 21258- Coon- Sanders O- Stay Out of the South/ Waring's- Who's Blue Now VV+

629. Vi 21338- Paul Whiteman O- When/ Nat Shilkret O- Just a Little Way From Home Sw Hme E+

630. Vi 21366- Johnny Johnson O- Happy Go Lucky Lane/ Just Across the Street From Heaven E+

631. Vi 21385- Mickey Gillette O- Will U Remember Sweetheart/ Moonlight On the Danube V

632. Vi 21388- Paul Whiteman O- My Angel/ In My Boquet of Memories EE+

633. Vi 21432- Nat Shilkret O- Get Out & Get Under the Moon/ Waring's Penns- In the Evening E+

634. Vi 21507- Henry Thies Hotel Sinton O- Dont Wait Till the Lights Are Low/ RW Kahn O- Say Yes Today E+N-

635. Vi 21530- Blue Steele O- Beyond the Sunset/ I Knew I'd Miss You EE+

636. Vi 21557- Helen Kane- That's My Weakness Now/ Get Out & Get Under the Moon E

637. Vi 21684- Helen Kane- I Wanna Be Loved By You/ Is There Anything Wrong In That E/EE+

638. Vi 21732- Edwin J Mc Enelly O- All of the Time/ Jo-Anne E

639. Vi 21745- Irving Aaronson O- Let's Do It/ The Land of Going to Be E+

640. Vi 21809- Ted Weems O- My Troubles Are Over/ Me & the Man In the Moon E+

641. Vi 21889- Jean Goldkette O- Ya Comin' Up Tonight, Huh?/ Take a Good Look At Mine EE+

642. Vi 21962- Lewis James w/ O- Looking For Love/ Christina EE+

643. Vi 22037- Ted Weems O- Piccolo Pete/ Here We Are E-/EE-

644. Vi 22115- Leo Reisman O- Doing the Boom Boom/ Look What You've Done to Me E/E+

645. Vi 22123- Coon- Sanders O- Got a Great Big Date With a Little Bitta Girl/ Jean Goldkette O- An Old Italian Love Song EE+

646. Vi 22303- Boyd Senter Senterpedians- Copenhagen/ Beale Street Blues E

647. Vi 22316- Princess Watawaso- Aooah/ Her Blanket// By the Weeping Waters E+ rg lbl

648. Vi 22410- Victor Salon O- Syncopated Love Song/ A Mood In Blue E+

649. Vi 22427- Milt Taggart's Eleven Vagabonds of the Air- Starlight & You/ When I Look to the West E- couple clx pass...Hollywood recorded

650. Vi 22314- The High Hatters- Red Hot & Blue Rhythm/ Warings- I'm a Little Bit Fonder of U E+

651. Vi 22353- The High Hatters- Ten Cents a Dance/ Send For Me E

652. Vi 22514- Jeanette Mac Donald- Beyond the Blue Horizon/ Always In All Ways E+N-

653. Vi 22580- Gus Arnheim O- The Little Things In Life/ Them There Eyes E+ Bing A/ Rhythm Boys B

654. Vi 22695- Henry Burbig- Bessie, the Telephone Operator/ The Story of William Tell E

655. Vi 22705(CAN)- Nat Shilkret O- Under Your Window Tonight/ When the Shepherd Leads the Sheep E/E-

656. Vi 22707- Waring's Penns- I Found a Million Dollar Baby/ Sing a Little Jingle V+/V

657. Vi 22790- Gene Kardos O- Mean Music/ China Boy E+ FAINT int cr under lbl nap. GREAT!

658. Vi 22805- Bert Lown O- Let's Drift Away On Dreamer's Bay/ Troubadours- Now That I Need You, You're Gone E+

659. Vi 22830- Lofner Harris St Francis Hotel O- I Got the Ritz From the One I Love/ I'm Sorry Dear VV+

660. Vi 22831- Lofner Harris St Francis Hotel O- Was It Wrong/ River Stay Way From My Door EE+

661. Vi 22855- Phil Harris w/ O- Constantly/ When Its Sleepy Time Down South EE+ W Coast press

662. Vi 22859- Frank Crumit w/ O- The Lady of My Dreams Taught Me How to Play Second Fiddle/ I'm a Specialist E-

663. Vi 22883- Paul Whiteman O- 'Leven Pounds of Heaven/ Wayne King O- Lazy River EE+

664. Vi 22900- Waring's Penns- I'm Only Guessin'/ Honest Really Trully E+

665. Vi 22902- Nat Shilkret O- Somebody From Somewhere/ Delishious EE+ Sylvia Froos voc A

666. Vi 22911- Arden-Ohman O- Of Thee I Sing/ Who Cares? EE-

667. Vi 22921- Eliot Everett O- Blue Danube Blues/ Soliloquy VV+/V+

668. Vi 24013- Jeanette Mac Donald w/ Nat Finston O- We Will Always be Sweethearts/ One Hour With You E+

669. Vi 24042- Ruby Newman O- My Silent Love/ Am I Wasting My Time V+E-

670. Vi 24073- Ruby Newman O- My Heart's At Ease/ So Ashamed! EE- only light wear

671. Vi 24099- Isham Jones O- Sentimental Gentleman Fm Georgia/ One Little Word Led to Another V-

672. Vi 24115- Wayne King O- Sweethearts Forever/ Three's a Crowd E+

673. Vi 24124- George Olsen O- Love Me Tonight/ Say It isn't So VV+

674. Vi 24131- Leo Reisman O- A Shine On Your Shoes/ Alone Together VV-

675. Vi 24135- Don Bestor O- Sweetheart Hour/ Contented E-

676. Vi 24137- Mildred Bailey w/ Paul Whiteman O- Dear Old Mother Dixie/ Wayne King O- Forbidden Love V+/E-

677. Vi 24140(CAN)- Paul Whiteman O- Lets Put Out the Lights/ You're Telling Me E

678. Vi 24157- Leo Reisman O- Louisiana Hayride/ A Rainy Day E HI FI sound..orig cast recording

679. Vi 24161- Isham Jones O- Where/ A Little Street Where Old Friends Meet V

680. Vi 24193- Leo Reisman O- Night & Day/ I've Got You On My Mind EE+ Fred Astaire vocals

681. Vi 24210- Florence Desmond w/ O- A Hollywood Party 1/2 EE+ fun imitations incl ZaSu, Dressler, Gaynor, Tallulah, Durante, Garbo, etc

682. Vi 24221- George Olsen O- Hallelujah I'm a Bum/ You Are Too Beautiful E/E- HI FI sound

683. Vi 24239- Waring's Penns- medley from "Flying Colors" 1/2 E-...one of the rarest 24000s-- includes songs not on single 78s incl Smokin' Reefers, Two Faced Woman, etc

684. Vi 24246- Isham Jones O- Down a Carolina Lane/ A Tree Was a Tree EE+ or better

685. Vi 24254- Glen Gray O- Black Eyed Susan Brown/ Going Going Gone E 1 1/2" repd ck nap HOT A

686. Vi 24256- Glen Gray O- Casa Loma Stomp/ Dardanella EE+

687. Vi 24296- Ray Noble O- Butterflies In the Rain/ Roll Along Kentucky Moon EE+ Bowlly A

688. Vi 24297- Ray Noble O- Wanderer/ Lying In the Hay E- Bowlly vocs

689. Vi 24298- Isham Jones O- Just Born to Be Lonesome/ Blue Prelude E+

690. Vi 24327- Eddie Duchin O- Dont Do Anything I Wouldn't Do/ From Me To You E

691. Vi 24330- Eddie Cantor- Makin' Whoopee/ Hungry Women EE+ scuffs nap. later reissued by request label

692. Vi 24333- Ray Noble O- Love Is the Sweetest Thing/ I'll Do My Best to Make U Happy E-/E Bowlly

693. Vi 24343- Eddie South O- My Oh My/ Gotta Go! EE-

694. Vi 24345- Don Bestor O- Hold Your Man/ Under a Blanket of Blue E+

695. Vi 24346- Don Bestor O- I've Got to Pass Your House/ Shadow Wz E+

696. Vi 24357- NMDO- Hang Out the Stars In Indiana/ The Old Spinning Wheel EE+ Bowlly/ Noble

697. Vi 24365- Paul Whiteman O- Are You Makin' Any Money?/ Ah But Is It Love? EE-

698. Vi 24366- Isham Jones O- I Couldn't Tell Them What to Do/ Louisville Lady VV+

699. Vi 24367- Isham Jones O- Good Luck Sweetheart/ It Isn't Fair V+/E-

700. Vi 24368- Isham Jones O- Shadows On the Swanee/ Paul Whiteman O- Down the Old Ox Road E-

701. Vi 24375- Ray Noble O- Stay On the Right Side of the Road/ Jan Garber O- Did My Heart Beat, Did I Fall In Love? EE-/E HOT A with Bowlly

702. Vi 24376- Eddy Duchin O- Did My Heart Beat/ Close Your Eyes EE+

703. Vi 24389- Ramona & grand p w/ clt, tpt- U Excite Me/ Come Up & See Me Sometime E-rcnap

704. Vi 24391- Don Bestor O- Beloved/ The Last Roundup E+/EE+

705. Vi 24392- Isham Jones O- This Time Its Love/ To-morrow E

706. Vi 24399- Leo Reisman O- Honeymoon Hotel/ By a Waterfall V+

707. Vi 24407- Isham Jones O- Little You Know/ Leo Reisman O- This Is Romance E

708. Vi 24592- Cab Calloway O- Jitterbug/ Long About Midnight E-/EE-

709. Vi 24717- Gloria Grafton w/O- Two Cigarettes In the Dark/ Lost In a Fog E-

710. Vi 24721- Rudy Vallee O- Lost In a Fog/ The Drunkard Song VV+

711. Vi 24749- Ray Noble O- I'll Follow My Secret Heart/ Nevermore E+ rg lbl

712. Vi 24750- Richard Himber O- Tea For Two/ Avalon EE- scr A.. rg lbl...Joey Nash vocals

713. Vi 24839- Libby Holman w/ Richard Himber O- You & the Night & the Music/ When You Love Only One E RARE!

714. Vi 25063- Fats Waller Rhythm- Lulu's Back In Town/ Sweet & Slow V/E

715. Vi 25080- Warings Penns- Love For Sale/ Dancing In the Dark E rg lbl

716. Vi 25188- Eddy Duchin O- Dont Mention Love to Me/ Out of Sight, Out of Mind E

717. Vi 25236- Tommy Dorsey O- I've Got a Note/ I'm Gettin' Sentimental Over You V+

718. Vi 25247- Benny Goodman O- Breakin' In a Pair of Shoes/ Stompin' At the Savoy EE-

719. Vi 25319- Paul Whiteman O- Nobody's Sweetheart Now/ Stop, Look & Listen EE+/E+

720. Vi 25336- Ray Noble O- But Definitely/ When i'm With You EE-/E- Bowlly vocs

721. Vi 25420- Nick La Rocca & ODJB- Who Loves You?/ Did You Mean It? VV+

722. Vi 25434- Benny Goodman O- You're Giving Me a Song and a Dance/ When a Lady Meets a Gentleman Down South EE-

723. Vi 25834- Fats Waller Rhythm- You Had An Evening to Spare/ Skrontch E+

724. Vi 25714- Leo Reisman O- In the Shade of the New Apple Tree/ God's Country EE+ Harold Arlen vocs

725. Vi 26446- Bob Zurke Delta Rhy Band- Holy Smoke/ Somebody Told Me N-

726. Vi 26449- Hal Kemp O- Ooh What You Said/ Way Back in 1939 AD EE+

727. Vi 26654- Artie Shaw O- April In Paris/ King For a Day E+N-

728. Vi 26660- Tommy Dorsey O- And So Do I/ The One I Love E/EE- Sinatra B

729. Vi 26797- Leo Reisman O- Fresh As a Daisy/ Let's Be Buddies EE-/E

730. Vi 27302- Prof Sidney Bechet- Muskrat Ramble/ Dinah Shore- Mood Indigo E+N-

731. Vi 27378- Joe Reichman O- Hey! Stop Kissin' My Sister/ It Was Wonderful Then E+/E

732. Vi 27381- Sammy Kaye O- Hawaiian Sunset/ Friendly Tavern Polka EE+

733. Vi 27432- Artie Shaw O- What Is There to Say/ Prelude In C Minor E+

734. Vi 27448- Joe Reichman O- The Monkey On a String/ Nighty Night N-

735. Vi 27483- Tommy Dorsey O- Love Me As I Am/ Nine Old Men E+ Sinatra A

736. Vi 27903- Tommy Dorsey O- Just As Though U Were Here/ Street of Dreams NEW Sinatra vox

737. Vi 27947- Tommy Dorsey O- In the Blue of the Evening/ A Boy In Khaki- a Girl In Lace E+ Sinatra

738. Vi 10-1045(red seal)- Tommy Dorsey O- By the Sleepy Lagoon/ Melody EE+/E+

739. Vi 20-2478- Tony Martin w/ O- The Christmas Song/ Begin the Beguine E+

740. Vi 20-3457- Dizzy Gillespie O- Swedish Suite/ I Should Care E few scfs

741. Vi 20-3901- Eddie Fisher- If You Should Ever Leave Me/ Thinking of You E

742. Vi 20-5352- Tony Martin- Sorta On the Border/ Unfair N-

743. Vi 20-5615- Phil Harris- Take Your Girlie to the Movies/ I Know An Old Lasdy E

744. Vi 23-0601- Campos "El Pianista"- Serenata Del Burrito/ Praderas N- intl series

745. Vi 23-5254- Tito Puente O- Swinging the Mambo/ Donde Estabas Tu E+

746. Vi 25-5081- Mickey Katz Kosher-Jammers- Haim Afen Range/ Yiddish Square Dance E-


747. Vi 20-2694- Phil Harris O- Minnie the Mermaid/ Pappy's Little Jug E+

748. Vi 20-2821- Phil Harris- Deck of Cards/ Somebody Else E+

749. Vi 20-2827- Desi Arnaz O- Rumba Rumbero/ In Santiago Chile E+ few scrs A nap

750. Vi 20-3477- Phil Harris O- I Wish I Were a Goldfish/ Thank the Man Upstairs N-

751. Vi 20-3536- Ray Mc Kinley O- Sarong/ Where Did the Wild West Go N-

752. Vi 20-3710- Tony Martin & Fran Warren- Darn It Baby- That's Love/ That we Is Me & You E+

753. Vi 20-3833- Phil Regan w/ O- Three Little Words/ You Are My Lucky Star N-

754. Vi 20-3850- Phil Regan w/ O- Daddy's Little Girl/ Oh Eleanor N-

755. Vi 20-4024- Phil Regan w/ O- Pretty Kitty Kelly/ Sweetheart Darlin' N-

756. Vi 20-4428- Dorothy Loudon- I Wanna Say Hello/ A Good Man Is Hard to Find N-

757. Vi 20-4792- Dorothy Loudon w/ O- Ma- Ma- Ma- Ma Put the Kettle On/ Zing a Little Zong E+

758. Vi 20-4952- Eartha Kitt- Monotonous/ Alice Ghostley- Boston Beguine N-

759. Vi 20-4998- Dorothy Loudon w/ O- Nickel & Dime Man/ Sinnin' Again E+

760. Vi 20-5208- Tony Martin w/ O- The Golden Years/ Please, Please N-

761. Vi 20-5596- Tony Martin w/ O- That's What a Rainy Day Is For/ Look Out, I'm Romantic N-

762. Vi 20-5675- Eddie Fisher- A Girl, A Girl/ Anema E Core E+

763. Vi 22-0132- Johny Hartman w/ Norm Leyden O- Worry Bird/ Out of the Night E+

764. Vi 30-0012- Cab Calloway Cab Jivers- I Beeped When I Shoulda Bopped/ Rooming House Boogie NN-

765. Vi 30- 0024- Cab Calloway O- Ol' Joe Louis/ Your Voice N-


766. Vi V-12072- Danielle Serra w/ O- Le Bacio La Mano, Signora (I Kiss Your Hand Madame)/ Maruska EE- 2 rc's..one clx lite very beginning A....foreign series

767. Vi 80335- Squeezebox Pete- True Dreams/ Dollar Princess E+/E

768. Vi L-16008- Program Transcription- Paul Whiteman O- Dance Music from Hot-Cha & Face the Music EE- 33 1/3 rpm

769. Vi L-4501- Program Transcription -Victor Herbert Melodies Suite #1 pt 3/4 V/V-

770. Vi L-4506- Program Transcription- Nat Shilkret Victor Salon Group- Victor Herbert Melodies Suite #2 part 1/ part 2 E+ 33 1/3 rpm

771. Vi 39-3002(Bluebird Series)- Vaughn De Leath- Rock a Bye Parade/ Ducklings On Parade N in the original 4 page illustrtaed booklet which is E+ but for one tear

772. Vi 420-0032- Glenn Miller Special Broadcast Release In New Sound- My Isle of Golden Dreams (7/26/39)/ Alice Blue Gown (3/3/40) E+

773. Greetings From RCA Victor 1943- Enrico Caruso- Over There/ J.W. Murray Gen' Mgr, RCA Victor Record Activities E+..Christmas-y label


774. Abbey 15055(promo)- Dorothy Loudon- Rustle a Paper/ The Nickelodeon Rag E+ lt scr B sds few gvs

775. Alfred A Knopf Inc- presentation record- They All Played Ragtime- Scott Joplin from 1907 player piano roll- Maple Leaf Rag/ Rudi Blesh & Harriet Janis discuss ragtime NEW

776. ARC Theatre Use Only F 433- Johnny Johnson O- Red Sails In the Sunset/ same EE-/E

777. Actuelle 10161- Ernest Hare w/ O- Down Yonder/ I Love You More E+

778. Allied 5024- Betty Garrett w/ O- The Soft Shoe/ Go E+ orange vinyl

779. Ammor 103- Larry Breese O w/ Dyana Gayle- I Didn't Know What Time It Was/ Larry Breese O w/ Bill Carey- A Boy Named Lem & a Girl Named Sue E-

780. Apollo 169- The Barton Bros- Arriba 1/2 VV+/V+ described as a Yiddish Rhumba

781. Atomic 215- Slim Gaillard Quartette- Yep Roc Heresay/Atomic Cocktail E+

782. Ato 225- Esquires All Americans- How High the Moon/ Dodo Marmarose Trio- Mellow Mood E+

783. Ato 230- Slim Gaillard Quartette- Drei Six Cents/ Minuet in Vout E+N-

784. Ato 231- Slim Gaillard Quartette- Novachord Boogie/ Tee Say Malee E+

785. Audiovox 113- Dorothy Collins w/ O- My Love's a Gentle Man/ No One, Not Even You E+

786. Banner 2176- Frank Ferera's Hawaiians- Winona/ Charmaine V

787. Ba 32040- Ross-Taylor O- Bubbling Over With Love/ Harold White O- I Miss a Little Miss E+

788. Ba 32224- Sam Lanin O- Makin' Faces At the Man In the Moon/ Just One More Chance VV+/E-

789. Ba 33398- Taft Jordan Mob- Louisiana Fairy Tale/ Devil In the Moon V

790. Ba 2046- Michael Rosenberg- Shepsel In Florida/ Getzel At a Baseball Game V+

791. Bell 103(20s lbl)- Ferera & Franchini- Wailana Wz/ Dalhart w/ Ferera & Franchini- Aloha Oe V+

792. Bell 265- Golden Gate O- Raggedy Ann/ Bell Serenaders- Two Blue Eyes V

793. Bell 1021(later lbl)- Charlie de Forest w/ Magic Strings- That's What a Rainy Day Is For/ Look Out I'm Romantic NN-

794. Bell 1048- Dick Powell- Susan Slept Here/ Hold My Hand E+ this late issue is a rare one!

795. Bel Tone 761- Slim Gaillard O- Slim's Jam/ Santa Monica Jump VV+ with Bird & Diz

796. Billie Haywood w/ Cliff Allen piano 501- My Last Affair/ Love Fell In EE+ personal issue with picture label- autographed "to Mr Duncan from Billie Haywood", and signed also by the piano player- "From Cliff to Dunc..solid old man". Likely sold at night club appearances

797. BB 5456- Angelo Ferdinando O- Neighbors/ Waitin' At the Gate For Katy V+

798. BB 5457- Angelo Ferdinando O- Dream of Me Darling Tonight/ Play to Me Gypsy EE- 2 rcnaps

799. BB 5526(CAN)- Tom Berwick O- Dames/ Thank You For a Lovely Evening E

800. BB 5866- George Hall O- Dust Off That Old Pianna/ I'm Misunderstood E

801. BB 5952- Angelo Ferdinando O- Footloose & Fancyfree/ Kiss Me Goodnight V+

802. BB 5954- Frank Dailey O- I'll Never Say "Never Again" Again/ Gypsy Violin E-/E

803. BB 6268- Dolly Dawn Patrol- I'm Gonna Clap My Hands/ Wake Up & Sing E-

804. BB 6394- Wingy Mannone O- Sing Me a Swing Song/ Hesitation Blues E+ int. pressure crks nap

805. BB 6591- George Hall O- Who Loves You?/ Love Will Tell V+/E-

806. BB 6642- Tempo King Kings- You've Got Something/ One Hour For Lunch VV+

807. BB 6700- George Hall O- Heaven In My Heart/ There's a Silver Moon On the Golden Gate E

808. BB 6941- Teddy Hill NBC O- China Boy/ The You & Me That Used to Be E+ 1 1/2" hlc nap

809. BB 7069- Rudy Vallee O- Dont Play With Fire/ Vieni Vieni E+/V-

810. BB 7126- Golden Gate Jubilee Quartet- Gabriel Blows His Horn/ Golden Gate Gospel Train EE-

811. BB 7174- Uncle Dave Macon- From Jerusalem to Jericho/ Honest Confession is Good For the Soul G

812. BB 7187- Boots & His Buddies- Blues of Avalon/ The Raggle Taggle EE+

813. BB 7195- Shep Fields O- Nice Work If You Can Get It/ A Foggy Day E-

814. BB 7238- Rudy Vallee O- Have You Met Miss Jones?/ I'd Rathr Be Right V+

815. BB 7371- Jimmie Revard Oklahoma Playboys- Playboy's Breakdown/ Tulsa Wz V+/V

816. BB 7385- Uncle Dave Macon- Fame Apart From God's Approval/ On the Banks of the Ohio V-

817. BB 7444- Original Dixieland Jazz Band- In My Little Red Book/ Good Night Sweet Dreams E/E+

818. BB 7527- Willie Farmer O- You Better Change Your Tune/ Let Me Whisper/ E/E-

819. BB 7886- Blue Barron O- Its Time to Say "Aloha"/ You Must Have Been a Beautiful Baby V+

820. BB 10070- Fats Waller Rhythm- Love, I'd Give My Life For You/ I'll Dance At Your Wedding E+

821. BB 10078- Fats Waller Rhythm- Georgia May/ I Wish I Had You EE-

822. BB 10105- Les Brown O- You, You, You/ Harlem Woogie E-

823. BB 10149- Fats Waller Rhythm- Armful O' Sweetness/ Patty Cake, Patty Cake E+

824. BB 10233- Ozzie Nelson O- Ever So Quiet/ Wave a Stick Blues EE+

825. BB 10521- The Norsemen- Just a Dream of You Dear/ Honeymoon E+

826. BB 10633- Bob Chester O- If It Weren't For You/ I Hear Bluebirds EE-/V

827. BB 10649- Bob Chester O- The Octave Jump/ You Little Heart Breaker You E

828. BB 10752- Bob Chester O- Pushin' the Conversation Along/ Maybe VV+

829. BB 10754- Glenn Miller O- Pensylvania Six 5000/ Rug Cutter's Swing E-

830. BB 10768- Glenn Miller O- Blueberry Hill/ A Million Dreams Ago E

831. BB 10780- Bob Chester O- River Stay Way From My Door/ Chester's Choice E-/V

832. BB 10820- Larry Clinton O- Half Way Down the Street/ Boo Wa Boo Wa EE+/E

833. BB 10865- Bob Chester O- We Three/ Off the Record E+

834. BB 10892- Fats Waller Rhythm- Dry Bones/ My Mommie Sent Me to the Store E-

835. BB 10904- Bob Chester O- May I Never Love Again/ Buzz Buzz Buzz E

836. BB 11172- Bob Chester O- Time & Time Again/ Clap Your Hands On the After Beat EE-/V

837. BB 11175- Fats Waller Rhythm- Pantin' In the Panther Room/ I Understand E

838. BB 11176- Teddy Powell O- Boogin' On the Downbeat/ Time On My Hands E-/E+

839. BB 11188- Fats Waller Rhythm- I Repent/ Headlines In the News EE-

840. BB 11224- Larry Clinton O- Tenement Symphony/ Comin' Thro the Rye E+

841. BB 11321- Charlie Barnet O- Mother Fuzzy/ You Were There E-

842. BB 11368- Clarence Williams Blue Five- Uncle Sammy Here I Am/ Thriller Blues E+

843. BB 11415- Carson Robison- I'm In the Army Now/ Get Your Gun & Come Along E+N-

844. BB 11442- Bob Chester O- The Moment I Laid Eyes On U/ Life Would Be a Cake Walk w/U E-

845. BB 11478- Bob Chester O- Sunburst/ Tomorrow's Sunrise NN-

846. BB 34-0729- Roosevelt Sykes and his piano- Jiving the Jive/ Honeysuckle Rose E

847. BB 34-0743- Big Maceo- Chicago Breakdown/ Winter Time Blues E+

848. BBS 128- Warren Hull w/ O- Morning Prayer/ Evening Prayer V+E-

849. Blue Note 533- Art Hodes Hot 5 w Bechet & Davison- Way Down Yonder In NO/ St James Infirmary N-

850. BN 1576- Bud Powell Trio- A Night In Tunisia/ Bud Powell solo- Over the Rainbow E

851. Bost 5017- Lotte Lenya w/ O- Lost In the Stars/ Lover Man EE-

852. Bost 5018- Lotte Lenya w/ O- Complainte De La Seine/ J' attends Un Naivre E-

853. Bost 5019- Lotte Lenya w/ O- Soerabaja Johnny/ Wie Man Sich Bettet E-

854. BTR 1000- Scotty Beckett w/ Buddy Bregman Trio- Bop Goes My Heart/

Scotty Beckett w/ Melodiers- Judaline E. rare one this former Our Gang (Little Rascals) member..Scotty was teamed with Spanky in 1934, and went on to sing the B side in A Date With Judy, opposite Jane Powell

855. Cameo 428- Dixie Daisies- Sweet Butter/ The House of David Blues V+

856. Cam 641- Varsity 8- Doo Wacka Doo/ Happy EE+ or better...unusually clean for a Cameo

857. Cam 8339- Dixie Daisies- Doin' the Racoon/ Seven Little Polar Bears- The Cat & the Dog V-

858. Cam 9130- Broadway Broadcasters- Honey/ The Home Towners- Let's Get Together E+ Benny Goodman etc A side

859. Capitol 381- Bob Hope & Dorothy Lamour- My Favorite Brunette/ Beside You N-

860. Cap 476- Red Ingle Natural 7- Pagan Ninny's Keep 'Er Goin Stomp/ Nowhere EE+/E sm pop B

861. Cap 1556(promo)- Ray Anthony O- Melancholy Rhapsody/ Villa N-

862. Cap 1663(promo)- Nat "King" Cole- Nature Boy/ For All We Know E+

863. Cap 1740- Jerry Lewis- I Like It- I Like It/ I'll tell a Policeman On You E+

864. Cap 2316(promo)- Les Paul- Mammy's Boogie/ Les & Mary- Bye Bye Blues E+

865. Cap 2614(promo)- Les Paul- The Kangaroo/ Les & Mary- Dont'cha Hear Them Bells N-

866. Cap 2638(promo)- Frank Sinatra- South of the Border/ I Love You E+

867. Cap 15030- Benny Goodman O w/ Peggy Lee(B only)- Beyond the Sea/ For Every Man There's a Woman E+

868. Cap 15044- Benny Goodman O -Give Me Those Good Old Days/ You Turned the Tables On Me E+

869. Cap 15069- Benny Goodman Sextet- Shirley Steps Out/ The World Is Waiting For the Sunrise E+

870. Cap 15111- Benny Goodman O- Have You Ever Been Told/ The Blues Jumped Up & Got Me N-

871. Cap 57-597- Peggy Lee- Bali Ha'i/ Frank de Vol O- Happy Talk & Honey Bun E+

872. Cap 57-60009- Benny Goodman Qtet- There's a Small Hotel/ Benny Goodman 6- Blue Lou N-

873. Cap 57- 70025- T Bone Walker- Born to Be No Good/ Hypin' Women Blues NN-

874. Cap 57-70028- Walter Brown- Hello & Goodbye/ Inform Me, Baby NN-

875. Cardinal 560- Cardinal DO- Everything Is KO in KY/ Syncopating Entertainers- Wonderful One E

876. Challenge 215- Hoosier Radio Boys- Dont Take That Black Bottom Away/ A Little Music In the Moonlight V+...solos incl Tram like sax

877. Clef 89090- Stan Getz Quintet- Cool Mix/ Rustic Hop E+

878. Clef 89094- Buddy Rich O- Let's Fall In Love/ Me & My Jaguar E+

879. Collectors Item 805- Day, Dawn & Dusk- voc trio w/ rhy acc- Basin Street Blues/ Rigoletto In Harlem N-

880. Coll Item 805- Day, Dawn & Dusk- voc trio w/ rhy acc- Mein Stetela Belz/ Bones, Bones, Bones N-

881. Coll Item 807- Avon Long w/ Cedric Wallace Trio- I'm Stickin' to You/ Cinderella Sue E+N-

882. Commodore 548- Coleman Hawkins AS- My Ideal/ Leonard Feather's AS- Mop Mop E+/E

883. Cq 7086- Miller & Lyles- A Pair of Black Aces 3/4- Gwine to Africa/ Moneyless Debts EE-

884. Cq 7108- John Vincent Calif's- Crazy Rhythm/ Sam Lanin O- I'm On the Crest of a Wave V+

885. Cq 7136- Ernie Golden O- Flower of Love/ Imperial DO- Roses of Yesterday E-/E

886. Cq 7191- Plantation Club O- Some Little Someone/ High up On a Hill Top VV+/E-

887. Cq 7491- Roy Smeck Trio- Crying For the Carolines/ Have a Little Faith In Me E

888. Cq 7948- Dan Ritchie O- Whistle & Blow Your Bleus Away/ Tell Me While We're Dancing E-/V+

889. Cq 8176- Art Kahn O- Pettin in the Park/ The Gold Diggers Song V+

890. Cq 8220- Adrian Rollini O- By a Waterfall (tk 3)/ Will Osborne O- Bless Your Heart E/EE-

891. Cq 8610- Chick Bullock w/ O- On Treasure Island / Red Sails In the Sunset EE+/E+

892. Cq 8725- American Nov O- Mickey Mouse's Birthday Party/ Johnny Johnson O- You Turned the Tables On Me E-/E 1 1/2" cr nap

893. Cq 8798- Sterling Young O- I've Got My Love to Keep me Warm/ Johnny Johnson O- September In the Rain E-

894. Cq 9065- A'nt Idy Harper & Coon Creek Girls- The Old Apple Tree/ Lulu Wall V

895. Cq 9499- Jimmie Lunceford O- Its Time to Jump & Shout/ Pretty Eyes E+

896. Cont 10008- Ethel Waters w/ JC Heard O- You Took My Man/ Am I Blue E+

897. Coral 60177- Cliff Steward & San Francisco Boys- The Old Piano Roll Blues/ Why Do They Always Say "No"? E

898. Co 61001- Charlie Ventura Quintet w/ Jackie & Roy- The Honey Jump 1/2 E+

899. Co 60299- Erskine Butterfield Blue Boys- Darn That Dream/ Cheatin' On Me N-

900. Co 60637- Frances Wayne w/ Neal Hefti O- You're the Only One I Love/ Regular Man N-

901. Co 60665- Frances Wayne w/ Neal Hefti O- Don't Be That Way/ Always E+

902. Cosmo acetate test mx 10-043/4- Shirley Booth w/ O- Tangerine/ I'll Always Remember September the Third E+ (unissued??)

903. Crown 3175- Roy Smeck Vita Trio- The Little Old Church In the Valley/ When the Moon Comes Over the Mountain E-

904. Cr 3182- Tommy Gott O- I Apologize/ Shine On Harvest Moon V/V-

905. Cr 3206- Adrian Schubert O- Goodnight Sweetheart/ I'm With You V-

906. Cr 3228- Smith Ballew O- Cuban Love Song/ When I Wore My Daddy's Brown Derby V-

907. Cr 3258- Arthur Schutt O- Was That the Human Thing to Do/ How Long Will It Last E+

908. Cr 3360- Russ Carlson O- We Just Couldn't Say Goodbye/ I Cant Believe Its True V

909. Cr 3387- Leo Hannon Broadway Bellhops- Lets Put Out the Lights/ Underneath the Harlem Moon VV-/VV+

910. Cr 3407- San Remo DO- I'm Sure of Everything But You/ Sweet Muchacha VV+

911. Cr 3408- Adrain Schubert O- A Little Street Where Old Friends Meet/ Play Fiddle Play VV+

912. Cr 3458- Sam Ross Silvertown O- Strike Me Pink/ Going! Going!! Gone!!! V

913. Cr 3466- Leon Nash O- Let's Call It a Day/ Lover E+

914. Cr 3468- Elmer Feldkamp O- You're Getting to Be a Habit With Me/ Shuffle Off to Buffalo E

915. Cr 3472- Frank La Motta O- I Don't Stand a Ghost of a Chance With You/ Let's All Sing Like the Birdies Sing VV+ Charlie Palloy vocs

916. Dana 2044- Frank Wojnarowski O w/ Texaco Quartet- Milton Berle Polka/ Ted Black O Honeymoon Song N-

917. Davega 5065- Long Beach Society Serenaders- Swanee Smiles/ Don Parker O- I'm Through EE+/E

918. Delta 6513- Owen Bradley organ, Fred Waller vocal- Do You Still Love Me/ Owen Bradley organ- Laurel Wz E-/V obscure small lbl black on silver

919. Discovery 139- Paul Smith Quartet- Cupid Took Me For a Ride/ By the Fireside EE+

920. Diva 2870- Willard Robison- Ploddin' Along/ Well Have a New Home E+ tiny scr beg B

921. Diva 2920- Lou Gold O- Walking With Susie/ Big City Blues VV+

922. Dot 15020- Johnny Maddox Rhythmasters- Little Grass Shack/ Cocoanut Grove E+ 923. Double or Nothing--limited edition----outtake from the 1940s radio quiz show. Starts off innocently, but then has a racy punchline---tame by today's standards, but "party record" material for the 40s! EE-

924. EDD 50248- Collins & Harlan- Auntie Skinner's Chicken Dinner/ Billy Murray-There Must Be Little Cupids In the Briny EE+

925. EDD 51211- Broadway DO- Louisville/ Hi Lee Hi Lo EE- good sides!

926. EDD 51365- Al Bernard & cho- What Has Become of Hinky Dinky Parlay Voo/ Jones & Hare- I'm Gonna Bring a Watermelon EE+ lt scrs B

927. EDD 51427- The Merry Sparklers- Where's My Sweetie Hiding/ My Road EE- gd tpt

928. EDD 51521- Jack Stillman O- Florida/ You're So Near E+

929. EDD 51685- Irving Aaronson's Crusaders- Dont Wake Me Up Let Me Dream/ I Dare Not Love You E+ good piano solo B

930. EDD 51782- BA Rolfe O- Only You & Lonely Me/ I Wont Go Home Tonight E couple lt scrs

931. EDD 51855- Don Voorhees O- Just One More Kiss/ I'd Love to Call U My Sweetheart EE+ tpt A

932. EDD 51919- Don Voorhees O- Who Do You Love?/ Blue Skies E Bix-y trumpet A

933. EDD 51997- Don Voorhees O- I'll Always Remember U / Phil Napoleon O- La Lo La E Nichols tpt A

934. Elite 5039- WC Handy O- St Louis Blues/ Roy Eldridge O- High Scoiety E/V+

935. Emerson 10352- Eddie Cantor- Tumbcutoo/ Fred Hillebrand- My Old New Jersey Home E

936. Em 10354- Al Bernard w/ O- Strut Miss Lizzie/ Fred Hillebrand w/ O- Vamping Rose E+

937. Em 13249- Jos Feldman w/ Hockman's O- Fon Schlechte Chavierem Zum Electric Chair/

Die Liebe E/EE-

938. Em 1341-X- Jos Feldman w/ Hockman's O- Shma Yisroel/ In Hundert Iohr Arim V 2" tite cr

939. Enterprise 216- Gus Van & Vanguards- I Fall In Love With you Every Day/

All She'd Say Was Uhmm Uhmm N-

940. Epic 9001(promo)- Lee Roy & His Band- Man On the Beat/ B.O. Plenty E+

941. Epic 9052(promo)- Stan Freeman- Poor Papa/ My Old Heart Throb NN-

942. Forty Ninth State 174- Naughty Abbie w/ Genoa Keawe's Hula Maids- The Hula Oni Oni E/

Genoa Keawe's Hula Maids- Lulu Get Your Muumuu E-

943. Four Star 1078- Slim Gaillard Trio- Ya Ha Ha/ Ding Dong Oreeney E/E+

944. Gala 70065- Sheila Barrett- Night Club Menace/ Sheila Barrett's Hit Parade E+ B side imitations of Bert Lahr, Tallulah, WC Fields, Jolson

945. General 1723- Hope Emerson- Did I Do Wrong?/ Oh, Sultan! EE-

946. Gen 1725- Hope Emerson- Her Name Was Lil/ Simeon Babbitt E+ ---you may know Hope better from her film roles such as the large sized psycho prison guard in the movie "Caged", but her voice is easily recognizable on these scarce sides!---

947. Gen 4001- Jelly Roll Morton- Mamie's Blues/ Original Rags EE-

948. Gen 4002- Jelly Roll Morton- Michigan Water Blues/ The Naked Dance EE+

949. Gennett 4525- Arthur Hall- When It's Lilac Time In Tokio/ Sam Ash- Dear Little Boy of Mine E

950. Ge 4827- Vernon Dalhart w/ O- Dear Old Southland/ Irving Kaufman- Eddie Leonard Blues E-

951. Gen 4994- Al H Weston & Irene Young- Gennett Laughing Record/ Nathan Glantz- Valse Ma Jolie EE+

952. Ge 5035- Ladd's Black Aces- Runnin' Wild/ You've Got to See Your Mamma Every Night E-

953. Ge 5236- Bebe Daniels- Christmas Greetings/ Criterion 4- The First Noel E ..special label with facsimile Bebe autograph in lead out groove

954. Grand National 110/111- Evelyn Daw- Loving You/ Out of the Blue E-..blue wax promotional issue for the 1937 film "Something to Sing About"..great label has Grand National Pictures logo and prominently states "starring James Cagney"

955. Grey Gull 4084- Hawaiian Guitar Duet- Aloha Land/ Sanella & Bolognese- Honolulu BayE/EE- few lt clx..

956. Harmony 11- Joe Friedman Monte Carlo O- Collegiate/ On a Night Like This E-

957. Ha 207- Irving Kaufman w/ O- Tell Me You Love Me/ The Record Boys- I'll Say It With a Pretty Little Song EE+

958. Ha 266- Night Club O- I'll Fly to Hawaii/ Astorites- Gone Again Gal VV+

959. Ha 339- WMCA Broadcasters- All I Want Is You/ Yankee Rose E

960. Ha 390- Broadway Bell Hops- Side By Side/ Dont Somebody Want Somebody to Love E long lam B

961. Ha 414- University 6- Beale Street Blues/ Sister Kate E+ lams A& B VERY light thump 20 sec ea

962. Ha 488- Frank Farrell O- The Varsity Drag/ Manhattan Dance Makers- The Calinda V-

963. Ha 605- Broadway Bell Hops- Coquette/ In the Sweet Bye & Bye EE-

964. Ha 1072- Paul Small- My Fate Is In Your Hands/ The Shepherd's Serenade E+

965. Ha 1310- The Harmonians- I'm Crazy Bout My Baby/ Lloyd Keating O- Do I Really Deserve It From You looks VV+, plays EE-

966. Ha 1353- Lloyd Keating O- Its a Long Time Between Kisses/ Phil Hughes O- Why Dance looks VV+, plays EE- Selvins

967. Ha 1383- L Keating O- It's Love/ I'm For You 100% EE+ nice Selvin's!

968. Health Builders # 1-10 (5 rec)- The Daily Dozen-by Walter Camp- all 12 exercises E+N-.. exercise like its 1921!

969. Highball Party Records 202- Paul Wynn- Two Times Tonight/ The Automobile Song E+ FUN!

970. HRS 1017- Joe Thomas' Big Six- He's Got So Much/ No Better For Ya E+/EE+

971. HRS 2001- Bechet- Spanier Big 4- China Boy/ That's a Plenty EE+ red vinyl sleeve states HRS dividend record- alternate takes to the 12" version

972. Horrible 1/2- Tony Burrello- There's a New Sound/ Leonna Anderson- Fish E-...FUNNY record from this obscure NY company...label reads.." If its really a horrible record- its bound to be a hit".. both are described as vocals(?)--with calliope..A side reads recorded "3400' beneath sea level"/ B side reads "recorded in the Holland Tunnel".

973. Imperial 1003- Manuel S. Acuna O- Alegrias/ Espana Cani E/V+

974. Jay 1929- Russ Columbo- As You Desire Me/ My Love E

975. Jay 1932- Russ Columbo- Street of Dreams/ Make Love the King EE+

976. Jubilee 5162- Sil (Mr. Ping Pong Austin)- Sil's Loose/ Shuffle Board E+

977. Jub 6043(promo)- Dick Freitas O- Zip/ Balerico NN-

978. Kapp 195- Bing Crosby- I Love You Whoever You Are/ Never Be Afraid N- not common!

979. King 4606- Jimmie Rushing w/ O- Somebody's Spoiling These Women/ She's Mine, She's Yours E+/V+

980. King 4621- Tiny Bradshaw- Heavy Juice/ The Blues Came Pouring Down E+

981. Liberty Music Shop 207- Ethel Merman w/ O- Red, Hot & Blue/ Ridin' High E+

982. MGM 10359- Jane Harvey w/ O- Always True to My Fashion/ So In Love E+

983. MGM 11723- Morey Amsterdam & Francey Lane- Oh That'll Be Joyful/ Morey Amsterdam- Hallabaloo Kalafer Dofer E+

984. MGM 30197- Esther Williams & Ricardo Montalban- Baby Its Cold Outside/ Ricardo Montalban- My Heart Beats Faster E+

985. Madison 1645- Madison DO- Sitting On the Edge of The Rainbow/ All By Yourself In the Moonlight E+/E- Hawaiian guitar A

986. Mad 6012- Manhattan Entertainers- Lady Play Your Mandolin/ Sanella-Banta- Venetian Wz E- Hawaiian guitar A

987. Mad 1608- St Louis Serenaders- When the Red Red Robin/ Castillian Serenaders- Down in Rio E

988. Mad 1648- Melody DO- Lane of Dreams/ Madison DO- I'll Get By E/V Hawaiian guitar both

989. Mad 50010- Melody Hounds- Tip Toe Thru the Tulips/ Joy Dispensers- I Want to be Sure Its Love VV+....poss light pressure cks nap Hawaiian guitar A

990. Mad 50023- Joy Dispensers- Antoinette I Love You/ Tuxedo DO- Won By a Kiss VV+/V lots of Hawaiian guitar A

991. Maestro Music 101- Freddy Martin O- Better Do It Now/ Just Close U'r Eyes EE+ Hollywood lbl

992. Master 101- Hermann Leopoldi- Composers Revolution In Heaven/ Little Erica E+ great witty sides on this Chicago label!...A side as you'd expect- he meets classical composers in heaven/ B side about the immigrant experience in the US, particularly NY

993. Melotone 12006- Sleepy Hall Collegians- Ukulele Moon/ On a Little Balcony In Spain E+

994. Mt 12661- Phil Romano De Witt Clinton O- Hold Me/ U'll Never Get Up to Heaven That Way E

995. Mt 12829- Adrian Rollini O- Sweet Madness/ Savage Serenade E

996. Mt 12839- Joe Venuti O- No More Love/ Build a Little Home E-

997. Mt 12858- Allen-Hawkins O- Hush My Mouth/ Dark Clouds E

998. Mt 13035- Waikiki Serenaders- Bells of Honolulu/ Mauna Loa V

999. Mt 13094- Joe Reichman O- From Now On/ A New Moon Is Over My Shoulder E-

1000. Mt 13313- Todd Rollins O- I Was Lucky/ Singing a Happy Song E

1001. Mt 13320- Johnny Johnson O- Lullaby of Broadway/ I'm Keeping Those Keepsakes EE+

1002. Mt 13330- Will Osbrone O- Would There Be Love?/ Soon E

1003. Mt 35-09-20- Eddie Paul Paramount O- Page Miss Glory/ Two Together EE+/E+

1004 Mercury 5307- Lynn & Frank Loesser- Baby Its Cold Outside/ Make a Miracle E+

1005. Mer 5309- Cliff Edwards- Singing In the Rain/ June Night E+

1006. Mer 5359- Adrian Rollini Trio- Oye Negra/ Jazz Me Blues E+ despite grey

1007. Mer 8265- Ben Webster Sextet- Randle's Island/ You're My Thrill E few lt scrs

1008. Mer 8950- Slim Gaillard Internationally Famous O- Sabroso/ more EE+

1009. Mer 8970- Slim Gaillard Southern Fried O- Eatin With the Boogie/ Taxpayer's Blues EE+

1010. Mer 8992- Lester Young O- In a Little Spanish Town/ 'Deed I Do E+

1011. Mer 11097- Fred Astaire- They All Laughed/ I Used to be Color Blind E despite grey

1012. Mer 11098- Fred Astaire- 'S 'Wonderful/ A Fine Romance EE+

1013. Mer 11099- Fred Astaire- Slow Dances/ Top Hat, White Tie & Tails E

1014. Mer 70167- Rusty Draper w/ O- Free Home Demonstration/ Gambler's Guitar N-

1015. Mer 70188- Rusty Draper- Lighthouse/ I Love to Jump E+

1016. Mer 70300- Rusty Draper- Easter Mornin'/ Peter Rabbit E+

1017. Mer 70469- Sarah Vaughan- Make Yourself Comfortable/ Idle Gossip V+

1018. Mer 89013- Slim Gaillard Olympic Trackmen- For You/ Oh Lady Be Good EE+

1019. Mer 89014- Count Basie O- Hob Nail Boogie/ Paradise Squat EE+/EE-

1020. Mer 89015- Charlie Barnet O- Durango/ Let's Blow the Blues EE+

1021. Mer 89016- Charlie Barnet O- Fur Trapper's Boogie/ Wosie Posie EE+/E+

1022. Mer 89057- Gene Krupa Sextet- Paradise/ Coronation Hop E/E+

1023. Monarch 1003/4- Monarch Ensemble- Fala V rare one about FDR's dog

1024. MW 4328- Dick Robertson- 50 Years Repentin/ Jim Baird- 11 More Months & Ten More Days E- off Victor 23643/23658

1025. MW 7061- Gene Austin- The Sweetheart of Sigma Chi/ Yesterday NN-

1026. Nations Forum- Gen'l J.J. Pershing- From the Battlefields of France/ Ambassador James W. Gerard- Loyalty EE+

1027. OK 4135- Conway's Band- Near Beer/ Auto Rider's Frolic E

1028. OK 4293- Al Bernard- She's Always Singin' the Blues/ Ernest Hare- To Follow You, I'll Not Consent E+/E scuffs B

1029. OK 4556- Ferera & Franchini- Malana Nnu Ka Kakani/ Waikiki Mermaid EE+/N-

1030. OK 4590- Sophie Tucker w/ O- Jig Walk/ Pick Me Up & Lay Me Down In Dear Old Dixie EE+

1031. OK 2830- Bing Crosby- The Day You Came Along/ Beautiful Girl EE+/E+

1032. OK 2870- Bing Crosby- Thanks/ Home On the Range E+

1033. OK 5687- Cab Calloway O- A Ghost of a Chance/ Come On With the "Come On" EE+

1034. OK 6088- Slim Gaillard Flat Foot Floogee Boys- Put Your Arms Around Me Baby/ Hey Chef E+ 1/2" tite cr nap..a rare one by Slim!

1035. OK 6244- Count Basie O- Goin' to Chicago Blues/ 9:20 Special E+

1036. OK 6305- Cab Calloway O- Take the A Train/ Chattanooga Choo Choo E+

1037. OK 6380- Ina Ray Hutton O- Nobody's Sweetheart/ back In Your Own Backyard EE+/E+ vocal by Ina Ray A side--label fade A

1038. OK 6382- Slim Gaillard Flat Foot Floogee Boys- Bingie-Bingie- Scootie/ Champagne Lullaby NN- a rare one by Slim!

1039. OK 6400- Gene Krupa O- Amour/ Watch the Birdie E+

1040. OK 6449- Count Basie O- Something New/ Moon Nocturne N-

1041. OK 6720- Cab Calloway O- A Smo-o-th One/ Let's Go Joe EE+

1042. Olympic 18112- Lindsay Mc Phail piano- Kitten On the Keys/ Geo. Green - Xylophone w/O Valse Classique EE+

1043. Or 125- Lannin O- Louisville Lou/ Van Eps Banjo Specialty- Dixie Medley VV+

1044. Or 1042- Billy James DO- Back Where Daisies Grow/ Lou Connor Collegiates- Barbara V+/E-

1045. Or 2277-Snooks Memphis Stompers- Under Your Window Tonight/ Broadway Broadcasters- Love Is Like That VV+

1046. Or 2285- Roy Smeck Quartet- Rock Me In a Cradle of Kalua/ One Two Three Four EE+/E+

1047. Or 2409- Morton Downey- Just Friends/ Save the Last Dance For Me E

1048. Or 2415- Smith Ballew O- Sunggled On Your Shoulder/ Dancing On the Ceiling EE-

1049. Or 2423- Vincent Rose O- Can't We Talk It Over/ Let That Be a Lesson To You EE-

1050. Or 2608- Cliff Martin O- What a Perfect Combination/ In the Dim Dim Dawning V+

1051. Or 2621- Morton Downey- Street of Dreams/ Strange Interlude V/E-

1052. Operaphone 21186- George Jessel- Marcelle/ Billy Jones- Yum I Yum I You G

1053. Palace 102- John Laurenz w/ O- Tell Me That You Love Me Tonight/ Sweetin' E+ rare small lbl of unknown origin

1054. Pathe 22237(vert cut)- Ernest Hare- Slow & Easy/ You Aint Heard Nothing Yet E beg to VV+ inside

1055. Pa 03533- Yiddishe Orch- Machatunim Tanz/ Frait Aich Yiddelach EE- very thin cr to lbl nap

1056. Pa 22267- Joseph Samuels O- Peggy/ Tents of Arabs EE+

1057. Pa 22404- Billy Murray- Chili Bean/ Peerless Male Qtet- When I Was the Village Jim Dandy Mirandy E+

1058. Pathe 036002- Don Parker O- Learn to Do the Strut/ Golden Gate O- An Orange Grove in Calif EE+/E

1059. Pa 036191- New Synco Jazz O- Love Light Lane/ Palace Garden O- One Week Ago V-

1060. Pe 11041- Nick Lucanese- Picking the Guitar/ Teasin' the Frets VV+

1061. Pe 11271- Hawaiian Moonlight Serenaders- Girl of My Dreams/ Sweetheart of Sigma Chi VV+

1062. Pe 12125- Maureen English- My Papa Doesn't Two Time No Time/ Al Bernard & Ernest Hare- Samuel Johnson N-

1063. Pe 12284- Jay C. Flippen & His Gang- Sadie Green/ Baby Face E

1064. Pe 12923- Morton Downey- Love is the Thing/ Hold Your Man E+

1065. Pe 12937- Annette Hanshaw- Dont' Blame Me/ Its the Talk of the Town V-

1066. Pe 13056- Mills Brothers- Sleepy Head/ Jungle Fever V

1067. Pe 14011- Elite DO- Old Fashioned Girl/ Lila Lo V-/V

1068. Pe 14024- Elite DO- Oogie Oogie Wa Wa/ Deedle Deedle Dum V

1069. Pe 14030- Charleston Nov O- Neath the South Sea Moon/ List'ning On Some Radio E

1070. Pe 14031- Elite DO- Smilin' Through/ Three O Clock In the Morning EE+

1071. Pe 14037- Charleston Nov O- Georgette/ Soothing E

1072. Pe 14043- Synco Jazz Band- Clover Blossom Blues/ Chicago E-/EE-

1073. Pe 14050- Don Parker's Boys- I'm Always Stuttering/ Yankee Doodle Blues E

1074. Pe 14063- Will Carroll Trio- Vamp Me/ It's Getting Dark On Old Broadway E+

1075. Pe 14075- Golden Gate O- Cow Bells/ Gee But I Hate to Go Home Alone EE-

1076. Pe 14079- Golden Gate O- Bees Knees/ Don Parker O- Dumbell EE+

1077. Pe 14098- Don Parker's Boys- Dearest/ Little Rover VV+

1078. Pe 14109- Wadsworth Nov DO- Ringtail Blues/ Sensation V-

1079. Pe 14112- Fry's Million Dollar Pier O- Bambalina/ Wonderful You EE- sm rcnap

1080. Pe 14132- Golden Gate O- Yes We Have No Bananas/ Original Memphis 5- Memphis Glide E-/E

1081. Pe 14139- Golden Gate O- Bebe/ Hazay Natzy O- Electric Girl E-/EE-

1082. Pe 14140- Fry's Million $ Pier O- My Virginia/ Louisville Lou E

1083. Pe 14170- Golden Gate O- Easy Melody/ Strand Roof O- I Love You E- scr A

1084. Pe 14174- Max Terr O- Underneath the Sip Sip Sippy Moon/ Les Stevens O- That Old Gang of Mine E-

1085. Pe 14180- Casino DO- What Do You Do Sunday, Mary?/ Westchester Biltmore O- Music of Love EE+/E+

1086. Pe 14193- Lanin O- Take, Oh Take Those Lips Away/ Golden Gate O- Linger Awhile E-

1087. Pe 14194- Casino DO- Dear Old Lady/ Rememb'ring EE-

1088. Pe 14197- New Synco Band- Land of Cotton Blues/ Do Doodle Oom EE+/E

1089. Pe 14200- Original Indiana Five- St Louis Gal/ Tin Roof Blues V

1090. Pe 14208- Henderson's DO- Swanee River Blues/ Shake Your Feet E-

1091. Pe 14212- Nathan Glantz O- Yum Tum Tum/ Dancin' Dan EE+

1092. Pe 14221- Don Parker O- Someone Loves You After All/ Twelve O Clock At Night EE+

1093. Pe 12225- Phil Baker- Ann In Her Little Sedan/ Big Butter & Egg Man E+N-

1094. Pe 14229- Casino DO- Japanette/ Westchester Biltmore O- It Aint Gonna Rain No Mo E-

1095. Pe 14240- Lucky Strike O- Come On Red/ Frank Harrison Banjo Band- Who's the Meeanest Gal In Town, Josephine E-

1096. Pe 14244- Van Eps Nov O- That "F" Tune/ D Onivas O- Home In Pasadena VV+

1097. Pe 14249- Casino DO- Lazy/ M Lo Scalzo 4- Feeling the Way I Do VV+/E

1098. Pe 14257- Golden Gate O- Two Blue Eyes/ Fry's Million Dollar Pier O- Limehouse Blues E

1099. Pe 14258- Golden Gate O- Lots of Mama/ Lanin O- Not Yet Suzette V/V+

1100. Pe 14259- Fry's Million Dollar Pier O- If I Stay Away Too Long From Carolina/ My Saturday Evening Girl EE+

1101. Pe 14264- Fletcher Henderson O- After the Storm/ Casino DO- Turkestana EE-/E

1102. Pe 14265- Fletcher Henderson O- Say Say Sadie/ I Wish I Could Make You Cry EE-

1103. Pe 14269- Southampton Soc O- Beautiful Heaven/ Colorado V+

1104. Pe 14271- Fletcher Henderson O- Driftwood/ Piedmont DO- Love Has a Way EE+

1105. Pe 14272- D. Onivas O- Big Boy/ Doodle Doo Doo VV+

1106. Pe 14275- Original Memphis 5- Shine/ Golden Gate O- Frankie & Johnny EE+ FAINT int cr nap

1107. Pe 14277- Casino DO- Jealous/ In the Garden of To-Morrow V+

1108. Pe 14279- Tuxedo Syncopators- Once In a Blue Moon/ Lonesome Little China Doll E+

1109. Pe 14286- Casino DO- Your Charm/ Lanin O- Maytime E-/V+

1110. Pe 14291- Lido Venice DO- San/ When Things Go Wrong E+

1111. Pe 14293- Casino DO- When You're Many Miles From Home/ Harry Barth O- Goodnight Moonlight VV+

1112. Pe 14298- Original Memphis 5- Africa/ Superstitious Blues E few scuffs

1113. Pe 14304- Piedmont DO- A New Kind of Man With a New Kind of Love For Me/ Mandalay EE+

1114. Pe 14307- Lanin's O- I Want to be Happy/ Casino DO- Kisses True E

1115. Pe 14315- New Synco Band- West Indies Blues/ Original Memphis 5- I'm Going Back to Those Who Wont Go Back On Me V

1116. Pe 14330- Mike Speciale O- Eliza/ Lanin O- I Want to See My Tennesee E

1117. Pe 14331- Max Terr O- Peter Pan/ Mike Speciale O- Dear One E

1118. Pe 14332- Original Memphis 5- Choo Choo/ Evening E

1119. Pe 14334- Nathan Glantz O- Glad Eyes/ Lanin O- Where's My Sweetie Hiding E

1120. Pe 14348- Golden Gate O- Nashville Nightingale/ Nobody Loves You Like I Do EE+ repd 3" cr

1121. Pe 14353- Lou Gold O- Indian Love Calls/ Nathan Glantz O- Ask Her V+

1122. Pe 14355- Barth's Missisips- When the One You Love Loves You/ Abbey's O- Wz Me to Slp E-

1123. Pe 14366- Elite O- No Wonder/ Nancy VV+

1124. Pe 14370- Peerless O- I'll Take Her Back if She Wants to Come Back/ Nathan Glantz O- That Soothing Melody V+

1125. Pe 14372- Golden Gate O- One Week Agp/ Samuels Jazz Band- Love Light Lane E-/EE-

1126. Pe 14376- Casino DO- The World Is MIne For I Have You/ Lou Gold O- O Katharina E+/E

1127. Pe 14380- Elite DO- Blue Eyed Sally/ I Cant Stop Babying You E-

1128. Pe 14381- Lou Gold O- The Blues Have Got Me/ Oh, Mabel V

1129. Pe 14383- Lanin Roseland O- Lucky Kentucky/ Barth's Mississippians- I Like Pie I Like Cake V

1130. Pe 14387- Palace Garden O- Cuddles & Kisses/ Westchester DO- When My Sugar Walks Down the Street VV+

1131. Pe 14391- Majestic DO- Why Couldn't It Be Poor Little Me/ One of These Days VV+

1132. Pe 14394- Piedmont DO- Honest & Truly/ Lenox DO- Me Neenyah VV+

1133. Pe 14866- Lou Gold O- Farewell Aloha/ Mayflower Serenaders- After I've Called U Sweetheart E

1134. Pe 15142- Mills Merry Makers- Honey/ Frank Keyes O- I Get the Blues When It Rains EE- Benny Goodman A etc.

1135. Pe 15831- Adrian Rollini O- You've Got Everything/ And So Good-Bye E/E+

1136. Pe 15839- Adrian Rollini O- Sweet Madness/ Savage Serenade V+

1137. Pe 5-11-01- Durelle Alexander w/ O- Animal Crackers In My Soup/ When I Grow Up V+ int cr fm under lbl nap

1138. Personal 59-P- Princeton Traingle Club Jazz Band- I'll Build An Igloo For You/ My White Rose looks VV+, plays E- NICE jazz solos A

1139. Personal 1- The Yale Whiffenpoof's of 1931- The Whiffenpoof's Song/ De Ole Ark's a Moverin'// Secrets/ Shall I Wasting In Despair EE- rare Columbia pressing

1140. Phono Cut 5028- National Military Band- Alita/ Colonial Military Band- The Gondolier E+ vertically cut rare Boston, Mass. label

1141. Prestige 787- Sonny Stitt 4- Confessin'/ Stitt's It E+

1142. Pres 886- Sonny Stitt Band- Sonny Sounds/ Sonny Stitt solo- Stairway to the Stars E-

1143. Pyramid 2000(promo)- Peter Van Spall piano- Nola/ Soup to Nuts N- obscure NYC label

1144. Radiex 1434- White Way O- Buddies In Paris/ Cosmo DO- Honolulu Moon E+/EE+

1145. Rad 1512- uncred Orch- Tip From Tipperary/ Hello Montreal E-/V+ Hawaiian guitar A/ good B!

1146. Rad 1537- uncred Orch- Because My Baby Dont Mean Maybe Now/ Everybody Works But Father EE+ both good!

1147. Rainbow 226- 4 Chicks & Chuck- Foolin'/ Three O Clock In the Morning N-

1148. Recola Recording Co of Los Angeles- unknown performers- Take Off Your High Hat- written by Howard George & Robert Pollack/ The One That I Love written by Howard George & Bob Carleton E-/EE- rare shellac pressing from this obscure Los Angeles company c. mid 1930s

1149. Records of Knowledge 7- Sing a Song of Presidents (2 rec set in original folder) E+ fun stuff with original songs about US pres's from Teddy Roosevelt to Harry Truman

1150. Regal 8195- Eddie Peabody- Sweet Thing/ Mary Lou V-

1151. Re 8766- Lou Gold O- My Kinda Love/ Mean to Me E Smith Ballew B

1152. Re 8936- Roy Smeck Trio- Aren't We All/ Chant of the Jungle V/VV+

1153. Regent 142(promo)-Johnny Hartman- Tormented/ Hust a Wearyin' For You E+

1154. Resona 75299- Lanin's Roseland O- That Red Head Gal/ Snakes Hips V+

1155. Royal Roost 560- Sonny Stitt 5- Why Do I Love You/ Symphony Hall Swing E

1156. Royale 1701- Jules Bledsoe w/ O- Wake Up Jacob/ Poor Monah E+ Negro spirituals

1157. RPM 306- Bumps Meyers on Tenor w/ acc- ICGUA But Love/ Bumps & Lumps E

1158. Seger 78-7006(promo)- Bernice Parks w/ O- So-So/ Cool Saturday Night E+ rare NYC label

1159. Silvertone 25052- Rendelman's O- Hot Heels/ Me & My Shadow VV+

1160. Sil 25064- Holland Puckett- The Key Hole In the Door/ The Bright Sherman Valley V

1161. Sil 2269- Billy Jones w/ O- Tomorrow/ Vaughn De Leath w/ O- Lost- A Wonderful GirlEE+

1162. Sil 2292- Billy Jones w/ O- Wanita/ Jones & Hare- You Tell Her, I Stutter EE+

1163. Sil 2429- Nathan Glantz O- Mandy/ Southern Serenaders- Blue Eyed Sally EE-

1164. Sil 2763- Rialto DO- For My Sweetheart/ Georgia Jazz Band- When the Red Red Robin E 1"hlcnap

1165. Sil 3102- Orion Club O- What Could Be Sweeter Than U/ What Do We Care If Its 1 O Clock E+

1166. Sil 3122- Crystal O- The Co-Ed/ Silvertone O- Brown Eyes, Why Are You Blue E

1167. Sil 3830- Vaughn De Leath- Where'd You Get Those Eyes/ The Four Hooligans w/ banjo/p- Valencia E

1168. Sil 3833- The Vagabonds- Look At the World Through Rose Colored Glasses/ Belvidere Inn O- Blue Bonnet You Make Me Feel Blue EE-

1169. Smiffenpoofs 1946-108- S'posin/ My Cutie's Due//My Heart Took a Walk/ Row, Row E+ private issue from Smith College- unusual double track

1170. Smiffenpoofs 1946- 110- The World Without You/ Put a Penny In the Drum//Igiloo/ My Sweet E private issue from Smith College- unusual double track

1171. Sound Apparatus Co- Spivy- Fool In the Moonlight/ The Last of the Fleur De Levy E- RISQUE!

1172. Standard 1004- Alfredo Mendez O- Todo Se Olividara/ Desprecio NN-

1173. Star Garter 1007- Drug Store Jake/ School Daze E FUN party record!

1174. Sterling 106- Judy Canova w/ O- St Louis Blues/ Time For Jookin' N-

1175. Sun 1050- Herman Yablokoff- Papirossen(Cigarettes)/ Mein Weise Blum(My White Flower) V-

1176. Sun 1155- Max Kletter- Unser Ershte Waltz(The First Wz)/ Zing Feigle Zing VV+

1177. Sunshine SRR D1/2- Harry Mac Donald's Californians- Somebody Stole My Girl(Gal)/ The Operatic Mixup VV+ at beg, VV- toward inside...super rare early 20s label issued by California Recording Company in NY(!)

1178. Supertone 9345- Fred Chess Merrymakers- I Faw Down & Go Boom/ A Precioous Little Thing Called Love E- nice band--good solos A

1179. Spt 9423- Carson Robison- Why Did I Get Married/ Jack of All Trades EE+ sm rcnap

1180. Sterling 3004- Ann Cornell w/ O- When Your Lover Has Gone/ Mad About You EE+

1181. Supreme 4055- Ferera & Franchini- Kawaihau/ La Paloma V/E-

1182. TAC Records 1- Michael Loring w/ Earl Robinson p- Abe Lincoln/ Michael Loring w/ TAC Singers-Joe Hill E+

1183. TAC Records 3- Hazel Scott w/ p- The Yanks Aren't Coming/ Mene, Mene, Tekel E- both songs written by Harold J. Rome

1184. Theme 154- Closing Minutes of General Mac Arthur's Speech Before Joint Session of Congress/ The Gaylords- Old Soldiers Never Die E+

1185. Triangle 11411- Frisco Syncopators- A Little Bit of Jazz/ Doodle Doo Doo VV+

1186. Universal 100- Gene Austin w/ Les Paul & rhy- My Blue Heaven/ Keep a Knockin E+ rcnap

1187. Van Dyke 71745- Sam's Orch- When My Dreams Come True/ Olympic DO- Moonbeam Girl of Mine E...Ballew A..sax solo A/ Hawaiian guitar B

1188. VD 71769- All Star Players- Tip Toe Thru the Tulips/ Rudy Baum O- A Little Lady E- Hawaiian guitar A

1189. VD 72511- Jeff Calhoun- Tip Toe Thru the Tulips/ Sammy Cloud/ That Teriffic Gal Of Mine V/E..Hawaiian guitar A

1190. VD 81831- Collegiate Jazzers- Rollin' Along/ Savoy DO- Then I'll Be Reminded of You V+ Hawaiian guitar both sides. NICE A!

1191. Varsity 8094- Judy Canova w/ O- St Louis Blues/ Time For Jookin' EE+ scr B nap

1192. Var 8105- Korn Kobblers- Trumpet Blues/ Cheatin' On Your BabyNN-

1193. Var 8113- Wil Osbrone O- Between 18th & 19th On Chestnut Street/ Hungry For a Rhapsody N

1194. Var 8114- Palmer Brothers w. O- Dont Take It Fast/ How Can You be So Happy N

1195. Var 8149- Tommy Tucker O- Would Ja Mind/ You're Lettin the Grass Grow Under Your Feet N

1196. Var 8153- Will Osborne O- Indian Summer/ Boomps-a Daisy NN-

1197. Var 8158- Buddy Clark O- Hi Diddle Dee Dee/ Three Cheers For Anything E-V+

1198. Var 8161- Sonny James O- All the Things You Are/ The Girl With the Pigtails In Her Hair NN-

1199. Var 8163- WC Handy O- St Louis Blues/ Beale St Blues N-

1200. Var 8169- Sonny James O- Looks Like Winter/ The Sweetest Little Lassie N

1201. Var 8177- Dick Robertson O- You've Got Me In the Palm Of Your Hand/ Johnny Messner- She Really Meant To Keep It V+ A side off 1932 Crown

1202. Var 8178- Lang Thompson O- Dolly Doolittle/ Someday You'll Find Your Bluebird NN-

1203. Var 8184- Happy Felton O- Joe Turner Blues/ Let's All Sing Together NN-

1204. Var 8188- Gerald Clark Calypso O- Camilla the Jitterbug/ G-Man Hoover NN-

1205. Var 8190- Six Men & a Girl- Zonky/ Scratchin' the Gravel E+

1206. Var 8193- Six Men & a Girl- Mary Lou Williams Blues/ Tea For Two EE+

1207. Var 8210- Will Osborne O- You Call It Madness/ Tumbling Tumbleweeds E

1208. Var 8211- Rudy Vallee- Lazy Rolls the Rio Grande/ The Whiffenpoof Song E-

1209. Var 8206- John Ryan w/ O- Cohen Owes Me $97/ I Can Get It For You Wholesale VV+ fun ethnic

1210. Var 8212- Georgie Auld O- Sweet Sue- Just You/ With the Wind & Rain In Your Hair E+

1211. Var 8258- Lang Thompson O- Moon Mist/ All Alone NN-

1212. Var 8259- Lou Breese O- Where Do I Go From You/ Angels In Disguise NN-

1213. Var 8272- Phil Harris O- What's the Matter With Dixie/ Buds Wont Bud E/E+

1214. Var 8306- Johnny Messner O- Eleanor, I Adore You/ You Think of Everything E+ from the 1939-40 New York World's Fair, Billy Rose's "New Aquacade" (I assume the first side is referring to Eleanor Holm)

1215. Var 8308- Olsen & Johnson- My Heartzapoppin'/ Oh Gee Oh Gosh Oh Golly I'm In Love E+ a rare one by this duo- one of only two records they made

1216. Var 8334- Orch Nacional De Boffili- La Conga Chene/ El Manguero E+

1217. Velvetone 1567- Ferera, Franchini & Green- Isle of Paradise/ Ferera & Franchini- Susquehanna Shore E

1218. VT 2019- The Four Aces- Love Me/ Hitchee Kitchee Koo EE-/E- Hawaiian guitar

1219. VT 2066- Annette Hanshaw w/ 3 Blue Streaks- If I Had a Talking Picture of You/ I'm a Dreamer Arent We All EE- closer to E

1220. VT 2141- Hotel Penn Music- YOu Showed Me the Way/ A Cottage For Sale EE-

1221. VT 2157- Frank Auburn O- On the Sunny Side of the Street/ Dancing With Tears In My Eyes E-

1222. Victory 1102- Liberty O w/ voc- White Christmas/ Liberty Glee Club w/ O-Prasie the Lord & Pass the Ammunition EE+/EE- rare WW2 lbl

1223. Vocalion 14559- Ernest Hare w/ Selvin O- Beale Street Mamma/ Down By the River E+N-

1224. Vo 14992- The Ambassadors- When I Think of You/ Lady of My Cigarette EE-

1225. Vo 15131- The Ambassadors- Promenade Walk/ What a World This Would Be VV+

1226. Vo 15173- Ben Bernie O- Tomorrow Mornin'/ Fond of You EE+

1227. Vo 15774- Charles C. Locke w/ O- Honey/ Ploddin' Along E+

1228. Vo 25006- Leon Belasco Hotel St Moritz O- Don't Blame Me/ Trouble In Paradise E+ rare series

1229. Vo 2590(gold lbl)- Leon Belasco Hotel St Moritz O- Many Moons Ago/ Did You Ever See a Dream Walking E+

1230. Vo 2608(gold lbl)- Don Walker O- Let's Fall In Love/ Love Is Love Anywhere EE+

1231. Vo 2627(gold lbl)- Nye Mayhew O- Orchids In the Moonlight/ Carioca E

1232. Vo 2767(gold lbl)- Don Walker O- Straight From the Shoulder/ Love In Bloom EE+

1233. Vo 2787(gold lbl)- Ted Wilson O- Sweetie Pie/ My Whole Day Is Spoiled V+/VV+

1234. Vo 2861(gold lbl)- Archie Bleyer O- Throwin' Stones At the Sun/ I Woke Up Too Soon EE+

1235. Vo 3466- Phil Harris O- Swingin' For the King/ Woodman, Woodman Spare That Tree E

1236. Vo 3821- Midge Williams Jazz Jasters- I'm Gettin' Sentimental Over You/ Let's Begin Again E+

1237. Vo 3844- Rex Stewart Stompers- Sugar Hill Shim Sham/ Love In My Heart E+

1238. Vo 3850- Fletcher Henderson O- You're In Love With Love/ If Its the Last Thing I Do E+/EE+

1239. Vo 4191- Buddy Clark- I Married An Angel/ Spring Is Here V+/E-

1240. Vo 4306- Art Shaw O- Nightmare/ Its a Long Way to Tipperary E+/E

1241. Vo 4437- Cab Calloway O- Jive/ At the Clam Bake Carnival E

1242. Vo 4831- Jimmie Lunceford O- The Lonesome Road/ Mandy EE+

1243. Vo 4837- Art Shaw New Music- No Regrets/ I Used to Be Above Love E

1244. Vo 4845- Mildred Bailey O- The Lamp Is Low/ Tit- Willow EE-

1245. Vo 4851- Frank Newton Cafe Soc O- Jam Fever/ Jitters E+

1246. Vo 4860- Count Basie O- Miss Thing 1/2 E+

1247. Vo 4865- Art Shaw New Music- Moonlight & Shadows/ I'm Yours E-

1248. Vo 4872- Jerry Colonna w/ Fuddy Bears- Tally Ho/ When You Were Sweet Sixteen E+

1249. Vo 4875- Jimmie Lunceford O- What Is This Thing Called Swing/ Aint She Sweet E- lbl tear B

1250. Vo 4886- Count Basie O- 12th Street Rag/ Jump For Me EE-

1251. Vo 4887- Jimmie Lunceford O- Times a Wastin'/ Well All Right Then EE+

1252. Vo 4933- Art Shaw New Music- If Its the Last Thing I Do/ Just You, Just Me V/E+

1253. Vo 4979- Jimmie Lunceford O- Oh Why Oh Why/ I Love You EE+

1254. Vo 5315- Cab Calloway O- Chili Con Conga/ Vuelva VV+

1255. Vo 5331- Ben Bernie O- Side Street Troubadour/ Little Shepherd of My Dreams VV+

1256. WOR 1005- Adrian Rollini Trio- First Class Private Mary Brown/ Lili Marlene E+

1257. World Record 31109- World DO w/ Arthur Fields vo- Sweet Siamese/ World Band- Oh My Dear V-/V...rare 1920s Chicago label says The World Phonograph Co, Chicago, Ill...Labels clean

1258. Yerkes Dance records 3101- Yerkes Famous Flotilla O- That Bran' New Gal O' Mine/ An Orange Grove In California E/E- rare label- great image!

FOREIGN LABELS(all British unless noted)

1259. Anker 557- Selmar Cerini, oberkantor- Col Nidre/ Sochardti Loch VV+ rare label of unknown origin(German?)...internet says he was the FIRST recorded cantor

1260. Billy Mayerl Personal Demonstration Course In Modern Syncopation- record 1 pt 1/2 EE+

1261. Billy Mayerl Personal Demonstration Course In Modern Syncopation- record 2 pt 1/2 EE-

1262. Billy Mayerl Personal Demonstration Course In Modern Syncopation- record 5 pt 1/2 EE-

1263. Bosworth 1088- Pall Mall Revelers- Temperamental Triplets/ Checkmate E-

1264. Broadcast 272(8")- Ciro's Club Band- Sunny Skies/ How Long Has This Been Going On EE-/V+

1265. Bro 308- Harry Bidgood O- Roll Away Clouds/ Rag Doll E-

1266. Bro 313- Original Havana Band- My Angel/ Because My Baby Dont Mean Maybe Now V

1267. Bro 314- Original Havana Band- What a Wonderful Wedding That Will Be/ Japansy V

1268. Bro 340- Original Havana Band- Shout Hallelujah! Cause I'm Home/ Blue Grass G

1269. Bro 350- Original Havana Band- A One Man Girl/ Spread a Little Happiness VV+

1270. Bro 411- Bidgood's Broadcasters- Evening Star/ A Precious Little Thing Called Love V

1271. Bro 464- Harry Carlton w/ Hawaiian Melodymakers- Pagan Love Song/ Tondelevo V-

1272. Br 01501- Ambrose O- When Gimble Hits the Cymbal/ Maybe I Love You Too Much V/V+ clx B

1273. Brunswick 01634- Ruth Etting- You're My Past, Present & Future/ Everything I Have Is Yours E

1274. Br 03340(picture label)- Irene Dunne- I've Told Every Little Star/ Smoke Gets In Your Eyes E+

1275. BRC 143- Morton Downey- My Moonlight Madonna/ Beacuse E+ No US issue-rare label

1276. BRC 144- Morton Downey- Marie My Girl/ The Mountains of Mourne EE+ no US issue

1277. Columbia 3421- Savoy Orpheans- Horsey Keep Your Tail Up/ Say It With a Ukulele EE+/EE-

1278. Co 3452- Jack Buchanan & June w/ Theatre O- Do It For Me/ For My Friend E/EE-

1279. Co 3458- Savoy Hotel Orpheans- Burning Kisses/ What'll I Do E+

1280. Co 3626- Gregory Stround w/ Gaiety Theatre O- I've Planned a Rendezvous/ Ivy Tresmand & Gene Gerrard w/ Gaiety Theatre O- When We Are Married VV+

1281. Co 3627- Lilian Davies & Gregory Stroud w/ Gaiety Theatre O- Those Eyes So Tender Ivy Tresmand & Gregory Stround w/ Gaiety Theatre O- If You Cared EE-

1282. Co 3628- Rene Mallory & Bobbie Comber w/ Gaiety TheatreO- Love & Duty/ Ivy Tresmand & Gene Gerrard w/ Gaiety Theatre O- Leander E+

1283. Co 3630- Binnie Hale & Seymour Beard- Tea For Two/ Binnie Hale & Jospeh Coyne- I Want to Be Happy EE+/E

1284. Co 3718- Stanley Lupino w/ O- Could Lloyd George Do It?/ That Just Gets Me Out On the Day EE-/E

1285. Co 3753- Ted Lewis Band- I Miss My Swiss/ Say, Arabella V+

1286. Co 3789- Nora Blaney & Owen Farrar- We're Gonna Have Weather/ U Forgot to Remember E

1287. Co 3866- Percival Mackey's Band- Oh How I've Waited For You/ Ukulele Lullaby V-

1288. Co 3970-Fred and Adele Astaire with George Gershwin piano- I'd Rather Charleston/ Hang On to Me VV+

1289. Co 3979- Fred and Adele Astaire w/ O- Swiss Miss/ Adele w/ G. Vollaire- So Am I E

1290. Co 4006- Billy Bennett- The Miser/ I'll Be Thinking of You V+/V

1291. Co 4072- Joyce Barbour- Gentlemen Prefer Blondes/ How Now Brown Cow? E- rcnap

1292. Co 4088- Ted Lewis Band- The New St. Louis Blues/ My Mamma's In Town E+

1293. Co 4130- Jay Whidden New Midnight Follies Band- Lets All Go To Mary's House/ The More We Are Together E-/EE-

1294. Co 4139- Jay Whidden Follies Band- I Dont Want Nobody But You/ Hello Baby EE-

1295. Co 4164- Nora Blaney w/ Gilt Edged Four- Yes Sir, I Prefer Brunettes/ Because I Love You E-

1296. Co 4174- Percival Mackey's Band- Because I Love U/ What Can I Say After I Say.. E/EE-

1297. Co 4227- Phyllis Dare w/ theatre O- It All Depends On You/ Cicely Courtneidge & Harold French w/ theatre O- A Tiny Flat Near Soho Square E

1298. Co 4239- Ted Lewis Band- I Cant Get Over a Girl Like You/ Blues EE+ long lam nap

1299. Co 4241- Jay Whidden Midnight Follies Band- Whistle Away Your Blues/ Mon Paris V+

1300. Co 4277- Jay Whidden Midnight Follies Band- Song of Shanghai/ Everythings Peaches V+

1301. Co 4411- The Kit Cat Band- My Reg'lar Gal/ Side By Side EE-/E- scr B

1302. Co 4414- Piccadilly Revels Band- Somebody Said/ Positively, Absolutely V+/E-

1303. Co 4444- Piccadilly Revels Band- Do the Black Bottom With Me/ Honeymoon V/VV+

1304. Co 4447- Al Starita Kit Kat Band- Delirium/ Red Lips Kiss My Blues Away E-

1305. Co 4477- The Kit Cat Band- Magnolia/ The Whispering Pines of Nevada V

1306. Co 4857- Nora Blaney- A Room With a View/ The Man I Love E

1307. Co 4996- Ukulele Ike- Just Like a Melody Out of the Sky/ Anything You Say EE-/E-

1308. Co 5000- Debroy Somers Band- Do You?/ In the Hush of the Twilight EE-/E-

1309. Co 5016- Ipana Troubadours- I'm Riding to Glory/ Dixie Dawn E-/VV+

1310. Co 5085- Lilian Davies & Jerry Verno w/ theatre O- Somewhere/ True Eyes/ Lilian Davies & Stanley Holloway w/ theatre O- True Eyes E+

1311. Co 5287- Jack Payne O- I'm Crazy Over You/ Then Came the Dawn VV+

1312. Co 5354- Stanley Lupino w/ O- Hats Off to Edgar Wallace/ I Lift My Finger..E

1313. Co 5680- Columbia Dramatic Players- The Village Blacksmith pt1/2 E-

1314. Co 5701- Ray Starita Band- Nelly Gray/ March of the Chocolate Soldiers V

1315. Co 5729- Jack Payne BBC DO- Bunkey-Doodle-I-Doh/ Jollity Farm E- lt heat beg

1316. Co CB 8- Jack Payne BBC DO- All Hands On Deck/ An Old Italian Love Song E

1317. Co CB 515- BBC DO(Henry Hall)- Linger a Little Longer in the Twilight/ When the Morning Rolls Around EE-/V+E-

1318. Co CB 519- The Masqueraders- The Baked Potato Man/ A Bed Time Story V+/VV+

1319. Co CB 539- BBC DO(Henry Hall)- Lying in the Hay/ Goodnight Everyone V

1320. Co 01342(AUST)- Sophie Tucker- Is He the Boy Friend?/ Away Down South In Heaven EE-/V+ no US issues on these London recorded sides. nice Australian pressing

1321. Co DB 728- Billy Mayerl piano- Mignionette/ Honeysuckle- both Syncopated Impressions E+

1322. Co DB 1901- Bing Crosby- U're Getting to Be a Habit With Me/ U've Got Me Crying Again EE+

1323. Co DB 2270- Fred Astaire- Crazy Feet/ Puttin On the Ritz EE+ no US issue

1324. Co DB 3009- Noel Coward w/ O- Cabaret medley 1/2 E+

1325. Co DB 3107- Noel Coward- There Are Bad Times Just Around the Corner/ Time & Again E+

1326. Co FB 1442- Howard Jacobs sax solo- I Love the Moon/ From the Land of the Sky Blue Water V+

1327. Co FB 1459- Carroll Gibbons & Boy Friends- You Never Looked So Beautiful/ You E+

1328. Co FB 1461- BBC DO- All My Life/ Laughing Irish Eyes V

1329. Co FB 1462- Scott Wood Six Swingers- You Gotta Know How to Dance/ Is It True What They Say About Dixie? E

1330. Co FB 1471- Carroll Gibbons Boy Friends- Sugar Rose/ Breakin' In a Pair of Shoes E+

1331. Co FB 1491- Carroll Gibbons Savoy Hotel Orpheans- This'll Make You Whistle/ There Isn't Any Limit to My Love E- but few scrs

1332. Co FB 1492- Carroll Gibbons Savoy Hotel Orpheans- Take My Heart/ You're Not the Kind E scr B

1333. Co FB 1506- BBC DO- Its a Sin to Tell a Lie/ Music In May EE+

1334. Co FB 1520- Scott Wood Six Swingers- Tiger Rag/ Basin Street Blues V+

1335. Co FB 1529- Carroll Gibbons Savoy Hotel Orpheans- The Way You Look Tonight/ Never Gonna Dance EE-

1336. Co FB 1530- Carroll Gibbons Savoy Hotel Orphean- No Regrets/ When Did U Lv Heaven V

1337. Co FB 1548- Carroll Gibbons Orpheans- Midnight Blue/ Miracles Sometimes Happen V-

1338. Co FB 1549- Scott Wood Six Swingers- Organ Grinder's Swing/ Harlem E-/V+

1339. Co FB 1588- Carroll Gibbons Boy Friends- Big Broadcast 1937 sel/ Sing Baby Sing sel V-

1340. Co FB 1603- Carroll Gibbons Boy Friends- Born to Dance pt 1/2 -film selection V+/VV-

1341. Co FB 1606- Carroll Gibbons Savoy Hotel Orpheans- Pennies From Heaven/ So Do I E

1342. Co FB 1609- BBC DO- On Your Toes/ There's a Small Hotel E

1343. Co FB 1626- BBC DO- I've Got You Under My Skin/ Easy to Love E-

1344. Co FB 2031- Carroll Gibbons piano w/ Ann Lenner vo- You're Whats the Matter With Me/ How Do You Do, Mister Right E+

1345. Co FB 2032- Carroll Gibbons Savoy Hotel Orpheans- Its D' Lovely/ Music Maestro E+

1346. Co FB 2033- Carroll Gibbons Savoy Hotel Orpheans- My Heart Is Taking Lessons/ On the Sentimental Side V+

1347. Co FB 2080- Carroll Gibbons Boy Friends- Carefree- film selection pt 1/2 E+/EE+

1348. Co FB 2082- Carroll Gibbons SH Orpheans- I Used to Be Colour Blind/ Change Partners E-

1349. Co FB 2095- Carroll Gibbons SH Orpheans- Two Sleepy People/ While a Cigarette Was Burning E

1350. Co FB 2096- Carroll Gibbons SH Orpheans- All Ashore/ Any Broken Hearts to Mend EE+

1351. Co FB 2130- Carroll Gibbons Boy Friends- That Certain Age / The Gay Imposters E-

1352. Co FB 2160- Carroll Gibbons piano solo- Piano Playtime #1- pt 1/2 EE+ scr B nap

1353. Co FB 2162- Carroll Gibbons SH Orpheans- Deep In a Dream/ Music For Romance EE+/E+

1354. Co FB 2167- Reginald Williams Futurists- I'm Madly In Love With You/ Tom Tom..VV+

1355. Co FB 2175- Carroll Gibbons SH Orpheans- Jeepers Creepers/ Say It With a Kiss E

1356. Co FB 2199- Carroll Gibbons & Harry Jacobson piano duet- Black & Blue sel pt 1/2 EE+

1357. Co FB 2200- Carroll Gibbons SH Orpheans- I Cant Get You Out of My Mind/ Deep Purple E

1358. Co FB 2201- Carroll Gibbons SH Orpheans- My Love For You/ The Masquerade Is Over V

1359. Co FB 2217- The Six Swingers- Swinging the Irish Reel/ War Dance For Wooden Indians E

1360. Co FB 2261- Billy Mayerl piano solo- Railroad Rhythm/ The Harp of the Winds E-

1361. Co LB 104- Frank Sinatra- London By Night/ If Only She'd Looked My Way E+ unusual blue label issue "sold in aid of the National Playing Fields Assocation"

1362. Dacapo 403- Cassidy & Moran w/ O- That Hypnotising Man/ Good Night Mr. Moon E- bite nap

1363. Decca M 31- Ambrose O- Mean to Me/ Do Something G

1364. De M 79- Ambrose O- Thou Swell/ The Pagan Love Song V/VV-

1365. De F 1961- Jack Harris O- I'll Be Blue Just Thinking of You/ Old New England Moon E+

1366. De F 1965- The Rhythm Maniacs- My Future Just Passed/ So Beats My Heart For You V

1367. De F 1724- Jay Whidden Band- In An Old English Lane/ Parisienne Doll E sm pop B

1368. De F 1730- Spike Hughes Decca Dents- Bottoms Up/ Bigger & Better Than Ever V+ GREAT SIDES!!!

1369. De F 1803- The Rhythm Maniacs- A Bench In the Park/ Song of the Dawn EE+ NICE A!!

1370. De F 1815- Spike Hughes O- Margie/ Poor Butterfly E excellent sides!

1371. De F 1816- Spike Hughes O- Dancing Time/ Kalua E more great stuff!

1372. De F 1826- The Rhythm Maniacs- High Society Blues/ I'm In the Market For You VV+

1373. De F 1860- The Rhythm Maniacs- I Love You So Much/ All Alone Monday V rcnap

1374. De F 1868- Jack Harris O- U Brought New Kind of Love to Me/ U Will Come Back to Me V-

1375. De F 1880- Spike Hughes O- Bessie Couldn't Help It/ Cinderella Brown E-/V+ lt scrs HOT!!

1376. De F 1898- The Rhythm Maniacs- Livin' in the Sunlight/

1377. De F 1910- Spike Hughes O- Sure As You're Born/ Everything Is Peaches Down in Georgia VV+ HOT STUFF!

1378. De F 1960- Jack Harris O- Little White Lies/ Be Careful With Those Eyes E few lt scrs

1379. De F 2052- The Million Airs- Pantomime Favourites (1931) pt 1/2 E+

1380. De F 2073- The Million Airs- Pantomime Favourites (1931) pt 3/4 E- rep'd cr, ctr hole dmg nap

1381. De F 2128- Carl Brisson w/ O- Tell Me I'm Forgiven/ Wonder Bar E-/V+

1382. De F 2131- The Rhythm Maniacs- Maurice Chevalier Selection pt 1/2 V+E-

1383. De F 2195- Jack Harris O- Live & Love Today/ One More Waltz V

1384. De F 2312- Roy Fox Band- Thank Your Father/ Betty Co-Ed E-V+ Bowlly vocs

1385. De F 2313- The Million-Airs- Good Friends/ Lets Get Friendly V+/V

1386. De F 2345- Henry Hall O- It Looks Like Love/ Song of Songs EE-

1387. De F 2559- Jules Bledsoe- Swanee Ribber/ My Old Kentucky Home EE-

1388. De F 2806- Arthur Lally Million Airs- My Bluebird's Back Again/ Because I Worship U EE+

1389. De F 2834- Roy Fox Band- Kicking the Gong Around/ Minnie the Moocher E+ Bowlly vocs

1390. De F 2847- Jack Hylton O- Sweetheart In My Dreams Tonight/ Whistling VV+ rcnap

1391. De F 3214- Gertrude Lawrence w/ O- Mad About the Boy/ Let's Say Goodbye E+

1392. De F 3248- Anna Sten w/ O- I Do Now Know To Whom I Belong/ No More Sailors For Me E only record by this actress

1393. De F 3528- Jack Hylton O- Stay On the Right Side of the Road/ My Wishing Song EE-

1394. De F 3534- Lew Stone Band- Three Wishes/ Let Me Give My Happiness to You V+/V Bowlly

1395. De F 3545- Jack Hylton O- The Song Is You/ And Love Was Born V+/VV-

1396. De F 3538- Jack Hylton O- What a Lady Josephine Must Have Been/ Hyde Park Corner E-

1397. De F 5744- Ambrose O- East of the Sun/ The Danza EE+

1398. De F 5771- Roy Fox Band- Rhythm Lullaby/ The Cobra & The Flute VV+/V+

1399. De F 5773- Billy Mason O- My Mammy/ Paradise EE+

1400. De F 5782- Lew Stone Band- On Treasure Island/ Sweet Dreams Sweetheart EE- lt scr B

1401. De F 5783- Lew Stone Band- St. Louis Blues/ Etude EE-/E

1402. De M 448- Edythe Baker rhythm pianist- Nymph Errant medley E+ incl Its Bad For Me, Experiment, How Could We Be Wrong

1403. De MU 60471(FR)- Harry Dial Blusicians- Diddywadiddy/ Prince's Boogie Woogie N-

1404. De MW 11(Music While You Work)- Billy Mayerl- Fireside Fusiliers/ Nola E

1405. De MW 18(Music While You Work)- Billy Mayerl- Sweet Nothings/ Canadian Capers E

1406. Disques Salabert 577- Phil Napoleon O- Where Do You Work a John/ Sylvester O- Looking At the World V

1407. Do A 205- Jay Wilbur O- Hittin' the Ceiling/ Sing a Little Love Song VV+

1408. Do A 206- Jay Wilbur O- Lovable & Sweet/ My Dream Memory V

1409. EBW 4859- Gaiety Dance Band- Get Out & Get Under the Moon/ I Just Roll Along VV+

1410. EBW 4876- The Plaza Band- All By Yourself InMoonlight/ For Old Times Sake VV+ dig B

1411. EBW 4884- Marcu & His O- Ramona/ Una Lacrima V+E-

1412. EBW 5281- Greta Hoffman, Richard Terelli, Kate Muller & Henry Upston w/ London Concert O- White Horse Inn pt 1/2 E-

1413. EBW 5296- Deauville DO- Goodnight, Sweetheart/ Sid Phillips Melodians- I Offer You These Roses V-/VV+

1414. EBW 5313- Radio Rhythm Boys- City Lights/ Walkin' My Baby Back Home VV+

1415. Edison Bell Winner W59- Henry King O- It's Only a Paper Moon/ Night Owl E+/EE+ scarce- mastered off ARC Gold Vocalion

1416. Electrola EG 1447(GER)- Jack Hylton O- That's You Baby/ Honey E+

1417. HMV B 2130- Billy Mayerl- All of a Twist/ Eskimo Shivers EE- rcnap

1418. HMV B 2688- Grace Hayes w/ O- Did You Mean It?/ The Man I Love E+

1419. HMV B 3016- George Metaxa w/ O- What Is This Thing Called Love/ Wake Up & Dream E+

1420. HMV B 4309- Paul Robeson- Ma Curly Headed Baby/ Mah Lindy Lou E+

1421. HMV B 4357- Gloria Swanson- I Love U So Much That I Hate You/ Ich Liebe Dich My Dear E

1422. HMV B 4427- Frances Day w/ O- Now You're Here/ Its Best To Forget E

1423. HMV B 5630- Jack Hylton O- A Precious Little Thing Called Love/ Weary River V

1424. HMV B 5633- New Mayfair DO- Nobodys Fault But Your Own/ George Olsen O- I Faw Down & Go Boom! E/E-

1425. HMV B 5636- Jack Hylton O- In the Heart of the Sunset/ My Flame of Love E/EE+

1426. HMV B 5637- Jack Hylton O- My Sin/ Wedding of the Painted Doll VV+

1427. HMV B 5644- New Mayfair DO- Hello Sunshine/ Thats How I Feel About You E

1428. HMV B 5649- Jack Hylton O- Ever So Goosey/ Dont Make My Heart Your Plaything V-/V

1429. HMV B 5891- Jack Hylton O- If Your Kisses Can't Hold the Man You Love/ The First Week-End In June V

1430. HMV B 6131- Ray Noble O- By the Fireside/ Put Your Little Arms Around Me EE+ Bowlly vocs

1431. HMV B 6139- Ambrose O- You Try Somebody Else/ To Be Worthy of You V+

1432. HMV B 6140- Ambrose O- Now's the Time to Fall In Love/ In the Jailhouse Now #2 V+/V

1433. HMV B 6142- Ambrose O- Trees/ Sleep On E-

1434. HMV B 6145- Ambrose O- You Rascal You/ I'll Whistle Under Your Window EE+ but scr A

1435. HMV B 6146- Ray Noble O- Goodnight Little Girl Goodnight/ Sweetheart In My Dreams E+ Bowlly vocs

1436. HMV B 6147- Ray Noble O- Its Great to Be In Love/ Blues In My Heart EE+ Bowlly vocs

1437. HMV B 6416- Jack Jackson O- Old Fashioned Sweethearts/ Time to Go Home EE-

1438. HMV B 6417- Jack Jackson O- Sweet Dreams Pretty Lady/ Yvonne EE-

1439. HMV B 6418- New Mayfair DO- The Veleta/ See Me Dance the Polka EE+

1440. HMV B 6421- Ray Noble O- This Town's Too Quiet/ My Hat's On the Side of My Head E+ Bowlly voc

1441. HMV B 6422- Ray Noble O- This Is Romance/ And So Goodbye E+ Bowlly vocs

1442. HMV B 6424- Ray Noble O- More Turkish Delight pt 1/2 EE-

1443. HMV B 6518- Isham Jones O- For All We Know/ Say It E-/V+

1444. HMV B 6519- Ray Noble O- Isle of Capri/ Grinzing EE+ Bowlly voc

1445. HMV B 6520- Ray Noble O- Dreaming a Dream/ Jack Jackson O- Sitting Beside O' You EE+/E+ Bowlly voc

1446. HMV B 6521- Jack Jackson O- Wedding On the Air/ Ache In My Heart V

1447. HMV B 6522- Jack Jackson O- You Turned Your Head/ Kiss Me Dear VV-

1448. HMV B 6534- Teddy Joyce O- Ev'rything Has Changed But U/ The I'll Be Tired of You EE+

1449. HMV B 6537- Jack Jackson O- Have a Little Dream On Me/ Who Made Little Boy Blue V+

1450. HMV B 6550- Jack Jackson O- Here's to the Maidens pt 1/2 E few lt scrs

1451. HMV B 6552- Jack Jackson O- He Didnt Even Say Goodbye/ Rudy Vallee O- Ha Cha Cha E few lt scfs

1452. HMV B 6553- New Mayfair O- Whos Been Polishing the Sun/ No No 1000 Times No EE+

1453. HMV B 6561- Tom Coakley Palace Hotel O- Your Head On My Shoulder/ Paul Whiteman O- If I Love Again E-V+

1454. HMV B 6564- Jack Jackson O- Things Are Looking Up/ I Think I Can EE-

1455. HMV B 6565- Jack Jackson O- Dancing With a Ghost/ I'm On a See Saw E+

1456. HMV B 8004- The London Palladium O- The Whistler & His Dog/ Warbler's Serenade EE+

1457. HMV B 8026- Jack Buchanan & Elsie Randolph- Fancy Our Meeting/ Now That I've Found You EE+

1458. HMV B 8137- Gertrude Lawrence w/ O- An Hour Ago This Minute/ What Now E+

1459. HMV E 161- Herbert Beerbohm Tree- Antony's lament over the body of Julius Caesar Act 3 sc 1/ Falstaff's Speech On Honour- Henry IV pt 1 act 5E/E+

1460. HMV EG 3931- Theo Mackeben Mit Ensemble- With Plenty of Money & You/ San Francisco EE-

1461. HMV K 7355- (FR)- Victor Antillana O- Rumba Tambah/ La Cucaracha EE-

1462. Jazz Club Francais JC 130(FR)- Hot Trio Ray Mac Kinley- Sugar/ After You've Gone E+ laminated

1463. JCF JC 132(FR)- Jazz Club American Hot Band- Red Light/ You, You're Driving Me Crazy E+ laminated

1464. JCF ST 1227/ 1232(FR)- Jazz Club Mystery Hot Band-How High the Moon/ Please Dont Talk About Me When I'm Gone E laminated

1465. JCF ST 1228/35(FR)- Jazz Club Mystery Hot Band- If Dreams Come True/ Blue Skies E laminated

1466. JCF ST 1229/31(FR)- Jazz Club Mystery Hot Band- Hallelujah/ I Must Have That Man E laminated 1467. Lucky S-42(JAPAN)- Bing Crosby & Mills Bros w/ O- Dinah/

Dorothy Lamour- Moonlight & Shadows E+

1468. Luc S-33- Hal Kemp O- La Cumparsita/ Joe Moss O- Take Me Back to My Boots & Saddles E+

1469. Luc S-44- The Boswell Sisters- St Louis Blues/ Mills Bros w/ Duke Ellington- Diga Diga Do E+

1470. Metropole 1100- Miss Sylvia Cech w/ O- Rememb'ring/ I'm Smiling Through My Tears EE+

1471. Parlophone E 6064- Will Perry O- The Varsity Drag/ Lucky In Love E

1472. Par R 1797- Ivor Moreton- Dave Kaye- Two Pianos- Kitten On the Keys/ Russian Rag// Nola/ Poly EE+

1473. Par R 1893- Williams & Browning- Give Me Liberty or Give Me Love/ Oh By Jingo! E+

1474. Piccadilly 568- Louis Revel banjo solo w/ piano- Finger Tricks/ mandoline w/ p- Menuet E-/VV+

1475. Pic 602- Cunard Dance Band- I'm In the Market For U/ Just Like In a Story Book E-

1476. Pic 603- White Star Syncopators- It Happened In Monterrey/ Should I? V+

1477. Pic 613- Jack Leon Band- Living In the Sunlight/ U Brought a New Kind of Love to Me V+

1478. Pic 640- Jack Leon Band- I've Got a Feeling/ Chum Song EE-/V

1479. Pic 660- Jock Mc Dermott Players- Scarecrow/ Persian Slave VV+

1480. Pic 668- Jack Leon Band- Maurice Chevalier Selection pt 1/2 EE- GOOD!

1481. Pic 702- Jock Mc Dermott Players- Sweet Jennie Lee/ Down River of Golden Dms V-/V

1482. Pic 703- Jock Mc Dermott Players- Just a Little Closer/ Singing a Song to the Stars E-

1483. Pic 735- Alan Green Band- Bessie Couldn't Help It/ White Star Syncoptors- Overnight V/EE- impr to EE+

1484. Pic 738- Jerry Hoey Band- Ten Cents a Dance/ Drink, Brothers Drink V

1485. Pic 811- Howard Godfrey Waldorfians- Tell Me Are U From Georgia?/ Cherie C'est Vous V

1486. Polydor 15123(JAPAN)- Marlene Dietrich- Allein in einer grossen Stadt/ Mein blondes Baby E-

1487. Regal G 8989- Geoffrey Gelder & Kettner 5- Hallelujah/ Sometimes I'm Happy E-

1488. Re MR 450- Billy Cotton Band- Nobody's Sweetheart/ Sleepytime Down South V+/E-

1489. Re MR 451- Sidney Kyte Piccadilly Hotel Band- Me/ Guilty V+/EE-

1490. Re MR 455- Jack Mackintosh cornet solo- Cleopatra/ Showers of Gold E/EE-

1491. Re MR 465- Sidney Kyte Band- Over the Blue/ 'Neath the Spell of Monte Carlo E

1492. Re MR 466- Sidney Kyte Band- Just Once For All Time/ Live, Laugh & Love E-/EE-

1493. Re MR 487- London Piano- Accordeon Band- Live, Laugh & Love/ Cuban Love Song EE+

1494. Re MR 490- Billy Cotton Band- Its Great to Be In Love /I Apologize VV+

1495. Re MR 492- Billy Cotton Band- Minnie the Moocher/ Colonel Bogey EE-/E- EXC!!

1496. Re MR 495- Jack Payne BBC DO- Love Letters In the Sand/ To the Ends of the Earth E

1497. Re MR 497- Jack Payne BBC DO- The Longer That You Linger In Virginia/ Little Girl G

1498. Re Zo 939- Billy Cotton Band- I Lay Me Down to Sleep/ When the King Goes By E-

1499. Re Zo 940- Billy Cotton Band- All Over Italy/ I Like Mountain Music E/E-

1500. Re Zo 941- Billy Cotton Band- I've Told Every Little Star/ We Belong Together EE-

1501. Re Zo 955- Billy Reid London Piano Accordeon Band- I Like Mountain Music/ When Its Lamplightin' Time In the Valley E

1502. Re Zo 957- Billy Cotton Band- Rhapsody In Blue pt 1/2 E+

1503. Re Zo 962- Scott Wood O- Hiawatha's Lullaby/ I Cant Remember EE+

1504. Re Zo 1468- The Six Swingers- Your Mother's Son In Law/ I'm Walkin' the Chalk Line EE+

1505. Rex 8852- Ruth Etting- You/ It's Love Again VV+ no US issue- recorded in UK

1506. Rex 9144- Morton Downey- Goodnight to You All/ You Needn't Have Kept It a Secret V-

1507. Syrena Grand30082(RUSSIAN)- Sirena's Concert Trio- Alexander's Ragtime Band/ Plaisirs Jnconnus V/V-

1508. Telefunken Capitol 80012(GER?)- Stan Hasselgard All Star 6- Swedish Pastry/ Who Sleeps E

1509. Tower 289- Cyril Scot- My Coal Black Mammy/ I'd Love to Fall Asleep & Wake Up In Mammy's Arms V- pretty multi colored label

1510. Vogue 5014(FR)- Sidney Bechet w/ Claude Luter O- Anita's Birthday/ Bechet's Creole Blues E+

1511. Vo 5065- Sidney Bechet w/ Claude Luter O- Lastic/ Maryland E+

1512. Zonophone 447- My. Olly Oakley banjo w/ piano- Lumbrin Luke/ Colored Major V-

1513. Zon 2270- Melville Gideon- Wun Lung Tu/ There's a Good Time a Coming E


1514. Bruns 53144- Thomanechor Leipzig- Stille Nacht, Helige Nacht/ Es Ist ein Reis entsprungen EE+

1515. Capitol 311- The King Cole Trio- The Christmas Song/ In the Cool of the Evening N- this new copy from radio station stock has the flip side defaced and unplayable- but the Christmas Song side, the holiday classic of classics is mint

1516. Cap 1257(promo)- Jan Garber O- What'cha Gonna Get me For Christmas/ Blue Christmas N

1517. Cap 1881(promo)- Les Paul- Jingle Bells/ Les & Mary- Silent Night N-

1518. Cap 2619(promo)- Mel Blanc- I Taint Wait Till Quithmuth/ Yah Das Ist Ein Christmas Tree E+

1519. Columbia A 919- Stell & Schuetze- Christmas Bells/ Prince's O- Santa Claus'Workshop E/EE-

1520. Co 37145- Frank Sinatra- Silent Night, Holy Night/ Adeste Fidelis E

1521. Co 39572(promo)- Sammy Kaye O- Santa Claus Is Comin' To Town// Joy to the World/ Hark the Herald Angels Sing/ O Come All Ye Faithful E+

1522. Co 39575(promo)- Sammy Kaye O- Frosty the Snowman/ same E+

1523. Co 39614(promo)- Louis Prima O- Shake Hands With Santa Claus/ Eleanor E+

1524. Co 39894(promo)- Sammy Kaye O- Santa, Santa Claus/ All Around the Christmas Tree E+

1525. Decca 18570- Bing Crosby- I'll Be Home For Christmas/ Danny Boy E

1526. De 24769- Danny Kaye & Patty Andrews- My Two Front Teeth/ Danny Kaye & Andrews Sisters- A Merry Christmas At Grandmother's House E+

1527. De 27812- Lindsay Crosby- Dear Mr. Santa Claus/ That's What I Want For Christmas E+

1528. De 28493(promo)- Russ Morgan O- The Night Before Christmas Song/ Willy Claus N-

1529. De 88050- Bing Crosby- Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer/ The Teddy Bear's Picnic E+

1530. Jubilee 5017- The Orioles- Its Gonna Be a Lonely Christmas/ What Are You Doing New Year's Eve E

1531. Mercury 5722- Eddy Howard O- When Christmas Rolls Around/ Uncle Mistletoe E+

1532. Mer 70254- Ross Bagdasarian (aka David Seville)- Let's Have a Merry, Merry Christmas/

Hey Brother, Pour the Wine E

1533. Regal 10178- Frank & James Mc Cravy- It Came Upon the Midnight Clear/

Oh Little Town of Bethlehem V+

1534. Talking Book Corp- I Heard the Bells On Christmas Day- unknown voc. E- lam nap. Nice color illustration on the back of this 6" record--great graphics!

1535. Victor Y-461- Spike Jones City Slickers- Socko the Smallest Snowball/ Barnyard Christmas E+ in original Christmas design paper sleeve

1536. Vi 20-3936(promo)- Phil Regan- Christmas Story/ Christmas In Kilarney E+

1537. Vi 20-5038- Eddie Fisher- That's What Christmas Means to Me/ Christmas Day EE+/E

1538. Vi 20-6344- The Singing Dogs- Jingle Bells/ Three Blind Mice/ Pat a Cake// Oh Susanna E+ in the original picture sleeve

1539. Vo 14244- Aeolian Concert Band- The Childrens' Christmas 1/2 E-


1540. aircheck acetate- Joey Nash w/ Orch- I've Got You Under My Skin. WEAF c. 1936 E- Joey w/ big band- poss Jerry Sears O..Has inaud bounce 1/2 half, needs extra weight, but plays fine. I obtained this from Joey personally in the early 1980s

1541. aircheck acetate- Joey Nash- Blue Danube. WHN .12/13/38. E-..Joey introduces WHN news commentator George Hamilton Cones, then sings Blue Danube with organ accomp. Mr Combs references the world situation in Europe..I obtained this from Joey personally in the early 1980s

1542. aircheck acetate- Mark Warnow O w/ Barry Wood voc- There's Not a Moment to Spare.. WABC 7/6/38. EE-..with announcer

1543. aircheck acetate- Leo Reisman O I Must See Annie Tonight with male voc/ This Can't Be Love w/ female vocal. from Lucky Strike Hit Parade 1/14/39 WABC..EE- Also has Lucky Strike cigarette commercial announced by Andre Baruch..."remember.....it's Luckies 2 to 1!"

the next three by Phil Harris Orch/ Artie Shaw Orch are what I believe to be line recordings of a live performance..You can hear crowd noise and the recording quality suggests this. They are on a label called Va-Co..and read F.L. Cook, 606 Parkman Ave, Los Angeles California. They are on a victrolac substance with the typical plasticizer on the surface, but play great-and should clean up to E+

1544. Phil Harris O- 12/13/39- In the Mood/ Row, Row, Row

1544. Phil Harris O- 12/15/39- Minnie the Mermaid/ Row, Row, Row

1545. Phil Harris O- 12/15/39- Pappy's Jug/ Artie Shaw O- Lady Be Good



1546. Assoc test mx A-1069-1- Russ Morgan O- Yesterdays/ Tip Toe Thru the Tulips/ When the Moon Comes Over the Mountain E

1547. Assoc test mx 1386-C2- Ben Selvin Cocktail O- Lets Call a Heart a Heart/ Thats Life I Guess EE+

1548. Assoc test mx A-1591-1- Ben Selvin O- The Shag/ Gone With the Wind E+

1549. Assoc test mx A 1689-2- Ben Selvin O- You're My Dish/ More Power to You E+ both good!

1550. Assoc test mx AA 1737-C- Ruby Newman O- I've Hitched My Wagon to a Star/ Silhouetted In the Moonlight E+

1551. Assoc RA 65- Adrian Rollini Trio- Once In a While/ Bei Mir Bust Du Schon// Sam Lanin O- While Hearts Are Singing/ With a Song In My Heat E+

1552. Assoc A-110- Don Moran O- Oo-Ooh I Wanna Have a Little Dance With You/ One Rainy Afternoon// Lee Winter(Lew White) organ- Roses of Picardy/ Deep River E

1553. Assoc 222- Clyde Mc Coy O- Black & Tan Fantasy/ The Jazz Me Blues// Sugar Blues/ I've Found a New Baby E..GOOD sides

1554. Assoc 232- Brad Collins O- At the Codfish Ball/ Summertime/ Whats the Name of That Song// Saddle Your Blues to a Wild Mustang/ Green Fields & Bluebirds E+ nice Codfish!

1555. Assoc 238- Brad Collins O- Time On My Hands/ Savoy Blues// Russ Morgan O- If I Should Lose You/ Lost E+

1556. Assoc A 243- Clyde Lucas O- Big Boy Blue/ Smoke Gets In Your Eyes// My Heart At Thy sweet Voice/ Love For Sale EE+..good Big Boy Blue!

1557. Assoc A 246- Harvey Kent O- Dont Play With Fire/ Love Is On the Air Tonight// My Cabin of Dreams/ That Old Feeling E

1558. Assocx 473- Emil Coleman O- The Widow In Lace/ It Goes to Your Feet// Voluptuous/ Amargura EE+/ scratchy B...good A sides

1559. Assoc 610- Irving Szathmary O- Lets Be Buddies/ My Mother Would Love You/ I've Still Gt My Health// Jack & Jill/ Drink To Me Only With Thine Eyes EE+

1560. Assoc 12,042- Erskine Butterfield Trio- After You've Gone/ Honeysuckle Rose// Ernie Fio Rito O- The Wedding of the Wooden Soldier/ Oh Susanna E+

1561. Assoc 12,048- Clyde Mc Coy O- Ridin' to Glory on a Trumpet/ Tear It Down// Green Bros Novelty O- Polly/ Admiration EE+

1562. Muzak S-89- Clyde Mc Coy O- But Definitely/ Oh My Goodness// Mark Warnow O- All Dressed Up & No Place To Go/ My Curly Headed Baby/ When I'm With You E+..BIG SOUND!

1563. Muzak 471- Leonard Berman piano solo- You Took Advantage of Me/ Can't We Be Friends/ / Blue Moon// Dick Messner O- College medley 1/2 EE+ A/ B E+ but aud scr

1564. Muzak 534- Joe Haymes O- Mandy/ You're So Different// Leon Belasco- Rain In Spain/ Jana EE+..nice A with Bud Freeman solo on Mandy

1565. Muzak 689- Henry King O- The Whistling Wz/ Twilight In Turkey//Jack shilkret o- Lover/ A Beautiful Lady in Blue EE+....interesting big band take on Raymond Scott A..in hi fidelity!

1566. World S-54- Larry Bradford O- Red Sails In the Sunset/ Tesoro Mio// Where Am I/ Violets E+ red semi flexible pressing

1567. World S-61- Larry Bradford O- I Got Plenty O Nuttin/ I Dont Know Your Name// Its Been So Long/ Cling to Me E+ red semi flexible pressing


1568. AFRS- Basic Music Library 519/520- King Cole Trio/ Roosevelt Sykes// Phil Harris O/ Frank Morgan- 2 cuts/ 2 cuts/ 3 cuts/ 1 cut E..incl Nat- Frim Fram Sauce, Roosevelt- High Price Blues/ Harris- Poker Game Number, I Begged Her

1569. AFRS Command Performance 292- live w/ Rudy Vallee, Sweeney & March, Dorothy Patrick, E+

1570. AFRS One Night Stand 1974(428)- Benny Goodman O live from the Palladium in LA. E+ great Show includes Undercurrent Blues, King Porter Stomp

1571. AFRS- Phil Harris- Alice Faye Show #78 EE+..with Walter Tetley, Sheldon Leonard as Grogan, great combination of music and comedy

1572. AFRS- Phil Harris- Alice Faye Show #154 E+..with Walter Tetley, and other familiar voices great combination of music and comedy

1573. AFRS- Phil Harris replacing Village Store #16..part 1/2 EE-...all music on this one

1574. AFRS- Raymond Scott 82/83 E+N-..incl Three Men On a Riff, Time Waits For No One, Swinging On a Star, It Could Happen to You

1575. CP Mac Gregor- LB 333/4- Jimmie Grier O/ Music ala Carter. 4 cuts/ 5 cuts E+ incl a great Kilroy Was Here, The Rickety Rickshaw Man A/ Everybody Loves My Baby, I've Got a Walkie Talkie B

1576. Capitol B-159- King Cole Trio- 9 cuts EE+ incl Swingin' the Blues, Cole Slaw, She's My Buddy's Chick, Homeward Bound

1577. Capitol B-467- King Cole Trio- 9 cuts EE+ incl Third Finger, Left Hand, Peaches, Ooh Kickeroni

1578. Dept of State- USA- American Jazz pgm 35/36- Count Basie O/ Woody Herman O, Red Norvo vibraharp. 5 cuts per E..mostly (all?) live incl Wild Bill Boogie A/ Igor, Igor B

1579. Easter Seal Bandstand 1959- Show 3- Benny Goodman O/ Ray Mc Kinley and the Glenn Miller O..3 cuts per EE+ or better. Benny plays Hallelujah(qtet), Obsession, Balkan Mixed Grill/ Ray plays Lullaby of Birdland, Mine, Movin' Along

1580. GI Jive # 263/4 - Bob Chester, Benny Goodman, Harry James, Fats Waller, Mezz Mezzrow, E+

1581. Lang-Worth 635/6- Gene Krupa "Ace Drummer Man" & His Orch..Anita O Day vocs. 9 cuts E+ incl Siren Serenade, Drum Boogie, Tuning Up

1582. LW 1041/2- Count Basie O/ Boyd Raeburn O- 4 cuts/ 5 cuts E+N-..great Columbia pressing and top tunes incl Circus In Rhythm, Tush A// Little Boyd Blue/ Two Spoos In An Igloo B

1583. Muzak P-41- Claude Bolling O- 4 cuts E+..High Society, St Louis Blues A side(each 5:35)// Muskrat Ramble (4:35)/ Basin Street Blues(6:35)..Unusual lateral Muzak issue and extended versions of these 4 jazz classics. Top band!

1584. Navy- Music On Deck- pgm 3/4- Bing Crosby- E+..Inc Harbor Lights, In a Little Spanish Town

1585. Standard Radio Advertising Co.- Kay Kyser Show 1/3. Top band c. 1933 on this heavy shellac pressing by Mc Gregor & Sollie of San Francisco. E+ scr A nap..includes Get Happy, You Oughta Be In Pictures, Liza, Oh the Pity of It All, Rhapsody In Rain, Sing (Its Good For You)

1586. Standard 1043-1050- Cleo Brown/ Seger Ellis O- 4 cuts per EE+ incl I Ought to Break Your Neck, Waiting For U A// Jazz Me Blues, Breezin' Along With the Breeze B heavy early Victor press

1587. Standard A 506-514- Gene Austin 5 cuts/ Jimmy Tolson & Jean Dunne 4 cuts E.. incl New Orleans, Riverside Drive A// My Very Good Friend the Milkman B. heavy early Victor press

1588. Standard X 41- Frank Trumbauer O- 8 cuts E+..incl Hometown, Taboo, Hillbilly From 10th Avenue..heavy early Victor pressing

1589. Standard X-85- King Cole Trio- 8 cuts E..incl Fidgety Joe, Some Like It Hot, I Like to Riff, Snug As a Bug In a Rug..heavy early Victor pressing

1590. Standard X 86- Jimmy Walsh O- 8 cuts E..big band plays Boom, There Isn't Any Substitute For Love, Grateful, Two Nickels For a Dime...heavy early Victor pressing

1591. Standard Y 112- Frank Trumbauer O- 8 cuts E+..incl Dont Be That Way, Moments Like This with Deane Janis vocal..heavy early Victor pressing

1592. Standard Y 122- Freddie Berrens O- 8 cuts EE+ incl The Yam, The Gandy Dancer heavy early Victor pressing

1593. Standard Y 124- Freddie Berrens O- 8 cuts E+ incl Lambeth Walk, I'm Just a Jitterbug. heavy early Victor pressing

1594. Standard Z 114- Seger Ellis O- 8 cuts E..his great band plays sweet & hot on Stay As Sweet As You Are, Farewell Blues, After You've Gone, Cosmic Rhythm, etc heavy early Victor pressing

1595. Standard P-156- Jack Teagarden O- 10 cuts NN- incl Harlem Jump, Off to the Races

1596. Standard Q-183- Art Tatum- 8 cuts E+ incl great All God's Chillun Got Rhythm, Indiana, Fine & Dandy, I'm Coming Virginia

1597. Standard Q-190- Art Tatum- 10 cuts E+ incl great Limehouse Blues, Stay As Sweet As You Are, Crazy Rhythm, You Took Advantage of Me

1598. Standard X-297- Skinnay Ennis O- 10 cuts E+ incl I Wanna Be Loved, Old Piano Roll Blues

1599. Standard Y-159- Jimmie Grier O/ Edwin Le Mar Quartette. 5 cuts per E+..incl Charming Little Faker, You & Who Else A// Love Is All, All This & Heaven Too B. heavy Victor pressing

1600. Thesaurus 167- The Rhythm Makers(Joe Haymes O)- 8 cuts E+ incl Truckin', Top Hat, Why Dream, Double Trouble

1601. Thesaurus 194- The Rhythm Makers(Joe Haymes O)- 8 cuts E+ incl Out of Sight Out of Mind, Cosi, Cosa, Thanks a Million, I'm Sittin' High On a Hilltop

1602. Thesaurus 252- Rudolf Friml, Jr. O- 8 cuts E+ super swingin band incl Ride, Red, Ride, Rhythm Lullaby, You're a Honey, Gayety

1603. Thesaurus 478- William Wirges O- 7 cuts plus themes EE+ incl Fascinatin' Mannikin, I'm Bubbling Over, Cuban Pete and Hawaiian guitar on I'm Feelin' Like a Million

1604. Thesaurus 520- Nathaniel Shilkret O/ Ferde Grofe O- 4 cuts/ 2 cuts E+ incl Fascinatin' Rhythm, Music In the Air A/ Covered Wagon, Ode to Freedom B

1605. Thesaurus 691- The Rhythm Makers(Les Brown O?/ Russ Morgan )- 4 cuts per E+ incl Jumpin' Jive, My Love For You A/ Over the Rainbow, Merry Old Land of Oz B

1606. Thesaurus 701- Ozzie Nelson O/ Russ Morgan O- 4 cuts per E+..incl Moonlight In Kalua, I Want the Waiter With the Water A// If I Only Had a Brain, You're Gonna Fall & Break Your Heart B

1607. Thesaurus 983- Carl Kress & Tony Mottola/ Sammy Herman Trio 5 cuts per E+ great guitar A incl Jazz In G, A Blonde On the Loose/ B incl Ya Vas Da Ra Ga Ya Loo Bloo

1608. Thesaurus 1208- Allen Roth O/ Norman Cloutier O- 4 cuts/ 5 cuts EE+ incl St Louis Blues, Ain't Misbehavin A// Sunny Disposish, Raggedy Ann B

1609. Thesaurus 1417- Music of Manhattan/ Salon O- 6 cuts/ 4 cuts EE- incl Shoe Shine Boy, Where or When, I'll Never Be the Same A

1610. Thesaurus 1499- Tex Beneke O/ Vicnent Lopez O- themes..12 cuts per E

1611. Thesaurus 1504- Tex Beneke O/ George Wright - hammond organ- 5 cuts/ 6 cuts EE+ incl St Louis Blues March, I'll Remember April A// Lover's Gold, Back In Your Own Backyard B

1612. Thesaurus 1506- Tex Beneke O/ Music Hall Varieties- 5 cuts per EE+ incl Tuxedo Junction, Blues In the Night March A// Creole Belles, The Sunny South B

1613. Thesaurus 1670- Tex Beneke O/ June Christy w/ Johnny Guarnieri 5- 5 cuts per EE+ incl Blue Moon, Palladium Patrol A// Its De-Lovely, I Cover the Waterfront B

1614. Thesaurus test(?)- mx ND4-mm-9355-1. White hand written label with GREY vinyl. 5 cuts EE+ scr sounds VERY light on 2 cuts...Incl After You've Gone, In An 18th Century Drawing Room

1615. Treasury Dept- Guest Star 154- Bing Crosby/ Ann Blyth E+

1616. Treasury Dept- Guest Star 457/8- Count Basie O/ Boston Pops E+

1617. Treasury Dept- Guest Star 463/4- Duke Ellington O/ Connie Haines N-

1618. Treasury Dept- Guest Star 525/6- Jazz Roundup feat Don Elliott, Gerry Mulligan, MJQ, Teddy Wilson Trio/ Connie Boswell E+

1619. Treasury Dept- Treasury Song Parade 325-332- Bing Crosby/ Alec Templeton. 4 cuts per EE-..incl That Old Black Magic, Old Glory A// Swingphony, Eugene's Off' Again B

1620. USMC- Bob Crosby All Stars pgms 1/2 E+N- incl Lucy Ann Polk vo pgm 2

1621. USMC- Bob Crosby All Stars pgms 9/10 E+N- incl Connie Haines/ Monica Lewis

1622. USMC- Bob Crosby All Stars pgms 25/26 E+N- incl Polly Bergen/ Gisele Mac Kenzie

1623. United Transcribed System(UTS) 1154/ 5- Chuck Foster O/ The Rhythm Rascals. 5 cuts per E+ big sounding band A incl Yo Te Amo, Oh Baby, You and I A/ Why Is It, So Sweet, That's the Last I'll See of That B---which is a good swing vocal group

1624. UTS 1238/ 1239- Harry Owens O(Hawaiian)/ Stanley Kenton O- 5 cuts per E+ incl Hawaii Calls, An Island Melody A// tribute to a Flatted Fifth, I Haven't Got the Heart B

1625. War Dept- Yank Swing Session w/ Martin Block pgm 53 E+..incl Tommy Dorsey, Jimmy Dorsey, Harry James, Duke Ellington, Lucky Millinder, Gracie Fields, Erskine Hawkins, etc

1626. War Dept- Yank Swing Session w/ Martin Block pgm 56 E+..incl Glenn Miller, Jimmie Lunceford, Count Basie, Kay Kyser, Earl Hines, Charlie Barnet, etc

1627. World acetate audition- Bob Crosby O- Pagan Love Song E+..rare item states never issued on label. From the Ford V-8 Show era, so would be mid 1930s..Super hi fidelity plays at 78rpm

1628. World Feature 11A/B- Vibraphonia with Adrian Rollini Ensemble/ Carl Kress (& unknown vibes) 6 cuts/ 5 cuts E..Incl The Gliding Ghost, Jitters A// The Sheik, Palasteena B

1629. World Feature 17A/B- Vibraphonia with Adrian Rollini Ensemble(w/ Bobby Hackett)/ Dardanelle & Her Trio- 6 cuts per E...Tunes incl Preparation, Congratulate Me A//C Jam Blues, Gold Braid B

1630. World Feature 22A/B- Vibraphonia with Adrian Rollini Ensemble. 10 cuts E. Tunes incl I Got Rhythm, I Love to Rhyme, Drifin', The Big Dipper


1631. Associated test mx A-136-2- Dorsey bros O- 4 cuts E+ on heavy vinyl, Victor spider web back. The classic Dorsey Sides from 1934- Don't Let it Bother You, I Believe In Miracles, I've Got a New Lease On Love, When You Climb Those Golden Stairs..TOP STUFF!

1632. Associated 60,006- Lud Gluskin O w/ Buddy Clark vocals...Bing Crosby medley..Opens with brief intro w/ Love In Bloom, Love Thy Neighbor, I Wished On the Moon...then into medley--I Cant Escape From You(Buddy voc), The House Jack Built For Jill, You'll Have to Swing It(Buddy voc), I Cant Escape From You, Blue of the Night// two more Lud tunes//Romantic Cycle- Porgy & Bess medley- Muriel Taft & Joe Mendelsohn w/ O E+ great fidelity on heavy red vinyl

1633. Assoc 60,081- Rex Melbourne O- 8 cuts E..Incl The Yam, Garden of the Moon, You Must Have Been a Beautiful Baby, Old Folks, I Used to be Color Blind

1634. Assoc 60,415- Bert Stevens O/ Chiquito Latin American O- 4 cuts per EE+..A side incl 3 Joey Nash vocals incl Smoke In the Wind & I Miss You/ B incl Ven te Quiero Ver

1635. Assoc 60,645- Eddie Condon Jazz Concert O/ Eddy Howard O- 4 cuts/ 5 cuts E cond. Incl Ja Da w/ Bobby Hackett, Royal Garden Blues A// Fine & Dandy, Rise & Shine B

1636. Assoc 60,712- John Kirby O/ Georgie Auld O- 3 cuts/ 4 cuts E+ incl B Flat Special, I'll Make Fun For You A// Stompin' At the Savoy, Yesterdays B..GREAT!

1637. Assoc 60,713- John Kirby O/ Georgie Auld O- 4 cuts/ 3 cuts E+ incl Kansas City Caboose, Passepied A// Mandrake Root, Jivin' With the Jug B. GREAT JAZZ!

1638. acetate- World Transcription safety acetate. These were cut at the recording session as safeties, and immediate reference copies.unknown big band(feat Harry James-ish trumpet)---There I've Said It Again, I'm So Lucky To Be Me (2 takes incl breakdown), Any Day Now(2 tks), I Walked In With My Eyes Wide Open(2 tks)..Sinatra influenced vocalist...mx's ZZ-4321-C/4322- NEW-incredible fidelity and a look into an actual recording session

1639. acetate- World Transcription safety acetate. These were cut at the recording session as safeties, and immediate reference copies.unknown big band(same as above) feat Harry James-ish trumpet, with Sinatra influenced vocalist ...We're Only Another Boy & Girl, My Dreams Are Getting Better All the Time(2 good takes, 2 breakdown takes), Just a Prayer Away(2 takes), All of Me swing instrumental(with solos)..mx's ZZ-4325-C/4326- NEW- incredible fidelity and a look into an actual recording session

1640. acetate- World Transcription safety acetate. These were cut at the recording session as safeties, and immediate reference copies. This one contains 8 cuts by Richard Himber Orch..Tunes are: So Would I/ So They Tell Me/ Lost In a Fog// Why Does It Get So Late So Early/ It's Easy to Remember/ Adventure..Includes complete and breakdown takes--incredible fidelity and a look into an actual recording session..mx's ZZ-5211-D/ZZ-5212-D NEW-

1641. Muzak X-126- Ruth Berman Harpist- 14 harp interludes, varying times from just under a minute to over 2 minutes.E

1642. Muzak X-136- Chiquito Latin American O/ Bert Stevens O- 4 cuts per EE- incl Solamenta Una Vez A/ I Dream of Old Hawaii, Smoke In the Wind B

1643. Muzak X-275- Racimo Hawaiian O/ Al Roth O- 4 cuts/ 5 cuts EE- incl To You Sweetheart Aloha, King's Serenade A// Stumbling B

1644. Muzak W-938- Nat Brusiloff O/ Roy Irving O- 4 cuts/ 5 cuts E..Incl Under a Blanket of Blue, Who Do You Love I Hope A// Feather Your Nest, It Cant Be Wrong B

1645. World 300-145-152. 8 cuts by big band..E cond from 1933. Tunes incl Got the Jitters, Roll Out of Bed With a Smile, Sittin on a Log, I Like the Likes of You. Good fem/male vox. early flexible red press

1646. World 200-177-188. 8 cuts by big band. E..Good tunes incl Avalon, Sophisticated Lady, Heat Wave, When My Baby Smiles At Me, Lazy Bones..semi flex maroon pressing- amazing hi fidelity

1647. World 200-689-696. 8 cuts by big band/ jazz band E+. Some great stuff incl Jungle Fever with solo, Love Me, Once In a Lifetime, Good Night Lovely Little Lady, and more. Good jazz content on some cuts...early flexible red pressing- amazing hi fidelity

1648. World 200-697-703. uncredited big band, but sleeve says Johnny Green O- 8 cuts E+..Like hearing Blue Columbias in hi fi, incuding Easy Come Easy Go, I Want to Be Happy, Love Locked Out, Here Goes, The Boulevard of Broken Dreams, etc. early flexible red pressing- amazing hi fidelity

1649. World 200-1405-1408// 300-1401-1404..unknown big band with jazz members 4 cuts per E+..One of the best of these that I've heard includes Robins & Roses and All My Life with Bea Wain vocals, a great On Your Toes with jazz solos, Christopher Columbus, Doin' the Prom, etc.. early flexible red pressing- amazing hi fidelity

1650. World 2449-2456- Peggy Anderson piano solos// World Light Opera Co- 4 cuts per E..Incl Ivory Tips, Dancing On the Ceiling, Johnny Green med A// Song of the Flame B

1651. World 2529-2536- Alec Randolph(Adrian Rollini) Swing Quintet/ Jules Lande Salon O- 4 cuts per E..Incl Crazy Rhythm, Runnin' Wild, That's a Plenty Bewildered A

1652. World 3533-3640- Glen Gray Casa Loma O- 8 cuts E- incl Big Bad Bill, Wouldst That I Could But Kiss Thy Hand, Jimtown Blues, You've Got Me Out on a Limb

1653. World 6679-6688- Duke Ellington O/ Harry Horlick O- 5 cuts/ 4 cuts EE+ incl Harlem Air Shaft, Jack the Bear, Johnny Come Lately A

1654. World 7799- 7808- Duke Ellington O/ Charlie Spivak O- 3 cuts/ 5 cuts EE+. Incl Air Conditioned Jungle, Mood to Be Wooed A// I'd Be Lost Without You/ I Didn't Mean a Word I Said B

1655. World test pressing (on RCA Victor red vinyl)- Richard Himber O- 4 cuts E+.. incl They Say Its Wonderful, Two Silhouettes, I Love An Old Fashioned Song, Come Rain or Come Shine

1656. World Jam Session 39A/B- Jess Stacy Trio/ Edmond Hall Sextet. 5 cuts/ 4 cuts E+..Incl Jumpin' With Jess, Honeysuckle Rose A// Opus 15, Caravan B

1657. World 349- Geraldo O// Robert Blair at the organ/ Hank Thompson O.. 6 cuts// 5 cuts/ 2 cuts E+ incl Crazy Rhythm, Darktown Strutters Ball A// Give Me Jesus organ

1658. World 362- Mimi Martell w/ O- Concert O- 7 cuts/ 4 cuts E+ incl Rockin Chair, Lazy Bones, Lazy River, Gimme a Little Kiss Will Ya Huh A

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